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A way of protecting people

Posted on May 21, 2017 by

No.12: Sophie, Dundee.

Please help make more of these brilliant films.


(All clips via the always-excellent Phantom Power Films.)

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    A way of protecting people | speymouth

65 to “A way of protecting people”

  1. louis.b.argyll says:

    Thanks for continuing this series Rev.

    Amazing that interesting points of view and reasoned opinion are only available on non ‘mainstream’ media.

    Plus, can just about see my folks house in no9..oof.

  2. Robert Peffers says:

    A true cross section of the people of Scotland. Every one with genuine and honestly help opinions. Very diverse but all with one thing in common. Each and every one of them has seen through the British Unionist smokescreens and arrived at the real truth

  3. Geoff Huijer says:

    Many thanks for this. The best yet (and I seem to say that each time a new one comes along).

    Many thanks also to Sophie Grace-Chappell for such an open intelligent summation of what has happened since 2014’s NO vote.

    As many No voters & undecideds as possible should see this.

    Welcome aboard Sophie!

  4. Artyhetty says:

    Wow, thanks, just magnificent. This explains so many things about Scotland, in a few short minutes, things which embrace Scotland’s internationalism, but also the ever growing threat to Scotland’s growing democracy, from the UKGov and their pals, in who knows which parts of the world.

    Succinct, to the point, intelligent and inspiring. Very moving too.

    Will share as wide as poss. My only thought, is that the human rights act will be scrapped in the short term, not the long term. The tories and their bedfellows, the red tories, are known for pushing through any policy and chnages in law they want, pretty damn quick, if not in fact in total secrecy. 🙁

  5. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    Readers! Don’t make me start using block capitals again with regard to the “off-topic comments” rule.

  6. uno mas says:

    One of the best (and funniest) comments that I have read or heard on this site….

    “They didn´t call me an English Bastard”

    Aye there it is right there!

    Thanks for that Sophie.

  7. paul k says:

    Superb video from Sophie. Such an inspiration. I’m so glad she’s happy in Scotland!

  8. Tackety Beets says:

    Well done Sofie , very well put indeed.

    “Welcome in t the body o the kirk”

    Pity the text/subs were inaccurate?

  9. Tackety Beets says:

    Apologies “Sophie”

    Doh !

  10. Petra says:

    Apologies for going O/T so soon.

    I watched the leaders debate tonight (last night) and was absolutely disgusted. Smith’s daughter ruling the roost with Jackie Bird as her backup. The backroom filled with anti-SNP journalists including Daisley as far as I could make out.

    A nurse who seemed to be a plant and a math teacher (another plant?) who raised the question of literacy and numeracy in Scotland and then complained that standards for teachers qualifying from university had fallen. Did that include her? I switched off then.

    I’ve continued to pay my TV license because I wanted to see what was going on with the ‘enemy’. Keep track of what was going on. Well it’s over and out for me now. That’s it. I can’t stand it anymore. I’ll be cancelling my license as from today and I hope MANY others will follow suit.

  11. K1 says:

    Thanks for this Sophie, as others have said it’s so refreshing to hear articulate and insightful reasoning behind your change of heart when it comes to our independence. There is simply no choice if we want to retain our caring and inclusive society going forward, tethered to the sinking stinking rotten politics of envy and greed that has engulfed England/Wales is not in the best interests of our nation.

    I only hope there are enough like you who have come to understand what is really taking place in this rotten union and that we can literally save ourselves before the worst of what’s coming down the line causes the grevious harm that has befallen our neighbours, Hell slap it intae them for voting for what is about to be one of the most right wing governments these islands have ever known.

    If it wasn’t for our alternative media and the wave of positivity unleashed during the referendum campaign from the Yes side, ah dread tae think where we’d be at on the back of the Brexit vote. Fortunately we overwhelmingly voted to remain which has propelled our cause front and centre and boy do we not know that! By the rabid howling from all sides attempting to stem the flow, the tipping point is nearing…they know it and so do we.

