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Brass neck polished again

Posted on September 01, 2014 by

The Daily Record, 27 Aug 2014:

“[Gordon] Brown said SNP proposals to cut corporation tax would benefit large companies, including energy firms.

‘The biggest beneficiaries of the SNP’s tax policy are the shareholders and directors of the privatised energy companies in Scotland,” he said. ‘”When you look at the Scottish National Party policies, inequality and poverty will survive until doomsday if Alex Salmond is all that confronts it.”

And Mr Brown again in the Observer, 31 August 2014:

“You’ve got to look at what the SNP is proposing. They’re dining out on Scottish traditions of equality to suggest that Scotland will always be more just in the policies we implement, but their only tax proposal is to cut corporation tax for the richest companies in the country.

They want to cut corporation tax by 3p in the pound. That’s less for health and pensions, not more.”

Veteran readers will know where we’re going next.


The Telegraph, 1 May 2008 (eight months after the run on Northern Rock, and three months after the stricken bank had been taken into public ownership, and therefore well into the ruinous financial crisis created by the banking industry):

“Gordon Brown attempted to salvage some support from Britain’s business community with a pledge to reduce corporate taxation ‘when we are able’ and to simplify the tax regime.

The Prime Minister, making his first speech to the Institute of Directors’ annual convention since 2004, said he understood that Britain’s tax regime must remain competitive. ‘We have cut corporation tax twice and I want to go further,’ he said. ‘We will reduce the tax again when we are able.’

We know we mention this quite a lot. But it really is astonishing that Mr Brown has the temerity to keep flogging such bare-faced hypocrisy to the people of Scotland.

He’s protected, of course, by the fact that his speaking events are closed to the public (only invited and vetted Labour faithful are allowed to attend), and he never deigns to submit to anything that might remotely risk being a hostile interview. Instead, tame pseudo-journalists in the Labour/Union-supporting press unfailingly allow the former Chancellor to trot the line out unchallenged.

So every time he repeats it, it falls to us to serve as their memory.

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    1. 01 09 14 15:06

      Brass neck polished again | Scottish Independence News

    129 to “Brass neck polished again”

    1. BigRik says:

      Do as i say… not as i do .

    2. handclapping says:

      I think I like his line that Scotland will only have the oil money to pay pensions better. At least its forward looking and it agrees we will have the oil revenue.

      Its so much easier being a backbencher, you don’t have to take responsibility for the lies you tell

    3. David O'Neill says:

      Ok Mr Brown (Failed Prime Minister) , what do you propose to benefit voters in Scotland, what’s that, absolutely NOTHING! Thought so, waster!

    4. Steven Mitchell says:

      Is SMS now defined as Selective Memory Syndrome where the former PM and Chancellor is concerned ?

      Still, I suppose it is a better wee punchline to trot out than those on the Better Together vans !

      I sense the entire Better Together team are flapping more than Gordon Brown was at Gillian Duffy’s house !

    5. Nation Libre says:

      I really don’t know how this guy can look in the mirror in the morning. Equally, I don’t know how anybody listens to him and believes a single word he says. After the organ donor and Great Ormond Street blatant lies, this guy should be forced to resign as an MP, at the very least

    6. oor tell says:

      just saw a cracking video on the free scotland facebook page called next question please featuring ,j.lamont well worth the watch

    7. farrochie says:

      Gordon Brown risked all of our futures with his attitude to financial risk. “Encourage the risk takers” was his cry in his Mansion House speech of 2004.

      “Even with other priorities to finance – not least the NHS – we have cut capital gains tax from 40 pence down to 10 pence for long term business assets and in budget after budget I want us to do even more to encourage the risk takers, those with ambition, to turn their ideas into reality and make the most of their talents.”

    8. Staunch says:


      Slight amendment:

      ‘Do as I say [this week]… not as I do [last week]’

      They think we’re mugs and we button up the back. Bunch of lying, troughing swine that’ll happily drag this country through the gutter for their own selfish ends, and the fools that’ll vote no without checking the facts will be helping them carry the load!

    9. Michael McCabe says:

      That’s Jaw dropping from big Gordon.

    10. Luigi says:

      But it really is astonishing that Mr Brown has the temerity to keep flogging such bare-faced hypocrisy to the people of Scotland.

      If nobody in the MSM is willing or able to challenge him with this very easy, open goal, then Crash Gordon will continue spraying the Brown stuff (pardon the stinky pun).

      However, he will have to avoid those dangerous open, public spaces, where there are eggs and all sorts of nasty things.

    11. Breastplate says:

      I think Gordon Brown forgets that in an independent Scotland we will be able to raise as well as lower corporation tax when needs must or when the fancy takes us.

