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Crisis talks

Posted on March 07, 2015 by


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145 to “Crisis talks”

  1. Mealer says:

    Another cracker.
    I reckon the BBC smear campaign against the Scottish Government is actually starting to piss people off now and drive them to the SNP.

  2. john king says:

    Which foot?
    left or right?

  3. McBoxheid says:

    Another cracker Chris,
    did you misspell Foote? LOL

  4. Grouse Beater says:

    Shot himself in the foot again?
    Murphy will do anything to get the sympathy vote.

  5. Snode1965 says:

    ….I believe the A&E department have strapped the injured foot into his mouth while he awaits treatment……
    Nice one Chris, that building has long been the A&E for Labour. Nothing a little TLC from Bird or Brewer canny fix.

  6. Ken500 says:

    A head scan would be revealing. Wired for sound bites. Another one to hit the dust.

  7. desimond says:

    I admit it…my brain presumed the word was shat rather than shot

  8. jimnarlene says:

    You’re bang on the money.

  9. Alex Waugh says:

    Love Chris Cairns cartoons. Not only are they spot-on in content but I love his line, he’s a fantastic draughtsman. More please.

  10. scottieDog says:

    What’s that shot in the foote?

  11. Craig says:

    I love how accurate Chris cartoons are, mind you, I could even hear Eleanor Bradford’s voice when reading the quote, Damn you Chris 😉

  12. bjsalba says:

    O/T BBC R4 (the Numptie) is reporting what Nicola supposedly said about Trident without saying where or when – so it is hard to check up on. I suspect they think this will sow seeds of doubt in the SNP core vote.

    Hey BBC until I see/hear the full unedited take of the occasion from a trusted source (not you, BBC) I disregard this.

  13. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    Another cracker from Chris,

    Goes to the heart of Slab’s campaign and graphically describes its vacuity, mendacity and complicity with the Establishment.

    I have a wee spring in my step this morning because I love the smell of unionist shit hitting the fan.

    Government of “national unity” against the enemy. No, not Al Quaeda, Boko Haram, North Korea, I S, not even against the World Economic Collapse, against a democratic political party with no murderous intent.

    The enemy within, real democracy.

    It makes me proud to be a suppurating boil on the twin cheeks of Westminster.

    Aren’t we having a good time, boys and girls?

  14. JLT says:

    john king says:

    Which foot? left or right?

    The one in his mouth …LOL

    Once again, another cartoon that hits the bullseye!

  15. JLT says:

    I see the Establishment, media …and just about anybody else who wishes to see Scotland kept as a province, are starting to shriek that wee bit louder this morning. They are obviously trying to convince each other that a ‘Grand Coalition’ is a ‘natural’ thing…

    Labour also can’t see the flip side if they do create a ‘Grand Coalition’. Literally ‘Goodbye Labour in Scotland, Wales and North of England’ and literally ‘Goodbye to the rest of the UK’ as Scotland heads for the exit.

  16. Lenny Hartley says:

    O/T Manx radio reporting that some Tory Lord Baker us calling for Government of National Unity to stop evil seperatists causing a constitutional crisis.

    I love the smell of unionist fear in the morning.

  17. No no no...Yes says:

    Marvellous work. Murphy will need more than crutches to support his ailing party. They were warned not to select him as leader, but they ignored the advice.

    His appointment of McTearaway, McDonut and DalgetyBay have been a disaster and they deserve what is coming to them.

  18. PictAtRandom says:

    Self-inflicted punishment for running a pedestrian campaign.
    No suspicious circumstances.

  19. john king says:

    “It makes me proud to be a suppurating boil on the twin cheeks of Westminster.”

    And my teacher told me I wouldn’t amount to anything! 🙂

  20. ErinT says:

    Speaking of the BBC – Keiza Dugdale is lying on Radio 4 this morning. Again.

    Fighting on issues devolved to Holyrood or ones that the SNP wouldn’t be able to change. Repeating the idea that an SNP vote is one for the Tories. Scottish Labour really needs to be very publicly called out for these repeated lies.

  21. j says:

    “Manx radio reporting that some Tory Lord Baker us calling for Government of National Unity to stop evil seperatists causing a constitutional crisis.

    Not some tory Lenny
    this tory
    One of Thatchers most opinionated minions

  22. Golfnut says:

    @ Jlt conlab coalition
    Lord Baker of Dorking
    Dork – wiki – silly, out of touch person, slang for dick.

    Say’s it all really.

  23. galamcennalath says:

    … And was he left on a trolley in the broom cupboard overnight?

    Good cartoon again. What Labour and their media running dogs don’t appreciate is their continual criticism of the NHS is getting up everyone’s nose! It stinks!

  24. The Isolator says:

    Excellent post JLT,they are playing with fire here.Interestingly they haven’t explained how they would cram all their “member’s” into one side(government) of the chamber.

    Parallels should not and cannot be drawn from previous National Governments.
    I can hear it now “Mr Speaker”…..” Order order order order repeat Sit down Mr Salmond”.Freakin Chaos!!!

  25. Gary45% says:

    One of the best cartoons yet. Brilliant

  26. Loving the run up to GE 2015, It’s like being a kid at Christmas.
    Whatever the result Westmonster has been exposed for what they are which will result in them being Dambed if they do and dambed if they don’t. Payback for their many lies during the Ref.

    Influence would be nice but most important of all is that Scotland has a strong voice, which if they choose to ignore demonstrates the truth of better together with a Westmonster with no honour that can’t be relied upon for anything.

  27. john king says:

    The Isolator says
    “Excellent post JLT,they are playing with fire here.Interestingly they haven’t explained how they would cram all their “member’s” into one side(government) of the chamber.”

    They’ll have to take turns sitting on each others knees
    Pickles has been paired with Skeletor. oh jings! 🙁

  28. dramfineday says:

    The Bradford and Baillie circus on the case again…ha, ha, ha, very enjoyable Chris.

  29. Rob Outram says:

    John King, in answer to your question “which foot?” Doesn’t Murphy only have two left feet?

  30. donnywho says:

    They may control the broadcast media, they may control the print media, but they have lost control of large sections of the population.

    As a result of which they no longer control the agenda, nor the events, nor their own palpable fear, nor their dullard responses.

    The greatest weapon the Indy movement has is the entrenched stupidity of our unionist masters and their propagandists.