    Thanks again for your honest and heartfelt contribution, it’s good tae know we’re making inroads. 🙂

  12. Thepnr says:

    Sophie I guess you’ll be reading so thanks for your thoughts and I’m pleased to see you have cove over to the good guys side 🙂

    Together we will do this, your wee video will make a difference too, so welcome aboard.

  13. dakk says:

    Excellent insight to yet another epiphany Sophie.

    We have an increasing number of people seeing through this failing ,very unpleasant and very dishonest British project.

    Also we still have many greedy lying British Nationalists like Clairethenurse,but you give me hope for Scotland.

  14. CameronB Brodie says:

    Thank you Sophie. Securing our human rights is the most important issue facing Scotland, IMHO. Without the security of individual freedoms and liberality, achieving an inclusive, cohesive and sustainable society is impossible. Human rights are experienced locally but are a global common that we all share responsibility in protecting globally, while we go about our lives at the local level. Our choices in life really matter.

    The only route that appears open to Scots seeking access to their inalienable human rights, is independence. The British state has proven it is inflexible to change and indifferent to the rule-of-law, certainly when it comes to Scottish sovereignty.

    Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

    Our shared principles and commitments

    10. The new Agenda is guided by the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations, including full respect for international law. It is grounded in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, international human rights treaties, the Millennium Declaration and the 2005 World Summit Outcome Document. It is informed by other instruments such as the Declaration on the Right to Development.

    “The right to development is an inalienable human right by virtue of which every human person and all peoples are entitled to participate in, contribute to, and enjoy economic, social, cultural and political development, in which all human rights and fundamental freedoms can be fully realized.” (Article 1.1, Declaration on the Right to Development)

    “The human right to development also implies the full realization of the right of peoples to self-determination, which includes, subject to the relevant provisions of both International Covenants on Human Rights, the exercise of their inalienable right to full sovereignty over all their natural wealth and resources.” (Article 1.2)

    Toward a liberal socialist cosmopolitan nationalism


    I explicate and defend a form of liberal socialist nationalism. It is also a nationalism which is cosmopolitan. Explication and explanation are crucially in order here, for it is not unreasonable to believe that ‘cosmopolitan nationalism’ and ‘liberal socialist nationalism’ and even ‘liberal nationalism’ are oxymoronic. Against that I argue that there is a straightforward understanding of these concepts and their relations to each other that does not have inconsistencies or even paradoxes. Liberal socialism properly understood goes well with cosmopolitanism (both moral and institutional), and there are plausible and attractive forms of both liberalism and socialism that go together. Moreover, the only candidate for a nationalism that would survive careful reflective inquiry is a liberal nationalism: a nationalism which is neither ethnic nor civic. It is widely believed, however, that even a liberal nationalism is incompatible with cosmopolitanism. I contend in a series of arguments that in contexts where nationalism is rightly on the agenda the form that it should take is that of a liberal nationalism, and it is further argued that to be viable, nationalism requires cosmopolitanism.

  15. Malky says:

    Each one better than the last. Superb.

  16. Gullane No4 says:

    Thanks Sophie, you have expressed exactly how I feel in a clear and intelligent manners.

  17. Nana says:

    Welcome Sophie, I enjoyed your video very much. I would say it is the best Journey to Yes so far.

    Don’t want to disturb this thread so morning links on the previous one instead.

  18. Ghillie says:

    Sophie, you are a lovely person who explains their thinking so clearly. Thank you for this = )

    I agree that independence for Scotland could be a good thing for the people of England too, a good example of how their country could be run differently.

    Thank you too, Phantom Power Films 🙂

  19. Another Union Dividend says:

    O/T Why did the BBC specially request the nurse to attend the leaders’ debate to put a non-general election question?

    The Sun put the foodbank Nurse’s claims into perspective.

    Her Facebook timeline contained disparaging remarks about Nicola Sturgeon and talks of going to Aizle Restaurant in Edinburgh where fixed price, no A La Carte menu, meal is £45 a head with wine at £35 a bottle.

  20. sassenach says:

    Excellently put, Sophie.

