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Broken news

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      Broken news | speymouth

    118 to “Broken news”

    1. naina tal says:

      ok yer a fool

    2. John fisher says:

      Aye your right mate , your a fool

    3. Liam says:

      Maybe, but of which planet?

    4. Morgatron says:

      Farquharson – # im calling you a fool.

    5. Bill McDermott says:

      Well Kenny, you have proved your point. You are a fool. Time for you to curl up and retire from active journalism.

    6. Street Andrew says:

      And this unlikely possibility is exactly why freedom of movement across European borders is so important.

    7. manandboy says:

      Kez is gone. Nice one Kenny.

    8. ronnie anderson says:

      ok Faarquharson yer ah total plonker fool

    9. FTDmail says:

      Aye Kenny. Got it in one. You ARE a fool.

    10. Hamish100 says:

      Now what are the real reasons she is going?

    11. gordoz says:

      Key point; who reads papers that hire clowns like this?
      Is this the height of churnslism for this country.
      The guy always looks as smug as feck, since he knows he’s a wage theif and can spout such pish for a living.

    12. Robert Louis says:

      So Corbyn comes up and utters absolute p*sh about Scotland. A day after he meanders back to London, the Leader of the Scottish branch office for British Labour jacks it in, with immediate effect.

      Clearly something very wrong in the Labour party. My guess is, Kezia had her own ideas for Scotland, and Corbyn had no time for it. Kezia said, these are my plans, back me or sack me, and, well here we are.

      Never forget, Kezia was against leaving the EU, and Corbyn is even more in support of brexit than the alt right Tories.

      The arrogance of London British Labour knows no bounds when it comes to Scotland. Corbyn proved he had not the slightest of clues about how Scotland works, but would not listen to his ‘leader’ in Scotland.

      Kezia should join the SNP. Seriously. A proper REAL progressive party, with zero support for leaving the EU. I’m not joking. She really should.

    13. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      gordoz at 11.25

      I think David Torrance is actually worse because Farquarson is wrong on a very polished basis and writes quite well which you can’t blame Torrance of.

    14. heedtracker says:

      Stay well-informed
      Receive complimentary access to two articles from The Times and The Sunday Times every week

      pops up if click the dingdongs pudgy wee face. Well-informed eh? Murdoch’s goons really are hoot sometimes.

    15. Petra says:

      Worth a bet? Looks as though he just lost it, lol.

    16. gordoz says:

      I’m with Stu on this.

      Stray dog with a rosette, probably the way forward for Labour now 🙂

    17. FTDmail says:

      You’re not a fool Kenny. You’re a total IDIOT> She just resigned.

    18. gordoz says:

      Ok I’ll concede that Dave ?
      Ol’ Weetabix getting praised let alone hired as a pretentious pundit is even more surprising than the hapless KF.

    19. gordoz says:

      Ok I’ll concede that Dave ?
      Ol’ Weetabix getting praised let alone hired as a pretentious pundit is even more surprising than the hapless KF.

    20. Reluctant Nationalist says:

      Oh my God, they hired Kenny. You bastards!

    21. Marcia says:

      She was the longest lasting ‘leader’ Labour for a while but her heart wasn’t in it.

    22. ScottishPsyche says:

      So Kezia Dugdale will be quite busy just now – new love, legal matters, re evaluating her life and what is actually important. She always said she wanted to write a book and didn’t see herself staying in Parliament beyond 40.

      Her political persona has appeared increasingly exaggerated for effect, forced and insincere, a position that is unsustainable. The public see through it and more importantly, the stress it causes to the individual is damaging and often irreparable.

      Good Luck to her, she is going hopefully before she can inflict any more damage on herself and Scotland.

      It does seem that the Blairites are on their way out now though, poor Anas.Sky news in mourning and blethering about purges. That awful Scottish Labour woman, Ayesha, who masquerades as a stand-up comedienne is talking the most awful shite about Scotland and the SNP. Interesting times.

    23. Stoker says:

      I’d never call him a fool. Oh no, never, i’d never insult fools!

