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Any day now

Posted on February 09, 2018 by

Bear with us just a little longer, folks.

We’re hoping to have a man in the garden with a ladder some time this afternoon.

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    1. bobajock says:


      I’m in central London, a mile from the Gherkin.

      On good days I get ‘6 Megabits’ … 100k upload. Our ‘poor’ area was told it would have to wait for ‘fibre’ 5 years ago.

      I blame the SNPEEE.

    2. heraldnomore says:

      Windows 10 – known to increasingly bugger up your broadband speed with every update…

    3. wee bud says:

      Is it just your internet which is playing up locally? Your card is definitely marked with our lovely British establishment..

      Am I just paranoid 🙁

    4. Macart says:

      Have you tried beating your kit with a stick and using harsh language? 🙂

    5. Bob Mack says:

      You got a hanging garden then ?

    6. Wullie B says:

      76mb/s up here in Skye and now with 4G, life is good under the SNP government

    7. Andy-B says:

      Tell them you want a discount on your next bill, that will get them moving.

    8. Welsh Sion says:

      bobajock @ 10.49


      Are you a fellow Member of our local Essennpee Branch?

      Monthly meetings in the imperial capital on 2nd Weds of the month, evenings?

    9. Kangaroo says:

      I think you need a backup location where adversaries struggle to f@#k you up.

    10. donnywho says:

      It takes time for GCHQ to install a hard line into your house. Maybe they should privatize them out to G4S that has always worked!

    11. Camy says:

      Talk Talk FFS – Get a business account from Zen Internet

    12. Robert Graham says:

      Aye Talk-Talk i suppose if thats the only choice , carry on , a quick check of the level of complaints against this lot tells you all you need to know , talk-talk closely followed by plusnet and BT , but talk-talk top the most complained about list .be warned .

    13. Mike Lothian says:

      I live in the centre of Edinburgh, when I moved into my flat I was told the exchange was fibre enabled and it wouldn’t take too long for the green box to be upgraded.

      Eight years later it finally happened!

      The great news is Hyperoptic worked their magic and I now have 1000Mbps up and down 😀

      The internet has never been so fast

    14. mr thms says:

      Hyperoptic did work on apartments in my street in Glasgow. Unfortunately the ‘magic’ does not extend to restoring the stairwells back to the way they found them.

    15. K1 says:

      Here comes the inevitable stushie:

      Northern Ireland will stay in single market after Brexit, EU says

      “There will be no wriggle room for the UK government,” said Philippe Lambert MEP, the leader of the Greens in the European parliament, who was briefed in Strasbourg earlier this week by the EU’s chief negotiator, Michel Barnier. “We are going to state exactly what we mean by regulatory alignment in the legal text. It will be very clear. This might cause some problems in the UK – but we didn’t create this mess.”


      ‘John McGrane, the director general of the British Irish Chamber of Commerce, said there was still a delusional sense within some government departments in the UK that it would be “sorted out”. He claimed there was “an underlying sense of entitlement” that Britain could carry on as it was because it was so important.

      “Britain has got zero out of the negotiations so far,” he said. “Does it keep getting zero or does is salvage something? Last week I was at a gathering organised by one of the UK government departments, no disrespect, but it was essentially designed to reinforce the notion that it would be alright, and it was really important that people stood up and said no it might not.”

      An EU official involved in the negotiations said the situation in Ireland exposed the “infeasibility” of Brexit on the prime minister’s terms. The source added: “These commitments will come to haunt the British.”

    16. jfngw says:

      If you are being supplied in the end by Openreach it doesn’t really matter what company you use they have no real control of the connection once it leaves their centre. Been with a few companies, including a higher priced one, they were all pretty hopeless when there was a fault.

      Back with Plusnet now, found they as good as any other. Minor billing issues but sorted when clearly explained to them their error.

    17. Meg merrilees says:

      Oh dear! I’m transferring to TALK TALK today and not live yet – still on Sky!

    18. PhilM says:

      55 year old willing to be legally adopted by anyone of any age for quick internet connection…

    19. Vestas says:

      Mmmm have to say TT would probably be my third from last choice of ISPs in the UK.

      I’d suggest having a backup ISP/phoneline would be a suitable use of existing/future funds raised – the BTL denizens here get horribly repetitive without you to prod them onto pastures new 🙂

      /me ducks and runs for it

    20. call me dave says:

      Been on talk talk for a while here in Fife and unlike Sky it doesn’t ban/bar streaming on ‘other site providers’ eg: sports and films.

      So I’m happy with that and reliable service, fingers crossed. 🙂

      Brexit…more unintended consequences.

      Where’s Mundell and /or Ruthless ? I heard one the Tory minions on shortbread radio this morning trying, unsuccessfully, to defend their latest lies and the fiasco about providing the Brexit assessments for Scotland.

    21. mogabee says:

      Do watch that poor man up the ladder has some safety equipment or else this could end in tears!

      Ditched BT years ago after one incident where we had no internet for days. Woman on phone from their far distant call centre got us to do all the usual stuff then when all failed she recommended we go online, repeatedly, even after pointing out that was impossible!!!

      Hey, one can only take so much. Good luck Stu… 😀

    22. Ottomanboi says:

      Along with vital infrastructure such as railways and energy generation the telecommunications networks should be publicly owned in a sovereign Scottish state. And then there’s the land question.

    23. Dr Jim says:

      Just as well this stuff’s written down, I can’t hear a thing above the screeching and caterwauling of Yoons today

    24. jfngw says:

      He’s gonna be pissed off if it’s just the window cleaner.

    25. admiral says:

      call me dave says:

      9 February, 2018 at 12:14 pm
      Where’s Mundell and /or Ruthless ? I heard one the Tory minions on shortbread radio this morning trying, unsuccessfully, to defend their latest lies and the fiasco about providing the Brexit assessments for Scotland.

      On the subject of Ruth the Mooth, I see some Tory supporter has bid £15,000 to have dinner with her (Ed: has the poor soul been seen by a doctor yet?).