    12. JimnArlene says:

      I really don’t think Gordon, the ex-mp, could count the fingers on his clunking fist.

    13. heedtracker says:

      From the Torygraph archive

      “I want to give you lower taxes and less regulation but I need something in return. And if I don’t get it, lower taxes and less regulation won’t be sustainable,” he said.

      And what little “something in return” did the City boys give Gordon? The sack.

      Took two years of hard graft by same BBC etc relentlessly savaging Scottish democracy and they still couldn’t quite get rid of the most unpopular Prime Minister ever, one eyed Scottish idiot etc. Such is the fickle nature teamGB politics. Poor Gordon, he even made Rupert Murdoch his closest family friend ever too. Wonder how they’re all getting along now.

    14. gillie says:

      Flunking Cyst more like

    15. Lesley-Anne says:

      WOW! TYhat is one hell of a crowd lining up in that photo to hear good old Gordie speak at the opening of a Northern Rock branch, no where near me! 😛

      Oh for the good old days, the days of where we all knew where we stood. You all remember them don’t you folks … the days of BOOM and BUST! 😉

    16. Findlay Farquaharson says:

      Big Clunking Gub.

    17. Roberto Esquierdo says:

      And all this from a tax cheat

    18. heedtracker says: Hell knows no fury than a “one eyed Scottish idiot” UKOK Prime Minister. How come uncle Rupert wasn’t held in anyway responsible for his The Sun goons phone hacking anyway?

    19. BrianW says:

      Politicians must think that people are so disengaged from the political process that what forget what MP’s, PM’s, Chancellors say form one day to the next..

      It is nothing more than bare faced hypocrisy to moan about a party wanting to reduce Corp Tax, when you’re happy to be the one that’s taken that step in the past, and for that move to be lauded by your party failthful, business and party hinger-oners.. (I think that how you spell

      Sheesh… Will he ever learn..

      He really is a Twat.. (oh sorry, did I leave my microphone on there..)

    20. Lesley-Anne says:

      I’m thinking here, yes folks I do do that occasionally as those foolish enough to read anything I post will recall 😀 , that our dear dear EX Chancellor, EX Prime Minister, EX M.P. has forgotten that his former underling, Ed Balls has been quoted as saying that HE wants to cut 3p off Corporation tax.

      I wonder how dear wee Gordie feels about wee Ed wanting to cut the U.K. Corporation tax by 3p. 😉

    21. CameronB Brodie says:

      (only invited and vetted Labour faithful are allowed to attend)

      Apparently Gordo doesn’t like splitting entrails in public.

      No Better Together Thanks displaying occult practices and qualities? Astonishing. 🙂

    22. heedtracker says:

      Torygraph really desperate now, trying to get Shetland to become Norwegian today. It’s not mad old Cockers either

    23. Edward says:

      Slightly O/T
      Has anyone seen the pictures from Dundee of Alex Salmond
      I understand he was at the Yes Shop

    24. Helena Brown says:

      How come all these failed politicians who are not good enough for English Voters are just good enough for us. Do they think we live in a vacuum, we haven’t got that luxury Gordon. Unlike you and the competition, you know the Tony Blair you would not stand against in an election for the Leadership. You have accumulated riches beyond your ability which is quite lamentable. Who would have thought you were really an idiot who thinks the rest of the world is. Begone and never darken our Country again with your drivel.

    25. Karmanaut says:

      O/T Yes campaigners attacked by mob.
      (The video on the website does not show the attack)

    26. Helena Brown says:

      JimnArlene @3.29pm, loved that one.

    27. heedtracker says:

      No it’s Guy Walters whoever that is, some swivel eyed Tory loon no doubt and he’s decided that

      “The majority of the islanders are overwhelmingly in favour of keeping the United Kingdom just that – united. Many regard themselves as Shetlanders or Orcadians first, and then British. They emphatically do not see themselves as Scots.”

      It’s funny because even far right ultra NO Press and Journal did a poll last year that found 80% Orcadians and Shetlanders describe themsleves as Scottish.

      Blatant far right liggers save teamGB, shock.

    28. HandandShrimp says:

      It is a little known fact that cognitive dissonance was a term coined to diagnose Gordon’s condition, it was only later that they found it could also apply to other people to some extent


    29. msean says:

      Also seems to forget how the press used to go on and on about the Scots while he was in office.

    30. Quentin Quale says:

      Do you think anyone at the Record might make the connection between their journalism being nothing more than a constant slew of one-sided tosh and the 11% slump in sales (87 000 readers lost) between July 2013 and June 2014?
      Perhaps they think the current standard will win the readership back. Oh look, a squirrel.

