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A hero arrives

Posted on October 27, 2018 by

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    1. 27 10 18 08:56

      A hero arrives | speymouth

    80 to “A hero arrives”

    1. cearc says:

      Nailed it, as usual.

    2. Malky says:

      Leonard. Just what Scotland needs at this time, eh?

    3. Fergus Green says:

      Spot on again Chris. These get better and better.

    4. X_Sticks says:

      Perfect Chris. Somehow “bobby” Leonard does always reminds me of the silent films era. Everything he does is a bit keystone cops.

    5. Morgatron says:

      Dick Dastardly and utterly superb Chris.

    6. Les Wilson says:

      Excellent Chris,you always nail it.

    7. winifred mccartney says:

      Fantastic portrayal of tricky dicky. Sums up the situation perfectly/

      I am ashamed of how labour and the unions have used the women of Glasgow for their own political ends and cost them 2 days pay in the process. They have no shame. A few labour hotheads in the unions using trumpian methods to wind up the women get them to strike. A sheer abuse of power.

      Labour cannot be trusted they never have and never will represent the women or men of Glasgow or anywhere else – this is just snp baad rhetoric and they don’t care who pays this price. Tricky Dicky is at the heart of all this and we will not forget.

      This could have been settled 10/11 years ago using some of the money labour sent back to WM because they could not think of anything Scotland needed.

    8. galamcennalath says:

      “Curses, foiled again!”

    9. starlaw says:

      Another excellent example of what is happening in Scotland today.

    10. Socrates MacSporran says:


      Re the wee football clip on the Rev’s twitter feed: Sevco were going to offer the number 5 a place in their Academy, but they got the wrong answer to the: “What school do you go to son?” question.

    11. jimnarlene says:

      Simply brilliant.

    12. Clootie says:

      …and he will complain about the train being late

    13. Robert Peffers says:

      The lady is quite safe. The train is running very late. The wrong kind of snow is on the line and it’s all the SNP’s fault.

    14. Capella says:

      Excellent. All that’s missing is the BBC crew fawning over Mr Leonard.

      I was disappointed that he didn’t raise the Glasgow equal pay strike at FMQs. But there are two possible reasons for that.
      The truth might emerge unedited by the BBC
      The media blitz was part of the by-election campaign.

      Now it can safely be buried.

    15. Ottomanboi says:

      SNP hating Tory lesbian has a baby…..freaky! why didn’t she just get a wee dog.

    16. Hamish100 says:

      Dick dastardly more like!

      Who’s mutely?

      Congrats to Ruth Davidson by the way. Baby box on its way…………

    17. sassenach says:

      Ottomanboi @9-14am

      Stirring again, but to what end, I wonder?

      To make any newbies think we are all like you?

    18. Geoff Huijer says:


      Chris Cairns is surely THE most relevant, up-to-date, biting cartoonist around.

      Has Scotland ever had a political cartoonist of its own because I can’t remember any?

    19. Reluctant Nationalist says:

      The European Court of Human rights has apparently ruled that insulting the sand people’s prophet is not allowed. You still have freedom of speech though, so don’t worry.

    20. Frank Gillougley says:

      Vaudeville –

      – a type of entertainment popular chiefly in the US in the early 20th century, featuring a mixture of speciality acts such as burlesque comedy and song and dance.

      Thank you Chris for casting RL in this light. Watching him perform now will certainly put a new and useful slant on him for me and especially his faux indignation in that awful accent – yeh, what an act.

    21. Jim says:

      More like Prick Dastardly!

    22. Ken500 says:

      The Labour unionists are no one’s saviour. They just want to make lives more difficult for the weak and vulnerable. They are shameless liars and hypocrites,

      A Tory unionist has a baby on the public expense account, No doubt with the silver spoon in it’s mouth. ‘Where’s the daddy?’ is the usual Tory unionists reply when they ignore other people’s children cry. They just out the boot in to make other people’s lives harder. Especially the sick, elderly and vulnerable.