      Anyhoo, maybes we should start a wee campaign to get her to donate £15,000 to a foodbank in her constituency – I’m sure it would go a lot further for a lot more people than just one meal!

      PS: Only kidding – I know Tories don’t give two hoots about hungry bairns and £15,000 is chump change to Tory donors. Need to watch what questions Ruthie asks in Parliament, though, couldn’t have a “cash for questions” scandal now, could we?

    26. galamcennalath says:

      I always have two routers / hubs. When there’s a problem the first thing I do is swap them. I have had failed routers, twice. Once was definitely lightning. So assessing the situation on ‘my side’ first helps.

      That way I know with complete confidence when the problem is BT’s. I then phone the call centre and stop them asking loads of silly questions. I tell them to get BT field folks out.

      After a lot of trouble in the early days when I spent needless hours pushing this and prodding that, I find having a standby router saves everyone time and hassle.

      Other than cable in cities, most of us rely on the BT phone wires, even if the internet provider is a third party. Most problems come down to BT.

    27. Chick McGregor says:

      I wouldn’t put it past the Ziggurat of Suppression.

      If they are still there, there were plans to relocate them to another cesspit in Whitehall due to some civil servants being moved out to the cheaper suburbs but don’t know if that ever happened.

      Who would buy or rent such a monstrosity though?

    28. galamcennalath says:

      K1 says:

      Here comes the inevitable stushie:

      Northern Ireland will stay in single market after Brexit, EU says

      Inevitable indeed. The UK side made an agreement in Dec for no border but then almost immediately went off on a direction of ‘no customs union’ etc..

      NI and the Border just doesn’t reckon seriously in their thinking! England first, then everything else just tags along, they believe.

      Also, they keep talking about a mythical high tech monitoring system. Don’t they get it? There are to be no checks on cross border trading after Brexit. No fancy invisible ones, none!

      Upteen ways round this …. will May et al have the wit to simply chose a credible solution?

    29. Conan the Librarian says:

      West Edinburgh, currently 39mbps. Virgin promised 100 🙁

    30. Proud Cybernat says:

      “Here comes the inevitable stushie:

      Northern Ireland will stay in single market after Brexit, EU says”

      Which surely MUST mean a sea border with the UK i.e. the very thing that gives the DUP their worst nightmare. When the EU put this settlement into a legal document and the sea border becomes inevitable, the DUP will stick two fingers up to Mayhem.

      Also, as the FM tweeted earlier today, if NO can stay in SM & CU, then so can Scotland. Scotland would otherwise be at a disadvantage in jobs and investment compared to NI. Simply not on.

    31. Proud Cybernat says:

      “NO” should have been NI.

    32. The Isolator says:

      “Any Day Now”

      The year of the Diamond Dogs.I know how this ends.?

    33. Macart says:

      Also entirely as predicted…

      “As I said, time is very short and we haven’t a minute to lose if we want to succeed, and we do want to succeed in this orderly withdrawal, and we have to discuss the future relationship as soon as possible.

      “I have some problems understanding the UK’s position: they themselves asked for this transition period, the heads of state and government said yes on the basis of very logical conditions – because you’re keeping the single market, customs union, the economic status quo for a limited period, it’s understandable that we should keep the regulatory and supervision structure, the way rules are applied, it’s the integrity of the single market that’s at stake. (My bold)

      “If this disagreement should [continue to] exist there will undoubtedly be a problem. I hope that we will be able to resolve this disagreement in the next round.” M. Barnier

      Just sayin’.

    34. starlaw says:

      Westminster are in these Brexit negotiations with one deluded sense of importance. Westminster believes if it sticks to its own plan and totally ignores any compromise then EU will eventually get the message and fall in behind Westminsters aspirations, bend the knee in the time honoured way… Give Way to the British Empire… and Rule Britania …

    35. robert mcdonal says:

      High time you had a gaff up here Stu. C’mon you know you want to 🙂

    36. Legerwood says:

      Hate to be the bearer of bad news but Talk Talk has issued a profits warning and it’s shares have fallen.

      Carillion Mk II perhaps?

    37. Moray Man says:

      Talk Talk came bottom of the Which survey of broad band providers in 2017 with only 38% of customers satisfied.

    38. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Proud Cybernat @ 13:21,

      Ach this damned mitigation thing. Special tweak for NornIrn that the DUP will abhor, special tweak here or there for us that aint’ ever gonna happen, DevoMaxMin, on our way back to DevoNil? Is that the best we can even hope to fight for, if we can only muster sufficient energy?

      UKExit is one immense blighted catastroflop in progress. The biggest historical misjudgement of UKGov since Suez. Yet there are still it seems SNP MPs like Pete Wishart who obviously haven’t the faintest clue about the magnitude of this business and are ready to throw the whole opportunity away.

      (And oh yes, there were plenty back in 1956 who backed the Great British Stuffed Lion. You don’t hear a peep from any of them today. Do we have to endure another 50 years of bitter regret to realise the gross error that some in the SNP seem so very eager to make? What, just so some folks can bide a wee bit longer in their cozy wee club doon in London?!)

    39. Dan Huil says:

      Git the hemmers oot, Rev

      Also @K1 11:45am.

      Stushie is right. The bigger the stushie the better. Anything that helps undermine the so-called united kingdom is fine by me.

    40. Fred says:

      So who won it Moray Man?

    41. Marie Clark says:

      Oh Stu, you must be pulling your hair out by now. There is nothing on this planet that I find more frustrating than having to deal with some of these IT companies. Anyway, good luck, hope it gets sorted this afternoon for you.

      Chick McGregor, nice to see you again. I was just asking last night on OT where you had gone. Hope you are well and mean to sick around. I feel the end game is not too far away now, and we need all the bodies we can get for the last push.

    42. Macandroid says:

      Call me Dave @12:14

      No-deal Brexit would trigger wave of red tape for UK drivers and hauliers:

      Looks like we will need to upgrade our ferry terminals and ports if we achieve indyref and stay in EU, to prevent transport leaving EU traversing England and re-entering continental EU. Massive paperwork and delay otherwise I think.