    31. Clootie says:

      Don’t mention the pension savings raid or the gold sell off’s or his state pension increase of 75p a week or cutting the 10p tax for the poorest….I could go on.

    32. Lesley-Anne says:

      Just seen this so a wee heads up to everyone who attended previous BBC Bias protests and want another one. 😉

    33. Ronnie Young says:

      Great piece again Stu!

      It occurs to me that you should maybe do a chart of the no campaigners lies and hypocrisies. I often find after chatting to undecideds that I realise I forgot a glaring example that would have helped my case – there are so bloody many!

      So a nice graphic with lists and links would be fab.

      Keep up the brilliant work

    34. CameronB Brodie says:

      Slightly OT but I think important. I posted this on a previous thread, so sorry for recycling so quickly. 😉

      I think this should be shared widely. My favourite is the letter from HSBC.

      I confirm that your pension plan will not be affected should Scotland vote for independence. We will continue to invest the funds and pay out the retirement benefits as per normal.

      @ No Better Together Thanks
      Lying again?

    35. Viking Girl says:

      I’ll never forget the thing he said about abolishing Boom and Bust. That indicates a unique degree of self-servingness, if that’s a word, and ‘only invited and vetted Labour faithful are allowed to attend..’ his meetings. Does that mean Archie MacPherson? Certainly none of the poor folk that continue to invest their hopes in Labour.

    36. Doug says:

      Another day, another load of nonsense on the NHS. This time from the Express

      But, I suspect not widely reported, is this lovely instant rebuttal.

      “I don’t see it as an embarrassment at all, Glyn. The supposedly “damning” sentence in the Express article is this:

      Ministers boast that only £80million of hospital funding is privatised but in fact almost £500million went to “sub-contractors” last year – almost five per cent of Holyrood’s annual NHS budget.

      We have to read on to get the breakdown of the £490.6m total:

      £63.8m to the third sector (voluntary organizations)
      £343.8m to councils

      Doing a simple bit of maths, this means that £83.0m is spent on the private sector. Therefore the “boast” is in fact perfectly correct.

      In the same article Labour then complain about councils being put under pressure because of the council tax freeze, but as the total has more than doubled (£225m to £490m) since 2007 I guess this would predominantly reflect the extra money the Scottish Government is giving to councils in order to compensate them for the council tax freeze. That’s hardly something to complain about.

      It is up to the councils to decide how best to provide care services, and I’m sure some of them will opt to close in-house care provision and out-source it to the private sector. But the Scottish Government can’t be blamed for local government decisions. Labour still hold or largely control half of the councils (16 out of 32) so it might be interesting to find out which councils are out-sourcing their care duties to the private sector.”

      Couldn’t add any more, other than to say that there is a world of difference in using some money to pay for individual operations in order that patients don’t have to wait too long (not ideal, but understandable) versus the wholesale franchising of entire services, departments (and, soon, health boards and GP services).

      As a GP, such crude nonsense does anger me.

    37. liz says:

      @Edward – that’s brilliant – an hour and a half to reach the Yes shop.

      I notice it said he was mobbed – maybe that’s what Big Girl’s Blouse – apologies to all big girls’ blouses- Murph meant when he said nationalist mobs.

    38. bjsalba says:

      If you read Scotland’s future you will see that reducing Corporation Tax is the corollary of removing the tax wheezes the big guys get.

      That would mean a much more even playing field for all – big and small.

    39. Roberto Esquierdo says:

      Gordon and Sarah get £10,000 yes £10,000 in expenses every Week out of the charity The office of Gordon and Sarah Brown.

      IMO this charity was set up for Gordon and Sarah to siphone off the money They are the ony two shareholders registered with company house in London see Guido Fawkes for details

    40. Macart says:

      Crash A- AAAAHHHH Saviour of the universe. 🙂

    41. fred blogger says:

      perhaps another novel idea is to actually collect all corporation taxes.

    42. Stevie boy says:

      @ Lesley-Anne 4:16pm

      I went to the last one and although the Commonwealth Games were on there was still over 1200 people turned up (they issued numbers to prove it).

      Definately will go to this one and will try and get as many people as possible to join in.

      I’m gonna cancel my tv licence as well. I pay it to have the news reported to me fairly and unbiased, so I see it as they have broke my contract.

      Please please anyone can come then join in and let’s show them what we think!!!

    43. Nana Smith says:

      Come close and I’ll tell you a story
      Of death destruction and doom
      All of these things have been forecast
      By a man known as ex gordy broon

      Last time he came north was to frighten
      Caused much dismay fear and tension
      Gathered some old folks under one roof
      To tell them they’d not get their pension

      Of course needless to say some were not taken in
      By a man who made many a blunder
      These people remembered it was gordy broon
      Who blasted their pensions assunder

      So don’t be persauded to vote no
      As this charlatan can’t be believed
      Behind in the wings are the puppet masters
      Cameron Darling and heidthebaw reid

    44. Robyn - Quine fae Torry says:

      He must have a garage full of Brasso.

