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Arsenic vs old lace

Posted on July 09, 2016 by


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    1. 09 07 16 10:55

      Arsenic vs old lace | speymouth

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    1. Hobson’s Choice?

    2. MajorBloodnok says:

      I’m now furtively checking where the exits are, and I’m not even in the room.

    3. Stoker says:

      Hobson’s choice sums it up perfectly Chris.

    4. jimnarlene says:

      Ha! Ha! Ha! Just brilliant, and what a choice; a right wing nutter or a right wing nutter.

    5. Stoker says:

      BTW, that “Hobson” running away suspiciously looks like McTermite!

    6. carjamtic says:

      Nice Chris

      After a series of ‘unfortunate’ events,we’ve arrived at….

      The Grimm Grotto…


    7. Dunks says:

      Well….Everyone else has run away. Great depiction of the current state of Westmonster politics Chris.

    8. defo says:

      Nice Chris.
      Obvious choice really though. One has children, so that must swing it.
      The other was unfortunate that way, being of a different species of lizard to her mate.

    9. Sassenach says:

      But do I suspect either choice could only help the Indy cause?

    10. The Isolator says:

      Brilliant just brilliant as always sir.

      O\T and just catching up.Is it true that the dug has gone to the US of A for some genetic programming? Seriously WT actual F?

    11. galamcennalath says:

      Yes, we non Tories aren’t very impressed by the choice for last PM of the UK.

      Just as well we know the identity of the running man. He could be one of several Tories who deserted their posts.

      I suppose that means something positive for May and Leadsom can actually be said. They seem willing to face the mess! Brave or foolish, though?

    12. Grouse Beater says:

      The wheelie bin left outside the door! I wonder how many house owners realise to do that is illegal – they should be taken indoors or hidden? Streets are littered with the ugly things, domestic and community bins. Anyhow…
      Your cartoons are wee works of art, Chris.

      Here’s some weekend reading:

    13. DerekM says:

      Thanks Chris now i have to clean the cornflakes off my screen i should know better than eat my cereal and read wings on a Saturday morning lmao

      Dont the youngsters have a new name for that kind of choice FUBAR?

    14. Richardinho says:

      With her comments over motherhood, Leadsom doing a good job of making Theresa look like a nice person.

    15. Les Wilson says:

      You are the top man at these cartoons Chris.You always have a great grasp of events, well done again.

    16. Bob Mack says:

      Hobson would indeed pick none of them.One is as bad as the other .On the other hand, they may help the cause of independence no end .Maggie T mark 2 and 3.

    17. Bryan Weir says:

      Very good Chris!

      (But in the interests of pedantry I must point out that perhaps it should have been “Morton” Come back man!”

      From Wikipedia …
      “The term “Hobson’s choice” is often misused to mean a false illusion of choice, but it is not a choice between two equivalent options, which is a Morton’s fork, nor is it a choice between two undesirable options, which is a dilemma. Hobson’s choice is one between something or nothing.”)


    18. Famous15 says:

      Yes, we have seen Hobson’s choice in the Labour Party too.

      Ms Dugdale going to the US to “expand” her thinking is an echo of Murphy doing similar but higher octane.

      These kinds of courses or conferences or whatever title is an opportunity for persuasion if not brain washing. Dare I say it but I aided such endeavors by the British Council to “educate” senior public servants from the then colonies. We brought these souls up to our higher level thinking. Oh,how superior and generous we felt.

      Part of the gain from these “summer camps” is the latent liking of the host and favouring of their “culture”. Kezia may initially show no more than a slight mid Atlantic accent but what of her thinking?

    19. JLT says:

      That is actually a very clever cartoon; a play on a classic English story, but with a modern day twist. Definitely one of your best, Chris! Really well thought out.

      But yep! Welcome to your choice England. You reap what you sow.

    20. ronnie anderson says:

      If only they had been ah wee bit early in releasing Clean Campain Pledge ,we could have stocked up wie Pledge, remember People you canny polish Turds.

      great cartoon Chris.

    21. cearc says:


      ‘…but what of her thinking?’

      Her what?

    22. cearc says:

      Great cartoon, Chris.

    23. Stoker says:

      defo wrote:
      “Obvious choice really though. One has children, so that must swing it.The other was unfortunate that way, being of a different species of lizard to her mate.”

      AH HA, so you watched ‘V’ then! lol. Quite prophetic in the 80s weren’t they? For those not aware of what i’m getting at – ‘V’ was a science fiction series in the early 1980s about aliens in human skin arriving on earth, apparently they come in peace but have sinister motives to take over the planet. Under their human skin they have a lizard-like appearance. Unionists to a T!

      First shown in 1983, just before 1984, prophetic or what, eh!

    24. X_Sticks says:

      Is that a ticket to Scotland in his back pocket?

    25. Marcia says:

      I remember the 1954 film. The choice above would drive everyone into The Moonrakers.

    26. Valerie says:

      Great toon.

      Do you want stabbed, or set on fire?

    27. Famous15 says:

      @Cearc. Yes,I chickened out on considering “what thinking?”

      I fear that her ouput is so formulaic that robotics is suspected. Is she an android politician and is showing dysfunction and she is really off to the USA to have the batteries recharged?

    28. ronnie anderson says:

      Oh shine up yer Pledges wie Brasso
      Vows ur ah thing of the past
      it doesent matter witchever one wins
      from the EU yer oot on yer ARSE.

    29. Legerwood says:

      Article in today’s Herald about Ms Leadstom – is that her name? – and a blog she wrote in 2007 or thereabouts saying that the Scots were heavily subsidised by the English. Nice.

      Also in the Herald small item about the accounts for Dept of Works and Pensions and the auditors not signing them off. Apparently this has happened just about every year since the 1980s.

    30. Stoker says:

      @ ronnie (10:42am): LLF 🙂

      Further to my post @ 8:49am, on further inspection via enlarging the toon, the chap running away isn’t McTermite it’s The Gove-ner!

    31. Capella says:

      It’s a good summary of the situation except that village hall is far too nice! I imagine the real plotting is being done in the clubs of Mayfair.

      Like Petra in the previous thread, I feel totally fed up of this whole scenario. It’s happening in another country. We should have been independent by now and getting on with real issues that matter.

      For instance, Mhairi Black has a good article in The National on the Chilcot Report. Shouldn’t Tony Blair and co be made to face the consequences of their actions, she asks.

    32. geeo says:

      Brilliant toon, as ever..

      This is what i found this morning on dugdales FB page, sometimes you have to read stuff a few times to believe what you are seeing !!

      It’s a cereal classic….
      “Kezia stop throwing your dummy out of the pram we had a vote that took in the whole of the UK please respect the the vote of the British public your stomping around like a baby that’s been hard done by good or bad we the labour voters expect better from our leader and you were wrong to side with Nicola over trying to get some sort of deal lots of people voted out in Scotland maybe not as much who voted to stay but taken together with the no voters (people who couldn’t be bothered didn’t care one way or the other) the out voter win hands down”.

      Well, that’s me convince….not sure of what…maybe a lie down will help..???

    33. Ghillie says:

      So glad I don’t have to choose between that ghastly matching pair! Impossible.

      My choice for a fair and honest future in an independent Scotland was made a very very long time ago.

      Thanks Chris! Another clever cartoon that charts our progress along the road to Independence = )

    34. Tackety Beets says:

      Yet again Chris you hit BULLSEYE .

      Kaabooom !

      The latest rumblings is McPherson , he who should have been neutral or kept his gob shut in indy ref , is babbling positively about iScotland.

      Leadsomme is wingeing because a Newspaper has not reported on her interview truthfully or at least miss-reporting what she had actually said. she is looking for a retraction.

      Never ! Shurely shome mishtake.

      When will rUK wake up and react to the propaganda we have under the guise of MSM.

    35. Nana says:

      Beautifully drawn cartoon. Portraying the very English countryside and as usual they get to dump their composted manure all over Scotland.

      Have tried to think of a witty response but my wit has deserted me.

    36. Kenny says:

      Re: Dugdale going to an American “summer camp”.

      Does that mean that this site will be flooded come August and September with yanks writing to ask:

      “Can someone enlighten us? What’s a low-flying Jimmy???”

      The French say: if someone is stupid, it is forever. To me, it seems like the waste of an airfare and the time of the good Americans paid to deal with this empty tin can.

      I liked the post on the Lord Darling parody account:

      “With each passing day I garner more respect for the leader of Scottish Labour. It’s not an easy gig, frankly. Impressed with Kezia Davidson.”

    37. McBoxheid says:

      Very clever Chris

      Take it or leave it

      6 of 1 etc

      On the otherhand

      Brexit or indy

      not much choice really

    38. call me dave says:

      The National: Their version.

      Treasury mandarin who warned against currency union now says Scotland leaving UK is now ‘a golden opportunity’

      Hobson’s choice: Take it or leave it. That goes for Willie too!

      Wonderful film. Such load of Cobblers. Excellent if the women’s tennis goes pear shaped and is over in a flash!

      Watched it years ago and it’s good!

      Willie is a treasure and Maggie’s 30 and on the shelf how will it turn out? She’s got her eye on him. 🙂

    39. heedtracker says:

      I dont know. Old Snatcher Thatcher got off to bumpy start and if they’d lost the Falklands war she’d have been a one term tory nutter. The English grew to love Snatcher and they love the royals too. Its posh to be a tory royals groveller and nothing’s more important than being posh if you’re English.

    40. Effijy says:

      Is that a Borxit with Bumbling Blond running
      Away or a Hodgson-failure before exiting stage

      A source, close to Slab HQ, had revealed that
      Dipity Dug, is actually in the US to discuss her
      Taking the lead role in a remake of the Deputy
      Dog Movie.

      She also hopes to uncover what it is that Walt
      Disnae actually want.

      Watching Labour self destruct, is making me
      Confused , but nothing new there.

      The latest confusion sits with the Unions saying
      That they want Corbyn to remain as leader, and
      They wish to act as brokers between Corbyn
      And the rebel MPs.

      Sky news reports that a negotiation meeting
      between the Parties above has be cancelled
      As Corbyn refuses to resign?

      Is Negotiation the right word for a meeting where
      The result must be agreed before you discuss anything?

      Only in Westminster politics and Monty Python movies!

    41. heedtracker says:

      Oh look, Gavin Estler interrupts his BBC 24 program for the latest toryboy war on Russia news. UKOK War is good. UKOK Toryboy war better.

    42. Valerie says:

      I literally can’t believe with this country in such a mess, Cameron is speechifying at Warsaw summit.

      600 troops to be stationed permanently in Baltic states to counter Russian aggression.

      Troops going to Afghanistan.

      18 July date for Trident debate!!!!!

    43. Ken500 says:

      When it could not get any worst than Cameron and Osbourne. It does. The Thatcher clones should just about completely finish it. The next set of liars are already getting called out. The pathetic indignation. The next IndyRef will walk it.

    44. msean says:

      Good choice, Hobson.

    45. call me dave says:


      Leadsom urged to sign ‘clean campaign pledge’ after motherhood row

      Tory leadership contender comes under fire after appearing to suggest that being a mother gave her an edge over Theresa May

    46. Valerie says:

      So Cameron can’t plan for Brexit, can’t stay on to do hard stuff, can’t comment on Tory leadership race.

      But he can commit these troops, and money, and can bring forward the debate on WMD.

      Time I was in my bunker away from any media.

    47. Meg merrilees says:

      Cameron can’t plan for Brexit but he’s just announced that there will be a vote on renewing Trident on July 18th!

    48. Ken500 says:

      Are they sending Dugdale off on holiday. To plot the successor, already under way. By the time she comes back there will be a new heid honcho. Even worse. An ever decreasing pool of inertia.

      Cameron must be one the worse PM in history. He destroyed the UK Union the EU Union and destroyed the world economy. Certainly made his place in history. ‘Pycho bastards’, Their own description.

    49. Kevin Evans says:

      Hey folks,

      Been talking with a leave voting friend of mine and he mentioned something I don’t know enough info on and am hoping someone can enlighten me.

      What’s the facts concerning fishermen burning there boats.

      Did it actually happen in Scotland?

      What were the circumstances if it did happen?


    50. heedtracker says:

      Devote Christian Andrea says the Times are liars on tory BBC news, she says didn’t say you cant be tory leader if you’ve no kids. Torry Times ligger then says she did say this and then Andrea says she was a City bankster, but then other City banksters say Andrea’s a liar, sorry, Andrea has inconsistencies on her CV.

      What does Jesus Christ say about lying, was Jesus Christ a tory, God will not be amused, but God talks to Andrea so she’ll get a right row.

    51. dakk says:

      Love it Chris.

      Made me smile,and that’s a hard thing for me to do right now !

    52. frogesque says:

      Destroying Angel or the Death Cap?

      Both deceptive but deadly, no wonder Hobson ran off.

    53. Tam Jardine says:

      OT received reply to bbc complaint on the incredible biased panel (3 unionists to one indy) on the BBC “What now for Scotland” programme from earlier in the week.

      “Given what the programme was commissioned to explore, and having reviewed the significant range of opinions that were expressed, we are satisfied that we delivered appropriate content on this specific occasion.”

      Through the looking glass stuff. It begs the question- what WOULD a biased panel look like for the BBC? Need to advance on PQ again. Writing to the BBC is pointless- I know this. We need to exert pressure on MPs and MSPs to take them on and build a campaign against them.

    54. carjamtic says:

      Kevin 1:16

      Kevin there was a well written letter in The National on the 27th June.

      Scots fishermen are in denial about their Industry,I wish I could post it here or link to it,iwell worth a read,not sure about burning boats,but an excellent ‘potted history’ and maybe some connection.

      Maybe someone can help us out ?


    55. yesindyref2 says:

      It’s not just politics the BBC are useless and biased at. The so-called smarmy git pundits have written off Gerber before she’s even taken her racket out of the cover, and are all “Serena” this and that. I fucking hate them. Mind you, Gerber is German, and the BBC hate all “Europeans”. Parochial assholes.

    56. desimond says:

      On holiday at present and that distance and ‘popping in’ really adds to touch of perspective..thoughts from afar..

      Kezia doing The Jim Murphy Globalization Course..heaven help us when she comes back talking about how yank business could help our NHS and how Trident 2 is a godsend.

      Labour leader coup..all the while i just picture Tom Watson in a War room in his attic moving pieces around thinking hes in Game of Thrones. You can decide for yourself which character he would be..a few do fit.

      Tory new Boadicea..who cares..will both put the markets (always the sodding markets!) first and embrace whoever gets the vote in USA come November.

      Conclusion: Its time to go but in truth a little piece of me fears we should have declared a referendum right after Brexit..wee Nicola already off headlines and moment may be lost but still some benefits made of course so no tears here

    57. yesindyref2 says:

      I don’t think it’s the whole fishing industry, it’s the part of it where most of their catch ends up being sold to London restaurants, and ones down south in general, for higher prices than they’d get here I daresay.

    58. Robert Peffers says:

      Hey! Scotland among the winners at Wimbledon- again!

      Wheelchair doubles champs.

    59. yesindyref2 says:

      Sturgeon has done her bit, it’s the Tory leadership is now the thing and nothing more can really be done until that’s over. Then there can be “negotiations” between Sturgeon and whoever, coming to nothing, and Brexit is being gone for. Then it’s the main game on. Meanwhile it’s going to be frustrating as nothing much apparently happens. But I think the groundwork has and is being done – I hope so anyway.

    60. Capella says:

      Letter to The National on fishing:

    61. Valerie says:

      Paula Rose posted this graphic on Twitter, sure she won’t mind me sharing here. Export values.

