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Buyer’s remorse

Posted on March 22, 2015 by

We thought you’d enjoy this clip from this morning’s Andrew Marr Show, readers. It came after a very sensible interview, in which Salmond had calmly and reasonably laid out the SNP’s view on events should there be a hung parliament this May with the former First Minister’s party holding the balance of power.

Tory minister Anna Soubry seems to be experiencing a degree of regret about having begged Scots to stay in the UK. The body language says as much as the words.

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    172 to “Buyer’s remorse”

    1. Tackety Beets says:

      F@@@ em !

      FFS Vote SNP for the benefit of people of Scotland.

    2. Tackety Beets says:

      F@@@ em !

      FFS Vote SNP for the benefit of the thepeople of Scotland.

    3. Rigmac7 says:

      Simply be best politician of his generation

    4. Doug Daniel says:

      Err, why is Iain Martin creaming his pants over that? She’s ranting and raving, and makes it abundantly clear that what we’ve all been saying for the past few months – that they only wanted us to stay as long as we sat down and shut up – is completely true.

      If was a unionist I’d be pretty peeved at her for giving the game away so bluntly.

    5. Tackety Beets says:

      oops , sorry Rev ,

      I’ll nae bother wi a 3rd post , message is clear enuff !

    6. “So we didn’t lose after all”


    7. Rigmac7 says:

      Didn’t even get into 2nd gear there, like a bored cat toying with a timorous wee beastie

    8. Langspoon says:

      Let’s pool and share our Scottish MPs with the rest of theUK. Seems fair.

    9. Calgacus says:

      Sanctimonious cunt;-)

    10. icyspark says:

      She is England’s Mags Curran.

    11. Geoff Huijer says:

      I am heartily sick of this; in fact sick of two things in particular…

      1) The ‘you lost/democratic will’ argument that completely ignores the way BT bullied, lied, cajoled, and frightened its way to ‘victory’ with a compliant press and TV. How can there be a ‘democratic will’ when many voters were conned out of their votes?

      If I threaten to punch your lights out in the playground to get your dinner money is that then your ‘democratic will’ to hand it over.

      Indyref was a total sham and now the chickens are coming home to roost.

      2) The ‘rampaging Putin’ pish. During Indyref Cameron (allegedly) appealed to Putin for his help in ensuring a ‘No’ Vote. It seems Putin was OK then but is now vying for ‘Devil incarnate’ spot with Alex Salmond.

      We love you, please stay! Just don’t vote for anything we disagree with.

      The UK is the pits.

    12. Staunch says:

      Oh I see, the expressed democratic will of the Scottish people (if the polls prove correct) and the sending of a high number of SNP MP’s to Westminster is “really concerning for democracy”?.

      Perhaps we should look at that for a moment. Scotland voted to stay in the UK (well sufficient numbers were duped into voting that way if the result wasn’t tampered with – not going down that road) and yet, now we are remaining, the fact we want to participate fully isn’t fair? Should we just put it into the rhetoric of the Better Together campaign?

      “You had your change to pack your bags and leave; you chose to stay. Now get your arse back into the kitchen where you belong and leave the running of the house to us!”.

      I’d moderate my language but fortunately I’m on site that allows for full and frank self expression. Westminster and the Unionist parties – FUCK YOU. We’re coming. Caesar! gu bràth

    13. Grant says:

      Did you see the look on that womans face at the end of that.
      She hates Jocks.

    14. Valerie says:

      I was watching that sour face of Soubray, and her body language. It’s so blatant, she is repulsed, and Alex feels open, and relaxed.

      Posh child of Thatcher, well out of her depth when she can’t behave in front of cameras, and represent her party.

      Perhaps with time, Alex and his contribution will be properly recognised.

      He had to tell Marr not to repeat that word Lord Pantsdown had used commenting on Alex’s book.

    15. Stoker says:

      Tory = Ignorant, arrogant and obnoxious.

      I just wish Alex would turn round and say, look you moron its not me who calls the shots, do try and keep up ya clown, Nicola is our leader, so that’s another thing you’ve got wrong.

      And another wee message for the obnoxious bovine on the couch, YES the UK government does deal with defence – BUT WITH OUR MONEY!

      Alex Salmond is a great man and i’ve supported him every step of the way on his brilliant journey but i just wish that occasionally, just occasionally, he wouldn’t be such a gentleman.

      But on the whole, well done Alex.

    16. Connor Mcewen says:

      Like the rest of the Tories completely dismissive of Scotland. Soubry was the same on Question Time.
      Thanks for refreshing my faint memory on the 40% rule way back in the 70’s and the Liberal and Labour MP’s helping Madge back in.

    17. Flower of Scotland says:

      Saw this, Rev, and it made my day!

      The hypocracy of the woman is breathtaking.

      UK wants us in the Union but definitely doesn’t want any participation from the SCOTS! They want us to crawl back into our holes and shut up!

    18. iclare1 says:

      I think one of the boys farted 🙂

    19. Grouse Beater says:

      Anna Soubry, another right-wing harpy modelling herself on the repugnant Thatcher.

      “I speak my mind!”

      Pity it’s full of mince.

      Democracy is all well and fine, so long as Westminster, meaning England, controls it.

      Someone spare me arrogant fools.

    20. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      She belongs in the UKIP wing of the Tory Party.

      What a nasty and arrogant person.

      She thinks England is Britain and Scotland is only there to take orders.

      That attitude is the wont of a lots of tories.

    21. Jim Thomson says:

      So, there we have it. Democracy is a danger to, errrmm, democracy. Whit?

    22. DerekM says:

      yes Anna you have every right to be terrified because your little cadre in westminster is about to get a true taste of democracy and not the pretend version you tories like to put across,saying its a front against democracy shows how much you know about democracy,if the people of Scotland decide to vote for the SNP that is our choice and i hate to disappoint you but you voice is irrelevant to that decision as your lot have already been democratically wiped out in Scotland.

      You should have let us go when you had the chance now we are going to show your English electorate just what you scumbags in westminster have been up to,afraid be very afraid the Scots are coming and there aint nothing you can do about it and if you try to stop us by excluding us from the democratic process we will pull Scotland out the UK.

    23. Suzanne K says:

      I got about halfway through and pressed stop to preserve my cheery mood this morning.
      I have enough of this kind of guff from my own family in England. “How dare Scotland have any influence in England?!” is their usual cry.

      I remind them that at this moment in time, Scotland is part of the UK and as such we will exert our democratic right to be represented by whom we choose.

    24. lee says:

      The panic in her voice makes me smile

    25. Gillian_Ruglonian says:

      If the referendum result came with a M&S style no-quibble, money-back-guarantee, she’d be first in the queue at customer services!

      @Ian McDonald, that was my favourite bit too 🙂

    26. Marcia says:

      As much as I dislike the Labour Party I do hope that Nick Palmer regains the Broxtowe seat on 7th May that he lost in 2010 to her.

    27. msean says:

      Tories,eh? They don’t seem to want to understand what ‘union’ and ‘democracy’ is when it doesn’t go their way. I notice that not one of these Tories get asked if they regret campaigning for a no vote in the light of the election forecasts.

      It’s ok if we send Scottish Unionist MPs because they do as they are telt,but use democracy to send a choice they don’t want and the toys fly out the pram. If she loves trident so much,let her keep them in her backyard.

      These Tories should have campaigned for yes,because it sounds like they now regret campaigning for no.

    28. indyracer2014 says:

      The establishment are running scared. They continue to maintain control of English and Welsh politics and the Westminster system but realisation is dawning for them that real power has been ceded to the people in Scotland and that the people in Scotland have chosed the SNP to represent them and give them voice. The Establishment is now terrified of that voice being heard in Westminster.
      Roll on May!

    29. Grouse Beater says:

      Murphy, right now, 11.34, on Sky: “The biggest party gets to form the government,” his first comment NOT in answer to the presenter’s question.

      Turgid stuff. Dullard of an MP.

    30. wee_monsieur says:

      Danger to democracy? Wow. She doesn’t know the meaning of the word!

    31. Calum McLean says:

      Brilliantly ironic. When ConDem NO Anna VerySowerberry drew breath and a word could be got in Alex put it wonderfully.

