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Come and join us

Posted on March 18, 2017 by

Our favourite bit is at 27m 52s.

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215 to “Come and join us”

  1. Wulls says:

    I cannot think of a way to improve that speech.
    This woman will deliver.

  2. Macart says:

    Yes. Those were the words of a First Minister.

    A statesperson who pledges to build government on compassion and tolerance.

    No bad. No bad at all. 🙂

  3. Croompenstein says:

    Apart from the ‘There’s Something About Mary’ hairdo it was absolutely spot on from FM 🙂

  4. Brian says:

    Pitch perfect.

  5. Capella says:

    Great to have the speech posted here as so many weren’t able to access the livestream. It’s well worth hearing.

  6. Thepnr says:

    I don’t need to watch it here as I already have.

    Nicola Sturgeon is a giant amongst today’s political leaders.

    I really can’t remember a better speech from any political party leader, she is an honest person and speaks purely from the heart.

    Nicola Sturgeon has my support she is an absolute class above the rest of them. We are so lucky, that is those that support Independence.

    I’m talking to you now, please be inspired by Nicola’s words and use them to inspire others. It is that close now, it’s up to you.

    You never give in. You never give up. You FIGHT for what is ours.

  7. Karmanut says:

    I watched it earlier, and might even watch it again. So much to like.

    Now, we’re soon going to need clarity on Labour’s plan to protect the 250,000 jobs they said relied on Scotland being part of Europe.

    Amazingly there was nothing about it in their conference.

    Would the Labour party person who reads these comments looking for “indy supporters are evil” material for the Daily Mail mind asking Kez?

  8. Findlay Struthers says:

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your work.

  9. dennis mclaughlin says:

    She’s a wee stoater!,fair puts Mayhem to shame in every respect

    Can’t you all feel the storm coming?.

    Scotland, come on get off your knees!.

    Alba guth snooker loopy!.

  10. harry mcaye says:

    Utterly magnificent. Watched the whole thing live, she’s just such an inspiration. Really energised now. It’s been a great week.

  11. Mike says:


  12. Roboscot says:

    That was a nice move when she invited people in the rest of the UK to come and join us. Unfortunately, nobody in the rest of the UK will have heard her, or the rest of her speech, as the BBC kept her off rUK TV. Imagine letting rUK hear Nicola’s/ScotGov’s position and such an invitation. It might have informed people.

  13. Mike says:

    FFS will somebody tell these fanny’s we can use whatever currency we want to use?

  14. One of the most unifying speeches ive ever heard from a politician in this country. Theresa Mays “union” is just not with passion. We must spread this speech by nicola we must welcome everyone.

  15. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Nicola’s masterclass in plain speaking exposes the BritNat slander of “English-haters” as the tawdry lie that it always was.

    This was my favourite part too in what was a thoroughly excellent speech. Absolutely brilliant. (And cheeky with it!)

    “Tunnel vision”? Hardly. For evidence of that, look around your own cabinet table, Mrs. May.

  16. Mike says:

    The most dangerous women in the UK…………. If yer a fucking fascist.

    This is a woman who epitomises socialism and social inclusion.

    Teresa May epitomises sneering patronage and privilege.

    A polar choice indeed.

  17. Croompenstein says:

    I heard a guy on Stephen Jardine yday saying he hates Theresa May and Stephen reminded him that hate is a very strong word but there are many of our fellow citizens who would say that they hate Nicola.

    How can any Scot look at the speech the FM gave and feel that she isn’t on their side and trying to look after Scotland’s interests and that they hate her??

    PS did England not win the Grand Slam after all??

  18. Gary45% says:

    Pre made Grand Slam t shirts going cheap. (AGAIN)
    Ireland YOU FUC*ING DANCER xxxx

  19. Marie Clark says:

    Well said Nicola, and from the heart.Your a class act, head and shoulders above anyone else in politics.

    I know we will regain our independence, and come that day Nicola all of Scotland will raise a glass to you. Well done lass.

  20. liz says:

    It was magnificent and very hard to find on the BBC.

    Kenny Farquharson who seems to sit on the fence, then seems to support indy, put up a question on twitter- what if England blocks free travel from Scotland to England, expel Scots etc etc.

    He said this is going to be the next big Q, so expect to be bombarded with this on the MSM.

  21. One_Scot says:

    If you were to listen to the BBC and their political experts, they would have you believe that support for Independence is just not there, this is what they want us to think.

    I believe it is there, it is just being told to stay down if you know what’s good for you.

    At the end of the day, if given the circumstances we find ourselves in, Brexit and a minimum of 20 years of Tory austerity, if the UK unionist media can beat us down under these circumstances, then they will surely be able to do it at any time in the future.

    For the love of God and our children, lets make sure we do it this time.

  22. Iain McGlade says:

    I don’t need telling. Moved here from Oxford 3 weeks ago. This country has such a positive future

  23. heraldnomore says:

    Now that’s precious!

  24. Gullane No4 says:

    I liked the bit from the young lad they interviewed after.

    ‘It is not about where you have come from, it’s about where you are going to’.

    Very good speech by Nicola, pitch perfect.

  25. Bob Mack says:

    I think no leader has ever been hated or loved by such numbers, and yet she extends a hand to all. There are those who do not see that she is giving them the opportunity to avoid the rigours of leaving our European position. To some it would matter not what we endure as long as GB was secure. They still have the mentality of conquerors.

    As a people we have contributed enormously to the United Kingdom. We have given our sons, fathers ,daughters and mothers to war. We have given our labour and our creativity and our inventiveness to industry and science for the good of the UK.

    We have given our natural resources in coal oil water gas and people.

    The minute we ask for a degree of freedom in return, or at least an ability to be considered first, we are scolded,ridiculed and threatened with punishment to our country which also includes those folk who are loyal to the Union.All will suffer, not just SNP members.

    I personally have had more than enough. My father who was bodyguard to the Queen when she was a little girl always thought Scotland would one day be free.I share that hope, and I shall never lose it for the duration of my lifespan.

    We shall be free.

  26. Ian McCubbin says:

    I was there packed hall and WHAT a measured yet emotional speech. Nicola had the right amount of passion, empathy and do resolve at key points throughout. She could not have improved on it.
    If no Indyref2 granted then beware there is a plan.

  27. McDuff says:


    I watched the speech in Yorkshire, it was on BBC 24 and the Parliament channel. Inspirational.

  28. Gary45% says:

    I spoke to an old dear recently who HATES
    Because she cannot wear her shoes properly!!!!!
    I kid you not.
    Mind you she was a Tory who hates MS Harrison because of her sexual preference??? but will still vote Tory, although she accepted Nicola and the SNP were doing a grand job.!!!

  29. Robert Graham says:

    Well good to see the BBC giving the same prominence and air time to The First Minister Of Scotland ,And Broon an ex PM who is reconed to be the worst PM ever , and having the distinction of being despised equally on both sides of the border ,
    Without doubt this BBC Scotland is the biggest obstacle between us and success they daily are abusing the trust a lot of people here , its becoming truly disgusting & embarrassing it’s so blatant now .

  30. Mike says:

    I actually thought the highlight of the conference was the tectonic vote on land reform.
    Folk should have a good look at the changes that is going to be made in legislation. This is HUGE.
    This is what is meant by taking care of the day job.

  31. justin F.N. minty says:

    Hope someone has posted a link of this to Angela Merkel and friends coz we are going to need all the help we can get to beat the brit media

  32. Murray McCallum says:

    Very clever and well targeted speech.

    Any impact on trade with rUK (which works both ways) will be offset, in Scotland’s case, by it being the only part of mainland Britain in the Single Market.

    An already good destination would be great.

  33. Smallaxe says:

    Nicola is like a garlic cross to a vampire and a solution to this parasitic union.

    The truth terrifies and repulses them, inclusion, tolerance and diversity, has them cowering in their self-made “heart of oak” COFFINS!

    Peace Always

  34. Effijy says:

    Congratulations Ireland’s Rugby Team in beating England!

    This wasn’t suppose to happen as God, & The Queen’s, glorious boys of the Empire were suppose to walk it?

    Don’t they know that they are too wee, too poor, and too not English, to win?

    Can you confirm, was it Ireland that used to be part of fake Britain/England, and who were executed, men women and children, because they wanted to be independent?

    Was it Ireland who use the £Pound when they became independent?

    Is it Ireland who have recently found oil that bring in money for their own economy? Why don’t they listen to England that oil is worthless and they probably have that special type that runs out one day after 50 years?

    I had to watch the game with the sound off as the bias of God’s Commentators was making me sick.
    Fouls or infringements not spotted by the Ref were to be
    extensively discussed and put under the microscope, but when the offence went the other way, only the viewers who didn’t have red white and blue glasses on would notice.


  35. Brian McHugh says:

    I don’t think Nicola’s speech was so much targeted at Scotland, as it was the EU. Great speech.

  36. Tinto Chiel says:

    The FM is the foremost politician not just in the UK but probably in Europe at the moment. She has a compassionate, egalitarian vision which is inspirational and very, very threatening to the establishment.

    I hope those who heard her speech today are in no doubt as to where sovereignty lies in the constitutional debate: it lies only with us.

    Memo to Theresa May: be afraid, be very afraid.

  37. Cadogan Enright says:

    options, options . . . .

    mind you, was it not common space who said that there was no chance of losing overall majority?

  38. Robert Peffers says:

    I was watching her speech elsewhere when this thread popped up. As a guy who has done much film & video shooting, recording editing and watching I do so perhaps a little differently from most others. I notice things that those not making films and videos don’t really notice.

    Here’s a few of the things I noted.

    When planning a shoot you work out where to put a camera that will uninterruptedly shoot the entire scene. Then have other cameras, that may or may not change location, in order to cover different cutaway scenes.

    The usual order of shots is long shot, medium then close up.

    You then use those other camera shots to cut into the main continuous shot and synchronise them with the main video and audio. You try and keep the fancy effects and zooms to a minimum as they tend to distract and indiscriminate zooms case motion sickness for viewers.

    I noted that the main continuous shot at the SNP conference was setup to be from behind the entire audience while those of the other party conferences were shot from an almost front row seat perspective.

    The reason being, for the other party conferences, the need to NOT show the big gaps with empty seats in the audience.

    Then another series of cut-in shots at the SNP conference was taken from behind the speakers podium. Mostly this kind of shot is frowned upon as it is often not very complimentary for the speaker and again shows the gaps in the audience seats beyond the speaker. There were few such shots in the other party conferences.

    There are sometimes not only close-up shots but ultra close-ups by the other cameras. These were not avoided at the SNP conference but almost totally absent in other party conferences.

