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Posted on January 05, 2016 by

It’s always good to see someone take a strong moral stand.


When indeed, eh?

But we suppose desperate times call for desperate measures.


Labour Hame is edited by Duncan Hothersall.”

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  1. 05 01 16 19:43

    Clickbait corner | Speymouth

67 to “Clickbait corner”

  1. Truth says:

    Duncan Talkingballs, at it again.

    Nice one Stu.

  2. Croompenstein says:

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha… George Galloway

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha… Kezia pursuing ‘new talent’

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha…


  3. Richardinho says:

    Notice that first comment on article is by Duncan Hothersall basically repeating above almost word for word his Twitter comments. Not sure what that means.

    George Galloway returning to Scottish Labour? Have at it Horse! Galloway leaves a trail of destruction wherever he goes and it would be fanciful for the SLP to imagine they could get him to be involved with the day to day workings of the Scottish Parliament when he’s obsessed instead with the politics of the Middle East which few in Scotland care much for.
    He would destroy the Scottish Labour party if there was much left to destroy.

  4. Flower of Scotland says:

    Ha,ha! Stu, Labour are giving you a laugh a minute!

  5. heedtracker says:

    Do any UKOK unionists have any concept of ethics and integrity at all? Dunc and his idiot side kick Dr Scott Thinks are really pushing Kezia’s £3k a SLab vote for “working class” home buyers but how exactly will future SLab FM Dugdale decide who’s working class, when they come to handing out their vote SLab dosh? and so on.

  6. Donald Anderson says:

    Galloway openly bragged in the Daily Redcoat of how he and (Baroness)Helen Liddle played the sectarian card in Garscadden, Coatbridge and Airdie by elections. He is also engaged in spreading he lie that the SNP would abolish Catholic schools

    Labourites currently this hoary sectarian chestnut on the net again.

  7. Richardinho says:

    Sadly, no-one else on that board seems to think it’s a good idea.

  8. David McCann says:

    Aye. The cat is really out of the bag.
    Pass the saucer!

  9. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    When you meet lifetime Labour voters, who, “with a heavy heart”, voted SNP in May 2015 (Eh, Ronnie? The Vale…), then you read the sputum coughed up by ‘Labour Hame’, one’s opinion is reinforced that Labour in Scotland is on its last leg, careering around like a one-legged headless chicken.

    (No offence intended to the memory of Mike the Headless Chicken.)

  10. Brian McHugh says:

    Alexander, Brown, Darling, Murphy and even new blood Galloway.

    Please… please…PLEASE. ‘Crossing all fingers and toes’ 🙂

  11. Gerry says:

    Whoever is writing labour’s lines for them just now is a comedy genius.

  12. De Valera says:

    There can be no better indication of how screwed Labour in S******d are, if they think bringing that creep back is the answer to their many woes.

  13. David MacGille-Mhuire says:

    Perhaps am being slow, but are The Dunc and GG Galloway related -by way of a mating unspoken of in polite circles – to The Donald, IMG Dahling, The Bayonnet Davidson, Wulson of the Hootsmon, The Stairheid Rammies, Curran & Lament, etc?

    It’s aw awfie confusin’ to my non-incestuous grasp of things.

    Perhaps Ms Dugdale could enlighten the voting public prior to getting her electoral bahookie severely tanned at the forthcoming Holyrood elections?

    Failing this source, could the Tank Commander, Davidson, or Hercule “Wullie” Rennie step in to the information breach?

    Many thanks in advance
    An unworthy Jock plebian

  14. galamcennalath says:

    We are truly blessed that there are so many fools opposing us. Hard dealing with them day in day out, yes. But think how different it would all be if the ranks of Labour were instead filled with intelligent, capable, and forward looking individuals!

  15. jimnarlene says:

    What tangled web they weave, while spouting SLab’s aim to deceive.

  16. Gerry says:

    Now I think about it. I almost felt sorry for George when he attended the debate with the younger voters. He trumped out all his usual style rhetoric, relying on the same appeal that gets him applause on question slime, and was met with silence.
    that was the moment that GG realised he wasn’t vibrant and new any more to even the greenhorn political classes, but rather firmly entrenched in the establishment that he loves to rally against, and noticeably so.
    Like I said, I almost felt sorry for him. then I remembered he’s a **** and got back to marveling at how quickly our perceptive youth saw through this washed up loud mouthed sycophant sell out.