  31. Almannysbunnet says:

    So Tory Lord Baker us calling for a Labcervative Government of “National Unity”. Which nation would that be then? Obviously Scotland, with it’s democratically elected representatives, isn’t part of this national unity. Wonder what the labour grass root supporters in England will make of this? Surely this would herald the complete demise of Labour in the rUK. We live in interesting times. WTF are they scared of (rhetorical question).

  32. john king says:

    Grand Coalition
    something traditionally used when the UK is at war.
    So they see us an an enemy to be defeated by any and all means necessary?

    Its nice to know we’re better together eh?

    Listen, whats that sound?
    sounds like something unraveling.

  33. Grouse Beater says:

    Mealer: I reckon the BBC smear campaign against the Scottish Government is actually starting to piss people off now and drive them to the SNP.

    Then please disseminate the essay below to help people become aware of what the BBC does and what it stands for.

  34. donnywho says:

    It just occurred to me… If we have a Government of national unity, the idiots will quite literally hand the SNP the role of her majesty’s opposition. Prime minister’s question time is going to be fun. Or the “unity” government is going to have to proscribe the SNP from holding that position against the act of union.

  35. Peter R McDonald says:

    So true Chris. Sadly as most people suspected this after the referendum, that BBC Scotland would become the unofficial sponsors of Scottish Labour. There are few nights that pass without a wee piece featuring Jim Murphy, or a criticism of the imaginary “crisis” gripping our NHS. Every time I hear Eleanor Bradford I know what’s coming, Labour lies.

    Thankfully the vast majority in Scotland are clued up. Come May I’ll have the popcorn at the ready to watch the complete and utter melt down of Scottish Labour, I can’t wait.

  36. Croompenstein says:

    Topper Chris, propaganda central working against the Scottish people. The good people who work in our A&E need all our support not constant denigration from the State mouthpiece

  37. Clootie says:

    donnywho says:
    7 March, 2015 at 9:15 am

    I like that one 🙂
    You are right – I don’t think they have thought that one through.

  38. bookie from hell says:

    Ed Milliband speech–wtf

    He will tell the party faithful: “Let’s sound the alarm across Scotland about what these deep Tory cuts would mean for our NHS and public services.

    bfh—after two years of referendum saying better together would save NHS

  39. heedtracker says:

    £500 million PFI box of anti Scotland grot. Well not grot, they saved their sacred and perfect union from vile separatists but for how much longer?

    Its like the Palace of Versailles, let them watch Eastenders, love Morphy/SLab, long to reign over proud Scot buts…

  40. Snode1965 says:

    Why would Lab /Tory parties risk losing their support base with a grand coalition? They can just carry on as they are at the moment. When was the last time the labour opposition voted against the Tories ? Most of the time the Tories are only extending policies that Labour created. As a result it’s a very small step to an unofficial coalition on a grace and favour basis in a minority government.

  41. Cag-does-thinking says:

    A brilliant cartoon and deserving of a wide audience. Lord Baker is the establishment floating the idea that in order to save Britain they will do anything to ignore the wishes and votes of Scotland. If they can’t find a patsy party to prop up one version of the corrupt govenment system they’ll just join the two together.

    However we now have a stick to beat both the Labour party and the Tories from now to election day.

    What is the point of voting for labour if they just get together with the tories to circumvent what the people of Scotland are voting for? Indeed in England what is the difference if all they do is join together when they don’t get power at the ballot box?

    Pressing them on ruling out THAT coalition should start now!

  42. Ghillie says:

    I and my family are in the unenviable position of knowing first hand EXACTLY how brilliant our NHS Scotland is. (Quiet humble thanks to all NHS staff reading this)

    And heartfelt thanks to my Government, the Scottish Government for keeping our NHS afloat and healthy.

    Waiting times in A&E : My take on that is that as soon as you arrive you give your details to the receptionist and from that moment of first contact your waiting time is over. Everything after that is part of a process. Those in more dangerous condition are seen first and as quickly as possible.

    Ever wondered why we are called patients? Because sometimes it takes time. And thank God that in this country it doesn’t take great wads of money or water tight insurance policies to receive medical treatment.

  43. Helena Brown says:

    Loved the cartoon Chris, do you think Murphy reads Wings, my only fear is he gets tips on how to sort stuff out. Naw that would never happen.
    I am incensed that a Political Party which has done everything in a Democratic manner can be so described by a former politician in the manner of Kenneth Baker, that WE would cause a Constitutional Crisis. No Kenneth you will.

  44. Harry Shanks says:

    Another wonderful juxtaposition on BBC News website this morning:

    Scotland page headlines + photo of Ed: “Scotland can’t Afford Tories”

    UK page headlines + photo of Ed: “Tory-Labour coalition may be needed”

    Great stuff 😀

  45. manandboy says:

    The Unionist parties don’t get it.

    First, the Lib Dems choosing to Co-Habit with the Tories,
    and form a coalition, but Tory, Government.

    The Labour bedding the Tories for IndyRef.

    And now the Tories across England ,
    going apocalyptic apopleptic
    over the SNP having a say in Governing England!

    Each of them, seemingly oblivious to the consequences
    of their actions.

    Long may it continue.

  46. Pat says:

    Slightly O/T,

    Looks like Project Fear is back with a bang on the BBC news site today, Tory-Labour coalition on the front page and Scotland cannot afford Tory win on the Scottish pages.

  47. K1 says:

    Brilliant cartoon Chris.

    They keep us ‘focused’ on fabricated NHS A&E crisis while testing the waters on the Grand Coalition.

    Fear and Smear campaign writ large. What shall we be called the ‘Scottie Strip’? Release the dogs of war; we have to watch out for serious divide and conquer incidents as imported agent provocateurs stir up manufactured trouble to further the illusion of mad, bad and dangerous Scotnats.

    They are not frightened, they are Terrified! Their internal polls must be blood curdling.

    The covert Grand Coalition is already in place, we were at the mercy of it during the referendum.

    Now it’s overt. Wouldn’t put anything past them.

  48. starlaw says:

    O/T Just received election leaflet for Livingston. Printed in .. LONDON . . Well done Mr Morrice supporter of small local business. Better Together ! we know why.

  49. Les Wilson says:

    I am soooo sick of Labour, their lies and deceit are never ending. Aptly backed up by the BBC et al.

    Regarding the SNHS , if I worked there I would be very pissed off at how Slab is trying to make political advantage by spinning out everything, no matter how small that the BBC feeds them.

    While condescendingly saying how wonderful the staff are. Their purpose is obvious,and people are seeing it and do not like being a political football.

