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Bottle Rockets

Posted on June 01, 2024 by

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  1. duncanio

    The SNP screwed up the start of their ‘campaign’ … and they have no membership fees, donations and short money left for a re-launch.

  2. Dorothy Devine

    A wonderful , apposite image , thanks Chris!

  3. robertkknight

    My own summing up of the SNP campaign…

    Not Waving, but Drowning.

  4. SteepBrae


  5. Big Jock

    It seems like Swinney wants to hasten the end of the SNP as well. Is he London’s man in Scotland? Surely it can’t be just stupidity. Because his is on a whole new level.

    All I can say is God speed John. The quicker this beast is slain the better for all of us. Rome wasn’t built in a day. We are going to have to start again, but it’s the only way.

  6. Linda McFarlane

    They’re a bunch of damp squibs right enough Chris.

  7. Hatey McHateface

    OMG! Blackface!

  8. Dan

    The NuGreens should change their name to the Browns coz pretty much everything they touch turns to shite.

    Wasting millions on DRS when we already have pretty decent recycling facilities.
    They could have just run an informative nationwide campaign that motivated more folk to properly use the existing waste systems we have in place.
    My local recycling centre which was great for years has due to funding cuts started to close for a couple of days a week and shorter hours on the open days.
    They’ve also removed bottle bank, waste paper & books container, and altered the other waste collection receptacles too.
    These changes have added up to the site being much busier when it is open (I’ve queued for 20 minutes the last two times I visited) and it’s clear from looking in the skips that folk are now so frustrated with waiting and the site being so busy making parking at correct unloading point difficult, that they just lob everything into the general waste skip so way more waste is going unprocessed.

    The local authority used to have to pay for all the unprocessed general waste going to landfill, but I don’t know if that is still the case as the new energy generation from waste incinerators are coming online and they will benefit with improved calorific value fuelstock if wood, plastics, and other combustibles are left in the general waste they receive.
    Be interesting to look closely at the various payments and subsidies around the management of our waste…
    The potential energy contained in waste has an inherent value, and if there was proper management of our waste processes that could help fund the running of the recycling centres.



    «MI5’s MISSION is to keep the country SAFE»

    Check it out….

    SAFE…..a word become intrinsically threatening.

    «A safe fairyland is untrue to all worlds»
    J. R. R. Tolkien

  10. Oneliner

    Where/when did they find the bottle?

  11. James Che

    Well done Chris, a good lookalike clone of Swinney,
    and a excellent drawing of what a union politician would look like when doing a interpretation impersonation of a Scotsman.

    And If labour or Tories win the election in Scotland I am sure you would be able to draw what a caring climate change political party looks (who jets up to Scotland to save time) like behind their mask,
    whilst the other one fiddles the finances and numbers behind their mask of a country That impersonates Rome burning.
    Or maybe you would be capable of drawing both parties counting the resulting election votes prior to the election date,
    Your ability to say so much condensed down into one picture never ceases to amaze the rest of us,
    Well done,

  12. James Che


    I would recycle all the Scottish political parties in Holyrood and hopefully when completed the final exit point Would be returned to Westminster.

  13. Geri


    That was a spectacular fail.

    Too much vinegar with Sturgeon still hanging around.
    Sums up the SNP. No maths. No science. No chemistry.

    Big Jock

    I’d choose stupidity. He was useless the first time round too. Westminster is as safe as houses in his hands. Mr fence sitter.

  14. Vivian O’Blivion

    Just how impecunious are the SNP finances?
    Membership subs. are down and the headline figure may be inflated by dodgy revenue streams wee Peter had to keep off the books. Agent Foote can’t afford to play fast-and-loose with tactics such as auctioning off Parliamentary selection procedures now that the Polis are on the case.
    Donations have dried up.
    The all important £1.3m pa in Short money the Party receives from the British State is about to take a serious hit.
    If the imminent election has the SNP reduced to c. 30% of the vote and 20 MPs, the Short money should drop to around £430k. I don’t buy predictions that have the Party dropping to single digit seats (for a variety of reasons I won’t elucidate here).
    In addition, Jackson’s Entry apparently extract a tithe from MPs. That would see a further £250k reduction in revenue.
    The second element of the Short money calculation (£43 / 200 votes) is dubious. This GE will almost certainly see historically unprecedented low turnout. Therefore, Short money should reduce. In practice, the algorithm will be reconfigured to avoid punishing the mainstream parties. Having the populace disengage with the democratic process is advantageous to the Permanent State, and they’ve never been known to be parsimonious with other peoples money.
    Short money is the bait for the dependency trap.

  15. Scotsrenewables

    It’s not rocket science . . .


    TO THE PURE all things are pure, or a bit of what you fancy.

    Suppose it relieved the tedium of Lewisian life.

    What’s Gaelic for «catfishing» ?

    Catfishing in Scotland might be called Sturgeoning which brings us back to Military Intelligence 5/6, which casts a good line in the sport.

  17. Sven

    Reminiscient of the newspaper comment made of the great Charles Haddon Spurgeon after he commenced preaching in London, “Went up like a rocket, shall come down like a squib.”
    And the Matheson affair isn’t going away anytime soon.

  18. Republicofscotland

    Brilliant Chris.

    I really hope it all blows up in their faces as the piccy depicts, they deserve to be removed from office.

    Meanwhile Sarah Saylers has an excellent article that MUST be read by all.

    A snippet.

    “Suppose that Scotland’s right to self-determination depended on breaking the hold of a similarly solid and even more well-established wall of expert opinion? But not merely a wall of credible opinion, an impregnable fortress of propaganda-as-truth from which the message goes out that Scotland is the beneficiary of a fair and honourable Union, in a partnership we agreed to. This is the narrative of the union as voluntary partnership – ‘the Official Narrative’.

    The strength of the Official Narrative is twofold. First, is its apparent foundation on historical and legal ‘fact’. Second, its building blocks are enormous – parliamentary statutes, official commentaries, legal opinions, court rulings, articles by historians and jurists and, most of all, the unquestioning public acceptance of the Official Narrative.

    There is one weakness in the edifice, however; the entire foundation, the historical and legal fact that supports it, is a fiction. Most importantly, it is a fiction that disguises a crime, something classed in international law as ‘the wrongful act of a state’. And this is not merely a wrongful act committed 300 years ago but a crime that is being committed at this very moment and whose exposure has the potential to demolish the foundations of the UK state. ”

  19. Republicofscotland

    The union is held together by lies for the crowns of Scotland and England are incompatible, their is no United Kingdom we are fooled by lies and legalese into believing the UK exists when it cannot.

    “The sovereignty of the Scottish Crown, the Scottish people, was – and is -territorial as well as governmental because a kingdom is the property, or jurisdictional territory, of a Crown. Thus the Crown in Scotland ‘owned’ the kingdom of Scotland just as the Crown in England ‘owned’ the kingdom of England. But in England, the Crown meant the monarch while in Scotland, it meant the Community of the Realm, the people. And on this rock the new, unitary kingdom foundered.

    Conventional feudal theory and practice was based (in England and elsewhere) on the premise that a kingdom was first and foremost a feudal entity and, in that sense, the property of its king or queen. In Scotland’s feudal system, this situation was radically tempered by the Crown’s status as representative of the Community of the Realm which vested that ‘ownership’ in the sovereignty of the people.

    The new, unitary kingdom which would have created the single, state territory of the ‘Kingdom of Great Britain’, as envisaged by the treaty, required the creation of a new and unitary Crown. No territorial union was possible without it. What follows is not intended as an argument against the legitimacy of the ‘UK Crown’. It is not an argument for what should have happened or what could have happened. It is an explanation of what did happen, or more precisely, what did not happen.”

  20. Northcode

    The Sun rises and the birds sing and the world keeps on spinning – and Chris Cairns sums the whole of the SNP’s campaign in a single image.

    I doubt Swinney and his capering gang of compromised clowns care the SNP is to be sacrificed on the cheap plastic altar of what passes for democracy in Scotland.

    The SNP’s mission is complete and there’s nothing left for it to do but twiddle its thumbs while it waits for the day of its execution on the guillotine of the polling stations.

    The SNP leadership has served its master well and is now to be pensioned off – put out to pleasant pasture and safely penned in some quiet corner of some quiet English field.

  21. Republicofscotland

    A wee bit more on why the UK doesn’t exist, it is propped up by lies and legal documents not worth the paper the words the words are written on.

    “Queen Anne could not, in her constitutional role, put the kingdom of Scotland on the negotiating table to form a new kingdom with that of England. She was, in fact, explicitly prohibited from doing so. Her authority, as Queen of Scots, to negotiate the Treaty of Union depended on her legitimacy as monarch and that was conferred by the oath of Accession:

    Wheras King James the Seventh … did assume the Regall power and acted as King without ever taking the oath required by law wherby the King at his access to the government is obliged to swear (Claim of Right Act 1689)

    This oath “required by law” simultaneously invested Anne as Queen of Scots and protected the Scottish Crown, preventing her from altering or undermining it in any way:

    the Rights and Rents, with all just privileges of the Crown of Scotland, I shall preserve and keep inviolate, neither shall I transfer nor alienate the same

    (from the Scottish Oath of Accession 1689)

    It is worth noting that, because it is stipulated in the Claim of Right Act, ratified as a condition of the Union itself, the oath of Accession continues to be “required by law” for any legitimate monarch of Scots. This ensures that no monarch had or has the authority to alter or undermine (alienate) the Scottish Crown in which are vested the sovereign rights of the people, the Community of the Realm of Scotland. This is why we can be certain that Queen Anne had no power, (nor had the Scottish Parliament ever pretended to any power),to change the institution passed down from Kenneth McAlpine, to “transfer” the Scottish Crown by merging it with that of another nation, to alter its character or undermine its rights in any way. And if the Crown of Scotland could not merge with that of England, then the kingdoms of England and Scotland could not merge into a single kingdom. Thus, while a single, political and economic state governed by a single, unified Parliament was entirely feasible, what the Treaty of Union envisaged was simply impossible.

    No Treaty, No Acts – No Voluntary Partnership”

  22. Geri

    There was someone on my telly the other day asking if anyone else noticed the woeful decline in politicians with any sense over the last decade or so. Not just here but throughout Europe & especially the US – each seeing who could go off the cliff first & take all the other lamas with them. Not a single one shouting ‘Stop! Hang on a minute guys. Let’s think longer intae the future than just five minutes’ They’re like programmed drones set to self destruct.

    The Greens have wasted copious amounts of money on taking a good policy & just jumping straight to the end part & ignored completely all the incremental stages needed beforehand that makes things work at the end & all the LGBTQ+++ bullshit too that the vast majority reject. & Fishing & court battles & Juryless trials & self ID. SNP was no different under Sturgeon & she made damn sure we all went along for the ride with the Bute House Bull.

    If only she’d charged a quid for all those useless book reviews & selfies over the yrs. SNP would be quids in.

  23. James Che


    Someone ought to inform Sarah Salyers that Westminster parliament have informed the world that Scotland did not agree to the Union. Because the debated and deliberated wether to ask the Scots if they wanted to join the Union in 1707, even although the Parliament of Scotland had said yes.

    After much discussion the politicians decided not to Ask the Sovereign Scots to also join the Treaty of union, because in all probability the Scots would say NO.

    The Scots and their territory are not in the treaty of union,
    Westminster only had the parliament of Scotland in the said treaty, and then it was immediately put under Dissolution,
    So now they do not have a single Scot, their territory of Scotland or their parliament in the treaty of union with Westminster and the agreement to have the same succession to the monarchy line blew up when they dissolved the agreement with the Scottish putting the Scotlands Agreement under Dissolution,

    No parliament members,
    No Constituents,
    No shared Territory of Scotland,
    No longer a shared agreement to monarchy.
    No parliament.
    That is what Dissolution did,

    And no Scots in the treaty of union.

  24. James Che


    The old English parliaments act The bill of rights converted the personal shared crown of Scotland and England to a line of succession to the Crown of England,
    That the monarch of England took the Scottish Oath in England ? is up for debate as the only witnesses to it were England politicians and Scottish political unionists who wanted to join with England,

    Any lie can be made and recorded upon that basis,
    She certainly never took the Scottish Oath during her actual coronation in Westminster Abbey in 1702.
    And never came to Scotland to coronated.Queen of Scots, she was to busy with the wars of England,

    But if Scottish unionist in the parliament of Scotland that went to England say they witnessed it, it must be true, aye,

  25. Doug

    The SNP bottled it years ago.

  26. aLurker

    @James Che said:

    “the agreement to have the same succession to the monarchy line blew up when they dissolved the agreement with the Scottish putting the Scotlands Agreement under Dissolution”

    I am not sure that I follow your reasoning for this bit James.

    How is it that the agreement to have the same succession to the monarchy line was disrupted by the Dissolution of the Scotts parliament?
    They would argue that the agreement remained, irrespective, or do you mean just that effectively the agreement now had ‘lost’ one of its parties and thus was now between ‘someone’ and ‘no-one’?

  27. Robert Hughes

    As I suggested on Pete Bell’s blog recently … looks like the desperately flailing , clue-free SNP will indeed be parading the political corpse of Stoogeon around the country , like those Indonesian cultures that disinter their dead relatives during festive occasions , * inviting * them to join-in the celebrations

    Hard to know what these esteemed predecessors make of being roused from their eternal sleep , owning to them being extremely deid n’all : from what I’ve seen they’re not that amused 🙂

    Stoogeon on the other hand will no doubt be well happy to get her coupon in front of any camera , playing the role of eminence grease ( sic ) , dispensing platitudinous puffs of lukewarm air & generally attempting to cement the delusion that she actually achieved anything of value during her tenure as First Failure : a delusion shared , of course , by her faithful poodles .

    Swinney is not the ” caretaker ” of Nu SNP , but the undertaker , all he has to offer is dead flowers to decorate the political coffins of the soon to be departed , moribund gravy-guzzlers .

    They’ll not be missed .

    Westminster Elections are a complete irrelevance to our country and I’ll be paying scant attention to the dreary farce – which of the identikit , useless cunts ” wins ” is ZZZzzzzville – but I reckon we’ll enjoy the Nu SNP ” Wake ” . Maybe they’ll ask I.M Jolly to give the eulogy : or Coco The Clown .

    Superb work as ever , C.C . BTW yr morphing of Big Val n Perp Murrell in last week’s ‘toon was/is a stroke of genius

  28. Geri

    Christine Graham summed it up during indyref.

    The Scottish ppl are sovereign & no one could dissolve that cause they’d hee-haw authority to do so.

    Which brings us right back round to the franchise stupidity on who can dissolve Scots Sovereignty.

    Every eejit fresh aff the bus tae Scotland, apparently.

  29. Billy Carlin

    Got to laugh about these people who spout about Kings/Queens, Kingdoms, Treaties, Oaths, Claims, Constitutions etc.

    First of all no one is born above or any better than anyone else. Everyone is born FREE and EQUAL. What we have is a SCAM system where some Mafia families made the CLAIM that a God or CREATOR picked the had of their family to be a King/Queen or Pope as the ultimate boss of of all of them. These Mafias then formed gangs and they FORCED everyone around them to be SERFS to them and countries borders are just simply where these different Mafias agreed with each other and the Pope that their borders would be. Any time any of these Mafia Kings/Queens step out of line then they are taken out either from within their country via the Secret Societies/Religions

  30. Geri

    Umm a pope is elected LOL Unlike monarchs.

    Scots had popular Sovereignty. They chose & instructed the monarch. Not the other way around & that’s why the Union was never compatible cause the English & its monarch believe in divine right.

    To get over this they coined the phrase ‘here by consent’ even though we’ve never actually been asked in a vote.

  31. dasBlimp

    Geri said:
    The English & its monarch believe in divine right.

    DasBlimp says:
    Do we bollocks!

  32. Geri


    Then why do you still have one?

    All that embarrassing pomp & ceremony with grown men dressed up like eejits. It sure still draws all the crowds with their wee plastic flags & sandwiches shit scared they’ll not get a good view so voluntarily make themselves homeless fir 72 hours to see the back of someone’s napper. LMAO!

    Aye, nobody wants them eh? Mention a republic & yer a terrorist…

  33. dasBlimp

    I can only agree, Geri. We have to go way back to Saxon times for when there was a real English monarch.

  34. Chris Downie

    I know this is a hotly contested view, but I am with those who say a Unionist victory in both the GE and Holyrood 2026 could be the best outcome for the independence movement in the longer term. Not only will it clear out the pension grifters and careerist chancers, but the impending sycophancy of Unionists proclaiming the final defeat of the independence movement will be so nauseating, it might just jolt enough people into action.

    If it doesn’t however, then we would have to question whether Scotland really deserves to be independent, or whether it deserves all it gets from a future Unionist return to power.

  35. Billy Carlin

    Got to laugh about these people who spout about Kings/Queens, Kingdoms, Treaties, Oaths, Claims, Constitutions etc.