      You (the ConDems) wanted the Scots to stay.

      Now the Scots have decided to stay, and according to many opinion polls, send a significant bloc of SNP MPs to Westminster to stand up for Scotland (and much of England, Wales & Northern Ireland) to amelliorate the lethal austerity policy of Conservatives and Labour, the VerySowerberry and her ilk are having a rabid canaptic fit.

      Sorry Anna Sowermonologue but THAT is how democracy works.

      The BEST bit that no one seemed to notice is Alex confirming SNP membership is now at 100,000. Thank you Daily Record. Were it not for the Daily Record’s inane bile, I would not now be a member of the SNP. When will these supposed intelligent journalists “get it”.

    32. Grouse Beater says:

      Murphy refusing to answer a single question on SKY – turning each into an anti-SNP rant.


      Answer the bloody question!

    33. Mae Carson says:

      Do watch without sound first – very illuminating.

    34. Cuilean says:

      I see your true colours shining through, ‘middle England’.

      My memory must be going. I thought the question I answered YES to last September was, ‘Should Scotland be an independent nation?’

      The question really was (and is),

      “Is Scotland an irrelevance to ‘middle England?'”

      The answer, quite clearly by this faux-outrage, tory display is

      ‘YES, Scotland’. No one, ‘down-here’ gives a flying doughnut on your ‘wee, unimportant’ notions. Now naff off, you Jocks, we are in charge here. Let the grown-ups deal with things. It’s all simply beyond your troglodyte ken’.

      Confusing, isn’t it?

      You loved us last year. Sob.

    35. Alastair Watson says:

      hi stoker I hole heartily agree with you .
      But Alex is far to much a proud dignified Scots man to ever slide down the shit crusted shoot of that ignorant muck savage bovine grass grazing thatcherite muppet .
      We smell the excrement as we glide proudly over them

    36. Fiona says:

      As I understand it, the SNP do not want trident renewed. That is clear, and so if the people vote for the SNP they have a mandate to vote against the renewal of trident: and indeed would betray their electors if they did not. It seems that Ms Soubry thinks that is a good idea, which speaks volumes about her attitude to democracy. A word which is tainted in her mouth in this interview, and which shows all that is wrong with the Westminster parties here and in the rUK

      It is also true that her party stand on a platform of renewal of trident and therefore must vote for that if elected. It is likely they will win such a vote, given the arithmetic. What is her problem?

      If it happens that they do not in fact win such a vote, for whatever reason, then that is the democratic outcome, as our current arrangements stand.

      What she appears to be saying is that there are some matters which are so important that they should not be subject to democracy at all. How elitist is that? Is that really what she believes will attract voters to support the party and the system she represents?

      Nor is the question of renewal the same thing as “getting rid of” trident, though that conflation is common from the mouths of the mainstream westminster parties. SNP do want rid of it, and so do I. It is a monumental waste of money and it is both immoral and illegal under international law, since there is no sense in which it can be said to be a weapon for defence. The non proliferation treaty requires that states which do not have them do not acquire nuclear weapons: but it also requires, with equal force, that countries which do have them get rid of them: that part is broadly ignored. Since the nuclear states, including the UK, are in breach of the treaty I see no reason at all why anyone else should honour it – except insofar as they found on principle rather than law.

      But the SNP (and I) take the view that if the UK does continue to have nuclear weapons then they should not be housed near a major population centre in Scotland. That is a completely separate issue. Relocation is not the same thing as getting rid of the weapons and our “defence” would not be adversely affected by placing them somewhere else. Since it seems most Scots do not want to have them at all (assuming the SNP get a convincing mandate in Scotland) there is a case for relocation to somewhere which votes for retention and renewal. It will cost money, for sure. But there is always plenty of money for things of this sort despite the wails of poverty from government when it comes to feeding the people.

      Truth is that it is likely there would be fierce resistance to relocation from those who live wherever they would move to. Which is hypocrisy on a stick. That is why these issues are conflated.

    37. Jim Thomson says:

      If you would like to help use our “danger to democracy” to upset people like Anna Soubry even more (c’mon, you know you do!), Philippa Whitford now has a stretch target that is quite challenging in the last week of her fundraiser.

      Please consider contributing, even if only to wipe the smug, post-referendum, grin off Brian Donohoe’s Red Tory coupon.

      Ta much 🙂

    38. Grouse Beater says:

      Murphy NOT contradicted once by the dumb SKY presenter.

      Not once.

      His interview was one long recital of McTernan lyrics about SNP bad and how the SNP is really the tartan Tories.

      What a shambolic bunch of narcissists our broadcasters are. The strut and preen and say bugger all.

    39. ronald alexander mcdonald says:

      Effectively her message is, ain’t democracy a bitch!

    40. Wulls says:

      As yoda would say…
      The love I feel not.
      They are officially shitting their collective pants…….
      Just makes a Tory/labour coalition more likely.

    41. krackernan says:

      If you listen you can hear Anna say “That was in Scotland – this is the United Kingdom where we take defence seriously”….

      Sums it up – she doesn’t even think Scotland is in the UK. The contempt and blatant racist disregard for democracy is stunning….

    42. SteveW says:

      She looks like the next Tory leader to me

    43. Les Wilson says:

      Gee, If that is what Westminster’s love is like, roll on the divorce!

    44. Valerie says:

      @ Grouse Beater

      Andrew Neil gave Murphy a bit of a ragging, that’s why I have a supply and confidence agreement with Neil.

      Murphy was fair losing his cool, even tho’ he started in undertaker mode.

    45. kenzie says:

      How he managed to control what must have been an irresistible urge to slap that stupid woman (metaphorically speaking, of course), is beyond me.

    46. call me dave says:

      Are you listening to the ‘one brain cell’ Willie having a help me Rhona moment again and again and again on the Politics Scotland programme.

      Someone drag him off with a big hooked stick!

      Worse meltdown than the leader of the Greens.

      They are burnt toast… 🙂

    47. Fiona says:

      I have heard Ms Soubry speak a couple of times now.

      I think we should realise that she is actually quite good at what she does. She has the right accent and she speaks well for a thread of tory opinion which is popular in the rUK. Do not underestimate her potential influence there.

    48. Paul Larsen says:

      Your right body language says it all. They’re terrified of Scotland having a bigger say in Westminster. Alex’s face is a picture just the raising of his eye brow makes her look incompetent that was almost as funny as Murphy on daily politics although he’s more cringeworthy. Alex is the thorn in the backside of the Westminster “elite”.
      I’m still chuckling.

    49. WeeJonny says:


      (Copyright Croompenstien)

    50. Roland Smith says:

      Can I Ask Wings generous readers If you have a few bob left spare you consider funding the SNP campaign to remove Mr Sarwar.

    51. Cuilean says:

      Caveat emptor…

    52. Onwards says:

      Wow, Why don’t the Scots just know their place?

    53. Mosstrooper says:

      @ fiona 11.55

      The right accent? what the hell is that comment supposed to indicate, we should ape the accent of our Imperial Masters?

    54. asklair says:

      Lets all keep working, then at 10.01 pm 7th May 2015 take a wee nap, then enjoy early hours of 8th May 2015. Lets not be taken down blind alleys of what we could do on the many ifs going about. Block vote first and then it will happen.

    55. galamcennalath says:

      Ha Ha, I missed that bit. I only watched the main AS interview.

      That was brilliant. They just can’t come to terms with what their No win meant for WM and the UK. It is astonishing that they believed an energised Scotland would just go away and shut up.

      The twelve months from May 2015 until the Holyrood election will decide the future if UK, without a doubt.

    56. YESGUY says:

      With all the drivel coming out from the MSM and WM it would be fair to say

      1- They are shitting bricks.
      2- The establishment know their days are numbered.
      3- The tory’s like her above are so out of touch and out of date.
      4- They are shitting bricks.

      Who would have thought that after Sept18 we would be even stronger than ever.

      Mr Salmond hinted that after the GE a mandate for another referendum could be brought forward in the SNP’s Scottish election run.

      DO IT PLEASE . This time folk have seen the underhand tactics of Westmidden and no longer have trust in ANY of the usual parties.

