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Happy happy joy joy

Posted on September 08, 2012 by

As penance for our sins, yesterday we went for a bit of a wade through the Better Together campaign’s official Facebook page, where we played a fun game of “watching dissenting comments vanish” for a while. As we browsed, though, we particularly enjoyed the upbeat entry for August 21st:

And the entry just two days later showed the campaign was as good as its word.

Stay positive, guys!

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    24 to “Happy happy joy joy”

    1. Arthur says:

      been banned for quite a while from better together and conservative friends of the union

    2. Tris says:

      I commented on the second one and my comment was removed. I only mentioned out that it was unlikely that the UK government would be building any big operational “secret” ships in the next 20 years, and that already other small vessels with no top secret equipment aboard were built in SE Asia.

      Nothing rude, nothing abusive, just a point which kinda demolishes their argument 

    3. Colin says:

      Apparently a Scottish navy will not be needing ships. Or maybe they think we will keep up Royal Navy tradition and buy them from South Korea?

    4. Mike says:

      You’ll have seen my comments vanishing then, but I hope you noted that there was nothing rude, crude or abusive about my comments. One of my comments was to highlight on the Clyde shipyard postings that I previously worked for 5 years in B.Ae’s Brough factory making military aircraft for the MoD. That factory is now all but closed, so promises of MoD contracts are as useful as aircraft carriers without aircraft!

    5. Arbroath 1320 says:

      WHAT? 😀
      A Scottish navy will need ships?
      Whatever next, a Scottish Air force needing aircraft? 😆

    6. charlie says:

      So the British governments having destroyed iron, steel and ship industries to name but three, the threat is the staus quo. So where are the post-indepence UK shipyards? And is a another thread for the unionist camp, we’ll buy from anyone but scotia?

    7. Arbroath 1320 says:

      It’s oor party and we’ll cry if we want to! 😆

    8. Adrian B says:

      Bird and Fortune – The Admirals Interview

      An old but very relevant sketch today  . 


    9. Arbroath 1320 says:

      As always, BRILLIANT! 😆


      I think we’re talking about shutting the gate AFTER the horse has bolted here!
      I wonder what is hiding in the undergrowth that has “forced” Barclays to come out with this suggestion now. Pity no one thought about this in 2007, BEFORE the last recession!

    10. Adrian B says:

      We cannot let the MOD off the hook regarding this still to be dealt with issue.  

    11. Arbroath 1320 says:

      Don’t you just LOVE these Westminster politicians.
      They’ve had over 30 years to figure out what to do with the defunct subs and STILL they haven’t got a clue. Not only have they STILL not got a clue but they want to build MORE! Are these people INSANE?

    12. The top happy picture is an odd one.
      It was taken on the Friday, they didn’t venture into the town on the Saturday.
      As for the ‘Better Together’ aspect. There’s not one Lib Dem or Tory in the photo.
      The original photo has Labour councillor Jeff Leaver, husband and employee of Elaine Murray MSP standing to the left.  Of the 13 people in the photo, five are Labour councillors, (including Secretary general of the Labour Party in Scotland Colin Smyth) one ex-labour councillor and an ex labour Provost, one MP and the aforementioned MSP. Apart from the tattoed chap in the t-shirt and the old bloke with the paedo style glasses, the rest of the gang are all employees of Russell Brown (including his daughter) and Elaine Murray. 

      Ohh the reason why Labour aren’t campaigning with the Tories in Dumfries? Because the Tories are in coalition with the SNP running the cooncil. Better Together?

    13. James Morton says:

      oh deary – I am not so sure I can take 2 years of this attempt to spin and re-spin “too wee, too poor & too stupid” I may have to ration my exposure to this idiocy, purely for health reasons you understand.

    14. scottish_skier says:

      Found this great image for use in ‘No’ campaign leaflets.

      They could call it ‘Edinburgh post independence’×313.jpg

    15. Iain says:

      ‘Edinburgh post independence’
      …and still no trams.

    16. scottish_skier says:



      Shortly after the successful Scottish independence referendum of 2014, the first battles of what became known as the Tram Wars began….

    17. Galen10 says:

      @ Iain and scottish_skier

      Isn’t the scary thing that the more extreme carpet biting fringes of Unionist “whataboutery” actually believe some of this kinda crap? After all, it isn’t a huge leap from the Ian smart’s dystopian nightmare of Big Eck’s elective dictatorship and cannibalism in the streets to the Tram Wars scenario above is it? 😉

    18. Dal Riata says:

      Don’t you just love the badges they’re showing on that Facebook page!

      I can’t decide which one I want to wear with pride most …maybe that “I (heart) UK” one? …or the “UK OK” one perhaps …

      Tough choice …very, very tough. …But …Naaah! I’ll let the Bitter lot fight over their silly baubles, if they want! 

      Anyway, that’s a hell of a lot of different badges they’ve got there (over optimism at its best!). What are they going to do with so many left-overs after the referendum?! 

    19. Dal Riata says:

      @Mark MacLachlan
      Thanks for that info re  the Better Together “happy picture”. The more exposure of these charlatans and their devious methods the better!

    20. Iain says:


      To be fair to visceral Unionists (not something I’m always inclined to be), I’m pretty sure most of them when they think hard about independence don’t really believe the cannibalism & chaos crap; I just think that for many of them the dissolution of their beloved Union would be such an emotional disaster, no metaphor is too exaggerated to describe such an outcome. That’s not to say that I don’t despise with all my being those ‘professionals’ who play on these fears to persuade the gullible.

    21. Embradon says:

      Scottish Skier
      I see the lights are still on in the New Club post apocalypse.
      Coincidence or conspiracy?  😉

    22. pmcrek says:

      Rather hilarious considering it has been the UK Governments policies and neglect which have utterly devastated Scotish shipbuilding.

    23. Domhnall Dods says:

      a military friend i met yesterday was bemoaning the fact that his job is at risk due to cuts and so much army capability is being removed.then hecwent on to describe alex salmond as the big threat as he “wants to have no defenceseft in scotland”. i asked whether he was sure it wasnt david cameron that wad actually the greater threat to his job. he couldnt answer that one.

    24. bill says:

      just woke up as our ship comes into Belfast, cant believe that old defence contact rubbish. ok hold onto your seats its going to be a bumpy ride, unionists can look away now- HMS prince of wales Is being built in portsmouth, clyde,govan and rosyth later this year. HmS queen elIzabeth parts buIlt In govan  and tobe moved to rosyth, 11000 tonnes move wIll be a sIght. cammell laIrds are workIng on the flight deck.  the point is dear unionists there isnt one single yard that can build a complete vessel of this complexity , post inde, the rUK will still do business with a defence partner like Scotland.  not convinced, ok so why does QinetiQ get pulled in to build sophisticated systems for Italian submarines, or US coast guard vessels and US Navy? Because thats defence procurement! It wont change post 2016 and for the record that MOD spokesperson/ civil servant went beyond his brief in threatening Scotlands ship yards, why hasnt that been raised in Westminster by the defence sec.  Finally forfitters, weldes, engineers, etc your order books will fill up as you are allowed to compete globally for both warships,or merchnat vessels, QinetiQ will call, dont worry.

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