      PS Just wanted to give a mention to whoever it is in Upper Largo at the St Andrews road junction. No doubts how they’re voting! Made me smile after passing many a field with Vote No boards in them.

      A hell of a lot of fields in Scotland are voting No – can’t miss them all the way down the A90 and in rural Fife 🙁

    45. Sinky says:

      In a BBC Today Programme Lecture on 2nd May 2012, the Governor of the Bank of England, Sir Mervyn King criticised the lack of action by Alistair Darling and the last Labour government in the earliest days of the banking crisis when the first UK Bank, Northern Rock, failed which King said could have cost up to one million people their jobs.

      Decisive action would have at least mitigated the problems encountered by other Banks including HBOS and RBS a year later.

      It was the UK regulatory authorities headed by Chancellor of Exchequer Alistair Darling that had the powers to investigate the RBS / AMRO take over but ignored fact that no due diligence was done by RBS on a deal worth £49 billion before they gave its approval for the world’s biggest bank take over deal that brought about the collapse of the Royal Bank.

      Unionist even have the gall to blame Alex Salmond for this event despite fact that Darling had the powers to investigate the deal before giving it his final and required approval.

      At the time Fred Goodwin was an adviser to Alistair Darling as Chancellor, and was still a member of a key Treasury body advising Labour months after the banking crisis and quitting RBS.

      Incredibly, the FSA overlooked the rules on capital by allowing Goodwin and RBS to dip below 4%, below the minimum regulatory requirement on capital, to do the ABN Amro deal.

    46. heedtracker says:

      Press and Journals pulled their own poll results from Shetland and Orkney last year. But really nasty P&J vote No stuff today with very creepy attempt to pull Salmond directly into whatever shyst Jim Murphy’s tried to pull.

      Apparently Murphy was pelted with eggs and threatened with violence at a “rally” and Yes voter “mobs” overturned tables to attack an English photographer although for balance presumably, Stonehaven No voters “shouted and pointed fingers and threatened to take Yes signs from nationalists”

      They really are praying for trouble in these news rooms but they also added another £400 million to Scottish state set up costs what they read in yesterdays Sunday Times, who went for £2bn set up charges. Why hold back P&J. Make it £4bn why not

    47. Doug says:

      “O/T Yes campaigners attacked by mob.
      (The video on the website does not show the attack)

      Of course, what you will not hear is “This is obviously coordinated by Downing Street. Won’t Cameron call off his attack dogs?”

      Largely because that would be bull. So why do they persist in saying the same about Yes/SNP/Alex Salmond? (I already know the answer)

    48. westie7 says:

      OT just came up on my FB

      Yes Aberdeenshire
      Meeting at Mastrick Community Centre is cancelled after City council withdrew use of the venue at 2:30 pm today

    49. Lesley-Anne says:

      I think the numbers were down at the last protest Stevie because of everything else that was going on the the Quay plus the difficulty some folks had in getting there. This time it will be different. Who knows there might even be a few BBC journalists there as well if they are on strike at the time. 😉

    50. heedtracker says:

      This ones for nerds really but P&J also have the author of House of Cards, Micheal Dobbs really putting the boot in to Yes. Dobbs was appalled by the Darling/Salmond debate last week in LA, so he’s now in Aberdeen campaigning with BetterTogether against Scottish independence and he’d be “desolate” if Scotland blah blah bleh.

      Dobbs is interesting in that he somehow manages to drag in his own fictional political horror creation from Westminster Francis Urquhart, who ofcourse would vote NO because Urquhart “would be saying I don’t want to be playing on the small stage, I want to be playing on the large stage where the power is and where he could have the most impact.” lol

      If that’s not changed you from Yes to No, Dobbs is also a Conservative Lord. Think it ever occurs to any of these dudes that they’re the ones we’re trying to get away from? He has met Kevin Spacey though.

    51. Lesley-Anne says:

      Sorry for going O/T. Well what did you expect? She is back and will be following the rules ALL the time! It’s me … the village idiot! 😛

      I wonder if this group of lovely people have received their £25 travel allowance and £10 expenses yet. More over isn’t this a rather LARGE amount of people to have travelling in a Reliant Three Wheeler? 😀

    52. CameronB Brodie says:

      Is that guy with the false arm lobbing an egg, Lesley Anne? 🙂

    53. Lesley-Anne says:

      NAH he is just one of those egg-cen-tricical sorts Cameron. 😛

    54. Davy says:

      Yep it shows how low the NO campaign are prepared to go these last few weeks.