      The Westminster unionists total hypocrites and liars. They have destroyed half the world. Now they want Brexit to ruin the rest. They can nothing for anyone, only their own self interest. May the dirty dancing smirking evil woman leading the charge to oblivion. Never out of the Church along with the rest of them. Killing, sanctioning, maiming and starving other people. ‘Suffer the little children to come unto me’. Not their mantra. They watch people starving with their blank vacant coupons. Totally useless, coarse and nasty people. It’s all about them and their greedy ambition. No comprehension of what they are doing and ignore complaint.

      Thank goodness for the SNP Gov standing up for Scotland. Good people and true. Independence can’t come soon enough to get out of the shambles. The chaos and total mess the Westminster unionist are making. In Scotland as well. Support, join and donate to the SNP. Go campaigning etc, Until the utter corruption is gone from Scotland. Prosperity, peace, equality, fairness, happiness and cohesion forms the future. Instead of death, destruction and delusion of the past.

    23. ronnie anderson says:

    24. manandboy says:

      ‘The pen is mightier than the sword’, but Chris Cairns’ drawings are better than a thousand words. Sharp as a tack would be an inadequate description. Well done, Chris.

    25. manandboy says:

      Without a monopoly of a compliant BritNat media, the RedBlue Tory-UDA-DUP Alliance would be nothing. State propaganda is what is keeping the Westminster Pantomime alive. Government by deception in Brainwashed Britain.

      Hail Caesar!

    26. Clydebuilt says:

      On Friday a Scottish Heroine crawled through the BBC’s barbed wire defences. Got herself on to the broadcaster’s “Breaking the News” and at the top of her voice told the truth about Labour and the Unions involvement in the women’s strike for equal pay. Well done Jane Godley!

      The audience cheered loudly. The programme is usually re-broadcast today 11.30 – 12.00 Radio Scotland.

    27. Giving Goose says:

      Where can I find out the current state of play with Glasgow council, the pay issue and the union abuse?

    28. Ken500 says:

      Draw as a devil for Halloween. The devil you know? Don’t think so. Burn in hell more likely. How low can they go. Even further to oblivion. Fast track to poverty and hardship. The Brexit train ram rolling down the track. Getting faster at each junction. There wil be no exit until the crash happens. The Westminster unionist party simpletons. Greed and avarice the only signal in the sight of weak leadership. Non of them a winner. Just a crash waiting to happen. Psycho bastards,

    29. Macart says:

      Oh, that’s good. 🙂

    30. Jason Smoothpiece says:

      Nice one Chris really sums things up rather well.

      The complete madness of the British Nationalist Scottish Labour and the serious ignorance of the poor souls who vote for them.

      Wake up Scotland do a little reading, do just a little research engage the brain take a look at Wales under Labour take a peek at England under the Tories its coming here if people dont stop voting for British Nationalist parties.

      You have been warned

    31. Andy-B says:

      Yet another belter Chris. Wel done.

    32. Bob Mack says:

      Brilliant Chris.

      I see things are hotting up for the Brexiteers again as the WTO has many objectors to UK joining right away. There goes instant trade to supplant the EU deal. Quote “Discussions will be needed to establish how UK membership affects individual countries”

      Russian is using its veto.


    33. Ken500 says:

      The Westminster unionists and liars are still taking £Billions out of Scotland which could be better spent. £Billions lost a year in lost revenues and charges because of Westminster dangerous policies and fiscal power. Scotland paying for their nonsense, appalling behaviour and bad policies.

    34. mogabee says:

      Aye good one Chris though whenever I hear Dickie’s faux rants I just think Drama Queen!

    35. Calum McKay says:

      I fully support the women and their struggle, but I am confused as to why they went on strike when the talks on compensation are soon to complete?

      The role of the unions has been deplorable in the case of the Glasgow women, I hope the council publish the full facts of where discussions were at and how close they were to agreement. This will enable the women to see they were used by labour for political purposes and that vulnerable people suffered as a result.

      This case / the women’s struggle and the cartoon Abel’s demonstrate why labour is not fit to govern and are actively working again not the interests of the Scottish people.