    A vote loser in my view.
    Let us bury them in May.

  50. caz-m says:

    BBC Scotland’s Eleanor Bradford is at the hospital where Murphy is being treated.

    She is going to interview a nurse who just happened to be passing when Ms Bradford pulled her microphone out,

    “Excuse me nurse “Suzanne”, what do you think of the crisis in Scottish A&E departments?

  51. tiderium says:

    I have no problem with the NHS in Scotland, been in hospital more times than I care to mention and the staff have always been attentive friendly and courteous, so liebore and there perpetual running into the ground of the NHS via snp bad “look at a&e waiting times” is hurting them badly. but they now have no where to go as the BBC ran with them on it the daily record ran with them on it, so now they are trapped, Incidentally if the “crisis” was so bad why aren’t nurses,doctors and the unions that represent picketing holyrood, or why do you never hear nurses or doctors moaning about the crisis even on their day off?

  52. Arabs for Independence says:

    Jim Murphy shoots himself in the foot – it must have been during a NATO exercise 🙂

  53. Robert Peffers says:

    @john king says:7 March, 2015 at 6:44 am:

    “Which foot?
    left or right?

    Dinna be silly, John, a’body kens Murphy’s feet are baith the same kind – and thir baith richt ains.

  54. Legerwood says:

    Bjsalba @ 8.02 am

    The remarks about Trident were made by Ms Sturgeon in an filmed interview with The Guardian. It is on the newspapers web site if you want to watch it.

    Lenny Hartley @ 8.15 am

    The story about Lord Baker and his remarks about a Tory/Labour coalition is on the BBC News web site AND it is open for comments.

  55. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

    There are more pandas than tory MPs in scotland and the polls show that the SNP are the ones who will get rid of that last remaining tory MP in scotland.

    That’s all you need to say on the doorstep to refute wee Miliband’s bullshit today about ‘letting the tories in.’

    Well, that and that fact that more and more tory and labour MPs and Lords lining up to call for a tory Labour coalition to ‘stop’ the SNP from having a democratic voice and say in how scotland is governed from westminster.

  56. ronnie anderson says:

    The enemy within, real democracy.

    It makes me proud to be a suppurating boil on the twin cheeks of Westminster.

    Aren’t we having a good time, boys and girls?

    Plaggiarism, Plagiarism, BuggerTPs shouting ,sos Bugger ah just woke up heids no in gear.
    But my sentiments EXCACTLY.

  57. Grouse Beater says:


    There’s a ‘government’ radio commercial running regularly on Classic FM.

    I paraphrase:

    “(Voice of authority) Scotland is getting new powers, in taxation, in welfare, and other important matters. The powers are agreed. (A lie) A booklet will be sent to all homes soon telling you about these powers that you should make yourself familiar with …”

    Okay, it’s a blatantly obvious piece of pre-general election Westminster propaganda, but worth dissecting it on Wings to bring notice of its truthiness to public awareness.

  58. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

    Don’t fall for any BBC or newspaper lies on trident.

    Nicola Sturgeon ?@NicolaSturgeon Mar 6

    .@guardiannews what I actually said is that SNP would NEVER vote for Trident.

  59. Mealer says:

    No probs.Hope Over Fear.

  60. Grouse Beater says:

    what I actually said is that SNP would NEVER vote for Trident.

    Yes, the craven meeja and Unionist trolls have altered that to mean, ‘SNP will keep Trident in Scotland as part of any Labour pact, but simply won’t vote for renewal of war heads.’

    Be on your guard that for that nefarious twist.

  61. Dr Jim says:

    Jim Murphy this morning ruled out any idea of a Grand Coalition saying it would never happen
    So that’s probably a definite then maybe unless circumstances change and it’s what the people of Scotland vote for and we have to listen to the people who are voting for change in our country
    Tune in Tomorrow for a change in the same plan

  62. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

    @DR Jim

    Murphy also said he wouldn’t stand for ‘scottish’ Labour leader then changed his mind.

  63. Robert Peffers says:

    @Rob Outram says:7 March, 2015 at 9:04 am

    ” … Doesn’t Murphy only have two left feet?”

    Nah! Anyone who supports the Israelis, is a member of an extreme right wing group and loves that there is a weapon of mass destruction on Glasgow’s doorstep could only have two right feet.

  64. boris says:

    Britain’s most powerful civil service mandarin is trying to ‘sabotage’ an attempt by David Cameron to restrict his growing empire, it was claimed last night.

    Sir Jeremy Heywood was accused of a Sir Humphrey-style attempt to ‘dodge’ new rules that the Prime Minister decides who gets top civil service jobs.


  65. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

    This is the reason Labour and their poodles in the media are desperately lying about Trident.

    The SNP ?@theSNP Mar 5

    75% Lab candidates agree with SNP in not renewing Trident. “Lab leaders should find a backbone & support this position too”. #FMQ #VoteSNP

    Be in no doubt, we WILL get rid of Trident once and for all.

  66. ronnie anderson says:

    SMURPH Nurse nurse I,ve been waiting 8 hrs fur ah bed, well you,ll jist hiv tae wait Mr Smurph, we,ve treated yer foot but we,re trianed NURSES no fucking Bed Manufactures,we,ve got ah space beside the bins , we,re trying to find some cardboard boxes,we dont want the ward stunk oot wie you.

    Well drawn Chris, there,ll be mair than two people outside next week, better use ah camera lol.

  67. Hoss Mackintosh says:

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch down at Head Office, BBC London, this is how they report the A&E crisis…

    No link to the BBC Scotland web pages – funny that?

  68. caledonia says:

    If the tories and labour join forces to keep the SNP out and the SNP are the third largest party
    Does that mean we become the opposition party at PM questions etc

  69. Lollysmum says:

    Good cartoon again Chris which sums up the present state of affairs admirably 🙂

    Unionist parties in Scotland-a soon to be extinct species in just a few weeks 😉

    The Westminster government? They couldn’t organise a p*** up in a brewery & have proved themselves to be embarrassingly inept yet they have the cheek to call themselves ‘our betters.’ Satisfying their own greed is their overriding mantra & they can’t hide it anymore.

    Every government throughout the ages has been running scared of it’s own population turning on it’s rulers. This one is no different.They all live in the ‘Westminster bubble’ & have no idea how the rest of us live or what we think is right or wrong. When they represent us across the world, you can see why UK’s reputation is continually being derided & deservedly so.