    The reason being that any adverse things like hesitancy, insincerity, nervousness and lies are much more easy to detect when watching a close-up or ultra-close-up shot.

    These type of shots were not avoided at this event and the sincerity, confidence and truthfulness of Nicola was very much in evidence. To the extent some commenters have already remarked upon how Nicola came across as sincere, truthful and statesman/woman like.

    I have long admired the lady and thought I could not better admire her – I now know that I can. If the way that video was shot and edited could not show her up in a bad light but in fact did quite the opposite, while those type of shots were not used in the other conferences you must obviously ask yourself why they were not used in the other conference videos.

    It just occurs to me that this may be a factor in why the BBC and other Unionist supporting media outlets are not showing the SNP conferences and meetings but blanket covering every unionist meeting.

  39. defo says:

    A tour de force.
    Straight to camera “Scotland’s future WILL be in Scotland’s hands”
    GITRUY TM & co.

  40. Dr Jim says:

    The “UK” will be hearing from the Irish very soon, they’re never slow to take advantage of a situation especially if it involves the Brits

  41. Mark Russell says:

    Excellent speech and what a refreshing contrast to the prevailing xenophobic populism from May and Trump. Interestingly, Scotland is fast becoming an attractive option for many enlightened folks from south of the border, who are increasingly despondent and repulsed with the direction Westminster is taking. We’re going to need a lot more houses.

  42. Legerwood says:

    Croompenstein says:
    18 March, 2017 at 6:45 pm
    Apart from the ‘There’s Something About Mary’ hairdo it was absolutely spot on from FM ?””


    I liked the new hairstyle. I thought it made her look younger and more relaxed, less buttoned up.

  43. One_Scot says:

    Ian McCubbin, I hope you are right, because I genuinely believe that ‘the time’ is now.

  44. dakk says:

    Great visionary speech,and heart warming sincerity from a genuinely decent woman.

    In contrast to the cold insincere rhetoric that emanates from the British Establishment stooges of all hues.

  45. Cath says:

    Wow, I can’t recall a speech like that from anyone. Pitch perfect. Excuse me, I need to go and get something out of my eye.

  46. Dr Jim says:

    @Robert Peffers

    When you speak the truth it shows and the people will hear you

    I’m sure somebody famous said that but I can’t remember who
    I’d like to think I made it up but I don’t think so

  47. schrodingers cat says:

    welcome Iain McGlade, most welcome

  48. Cadogan Enright says:


    I wonder if Nicola’s appeal at 27.50 minutes to people living in the rUK to come to Scotland and join the fight as ‘Scotland is not full up’ will motivate Rev to abandon Bath?

    What a great leader she is, hate to see the way the state and corporate media are impugning and demonising her like Alex before.

    Permanent English Austerity v’s A confident outward looking Scotland – difficult choice?

  49. Iain says:

    Absolutely brilliant,we cannot fail with a leader like Nicola!

  50. Gary45% says:

    Sturgeon, she picks the ball up from her goalie, goes for a stroll up the pitch, stands with the foot on the ball points up to the stand and signals “watch this”.
    She then runs past 1,2,3, 4th opposition, then nutmegs the captain, by this time the crowd are going F*cking tonto.
    In a millisecond she realised “better calm doon”, then she takes on the entire defence nutmegs everyone of them then stands in front of their goalie.
    What come next is miraculous, she runs back up the park and stands with ball under foot on her own 18 yard box, again points to the crowd, this time in the direction of the opposing goal, she flicks the ball up, knee, then shoulder then head and smacks the greatest volley man has ever seen, she rips the back of the net, looks to the crowd once more , then does the “Drops the Mic” gesture.
    Then shouts,
    Welcome to an Independent Scotland.

  51. Valerie says:

    We really need the local councils won. Please everyone, do whatever you can on that front locally.

    If we go for a wildcat referendum, if we don’t get WM section 30, there is an argument that local Councils will refuse to organise them. You can’t have a vote without their organisation.

    The leadership can’t be bettered, the foot soldiers can always be bettered.

    I know Wingers are better than most, but we need to take lots of little actions.

    Buy Scottish.

    Buy The National, and leave it somewhere.

    I can also recommend iScot magazine, but these are more lovely keepsakes!

    Welcome to Iain McGlade, so pleased you are here in Scotland, and on this forum. I’ve seen a lot of genuine enquiries from folk down south about moving up here.

    I have no doubt we will be a magnet, and these folk support our aims.

  52. Tinto Chiel says:

    After that great speech by the FM, I think the Establishment would have to agree Gordon Brown’s intervention went just a wee bitty too far. It used to be called “going for gold”:

    or, as one of The Simpsons might say, “Get bent, creep.”

  53. DerekM says:

    Take a good look UK this is what a politician looks like not those snake oil salesmen you keep voting into power.

    @ Dr Jim

    Sounds like something Mr King might have said.

  54. Glamaig says:

    Sarah Smith was actually challenging Gordzilla there on BBC news that near federalism had not been delivered. He avoided answering of course.
    But then she spoiled it by signing off with ‘Nicola Sturgeon will not sign off on anything less than independence for Scotland’

    Er did you miss the whole point of Scotgovs proposals Sarah? Of course you didnt, you know fine what youre doing.

  55. schrodingers cat says:


    she headed the ball into the open goal from 30 yards with the back o her head 🙂

    great speech, child care & mental health


    we say no and we are the state… well we say yes and we are the people

  56. heedtracker says:

    When you try to grasp the pressure she must be under, christ she’s made of steel.

  57. FergusMac says:

    Just watched her speech on YouTube. I can’t tell you how impressed I am with Oor Nicola. If the English were allowed to see and hear her there are many of them who would petition to abolish Westminster and let Nicola run the whole island!

    Went into Dumfries town centre today, on my customary way to see Queen of the South at Palmerston, and ScotlandinUnion were out, with a table and a Referendumb poster. There were about half-a-dozen of them, with a man and a bonnie young lassie wearing tabards. They appeared to be collecting signatures, and a couple of elderly people signed for them.

  58. Smallaxe says:

    If anyone can find a wrong word in Nicola’s speech. I will eat my own Arse.

    And for those who are remarking on her hair style, as far as I am concerned she could have had a yellow Mohican and a bone through her nose.The truth is like a lion, you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose, it will defend itself.

    This is Our Time, my Friends!

    Peace Always

    Ps truth quote, not mine.

  59. harry mcaye says:

    Meant to say, as I watched it live, a chap passed the window walking his two dogs wearing the new “Stop the World…” t-shirts. Punched the air!

    As for Nic’s Something About Mary hairstyle, she always has it glammed up for her keynote speeches. She should do it more often, she looked great. Tres chic!

  60. FairFerfochen says:

    Bob Mack @ 7.08

    Beautifully written post and so true, put a tear in every eye in my household.

    Thank you.

  61. snode1965 says:

    *Well We Say YES and We Are The People*

  62. Muscleguy says:

    In terms of who else will hear Nicola’s invitation, the Indy bless their cotton socks has a front webpage article.

  63. heedtracker says:

    June last year or today?


    “And on Friday morning, the first minister radiated statesmanship and calm as she pointed out, using the words of the SNP’s manifesto for last month’s Scottish parliament election, that the British exit from the EU did represent a “significant and material change” in Scotland’s political circumstances, which might justify a second independence referendum.”


    “If any group in English politics is still interested in preserving the union with Scotland, they would therefore be well advised to arrange a sharp exit from the Westminster front line for that unlovely collection of opportunistic toffs, reactionary clubmen and stockbroker-belt quasi-fascists who, on Thursday, managed to bamboozle a majority of English and Welsh voters into mistaking them for friends of the people.”

    Come on Scotland.

  64. croompenstein says:

    Holy F folks it was a joke aboot the wee flick in FM’s hair if we cannae laugh at ourselves who can we laugh at FFS 🙂

  65. Iain says:

    We will win, everyone needs the work for that goal.
    The tory government is going to remove dla from any special needs kids.
    What price brexit.

  66. galamcennalath says:

    Scotland truly blessed to have Nicola Sturgeon looking after our interests in these very difficult times.

    Just image if Scotland was being led by a Unionist numpty like …. well, like any of them from May all the way down to Rennie.

  67. Clootie says:

    I will see an Independent Scotland!
    🙂 :-). :-). 🙂

    …and well done Ireland.

  68. Ann says:

    Brilliant speech.
    Warm, inviting, determined, funny, sincere, open, truthful.
    Can’t really ask for anything more.
    Brilliant reception from the audience.
    Question though, camera kept panning back to a family near the front.
    Was that Ahmed Bashir’s family?

  69. sinky says:

    Ignore the Unionist press, Eu citizen working in England in high text research at top Uni texted me to say that Nicolas was great and a real star

  70. Robert Peffers says:

    @Capella says: 18 March, 2017 at 6:50 pm:

    “Great to have the speech posted here as so many weren’t able to access the livestream.”

    The real story, Capella, is that The People of Scotland, The People of the United Kingdom, The People of the non-United Kingdom parts of Britain, The People of the European Union, The People of the World, and in fact anyone anywhere, did not get the choice of hearing and seeing what the leader of the third largest party in the United Kingdom Parliament had to say to the World as it did not suit the corrupt Westminster Establishment unionist parties of the United Kingdom.

    Anyone would think Westminster were afraid to allow the World to hear, and see, what the third largest party in the Westminster Parliament had to say. Anyone, of course, might well be right in thinking so.

    It is rather cheering to find that The Westminster Establishment are running so scared, knowing themselves so much in the wrong that they so shamelessly suppress the voice of any section of the people they are supposed to represent.

    This, of course, is the same establishment that imagines it will be able to browbeat the European Union Parliament into allowing them to negotiate any kind of a deal that suits Westminster. I believe that they will not get any kind of deal.

    It is the same establishment that fondly imagines their former colonies and dominions that they threw aside in order to join the EU are desperately waiting to re-join the former British Empire that treated then so badly. They have all, it seems to me, to have new, well established, trade deals and links and all seem to be doing very well without the British Empire. Why would they endanger their links with their new established trade partners?

    Then there is the former colonies that had the good sense to break free from the Commonwealth of the British Empire but did not become parts of that Commonwealth. As, for example, The United States of America.

    Anyone daft enough to believe that the USA will treat them as a special friend if it is in any way contrary to what is best for the WASP elite of the USA is – to use an old Scottish expression, “Aff thir bliddy eggs”.

    Does PM Mayhem actually think the EU, and the World at large, are so very stupid that they cannot figure out the reason the Westminster Propaganda wing is NOT propagating the SNP Annual Party Conference while blanket covering the three Unionist party conferences is done for any other reason than Westminster is terrified they are on the point of losing, by default, the only legal partner they have in the United Kingdom and thus ending the United Kingdom?