    First of all no one is born above or any better than anyone else. Everyone is born FREE and EQUAL. What we have is a SCAM system where some Mafia families made the CLAIM that a God or CREATOR picked the had of their family to be a King/Queen or Pope as the ultimate boss of of all of them. These Mafias then formed gangs and they FORCED everyone around them to be SERFS to them and countries borders are just simply where these different Mafias agreed with each other and the Pope that their borders would be. Any time any of these Mafia Kings/Queens step out of line then they are taken out either from within their country via the OCCULT Secret Societies/Religions or from without via other Mafia Kings etc countries. These Kings/Queens created empires all over this planet on behalf of their Pope/Vatican bosses as part of the Vatican’s 1452 Doctrine of Discovery to take over this entire planet which was actually going on long before that as part of the Roman Empire expansion. The Kings/Queens split the wealth they stole in this empire building between them and later on the Rothschild’s shared in this wealth stealing by setting up this SCAM banking system on behalf of the Vatican as well. That is the first thing the totally FAKE “Prince” William of the totally FAKE Dutch House of Orange set up – The PRIVATE Bank of England in the Private City of London Corporation that is NOT part of England/UK – when he was sent over by the Pope to retake the UK on behalf of the Vatican after King Henry VIII kicked them out because he wanted to murder his wives and do what he wanted when he was ALLOWED to reign by the Pope/Vatican and HAD to go to them for PERMISSION to do anything major. England was NEVER independent back then and neither was Scotland and any other western country. This is why the Barons sent their Magna Carta GRIEVANCE document to the Pope for his blessing after they forced King John to sign it at the point of many swords in 1215 and the Pope refused and ANNULLED it and handed over the Crown to the Vatican’s City of London Private Corporation because King John had signed a CHARTER handing over his Kingdom to the Pope/Vatican in 1213 and by his signing of the Magna Carta he broke that CHARTER – Scotland had already been owned by the Pope/Vatican via the Knights Templar – which was later also moved to the Vatican’s City of London Private Corporation – and that is why the Barons of Scotland sent their Declaration of Arbroath document on behalf of their CLAIM for Robert Bruce to be “King” to the Pope which he gave his “blessing” for. This is also why the French King went to the Pope to try to get him to intervene on behalf of William Wallace after his capture by the English King and the Pope refused because the Pope was ABOVE all of these Kings/Queens etc.

    The people have ALWAYS been serfs to these Mafias and a laugh at those who think that it is England/Westminster that runs Scotland or are behind “colonisation”. There is a reason that the corrupt LEGAL system in most of the world all wear black robes just like priests and control everything on behalf of the Vatican with their SCAM “Laws” and “rights” etc and control and rob the people with their SCAM CORRUPT banking and financial system etc and you get people that think that some Mafia sitting on a lump of rock making a FAKE oath somehow gives them power over every man and woman in this country and they do NOT think to ask this so called King/Queen/Pope to provide them with a copy of the CONTRACT that they CO-SIGNED with this god/creator that makes them King/Queen/Pope over every other man and woman.

    You are all clueless about CONTRACT and TRUST Law and how you are all born FREE with Inalienable Rights and how Treaties, Oaths, Claims, Declarations, Constitutions etc are NOTHING to do with anyone who has NOT signed them. And there are the people who want “independence” from the Vatican’s United Kingdom Private Corporation and into THEIR European Union (to be changed to United States of Europe) Private Corporation where there are NOT going to be any countries and go grovelling to the Vatican’s United Nations Private Corporation that is going to be the One World Government Headquarters if they get away with their agenda to get their “independence”.

  36. Hatuey

    Good comments today, people, as for the cartoon, there’s something about the Kate character’s posture that is bang on… I can’t put my finger on it but it’s impressive how Chris has picked up on that.

    Vivian, I agree with almost all you said above as usual, but I’m not sure the turnout will be as historically low as you suggest. I sense that people everywhere are sick to death of the Tories and now that they know the SNP offer nothing I expect many will hold noses and vote Labour.

    As it stands right now, it’s probably a reasonably safe bet that the SNP will be reduced to about 15 to 20 seats. That’s what the polls suggest. But with around 4 weeks to go, there’s plenty of time for disasters. That is to say, there’s plenty of time for more of Nicola’s chickens to come home to roost. And I think more will.

  37. Alf Baird

    On ‘relaunch’ I was going to mention some excellent missed ferry opportunities sailing away again across the horizon, and it looks like the daeless SNP elite has missed another boat!

    It seems they are planning their own demise, helped along by UK civil servants and colonial media of course:

  38. Redacted

    Re: Alf Baird
    1 June, 2024 at 1:46 pm

    Sadly, I’m old enough to remember when Scottish senior civil servants were a) Scottish, b) ruthlessly contemptuous of their Whitehall colleagues and Ministers, and c) (in retrospect, the most important) Agile, able to DO THINGS, without turning everything into a bin fire of consultation documents.

    And they could still do two hour lunches.

  39. David Hannah

    I just found out I can vote Alba in my constituency. They’re standing! Fantastic. Bring on the election!

  40. Alf Baird

    Redacted @ 2:24 pm

    “Sadly, I’m old enough to remember when Scottish senior civil servants were a) Scottish”

    Aye, in the 1960s/70s there was still a Scottish establishment, albeit heavily Anglicised, that retained at least some knowledge of Scots and our culture and desire to see the nation do some things well, or as best they could, despite real decision making still remaining outwith the country.

    Today we have a very different ‘cultural division of labour’ across all sectors and hence an imposed cultural hegemony with little understanding of Scots or our culture. Which perhaps helps explain why most government policies usually end in crises for us; they are neither made by us nor are they intended for our benefit.

  41. Willie John

    If anyone wants to read the whole of the Herald article referenced by Alf Baird it’s at


    Drunk, loutish, racist, uncouth….the English as seen via the London Daily Mail.
    Things can only get worse.

  43. Ruby Tuesday


  44. Ruby Tuesday

    Willie John

    I couldn’t get your link to work.

    I have also been having problems with links recently but it worked this time

    Talks over multi-million pound Scots ferry-building revolution

    Why didn’t Alf archive the link?

    Does he think we subscribe to the Herald?

  45. Ruby Tuesday

    Aren’t these arrogant English fuckers who come on here ‘for a laugh’ irritating.

  46. sarah

    O/T: 2 new independent candidates:

    David Henry in Edinburgh West standing as an I4I. David was one of the Good Guys in the attempt to reform SNP from within. He went to school in Edinburgh West so is a true local rep. Current MP is the “charming” Christine Jardine LibDem.

    Peter Ashby in Dundee Central, for ISP. There’s an Alba candidate standing there too.

  47. Hatuey

    Dr. John Campbell in a recent YouTube video entitled “Scotland Comes Clean” gives a good account of revelations made at the Scottish COVID with regards to the Scottish Government’s ‘area bombing’ approach to DNCPR Orders during the pandemic.

    It’s really quite shocking to hear of fitness fanatics in their 50s finding out they had DNCPR orders imposed on them because they had hearing problems (in one ear), and how so many people who were in good health were effectively written off.

    Dr. Campbell asks the question, which as far as I know nobody has asked, where did this policy come from — who made the decision to write so many people off like old cars?

    Anyway, I have looked into the success rate of CPR procedures and it turns out that between 10% and 17% are successful in reviving patients;

    “Bystander-initiated CPR may increase those odds to 10%. Survival after CPR for in-hospital cardiac arrest is slightly better, but still only about 17%.”,get%20even%20worse%20with%20age.

    (Success rates are naturally lower when dealing with much older people and people suffering from chronic illnesses, but even so…)

    Here’s another question that nobody has asked; how many of the people that died during the pandemic years had DNACPR orders imposed on them? I am asking here about all-cause deaths, not just covid-related deaths (after all not everybody who died during that period died with or because of covid).

    And here’s an even grimmer question, again that nobody is asking; how many of the tens of thousands that died during this period would be alive today if CPR had been attempted? The npr figures above suggest quite a few…

    Why isn’t this stuff all over the papers and the news?

  48. Alf Baird

    Ruby Tuesday @ 9:02 pm

    “Does he think we subscribe to the Herald?”

    Neither do I subscribe to any rotten colonial rag. The headline is all that’s worth reading anyway, and some of the 65+ comments of course:

  49. David Hannah

    This is an unbelievable story.

    The Scottish Government are to hand back £450 million to the EU in unspent grants from over the last 6 years.

    Sturgeon should fucking hang. She sickens me.

  50. David Hannah

    “SNP Ministers have been accused of “negligence” after it emerged Holyrood would hand back £450million to the European Union after failing to spend the cash on key economic and anti-poverty projects…

    Scotland will likely return 28 per cent of the cash allocated from Brussels’ structural and investment funding over the past six years.”


  51. David Hannah

    I didn’t think it would be possible to hate this SNP Government more. It’s just gone up a few levels.

    These tax rising thieving cunts are deliberately running down Scotland.

    These EU loving globalist scum – And they still couldn’t spend the fucking money?

    These scumbags washing the £450 million through Murrell’s accounts. Why the fuck is that cow Nicola Not in Jail? WHY?!!!!! SEND HER FUCKING DOWN!!!

  52. David Hannah

    Make Poverty History.

    The Child Payment. 100,000 children out of poverty.

    They are full of fucking shite.

    £450 million to be send back to their beloved EU. These people are the scum of the earth. Tear up the SNP leaflets.

    Do they want us to start a protest to have Sturgeon arrested?

    #Arrest Sturgeon

    #Sturgeon lied

    DNACPR for the SNP.

  53. David Hannah

    The £450 million EU grant money to returned will be missing won’t it?

    They’re good at making money disappear. Like the missing 600K!

  54. Vivian O’Blivion

    Opinium, Westminster voting intention, Scottish sub-sample, field work 29 – 31 May, population 138 (change from 2019).
    Con 19% seats 5 (-1)
    Lab 39% seats 38 (+37)
    LibDem 3% seats 2 (=)
    SNP 32% seats 12 (-36)

    For avoidance of doubt, I put very little faith in full scale polls (let alone sub-samples). Yes, the polling companies attempt to include likelihood to vote in their headline figures but I stand by my contention that 4th July will see unprecedented low turnout. In these circumstances the confidence rating in their figures must deteriorate as we enter uncharted territory. In calculating projected results, the companies must ultimately place a respondents answer into a binary format, either they will vote or they won’t. I suspect a great many of us are entirely underwhelmed by the prospect of voting and fall into a third, unquantifiable category of mibbes aye mibbes naw.

  55. David Hannah

    The missing 600k. And now the missing £450 million EU money…

    In a vault in Geneva – With Nicola Sturgeon’s name on it called – blame Westminster.

  56. Hatey McHateface

    It’s good that Hatuey reminds us what this election is really all about – the other ‘C’ word – Covid.

    The greatest catastrophe to strike us (and the rest of the developed world) since WW2. Conveniently ignored by just about everybody as if it never happened. Fascinating to observe the complete lack of interest in what happened in poorer countries with no NHS, no vaccines, no masks, no social distancing, no government hand-outs to keep you in your wee flat for 2 years. Do people think they all died?

    After WW1, we as a society all agreed we would never sacrifice the younger generation to protect the older again. Yet when Covid came along, that’s exactly what we did.

    All those young people whose prospects, education, and social development was irreparably harmed. Forced to take experimental medications for an illness that presented a negligible risk to them, so that the older owners of the wealth and assets could wring out another few years of exploitation.

    Leaving the majority of us poorer and many of us stricken with untreated “conventional” illnesses.

    The election is our opportunity to kick the incumbents in the teeth for what they did to us in the name of Covid – the Tories and the SNP/Greens – and that’s what the majority of apathetic, apolitical voters will be doing. They see how the long shadow of Covid continues to blight their lives. They dimly see too how unnecessary it all was. A criminal over-reaction by a loud, mostly geriatric, cohort of risk-averse fearties. Cowering behind their curtains while hundreds of thousands of others just got on with delivering and providing their electricity, gas, water, petrol, diesel, food, drink, etc. etc.

    One final observation. Those whose memories constantly hark back to 1707 really should be able to recall how enthusiastic most of them were on here for the Covid over-reaction. These chickens are now coming home to roost.

    Much of the “emergency” legislation remains on the statutes too. Any party pledging to repeal it?

  57. Sven

    David Hannah @ 09.04.

    Is that £660,000 not just “woven through the accounts” … certainly using an awffy wee weave !

  58. Spartan 117

    Hatey @ 0934 – Well said.

    The catastrophic damage done to society by politicians and their calamitous response to the Coof MUST be punished severely.

    We will never forget, nor will we forgive.

  59. Hatey McHateface

    David Hannah

    If you care to look into the scandal involving Ursula VDL and the billions spaffed on Covid vaccines through her (lost) WhatsApp messages, you’ll realise that to them, 450 mill is a rounding error.

    It’s all gone very quiet on the SNP’s avowed intent to take us into the EU without any consultation of the supposedly Sovereign Scottish people.

    I will continue to assume that’s because Scottish Sovereignty is only conveniently invoked when its supporters want something they aren’t currently getting. When the rest of us are being force fed something we don’t want, our Scottish Sovereignty must be at the cleaners, or in the garage waiting for parts to arrive.


    THE SNP under Sturgeon was totally vision deficient, probably by design. Independence was not in sight, infrastructure strategies did not prepare for it, there was no shadow sovereign government in waiting behind the tartan façade of devolution: the lack of preparation eloquently condemns the players, playing for whom?

    Subversion, the art of sowing dissent and confusion through misinformation and black propaganda is as old as human political consciousness. The absurdist Greens are an engine custom made for such mind games.

    I fail to understand why the visible result of such activity in Scotland’s governance is not treated with the seriousness it merits.
    An unwillingness to do so might itself smack of subversion or colonialism of the mind.
    It’s all in the «intelligence».

    Refer PO Box 3255, London SW1P 1AE for further briefing ; available in Russian and Chinese, and officialese Cymraeg.

    Regnum defende……for England you moles!

  61. Vivian O’Blivion

    From Scotland on Sunday (stablemate of The Scotsman); “almost three fifths of Scots think the case for separation has not strengthened since the 2014 referendum”.
    This is disingenuous spin, the actual figures are:
    39% case for independence is weaker
    20% case for independence is neither stronger or weaker
    35% case for independence is stronger
    6% no preference

    By conflating two out of three distinct categories, The Hootsman tries to imply 60% of folk believe the case for independence is weaker.

  62. Hatey McHateface

    Vivian O’Blivian

    Care to rethink your post?

    59% think the case is not stronger. That’s just simple logic.

    Actually as only 35% think the case is stronger, I would add the 6% to the first total. Simple logic again.

    There’s not three distinct categories, just as it’s not possible to be a wee bit pregnant.

    Independent or not Independent is a binary.

    Something the EUphiles have never grasped, but you should know better.

  63. Geri

    I could be wrong but I seem to remember the EU money was a fck up by Westminster who never claimed it & just let it expire. That’d make sense cause surely it’s the member state that collects the money & divides it up, not a diddy wee administration in Edinburgh.

    And hark at Hateyface concerned about young ppl. He’ll be throwing them to the front line to fight someone else’s proxy kamikaze mission this time next week with shouts to fckn man up for conscription while he sits in his manky armchair typing bullshit on here.

  64. Hatuey

    Hundreds and possibly thousands of Scots would be alive today if the NHS had performed CPR on them, which they normally would, but someone made it policy to let them die.

    That’s official.

  65. Breeks

    Read, digest, share widely.

    Spread the word throughout the land.

  66. Republicofscotland

    After reading Sarah Salyers excellent article yesterday, I think our way out of this union which was never a union in the first place as she points out, lies in that direction, the crux of the matter is that not enough Scots know that the United Kingdom doesn’t actually legally exist, its held together with lies deception, and bits of paper, that when scrutinised don’t hold up.

    I say when this is widely shown to the public that the Treaty of Union never actually existed, and ergo their was no union to begin with, then its just a case of untangling ourselves from England in a manner of speaking, any politician who claims that we need to seek any sort of approval from Westminster to go our separate way from England is lying, infact we don’t even need a vote to, you don’t need a vote to leave something that never was, and any politician who say we do is also lying.

  67. James Che

    To undo the false garb of Britain, vatican, kings and Queens, or treaties, We only need to unpick one or two stitches before the whole garment becomes undone,

    Salvo are beginning to do this, but they need to be open to all aspects of this route though, they can not put their fingers in ears like Alba did to Salvo itself.
    Recognising that the people have Sovereignty and all else is crude makeup on a pig,

    Condensing the awful wars and laws that Ireland and its Country had to suffer by the warmongering Westminster government to its final stages.and simplifying the result, basically….

    It was by a good porportion of Ireland, Not voting or taking a their seat and refusing to take the Oath of Alliance to the Crown Constitution
    This had the effect of granting a Free State of Ireland which was Internationally recognised around the world,

    It may be that Scotland could follow a similar route without the prior grueling wars that poor Ireland had years of suffering,

    I have always thought that by following the Colonisers set of rules and voting is rigged systems and looking to parallel and mimic Westminsters rule book is our failure, and due to this Scotland will never free.
    By believing every falsehood we are fed, every propaganda set of polls, by voting in each election they dictate , by knowing that half “our own history” was stolen by force, and replaced with the victors of brute force , we are and have been educated to think that this long time condition is normal without unpicking why or its foundations, Scotland remains to date in the captivity of a Colonising Government,

    It is not that the people and nation of Scotland are ignorant any longer, its just a simple situation of Scots having become been acclimatised to being ruled and being below the level of Westminster politicians,
    It is a sad day for Scotland that a large majority no longer hold a stern conviction of the sense of who they once were or who they could be,

    “Those days are past now, and in the past the must remain, oh Flower of Scotland when will we see your likes again, that fought and died for yer wee bit hill and glen”

    I have different conviction , that they must not remain in the past and the people of Scotland must not remain under Colonisation,

  68. GM

    1 June, 2024 at 12:40 pm

    I can only agree, Geri. We have to go way back to Saxon times for when there was a real English monarch.