      Also, have to remember that there is a lot of Scottish exports contained within the UK figure, but it at least gives a starting point.

    62. Smallaxe says:

      Nice one Chris,love the big clock on the wall,Tick Tock!

    63. Auld Snody says:

      Looks like the tories are scared, very scared. And what do they do when frightened. They run to nanny. Will it be Nanny May, old school starched apron but a bit dotty now, or Nanny Leadsom, thinks she is Mary Poppins but more like Mary Bell.
      After the referendum methinks there is a few nappies to change.

    64. call me dave says:

      The National:
      27th June article fishing:

      Letters II: Scots fishermen are in denial about who killed off their industry


      Cracking wheelchair doubles that was. Well done all.

      UK pair won. Alfie Hewett and Gordon Reir. 🙂

    65. Kevin Evans says:

      Hey again,

      I should have elaborates more on my last post.

      The arguement my friend was trying to install was because of the EU forcing Spainish fishing boats into Scottish waters the EU forced Scottish fishermen to burn there boats for money. I don’t really think that’s true as it sounds so farcical but it seems to be a theory doing the rounds of no voting leavers to justify there choices.

      I’d just like the full facts so I can counter my friends arguement. An arguement I might add when he can’t show me any facts that boats were burnt from EU pressure.

      The environmental arguement he can’t support. Fishing quotas must be used as the money hungry fishing boats would strip the seabed dry if they could. It’s only recently the firth in Inverness and Firth of Forth has started to recover.

    66. carjamtic says:


      Thank You


      Aye agreed,it is always the big greedy ones spoiling it for all the ordinary hard working people just trying to make a living.

    67. schrodingers cat says:

      does anyone know which of these 2 tory leaders position wrt scotland?

      i think having a brexiteer as pm makes our job easier….

      btw, we really are through the looking glass now

    68. yesindyref2 says:

      Thanks for that, great letter by Graeme Goodall of Buckie, Moray.

    69. defo says:

      The dirty, sneaky bastards are going to vote on the done deal that is Trident in less than two weeks! 18/7

      Cameron must have been getting it in the neck from Obommber.

    70. bobajock says:

      Its worrying how deeply this one is thought out. I’m hoping its Scotland running away 🙂

    71. paul gerard mccormack says:

      Exactamundo, Chris, exactamundo.

      Today in the grauniad – you really have to read these articles to get a true feel for the conscience of the cognoscenti;

      Marina Hyde – england, england, england.
      Ian McEwan – england, england, england

      What to do? eh? what to do? I wonder…

    72. Iain More says:

      Do you want poisoned or strangled?

      OT Now
      yesindyref2 says:
      9 July, 2016 at 1:37 pm
      It’s not just politics the BBC are useless and biased at. The so-called smarmy git pundits have written off Gerber before she’s even taken her racket out of the cover, and are all “Serena” this and that. I fucking hate them. Mind you, Gerber is German, and the BBC hate all “Europeans”. Parochial assholes.”

      The bias was evident during the Federer Raonic match yesterday except McEnroe that is. The crowd was also creaming itself every time Federer hit a winner. With Federer losing it left the Brit/ English Nat Toffs with nobody to support in the men’s final effectively.
      The idiot that interviewed Murray later on after his match was pretty much calling Murray Ingerlands last great White Hope.

    73. cirsium says:

      Apt cartoon, Chris. Here is someone else on childless women

      O/T @desimond, 1.40
      Kezia doing The Jim Murphy Globalization Course.

      Should that not be the Neo-liberal Grooming Course? I thought this article was interesting on USAID

      Just reading an article on the rerun of the presidential elections and read this in the last paragraph (my bold)
      On May 22, Austrians voted in the second round of the presidential elections, choosing between independent candidate Alexander Van der Bellen and FPO candidate Norbert Hofer, with the former being elected president after the authorities counted postal votes, despite the fact that Hofer was leading in exit polls. Following the announcement of the results, the FPO filed a complaint with the Constitutional Court.

      In indyref2, we need to have exit polls and limit if not dispense with postal voting.

    74. Effijy says:

      After many years in the wilderness, I bumped into an old friend, who was very politically active, as was I.

      We both fought against Thatcherism and the social injustice it worked tirelessly to deliver.

      We were both Labour voters/supporters, as it seemed to be the only way of breaking the stride of the neo liberalists.

      He had been drinking, but he was shocked at my support of SNP. As he lived and worked in England, he seems to have been brain washed by Westminster Labour.

      He demanded to know what SNP ever did for Scotland?
      I put forward that they saved me around £27,000 in university fees for my daughter,

      My dad needed a couple of years care in a nursing home, and unlike England, my Mum didn’t have to sell the house to pay for it.

      I get “free” prescriptions through my N.I Payments, unlike England.

      I can park in an NHS Scotland Car Park with out fees, unlike England,

      I will be able to travel over the river Forth in safety and at speed with the new motorways and bridge only the SNP were willing to fund.

      I have access to the best performing NHS Services in the UK. Unlike England, we have not privatised 10% of our NHS.

      SNP stopped the double and triple inflationary rises in the Council Tax.

      SNP Didn’t lie like the Labour leaders who proposed an Independent Scotland would not have old age pensions, transplant waiting lists, or a Blood transfusion service.
      All of the above 100% unfounded scaremongering fiction.

      And our NHS does struggle financially as Gordon Brown as committed us to paying over £300 Billion for £50 Billion’s
      worth of PFI Hospitals and Schools. Pay Day Loan Rates!

      He wasn’t too happy to hear all this and responded that SNP
      just blame the Austerity Cuts on other people?
      He is an intelligent guy, but who the hell other than Westminster voted for and applied multiple rounds of austerity?

      He disputed NHS Scotland performing better than NHS England, and if he can pay Uni Fees and prescription charges, he/we should.

      For me this is all nonsense! Health and Education should be Free, as such, and our N.I. payments should be adjusted to whatever it takes to maintain these services on-going.

      He is so brain washed, he still, even after Chilcot, thinks Blair is one of our greatest ever leaders????

      This is what we are up against!

      Facts and Figures, Reality and Results don’t come into it when you support Labour.

    75. mike cassidy says:

      Kevin Evans 2.03

      Direct your friend to this article.

      And if they are the thinking type

      the first two articles on this page

      as well as this

      And to the EU’s official info on the reason for decommissioning

    76. Greannach says:

      So Kezia Dugdale’s off to band camp, is she? Is that where they recruit gormless foreigners to work for the USA security forces?

    77. Hamish100 says:

      So there will be a vote on imposing nuclear weapons on Scotland this month.

      English will imposed on Scotland.

      I hope the SNP, Greens- any labour (with a conscience)will walk to the speaker in the RUK parliament and say not in our name or for that matter humanities.

    78. heedtracker says:

      Rancid The Graun’s scotland region news

      Severin Carrell Scotland editor
      Saturday 9 July 2016 07.00 BST

      All aboard! Volunteer rail service makes Scottish railway history
      A closed road between two remote South Lanarkshire villages meant the weekends-only L&WR railway had to step in”

      TeanGB propaganda’s either “you don’t exist, so shut it” SNP bad or full on imperial master baiter trolls.

      Meanwhile, rancid’s rule britannia farts along full steam ahead.

      “David Cameron has announced a parliamentary vote on the renewal of the Trident nuclear deterrent in just over a week, as he seeks to unite the feuding Conservative party and exploit divisions in Labour.

      The outgoing prime minister said the vote on replacing four ageing Vanguard submarines will take place on Monday 18 July before parliament breaks up for summer recess.

    79. Gerry says:

      Re Trident. perhaps They want to get those contracts out now, before everyone takes their sterling quotes off the table? If they don’t get this through now, people will twig that the price may just have rocketed in any areas of purchase outside sterling. This would perhaps be an interesting area to challenge them on – cost variation.

    80. yesindyref2 says:

      @Iain More
      Yes, MacEnroe is brilliant, good comments and a laugh. I hope he does another “Iceland” or two …

      Shame about Gerber, ah well.

    81. heedtracker says:

      Gerry says:
      9 July, 2016 at 3:43 pm
      Re Trident. perhaps They want to get those contracts out now

      Trident’s for UKOK world influence and status. Without WMD’s, UKOK world influence and status is just like every other medium sized western country.

      As Chilcot explains, Its not as if Westminster needs a fantastically expensive nuke missile ability to kill millions of people in a few seconds is it.

    82. starlaw says:

      New trident submarines! .. the age of austerity must be over. How wonderful! .. happy days are here again! .. money no object. Which lucky country will get rich selling good old Blighty the steel.

    83. starlaw says:

      ps. will we get to keep the old ones at Rosyth?

    84. handclapping says:

      As a former Cambridge resident Hobsons choice was the one closest the door so Chris is rooting for May to win 😀

      The only splitting point between the two is incompetence, we know May is but Andrea is not proven; the circumstantial evidence is that she will be given that she is a Westminster Tory. So it boils down to Hope over Experience with a self selected “jury” of 125,000 rich OAPs to select, effectively, POTUK. The Americans may select Trump as POTUS but atleast that will be 16,000 times more democratic (small d) than the state we are in thanks to the No voters

    85. call me dave says:

      Union boss Len McCluskey condemns Tom Watson over ‘act of sabotage’

      The eagle has a squawk too! 🙂

    86. heedtracker says:

      Red tory unionist Dr NO recommends, Lady Mone loves Ruth Davidson, Sturgeon’s got a massive ego on an ego trip, Lady Mone loves Scotland but Scotland could not ever survive on its own. She looks good too. The Lords does give its members that gloss of UKOK entitlement, wealth and privilege.

    87. heedtracker says:

      It is getting yoonster madder by the day. Dr NO likes

      Scott Arthur Retweeted
      The Evening Times ?@TheEveningTimes 23h23 hours ago
      EU nationals need assurances they are welcome says Kezia Dugdale

      So what were Labour’s vote Labour For Immigrant Controls mugs all about? Dr NO doesn’t do Q&A’s though. Shut it, vote SLab, Scotland is our birth right.

    88. heedtracker says:

      Didn’t this flabby parcel in Scotland’s parcel of rogues say he was retiring from UKOK politics. Bliar MacDougal, the comeback kid.

      Blair McDougall ?@blairmcdougall 3h3 hours ago
      4 retweets 4 likes

      Blair McDougall Retweeted
      #SavingLabour ?@saving_labour 7h7 hours ago
      Moved by this clip from Kinnock’s speech to the PLP on Monday? Join the campaign now!

    89. heedtracker says:

      Classic red tory Bliar Macdoufuckall. All the new Lab members are doing the exact opposite of what red tories like Dr NO and Blair actually want.

      Saving Labour

      Save Labour, save democracy.
      After the referendum, Britain is at a crossroads. Britain and Labour needs new, strong leadership for the months ahead.
      Thousands of people have joined our campaign calling on Jeremy Corbyn to stand down and 81% of Labour MPs say he should go.
      The days ahead are critical. Your immediate action will make a difference. Add your name:
      (If you would also like to email your MP or MSP you’ll be given the chance on the next page).

    90. call me dave says:

      Loathsome Andrea Leadsom even in 2009.

      ‘itching’ to cut Scotland’s budget, says SNP

    91. Macbeda says:

      Why do UK government not get UK Treasury to open up the books to prove that England subsidises Scotland.

      Just think, England could save billions by letting Scotland go. They could spend all that money on the things that Brexit savings cannot.

      I wonder why they don’t?

      It’s not as if they even like the Scots

    92. Kenny says:

      As we will soon be leaving the union, does anyone think it might be worthwhile chronicling for posterity and history the results of 300 years in the union?

      Scotland has the largest oil reserves in the EU (over 60% of EU oil production with just 1% of the EU population).

      Would it not be interesting to tour Scotland’s largest city and chronicle how people live? No investment ever (compare with Canary Wharf, Crossrail, Millennium Stadia and Bridges…).

      One in four bairns living in poverty, one in nine in extreme poverty, lowest pensions in Europe.

      Civil service bias in indyref1, BBC bias in indyref1 and all times, suppression of McCrone report, twisting of GERS figures, etc.

      That is before we even get into the suppression of the Gaelic and Scots language, the making of the Scottish cringe, the use of Scottish regiments as cannon fodder in all wars since 1707…

      … Lest sometime in the future this country again thinks of entering into a union with England?

      I would also like to see the SNP MEPs ask for a motion to be passed in the European Parliament, asking for the EU to examine why its richest oil region has some of the lowest life expectancy and highest poverty. Surely this is also a stain on the EU itself?

    93. Liz Rannoch says:

      To Petra and others who are feeling down ‘cos of all the crap (I watched tennis mostly but it finishes tomorrow) I hope this helps a bit.

      With thanks and apologies to the memory of Maya Angelou.

      You may write us down in history
      With your bitter, twisted lies,
      You may trod us in the very dirt
      But still, like dust, we’ll rise.

      Does our brazenness upset you?
      Why are you beset with gloom?
      ‘Cos we walk like we’ve got oil wells
      Pumping in our living rooms.

      Just like moons and like suns,
      With the certainty of our tides,
      Just like hopes springing high,
      Still we’ll rise.

      Would you love to see us broken?
      Bowed head and lowered eyes?
      Shoulders falling down like teardrops.
      Weakened by our soulful cries.

      Does our pride offend you?
      Don’t you take it awful hard
      ‘Cos we laugh like we’ve got gold mines
      Waiting in our own back yards.

      You may shoot us with your words,
      You may cut us with your eyes,
      You try kill us with your hatefulness,
      But still, like air, we’ll rise.

      Does our confidence upset you?
      Does it come as a surprise?
      That we dance like we’ve got diamonds
      Shining in our eyes.

      Out of the bothys of history’s shame
      We rise
      Up from a past that’s rooted in pain
      We rise
      We’re a blue ocean, leaping and wide,
      Welling and swelling, we surf on the tide.
      Leaving behind nights of worry and fear
      Into a daybreak that’s wondrously clear
      We rise

      Bringing our gift to the next generation,
      We are the dream and the hope of our nation.
      We rise
      We rise
      We rise.

    94. galamcennalath says:

      call me dave says:

      “Loathsome Andrea Leadsom even in 2009.

      ‘itching’ to cut Scotland’s budget, says SNP”

      Perhaps IndyRef triggers are like buses, they suddenly come along by the handful!

      – they threaten to take us out of EU, after promising we would remain

      – they force the next generation of Trident and WMDs onto us

      – they renege on the recently negotiated fiscal settlement

    95. Smallaxe says:

      @ Kenny,man,that’s twisted ma melon 🙁

      And I can tell that came from your heart.Peace.

    96. Ken500 says:

      BBC Parliamentary Channel

      The Treasury Committee on concequences of leaving the EU.

      Disaster. Total and absolute total disaster.

      Cameron with an illegitimate Gov broke up the UK Union and the EU Union. The worst PM ever. Incredible.

    97. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Liz Rannoch –


    98. Ken500 says:

      Professor Michael Dougan

      Professor of European Law, University of Liverpool.

      ‘The only way for Scotland to stay in the EU is Independence’.

    99. Conan the Librarian™ says:

      One of the main stalwarts of the independence cause tweets he has a stockpile of fruit pastiles.

      Fucking brilliant.

      I have corned beef myself.

    100. galamcennalath says:

      Ken500 says:

      “Professor of European Law, University of Liverpool.

      ‘The only way for Scotland to stay in the EU is Independence’. ”

      Indeed. Not many experts suggesting federal solutions!