    24. meg merrilees says:

      Nicola’s tweet:

      We may be opponents, but @kezdugdale led her party with guts and determination and I admired her for that. I wish her well for the future.

    25. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Remember that piece of gish back in June by Julia Rampen in the New Statesman?

      It’s all going swimmingly. BLiS are on the up, Wonder Woman at the helm, ready to take over again from the Nasty Nats.

      Quit while you’re still ahead, eh Kez?

    26. Paula Rose says:

      Is that the new John McTernan?

    27. Etrigan says:

      And here we have it folks. The Scottish political journalist in all it’s glory. Why are they all so rubbish?
      BBC Scotland political news is a joke, most of the newspaper journalists have become snarky wee grumpy trolls. Worst of all is that they are hardly ever correct in any of their predictions, but we still have to read the guff they vomit out on a daily basis.
      I’ve tried not to read the newspapers but it’s surprisingly hard to escape.
      Still, it keeps them of the streets. Imagine if you got stuck next to one in the pub.

    28. yesindyref2 says:

      What number are we on now? Journey to YES 17?

    29. James Barr Gardner says:

      Did anybody call Farwhit a tool, they’re bang on!

    30. Calum McKay says:

      Is she joining the tories?

      Why bother, they are already joined at the hip!

    31. Orri says:

      Churchill changed parties at least once before becoming Prime Minister. Who knows, Dugdale might join the SNP. Or this might be her Faragesque standing for relection so the party can endorse her kind of thing

    32. Petra says:

      Kezia’s gone? What next for her? Full time job at the Daily Rag?

      They’ll be looking for a new leader now. I think we should all get behind James Kelly.

      C’mon James you can do it. James, James, James, we want James. We want James.

      Or maybe Jim Murphy will make a comeback?

      C’mon Jim you can do it. Jim, Jim, Jim, we want Jim. We want Jim.

      Gorgonzola? And of course Corbyn has stated he’d get his mate Galloway back into Scottish politics. Back room boy?

      Best stick with James Kelly who’d accelerate an Indyref2 win for us.

    33. Arbroath1320 says:

      Who the hell is spreading this FAKE NEWS about oor wee Kez jumping ship from the Labour branch office? ?

      I have it on excellent ? authority that she was in post for TEN years! ?????

    34. Still Positive says:


      I assume you mean Kezia for that one, or the next.

      As I posted on the last thread, my son suggested she ( Kezia ) has been influenced by her dad and her partner who is the SNP MSP Jenny Gilruth. Maybe she has seen the light and I don’t mean from the Queensferry crossing lit up.

    35. Reluctant Nationalist says:

      I’m through with leading
      Can’t stand the dross
      I’m through with counting
      The votes I lost
      And here’s the reason
      That I’m so free
      I (criticised Corbyn to make it look like Scottish Labour isn’t merely a branch office, but it is / am in a relationship with an SNP MSP / am sad at the death of a friend)
      According to the BBC

      Bye bye Jez
      Bye bye salary…

    36. HandandShrimp says:

      It is certainly a move that has surprised a few, including myself. Given the comments from Duncan I can only guess that there are still serious tensions behind the scenes in Labour. Corbyn has barely finished his complementary bottle of Irn Bru on his journey home.

    37. Chick McGregor says:

      Kelly, Murphy or Brown, with maybe Baillie, would be a dream. But its going to be Findlay or Sarwar isn’t it? i.e. its going to be Findlay.

    38. Brian S. says:

      No doubt the yoons could/will try to achieve this by all voting Slab next Scottish P elections. lol.

    39. Still Positive says:

      Aye Chic, probably right.

      Findlay is probably better for Scottish Parliament and a gift for FMQs.

      But Sarwar would be better for the plebs against Scottish Independence.

    40. HandandShrimp says:

      Could we be so lucky for it to be Findlay? He seems to be saying he isn’t interested.

      Fingers crossed.