    Scotland is standing up for itself as it never has before & is calling WM to account, in itself, a fine & honourable mission. We keep saying that we need a committed & effective opposition in Scotgov but the unionist parties can’t even get that right so what hope do we have of getting an effective opposition into WM. Basically none without the spirited intervention of SNP, Plaid, Greens all of whom will have been elected by the people to represent their interests.

    To close ranks by creating a govt of national unity to shut out the dissenting voices not only subverts democracy for all the world to see but will do wonders for Wales & Scotland’s independence movements. There is nothing worse for any electorate to see than it’s own government deliberately working against the interests of it’s own voters, to encourage individuals to come together to fight the injustice they see.

    Settle down folks, popcorn ever at the ready we’re entering into what will turn out to be a fascinating period in history. Fun & games galore whether WM like it or not 🙂 Can’t wait-7th May is just the start!

  70. Valerie says:

    Great ‘toon, Chris!

    Smurph will soon be tweeting out pics from the shower cubicle they have housed him in. Let’s hope it’s in Lancashire.

    Sorry Lancastrians for exporting our rubbish.

  71. Bill McLean says:

    Grouse Beater – that piece of propaganda is hilarious. The last part goes something like “but currency, passports and pensions will remain the same” – Isn’t that what YES was trying to tell the people? I believe the ad is also appearing on other stations.

  72. Joemcg says:

    How about this for a poster campaign “Ed Milliband wanted border posts with guards between Carlisle and Berwick in September now he is desperate for Scottish votes that’s how much he thinks of you. Vote SNP”

  73. Joemcg says:

    Or “No way Scotland will be allowed to use the pound if I’m in charge” Ed Milliband. Vote SNP.

  74. Stoker says:

    Another good one, thank you Chris.

    btw, folks, if it transpires that all the Unionist parties collaborate to form a national unity government to prevent the democratically elected advancement of Scotland’s people and issues, you might as well put that final nail into the Unionist coffin. And shut the branch offices of the LibLabCons north of the dyke.

    Independence would be imminent – so bring it on.

    Protect Scotland’s interests – vote SNP – get Scotland.

  75. Les Wilson says:

    Went down to my local shop this morning for my National.
    Piles of all the UK papers packed in lines across the floor, more than usual I thought.

    Could not see a National at all, plenty Heralds spouting Milliband. Moved and shuffled the piles in case they were hidden underneath as usual, but no, not one.

    This labour convention day so I am assuming the MSM do not want any dissident voices. A great democracy we have!!

  76. blackhack says:

    I heard that while Jimbo was at the hospital, he had an arsehole transplant, But the arsehole rejected him…..

  77. The Man in the Jar says:

    I hope you guys have got the popcorn in. One Nation Labour`s (Scotland Branch) conference is on today. Already they are getting the piss taken on twitter. Their new slogan “Scottish Labour for Scotland” I kid you not!

    This is their last throw of the dice in the last chance saloon. If nothing else it will be interesting to see just how many of them bother to turn up.

  78. Robert Kerr says:


    The National is not published on Saturdays!

    Please keep up!

  79. Les Wilson says:

    Murphy will deny a Unionist coalition right up until we have one. As we know, we cannot believe anything he says.
    It is of course not his place as the minion North British Branch manager, to make such a choice.

    One thing Murphy does know, right down to the tip of his toes, to have one with the Tories would utterly kill labour in Scotland forever,and it would badly damage it in England too. Whatever way this goes they are screwed.

    Bury them in May!

  80. SNP are bad mmkay says:

    Come on boys and girls – we have had more than our fair share of fun. Now lets get to the back of the bus again like proper little obedient colonials.

    Still trying to figure out how Lord Baker thinks that a Red Tory / Blue Tory pro-austerity coalition would actually “save the Union” – thinking it would be a hard sell to put a positive spin on any attempt to gang up and thwart Scottish Democracy – the final nail perhaps??

    Another Unionist from the Murphy school of “engage mouth prior to brain” – giving Jim the benefit of the doubt that he indeed has the latter.

  81. Grouse Beater says:

    but currency, passports and pensions will remain the same”

    Ah, I ought to have included that clamjamfrey of irony in my post.

    Yeah – we can all dine out on that bloody hypocrisy!!!

  82. Grouse Beater says:

    Man in Jar: “Scottish Labour for Scotland”

    I laughed until the tears rolled down my leg! 🙂

  83. James Kay says:

    Video extracts from Nicola’s interview with the Guardian are on Munguin:

  84. ScottieDog says:


    Yes I have heard the smith commission advert too on classicfm. Not good when you’re driving!
    Blatant pre-election propaganda.

  85. crisiscult says:

    moderators busy on BBC story that allows comments and is about Scotland!

  86. Robert Peffers says:

    @donnywho says:7 March, 2015 at 9:07 am:

    ” … The greatest weapon the Indy movement has is the entrenched stupidity of our unionist masters and their propagandists.”

    Speaking of which I note there is an excellent article on Newsnet : –

    It explains, in plain language, the total idiocy of those four Labour controlled councils who have left COSLA. In short their daft claims that the Scottish Government has short changed Glasgow, Aberdeen, South Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire is laughable in several ways. (The positions of Dumfries and Galloway and Inverclyde, who have also stepped away from COSLA, is not yet clear).

    First of all, while the Scottish Government does provides the funding, they have no part in how it is allocated to the councils. The entire grant in made to COSLA and it is the Labour dominated COSLA that decides how it is allocated.

    Secondly there is nothing in the rules for the Scottish government to make grants to any other body, including the newly formed breakaway group. Which beggars the question of how they hope to finance their councils. Remember, though, that council funding is only partly from the Holyrood government grant. They have funds from such as Council Tax, Business Rates, parking meters, parking and other on-the-spot fines, etc. Look out for the electorate in those breakaway councils getting steep rises in such council run services when there is no SG grant cash coming in.

    It is quite obvious these numpties have no idea of how the system works – yet some of their leadership have actually served in COSLA. You have to wonder how these people have ever managed to get themselves elected.Unless, of course this is a, “Cunning Plan”, to defeat the SG imposed Council Tax Freeze that those particular councils have always opposed. Which may indeed make more sense as to their motives to we mere mortals.

  87. Tom Thumb says:

    Les Wilson

    The National Only comes out Monday to Friday

  88. jock mc X says:

    It’s incredible when you think of the proud origins of
    the scottish labour party and all the people they have

    If they continue wading around in thier swamp of lies,they
    may well come to be remembered by one word,the “filth”.

