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Did ye, aye?

Posted on October 27, 2015 by


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      Did ye, aye? | Speymouth

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    1. How to lie BBC style

    2. Paula Rose says:

      On Twitter the Rev will block you if you put HAHAHAHAHA too many times – here just maybe along with a few paragraph breaks.

    3. Swami Backverandah says:

      So much spin you’d think he was expecting a mention in Chilcott.

    4. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Looks like he’s just been bowled out whilst trying to reverse.

      I am, of course, trying to paraphrase Jacob Rees-Mogg, which is actually impossible. (Or should that be ‘impossible, actually’?)


    5. ronnie anderson says:

      (Advanced) is Economical wie the truth been abandoned by the Bbc noo.

    6. Alastair says:

      Ian Brotherhood @ 10.57
      It depends whether you are emphasising a fact or being somewhat surprised actually. ????

    7. HandandShrimp says:

      A scamp and no mistake.

      Happy Birthday Stu btw

    8. Craig MachAonghais says:

      Methinks thon birkie Neil doth protest too much!
      You must really have got under his skin…ach well, hell mend him!

    9. Lanarkist says:

      Economical with the actuality!

      I offered one measure that put my point in a good light and Scotland and the SNP in a bad light!

      I could have offered more than one measure but that quite simply wouldn’t have suited my agenda.

      The BBC never knowingly using plain English, here to entertain, confuse and trip up!

      I am sure that is what is stated in its Charter or certainly what I would like to advance as being in its Charter.

      Andrew Neil, BBC parp amplifier!

    10. Terry says:

      Andrew Kneel is a tool. In more ways than one.

      When will such egotistical, grasping, toadies of the state comprehend that passion and truth will ultimately beat lies and self interest? No matter how powerful their masters are.

      We are many – and growing – thanks to the rev and all the fantastic contributors on here. We are talking and learning, Nellie. And knowledge is power. Surely he should know that?

    11. Morgatron says:

      Is it just me ? If so, why do you never see Archie Macpherson and Andrew Neil on the same TV programme , i think they may be the same person with just an added weetabix stuck on his head – whoosh.

    12. snode1965 says:

      A.Neil is Still trying to defend his position on Twitter as we speak.pompous old but!

    13. Truth says:

      Seriously folks, if you pay the licence you also pay this guy’s wages.

      Sort it out. You’ll feel much better. It only takes a few small changes in your habits and you can do it perfectly legally.

    14. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Alistair (11.09) –

      Good point.

      I think I’m actually both actually!


    15. Papadox says:

      As you suggest Andra being economical with the facts and options is your job, or is it? Me thinks that possibly constitutes bias perchance Andra, is that in the EBC’s charter?

    16. Brian Joyce says:

      Is it your birthday rev? If so, happy birthday. And many thanks for your efforts. You are a star. ????

    17. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      That’s it. Get stuck in on him at every opportunity. We now have the strength to damage these people.

    18. caz-m says:


      you have just cut bully-boy Andrew Neil down to size.

      He has been needing a good skelpin for years and it was finally delivered by yours truly…

      Now please hand out the same treatment to Brewer, Burd and Co.

    19. Proud Cybernat says:

      Tangentially relevant to the topic.

      From one blundering spinner to another:

      ‘Kez – The Blunder Years’

      Spread it far ‘n’ wide.

    20. Alastair says:

      We have had an aboundance of statistics in the last week – Andrew Neil’s Scottish budget, votes on EVIL, votes and stats on Tax Credits and welfare.
      But one sticks out for me from today that in the UK, the 6th largest economy in the world, the infant mortality rate is the worst in Europe. Twice that of Sweden and other countries. Twice that of Slovenia.
      Our societies basic principles seem to be all wrong.

    21. yesindyref2 says:

      It would appear the only economics Andrew Neil is familiar with is the economics of truth, which in his case runs at a deficit.

    22. WellKeith89 says:

      If he was offering it as one measure, why did he so vehemently push it as the best measure, whilst dismissing the other measure entirely? Unless of course offering the other measure didn’t suit his agenda.

      Let’s face it, he’s been found out and can’t backpedal fast enough. It’s always the same when one of the union’s lapdogs is caught in the act.