    36. Robert Peffers says:

      Chris Cairns is in a league of his own. No one else comes even close and that goes for the art, the logic and the truth.

    37. defo says:

      What Mutley says!

    38. Martin says:

      One of your least subtle, but truly one of your best.

    39. PacMan says:

      Calum McKay @ 27 October, 2018 at 10:38 am

      I fully support the women and their struggle, but I am confused as to why they went on strike when the talks on compensation are soon to complete?

      The role of the unions has been deplorable in the case of the Glasgow women, I hope the council publish the full facts of where discussions were at and how close they were to agreement. This will enable the women to see they were used by labour for political purposes and that vulnerable people suffered as a result.

      This case / the women’s struggle and the cartoon Abel’s demonstrate why labour is not fit to govern and are actively working again not the interests of the Scottish people.

      Just before IndyRef the British establishment promised the ‘vow’ of extra powers in the Scottish public votes No. A No vote was delivered and in the next UK general election, the Scottish public voted to elect 56 MP’s to ensure that ‘vow’ was kept. In that way, why is that different from female employees in Glasgow wanting to do the same thing?

      Let’s make no doubt about it, the role of the unions in this is to destabilise the SNP led council in Glasgow but also to cover their inaction over the years which has lead to this state of affairs.

      This is a very tricky situation where the SNP, like in most matters, has to tread carefully. If people start venting their frustrations towards the woman who have been let down for years then the unions and Labour have won. Keep the focus on who is truly responsible for this instead.

    40. Les Wilson says:

      I hardly think the actions of unions based, but not from Scotland are random actions. But more another installed tool of state.The teachers poss strike is a case in point, I guess it is easy for unions to find disgruntled people who will support any aim that enhances their life.
      Slab applying just that, at every opportunity.

      However expectancy of a 10% pay rise for teachers when others have non, or 2-3% is the wrong aspiration to base a strike on at this time.

      The unions in Scotland are becoming, and may have always been a way for Westminster to try and bring down the SG, should the need arise.We need Scottish Unions not implanted ones.

    41. starlaw says:

      Trade Unions in Scotland are now tools of Westminster they prefer to fight the SNP whilst jumping into bed with the Tories, look out for further industrial action in Scotland, but none in England or Wales. We need to keep highlighting this .

    42. I see Leonard is doing his Daily Mile again but with the teachers this time.

      This is like a re run of the EU referendum in 2016 – People had lots of suppressed anger and along came politicians telling them it was the EU that was the problem – bingo now look at the real mess that’s been created!

      Now SLabour hand in hand with the Unions are going around telling innocent folk that they are angry, they know you are angry, you have a right to express that anger – we’ll support you – against the first government that has actually started to make a difference to life in Scotland.

      People are being misled by charlatans who promise the moon and give nothing in actuality.

      Intelligent teachers are being misled – how is this happening?

      My sister is a teacher- when she gets home she is exhausted, she has tons of ‘ school stuff’ to do at home as well as have a meal, keep up with family things and try and get some R&R

      She might watch the news but falls asleep during it; hadn’t heard about the Khashoggi murder (when talking to her yesterday), just wishes Brexit was over because she hasn’t really had time to follow it and it is too confusing to try and understand all this stuff about the Irish border and she thinks that teachers should have a pay rise but she’s leaving it to the Unions to sort out because she’s too busy with other things to get involved and that’s why they’re there……..

      I’m sure she’s not the only one on the streets today who is following the Pied Piper of Hamilton.

    43. Ottomanboi

      just read your revolting remark at 9.15.

      Why do you have any objections to a woman having a baby?

      Go and have a walk in this beautiful Autumn sunshine and see if Mother Nature can bring some light and goodness into your warped and twisted being.

      Best advice – if you can’t say something good, say nothing.

    44. Ken500 says:

      There are reports that the GC Council was waiting for documentation from the TUnions. Insurance documents (H&S?). Legalities, without which no payments can be made. Quite possible as the Tunions could delay as much as possible to cause trouble, The TUnion’s administration is usually a shambles, of neglect and incompetence.