  89. The Man in the Jar says:

    at 11:10am

    Aye Scottish Labour for Scotlands conference is going as well as can be expected 🙂 Following Wings twitter feed is hilarious I expect Rev Stu`s analysis will be likewise. Cant wait.

    For readers new to Wings. (Wings twitter feed can be accessed by clicking the logo at the top of the page. you dont need to sign in or anything)

  90. alexicon says:

    It is quality stuff like this cartoon that makes donating to wings a pleasure.
    Keep up the good work folks and if anybody out there who hasn’t donated yet, just have a look at the excellent product you are reading and donate today.
    C’mon folks a bit of a push to £100k. We can achieve this.

    O/T. Anyone else noticed that the Herald has resorted back to protecting the red tories by their ‘accused’ headlines, their blind eye to red tory scandals and their heavy moderation of comments?

  91. B (the Panda) says:

    donnywho says:
    7 March, 2015 at 9:15 am

    “It just occurred to me… If we have a Government of national unity, the idiots will quite literally hand the SNP the role of her majesty’s opposition. Prime minister’s question time is going to be fun. Or the “unity” government is going to have to proscribe the SNP from holding that position against the act of union.

    I believe that was the situation in Canada when the bloc Quebécois was the second largest party in their pariament in Ottawa.

    They rest of the parties just ignored them.

  92. alexicon says:

    Jim Murphy always remind me of the straw man in the wizard of oz.
    If he only had a brain.

    I suppose he might have got that degree.

  93. Robert Peffers says:

    @Snode1965 says:7 March, 2015 at 9:48 am:

    “Why would Lab /Tory parties risk losing their support base with a grand coalition? They can just carry on as they are at the moment”.

    Why indeed, Snode1965? They are, after all, and always have been, a continuation of the South Britain, “Establishment”, that began with the Romans and continued with the long succession of Anglo Saxon royals and aristocracy that we still have today.

    They have adapted and changed the outward image presented to the public yet always remained there in one form or another. We still have the Royals as head of state. We still have Hereditary Peers in the HOL and we still have the awards of life peerages to those that serve the Establishment well, Note that there are more Labour Life Peers in the house of Lords than there are Tories.

    When push comes to shove in the United Kingdom, (SIC), the union that reigns supreme is not that of the Kingdoms of Scotland and England but that of the Establishment at Westminster and it includes the English church, armed forces upper echelons of the civil service, Law Lords and educational establishments.

  94. Scotchland Labour in Scotchland for Scotchland break my heart if you leave Scotchland my father new a Scotchman I love the Iron Brew and whiskeys my favourite biscuit is Shortybread.

    Edward Miliband starts speach dressed as Sir Harry Lauder with pipes playing Scotland the Brave,having been told by Jim Murphy/McTernan that this is the way to a Scotchmans vote.

  95. Neil says:

    Why are the Red Tories still banging on about the dangers of another 5 years of Blue Tories? I thought we are “Better Together”

  96. Les Wilson says:

    Robert Kerr says:

    Oh Right!, got it. Thanks.
    Yup, need to pay more attention.

  97. David Stevenson says:

    I mentioned those ads on Classic FM a couple of days ago. Had to just switch the radio off this morning, getting sick hearing them.

    There was also a full page ad in our local paper (Rutherglen Reformer) of the same BS. I would imagine other newspapers are also carrying it.

    While politicians and parties are allowed to lie in their propaganda, I don’t imagine HMG is allowed to do so in a full-blown advertising campaign. Problem is, the damage (if the subliminal message gets through) is done before the Advertising Standards Authority gets anywhere near even considering a complaint.

    On another topic, I did a survey (through maximiles and on (mainly) Scottish politics. The questions beyond voting intentions had an air of Labour about them. Anyone else come across it?

  98. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Rev look no futher on who wrote the VOW, Millibands just said it. They wrote the VOW.

  99. Capella says:

    @ Chris
    Excellent portrayal of The Glass Box in all its gray mediocrity and the sentiments which flow out of it DAILY!

    Re R4 and Mr Naughtie misquoting Nicola Sturgeon re Trident as some have reported this morning – that is exactly the sort of black ops we need to be alert for. The object would be to sow confusion and disaffection in the SNP ranks and their supporters. We need to check the actuality and challenge false reports!

  100. Caroline Corfield says:

    Let’s not forget too, Robert, the Normans. A bunch of frenchified Norsemen, well versed in insinuating themselves within the people they colonised while staying in control.

    They bred into the Anglo-Saxon, Viking-British and Norse-Gael-Scot aristocracies already in existence. Indeed Robert the Bruce takes his name from a town in France, his family being Norman colonists. The Normans to my mind still have control of the UK of GB and NI and are still playing the population off against each other.

  101. Hoss Mackintosh says:

    Calling Alert readers !

    Was Jim Murphy not supposed to be doing a podcast thing for the BBC this weekend?

    I found some link on the Murphy podcast this morning but it took me to the live labour conference – Ugh.

    Do you think it was that bad that he managed to shoot himself in both feet with both barrels and the BBC had to pull it completely?

    There is now no reference to the Murphy podcast at all on the BBC website – strange and mysterious?

    Anyone now to check any achives for it?

  102. Capella says:

    @ Robert Peffers
    I know I’m wading into dangerous waters here – but! You missed out the Normans. The poor old Anglo Saxons were just as much oppressed by the Normans as the rest of the British tribes. And still are IMO!
    The Norman invasion brought all the elements of what we now call The Establishment, especially the feudal system, into Britain. Time for a change I would say.

  103. Capella says:

    @ Caroline Corfield

  104. think again says:

    BBC comments don’t seem to be moderated.

  105. ronnie anderson says:

    Cameron .

    You cannot allow the people who want to break up our country, into the government of our country.

    Two words Cameron SEIN FIEN
    & he could,nt stop them taking their seats on the Green Benches.

  106. Lollysmum says:

    Published today
    Tommy Sheppard on why he’s left Labour & joined SNP

  107. Matron Baillie has told the meeja that the foot has gone septic like his brain.

  108. Glamaig says:

    re the Normans – I read somewhere that surnames of Norman origin are still disproportionately represented in the upper echelons of English society – after 1000 years. I’ll see if I can find that bit of research.

  109. Anne Bruce says:

    Hoss Mackintosh re Murphy webcast.

    It’s on the BBC Scotland website under Labour in Scotland’s live conference coverage.

    The interview starts about 23.30 minutes into it.