      They have only one last play left and I am sure it will come out in the next week, ta da it will be the Queen and the royal family.

      I fully expect some Royal Pronouncement very shortly, telling us peasants to remember our place and how grateful they will be if we would kindly remember to vote NO.

    55. Lesley-Anne says:

      Here’s a wee video from the Keiser Report with Dominic Frisby discussing Scottish currency.

    56. Robert Louis says:


      He hasn’t saved the universe yet, but he has, as we all remember, apparently ‘saved’ the world-

    57. YESGUY says:


      Welcome back. ( Big Hug)

      Missed your witty prose.


      Too true. Those “Lords and tory’s” don’t get it. So out of touch and he came all the way from L.A. (shakes heid)

      I can’t be this easy to win folks……

      NT have no argument. Now their supporters are getting violent. And Tory lords chasing our votes.

      I sense a real tipping point now.

      I cannot believe we will lose this .

    58. faolie says:

      Slightly o/t, anyone with wee blue books that can be made available to anyone that needs them please let everyone know via post on wee blue book Facebook page at

    59. Grouse Beater says:

      What are we to make of elected politicians who demand locked doors to tell a chosen few what to think?

      They show how much they despise democracy.

      At least Murphy stood on a crate in open streets to tell passers-by what to think.

    60. Lesley-Anne says:

      Big hugs and XXX in return YESGUY. 😉

      Careful with your compliments though. As I said to Scot on the previous thread these sort of things have a nasty habit of expanding my head and I end up being stuck in the living room. The only way I can then get out is to remove the living room windows, which at one floor up aint all it’s cracked up to be as an easy job! 😛

    61. CameronB Brodie says:

      What about getting that linked on the front page? Good initiative, btw.

    62. mary vasey says:

      Lesley-Anne are those Rory’ s friends above lol 😎

    63. CameronB Brodie says:

      Sorry, just had a thought. Updates for non-Facebookers like myself?

    64. manandboy says:

      Gordon Brown must surely be in the running now

      for the title “Most Reviled Scot in the Referendum Debate”.

      He will have to fight off the other main contenders of course, viz. Darling, Carmichael, Lamont and Danny Alexander,

      but I think if big Gordy keeps going to the 18th, he might just cross the dateline the winner.

      Seriously, after the Independence Referendum, some of these people are going to have trouble going out and about.

      But then I suppose that won’t be a problem –

      as they’ll probably be living in England.

    65. Dr JM Mackintosh says:

      I met a mate from Orkney this weekend and he had just returned for the islands. He was amazed by the response up there – Yes signs and Saltires all over the islands. He has never seen any thing like it, as politics is normally pretty quiet as they have just voted the Liberals and Lib-Dems in for generations.

      I suspect the article was written from a computer desk in London under the divide and rule concept. I also read a similar Guardian article this week were the reporter could tell the Orcadians were pro-Union from Scrabster harbour. So no need even to take the Ferry to find out.

      This may also explain Alistair Carmichael’s recent wish to join Team Scotland after a Yes. Even he must think his huge majority may be in danger. Lib-Dem wipeout in 2015 WM is definitely on the cards – most will go according to Lord Ashcroft’s polls and the last two Kennedy and Carmichael must also be getting worried. No House of Lords for them if we get a Yes vote.

      Hopefully there will be a majority for Yes on the Northern Isles and then they will boot out Carmicheal next year – Result.

    66. CameronB Brodie says:

      Please ignore my previous comment. 🙂

    67. Brian Mchugh says:

      Everyone buying The Proclaimers “Cap in hand” to get it to number 1 on Twitter 🙂

    68. Lesley-Anne says:

      Funnily enough Mary I did raise that very point over on Twitter. I suggested that they were actually looking for wee Tory Rory’s *ahem* cairn and had actually got lost! 😀

      Never mind though I know some folks who DID find wee Tory Rory’s *cough* cairn last Friday. 😛

      Let’s just say that the the *ahem* cairn minders were non too chuffed about their appearance though, I can’t for the life of me think why though! 😛

    69. mary vasey says:

      Just had IPSOS MORI on phone but no joy they wanted someone a wee bitty younger than this auld wifie lol

    70. John Bell says:

      Re The Boss being mobbed on the streets of Dundee (Edward @ 3:54).

      A bunch of us were out with Jim Sillars in East Ayrshire today.
      The MargoMobile got a great response, with loads of folk waving and tooting car-horns as they passed, and even more coming up to us to get badges, ‘Yes’ posters etc.
      The best, though, was when we went to Patna, an Old Labour stronghold.
      When the MM parked up in the middle of a scheme and Jim went into his speech, front doors opened and within minutes a crowd had gathered.
      Jim ramped up the oratory and, when he finished, there was a fantastic roar of approval from the clapping, cheering crowd.
      Absolutely brilliant!