    23. Cadogan Enright says:

      Liar liar pants on fire – Rev have the BBC responded to a complaint on this?

    24. Ian Brotherhood says:

      As Cadogan Enright pointed out on recent thread, this whole episode is, potentially, a disciplinary matter for Neil’s employers.

      We assume, naturally, that his boss is the BBC. But it ain’t necessarily so. Is he a freelancer? If so, he can get away with this stuff, so long as he doesn’t overtly mix it up with the job they’re paying him for.

      That’s why his continuance of this nonsense (in which he’s clearly the loser) could benefit him – he could legitimately refuse to have any debate with Rev Stu (on any BBC channels) on the basis that it could potentially compromise him.

      Just saying – the guy could be covering his own arse with this Twitter exchange, if he can later cite it (e.g if challenged on BBC) as reason not to engage with anyone on stuff raised therein..

    25. Dave MacIntyre says:

      The BBC are increasingly being shown up for what they are. They are caught repeatedly telling lies on an ever greater number of issues and the lies are designed to dupe the general public. That much is clear.

      They lie about the SNP and they give false information on internationally important issues such as the current situation in Palestine. The BBC is essentially corrupt and cannot be trusted to give us impartial news and political coverage whether at home or abroad.

      I am also angry tonight at emails I received from 38 Degrees proclaiming a fantastic victory in the House of Lords last night.
      People power apparently! The great abstainers have achieved a remarkable victory. How utterly ridiculous for 38 Degrees to celebrate this lost opportunity.

    26. Lenny Hartley says:

      On finances Max Keisar tonight mentioned that the U.K has £50 billion of PFI contracts which will cost the UK Taxpayer £222 Billion over term of PFI agreements. One London Hospital was mentioned , build cost £1 billion PFI cost £7 billion.

      Compare that to the new Glasgow Hosptal, cost £.8 billion paid out of current budget and getting paid upfront by property developers for soon to be obsolete Hospitals.

      PFI invented by Gordon Brown , the new Glasgow Hospital funded by John Swinney, now if As has been stated many times that Brown was the best Chancellor that the U.K. Has ever had where does that leave Mr Swinney?

    27. heedtracker says:

      So from “In real terms there’s been no cut.” to, “I did not “advance”. I simply offered it as one measure” via, “still clinging to the bollocks by the little wings troll over Bath.”

      They’re a graceless bunch, the BBC.

    28. Hoss Mackintosh says:

      Neil has just blocked me on Twitter for pointing this out and saying he lied on the original program.

      I think Rev Stu and the CyberNats are getting to him a wee bit.

      We are not supposed to critise the hallowed BBC I suppose.

    29. Thepnr says:

      Andrew Neil and those like him ARE the BBC.

      There are a lot like him and they are the enemies of democracy in Scotland.

      Don’t be shy in telling them to Fuck Off!

    30. Hoss Mackintosh says:

      Happy Bitthday- Stu.

    31. Valerie says:

      What a wee turd he is. Doesn’t know the meaning of humility.

      Off topic

      Very depressing watching the south British media and on line stuff all back slapping about how this nasty party has been taken down a peg, by the charade played out in the Lords.

      I suppose they are way behind the level of knowledge that at least half of our country have about spin, and lack really good blogs like Wings.

      They actually still believe the guff Labour pump out ????

    32. caz-m says:

      Ian Brotherhood,

      If the BBC let Jimmy Savile S**g deed bodies, then we haven’t a hope in hell of getting Andrew Neil slapped down by the Beeb for telling a few lies about Jockistan.

      And he also knows too many of the BBC’s dirty secrets.

    33. Almannysbunnet says:

      He offered it as the ONLY measure therefore by definition he advanced it. Reminiscent of Bill Clinton’s “it depends what the meaning of is is.”
      Nah the fat man with the Berlusconi dyed heid is fooling nobody.

    34. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Lenny Hartley at 11.45

      Good post

      And compare it to the new Edinburgh Hospital which we will be paying for for over 30 years – and even then it won’t belong to us

    35. Chic McGregor says:

      @ronnie anderson

      ” is Economical wie the truth been abandoned by the Bbc noo.”

      They are not even truthful with the economics.