    I take it you are an English nationalist looking for your Independence?

  69. Ruby Tuesday

    Alf Baird
    1 June, 2024 at 11:46 pm

    Ruby Tuesday @ 9:02 pm

    “Does he think we subscribe to the Herald?”

    Neither do I subscribe to any rotten colonial rag. The headline is all that’s worth reading anyway, and some of the 65+ comments of course:

    You should have said before we all started wondering

    ‘What’s it all about Alfie?’


  70. Alf Baird

    Breeks @ 11:16 am

    “Spread the word throughout the land.”

    Aye Breeks, Sara Salyers paper is without doubt one of the most important documents ever produced since the UK Union hoax on Scotland’s constitutional plight. It should be published and spread as widely as possible, something even the Rev might hopefully consider here on WoS.

    The paper forms a central part within the ‘New Thinking’ proposed by Peter Bell and which through dialogue an oppressed people have to understand and be part of if they are to strive for liberation:

  71. Ruby Tuesday


  72. sarah

    Rev, wouldn’t you like to set the cat amongst the pigeons by standing in this election? I was thinking Bathgate constituency but there is an ISP candidate there already. Take your pick amongst the SNP sitting MPs seats – find the most stupid/loathsome [a difficult task] and stand there.

    Meanwhile Crowdfund appeals for Sally Hughes, ISP, Colette Walker and Eva Comrie are still going – the ISP and Colette look very short of their small target and obviously the sooner people donate the better. I expect David Henry i4i will be opening a crowdfunder soon.

  73. Ruby Tuesday

    It worked!

    Britain going backwards on trans rights, warns first transgender judge

    So this is interesting. I haven’t really been following this case but I am now.

    Britain going backwards on trans rights, warns first transgender judge

    Apparently this man gave up his job as a high court judge to intervene in the
    forthcoming landmark court case in which campaign group For Women Scotland is seeking to remove the term “trans women” from the legal definition of the word “woman”.

    If the activist group wins, he said, “sex” would refer to biological sex at birth rather than whatever is recorded on gender recognition certificates – effectively reversing the GRC process for some 9,000 trans people, which she called the “ultimate personal violation” of having your sex changed “without your consent”.
    “I would be female for some things, like death and marriage, but I would be forced to be treated as male by employers, shops, goods and services,” Ms McCloud added.

    This sounds like a step closer to the repeal of the GRA.

    I have many question about what he wrote but then I have many questions about trans issues starting with what is trans?

    WTAF is trans?

    There is no pride in a colony no pride in forcing women to share ‘women only’ spaces with men no pride in mutilating children. No pride only shame.

    I find it quite scary that this man was a high court judge.

  74. Breeks

    2 June, 2024 at 11:28 am

    After reading Sarah Salyers excellent article yesterday, I think our way out of this union which was never a union in the first place as she points out, lies in that direction…

    I wholeheartedly agree, however, we Scots should also brace ourselves for a seismic change in attitudes the moment Scotland gets serious about pursuing this Constitutional route to Independence.

    If you think the Vow was evidence of the UK Establishment in a panic, just wait until Scotland’s people get serious, and more knowledgeable about the Claim of Right and all that it entails. Even the BBC won’t save them.

    By the time the penny drops, and Westminster is bending over backwards and moving Heaven and Earth to give us another UK style Referendum (which they control of course), it will all be too little, too late.

    We must not however be tempted or seduced by their hollow promises and corrupt UK democracy. Let their rotten Vow be our greatest weapon. – Well, second or third greatest behind our Sovereign Constitution, International Law, and we mustn’t forget SALVO.

    They will realise that “now is not the time”, actually WAS in fact the time, when the Union could been amicably dissolved through democratic channels. But no. They tried being clever-dicks when they should have been sincere.

    Very soon, the matter will have been taken out of their hands…. I hope.

  75. Effijy

    The Scottish Government are to hand back £450 million to the EU in unspent grants from over the last 6 years.

    Headlines like this make me ask why have SNP not come out to answer to this?

    It’s so dumb it just surely can’t be true but silence lends credit to it.

  76. robertkknight

    Breeks at 11:16 am

    Whilst agreeing entirely with the article’s salient points, there exists an elephant in the room; namely that whilst the state which today goes by the name of The UK of GB & NI may well have been created and maintained fraudulently, the people who form the Community of the Realm of the Kingdom of Scotland were asked in 2014 if they wished to remain a part of that state and, whether or not they were aware of its dubious foundations/origins, they voted to remain.

    Therefore whilst the Community of the Realm of the Kingdom of Scotland was not consulted as to the Union as was proposed in 1706/7, they certainly were consulted as to the Union as it existed in 2014.

  77. Campbell Clansman

    Alf Baird: Sara Salyers paper is without doubt one of the most important documents ever produced since the UK Union hoax on Scotland’s constitutional plight.

    It appears the same half-dozen fanatics (Alf et al.) who infest “Yours” have decided to take over the “Wings” comments. And praise each other.

    Salyers’ paper (and its attempt to disprove what has been accepted for over 300 years) is laughable logic, laughable law, and laughable history. For example, Salyers’ claim that the Scots monarchs were, from 1310 on, somehow chosen by the Scots people, would come as quite a surprise to the royal Stewarts, whose succession was governed by inheritance.

    “Yours” doesn’t get much traffic. Hence their attempt to take over the comments on the more popular “Wings”–rather like the bloodsucking flea that hitches a ride on a horse.

  78. Southernbystander

    Ruby Tuesday
    1 June, 2024 at 9:05 pm
    “Aren’t these arrogant English fuckers who come on here ‘for a laugh’ irritating”.

    Hi Ruby, I always look for your great and very funny posts, so nice to get a namecheck!

  79. Northcode

    I’m in a metaphysical mood today.

    There’s no gain for Scots by voting in the upcoming general election.

    There’s no gain for Scots in spoiling a vote in protest.

    There’s no gain for Scots in even getting out of their beds on July 4th – unless it’s to go to work or cut the grass or do some other chores.

    The Scots would be better off watching any American independence day celebrations that might be shown on the telly – and imagining they’re celebrating Scotland’s independence.

    Seriously, they would. And you’ll see why at the end of this comment.

    When independence arrives in Scotland it will come as a surprise.

    It will come as a surprise to everyone. Everyone except those Scots seeking their liberation from oppression.

    It will come as a surprise to those Scots craving dependence on an alien people they consider their superiors; they’ll be in shock when the realisation dawns that their favoured master isn’t superior by any measure beyond brute force, and that it cares just as little for its ‘pets’ as it does for anything else that isn’t ‘them’.

    But most of all Scotland’s liberation will come as a surprise to her oppressor, blinded as it is by a misplaced belief in its own superiority and sense of entitlement.

    Scotland’s bane is sure of its right to own Scotland and the Scots. Sure of its entitlement to Scotland’s wealth. Sure of its ability to hold on to its last colony.

    So sure that it will be stunned into glaikit-faced shock when Scotland’s independence arises seemingly out of nowhere.

    Humans can’t see the future – their minds are incapable of processing the infinity of variables a change in any one of which will create a future that was unforeseen.

    Humans can only see what they extrapolate out of the now they exist in. And those extrapolations almost never arrive in the future anticipated.

    But what if that infinity of variables is just an illusion anyway?

    What if all the calculations and extrapolations and polls and statistics and percentages are ultimately meaningless?

    Humans don’t understand the nature of the future.

    They hypothesise and theorise. They calculate and extrapolate. They count numbers and arrive at percentages. In short, they do everything but what is required to see the future.

    Humans might get glimpses of possible very short term futures using their numbers, but that’s about it. Those short term futures probably come to pass due to the faith they place in the numbers used to glimpse them in the first place.

    What humans don’t realise is that all possible futures already exist – all they have to do is pick one.

    All the Scots have to do is pick a future where Scotland is independent – it’s that simple.

    Don’t believe me? Try it. Pick a future you want for yourself and see what happens.

    Strange, unforeseen events and ‘coincidences’ will appear in your life to manifest that future. It’s the weirdest thing when it happens – until you realise that’s what humans were created (by whatever you want to believe created them) to do in the first place.

    There is a catch, though – you have to really believe the future you’ve selected is possible in order for it to manifest in your reality. That’s the hard part – but in the end belief is all that’s required; all the physical stuff will follow on in due course, sometimes as if by magic.

    That’s how powerful the human mind is. What you believe is and what is is what you believe.

    As for helping to gain Scotland her independence, you can start by decolonising your mind. Take a look at Sara Salyers article here:

    The Future’s in Your Hands

    I won’t be going anywhere near a polling place on the 4th July. I might watch America celebrate her independence from the British – and imagine, that in the near future, they are Scotland’s celebrations.

    Who knows? Some unforeseen events and ‘coincidences’ might be visiting our reality soon to make independence happen.

    Oh, and Ruby. I haven’t forgotten the 80’s movie night. I’ve been diverted by some, unforeseen (a variable changed), chores. But movie night is still on and imminent. It’s a future that I have selected and so will definitely manifest in reality soon.

  80. Geri


    “they certainly were consulted as to the Union as it existed in 2014.”

    Aye, if you squint hard enough lol

    But our vote was open to everyone & could be argued it was an illegitimate result. Not everyone taking part was a Scot.

  81. Geri


    They’d follow their default position & start cracking some skulls.
    Just like their two country cousins are currently doing.

  82. Republicofscotland

    “The UK of GB & NI may well have been created and maintained fraudulently, the people who form the Community of the Realm of the Kingdom of Scotland were asked in 2014 if they wished to remain a part of that state and, whether or not they were aware of its dubious foundations/origins, they voted to remain.”


    Please explain to me how you can vote to remain in sometime that didn’t exist in the first place? Basically the 2014 indyref was a fraudulent vote for we are not part of any union so how can you leave something that you are not part of.

    As for Great Britain knowing that there’s no such thing as the British crown, the above can only be referring to the land mass of Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and England.

    As for your point of people voting for something that doesn’t exist, well, the same applies for not voting for something that didn’t exist in the first place. To further back this point up the people didn’t get a chance to vote for the non existent union in 1707, so it follows there’s no need for a vote to stay or leave something that never existed in the first place.

    We are being conned, we’ve been conned for over 300 years into believing that Scotland is in a union with England when its not, Sarah Saylers and Salvo have enlightened us, they have done the hard work, the research that shows there was no union, her article on Yours for Scotland is incredibly important and it MUST spread far and wide, Scots (whether they like it or not) need to know that they’ve been lied to for centuries.

    Its a turning point for us we can now tell everyone we meet that the union is a lie and if needs be direct them straight the link below.

  83. Effijy

    Watching the SNP Conference on Sky TV.
    Swinney to be fair made a good speech and made some good points.

    At the end he foolishly lets the Unionist media attack him and Scotland.
    The wee shill Cook got first swing of the bat.

    No English Party holds themselves up to the press live on screen.
    It’s a no win risk that didn’t need to be taken.

    The likes of Klunker Brown only speaks in locked rooms filled with happy Labour clappers
    and were no one gets an opportunity to ask questions.

    Look around at what works in politics and follow it if you have an ounce of sence.

  84. Republicofscotland

    Breeks@ 104pm.

    The problem is that self-serving troughing Scottish MPs and MSPs will do their utmost to shove this under the carpet, they don’t want to see an end to the union, oh maybe one or to do, but the rest are making a good living out of this racket, and they won’t want to upset the apple cart.

    I wonder how many of our MPs/MSPs know that the union is an utter lie but have stayed quiet to keep earning a good crust?

    I fully expect the English establishment its media and the treacherous House Jocks to up their propaganda and lies that the union does exist when it doesn’t, and if all else fails to promise Scottish politicians the Earth (A Vow type shite promise) to not act in the best interests of the people of Scotland which must be, to out this 300+ years lie that the union is real.

    We need to remember that England really needs Scotland not the other way around, so all the nasty stops will be pulled out to keep fooling Scots into believing that the union exists when in reality it doesn’t.

    Also Breeks ask yourself how much in wealth has England stolen from Scotland in the last three-centuries, and if the likes of the World court asked them to pay compensation back to Scotland for the years of plundering our assets would they?

    Westminster will and its security services (remember they are not Scotland’s security services they are used against us to keep the status quo intact) will do everything in their powers to stop Scots acting on the truth, the truth that the union doesn’t exist.

    The House Jocks/Fifth Column parties at Holyrood must be overcome somehow, they are a hurdle to acting on this info.

  85. John

    Lovely sunny afternoon here.
    The lying barstewards still claiming the referendum was a fair vote. No surprise there.
    Am one of the majority Scotland born diaspora that have for centuries had to fuk off for a better life.
    Atm I consider myself an advance party. My wee bit hill is in the south of the main island at present. I spend most of the time achieving personal recompense for the years of thieving from my country amongst others by the piratical, deviant private school officer classes.
    We know what and who they are and also never cease to hear the yapping of their useful idiot lap dogs.
    @Ruby .
    What is Trans ? Exactly. They don’t want to define it. Transaction, transatlantic, transfer, trans anything is the ideal. As long a you concede a transvestite is a woman with access to all women because, even though studies show they are the least persecuted minority, they insist they are under constant attack and must therefore do everything to protect themselves from the likes of women! Sounds familiar to other types of genocidal folk.
    A high court judge NOT being a bit whey , a bit woo would actually surprise me.
    I accept now the depravity of colonial Abrahamics and friends know no depth.
    Not long till the football

  86. David Hannah

    Grangemouth needs funding to stay open for business.

    SNP have the £450 million EU grant. We could spend it on that?

    Kate Forbes finance secretary and Sturgeon need to explain why they’ve done this to us?

    Why the hell don’t they want Scots to be happy?

  87. Shug

    A nice magnolia presentation by Swinney protecting scotland from westminster, while remaining there of course.

    If your independent you done need protection

  88. Breeks

    2 June, 2024 at 1:37 pm

    …. whether or not they were aware of its dubious foundations/origins, they voted to remain.

    Inappropriate franchise not withstanding, democracy doesn’t make something unlawful comply with the law.

    I do think there are bumps in the road for a Constitutional route to Independence, some fairly significant bumps too, but the 2014 vote isn’t one of them.

    If our democratic choice was inviolable in 2014, then so it should have been in 2016. (and actually, it should have been). As ever, it turns out Westminster holds both ends of the string.

    I think ending the Treaty of Union is easy. It’s mostly done anyway, and just waiting for the coup de grace, but the tricky bit is what happens next.

    There are similarities with Brexit… and dissimilarities.

    With Brexit, there was a deciding vote right at the beginning, but also a codified leaving protocol with rules to be adhered to, 3+ years of negotiations, and while it wasn’t taken up, an opportunity for the UK to change it’s mind before the final Exit.

    The protocols existed, but only just, and a helluva lot of detail had to be made up on the spot as expediency required.

    Scotland declaring the Treaty breached and at an end, would be like an instant, cold-turkey end of the United Kingdom, with all the shock of the hardest Brexit imaginable.

    But like that Brexit process, with the Brexiteers insisting Brexit means Brexit, Scotland could declare its firm and irrevocable intention to declare the Treaty breached and at an end, but extend say an 18 month period of grace before hand, to determine an orderly transition. – Just like Brexit.

    A bit like a mini Article 51, we could declare it unilaterally, and subsequently deliver on it, or revoke it, as per our sovereign prerogative.

    Thus, done correctly, (so FFS don’t let the SNP goons anywhere near the negotiating table), Scotland could declare an intention to end the Treaty of Union, but lock in an 18 month hiatus, specifically to enable Westminster to talk us out of it, and /or make appropriate transition arrangements for it to happen. And finally, for the stragglers who’re not quite sure, give the Scottish Nation a ratification Plebiscite right at the death… If you must.

    That hiatus might almost ressemble 2013 – 2014 again, two years of the same “informed debate”, (don’t laugh), but with the default parameters quite different. As in, the United Kingdom ends on such and such a date, and you Unionists have an opportunity to make your case and win the argument that this breached Treaty, holed below the waterline, hasn’t actually been breached at all.

    Pay close attention. It doesn’t ask whether there should or shouldn’t be a Treaty of Union. That question provides a lifeline for the Union to survive. The crosshairs must be squarely on the 1707 Treaty being breached. That is irremediable.

    There is another option mind… The 1707 Union might be dead in the water, but the two year Hiatus could, perhaps, facilitate a “New” Treaty of Union to be agreed as a modern and proper Bilateral Treaty. A “new” Union, but one unrecogniseable from the old. Never say never.

    It could be an extraordinarily busy two years of multilateral and bilateral negotiations, but with a weakened Westmnster under all the strain and pressure, and a much stronger and hopefully more constitutionally savvy Scotland in the driving seat.

    Do I want that last option? No. But it would be on the table in one form or another. I don’t want another Union, but your Devo-Max types might be more gullible, and you can bet the UK Establishment would go to work on them.

    But whatever, the 1707 Union must die. It’s untenable.