    71. Lesley-Anne says:

      Oh dearie me, it appears that our bested friends in the Orange Order are a wee bit upset with the YES campaign. 😛

    72. mary vasey says:

      Lesley-Anne Brilliant Aye right enough 😎

    73. Grouse Beater says:

      Posted some time ago…

      The sight of Brown and Darling together on the same stage will remind some of the time Mike and Bernie Winters tried their luck in Glasgow. When the second Winters entered on stage the cry came:

      “Kerrist! There’s two of them!”

    74. Lesley-Anne says:

      Well as we are all from the lighter caring side of the street Mary we do like to do everything we can to help the poor and lost in our society. 😛

    75. Onwards says:


      The voter registation deadline is midnight on Tuesday 2.

      Anyone know what the rules are for getting forms back to the local electoral offices?

      Can canvassers deliver forms personally?

      Are offices manned until midnight on this occassion, or can they be posted through the door?

      Any last minute registration pushes going on?

    76. mato21 says:

      From Jla breaking news

      Either yes or no will win I didn’t expect that to be the result

    77. Ken500 says:

      Gordon Brown the biggest tax evader in the country, allowed (foreign) multinationals to tax evade £Billions with immunity. HMRC is not fit for purpose and will hound individuals and small businesses to death. HMRC is warned off, as untouchable by Westminster, the (foreign) multinationals tax evading £Billions while the poor, sick and vulnerable are sanctioned and walking to food banks.

      Westminster, their associates and the criminals in London City tax evade £Billions, above the Law. There are no Laws in the UK to put bankers and fraudsters in jail.

    78. Stevie boy says:

      @ Brian McHugh 5:53pm

      Thanks for the reminder! Just been on and downloaded it.

      PLEASE can as many people as possible download it (and inform friends etc) and get it to number 1!

    79. Lesley-Anne says:

      Brilliant Liz. 😛

      I am assuming that this is our bestest friend Ms Lamont doing her bestest impression of someone who is deaf, dumb and blind then. What a pity she only got two out three correct there then! 😀

    80. Stevie boy says:

      Cap in Hand I mean of course by the Proclaimers!

      Great song and very appropriate.

    81. mr thms says:

      This morning I showed my mum’s carer, this brief clip from You Tube, and she agrees with me. The man on the left appears to give the order for the eggs to be thrown, just before they are thrown. The same man then went on to applaud what Jim Murphy shouted out next.. case closed.

      sorry but I am not allowed to post the whole You Tube link


    82. David says:

      I see the tip at Mount Vernon on the north side of the M74 just east of Junction 3a has about six naw signs in it.

      At least they have found the right place to put them, in a rubbish dump, how appropriate.

    83. Ken500 says:

      (UK) Gov Pensions are reported to be £6Billion in Scotland (Total pensions/benefits £16Billion) Total UK Gov pensions bill reported to be £74Billion. Pro rata Scotland has a lower (UK) Gov pensions bill.

      Gordon Brown always reports (UK) gov pensions in Scotland to be £9Billion (lying again?)

      People die younger in Scotland. Scotland raises on average £60Billion, and can afford the (UK) Gov pension bill more easily than the rest of the UK’s pension responsibilities.

      6% of pensioners in the rest of the UK continue to work. 9% of pensioners in Scotland (poorer?) continue to work. Pensioners pay tax.

    84. Ken500 says:

      Privatised energy companies in Scotland pay corporation tax. (Foreign) Multinationals in the City of London tax evade £Billions under UK tax regime.

      Oil Multinationals in Scotland are taxed up to 90%. Increased 11% (£2Billion a year) in the 2011 Budget, to favour lower taxes in London S/E and the rest of the UK. Adversely affecting the Scottish Oil sector.

    85. Ken500 says:

      The Tory Party and Labour Party are funded by London bankers, without this support these Parties would not exist. Tory bankers. The bonuses for the criminals, making no profits, have increased.

    86. K1 says:

      Welcome hame LA 🙂 That is ‘astonishing’ Liz…how is she the leader of the wing of labour in Scotland…rude, ignorant and utterly brazen disresepect for a perfectly reasonable question! You could not make this stuff up…sigh.

    87. bookie from hell says:

      City of London

      financial charges

    88. Marcia says:


      There is nothing stopping canvassers delivering forms before the deadline. Check with the local council for their arrangements tomorrow.

    89. Deontas says:

      Big Jim Murphy will be choking on his Irn Bru with wee Jo in the above video!