  71. Portrigh says:

    Just see dr Eilidh Whiteford on ch 4 making a complete pigs ear of herself with Guru murthy ,who is by the way a reasonable commentator if your up to it, sadly Eilidh was nt . Herein lies the problem we have loads of mps/msps but very few can get the message across, this for me is not good.Got to get it right this time up your game please!

  72. Smallaxe says:


    We know it was a joke, my Friend, We are all in that kind of mood, so lets enjoy it while we can.Half of us have nae hair and that’s not a joke!
    Peace and Love to You and Yours
    Peace and Love to All of Us

    Peace Always

  73. Mike says:

    Just imagine if Hive Queen Ruth or Poundshop Ruth were the First Minister of Scotland at this time.

    Just take a few minutes to think about that.

  74. Clootie says:

    ….I wonder how the cretins who run down their own nation feel after listening to that speech.
    Yes Kezia, Ruth, Willie et al I’m talking about you. What type of Scot insists his nation is too wee,too poor and too stupid day after day. In their union we are to surrender our identity and wealth to another nation in return for pocket money and to be called “British” a second class form of English.

    A simple choice the inspirational Nicola with – Yes we can!
    OR the negative miserable crew who are grateful for the crumbs from the Westminster table

  75. Quinie frae Angus says:

    I was going to post something here but then realised @ThePnr had already posted my thoughts, word for word.

    Forgive me, @ThePnr if I just copy and paste your bang-on, poetic words here. (Sorry don’t know how to do italics on here so inverted commas):

    “Nicola Sturgeon is a giant amongst today’s political leaders.

    I really can’t remember a better speech from any political party leader, she is an honest person and speaks purely from the heart.

    Nicola Sturgeon has my support she is an absolute class above the rest of them. We are so lucky, that is those that support Independence.

    I’m talking to you now, please be inspired by Nicola’s words and use them to inspire others. It is that close now, it’s up to you.

    You never give in. You never give up. You FIGHT for what is ours.”

  76. Drsteinberg says:

    Inspirational, determined, inclusive and respectful! The real deal.

  77. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Iain McGlade (7.06) –

    Big welcome to you mister.

    Here’s hoping you have many many happy years here – you certainly picked a very ‘interesting’ time to do it!


  78. Iain says:

    We will win, that is not doubted.
    We must take all of the people of Scotland with us.
    Scots will be free.

  79. Breeks says:

    Damn the BBC. “Miss Sturgeon”…. blah blah….

    But as Nicola spoke, the noise and cheers of the audience told their own story even without a picture.

    And did you see the lass on Twitter? Merlin Chesters?

    “YAAAAAAYYYYYYYY as a EU citizen I’m basically dancing at listening at Nicola Sturgeon’s speech. Viva gli scozzesi!!”

    Aye Merlin, I think we all were.

  80. sinky says:

    Unionist scaremongering on high alert as tory history woman and labour’s Martin Refern spreading lies in Edinburgh Evening News letter pages

  81. freedo says:

    Yes, our FM’s speech was uplifting. I was disappointed that the youtube link was incomplete, or rather corrupted. I have a complete video capture of the BBC (damn and blast them) version of her speech. I’m in process of uploading this to OneDrive and can make this available to anyone that wants it. I’m not sure how to upload it to the blog. If you want it, contact me at

  82. Robert Graham says:

    The constant, line of there is no support for a second referendum, is getting a bit boring, this constant repetition in the hope it will become true is the only thing they have left.
    The parrot like repetitive mantra, just makes us more determined.
    With the backing of every media outlet against us , We still haven’t went away , now that must be. F/in Worrying for them not one thing has worked, it will eventually dawn on them, just like austerity hasn’t worked, trying to stop this tide hasn’t worked and if we stand together it will never work.

  83. Ian Brotherhood says:

    By way of a wee tribute to Nicola Sturgeon, Joanna Cherry, Mhairi Black, Lesley Riddoch, and aw the ither indy-sisters.

    ‘…this is a man’s world, but it wouldn’t be nothing…’

    James Brown/Pavarotti –

  84. One_Scot says:

    ‘Scotland truly blessed to have Nicola Sturgeon looking after our interests in these very difficult times.

    Without doubt one of the most gifted people Scotland has ever seen the likes of.

  85. ian m says:

    Almost 10 months since Brexit vote and no Article 50 vote yet
    By his own admission the head negotiator has done nothing…so far
    The PM is on the record saying that Brexit was going to be a disaster for Britain until she changed her mind.She prefers no deal to a bad deal ??????????? Was that a warning shot over the EU bows? It kinda sets the bargaining objective pretty low….something a bit better than a bad deal it is then
    Nicola lays out the future plans and gets stuck right in.
    Repressive v Impressiv

    Eu said UK has to pony up before any negotiations that could eat up time to complete everything within the timeline = WTO tariffs

  86. Artyhetty says:

    Re; Small axe@8.26pm

    I saw a comment about N.S speech on the SNP twitter page by some yoon,saying N.S speech was ‘full of hate’. I replied, saying if that was their idea of ‘hate’ I dread to think what love would mean in their world,

    I think that, not just Scotland will be empowered and inspired, but many from around the world, watching, listening, taking note. It is truly stateswoman like, to be so inclusive, innovative, and sincere.

    The world needs people like Nicola Sturgeon if we are to continue to function effectively, without actually destroying the world we so rely on. Sounds far fetched, but really, as humans, if we accept the rise in global inequality, we are finished.

  87. ScottishPsyche says:

    What I think was so good today was had that been Kezia Dugdale or Ruth Davidson, the speech would have been written with the DR or Telegraph editorial in mind. It would have been full of soundbites and answers to short term questions to appease them.

    Instead we have a true statesman like speech with vision and breadth. What currency and the word count for poverty can wait.

  88. Graeme says:

    Artyhetty says:
    18 March, 2017 at 9:43 pm

    Re; Small axe@8.26pm

    “I saw a comment about N.S speech on the SNP twitter page by some yoon,saying N.S speech was ‘full of hate’. I replied, saying if that was their idea of ‘hate’ I dread to think what love would mean in their world,”

    If that is their idea of hate it only shows the level of denial these sad misguided morons have sunk to


  89. Ealasaid says:

    O/T Sorry if this has been posted before but I came across this report on ScotRef from France. Some interesting interviews although the constitution does not seem to be well understood.

  90. Harmlessdrudge says:

    Greetings from Ireland.

    I lived in Scotland in the 80s and felt “there but for the grace of God” would be Ireland so many times in that 5 years.

    Hearing Scots argue among themselves about independence was hard to listen to. I wanted to shout HOW COULD YOU *NOT* WANT TO RUN YOUR OWN COUNTRY? at times; and certainly I got weary of hearing the Tories blamed even, at times it seemed, for the weather. Why? Why not just run your own affairs? Stand up! Make your own mistakes. Own them.

    The lack of confidence astonished me. Scotland was so much better positioned than Ireland ever was to be independent. If you have any doubt about the possible outcome just compare how Ireland has done. It has not been all plain sailing, nevertheless in terms of per capita income and many other metrics is far more prosperous than Scotland, N.I., Wales, and yes, England. It is simply inconceivable that Scotland would do less well than Ireland.

    There was so much misinformation last time around. E.g., that Scotland couldn’t use the pound. Funny that; the Irish pegged the Irish punt to sterling for about 70 years until it suited them, and there was nothing the English could do about it if they’d wanted to.

    Logically Ireland should not welcome an independent Scotland. It will be a competitor in the EU and formidable one too. Yet, most Irish people would be just delighted, even THRILLED, to see it happen.

    We feel a kinship with Scotland more than with any other UK nation. The ties between us are strong. We would love to see Scotland succeed. We have always felt that Scotland deserved to be free to run its own affairs, that it lacked something we have an would not give up. (Have you heard us knocking and asking to rejoin the UK? Not a chance). We have no desire to be governed by the English. Been there. Done that. Got the t-shirt.

    I was disappointed that Scotland didn’t vote for independence last time around. This time, after the brexit vote, I feel that things are changing. It is simply inconceivable to me that any Scots are influenced by Mrs May coming to Scotland wearing tartan. Perhaps, as tartan is fashionable, it’s not quite as cynical and insulting as the Irish Taoiseach, say, going to 10 Downing Street in a union flag suit, but as transparently bogus gestures it’s hard to beat. Do the Tories really think the Scots don’t know when they’re being patronised?

    Join us in the EU. We will do well together.

    16% of our population is from the EU (v about 4% in the UK). You won’t hear us complaining about it. Why? Because we have more in common than that which divides us.

    And if you don’t believe that you’re indistinguishable from an English brexiteer, and good luck to you; you’re on the wrong side of history.

  91. Artyhetty says:


    Indeed, moronic, illogical, ignorance is sadly an attribute to some whose twisted perception of politics, defines their existence.

  92. schrodingers cat says:

    bbc news 10

    sarah smith interviews gordon brown


  93. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @schrodingers cat –

    Aw come on man, it’s nice they got to have a wee chin-wag about the old days, when they both had ‘reputations’ and people took them seriously.

    *Help The Aged*

  94. Ex Pat says:

    Hasta la vista, Tory B’Stards !!

    Within two years the United Kingdom will be destroyed by the Tories’s hubris, when Scotland becomes independent and the United Kingdom is no more. –

    – Nicola Sturgeon – ‘There will be another Scottish Independence referendum’, 18th March 2017 – RT –

    And it couldn’t happen to nicer bunch of back-stabbing, blackguarding Tory b’stards. Boris J… ? – Hard Luck – F___ OFF !! – “The New Statesman – Who Shot Alan B’Stard?” –

    Pity about the English peasants left behind though – The Anarcho-Syndicalist Peasant – Monty Python –

    Thank you RT for the video. And Wings.

    Thank you also to the USSR for their sacrifice in WW2, and for checkmating the USUK Empire B’Stards for so long. – ‘Hymn of the USSR – Red Army choir’. – “Up yours, Boris Johnson” –

  95. Dorothy Devine says:

    I see the Telegraph is suggesting the very fragrant Ms Rowling as one best suited to persuade Scots to behave themselves , shut up and eat their cereal.

    Ms Sturgeon is wonderful!

  96. Auld Rock says:

    Ireland 13 – England 9

    Éirinn go Brách

    Auld Rock

  97. Simon Curran says:

    Love to come but can’t get an interview! Still great speech from the FM.