      So, why are Lab and LibDems pushing the idea when ‘snowball’s chance in Hell’ comes to mind, I wonder?

      As an optimist, it might be them preparing the ground to say, “we’ve tried all other options”, and then grudgingly don’t oppose Indy. They may not openly support Indy, but not standing in the way would be a huge step forward. Taking a neutral stance and allowing members to campaign both ways.

      As a sceptic, that approach would allow them to hedge their bets allowing political live after Indy.

    101. Iain says:

      I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m tired of being in this broken union. We just want to be free from this undemocratic, tyrannical state. When can we have a referendum and be a normal state in the world like, all the other nations in the world. The lineup of potential prime minister’s would frighten anyone with half a brain. Freedom awaits!

    102. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Angela Eagle’s posturing is hilarious.

      It’s like saying ‘I’ll get you after school’ but not specifying an actual day.

      Poll currently running, linked via WOS Twitter, shows 88% support for Corbyn.

    103. mike cassidy says:

      Worth posting this again now that Leadsom is one of two.

      From 32.00

      She really does want Carney to say that the Bank of England could tell Scotland to go fuck itself.

      But he’s too canny for that.

    104. HandandShrimp says:

      I am intrigued by how Federalist all our Better Together Choooms have become.

      Sincere or The Vow MkII?

    105. Macart says:

      Federalism… Oh Jeez! 😀 LOL

      And their explanation as to why they neither backed this option during the indyref is? OR, their explanation as to why they didn’t put forward this option during the Smith Commission talks is? Finally, when the the SNP members, all 56, put forward the motion/amendment calling for FFA during the Scotland debates their excuse for voting with NAYS was what precisely?

      Their last throw of the dice and its as bollox and nonsensical as EVERYTHING else they’ve pledged support for. Kinda done giving them any credence over the past twenty two months and most especially after the last three weeks. They should leave statecraft, the constitution and government to the grownups.

    106. call me dave says:

      Douglas Fraser catching up a day late on the shortbread web site.

      ‘Remarkable’ comments indeed & ‘Quiet something’ as Sturgeon said!

      Sir Nicholas Macpherson has proposed a separate Scottish currency.

    107. Ken500 says:

      Labour/Tories/LibDems are lying again. They are either completely ignorant or they are trying to con people again. Or both. Every word they utter is a lie. They should not even be in Parliament 2nd rate rejects, conning the Political system. They would rather line their pockets with public money. Than resign, admit the truth and let Scotland prosper.

      Dugdale off on holiday. Will her ‘position’ be there when she gets back?

    108. Bob Mack says:

      They can stick their federalism where the sun don’t shine.
      I cannot grasp there are those so dim that they cannot see Westminster and her minnions are trying every ruse in the book to hang on to a country which allegedly is a major drain on Englands purse rather than let us go our separate ways.

      That is not reality.They are getting something they want to keep at any cost.

    109. Ian Brotherhood says:

      What’s Kezia up to?

      Could it, by any chance, be a wee crash-course with the British American Project?

      ‘The extent to which members of the BAP are present in the upper stratus of decision makers in the United Kingdom can not be exaggerated. On New Labour’s election victory in 1997, no less than four fellows of the association, and one from the advisory board, were promoted to ministerial posts. The names of these people, who were to help realise Tony Blair’s modernising views, included: George Robertson, Chris Smith and Marjorie ‘Mo’ Mowlam who were promoted to ministerial positions, and Peter Mandelson,Tony Blair’s much derided Spin doctor, and Elizabeth Symons, the foreign office minister for the house of Lords.’

    110. call me dave says:

      EU referendum: youth turnout almost twice as high as first thought

      Not 36% but nearer 64%.

    111. defo says:

      Dugdale on holiday.

      She’ll be getting buttered up good and proper by the Yanks, and loving every minute of the attention. ‘cos she’s speshul.

    112. James Barr Gardner says:

      Leadson will be the next PM! There has never been RC PM.
      May and Leadson in clean campaign, don’t make me laugh, tories don’t know the meaning of the word,

    113. Fred says:

      Ledbelly’s a mother so of course she can run the country? Johann Lamont thought the very same, look whit happened tae her. 🙂

    114. crazycat says:

      @ James Barr Gardner

      Theresa May isn’t a Catholic. Her father was a C of E clergyman and her religion is described as Anglicanism on Wikipedia. She went to a couple of Catholic schools, but does not appear to have converted.

    115. Kenny says:

      Angela Eagle set to “challenge” Corbyn.

      She voted for air strikes on Iraq and Syria. Two third-world countries where thousands of innocent children were either killed or maimed with the sort of injuries grown men suffered at the Somme.

      I repeat: Angela Eagle voted FOR these attacks. She did not “abstain”, which the Labour Party love to do so often (usually when it is about spending cuts and infringements on our civil liberties).

      Do you remember her turning on the waterworks in some TV interview, speaking in a crybaby little voice about Corbyn not resigning.

      Yet not one tear did she shed for the thousands of maimed children and babies blown to bits in poor countries.

      This is the Labour Party. Don’t you just love ’em?

      What would the founding fathers think of this loathsome piece of and all the other Blairites who vote for WAR! WAR! WAR!

    116. Ken500 says:

      Whether it’s May or the other one. Same old, same old. Scotland will be gone. Enough is enough. The majority have had enough. According to the Gov of BoE there was no reason that there could not have been a Banking Union. Carney is Osbourne’s spokesman. Osbourne employs him and pays him. Osbourne and Cameron will be wishing they had agreed now. Into oblivion for Cameron, Osbourne and the Brexit crowd. Scotland will be gone. Thurso was not very coherent on the Committee discussing a Banking Union on Independence.

      Nicola, Alex and Co know the way go.

    117. Valerie says:

      @ Mike Cassidy 8.38

      Lead balloon is a nasty piece, in that part of the vid. I’ve watched various bits and pieces of the two big sessions, where Carney is grilled.

      I think he is highly intelligent, really tries to appear impartial, and I believe would provide objective info as requested to Scottish gov’t. Carney does struggle to answer sometimes because morons on the committee are asking political decision questions.

      I really do wonder if he will stay to see out the next few years, he could go anywhere – like Scotland!

    118. Luigi says:

      So, the naysayers that told us we could not have a second question for Indyref 1 (indy or status quo – take it or leave it), are now begging us to consider federalism? They will be insisting on a second question for Indyref 2 at this rate.

      What delicious irony. 🙂

    119. Luigi says:

      Ian Brotherhood says:

      9 July, 2016 at 9:32 pm

      What’s Kezia up to?

      Looking for a new job.

    120. mike cassidy says:

      Ian Brotherhood

      Kezia is on this.

      Maybe the Americans advising Milliband during the last election were impressed by her standing in for Nicola Sturgeon during Ed’s media training for the leader debates.

      We gotta have that woman across! She is clearly a future leader.

    121. Sinky says:

      Liz Rannoch says:

      The Daily Record is at its usual Unionist attitudes.

      Numerous smaller countries appoint indigenous residents as their local consuls.

      So far as I am aware Iain Lawson was not quoted by any MSM / BBC source as an EU friendly consul …..for obvious reasons.

    122. call me dave says:

      From that record story I spotted this:

      An independent Scotland would only need majority to join EU, even if Spain wanted to block it, expert reveals

    123. galamcennalath says:

      Any Tory Vow2 on federalism will amount to the same as Vow1 in every way.

      “Forget the Indy talk, let’s get Brexit out of the way, leave the EU all together, then we can have a commission, then we will discuss federalism.”

      Which is code for “get back in your box, accept Brexit, then you will then get DevoBu99erAll as usual.”

      It won’t happen like that. The SG and others plan to keep Scotland in the EU. If necessary (and of course it will be necessary) we will have IndyRef2 prior to Brexit. We will win. We will stay.

      The EU will be most helpful to Scotland but at the same time certainly won’t be generous to rUK.

    124. Kevin Evans says:

      Am getting really sick and tired of this hanging around.

      The union has failed and it’s due to England’s doing. This EU refurendum has clearly shown the 2 kingdoms of the U.K. have nothing left in common.

      Legal wars were dragged into. Daily lies and bullshit. Governments we don’t vote for or ask for. A parliament stacked against us. Money and resources stolen from us day in and day out. Repression of ideas and talents. renewable potential ignored and not supported. A English pollution baying for blood of non English citizens and soon to come attacks on the Scottish budget which we earn ourselves.

      Enough is enough.

      Call indyref2 now and let’s get a move on.

    125. Ken500 says:

      Whether it is May or the other one. Same old, same old. Scotland will be gone. Enough is enough. The majority have had enough. Carney Gov of the BoE said there was no reason there could not have been a Banking Union if Scotland was Independent. Carney is Osbourne’s spokesman. Osbourne employed him and pays him. Cameron, Osbourne will be wishing they agreed.

      Cameron, Osbourne and the Brexits will be gone. Not keep calm and carrying on. Scotland will be gone. Thurso was not very coherent on the Committee considering banking arrangements on Scotland’s Independence. The Andrea one was dire.

      Nicola, Alex & Co know the way to go. Scotland has 27 important friends.

      What is Angela Eagle up? Does she wants to follow the leemings over the cliff and have to resign. They all seem to have a death wish. Not very bright. Tom Watson has fell oot with his best friend McCluskey. McCluskey has called him out. Will Watson be at T in the Park? Solo. You have had yer ‘tea’ dinner and supper.

      The rail Unions are fighting about who shuts the train door on short journeys. There will be other staff on the trains and at the stations. The Scottish Gov are investing £Millions into the rail industry. There will be more drivers. They earn £50,000 a year. Many travellers already thought it was the driver. The staff and the service are really good, but it could improve. Or keep talking and don’t strike to get sorted. Help the Scottish economy at a busy time.

      Interesting to see the young folk did vote to remain in the EU in higher numbers. 64% the same percentage as the vote in England. The pollsters were wrong. EU citizens resident in the UK who work, pay their taxes and contribute did not get to vote. No taxation without representation. The EU migration figures quoted in the UK are flawed. Many elderly British people resident in Spain, long term, take Spanish citizenship because they can pay less tax.

    126. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @mike cassidy –

      Cheers for that.

      If Kezia has been deemed suitable for elite American Neocon ‘induction’ then she’ll be able to claim, with some justification, that her rise to prominence has indeed been ‘meteoric’.

      Perhaps she’ll return to wee, poor, stupid Scotland with an inside take on how it’s become acceptable for ‘public servants’ to summarily execute citizens who look a bit shifty and/or use robots to blow-up those suspected of resisting arrest.

    127. Sinky says:

      Liz Rannoch says:

      Daily Record at its usual Unionist propaganda.

      Numerous smaller countries appoint trusted local indigenous individuals as consuls.

      So far as I am aware no BBC / MSM outlet quoted Iain Lawson’s views on Brexit…… for obvious reasons.

    128. Ken500 says:

      Is that a recruiting programme for the CIA?

      ‘Confessions of an Economic Hitman’, John Perkins.

      Kezia is a spy. i- spy something beginning with ? Is her spelling the same as the Kounting.

      The US is descending into civil war.

      @ Telegraph

      Blair was negotiating a Contract with the UAE. A once a month visit all expense paid. $35Million over 5 years for world contracts. Best pals with the rulers brother.

    129. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Kevin Evans (11.09) –

      ‘Am getting really sick and tired of this hanging around.’


      It’s limbo…

      Perhaps July 30th in Glasgow will be the next chance to give the world a wee heads-up as to how we’re feeling.

      I didn’t even know about the rally until earlier tonight, but it seems there will be a ‘Friends of WOS’ presence.

      Something positive to aim for short-term?

    130. Liz Rannoch says:

      @ Ian Brotherhood 7.57

      Thanks, it’s a poem I’ve known since a wee yin. When I heard Serena Williamson quoting it today I decided to look it up again and make a few changes.

      @ Sinky 11.11

      Thanks for that, I’ve been looking up ‘Iain Lawson’ and all I can find is that he resigned from SNP in the early 90s and posts a lot on the Herald. Think he’ll phone Estonia and give a good report.

      Going to look into embassies etc, manana. Night all.

    131. Cadogan Enright says:

      Remarkably, EBC Radio 4 actually reported Cur NicK McPhersons Financial Times’ article about 10 minutes in

      However it did call upon Labours sole Scottish MP to dish it

      The 56 SNP MP’s must have been too busy to speak to EBC

    132. heedtracker says:

      Red tories hate JC but why though? Corbyn’s just as keen on the bombs to incinerate millions as any toryboy, red or blue. So that’s another blue tory cunning stunt to mess with the red tories foiled. Or, another display of Westminster’s arseholes and maniacs playing politics with WMD’s at a price tag of hundreds of billions.

      A Commons vote on pushing ahead with the programme to replace the ageing Vanguard submarines which carry the Trident missiles is expected to be held before the summer recess, potentially driving a further wedge between Corbyn and his backbenchers.

      The BBC’s Newsnight programme reported the draft conclusions from the review had been accepted by Corbyn and could be considered formally at the party’s conference in September – after the expected Commons vote on the issue.”

    133. crazycat says:

      @ Cadogan

      Since you’re here – did you see that several people responded to your request for links to diplomats supporting Scottish EU membership?

    134. Cadogan Enright says:



      And job done, will report on progress !

    135. call me dave says:

      Mr Salmond and a few others weren’t kidding on holding Blair to account.

      Blair to face Commons ‘trial’ over Iraq war deception

    136. Breeks says:

      Herald saying the UK petition for a second Brexit is unsuccessful and the leave result will be respected. No second referendum.

    137. Sue Jones says:

      Some of my own views on current Labour dilemmas and stuff in here. If we are to rebuild a strong labour movement to challenge the erosion of our civil rights and liberties being inflicted by the right, we have to unite on issues, common values and aims, otherwise, it’s the dark age of never-ending authoritarian, neoliberal tory governments, at least for England, anyways –

    138. Dorothy Devine says:

      Just watched Sky papers beef up ( as if she needed it) Ruth Davidson as a possible leader in the UK.

      I do hope she doesn’t believe the hype, there is danger in being too friendly with the media.

    139. While her precious Union faces the biggest constitutional crisis it has ever faced, Kezia Dugdale, Leader of the Branch Davidian of Labour/New Labour/Socialists/ The New Left/ New Labour Up Here is off on an all expenses paid Neo liberal indoctrination jaunt to the US, to be schooled in American Freedom Justice and the Up Up and Away Supergirldom American Way.
      Many Us Citizens think us ‘Communists’, because we have a state funded SHS, free prescriptions, Education as a Human Right, care for our elderly, and a Welfare State.
      The Yanks in the US State Department will shake all that Socialist nonsense out of her.
      Like Blair, and the legions of Murphys, Alexanders, and Robertsons who have gone before her, she’ll come back as single minded as the Manchurian Candidate, primed to be a good little neo Con.When the woman in the polka dot dress whispers ‘Afghanistan Banana Stand’ in her ear she will awaken from her zombie-like torpor and gasp TITP Good.
      She’s an unelected MSP, Holyrood’s her turf,and need not trammel her brain with JoLa’s ‘wee things’ like the renewal of Trident, the fight for Labour Head Honcho in her London HQ, or the small matter of Scotland being dragged out of Europe by English votes for British Laws.
      Wee Rowley’s not to be trusted to take over while she’s away marvelling at the benefits of College Fees, private health insurance, and World Domination by the US Imperial Machine.
      Oh, no, the Usual Suspects are to get a turn each. Presumably JaBa The Rotund ‘But’, will welcome the news that we are to have WMD foisted on us, because it provides jobs for English sailors on detached duty Up Here Monday ’til Thursday afternoon.
      Iain Gray will chunter on about Attainment gaps, because he used to be a teacher (Education’s gain is our loss IMHO), and wee Alex Rowley will sulk in the corner with his Jezza Corb OK Rosette wilting in his lapel.
      What a coward Dugdale is turning out to be. Davidson’s away to get married, Farage, Cameron, Gove, resign, and Boris shuffles off to his club to contemplate his next job in the ‘papers, and Kezia flees the country.They have all fucked off big time.
      Their precious YooKay unravels before them, and their solution is to hide in the cupboard until it all blows over.
      BTW, who is paying for her 4 week jolly?
      Not her, I’d venture.