      The workers were told it could be up to Christmas. A couple of months away before payment could be made for historical unequal payments. Presently many council workers get £10/11 an hour or more. Often with bonuses. In some cases workers get school holidays off. Up to two months+ a year. Cosla is Labour dominated. The Council deal negotiators.

      The Greens are using the second vote many SNP voters gave then to irrationally attack the SNP policy. Greer is running around frantically trying to get the teachers to strike. Harvie is suggesting the Councils are not getting enough funding for education etc. When unionists Councils are spending £Millions on groteque monstrosities thst no one wants, of no business case. Wasting £Million/Billions on nonsense but not funding adequately essential services.

      The unionist Councils use the statute of limitation (30) as the norm to try and cut the allocated budget and keep class sizes higher than anticipated. Borrowing and spending like there is no tomorrow. John Swinney wanted to give the Schools budget directly to the schools. To stop the middlemen Councils syphoning off the money. The Greens did not agree.

      The mismanagement of the Trams. OAP’s from other places not allowed to use their travel (bus) passes on the under subscribed trams. running empty. The protest and delays to any progressive projects. Essential road building and other advantageous progpjects. The Greens renege on their own policies. The token woman with the rest representatives white, middle class men.

      They could muck up Independence. With the irrational none substantiated attacks. A Land Tax could benefit the Landowners. It will put up the price of land. The Landowners will benefit. It could put the prices of houses, food and exports. Damaging the economy. Land is exempt from tax to keep farms together and produce more. Much of land in Scotland is not arable but hilly. Scotland exports £4Billion of food produce. Income tax is a progressive tax. Tax evasion should not be colluded by the UK Gov. HMRC are are not fit for purpose.

      Teachers and public service workers deserve all they can get. What can be done with £Billions still going into Westminster Treasury coffers for Westminster appalling policies. These do not benefit people, especially in Scotland. People voted NO because of lies, cheating, misinformation, intimidation and electoral fraud. Roll on the IndyRef. To help solve the problems in Scotland.

    45. handclapping says:

      Why do we have to plough through all these daily words from Stu when Chris nails it on non-holiday Fridays with just a few pencil lines on paper?

    46. The unions were are noble thing but like the Labour Party instead of changing the establishment they joined it and by so doing reinforced it I mean labour and trade union Lords and Dames claiming to represent the workers ??? And the when a party the SNP do try to help the workers the Labour Party and the unions instead of trying to help them run them down and try to blame them for THEIR failings they not only have no honour they have no shame honest people should despise them

    47. PacMan says:

      Meg merrilees says: @ 27 October, 2018 at 11:57 am

      I work for a UK private sector company and Unite is suddenly doing something similar despite meekly settling for poor pay settlements year after year previously.

      I don’t think the Labour affiliated unions are doing this solely to undermine the Scottish government and SNP led councils but doing it as part of a strategy of what Labour always does, gain power through causing strife and division. It seems to be now at a Scottish and UK level.

    48. winifred mccartney says:

      Would everyone just ask themselves why no teachers threatening strikes in England and why no Labour held councils were on strike last week – this is the unions/labour using people to make political noise. I cannot understand why teachers cannot see this. The unions are using Glasgow women, teachers etc for their own political ends.

      I know they have a difficult job especially now when behaviour units and special units are being closed and vulnerable children are being put in schools with no support in the classroom – all this means is that the stress levels of teachers and the cost of special units is placed on teachers shoulders.

      If they were striking about closing special units I would understand but not about pay when the offer made seems reasonable, although no real increase for HT’s etc does mean these posts are even more difficult to fill. No one want this responsiblity when the support and the back-up is just not there for vulnerable or special needs children. I’m afraid even the snp cannot mitigate every cut coming from WM as hard as it is trying.

    49. Muscleguy says:

      To be fair to the holidaying one the cartoons are done initially in pen then they have to be inked over. Assuming Cairnstoons uses traditional techniques and not a graphics tablet and a computing device, or just a pen and a tablet could do it now. Or a high end phone.