    I’ve lived, studied and worked in Scotland for many (many!) years, since I was 19, and never have I had any abuse about being English.

  21. Capella says:

    Welcome aboard Sophie. I enjoyed listening to your well thought out arguments for independence. We live in interesting times (a curse) with a great opportunity (a boon). With your philosophy background you can contribute much to the debate. I particularly liked your ‘independence for internationalism’ approach.

  22. Capella says:

    Sun article archive link:

  23. Graeme says:

    Well done Sophie great video, I’m so proud of my fellow Dundonians not calling you an “English Bastard”

    Specky 4 eyes is so much nicer 🙂

    Yeah we’re a respectful bunch in Dundee


  24. BJ says:

    Sophie’s story was so open and honest compared to a lying nurse from Edinburgh planted in a TV debate.

    Off to make a donation to Phantom Power

    Sarah Smith was her usual useless Unionist self. Dreadful commentator.

  25. Muscleguy says:

    I stay in Dundee and I don’t have a Scottish accent either. All through campaigning with RIC it was absolutely not a problem. Very occasional someone would note my accent and ask where I’m from, never in a challenging way, just curious. Explaining I was born in Ayrshire but emigrated to NZ aged 6 with my family where I grew up and lost my Scottish accent (I have a tape of me aged 6 speaking to prove I did have one).

    My English born wife (she emigrated young too) has never had any problems either even though she is super twitchy about it. Hyper alert. I would love to show her Sophie’s video but she won’t watch such a thing sadly.

  26. Socrates MacSporran says:

    So good and positive to read stories such as these which Phanto Films have highlighte in their excellent series.

    Because, after all, we badly need new blood, if we are to build the new, Independent Scotland.

    For most of the 310 years of this cursed Union, our brightest and best have chosen to leave Scotland; be they graduates taking the High Road to England and beyond, or those displaced by the Highland and Lowland Clearances who reckoned a risky, lengthy sea voyage to the Americas, South Africa or Australia and New Zealand was prefereable to putting-up with the increasingly Anglophile Establishment at home.

    Then there were those who reckoned a Scottish apprenticeship and training would be better thought of outwith Scotland. As a result of these years of emigration, those of us who have stayed, well, were we not perhaps the ones who lacked drive and ambition?

    We were the solid majority, who, increasingly turned to Labour as a means of off-setting the greedy and uncaring Establishment. Only for us to be sold down the river for an ermine collar and £300 per day in “The Best Club In London”.

    Now, we are coming to our senses and turning away from Labour; only for the Establishment, via its wholly-owned subsidiary, the media and the BBC, to continue to lie to us, steal from us and cheat.

    But, end game is coming – hopefully sooner, but, some day, we will be free.

    If only we had an independent media able to chase, harry and challenge Labour, the Scottish Tories and the Lib-Dems, to clearly demonstrate the lies of yon nurse from Edinburgh, we would be free a damned sight sooner.

  27. One_Scot says:

    A very intelligent and articulate contribution to the Independence debate. Thank you Sophie for your valuable contribution.

    Hopefully it will help others see that there is a better way for Scotland.

  28. gordoz says:

    These films are a fantastic catalogue of change and enlightenment of views regarding former No voters YES movement must ensure the makers continuance.

    As an aside, here’s a Spooky thought. Consider a Tory increase in Scots MPs for one minute. Now go out and work harder against it!

    Can you spot hidden political messages in songs ?

    Try Nat King Cole’s lyrics

    “There May be trouble ahead”

    Or is that “ThereSA May be trouble ahead”

    Now that’s weird, No ?

  29. CameronB Brodie says:

    SPAM? I think not. 😉

    Autonomy in Moral and Political Philosophy

  30. AndyH says:

    Fantastic Video.

    Very well put by Sophie.

    Lets not let these Yoons ruin our country any more.

  31. Proud Cybernat says:

    Just shows the power of the corporate media and BBC if they could hoodwink someone as intelligent, articulate and sensible as Sophie (and all those former NO supporters in the other videos).

    An amazing and brilliant contribution, Sophie. Thank you so much. It gives me confidence that people such as yourself are seeing beyond the BBC filter and smokescreens.


