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Bigger and better than this

Posted on January 17, 2014 by

Some loony posted this to YouTube on Christmas Eve, so we’ve only just stumbled across it. It’s the speech given by Scotland’s Sweetheart (and Wings Over Scotland contributor), the estimable Saffron Dickson, to the Radical Independence Conference back in November, and it’s seven minutes of your life well spent.

We hope to live long enough to see her as First Minister.

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88 to “Bigger and better than this”

  1. Taranaich says:

    We hope to live long enough to see her as First Minister.

    I’d vote for her!

  2. croompenstein says:

    Get Saffron to debate with flipper 🙂

  3. Si A says:

    “We hope to live long enough to see her as First Minister”

    Severely doubt that we’ll have to wait long!

  4. Craig Stewart says:

    I’d vote for her long before most of the dross we have in power now…

  5. alexicon says:

    A star today and certainly a superstar in the future.

  6. Alba4Eva says:

    Tears in my eyes.

  7. ronnie anderson says:

    @Rev, Am a loony but it wizna me ah could,na post a letter,

    but Saffron was on one of the Referendem debate program,s

    Bbc Scot, Oct,Nov.

  8. Arbroath 1320 says:

    I think anyone who say her on that TV debate programme, can’t remember was it QT?, will never foget the rousing applause she got then.

    Anyone who watched her that night must surely have thought ‘there goes a political heavyweight of the future, and I’m not talking lbs and ounces here.

    This video of Saffron at the R.I.C. conference in December can do nothing but re-emphasise this idea. There is no one in the current unionist ranks who can hold a candle up to her. Everyone from Cameron down would simply be blown away.

    Come to think about it, as Cameron is scared shiteless to debate with Alex Salmond, hence the constant ‘touring’ of his underlings around Scotland, I wonder if we could possibly entice the coward out of his hidey hole to debate with Saffron. Game, Set and Match to Saffron I think! 🙂

  9. john king says:

    Another Nicola

    this girl is very special.

  10. Dan Huil says:

    Great Stuff. Pity she won’t be talking at the referendum debate at Moray College, Elgin, on Wednesday night. Members of public allowed to contribute.

  11. ronnie anderson says:

    There,s olso a young Guy,from Glasgow, dont know his name,both Saffron & him on the one program, would convince a lot of young people,to vote Yes.

  12. tartanpigsy says:

    Agreed this is a great wee vid.
    to help make her ever having a chance of being First Minister remember we all need to do this…

    O/T Anyone not yet involved at grassroots level this is Yes Scotland’s event page. There are loads of teams out and about.
    All need more people handing out more leaflets to more undecided’s.…/

    If anyone at Yes Scotland is reading this, it really does need to be easier to access from the homepage.

  13. tartanpigsy says:


    hope that’s better

  14. heedtracker says:

    What an amazing public speaker, times they are a changing! When I was Saffron’s age we had bizarre teenage Tory boy William Hague who put most of my generation off politics for life and look at what they’ve done to Scotland since then.

  15. Albalha says:

    Great video.

    O/T Anyone have the facility to upload Russia Today’s interview with Gordon McIntyre Kemp on You Tube.

    Was on around 1820.

  16. kininvie says:

    @ Rev

    Where have you been? This has been going around Twitter for at least a couple of days!
    Had I thought you’d missed it, I would have pointed it out and qualified for Alert Reader status…damn. I must cease assuming your omniscience.

  17. themadmurph says:

    oh if only some of her elders and betters (not) have the vision and the lack of fear that young lady has! She is inspirational.

  18. ronnie anderson says:

    Im just mad about Saffron, Saffron,s no mad about me ,any

    auld yin,s remember the word,s tae the song post up,& the


  19. croompenstein says:

    If this was made by a plooky better together stoodge it would be all over the MSM.

  20. Arbroath 1320 says:

    As folks might be aware the good old mouthpiece of Westminster a.k.a. BBC is ‘hosting’ a series of referendum debates over the coming weeks/months. :-”

    I have just had a wee brainwave sort of thingy. I wonder if Saffron will be at any of these debates. I can only say gawd help any unionist who is! :))

  21. Ken MacColl says:

    Well done, Saffron.

    I like your spirit and your style

    When Ian Hamilton was asked his qualification for recovering the Stone of Destiny in 1950 from Westminster Abbey he replied,

    ” My prime qualification was that I did not know my place. I never have. So many Scots, forgetting that one of the great features of our history is the mobility between classes, have lapsed into the English habit of thought best expressed in the words, ‘I wouldn’t presume. I hope I know my place,’
    I always presume. I have never known my place.”