    36. Angra Mainyu says:

      Andrew Neil was just doing his job; attacking the SNP and putting down Scotland.

      If only Angus Robertson had been doing his that day.

    37. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @caz-m (12.00) –


      That’s why I’m trying to highlight the distinction – if Neil is Tweeting in a private capacity, he can avoid any Beeb-related hassles.

      I suppose it’s up to his line-management and/or BBC Trust to decide if he’s out of order or not, but IF he can claim that the Twitter-exchange between him and Rev is, essentially ‘private’, then he’s off that particular hook – if it’s ‘private’ then it has nothing to do with the BBC, or his ’employers’, even if they turn out to be a talent agency.

      The exchange with Rev Stu hasn’t happened via ‘Daily Politics’ or any other BBC site (so far as I’ve seen) so it’s a matter between Rev and A.F Neil. The fact that we can see it all unfolding like this doesn’t, in itself, ‘mean’ anything at all. We’re just witnessing a private conversation.

      I hope someone can confirm this. I suspect that Mr Neil is inviting a deluge of ‘online’ abuse to assist him in the construction of a defence which he well-knows is not deserved and cannot survive the scantest scrutiny.

      In short, ‘he’s at it’.

    38. Dr Jim says:

      Gordon Brewer bases his complete style on Andra Neil
      He’s a tribute act, WoW !!

      It’s no wonder our telly’s rubbish when that’s what they aspire to

    39. Les Wilson says:

      Dave McEwan Hill says:
      Yes, and Edinburgh labour Council sold off the prime land of the old Royal infirmary in Edinburgh and pocketed the money.

      There was another rumour too, that the land was bequeathed to the people of Edinburgh!

    40. CameronB Brodie says:

      Alastair @ 11:29pm
      With Scottish academic standards generally improving, how elese will the better cornflakes rise to the top? Without a sufficient infant mortality rate, you’ll have to wait until the blighters are adult, before you can restart the cull. I see this as wasteful. 😉

    41. Dave McEwan Hill says:


      Just talking to my sister about the perilous state of the NHS in London. She had a 70 year old visitor last week from Newcastle who broke her ankle. Virtually all the A&E hospitals in London have been closed (I think there is only two for a population double Scotland’s),
      It was a week and three different hospitals before her friend got a support on her broken ankle.

    42. CameronB Brodie says:

      P.S. Does the fact that the UK has the worst infant mortality rate in Europe, indicate that a belief in eugenics is alive and well among our political elites?

    43. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      I don’t think Andra has any great credibility with the well informed since his maulings at hands of Tommy Sheridan and Jeanne Freeman on the Politics Show

    44. Still Positive. says:

      Re the new Glasgow Hospital.

      Total cost £842 Million, so well under £1 Billion and all paid for by us, the Scottish taxpayers.

      This will be how we do things in an independent Scotland.

    45. Matt Neilson says:

      Ian Brotherhood,

      Andrew Neil has previously stated that his Twitter account is personal:

    46. Paula Rose says:

      Are personal twitter accounts available to read – just asking.

    47. Sweep says:

      Whether he’s tweeting in a personal capacity or not, didn’t he use it to invite Stu to be interviewed on his ‘show’?

    48. Roll_On_2015 says:

      Dave McEwan Hill @ 12:52

      I don’t think Andra has any great credibility with the well informed since his maulings at hands of Tommy Sheridan and Jeanne Freeman on the Politics Show.

      Aye Dave and for the people who missed it here is the Jeane Freeman interview:

      Jeane Freeman wipes the floor with Andrew Neil on NHS and Indy

    49. Morag says:

      Dave, that’s strange. When I was in London last year I suddenly went down with shingles at about three o’clock on a Friday afternoon. Within two hours I’d been seen by two doctors at a walk-in GP centre attached to Newham hospital, given a prescription for acyclovir and industrial-strength painkillers, and had the prescription filled by a chemist. All completely free of charge. (Though no doubt somebody billed NHS Borders later.)

      I was really impressed by the service and quite honestly glad that it had happened in the middle of a big city which had facilities like that, rather than in the middle of nowhere.