    PS – As I am sure you must know – being Scottish isn’t about where you’re from or which accent you speak with. It’s a state of mind.

  32. Clootie says:

    These clips always take me back to the count in 2014. Although the content of each is different the common theme is “the Scotland we could have had”.

    In the early hours of the 19th. as it became obvious we would remain held fast by London. At that point my thoughts were of those generations to come and their lost opportunities. I did not realise just how far the UK would lurch to the right at that time which now makes the loss even greater.

    In England the embers of socialism are being nurtured to attempt a counter to rabid right wing policies. However in Scotland Labour voters are increasingly switching to support the Tory Party.
    It is very sad that their hatred of a political rival blinds them to their actions.
    They have a simple choice a) A party which enjoys the support of around 70percent of their old colleagues OR, b) A Tory Party which opposes every value they hold ( even the Blairites)

  33. galamcennalath says:

    Another great film!

    Proud Cybernat says:

    Just shows the power of the corporate media and BBC if they could hoodwink someone as intelligent, articulate and sensible as Sophie (and all those former NO supporters in the other videos).

    I’ve been tempted to say similar with other films, but didn’t feel making the point would contribute much. With most of the ‘stars’ I was left wondering how such bright and perceptive people made the wrong decision last time.

    However, now I think it is worth highlighting and discussing. Those of us who see through the all pervading subterfuge don’t always appreciate, or we forget, how effective it is. All the main information sources collude to paint a completely false picture of what’s going on.

    For most people who just want to get on with work, looking after their families, and enjoying some leisure time, it is easy to just go with the flow. The ruling system relies on this.

    We individually need something definite and specific to give us a jolt, to make us question, look more deeply, and turn over a few stones. In the case of Sophie here, it was the conduct and aftermath of EURef.

    I’m not sure when my own political epiphany occurred. Certainly a big change was the realisation that Scots Labour MPs were unwilling to stand up for Scotland against Thatcher which exposed their Unionism. I felt that Scots should put Scotland and her people first and it became clear to me at that point Unionists would never do that.

    Even since then, there have been other step changes in my attitudes. None less so than the lies, deceit, and false promises of 2013/2014.

    The lesson to take from this must be that people will come round in their own time. However, laying out the alternative worldview for everyone to see and talking widely about it, will give more opportunities for them to open their eyes!

  34. ronnie anderson says:

    If the SNP dont take the BBC to task over this Leaders Debate HELL MEND THEM . TM /Ruth Davidson/ Kezia Dugdale gave them advance notice they would use the GE debate as a means to focus on Holyrood. When O when will the SNP turn they’re focus on the BIAS MEDIA in Interviews & any future debates .

    To all those who are making complaints to the BBC on that farce of a debate , you are well aware those complaints will fall on deaf ears, but good on you’s for making the effort , but without a Formal Complaint from the SNP the BBC will continue to show Blatant Bias in any future Interviews & Debates .

  35. Proud Cybernat says:


  36. Breeks says:

    These films are brilliant, and they might yet become vitally important, but on YouTube, (and they may be hosted elsewhere in all fairness), but the viewer tallies seem to settle between 10k to 15k.

    Phantom Power Films are producing some excellent on-message material, but 10,000 people is half the population in a single small town.

    What we need it much more concerted co-ordination between our Scottish Government, our YES remnants, our film makers, our bloggers, our superb in-house cartoonist, our intelligentsia, our money streams, our EU Crusaders and our Advertising channels. Last of all, a big and loud call to arms for our Constitutional Lawyers.

    My instincts tell me YES remains strong, but after 2014 the clans dispersed if you’ll forgive the expression. We fractured and went back to our day job. We hid the claymores in the thatch and the YES flags under the floor boards.

    And all of that is ok. It’s ok. ScotRef is the main event, and the point in our future where all the threads must come together. I totally get that, and yet….