      Big Jim speaks utter horse manure non stop and wee Jo doesn’t speak at all!! What a strange bunch.

      Then we have the above mentioned Gordon Broon which is another matter altogether.

      PS I am sure I have saw another chapter to the silent one above when the guy questioning wee Jo followed her to her car and steely wee Jo continued her mute stance.

    90. Lesley-Anne says:

      Thanks K1, it was a long and windy road but I got back here in one piece. 😉

    91. Grouse Beater says:

      Cynical Highlander: The Brown/Darling mask is slipping.

      HBOS accused of misleading the public over £4bn rescue

      That’s extremely embarrassing. One for Stuart to limelight for readers at large!

    92. heedtracker says:

      @ Dr JM Mackintosh, Press and Journal have an energy supplement on Mondays which reports really well at least some of whats going on the energy sector in Scotland but they also a have terrific full page opinion report from the guy below that rips apart the bullshit arount appalling investment policy and their insane neo con Thatcherite oil sector taxation, and it all brings Dick Winchester to YES.

      There’s also usual angel of death Brian Wilson monstering everything Scotland SNP. Wilson was chairman of Airtricity, a power company bought out by SSE, or another New Labour socialist worker cum very rich trougher.

      Opinion: The answer to that Question has to be . . .
      Dick Winchester

    93. K1 says:

      Devereux or a2 re WBB’s for west end…I don’t think Stu has the time (understandably) to forward email addresses. I’m going to put mine in off topic. Perhaps you could contact me to find a way to co ordinate arranging a suitable time to get a hold of WBB’s for distributing in this area. I think I now need somewhere in the region of a 100 to 150 as many others I know are asking for them to give to their undecideds’! Hope one of you sees this 🙂

    94. @Grouse Beater

      Brown and Darling were completely out of their depth, the City boys knew it and went to town.

    95. liz says:

      @ Lesley-Anne – indeed it is.

    96. Papadox says:

      “END OF BOOM AND BUST” – Gordon Brown. CHANCER.

    97. liz says:

      @Deontas – I would love to see that.

      The way the man asked the question he could have been a DK.

    98. K1 says:

      Aye LA falls along the way…but you got back up 😉

    99. Balaaargh says:

      From that Edinburgh Evening News article,

      George Foulkes, former chairman of Hearts and a firm supporter of the No campaign, stressed that there was no evidence the attack had been carried out or orchestrated by No campaigners.

      He said: “I deplore any physical violence but I think you have to be very careful about making claims about who is responsible.

      “I would deplore it. But I suspect it may be being exaggerated and twisted to create counter balance to the attacks Jim Murphy has had to suffer. (emphasis mine)

      I suppose, of any of the BT crowd, he would be best placed to comment on violent assaults given his record.

    100. Lesley-Anne says:

      He may have been a DK when he STARTED to ask his question Liz but by the time Lamont had finished giving her answer he was a definitive YES! 😛

    101. scotspine says:

      mr thms,

      Re the Murphy egging. First time I’ve seen that and immediately, a cack handed pantomime effort springs to mind.

    102. Les Wilson says:

      Lesley-Anne says:

      Lesley as you have been a wee bit loud, thought I would send you this wee bit fun, to let your steam out!( wee smiley thing!)

    103. IcySpark says:

      Cap in Hand is now Number 1 on Amazon and in the top 40 of iTunes.

      It would be great if Stu could do a post on this as radio play throughout the country can only help the cause.

    104. Lesley-Anne says:

      Brilliant Les! 😛

      I’m already putting it to good use! 😉

    105. Bob Sinclair says:

      Sorry to go off topic, but still looking for Postal Vote Agent and Counting Agent Volunteers in Glasgow.

      Come on Glasgow Wingers, this is a genuine chance to be a part of one of the most historic events Scotland will ever experience.

      Imagine being able to tell your Grandchildren that you were there when we took the first step towards changing the world for the better.

      We’re very nearly there but we need one big effort to ensure fairness in the poll, and as the saying goes ‘many hands make light work. With enough registered PV agents / Counting Agents the job will be so much easier.

      If you want to volunteer just drop me an email at indyref2014WoS(at)gmail(dot)com

    106. galamcennalath says:

      I can’t reveal my source, but I have just had an email from a very reputable academic source which says “a sizeable swing towards Yes on the way” 🙂

    107. Ken500 says:

      Anyone can take a voter electoral registration form and hand it in. That’s the problem.

    108. Ken500 says:

      Whisper the ‘C’ word. Is that the ‘reputable’? academic source finally coming clean, a few £millions later. Ching, ching. Taking the voters to the cleaners. Nice ‘work’ if you can get it.

    109. Ken500 says:

      Speak about brass neck.

