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SNP Members For Independence 183

Posted on October 04, 2020 by

Geoff Bush is an SNP member.

SNP Members For Independence? What a ridiculous phrase – surely every member of the SNP is in favour of independence, right?

That’s mostly true of course, but the leadership and many elected representatives of the party appear to be intent on repeating the failed Section 30 route to independence, and also on restricting serious debate about alternative strategies.

It seems that a revised “Plan B” may be discussed at the party conference, still almost two months away, and for all Plan B’s merits it is seriously flawed and its inclusion at the expense of alternative and better plans at conference would merely pay lip service to the term “serious debate”

Something clearly needed to be done, which is why SNP Members For Indy has been set up. So what’s it for and what is it trying to do?

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