    41. Artyhetty says:

      Well, now Dugdale has gone has she. Been pushed? Not surprised and so not sorry for her, she told people to vote tory to keep the SNP out. Just dreadful.

      The next one will be awarded mega bbc north britain attention. So glad our tv aerial was damaged years ago, and is beyond repair being inaccessible. Phew.

    42. yesindyref2 says:

      @Still Positive
      Yes I saw that, your son has insight I think.

    43. cearc says:

      Hey Arbroath,

      Nice to see you, been a bit worried about your absence.

    44. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Arbroath1320 @ 00:22,

      Ah, but political generations are getting shorter and shorter these days…

    45. Petra says:

      What about Alex Rowley? Is he out of the running for calling for a debate on Independence not so long ago?

      I know it’s just a dream but I’d love if Labour broke away from Westminster and supported Independence.

    46. Capella says:

      @ Petra – it depends on who gets to vote. I think all the members can vote and they might well choose a pro independence leader. But then the branches can vote, and the social clubs can vote, and people in positions of authority have a second, or even a third vote.

      Somehow or other, I suspect a pro independence candidate will find him or her self short of a few votes.

    47. geeo says:

      @petra, as would i, and this is their final chance.

      Announcing that Scots have mandated a referendum and it MUST happen (as democrats we, labour, acknowledge that point) even if labour are against idependence itself.

      Yes to a referendum, no to indy.

      That is a reasonable position to take.

      Not a hope of course, Anas is super opposed to anything democratic for Scotland.

    48. call me dave says:


      Deputy Dugdale hands in her badge and gets out of Dodge whoever next!

      Radio shortbread will be touting a name tomorrow. Big Brian picking out a new garish tie as we speak and gargling his tonsils in ‘not’ Scottish whisky.

      Can hardly wait 🙂

    49. Camz says:

      Wonder how much money he lost.

    50. Cactus says:

      Thanks for the laughs Kezia, haun yersel.

      Curiouser and curiouser again…

      Everything’s in the timing.

      There’s lots going on.


      When I look at our newestest bridge… I see many harps 🙂

      You may sit or stand.


    51. call me dave says:

      Speak of the devil!…Big Brian T on radio 5 a minute ago says
      “Kezia went before she was pushed”.

      ‘Scottish’ labour left supporters wanted her out.

      Some work / personal balance issues hints Brian.

    52. geeo says:

      Comical resignation letter…

      “A mark of success is leaving the party in a better state than i found it”

      Emm…couple of points on that…

      1. DUGDALE was Jim Murphy’s DEPUTY LEADER when labour lost 40 Scottish seats. So not exactly blameless,

      2. When she took over, labour were THE OPPOSITION at Holyrood, now they are 3rd.

      3. Creamed at the local elections into a distant 3rd in 2017.
      Aye, ragin’ success story, Kez…??
      Another belter….

      “Proud to have delivered real autonomy for the Scottish labour party”

      Emm…..actually, no, that did not happen. “Scottish” labour is OFFICIALLY an ACCOUNTANCY UNIT.

      How do we know this ?

      It is written in the labour constitution.
      Clause III.

      “The party’s financial scheme

      1. The party shall maintain a financial scheme
      approved by the Electoral Commission and shall
      consist of a central organisation with ACCOUNTING UNITS

      2. The following may, subject to the approval of the
      party’s financial scheme:

      A. CLPs


      C. Wales Labour…..”

      CAPS are my emphasis, but the words are ALL labour’s OFFICIAL documents.

      According to THE LABOUR PARTY constitution, “Scottish” Labour is OFFICIALLY an accounting unit.

      Not a real party, and 100% NOT autonomous.

    53. Robert Peffers says:

      @Robert Louis says: 29 August, 2017 at 11:32 pm:

      “Kezia should join the SNP. Seriously. A proper REAL progressive party, with zero support for leaving the EU. I’m not joking. She really should.”

      But, Robert Louis, Kezia tried that, before she settled for Labour as her second choice, and the SNP rejected her.