  17. Zen Broon says:

    Just in case creepy George skulks back over the border after his 2014 unionist monkey-dance [(c)Gordon Brown], here is a lovely arslikan portrait of the great faux-socialist…”His income, he tells me, is “the best part of half-a-million a year”.” If you do read it, keep the boak bag to hand.

  18. pat says:

    Labour Hame seems to be down at the moment.

  19. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Notice that first comment on article is by Duncan Hothersall basically repeating above almost word for word his Twitter comments.”

    Yet he’s still happy to use someone calling for a Galloway candidacy to drive traffic to his site. Hence “Clickbait corner”. And also happy to risk the idea that the article will win people over.

  20. Robert Roddick says:

    I would have thought that the loss of the individuals named would have had a positive effect!

  21. Dr Jim says:

    Grandad, what WAS a Labour MP and MSP

    Well son, MY dad used to tell me stories about them when I was young

  22. Robert Roddick says:

    I would have thought that the loss of the individuals named would have had a positive effect.

  23. Criag says:

    I think Duncan is trying to take his name off the site as it’s currently down lol

  24. Richardinho says:

    ‘Yet he’s still happy to use someone calling for a Galloway candidacy to drive traffic to his site. Hence “Clickbait corner”. And also happy to risk the idea that the article will win people over.’

    Agree: it’s pretty weird.

  25. Glamaig says:

    Good luck with that Labour, my sons 19 and 22 and probably all the rest of their generation think George Galloway is a joke in a f***g stupid hat, to put it politely. With no prompting from me they became big Yes converts in 2014 and a certain debate featuring GG was a factor.

  26. Heather McLean says:

    Croompenstein says:

    “Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha… George Galloway

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha… Kezia pursuing ‘new talent’

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha…


    What Croompenstein says!!

  27. mogabee says:

    Serously, who is that guy we’ve got going undercover?

    Or is it a she…KD…could it be?

    Whoever it is, BIG bonus time 😀

  28. mealer says:

    A Scott McGregor of Rutherglen Constituency Labour Party wrote the article suggesting Galloway as the man to revive Labour.I don’t know if there’s much support for his suggestion within the Labour Party,but it should be remembered that Galloway would never have been allowed to play the role he did in the NO campaign without approval from the Labour Party hierarchy.

  29. galamcennalath says:

    mealer says:

    “Galloway would never have been allowed to play the role he did in the NO campaign without approval from the Labour Party hierarchy.”

    Good point. We can reasonably assume who stood beside whom on each occasion, had to be considered acceptable in the greater interests of preserving their Union.

    As the campaign progressed the bar of acceptibility lowered considerably!

    By Sept2014 all standards had been set aside! Labour basically committed suicide to save their Union. At that same time, Cameron and his posh Tory chums probably couldn’t believe their luck!

    Now Labour is having to live with the consequences – or should that be die as a consequence?

  30. mealer says:

    Rev Stu 7.26,
    Only the other day Duncan Hottersall published an article on Labourhame by a Labour activist calling for the mothballing of the new Queensferry Crossing.Is it click bait or is he just happy to provide a space for people in Labour to fly their kite? Who knows? Who cares? It seems to me he’s in danger of making his site a laughing stock.There seem to be some people with bizarre ideas in positions of influence in the Scottish Labour Party.Thats a bit scary,considering they’ll be getting some list seats in May.

  31. ronnie anderson says:

    Is that that George Galloway fae Spandex Vally , ah kin jist see it noo, the picture of that wee manny wie ah walkin stick ower his shooder & an the wee bundle tied own it,an a saw a wee cat tae , ah think theres a picture o it in the TiTs gallery.

    Ah the Vale BTTT, much cheapness an converted XLabour Members LoL.

  32. Dan Huil says:

    From Munguin’s Republic:

  33. ben madigan says:

    Gorgeous Georgie may really believe in UKOK! he’s done all right out of it so far, hasn’t he? Still furthering his own career.

    Off topic – I see more floods are expected across Scotland which has already been hard hit in some areas. This post may be useful. Even though it was written about Ireland, most of it applies anywhere there is bad flooding.
    Best to all in 2016

  34. Yesitis says:

    Christ all mighty, Labour and it`s activists like Hothersall etc really are an utter shambles of a mess of idiocy.

  35. Chitterinlicht says:

    ‘Labour Hame’ – as soon as i see these words my brain immediately sees some fecked up Brigadoon mockery of a Scotland i never want to live in.

    Who is that suppossed to appeal to?


  36. Rock says:

    I will be mightily disappointed if Labour, Tories or Lib Dems win a single constituency seat in May.

    Keep them off the list seats as well as much as possible.