    43. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Macandroid @ 13:54,

      If no driving licence agreement comes in time, Brexitannia will need to employ a hell of a lot of EU drivers to shift goods across the English Channel La Manche!

      It seems that as a necessary precautionary measure – as someone mentioned in a recent thread – the Irish Republic is now establishing direct ferry links with the Continent. Needs must.

      If only we had their cojones

    44. auld highlander says:

      If there is no driving agreement then swanning off to their holiday homes in France will become a lot more difficult for them too. (snigger)

    45. Weechid says:

      Had no telephone line on Wednesday but had internet. I ‘phoned at 11.45 on Weds monrning (had to use my mobile about 50 yards from the house as no signal inside – and it had been snowing!). The lovely, helpful Indian lady called me back and said it would be fixed within three days. I explained that there was someone in the house who had a serious illness and who was immobile and that there was no mobile ‘phone signal in the house so she managed to reduce the timescale to 24 hours.The phone was in working order again by 2.45pm that afternoon. That was the Post Office Home ‘Phone and Broadband Service.

    46. PictAtRandom says:

      Chick McGregor says:
      9 February, 2018 at 1:12 pm

      I wouldn’t put it past the Ziggurat of Suppression.

      But Babylon will fall in a day. (The trick is knowing which day.) I think Manandboy has got it right when he posts about the old order falling. Best not to get too cosy with either the Brit- or EuroUnionist Establishment.

      [And I’d like to transmit a bit of strength to Bob Peffers — even if it is along an O2 Telefonica connection — my secret shame. Have been thinking about Zen.]

    47. Dr Jim says:

      I remember driving to the “Continent” before all the lovely convenient stuff we have now when you had to purchase a separate driving permit and separate insurance to cover yourself and who knows what kind of breakdown assistance you can expect to get now that England have told all those nasty furriners they don’t like them anymore, not that our continental friends didn’t know that already

      Let’s mention police help sur la continent as well, does England expect that will continue as nicely as it does now, I kinda think not
      Has England realised the impossible position it’s now put all English passport holders who live in these countries,
      their own *expats* lives will be forever put at constant disadvantage by these incompetent decisions and they WILL see a massive increase in pensioner *expats* returning to England in the wake of it all putting an even bigger strain on their already broken health care system

      I have massive experience of travelling to and from Europe, and living there and always displayed the *Ecosse* symbol on my car as well as the Saltire to minimise the contempt in which the French particularly hold England in

      Being a Scot or Irish is a distinct advantage when it comes to dealing with the authorities in Europe plus I speak excellent Spanish and a *get by* in French which most English folk don’t so it’s going to hit them very hard when our Continental cousins start telling them *We don’t like you either so sod off back to your own country* but not doing it in English to make it easy so they can understand anymore

      And they will!

    48. Street Andrew says:

      Macart says:
      9 February, 2018 at 11:19 am
      Have you tried beating your kit with a stick and using harsh language? ?

      “beating your kit….”Is that an alternative to ‘bashing the bishop”, Macart ? I can see a reverend gentleman might consider that latter inappropriate.

      I think perhaps a brisk walk and quiet reflection might be just as effective:-)

    49. Robert Graham says:

      A wee big o/t from internet woes,

      Last nights Question time probably shows the difference between Scotland and England , a totally different view of what’s on the horizon when the English leave , because it’s them and only them who are driving this bus, no input from anyone else .

      A slip of the tongue by one of the audience when engurland ” her words ” then a correction er when Britain leaves , its ok dear we know what you and your country folk think , and that is the universe revolves around engurland .

      If we are so disregarded and always an afterthought why the f/k do they want us to stay ? is it like having a pet or a plaything and throwing it the occasional titbit to keep them amused , or are there more serious considerations here , like who is going to continue to service the credit card debt .

    50. PictAtRandom says:

      “I think perhaps a brisk walk and quiet reflection might be just as effective:-)”

      And if you mean ‘a cold shower’ just say ‘The Tankster’s Dozen’.

    51. Proud Cybernat says:

      BREAKING from Pravda Quay
      with Union Jackie Kim Ono:

    52. manandboy says:

      May I request please the contact details of our resident saltire supplier. My current flag is looking battered and I’d like a new one in preparation for IndyRef2.

      Curious how so many decorate their house at Christmas, and at no little cost, yet still so few saltires on display.
      In the US and Canada millions fly the national flag.

    53. Dr Jim says:


      Let’s get visible visible we wanna be visabaaal


    54. Petra says:

      @ Dr Jim at 2:42pm …… “and they WILL see a massive increase in pensioner “expats” returning to England …”

      I think we’ll find Dr Jim that many of the “expats” in Europe will return to Scotland instead, taking into account our superb SNHS and cheaper housing. And that is not contained to the EU either.

      An English woman was on the news last week. She’d emigrated to the US from England, eventually became chronically ill, couldn’t afford the US medical costs so returned to Scotland, not England, with her US husband who’s not 100% health wise either. STV reported that her husband who was due to be deported would now be allowed to stay on as her carer.

      Scotland the “dumping ground” in more ways than one.

    55. manandboy says:


      “TalkTalk plans to bring full fibre speeds of 1Gbps to three million premises in the UK, by creating an independent company with a total investment of around £1.5bn.

      Under the plans, the entity would be 20 per cent owned by TalkTalk and 80 per cent by infrastructure investor Infracapital. The ISP is also raising £200m in new equity.

      Work on the roll-out, which will target mid-sized towns and cities, is expected to start next year, with an estimated three to five year timeline.”

      1gb Broadband in a broken Britain – for the wealthy only.

    56. Marcia says:

      We have 100mbs package with VM here in Dundee but it is only giving us 8mbs at present.

      If NI can stay in the Single Market so can we. Lets have a referendum so we can.

    57. PictAtRandom says:

      It’s not just Saltires being displayed bigly.