  98. Fireproofjim says:

    Sarah Smith gave much more time and respect to Gordon Brown – a failed politician with no power to influence or deliver anything – than to Nicola.
    It is obvious that the establishment are using GB as a useful idiot just to deflect attention from Nicola’s magnificent speech. It is more than a coincidence that his speech was just before Nicola’s.
    Never mind – it was his usual undeliverable garbage.

  99. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    schrodingers cat @ 22:08,
    To paraphrase Oscar Wilde’s amusing description of foxhunting as “the unspeakable in pursuit of the inedible”, Sarah Smith interviewing El Gordo – on this day of all days – must surely be the irrational in pursuit of the irrelevant.

  100. Macart says:

    FMs speech brought something to mind.

    “Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me:
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door.”

    Emma Lazarus

    As most folk know, I’m not big on party politics, but I have to say that I believe our First Minister is the real deal. I believe the Scottish electorate have lucked out big time in the lottery that is national leadership and not for the first time in recent history.

    My criteria for judging a leader is how do they treat the least fortunate in their society? How do they view the visitor to our shores? How do they view difference?

    In many ways its easy to be a leader that tackles the economy, party politics, geo political issues and such. That’s what you have ministers for. That is why you have a cabinet. It’s delegation. It’s the day job. It’s part and parcel of party leadership and politics as it is practised. But when you personally vouch your support for the big ethical questions? When you set your own stall out for the world to see on where your morals and ethics lie? That the very foundation you’d build governance upon is compassion and tolerance? That takes a courage you don’t often see in politics.

    In a career where every soundbite is microscopically and forensically poured over by everyone, it’s rare to see a party and national leader declare – ‘Scotland isn’t full up, come join us’. An open invite to make not just a nation, but a home.

    Something this cynic never thought he’d hear from any politician in today’s age.

  101. Brian Powell says:

    Dorothy Devine

    If JKR fronted the Unionist campaign she would need to defend Brexit and sticking Scotland with a hard right Tory Government.

    If you saw the world map of where IndyRef2 is being discussed, the US blazes with activity. Not sure if she would then stand against the Scottish diaspora in the US.

  102. Tam Jardine says:

    heedtracker 8:15 pm

    When you try to grasp the pressure she must be under, christ she’s made of steel.

    Couldn’t agree more- and with so much else written on here tonight. Nicola is reaching height of her powers and she is becoming an inspiration far beyond our shores.

    Plenty of work to do in the weeks and months ahead if we all are to rise to the challenge we are faced with.

    One thing she mentioned which resonates with me is respectfulness and tolerance in discussion. I have been taking a break from Wings to try and get used to twitter as it is a good medium for dispelling myths that are propogated by the unionists (and quite good fun too). I had never engaged before because I felt it was too toxic (and there is certainly pockets of toxicity out there).

    From my time on Wings and the knowledge I have gained during the last few years I have the tools to deconstruct the anti-independence case but that is worth nothing if I treat people with disdain, condescension or aggression. And I can be a real prick if I want to be.

    So to echo Stu’s sentiments- if we are engaging with the real hardcore yoons we are wasting our time. But getting facts out there and challenging these absurd misconceptions is essential. Don’t hold back but not studs up as it were. Treat people as you would wish to be treated… folk will just entrench if you make them feel like shit.

    Anyway- this is as more for my benefit as anyone else. I’m trying and sometimes it is not easy!

    All the best brothers and sisters- we are well on the way x

  103. Smallaxe says:

    Artyhetty says:

    “The world needs people like Nicola Sturgeon if we are to continue to function effectively, without actually destroying the world we so rely on. Sounds far fetched, but really, as humans, if we accept the rise in global inequality, we are finished.”

    Not at all far-fetched, my Friend, I am a member of Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth among other things and the e-mails that I receive daily sometimes make me weep.I do not exaggerate nor am I ashamed to admit that I weep.I am in anguish frequently at the horrors that are perpetrated daily on our beautiful planet and it’s inhabitants by “investors”.

    Not only bankers are guilty, some of our own council pension funds are invested in business’s that are not so slowly choking the planet to death and us with it.

    As for those who preach hate, I pity them, to never have loved fully without some festering hate in their heart, is to never have lived.Hate corrupts the spirit and is passed to their innocently unknowing children and all who condone them in their misery.

    I write peace and love but even I don’t love everyone, that would be too much to ask of myself.I love mankind as I and everyone should, after all, we are a part of it.

    I had better stop now as I have too much to say on matters that you speak of.

    Thank you again, for your post and for the one or two others who echoed your sentiments.

    Peace, Love and Happiness to You and to Those that You Love.

  104. Robert Peffers says:

    @Mike says: 18 March, 2017 at 6:58 pm:

    “FFS will somebody tell these fanny’s we can use whatever currency we want to use?”

    It is a total waste of time, Mike. These, “Fanny’s”, as you call them do not want to know and, “There are none so blind than those who will not see”.

    I mentioned up-thread that I watched a little bit of TV when in my friends house earlier and he had the Tory Party Conference on the Parliament channel. This Tory guy was pontificating that, “Sturgeon had claimed that the last indy referendum was, “A once in a generation thing”. It went unchallenged by the BBC interviewer.

    Now as far as I remember the person who said that was Alex Salmond and Salmond made it clear at the time it was his personal opinion and not SNP policy but the Tory guy had his mind made up. It is like that other myth so beloved of the Yoons, “Alex Salmond lied that he had EU Legal advice from the EU”. Now I did a wee series of YouTube videos exploding some of the Yoon lies at the time of Indyref1. In one I edited and showed that the Question Salmond was asked, (and I showed the BBC transcript of the interview).

    The Question actually asked of Salmond by Neil on TV was, “And do you have legal advice from your own Scottish Government legal officers”. So just how answering Yes translates into claiming you got legal advice from the EU as claimed by the Yoons is a mystery that will never be solved.

    I had a long and drawn out argument on Labour Hame with that gyte Smart guy who is actually a lawyer and in spite of presenting him with the BBC transcript and the BBC video clip the arse still claimed Salmond said he had EU legal advice.

    You just cannot get through to that kind of blind Yoon fear and hatered.

  105. Phronesis says:

    Bravo – a superb speech. That is what democracy looks and sounds like and Scotland is blazing a trail for others to follow. Freedom as self determination.
    ‘No-one is free until, we are all free’ Jurgen Habermas

  106. yesindyref2 says:

    @Tam Jardine: “if we are engaging with the real hardcore yoons we are wasting our time

    On a one to one basis yes, but in front of any audience or below the line where there are lurkers, no. Sensible arguments against their froth shows the weakness of their side, that all they have is insults, misogyny against Sturgeon, and nonsense.

  107. Cactus says:

    Yes! means Yes!

    Independence is normal.

    See the sign on the M8 before ye cut off for Tollcross (southbound)

  108. Cactus says:

    Actually, that should be da M74.

  109. BBC Scotland Tells Lies says:

    Sunday Herald front page:

  110. Reluctant Nationalist says:

    @ Rev: “Our favourite bit is at 27m 52s.”

    Does that mean you’ll be moving back up to Scotland, then?

    Speech was OK, but won’t be pointing any undecideds toward it. Too many people have an allergic reaction to virtue-signalling these days.

  111. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Macart (10.30) –

    Hear hear.

  112. Legerwood says:


    Any report in the Telegraph online saying Mrs May is considering using a 500 year old law from the time of Henry VIII to get EU law into UK law. I don’t think you have to be Mr Peffers to figure out the problems with that one.

    The other problem is that it is from the Telegraph which has long ceased to be a reliable source

  113. Reluctant Nationalist says:

    Glad that she mentioned Bashir, though. He tried his damndest to get Scottish hospitals to help treat seriously wounded Palestinians from Gaza. He wiz a gid ‘un.

  114. heedtracker says:

    Tam Jardine says:
    18 March, 2017 at 10:33 pm
    heedtracker 8:15 pm

    It is mad as UKOK can get out there, enough to drive you crazy if you let it:D

    I like to torture myself with sneery anti Scottish democracy malice that pours out of BBC r4 news and politics. Never in peacetime, has any democracy like Scotland’s exposed such a pile of hard core tory shits in the BBC, before or since the invention of radio. Their anti Sturgeon propaganda is so extreme, you can only really understand it once you know its all run by a very nasty tory thug like Nick Robinson, wheezy sneaky creepy old Nick.

  115. Richardinho says:

    ‘Does that mean you’ll be moving back up to Scotland, then?’

    I don’t live in Scotland either – but so what? Scotland isn’t a prison. It’s normal for people to move from one country to another for work. In fact it’s a good thing.

    If independence does happen, I’m inclined to move back to Scotland, but even if I don’t I don’t see how that in any way makes my support of independence inconsistent or hypocritical as some like to suggest.

  116. sarah says:

    @Richardinho – I think the question was intended as a jovial encouragement for the Rev to come home, not a criticism.

  117. David Smith says:

    I think I understand now how a young American felt in 1961, listening to Kennedy.

  118. Stoker says:

    Ladies and gentlemen I give you 21st Century Scotland’s news coverage under London rule:

    BBC News24 – 11pm tonight – First 12 minutes dedicated to the death of Chuck Berry. Followed by under 2-minutes dedicated to Sturgeons big speech, which was mostly given over to an interview with Crash Broon and Slabbers sycophant Sarah Smith.

    Sky News – 11pm tonight – Lead with Paris Airport Attack.

    RT News – 11pm tonight – Lead with Paris Airport Attack, followed by Russian Football Hooligans Branding the BBC as the Blah Blah Channel.

    Yes, that’s right folks, feck all important happening in or with Scotland this wet and windy Saturday night according to ShitBrit TV.

    Roll on independence! Goodnight, troops!

  119. Cactus says:


  120. Alan Mackintosh says:

    latest no to yes from Phantom power

  121. Tam Jardine says:


    Yeah- I agree… maybe not expressing myself clearly. When talking about the online war I suppose it is a case of choosing where to direct efforts because we all have limited time.

    For example- there are places on twitter where only the real hardcore congregate… is there any value in engaging when others may be reading? Who is watching? We’ve both been on the express… is there value there? Or the herald?

    I don’t have the answers… taking on the misconceptions and mind-numbing ignorance has to be done and done well. I’ll give you an example- me taking on Merryn in the comments section of her blog with lengthy, reasoned arguments felt good at the time but is that just an indy-wank? I think it might just be!

  122. Reluctant Nationalist says:

    @ Ricardinho – sorry mate, didn’t mean to rattle your cage, but the question’s for Stu. I’m very happy for you in all the life choices you make!!

  123. Arbroath1320 says:

    Like everyone else I thought Nicola’s speech was, as always, completely inspiring. It had everything in it that a speech needs … unlike anything from the Three Stooges or Broon the Loon.