      We’re on our way
      from misery to happiness today….. aha aha aha. 😀

      Who said politics is boring.

      It’s the most entertaining thing in the land.

      And i haven’t mentioned the scum party and their lies either.

      Love Sundays. 🙂

    57. John Lowe says:

      Tories not even pretending anymore they care about Scottish votes. Want us to just accept what WM gives and lump it. No democracy in the UK

    58. Shanchat says:

      You can see the fear in her eyes lol

    59. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Willie Rennie is really braindead.

      He missed out by not joining Labour. He would have been better protected and hidden away better.

    60. Legerwood says:

      What was clear from the interview shown here was that whatever any member of the SNP says their opponents will say that the SNP said something else entirely even when, as here, the points had been made just a few moments before.

      The second tactic of opponents of the SNP is to ignore the points they raise and policies they propose and start arguing about the legitimacy of their right to put forward any points or policies or even be in Westminster. Thus divert attention away from the very reasonable and sensible policies the SNP are proposing.

      Both of these tactics can be seen in this short clip.

    61. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      It is absolutely impossible for Tom Gordon to write a political piece without spiking it with pro unionist nonsense – like in today’s Sunday Herald on the feature about the SNPs 100,000 members in which he shamelessly repeats Murphy’s hilarious claim that the Labour Party had 20,000 members in Scotland (and the Tories have 10,000?).

      *Just for clarity informed sources have the political Labour Party membership in Scotland at around 5,000 and sinking.

    62. Author_al says:

      When I lived in the East Midlands, Anna Soubry was a lowly journalist who popped up onscreen, all smiles, and was instantly forgettable. She had the fake cheeriness of Kaye Adams. Anna came originally from Nottingham and once said she was ashamed of the city, linking it to the crime there.

      Nottingham, in fact, is a brilliant vibrant and friendly city but quite ghettoised, due to the failings of the Tories and Labour to tackle poverty, inequality and race issues.

      Anna left this behind to pursue her goal of self enrichment and began remodelling herself as Thatcher’s mini-me. Now acting the role of shrill harpy, she is forgetting her roots and the fact she was elected to serve others.

      Full of bile like Johann Lamont.

    63. Proadge says:

      @ Geoff Huijer says:

      I am heartily sick of this; in fact sick of two things in particular…

      1) The ‘you lost/democratic will’ argument that completely ignores the way BT bullied, lied, cajoled, and frightened its way to ‘victory’ with a compliant press and TV. How can there be a ‘democratic will’ when many voters were conned out of their votes?

      If I threaten to punch your lights out in the playground to get your dinner money is that then your ‘democratic will’ to hand it over.

      Indyref was a total sham and now the chickens are coming home to roost.

      2) The ‘rampaging Putin’ pish. During Indyref Cameron (allegedly) appealed to Putin for his help in ensuring a ‘No’ Vote. It seems Putin was OK then but is now vying for ‘Devil incarnate’ spot with Alex Salmond.

      We love you, please stay! Just don’t vote for anything we disagree with.

      The UK is the pits.

      Agree with every word, Geoff. Would only add that as well as the fact that BT ‘bullied, lied, cajoled, and frightened’ their way to ‘victory’ they also used some (very desperate) bribery in the form of the Vow, which of course flew the face of the purdah rules.

      That the promise of home rule has spectacularly if predictably failed to be delivered is just another reason why the referendum is widely seen as having been stolen – which goes some way to explaining the surge in support for pro-independence parties in recent months.

    64. mamaclanger says:

      Putin on the rampage?? Has anyone seen or heard of him lately?

      What an arse Anna is!!

    65. scott says:

      Murphy,Biggest party forms Government,SNP MPs voted Thatcher into power,Sunday Politics and A Neil never once corrected him,usual BBC let Spud off the hook.
      Anna Soubry she one of the nasty party.

    66. Patrick Roden says:


      I think the point being made by Fiona, was that she had the right accent for the South East Tories, that think the same way as her, about the SNP being in a position of influence at Westminster.

      They hate it, because it ruins their ‘Empire’ mentality.

      That’s why they can’t help but mention Trident whenever the SNP is mentioned.

    67. a2 says:

      Just watching the whole thing. I particularly (um)like Gloria Di Piero telling us about going round the country on a ‘why don’t you love us’ fact finding mission (16.12) asking people what they think, saying what everybody said was the most important thing and then dismissing it as “absolute nonsense”… :0

      Is this really the labour way down south as well? ask people what they think and then dismiss the answer as stupid.

    68. heedtracker says:

      The body language says as much as the words.

      If it wasn’t for that arm rest she’d plop over the side, legs akimbo. “You lost, shut up, go away, you horrid horrid sweaties, but we love Scotland and want you to stay”

      You can see they spot attack ops with Trident though, red line, no deal, or look at SNP hypocrites. So for not the first time, weapons of mass destruction are targeted at the people of Scotland. Mind their scrap Trident, lose 19,000 Scots jobs fraud?

      Just like SLab’s ProjectFearing in the referendum, you can see why war is good for red and blue UKOk.

    69. Fiona says:

      @ Mosstrooper

      I think her voice is an asset for her. I don’t think there is any doubt that subtle things like that have an influence on how people are perceived and that this applies in producing the scottish “cringe” as well as the deference more broadly in play in rUK. Happily we are getting over that, but it is still important. That doesn’t make it a good thing, but it is a mistake to underestimate the importance, particularly now. Our neoliberals are intent on undermining democracy and one way they do that is to attack the role of politics per se: one manifestation of that is the move to destroy the role of the party manifesto in favour of votes for “good chaps” on the basis of “character”. That hands more power to the media who control how folk are presented and it leads to a more presidential style of politics where pledges made count for nothing and instead we are encouraged to believe we are good judges of character and can rely on that to secure good outcomes.

      See, for example, this site, for a flavour of what I am talking about

    70. a2 says:

      The scaryist thing of course is , that’s the woman with her finger on the button!

    71. Marcia says:

      Jim Murphy interview today on BBC

    72. Malcolm says:

      Fabulous! To clarify things for the Conservative/ coalition MP.
      Here’s the story:
      You (individually as well as collectively) begged us to stay.
      Thanks to the “proud Scots” we stayed. You got what you wanted.
      So you won and, for now, we will remain in the UK and play by the UK rules.
      But I suggest you go find a tin helmet and put it on sharpish.

    73. fletch49er says:

      From Westmonsters point of view: An Indyref ‘NO’ vote was to secure, money coming in from Scottish resources and taxes, that drastically helps prop up the Eton mess that is the UK Economy. So money was the motive. It was never about keeping the Union for the sake of a Nation It was about Keeping the Union for the sake of the Britishness (read Englishness) and to prevent any percieved personal financial loss and standing with the rest of the World. Look at those who backed the No campaign, their little empires were seen as being at threat from a ‘Yes’ vote. Money, wealth, and power nothing else.
      Now, that they are faced with the unforseen; they thought that a ‘No vote’ was the ‘putting down’, once again, of us ‘rebellious Scots’; they are shitting themselves to the point that there only defence it to demonise this possible SNP invasion of Westmonster. For how long have there been 59 Scottish seat in Westmonster? They talk as if is is a new phenomenon. The only difference is they will not be under the control of one of the big two.
      The problem I see is that most Scottish MPs try their best (some better then other) to have the ‘whole’ of the UK in mind when they carry-out their political duties. However, English MPs are very English centric, or regional centric. To put it bluntly very selfish in their politics. They don’t have to concider much that happens North of their border, they seem to think devolution takes care of most of thatand it’s just not their concern. As long as Scotland sits quietly in the corner while the grown ups make the big decisions, then everythign is OK.

    74. Dr Jim says:

      In a redneck American accent…..

      Democracy is what ah say it is boy….

      To the tune of Yellow brick road…..

      Follow the Westminster way, follow follow follow follow

      because of the wonderful things it does

    75. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      “Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting a foreign government take care of him had better take a closer look at the American Indian.”

      – Henry Ford

    76. John H. says:

      When Marr mentioned Putin and Trident, I wish he had asked her under what circumstances Britain would be willing to use Trident. Trident is an offensive weapon, in every sense. If it were a defensive weapon then they could possibly make a case for it.