    But don’t close he door to some kind of new “Token Union”, which would not constrain an Independent Scotland like the 1707 straightjacket. But the survival of a much, much looser United Kingdom might be a small price to pay for an orderly and constructive transition. I don’t think it would last, but it might sweeten the deal.

    Now I’m probably the most ardent Independentist I know, but we need to make it work. All the momentum and trajectory that I see confirms Scotland and England are moving in opposite directions, and I just don’t see that turning around or healing any time soon. It’s gonna get worse.

    Offer the English people our friendship, let them elect whatever unfathomable government they will, but explain to them that the Treaty of Union is an increasingly toxic barrier to that friendship ever flourishing. Truly? I think a good number of them will wholeheartedly agree, and with those people to the fore, a truly amicable divorce is right there to be signed.

  89. Ruby Tuesday


    2 June, 2024 at 2:18 pm

    Hi Ruby, I always look for your great and very funny posts, so nice to get a namecheck!

    Good! You’re getting another name check today. Cyclist!

    They were out in force to day wearing their Linford Christie lycras!

    Christo on a bicletta!

    These fuckers oops I mean ‘puke-stocking, caddis-garters’ are as irritating as the ‘southernbystanders’ who come on here ‘for a laugh’

    I don’t know if that describes you or not but I know you are a cyclist & probably a green voter with a crush on Maggie Chapman. The cyclists all love her. Bless their little lycra shorts.

    What I can’t figure out is the point of these 10 yard cycle lanes. They pop into the cycle lane for 10 yards then pop out at the other end. They would be safer just staying on the road holding up the traffic instead of going in and out the dusty bluebells.

    Oh madre mia another weird phrase to add to my list. What on earth are these dusty bluebells and why are they dusty. Probably all the cyclists dandruff & flaking skin!

    Do they wear cotton socks and do they need to be blessed every time or is it fine just to do their shorts?

  90. Hatey McHateface

    Northcode 2:32

    That’s some power you have there.

    I’m sure I’m with the majority in hoping you only ever use it to do good.

    It would also be wrong for you to monetise it, but I’m wondering if a wee favour is out of order.

    I’m planning an overseas holiday in July and expect to use my passport issued by the non-existent UK. Don’t let the dupes at my destination know that the UK is non-existent. It will cause me no end of ball ache.

    Maybe not wish Scotland Independent before August 4th either? That’s a Saturday so ideal for celebrating, plus it gives me enough time to get back here to join in.

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  91. David Hannah

    KATE FORBES. A pious Presbyterian SNP liar who is now in self preservation mode and NO different to the rest of them.

    Free Ports Forbsy. And the £450 million EU grant underspend.

    What a joke she is! Finance secretary? GIVE ME A BREAK! These people man! THESE PEOPLE!

  92. David Hannah

    Kate Forbes – returning half a billion pounds to the EU instead of giving it to the people of Scotland.

    You sicken me Kate. She’s a fraud like Nicola. I’m glad she’ll not be First Minister.

    She’s a disgrace. She’s actually worse. She’s turned Scotland into a free port for 25 years. She doesn’t want Scots to be happy. She wants us to be replaced by cheap migrant labour and the scourge of the third world.

    Everywhere you look. Nigerians everywhere. Fleeing the child abducting Boko Haram terrorist organisation in their war torn country. And yet they’re flooding into Scotland. It’s unbelievable. They are destroying Scotland. They hate our country!

  93. David Cobby

    @ Ruby Tuesday 2 June, 2024 at 4:36 pm

    What a load of fkn sh!te. There has been some amount of bile posted on these pages but, my god, you don’t have take the biscuit.

    Did your carer forget about you again?

  94. David Hannah

    God may forgive the pious presbyterian Kate Forbes for giving back £450 million… But the people of Scotland won’t.

    Matthew 7:6, which says: “Do not give what is holy to the DOGS, or throw your pearls to PIGS, or they may trample them under their feet and turn and tear you to pieces.”

    Use your vote. Vote them out on July the 4th for Scotland’s Independence Day.

    Independence from the SNP.

  95. sam


    More, much more absolutely filf frae the Bard.

  96. robertkknight


    “Please explain to me how you can vote to remain in sometime that didn’t exist in the first place?”

    It may well not have existed in the de jure sense, given Queen Anne’s shenanigans. However, it’s de facto existence is there for all to see. Don’t believe me? Check your passport cover.

    I’d love to see the whole good ship UK holed below the waterline and I’d love to see a panel of Indy-friendly constitutional experts pick the whole Acts & Articles of Union apart.

    However, I’ll not hold my breath.

    Maybe the Scottish Government could invite said experts to examine….oh no, wait. Silly me…

  97. Ruby Tuesday

    Three questions David Cobby

    1. Is that your very first post?

    2. Are you a cyclist?
    (If so further questions regarding your socks & shorts to follow)

    3. Have you come here for a laugh or to laugh?


  98. Ruby Tuesday

    PS David Cobby

    What kind of biscuit?

    Do you know the origin of the phrase ‘take the biscuit’?

    It’s quite weird isn’t it.

    FYI I’m into cookies these day. Cranberry , White Chocolate & Almond. Yum.

    PK Let’s go see what filf Sam has posted.

  99. twathater

    @ Geri 10.14am . I think someone is impersonating geno John MOAN, I couldn’t believe the miserable forced tax paying whinger would EVER defend ANYTHING within Scotland

    The targets this time are the undeserving, moaning, ungrateful,highly dependent, tax paying AULD bastards, which to my chagrin I admit to being an auld bastard, BUT unlike geno John the whinger MOAN I don’t fucking moan constantly about paying taxes, those TAXES that went to subsidise the enforced lockdown, which his pals in the tory party SPLURGED and SPAFFED billions on pish PPE supplied by their mates, and the further BILLIONS SPAFFED on failed detection protocols

    Yea verily it is the fault of all the old bastards and bozo was right let the plague decimate the elderly, we can always import more young people to wipe the likes of geno John MOAN’S arse

  100. Northcode


    “How do you respond to having your sense of difference defined by others?”

    I followed your pointer, Geri, thanks for that, and just watched Michael Sheen speak at the Annual Raymond Williams Memorial Lecture in 2017

    I don’t know if it’s the speech you meant, but it’s brilliant.

    If anyone wants to see the power of rhetoric in action and wielded by a trained actor, watch this lecture by Sheen – it’s powerful stuff.

    I don’t know how to do YouTube links – last time I tried I messed it up – but if you search for ‘Annual Raymond Williams Memorial Lecture 2017’ you should find it.

    Anyone who has read some of my posts on rhetoric might recognise a few of the figures he uses; exordium, anaphora and litotes to name a few.

    Sheen asks, “Who speaks for Wales?” and answers his own question with, “Nobody.”

    We could ask the same question of Scotland and respond with the same answer.

    “For Wales – see England. Was the entry for Wales in the 1887 Encyclopedia Britannica.” said Sheen.

    He describes in swathes of emotive language the dawning recognition of his own psychological colonisation – not quite expressed in those terms, but that’s what he was speaking of.

    His ‘awakening’ was triggered by an encounter with a staff member in a MacDonalds when, at a young age, he arrived in England to pursue his acting career.

    He had to ask for ‘milk’ many times before the staff member understood his simple request. It was then that he felt that some kind of ‘difference’ had been imposed on him against his own sense of self and his Welsh identity.

    It seemed to me that the confusion he describes over his cultural identity at that time in his life comes straight out of the postcolonial theory handbook.

    If only we had the voice of such a famous figure with such rhetorical skills to speak for the Scots – someone who isn’t just another politician.

    Thanks again for the pointer, Geri. I have a new-found respect for Michael Sheen and his very public support for Welsh independence.

  101. Ruby Tuesday

    More, much more absolutely filf frae the Bard.

    Thank you Sam. These are great and there are loads of them!
    I will be able to do lots of Shakespearian bile & filth.

    I noticed some filf on Stu’s Twitter. (kinda Shakespearian)

    He wrote

    But I know what my readers really want: big cocks.

    Maybe’s he’s right but honestly I find them pretty irritating first thing in the morning.

    Onto Sir Henry now.

    I’m going to copy them on to the ‘Country Matters’ thread so that all filf is in one place.

    Porrige? I suppose there is an explanation for that in the same was as there is for beaver.

  102. dasBlimp

    Ignored says:
    2 June, 2024 at 12:05 pm

    I take it you are an English nationalist looking for your Independence?

    I used to be until I realised that England is still ruled by a elite from the Norman invasion. I no longer consider myself English and I refuse to be a ‘subject’. I now consider myself to be a member of a free and independent Mercia. A large region of England that will be forever Anglo Saxon, especially by me and my fellow nutjobs.

    This is why Scottish indepedence interests me and why I am a supporter of it. But nobody here believes that. They can’t compute how an Englishman can support Scottish independence. Their hatred of all things English runs too deep.

  103. Republicofscotland

    A comment by Saffron Robe over on Yours For Scotland, and Sarah Saylers says it might be possible.

    “We know that in Scotland the people are sovereign. Therefore the power of sovereignty lies with the people and not with the Crown or parliament. Why then do we not, under the auspices of an organisation like Salvo or Liberation Scotland, draw up a legal document under Scots law withdrawing Scotland from the Treaty of Union? Since the Declaration of Arbroath stipulates that a quorum of one hundred Scots is enough to express our sovereign rights, then all we need are the signatures of a hundred sovereign Scots (i.e. anyone who has a birth certificate that states Scotland as their place of birth and who currently resides here) to enact our withdrawal from the Treaty of Union. This document can then be disseminated internationally informing the international community that we have withdrawn from the Union and have hre-established our independence, and it can also be sent to Westminster and Holyrood informing them that they have been summarily dismissed and no longer have any say or control over Scotland and our internal affairs. I can’t see how this could be disputed in any way since it is perfectly legal under Scots law and in no way contravenes international law. “

  104. Xaracen


    “However, it’s de facto existence is there for all to see. Don’t believe me? Check your passport cover.”

    I’m afraid ‘de facto’ means nothing now, Robert; if it has been shown that the Union as currently constituted is thoroughly fraudulent, and its authority is thus utterly bogus, then nothing that rests on that authority, such as that passport, can be taken as authentic and lawful, since that absolutely requires to be 100% de jure.

    Bogus de jure is not actual de jure.

  105. Andy Ellis

    @sam 7.10 pm

    It’s a well written piece by Mia Abel, particularly from an undergraduate/Masters programme. Your quote is of course by correct, but only part of the issue. The rest of the article explains pretty well why remedial succession may be available in our case, but proving that external succession rather than internal succession is justifiable will be far harder to justify or enforce.

    It’s not going to go down well with the “cunning plans for indy”, Salvo and Liberation types but if someone writing an undergraduate paper on it can understand it, they should also be able to.

  106. Dan

    There wiz once a bored man called David Cobby
    Who chose tae partake in a new online hobby
    He posted on Wings
    Tae highlight shit things
    But inadvertently wiz jist adding mare jobbie


  107. Ebok

    V O’B & Dan,

    I doubt if SNP would reach double figures if the WM election were held next week and can’t see their fortunes improve by next month. The numbers just aren’t there.

    Apart from LDem, whose vote tends to be concentrated in specific areas, the last party to get double figures in a WM election with less than three-quarters of a million votes was Cons in 1987 (10), when there were 72 seats in Scotland. That’s the brutality of FPTP

    So, the question is: can SNP muster 750,000+ votes on July 4?
    Not if there is a corresponding drop in votes compared with the drop in membership, down from 125K to around 50K? That would equate to 1.25M down to around 500,000, a long way short of double figures. The value bet is 6 or 7 seats.

    To those who don’t intend to vote or plan to spoil the ballot paper, I understand the frustration bringing about that stance. However, I would not dismiss this WM election: it is phase1 of the destruction of SNP.
    While the party system remains, and in the absence of a ‘none of the above’ option, not voting is passing the buck to other voters to decide the fate of SNP. The way I look at it is this: if in my constituency, an SNP candidate and one other were level, and I had to cast the deciding vote, would I care who the other candidate was?

    Looking beyond WM, even with a disaster of the magnitude I expect, SNP will still be in power at HR until 2026, when, because of AMS, half a million votes will net 20-30 MSPs.

  108. Agent x

    Put Scotland First and help Stephen Flynn win Aberdeen South for the Scottish National Party

    £1740 raised out of his target of £2000.

  109. GM

    2 June, 2024 at 6:55 pm

    Thanks for the reply

  110. President Xiden

    Swinney, your friendly funeral director overseeing the death of the SNP,

  111. Ruby Tuesday

    These stories are great.

    Surely someone in power must be asking ‘what have we done’

    Nobody not even an ex high court judge can say these two rapist aren’t women while he is definitely one.
    What makes ex Judge McLeod a woman and not the ‘The Shining Rapist’ or ‘Pretty in Pink’ Isla Bryson?

    It’s cruel to keep women like Isla & Attila in a men’s prison. Transwomen are women.

    David Smith is serving an order of lifelong restriction after being convicted of 14 offenses, including 8 counts of rape and attempting to murder his pregnant girlfriend. He was also previously found guilty in England of indecently assaulting a 5-year-old child.

    He’s complaining he’s not getting his wigs & fake breasts,

    He also commplained there are too many males pretending to be women. He blasted Adam Graham (Isla Bryson) for making it more difficult for him to get into a female prison.

    This rapist accused fellow rapist ‘Isla Bryson’ of being ‘male’ and not real trans.

    How does anyone know that Isla Bryson is not real trans?

    ‘I WANT TO BE A WOMAN’ Caged Scots sex beast dubbed ‘The Shining Rapist’ insists he wants be a woman in gender swap’

  112. Effijy

    RE the £450 million- Swinney said today that the Times had taken a snapshot of an EU
    enquiry that will take some years to compete and it is expected to take another 12-18 months to complete.

    They have a this stage in the process identified some of the areas that money was spent and as time goes on they will find other prefects and sums that were delivered.

    Judge them at its conclusion.

    You can’t trust any Scottish related headlines in Westminster’s propaganda rags.

  113. Ruby Tuesday


    I’m keeping my eye on your posts. I’ll reply soon. Hurry up with the ‘movie night’ I’ve already eaten half the popcorn & choc ices & drunk the Kia-Ora. Jubbly melted in hot weather.

    Was ‘The Shining’ an 80’s movie?

    Here’s Johnny! What a nightmare.

    Maybe in the remake of ‘The Shining’ Johnny will be played by transwoman called Attila,

    Transwoman in Barlinnie insists that the prison guards call her Attila.

  114. George Ferguson

    @Ebok 8:38pm
    Your thinking is similar to mine. Catching up with the rest of us, The Sunday Times outlined 5 scenarios for the number of SNP MPs on July 5th. I am with scenario five. Got to be below 12 MPs or less. The activists, members and revenue stream has been severely reduced and diminished. Their campaign launch was very poor. An example Stephen Flynn raised £5520 in 2019 as a new entrant MP. The Westminster SNP leader has a very low probability of returning his target of 43 MPs. Nearly zero. I wonder if he will resign after the election? That’s saying he gets re-elected himself. Very tight in Aberdeen South. If Swinney U turns on new Oil and Gas licences. He could get Flynn back in. All to play for.

  115. Ruby Tuesday

    In case of any misunderstanding the story about ‘The Shining Rapist’ in Barlinnie wanting his wigs & fake breasts is fact not fiction.

    ‘The Shining’ rapist forced terrified mum to jump 40ft out flat window in Glasgow to escape

    I wonder if Isla Bryson is in danger for being suspected of faking it and so ruining others chances of being transferred to a woman’s prison?

  116. James Che

    What can I say without sounding terrible, how can I say anything that would not sounding awful, and trite saying “see I told you so”‘
    The treaty of union has always been a hoax, a fallacious union, and I have saying it on various related subjects surrounding the Treaty for the past Three years,

    I am pleased that Salvo are saying the same as I have been all these years, the difference being is that Salvo are Stating these issues much more eloquently than I.

    Perhaps if I mention the Bank of England is a private Corporation and has been since prior to the treaty of union,

    That The shared national debt is meant to be with England not with a private Corporation,
    I have looked and researched the fallacious treaty of union articles and can find no such agreement that states, “Scotland Will share a national debt with a private Corporation”.

  117. aLurker

    @James Che

    The Bank of England was indeed set up and run as a private institution for centuries.

    It was Nationalised after the end of WW2 and has been wholly owned by the Treasury ever since.

    If you are interested in the long and circuitous tale then I recommend that you read Christine Desannes encyclopeadic tome

    “Making Money: Coin, Currency, and the Coming of Capitalism”


  118. John

    @das blimp 6:55
    I feel your pain bud. The Normans eh !
    Your pride in your northern Germany heritage is great too. Have spent years visiting and living over there and so looking forward to going in a few days too.
    Not taking the piss either. The ruling Angle Saxons were hammered by the Normans.
    As the Saxons and Angles from Germany did with the ancient British * as far as they could. Always wondered if the Angle Saxons from Germany were expelled, chased out. Much like the students from Oxford all those centuries ago . Chased out for unsavoury behaviour then moving to Cambridge and establishing a most successful and royal preferred institution.

    *used the term British as the term for this island dwellers centuries before the aforementioned invaders.

  119. Derek

    (A pedant writes…)

    Bottle rockets work off air pressure in bottles that’re half-full (ish) of water.