      Which, perhaps, may explain why she so bitterly opposes anything, and everything, that the SNP stands for. Even when the things they stand for are identical or even more central left than Labour’s own policies.

      Mind you, what Labour claims as a policy and what Labour does in practice often just does not compute.

    54. Capella says:

      @ geeo – stop beating about the bush – spit it out geeo -what are you trying to tell us?
      SLab isn’t really a political party! Is it just a sort of mock party for the pink jocks (they really did used to call us that). I’m astonished.

    55. Robert Peffers says:

      @heedtracker says: 29 August, 2017 at 11:35 pm:

      ” … Murdoch’s goons really are hoot sometimes”

      Mair like a Pairliament o Hoolets aa the time, heedtreacker.

    56. Liz g says:

      Capella @ 1.59
      Em … Capella,ah don’t think we are genetically programmed tae be astonished!
      Ah mean we ir we no?

    57. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      call me dave @ 01:44,

      OK, suppose the messiah anoints a new representative on Earth to run his Scottish Accounting Unit. So what? It’s not going to make a blind bit of difference. Many have come and gone, but the miserable thing is still slowly dying on its feet, and a sprinkling of JC’s fairy dust won’t change that.

      (Just don’t tell Cat Boyd, she still believes in Santa.)

    58. yesindyref2 says:

      Unionists used to be saying there are 15 billion reasons for not wanting Independence, now it’s 13 billion.

      Slowly but surely the unionists are losing their reason.

    59. Cactus says:

      SO another BritNatist bites the dust with immediate effect, some timing eh?

      Ah wonder if she’ll be taking a standing ovation from her colleagues.

      Or maybe she wouldn’t want to embarrass her party…

      ***In other local news***
      One of the weir gates on the River Clyde in Glasgow has seized open. This has resulted in a drop in water levels and damage to walkways.

      The water pressure holds and maintains the banking

    60. CameronB Brodie says:

      Paula Rose
      I think Criswell was fully booked.

    61. Robert Peffers says:

      Wow! It has just occurred to me that the wee Fife village of Kelty could end up providing the leaders of two of the three YoonYoonist Parties.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Alex Rowley was the next in line for Labour. Technically, as he is the actually deputy leader at the moment, he is now the leader until someone else is daft enough to accept the Labour Poison Chalice.

    62. Robert Peffers says:

      @Chick McGregor says: 30 August, 2017 at 12:26 am:

      “Kelly, Murphy or Brown, with maybe Baillie, would be a dream. But its going to be Findlay or Sarwar isn’t it? i.e. its going to be Findlay.”

      Ah! Chick, have you forgotten that the man now in charge is Alex Rowley. He was in the running as leader but failed to quite make it and ended as deputy. I’d say he stands a fair chance of inheriting the Poison Chalice.

    63. Cactus says:

      A toast to our gorgeous new bridge!

      Made in Scotland, by Scotland, for Scotland (and visitors)

      She’s a bonnie lass.


    64. Liz g says:

      Cactus @ 3.15
      Slainte mhath

    65. Cactus says:

      Morning Liz g, yeah it’s pretty good balance all round.

      Talkin’ about the ways of the ying and the yang.

      One chapter ends (KDugdale Slab)

      Another begins (TQCrossing)

      Toot yer horn on ur bridge.

      Smile. 🙂

    66. Macart says:


      Wondered how long it would take after JC’s statements on Scotland.

      Apparently not that long.

    67. Liz g says:

      Cactus @ 3.41
      Mornin my friend…toot yer horn…. fur oor bridge …..Alway peacefully ??
      What say you oor guardian of the night!

    68. donald anderson says:

      Does it matter which Unionist careerist leads the Royal Labour Party? So called left and right: they always end up just the same.

    69. Cactus says:


      One toot for each tower (or 3 in the middle)

      The articulated lorry drivers could give us a convoy chorus too.

      Let’s start a thang.

      Do it for yer Dolly:

      Just straight talkin’.