    77. BJ says:

      Margaret Thatcher will never be dead while Anna Soubry walks the earth and like Margaret Thatcher will go to her grave wondering why the Scots don’t like her.

      Loud, rude, arrogant woman. She says it would be a nightmare if the SNP have a say in Government,

      I hope her nightmares are many over the next few years until Independence.

    78. call me dave says:

      “we won then” quips Salmond, referring to the ‘lost’ referendum.

      “The power brokers” says her … Love it! 🙂

      I saw it earlier when live, so glad you posted it here.


      Footie: just starting.–Hibernian-FC-vs-Rangers-FC-/

    79. heedtracker says:

      The ever more ridiculous Gordon Brewer gave LiDums a very nice sales boost this morn. Christ these guys are chancers,

      Brewer, “Whats the big deal over your pledge to not raise student fees Wullie?”

      Rennie, “we’ve already apologised Gordon, gosh your in bad mood this morning Gordon”

      Viewer, me, come on Gordo, do your fantastically over paid job and ask Rennie what exactly he’s apolgising for. Not a peep, from one of the most absurd BBC shills going.

      “There now follows a lovely BBC party political broadcast on behalf of the yellow tories in Aberdeen, paid for by you suckers. Vote SLab though, or else”

    80. Macart says:

      Just wow. 😮

      Utterly barking tonto.

      That viewers is why we should be voting to suit the electorate of Scotland. Stay, we love you followed swiftly by now sit down and shut up.

    81. Stoker says:

      @ Alastair Watson (11:44 am).


      Who’s spouting the 20,000 membership pish?

      ((((( NURSE, TAXI FOR SLABBER )))))

    82. Frazerio says:

      First ever WoS post. Fantastic sight, great comments.

      I was undecided for a long time. I realised about July 2014 that Yes was the only feasible answer. That realisation has become absolute.

      One of my mates said there was nothing at all I could say to change his mind (from a No). Because of the ‘lovebombing’ in the last few days. He voted Yes.

      Another friend started from the ‘I cant stand that Alec Salmond’ position. ‘Ok, which politician do you like then’ negated that MSM planted thought. Not only did she vote Yes, she, like most I’m sure, was in tears at the result.

      I’ve read some hostility on here towards No voters (e.g. some of the rugby comments). Aren’t most No voters just people who havent yet reached the same point of realisation so many Yessers reached before Sept 18th? They’re still largely under the influence of the barrage of ‘establishment’ misinformation (its all sooo confusing for us dumb voters a la Kaye). We shouldn’t view No voters as bad or wrong, simply as converts in waiting.

      The more that people like the ghastly Ms Soubry (and Rifkind, Straw, Schapps, Balls, Alexander (both), Hamilton, Huhne, etc) are allowed to air their prejudice and sense of entitlement in public, the more No voters will see the light and switch sides.

      The people I feel sorry for are No voters who have only come to their senses since Sept 18th (probably this began with Cameron on Sept 19th). Imagine how they must feel.

      The more the Soubry’s are allowed out in public, the sooner Scotland will be free.

      My favourite quote from her disgusting spoutings must be “That was in Scotland, not the United Kingdom” but ran close by, in reference to AS interview “I think it’s one of the scariest interviews I’ve heard for a very long time”.

      What a sad, bigoted, closed minded excuse for a politician she is. But what a blazing ambassador for all that is wrong with the UK political system.

    83. Mealer says:

      Alex being a naughty boy,winding the lady up like that!

    84. galamcennalath says:

      The longer this goes on, the more I think it has to do with imagined imperial status and less to do with the economic value of retaining Scotland in the Union. That is why threatening trident touches such a raw nerve with them.

      It’s all about prestige, sitting at the top table, punching above weight, strutting the world stage etc..

      They retain dreams that Britannia Rules … something still.

      And what do we do? Disrespect them. First by threatening to diminish them by leaving. And, now secondly by threatening to change the direction of their concensus policies.

      They really really hate us for it.

      Sometime very soon a majority of us will want to leave. Will a majority of them want us to go? That probably depends on whether they conclude we represent a lower threat to their cosy setup if we are out of it!

    85. Marie clark says:

      I’m pleased that wummin is “frightened”, she has every reason to be.

      It’s whit happens when you poke two fingers in the eyes of the Scots people. We’re comin tae get ye.

      Democracy Mrs, don’t make me laugh. It would appear that it’s only democracy if we get back in oor box and dae whit we’re telt. Well the answer tae that is naw, you wanted us tae stay, so here we are. If ye don’t like it, you’ll have tae lump it.

      Shame that, intit.

    86. HandandShrimp says:

      There you have it, vote “SNP scare a Tory”

      What could be sweeter than that?

      I love the way she blames Labour for her deranged fears though, as if it is Labour’s job to hold the heathen northlands.

    87. JGedd says:

      Author_al has given us some insight into the kind of personality we see here in Ms.Soubry. The body language screaming outraged sensibilities is quite deliberate, I think.

      From Author_al’s description of her earlier career, it is probably a consciously acquired persona primed to go down well in Tory shires – hence the exaggerated lady-of-the-manor pose, treating Alex as if he were a presumptuous oik who had sat down on her furniture without an invitation.

      Witness the different demeanour being exhibited earlier in the Marr prog when she sat on the same sofa with a Labour politician ( sorry, didn’t even note her name.) They were like two chums from the same social set round for coffee, all eye contact and inclusive gestures.

      I think Ms.Soubry’s body language was deliberately unsubtle and unsophisticated play-acting, designed for her audience, spoken in the voice of affronted entitlement, saying this is the way we treat these uppity Jocks and put them in their place.

      Of course they understand democracy. They just prefer to use other means.

    88. Valerie says:

      At various punctures, I always just feel completely astounded that no one treated the indyref outcome as a near miss, in their arrogance, the unionists treated the outcome as a thumping victory.

      Any moron would say, hang on, 5% is touching cloth, so let’s sit, assess and see where we might do better, OR, and wacky as it may sound, let’s tell the Scots how pleased we are, deliver on Smith, and they might go quiet for a bit. I honestly think they are two valid strategies for elected reps.

      What they have done is the complete opposite, all remained with their echo chambers, dreaming of the empire, plotting how to run down and suppress.

      We do live in interesting, but depressing times, where respect for democracy is so lacking.

    89. ghostly606 says:

      Very telling how she is blaming Labour inadequacy in Scotland for the SNP rise. No mention of Tory inadequacy… Bit also, siding with Labour on an anti SNP tirade? Sound familiar?

      Well win next time.

    90. cearc says:

      I really don’t see why they are so het up about Trident.

      Whoever gets in, it has to voted on as they are already spending money on it. Most of both Tories and Labour will vote for it.

      The SNP will not have an overall majority!

    91. BJ says:


      “House of Commons Defence Select Committee Annex B

      The UK does not own its Trident missiles—they are leased from the USA. UK Trident submarines must regularly visit the US base at King’s Bay, Georgia to return their missiles to the US stockpile for maintenance and replace them with others.

      The fact that, in theory, the British Prime Minister could give the order to fire Trident missiles without getting prior approval from the White House has allowed the UK to maintain the façade of being a global military power. In practice, though, it is difficult to conceive of any situation in which a Prime Minister would fire Trident without prior US approval. The USA would see such an act as cutting across its self-declared prerogative as the world’s policeman, and would almost certainly make the UK pay a high price for its presumption. The fact that the UK is completely technically dependent on the USA for the maintenance of the Trident system means that one way the USA could show its displeasure would be to cut off the technical support needed for the UK to continue to send Trident to sea. “

    92. galamcennalath says:

      Why do the English always seem to pronouce Alex with a hex at the end, rather than with an eck?

      I have never ever met an Al-hex, only Al-ecks.

      What matters is how does Alex himself pronounce it, I have no doubt as Al-eck. And if so, why don’t they copy the expert?

    93. bookie from hell says:


      @montie @Anna_SoubryMP Good to see someone sticking it to that smug and arrogant p***k.
      10:07am – 22 Mar 15

    94. Macart says:

      There’s an open goal for a headline writer out there.

      Sourby name, Sourby nature.

      Anna Sourby terrified by thought of untamed Scots representation at Westminster (shock).