    I watched some of it but repetition of “the biggest party gets to form the government” which he stated several times got my goat.

  110. Chic McGregor says:

    Scottish Labour have thousands of foot soldiers. Unfortunately their deranged leaders have divested them of their lower appendages like a regiment of political pygmies armed with Uzies.

    Even a solemn vow by their leadership that 10,000 new bullet-proof, titanium, prosthetics more than anything the SNP promise will be available from the SNHS if Labour win, is unlikely to induce their support to set forth and canvass on hands and knees.

  111. call me dave says:

    Are you all feart yet. Miliband says the risk of Cameron for another 5 years means we all must vote labour.

    Bring a tear to a glass eye!

    The audience is packed full of politicians but at the entry price Joe public will have to watch it, like me, on the computer.

    Keep waiting for Gordon to burst in stage left and steal the show.

    Sorry Ed I think most ex-labour voters will remain ex-labour voters we have heard all the promises before.

    Vote SNP get Scotland.

  112. silver19 says:

    @Hoss Mackintosh if you rewind the live Slabour conference you can watch the Murphy interview, It’s just embarrassing to watch, Brian had him squirming here and there and the usual Murphy lies and soundbites.

  113. macnakamura says:

    Hoss Mackintosh says:
    7 March, 2015 at 12:04 pm
    Calling Alert readers !

    Was Jim Murphy not supposed to be doing a podcast thing for the BBC this weekend?

    I found some link on the Murphy podcast this morning but it took me to the live labour conference – Ugh.

    Do you think it was that bad that he managed to shoot himself in both feet with both barrels and the BBC had to pull it completely?

    There is now no reference to the Murphy podcast at all on the BBC website – strange and mysterious?

    Anyone now to check any achives for it?
    Cannot find the webcast but it did take place

  114. James Kay says:

    O/T, but for a good laugh, read Iain Macwhirter’s predictions for 2011, written on January 2nd of that year.

  115. Papadox says:

    The old tv show “SPITTING IMAGE” had Lordy Baker (BARON BAKER OF DORKING) portrayed as a SLUG/SNAIL. very appropriate in my opinion. Check out Wikipedia for his pedigree.

  116. Here’s the list of seats Tony Blair hase given £1000 of his ‘blood money’ too. I wonder if they will give it back

    For those who can’t or don’t want to click through here’s the Scottish ones.

    Argyll & Bute
    Dumfries, Clydesdale & Tweeddale (W)
    Dundee East
    East Dunbartonshire
    Edinburgh West

    There’s another eight in Wales and the rest (106 in total) are in England.

  117. ronnie anderson says:

    Am voting Labour there the only party to say they will Abolish the HOL,but I,ll wait to see what CENTURY that will be,so the vote stays in ma pocket.

  118. Glamaig says:

    here you go
    Norman surnames over-represented by 28% at Oxbridge 950 years on!

  119. joseph simpson says:

    One interesting thing is the probability of a magnified (UK) democratic deficit growing in Scotland after the GE. Up til now it has always been the case that the UK government is decided upon by English voters. Sometimes that has been a party that was favoured in Scotland too. After May – whatever of the 2 UK parties form a UK government, it will not have the support of the vast majority of Scots. Westminster will have no democratic mandate in Scotland at all. Lets hope there is a shed load of SNP MPs to represent Scotland’s interests. They need to be careful what they wish for. Tory Government = SNP wins, Labour Government = SNP wins. The more Labour and the Tories slag off the SNP – the more it will drive people towards them. Oh what a tangled web we weave….Independence…tick tock

  120. Dr Jim says:

    Scotlandshire…We’re going to vote SNP and join in this democracy thing you begged us to be a valued part of

    Englandshire…No No No…We decide what democracy is and when we do we’ll change the rules so you don’t get any

    Scotlandshire…But But But…We want to take part

    Englandshire…We told you We Decide coz we’re more than you and better than you so shut up and eat your Porridge

  121. The Man in the Jar says:

    I wish folk would stop knocking the normans. Some of Scotlands greatest heros of the wars of independence were normans. Robert De Bruze (Bruce), Andrew De Moray (Murray) if it wasn’t for them there wouldn’t be a Scotland. Old Longshanks would have made sure of that.

    I would say that though. My surname – De Logyn (Logan)

  122. Tinto Chiel says:

    The BBC are our most dangerous opponents. Just look at how they have spun the FM’s clear statement on Trident yesterday.

    As a few Wingers have already said, as many as possible of us need to get along to Freedom Square next Sunday.

    And bring our dustbin lids.

  123. jim says:

    He couldn’t have shot himself in the foot as both his feet are permanently in his mouth.

  124. Lollysmum says:

    Odd isn’t it that Blair’s dirty money is not going to Murphy, Curran or Alexander?

    Wonder if those so-called ‘big hitters’ are miffed at being left out by their hero. I’ve heard that several costituencies are complaining about Murphy claiming lion’s share of SLAB resources for himself. Now why does that not surprise me?

  125. Robert Peffers says:

    @Helena Brown says:7 March, 2015 at 9:59 am:

    ” … described by a former politician in the manner of Kenneth Baker, that WE would cause a Constitutional Crisis.”

    I don’t suppose it has ever occurred to Kenneth Baker, (of Porkie Pies), that there would be no SNP Political Party in the first place if the constitution of the United Kingdom, (SIC), were not already in dire, Constitutional Crises”.”

    A constitutional crises exacerbated entirely by the Establishments own ambitions for the former Kingdom of England to change the legal bipartite United Kingdom into what is now a quadratic loose union of, countries but with Westminster now, the unelected as such, de facto Parliament of England.

    Which fact highlights that opinions such as Baker’s can only be held by someone who already holds the erroneous view that Westminster is indeed the de facto Parliament of England. Thus the Establishment has done what David Mundell, so eloquently, described as, “The Treaty of Union, extinguished the Kingdom of Scotland and renamed the Kingdom of England as The United Kingdom.”

    A statement that is obviously entirely wrong as no where does the Treaty of Union, nor any legislation thereafter, do any such thing. Not even the acts that formed the devolved administrations. The terms Kingdom and Country, while somewhat loose, are two distinctly different entities. A Kingdom may, or may not, be a country and a country may, or may not, be a kingdom. The title of the item is, “The United Kingdom”, and the irritating numptie Cameron can call it a country till his teeth fall out but it will not make the United Kingdom either Britain nor a single country.

  126. Marcia says:

    The next Labour in Scotland PPB will be announced as, ‘there now follows a Party Election Broadcast against the Scottish National Party’.