    That “Leadership Debate”, or should I say debates, have been prime examples of the farcical and criminal dearth of meaningful political discourse that we have come to expect. We should NOT be ok about this. In the UK context, the debate is a circus sideshow because the governing Party and official opposition are allowed to decline from comment, and in Scotland, General Election topical issues are secondary issues to the discussion of knitting patterns under devolved control.

    For Gods sake people, SEE THESE WARNING SIGNS. It IS going to matter that our disparate YES assembles just like 2014, gets the YES banners flourishing, and the doors being chapped, but that is going happen I am sure. There will be the trickle that grows into a burn, and burn into a river, and hopefully by the day of ScotRef we have an ocean of YES winning the day.

    Here comes the “but”.

    I am greatly heartened that cynicism about the BBC and its shameless propaganda is infinitely more discriminating and alert to distortion than it was in 2014. Like the % support for YES at the start of the 2014 campaign, this time around, our starting point from which build is much higher, just as our cynicism is much sharper. All good. Let’s hope it’s enough, but here’s the but I mentioned…

    We may be better prepared to criticise and counter media propaganda to a population that is increasingly disposed to listen, but we are still pitifully under prepared and ill equipped to take the initiative and launch our own media offensive. WE NEED ACCESS TO BROADCASTING.

    Limited access, temporary access, part time access, weekend access, single channel access, foreign Press access, even Pirate access to broadcasting…

    Come on SNP, this General Election is a dummy run Tory stunt which cannot touch our ScotREF mandate nor remove or even alleviate the imminent approach of Brexit. It is a pointless diversion and a distraction, but it need not be so. Use it. USE IT AS A MEANS TO SECURE A MANDATE TO DEMAND AT LEAST SOME DEVOLUTION OF BROADCASTING.

    We slate Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party for going easy on the Tories. GET IN ABOUT THEM! Get them squirming to obstruct Scotland’s capacity to express free political opinion.

    Just imagine the power it would give us if even with a half hour of broadcast news per day unfettered by UKOK propagandists. I know they won’t give in to us, they cannot afford to give in, but we should make that “victory” so very, very, costly for them to “win”.

  37. Grafter says:

    Don’t pay the BBC for their propaganda. Actions speak louder than words.

  38. dakk says:


    So it turns out QT bbc Yoon plant clairethenurse is quite the bon vivant.

    By the look of her social media output ‘clairethealkie’ would be a more appropriate appellation.

    A loudmouth lying hypocritical Yoon.Who would’ve thought?

    Slightly surprised she hasn’t selfied imbibing in an Orange Lodge bar.

    Maybe that would be too cheap and low class for our selfless salt of the earth kid on Florence Nightingale.

    BritNat Yoons.What are they like?

  39. Shinty says:

    Great film, thank you Sophie (and Phantom Power)
    Think this is my favourite so far

  40. jfngw says:

    Although the nurse who seems to have attracted a lot of attention in the Sun she is still being quoted on BBC website. No mention of the extravagant lifestyle reported in the newspaper on the BBC though.

  41. ScottishPsyche says:

    I love these videos about how people reach decisions which months before many would not have thought possible. Thoughtful, considered and without the ranting hysteria of social media.

    It just makes sense to want Independence.

  42. Socrates MacSporran says:

    “Don’t play the man, play the ba'” – Rev Stuart Campbell.

    Hearken unto the wise words of our Moderator people.

    Sure, Clair Austin was stupid; she clearly didn’t think things through, or she would have had her Facebook deleted. She is going to cop an awful lot of flak for her lies and deceit.

    But, poor duped, deluded and used Claire is not the person we should b targetting here. Our wrath should be directed at Sarah Smith, at her BBC bosses and at the increasingly-desperate MSM, who have so-distorted the debate this GE.

    Fair enough, have a go at the SNP at Holyrood elections, when they are the defending champions. That is the time to attack them.

    This is a General Election, the Tory Party is the defending champion – it is they who ought to be being attacked. But, no, their friends in the BBC and the MSM are helping them divert attention away from the mess they are making of things, to try to attack the SNP.