    95. Paul McCabe says:

      How undemocratic is she. The tories hate the fact that their undemocratic voting system looks like it will work against them. Hahahahahaha. As you sow…

    96. Alex says:

      For whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee, Union.
      This is yet more proof that this Union, this ‘family of nations’ is a matter of political expediency for England, and Westminster. It simply doesn’t exist. It is a tool of imperialism. But we all know that.
      Once again, Scotland and her people are treated with utter contempt by a Westminster politican. And there is a fair smack of contempt for the democratic process in there too with her assertion that we have no right to send the MPs of our choice to Westminster.
      They just don’t get it. And the pity of it is – they never will. This type of person takes it as an affront to the ‘UK’ that we are about to take part in what passes for democracy. Interesting too, her figurative gnashing of teeth at Labour. She is obviously a reactionary, not a radical. Like them all.
      Scotland now, more than ever, is a separate country. And that divide is set to widen in the weeks ahead with no doubt intensified racist attacks on the Scots, amid the usual river of lies. It is time for us to show what we are made of.

    97. jock mc X says:

      Very disapointed in scottish conservative voters who voted no.
      Are they all mad,don’t they know the union is over?

      Time to build a new country.

      Thought they were supposed to be the smart ones,private ed-
      ucation and all that wot.

    98. Fluckmeister says:

      I don’t think Sowberry could get any further away from Alex. What a tantrum, “Oh my god! It’s not going my way. You’re ruining everything. Horrible little Nats. Get away from me.”

      Rant rant rant rant…. toys out pram.

    99. The Man in the Jar says:

      I just watched the Jim Murphy interview. (Thanks Marcia) Isn’t it huge fun watching them squirm like that. The vaguely disguised panic and their over inflated sense of self importance there for all to see. Roll on May 7th and 8th.

      Right I’m away to watch Willie Rennie’s offering. That will make it a hat trick. 🙂

    100. Socrates MacSporran says:

      galamcennalath @ 1.13pm

      You asked about English pronunciations of names; it’s quite simple really – they know best, better than the guy who has the name.

      Wee Eck isn’t the only one who gets this treatment; I remember the current Manchester United manager’s first press conference in England, back in the summer of last year.

      He was asked how his surname was pronounced, thrice, he told the assembled media: “It is Van Haal”.

      This brought the response: “OK Mr Van Gaal”, and, Van Gaal it has been ever since.

      The English always know best, simples.

    101. saor alba says:

      the woman is an arsehole

    102. HandandShrimp says:

      I saw Soubry on QT and she did the same animated gurning when anyone she disagreed with spoke. She is a caricature Tory. An everywoman “Disgusted of Milton Keynes”.

      However, as I said “Vote SNP scare a Tory” is a slogan that will chime a lot of bells in Scotland.

    103. Joemcg says:

      Surely even the most psychotic no voter in negative no voter land can see the undisguised hatred this milk snatcher clone has for Scotland and the scots? She would have been perfect in full three lion regalia in yon Mel Gibson flick.

    104. Karmanaut says:

      Listen to what she is saying.

      “It is really concerning for democracy.”

      Her version of democracy excludes the Scots. They don’t want Scotland’s influence in the Commons. That’s easy to acheive through Independence or Full Fiscal Autonomy. However, the problem for them is that they also want Scotland’s wealth.

      And that’s why they’ll fight tooth and nail to prevent FFA for Scotland.

    105. Joemcg says:

      Karmanaut-but we are subsidised though,aren’t we?

    106. mac says:

      I honestly laughed so hard I spilt my coffee.

      The words are delivered in a vitriolic and in a manner bordering on hysteria.

      The words and message can be spun but the body language cannot and the prospect of Scotland actually having a real and viable part to play in this union scares the living daylight’s out of the current ruling class.

      It is definetly a case of, carful what you wish for as they wanted Scotland in the union. So here we are and we are going to take part…

    107. Terry says:

      I’m loving that wifey – another maggie thatcher but even thicker. She will drive even some scottish Tories to vote snp. Those arrogant elitist types really dont understand the scottish psyche – even their devoted blue Tory scots.

      Yesterday in no voting aberdeen there was a massive queue for alex’s book. He was only going to be there for 90 minutes and yet was still going strong after two hours when I got my signed copy. The two hour queue passed in a flash as all of us got chatting to fellow queue members about the GE and the referendum. But top of the list was the news coming through via Wings of the 63 lib dem delegates further up the road at the aecc. Much sniggling went on. Thanks Wings.

      Also a few of us said we had taken our yes posters down solely for the tactical reason of saying we weren’t re running the referendum. Which we aren’t – unlike the unionists in Gordon. However we’ve all got them ready to shove back up on the windows come that day in May. He he.

      It’s as clear as mud that trident will be the new ‘currency’ issue which they used to undermine us at the ref. maybe it might just blow up on them. Here’s hoping for an snp aberdeen. And an snp Scotland. The referendum exposed the unions duplicitous arse. Let’s give it a damn good kicking.

    108. Anne Lawrie says:

      Maria expresses horror at that woman’s finger on the button, but BJ has pointed out that this would be unlikely without the permission of the US.
      The scariest thing of ALL is that Donald Trump intends to stand as president. THAT’S WHOSE FINGER WOULD BE ON THE BUTTON!! We’re all doomed!

    109. Author_Al says:

      @ J Gedd… quite fascinating what can be found. Here is Anna Soubry’s blurb on the Broxtowe Conservatives site.

      “It was at Birmingham (Uni) where Anna first joined the Conservative Party and has been a member ever since. At Birmingham Anna was involved in student politics was elected as the first female Conservative to the National Union of Students Executive.

      After working as a reporter at a local newspaper in Stirling, having been elected Rector of Stirling University, Anna got a job at Grampian TV in Aberdeen as a reporter and presenter on North Tonight. After two years at Grampian, Anna joined Central TV as a reporter on Central News East.

      During her time at Central, Anna was the shop steward of the National Union of Journalists. At Central, Anna worked on a number of programmes: notably Central Weekend Live and Heart of the Country. Towards the end of Anna’s time in television Anna worked on “This Morning” with Richard and Judy and other programmes for Channel 4 and BBC 1.

      In the mid 1990s, Anna left TV and returned to the Bar. Anna began working as a criminal barrister in the Midlands and practised up until three months prior to the 2010 General Election.”

      She is now MP for Broxtowe. According to the Local Authority Deprivation Index (2011)The Borough of “Broxtowe is a relatively affluent borough and is ranked 219th out of 326 English local authorities in the 2010 Index of Multiple Deprivation (where 1 = most deprived).”

      I guessed that’s where she would be – plenty of deprived areas in Nottingham but those would never vote Conservative, e.g., City of Nottingham is ranked 17th most deprived.

      Her generalisations on the Andrew Marr Show beggar belief. Ice-woman Anna has a history of making unsubstantiated claims…

      Polar opposite of warmhearted, talented Nicola.

    110. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      We love you Scotland
      You voted to stay with us (kiss kiss)
      Now go back into the box and shut up
      We can’t have you interfering in Parliament

    111. crazycat says:

      @ Macart

      Unfortunately, the b comes before the r.
      Soubry, not Sourby.

    112. heedtracker says:

      Andrew Neil v James Tiberius Murphy, 12 minutes of “biggest party wins the election” fraud, SNP caused Snatcher Thatcher, ends with so Morphy electorate don’t know essentials like

      a. Would probably not future PM Milliband deal with SNP in Westminster

      b. Are voters in East Renfrewshire voting Morphy for a year or five years

      All Murphy’s got? a cheeky smirk.

    113. Clarinda says:

      But surely, Mrs Soorpuss, in her paranoia over the loss of Tory style ‘democracy’, is merely recognising the nation status of Scotland by suggesting Scotland as an outsider/foreigner has no business at Westminster. Warped and weird I accept, but Yes has appeared to have won – Mr Salmond said so?

    114. Rob James says:

      The heat is being turned up. We’ve seen it in the press of late with increasing slurs, demonisation and condescending mockery dished out by the gutter press. From the lowly tabloid rags to the ‘respected’ broadsheets’, they mock the intelligence of every one of the Scottish electorate.