      Soon Chris will be away on holiday with his drawing tools projected in front of his eyes by an unobtrusive device (no chunky smart glasses needed), sangria in hand he will use eye movements and blinking to draw his masterpieces before nodding to send them off to the Rev or an enlightened post Independence media environment.

    50. PacMan says:

      Reluctant Nationalist @27 October, 2018 at 9:47 am

      The European Court of Human rights has apparently ruled that insulting the sand people’s prophet is not allowed. You still have freedom of speech though, so don’t worry.

      Is somebody making that statement merely stating a fact or knowingly doing so in order to offend? Even if just stating a fact, are you unintentionally offending someone? Is referring to the prophet Mohhamand in that way to the historical individual or towards the Muslim religion?

      Equality and human rights are such a subjective subject that it is a minefield where there isn’t going to be a consensus that everybody will agree to. The bottom line is if an independent Scotland wants to sign up with the EU, we are going to have to accept this.

    51. yesindyref2 says:

      I try a bit to stay away from the party politics, as we’d like Labour, LibDem AND Tory voters to vote YES, so why antagonise them.

      But I’ve said for a few years that the SNP should have their own “opposition unit”, as the actual opposition is so ineffective, and so false to go with it.

    52. Kangaroo says:

      Posting this again as its significwnce hasn’t been picked up by Wingers

      With Irish backstop now ruled out it only leaves

      Remain or EFTA or NO-Deal

      There will be NO Withdrawal Agreement and NO Transition.

    53. Dr Jim says:

      I kinda don’t think as many women were duped by the Labour party over this as people believe, these women wanted money and really didn’t care who owed them it so they went on strike

      GCC were however correct that the women didn’t have to strike because it was being sorted, so this is where the Unions come in with their attempt at political point scoring and for using the women to do Labours dirty work

      All of these women now should be taking a long hard look at how Labour created the position they were put in then used that position to try to bring down the government who is actually going to pay them even though they did nothing to cause any of this

      The teachers are about to do the same thing in the certain knowledge that the SNP had zip all to do with what’s currently happening

      All of these strikers should reflect very carefully on what they think they might achieve in appearing to support the Labour party and the Unions

      Richard Leonard on instructions from Jeremy Corbyn is on a mission to cause as much disruption to Scotland as he possibly can in order to get Labour elected if there’s a General Election, now on the small chance that he might accomplish that task what happens then, well the answer is pretty simple Scotland would slip back into the dark days of nothing but the creation of the same system that brought all these people out on strike all over again = Scotland doomed to a Labour party doing the will of Englands Tories but pretending to oppose them

      The people of Scotland who keep up with this stuff know that’s what Labours game is, I’m just amazed and downhearted that a section of our society would willfully take part in the destruction of their own country by appearing to help them

      So I hope this is a momentary blip and folk don’t allow themselves to sleepwalk into Labours trap which is obvious to most of us here but maybe not so obvious to others when all they really want is what the Labour party promised them in the first place but didn’t pay, and they think all politicians are the same so it doesn’t matter

      In Scotlands case it does

    54. yesindyref2 says:

      @Hamish100 / @Meg merrilees / @PacMan
      Yes, there’s three or four who post occasionally on Wings with deliberately extreme comments, racist, homophobic, sectarian or sexist, to try to make people think we’re all like that, whereas it’s just their bot-generated or SiU approved comments are.

    55. Petra says:

      ‘Scots teams behind tech that detects pneumonia in less than a minute.’


      Another BBC gripe and a request in relation to programmes that relate to Scotland, such as the BBC2 -‘A Highland Harvest’ this morning. Any chance of finding a Scot to present such programmes? You’ve got around 4 million Scots to choose from and a ”Scottish license fee pot” of around £320 million to dip in to.


      The 21st Century clearances.

      ‘Thousands sign petition against Buccleuch Estate’s eviction of Alison and David Telfer.’

    56. O/T

      2 short examples:

      A friend in England has two sons, married, no children yet. Both +wives are giving up good, well paid jobs here in the UK to go and all 4 work in Vietnam as teachers of English to foreign students because they don’t know what will be going on in Europe for their foreseeable future.