    70. Dr Jim says:

      Of course being on the verge of losing a legal case to a certain Independence website Journalist definitely wouldn’t have figured in Miss Dugdales decision now would it (credibility and all that)
      Still the Labour parties loss may well be Tescos gain, or a nursery somewhere quiet will get a lovely new helper, or how about Labour North Lanarkshire council they’ve just sacked a load of teaching assistants, maybe a wee job there

      Am I cruel? I certainly hope so, which is no less than Dugdale attempted to dish out to Scotland on behalf of her precious Union, although Alex Salmond did say that he thought one day Kezia Dugdale would make a good politician, but not in the Labour party, so who knows eh

      So it looks like step up Red Neil Findlay no matter what he’s said in the past he’s Jeremy’s favourite servile mouthpiece in Scotland and he’ll swallow the pills and do what he’s told and wear the flat cap and pigeon on his shoulder while he’s doing it
      Neil Findlay the UKIP Labour Tory Communist all rolled into one, well it should be good for a laugh if not a giant cringe as we see him constantly paraded on Scottish Telly pretending to be everything at once and it’s all left wing coz Neil says so or he’ll punch you

      There must have been drinks all round on the SNP hotline last night coz Kezia was about the best they had (what a thought) this is more of a pile up than a car crash for SLAB

      What fun

    71. GORDON FORREST says:

      She has done a wonderful job ruining sorry running labour and she leaves it in good hands I wonder how Ruthie will manage the party now she has it all to herself

    72. Alex Waugh says:

      Not sure how I feel. I mean, she was one of the best weapons we had against the Union. Self-loading, self-firing: all we had to do was sit back and watch. Just don’t, for pity’s sake, let her join the SNP. I know it would please her family but we really don’t need her special kind of uselessness ‘on our side’. She should go and write her book; enjoy spending more time with her wife – anything but meddle in politics ever again.

      Actually; on second thoughts, maybe she should stay in politics – in the English Labour party, so she can do as much good there as she did in Scotland.

    73. Ghillie says:

      Ah Kezia,

      Kezia, you’ve made a fair few mistakes and you really do need to make heartfelt apologies to the People of Scotland and to certain individuals…

      Nonetheless pet, go well =)

    74. Davy says:

      PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let it be James Kelly.

    75. Ken500 says:

      Another one gone. Another one down. Another one bites the dust. Serves her right for voting Tory and telling a pack of lies. No one voted for her anyway. Some people never learn.

      Who next for the poisoned chalice. Get Labour out of the way. A straight fight with the lying Tories, which the SNP will win. Then Independence.

      The Tories are disintegrating into farce and chaos. The Brexit mess.

      Have the LibDems been charged with electoral fraud yet?

    76. LesRoches says:

      I can’t believe….I literally can’t believe the news that Kez has gone…why?, because she said it and anything that came out of her mouth was utterly unreliable.

    77. Petra says:

      OMG what an embarrassment. Kezia Dugdale’s even botched it up as she’s leaving! She says she “wants to leave when the Labour Party’s on its uppers.” Or words to that effect.

      At least telling the truth for once.


      @ Boris at 1:38pm …… “Alex Rowley.”

      Really interesting Boris. Thanks for that. Alex Rowley seems like a half-decent guy who might make a half-decent leader, if he’s not constantly stabbed in the back. Then again no matter who the leader is the party seems to be full of intellectual ‘inadequates’ making it problematic for them.

    78. Craig P says:

      Wow, clear the diaries, time for the most important political event of the year, SLAB electing a new leader in Holyrood! At least according to the Scottish press.

      Meanwhile the electorate shrug their shoulders and go 'meh'.

    79. Craig P says:

      Dugdale was always in her position by accident. She became an MSP by surprise when Labour foolishly didn't put their main faces on the list and lost big to SNP.  She became deputy then leader because nobody else wanted the poisoned chalice of leading Labour when they were on their way down. Basically a dummy leader to be in place until others more capable decided the time was right for them to have a go.

      She was completely out of her depth but then she is only 36. She now has experience way beyond what her capabilities would otherwise have gained her in less unusual times. So wonder what she does next? BBC pundit? Good luck anyway but for the sake of the quality of Scottish politics, glad to see her go.