      Now it appears as though the attack is about to be concerted on the broadcasting services. Expect more wall to wall Murphy, Slab and Unionist coverage and watch for the increased verbal abuse and provocation yet to come.

      They know they are losing Scotland and yet it seems the only thing they can do is attack, driving an even larger wedge between us, as more and more of the Scottish people begin to take umbrage over this constant attempt for us to accept our inferiority.

      What lengths are they prepared to go to, in order to preserve their precious empire?

      The people of England need a political awakening and a large block of SNP members at Westminster might just be the catalyst. This is the last thing the establishment wants.

    115. Steven Roy says:

      She seems to be struggling between two competing positions. Alex has a principled view and Alex is terrifying.

      What she doensn’t seem to grasp is if things are done on a vote by vote base her party and Labour can out-vote everyone on Trident renewal.

    116. Stoker says:

      Just hearing – 10 fire appliances attending a possible fire at Hunterston Power Station on Scotland’s west coast.

      Don’t know the details yet.

    117. galamcennalath says:

      We lost.
      They won.
      We behave like they won.
      They behave like they lost.
      Perhaps we all accept the score draw and schedule a re-match.

      Anyone game? 😉

    118. scunner says:

      Ms Soubry’s mulish ranting reminded a little too much of this particular equine scene:

      She just doesn’t seem to “get it”. These people are on a different wavelength.

    119. Robert Peffers says:

      @Geoff Huijer says:22 March, 2015 at 11:27 am:

      “I am heartily sick of this; in fact sick of two things in particular…”

      Let us just keep things in perspective, Geoff.

      On the first day of May 1707, two, (and only two), equally sovereign KINGDOMS agreed to unite. Nowhere in the entire document is the word, “Country”, ever used. Yet it must be obvious to all that countries must indeed have been involved as the Kingdom of England had annexed both Wales, (in 1284), and Ireland, (in 1542), as part of the Kingdom of England.

      We must also consider that just 19 years previously, (in 1688), that three country Kingdom of England had radically changed. Until 1688 the law that applied in the Kingdom was, “The divine Right of Kings”, and it had as it’s monarch James I of England who was also the Monarch, (as James VI), of the, still independent, Kingdom of Scotland where, monarchs are NOT sovereign. Then in both Kingdoms James I & VI was succeeded by James II & VII.

      Then came the great change as the English Parliament deposed James II of England, but still being an independent kingdom their action did not automatically depose the Scots Monarch. This not only kicked off the Jacobite uprisings, (wrongly called rebellion by the English), but saw the English Parliament import King Billy & Queen Mary of Orange as joint monarchs of the Kingdom of England but removing from them the Royal veto over the Parliament of the Kingdom of England. Thus only England, Wales & Ireland became a constitutional Monarchy.

      Scotland was still independent and had declared, in 1320, that the people of Scotland were sovereign and the monarch only the people’s defender of their sovereignty. This was the real English reason why a Treaty of Union was so important.

      So there we have it, in 1688 the three country Kingdom of England made itself a, “Constitutional Monarchy”, but had their eyes on Scotland with a view to also annex Scotland by the Treaty of Union 1706/7. So the truth is that even in 1603 they were telling lies by calling that the Union of the Crowns when in truth the two crowns remained independent but on the same person’s head. In 1706/7 they forced a Treaty of Union, supposed to be between equals, but continued fighting the so called, Jacobite Rebellion, for another 38 years until 1745.

      Now note the claim by the one remaining Tory MP from Scotland who quoted from a UK Government published paper, “The Treaty of Union, EXTINGUISHED the Kingdom of Scotland and renamed the Kingdom of England as, “The United Kingdom”.

      Now can you see the mind-set of those Unionists who resent the very idea of a small handful of Scottish UK MPs holding the balance of power? This after England has been dictating to Scotland for every one of the past 308 years? They actually regard England and the United Kingdom as synonymous and of which Scotland is only just another English/UK Shire.

    120. Kevin Evans says:

      My opinion and views on these types of programs is there watched by a certain type of person.

      Her ranting won’t have changed anyone’s view who is Tory pro ( am not gonna say Union) England rules the islands of Britain.

      But I will say this. The people of England aren’t daft and they’ll even look at that and think she’s off her nut and the point of scotland staying in the Union but now not being allowed to take part in westminster is completely undemocratic. I have faith that the majority of “thinking” English don’t fall of this scaremongering either.

    121. @Stoker

      Re fire is at coal port not power station.

    122. Tattie-bogle says:


      I agree its like a Game of Thrones and Labour are the Nights watch sent to guard the wall from the marauding Wildlings who live north of the wall

    123. Author_Al says:


      I live just down the way. Conveyor belt out in the bay seems to be on fire. No danger locally, certainly won’t affect the nuclear power station… Or Faslane – but let’s just move the subs down to the Thames just to be safe.

    124. art1001 says:

      This loathsome woman is a product of English society and culture. She appeals to English sensibilities. She will appear ‘normal’ and ‘sensible’ to them. To us Scots she is a complete nutter.

      We are just plain different. She is the equivalent of a Japanese hog weed. A foreign species to us.

    125. Author_Al says:

      More on Hunterston here…

    126. Robert Peffers says:

      @Stoker says:22 March, 2015 at 11:29 am:

      Tory = Ignorant, arrogant and obnoxious.

      If you don’t mind my interruption, Stoker, I’ll give you a wee thought –
      Tory = Totally Obnoxious Right-wing Yob.

      Ta! Da!

    127. Edward says:

      Unlike Murphy (who may have been in South Africa at the time). I was working in Scotland in 1979 and fully remember what was going on.

      Callaghan’s Labour government was a complete shambles, with different factions and infighting. He didn’t have any control. The unions were striking at the drop of a hat, we had the three day week (I wasn’t affected as I was in a ‘reserve’ industry)

      I seem to recall that sunny Jim decided to fly off to Bermuda or the Bahamas at the height of the crisis for a commonwealth heads meeting, something he didn’t need to go to.

      Callaghan called a vote of confidence and I recall it was some of his own back benchers along with some Northern Ireland MP’s that voted against him.

      New Labour conveniently forget that Callaghan’s Labour government were as popular as a fart in a lift and were already heading for an election anyway, in which they were expected to be defeated, so nothing to do with the SNP

      As Stephen Daisley tweeted, its not black armbands that they should be wearing but black plastic bin liners they should be wearing1

    128. Robert Peffers says:

      @Grouse Beater says:

      22 March, 2015 at 11:30 am

      “Anna Soubry, another right-wing harpy modelling herself on the repugnant Thatcher.
      “I speak my mind!”

      Pity it’s full of mince.

      I liked your riposte, Grouse Beater.

      I too have always been nimble with the swift verbal riposte. My immediate though on this occasion was, “No madam, – if you were it would be much quieter here”.

      Trouble is such brainless airheads as she do not pick up on the riposte and instead of a, “touché”, just blunder on in total ignorance.

    129. Stoker says:

      @ cynicalHighlander & Author_Al, re Hunterston.
      Thanks for the clarification and further info.

      @ Robert Peffers (3.28pm).

      Spot on!

    130. Macart says:


      Still doable.

      Soubry by name sour by nature.

      Just not as snappy. 😀

    131. Robert Peffers says:

      @Cuilean says: 22 March, 2015 at 11:41 am:

      ” … Confusing, isn’t it?

      You loved us last year. Sob.”

      If they think that’s bad they best think along the lines of, “Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned,”

      (Written by William Cosgrove and usually paraphrased as “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”)

      Then amplify it by around 5 Million and think of a nation scorned when that particular nation has the reputation of being particularly, “Thrawn” & “Dour”.

    132. David Anderson says:

      That interview was hilarious. Every time Anna Soubry opened her mouth I found myself laughing.

    133. Robert Peffers says:

      @Onwards says:22 March, 2015 at 12:00 pm:

      “Wow, Why don’t the Scots just know their place?

      Ah! Onward, fact is it is because we know our place that they are upset. We know it is in BRITAIN and the bit north of a line between Berwick and the Solway. They seem to think it is from Hadrian’s Wall Northwards.