    SNP+SNP in May.

  37. Iain More says:

    Ooops! Open mouth and put foot that has just trodden on dog dirt in it!

  38. ArtyHetty says:

    Another embarrassment for politics in general actually, not even just the attempt to paint Scotland as a tin pot, megalomaniac regime. I say just, in jest.

    With Georgie onboard who could ask for more.
    Cringeworthy indeed.

    Lost all credibilty didn’t he, but why do the liebour party insist on attempting to reinvent dead wood? It’s a tad sad really.


  39. ArtyHetty says:

    As my son would say, ‘you can see it in his eyes mum, he is not the person he makes out to be’. That from someone on the autism spectrum.

  40. Richardinho says:

    How serious a site is ‘Labour Hame’ anyway, I’m curious to know? With the current state of SLP it occurs to me that just about any Labour party member has about as much right as any other to be the ‘voice of Scottish Labour’, nonetheless I’d be interested in numbers.
    Given some of the other articles on that site, such as the ridiculous idea of ‘mothballing’ the new Forth Bridge crossing, ‘click-bait’ seems about right.

  41. Macart says:

    Oh dang! 😀 LOL

    Stick a fork in them, I think they’re done.

  42. Grendel says:

    He really is having a meltdown. Last week he was ranting about Labour being the fastest growing party in Scotland. He truly is the Comical Ali of Scottish politics.

  43. Petra says:

    I thought that Jeremy Corbyn stated recently (a few weeks ago) that George Galloway would have to wait for another 5 years to apply to rejoin the Labour Party and that the National Executive would decide, not he Corbyn?

    I understand that G Galloway is a Unionist and that there are other, in particular Middle East, controversies surrounding him however there’s a side to him that I admire such as his knowledge of Middle Eastern affairs and his ferocity when facing up to the Tories. I also loved watching him totally decimating the smart ar*es in the US Senate.

  44. Fred says:

    Is this the same constituency which currently has “Oh sit down, oh sit down!” James Kelly for an MSP?

  45. Inverclyder says:

    Ooooft! Right in the Hothersalls!

    Kezia pursuing ‘new talent’?

    Great to see them creating new jobs without too much fuss.

    They’re looking for a juggler to complement the clowns and trapeze artists that currently masquerade as Labour in Scotland.

    Mechanic also required to get the Clown Car started.

    Applications in crayon to Scottish Labour Branch Office Accounting Unit caretaker manager. Make sure you get an adult to post it.

  46. Colin Church says:

    What a mad start to the year. Yoons as agitated as the last days of Indyref#1. They can’t keep it up, surely.

    BBC RS a whole day of just resorting to reading out newspaper SNP smears verbatim.

  47. Proud Cybernat says:


  48. schrodingers cat says:

    sorry ot
    labour hame and clapped oot yoons apart

    please spare a few bob for this cause

    thank you

  49. Proud Cybernat says:

    ‘Labour Hame’

    Surely there’s an ‘S’ missing in there?

  50. Colin Church says:

    Correction. It can get madder.

    Just reading lines from Dugdale’s speech today. She’s been on Osborne’s marching powders methinks.

    Thought it was Lord A Darling’s parody account, frankly.

  51. Rock says:


    “however there’s a side to him that I admire such as his knowledge of Middle Eastern affairs and his ferocity when facing up to the Tories.”

    What knowledge of Middle Eastern affairs? He is an utter fraud.

    His ferocity to the Tories is like purring when compared with his ferocity to Scottish independence.

    There is absolutely nothing to admire about this man.

  52. Petra says:

    @ Rock at 9:52PM ….. We’ll have to agree to disagree on that one Rock.

  53. gerry parker says:

    I remember George G coming to Coatbridge and spouting his Just say Naw rubbish at a better together meeting. Tom Clarke was there too.

    That didn’t work out too well for Tom and Labour, did it.

    They’re onto a tanking in May too I think.

  54. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Fred 9.07 Yes, but thats not the Point get it lol.

  55. schrodingers cat says:

    soz, ot can i draw your attention to a publication, far better than the herald, with better writers than the herald.
    far more worthy of your comments than the yoon no marks we see in labour hame……or anywhere else for that matter

  56. schrodingers cat says:

    not ot

    I have been punting the orkney4 for 2 days, the total has moved £20

    not enough folks, this crowd fund cannot be allowed to fail

    dear stu, I cannot afford to give anymore, it is January, the hardest month for us all. please use what ever funds you have in wos to take this over the line.