    140. Grouse Beater says:

      Macwhirter says French love Scots – beat him to it:
      Blair, brotherhood and Brexit:

      Murray to star in ‘Wimbledon 2’ Yaaaay!!!

    141. Ken500 says:

      If Corbyn starts reneging (on Trident etc). He Is finished and so is the Labour Party.

      There has to be a GE. The Tories committed Electoral fraud in 29 seats. The Westminster Gov is a fraud.

      Scotland needs to vote for Independence to stop Weetminster damaging the Scottish economy any further. Scotland has 27 powerful friends and others all over the world. In or out of the EU. Scotland needs to manage it’s own affairs. Not be shafted by Westminster liars any more.

      UK Energy Secretary Amber Rudd said, ‘ The UK Government stands 100% behind out oil and gas industry, the workers and families it supports and the people who have worked tireless to steer it through these challenging times’. She wants them to take up jobs in the nuclear industry. The Westminster Tories are wasting borrowed £Billions. Just like Thatcher closing or damaging vital industrial sectors in Scotland. To waste borrowed £Billions in projects in the rest of the UK. Increasing the North/South divide and damaging the economy. Scotland has to make loan repayments on the deficit.

      Osbourne has been taxing the Oil sector at 60/80% for the last five years when the price had fallen 75%. Losing thousands of jobs and creating hardship for families. Losing Scotland on average £4Billion a year in Oil revenues.(with no alternative). The Scottish Gov asked Osbourne to lower the tax regime but he refused for far too long. The tax is now 40% since Jan 2016. The price has risen.

      More Oil & Gas has to be imported putting up the balance of payments and the debt. Shale Gas is being imported into the UK from the US. Gas was being extracted in the Central belt in Scotland from 1900’s to the 1960’s, when the supply declined.

      The Tories have banned onshore wind turbines in England, cut renewable investment, stopped Coal production in the UK. They have lost the opportunity for investment in renewable and CCS . More Oil, Gas and coal has to be imported putting up the balance of payments and the debt. Imports now costs more because of the fall in the £. Prices will rise.England imports far more than it exports. The balance of payments will rise and do will the debt. Causing more borrowing.

      The Tories are spending £Billions on Trident/illegal wars. They are wasting £Billions on HS2, without a crediblebusiness case. A total waste of money. It will make journeys more expensive and take longer throughout Britain. The Northern cities want their rail connection improved inter City to improve their economy. Not a ‘white elephant’ expensive, rail line 20 mins faster to London S/E.

      The Tories are spending £Billions on Hinkley Nuclear power Station. A distaster waiting to happen.When there are safer, renewable options. That are are more cost effective. Tidal barrages, solar and wind. There have been successful Tidal barrages in France since the 1960’s. Successful Hydro water plants in Scotland built between 1948 and the 1960’s, and still in action. Pitlochry etc.

      Scotland must have control over it’s own resources. Massive investment comes to Scotland because of EU membership and through (European) banks. The nearest, biggest successful markets. It costs nothing and brings benefits. It must be retained. EU membership is vital to the Scottish economy.

      Carney, Gov of the BoE was cut of when saying, ‘Scotland has higher employment, exports more, realigned since 2008, better than the rest of the UK. The Treasury Comittee were ignorant of the fact the Banking crash was caused in London S/E and the Midland on housing/ retail property bubble fraud. In Scotland half was borrowed (pro rata). It was not a problem but Scotland has to pay back on Westminster borrowing on the rest of the UK debt. On average £4Billion a year.

      The Tories/Westminster are sanctioning the vulnerable and starving them to death. They are supporting illegal tax evasion by the wealthiest and not enforcing UK tax Laws for Westminster members and their associates. Tax evading Non Doms are buying political power in Westminster. Tax evaders are buying 1st Class Oxford degrees and destroying the economy. They are cheating and lying, breaking electoral rules, punishable by prison, to win elections. Many people are worried sick. Westminster secrecy and lies are making people worried sick and unhappy. The MSM are complicit liars, owned by tax evading Non Doms. They are destroying the UK economy. Bankrupt Wedtminster. The majority of people in Scotland want out of it and in the EU.

      ACC has squandered another £250Million. After spending £30Million destroying an Art a gallery. Building a grotesque, carbuncle in the City Centre that no one wanted. Closing roads and increasing traffic congestion. Getting the City into £Millions of debt. Refusing a Gift of £80Million to pedestrianise the City Cehtre. UTG project. People were protesting in the streets. They wanted open spaces and pedestrianisation, instead of grotesque carbuncles and £millions of debt and wasted revenues.

      The Unionists/Green have destroying the City Centre and wasted £Millions of public funds. They claim there is no funding for essential services. There is a shortage of 138 teachers. They are cutting the education budget and funding for essential services but wasting £Milllions/Billions of taxpayers money. Against the majority wishes and the public interest. Do not give them any more public money to waste. They have been repeatedly reported to the public standard authorities to no avail. May 2016.

    142. call me dave says:

      Ruth Wishart on radio shortbread is still YES and says to Brewer “some folk were a bit feart but I hope not next time”

      Me too. 🙂

      C’mon Murray… your a father now story… and Corbin’s a dad too geez!

    143. Robert Peffers says:

      @crazycat says: 9 July, 2016 at 10:14 pm

      “Theresa May isn’t a Catholic. Her father was a C of E clergyman and her religion is described as Anglicanism on Wikipedia. She went to a couple of Catholic schools, but does not appear to have converted.”

      Most people who are products of being educated in schools of different religious faiths end up being absolutely certain the concept of God is totally without evidence to support the concept. I know this because I am one such person.

      One parent was from an RC family and the other brought up Church of Scotland. There were no religious family rows in our house. We kids attended the best school in the area no matter what its denomination and we soon learned we were treated as anti whatever denomination that school was. That is it was assumed, “If you are not for us then you are against us”.

      I’d venture a guess the lady is either an agnostic or an atheist

      Note:- An atheist is someone who doesn’t believe in Gods.

      An agnostic is a person who believes nothing is known, or can be known, of the existence or nature of God – i.e. a person who claims neither faith nor disbelief in God.

      To put that more simply – If a person cannot provide positive proof of the existence of their claimed God’s existence, then why should we believe anything they claim about their, unproven to exist, God?

      Yet these true believers have been killing each other over their different Gods ever since humankind has existed.

      Even more ridiculous are those who believe in the same God yet kill others who believe in the same God but belong to a different sect, (i.e. Protestant vs Roman Catholic), a.k.a. sectarianism.

    144. John H. says:

      I thought Spitting Image had ended

    145. Grouse Beater says:

      While I wait for Murray to whip that guy’s butt I’m in a sentimental mood:

    146. Stoker says:

      Jack Collatin wrote @ 8:21am):
      “What a coward Dugdale is turning out to be….BTW, who is paying for her 4 week jolly? Not her, I’d venture.”

      Jack, i enjoyed that post but as much as i detest Dippy Dug and every other Dirty Redcoat agent i’m very reluctant to put her timely disappearance down to cowardice.

      I believe it to be part of their (Slabber, Dirty Redcoat & BBC) longer term game. Mark my words, she’ll come back from the USA spouting all sorts of pish on ‘Federalism’, as if she’s now some sort of clued-up expert on the matter and The BBC & Dirty Redcoat will continuously spout out supporting articles over a period of weeks if not months. This is where those turds are going to try and come from to destroy our next indyref. It’s the offspring of ‘The Vow’ and it’s forming before our very eyes.

    147. mike cassidy says:

      Just got round to reading Joe Pike’s “Project Fear”.

      (I know – what kept you, old man? Still reading out loud….)

      But the advantage of just reading it is that it was the updated edition –

      with a chapter set between last year’s GE and this year’s Holyrood election and EU referendum.

      All very interesting and worth reading.

      I’ll donate my copy to the Fife Library system.

      And tickle you with this quote. Remember this is written pre EU referendum. Wouldn’t you love to know the people Pike is referring to here.

      A surprising number of pro-UK politicians and advisers I spoke to said something along the lines of: ‘There’s going to be a second Scottish referendum and we’ll lose it’

    148. Stoker says:

      Dorothy Devine wrote:
      “Just watched Sky papers beef up ( as if she needed it) Ruth Davidson as a possible leader in the UK. I do hope she doesn’t believe the hype, there is danger in being too friendly with the media.”

      Ooops, too late Dorothy! Just another case of the BUM catching up, many moons later, on what we here on WOS have been very aware of since Yon Dim Ruths very first public appearance. The distant cousin of Kim Jong Un covets the blue tory throne like nothing else, with a seat in the HoL as her plan B!

    149. I`m sure I remember Andy saying after he won Wimbledon 2013 that it was a `once in a lifetime/generation result`.

    150. Dorothy Devine says:

      yep Stoker! have to agree.

      Just watched JC on Marr ( I have great difficulty watching Marr and nowt has changed)

      He asked Mr Corbyn 3 times ” what happens if you don’t get 59% backing to stand in the leadership contest” and was answered most politely – I think I would have blown a gasket.

      Now Mr Marr , the answer is someone is challenging the leadership ( maybe) and since Mr Corbyn won by an avalanche just nine months ago he then stands with or without backing. It is up to the challenger to earn support.

      I won’t be voting Labour in this lifetime but boy , it sickens me to watch another man be vilified by a media that I mistrust and will never believe again.

    151. HandandShrimp says:

      Listened to a bit of radio shortbread this morning. It would seem that Gemma Doyle has no interest in what the Labour membership want. Labour MPs’ intent is to have a coup and then give the membership have a choice of one candidate – A Eagle….how Saddam would have laughed.

      I still can’t get over how Labour have imploded into self destruct mode at a moment the Tories were at their most vulnerable. Tory Party managers must be shaking their heads in disbelief at their good fortune.

    152. Stoker @9.42.
      There is no doubt about it, Stoker. ‘Federalism’ is the next big Better Together Thing. Wullie Rennie is dusting down the tired old version of this guff ,the Lib Dem version that Ming the Mighty was flogging, as I clack.
      They have been ‘listening’ doncha know? And they are terrified about what they are hearing.
      Dugdale, without doubt the biggest New Labour Failure ever Up Here, is off on her toes on a wee summer jolly paid by the US State Department.
      I shall be charitable and observe that she firmly believes that she is a third rate politician operating in a wee parish council at Holyrood, and therefore has no role in Big Picture stuff like the fate of our nation, Scotland.
      She’s there to gum up the works, ensure that Holyrood fails, and to hell with the citizens of Scotland.
      Davidson is already planning her own Brexit, from Scotland to a safe seat in the Shires. Baroness Davidson of the Mound beckons.
      Has there ever been such utter disarray as this omnishambles Down There?
      Mundell has gone into hiding, Murray is too good to hurry, and the self confessed liar Carmichael is nowhere to be seen.
      I’m glad we kept the full set; one of each, just to remind us of how effing useless the Unionists really are when it comes to the crunch.
      I feel it in my bones, this time. I really do.

    153. defo says:

      Auntie is at it again. Marr setting the scene for an usurpation.
      If you’re not on the ballot…

      Hodge calling Corbyn “devious” ffs

      Hats off to the Tories though, they got Slab to do the heavy lifting on Indyref 1, and look where that led.
      Now they have set the scene for their shills to get rid of JC (who’s an existential threat to the establishment), and the net result might be the end of Labour.

    154. Marcia says:

      Labour are in for a period of political snakes and ladders. If Mr Corbet is kept off the ballot by not attracting 50 MP nominations, will the new members resign en mass or will there be the start of deselections of those who opposed him?

    155. Ken500 says:

      The pavements made of gold?

      Tory Michelle Mone survives on public money (benefits) and fogging jewellery on the QVC shopping channel.

      Tories can’t count or read a balance sheet. They look after No 1 and their associate troughers who line their pockets on public money. Self centred and uncaring. Westminster Unionist politicians just don’t care.

      They commit electoral fraud (with public money) to win elections and ruin the economy.

      Leaving the EU would damage the Scottish economy.

      Cameroon is the worst PM in history. He cheated to win an election. He lied about his income in Westminster. He broke up the UK and EU Union ruining the British/world economy. Planning to exit to a Scottish Estate financed with embezzled with tax evaded public money. His reward for total failure. He and his associates should be put in jail. Unelected Davidson has the qualities needed to ruin the economy. ‘Psycho Bastards’. Their own definition.

      The Pledge is the biggest load of nonsense, just like the VOW. A pack of lies.

    156. Ken500 says:

      Nana thanks for the brillant links. Excellent. ?

    157. heedtracker says:

      Now they have set the scene for their shills to get rid of JC (who’s an existential threat to the establishment), and the net result might be the end of Labour.

      Red tories planned this coup, using Brexit as their WMD. What does that say about the kind of deranged buffoonery that thinks something as huge as Brexit is part of their power struggles.

      Scott Arthur
      ?@DrScottThinks 1h1 hour ago Edinburgh, Scotland
      Completely intransigent: Jeremy Corbyn on #marrshow.
      He thinks conversations are at the heart of problem solving, but does not listen.

    158. Robert Graham says:

      Stop Press
      English tory mp states Andy Murray is not Scottish but British he forgot to add if he gets beat he is Scottish .
      If you follow this arse wipes reasoning to its logical conclusion Engurland dosnt exist or is that stretching it too far if not can we forever drop the sometimes daily – monthly – yearly references to 1966 that always seems to surface during any sporting event even f/kn tiddly winks , we have had this for fifty f/kn years its becoming a little boring dont you think chaps .
      Oh by the way stick yer rancid f/kn union up yer arse is that friendly enough .

    159. Breeks says:

      Can somebody join the dots for me in:

      a) Why the steamroller charging towards Scottish Independence can’t seem to help itself from rubber necking the collapse and disintegration of a Unionist party called Labour? Their collapse and destiny to make themselves irrelevant is self inflicted, so why is so much attention being paid?

      b) Why should Scotland care about the internal strife and bitterly divisive leadership contest of a Unionist party in Westminster, who thinks so highly of Scotland that he appoints an English Unionist to the post of shadow Scottish Secretary?

      Consideration of Labour in the context of Scottish Independence seems retrospective and distracting, unless of course people anticipate some Labour resurgence and new found relevance to the progressive developments happening in Scotland’s future. Why are we intent on providing a seat for Labour at the discussion table of Scotland’s future when they don’t seem to represent and body of public opinion?

      Our attitude towards Labour reminds me of carrying the inflatable utility passenger which car drivers considered to avoid paying congestion charges incurred with only one person in a car. Something useless you take along and use periodically to maintain the illusion of substance.

      I get it that many Independentists have Labour roots and affiliations, but those of us who don’t must surely find it as tiresome as I do. So Kezia is a unionist. Kezia shot herself in the foot with Corbyn. Kezia is off to America. I don’t give a flying *!%*# what Kezia is doing unless it is helping Scottish Independence or hindering it.