    The real enemies of Scotland are not the likes of “useful idiots” such as Claire Austin, but Kezia Dugdale, Willie Rennie and the decision-makers at Pacific Quay, at the Record, the Mail, the Express, the Telegraph, the Times and the Guardian, the Herald and the Scotsman, who are bolstering Unionism by colluding in the attacks on devolved issues, when this election ought to be about Westminster issues.

  43. Dr Jim says:

    Theresa May announces this morning that Holyrood will be dissolved and direct rule imposed by Westminster and all previous mitigations of Conservative “reforms” by the Scottish government will no longer apply

    Of course I’m making that up

    But remember Kezia Dugdale and the Labour party said they would vote for it if it meant we were “Together”

  44. Scott says:

    NS What about the rape clause SM we don’t have time to get into that plenty of time to let the BBC plant to go on about her having to use food banks if its true as she said she is reasonably well off she should not need food banks and someone should follow this up as that nurse is taking food away from someone who really needs it.
    This in the Sun says a lot.

  45. Jack Murphy says:

    Re the nurse in the audience at last night’s BBC Leadership Debate the Daily Record on-line is reporting:
    “… It is believed that the nurse works for private healthcare firm BUPA…..”
    Perhaps the audience nurse should have a word with the Daily Record?

    The Scottish Parliament does NOT set wages for private companies.

    In NHS Scotland,full time Registered nurses are paid £130-£200 more per annum than nurses in England.

  46. INDEPENDENT says:

    Ref Dr Jim,

    Of course I’m making that up.

    Well I’m not making this up Strong and Stable Treeza has just fell off the perch!! While trying to u turn and balance at the same time.

    Tory cabinet rewriting the Manifesto all ready Jeezo

  47. dakk says:

    jfngw ‘No mention of the extravagant lifestyle reported in the newspaper on the BBC though.’

    Well they wouldn’t would they?

    Then again it wouldn’t seem extravagant anyway if you have a bbc lifestyle

  48. AndyH says:

    @ Breeks

    Like, totally man!

    I have a feeling though the the Euro press will be having some fun in the very near future.

    The SNP need to turn the political guns at the BBC.

    I’ve heard it argued that they have to stay calm and collected in case they are seen to be playing the victim and are complainers etc.

    The cat though, is well and truly out of the bag with regards to the Beeb. Even the Yoons know and admit how biased they are.

    Take every opportunity to put the BBC on the back foot I say.

    The Media are the real threat and it’s them we need to start fighting against.

    I’d gladly pay a subscription for some decent, unbiased, mass access programming.

    I don’t think I’d be alone in that.

  49. Cuilean says:

    Yes Sophie, that’s the big question. Who are the Tories coming after next?

    I fear you are right. Holyrood will be closed down or neutered of all its current very limited & very partial powers.Ceratinly it will lose all ability to buffer the worst of the tory cuts. SNP will be blamed for that also.

    State pensions will cease to exist basically.

    The NHS whats left of it, will be completely privatised or impoverished so that it has to turn to insurance companies.

    Oh & tell your kids never buy a house as your just maintaining it for the Tories to steal from you and your family when you need care.

    Oh and you looked really pretty Sophie.

  50. Dan Huil says:

    Well said, Sophie.

    OT: don’t pay the bbc tax; let britnats pay for britnat propaganda.

  51. Dundee Graeme says:

    Well as someone from Dundee it warms my heart and brings a year to the eye what a wonderful city it can be. Inclusive tolerant and welcoming. Welcome to the bright side of the road Sophie!

  52. Robbo says:

    May is losing on SKY TV the noo.Actually the media are giving her a hard time for once! She’s crumbling and i can safely say this will now be a shambles of an election as predicted

  53. Benjamin says:

    Good he changed his mind but Tom Morton is a pretentious arse. Good example of someone being too articulate for his true abilities. His analysis is ridiculous

  54. AndyH says:

    ‘Strong and Stable’

    She’s just had an absolute howler.

    There might be hope yet 🙂

    Mon the Corbyn! (down south anyway)

  55. One_Scot says:

    Yup, England now has a great chance to kick Theresa May in the nuts.