    110. donald anderson says:

      Fat Basturt has cheek to talk about fat cats.

    111. Boorach says:

      Re Lamont clip, anyone else wondering what she mouthed towards the camera/questioner as she sat down?

    112. liz says:

      @Lesley-Ann – I know. Lamont the gift that keeps on giving.

    113. dennis mclaughlin says:

      In a universe far,far away…..He Saved The World :).

    114. Douglas Macdonald says:

      At the debate in Stornoway, Johann Lamont was asked by a person in the audience if in the event of a yes vote would she take part in any subsequent negotiations with rUK. I am afraid answer came there none. She seems to be making a habit of it.

    115. X_Sticks says:

      Sorry O/T

      Made the mistake of watching Mibbies Aye, Mibbies Naw.

      Anyone watching it would be thinking that it’s about 70% naw 30% aye.

      They’d also be thinking only the No camp had cogent arguments. The weak ayes didn’t have a grasp of the facts. Obviously not Wings readers.

      The Laird of Craufurdland in his wee castle thinks we’re too wee and getting more powers would be preferable. His ancestors would be turning in their graves. That their descendants could be so stupid.

      The blatancy of the propaganda was astonishing.

      If I paid their tax I would be very, very angry.

      Producer; Stephen Magee, Editor: Peter MacRae

    116. Bingo Wings Over Scotland says:

      Somebody mentioned this earlier, here’s the link.
      Johann Lamont’s response to a question about more powers is simply stunning.

    117. Gary says:

      Come to think on it, doesn’t National Insurance pay for the NHS and pensions?

    118. Robert Peffers says:

      @Lesley-Anne says: 1 September, 2014 at 6:01 pm:

      “Oh dearie me, it appears that our bested friends in the Orange Order are a wee bit upset with the YES campaign.

      You’re in fine form today, Lesley-Anne. Nice to see your back – Err! (and your front),again.

    119. Stevie boy says:

      @ X_Sticks

      Yep watched Mibees aye Mibees naw.. more like Mibees shite!!!

      Let’s take a variety of the normal Scottish public… Laird in a castle. Yeah very unbiased there!

      My God!!

    120. Stevie boy says:

      @ Bingo Wings Over Scotland

      Johann Lamont… what a disgrace.. and that was at a No Thanks gig.

      There’s your answer folks to the new powers after a No vote…

      Feck all!!!

    121. Robert Peffers says:

      @Marcia says: 1 September, 2014 at 6:45 pm:

      “There is nothing stopping canvassers delivering forms before the deadline. Check with the local council for their arrangements tomorrow”.

      There was an item on the news that the local council staff would remain on duty until midnight. I had jusy come in so missed any other info as regards how to submit the forms.

    122. Stevie boy says:

      Again fellow Wingers..

      BBC protest on 14th September 2pm til 4pm at Pacific Quay.

      Please try and go along to show your disproval at how our tv licences are being spent.

    123. Stevie boy says:

      My sister has posted a clip on Facebook about an American take on the Referendum and how biased it is against Yes and in particular the abuse being misrepresented in the media.

      I’m not sure how to link it on here but apparently it’s doing the rounds on Facebook.

      Would be good if someone could tag it on here. I’ve heard it and it’s very uplifting to see how ‘outsiders’ are viewing it.

      It’s called ‘Indyref from an American – NO MEDIA BIAS – What’s really happening’

      Worth a listen.

    124. crazycat says:

      Re : Johan Lamont not answering the question about more powers – this is a clip from a longer recording, which was posted on here at the time, and they had decided to answer questions in groups of three.

      So to really see how she answered, you have to look a bit further on – it wasn’t significantly more informative than the silence, but we shouldn’t play their game of creative editing, in my opinion. It isn’t necessary; they’re making fools of themselves without our help.

    125. Tom Foyle says:

      Hey! That pic’s been photoshopped! It’s a queue for the WBB, but someone’s tacked “Northern Rock” over the “yes” sign! Amazing what BT will get up to.
      O/t…My son, returning from Inverness at the weekend, said there were many houses with “yes” posters up, and many fields with several “No” signs erected in them. I pointed out that, not only do fields have difficulty getting to a ballot box, but most of those fields are probably owned by no more than three of four (English) people.

    126. Bingo Wings Over Scotland says:

      @ Crazycat, 9:49pm. I took the clip at face value, but if that’s the case then I’m happy to stand corrected. It did seem a bit out of character for JoLa, given her normal eloquence on these matters.

    127. Nixon says:

      Scottish Labour must be *delighted* at Brown’s continued show of confidence in their chances of winning any Scotttish election in the future, given his apparent presumption that independence can only mean an SNP government.

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