    80. Craig P says:

      Dugdale was always in her position by accident. She became an MSP by surprise when Labour foolishly didn't put their main faces on the list and lost big to SNP.  She became deputy then leader because nobody else wanted the poisoned chalice of leading Labour when they were on their way down. Basically a dummy leader to be in place until others more capable decided the time was right for them to have a go.

      She was completely out of her depth but then she is only 36. She now has experience way beyond what her capabilities would otherwise have gained her in less unusual times. So wonder what she does next? BBC pundit? Good luck anyway but for the sake of the quality of Scottish politics, glad to see her go.

    81. Sunniva says:

      She’ll remain an MSP for the next few years, write her book and keep to the back benches and out of the limelight if she’s got any sense. She should just enjoy private life now that she’s found love again.

      Whatever else may be said of her, hers was one of the most extraordinary political careers ever, catapulted into pole position not through talent but simply through circumstance. She was in a central position at a time of incredible change.

      Never liked her politics or her snipy political style, but she had courage and grit and I admire that. Others would have fallen apart.

    82. Ghillie says:

      Chris’s new cartoon is up !

    83. One_Scot says:

      Kenny Farquharson – ‘Nationalists are sliding and Tories are hitting a ceiling. Call me a fool, but Kezia’s worth a bet’

      Call you a fool. Na, I would prefer ‘paid BritNat troll’ if it’s all the same to you Ken.

    84. heedtracker says:

      Torrance the tory just on there, tells beeb r4 gimps Kez resigned due to a new relationship and she’s 36 now and maybe wants to do something else now and then its all SNP bad from that toryboy, SNP are in terminal decline says Kenfarq levels of tory oddness. Ooooh thanks for David, simpers beeb r4 gimp.

      It is very disorientating listen to tory bbc creeps all piling in to boost SLabour though.

    85. Smallaxe says:


      Kezia: The Express;

      Kezia: Daily Record;

      Kezia: The Guardian;

    86. Smallaxe says:


      ‘Jeremy Corbyn has NO principles’ Nigel Farage lets rip at Labour’s Brexit ‘deception’;

      Please, Theresa, sack Boris Johnson. Britain needs leaders not clowns;

      Record rainfall in Texas, More to come;

    87. Smallaxe says:


      “We must start negotiating seriously. We need UK papers that are clear”;

      Scottish Government supports building of 1 000 new council houses in South Lanarkshire and pushes Borders Council to do more;

    88. Admiral says:

      Is this the same Kez that was in it as branch office manager for the long haul?

      On the bright side, Severin at the Grauniad will soon have some other nomark branch office manager to eulogise as the greatest political genius of the 21st century! 🙂

      Anent Severin, his piece today on Scotland’s marvellous new bridge is a masterpiece of contortion to get in as much negativity as possible. Moan, moan, moan about the problems with the old road bridge, moan, moan, moan about environmentalists and locals opposing building the new bridge, moan, moan, moan about the need for other infrastructure throughout Scotland, SNP baaaadddddd!. No mention that the reason for all this is and was intransigent, unambitious unionist politicking at Scotland’s expense.

    89. Marie Clark says:

      Ah Kez, the woman was promoted way, way above her capabilities. So she’s gone. Wonder which nonentity will be her replacement? Don’t think it really matters to any of us, hope it’s no Jackie Bailey, that face would turn the milk sour. Who would they get to do the sums then? Questions, questions and not many answers.

      Arbroath 1320, nice to see you posting again, been wondering where you had gone.

    90. Brian Powell says:

      I had heard Labour in Scotland was surging, do you normally resign when you are surging?

    91. Brian Powell says:

      They could form the ex-leaders of the Labour Party in Scotland Party, it’s getting quite big now.

      Though she may have resigned to become J Corbyn’s campaign manager for dealing with the colonies.

    92. starlaw says:

      Dont think Jackie Baillie will be interested in the job, she appears to be happily settled on the Gravy Train.