      If you want a re-invented Labour party, then fine. But right now that’s a party of Unionism, and I hope it keeps it’s head firmly stuck up it’s own backside until we get this Independence in the bag.

    160. HandandShrimp says:

      I’m guessing Eagle is a stalking pigeon or something. There is no way she is more electable than Corbyn.

      Are they just trying to see if they can get away with excluding Corbyn from the ballot and then try again with David Miliband or someone closer to the next election?

      I can’t see them retaining much of a membership after this debacle.

    161. heedtracker says:

      Ligger’s Sunday Politics, it was Corbyn and Merkel wot lost it. If the BBC get any more toryboy…actually they cant. BBC Scotland’s a corrupt red tory loonie bin but holy shit, BBC England’s blue tory worse.

    162. Robert Peffers says:


      I forgot to remove the first bit for YouTube!

    163. defo says:

      Breeks. My pleasure.

      a) Schadenfreude 🙂

      b) Were not Independent yet. It still affects us, as you say were lumbered with an English Unionist SS.

    164. Robert Peffers says:


      I’ll get it right yet. While I was reposting the link I got my next YouTube link- the one I quote as a warning that Nicola is more dangerous to the UK than Salmond was.

      This one should be right.

      Now I’m awa back to my home renovations afore I much-up anything else.

    165. defo says:


    166. defo says:

      BTB. Stuart, can we have the unimproved website back please.

    167. Bob Mack says:

      The rules of the Labour Party,of which I was a former member are very clear on Corbyn. They state emphatically that if there is an incumbent in the post then a challenger must acquire 51 nominations to challenge for the leadership.
      The incumbent remains in post till after the result. What Labour propose to do ( leave Mr Corbyn off the ballot) is illegal.

    168. HandandShrimp says:


      For those of us who were former Labour voters what is happening is a cause for wonderment. I am also glad that I am not still a Labour voter otherwise I think I would be in despair.

      Yes, onward it is. I look forward to the day when all this will be reported as “meanwhile in rUk”.

    169. Marvelous issue of the Sunday Herald with Acherson’s piece particularly noted.

    170. Thepnr says:


      There were still 22% of the Scottish electorate willing to vote Labour just two short months ago. It is worth highlighting the current failings in that party and I’m sure many reading of these failings may be wishing that they had cast their vote elsewhere.

      The growth in support for SNP and Independence in recent years has largely come from disillusioned former Labour supporters. I don’t think we’re done yet in attracting more of them.

      Your typical Scottish Corbyn supporter will eventually notice that there is another party in Scotland with policies much more closely aligned to his than it would be with Eagle or any other Blairite for example.

      Your typical Scottish Blairite hates Corbyn types and everything he stands for, which also mean that he most certainly hates the SNP and Independence and everything they stand for. Your typical Blairite is most likely your typical Labour supporting Unionist.

      No matter how this debacle eventually turns out I believe at the end of it the support for Independence will have grown. That additional support will be on the back of disgusted Corbyn type Labour supporters abandoning the sinking ship for the Independnce liferaft.

    171. mike cassidy says:

      Bob Mack 12.03

      Thanks to the Rev’s twitter page for this link.

      I suspect Angela Eagle isn’t that bothered by trivialities like the Labour Party rule book

    172. gordoz says:

      @Robert Graham

      If Andy Murray does not succeed today, surely he’ll be classed as a European in out new enlightened times ?? 🙂 🙂 🙂

    173. Alan Mackintosh says:

      Re the Eagle, Theres a link on Stu’s twitter feed about how said Eagle first managed to find its “nest” in Wallasey. Well worth a look to see the integrity that they dont have.

    174. Breeks says:

      Thanks for the replies all.

      I guess what I’m getting at is sheer volume of media coverage this collapsing Labour party gets at a time when Brexit and Indyref 2 seem much bigger stories. Brexit gets it’s share of airtime, but Indyref2 seems well down the agenda.

      I felt such optimism in the immediate aftermath of Brexit, but it now feels like a high watermark we couldn’t maintain. The mantra seems to be trust Nicola, it’s all under control, and suddenly I am drowning in dé ja vu. I do trust Nicola, but it’s the rest of the cabinet that fills me with trepidation.

    175. heraldnomore says:

      Gordon Reid – phenomenal

    176. Thepnr says:

      Support for Independence will grow as support for Labour in Scotland is whittled away. The more disgusted they are with support of Labour has become then the more likely they are to abandon them to their fate.

      Highlighting their many failings and exposing them for what they really are, Red Tories at the heart of the PLP will prove fruitful. It is much easier to gather the fruit that has fallen from the tree than cutting the tree down.

    177. ScottishPsyche says:

      Who is Angela Eagle acting as a stalking horse for? After those performances it is clear she doesn’t actually think she can be leader (or even want the job).

      Is she paving the way for Andy Burnham who has not come out against Corbyn? Is this all about testing the process for getting rid of a leader under the new rules?

    178. call me dave says:

      Scots MPs line up against Trident ahead of key vote

      Meanwhile at Wimbers Mr Reid takes the wheelchair singles championship title on court 17.

    179. heedtracker says:

      All Corbyn need do is cut n paste the SNP manifesto. Look at the SNP vote stats, they’re staggering. Our appalling tory BBC led media are determined to close down JC and the SNP but that’s what I’d do, copy Sturgeon’s SNP.

      Fcukwits like this need to start their very own extra special red tory party because his “facile politics” actually mean offering voters what they ask for, not dictating some ridiculous Brownite mess.

      Duncan Hothersall ?@dhothersall 18h18 hours ago
      If we allow our party to split by accommodating the facile politics now represented by Corbynism we’ve let down all who need a Labour govt.

    180. Sassenach says:

      Politics Scotland today, Brewer with Salmond, mainly about Blair and Parliament contempt proceedings – but, naturally Brewster can’t help finally bringing up ‘Independence’.

      Alec’s final sentence (said with a smile!) was :- “Well, if you’d allow me, I’d rather follow the Leadership of Nicola Sturgeon than the hypotheses of Gordon Brewer”. Quick “Thanks and goodbye”.

      That’s how SNP should handle interviewers! Well done Alec.

    181. Hamish100 says:

      Watching the smear of Corbyn ,labour leader by labour hacks.
      BBC bring Ayesha Hazarika on to the Marr show.Who? A comedian apparently and used to work as a political advisor. She slates alleged corbyn supporters for putting threats of violence including rape online. Marr does not challenge. She does the damage and moves on then twitters that she is on Sky next. Who did she work for? Harman, Milliband and a few other blairites.

      Boy am I glad I am not a labour party supporter.

    182. heedtracker says:

      Or, why is neo fascism in Scotland piling in behind the red tories?

      euan mccolm ?@euanmccolm 2h2 hours ago
      euan mccolm Retweeted Jon Lansman
      corbyn supporters are idiots. all of them. idiots. they perform acts of idiocy, idiotically.

    183. heedtracker says:

      With friends like these hard core toryboys?

      euan mccolm ?@euanmccolm 4h4 hours ago
      if corbyn cared about the people he’s claiming to care about, he’d go. but he doesn’t care about them, he cares about corbyn. #marr

    184. Thepnr says:


      Hothersall, Dr Scott, BBC Journalists & Presenters, Daily Redcoat journalists are Scottish Blairite no surrender Unionists one and all.

      Lost causes, everyone else not so much. The small number of people who will finally see the light and join us will be those that will win Independence for Scotland in the end.

      Quite ironic really.

    185. Thepnr says:

      Showing these people the light is what those who have supported Independence for decades if not their entire lives have done.

      I owe you my thanks for almost and I hope soon getting us there.

    186. Thepnr says:

      All those of a different political persuasion that did not support Independence required convincing. SNP leadership and their supporters have convinced masses now.

      Not many to go and you can consider the job done. Welcome all that you have persuaded and continue to do so. Then we can get on with running Scotland for the benefit of all rather that the few.

      Keep chipping away at our opponents failures. Their leaders failures.

    187. Thepnr says:

      The fallout from Brexit combined with the Tory and Labour infighting over leadership is I hope, the straw that finally breaks the Unionist camels back.

      Indyref2 doesn’t seem so far off. We prepare, keep the pressure on.

    188. Skint Knees says:

      Re Trident, scuttle a large ship in the Rhu narrows , get out of that , as Eric Morcambe would say

    189. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Just came across this petition, featured on Facebook.

      “An independent England, free of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

      Following the EU referendum it is clear that the Indivudual [sic] UK countries have different outlooks and different priorities. Let’s separate the countries of the United Kingdom into independent countries, free to make their own laws and to control their own borders as they wish.
      Sign this petition…”

    190. Robert Graham says:

      The Union failures have to be constantly highlighted at every opportunity especially on the BBC .
      Nicola give us a wave and who’s that sitting next to you ? .
      Anyone think of anything we actually want from the English parliament i know what we get whether we want it or not and every thing we ask for is either grudgingly relinquished like drawn teeth or totally ignored is there any benefit being tied to a nation whom most of their population presume we are beggars and scroungers and a drain on their hard earned money .

    191. heedtracker says:

      Thepnr says:
      10 July, 2016 at 2:07 pm

      Hothersall, Dr Scott, BBC Journalists & Presenters, Daily Redcoat journalists are Scottish Blairite no surrender Unionists one and all.

      They all relentlessly try to destroy Scottish voters confidence in Holyrood and ofcourse SNP Their real struggle is trying to destroy Scottish voters confidence that Scotland really can, should and now has got to run its own economy, as an EU member state.

      BBC creeps will argue they are winning but its hard to say now.

    192. carjamtic says:

      GB @ 09:37


      🙂 🙂 🙂

    193. Almannysbunnet says:

      @Brian Doonthetoon says:
      10 July, 2016 at 2:53 pm

      Anything to help our English brothers and sisters. Definitely signing that 🙂

    194. Ken500 says:

      Nicola’s and Pete are at the Tennis. Hope she has a saltire in her bag. Looking well. Nice and bonny. Cheering Andy on.

      Alcoholic Pig face liar Cameron the worst PM in history is there as well looking for his next drink. He should be in jail. He should be impeached for lying to Parliament about his wealth. He owns two properties worth £Millions and remortgaged after the Brexit vote, reportedly to buy a Estate in Scotland from his wife’s wealthy relatives. He destroyed the UK economy and is sanctioning vulnerable people and starving them.

    195. schrodingers cat says:

      or an eu flag

      stop press
      murray still a britischer

    196. heedtracker says:

      Great British Andy Murray showing vile separatist Canada why Scotland’s bettertogether ruled by England. Frankly.

    197. Terry says:

      I love Andy Murray. Not into celebrity endorsements but he’s the only one I give a chuff about. Why? Cos he sums up Scotland. Hard working , honest and not sidetracked by ego and glamour.

      We are lucky to know him.

      He’s Surrounded by the ya yas of the ukok glitterati. Go on ma loon!!!!

    198. Tinto Chiel says:

      At a wedding yesterday and met a metrovincial media type who has Corbyn for his MP. He loathes Loathsome and Teresa Mayhem but had some very strange views on Jeremy, whom he admits is a good MP but “no leader”.

      Apparently, he is subverting the sovereignty of Parliament by building a grass roots power base and being popular deliberately. This is very dangerous and is a tactic normally employed by extreme right wing groups. He should instead be listening to his Blairite PLP.

      I pointed out JC was only behaving like an old-fashioned socialist (well, at times) and was in the Labour Party after all, but he said his populism was very dangerous. I also observed that, unlike the SNP, incumbent Labour MPs did not have to resubmit for adoption as a candidate in the event of an election, thus diminishing the power of the grass-roots membership to remove Blairite clones. Apparently this was good, because “populism” bad and “sovereignty of parliament” good.

      Unsurprisingly, he was unaware of what we mean by sovereignty and struggled with the concept.

      Oh, and there’ll be no Brexit, there’ll be a fudge/compromise, the polloi will just accept it, no riots ‘cos only London riots and it’s pro-EU so problem solved. Red tops will tell the plebs it’s all ok.

      He seemed untroubled by the stances of Murdoch and Dacre re EU and thinks Germany and France won’t let the UK leave.

      Of course, it may just have been all the champagne he was drinking but he seemed seriously delusional. Of course, he spoke with all the certainty and authority of a Londinium dweller. When I told him all my immediate family voted Yes he seemed shocked and baffled.

      Personally, I hope that soon anyone driving north to the Scottish border at Gretna will see a big sign saying, “You are leaving England. Welcome to Scotland and the EU.”

    199. Breeks says:

      Know what would totally cool?

      If Nicola had somehow smuggled in an EU flag into Centre Court.

    200. Ruby says:

      Pretty massive ‘Scotland is European’ protest march heading towards Holyrood.

    201. Stoker says:

      This petition linked to by BDtt at 2:53pm is quite interesting.I think it’s the ideal opportunity for us to expose, once and for all, that petitions get us nowhere. At the moment there isn’t much physically going on for us as a movement and this petition does not belong to a commercial company. So now might be the perfect time for us to see what we can get out of it. The petition also declares that your details will be used only for the purposes of confirming ones commitment to this petition. So what do you say folks, we have until Jan 2017 to get 100K signatures?

    202. Thepnr says:

      Well done Andy Murray and Gordon Reid.

      Not bad, out of the 17 titles to be won at Wimbledon, Scottish players have won 3 of them. As I say, not bad for a wee country.

    203. Dorothy Devine says:

      Yahoo! C’mon Oor Andy – bloody brilliant!

    204. galamcennalath says:

      Doug Daniel tweets

      “FACT: Andy Murray has always won Wimbledon the year before a Scottish independence referendum.” 😎

    205. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      On Twitter, Doug Daniel pointed out:

      “FACT: Andy Murray has always won Wimbledon the year before a Scottish independence referendum.”

    206. galamcennalath says:

      @Brian Doonthetoon


      It is a great one liner!

    207. Grouse Beater says:

      Yaaaaay! 🙂

    208. Thepnr says:

      Murray says he’s so proud. “The Prime Minister of the country watching here too” then they show Cameron hahaha.

      He meant Nicola 🙂

    209. heedtracker says:

      Wimbledon boos toryboy Cameron! Murray steps in.

      Its the end of the world as we know it.

    210. Brian McHugh says:

      Andy definately meant Cameron… but his veiled strike came when he stared that it was an ‘impossible job’ (or words to that effect).

      The guy is a champion and an intellect.

      That was fun 🙂

    211. Brian McHugh says:

      Just watching the BBC and Andy being polite and talking to the Royals… but noticibly, Andy was the one who broke the conversation off, when he decided. 🙂

    212. bugsbunny says:

      Just tweeted the London Mayor who tweeted “Huge Congratulations to Britain’s Andy Murray for winning Wimbledon”.

      I replied, “And I dare say it would be commiserations to the SCOT Andy Murray if he lost. British if you win, Scot’s if you lose”.

      Do they still call it Henman Hill?

    213. mike cassidy says:

      Thepnr 5.00

      Only three titles out of seventeen!


      I blame the SNP

    214. gordoz says:

      Loved it up to the point where Murray won it (and very well done).

      Rapidly downhill after that. Playing to the britterati ?

      Not smart to snub the FM at the top of the stairs Mr Murray.

      Sure you realise that now anyway and will sort out with a statement to remedy very soon ?

    215. gordoz says:

      Outstanding result for Helensburghs Gordon Reid !!!

      Very well done and well deserved win at Wimbledon

    216. heedtracker says:

      Scottish Men’s Wimbledon Champion 2016, PM Caneron booed. Revolution begins at the Centre court.