    I think the idea that her growth commission is coming to a conclusion and will publish a report oh the economic future for Scotland for public “consumption” is great. Everyone gets to see what conclusions have been drawn and what the suggested options might be. I am just wondering if this is an early step towards setting up our own Scottish Investment Bank on our way to our own currency. I hope so.

  124. Reluctant Nationalist says:

    @ sarah – you’ve passed the test.

    (thank you)

  125. heedtracker says:

    Yes, that’s right folks, feck all important happening in or with Scotland this wet and windy Saturday night according to ShitBrit TV.

    Fantastically corrupt BBC means tories can get away with anything.

    So this week PM May turns Scotland into a no more refs til I decide Scotland dictatorship, BBC tries desperately to destroy anything that might have come from the the SNP conference, anything at all, there are probably 20 tory MP’s now being prepared for prosecution in court by the Crown Prosecution Service for electoral fraud, PM May herself has sat in front of tv cameras and calmly lied about all of them, the fiscal catastrofuck that is George Osborne, is now the fcuking editor of the Evening Standard, aswell as being a tory MP, and has lots of other kinds of jobs, he’s only qualified to do because he’s a filthy rich fucking tory.

    And that’s just in one BBC week of pro tory, anti everyone else propaganda. Alternative news, has got nothing on this tory pile of BBC shite.

  126. Alan Mackintosh says:

    Aha, got caught by the youtube filter.

    Latest No to Yes, hot off the press with highlights of Nicla this afternoon in Aberdeen.

  127. Tam Jardine says:


    While I’m on the subject, I recall kestral cutting me to the quick some time ago by railing at keyboard warriors- “get off your arses” or similar. Indyref guilt at not canvassing which I only partially assuaged by leafletting. And even that leafletting I never felt was great because some of the yes materials going through the doors last time was crap.

    Like I say- I don’t have the answers but I am mulling over where to put my energies this time round. I’d be interested to know what you and others think. Obviously the new wee blue book is a big part of the answer, getting off my arse as kestrel put it another big part. I’m a scoofer and the boozer was where I did my persuading last time round- and no doubt this time round too.

  128. Arbroath1320 says:

    Sorry for going O/T folks but we now have Journey to YES video #9.

  129. Mike says:

    Tam Jardine

    What we need is printed sheets of facts. We can leave them lying about anywhere including on buses in the gym or take them around Old folks homes.
    You don’t have to shove information down peoples throats just leave it lying where they can pick it up and view it for themselves.

  130. Capella says:

    @ Robert Peffers – spot on. I’ve been watching SS GB tonight. It’s uncannily like UKOK.
    Nicola has tremendous courage to face down the stony hearted denizens of Westminster. I hope she knows that we are all supporting her.
    We the people, that is.

  131. Tam Jardine says:


    I have been thinking along the same lines

  132. Flower of Scotland says:

    Can’t add much more to what’s been said already. We are so lucky to have this lovely lady as First Minister of Scotland. It was a brilliant speech. I thought she looked great!

    I managed to watch the morning session on Facebook but couldn’t access the afternoon one but got it in periscope.

    I have a humax recorder and I noticed when I was setting it for the BBC2 session that it was only available in Scotland.

    What are the media frightened of? He,he!

    Now it’s all about Gordon Brown. No power to act on his silly proposals and just a figure of fun.

  133. heedtracker says:

    Incredible day for Scottish democracy but somethings still missing on WoS. Oh yeah, no Rock:D

    Wassup Rock, taking a day off from trying to start btl fights and pushing around everyone that reads the National?

  134. Capella says:

    OMG I’ve just checked out the BBC website. Top item – the death of Chuck Berry, which is very sad as he was a great musician.
    What pic do the BBC choose? One with him wearing uj guitar strap.
    It’s pathological.

  135. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Tam Jardine –

    Brother, I’ve met you several times, looked you in the eye.

    You are the real deal mister. You’re an honest dude.

    Don’t fret about leafleting and suchlike – looking someone straight-on, truthfully, is worth 1000s of flyers, nae danger.

    Just keep being yourself – you might not get measurable feedback, but abody remembers meeting someone ‘real’.

    More power to ye mister!

  136. heedtracker says:

    And finally, just as we get the great British working class tory and why PM May was so fast to kiss Pres Trump’s ring,

  137. Arbroath1320 says:

    Sorry if folks already know about this.

    As everyone knows the Tory party is under investigation by numerous police forces for election fraud during the 2015 General Election. Apparently there are around 12 sets of files now sitting on the desks of the Crown Prosecution Service.

    What people have to realise about the Tories is that they are a bit like Number 3 buses. You wait for ages for a bus and nothing appears then suddenly TWO come along at once.

    The Tories look like they are going to be investigated on ANOTHER fraud type investigation.

  138. MsDidi says:

    I want to get this out of my head so I’m posting it here for others to see. The government petition with the heading “Another Scottish Independence referendum should not be allowed to happen” appeared on my fb for the second time today. The petition was created by someone called John Innes and has been running for about six weeks. It states “We in Scotland are fed up of persecution by the SNP leader who is solely intent on getting independence at any cost. As a result, Scotland is suffering hugely” I am really upset that some Scottish people actually think it is a good idea to put their name to something that effectively is saying they would willingly sign away their right to have a say in their own lives! As it has reached over 100,00 signatures it will be debated at westminster! I decided to tally up the numbers shown on the map and this is what I found:- 136,935/186,720 (73.3%) of those signing were in Scotland – 26.7% rUK. Each of the 59 constituencies had between 1.27% (Dundee – Chris Law) and 4% (East Dunbartonshire – John Nicolson) as % of constituents who had signed. I have to admit to feeling slightly better after looking into this because although there is probably no hope for these unionists it still leaves a much larger number who might be open to us regaining our independence.

  139. Grouse Beater says:

    A rip-roaring, superb speech from Nicola. Loved the line “You cannot lecture others about playing political games while using EU nationals as pawns in yours.” And isn’t it great to see a large auditorium filled to the roof with delegates? No empty seats.

    Your weekend reading:

    The truth about Scotland’s rights:
    Three more for Infamous Ledger:
    A gem of a very funny horror movie:

  140. Tam Jardine says:

    Ian Brotherhood

    Cheers Ian. I’m just feeling the weight of it all this week now the phony war has come to an abrupt end and the awesome responsibility we have to save this country from the tories comes into focus.

    Need to get a Wings night sorted soon mate

  141. Cherry says:

    I’m on chapter 33 of SS-GB and it’s more frightening reading it than watching (bit slow) I thought but stick with it. Hope to hell we get free before marshall law gets imposed here !

  142. Kupo says:

    I just finished watching after getting in late and I couldn’t help notice the spontaneity of the audience rising, clapping and cheering and smiling. It’s authentic. That is passionate. That is heartfelt. You guys and gals cannot know how much it means to me to hear the uplifting, intelligent and thoughtful words that come out of this wee site. I also take to heart the mention of mental health as extremely welcome as, I’m not ashamed or afraid to say, have gone through such myself. Everyday is a battle to earn that day I can say ” I’ve had a good day” for me. This is very much an inspiring speech that can be used everyday to focus the mind and to energise the belief when we, I, and all of us can go out their and make the best case for our countries future. We can do this. We will do this. If even I can do something, any little thing, then I know we’re on our way this time. No false dawns. No presumptions this time round expecting someone else to pick up my slack. Again, WE can do this. I honestly can’t think of anything else, or need to say that hasn’t already been said by many more intelligent folk than I, with far more years of life experience to boot than this ugly, young duckling.

  143. Betty Boop says:

    That entire conference seemed to be about embracing and promoting inclusivity.

    Wish I had been there, but, a wee bit of a virus running round the household prevented it, so, the two days have been spent watching the livestream instead. My, it was buzzing!

    We are so blessed with our current politicians. Joanna Cherry was fabulous again today after making QT watchable on Thursday too.

    Nicola, oh, Nicola! Is there a politician anywhere else right now who could have given that speech and sounded so warmly sincere?

    Who wouldn’t want to aspire to such humane principles?

    Total respect.

  144. manandboy says:

    …we say no, and we are the State.

    …we say yes, and we are the People.

  145. Cactus says:

    Welcome home Scotland.

    Today is the day.


  146. Ken500 says:

    100,000 signing petition out of a possible Scottish Electorate of 4,000,000. I.e. 4Million. A relatively low percentage. 1/40. Par for the course.

  147. Eppy says:

    Just saw a reference on wings twitter to a COMRES poll, so checked out their website. I had to look up the pdf to get figures for the Scottish sub-sample but it seems to show Labour on 11%, Con on 17% and SNP on 49%. Lib dems are on 8%.

    How strange that the BBC showed a longer clip of Gordon Brown than of Nicola. And check out the camera angles of the crowd on their clip. It showed about 20 or so, and I am not sure that the audience clip that they show corresponds to the speech at the time. Their view shows a slightly bored bit of audience when the applause that is played is more wholehearted. But of course the BBC would never use dishonest tricks like that?

    If the BBC carry on at this rate during Indyref2 when the eyes of Europe and the world are more likely to be on them, they will seriously jeopardise their international reputation and with it their sales of BBC worldwide products. Perhaps their line in fiction will hold up well?

  148. Iain More says:

    Well after that excellent speech today or yesterday now, I hate to think of the hate bombs that will be appearing in the Yoon Sunday Press and Media. The will be doubly rabid because the Yoons don’t have a Grand Slam to gloat over. It will of course be all the SNPs fault.

  149. Artyhetty says:


    Yes, we find it unbearable, that some humans can perpetrate immense cruelty towards others, and animals, and the planet too, my son gets angry, like you I weep. We can all do our bit to resist and counter the destruction, hatred and cruelty. Plenty of good eggs here on WoS, keeps me sane.

    Love n peace to you and yours too. 🙂

  150. Richardinho says:

    @Reluctant Nationalist

    No probs, mate! – Actually I wasn’t having a go at you at all, but just riffing off your comment to express my annoyance at those (Bill Connolly cough..) who seem to think that you have to live in Scotland in order to express an opinion about it. (Needless to say of course, he doesn’t!)

    As it happens I left Scotland because I couldn’t find work in my selected field. Thanks ‘union dividend’!