      My sister’s dentist is Dutch, has been living and practising in Angus for 25 years. Said Dentist has now sent a letter to all clients telling them that he is returning to Holland and partly, but not entirely, because of Brexit and the uncertainty of his future.

    57. Capella says:

      @ yesindyref2 – or maybe even the same person with different names. Reminds me of Angra Mainyu for some reason.

      Angra Mainyu (/?æ?r? ?ma?nju?/; Avestan: is the Avestan-language name of Zoroastrianism’s hypostasis of the “destructive spirit”. The Middle Persian equivalent is Ahriman ??????? (Anglicised pronunciation: /???r?m?n/). Angra Mainyu is omnimalevolent. Angra Mainyu is Ahura Mazda’s adversary.


      destructive spirit and omnimalevolent sums it up IMO.

    58. Ghillie says:

      Yet there he is.

      On the line with you.

      In the path of possible annihilation.

      Because YOU matter.

    59. Legerwood says:

      winifred mccartney says:
      27 October, 2018 at 12:17 pm
      Would everyone just ask themselves why no teachers threatening strikes in England…””

      Indeed, particularly when you consider that Teacher’s salaries in England are lower than in Scotland.

      Main grade scale in Scotland point 1 £27438 to point 6 £36480

      In England point 1 £23720 to Point 6 £35008.

    60. Ghillie says:

      Good cartoon Chris =)

      A picture says a thousand words.

    61. Thepnr says:

      Chris a brilliant cartoon and says so much. Dastardly Dick and his Labour party foiled again as the SNP come to set the women free from their struggle.

      Pure class, cheers.

    62. yesindyref2 says:

      I guess that’s why Rev doesn’t ban them, we get to know who they are rather than having new ones to suss out all the time.

    63. galamcennalath says:

      Kangaroo says:

      Posting this again as its significwnce hasn’t been picked up by Wingers

      With Irish backstop now ruled out it only leaves ….

      My take on it is, he’s pointing out that the backstop is likely to become permanent and therefore runs contrary to Brexiteers aims. However, that is only true with Tory insistence that the arrangement has to apply to the whole UK. If they accept it only applies to NI, then they can go away and do what they want with the rest of the UK. But …

      It’s a self imposed problem the Tories are giving themselves because they don’t want NI to be different because they fear that will lead to the end of their Union. And let’s hope it does all mean that end!

    64. Dr Jim says:

      How do you know whether the attainment gap is narrowing which is the aim of the Scottish government, well you have to have measurable data collection *Standardised assessement*

      Why don’t the opposition parties want this?

      Because it would prove the government were succeeding in closing the attainment gap and if you’re the opposition you don’t want the government you oppose to do that given that your position must be the opposite, so the suppression of legitimate numbers on this doesn’t benefit you, so you vote against allowing the government to succeed

      At the same time by oppsing this you suppress education standards in your country, but if you’re the *British* party you don’t really care about that do you

    65. Petra says:

      I might as well post this wee ar*es (imo) article on here. Has anyone asked the Greens where they’d get the money from, if they were in power, to pay teachers a 10% pay rise right across the board? What about Ross Greer, et all, castigating the real culprits and marching down to London?

      He says, ”Recent revelations from the OECD show that Scottish teachers work amongst the longest hours for some of the lowest pay in comparable countries.”

      I’ve tried to find this report to no avail. Does anyone on here have access to it?


      Ross Greer: ‘We’re fighting to give teachers a fair pay deal.’


      ‘Scottish and US firms forge a link to help detect Alzheimer’s.’


      ‘Spain’s Supreme Court order trial of Catalan pro-independence leaders.’

      ”Clara Ponsati, the St Andrews academic and former education minister in Catalonia, who is living in Scotland, has been accused of rebellion and embezzlement for her part in the Catalan independence referendum last October, according to papers released by Spain’s Supreme Court.