    217. Marcia says:

      On BBC Home Counties 2 TV Andrea Leadsom wins Wimbledon.

    218. Brian McHugh says:

      bugsbunny, spot on… this will be no less than the BBC/establishment trying to claim a Scottish win as a greater English one… Heck, the rest of Europe have missed out on a trick here… The Germans, French and Spanish etc might have been celebrating Andy Murrays win as a European victory.

      …had it not been for the current political situation on that front of course.

    219. gordoz says:

      No doubt Mr Murray will get pelters online for bringing about the booing of Cameron as PM.

      What was he thinking ? Sure it will backfire on him.

    220. Fireproofjim says:

      Andy Murray is the greatest individual athlete Scotland has ever produced. Probably the best from these islands.
      And he is a “yes” man too.
      Gordoz – He did not snub Nicola – he was just in a scrum and probably did not see her. One thing about Andy is that he is totally polite and thoughtful. He would never snub anyone deliberately.

    221. Cadogan Enright says:

      am working away here on constituency business with Livestream playing in the background

      The craic is 90

    222. mike cassidy says:

      If you can watch more than 30 seconds of Peston interviewing Angela the Eagle without shouting

      Stalking horse!

      Then you are a deeper political thinker than me.

    223. gordoz says:


      No mention of very large ‘Scots for Europe’ march in Edinburgh from the State broadcaster there; business as usual then ….?

    224. MrObycyek says:


      Give the man a break son. The First Minister was blocked off from him on the left when he came up the stairs. It was hardly a snub from him. The staff would obviously give preference to Prince Baldy and Benedict Cumbernuts.

      3 slams! Amazing and with Lendl back I reckon he has a good 5 or 6 more to come. Well done Andy. An amazing role model. A man that never settles for glorious failure. I wish our Scottish football team had his spirit. We are truly blessed to have someone like Andy Murray. Superb.

    225. gordoz says:

      @Fireproofjim May well bw what you say –

      I’d look at the clip again – he wasn’t aware she was there ?

      (Aye sure.) Badly managed is best you could say perhaps.

    226. Iain More says:

      Well done to Gordon Reid as well today.

    227. Onwards says:

      Fireproofjim says:
      10 July, 2016 at 5:51 pm

      Gordoz – He did not snub Nicola – he was just in a scrum and probably did not see her. One thing about Andy is that he is totally polite and thoughtful. He would never snub anyone deliberately.

      Yeah, he can’t give everyone a mention. Don’t think he mentioned William and Kate either. His emotions are probably shot at that point. I notice he didn’t wrap himself in the union jack that the trophy was placed on. It must be frustrating trying to keep everyone happy when his every move is scrutinised.
      To be honest, I was surprised at the booing of Cameron from a Wimbledon audience. Bad form I say 🙂

    228. Dr Jim says:

      The FM was on the left when Andy arived at the top of the stairs, the Royals were right in front of him, but when he’d finshed glad handing the benefit scroungers they moved to the left and stood in front of the FM blocking her off

      We’ll just say they didn’t do that on purpose eh?
      Coz they wouldn’t would they?

      Would they BBC?

      Nah! Couldn’t have meant it eh?

      Surely they didn’t try to keep the most dangerous woman in Britain Scotland’s First Minister off the telly with the best tennis player in the universe being Scottish and all

    229. Thepnr says:

      Andy Murray won £2 million prize money today. A figure unimaginable to that majority of Scots.

      He deserves every penny for being the second best tennis player on the planet at this time. Maybe one day he will be the best.

      Who knows but 3 Grand Slams against the worlds best is no mean feat.

      Compare his winnings of £2 million with the same amount that every year OUR beloved BBC pay Claire Balding and Gary Lineker, for what? For talking over people and “sharing” their opinions.

      I’d rather they kept their opinions and their love of crisps, horses and the Royal Family to themselves. The BBC reward those that pander to the establishment agenda.

      Andy Murray earned his success and riches all by himself. And still he came out for Yes just before the vote in the referendum.

      NOT a proud Scot but them. I celebrate his success as I’m sure almost all Scots do.

    230. heedtracker says:

      As all the UKOK britnat haters pile into Murray or Sturgeon or anything Scottish at all, this really has to be Scotland’s national anthem:D

      Scott Arthur Retweeted
      Stewart ?@cunning_chops 40m
      Sturgeon will be pure raging that she never got a shout out from Andy Murray at #Wimbledon while David Cameron did ??

    231. Cadogan Enright says:

      one of the speakers at the Scotland in the EU protest is still labouring under the misapprehension that Spain has a veto

      Its a majority decision – and most countries support Scotland

      Does anyone know him? Get him up to speed – He spoke at 18.10

      Suprised at the headlines in the so-called Irish Times on the 2nd July – this paper is normally run out of the British Embassy in Dublin

      “Dublin and Edinburgh grow closer in wake of Brexit”. Also “Leinster House has become Sturgeon’s greatest ally since result of Brexit vote”

    232. heedtracker says:

      Politics, sport and upper class twits don’t mix that well.

      Dan Snow Retweeted
      Dan Snow ?@thehistoryguy 4h4 hours ago
      A load of drunk Londoners wildly applaud a steely Scot battling in the hot sun.
      This Wimbledon final is a metaphor for the British Empire.

    233. ann says:

      I signed the petition and posted on facebook.
      Looked at the MAP attached and I would say 99% of the posts are outside England.

    234. Brian McHugh says:

      If Andy Murray was Irish, the English establishment wouldn’t be claiming him as one of their own, so what is their fascination with Scotland and Scottish achievements? Jelousy?

      If they want to argue that’s parochial, then why have international sporting competition at all?

      France and Portugal might as well share the trophy tonight then? …indeed, lets just scrap the whole competition and say that everyone who competed is a moral winner.

    235. Dr Jim says:

      Isn’t it funny how most normal folk in England are happy when Andy wins the tennis and most normal people in Scotland are happy when Andy wins the tennis

      The only folk who aren’t happy are the rabid British Nationalists who don’t want their own countryman to do well, and in particular the Scottish ones

      Now that has no bearing whatsoever on Andy Murray but it tells you everything you need to know about the mindset of these peoples behaviour whatever country they live in

    236. HandandShrimp says:

      So what is Dr Von Scott tweeting about?

      That Cameron got booed? (as a Labour person you would think so but these days who can tell)

      That he is disappointed that Nicola was not booed?

      I think after the reaction to mentioning Cameron Andy wisely moved on.

    237. bugsbunny says:


      You can’t beat this tune as our national anthem. Played the correct way as it should be of course.

    238. HandandShrimp says:

      While on Wimbledon

      Well done Andy



    239. heedtracker says:

      HandandShrimp says:
      10 July, 2016 at 6:56 pm
      So what is Dr Von Scott tweeting about?

      Its makes no odds. No matter what was said or not said at Wimbledon, unionists and rule Britannia types like Dr NO would be leaping about anyway and just as they are now. Its the empty heart of UKOK yoonster culture in their Scotland region.

      Andy Murray is Scotland’s greatest ever athlete, not the messiah.

    240. Thepnr says:

      The hate against any Scottish success is plain for all to see, There are even those in Scotland that despise that fact that Andy Murray is likely not just Scotlands greatest athletes but also one of the UKs greatest ever.

      Their Empire is crumbling despite their best attempts at plugging the hole in the Dyke, hence the spite and hateful comments directed at Andy Murray and anyone from Scotland who proves to be even remotely successful.

      For the 50 years since when England last won the world cup we have never failed to be reminded. The commentators during the game against Iceland after they scored blamed Joe Cole and arrogantly asked his fellow panel members “should Joe cole be dropped for the game against France” FFS they weren’t even in the quarters yet it was a given.

      Two Million a year your TV license pays for that kind of shite.

      Just stop paying, the Unionist Emperor ruled by TORIES of whatever shade have no clothes, the’re naked. Most Scots now see that and not many more remain to be convinced before we go for the second referendum.

      Your choice. Follow us to Independence or the Neoliberalism espoused by the naked and the lizard rulers that UK votes elected.

      Not Scottish votes.

    241. heedtracker says:

      See? They’re that UKOK desperate now.

      Scott Arthur ?@DrScottThinks 5m5 minutes ago
      I understand Sturgeon is still in Centre Court waiting on a shout from Andy Murray. #Winbledon

    242. Grouse Beater says:

      Fireproofjim: “Andy Murray is the greatest athlete Scotland has ever produced.”

      No, no. no!

      You’re forgetting the other Andy, Andy Robin who wrestled with Hercules the Bear. Now, that’s an athlete.

    243. HandandShrimp says:



      Dr Von Scott probably needs the comfort blanket of childish abuse….anything to avoid thinking about the car crash that is the Labour party.

    244. Fireproofjim says:

      But didn’t the bear win?
      Andy Irvine was pretty good too, but probably a Unionist.

    245. heedtracker says:

      bugsbunny says:
      10 July, 2016 at 6:56 pm

      You can’t beat this tune as our national anthem. Played the correct way as it should be of course.

      But its not got Taylor Swift.

      Anyway its all over now. Dr NO’s twitter follow leads immediately to the even nuttier UKOK zoomer’s like effie online and well, what’s the point of Scots in her scotland region voting on anything at all now?

      There was quite a lot of noise likewise from the Scottish nationalists in the days after the vote. But they found out very quickly that from an international perspective Scotland is a region of the UK in the same way that Catalonia is a region of Spain and Saxony is a region of Germany.

      Many Scots may not like this, even some of those who voted No during Indyref, but this is because they are not following through on the logic of the position.

      Scotland is called a country and a nation and there is nothing wrong with that, but Scotland is not a sovereign nation state. It therefore matters not one little bit that Scotland voted to remain while the UK didn’t.”

      Close the Scottish voting stations, recycle the ballot boxes, pay off the spooks filling out thousands of phoney postal ballots apps. Everything and anything important, like our EU citizenship, Trident, war, Andy Murray, really is all up to our English imperial masters.

      And don’t UKOK yoons like effie and Dr NO love it too:D

    246. Katie says:

      @bugsbunny… I like it but u can’t beat flower of scotland.

    247. Regading Andy Murray this accurate article says it all really. Could someone explain why the BBC missed the wee man taking off the gold lettering to reveal Andy Murray’s name on the roll of honour after the match. It’s always been the English Lawn Tennis Club and the BBC’s tradition.

    248. ann says:

      Effie. What a tool.

      If I didn’t have to register, I would have left feedback to the dross she writes, and ask the question “If you feel Scotland is a subsidy junky. Why did Cameron et. all want to keep us?”

    249. Capella says:

      Andy Murray is a hero. Fabulous athlete and sportsman. Totally enjoyable match in Wimbledon. So let’s bask in reflected glory here! Let’s not moan about the BBC and other unionist trolls.
      Andy maybe isn’t the steroetypical Brit conqueror. So what? He’s so much more successful for sheer hard work and skill.
      Here’s a song from Michael Marra (uncle of Jenny Marra) written by Burns – Green Grow the Rashes O. I think it sums up the Scottish temperament better than any triumphalist drone.

    250. Vambomarbeleye says:

      I haven’t been able to find the BBC parliament debate. UK economic relationship with the EU. It may be repeated. Did find this. Must admit I didn’t read it all. too may numbers. Started to fry my brain.

    251. heedtracker says:

      UKOK shyste goes on, or, anything to keep their union jacks flapping over Scotland.

      Constitutional reform
      Brexit vote paves way for federal union to save UK, says all-party group

    252. Breeks says:

      @ Bugsbunny at 6:56pm

      Can honestly say I’ve never heard that before in my life, but it brought a tear to my eye. There’s just something about the pipes kicking in that just grabs you.

      I also like this (if the link works. If not, it’s the Pacific Coast Highlanders flash mob pipes and drums). Just amazing. No words required.


    253. heedtracker says:

      Members of the group have made clear they are partly motivated by limiting the momentum towards Scottish independence following the 23 June vote to leave the European Union. “It would pull the rug from under independence,” said Lord Hain, while Salisbury argued his proposals would hand the initiative back to unionists.”

      Bottom of rancid The Graun federal thing, and probably didn’t need to be said. Grun’s “partly motivated” is a tad of an underestimate too, English sangfroid.

    254. Cadogan Enright says:

      Peter Bell taking chunks out of Murdo Frazer, Boris and Federalism

    255. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi bugsbunny.

      Here’s the background, from Wikipedia:-

      “Robert Burns set his poem Scots Wha Hae, the words of which were originally stated to be taken from Bruce’s address to his troops at the Battle of Bannockburn, to an old Scots tune, Hey Tuttie Tatie.[6] As a military march, Marche des soldats de Robert Bruce, this tune is part of the repertoire of the French military.

      14th century: A military song intitled “La marche des soldats de Robert Bruce” (march of the soldiers of Robert Bruce) is still played in France nowadays, for instance during the Bastille Day military parade.”

      “”Hey Tuttie Tatie” (also “Hey Tutie Teti” or “Hey Tuttie Taiti”) is a traditional Scots air. Its age is unknown, though it is reputed to have been played by the army of Robert the Bruce before the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314.”

      “Scots Wha Hae…
      The lyrics were written by Robert Burns in 1793, in the form of a speech given by Robert the Bruce before the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314, where Scotland maintained its sovereignty from the Kingdom of England. Although the lyrics are by Burns, he wrote them to the traditional Scottish tune ‘Hey Tuttie Tatie’ which, according to tradition, was played by Bruce’s army at the Battle of Bannockburn, and by the Franco-Scots army at the Siege of Orleans.”

    256. heedtracker says:

      Graun’s federal UKOK thing’s also got my Slovene girlfriends juices flowing. Project Fear 3 is going to be hell on rancid The Graun’s servers.

      This is just a small taste of Adam’s vote NO 2017 fury.

      10 Jul 2016 19:16
      2 Recommend In response to UnderSurveillance
      I lived in the UK during the devolution campaign, and as far as I remember there was no serious debate about a proper federation.

      I think that one of the problems in the UK is each nation thinking selfishly only about itself. For example, Scotland keeps demanding more power to itself. Instead, it should have prepared a proposal for a new (federal?) system for the WHOLE UK, for all the constituent parts.

      This is very similar to the UK’s decades-long arrogant selfish behaviour in the EU. For the UK, an ‘EU reform’ means grabbing yet more special treatment and opt-outs to itself via blackmailing of its partners.

      But the EU is not about one nation blackmailing everyone else. It is about solidarity which benefits everyone involved in the long run. It is a partnership which rests upon constructive proposals and constructive discussion, patience, searching for a consensus and readiness for compromise. In the end, we have a compromise which everyone agrees with and which applies to ALL EU members (no IFs and BUTs and special treatments and opt-outs).

      Such partnership attitudes are essential also for the UK to reform instead of breaking up. But I am not too sure that the Britons will grasp this kind of thinking before it is too late.

      View discussion
      10 Jul 2016 19:01
      1 Recommend In response to gtegte
      That’s why you’re mathematically illiterate. You’ve been given the numbers and how tariffs work and fail to respond on it.

      I know rather well how tariffs work.

      Clearly paying say 10% tariffs on 65% of your exports (Scotland separates from the UK) is worse than paying 10% tariffs on 16% of your exports (Brexit).

    257. Vambomarbeleye says:

      The UK’s future economic relationship with the European Union Article 50
      Professor Michael Dougan assesses UK’s position following vote to leave the EU
      In fact just put in Professor Michael Dougan

    258. Stoker says:

      North Ayrshire and Arran currently out in front with 21 signatures.