  151. Dr Jim says:

    The Unionist irrational hatred of Nicola Sturgeon:

    They have no reason for it and they never point to anything she’s actually done to engender this hatred they just hate
    With the Unionist men it usually manifests itself in the obvious gender degrading and vile suggestion so that’s fairly easy to figure out, in one way or another they fear women so the First Minister becomes the focus of that fear and the need to express it at someone and there she is the perfect embodiment of all they fear intelligent and confident traits the insecure man can’t live with

    With Unionist women it’s just as easy, the irrational woman cannot abide another woman in her kitchen, that’s an old wives thing but true in many cases but still built on fear, fear of another woman stealing the affection of her man, be it husband brother father any male figure who the woman has invested her confidence in thus fear of betrayal by that man to transfer any affection or attention to another woman
    and again the FM fits that profile perfectly

    So much of the Unionist abuse is centered on the First Ministers appearance, now anyone might argue these same people don’t abuse newpaper models half as much as the FM, why not? and that’s because the models or TV stars can be removed by depositing the newpaper in the bin or changing a channel on the TV making their presence transient and here’s why the Unionists have so much of a problem with the FM, they can’t make her go away so the anger increases at their own powerlessness to shape events

    Very few people let alone women in these positions in life are able to maintain and withstand constant hatred and pressure it’s unhealthy and debilitating and as everybody knows in normal life to not be liked is depressing enough but at the level the FM is under the drain on strength and constant weight of that emotional fortitude to withstand the abuse on her is akin to superhuman

    While the FM has her husband and family and the party to lean on for support it behoves us all who care about her welfare if we can in some ways demonstrate our backing and support emotionally as well as at the ballot box for what is after all only a person but with the most extraordinary collection of hatred by any one politician in my living memory (yes even the one that shall not be named)

    Nicola Sturgeon has given her young life to Scotland (and we all know some of the personal things she’s sacrificed)
    for thirty years, and don’t anyone tell us she did it for the money or the glory

    Maybe because I’m old enough to be her Dad I watch both her parents who must be proud yet worried every day for her health and how strong she has to be to do this monumental job

    For us!

  152. Valerie says:

    @Dr Jim
    well said. I think Nicola is an incredibly strong character too, with laser like focus.

    However, having spent my working life around politicians, I can tell she has learned and acquired a lot of skills, and had a great mentor of course.

    The one thing I would say, is she really does her homework, she watches every word, and has learned controlled body language. On Monday, announcing the Section 30 intent, she was very sombre. This moment has been rehearsed, and stress tested, the various outcomes from WM will be known, and prepared for. But, her demeanour indicates we are going for broke, this is all or nothing.

    We have all surely noticed just a slight change in attitude such as Angus saying Labour couldn’t deliver a pizza, never mind etc.

    On Twitter, lots of sarcastic or humorous remarks by MPs etc., they really have nothing to lose by calling out hypocrisy now.

  153. twathater says:

    Dr Jim

    Very well said and I echo every sentiment.

    Kupo 12.55am keep yir chin up yer wan o us

    Ian Mac glade welcome hame

    Richardino once Scottish you can never be onythin else

    Smallaxe yer a chainsaw and we luv ye

  154. twathater says:

    I forgot, oor Nicola what a wummin

  155. gus1940 says:

    Should the BBC’s Scotland Editor Sarah Labour Smith have been in Aberdeen and not in Kirkcaldy?

  156. Dal Riata says:

    More brilliance from Sturgeon.

    As I mentioned in another thread, Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland, is a 46 years old Master of Politics who, remember, began her apprenticeship at age 16.

    Now, when Nicola speaks, people listen. And they’ll keep listening as she leads the people of Scotland to their rightful independence.

  157. Marker Post says:

    Watching BBC news last night, re: Kate and William’s visit to Paris, two things jumped out at me.

    First, why is this news? It went on for about 3 minutes, and was nothing more than royal fawning.

    Second, the speech given by William at the British Embassy in Paris was a carbon copy of Theresay May’s speech at the Tory event in Wales the other day. Extolling the shared history, the family of nations, the shared values, two World Wars ya de da de da. If these are all so important, why are we leaving?

  158. Dal Riata says:

    Nicola Sturgeon may be small in stature, but she is a political giant, head and shoulders above any other politician in today’s so-called UK.

  159. Dal Riata says:

    The BBC are beyond reproach.

    They are the UK state broadcaster masquerading as a public service broadcaster.

    They are the enemy that fires their propaganda bombs into the Scottish people’s homes day after day after day.

    And, to compound the disgrace, we are expected to pay for the privilege under threat of a court summons…

    Only independence can deliver us from their particular brand of evil.

  160. Ken500 says:

    Nicola and all the SNP MSP, MP’s and SNP officials are truely amazing. Brilliant Speeches. Caring and compassionate. Devoting their time and energy from the bottom to the top. Doing an excellent job for Scotland standing up to abusive destructive ways of the coarse Tory/unionists. .

    The Tory Unionists are trying to take the majority in the UK out of Europe and trying to destroy the UK/world economy again. So the corrupt, lying Tories and their associates can continue to tax evade to line their pockets and abuse public trust and funds. The extravagant Tory Royals are total unelected hypocrites being illegally totally used in another trip. After another ski/holiday trip. The vulnerable are being sanctioned and starved by the cruelty of their unionists masters. The Royals are supposed to be, by Law, unbiased and keep out of constitutional political matters. Not be illegally cynically used for UK party political purposes. It will only damage their reputation further. Tarred with the Tory brush, once again breaking the Law. The Republican French will not be amused at the continued intransigence,

  161. Breeks says:

    I have a great feeling about today. It’s almost as if the YES momentum of 2014 was paused in a cruel stasis after the result, but it has waited, patiently, and never retreated so much as an inch. We have lost no ground whatsoever since 2014.

    But there is more. In 2014 Europe looked at us as an enigma, a curious wee appendage attached to a curious big appendage the Europe wasn’t terribly keen on. Things are different now.

    It’s like that Polish lass, seeing herself in trouble and distress, but feeling reassured that Scotland was there, holding her hand and would stand by her and see her through. I feel sure these people, and their friends all over Europe, will return the favour, and help our beloved Scotland through its distress and onto the better days beyond. We won’t be on our own this time. In fact I don’t think we’ll ever be on our own ever again.

    I feel such sadness for those people who feel hurt about independence. Not the politicians with their brass necks and thick rhinoceros hides, but the good people who just do not see the UK propaganda for what it is, and fear change as a most unwelcome encumbrance in their lives. Can we persuade them it’s all going to be alright? It feels like we have a wonderful present to give them, warm, caring and bright, but they don’t want to look inside the box. It seems all we can do is leave the box on their doorstep and leave curiosity to do the rest.

    I hope so. In some ways there is more to do, but in other ways there is less to do. Trust in the BBC is failing. The newspapers are ridiculed. And Westminster? How the Hell does anyone feel good about Westminster and its insanity? My warm, caring and bright present for Westminster would be a looking glass for them to see what they are becoming and what they are doing to the UK.

    Westminster wouldn’t be at your side in the emergency room holding your hand. Westminster would be stomping around the ward having a tantrum, shouting abuse, demanding priority treatment, then going bananas because the Doctor was from India. Embarrassing you with their crass ignorance.

    England has taken leave of its senses. All those people who are angry at us, saying such vile things about us, Scotland, Nicola, Rev Stu, … they don’t even know us. It is toxic and volatile mix of blind ignorance, hatred and stupidity. I read a tweet saying Nicola’s speech was full of hate. Whit???

    That’s an outright lie from somebody who didn’t listen to a word Nicola said. That is Unionism in a nutshell.

    I’ve seen it written too that Nicola and the SNP want nothing but power. From the mouths of babes eh? The SNP want nothing except THE power, the power to make our own decisions. It’s an innocuous wee principle really. We don’t grudge the French the power to decide things for France, or the Chinese having the power to decide things for China. We might fret and worry about Trump being elected but never quibble about Americas right to make that decision. So why Mr Unionist, who lies to us, belittles us, demeans our self confidence as a nation, perpetually ridicules our economy and dreads the day when we are free to make our own decisions, why are you so angry and resentful about Scotland having the mundane and everyday liberties enjoyed by every other Nation on the planet?
    Look into your anger Mr Unionist, I beseech you. Find the essence, find the source of it. Follow the acrid black reek backwards until you find the bitter black pill that poisons your mind against the humdrum, normal everyday notion of Scots being free to be Scottish. You will discover it is not something which our motherland, Scotland, has ever put there. And joy of joys, it is easily removed.

  162. Ken500 says:

    There was a total blank by the BBC of the Conference. I.e. Public Broadcasting censorship in Scotland.

  163. Robert Kerr says:

    Yes Ken500.

    Deny the enemy the oxygen of publicity!

    It worked oh so well with the Northern Irish Republicans.

    They never learn! The Britnat State,do they?

    The keyword is “momentum”. It must be killed!

    No chance.

  164. Effijy says:

    Good Morning everyone.

    Don’t you feel bolstered today after our First Ministers wonderful speech, and Brown’s BBC Sponsored death gasp on behalf of the Labour party?

    Today’s rain will have stopped come 2pm when a few thousand
    Scots Protest at Propaganda Quay, home of the EBC.

    Nothing finer than to see the streets full of Saltires and Royal Standard Flags, and to mingle with good people prepared to stand up for their country.

    The BBC Bias petition is growing again. Thank You!

  165. winifred mccartney says:

    Just when you think it is possible for the BBC to be a little bit fair along comes Sarah Labour Smith to interview Gordon Brown when Nicola Sturgeon is giving keynote speech in Aberdeen the BBC is in Kirkcaldy at a small half empty venue interviewing GB – call that fair and unbiased. The labour ship has sunk.

    The BBC protest is next sunday 26 March at 2pm please do not get this mixed up.

  166. Smallaxe says:

    Yesterday was a good day, we heard some wonderful speeches that inspired us and filled our hearts with pride in our beautiful nation and the people that we elected to represent us worldwide.

    Today, well we all know what to expect, unadulterated hatred and vile abuse from the usual suspects who’s minions showed their true and inbred ignorance of everything and anything that threatened to change the status quo.

    We saw their fury the day after we “lost” the 2014 referendum and I know that some of you were surprised at the manner in which they “celebrated” their “victory”.Let me remind you that some of these people are still celebrating their other great victory in 1690, by marching their hatred in our towns and cities every July, most of them do not even have a grasp of their own history but they still march and bang drums to remind us of it.They won’t stop now.

    Do not rise to their taunts, if possible, ignore them and avoid them.The biggest blow to their pride came yesterday when they were told that contrary to what they have always believed that
    We Are the People, the people with the lawful and democratic right to live in a country that is a respected and prosperous land in which we can bring up our families and take our rightful place in the world as such a country.Stay safe, stay committed to our worthy cause and we will take our Kingdom Nation back from those who have abused Her and Her people for centuries.No more! the people (us) will prevail.