  22. Hetty says:

    An amazing young woman who is such a bright cookie, and who holds a candle to all who embrace positive change within Scotland as well as without, what a beacon to inspire the young especially, to reject the westminster rich boys who want to continue to shackle the young and stifle their hopes and dreams for a better future.

  23. croompenstein says:

    It’s by Donovan the song’s called Mellow Yellow – could be titled after that yellow streak o scitter Cameron shiting himself in case his John Bull’s force him to debate with FM

  24. Les Wilson says:

    A gutsy young lady, and she has a passion for our Scotland, what’s not to like. Methinks Nicola should take her under her wing and get her really involved.
    Well done lass!

  25. Wee Jonny says:

    Fantastic. She’s probably dome more for a Yes vote in two t.v. appearances than many “experts” and life long politicians could do in a lifetime.

  26. ronnie anderson says:

    @croompenstein, thank,s canny get it oota ma heid,an naw

    naebody gie me a reffence tae Kyle,(oota ma heid)lol

  27. Iain Henderson says:

    I am a great fan of Saffron’s. The future is in great hands.

  28. Ken500 says:

    Danny Alexander Lies

    The whole UK EU ‘rebate’ is £3.8Billion?

    Scotland would lose 1/12 (one twelfth?), which would be more than made up by Scotland receiving total CAP payments & Grants etc. Instead of the UK Treasury taking them. Scotland lost access to EU Renewable Grants (£Billion?) because of Westminster indecision.

    EU payments

    Germany pays €25Billion euros (80million pop)
    France pays €20Billion euros (70 million pop)
    Italy pays €20Billion euros
    UK pays €15Billion euros (62million pop)
    Spain ? 45million pop)

  29. ronnie anderson says:

    @ themadmurph, love it, keep yer heid doon, ma granwain,s

    will efter you,when ah torture them wi that song.

  30. Doug Daniel says:

    That was phenomenal. To be able to write a speech like that and deliver it with such confidence at that age is almost frightening. Scotland needs young folk getting engaged in this debate, becausr it’s their future we’re doing this for, and I hope many can see Saffron here and, as she would say, be inspired.

  31. Doug says:

    What an inspiration to us all! Listening to Saffron really hammers it home that, more than anything else, we owe it to the upcoming generation to sow the seeds for a better, fairer Scotland right now!! Vote YES and give our kids a future!

  32. Jack Beck says:

    Pretty teary just watching that and have promoted it around my facebook friends. I live in Appalachia now and there are many parallels with Scotland. I just hope we have some inspirational youngsters like Saffron around here to point the forward for this part of the world.

  33. Jack Beck says:

    ‘the way forward’

  34. Ian Brotherhood says:

    By way of contrast, check out this belter, from 1977. Check out the uncertain reaction when Hague tells Mrs Thatcher’s government to ‘get out of the way’ – Howe doesn’t start clapping until he’s sure Maggie approves.

    Remember the atmosphere these people created? How they thrived on it? The damage they caused? The lives they emptied and wrecked?

    They’re back for the long haul, and only people like Saffron Dickson can help us persuade fellow Scots that we ain’t going back there again.

    The obnoxious wee fanny you see in this video was in Glasgow (was it yesterday, or today?) warning us – yes, warning us – that we’d better vote to stay in the union.

  35. twenty14 says:

    Ian Brotherhood – This video of William Vague should be used as the past and the present. Think ” pussy ” is more adapt

  36. Midgehunter says:

    It looks like the next and future generation of leadership for Scotland is coming forward.

    If only the YES campaign would get the same kind of fire in its belly and belt out the arguments like she does, it would make me feel a lot happier.

    And she never once mentioned sausage rolls… 😉

  37. Alba4Eva says:

    Ok… had to be done…

  38. Ian Brotherhood says:

    If I’m not mistaken, Hague was the same age, then, as Saffron is now.

    That, in itself, should be a source of great encouragement – despite all the problems we have, we can produce people like her, and even if things get worse, it’s hard to imagine that Scotland will ever be fertile ground for attitudes like his.

  39. Hetty says:


    Article on Rtnews re Hague visit to Scotland, on first appearance it looks more like a bbc report, anything to do with Mr C the pm asking Putin to intervene? It does quote Nicola Sturgeon, but going on their usual type of critical reporting, this is less than balanced. Apologies if the link does not actually link, just cut n paste, this ipad i have on loan leaves a lot to be desired!

  40. call me dave says:

    Well said Saffron. It is very encouraging to see all sorts of individuals in Scotland beginning to buzz for a YES vote.
    Many DK’s and NO’s will see the truth in the coming months..