  127. BrianW says:

    Funny that I see a BBC cartoon today. I sent them a complaint after getting fed up hearing about the Tories urging Labour not to to deal with the SNP on the Radio News.

    I finally snapped and had to complain – not that it will make a blind bit of difference.

    I thought we were a respected family of nations where everyone’s democratic vote/opinion mattered..

    Luckily I see the funny side of that claim. Just like it’s hilarious watching the major parties and MSM glamoring over themselves to get the message out.

    I’ll be expecting them to slip the message into the weather report

    They must be REALLY SCARED – it’s turning into Project Fear II.

  128. Chic McGregor says:


    Should be pointed out though that unlike the case of the Normans in England, in Scotland, they had to marry natives to inherit titles and property.

    Also, Norman-French were invited to Scotland even before 1066 simply because they were, organisationally and politically, the undoubted leaders of the re-emergence of Europe from the Dark Ages.

    Even members of the de Bruis family were invited pre 1066, although not close relatives of the famous branch.

  129. orri says:

    If you check the Normans didn’t breed into all the Hiberno-Norse and British-Norse families mentioned. They actually originated there, took a holiday in France, then completed the conquest of that last bit of England. So in actual fact there was a large contingent with a celtic heritage taking over.

  130. Glamaig says:

    not anti Norman as such – its history after all so no point in taking sides – I think the gist of the paper is that social mobility hasnt taken place as fast as economics theory predicts.

  131. Robert Peffers says:

    @The Man in the Jar says:7 March, 2015 at 11:03 am:

    “I hope you guys have got the popcorn in.”
    Steady on there, The Man in the Jar.”

    All that damned Pop-corn is giving me terrible wind while also causing me to be quite costive. It is such an extremely bad combination that it could prove to have even worse consequences than the mixture of Nukes on the Clyde if the worse were to happen

    In any case it frightens my wee Papillon bitch something awful. She’s away hiding behind the settee and growling as it is.

  132. orri says:

    As to the cartoon, bit of advice, remove foot from mouth before you shoot it off.

    The interesting thing, from rumour, is that the main opposition to a deal with the SNP within Labour at the moment is from Scots Labour a whole wean of whom will no longer be in a position to object at the moment. If it turns out Murphy isn’t an MP after the GE then he most definitely won’t be entering a coalition with the SNP. Doesn’t say that the remaining Westminster Labour parties won’t decide to do so. I don’t think Milliband is going to make public any commitment one way or the other. The ideal scenario will be Labour with a plurality of seats not needing to enter a formal coalition though. If they manage to pull of an overall majority then there’s always the Holyrood elections in 2016.

  133. Capella says:

    Since it’s the weekend, some of you might enjoy the film “Portrait of a Marriage” featuring that well known Norman family scion Vita Sackville-West. Depicts her marriage with Westminster Official Censor Harold (ironically Anglo-Saxon name) Nicholson and her affair with Violet Trefusis. Well made BBC film from the good old days when they made good films. Celebrates their upper crust of course.

    Fascinating scene of Vita’s mother with heavy French accent, dining at a huge table attended by bewigged and liveried footmen.

    All worth looking up on wikipedia if you are taking up Norman studies!
    btw – Virginia Woolf also had an affair with VSW and loved striding about at Knowle, the family pile, with the deer hounds watching the peasants bringing in the logs for the big hall.

  134. Robert Peffers says:

    @Grouse Beater says:7 March, 2015 at 11:10 am:

    ” … I laughed until the tears rolled down my leg!”

    Dammit Man, there’s now pop-corn all over the place. What with the wind and constipation it causes me and frightening the dog I’ll either have to stop the Pop-corn or stop reading the hilarious comments on Wings.

    It gets more apparent every day the great difference between the Nationalists and the Unionists. Our normal state is good humoured banter and laughter while theirs is rather nasty sniping and moaning.

  135. Capella says:

    RE film Portrait of a Marriage, the collection version is better, at least the clips play in sequence!

  136. Robert Peffers says:

    @Caroline Corfield says:7 March, 2015 at 11:58 am:

    “Let’s not forget too, Robert, the Normans. A bunch of frenchified Norsemen, well versed in insinuating themselves within the people they colonised while staying in control.

    Indeed so but in the case of Scotland they never quite fully took over as Lords and masters. They had to resort to marrying into the Scottish titles and Scotland has always not only had a history of strong females but often the titles were passed on through the maternal line.

    More an integration of families/clans than an invasive victory. Note that the strong borders families like the Douglas’ line had lands in the Borders, Central Scotland and the Highlands. As a matter of fact the De Brus family also held land in what is now Westminster.

  137. Robert Peffers says:

    @Capella says:7 March, 2015 at 12:05 pm:

    ” I know I’m wading into dangerous waters here – but! You missed out the Normans.”

    Yes I did but I really was just making a point and not telling the whole historic story as I had previously given a main history of how the Normans were indeed Norsemen and how they were first settled in Normandy.

    Here’s a potted version : –

    Around the end of the ninth century, the Viking raiders from Northern Europe (Norsemen) were raiding and trading the coast line of the Frankish kingdoms. Eventually even sailing up the Seine and sacking Paris. Later the Norsemen establishing raiding bases away from home. (during this time England was invaded by the “Grand Army”). These raiding bases were often in good farmland and grew rich with the spoils of war and so quickly grew in size.

    In AD. 911, the Frankish King Charles (the Simple), in an attempt to end the raids, offered land in northern France to a Vikings band led by Rollo in return for, (token), obedience to the Frankish crown. During that time of, “Duke” Rollo’s reign, the Frankish name for the, “Norsemen” slowly contracted to “The Normans”. These were the same, “ Normans”, who traded with the Angle’s lands (England), and began the Norman Conquest.

  138. Auld Rock says:

    Pity it was not between the eyes, LOL.

    Auld Rock

  139. Robert Peffers says:

    Glamaig says:7 March, 2015 at 12:14 pm:

    “re the Normans – I read somewhere that surnames of Norman origin are still disproportionately represented in the upper echelons of English society – after 1000 years. I’ll see if I can find that bit of research.

    Yes, Glamaig, thats exactly what I’ve been posting for yonks. The South Britain, “Establishment”, is still the same post Roman, “Anglo-Saxon/Norseman/Norman”, lot that were invited into south Britain by the southern aboriginal Britons after the Romans left.