      Why shouldn’t the SNP (and others) have a ironic “Happy 5th Anniversary” campaign for The Ref, The Vow, The Superest Wee Devolved Parliament In The Haill Warld an aa that?

      (Good warm-up for IndyRef2 if it really has to be in Spring 2019. Easy now, Euroboys!)

    58. heedtracker says:

      Without the web, what on earth did we do with ourselves, say before a Mac2 and how the internet screamed out of the modem when you went online,

      Must be annoying though, for our imperial master baiters at the beeb especially.

      This is a great example of what you get when your msm, led and coordinated by the giant beeb gimp network, is so toryboy biased.

      If you’re out there Mr Archibald, cheers:D


      1h1 hour ago

      So I’ve just listened to an interview with @stephenkerrMP on #bbcgms and it’s a car crash, but the car was also carrying a nuclear bomb that blew up the face of logic.

      (cracks fingers), alright, thread time.


      1h1 hour ago

      So Kerr justifies the farce that MSPs have little time to view the Brexit details in a confidential room (and not to the public) because it was done with good intentions.

      I can punch a baby in the face with good intentions…wonder if that stands up in court.


      1h1 hour ago

      Kerr also thinks the Brexit paper leak was wrong, he compares it to himself and how he would be horrified if his personal negotiation details in business were leaked.

      Hey @stephenkerrMP, dunno if you realised but this affects 65 million people. Not just you.


      1h1 hour ago

      Gary asks Stephen Kerr how Scots knowing we’d be 9% in GDP terms be bad for negotiations. Kerr goes on to say these papers aren’t certainties and just models. But when pressed he says he does believe the analysis and says the outcomes are the ones the Tories don’t want.



      1h1 hour ago

      Kerr argues that the UK government analysis doesn’t cover a free trade agreement which the Tories want, and that it’ll go further than any free trade agreement that exists with the EU and other countries.

      But that’s *NOT* on the table, kinda why it probably wasn’t in the paper.


      1h1 hour ago

      When Gary points out that papers analyze the *current* position we are in Kerr agrees and says he advocates transparency.

      Except if we actually had transparency then @DavidMundellDCT wouldn’t have to lie about the existence of such an analysis. Is Kerr high?

      Follow Follow @MammothWhale

      Stephen Kerr also admits he hasn’t actually read the analysis (oh boy) and is concerned that the Scottish economy will be worse off, but he doesn’t believe the scenarios will happen.

      “Forecasts and forecasts.”


      5:57 AM – 9 Feb 2018

      New conversation

      1h1 hour ago
      Just so we’re all clear, everyone should be concerned and that transparency is key, but you shouldn’t be allowed to see the details and it doesn’t matter anyway because even though it’s bad it won’t happen because what will happen is a scenario which isn’t going to happen.


      1h1 hour ago

      Did you get that? That’s what we’ve covered just under six minutes. There’s more to go.

      1h1 hour ago

      Gary points out the PM hasn’t set our her vision of what kind of relationship she wants with the EU. Kerr says he understands that a clear position is important, and says the cabinet are *still* working on it.

      Still working on it…after we’ve triggered Article 50. Fuck me.


      1h1 hour ago

      He then says the reason it’s not clear is because these conversations are confidential. So how in the name of all things living can you argue that transparency is key then? Why are they confidential when it affects tens of millions of us?


      58m58 minutes ago

      “The public except our politicians to get on with it” says Kerr.



      57m57 minutes ago

      Apologies, you *can* get on with something which you haven’t agreed on. But it’ll be a mess.


      54m54 minutes ago

      “My constituents in Stirling expect us all to work together to get the best possible deal for Scotland and the UK.”

      67% of your constituents voted to remain in the EU (74% turnout). We don’t want a deal, we want to remain.


      50m50 minutes ago
      He argues the public are “sensitive to the fact that the government has to have space”.

      You serve the people. Over 65 million people could be worse off because of Brexit, that details which you *share* with the very people that you serve. Share and get on with the job.

      47m47 minutes ago

      Gary points out the SNP proposals show a 8.5% hit (GDP) with Brexit no deal, Tories called it scaremongering, whereas the Tories paper says it’s 9%. He offers Kerr to apologise.

      Kerr doesn’t apologise because it’s only a draft paper and says the SNP use “sinister” language.

      45m45 minutes ago

      “There are many positive aspects to Brexit as we move ahead”


      And yes, he still refuses to apologise for saying the SNP were scaremongering, when in fact their figures were conservative in comparison.


      42m42 minutes ago

      Stephen Kerr says forecasts can be wrong, he uses the OBR and Treasury as examples.

      So yes, Stephen Kerr admits the Treasury and OBR get it wrong because they offer fallible forecasts. Remember this in the future, it’ll come back to bite him.


      40m40 minutes ago

      Fuck this I’m done, I’m going to the student union to get a drink.

      Yes, that’s how bad the car crash interview was. I’m drinking at 2:24 in the afternoon. Might get a pizza too since it’s #internationalpizzaday.


      16m16 minutes ago

      Just as a correction, the 9% figure isn’t GDP, it’s actually in relation to growth. So Brexit would hit Scottish economic growth by 9%, whereas the Scottish Government paper said it would hit Scottish GDP by 8.5%.

      Apologies for the confusion.


      14m14 minutes ago

      (it doesn’t change the insanity of Kerr’s interview, which in a way is kinda sad)

      Toryboys are an odd lot. Wiki says Kerr is a Mormon, a toryboy Mormon, from Dundee. Whatever next.

      Still no sign of Colonel Ruth or Viceroy Fluffie either.

      We’re not governed by beeb gimps and tory fcuking nutters at all, are we:D

    59. galamcennalath says:

      Robert Graham says:

      If we are so disregarded and always an afterthought why the f/k do they want us to stay ?

      Ordinary South British don’t realise the importance of Scotland, with its oil and exports, to their economic wellbeing. All kept quiet because no one wants to admit this to Scotland itself.

      Most folks down there believe the Barnett and subsidy guff. At the same time, they know the status and prestige of England would be diminished if the UK disintegrated. So they have mixed / confused feelings about the whole Scottish Indy thing.