      Have no idea who the next leader will be, nor any worries either. Wont be Broon Slab would be unable to pay his fee’s.

    93. Alba woman says:

      Kezia’s sweetie pie letter of resignation is a typical example of political delusion. She waxes lyrical about her contribution to Scottish politics.

      She worked with a certain Jim Murphy throughout the referendum campaigain. They both in turn worked with the Tories and their very dubious friends. None of their efforts were in Scotland’s best interests.

      She has spent the following years continuing to work solidly wit the Tories and even suggested to folk that they consider voting Tory.

      Au Revoir Kezia. It was not good knowing you politically.


    94. manandboy says:

      Kezia Dugdale has been nothing more and nothing less than a noisy mouthpiece of British State Propaganda, endlessly mouthing SNP- Baad lines from the daily Unionist script. Now discarded as a liability by the Labour Party, she will be given a well paid taxpayer funded fake job doing nothing.
      As for dating an SNP MSP, surely the ultimate in being two-faced.

    95. Ottomanboi says:

      The Scottish branch of the Labour party is plainly being put under ‘special measures’. Lord Protector Corbyn will sort it because we Scots just can’t be trusted. Unionism is Strength!

    96. gordoz says:

      K Dugdale will be missed no more than Johann Lamont. Neither brought much to our political prospects in the world.
      Key players in the great Lab/Tory hold back Scotland UK alliance, but visionaries they were not.
      Lets face it the Lab/Snp romance was something Labour could not tolerate, so for her as leader, love has prevailed and that alone is what she should take pride in.

      Credit where its due.

      Pity she didn’t feel the same way about Scotland, but then again Britain seems to be her country.

    97. Clootie says:

      …James Kelly has my vote for leader 🙂

    98. Desimond says:

      Bookies odds

      Ian Murray 2/1
      Cat Boyd 7/2
      Craig Levein 5/1

    99. gordoz says:

      Christ – can u believe Id forgotten about the Murphy guy.

      Says a lot eh ? ?

    100. Tinto Chiel says:

      Goodbye, Kezia. The Kurse of Kenny FarQ has smitten thee.

      So who to bet on now?

      Neil Findlay, fearless leftie who opposes every progressive SNP proposal because, well, just ‘cos.

      Alex Rowley, trying to resolve his Home Rule/Let’s-talk-about-independence stance with his undying love for groovy Metropolitan hipster Jeremy Corbyn, who is unaware of Scotland’s existence.

      Or dark horse Monica Lennon, Hamilton’s finest: inventor of the tampon and architect of the Queensferry Crossing.

      What a smorgasbord of delights!

      Meanwhile a figure in Totty Rocks shoes quietly smiles and strokes a white cat…..

    101. mike cassidy says:

      Mr Farquharson is unhappy.

      Not only has he torn up his betting slip.

      But also he wants to say this to Scottish Labour.

      “Scottish Labour will come to realise, too late, that Kezia Dugdale was one of its greatest assets. A huge loss, and a sad day.”

      Funny thing is, given the potential replacements, he’s probably right!

    102. Patrick Roden says:

      I think the Findlay attack article on Jim Murphy the other day, was probably the opening shots in a campaign to discredit Kezia.

      She was about to be painted as a typical Blairite who is as equally dishonest and disingenuous as Murphy.

      More importantly, she was hindering Jeremy Corbyns chances of getting into Number 10.

      The reason Kezia had to jump ship, was she knew deep down that these claims were true.

      Ah well, what bumbling, incoherent, lying, toadying, buffoon, will Scotland be putting up with next?

    103. Proud Cybernat says:

      Worth a bet, Kenny? A fool and their money and all that.

    104. Mark Russell says:

      Next candidate for Phantom Power “YES” video?

    105. Brian Powell says:

      Kzia couldn’t have been pushed by Corbyn, Labour in Scotland is an autonomous party, Kezia told us that.