    259. Macart says:

      Two times Wimbledon champ.

      No three bad young fella.

      Well done Andy. 🙂

      PS. Oh and Henman Hill my arse.

      Murray Mount? 😀

    260. Capella says:

      My favourite rendition of “Scots Wha Hae” is Dougie Maclean’s. I never liked the poem until I heard him sing it. His low key style seems to bring out the meaning of the words:

    261. Smallaxe says:

      @ Tinto Chiel,the sign at Gretna says Scotland Welcomes You,

      hopefully we can add:To Europe:-)

    262. Ken500 says:

      Well done to Andy. Absolutely wonderful. What an amazing player. An International sportsman who bring credit to Scotland. An amazing family. Jamie as well.

      Heather Watson won the mixed doubles. She’s a nice lassie. Judy Murray coaches her. The Murray’s are in good terms with the Scottish Gov who are finding ways to invest in the sport. He would have acknowledged Nicola and Peter. He had not even seen his own family till later.

      Dunblane/Stirling etc would benefit from an increased tourism. Judy Murray coaches lots of youngsters and players. Tennis fans are worldwide. Tennis has always been popular in Britain. Tennis (golf) was started in Scotland. Mary, Queen of Scotland had a court at Falkland Palace. A tourist attraction. The Royals always stick their nose into everything with their ‘rank’ and privilege. They are suppose to be impartial, but are not.

      London Luvies have no time for Cameron, he let Farage take them out of the EU. They want to stay. Labour have as much support as the Tories in London. 50/50. The new Lord Mayor is Labour from a migrant family. Many of the London population are of mixed race and migrant population. Most capital Cities in the world are multicultural.

      Cameron, Johnston and the rest of Brexit, will not be popular in London for their behaviour and betrayal. They have already had a go at Johnston. Johnston was born in the US and brought up in Brussels. His father was a EU diplomat. His privilege upbringing was on EU money. He is of migrant descent. His grandfather was a Turkish? journalist murdered by Turkish nationals. His father was against Turkey becoming Independent from the Ottoman? Empire One of Johnston descendants was a King George in (Austria?) Europe of a small State.

      The Brexits have crashed the UK economy trying to gain power and advance themselves on public money. Misfits. Johnston was collecting a vast salary as Mayor and writing a column (£1/2Million) for the Telegraph. He got sacked from the Times for lying. Re the comment ‘Murdoch did not trust him’. Cameron will not be popular in London and neither will the rest of them. Johnston won as Mayor on 200,000 votes not a huge majority. 10Million in London.

      Westminster had their chance of promises of FFA, Home Rule/Federalism. The reneged VOW. They had their chance and blew it. People will not be fooled again. Independence is now the only solution. 27+ nation friends and counting who do not let members down, but support self determination.

    263. HandandShrimp says:

      This Federalism thing has fairly developed legs but unless the sovereignty talked about translates into freedom to discuss issues regarding matters like the EU then I am not sure where it is going.

    264. Sandy says:

      Europe football final more boring than the pundits. OK if your Portugese or French. Neutral spectator would likely enjoy Tory/Labour/Liberal Party conferences more.

    265. Ken500 says:

      Andy Burnham supports Corbyn. Or says he does, he didn’t resign. He is up for Mayor of Manchester. So might not be in the running.

    266. Tam Jardine says:


      Read the guardian piece. “If real care is not taken, Scotland, in particular, could decide that the time has come to become an independent nation, with huge implications for the whole of Britain.”

      They sound terrified and weak.

      Of course the Guardian arrives at its “opinion” or rather its objective (to see off Scottish Independence) and then forms its argument accordingly. Not for the guardian an examination of whether or not the union should limp on or the consequences of limping on.

      ‘Forget all of this independence nonsense and forget you are leaving the EU. We’ve got this new idea… lets call it devo-m… I mean federalism.’

      It all sounds a little bit like taking a nice warm bath with a razorblade. We get diverted into this pish (we can’t and won’t) and we lose the tremendous strategic advantage we have right now. Never in 300 years have we had the upper hand like we have had in the last 2 weeks. Are we sooooo stupid that we give up that strategic, moral, economic, diplomatic, political advantage on a promise of devo-max outside of the EU!

      Article 50 has to be activated (and will be by Prime Minister Leadsom I am sure). Indyref is called and we win it. I can see the guardian and the britnats have to try to cobble something together to “pull the rug from under independence” but their plan is hackneyed. It is fucking OLD!

      Nicola has the whip hand now and they know it. Kezia may ignore my pleas and common sense to push this worn out, threadbare and completely discredited constitutional fudge but it will end in ignominy.

      They say history repeats itself, firsly as tragedy and secondly as farce.

      One thing that strikes me about the guardian piece- the newspaper is nominally a “British” newspaper and part of their readership live in Scotland. As a pro-remain voice should they not be supportive of the notion that at least some of the former UK may be able to Remain in the EU? Can’t they just be happy for us for once? No- like a drowning man the Guardian is grabbing at Scotland and in so doing is trying to drag us under too.

      Well Sev, Libby: we got the result WE needed and WE are going to use it to jemmy that window wide, wide open. So bring on The Vow Mk II if that is the only play you have. You and your media bias!

      Pitiful. Wretched. Doomed.

    267. Cadogan Enright says:

      Can you share this on Facebook and Twitter?

      The map of supporters is hilarious

    268. Cuilean says:


      I read somewhere that the Mexican/MexTex word, ‘gringros,’ comes from the early Scots drovers in Texas & New Mexico, who sang ‘Green grow the rashes o’, on the old cattle trails (like the Chisholm Trail), around the campfires. Their Spanish speaking compadres could not make out the Scots words, so ‘gringros’ came from ‘green grows’.

    269. ronnie anderson says:

      Wings on its travels hee hee hee.

      Thanks BrianDTT.

    270. Cuilean says:

      The BBC DO still insist on calling it ‘Henman’s Hill’. It’s a wee consolation prize for Tim, as, unlike Andy Murray, Tim never did get to put his name onto anything else at Wimbledon. You know, like the championship trophy… Bless.

    271. ronnie anderson says:

      Silly bloody eejit me

    272. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Ronnie.

      Fixed for you.

      If there’s no “WWW” in the address, you need the “h-t-t-p//” bit.

    273. Fred says:

      Cuilean, I think Gringo comes from English.

    274. James Barr Gardner says:

      Cameron booed at Wimbledon. Who was in the centre court given the price of the tickets? Blue tories, aristocrats and royals would probably makeup about 80% to 90% of the spectators. So who has lost a packet because of Brexit due to gambler Cameron, so no guesses to who was booing, Cameron now hated and a dead duck PM, that’s his legacy. His next appearance could well be under the Blackfriars Bridge.

    275. Grouse Beater says:

      HeadandShrimp: “This Federalism thing has fairly developed legs”

      Naming names:

    276. Capella says:

      @ Cuilean
      Great story. Sounds right to me. Gringros it is!
      Just watched the last episode of Outlander season 2. No wonder Cameron banned it from being broadcast in UK. Far too much freedom for Scotland called for. One day we will have the means of making films ourselves.

    277. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @heedtracker –



      Good map action!

      Have signed.

    278. Thepnr says:

      @Cadogan Enright and heedtracker

      Map is hilarious, just signed. I want the map of Scotland to turn a deep deep dark blood red. they want an email address from you before you can register your vote.

      It’s worth getting one for 🙂

    279. paul gerard mccormack says:

      bbc news on andy murrays win today at 11pm.
      a dozen mentions of the adjective british. Not one of scottish.
      clearly policy.

    280. Flower of Scotland says:

      Just to back from the Scotland in Europe march in Edinburgh.

      Just can’t find any live coverage of Andy winning Wimbledon. Sky had some photos but no live footage. BBC still on about Corbyn. STV still on about football.

      Where,s oor Andy!!

    281. geeo says:


      “Their Empire is crumbling despite their best attempts at plugging the hole in the Dyke”
      For some reason, this bit caused a very uncomfortable shudder, and an evem worse mental image…

    282. Thepnr says:

      Anyone noticed that if you click on that map it tells you the constituency, the MP and the number of voters.

      Funny as Feck hahaha.

    283. defo says:


      You too?


    284. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Thepnr, heedtracker et al –


      Petition for ‘An Independent England’.

      Good fun, and will make a point. Currently has 1,031 signatories, but once the ‘WOS’ effect kicks-in it’ll go properly tonto.

      The dude who launched this won’t know whether to laugh or cry.

    285. Capella says:

      Tried signing the petition to help colour the map deep maroon! But it won’t let me because I should have clicked on my email address and it won’t return to that page. Oh well. Seems to be plenty clicks anyway. spread the word.

      I see that Portugal has won the football. I’m surprised because I thought that Renaldo would be kicked to bits and out of commission before too long. And he was. So it looks like Iceland only succumbed to the champions!

    286. Inverclyder says:

      Smoke and mirrors being played re federalism.

      Although we may not see the bullshit we can certainly smell it. The other thing you can smell is fear as they know the game is up.

      Corbyn and the ChickenCoup2 (Copyright Pete Wishart 2016) being used to divert attention from both Brexit and Trident too.

      None of this covers up the impending doom and serious financial situation the UK faces.

      Article 50 will be played by the Thatcher clones in September and the following day, if even that, I fully expect an announcement from Bute House stating that a debate will happen immediately at Holyrood on the EU findings. That debate will answer all questions on currency and the EU in no uncertain terms.

      After the debate the vote will be a minimum of 6 weeks later with 60 – 70% for Independence.

      Banking and big Oil companies will flock to Scotland in direct relation to the collapse of the Londons Financial Capital status.

      The EU will start playing hardball with the Brexit mob as soon as Article 50 is played. The full implications of leaving the EU and losing Scottish money will start to become clear with terrifying clarity to Englanders. They are about to wake up to hundreds of years of lies.

      While this is happening there will be extreme pressure on Westminster to move all Scottish finances to Edinburgh ASAP, get shot of Trident and deal with breakup talks on both Scottish and EU fronts while keeping an eye on our Irish and Welsh friends.

      Meanwhile Scotland has to deal with both EU and UK talks on continuing in the EU and leaving the UK behind. Thankfully there will be the 56 ex MP’s available!

      Will not be surprised if a certain Mr A. Salmond of the Gordon constituency is involved in the talks between the EU and the UK as the representative for Scotland.

      There’s also Trump or Clinton as the next President and how that pans out!

      Sterling will eventually be pegged to the Scottish Pound with Loans going south from Scotland to prop up their economy as England tries to recover without the Scottish contribution.

      Scotland is about to see a recovery like nothing the world has ever seen. The shockwaves of which will reverberate throughout England for the next 100 years.

    287. Connor McEwen says:

      Thepnr unboxed yir a helluva man. Wir oot the box

      Tories are holding the reins swipe more at the Tories

    288. Capella says:

      oops – not Iceland but Wales only succumbed to the champions.
      Iceland only succumbed to the runners up!

    289. Fireproofjim says:

      To sign this petition you must go to your email inbox where you should find a message inviting you to click on it. This will then add you to the numbers and you will have the satisfaction of seeing a tally roll over to increase by one number.
      Excellent fun. We all really want an independent England.

    290. Ken500 says:

      Eagle the Blairite warmonger, complains about austerity, lies about Labour losing councils (from a high point), campaigned about migration but accuses Corbyn of losing the EU election. Not Farague, Caneron and Brexits,

      Eagle is over eager to get rid of Corbyn. It might be her who has to resign. Along with the Brexits and Andrex who likes to starve other people’s children, especially migrants.

    291. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      When I posted the link to that petition at 2.53pm this afternoon, I was signer #720. I also posted the link on a handful of Facebook pages but Facebook seems to be quiet today.

      As I type, 1,068 have signed, mostly in Scotland. Reminds me of Gorgon Brown hijacking thon petition some time ago.

    292. Capella says:

      @ fireproofjim – ahh I didn’t realise that was what they meant. Have now signed so the total is up to 1088. Scotland turning a lovely shade of maroon.

    293. Ian Brotherhood says:

      How very dare we have an opinion about English independence!

      Go on England – we believe in you!

      Even if you don’t!

    294. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Muchas gracias for that tip, Ian B. My vote has just gone in!

      (I made the same tongue-in-cheek suggestion not long ago in a Graun forum. It would at least solve the EU succession issue at a stroke. But I just couldn’t resist adding that I’m sure we would be happy post-indy to sell England all of our nukes and a few of our navy ships!)

      But do you think someone will twig when they see all those Scottish postal codes?!

    295. geeo says:

      Just watched Sunday politics Scotland.

      Was i dreaming it, or did yon labour loser Tom Harris actually claim that Scots KNEW there was a chance of Scotland leaving the EU if there was a No vote in the referendum ?

      Surprised oor Mr Salmond never shredded him for that one !

      Unless he did when i was throwing stuff at the telly !

    296. crazycat says:

      @ Robert J. Sutherland

      But do you think someone will twig when they see all those Scottish postal codes?!

      Parliament petitions are open to any UK citizen (presumably, since there is a box to tick about that) so I don’t see how the original petitioner could put a restriction on it.

      So the only option, should the map reveal a strange geographical concentration outside England, would be to withdraw the petition entirely.

      And since we’ve got evidence it existed, that would be most embarrassing. 😉

    297. crazycat says:

      p.s. – the ideal, of course, would be to reach the threshold for government consideration (the one for parliamentary debate is perhaps too ambitious) while the only dark areas on the map are outwith England.

      Could we get 10,000 before there’s a surge in English signatures?

    298. Dougie Bee says:

      Just signed the independence for England petition, and its now at 1,107
      Can’t find the map though…

    299. Cherry says:

      @Dougie Bee

      Go here and have a wee laugh

    300. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Dougie Bee.

      Below where it shows,

      1,114 signatures

      There’s a link that has,

      Show on a map

      Click on it.

    301. Sandy says:

      Also just signed for Angland’s future – hope its erse is well padded – then maybe not. Deserves a good dunt after 309 years of arrogant greed.

    302. Naina Tal says:

      Some areas of Scotland aren’t so densely populated. If you click the wee button top right ro display % of population, you’ll see that Scotland has already gone dark!

    303. Ken500 says:

      @ John Boothman had to be moved from his post as Head of BBC Scotland after allegations of bully and grievance. The Staff were going to strike. Pity they did not just resign, en masse.
      Boothman was was moved, not fired, to work on the BBC Charter. Labour’s BBC man in Scotland. The residue Labour Mafia. ‘The non impartial BBC’. Run by a Labour/Unionist man in Scotland. Flying down once a month to get the orders.

    304. Bob Mack says:

      Nice to hear the BBC this morning laud Andy Murray as England’s greatest ever tennis player during their sports line piece. Who knew?

    305. scottieDog says:

      Regarding england for indy. Wonder what the remain campaign would be saying – we need scotland’s resources..?

    306. Capella says:

      @ Bob Mack
      Over on R Scotland, a lot of hand wringing over his fluke win “after a never ending series of defeats” but it was really Lendl who won! How he comes to be ranked world No 2 is a mystery.

    307. ewen says:

      I have signed but it won’t affect the map as I’m abroad.

    308. heedtracker says:

      BBC r4 Today very mute on Murray and rancid The Graun poops all over “quagmire” Scotland, where only Kez can save us and ofcourse their union.

      Kez is really great and nice and clever and says its federal UKOK wot will win it this time. Another week of tory BBC led media farts into action.

    309. Stoker says:

      And as the front runners gallop towards the 2000 marker it’s
      North Ayrshire and Arran setting the pace, followed very closely by Argyll & Bute and Livingston neck ‘n’ neck joint second.

