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Here is the news(wire)

Posted on June 07, 2012 by

Particularly alert readers will already have noticed an exciting new addition to the top of our links column in the last few hours – the Wings Over Scotland NewsWire.

Lacking a fully-staffed newsroom and having to go out and get the shopping from time to time, we can’t always cover every single interesting story that appears in the media straight away, and on occasion we don’t even have the time to knock together a quick round-up post. It’s appalling slacking on our part, obviously, but until someone invents a rent-free house we need to do some actual paid work now and again too.

So instead, inspired by Peter A. Bell’s excellent Referendum 2014 news-aggregating site, we’ve come up with the distinctly similar NewsWire, which is a supremely easy-to-use linkzine that’ll fill you in on interesting stories until we’ve got the chance to dig below the surface and analyse them properly. So a respectful tip o’the hat to Mr Bell (whose own page also remains worth checking regularly, because we and he will probably find different things interesting), and that’s about the size of that.

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    13 to “Here is the news(wire)”

    1. Ross says:

      +1 Like.

    2. clochoderic says:

      Great link – will be sharing this widely.


    3. Kenny Campbell says:

      My advice is not to read the comments as my blood pressure could only take 2 pages of if. Utterly disgraceful what some of these folk are saying.

    4. Appleby says:

      Comments like that are good to keep you awake if you’re having trouble getting through the day at the office or need a boost in the morning that tea can’t give.

    5. Kenny Campbell says:

      Given all the hoohaa about vicious Cybernat’s, reading the comments on there shows a rather ugly and nasty side to British Conservatism.

    6. William Brown says:

      Off topic, but perhaps you could add “Scottish Daily Mail” front pages to the “Zany comic relief” list—see today’s about changing Stamp Duty and compare it to the Herald’s!

    7. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      Would that I had any way of seeing the Scottish Daily Mail’s front pages.

    8. William Brown says:

      It’s the only page that I see when I hand it over to my wife after it drops through the letterbox! 

      Herald :  “Swinney plans tax cut to kickstart housing market”

      SDM :   “SNP send tax on homes soaring”,   and “Middle -class families hit by shock stamp duty rise”. 

    9. douglas clark says:

      Is there a competition between commentators on the Daily Telegraph and the Scotsman to see who can be the most insulting? Frankly there is no debate, simply a lobbing of verbal hand grenades at each other.

    10. TYRAN says:

      Good stuff. I’ll be checking it out regularly. Here’s one for your wire…
      – “Britain is the country we live in, not the island it exists on… he’s trying to rewrite our history” (Labour)
      – “Great Britain or Britain is an island” (Wikipedia)

      – “Britain; the island containing England, Wales, and Scotland” (dictionary) 

    11. TYRAN says:

      I read this page first obviously. Didn’t see your other ones yet! 😀

    12. Appleby says:

      @douglas clark
      I was wondering about that very same thing too. It seems they’re trying to outdo each other in the race to the bottom. Can’t be long before each article from them is nothing but a page or two of outright insults and swearing. Perhaps just a picture of them mooning the object of their ever-so-objective-and-professional hate, the SNP.

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