    106. manandboy says:

      Martin Hannan in The National’s opening lines in his piece on Kezia Dugdale:
      “In the end is my beginning. The motto of Mary, Queen of Scots, may yet apply to Kezia Dugdale whose resignation shocked Scottish politics to its core last night.(Ed. No it didn’t)

      For no one in the bubble of politics in Scotland really believes that this is the end of a 36-year-old politician who, lest it be forgotten, presided over a minor upsurge in the Scottish Labour Party’s fortunes(Ed. due entirely to the Corbyn effect) in Theresa May’s early General Election following the utter nadir of the 2015 debacle.”

      It was not perhaps a total recovery in June, and many would say her party might have recovered even further without her, but Scottish Labour did at least improve its representation in the House of Commons.”

      To put Kezia Dugdale in the same sentence as Mary, Queen of Scots, as if they are on the same level – and in a supposed pro-Independence paper, just beggars belief.

      Martin Hannan and Kezia Dugdale certainly seem to be on the same level, of Unionism – where everyone is two-faced.

    107. Dan Huil says:

      Dugdale spent her time gleefully doing down Scotland. She always put Westminster’s wants above Scotland’s needs. That’s why Farquharson and the bbc supported her.

    108. Lochside says:

      Farewell Kezia Dugdale…sociopathic liar and incompetent idiot. No doubt her trip over to the US to ‘support Hilary’ was a job interview set up for her by her good mate and fellow walking personality disorder Jim Murphy with the The British American Project…a ‘fraternal’ organisation including such luminaruies as Barons, Mandelson, Powell (Tony Benn’s mate),Douglas Alexander and Jeremy Paxton, Evan Davis and James Naughtie.

      Don’t worry all you softhearts wee Kez will have a nice little earner set up appropriate for a shallow self seeking chancer like her with her immaculate Britnat credentials.

    109. Tam the Bam. says:

      Desimond @8-59am

      Ian Murray: 2/1
      Cat Boud : 7/2
      Craig Levein : 5/1…. Bookies betting update for latest entrants:

      Ruth Davidson : 2/1
      Jimi Hendrix : 6/8
      a slug : Evens

    110. manandboy says:

      The BBC and the British Nationalist media are bigging up the so-called ‘resignation’ of Kezia Dugdale, the latest Manager of Labour’s Scottish branch to trip and then stumble over their own incompetence.
      The BBC sets up an elaborate ‘statement to camera’ for Kez in a very grand room, presumably in keeping with Kez’s national importance and the serious nature of her announcement. More brainwashing and propaganda for those ‘who can be fooled all the time’.

      Perhaps Kezia is destined for high office, after all, following in the footsteps perhaps of Lord George Robertson, or again, maybe as the chief engineering advisor to HM Gov on all new infrastructure projects throughout Britains newly restored overseas Empire.

      In the pantomime of Unionist politics, anything is possible.

    111. gus1940 says:

      While I abhor everything Kezia stands for politically I feel that behind that she is basically a decent person.

      On the other hand as far as Ruth Davidson is concerned I find it impossible to say anything positive.

    112. Jack Murphy says:

      Corbyn does his 5 day Grand Tour of Scotland and a couple of days later the Scottish Branch Manager resigns !

      “Scottish Labour” is not a Party,never was and never will be until Scotland is an independant country.
      It’s an appendage of Labour Bettertogether HQ in London,England.

    113. I must admit that I badly missed the annual Scottish Labour Party leadership election contest last year. Great to see its return.

    114. yesindyref2 says:

      Kezia Dugdale was a breath of fresh air for Labour in Holyrood and got out in time.

      On the other hand Davidson was a breath of fresh air for the Tories but is still there, well past her minty freshness sell-by date,

    115. Rock says:

      She had the perfect credentials to be Scottish Labour Branch Manager – a complete liar with zero credibility.

      To the extent that she even ended up in bed with the enemy – an SNP MSP.

      Wonder what went wrong.

    116. gary says:

      What an absolute utter arse to make such a prediction. A unionist clown with nae spine and nae brain! Away tae the land of Oz and beg for a brain cell kf

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