      The ‘powers that be’ have no such doubts about the importance of retaining their Union.

    60. Proud Cybernat says:

      @ Nana

      I saw that over on Twitter. Says source is credible but, naturally, doesn’t name it.

      Question – can the UK just crash out of EU before the March 2019 deadline or do they have to wait until then? Anyone know?

    61. heedtracker says:

      Cheers Nana. UK gov impact assessments that are a secret too, well not a secret, they can be viewed under guard, maybe viceroy Fluffie’s on guard duty.

      J.J. Patrick?
      Follow Follow @J_amesp

      Westminster source says internal Government communications indicate Theresa May is due to capitulate to the hard-right Brexiteers and take the country out of the EU with no deal, securing worst case outcome as per the government’s own, conservative, impact assessments.

      5:26 AM – 9 Feb 2018

    62. Marie Clark says:

      By jings, that’s a beezer o’ an interview with Stephen Kerr.

      It’s nae wunner, Davidson and Mundell are in hiding. They have no idea what to say about this car crash, and Davidson wants to be the FM.

    63. Marie Clark says:

      Nana, I think some of us have long suspected that that was the plan all along. Crash out with no deal, and blame Johnny Furriner.

      They have no flippin idea how to deal with this. The very fact that after all this time the Maybot government still can’t tell us what it is they actually want. Well, apart from their rosy cherry picked view of having their cake and eating it. How many more times does the EU have to tell them that ain’t gonna happen.

    64. ian says:

      We scots still have a lot of goodwill in Europe, but there comes a time if we let this next opportunity pass us by to be independent that could well change.Our nation will die of shame and so it should if we pass this up again.

    65. colin alexander says:

      Good for the EU if they insist on a legally binding agreement with specific details regarding Brexit and N.I. .

      Unlike, the Edinburgh Agreement and The Vow and The Smith Commission and Scotland Act 2016 and Sewel Convention all of which weren’t worth the paper they were written on.

      Though they served a useful function for Labour and Tory UK Govt’s: taking Scotland for a ride.

      Some might accuse the Scot Govt of being gullible and naive. I don’t accept that; they also have the availability of the top legal brains to legally interpret documents, so I’ve no doubt they knew what the wording meant and much of what the documents said were empty promises.

    66. Proud Cybernat says:

      Some might accuse the Scot Govt of being gullible and naive. I don’t accept that; they also have the availability of the top legal brains to legally interpret documents, so I’ve no doubt they knew what the wording meant and much of what the documents said were empty promises.

      Playing the long game, as we must. Giving the BritNat Establishment enough rope to hang itself. But when the starting gun is fired on IndyRef2, all that dry powder saved by the SNP Gov will explode in the faces of the BritNats. Of that you can be absolutely certain.

    67. Helena Brown says:

      When we moved house Sky mucked us about and we decided to go with Talktalk, now that was a mistake of humongous proportions. We had really bad service, the speed went up and down to below the one we were paying for. Called them out and low and behold the engineer admitted he had gone in the night before and, ahem looked at it. So he decided there was nothing wrong, we got charged for the callout, and it simply went back to what was a rotten service. Then of course details were stolen, we can only suspect but after we paid over four hundred and eighty pounds to get shot of them and went back to Sky we got suspicious phone calls from, ahem, India.Funny we get consistent speeds from Sky, what we pay for. We rarely suffer bad reception of the TV and we got shot of the disco lights in the bedroom.
      Talk talk also farmed my Brother-in-law’s service out to another company when he complained about his service.

    68. ian says:

      Their between a rock and a hard place of their own making.If they decided to back out of the whole Brexit disaster the humiliation would leave the UK in a very weak position within the community.They have no option but to plow on with this mess and hope for the best.We better hope there are enough Scots with gumption to get us over the line.

    69. Petra says:

      Thanks for that Nana.

      That’s what I was going to ask PC. Can they crash out now or are they legally obligated to remain in the EU until March 2019? And if they do crash out what of the Irish border situation? How will the EU respond to that? And forget about trade, well put it to one side, what about issues such as airspace, joint security / intelligence and so on?

      I wouldn’t be surprised to see them crashing out, in particular since the impact assessments have been leaked. We’re aware of the statistics now as are the EU.

      “Crash out” you know like someone who pretends that they’re drunk and staggers into their bed as a form of escapism or like someone who’s losing an argument, doesn’t have a clue what to say next, and just stomps off like a wean in a huff.

      If that’s the case it doesn’t augur well for them in relation to future trade deals. Let’s face it who’ll want to deal with, trust, a crowd of huffy wee weans? Worst still a bunch of totally ignorant wee weans with a narcissistic streak and a full blown sense of entitlement.

    70. Nana says:

      @Proud Cybernat

      I’m fairly sure they can not leave before the agreed date of March 29th 2019. I did post a link to a detailed article way back, setting out reasons why.
      Now if only I could remember where.

      Spotted this earlier

    71. Proud Cybernat says:

      @ Nana.

      You’re probably right Nana. Over and above which, WM passed a bill which placed the exit date in law. So I gues I just answered my own question.

      I think then the strategy is a simple one – they want to Hard Brexit with no transition period and are simply prevaricating and stalling at every turn, running down the clock until March 2019, trying to ensure the ScotGov cannot play their IndyRef2 card.

      Pretty sure ScotGov has such a scenario covered.

    72. Reluctant Nationalist says:

      12mbs for me. Fast enough to stream porn and the latest films. Fank u SNP!

    73. galamcennalath says:

      Petra says:

      if they do crash out what of the Irish border situation?

      There’s a simple solution which the Tories might actually apply. Call a reunification referendum. If the North wants to go, let them. If they want to stay UKish, then they accept Brexit and a full hard border. Either outcome would have some appeal, from a English Nationalist perspective.

      There was some discussion on here the other day about whether they would try the risky option of allowing an immediate IndyRef2. They don’t actually what Scotland to go and believe they could use their arguments about Scotland needing English trade against us.