    50. Macart says:

      Perhaps some kind soul should give Mr Neil a shovel? It’ll help with that hole he’s been digging.

    51. Roll_On_2015 says:

      Dave McEwan Hill @ 12:52

      Aye Dave and for the people who missed it here is the Tommy Sheridan interview:

      Tommy Sheridan and Andrew Neil on Sunday Politics – Neil reduced to sneers

    52. Sharny Dubs says:

      Rev your birthday?

      Weel Weel, FitlikeMin and Foosyerarsefirragnails??

      keep up the good work, my hero!

    53. Roll_On_2015 says:

      Aye Stu… Happy birthday.

      And as they say up in the ‘North British’ region:

      Lang may your lumb reek.

      Please keep on stickin it up em… you’re the greatest.

    54. jimnarlene says:

      I simply bent the fact, to suit my agenda.

    55. Macca73 says:

      Happy Birthday Rev. Enjoy!

    56. john king says:

      Proudcybernat @11.27

      everybody watch this
      ‘Kez – The Blunder Years’

      Spread it far ‘n’ wide.

    57. Weegiepolitik says:

      Really sick to the back teeth of ukok unioinist clowns like A Neil and their publicly funded mouth piece.

      I think if broadcasting isnt devolved to the SG, then the entire Yes movement need to increase the level of boycotting the media outlets who spout these lies and show them that we are not the looney fringe and are infact half and increasingly moving towards being the majority.

      Actions speak louder than word.

      O/T does anyone living in renfrewshire know of a recent letter sent to residents in the ferguslie park area of Paisley by the labour ran council, condemning the SG for not providing additional funding for a new catholic school but insisting the council will foot the bill anyway a.k.a labour council to the rescue, SNP baaaaadddd?

      My 80 year old gran – life long labour voter but switched to SNP from 2010 – was claiming to be “disappointed” in the SNP and now waivering on whether to vote for them next May.She no longer had the letter when i asked to read it but it sounded very much like the trick Aberdeen council pulled with issuing BT propoganda on the council tax notices last year

    58. Andrew McLean says:

      To be fair he is correct in advancing one measure , in that spirit as he himself allows,
      Whit his low IQ he is more towards the learning difficulty end of the spectrum ?
      His weigh as BMI is more towards the obese end of the scale?
      His hair loss is towards the bald end of the spectrum. ?
      His heightism towards the small end of the average?

      But hasn’t the little fat bald idiot done well !

    59. mealer says:

      Andrew Neil.BBC.Always talking Scotland down.

      Good work Rev.Get to the truth of the matter,then move on to the next one.

    60. john king says:

      Hoss Mackintosh says
      “Neil has just blocked me on Twitter for pointing this out and saying he lied on the original program.”

      And he said you had a ridiculous “made up” name
      Im glad he didnt say that to BtP or it could have gotten bloody!
      (you have to read the story of how he came by the name) 🙂

    61. T.roz says:

      Beep, beep, beep…. “This vehicle is reversing”

    62. Andrew McLean says:

      Ian brotherhood

      If his employer thinks his actions, and publishing on Twitter is public, questions his or their reputation or standing as a broadcaster, yes the can hold him to account!


      Labour have always played the sectarian card, sometimes subtly more often open, it’s called divide and rule, once whilst a member of the STUC I said to one man when elections were going on, I would quite like to stand, with my background as branch manager of a political party, I was told in open in front of all I was the wrong religion for Coatbridge!

    63. caz-m says:

      Weegiepolitik 7.30am

      Re: Ferguslie Park Paisley and no funding for Catholic school.

      Terry Kelly is the councillor for Ferguslie Park, so if anyone is going to send out letters attacking the SNP Government then Terry Kelly is the man to do it.

      I will find out today if there is any truth in it. I very much doubt it.

      The Rev keeps a link to Terry Kelly’s blog at the top of this page, as a reminder of how bitter and twisted Scottish Labour have become towards the SNP.

      Have a read, he despises anything SNP/YES and all their supporters.

      In 2017, I will be down in Ferguslie, helping the local SNP members kick out this nasty wee piece of shit.

      Good Morning Terry!

      Tick Tock!

    64. Grouse Beater says:

      BBC employees are ‘duty bound’ to offer the United Kingdom narrative. Hence Neil did just that.