    310. Liz Rannoch says:

      Just done a quick catch up since yesterday (before THE match) and have signed the petition now standing 1173.

      Just seen an interview with Gordon Reid on Breakfast. So glad because I phoned EBC yesterday afternoon in a rage.

      After Murray I watched the mixed doubles with Heather Watson and Kontinen who won and some commentator said that ‘on the last Sunday of the Championship two ‘Brits’ have claimed C/Ship titles’!!!

      Before you could say Scotland I was on the phone to some poor Irish lassy, did they not know that ANOTHER Scot had claimed a title that day – the singles wheelchair – Gordon Reid – FIRST time that had been contested at W/Don – why couldn’t they just say Scottish it wasn’t ‘Team GB’ (as in Davis Cup) – contestants compete for their country.

      Gordon Reid also won the doubles wheelchair on Saturday with his partner Alfie Hewitt – which got a mention (cos he’s English?)

      Anyway, great to see him getting his own acknowledgement on Breakfast I’m now a happy cat.

      BTW – federalism, let’s NOT go there. Vow 2. No way.

    311. galamcennalath says:

      All this federal pish.

      Firstly, if it doesn’t become a firm on the table pre Brexit package from the Tories, then it isn’t actually on the table. It’s stoor in the wind. So of course it will come to nothing!

      That said, I can’t make up my mind whether it is …

      A) an attempt at Vow 2 to deflect us.

      B) some Unionists setting out the ground to become either fence sitters or soft Yes once all options have been explored.

      The first sounds totally implausible at this stage in the constitutional crisis, the second actually makes more sense.

      However, the noise is coming mostly from North British Labour so who knows what rattles around in their heads!

    312. Kenny says:

      Apologies to Sky News:

      More than 1,000 barristers have signed a letter to Mr Cameron saying that there is evidence that the referendum result “was influenced by misrepresentations of fact and promises that could not be delivered”.

      They added: “Since the result was only narrowly in favour of No, it cannot be discounted that the misrepresentations and promises were a decisive or contributory factor in the result.”

    313. Bob Mack says:

      Federalism would see all major powers held centrally thus negating the Smith Commission in any event. We would still have control over the things we have control of now. Not much gained there then,
      Taxes, (all forms) Foreign affairs ,defence, immigration would all revert to a Central body, which could not be Westminster,but a legislature made up of member areas
      We can guess how that will work out, with three Unionist heavy partners in the mix.

      Put simply,we would be worse off than we are now.

    314. galamcennalath says:

      Kenny says:

      “More than 1,000 barristers have signed a letter to Mr Cameron”

      Original letter

    315. Xaracen says:

      “HeadandShrimp: “This Federalism thing has fairly developed legs”

      But without Wings it’ll never fly! 😀

    316. Marie Clark says:

      This federalism pish needs to be knocked on the head.

      EU have made it quite clear. Scotland remain in UK OUT of EU.

      Independent Scotland In the EU. Kez can’t have it both ways. It’s make your mind up time SLAB.

      What’s the betting that they’ll opt to stay with UK.

    317. Macart says:


      Federalism is a dead parrot. A non starter. A mirage and a complete waste of everyone’s time. I suspect even Ms Dugdale knows this. This is merely a face saving exercise and a distraction from the utter clusterfuck Labour and the Conservatives actions have dropped us all into.

      Had Federalism been even the remotest possibility, why was it not even considered in the past several decades by all concerned? Why did Labour especially refuse to back the option on at least four occasions within the past four years? Why has it only NOW occurred to these self serving rats that it should be considered at all?

      FFS! In 97-99 they had the opportunity. In 2012 pre referendum campaign they had the opportunity. In the Smith talks of 2014, they had the opportunity and in the Scotland bill debates of 2015 when FFA was put forward, they had the opportunity.

      Now that the indyref pledges have come completely unglued over the past two years culminating in Brexit and Chilcot, NOW they think Federalism might be a plan?

      I know they hold the voting punter in utter contempt, but FFS! This level of disingenuous, not mention down right fucking deceitful, politicking needs seriously kicked out of the park.

      Ms Dugdale really, really should rethink this frankly stupid tack before time runs out on a very rare window of opportunity. What comes first party or people?

    318. Nana says:

      I archived the scotsman story at 8.56am, the poll was 66% yes 30%No 4% unsure

      Yes Highland launched yesterday

    319. galamcennalath says:

      Nana says:

      “David Cameron rumoured to be buying this fancy-ass Scottish estate”

      £20million! Where did Davy Cameron get that kind of money?

      Suppose it means, if they make it their main residence, they will get Scottish citizenship and stay in the EU 😎

    320. Lochside says:

      Capella & Cullean: The term ‘gringo’ did originate in Texas.But it came about during the annexation of the territory during the US/Mexican war of 1836.The Alamo etc.

      The US troops were indeed predominantly Scottish and Scots/Irish (Ulster Scots )having migrated from those frontier areas such as Tennessee and Western Virginia where they had previously settled, to what became Texas.

      They brought with them the old Scots songs such as ‘Green Grow the rashes’ and the Mexican population heard the soldiers singing this particular song often and christened them’ Gringos’.

      Sam Houston, first governor of Texas, Jim Bowie, Davy Cricket were all if Scottish lineage.Even the Chisum trail was named after a part Native American part Scottish traderrancher.Finally, Texas has a song about the State’flag called the ‘Bonnie Blue Flag’….

    321. Socrates MacSporran says:

      I have mentioned this on here before, but, to be fair to the Lawn Tennis Association, this is an all-UK body. It is not like th RFU or the FA, an English body what thinks it runs the whole shooting match.

      The only flag under which the Murray brothers or Gordon Reid ever comete is the Union Flag.

      At least, they do acknowledge the Scottishness of the Murrays, occasionally, on the BBC, but, Reid has come in somewhat under the radar with his magnificent double success. This perhaps says more about the BBC’s attitude to disabled sport.

      At least, they could not claim Heather Watson as English, she’s from Guernsey, and her mother is from Papua New Guinea, while her partner is Finnish.

      Must be terrible to be English just now, having to rely on Jocks and immigrant’s daughters and sons (viz Lewis Hmilton) for sporting success.

    322. Nana says:

      Dugdale, why would we need federalism when we have the most wonderfullest blingiest devolved parliament in the whole universe.
      I mean that’s what you and your bettertogether pals have been telling us. Are you now saying it is not?

      Geez I can hardly keep up with the stupidity.

      Federalism is a dead parrot much like your party.

    323. Breeks says:

      So there is Sajid Javid in Dehli for trade talks with India, Gideon Osborne of to New York for trade talks with the US, and South Korea wanting to discuss free trade with Britain.

      Good old Norway; no discussion of trade deals or EFTA membership until Brexit is concluded.

      So where do we stand with EU law making it illegal for member states to negotiate trade deals unilaterally with non-EU countries? Since Westminster is already acting as a non-member state, why doesn’t the EU consider Article 50 triggered by default and invoke the two year countdown? Britannia waves the rules again eh?

      Come on M. Junckers, you know you want to.

    324. Naina Tal says:

      Not to mention votes in indyref 2!

    325. Valerie says:


      You can bet the EU is watching all this flying around the world, by the desperadoes. They are probably thinking choices, because the Tories are daring them to look punitive, and risk that PR.

      At the same time, they can’t afford states that act unilaterally.

      Once again, the British Empire disses everyone.

    326. heedtracker says:

      I’ll have a grande cappuccino in honour of Andy Murray and Gordon Reid, and large slice of rancid The Graun’s UKOK bullshit please. It looks rank but what can you do.

      ” It is a possible basis for a much-needed shared discussion across the UK about a more appropriate and modern form of union based on popular sovereignty. The Guardian has championed these issues for long years. Now their time has come.”

      Sure they did:D

    327. Ruby says:

      ‘Adopted Londoner Murray has worked out how to harness home advantage’ Herald

      LOL 🙂

      He’s a Londer now!

    328. heedtracker says:

      Another morning federal UKOK lecture from my Slovene girlfriend. Its like summer school for desperate yoons clutching at federal straws.

      Prof Tomkinski’s just like the Graun, he’s been a federal UK believer since ever.

      11 Jul 2016 08:50
      10 Recommend
      Brexit vote paves way for federal union to save UK, says all-party group

      The Britons should have seriously discussed the federation option many years ago. It would have saved you a lot of trouble and damage.

      A major problem is the widespread ignorance of the British people about how democratic systems in other European (!) countries work. And they have been brainwashed into believing that ‘federation’ is a very scary word (in relation to that horrible sinister EU), even if they do not even know what federation actually is.

      Here is what I wrote I one of my first posts on these threads in August 2012 (= four years ago) under the article The ‘Goldilocks option’ for Scottish independence would be so very British (and I argued that the UK should consider a federal option many times since):

      I am not British, but as an outsider, I frankly do not understand what this “Goldilocks option” is supposed to be.

      Other countries have similar problems, and as far as I know, they come to an agreement to either have a federation or a confederation (with variable arrangements in different countries, negotiated by representatives of states/provinces/regions). I have never heard of the “Goldilocks Union” before.

      In my opinion, the major problem (the elephant in the room) is that England seems not to want to recognize itself as a separate political unit within the UK, but rather prefers to rule both England and the whole UK through an English dominance in the UK parliament and in the UK government. On the other hand, Scotland, Wales and the Northern Ireland are to some extent autonomous.

      Now, if the Scots want to negotiate their future in the UK (e.g. the level of autonomy / centralism acceptable to them) with other parts of the UK, they can discuss open questions with the governments/parliaments of Wales and Northern Ireland, which in turn represent the interests of the citizens of these regions. But who is representing England as the fourth major entity of the UK? The UK government? Frankly, there is no one to negotiate with. Surely the UK government has a conflict of interests here – it cannot at the same time adequately represent the interests of all UK citizens and of English citizens only.

      I wonder to what extent this lack of a representative body for England actually leaves the Scots with no alternative but to draw “unilateral” decisions. No negotiations on (con)federal arrangements are possible unless England becomes a separate political entity, which is also ready to give up its dominance within the UK (recognition of equality of England with Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland).

      PS: I suppose the UK would also need to adopt a single “federal” constitutional document (the constitution of the UK), like other countries.

    329. Ken500 says:

      Javid and Osbourne useless troughing poseurs will come back with nothing. Britain can trade with anyone in the world they want but will not get the advantageous EU world trade deals and conditions. They are members of a criminal Party.

      The Tories committed electoral fraud to get into power at the GE. To ruin the UK economy, wasting and embezzling £Billions of public money. Sanctioning and starving vulnerable people. Westminster Gov is the worst in history. Warmongers, murderers liars. They have destroyed the world and make people worried sick. They make people sick. Most of them should be in jail. Breaking the Laws they make. Contemptible, greedy lying troughers. Along with MSM.

      Cameron is the worst PM in history. He should be impeached he lied about his income, wealth and assets. He lies every week at the Dispatch box. He is a criminal.

    330. Stoker says:

      “A pair of recent polls have reinforced what we’ve known for years – the constitutional settlement preferred by the large majority of the Scottish electorate is so-called “devo max”, or Full Fiscal Autonomy, under which the Crown Estate would pass to Holyrood along with all other powers of revenue raising and expenditure. However, the three Unionist parties (or as we should more correctly put it, those who variously prefer to dub themselves Federalists, Unionists and Devolutionists, or FUDs) are all bitterly opposed to offering voters this option in the independence referendum.”

      Stuart Campbell – 14/12/2011 – Drawing the battle lines

      (BTW, for an abundance of articles on federalism, FFA, Pepsi-max, Diet-tripe or however you want to disguise it, just type federalism into the WOS search box then click search.)

      All the FUDs can get to Feck! It’s all or nothing for me!

    331. galamcennalath says:

      heedtracker says:

      “Sure they did:D”

      It’s like everyone trying to forget Scotland has just been completely fcked over with EVEL. SmithLite etc etc.

      It’s not ancient history, the situation we are in is just the next episode in the current series of the same ongoing soap opera.

    332. louis.b.argyll says:

      So, The Labour Party in Scotland’s local leader (Ms Dundalk) says..

      ‘I don’t want to choose between two Unions.’

      The question IS..surely..

      She doesn’t want to choose between two Unions AND WHAT?

    333. louis.b.argyll says:

      Oops….(Ms Dundalk).
      er.. Dugdale.

    334. galamcennalath says:

      Post Indy, post Brexit, why can’t we have the same relationship in these Isles as exists between Norway, Sweden and Denmark?

      One out of the EU, two in. Different currencies.

      Easy trade. Easy movement. Relaxed borders.

    335. Capella says:

      @ Lochside
      Thanks for the info re gringos. Fascinating stuff.
      It’s a great song and I like the way Michael Marra sings it. As with a lot of Burns’ songs, modern singers are giving them a new lease of life. Dougie Maclean’s “Tribute to Robert Burns” is also good. The Slave’s Lament is rarely heard. He even makes “Ca the Ewes” sound good!

      Eddi Reader also has a great collection of Burns’ songs which, during the Indyref, David Steel was particularly sneering about.

    336. Tinto Chiel says:


      Yes, a big sign with a saltire and blue and gold stars would make a statement, wouldn’t it? Hope you are well, brother.

      Could anything be a deader duck than federalism? No wonder it’s being desperately espoused by Labour, The Dead Duck/Dead Cat Splat Party.

      Federalism’s like accepting a plate of canapés and refusing the 22 course Chinese banquet.

      We need more than ever control of foreign affairs and defence so we will never be dragged into illegal wars and we can get rid of Trident.

      Is that too nationalistic, Kezia?

    337. galamcennalath says:

      louis.b.argyll says:

      “The question IS..surely..She doesn’t want to choose between two Unions AND WHAT?”


      We are in two Unions, and there is a possibility that might continue if England, somehow, doesn’t leave the EU.

      It’s as if the option where the entire UK leaves the EU is actually being considered outside the mirrored inner surface of the WM bubble.

      That won’t happen. Scotland will not be leaving the EU, one way or another.

      Scotland and England either stay in two Unions … Or Scotland stays in the EU while England stays in none.

      Kezia (and others) must know what the real choice is. One part of my brain keeps telling me they are just posturing until they are forced into being at least soft pro Indy.

    338. heedtracker says:

      galamcennalath says:
      11 July, 2016 at 10:34 am
      heedtracker says:

      Its clearly building The VOW 2 shyste to run alongside their ongoing Project Fear 3 campaigning. The VOW 1 looked really desperate from pretty serious and aggressive shysters. So they’re learning and adapting much earlier.

      Project Fear 3 will again be aimed directly at Scots ABC1’s and this federal UK will solidify the coming BBC Scotland led terrifying of these socio economic votes.

      Or, are nasty frauds like the Graun really expecting anyone to swallow their UKOK federal bullshit after their relentless

      Yes indeedeedodee they are.

      Anyway what are the chances of near on a thousand troughing tory Lords and Ladies giving it all up at the Lords for anything, let alone some upper house in a UKOK federation?

    339. Effijy says:

      The BBC and Wimbledon have finally responded to complaints
      about the open Spectator area being called after an English tennis player who never won any major tournament in his career.

      They will no longer refer to it as Henman Hill, and it will now be named after another English great,
      Eddie the Eagle Embankment!!!

    340. SwannyEDB says:

      Pedants can rest easy – it now truly is Hobson’s choice!

      May or nobody!

    341. Grouse Beater says:

      Nana: “Federalism is a dead parrot much like your party.”

      That parrot is only resting.

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