    134. Janis says:

      the woman is a right wing neoliberalist big mouth, with absolutely no understanding of politics in Scotland. She is undemocratic and racist. She does not know any other way but her way. Wake up and smell the coffee… This is democracy at work. If we send 45+ snp mps to Westminster on what they represent they will fight for these things for us. We have had to put up with her parties policies in the name of democracy, she needs to recognise that and shut up.

    135. mumsyhugs says:

      Frazerio welcome to Wings! Having had a quick glance through the comments, I don’t think anyone else has welcomed you – most unusual for folks to be remiss 🙂 Great first post and I think you’re right enough – but going according to the latest SNP membership figures (and those of other pro-yes parties), the pace of people waking up is gathering speed. Great to be part of it, eh? 🙂

    136. Eckle Fechan says:

      Ah, Arrogant Anna. I enjoyed that. Sandwiched between two Jocks, another hyped-up juvenile display from a hack amateur mediocre politician, milking her 15 mins of fame for all its worth (fuck all BTW Anna) on the airwaves. She was dishing forth the same irresponsible alarmist rhetoric on Any Questions a few weeks ago, where Eck put her gas at a peep there too, no thanks to Jon D.

      As we’ve noted, however, the danger is where her mouth (and others’) is allowed to keep spouting forth unchallenged on public broadcasts (no opposition representation being present), each occasion being marked by a veritable fountain of pish to behold.

      Her interruptions are becoming a regular hallmark of her ignorance towards other panelists and the Chair. As insufferable Tory women go, she’s shaking branches from the top of the tree. Her colleague, the lovely Ms Perry, is nestled just below, pouring down similar wisdom on the little people below.

      The Papers review was another amateur showcase (from both Tory/Labour “reviewers”), with Marr having to repeatedly remind his distracted pupils to pay attention after stories were skimmed and headlines hijacked for the purpose of furthering their own political agenda, nothing more.

      Rest assured, she’ll grow old disgracefully, choking on her porridge (you’ll eat it and like it!) in a Bournemouth “Hotel”, looking out on a sea of grey and boring every other resident, nudging them ever closer to death with whimsical tales of her brief time in Westminster as she reminisces poignantly, “whatever happened to England, eh?”

      She couldn’t defend a duck pond at a Buckinghamshire village fete.

      Come in Anna Sour-brie, your fuck-ing time is up.

    137. De Valera says:

      At least she didn’t say “you can’t have your Dundee cake and eat it” . But the usual condascending Tory/ Unionist garbage. This is why they only have one (soon none) MP in Scotland.

    138. Fiona says:

      Yes. It is curious that Labour are even contemplating taking advice from the tories about how to deal with events in Scotland. They are not really experts on the topic

    139. YESGUY says:

      Frazerio 🙂

      Big welcome to the Wings family. Great first comment too. I should be more understanding . I just get angry that the nawbags have tied us to the corpse of the “empire” . 🙁

      We will be ruined before we get freedom.

      But i will try to do as you say. 😉

      Again , welcome and more power to your keyboard.

    140. Now's the Hour says:

      That repulsive harridan’s outburst is the best advert we could possibly get for indyref2. What an utterly repugnant, overbearing, hectoring attitude. Wonderful to watch Eck handle her with barely a raised eyebrow.

      She probably thought she got him telt; all she did was demonstrate a complete lack of class when faced with the outstanding politician of his time.

      Anyway, hard lines, doll. You wanted us, you got us. Get used to it.

      Roll on 7/5.

    141. Helena Brown says:

      Strangely she reminds me of another Tory Lady, well she is Boris’s sister. Who was just as offensive the last time I saw her.

    142. Effijy says:

      Didn’t Alex do well on the Andrew Marr show!

      Does anyone else think that the Tories cloned Maggie Thatcher?
      Anna Slurbury seems to be every bit as vile as old Maggie.
      A real chip off the old block.

      Don’t know which route she takes going home, but working class kids, please ensure your milk can’t be snatched from the road side

    143. Iain mckinlay says:

      I’d just love Alex or one of the others whilst one of these muppets is on bleating about it being an affront to democracy etc to simply say:
      “What is your definition of democracy?”

      And then take them apart bit by bit on their response …

    144. Rory says:

      I can’t for the life of me see why you would think I/we would like to see this?

      Anne sewage talking hysterically over Alex salmond stopping chin speaking and getting her bonkers sound bites out effectively.

      Horrible viewing

    145. Effijy says:

      Good old Tory Anna!

      We want a Tory government in England, that Scotland has never voted for, to take everything that Scotland have to give, and we will give you some change back, some for our own pockets, and then we will tell you what is good for you and what you can spend.

      Now you Sweaty Socks are threatening democracy by demanding a vote in Westminster?

      Just too radical an idea to even contemplate.

      The question was raised above-” Where would the Tories use a Trident Missile”? My guess is right where they store them!

      With regard to the Bullshit party members numbers- They have managed to exaggerate big time and yet Limp Dims, Labour, and
      Traitory have come up with they almost have a third of the members that SNP actually have and can verify!!!!!!!!

    146. De Valera says:

      Meant to add in my previous post that she kept referring to “our” United Kingdom.
      By the tone of her rant, I assume “our” meant “England’s”.

    147. Grouse Beater says:

      By the tone of her rant I assume “our country” meant “England”.

      Oops! – I Meant British:

    148. Frazerio says:

      Mumsyhugs & YESGUY, sincerely, ta very much indeed.

      How we’re governed is obviously a big issue and inevitably people may get a bit emotional. Perfectly understandable. But when the language gets looser, the targets get a bit blurry and ammo is provided to opponents.

      If you want to win at poker, a great tip is to leave your emotion at the door.

      How many Yes voters have become Unionists since the start of the referendum process? Any at all? The numbers flowing from No or Undecided to Yes must number hundreds of thousands. If the political awakening we’re living through doesn’t result in independence, I’ll eat my Jimmy Wig.

      One of my favourite comments on here recently;

      One_Scot says:
      18 March, 2015 at 1:12 pm
      Seriously, if anyone ever tells me they voted ‘No’, I think I will have a mental breakdown.

      I hear it, I feel it, but leave the emotion at the door, get in amongst No’s with open arms, keep exposing them to unionist lies and let them draw their own conclusions like we have.

      We don’t need to stoop to lies and personal attacks like the UK nationalists who seem increasingly to be a bit tired and emotional.

      Nobody (I hope) wants some sort of ‘partition’. Post independence Scotland will have a place for Yes & No voters. They’re not bad people, just a bit skew whiff in their thinking.

      PS: I’ve never had a Jimmy Wig.

    149. Robert Peffers says:

      @Proadge says: 22 March, 2015 at 12:17 pm:

      ” … That the promise of home rule has spectacularly if predictably failed to be delivered is just another reason why the referendum is widely seen as having been stolen – which goes some way to explaining the surge in support for pro-independence parties in recent months”

      I agree with all that, Proadge, but you missed out something that I consider much more serious. The use of The Establishment Civil Servants, Ministries, Money and other resources throughout the entire anti-independence debate. For example the Establishment published paper that claimed Scotland had been, “Extinguished” by the Acts of Union. Here are some relevant clauses from that particular paper but there were several such Establishment produced documents published –

      :34. One view is that the union created a new state, Great Britain, into which the international identities of Scotland and England merged and which was distinct from both. Lord McNair writes: ‘England and Scotland ceased to exist as international persons and become the unitary State of Great Britain.’ This view has been relied on in UK courts: MacCormick v Lord Advocate.

      35. An alternative view is that as a matter of international law England continued, albeit under a new name and regardless of the position in domestic law, and was simply enlarged to incorporate Scotland. In support of this view, among other things:

      3 5 .1 Scottish members joined Parliament at Westminster, but there was no new election of its English members. This was in accordance with the Acts of Union Article XXII.

      35.2 Treaties concluded by England appear to have survived to bind Great Britain. Parry and Hopkins cite the Treaty of Alliance with Portugal as the oldest ‘British’ treaty, and it is generally accepted as being such, even though it was concluded by England. They suggest that no treaty between Scotland and a third state survives (though Scotland concluded treaties, for example with France, the Pope and Scandinavian states).