      He didn’t offer an alternative. Neither his mentality nor his brief expect that of him, even if the alternative is glaringly the realistic one.

      Pundits are invited to offer an alternative ‘measure’, but if they are not there to do that BBC employees can stick to a single view and in so doing, mislead the public AS IF THEY ARE THE INFORMED PERSON.

      In any event, why offer a view and call the other proposed, written by ‘the Bath troll”?

      I don’t think Neill should be let off without a reprimand for needlessly offensive behaviour.

    65. Grouse Beater says:

      For those who missed it more on Andrew Neil here:

    66. caz-m says:

      Ian Brotherhood,

      I do hope Andrew Neil has broken some kind of BBC Charter rules here.

      The least he could have done would have been to tell the truth. But to state that everybody is wrong except him, is surely worthy of at least a slap in the wrist from his BBC bosses.

      There seems to be a dramatic increase in Unionists telling lies these days. They are ALL at it.

    67. heedtracker says:

      Their union is a madhouse. Just walked past tv with BBC Breakfast propaganda tv all about how some UK families go hungry and what to do about it. Rancid the Graun report a politics blog in Bath with an EC fine and gets near as many mad unionists CiFers jumping about as Rancid’s one EVEL thing last week.

      I don’t understand how anyone can be hungry in a teamGB, not with some many WONDERFUL cooking shows on the WONDERFUL BBC. Imagine your kids sitting watching Great BRITISH Bake Off as their bellies rumble. Bless.

      Anyway the nice BBC Breakfast says there’s loads of great jobs out there and all v high pay, so they’re all skivers and bums.

      It must be true, its the BBC.

    68. Craig P says:

      “I did not have sexual relations with that TME”

    69. Ruby says:

      It’s very easy for Andrew Neil & all the other ‘UKOK Better Together Hate Preaching Con Artists’ to manipulate the electorate because:

      You need a lot of spare time in order to be politically aware and to be able to spot the con.
      You have to know the difference between DEL & TME, devolved & reserved matters & a whole host of other things.
      For example to have an opinion on the ‘Tax Credits Cuts’ you need to know what tax credits actually are and that requires spending quite a lot of time doing research.

      Trying to become politically aware is proving to be very bad for my health. The more time I spend trying to get to grips with what is going on the less time I spend on sport

      It’s a bit of a problem. Do I take a taxi to the polling station to cast my vote knowing exactly what I’m voting for or do I jog to the polling station and just vote for the candidate with the nicest smile?

      I suppose if things get really bad and I’m suffering from deep vein thrombosis, obesity, diabetes and a whole host of other ailments brought on due to not participating in any sport I could apply for a postal vote.

    70. Training Day says:

      ‘I simply advanced a lie to the exclusion of the truth’. Where’s the harm in that?

      Let’s face it, Neil is only comfortable acting as class prefect to establishment goons like Portillo and Alan Johnson, chiding them for their dress code in the dead zone of late night TV.

      He’s run like a jackrabbit when faced with a challenge. Amply demonstrates the character of the man.

    71. katherine hamilton says:

      Hi Rev
      What did the Soaraway Sun say?

    72. heedtracker says:

      Thank you Nana.

      Britain’s nuclear deterrent will reach 167 billion pounds ($256 billion)

      UKOK war machine weirdly silent on nuclear holocaust that can never happen can it. Where oh where is Bomber Bliar and Crash Gordon when the US needs them. Or maybe now that the pig fancier CON’s have hired so many Chinese nuke power people, its the other way round.

      It would be a bit tricky getting those latest huge Chinese/UK nuke power contracts VFM’d, if they’d just wiped out major US Pacific west coast cities like LA and San Diego, plus a couple of Chinese knock off Trident’s detonated over Faslane too.

      WW4 will be fought with sticks and stones, British stick and stones.

      And yet rancid Graun’s CiF under their Chinese/US war report still gets less CiF than a sneaky/creepy LibbyCarrell attack on a politics blogger in Bath, shock.

    73. Capella says:

      @ Roll_on_2015
      Many thanks for the links to Jeane Freeman and Tommy Sheridan interviews with Andrew Neil. That was a real tonic for the day!