    Peace Always

  167. Almannysbunnet says:

    The message to Theresa May was to stop putting the interest of the right wing of her party ahead of the interest of the people of Scotland”

    Sky news version in the summing up at 41 minutes
    The message to Theresa May was to stop putting the interest of the right wing of her party ahead of the interest of her party that’s Nicola Sturgeon’s party”

    Mind you this video is tagged on youtube as BBC FOX news. Maybe Murdoch has changed his target for a takover.

  168. Nana says:

    The SNP Suspects Theresa May Is Trying To Stop EU Nationals Voting In IndyRef2

    Alex Salmond says indy Scotland

    Tories reviving Project Fear on independence referendum, says Economy Secretary

  169. Smallaxe says:

    Nana: Good Morning,

    Not a very nice day weather wise but Your links for breakfast will soon put things right again.Kettle’s on.

    Peace Always

  170. Ken500 says:

    Get rid of SKy fake News a £3Million+ market in Scotland. Advert revenues etc, Hit them in their pocket for continually lying about matters in Scotland. They know exactly what they are doing, They admit it. Cheats on steroids breaking the Law and constantly getting away with it. Hit them where it hurts in their illegal tax evaded revenue stream.Murdoch should be in jail for bribing public officials and phone hacking. Illegal tax evasion supported by unionist parties in Westminster. £30Billion+ a year. While cutting essential public services.

    There are plenty of alternatives. A £multi million market in Scotland waiting to be tapped for more responsible, balance reporting. Not for enraging people and making them switch off because of lies and false reporting. The MSM is dire straights because of continual, deliberate misreporting. Destroying their own industry because the standards are so low.

    There are plenty of other alternatives. The internet, external more responsible news channels etc.

  171. Liz Rannoch says:

    tRuthless on Andrew Marr this am.

    Nicola on sky at 10am

  172. Ghillie says:

    ‘We Say Yes and We are The People!’

    Nicola and Scotland go from strength to strength = )

    Thank you Nicola Sturgeon for speaking for me, so beautifully from your heart, mind and soul = )

    Thank you Rev Stu for making Nicola’s speech available in full. I liked your best bit too 🙂

    Well said everybody above! I am so proud of oor Nicola and I am so proud of all Wingers too. What a clever,compasionate, funny and pasionate gathering of folk you are = )

    Scotland is Home. Wings is Home too = )

  173. Thepnr says:

    @Kupo says: 12:55 am

    I loved your post, you stick in there and further posts would be much welcome.

    I woke up this morning feeling something had changed, I just felt differently. I had a feeling of power, the power of the wee man or woman to make a difference. The power to change things.

    I think Scotland will do it. We will change things…forever.

  174. Almannysbunnet says:

    An absolute must read from Kevin McKenna. “The fight is seeping out of some Scottish unionist who now believe they have been mislead by the UK government”

  175. Alan Gerrish says:

    Arbroath1320 says:

    “The Tories look like they are going to be investigated on ANOTHER fraud type investigation.”

    So is it too outrageous to wonder if the bus-loads of Better Together supporters we were inundated with in 2014 might have contained some who were in the same category? Nah, don’t be silly!

    To be serious, if any charges are led after this investigation surely we need to be aware of the possibility of the same thing happening here, and have a strategy for identifying and dealing with it?

  176. Macart says:

    @Smallaxe 8.23

    Well Said.

  177. Reluctant Nationalist says:

    @ Ken500: “There was a total blank by the BBC of the conference…”

    Aye, very much a glaring omission. If the speech had been of a better quality then I’d be reaching for my pitchfork right now.

    For a’body who was ‘inspired’ by this ‘beautiful’ speech – can I have some of what you’re smoking?

    I kid, I kid. 😉

  178. McDuff says:


    That’s why we have to attend the rally on the 26th March at Pacific Quay. We ignore the power and influence of the BBC at our pearl and in the next two years it can inflict a lot of damage.
    I see in the Scotsman for example that the BBC`s Simeon McCoy had a go at Brian Cox for living in New York while being active in the Indy campaigns, yet I do not remember the same BBC putting that question to those celebrities like Bowie or Jagger who supported the Union whilst not domiciled in the UK.
    Its these unrelenting one sided stories that find their way into the living rooms of Scotland and will have an effect on some people.
    So we can either moan about the BBC or get out en masse and challenge them.

  179. call me dave says:


    Yes heard that Sky misquote, disgraceful.

    Just switched radio shortbread off as I was hoping to hear about what the papers were saying…tartan high heels and the only two facts that are known are Scotland get over £1000 per head more than England and contributes £400 less.

    Lots of mutterings and diversions and muted circumlocution. It was all too complicated for them, much merriment though, as an SNP source (unknown) from the conference quoted as saying

    “Sturgeon fired the starting gun too early through her foot”

    Good old Auntie! 🙁 But we all know this is what we get!

  180. Nana says:


    Good morning. Sun is out here, it’s looking to be a fine day.

    Spotted this tweet from Aileen Mcharg earlier, worth a read through.

    Incoming thread in which I point out (again) the distinction between legal validity and bindingness in relation to indyref2

    Re Gordon Brown we should never forget what Brown told RIA Novosti

  181. Reluctant Nationalist says:

    @ McDuff: “So we can either moan about the BBC or get out en masse and challenge them.”

    That’s certainly a very clear dichotomy, but I prefer to stop paying them much attention or giving any money to them. Crazy, I know.

  182. Robert Peffers says:

    @Flower of Scotland says: 19 March, 2017 at 12:15 am:

    ” … I have a humax recorder and I noticed when I was setting it for the BBC2 session that it was only available in Scotland.
    What are the media frightened of? He,he!”

    I too have several different ways of recording programmes from on and off line but just recently my on-line speeds suddenly more than halved during a, none to large, download.

    This, download, believe it or not, took an overnight time in excess of 12 hours. With a warning not to turn of the GPS unit I was updating during the download I left it connected and went to bed.

    Then things I usually use on line, like Wings, often became so slow as to be unusable.

    My download speeds on some stuff often are as low as between 24 to 26 kbps, (Yes that’s kilo). Now on-line is almost unusable even for text. I thoroughly checked the computer, the router and my hard-wired home network and everything was 100% correct.

    I ran BT’s line test and my phone line was o/k. I ran the BT ADSL speed check from the point where the line enters my house and it confirmed the poor speed of my ADSL line.

    On contacting BT I was assured there was nothing wrong with ADSL in my area. My conclusion was that there could only be two explanations for the extremely poor download speeds.

    Either BT was deliberately throttling my download speed, (even although I’m paying way over the odds for a premium service), supposedly at a minimum of around 12 Mbps but only getting an average 24 kbps. The other alternative is there is a fault in the overhead line between me and the shared BT box mounted on a telegraph pole across the collective back gardens. BT say they will not check further.

    Yet still BT insisted that there is no faults. I took a different router and a different computer into the roof space and connected them directly to the BT line box and still only get an unusable ADSL speed but the phone line checks out fine. There are no equipment or wired network faults on my side of the BT line-box.

    I now await my connection to my new ISP on fibre line and it comes along with a non-BT phone line. I’ve paid my last over the odds bill to BT.

    Anyway, on watching Nicola’s speech I thought to myself I wonder what news item the BBC will come up with to trump Nicola’s speech.

    First we got Broon’s pack of lies and when that was laughed at by the Scottish viewers and listeners the 90 year old Chuck Berry conveniently for the BEEB, cashed in his chips.

    I note this morning that the BBC Ceefax text service has the Chuck Berry item as the top news item first with the usual 2 page report of his death as Number one item but this is followed by another potted biography of, believe it or not 19 text pages. Not a mention of Nicola’s speech in the,”Main Headlines”, heading. She gets a brief mention under UK News at number 9 in that category and it is item number three under politics.

    Well done BBC. You confirm that Yoonland is utterly terrified of Nicola and the independence movement. Like the idiots they collectively are they seem to think that, if they ignore it, it will cease to exist.

    I have news for the Yoons and their propagandists WE ARE STILL HERE AND WON’T GO AWAY.

  183. Mike says:

    Fucking BBC has me dying to strangle my TV again. Couple of know fuck all punters on BBC news spewing the same bullshit about what Scotland cant do even said Nicola Sturgeon was a Tory and the SNP would split post Indy between right wing and left wing ideologies.
    Spain will veto Nicola Sturgeon in desperate trouble blah blah fucking blah.

    Where does the BBC find these cunts? They must deliberately troll the English chatteraty to find them.

    They continually do this when there is no way to balance the bullshit with a pro Indy voice.

    Unadulterated undeniable broadcasting of one sided propaganda.

  184. Mike says:


    Its high time the Scottish Government directly and openly challenged the BBC instead of ignoring their in you face bias interviewing.
    The place to challenge it is on the BBC itself during its broadcasting.
    Challenge it at every interview.

  185. Shamur says:

    Nicola is on top of her game and she 100% speaks for me!

  186. Ghillie says:

    Thepnr @ 9.07 am = )

    I know what you mean. It’s like we are waking up again, though in truth none of us slept.

    Always ready. Smiling again =) Scotland deserves the best we have to give = )

    Reluctant Nationalist, I don’t smoke.

    This feeling? It steals upon me as what I believe in is refelected by those around me and in the words and deeds of those I chose to represent me in the wider world.

    That is why I, among others, found Nicola’s speech to be beautiful. She spoke well for me, beautifully from her heart, mind and soul = )

  187. Jack Murphy says:

    My Gran was in tears listening to the last five minutes of the First Minister’s speech.
    Gran remembers so well the evening in 1967 when Winnie Ewing won the Hamilton bye-election—–it was a few days later after much thought when the scales fell from Gran’s eyes and she saw the future for her children and me.
    She’s never once regretted her journey from Labour to independence.

  188. Smallaxe says:


    Thank you, for the extra information that confirms to me just what is happening at this time to G.Brown and the rest of the mad, bad Yoonatics.
    This! is their dilemma.
    Peace Always

    Ps, My youngest daughter was a delegate at the conference over the w/end and had a chance to speak to Alex Salmond, she was joined at breakfast by Dr Philippa Whitford MP and not unsurprisingly found that they are two of nicest and sincerest people that one could wish to meet.I will get the full story tomorrow as she (my daughter) has to work today.

  189. stewartb says:

    Listened to Radio 4’s Broadcasting House this morning. The paper review section was appalling, notably the review of the papers involving Esther Rantzen and Frederick Forsyth. ( ).

    Following comment on the papers’ coverage of the Six Nations, Rantzen brought up her personal views on the dangers of head injuries which ended by the presenter intervening to bring ‘balance’ – essentially “others hold different views”.