    Here’s Gerry Hassan:

  41. Chic McGregor says:

    call me dave

    That was 5 mins I’ll never get back. Why doesn’t he just come out of the closet and admit he is a confirmed don’t know?

  42. CameronB says:

    We just need better checks and balances to make sure we are not left to the mercies of dysfunctional individuals.

    I don’t think it was healthy for a lad the age he was, to to want to dismantle the welfare state, concentrate power in Whitehall and attack the basic human right of the freedom to associate (union membership). I’d have call in Social Services.

    Remember, he was PM for a while, but we already know that scum floats.

  43. Thepnr says:

    What a contrast between Saffron and Hague at the same age.

    Watching the video of Hague as a boy you could quite confidently predict the future of the man. The same I believe is true of Saffron.

    Unlike Hague though Saffron might truly shine and make a mark.

  44. TheGreatBaldo says:


    If you thought Prof Tom Gallachers paranoid droolings about the First Minister and the SNP made Alan Cochrane look rational and balanced, then you ain’t seen nothing yet folks !!!

    I think the best response to this garbage is 2 words OSWALD MOSLEY…who was a member of both Tory and Labour parties before establishing the British Union of Fascists

    Articles like this should be really be placed in a National Archive, so future generations of Scots can marvel at the depth the Unionist press sank during the campaign, they’d never believe it otherwise.

  45. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Whatever Saffron chooses to do with her life, it’s probably a fair bet that she’ll never be a warmonger, or baldy, or be able to down fourteen pints of a morning while doing a part-time summer job.

    It’s a dead cert she’ll never get the chance to wrestle Seb Coe in his underpants – the way Health & Safety regulations are going? Nah…it’d never be allowed.

  46. Thepnr says:


    Holly shit just reading it. Would like to have been alerted earlier so as to get a post in but will do just the same.

    I know not everyone agrees with posting on these rags but I’m not one that can read shite like that and just ignore it.

  47. CameronB says:

    Mosley and his wife were Fabians in the 1920s and at the start of the 1930s. 🙂

  48. Chic McGregor says:

    I believe the Labour party evolved from the Fabians – they’re now Fibians. 🙂

  49. CameronB says:

    Chic McGregor

    “Since the 1997 general election there have been around 200 Fabian MPs in the Commons, amongst whom number nearly the entire cabinet, including Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Robin Cook, Jack Straw, David Blunkett and Clare Short. The society has pursued its role as the new Labour government’s “critical friend”, seeking to ask challenging questions and to stimulate public debate.”

  50. CameronB says:

    Aldous Huxley — The Ultimate Revolution — A Blueprint to Enslave the Masses

    “A shocking look at the results of the Fabian Society and the Cecil Rhodes Round Table efforts to resurrect the British empire, control of the United States, and dominate the planet.”–TheUltimateRevolution–ABlueprintToEnslaveTheMasses

  51. kininvie says:

    Good comment on the Telegraph btw. Having wasted time cobatting this same bollox on the Spectator blog, I’m not going to waste further time on the Torygraph.

    The worrying thing about these right wing rags is that, although they do this sort of thing as a deliberate wind-up job to get lots of hits on their pages, it has a pernicious effect on their readers.

    There’s a very nasty tendency here: Scots want to leave us = Scots hate us = So they must be hateful = so they are Facists. At least that seems to be the Torygraph’s thinking.

  52. Arbroath 1320 says:

    Sorry I’m O/T here but so everyone knows, the police have found the body of a young boy in Fife and have detained one person. They are not yet saying if that person is male or female.

    Just as well I’m not a copper in Fife tonight, don’t think I’d have been able to contain myself.

  53. call me dave says:

    That’s dreadful news…

  54. FreddieThreepwood says:

    OK, I’ve had a dram, but I can’t remember any other post on Wings bringing me to tears.
    If we don’t get a ‘Yes’ in September I’d want to personally apologise to Saffron and everyone else in her generation for our abject and inexcusable failure.

  55. Calum Craig says:

    A wee bit off topic but this is brilliant:

    (My personal favourite is 6:50ish.)

  56. Alba4Eva says:

    Calum… an old fav of mine too… I hope Mr Hamilton has a wee re-think about his profile in the coming months… heck, we need minds like that right now. This is the time… Our generation only gets one chance at this.

  57. CameronB says:

    My apologies. Though possibly of historic interest and some distant relevance, that lecture was not the one I was thinking of.

    I’m happy for it to go Rev.

    I’ll go and sit on the naughty step and be more careful in future.

  58. Calum Craig says:

    “This is the time… Our generation only gets one chance at this.”