    74. Ruby says:

      Nana Smith these are really interesting links I would thank you but I just don’t have the time to read them.

      I would like to appoint you as my ‘political guide’ All this requires is that you read all these articles and then keep me right tell me who I can and can’t trust.

      As is stands due to the ‘UKOK Better Together Hate Preaching Con Artists’ having burnt their boats on several occassions I no longer trust them and doubt if I ever will again.

      I watched some of the Independence live broadcast from Catalonia last night and one of the interesting things that was said was that once you decide to vote YES you never go back.

    75. katherine hamilton says:

      Oh and it’s your birthday, is it? Well if you post here today rather than gettin’ pished I will come to Bath and kill you with hammers.
      You remain the best.

    76. Chris Baxter says:

      The internet + Unionist liars = end of the Union.

    77. Ruby says:


      That’s what is needed.

      I have an waterproof ipod. If Wings did a podcast I could go swimming and get my ‘political guidance’ at the same time.

    78. Brian Powell says:

      Not what A Neil was saying at the time, before he was ‘found out’.

    79. caz-m says:

      Re: Trident renewal.

      I noticed yesterday that my EX-Union, the GMB, have “warned” their Scottish members who are attending this weekends Scottish Labour Party Conference, NOT to vote against Trident renewal.

      So, no matter what the price of these missiles and subs are, the GMB want them to go ahead.

      Question for the GMB,

      What will we do about all this poverty that is with us and the further cuts that are coming down the line?

    80. Still Positive. says:

      Heedtracker @ 8.41

      Re hungry children.

      I was reading an article last night about Glasgow when it was the ‘second city of the empire’ and the tobacco lords were at their height amassing huge fortunes while the poor went hungry and there was appalling child mortality.

      I think at that time Dublin had the worst slums in Europe and the same child mortality – funny they were in the union then too.

      Same parallels as today and the rich don’t (want) to see it.

    81. Robert Peffers says:

      @Morag says: 28 October, 2015 at 4:26 am:

      “Dave, that’s strange. When I was in London last year I suddenly went down with shingles at about three o’clock on a Friday afternoon. Within two hours I’d been seen by two doctors at a walk-in GP centre attached to Newham hospital, given a prescription for acyclovir and industrial-strength painkillers, and had the prescription filled by a chemist. All completely free of charge. (Though no doubt somebody billed NHS Borders later.)”

      Aye!, Morag, but there is the best reason in the World for the exceptional service you received. The English NHS practitioner is actually paid quite a bit extra for out of area patient treatment.

      My late wife had a bad Angina attack while we were touring in Cumbria one Summer. It was a Sunday afternoon but the local Cottage Hospital, staffed by GPs, fell over themselves to treat her. The excellent GP who treated her was quite forthcoming when I apologised for disturbing his weekend with a call-out.

      He explained that the treatment of out of practice patients paid as well, if not better, than private patients. In other words they get more cash for treating an out of practice patient.

    82. One_Scot says:

      I have stood in things on the pavement that I have more respect for than Andrew Neil.

    83. john king says:

      Heedtracker @8.41
      What really disgusts me is the adverts currently on tv for companies offering food packages with all the ingredients to make high quality meals at a price that would feed a NORMAL family for a week and others who would cost a foodbank a months worth of foodstuffs, it reeks of privelage,

      Not for a minute do I begrudge the rich from spending thier hard earned cash how they like but surely in these straightened times the companies that seel these pricy services could show more tact and offer thier wares withing the pages of top end newspapwers and magazines rather than rub the noses of people who struggle to feed their families in it,

      And lets not forget “tea for a tenner” (as if that were reasonable) from STV Edinburgh,

      Im lucky that my wife could make a good nutritious meal for
      the two of us for £1.50 (two courses)

    84. One_Scot says:

      Looks like Andrew Neil is doing more ‘blocking’ than a Minecraft Boss.

      You probably need kids for that one.

    85. john king says:

      lost my bloody spell checker, dammit
      I really need to proof read before I post. 🙁

    86. Dave Hansell says:

      This latest claim by Mr Neil, that he was merely “offering” this argument up rather than “advancing” it does not fit or match the behavior patterns displayed by him.