    I promise, come feb, may, to replenish wos

    don’t let this fail folks………. I beg you…

  57. Onwards says:

    Proud Cybernat says:
    5 January, 2016 at 9:41 pm
    ‘Labour Hame’

    Surely there’s an ‘S’ missing in there?

    No shit.
    It’s the use of Scots that gets me – to pretend that Labour in Scotland are somehow a pro-Scottish party, and not ultimately a branch office – no matter how much they pretend otherwise.

  58. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    George Galloway’s knowledge of the Middle east is wide and current. He does regular TV programmes in Lebanon. My nephew was next to him on a flight to Beirut and ventured he was member of the London branch of the SNP to be harangued for the rest of the flight.

    I remember Galloway waving a big blue flag at a Scottish rally at George Square years ago and saying in Parliament that Scotland would have to chose independence if it had another Tory government inflicted on it.

    He is a complete charlatan and plays the sectarian card continuously. This will make him popular with some surviving elements in the Labour party who for decades used and abused the Catholic vote in Scotland and have now lost their core support as it had moved in majority to the SNP
    (See my Wings article ” The Dirty Game” of 2013).

    We will have to be very careful that we do not lose that vote and any attack Labour can invent by the SNP on Catholic institutions will be used unscrupulously

  59. Les Wilson says:

    Duncan, to be a good liar, you have to have a good memory, FAIL!
    Are you taking tips from the Herald’s editor? Now that may explain your lack of memory.

  60. Al-Stuart says:

    Poor wee Duncan,

    He seems to be desperate for attention. Click bait may be his only way. Parasite off of other sites. Masterbaiter of clickbaiter


    Labour Hame Twitter Followers: 2,458

    Wings Over Scotland Twitter Followers: 45,800+

    Labour Hame – Alexa Ranking: From 5,831,305 to 3,258,535. UK 116,639 (Sad)


    Wings Over Scotland – Alexa Ranking: 54,777. UK 2,167 (Awesome)


    You are out of your league Duncan. Although it maybe a master plan for you to be noticed so that you can get on a Labour List for MSP or some such political career move.

  61. Effijy says:

    Dungcan make your garden grow Hotherstill!

    George Galloway is classed by Labour as new talent?
    The man has a Senior’s bus pass and is a caricature somewhere
    between Michael Jackson, an Ayatollah, and Tam from Still Game.

    I don’t want him to be the cat in my country thank you!

  62. Al-Stuart says:


    Whilst your Twitter is squaking sadly at just the 2,458 followers, the Corbyn Jokes guy has over ten times as many with 24,900. Kind of says it all about you – and so much about the sad state of that once great party.

    Some good jokes though…

  63. David says:

    Maybe its a good idea to get GG back to Labour and Scotland. We have an excellent track record in ending the careers of Labour politicians.

  64. I have been a member of the SNP for a good number of years and know what it is like to face loss after loss at nearly every election. But because I knew strongly in my heart that Scotland should be an independent country, my support never wavered either emotionally or intellectually.
    For those who didn’t go through it, you will never know how gut wrenching is it to be at a count and seeing the “Scottish” labour and Tory together ridicule us. But you know what, we were determined and we are an inclusive party, we didn’t cry labour bad from a Scottish perspective just a Westminster one. There has to be some of these labour guys who used to be at the top surely saying enough is enough, let’s listen, let’s have a fair referendum without bias from what should be impartial parties. Or are you all to frightened for your peerages. Waken up guys you might think 1984 is alive and well in mainstream journalism, but all the while we have sites like this – the real story will prevail.

  65. Drew Adamson says:

    Scott McG in that article says “Like many, I was dismayed during the referendum when some on the left supported a Yes vote.” I would have though many more than “some”, was actually half a million or more. Disnae have much grasp on arithmetic, does he? Or is he trying to imply that all Yes voters are right-wing, fascist Natsis? Wonder where he could have got a lead on that from?

  66. Andrew McLean says:

    An Apology

    I thought Labour Hame was a spoof account, no really I did! My head is still spinning with the realisation its is supposedly genuine! Tell me its not so, can we really be seriously suggesting that?

    No sorry, I am sticking with parody,

    I like parody, it tickles me, Gorgeous Gorge in Scottish come back! genius pure bloody genius!

  67. Rock says:

    Dave McEwan Hill,

    “George Galloway’s knowledge of the Middle east is wide and current.”

    He has no knowledge of anything.

    He just sucks up to anyone he thinks he will benefit from by sucking up to.

    Give an example of any of his ‘knowledge’ from which you have learned something.

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