    Nail, head, yes!

  59. Dal Riata says:

    Inspirational speech from one so young! If Saffron Dickson decides to enter poitics she has got a great future in front of her.

    Contrast and compare this uplifting affirmation of a positive, independent ‘Aye, we can!’ Scotland with the depressing, downbeat and negative ‘Naw, yez cannae!…And don’t even think about it either!’ sneers, fears and smears from Better Together Project Fear…

    Saffron Dickson has something that few people have, and at such a young age – the gift of oratory that can grip an audience and inspire them to better things.

    The Yes Scotland campaign should sign her up ASAP as a spokesperson for what independence can mean for the youth – and those older, indeed – of Scotland.

  60. ScotsCanuck says:

    Saffron, you are a gem.
    … also enjoyed the passion of Duncan Hamilton

  61. ronnie anderson says:

    Rev,Would it possible, across the Yes Campain to produse

    DVD disc,s of Saffron & Duncan, is there a possibility that

    some of our Techo guy,s,could lookinto this. If the copy

    pirates can do it we as a collective can.

  62. Chris says:

    Excellent and inspiring video. Scotland needs more people like Saffron and we clearly need to make Scotland a better country for all of our people.

    By the way, if anyone wants to bang their head against a brick wall they should have a look at the following article and comments on the Telegraph:

  63. Ken500 says:

    No one reads the Telegraph or the Spectator, for obvious reasons. Let sleeping dog lie. Do not engage, read or communicate. That will lead to their demise. Engaging leads to regurgitation, keeps it going.

  64. Marker Post says:

    I reckon the unionists are terrified of the likes of Saffron.

    Not just because of the Referendum. But with this level of passion particularly amongst the young, this argument is never going to go away.

    The only time you will ever see this level of passion from a No supporter is from a career politician – like Darling, who is also passionate although it comes out as bombast and bluster – who stand to lose a lot personally. The vast majority of ordinary No voters are not passionate, in fact they are the opposite, they are apathetic.

    So even if there is a No vote, there will still be around 40% of people passionately in favour of independence. That 40% will always, always be pushing for change. Something will have to give, at some point. Those 40% are not going to go hold up their hands and say, “oh well, fair enough, let’s carry on business as normal”.

    Certainly Saffron won’t. I think that should scare the unionists more than anything.

  65. Dorothy Devine says:

    Ken500 – I’m with you on that indeed I have made the same plea on a number of occasions.

    Leave the spluttering ,drivelling unionist commentators to shout in empty space and have lawyers keep a check on journalists and their insulting articles.

  66. john king says:

    compare and contrast

  67. john king says:

    Sorry Ian I should have known someone else would have done it already , sorry rev.

  68. john king says:

    Seems as if the Labour party can attract prodigies as well,
    its just a shame they cant do their young lad justice by standing by the convictions he displays which are in the long tradition of the REAL Labour party.

    Go Rory, there’s hope yet for your party while we have young men like you.

  69. john king says:

    I’m absolutely distraught to report that poor wee lad from Edinburgh has been found dead in Kirkcaldy may he rest in peace

  70. Ken500 says:

    Don’t worry about RT. ‘Politics’ At least the story is getting out, worldwide, against the Wedtminster ‘news’ embargo. All Scotland’s friend’s, especially the diasporia, extremely strong worldwide will be alerted to Westminster’s, illegality under International Law. Westminster already suspect, worldwide, for war crimes and banking fraud creating instability in the world.

    Russia has conflicts of interest with the EU and Germany. The 11WW devastated the Russian economy and society (26 million Russians died – 1 in 4?). EU can challenge Russian dominance etc. They do have common interests. Stability, trading etc.

    The Russia gov has issues with the London establishment for various reasons. There has always been links between Russia and Scotland. Historical trade and military links, comradeship. – war convoys etc. Oil industry. The Scottish disporia spreading far and wide.

    Even though coverage is inconsistent, at least it is getting an airing, and will be picked up worldwide. Putting pressure on Westminster criminality and lies.

  71. Ken500 says:

    Young people should be left in peace to be young and free, for as long as possible.

  72. caz-m says:

    It’s Margaret Curran’s turn today to get wheeled out for the latest scare story from the Project Fear NO Campaign. Saying women would be dis-advantaged if we voted for Independence.

    I hope someone is keeping count here. There seems to have been a scare a day since the beginning of 2014.

    And all from Scottish Westminster MPs that are getting their p45s on 19th September this year.