      Post interview in question when challenged Neil was more than ready and willing to die in a ditch to defend the position he had taken. He even reverted to the classic puerile school playground level of invective in his tweets on the matter in the manner that one has come to expect from the snivellng and sneering mardy arses and parasites that are the British Establishment.

      This was and is not the behaviour of someone merely advancing a possible argument of one amongst other possibilities. Mr Neil was vigorously advancing and defending a specific position on the basis that he and the position he had taken was and is congruent with the reality and any challenge was wholly wrong.

      In that regard he and the solid position he has advanced have been proven to be inaccurate and in error.

      It is, however, both interesting and illuminating to witness a defence based on the argument that the guilty party was merely “advancing” a terminological inexatitude.

    87. Les wilson says:

      What we have said about Neill, could be said to a myriad of Unionists. They have might on their side, we have right on ours. The trouble is we do, have morals, while they don’t.

      The time must be within a short distance that we put ourselves and our country to the fore. Tick tock.

    88. Ruby says:

      What is a ‘Swedish engineer’?

      Is it something rude?

    89. heedtracker says:

      Still Positive. says:
      28 October, 2015 at 9:19 am
      Heedtracker @ 8.41

      Re hungry children.

      Its really if you’re in the BBC middle class viewer demographic sitting in a nice house, with a good job, enjoying attractive people week after week making delicious cakes, in a union jack bedecked marquee, in lovely green fields forever toryboy England.

      BBC red and blue toryboy propaganda tells you this is the Great British way of life and 10 million watch it so it’s really important, and then you drive past soup kitchens and read about children going hungry, while their middle England propaganda farts along, or like last week an rich ugly fat old BBC bruiser like the Ligger lies and sneers at anyone who talks back, from his BBC ivory tower.

      I voted SLab, right up to 97, a Frank Doran sized waste of red toryboy troughing.

      It’s my fault too.

    90. The Man in the Jar says:

      Apologies if this has been posted already.”Glasgow Caledonian University New York Campus has no degree students”

      Glen Campbell “on form” with the usual SNP bad agenda. Classic BBC Scotland stuff!

    91. Free Scotland says:

      Famous quotations of our time:

      Bill Clinton: “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” (As he was saying these words, he had a picture in his mind of an unnamed air-hostess he had seen earlier that day.)

      Andrew Neil: “I did not advance.” (As he was writing these words, he was trying to find a neat way to sum up the effect on his career path of having entered an online debate about the Scottish economy.)

    92. Onwards says:

      @Nana Smith
      Professor of Economics launches scathing attack on jk_rowling saying she supports zionism in Israel
      She is getting a lot of flak for this.
      I read her piece on refusing to support a cultural boycott, and of course the real reason is nowhere to be found. Promote some action against an apartheid state, and run the risk of a backlash to her books and interests in the US

    93. Haggis Hunter says:

      Happy Birthday Stu, enjoy the big, not sure of your age, but similar to mine I guess,

      all the best,

    94. Capella says:

      @ Onwards
      But not the BBC who are promoting her enthusiastically. It probably won’t do her prospects of selling film rights any harm either.

    95. Robert Louis says:

      I see Rev Stu has been upsetting people again. Good. It usually means he is doing something right.

      I do find it laughable that in the Guardian he is referred to as a ‘third rate hack’. Pot kettle black, Guarniad.

      As for Andrew Neil of the BBC, seriously, get over yourself. You were wrong. jeez. A better man would just admit it and move on. I have to say, it seems some in the London media and British propagandist BBC, seriously underestimate the depth to which Rev STU analyses the figures he refers to, and they really don’t like it when their own lack of understanding is pointed out.

    96. Robert Peffers says:

      @caz-m says: 28 October, 2015 at 8:20 am:

      “There seems to be a dramatic increase in Unionists telling lies these days. They are ALL at it.”

      Nah! caz-m, They are no more than usual, “at it”. As I keep reminding anyone who will listen, our whole history, (as taught), is a pack of outright lies.

      Thing is they, the Establishment, have always been, “at it”. It’s just that now ever increasing numbers of the electorate have become aware they are, “all at it”.