    Then the discussion turned to Scotland and independence. Apart from a comment on the extent of the coverage in the Scottish press, we then moved to a rant from Forsyth completely decrying the case for independence – no chance of Scotland being in the EU – Spanish veto; won’t even get into EFTA – Iceland says even if possible it will take years etc. And surprise, surprise – no intervention from the presenter to ensure any (even spurious) balance.

    I’ve long felt that BBC paper reviews are an insidious process of aggregating and amplifying the messages that the British (and unionist) press pump out day after day – in addition to the free advertising it gives to commercial interests.

    However, the example with Forsyth on this morning’s Broadcasting House wen even further. It was using the pretext of a paper review simply to broadcast his political views, without any specific, direct link to a newspaper’s content (e.g. on EFTA or an official statement from Iceland); no attempt at balance by the presenter as with the earlier comments on rugby injuries; and of course no opportunity for anyone to challenge within the hearing of the same listening audience.

  190. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    RE: “Stop the world” badges.

    This is one of the designs we’ve been doing since 2015.

  191. Dal Riata says:

    @Mike at 9:53 am and 9:56 am

    I hear you, Mike. The BBC and its openly bias behaviour towards an independent Scotland and those who are working hard to make it a reality is very, very frustrating and head-shakingly enraging.

    The SNP can only fight their corner as they can… at the moment. When the date of IndyRef2 is called and we enter the Yes2 Independence campaign period, *then* they can go into challenge, confront and attack mode. And, if they don’t, then, apart from being very surprised, I, and am sure many others, will be extremely pissed-off at them if they don’t!

    We’re not into the IndyRef2 campaign period yet, but when we are, the wishy-washy, nicey-nicey don’t-scare-the-horses actions of the official Yes Scotland group in IndyRef1 *can not* be repeated. This time we have to fight like-with-like and go in hard.

    The upcoming battle will be the final one of the long war: lose it, and we lose our country, our culture, what we are and the greatness of who we can be; win it, and we are free. Forever.

    “He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight.” Sun Tzu

    The official start of IndyRef2 campaign? is when the real fight begins. If we do all it takes to win, then win we will.

  192. ronnie anderson says:

    Brewar asking Patrick Harvey for the Green’s to Abstain in the upcoming Independence 2 vote in Holyrood F%$&^%£*.

    Who’s say’s we shouldn’t have a BBC Bias Protest .

  193. ronnie anderson says:

    Ad Noisome .

    What would happen if the Scottish Gov stopped playing Political niceties & exposed the fabrications of the IFS / OBR . What could the UK Gov do. The SNP are complicit in the deception on the Scottish People by not exposing these Sham accountancy figures . Cmon SNP all to win nothing to lose, dont be the patsies of the UK Gov.

  194. Dal Riata says:

    @stewartb at 11:29 am

    Frederick Forsyth is a far right ultra-Britnat. Actually, that guy is so far to the right he is off-the-scale!

    I recall a TV programme from many years ago where he was one of the panellists and his viewpoints were so out-there xenophobic and racist that he was an utter embarrassment, not only to the others on the panel but to viewers as well.

    Sorry, I can’t remember what the programme was or on which channel (BBC?). It was a fair number of years ago. It was years before the SNP surge and the rise in demand for Scottish independence. Possibly in the early Thatcher years…?

    So, if he was like that back then, imagine what he is like now! Ugly. Ugly. Ugly.

    That Radio 4 have this guy on, fully aware of his political views, and that he will be ‘discussing’ Scottish independence, *yet again* shows that the BBC are, if not already, then extremely close to being no more than the British state broadcaster.

  195. ronnie anderson says:

    My apologies to witch ever Winger posted Donalda ( donald where’s yer trousers ) either Chic McGregor or Dave McEwan Hill .

    Jock Scott has attributed the words of the song to myself ,i reposted the song to him with some suggestions , Ninga Penguin reworded it , so whoever had the original idea the Credits all yours.

  196. Thepnr says:

    Thanks for the laugh Ronnie and big smiles to Jock Scot and Ninja Penguin 🙂

  197. Fred says:

    Great Speech! Speech-less!

  198. We are the People T-shirt.
    “We say NO and we are the State” “Well we say YES and WE ARE THE PEOPLE”
    Nicola Sturgeon SNP conference: Read her speech in full.
    “I am deeply saddened by the death of Canon Kenyon Wright and … if that other voice we all know so well responds by saying: We say no, and we are the state? Well we say yes – and we are the people.

  199. crazycat says:

    @ Breeks at 7.24

    I’m catching up on this thread hours behind, so things have moved on, but that was a brilliant post of yours for such an unearthly hour of the morning.

    You’ve posted a lot of really good stuff lately – not that you didn’t before, but I feel you’re really getting into your stride – please keep it up!

  200. Lollysmum says:

    I was fortunate to be a delegate for Tweeddale branch SNP in that audience at Spring Conference yesterday. The atmosphere was electric-there’s no other way to describe it.

    There wasn’t a spare seat to be had & yet at times you could have heard a pin drop. By the end of it, my hands were sore from clapping so much, knees creaking from jumping up & down for standing ovation after standing ovation, it was a relief when it ended 🙂

    Betty Boop- sorry you & Jim could’nt get there. Met Paula Rose & Graeme who passed on that Jim was ill. Next time eh?

    For anyone thinking of taking the leap & moving to Scotland, go for it. I moved here last year (I’m as English as they come) but I’ve not had a moment’s regret & the welcome has been wonderful. I’ve also made some wonderful friends so if you want to come up just let us know & we’ll put the kettle on. Might even run to a piece of cake LOL 🙂

  201. K.A.Mylchreest says:

    Forgive me as I’m well behind with reading comments here and on WGD having been viewing (and for my sins commenting) over on YouTube vids. But first …

    I watched Nicola’s conference speech and although a lot of it I’d already heard piecemeal in various interviews over the previous few days, nevertheless her performance (for it was nothing less) literally brought tears to my cynical eyes. All the hopes and fears of us ScotNats are channeled through her, like she’s a sort of lightening conductor, and few could take that high-voltage strain. It behoves us all to lighten her load in whatever way we can. And be in no doubt whatsoever, we have a leader of exceptional quality, we are truly blessed and win or lose, the battle will be one of epic proportions.

    And thus inspired I ventured out of the safe spaces of Wings, the Dug etc. onto the YouTube comments, and was really honestly shocked. Shocked, alarmed and saddened all at the same time. Not because there was ignorance, misinformation, differences of judgment and opinion and so on, all that was only to be expected, we need to debate and argue our case where necessary …

    No what shocked me was the torrent of unadulterated bile and sheer naked hatred that the BritNats spewed forth. What is the source of this and why is it so prevalent? They treat us like naughty childen who need putting in their place, and that’s at best, at worst they seem to think we’re subhuman and should be subservient to England. Many of the words they use are forbidden here so I can’t quote them, but then I hardly need to.

    Why the anger, why the verbal abuse, why can’t they just let us do our own thing and be our own nation? It’s not as if we’re planning to raid across the border and lift all their cattle or anything, though it could be fun — lol! Sorry but you just have to laugh … that or chew the carpet.

    And to top it all, they, the avid supporters of a regime that is planning to deport foreign spouses etc. accuse the SNP who have just welcomed the world and its auntie to come and join us, they accuse us of being Hitler’s spawn (I don’t dare use the N-word in this hallowed company!)

    As a matter of fact I have a psychology degree, but I’m not a social psychologist, let alone a specialist in adnormal behaviour. (I was really a zoologist and specialised in animal behaviour … then again that might be all too appropriate … sadly). So help me out folks, why are we objects of unadulterated hatred when we don’t have it in for anyone?

    Sorry, still in mild shock.

  202. Frann Leach says:

    It really nails the lie that Scotland and #scotref is anti-English, doesn’t it?

  203. Ghillie says:

    K.A.Mylchreest @ 9.54 pm

    Yes, well said, we are blessed with a leader of exceptional quality in Nicola Sturgeon =)

    Brave of you to venture out of the safe realms of Wings and WGD onto UTube comments.

    It’s toxic out there.

    Thank you for commenting on Scotland’s behalf. Am greatful someone has the heart to do it!

    I too find the misinformation, bile and what I do pick up as hatred, very hard to take and harder to understand. Jealously? Projection? Fear?

    Is this what it felt like for all the colonised countries over the centuries? I suspect so.

    I spent many amazing years of my childhood growing up abroad and witnessed much bigotry and sense of superiority to other nationalities so this tone of behaviour is not unfamiliar to me. All I can say is that even as a young child I knew it was wrong and rotten.

    Why all this bile directed at Scotland?

    Because we stuck our heads above the parapet.

    Because we, along with the North of Ireland and Wales and a few others are the very last of what some think belongs to the British Empire and how very dare we diminish their status further?

    As with playground bullies and controlling thugs, I would put alot of it down to fear.

    Remember though, these bitter wicked-tongued screechers do not speak for all of the rUK.

    Many appologies flood in. Nicola recieves requests from folk asking if they can move to Scotland and many many good wishes from all over the world, including rUK.

    I have lovely English-born neighbours on either side of my home and friends in the South and they are all in support of Scotland’s Independence.

    Actualy, writting this out for you has been theraputic and helped me to remember all this too though feeling under attack =)

    Ah well, a little salve on the wounds.

    Words DO hurt and cause damage. The impact of hate speech is not to be underestimated.

    So always come back to a friendly place where the atmosphere and the words of like-minded and kind folk can help clear the air you breathe.

    As our much loved Smallaxe says, Peace and Love 🙂

  204. Ozimandeus says:

    A speech that was perfectly timed for me and mine. We are on our way to Scotland, to live, to work and to become part of your magnificent nation. We are leaving the south of England behind forever – we are both English born, I am part German, part British, part Irish and part Scandinavian (Viking to be specific). My wife’s family are descended from the Rose Clan that fled Culloden for France. Both my wife and I have jobs, and our two kids are really excited about becoming part of Scotland’s future. From Jo Cox’s murder to the final result of the Brexit vote, England has degenerated further and further to the far-right. We had always planned to retire in Scotland; now instead we will join you in the fight for Scottish Independence and work and live alongside you. I hope that one day, I will be able to receive Scottish Citizenship, I can think of nothing that could make me prouder. Thank you, for being so welcoming and for helping restore my faith that these islands are not entirely lost to Thatcherism.

  205. yesindyref2 says:


    Welcome to Scotland! This was the white paper for Indy Ref 1, but there’s no reason to think citizenship would be any different.

    page 271, if you’re habitually resident in Scotland at the point of Independence you’d be automatically be considered a Scottish citizen.

  206. Ghillie says:

    Safe journey Ozimandeus and family and wellcome = )

  207. Cactus says:

    You’re het!

    Come and join US!

    Life is an adventure.

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