  73. Sneddon says:

    I listened to this speech by a 16 yr old Saffron. In it she asked the question of the audience “When was the last time you were inspired by Britian?’ A good point, was it the Falklands?, privatisation of state industries, the de regulation of the city, the introduction of workfare, the iraq war, selling off council houses, Arms length companies,zero hour contracts. I can honestly say there is nothing that Britian has inspired me to do except get out of the place.
    Its a question I’ll be asking my undecided friends (I don’t know any NO voters, funny that 🙂 )

  74. HandandShrimp says:

    And all from Scottish Westminster MPs that are getting their p45s on 19th September this year.

    and let’s face it from their perspective thereis nothing scarier 😉

    Heard Lord I love ermine Foulkes on the radio this morning following on from two experts saying that the EU is overblown desperately attempting to inflate it again. Uncertainty was his favourite word. When quizzed about UK and the EU he said Labour will in 2015 and the people of the UK have he haw chance about being asked about membership.

    I wonder if they will run with that line down south?

  75. Ken500 says:

    Liar D. Alexander has cost Scotland, £3.3Billion +++ since 2010 Budget. £1.3Billion cut in Block Grant, a year. Increased Oil taxes 11% (£2Billion) a year to 60% to 80% (now Oil tax revenues have reportedly fallen) D. Alexander laughed about these decreased revenues. ‘Bedroom Tax’ etc.

    Westminster has put loan interest charges on Scotland (for monies borrowed and spent in the rest of the UK) £4Billion + taken £3 of assets (Royal Mail sell off) = £7Billion, and not paid any of the deficit. Oil workers in Scotland are dying because UK health/safety Laws are not being enforced,by Westminster

    Multinational (foreign) Companies tax evade through the City of London, with impunity, and damage British/world business by unfair competion. HMRC not fit for purpose.

  76. Alba4Eva says:

    Ken500… If the older generations were getting the politics right, maybe the young would be able to be at peace and free for as long as possible?

  77. caz-m says:


    And Lord Foulkes had his side kick Lord McFall on GMS as well, talking about Banks. (I even hate typing the word “Lord”)

    Why that guy McFall gets invited on to any programme to talk about finance I will never know. The guy is a fraud. He waffles for about 10 minutes and tells you absolutely nothing.

    He always reminds you of what committees he has sat on etc.. and will quote people who have been on those committees, but he never actually comes up with an idea or an opinion of his own.

    He is, what is commonly known as a “Bengal Lancer”.

  78. Patrick Roden says:

    Fantastic Safron, the only youngster who comes close to her, for passion and delivery is this young conservative.

    Not that anyone would agree with his message…except maybe Johann Lamont and Ian Smart.

  79. HandandShrimp says:


    The 2015 election has started very early as I am sure Salmond hoped it would. The bun fighting over who is stealing who’s policies and the narrowing of the polls will make Better Together entertaining to watch.

    Someone compared Darling to the Tracey Island puppets the other day. I must confess I cannot recall ever making that connection before but now I see it I cannot but help think his strings are going to go in all directions.

  80. gordoz says:

    @Calum Craig

    If only Duncan were still in politics !

    He was SNP list MSP for Argyll & Bute years ago.

    A very clever boy then and now clearly a very clever man.

    This was him at his best.

  81. gordoz says:

    @John king / Rory

    What are those idiots clapping for ?

    The issues covered were past socialist ideals and in no way represent current Labour / Tory policies.

  82. caz-m says:


    LOL You can’t associate Scottish Labour and Alastair Darling with Thunderbirds, because the real Thunderbirds have “Brains” in them.

    Boom! Boom!

    And wee Johann looking more like “Mr Spock” from Star Trek by the day.

  83. Luigi says:

    Why that guy McFall gets invited on to any programme to talk about finance I will never know. The guy is a fraud. He waffles for about 10 minutes and tells you absolutely nothing.

    Anytime Lord McFall is interviewed, I do not understand what he is talking about. I also get the impression that Lord McFall does not understand what he is talking about.

  84. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Agree entirely. Need to get him back to Dunoon

  85. Training Day says:

    Just watched this. What an instructive contrast with the pernicious hate and hypocrisy of the foreign MSM and Better Together.

    Well done Saffron.

  86. Helena Brown says:

    Well Rev, I would vote for Saffron as FM, maybe by then she will be Prime Minister or what ever we decide our leading Politician should be called. Good on you Saffron, fire in your belly, girl and a passion we wish the auld yins still had.

  87. Nat destroyer says:

    [EDIT BY REVSTU: If you’re going to troll while pretending to be engaging in grown-up discussion, probably best not introduce yourself under the name “Nat destroyer. Wee tip, there.]

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