    97. maxxmacc says:

      Neil has been well found out. fantastic work Stu.

      His attitude alone would stop anyone paying their license fee. I gave up on my TV 18 months ago and haven’t missed it. Even if you do have a TV, no one has the right to enter your house to see if you have a license. Nor do TV detector vans actually have any detecting equipment.

      Check out this site for some good info. If we break the hold of the BBC then we bring breaking the union forward, so stand up and fight back.

    98. robertknight says:

      Lies, Damned Lies and the BBC.

    99. Clootie says:

      …oh yes he did…and with a smug face.
      He stated it as fact on TV.

    100. jimbo says:

      “The blog is quite wrong to say that.”

      Well at least we know the BBC propagandist reads WOS.

    101. Andrew (O21 U) Neil is simply advancing his pro British agenda in which Scotland must remain to be seen to be economically, politically, culturally & socially inferior to the Great British State.

      He has done well from his sycophancy so why shouldn’t he continue to defend it while rubbishing his country of birth?

    102. Robert Peffers says:

      @Training Day says: 28 October, 2015 at 8:45 am:

      “Let’s face it, Neil is only comfortable acting as class prefect to establishment goons like Portillo and Alan Johnson, chiding them for their dress code in the dead zone of late night TV.”

      As I’ve already pointed out, Neill’s political programmes are more akin to USAsian sit-coms that are mainly all written to a well-tried, well-worn, formula.

      This formula thing is common to all USAsian media formats and, like Ebola Virus, is highly contagious. If you have seen one rom-com or sit-com then you have seen them all. They just change around the central players to produce the next series and change the title. Sometimes they do not even bother change the titles – Rambo 99,999 anyone?

      For example the CSI series has now several clones all running at once. Now add to that the fact that they re-run repeats an hour later and that there are whole channels devoted to old shows and you have hundreds of channels showing formula programmes 24/7/365.

      That’s Andrew Neill’s political show career. He is the formula comic actor and the settee has the bit players chosen to follow the formula rules. It is everywhere on TV. Soaps have the same formula set in different regions with different accents and different actors. They all follow the same formula.

      Someone came up with a popular cookery programme and now we have wall to wall cooking programmes while large areas of the UK can’t afford food, and if they could they can’t afford the fuel to cook it. Then we got a home buying show – followed by a rash of clones to that formula.

    103. Fred says:

      @ still positive, Glasgow was the so-called second city at a later period than the Tobacco Lords, post the industrial revolution.

    104. Clydebuilt says:

      @ Proud Cybernat

      Your YouTube Video of Kez “The Blunder Years” …… Is a great piece of work

      Spread it Far & Wide

    105. pa_broon74 says:

      Someone needs to clear this up for me…

      Previously (in Fiddling The Figures) Stu said:

      “A large part of the reason for this is that from 2015, the SPPA will administer the pensions of police and firefighters, in addition to its previous responsibilities for teachers and NHS staff.”

      The Police and FF pensions are ‘supported by DEL’ tab 6.1 (apparently) and are as I understand it paid from existing contributors anyway – any short fall comes out of DEL? (Does it, I don’t know.) Its not AME money, its contributions shored up by DEL money according to the table in the link above.

      SPPA website says (of Police & FF pensions): “In September 2013 the Scottish Ministers announced that following the creation of a single Police force in Scotland with effect from 1st April 2013, the administration of all the current and new 2015 Schemes for the Police Pension Schemes in Scotland would transfer from the current regional administrators* to the Scottish Public Pensions Agency (SPPA) by 1st April 2015.”

      *I assume a regional Administrator is LA flunky type.

      It looks like the DWP had nothing to do with these pensions at all – it was never ‘supported by’ AME money so the DWP never (couldn’t) disbursed it.

      Debating the point with someone on Twitter. I don’t get it and I’d hate for the guy to be right.

    106. ian says:

      Being the sixth largest economy in the world means nothing if you dont run it in profit and that has’nt been the case as long as i can remember.If you also binned any pretence at fairness,justice and equality for all then whats the big deal.

    107. Is the e.c.going to fine Cameron for breaking purdah rules ? Or for not delivering the vow ? I would not pay their fine Stu., let them take you to court and you can expose their double standards

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