    Had a lot of fun with them working for the bike co-op some years ago; you can pump them up with a track pump so’s they fly off quite a way!

  120. James Che


    Your conception of Scots hating English is something akin to propaganda,
    I was speaking to one of those wanting Scottish independence a recently as Three days ago, a shop keeper to be exact,
    Not Scottish but english.and there seems to be many of them that moved here to Scotland to be part of that independence when it happens,
    Many people from Yorkshire, Liverpool, Wales asked if Scotlands borders could include them.
    Many English people are just as fed up with Westminster, the only difference between the two is that Scots opposed Westminsters rule from the beginning of Westminsters parliaments rule,

    But lets look at this from a different perspective,
    You want Mercia to become independent, and I have no particular disagreement with you, but what if some Scots did not agree with you and thought they should be entitled to vote on the issue under the umbrella of Great- britain to say no.

    It is a misunderstood situation as both sets of people want to vote on their independence from Westminster,
    We have the same goals in different parts of Britain, and as you pointed out we should be supporting each other not setting against each other,

    I suppose things would change dramatically for Scots people when Scotland gained its independence, but as a result of Scotland becoming independent, it would also create a new paradigm for people in England, or a quickening for those that are also fed up of the parliament in England,
    Because all of Britain would alter for the first time in over three centuries.

  121. John

    @das blimp et Al
    In this Country ( the honesty is in the pronunciation) the UK . A small minority shift and rob the vast majority. ‘‘Twas ever thus. Just the lies and thieving have become ever more obvious. ‘Cept for those with vested interest.
    Most my mates and lovers have been English. You’re family for lots of us. With cooperation we can wipe away the stains.

  122. Ruby Tuesday

    2 June, 2024 at 6:55 pm

    This is why Scottish indepedence interests me and why I am a supporter of it. But nobody here believes that. They can’t compute how an Englishman can support Scottish independence. Their hatred of all things English runs too deep.

    You are full of hot air you stirrer!

    I don’t know about anybody else but I don’t believe any of your pish.

    You have never once told me what you mean by all things English.

    Does all things English include the colony called Scotland?

  123. Ruby Tuesday

    Hey dasBlimp

    What about JK Rowling & Ellis’s spittin’ Granny?

    Part of all thing English or not?

  124. Breeks

    Ignored says:
    2 June, 2024 at 6:55 pm

    ….But nobody here believes that. They can’t compute how an Englishman can support Scottish independence. Their hatred of all things English runs too deep.

    What doesn’t compute is your alleged support for Scottish Independence married to a profoundly naive and bass interpretation of what it actually means.

    Forgive the sweeping generalisation, it’s a typically English thing to put England at the centre of Scottish Independence. Get over yourselves. It’s not about you.

    That’s why your presence here confuses people. You’re like gatecrashers at a wedding. You help yourselves at the bar, butt into conversations which don’t actually relate to you, (ok that happens in life), but you seem driven to demonstrate how little you grasp about the nature of Scottish Independence. “Look! Look! Look! Look how little I know.”…You seem to think we’re all blessed to share in your blinkered and narrow minded upbringing. What a fkg yawn.

    I don’t hate English folk. Hell, I was arguing for pre-Brexit Scotland to be a conduit for English / EU trade so that England had a trade lifeline and a fighting chance of making a success of their Brexit misadventure. Brexit is not the right thing to do, but hey, it’s your decision England, and I’ll do what I can to help and make it work. But don’t drag us into your shitstorm. Have a little respect. – Clearly that was too much to ask.

    Help you with your Brexit please note. Scotland’s Brexit was a grotesque subjugation of Scotland’s sovereign Constitution and democracy. It should never have happened, but when it did, it should properly have been the final breach which brought down the curtain on this scandalous, farcical and asymmetric “Union”.

    Nobody believes you? Ah, diddums. There’s that Me! Me! Me! again…. It’s all about poor little you.

    Maybe people here know you better than you know yourself. People can read you like a book an election pamphlet. You’ve nothing to say.

  125. Mac

    I find it strange that no one is really asking why Sunak called an election that he knows he is destined to lose.

    I am not endorsing this website but I do find myself increasingly thinking that this summation is true.

    The People Catchers…

    It is also a template and model for what they want to do elsewhere.

    Which brings us back to Sunak’s strange decision…

  126. dasBlimp

    Hey Breeks: thanks for crawling out of your fartsack to reply to me but … I never mentioned Brexit.

    To you and the others: At least have the balls to admit you are an anti-English bigot.

  127. sam

    Overall, we rate Kla.TV as a right-biased conspiracy and pseudoscience website based on the promotion of unproven or false claims and quackery-level pseudoscience that completely rejects scientific consensus.

  128. Southernbystander

    dasBlimp, I assume you are big fan of Æthelflæd, Myrcna hlædige then?

  129. sam

    Fortil soften all blows. A pome by Jem Casey. Youll all ken yer man.

    Here it is.

    When things go wrong and will not come right,
    Though you do the best you can,
    When life looks black as the hour of night –
    A pint of plain is your only man.

    When money’s tight and hard to get
    And your horse is also ran,
    When all you have is a heap of debt –
    A pint of plain is your only man.

    When health is bad and your heart feels strange,
    And your face is pale and wan,
    When doctors say you need a change,
    A pint of plain is your only man.

    When food is scarce and your larder bare
    And no rashers grease your pan,
    When hunger grows as your meals are rare –
    A pint of plain is your only man.

    In time of trouble and lousy strife,
    You have still got a darlin plan
    You still can turn to a brighter life –
    A pint of plain is your only man.

  130. dasBlimp

    I’m not sure ‘fan’ is the right word but I am interested. Next read is The Anglo Saxons: A history of the beginnings of England by Marc Morris.

  131. Hatey McHateface

    @RepublicofScotland 6:55

    The signatures of 100 Sovereign Scots, eh? Ruby can do 10 of these all by herself.

    The bar to Indy just seems to get lower every day.

    I can’t believe we won’t be Independent by Saturday. Maybe even Friday.

    Unless …

    In true time-honoured fashion, 5.5 million Sovereign Scots all intend to wait for 100 of the others to go first.

  132. Mac

    Check out this laughable attempt by CNN to rationalize Sunak’s decision to call an election he knows he is certain to lose…

    “More specifically, why has the PM called an election that is almost certain to lose? For months, polls have placed Sunak’s Conservative Party way behind the opposition Labour Party and, as things stand, Labour leader Keir Starmer is set to not only win power but have a massive parliamentary majority.

    The answer to that question is simple: it’s very unlikely there will be a better time.”

    Ohhhh well that makes perfect sense then. “There is no better time to call an election than the time when you are certainty to get wiped out in a landslide loss…” righty-ho, makes perfect sense, it is so obvious now that CNN have explained it.

    FFS, and people actually believe this shite.

  133. Hatey McHateface

    It’s a tricky point to grasp for some, but Scotland had no treaty with the EU.

    The UK did.

    If only our forebears had the foresight to agree individual accession treaties for Scotland, England, etc some of the nations could have left, while others remained.

    But they never. Hopefully the lesson will have been learned for next time.

    Increasingly, I’m thinking ordinary Scots will be thinking we dodged a bullet when we left. The EU is heading in a direction even many of the “agin oor will” dram greeters queue on here to slag off.

    But they can’t bear to write off a grievance so dear to them.

  134. Republicofscotland

    A Labour secret groups is well funded by the private sector, there’s no difference between Labour and the Tories, apart from the colour of their rosettes.

    “A SECRETIVE and influential Labour group has received a record-breaking amount of political donations in 2024.

    Labour Together – a think tank that helped Keir Starmer into power and purge the party of Jeremy Corbyn and the left wing – has been given nearly £2 million from (mostly) wealthy corporate donors so far this year.

    According to an analysis of Electoral Commission data, the group has received a total of £1.92m – representing 56.5% of all political donations to regulated donees, as in those not made directly to parties.

    The record-breaking start to the year for the think tank can be linked to its largest donor – billionaire hedge fund manager Martin Taylor – who gave more than £1.3m in the past two months alone.

    His two single donations of £825,000 and £500,000 in March and April respectively are the largest recorded in Electoral Commission data for regulated donees since their online public records began in 2013.

    It comes as Keir Starmer’s Labour have made huge efforts to court big business, including removing the cap on bankers’ bonuses.

    The second biggest donor to Labour Together in the past year is South African-born businessman Gary Lubner (below), who leads Belron – the world’s largest vehicle-glass repair and replacement company. He donated more than £600,000 since January 2023.”

    The second biggest donor is pro-Z–z-io monster and that’s why Starmer backed the water and energy to be cut-off in G–aazz–a.

  135. Republicofscotland

    John Main aka Hatey.

    How can there even be a bar when their was no union, if you ask me the bar isn’t low enough, as Scots are held captive in a lie that there’s a union when there’s not one.

    You can’t vote to leave something that didn’t exist in the first place.

  136. Geri


    It’s been that way for a long time since they took martial law. Their population has almost halved, their land sold to disaster capitalists & fck all remains but rubble. Yanks don’t give fck, they openly celebrate in their congress, it’s not *their* men. Z is no longer legitimate either as his term has expired. It’s like the yanks are doing a spot of cleansing & U ppl can no longer vote to end this insanity of their own extinction & all for absolutely fck all benefit to them. They’re now openly saying they’d never qualify for NATO or the EU. It was a big fat lie & always was. They’d hee-haw military power as they sponged weapons off everyone else.

    Europe has also been instructed to mobilise & enforce conscription & their economy deliberately crashed & they’re willingly obliging, including the UK WTF?! LOL They’ve lost their tiny minds. It’s like some cult has pressed the self destruct button & the lamas are all heading for the cliff..

  137. Ruby Tuesday

    Das Blimp & all his pish is getting a lot of attention.

    He is another one of those arrogant English fuckers who come here to insult us.

    Talking of arrogant English fuckers who come here to insult us have you read Ellis’ latest pish.

    The story about his spitting Granny is priceless.

    According to Ellis the term Scottish is meaningless.

    Scottish products get more protection & respect than Scottish people.
    Things would be clearer if we were black puddings.

    Ellis reckons anyone can be Scottish. I presume that also means anyone can be English.

    I am doing Ellis the honour of declaring him English.

    I think someone did it before me. English Ellis I believe was the preferred name for Ellis before he became Franchise Fanny.

    I’m still waiting for ‘the Das Blimp fucker’ to tell me what he means by ‘all things English’

    He calls himself that meaningless term ‘an Englishman’.

    It doesn’t mean anything anyone can be English.

    If you don’t like that and you are looking for someone who hates all things English than look no further than ‘English Ellis’

    If you start claiming that the Frenchman who has come to stay in Chester isn’t English than you are a bigot. #Ask Ellis

    I’ve heard that ‘you lot’ aren’t too keen on Frenchmen. Might be just a rumour.

    Normally I wouldn’t use the term ‘you lot’ but you do describe a group of people as ‘they’ and ‘their’ so why not.

    I don’t know how interesting it is for others to read about Ellis & the arrogant English fuckers who come here to insult us on a very regular basis.

    It is a problem so why not?

    I was going to write about Isla Bryson and how she & her fellow rapist called ‘The Shining Rapist’ are keeping their prison guards in Barlinnie right with regards to LGBTQXYZ matters.

    Possible legal action because a female prison guard called Isla ‘son’. Isla Bryson only likes men now has plenty to choose from in Barlinnie so needs her lippy but not fake breasts she now has natural breasts.

    ‘The Shining Rapist’ does need fake breast and maybe even tampons.

    It’s hard being a woman in Barlinnie.

    The Daily Record is helping them out.

  138. Luigi

    With 50% of Scotland now supporting independence – far higher among the young people (cannon fodder), it would be a very dangerous move for the UK government to try and enforce military conscription in Scotland. Forcing people who don’t believe in Britain to die for someone else’s King and country? Bad bad move. This ain’t 1914 folks. Just saying.

  139. Geri

    Northcode 6:32pm

    Yay! So glad you enjoyed it. I hope Ruby can do her magic & link it for others. I can’t do YouTube links that work either because it’s on an app.

    He’s an excellent inspirational speaker & with no notes too! Charting Wales through the ages. I wouldn’t last two minutes before forgetting what I wanted to say lol..

    Really glad you enjoyed it.

  140. Vivian O’Blivion

    Ebok @ 08:38
    Your analysis is interesting, but it rests on an assumption of a “normal” turnout. I contest we’ll see an apocalypse of apathy.
    The SNP will benefit from a reflexive loyalty among voters the same way Labour profited pre 2015.
    Yes, the SNP activist base is vestigial but it exists. The same cannot be said for Labour. Who’s going to chap doors for Likud?
    The SNP has the payroll to fall back on (£1.3m pa in Short money, constituency office workers, managers, researchers etc.). Yes, we know that in reality they’re the indolent relatives of MPs, MSP’s & Cooncilors paid for no-show jobs, but they exist. Yes, they didn’t get their lazy arses in gear to canvas at Rutherglen & Hamilton West, but this time it’s their livelihoods at risk.

  141. Geri

    They must be being given super special treatment in Barlinnie & kept well away from the prison population.

    I remember watching Ross Kemps wee trip behind bars with one inmate saying you never make eye contact with another inmate or “you’ll be punched oot yer trainers” LMAO.

    Those guards need sacking. They’re not there to be giving special treatment to rapists FFS.

  142. Ruby Tuesday

    I don’t have any balls but the bigger problem is I do not know what is meant by the term English.

    I see ‘Southernbystander’ has cycled all the way from Pocklington to join us this morning.

    Oh gawd I don’t know ‘cyclist from Pocklington’s pronouns.

    Oh fuck it according to the prison guard Rhona Hotchkiss it’s fine to misgender perfectly legal so I’m going with he/him.

    He/him from Yorkshire in the South did try to define what is meant by English previously but QFMD it sounded like just more pish.

    ‘Yorkie Biker Boy’ you are excused this time around. Sit doon or alternatively ‘on yer bike son’

  143. Northcode


    Aye, Geri, his lecture is grand; and a lot of it could equally apply to Scotland and the Scots.

    This from his speech:

    “It’s the story of a people continually shocked, shaped, and acted upon from outside…

    They changed our language, they changed our faith, they changed our sense of ourselves.

    And all the while we tried to live in the shadows of their powers.

    We found ourselves ‘shoved’ into a people.”

    I can’t thank you enough for pointing me towards Sheen’s speech. I wouldn’t have known about it otherwise.

  144. Ruby Tuesday

    Mornin’ Geri & Northcode

    Re you tube links.

    We’ve been here before Geri remember?

    Northcode I presume you are doing your youtube links on an iphone.

    iphone software very up to date Wings software isn’t.

    iphone youtube links need some adjustment before uploading to Wings but never mind that I can be your linkmaker. Just post the title of your YouTube video and I’ll sort it out on my ancient imac. Link guaranteed within 24 hours.


    I can type HTH and really mean it normally as you know HTH doesn’t mean what it says.

  145. Northcode

    Morning, Ruby

    You’re a star.

    Here’s the title I lifted from YouTube:

    “Annual Raymond Williams Memorial Lecture 2017 | Michael Sheen”

    Thanks for your help, it’s greatly appreciated. 🙂

  146. dasBlimp

    Ah yes the Welsh. Another bunch of wasters that revel in the state of victimhood.

  147. Ruby Tuesday


    Here’s a link to a youtube video.

    I haven’t included the HTTP that gets added by the magic of html.

    I haven’t done a time stamp either just to keep things simple.

    What I would suggest Northcode is you make a link on your iphone to the above video and then compare and contrast your iphone link to the one I have posted and then figure out the difference and adjust accordingly.

    If I remember correctly it’s the 1fpV0OFC0vc that’s the important bit.

    I repeat important not to include http.

    Your link for Wings should start
    then the rest.

    By comparing & contrasting your link to mine you should be able to figure out the rest.
    could be


    Got it?

    HTH with all things out of date.

  148. Anton Decadent

    Not long back from a trip along the West coast and Islands. What really stood out for me was the lack of litter compared to Glasgow, it stood out when you saw it because people were clearly trying to keep their areas clean. People were friendly, hellos when passing and stopped to talk to some. Also conspicuously absent were beggars particularly professional imported ones. For the first time though I noticed the settl-ers from England which others here have previously mentioned.

    Within three seconds of turning into my street on return the grown adult male New Scots corner boys were visible. An around the clock presence on street corners to demonstrate ownership but, hey, it is their culture and to judge this through a lens of white privilege is racist.

  149. Ruby Tuesday

    Ding! Ding! It’s for you Northcode.

  150. James Che


    Thank you for you’re reply, and everyone else who often replies to some of my comments,
    It is a difficult time for myself personally, during family illnesses and a mountain of extreme red tape from government to catch up and respond to everyone, and hope everyone understands that I have not ignored them, but comprehend that I have very little time on my hands to respond as I used to.
    So when I do have a moment I am playing Catch up with topics with a sell by date on them, often moved on,

    One thing remains constant, I believe that the four main Countries that make up the faux Great-Britain should be independent,
    One set of grand parents were Scottish, my parents married in Scotland, I live in Scotland, I did most of my Schooling in Scotland, my Children were born in Scotland and my grandchild wes born in Scotland, Scotland has provided me with my home and my background and even though my fathers work took him across the border to England when and where I was born, and returned two years later,

    I owe Scotland my deep felt gratitude and loyalties for their three generational kindnesses to my family,
    And will always support a independent nation of Scotland first and foremost,

    Why Do I tell you this?