      35.3 England’s diplomatic representation in the rest of Europe continued uninterrupted. The Acts of Union Article XXIV appears to acknowledge this in retaining the Great Seal of England for transitional purposes.

      36. We note that the incorporation of Wales under laws culminating in the Laws in Wales Act 1536 (England) and of Ireland, previously a colony, under the Union with Ireland Act 1801 (GB) and the Act of Union 1800 (Ireland) did not affect state continuity. Despite its similarity to the union of 1707, Scottish and English writers unite in seeing the incorporation of Ireland not as the creation of a new state but as an accretion without any consequences in international law.

      3 7. For the purpose of this advice, it is not necessary to decide between these two views of the union of 1707. Whether or not England was also extinguished by the union, Scotland certainly was extinguished as a matter of international law, by merger either into an enlarged and renamed England or into an entirely new state.

      38. It is therefore misleading to speak of Scotland (or similarly of England, Wales, Northern Ireland or the isle of Great Britain) as if it were an entity already possessing international personality in its own right or some other relevant international status, regardless of what status it may have as a matter of UK domestic law.

      39. It may also be misleading to speak of dissolving the ‘union’ effected by the incorporation of those territories: whatever the position historically or politically or in domestic law, in international law the position of the UK does not necessarily differ from that of a state formed in some way other than by a ‘union’.

      Besides being twaddle the fact that it was produced with our tax money by the Establishment is totally against any semblance of justice, democracy or honour.

    150. Clootie says:

      I’m getting fed up with this “please stay” – PROVIDING you do as you are told.

      It’s democracy in action. We don’t want Blue,Yellow or Red Tories.

    151. Robert Peffers says:

      @Frazerio says: 22 March, 2015 at 12:53 pm:

      “First ever WoS post. Fantastic sight, great comments.

      Hi, Frazerio, don’t leave it so long next time.

      ” … I’ve read some hostility on here towards No voters (e.g. some of the rugby comments). Aren’t most No voters just people who havent yet reached the same point of realisation so many Yessers reached before Sept 18th? …

      If you read carefully you will find most commenters hold that view. However there is a vast chasm between, “a Yesser in waiting”, and the dedicated party members who know the truth yet stick with Labour/Tory/LibDem while knowing the lies. These are the ones who are hated. They know they are lying to others but go on doing so.

    152. Robert Peffers says:

      @HandandShrimp says: 22 March, 2015 at 1:00 pm:L

      ” … I love the way she blames Labour for her deranged fears though, as if it is Labour’s job to hold the heathen northlands”,

      Err! Whoa there! HandandShrimp, As fully paid-up members of the Westminster Establishment, it is indeed the Labour Party’s job to hold Scotland for the Establishment. The signs all point that way.

      Look how the Establishment parties are all unionists, all got together to fight independence. See Comical Ally address the Tory Conference. McTernan speaking to Tories too.

      Good grief the Labour Party have voted for, or even promised to outdo, the very most anti-poor people policies. You know that they would each rather see their Establishment sham opponents in power than any non-establishment party.

      They are all just different shades of Tory under very thin skins.

    153. Robert Peffers says:

      @Valerie says: 22 March, 2015 at 1:02 pm:

      ” … in their arrogance, the unionists treated the outcome as a thumping victory. Any moron would say, hang on, 5% is touching cloth.”

      Actually, Valarie, if you think about it, it wasn’t really 5% but only 2.5% to break even in a two choice poll. Look on it as being just 2.51% away from a YES win. That’s even well within the honest mistakes made in the counting of papers territory.

    154. BuckieBraes says:

      @Author_al at 12:17

      I remember Anna Soubry when she was a reporter/presenter on Grampian TV in the early 1980s. She may possibly have filled the slot vacated by Selina Scott. There was something vaguely unlikeable about her even then.

    155. Robert Peffers says:

      @Rory says:22 March, 2015 at 6:22 pm:

      “I can’t for the life of me see why you would think I/we would like to see this?”

      Yes, Rory, horrible viewing indeed. However, it was, in some ways good to see. In the first place the Tory mouthpiece was quite obviously in a complete funk of fear. Hysterical with sheer fright in fact. That alone was worth watching for if she was in a sheer funk so also are large numbers of the Establishment.

      She was also exceedingly bad mannered, condescending, borderline racist and, all in all, a great advert FOR independence.

      Why else do you imagine that sly old fox, Oor Eck, sat back and let her get on with it? He had no need to do other than raise an expressive eyebrow here or there, to accentuate the crazy woman’s exceedingly obvious shortcomings. Never interrupt your enemy while they make mistakes.

    156. Macart says:

      Welcome Frazerio

      Couldn’t agree more. Keep presenting people with the facts, pointing out the errors or hypocrisy and let them draw their own conclusions.We need people to change their minds and come aboard by their own choice.

      Its never too late.

    157. JLT says:

      That’s not regret. That’s arrogance at the extreme.

      Anna is in a fury that much to her consternation, and almost disbelief, that somehow …the Scottish nationalists just won’t accept the result, and thus drop the whole Independence thing. She seems to almost believe that because ‘we lost’, we should therefore just quietly go back to our business of helping the UK get along, while London and the Unionists get down to running the country for the Establishment.

      She is therefore …in complete denial, and thus, kidding herself

    158. ScottieDog says:

      Marr “Putin on the rampage”
      Blatant BBC pumping out the UK propaganda.
      Show us the proof Andrew.

    159. Lollysmum says:

      Eck did here exactly what Nicola did on BBC Question Time. He stated their position & then sat back & let her rant. It appears to be quite effective as a tactic. It worked for Nicola & it worked for Eck here.

      It’s always much better when you allow the opposition to condemn themselves with their own words. They can’t deny they said them later. Soubry will still be kicking herself now.


    160. Anne says:

      BBC Scotland evening news at it again, allowing an exert of Jim Murphy saying that “to vote SNP is to let the Tories in.” Unbiased, I think not. At least Andrew Neil didn’t bow down to the daft Jim Murphy.

    161. Chic McGregor says:

      I think it is Paul Darrow’s voice which will be a big scunner for all Blake’s 7 fan boys.

    162. Chic McGregor says:

      oops wrong thread for the above

    163. Bean an Tighe says:

      Every night held the same terror for Anna. The hideous, hateful nightmare that haunted her dreams; caused her to fling off the John Lewis duvet and sit bolt upright, screaming…..

    164. DJ Mac says:

      So it seems the job of the Labour Party is to keep us Scots towing the unionist line?

      The vote by vote basis will likely see labour and Tories vote for trident renewal, austerity etc proving the point further still that independence us the only way to go.

    165. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Welcome to all new Wingers…

      A couple of clips of Anna Soubry in a previous life.
      (I think Rev Stu will like the first one as it features “his” team.)

    166. It is obvious from Ms Soubry’s demeanour, body language, actual spoken language and her expression of sheer terror in the view of the Westminster mainstream parties the “United Kingdom” ends at the rivers Esk and Tweed. To suggest that the SNP are a danger to British democracy after the referendum debacle where the massed ranks of the Westminster establishment collaborated on the biggest scam in political history is, frankly, so laughable, it hurts.

    167. Grouse Beater says:

      Anna is in a fury that much to her… disbelief … somehow the Scottish nationalists just won’t accept the result, and thus drop the whole Independence thing.

      Once a news reader, always a news reader.

      When you spend half your life reading other people’s words it tends to leave you lost for your own.

    168. Ghillie says:

      That is one very distressed woman!

      And totally out of her depth.
      Somebody actually elected her to represent them. Jings.

    169. Gary says:

      We obviously have a right to be represented by whomsoever we choose. She has the right to disagree with their politics. To call it antidemocratic, purely because they are Scots, is racist.

    170. Disco Dave says:

      God, she’s a minister?! Here was me dismissing her as one of the looney Tory Backbench set. Makes her performance all the more telling/scary.

    171. a supporter says:

      To paraphrase a well known quotation “It is never difficult to distinguish between an Englishwoman with a grievance and a ray of sunshine.”

      Or to quote Ian Bell in todays’ Sunday Herald “Hysterical rancour is the language of the lost cause.”

      And boy have they lost it.

    172. Frank Mc says:

      Anna appears to be “absolutely terrified” of democracy!

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