    Genetics have proven that less than 5% of the entire population of Britain actually have those genes and the rest of us are mainly descended from the original stone age Britons. This is the proof the whole list of south Britain immigrants remain to this day an elite ruling class that does not generally interbreed with their underlings.

    So it was with the Romans for we have little or nothing by way of Roman genes in Britain either. South Britain’s were slaves to the Romans and serfs or villeins to the mainly Norse ruling elites that followed the Roman’s departure. These royals and aristocracy still mainly marry within their own class.

    This is the whole point I’ve been making for quite some time on wings. The Establishment at Westminster are the present ruling elite and they still view us as their property – just what else did you imagine the term, “British Subject”, meant?

    In 1688 the Parliament of England deposed their monarch, King James II of England, who was also King James VII of the still independent Kingdom of Scotland. They then imported King Billy and Queen Mary of Orange as joint monarchs but removed from them the royal veto over the parliament of the English, (three country), kingdom. Thus making England, Wales & Ireland a, “Constitutional Monarchy”. i.e. the royal powers were taken by the English Parliament. Thus the people of those three countries were still their Majesty’s subjects but the English Parliament was now sovereign.

    However, as Scotland remained an independent Kingdom, and because Scotland had made the Declaration of Arbroath in 1320, the Scottish King’s position did not legally change. And so began the Jacobite uprisings, (called revolution by England but you cannot rebel against a foreign monarchy). These uprising continued to well after the Treaty of Union, (1706/7), until 1745. Thus we Scots are no ones subjects as the people of Scotland are legally sovereign.In fact as we are sovereign it means the crown, and hence the elected government, are our legal subjects. (but not so as you might notice).

  140. Robert Peffers says:

    In the first place it has already been stated that the same conditions for the Norman aristocracy ascendancy did not prevail in Scotland the same way as did in England.

    The Romans occupation hardly affected south west Britain, the island of Ireland or north of Hadrian’s Wall. Neither did it affect them when the Romans left. The beginnings of the Anglo-Saxon/Norsemen/Viking/Norman ascendency in south Britain was first by invitation and then by conquest.

    Not so in what was to become the Celtic Fringes but note that the so called Celtic Britons are not really Celts either as the Celts were Holy men and mainly celibate so both north and south Britain remain mainly descended from Ancient Britons but adopted different cultures at different times. We remain mainly genetically Stone Age aboriginal Britons but differ after centuries of differing cultures.

    Thus there has been an unbroken line of conquering southern British aristocracy since the Romans left but in Scotland they only gained entry to the Scottish ruling classes by intermarriage and Scottish history is rich in strong women and a long history of descent also being via the maternal line. English law made inheritance continue via the male line until very recent times.

    That means we are both mainly genetically identically descended from aboriginal Stone age Britons but very different culturally. We Scots have never been wholly conquered and subdued. The De Brus family were indeed Norman Knights. King Robert was born in 1274, and was the grandson of the Robert Bruce who was the failed claimant of the Scottish crown in 1290/2.

    King Robert was also son of another Robert Bruce. These were indeed Norman Knights. However, his mother, Marjorie, Countess of Carrick, came from an ancient Gaelic lineage being descended from the Gaelic Earls of Carrick. She was a very formidable woman who apparently held Bruce’s father captive, after he returned from the crusades, and she refused to release him until he agreed to marry her.

    This was typically how the Normans became members of the Scottish aristocracy and in fact King Robert himself was never a sovereign monarch of Scotland as, at least from the Declaration of Arbroath, the people of Scotland were legally sovereign under the still independent Scottish legal system.

    By the Way, many of the old Norman names came to those who now bear them who were originally the serfs or villeins of their Norman overlords. Much the same way as many Afro-American inhabitants got their Scottish, Welsh, Irish and English surnames as they took their surnames from their slave owners.

  141. JLT says:

    I wish folk would stop knocking the normans. Some of Scotlands greatest heros of the wars of independence were normans. Robert De Bruze (Bruce), Andrew De Moray (Murray) if it wasn’t for them there wouldn’t be a Scotland. Old Longshanks would have made sure of that.

    I would say that though. My surname – De Logyn (Logan)

    Yep. Agree with you here. There were Scottish Normans who also fought against the English Normans, especially in the Wars of Independence. There are many, many people in Scotland, with normal working background who are Norman descent. Yes, I agree the whole feudal system is still in existence, but I won’t tar the Normans entirely. In some ways, they made us who we are, and we are not all bad.

    And like you mate (TMITJ), I’m also descended from the Normans. My surname is Turbert …and that’s the ‘T’ in JLT

  142. Iain says:

    You’d think South African right wing militias would train people better!

  143. Capella says:

    Thanks Robert. I find it a fascinating subject and one that is not well understood. The language influences are also interesting with the first Anglo Norman kings speaking French up until Henry IV and V. Just as the Hanoverians spoke German. Queen Victoria was, I think, the first to be fully English speaking since, as a woman, she could not inherit the Hanoverian throne.

    A sensitive subject apparently as this Telegraph article demonstrates while getting thoroughly mixed up with its British/English status!

  144. Lenny Hartley says:

    I have often said and been scoffed at for stating that the so called “British Class System” is a racist system, the upper classes being of Anglo-Norman descent and the “Working Class” being the Indigenous Celtic people.

    Good to see that other people agree with me on that score.

  145. lumilumi says:

    @Robert Peffers 7.3.2015 4.44pm
    …many Afro-American inhabitants got their Scottish, Welsh, Irish and English surnames as they took their surnames from their slave owners.

    I remember watching some Olympic/World Championship athletics competition with my dad years ago and remarked on how the Jamaican sprinters and other athletes all had Scottish names.

    Dad was “Is that so?” He recognised MacSomethings as Scottish but I enlightened him that the Frasers and many others were also Scottish surnames.

    Because their ancestors, who were slaves imported from Africa to the Caribbean, were assigned the surnames of their owners, I explained to my dad. And Scots were very active in that part of the British Empire building.

    It’s an ugly blot on Scottish history but modern Scots shouldn’t forget or try to shy away from the fact that in the 18th and 19th centuries, thanks to the union with England (incorporating Wales and Ireland), many Scots made their fortunes from the colonies and were rampant imperialists. Another union divident.

    While Scotland’s native population was being ethnically cleansed and shipped to the colonies to make way for sheep and good stalking and shooting for the Anglicised aristocracy (descendants of old clan chiefs lured south by fancy titles and grabbing the clan’s common land for themselves). Another union divident.

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