    Because my family geneology have background history of Scots, Welsh, Irish and English, therefore I have personally witnessed and experienced all aspects of Britain through family and events,
    This has given me great insight to how the other three nations Scotland, Wales and Ireland have been biasly treated by the Westminster government in England, and I emphasise (government),
    For the people are all the same, with a few exceptions, I am married a quiet and gentle giant Scotsman,
    But there are many other Scots that married people from other Countries including England, and there equally many English married to Scottish men and Women.

    And I take offence when I hear ” those few exceptions” people spout the “divide propaganda” that all Scots Hate the English people….that is pure mouthy ignorance on their part and they would fit in perfectly well with the MSM and politicians in Westminster parliament who seek to divide the ordinary people,
    As everyone of those nations is suffering under Westminster parliament governance,

    And that is no badge of pride to be worn on your lapel or in your heart,

    Scotland is Right to want to leave that undemocratic batshit crazy hellhole and iWestminsters fallacious 1707 treaty of union,
    It has been a long political fight for Scotland covering many centuries Centuries
    I hope to see this happen in my lifetime,

    But I also hope that Wales and Ireland will do the same, that would really put the cat amongst the pigeons for all the globalist and their ideology policies infiltrating the governments.
    And England would automatically become independent,

    The lesson to be learned is the following,
    that England supporting Scottish independence also helps them, Wales and Ireland,
    Because the fallacious hoax treaty union is what binds all the for nations in servitude to Westminster parliament and the infiltration of global ideology,

  151. Northcode

    Thanks, Ruby, I’ll give it a go and see how I get on.

    The link you gave as an example is a good one of Sheen improvising a speech on a TV show. He did it off the cuff without any script. He’s a talented actor right enough.

    “HTH with all things out of date.”

    I hope that isnae a reference tae me. 🙂

  152. Northcode

    That’s the one, Ruby. Brilliant. Thank you.

  153. Ruby Tuesday

    Oh shite the h t m l got added

    Your link should start

    w w w

    no hs no ts no ps or forward slashes.

    Brilliant well worth watching.

    Give em some Welsh sugar boys!

  154. Geri

    dasBlimp 11:54 am

    “Ah yes the Welsh. Another bunch of wasters that revel in the state of victimhood.”

    They’ve plenty of reasons to eh? Here’s a novel idea. Dump all yer shite in yer own country. Yer super prisons & nuclear waste mud & learn the art of cooperation with the home nations instead of self appointed overlords walking all over others culture, language, education, media with the one nation pish.

    Sheen gives a full run down of all the shit Wales has put up with & not a single thing was related to the EU but everything to do with the toxic English government in Westminster. Even the secretary of state isn’t Welsh but some Tory no one voted for. Same for Scotland. Used like a local tip & it’s parliamentarians are treated no better.

    Away & fck off & join a Union with France..

  155. Northcode

    Geri @12:39pm

    Excellent, Geri. Well said.

  156. sam

    Andrew O’Hagan, Scots writer with Irish name, writes..

    “But my first experience of the English left me with the beginnings of a theory – that whereas the Scots and Irish were a people, a definite community, innately together and full of songs and speeches about ourselves, the English were something else: a riot of individualism with no real sense of common purpose and no collective volition as a tribe.”

  157. Northcode


    I get your point about not including the http part in youtube links.

    But I have a question.

    Do you add your youtube links as the href part of an html anchor tag or do you just paste the link direct into your comments?

    Hopefully my question makes sense.

  158. Confused

    the summer of hate continues; it’s now kicking off in ma-JORCA (hard J) NB “tourist” = Anglo

    the outraged anglo will be on the beach, filling in the postal vote for Reform UK whinging about “we pay their wages”

    – his reasons for favouring Farage/Tice (- “theyre the real tories loike”) is because of their commitment to “tackling net migration”, which he will utter without the merest flicker of self awareness.

    and those Kanaks are really going for it; it is not calming down. Some notable imagery – a burning porsche dealership – that tells us much; there is great wealth in new caledonia, due to the mining, but little of it gets to the kanaks.

    “democracy” can be a very rigged game, and I don’t just mean ballot stuffing/postal votes; the kanaks don’t think the s3ttlers should even have a vote and that they are being cheated in the very setup – I wonder what the class breakdown is of the 2 peoples? I suspect the kanaks are at the bottom of the tree, and this is the heart of it.

    de Gaulle once gave a speech where he talked of the conditions necessary for democracy to have a chance of working; in short, not too great a disparity in wealth, information or power, otherwise “the rich will buy it” / “the better informed will con everyone” and the powerful will simply ignore the law, either with the best lawyers or physical force.

    You also need a basic shared identity, more between us than divides us, so, e.g. civic nationalism with 2 groups, one vegetarian, one cannibal can never work. Brainwashing folks with propaganda about “diversity” and multiculturalism only takes you so far; people can be distracted from the true relations, just as long as life is good for most of them, but neoliberalism squeezes everyone, it seeks to own all, control all, and set up a rentier economy – it intends to grind everyone down and when that happens people start to notice – who is in, who is out – what groups are doing well, who is being shafted; when there is an ethno racial or religious angle to this, it can be explosive. The middle class will naturally be doing fine while everyone else is being shat on – and if they are mostly “foreigners” we then get the class war overlaid on the ethno-racial. Spicy! It’s a “2 for 1” (- note to posh people : these are “deals” you get in the scumbag food halls for scumbags)

    The kanaks seem to be solving their own franchise problem by causing so much of a mess the french will simply leave; surprisingly, very few people have died, so it seems more damage to property/ attack the symbols of the regime, right now, but africa/india have shown us what can be done with a mob armed with machetes. Even without murder, trashing the place could work – “no, you cannot come here and have a nice life at our expense … we won’t let you”.

    – old toga boy, Aristotle :

    “Heterogeneity of stocks may lead to faction – at any rate until they have had time to assimilate. A city cannot be constituted from any chance collection of people, or in any chance period of time. Most of the cities which have admitted s3ttlers, either at the time of their foundation or later, have been troubled by faction.”

    people on wings tie themselves in knots discussing the franchise (taking very old, stale, bait), sculpting arcane rules which are fair and just, but we all know any restriction will be resisted forcefully (long term residence, birthright, combinations) – but no english, no franchise problem, is one solution

    – the rwanda plan, interesting; fly all the human waste you don’t want back to a real shithole – and I believe in equal rights for all natural born englishmen; “england for the english” – and fucking well keep them there, make it a quarantine zone.

  159. Hatey McHateface


    Don’t fuck off. There’s a good chap.

    Scotland is hoaching with decent, friendly, approachable, benevolent, magnanimous, balanced, rational people.

    Plenty of us even have a sense of humour.

    Don’t be put off by some of what you read on here. It’s a flaw in what is otherwise arguably the best Indy blog around.

    But it’s Rev Stu’s blog, his rules, and hence his lack of interest in moderation is his flaw.

    Bottom line, he also gets to say who is to fuck off. Nobody else.

  160. sam

    O’Hagan a’gain

    “There was, and is, an English arrogance which resides in the view that they are naturally dominant within the British Isles. This notion was virulent in 18th-century Britain, when the Scots and the Irish were lampooned in the journals and pictorials of the day. The British Museum holds a great and hot-making archive of English caricatures that show the Scots and the Irish as drunken, hopeless, arse-kissing louts. Dr Johnson baited his friend James Boswell along similar lines, and the Scots got their own back in ways briskly intellectual and industrial. Yet the resentment lasted. My grandparents would bristle at the idea of any supposed English superiority – I remember reading a line of Milton’s, “Let not England forget her precedence of teaching nations how to live”, finding it intolerable and wondering whether or not reading it aloud would give my granny a heart attack.”

  161. Hatey McHateface

    @Luigi says:3 June, 2024 at 10:44 am

    Forcing people who don’t believe in Britain to die for someone else’s King and country? Bad bad move.


    I always thought it was the generations of 14-18 and 39-45, having been conscripted to fight, having seen many of their fellow Scots dead or maimed, that developed the guts, balls, organisation and determination to give us all the things we enjoyed in the latter half of the twentieth century.

    Council homes, free education, free medical care, pensions, benefits, rights. That sort of thing.

    All wrested from the grasp of the elites by ordinary people – the survivors of hellish wars who knew how to fight and knew what they were fighting for.

    In fact, a very brief history of the past 80 years would be about how the rich elites have spent that period clawing back from ordinary people everything our parent’s and grandparent’s generations fought for.

    But you by all means have it your way. Maintain a current generation of obese, paranoid, hopeless, sickly, reality-denying, suicidal, druggie sadsacks. With just enough muscle tone to hold their hands out.

    Quite how you think these gutless wonders are ever going to wrest anything of value, Indy say, from the ruling elites, escapes me.

  162. Sven

    Never mind, Blimpster, I like you and I promise when the Mercian Independence Referendum takes place I’ll support you.

  163. Northcode

    “The networks of ports and railways that came into existence were in no way meant to serve the interests of Wales itself; only to suit the needs of the ‘higher’ British interests and its expanding empire, and the pockets of those who stood to make the most from it.”

    Michael Sheen on Welsh history.

    Sound familiar?

  164. Hatuey

    I see that the NATO cheerleader and pro-British warmonger, Stewart McDonald SNP, is predicted to lose his seat in Glasgow South. Electoral Calculus expresses 79% confidence in that prediction.

    There will be dancing on the streets of Pollock…

  165. James Che

    None of us have a pre-choice selection before birth of where we will be born,
    to select which Country we will be born in,
    or what Colour our skin will be when we are born,
    None of us are responsible for what our fore fathers may or may not have done before we were born,
    And none of us have to call out others for having no choice,

    Because any English born person could have just as easily been born Scottish or in India, or in Palastine or to George Sorros or a child of pedophilia men like Epstein, and the same is equally true vice versa,

    We do not and cannot chose,

    However we can and should learn after we are born that none of us can hold predjuces because someone else never had a choice either,
    And we should and are capable of learning that it is not you or I that is nurturing and instilling the indoctrination of hatred and warmongering to kill of the other nations,
    It is governments around the world that drag the ordinary man or women of every country into hatred and war for their financial power game gain,

    And they are the last ones to send themselves or their families to the front line in arm to arm combat to die terrible deaths or being permently maimed or mentally diestroyed.

    People must realise the the hate filled thoughts of politicians always continues because they use people to fight their wars for them whilst they protect themselves from physical harm generation after generation,
    Churchill did not fight in world war 11 and David Cameron nor America politicians like Bush or Blinkin are not there on the front line fighting the proxy wars,
    They educate the people to hate each other to fight the wars for them,
    Hatred of each other begins with government propaganda at home

    Scottish people do not hate English people and English people do not hate Scottish people, Welsh people do not hate Scots, and Scots do not hate the Irish but they are all sublimely and slowly educated to do so through constant covert messages throughout their lifetimes.
    For the benefit of the ruling governments being able to control and activate the people when needed to fight for them as cannon fodder,

  166. Ruby Tuesday


    Post link directly into the comments box

    no h r ef tags

    Long long ago when h t m l stuff was added the videos used to play live on the thread.
    Lots of killing with hammers until adjustments were made to moderation and now any YouTube links with h t m l stuff goes straight into the Wings Triangle.

    h t m l stuff less important now all that will happen is nothing!

    Any other mistake will just mean your link wont work.

    PS You are the only one who ever uses the h r ef tag on here. Nobody else knew they could.

    I suppose you could give including h r ef tags a try. I’m going to try it.

    See or maybe not see my next post.

  167. dasBlimp

    Ignored says:
    3 June, 2024 at 1:33 pm
    “The networks of ports and railways that came into existence were in no way meant to serve the interests of Wales itself; only to suit the needs of the ‘higher’ British interests and its expanding empire, and the pockets of those who stood to make the most from it.”

    Michael Sheen on Welsh history.

    Sound familiar?

    yeah but look at all the lovely castles we built for them to fund their tourist industry.

    That Michael Sheen, eh. Whining a few months back about non Welsh people acting in Welsh roles. ‘Welsh roles for Welsh actors,’ as he did when he portrayed Brian (Taffy) Clough. What a hypocrite.

  168. dasBlimp

    … and Kenneth Williams – the gay Welsh bloke in the carry on films.

  169. dasBlimp

    … and Tony Blair. Scottish. I could go on.

  170. Geri

    “I see that the NATO cheerleader and pro-British warmonger, Stewart McDonald SNP, is predicted to lose his seat in Glasgow South. Electoral Calculus expresses 79% confidence in that prediction.

    There will be dancing on the streets of Pollock…”

    Woooo hooo! All you McBots out there – the drinks are on me! Let’s show him what the nasty nats & auld dinosaurs can do.

    He should’ve lost his seat in 2017 & got back to fluffing towels on a beach somewhere..oh wait, bad timing for that career move. Ach well he’ll always have Grindr for some cosplay that he’s in the intelligence business..

  171. Northcode

    Got it -I think. We’ll see when I try and post one.


  172. David Jones

    Why aren’t the SNP using the Nicolopter for this campaign?

  173. Northcode

    I’m attempting to post a youtube link following Ruby’s advice which, hopefully, my simple mind has comprehended.

    The ttile on youtube is:

    “Annual Raymond Williams Memorial Lecture 2017 | Michael Sheen”

    And here’s the link:

    We’ll see if it works.

  174. Geri


    Well done. It’s working for me..

  175. robertkknight

    D Jones…

    “the Nicolopter”

    Sounds like a device for castrating bullocks.

  176. Northcode

    Thanks Geri. And thanks to you too Ruby for your help and detailed guidance.

  177. Ruby

    Hatey the Hater tells the fucker Blimp Boy to keep on insulting & flame-bait.

    He’s fair enjoying it the Hatey fucker

    They are all enjoying it.

    When I say they I mean Hatey the Hater, Franchise Fanny & Chaserised Chas & all the arrogant English fuckwits who post here.

    Not sure why they post here.

    Maybe they can’t afford viagra and insulting folk on Wings is all they’ve got left.

    Obviously they can’t go insulting their neighbours in Bradford they are all protected by the Race Relations Act so it’s got to be the Welsh, the Scottish and the Irish.

    If they had free reign in Bradford Hatey would be off there in a shot.

    They would probably love to attack the French too but they can’t even say loch properly so not a chance they can say Bonjour!

    It’s good to speak a language other than English. The Welsh know that.

    Hatey the Hater says he has a sense of humour.

    Has anyone noticed?

    Initially I thought ‘Blimp Boy’ was witty and worth chatting to but he turned out to be just to be another ‘cuntry pancake’ like the rest of them.

    Fuck off if you want Blimp Boy stay if you want Blimp boy. It’s your time to waste as you wish.

    I don’t know about ‘country pancake’ it might be all very Shakespearian but it just doesn’t have the same impact as the good old urban Scottish word CUNT

  178. Republicofscotland

    The Z-z-zio-monsters hooks are deep into Labour.

    “Keir Starmer’s Labour party has parachuted a professional lobbyist for Is–hell into the safe seat of North Durham for the UK general election.

    Luke Akehurst, the director of We Believe in Is–hell, has spent over a decade working as a campaigner for that country’s interests and has close ties to the Is–hell embassy in London.

    An Is–hell diplomat was secretly recorded praising Akehurst as “a great campaigner” who was “one of the best in the inside” of the Labour party.

    Akehurst, who is not joooish, was once described by a fellow Is–hell lobbyist as “outrageously pro-Z–z-zi-o”.

    Akehurst, who has deleted over 1,000 tweets in recent days, has repeatedly defended Is–hell’s assault on G -a-z-zz-a in his social media posts.

    He also sits on Labour’s National Executive Committee, which currently has emergency powers to pick candidates. Akehurst apparently lives in Oxfordshire, about 250 miles away from North Durham.”

  179. Republicofscotland

    “Why aren’t the SNP using the Nicolopter for this campaign?”

    David Jones Sturgeon the Judas is now damaged goods, with her man being charged, and two other folk under the microscope possibly awaiting to be charged, one the age of Sturgeon the betrayer, and the other the age of Colin Beattie.

    It doesn’t take a genius to work out why Sturgeon the Backstabber has been dropped from this GE by the SNP.

  180. sam

    A large number of the Shadow Cabinet (17, I think) is in Friends of Is r**l, a lobby group linked to said State

  181. Ruby Tuesday

    Hoorah Northcode it worked.

    h r ef links also work but it’s a bit of a fiddle and possibly a lot of people might not recognise the link as a youtube link.

    You could maybe do Geri’s links now. The girl is busy and doesn’t have the patience for the links malarky.

    Hello Sam
    You are in my tray marked for attention.

    It can be tricky writing, readying & replying in a short space of time especially when things start to move very fast.