      Clearly they are up for some risk taking, is that tumour is true!

      A hard Brexit was always going to mean referendums in NI and Scotland. Perhaps the Tories would be best (from their point of view) having them at a time and matter which suits them.

    74. galamcennalath says:


      Now that is an interesting typo … ‘tumour’ instead of ‘rumour’!

    75. Ken500 says:

      SKy only worked for 6 months of the year because of bad reception. Talk Talk was a disaster. Still getting calls from their ‘IT section’. I.e. Crooks trying to get mugs to let them into their internet – banking details. Months after details were stolen and the service was disconnected.

      BT is going OK but they did not honour the offer of connection made the month before.

    76. Proud Cybernat says:

      If there is to be a reunification referendum in Ireland and Northern Ireland and also in Scotland then I think we should ensure these are held on the same day because if Ireland agrees on reunification and Scotland votes YES, that will pretty much put the brakes on Ulster loyalists flocking to Scotland and scuppering our indyref.

    77. call me dave says:

      Shortbread radio news:

      Gate keeping in the Cooncils used on the homeless
      Mackintosh key to be sold
      Dippy the dinosaur coming to Glasgow and

      a rather strange story about countries competing under one flag in the Olympics but not the ones in the UK…no irony

      funny old world init! 🙁

    78. galamcennalath says:

      Proud Cybernat says:

      we should ensure these are held on the same day

      Agreed. But here’s another reason ….

      The Borders mean completely different things in the two situations. In NI remaining in the UK will mean a hard border. In Scotland leaving the UK will mean a hard border.

      If BetterTogether2 try to argue that Scotland should remain in the UK to avoid that hard border, then they would also have to argue that Ireland should unify so they avoid a hard border.

      That would destroy the main argument they probably intend to use against us!

      They would be telling NI, “don’t worry, trade will continue” … so they could hardly then say to us, “we won’t trade”.

    79. ronnie anderson says:

      Ah man oan a ladder ootside your flat Rev , watch oot he’s no efter anither windie .

    80. Proud Cybernat says:

      They would be telling NI, “don’t worry, trade will continue” … so they could hardly then say to us, “we won’t trade”.

      Except we are lumped with the BBC, ITV and BritNat press to report all this. How often do you see completely contradictory statements made by politicos in BritNat press north and south of the Border? We’ll get virtually zero coverage of the Irish referendum and what is being said/promised there. Sure, the online folks will know the score but the BritNat press reliant simply won’t.

      That’s how duplicitous, cynical and mendacious the UK MSM is. They’d be happy to ‘lose’ NI as it costs them. Not so Scotland – we’re the cash cow and without Scotland, rUK economy, as if BREXIT wasn’t going to be a big enough hit for it, will end up a failed state, going cap-in-hand to the IMF.

      For those who think Scotland is an economic basket case that requires rUK to subsidise us, ask yourselves 2 questions:

      1) Who has been in charge of Scotland’s economy for over 300 years; who CAUSED us to become a basket-case economy?

      2) If we ARE a basket-case economy, why did London fight tooth and claw to hold onto us in 2014? You can be absolutely sure London won’t be fighting as hard to hold onto NI when the reunification ref comes about.

      And consider this – Tories almost always say the precise OPPOSITE of what is actually true. Just think – they told us there were no impact assessments – there were. They told us the SNP figures were scaremongering – they weren’t since the UK Gov’s OWN figures predicted an even WORSE outcome post BREXIT. So, Tories say the precise OPPSOITE of what is actually true – FACT.

      So WHY do you believe them when they tell us Scotland is an economic basket-case? The fact is, you simply SHOULDN’T.

    81. Petra says:

      The Sun’s timeline on Gormley.

      Jan 5 2016 – Gormley sworn in.

      July 26 2017 – The Police Investigations and Review Commissioner (PIRC) reveals it’s probing a gross misconduct claim made by Superintendant Graham McInarlin

      Sep 8 2017 – Gormley goes on special leave following a complaint made by Assistant Chief Constable Malcom Graham.

      Sep 17 2017 – The Scottish Police Authority (SPA) refers a complaint against Mr Gormley from Inspector Aimee Canavan to PIRC.

      Nov 8 2017 – SPA recalls Gormley from leave, drafting a press release announcing the move. (SPA Chairman Andrew ‘Kremlin running’ Flanagan still calling the shots in the lead up to him leaving).

      Nov 9 2017 – Justice Secretary Michael Matheson raises questions about the decision to bring him back as the SPA reverse the decision.

      Jan 16 2018 – PIRC says it’s considering a fourth claim made by civvy Head of IT Martin Leven.

      Jan 19 2018 – Mrs Gormley, a former senior officer, brands the investigations a fishing expedition.

      Jan 30 2018 – PIRC reveals it is probing a fifth gross misconduct claim. This time it’s the Scottish Police Federation (SPF) complaining of DISHONESTY.

      Feb 7 2018 – Mr Gormley resigns.


      Another two complaints to the SPA from civilian worker Lesley Bain and Gormley’s former personal assistant Lesley Brines were not passed to PIRC – who have now dropped ALL the cases against him with PIRC stating that “all misconduct investigations about the Chief Constable being carried out by us will now come to an end.”

      He says he’s resigned because the allegations have taken a toll on him and his loved ones.

      He’ll leave with three months worth of salary (£53,000) plus an unspecified amount of paid holiday time.

      Michael Matheson is expected to take the rap for Gormley deciding to resign with the innuendo that his interference last November made it impossible for Gormley to continue in the role.

      Michael Matheson pointed out that the process the SPA had in place had “serious deficiencies”, such as PIRC had not been consulted, Deputy Chief designate Iain Livingstone had not been consulted / notified of Gormley’s return (Matheson not notified either) and no welfare arrangements had been put in place for complainants.

      Well I reckon there was more to this than meets the eye. People don’t normally just jump in to lodge a complaint against someone like Gormley. Many sleepless nights probable ensued before a final decision was made knowing that if you lost your case your life would be made a misery and no doubt would lead to you losing your job.