  56. Tam Fae Somewhere says:

    Can only see Tories and Labour combining to form a national government after this general election to see the UK through the Brexit mess. No single party gets the blame then.

  57. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Socrates MacSporran I have no pity on a useful idiot such as Claire Austin . I do hope her friends & fellow nurses are proud of her she deceived thousands of people with her regurgitation of a statement made in reference to the English NHS .

    Sarah Smith wont be making any apologies anytime soon nor will the Bbc , its up to the SNP to complain like they have never done before , call out the Bbc by refusing to give them interviews. No interviews are better than Bias interviews, & at a time during a election campaign that makes a very public statement .

  58. CameronB Brodie says:

    ronnie anderson
    IMHO, it’s the Public Purposes in the BBC’s charter that is their weak spot. I’m pretty sure that any half-competent legal mind would have little difficulty proving institutional bias. The BBC is charter bound to protect British unity, so are essentially a nominated institutional opponent of Scotland’s self-determination (by royal appointment no less).

  59. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Cameron B 1.38pm

    As i’ve said in the past its easily demonstrated in a Court of Law that the Bbc are Bias & failing in upholding they’re royal charter. I even went as far as saying we should get a crowdfunder together to challenge the Bbc in Court, naw Cameron am just a Loony that shouts at windies at Pacific Quay .

  60. CameronB Brodie says:

    ronnie anderson
    I’m not suggesting your approach is wrong but all my lawyer would have to do is prove the BBC actually does uphold it’s charter. I think the BBC might even help establish this position themselves.

    It is the BBC’s charter that is exclusionary and racist, ergo the BBC in Scotland can not be anything other than bias against Scots wishing to access their inalienable human rights. i.e. the freedom to choose self-determination.

  61. PJ says:

    Not sure at all about the English looking north at an independent Scotland and saying “I’ll have some of that” — a rather fanciful idea in video nr 12.

    Since when have they looked west at Ireland? The Irish are better off than any other UK nation on a long list of metrics

    per capita income
    social equality
    social mobility
    gender equality

    and the gap is widening all the time

    In addition:

    in Ireland proportional representation ensures that there’s representative govt not minority diktats; there’s no established church, no sectarian laws, no bishops in the upper house of parliament; no royalty, no aristocracy, no hereditary lords, no leasehold tenure (which blights the lives of millions in England Wales and which has been abolished everywhere else, including Scotland), no nuclear weapons, no history of invading and occupying other countries etc.

    The English suffer the conceit that they are the greatest nation on earth, that they are different and exceptional and born to rule, and that they have nothing to learn from others.

    Boris Johnson thinks the problem in Africa is not that it was once ruled by the English but that it’s not any more. This is the default attitude of English entitlement. It’s why David Davis committed the faux pas of referring to the Irish border as an internal UK one. It’s why the continent is deemed to be cut off by fog, not the UK.

    The English look north now and see a deservedly subject people who know their place and who will always be told “Now is not the time”. It was never the time for the Irish either. Scotland is far better placed than Ireland ever was to be an independent nation, and still it waits for permission!

  62. CameronB Brodie says:

    The BBC’s charter is an institutional vehicle which articulates the normative tradition that Britain is one nation. This is fundamentally the ethos of 19th century “One Nation” Tories and contemporary British nationalism. The BBC’s charter leaves no space for the respect of those who identify with a different perspective. Without a respect for difference, tolerance and love whither. That’s post-modern critical social theory, that is.

  63. Jamie N says:

    As a post Brexit convert to Yes the sentiments expressed in these videos capture the journey I went on. Still inspiring to see how others “saw the light”. Great stuff.

  64. CameronB Brodie says:

    One way we could establish if ideologies of exclusion and racism are articulated through the BBC’s charter, is by commissioning an academically rigorous “critical discourse analysis” of the text. It would be a good idea to get a “multi-modal critical discourse analysis done”, as well, of general BBC output in Scotland.

  65. James Funkenstein says:

    Brilliant Sophie, thanks for that. Where would we be without people like you? Probably not in the mess we are now …

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