  182. Republicofscotland

    Keeping it to the fore that there is NO UNION

    “It is worth noting that, because it is stipulated in the Claim of Right Act, ratified as a condition of the Union itself, the oath of Accession continues to be “required by law” for any legitimate monarch of Scots. This ensures that no monarch had or has the authority to alter or undermine (alienate) the Scottish Crown in which are vested the sovereign rights of the people, the Community of the Realm of Scotland. This is why we can be certain that Queen Anne had no power, (nor had the Scottish Parliament ever pretended to any power),to change the institution passed down from Kenneth McAlpine, to “transfer” the Scottish Crown by merging it with that of another nation, to alter its character or undermine its rights in any way. And if the Crown of Scotland could not merge with that of England, then the kingdoms of England and Scotland could not merge into a single kingdom. Thus, while a single, political and economic state governed by a single, unified Parliament was entirely feasible, what the Treaty of Union envisaged was simply impossible.”

  183. Northcode

    “It can be tricky writing, readying & replying in a short space of time especially when things start to move very fast.”

    Aye, Ruby. Your attention is in great demand it seems, just you reply tae folk at your own pace and what works best for you – although I’m sure you don’t need any advice fae me on that matter.

    And now that I’m an expert on youtube links I’ll gladly help Geri out if she wants any youtube links postit.

    Thanks again for your help. I really appreciate it.

    Oh, and I’ll get part two of the eighties movie thing postit soon. You might have to re-stock the Kia orange and sweets and such, but I’ll be as quick as I can.

  184. Geri

    Sturgeons Airfart wan was probably gifted tae the TRA & is currently undergoing a rainbow wrap this month.

  185. Northcode

    “Hollow out the language; make us a theme park; make us a gift shop.

    Accomodate. Accomodate. Accomodate…as if nothing else had ever happened.”

    Michael Sheen’s speech is a masterclass in rhetoric.

  186. sam

    Hello Ruby

    that intrusive “y” gets everywhere, don’t it.

    y y y Delilah?

  187. Ruby Tuesday

    PDF transcript of Martin Sheen’s lecture.

  188. John

    Funny old word
    # End the Anschluss

  189. Northcode

    Ruby @ 4:19pm

    Wow, Ruby!. Thank you so much.

    I’m watching his lecture again right now because there’s a lot to it and he delivers it so brilliantly .

    It’s a great speech to watch and listen to, but having the transcript is so useful.

    I said it already but I’m saying it again – you’re a star.

  190. James

    “The pied piper of Britishness has danced us all down to the river, and left us there.

    Who was it that stole our relics, and smashed our altars?
    Did Europe tell us who to worship and tell us what language we were allowed to do it in? Was it Europe that stole our treasure, or controlled us with an occupying army?

    We know who it was. But if we want to stay ‘British’, we have to forget. Or act like it doesn’t matter. Don’t teach it in schools, don’t talk about it in public, don’t connect.
    Pull down the newspapers, keep the television quiet, hollow out the language; make us a theme park. Make us a gift shop. Accommodate”.

    Michael Sheen. Excellent viewing. We need a Scottish equivalent, where is he/she?

  191. Ruby Tuesday

    What’s Happening in Scottish Schools

    Trying this again.

  192. Hatey McHateface

    Uh oh, looks like some of us have crossed the Rubycon at 2:53.

    I wis first!

    I saw a TV programme about Julius Caesar once, and the presenter showed the viewers the real Rubicon.

    Unimpressive, insignificant, and most of all, shallow and murky.

    With the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, why was I surprised?

  193. Ruby Tuesday

    Sorry I’m mucking about testing a new way of posting links.

    The first blue hyperlink is about the equality act. That seems to be kicking off today.
    Wee shame and it’s ‘Pride comes before a fall month’. 🙁

    Ellie tells us ‘biological sex is nonsense’

    That link works fine.

    The second hyper link ‘What’s Happening in Scottish Schools’ isn’t working.

    It’s supposed to go to a YouTube video but doesn’t.

    Don’t muck about with YouTube links!

  194. Alf Baird


    Good to revisit the excellent Sheen lecture again, and thanks for reminding folks. To a large extent Sheen echoes Plaid’s former leader Adam Price (as well as a host of Welsh philosophers) who are in nae doot aboot Wales’ colonial history and present reality. He refers to the ‘Britishing’ of all the Celtic periphery peoples and nations.

    Where his stance is perhaps a little weak is in its dependence largely on Welsh historians and philosophers whilst lacking in reference to the extensive postcolonial theory which would help pinpoint all of the ‘colonial procedures’ he mentions that Wales (and Scotland and N. Ireland) are and remain subject to, including not least the inevitable failure of assimilation and calcification of institutions. What he talks about are all common features of colonial rule – e.g. cultural assimilation, economic plunder, imposition of alien laws, an under-developed people and nation etc. The rights of ‘a people’, especially a colonised group, to self-determination is another factor ignored?

    ‘Wha speaks for Scotland’? Aye, thon’s a guid quaisten. Its no Swinney or the SNP, that’s for sure; a colonial administration and its paid ‘functionaries’ speak and act only for the oppressor; hence the ‘indirect rule’ of postcolonial theory. This is another area Sheen refers to but without backing it up by postcolonial theory. We might accept here that he is an actor, not an academic.

    Despite this, as is the case with all colonised peoples he is right to state that: ‘lets not forget where we were, and where we’ve come from, and what shit we’ve had to put up with’; and still put up with, no matter whether we are Welsh, Scots or Irish, which is why all these peoples seek liberation, to be free from colonial oppression by another dominating people and culture.

    The Welsh, like the Kanak’s of New Caledonia, have through long-standing imposition of ‘colonial procedures’ been almost made into a minority in thair ain land. And, like New Caledonia this makes independence all the more difficult, which is its intention. Northern Ireland was also ‘planted’, and hence divided Ireland; a Scotland absent of sovereignty is rapidly headed in the same direction, according to the census and census history on extensive displacement of our population since annexation of our land.

    Thus, colonial procedures are applied throughout the ‘Celtic periphery’ nations but to fully comprehend this reality requires analysis of postcolonial theory.

  195. Ruby Tuesday

    It’s very sad! He’s drowned in 2 foot of murky water.

    Oh God! anyone prepared to pump his lungs.

    Warning Might require mouth to mouth.

    He should have stayed home and tried to solve the Ruby Cube.

  196. Northcode

    Alf Baird @ 8:00pm

    Thanks for your academic take on Sheen’s lecture, Alf.

    Sheen’s speech was rhetorically powerful, but I can see now, after reading your post, there was an element missing which I myself supplied.

    And I could only add that missing element due to my knowledge, entirely gained from your work, of postcolonial theory.

    That knowledge made Sheen’s lecture more powerful to me personally than it might have been to others without that knowledge.

    I see more clearly now that the dissemination of your excellent academic work – provided to us through your papers and book, Doun-Hauden – to a much wider Scots audience is vitally important.

    I believe that just by possessing even a little knowledge of postcolonial theory and how it operates on the mind helps to clear away the deliberate confusion colonialism creates in a colonised people.

  197. Hatey McHateface

    @Alf Baird says:3 June, 2024 at 8:00 pm

    Having identified who doesn’t speak for Scotland, can you now advise us who does?

    I would say that with the ever increasing demographic shifts, identification of the rightful speakers for Scotland is the most pressing issue right now.

    That and getting them to actually speak.

    Many thanks.

  198. Alf Baird

    Hatey McHateface @ 10:44 pm

    “Having identified who doesn’t speak for Scotland, can you now advise us who does?”

    The people themselves now begin to speak, through Salvo and, conforming with the three phases of decolonization:

  199. Ruby Tuesday

    3 June, 2024 at 11:54 am

    Ah yes the Welsh. Another bunch of wasters that revel in the state of victimhood.

    English sense of humour?

    He thinks that’s funny.

    It’s not funny it’s offensive.

  200. Ruby Tuesday

    Well said Alf!

    I’m speaking for Scotland but the ‘Hatey Fuckers & Co’ don’t like what they are hearing.

    They don’t like the idea of me speaking for Scotland they reckon there should be a lot more censorship here on Wings.

    Today the ‘Equality Act’ stuff is all kicking off so I’m going to now speak for women.

    I’ll post it here and not on the ‘Outside the Fence’ thread I’ll leave that for the hard-core aficionados. I cannae be bother with all that stuff. I’m saying don’t vote. Lets give them nothing to count.

    Turn out zero!

  201. Ruby Tuesday

    It’s all kicking off there are loads of articles about sex not gender

    Tory vow to end abuse of gender laws by predators

    Few points I disagree with.

    She writes

    In her article Badenoch also revealed that a future Tory government would legislate to strip the Scottish parliament of its powers to legislate on issues surrounding gender recognition.

    I agree but only if the SG are forcing legislation on the electorate without our consent.

    The writer is referring to another article in the Times written by Kemi Badenoch. I’m off to find that.

    Kemi Badenoch would make the perfect candidate for the POW. Will Posie lose votes to the Tories?

  202. Ruby Tuesday

    Gender row: Tories ‘want to erode’ Holyrood’s powers, says Swinney

    Could you read it please I can’t be bothered.

    Muchas Gracias.

  203. Ruby Tuesday

    It’s overwhelming all this sex & gender stuff. I need a break but I will be back later to speak for women and swear for Scotland.

    In my travels I came across this:

    It’s Rory the Tory.

    One for Chaserito.

    Chaserito loves ‘Rory the Tory’

    Hopefully after I’ve made the effort he’s not too chaserised to read about his hero.
    The chaseritis is an awful thing.

    Another one from the Scottish section to keep you going until I get back on track with the sex & gender

    Raisin found in girl’s nose after mystery three-month illness

    Inspections with a torch and multiple trips to the GP proved fruitless, as both parents and professionals were unable to diagnose the child’s affliction.

    Wee darlin’ I’m glad she’s fine now. I like her jumper and her bouncy thing! I can’t remember what they are called. They are great at any age.

    Space Hopper that’s the word!


  204. sam

    Read it, Ruby.

    Sarwar and Swinney say hands off Scotland’s powers.

    Sarwar says Labour will introduce appropriate guidance on protecting women’s rights. Swinney said nuthin.

    The Atomic Theory to which I linked (does it work?)somewhere else explains some of the background to woke beliefs. Important for it to be recognised.

    “A pint of plain is yer only man”. Doesn’t work so well if you substitute “non-binary”.

  205. Ruby Tuesday

    Yer a guid man Sam.

    Article not worth reading.

    Sarwar’s statement is meaningless when he can’t tell us ‘what is a woman’

    He might just be ensuring Isla gets her lippy and the ‘Shining Rapist’ get his fake breasts, nail polish & concealer.

    Sarwar will protect the rights of the women in Barlinnie.

    I’ll check out your Atomic Theory & report back.

  206. Ruby Tuesday

    I haven’t been able to track down the article in The Times written by Kemi Badenoch.

    I don’t know how instructive it would be cos I know the difference between sex & gender.

    Do you?

    Kemi is getting a hard time because she still believes in the GRA 2004 and that folk can change sex.

    She should have asked me I would told her the root of all the problems is the GRA 2004.

    One gets a Gender Recognition Certificate but in law you change sex.

    I’m trying to think of a witty slogan for this but I’m struggling. Ach I’ll write a poem instead. 🙂 Enjoy!

    No box for Gender

    There is no box to tick for gender
    in my passport
    on my drivers licence
    or my birth certificate
    No box for gender
    Gender doesn’t have box
    Gender only has a handbag.

    I might nip down to the Poetry Library tonight.

    They regularly have these events with free wine.

    A couple of glasses of chilled vino & some advice aboot my poetry.
    Just the job on this Tuesday evening.

    This is the poetry Library it’s very nice.

    Just down from the Poetry Library is Jacksons Close. SNP HQ on the right (3rd floor see yellow stickers) and BBC on the left.

    I like adding visuals to my posts and a wee bit of a tour of Edinburgh.

    I’m way off track now. Must get back to sex and gender.

  207. Northcode


    I posted part two of eighties movie night on ‘The Chef’s Kiss’ thread.

    There’s a fair bit more, but I think I’ll end the story there. I don’t want to bore folk with tales of the ancient past.

  208. Ruby Tuesday

    Here’s Robin Moira askin’

    Why should it be up to Kemi Badenoch (and a piece of paper) to decide if I’m a woman or not?

    Well it’s no up to Kemi or a piece of paper.

    It’s the biology stupid!

    Robin Moira doesn’t take estrogen ‘cos estrogen gives one a ‘Mickey Mouse’ voice. He’s a lawyer and wont be taken seriously if he has a ‘Mickey Mouse’ voice.

    Maybe he said Minnie Mouse voice. Well anyway you can get a voice like that with a helium balloon. Check it out see if you like it.
    If you do you might be transgender.

    What is transgender I hear you ask.

    Shut up! Stop being transphobic.

  209. Ruby Tuesday

    Cheers Sam & Northcode Lots to read & watch.

    Ancient Past. I saw a book set in the 60’s categorised as
    ‘Historical Fiction’

    60’s 80’s it’s all history.

    Northcode do you know how to do a link to a post?

    Part 2

    Link to Part 1 needed.

    The Atomic Theory might be all I need to understand transgenderism. 🙂

  210. sam

    I think I’ll call the new Reform leader Nigel Porridge from now. Nothing to do with “milk shakes”. Sir Henry Neville would know.

  211. Northcode


    ” Northcode do you know how to do a link to a post?”

    If this works then, yes – I do.

    Part 1

    If it doesn’t then…

  212. Ruby Tuesday

    Great read Northcode! All the way through I was asking myself if it was fact or fiction.

    Apart from Claire Grogan I didn’t recognise many of the names. I knew her before she was famous.

    I loved the bit about you being a talent scout & lots of other bits too. Altogether a very good read.

    I’m hopeless at jigsaws so you’ll just be Northcode to me.

    Even if you got jigsawed you should be quite safe ‘cos you are always very kind & polite to everyone.
    You are similar to George Ferguson in that respect.

    I think ‘Confused’ might be worrying unduly about jigsaw identification. Andy Ellis doxxed himself from the beginning and he isn’t exactly polite and kind to everyone and worst that has happened to him is that someone suggested he might date his daughter.

    Keep up the good work!

  213. Ruby Tuesday


    According to the Atomic Theory I’m at least half office chair by now. It’s a ‘Herman Miller’ so only half schemie now. 🙂

    Nigel Porridge!

    I get it! Only because I read about ‘country matters’

    I went to the ‘Poetry Library’ and they said here take a glass of wine it’s free and if you ever come back here with your pottery make sure there are no typos.

    OK It should be

    No box for gender
    Gender doesn’t have a box
    Gender only has a handbag.

    Ach never mind! I’m going to magnet it onto my fridge. That’s where all the best works of art get displayed.

  214. Southernbystander

    Strange references to Reform and Farage. If there were an equivalent in Scotland that was nationalist, their policies and general worldview would seem right up the street of many commenting here.

  215. sam

    Good morning, Ruby.

    Social mobility by sitting around.

    At least we both now see a potential cause of wokery and perhaps also the potential cure.

    I used to volunteer with Riding for Disabled. Mostly we led the horse and rider. We groomed them as well. One day I saw a dead bird come out of a horse’s tail.I could put Wee McGregor to sleep by stroking his neck.

    I may have a little nag in me.

    Who are the Scots? Do we need to consider the Atomic Theory?

    “Box” and “handbag” as Shakespearean terms?

    Shakespeare All’s Well That Ends Well II iii: He wears his honour in a box unseen, That hugs his kicky-wicky here at home, Spending his manly marrow in her arms.

  216. Northcode


    Thanks, Ruby. It’s all true – except the bits that aren’t. It’s movieland and nothing’s really real in movieland. The latest series of Outlander is set in America, but they’re still filming it in Scotland.

    I only met Clare Grogan twice. But I remember she was smart and funny and very likeable. I thought so anyway.

    Aye, the eighties are getting close to being half a century ago, and a lot of names famous at the time have faded into obscurity.

    That’s right, Taylor Swift. Fifty year, or less, fae nou folk’ll be sayin, ‘Taylor who?’. All glory is fleeting.

    Gettin’ a knockback aff them two lassies at Cinderella’s wis real, though…and very painful at the time. My Jason Donovan cut wis the maist bouffanty and shiny bouffanty hair ever seen tae. Thon lassies must have been short-sightit.

    But if I’m honest, it was only one knockback out of many.

    I like your seven-line poem, ‘No box for Gender’, both with and without the a.

  217. Northcode

    Oh, and Ruby. I went to a pottery library once. It wasn’t what it was cracked-up tae be and my eyes glazed over. But I spent ages in a poetry shop once reading the pottery.

  218. Ruby Tuesday

    Yorkie Biker Boy not happy! 🙁

    I’m guessing he’s a big fan of Porridge.

    This is the Canon’s Gait Pub

    There was an incident there a few years ago.

    The protesters didn’t like Porridge and they were making a lot of noise, blocking the traffic & the exit to the pub. Nobody could escape.

    The police had to be called due to protest but mainly because of illegal lock in. It turned out all the anti-Porridge protesters were English which was unfortunate as the charges of anti-Engishness had to be dropped.

  219. Ruby Tuesday

    Yer man Sam might be half horse but he damn well knows his Shakespeare.

    He wears his honour in a box unseen, That hugs his kicky-wicky here at home

    OMG were they chopping them off in Shakespearian times?

    I could be on the wrong track due to obsession with sex & gender and reading about the man who kept his ‘kicky-wicky’ in a jar in the fridge which he now says his boyfriend stole. Boyfriend now ex & getting sued for theft/kidnapping of ‘kicky-wicky’

    Handbag. I’ll have to give that some thought.