      I’m afraid I don’t have much respect for Gormley at all. A top cop, THE top cop in Scotland, walking away from this and leaving his wife to blame Matheson. Add to that she’s suggested that racism was involved and yet Police Scotland is milling with English cops who don’t seem to have any complaints about being subjected to ‘racism.’

      I see that the Times is now saying (18 hours ago) that the next CC will come from south of the border just like Gormley and his predecessor. I wonder how they know that?

      And finally I’ve noticed that a number of people on here, like myself, have been involved in Police investigations and / or Court Cases. In my case 12 horrendous years of it. If we could do it, in some cases had to go through with it, why not he? He being the number one law and order enforcer in Scotland. If there’s anything about Police Scotland (SPA, SPF and PIRC) that’s deficient, stinks, it relates to the fact that there seems to be one law for THEM and another for US.

    82. dave Stewart says:

      Just a wee comment on Stephen Kerr MP for Stirling.

      He got in with a majority of 148 votes on a turn out of 49%.

      The seat has changed from Labour to SNP to Tory in 3 elections.
      When the SNP took the seat there was a 53% turn out.
      So it looks like half of the people in the constituancy aren’t too concerned who represents them.
      Any old lizard will do.
      So how do we get his interview into the public domain in a realistic way, he’s in until the next election and will vote to stop lizards from being eaten at xmas

    83. Dr Jim says:

      These folk that have got problems with borders only exist in Norn Ireland and Scottish Yoons heids, I’ve been going backwards and forwards through international borders for years and that’s even before the EU made it easy, and I don’t see a problem with it except perhaps the big delivery stuff if their documents and legalities are not correct, but nowadays they can do that by technology, mostly, well the French will gub England up right enough

      And you know what half my family are English and they still wont be foreigners to me they’ll still be who they were the day before, mibbees to Jackie Baillie and her Yoon chums right enough, and what’s wrong with being foreign anyway, we’re all foreigners somewhere else and England has just created even more

      That’s it “Eureka” I’ve solved it, It’s the English who don’t like foreigners so they’re making everybody else foreign except themselves

      Wha’s like them eh!

      Stephen Kerr:

      How can he be a Tory, Mormons are the good guys, Ah of course he’s a Tory so he can lie about being a Mormon to the Mormons
      I’m alright now thought for a minute the Osmonds had gone bad Phew!

    84. heedtracker says:

      Stephen Kerr:

      How can he be a Tory, Mormons are the good guys,

      Stirling’s full of mad tories these days. Its like Aberdeen, except the ones in Aberdeen have jobs.

      Pres candidate Mitt Romney is a Mormon, super rich wealth grabber, blind trust and offshore tax dodger, “I’m not concerned about the very poor because…” ended it all really for him.

      Utah is stunning, almost no booze though, all alcohol sales state owned, 2% beer.

      No matter how weird Mormon stuff gets, they worship the underwear of the sacred er things for example, Utah still didn’t vote for Orange Hitler.

    85. dave Stewart says:

      Apologies for the entry on Stephen Kerr GE result, majority was 148 votes but the turn out was 73%.
      I took Wiki results as true.
      Looked up the Electoral Commission site to get the number of Postal votes cast, but they don’t publish them, strange that in the Council elections at the same time more or less they record postal votes cast.
      My thoughts were if Mr Kerr has religion maybe he would resign and stand again in a by election if it was found that persons unknown had cast postal votes for him.
      72 spoilt papers in the count.

    86. Iain says:

      At least we can take comfort that we are winning and the end of this unequal union is neigh.
      The fight will test the Scottish people, and the yoons will play all the dirty tricks they can, but they are already loosing and their supporters are loaded into coffins on a daily basis.
      It is so important that our kids grow up in a free and independent country that can give them the opportunities that the present oppressive system does not give them.
      They have the right to be free.
      We do not have the right to stop them.

    87. dave Stewart says:

      Just had a look at the Dunoon report on postal voting in the referendum, worth some work ref the GE. They have a short survey on the GE performance in Argyll and Bute which shows a normal return in the GE consistant with Local council elections. ie postal voting and actual voting match within the standard deviation of the data.
      The report says for the vote 15% of the Stirling voters roll applied for a postal vote and 96% of the postal votes issued were cast. So if the turn out was 73% you might expect a similar spread of postal voting due to all the possible effects on people in a month, deaths, house moves illness and non casting. So over 6000 postal votes were issued and virtually all were cast.
      Just a thought

    88. gus1940 says:

      I was shocked last night by the ravings on QT by some guy called Tice who apparently is a leading Brexiteer.

      Right now he is foaming at the mouth on Ch4 News – this guy is scary particularly when you look at his eyes when he is in full flow.

    89. heedtracker says:

      Awful. But great example of how UK propaganda works in 21st century Scotland. Tories and their beeb gimps, they’ll crush the YES out of our Scotland region.

    90. Robert Peffers says:

      @PictAtRandom says: 9 February, 2018 at 2:40 pm:

      “[And I’d like to transmit a bit of strength to Bob Peffers — even if it is along an O2 Telefonica connection — my secret shame. Have been thinking about Zen.]”

      Thank you, Pictatrandom.

      Until fairly recently I was with BT and my ADSL slowly faded until totally unusable. I had become fed up telling BT I had a faulty ADSL line but that my phone connection was good. They kept telling me there was no faults on the line. I knew there was but they didn’t listen.

      I then changed to Vodafone fibre and got a signal back – for a few days. I had expected this as I had figured out the fault was in the copper line between the green box and my home that had not even been looked at by BT since at least the 1970s. I knew it got into my attic space through a bit of cut off old cast iron water pipe that had rough edges and had probably become worn.

      Vodafone, at least, sent out an Openreach guy and he didn’t even bother checking the line. He rerun the existing line by a different route and directly into my living room.

      Here is the point. Although Vodafone advertise their line as Fibre – it is only fibre to the green box and the links down into the subscribers house from the green box are in old copper wire and that bottleneck strangles the signal. In my case it runs from the green box via a set of telegraph poles to a box up a pole in a neighbour’s back garden and has long lines from there down to the various homes. Quite a bit of old style wire line.