    I reckon the meaning of any word can be changed. Handbag could become a swear word or ‘country matter’ even a fake one.

    Shove it in yer handbag and zip it closed.

    He’s a right handbag that porridge lover.

    The cunt has more pockets in his handbag than brains in his heed.

    That Porridge is a right handbag.

    He got the chop & all he has now is a handbag

    Handbag dilated in disabled toilets.

    I feel a poem about ‘a handbag’ and ‘a box’ coming on.

    Scots & ‘the Atomic theory’ now there’s a thought.

    We do like our Black Pudding suppers a lot

    Maybe we could get ‘protecting against unauthorised imitation’

    You know like the Stornoway black puddins’

    Nae yer granny can’t be Scottish. Ye ur whit ye eat! Yer granny is all Yorkshire Puddin’ 🙂

    PS consulted the Urban dictionary re handbag


    1. To shove or push someone in the face. Unlike striking.
    No punches were thrown, only some handbags.

    That’s pathetic!

    I can do better!

    Oh handbags! Bloody Gucci! It’s bucketing doon again

    That’s it I’m no going to the pottery library noo .

    Handbag that in a box!

  220. Ruby Tuesday

    Back to sex & gender:

    Are the Tories serious about protecting women? Kellie-Jay Keen on the Equality Act & Jess Phillips

    Worth watching.

    She says

    There are plenty of women shoring up a very comfortable compromise which I find unacceptable.

    She has a tee-shirt which says

    “I’m over the rainbow!”

    Me too.

  221. Ruby Tuesday

    Political party leaders Richard Tice and Kellie-Jay Keen (aka Posie Parker) join Freddy Gray to discuss if Britain’s two-party system is finished.

    Reform & POW agree on gender issues.

  222. Ruby Tuesday

    With the exception of Kellie-Jay there isn’t a single female politician “who isn’t shoring up a very comfortable compromise.”

    ‘The Reform Party’ have seen that the ‘gender issue’ is a vote winner it’s very sad that ‘The Alba Party’ didn’t.

  223. Northcode

    “All men should be feminists. If men care about women’s rights, the world will be a better place. We are better off when women are empowered.” —John Legend

  224. sam


    There’s a pun in “honour” praps as well as the other filf.

    Anent the Atomic Theory. Secession needs a referendum. The franchise (ssshh) must be made up of nativists (bloodnsoil usual suspects) and those with residential qualifications.

    I’m asking if this is acceptable. Residence can’t make ye Scottish. It’s yer bloodnsoil. Yer descent.The fambly.

    Given the operation of the Atomic Theory I think we could create Scots from incomers.

    The most suitable method would be by hand shaking, certainly nothing more ummm intimate. Nothing Shakespearean, ken.

    Perhaps a few thousand hand shakes might do the job.It would need some experimental work

    Care would have to be taken that we weren’t creating, for example, more English people and diminishing the number of Scots. Too much hand shaking.

    Your illuminating views are always welcome.I look forward to hearing them and to having another titter.

    I visit the substack of Tribunal Tweets now and then to see what Tribunals are doing to restrain wokeness. (I’m thinking conversion and the Atomic theory).

    One of the cases examined is (kid you not) Tickle v Giggle. It’s an Ozzy case so I haven’t read it.

    “Jack: Actually, I was found.
    Lady Bracknell: Found?
    Jack: Uh, yes, I was in… a handbag.
    Lady Bracknell: A handbag?
    Jack: Yes, it was…
    [makes gestures]
    Jack: an ordinary handbag.”

  225. Northcode


    I watched the links you gave. Thanks for providing them. Very interesting.

    I don’t know enough about this complex subject to comment on it – I don’t want to inadvertently offend anyone due to my lack of knowledge or understanding of it.

    But on feminism, I would just say that strong, independent and intelligent women played a major part in my upbringing.

    My mother and my grandmothers were all women who could stand up for themselves, and in many ways were untypical of the way women were expected to behave at the time and in the place I was raised.

    My father, too, was untypical of his contemporaries in how he viewed and treated women.

    But I didn’t realise any of this until I was much older and an adult. The seeds, though, had been sown.

    I’m sure that it’s due to the women around me in my formative years that, in terms of potential, capability, skill, intellect and intelligence, I don’t see any difference at all between women and men.

    In fact many women I’ve worked with over the years might have had a slight, some a considerable, edge over quite a few of the men.

    “There’s something so special about a woman who dominates in a man’s world. It takes a certain grace, strength, intelligence, fearlessness, and the nerve to never take no for an answer.” — Rihanna.

    We learn how to behave from our parents. Thanks Mum.

  226. Ruby Tuesday

    Excerpt from JK Rowling: Why I decided to stand up for women (from “The Women Who Wouldn’t Wheesht”)

    I learned a new word from reading the comments

    “Vichy feminist”

  227. Northcode

    The Rowling article helps, thanks. I’m not a Vichy feminist, though. It’s probably a subject I should keep well clear of – and so I will.

  228. Ruby Tuesday

    What happened to my You Tube link?

    I’ll try again.

    In a handbag!

  229. Ruby Tuesday


    It’s probably a subject I should keep well clear of.


    I think everyone should learn as much as they can about the topic.

  230. Northcode

    Ruby @5:13pm

    I agree. But what I meant is that I should keep well clear of commenting on the subject.

    It’s an emotive subject for many women. I’ve gotten myself into trouble before in discussions when I’ve been misunderstood. And those were face to face with women I know.

    Also, I had it in my mind that I’d inadvertently offended you in some way (the very last thing I’d want to do). I know it’s a subject you care deeply about.

    I felt, rightly or wrongly, that your ‘Vichy feminist’ comment was directed at me.

    It is a thing some men do, I expect. But I’m not one of them.

    Maybe I was just feeling a bit self-conscious about commenting on something I’m not used to commenting on.

    My apologies if I misunderstood.

  231. Ruby Tuesday

    ‘I felt, rightly or wrongly, that your ‘Vichy feminist’ comment was directed at me. ‘

    Oh no! I was thinking more of Nicola Sturgeon types as being ‘Vichy Feminists’.

    You should comment it’s a topic that affects everyone.
    I think it’s a pretty important topic. The whole thing is insane.

    Don’t be too sensitive! For example don’t go posting on ‘off topic’ because someone suggested it. The ‘off topic’ thread is rubbish.

    Don’t be too worried about offending either.

    Have you read Hatey McHateface’s latest?

    He gets his kicks out of offending..

  232. Northcode

    Phew! Thank gawd – I thought I’d incurred yer wrath.

    I was beginning to fear I might be at the sharp end of some intensifiers soon.

    Can’t help it – I’m sensitive by nature.

    I would like to comment, but I need to find out a bit more before I’d be comfortable with that.

    I thought J.K. Rowling’s article was very good – some of the comments though…

    Anyway – glad we’re still on speaking terms.

  233. Brian Doonthetoon

    Hi Ruby Whateverday.

    ‘Off-topic’ has been used to organise umpteen Friends of WOS get-togethers over the past years. Have you been at any of them? If not, why not?

    What are your criteria for describing it as “rubbish”? I find a lot of your meanderings on the main pages to be impertinent to the Rev’s articles ATL but I don’t feel the need to publicly describe them as “rubbish”.

    We, who visit ‘off-topic’, appreciate it it as a haven from the, sometimes, literal vitroil that appears BTL on WOS.

  234. Geri


    I’ll second Ruby on commenting where you like.
    Threads tend to evolve after the first initial thirty or so comments. It’s the natural order of things as folks get to know each other & have a natter or, in shiteyface & co case, reply to deliberate baiting.

    Ppl can scroll passed if they they want. Ignore if they want or Stu can admonish if he chooses.

    As for the GRR stuff. It’s bonkers & you’ll give yerself a sore head lol.

  235. Geri

    I looked “off topic” before & the page is tiny & slim. Did someone post a long link that messed up the format or something? I dunno if it’s my device or if the page is like that for everyone??

  236. Confused

    ruby has deeply offended the off topic community … chortle

    its a wings thing, you wouldnt understand

  237. Northcode

    “‘Off-topic’ has been used to organise umpteen Friends of WOS get-togethers over the past years”

    Oh, I don’t know about that BDTT. Ruby, on another thread, said the fantasy is better than the reality – or something along those lines. I think she was replying to a comment Geri made.

    In ma ain heid, and when I look in the mirror, I still see some young guy with Viking blonde bouncy boufanty hair and the youthful sparkling blue eyes of an immortal demi-god. I’m reluctant to give up that wee fantasy by meeting somebody who’ll point and laugh and tell me thit a dinnae.

    And now you’ve got Confused on the chortles, something I’ve never seen before…the fantasy is disintegrating before my eyes…chortle.

  238. Ruby Tuesday

    This is my favourite off topic thread.

  239. Ruby Tuesday

    Every person or group can have their own ‘off topic thread. I like this one.

    It’s the cartoon thread. Cartoon = Art

    The topic here is art.

    So not really off topic.

    something that is created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful or that expresses important ideas or feelings.

    What is meant by the term the arts?
    painting, sculpture, music, theater, literature, POTTERY etc., considered as a group of activities done by people with skill and imagination.

    skill level = worthy of being pinned up on the fridge.

    important ideas = anything that is important to you.
    (It’s currently important to me to fine the best ‘Sugar Snap Peas’ )

    feelings = aye fine. I don’t know if there’s an Agony Aunt among us who can solve your personal problems but you never know.

    Dear Auntie Nora

    How do you fancy the pen name Nora?
    Nora North!

  240. Ruby Tuesday

    Ye Hielands an Ye Lawlands
    Scotland Speaks with Alex Salmond

    ALBA’s election campaign heats up with Highland Manifesto Launches, Lanarkshire adoption nights & protests outside of STV

  241. Ruby Tuesday

    Best FREE Speech to Text AI – Whisper AI

    I’ve been trying to do this without success.

    All the steps are pretty clear but it always ends up saying no audio file found.
    I have problems getting the audio file to where it should be. (where it is in this video)
    Could be all due to my out of date iMac.

    Anyone used this program?

    I use Google Docs to transpose text in an image into text and that works really well.

  242. Northcode

    I tried visiting the off-topic thread, Ruby. But it didn’t load properly for me and was really clunky when it did.

    So this is the arts off-topic thread now?

    Maybe I’ll post my wee stories here. I’m writing another one now.

    Nora North? I prefer Auntie Norine. I knew a Norine once. She wis ma pal’s maw whin a wis a wean. Nice woman. Always gave me a glass o ginger and a jammy sanny.

    Norine North sage o the North. Cross palms with silver and all your troubles will be magically swept away.

    Can you imagine anything worse than being an agony aunt, or uncle?

    Uncle Morgan – “Get busy living or get busy dying.” (Shawshank Redemption) would be his advice.

    Not bad advice, really. Because there’s nothing in-between except living death.

    I remember ma faither telling me once “Yer better aff deid than livin’ in fear.” And that was when I was just aboot to start primary school and was a wee bit anxious aboot it. He wis a right serious man ma faither. Good on the accordion, though.

    “Aye, right Dad. Very good. Kin a git bak tae Fireball XL Five on the telly nou?” said I in reply.

    It’s a funny thing. When I’m recalling my early years the language in ma heid is always Scots.

  243. Ruby Tuesday

    Sorted! Stories, Dear Auntie Norine, Shakespeare, language lessons, the best shop for ‘sugar snap peas & whatever pops into your head.
    Never off topic.

  244. Northcode

    “Aye, right Dad. Very good. Kin a git bak tae Fireball XL Five on the telly nou?” said I in reply.”

    That’s a bit of artistic license and embellishment. If I’d spoken back tae ma Faither like that he’d hiv skelped me aboot the heid.

    I was much older when he told me the thing about being ‘better aff deid…’

  245. Ruby Tuesday

    Sunday Times

    Access all articles for free on the weekend of June 8th and 9th

    Farage is a snake, but if we were honest on migration he’d have no fangs
    Milkshake’s vanilla compared with protests past

    The jobs British workers don’t want to do — and why
    ‘I ran off with the circus as a teen — a normal job isn’t for me’

    I went panning for gold in Scotland — this is what I found
    Snow blankets Cairngorms as temperatures are set to drop near freezing
    Aw naw snaw!

    How do you solve a problem like Nicola Sturgeon? SNP fear a wipeout
    Fife council orders removal of ‘offensive’ witch mural

    Free speech concern after Ipso rules against open court report

    How the rise of postal votes turned the election into a sprint

    Infighting on the beaches: behind the scenes of the D-Day debacle

    How JK Rowling and a feminist fightback turned the tide on trans activism

    and lots more.

    Don’t miss

    ‘My dear chicks’: Agatha Christie’s agony aunt secret revealed

    But before Agatha Christie became the bestselling novelist of all time, she moonlighted in a rather unlikely role: magazine agony aunt.

    To access any of the above just put title into Times search box.

    These are all separate headlines. I’ve paired some together just for fun.

  246. Northcode

    Thanks for the heads-up on the Times.

    It’s a bit of a caricature but I don’t mind the witch mural – shame it has to go. And knowing Pittenweem’s history it seems entirely appropriate, in a slightly gruesome kind of way. The mural makes a not very subtle point about ‘weem’s’ history, though. Maybe that’s why the cooncil disnae like it. Whit wid thon tourist’s think if they knew Scotland isna quite as quaint as they think?

    I’m always learning something new on here. I had no idea Christie was at one time in her career an agony aunt. Interesting read. I’m inspired to write to Aunt Norine and ask for some guidance on a few of ma ain problems. Hopefully a’ll no juist be telt ma coo’s tae wee.

  247. Ruby Tuesday

    Would a touchy-feely ‘man camp’ make me a better dad?

    Jones and his fellow men are encouraged to “dance with abandon”

    Why not?

    Dancin’ with abandon is great.

  248. Northcode

    “Would a touchy-feely ‘man camp’ make me a better dad?”

    Eh, naw.

    The rules for real men are:

    Nae huggin’. Nae showin’ – whit’s it cawd agin? – aye, them emotions (whitiver they are). An definitely nae waxin’ o’ a yer legs.

    Dancin’ aboot like an eejit’s allowed tho. Especially efter a few drams.

    Don’t know why I went aw Scottish there. Just seemed appropriate.

  249. Ruby Tuesday

    Agua-fit is a great exercise especially if you have any injuries. It’s a lot of fun and very beneficial.

    For some reason men do not do aqua-fit.

    Maybe they would if they knew £multi-million race horses did aqua-fit.

  250. Ruby Tuesday

    Another post lost in The Wings Triangle.

    I explained why men need touchy feely training.
    It explained everything.

    I’ll try again tomorrow and remember to type it in word pad (well Smultron actually) before posting.

  251. Ruby Tuesday

    9 June, 2024 at 11:33 pm

    More like “touray”, but with the softer French pronounciation of the “R”.

    It was just a guess Derek!

    I’m also guessing there might be many different ways to pronounce ‘touret’ depending on whether you are in the north or the south of France.

    Those folk in Alsace don’t half speak funny & have you heard the Canandians?

    Similarly the word ‘toorie’ might be pronounced differently depending on which part of the UK you might be in.
    FGS Folk in England pronounce loch as lock.

    Any comment about the word ‘toorie’ originating from touret the French for turret?

    TBH I just made a guess at that too.

    Anyway nobody is using the word ‘toorie’ anymore (which is a shame) it’s all pom-pom or bobble now.

    The bigger the pom-pom/bobble the better.

    French sailors had a pom-pom on their hats for protection in case they hit their head on the upper deck (or something) anyway the pom-pom was there for a reason.

    Any idea why we have these gigantic pom-poms on our hats these days?

    The bigger the pom-pom the bigger the ‘pom-pom’? ooh err missus!

    I think I know what you mean about French pronunciation Derek yer talking Received Pronunciation.

    Received Pronunciation as in British English. Received Pronunciation is the accent traditionally regarded as the standard and most prestigious form of spoken British English.

  252. Ruby Tuesday

    Not just one gigantic pom-pom two giagantic pom-poms one on each side of the heed!

    The Greek Military have giant pom-poms on their shoes.

    That could be worth researching.

  253. Ruby Tuesday

    Here’s Pete’s slippers. They have a red pom-pom.

    What will happen to them on 4th July?

  254. Ruby Tuesday

    Tone policing

  255. Northcode

    I dreamt a poem of sorts last night. I don’t know if you’ll see it on this thread, but I think it’s for you and your spouse, James Che.

    This is it as it came oot ma heid. It be yours now…if you want it.

    We Danced Once

    We danced once, you and I
    Cocooned in Cupid’s swirling air
    In lifted breaths of primrose plumes
    Waltzed through Summers long short days
    Through lazy grass in lazy haze

    And slow the rhythm gently eased
    To sway in comforts safe embrace
    One thought in thought to russet leaves
    Slower still as statues fixed
    Frozen sparks in frozen flame

    As silver motes on silver beams
    In firmament eternal traced
    We danced once, you and I
    We dance still
    We danced once, you and I
    And always will

  256. Northcode

    James Che

    To be clear, James, ma wee poem is for you and your spouse – it’s no fae me to either one of you. I wouldn’t want to be accused of being a home wrecker 🙂

    Hope you’re both having a good day.

  257. Northcode


    What is ‘Tone policing’?

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