      However, Openreach, recently stated they have begun to replace those bottleneck wire links with fibre. Your guess is as good as mine as to when they get round to your link to the green box. The irony is that those long old wire lines start from the green box I can see from my living room window.

      Furthermore my internet speeds have just reduced from 25 Mbits with the last Microsoft update to 21.4 Mbit/s download and 5.3 Mbit/s upload.

    91. Moray Man says:

      Fred @ 1.46pm

      Zen internet. But don’t tell Which I told you 🙂

      And they did not include The Phone Coop which is my favourite!

    92. stewartb says:

      galamcennalath @ 3:43 pm and Robert Graham says:

      “Ordinary South British don’t realise the importance of Scotland, with its oil and exports, to their economic wellbeing. All kept quiet because no one wants to admit this to Scotland itself.”

      Your exchange made me think about the powerful influences at play when the media (newspapers and TV) frame things in particular ways over a prolonged period.

      In my view, its evident that the dominance of a Eurosceptic message – including the (unwarranted) ridiculing of many EU regulations and the blaming of EU ‘migrants’ for UK Government economic and social policy failures – that came from many UK newspapers, plus the profile given by the BBC to UKIP, all over a prolonged period, had a significant influence on framing UK public debate over many years leading up to the EU Ref.

      From the denial of Scotland’s energy and other assets (e.g. McCrone, renewables, exports … even Scotland’s size!), to referring to us as ‘subsidy junkies’ with an ungrateful ‘grievance culture’ etc. mean many people in England may well now have a negative view of Scotland – all derived from messages given out by the British/English media, coupled to bias by omission.

      These are notable examples of the opinion-forming/prejudice-forming power of the media.

      My point? If similar powerful approaches to those that have influenced public opinion in England are constantly at work within Scotland specifically against the case for independence and for Britishness, then we do indeed have a major challenge.

      At the very least, this may dampen down momentum in favour of Indy in the polls, at least until there is a new national campaign.

    93. K1 says:

      Thanks Ronnie, helped to clarify exactly where England now stand, the transition deal is not a given in light of no sm and cm then. I very much enjoy the straightforward and honest news from the EU side, they don’t fuck about telling Eng exactly where they stand.

      I no longer view myself as living in the ‘UK’, I live in Scotland. They will not take our people into this horrific future…willingly.

    94. crazycat says:

      @ Moray Man

      Good to see a plug for the Phone Co-op (now the Co-operative Phone and Broadband, officially) – I’ve been with them ever since I got internet access (dial-up initially, now broadband).

      They’re not the cheapest, but were recommended by Ethical Consumer. I do occasionally have to complain, but their customer service is pretty good. They even give me a dividend of a few pence a year because I bought a few shares to co-operate properly.

    95. ronnie anderson says:

      Yes groups meeting tomorrow in Admiral Bar 72 Waterloo St Glasgow 14/1700 If your in Glasgow tomorrow pop in .

    96. ronnie anderson says:

      OH crazycat diz that also come wie affiliation tae the Labour party lol.

    97. K1 says:

      Is there no end to what we ‘could’ do if we were independent….makes ye sick watching independent nations innovating and succeeding while we are held back by backward looking defunct governing from Westminster, especially on renewables. Bastards.

    98. Iain mhor says:

      Hardware = Openreach. Providers have no sway with them.
      If not Fibre to the premises (FTTP is rare – in Scotland you might have it with Virgin) then it’s victorian twisted pair from cabinet via the DP and is almost always an earth fault (the TP is earthing somewhere it shouldn’t) Not hard to diagnose harder to find. Intermittent is worse. You get tree limbs in high winds, water ingress in the wet etc. Easier to pull a new line from the DP pole in. Unless the pole ‘is in a dangerous condition” I ain’t climbing that guv’ – then you have weeks while cherry-pickers, trained personnel and risk ssessments are carried out.
      It’s harder to sort faults from DP to cabinet, though that tends to be multiple user faults and is expedited fairly quickly (for a given value of quickly)

      There is also linesman’s “Ome’s Law” (not Ohm’s) ‘omes law is an early dart on Friday. Lines faulted on Thursday, picked up and fixed quickly on Friday then off ‘ome (they faulted it so know what they are) or they’re left til the Monday+
      Hence the higher than normal dropouts over a weekend. Of course, this was a practice of the bad old days and you can be assured never happens anymore, honest guv’.

      Speeds, throttling and prices are via LLU providers. Fibre is fibre – there isn’t cooncil fibre that’s slower and cheaper and sexy superfast fibre that’s dearer. That pish is usually VDSL over copper not fibre (kiddy oan fibre – how they get away with selling it as ‘Standard Fibre’ is beyond me)

      Always have a cheap WiFi box handy to stick a 4g Sim card in and tether for emergencies. Though that gets spendy when you are 3 months with no internet (yup seriously)
      Thank you Openreach, top class service there. It’s the new generation of ‘Paddington’ engineering. “They gave it a very hard stare, but it’s still not working. They looked at it very hard and they monitored it very hard for weeks, nothing happened” I do wish they’d give telekinesis a bye.

      Generally, if you have a fibre fault it’s a dodgy port on the Dslam card. It’s a skoosh to fix but… a new card must be procured first. From central procurement (weeks+) In another life I used to buy kit on my credit card and bang extra hours on the timesheet to cover it (Sometimes ‘Ome’s’ law may have to be invoked for the extra hours)
      If you can’t get fibre etc because the cabinet is over capacity, a bigger cabinet needs installed (a year+ if ever) To get round that they will just string you along & wait for a port to free up (or *ahem free one up) and lift you on to it and the next bugger has the issue.

      To be honest fibre isn’t a priority all the R&D money is trying to squeeze more speed out of twisted pair copper to meet targets. All the money given to them was blown on TV channels before BT were forced to spit Openreach off seperately.
      Rant over.

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