      The Madrid court said in a statement that it had completed its investigation into 18 former leaders and pro-independence figures, and court proceedings could now begin. Prosecutors now have five working days to draw up indictments and the trials are expected to start in January.”…

    66. Thepnr says:


      Angra Mainyu used two other names to post on Wings, NeoconNat was one and Ahura Mazda was the other.

      I doubt that anyone posting now is that same person, different style. The provocative posts are not just to offend or make casual readers think “we’re all the same” their other purpose is to disrupt the thread and have everyone talking or arguing about them.

      Ignoring has always been the best advice in my view.

    67. Dr Jim says:

      @Petra 1.45pm

      If you take a look at Patrick Harvies plans for the economy of Scotland should he ever be in a position of power you would be horrified as to where the Green party says it would get the money to do what it says they would like to do

      The Green party has a funny notion that very rich people and massive corporations would still stay in Scotland even if you stripped them bare of all their money

      Right now we see just with Brexit and that may only affect some of these people by around 10% of their cash, just how many *rich people and their corporations* are jumping ship abroad for that very reason but Patrick feels that Scotland is different and all these people will just love it and stay no matter what

      It’s a con trick he’s selling to the hopeful of a lovely dystopian future achievable by a week on tuesday instead of oh I don’t know maybe 500 years if the planet lasts that long

      It’s not that I don’t believe it’ll happen but it will take the whole world to agree to it at the one time when the EU or something similar becomes big enough to convince everybody, and that won’t be a week on tuesday

    68. Petra says:

      @ Dr Jim says at 2:02 pm ….

      Add to that ditch the oil and gas sector along with flights in and out of Scotland. Yes, climate change is a major issue but you have to strike a balance. A bit like the 10% pay rise for teachers. No mention in his article that Nicola is focused on giving the lowest paid workers a better deal, % wise, than those at the top.

    69. yesindyref2 says:

      @Dr Jim
      The Greens are a great protest party, and do contribute to making us all a bit greener, with the more sensible of their policies. But as a government, god help those who can’t cycle to or for their work. They’d need to invent a millicycle to transport all the wind power towers around, and there’d be no roads to do it on, just cycle tracks.

    70. Reluctant Nationalist says:

      Pacman, it doesn’t matter if they’re doing it to offend. Jesus fucking Christ. It’s essentially a blasphemy law, too, so an utter regression. The supine cretins at the ECHR can go hang.

    71. Legerwood says:

      Andy-B @ 2.42pm

      The vote did not take place yesterday.

      According to the article the vote took place on 27th October 2016.

    72. Legerwood says:

      Petra @ 1.45pm

      Ross Greer and the OECD report. I think he is referring to this report by the OECD: Education at a Glance 2018

      You can find it here – click on the link to the pdf copy of the report

      I have had a quick look – it is a long report you want section D3.

      Two things I noted: 1. Salaries for Scottish teachers were at or near the OECD average.

      2 When comparing Teachers’ salaries with those of other OECD countries RG may not be comparing like with like. Salaries reflect the normal level of qualifications to become a Teacher. In some OECD countries e.g. Norway, a Masters degree is required to become a teacher. Here a bachelors degree, not necessarily at honours, plus 1 year post graduate diploma in Education.

      As I said, just had time for a quick read.

    73. Fred says:

      This duke of Buccleuch thinks that we have forgotten that his grandfather was virtually kept under house-arrest for the duration of the war due to his Nazi activities. Why were these estates not confiscated at the wars end? he wasn’t the only one either!

    74. Robert Peffers says:

      @Fred says: 27 October, 2018 at 4:48 pm:

      ” … This duke of Buccleuch thinks that we have forgotten that his grandfather was virtually kept under house-arrest for the duration of the war due to his Nazi activities. Why were these estates not confiscated at the wars end? he wasn’t the only one either!”

      Not hard to work out, Fred.

      The real reason the abdicated King was forced to abdicate was not because he married a divorcee. It was because he, and his new wife were NAZI Sympathisers:-

      There were more than enough UK aristocrats also NAZI sympathisers and never forget the leader of the British Fascists was Oswald Mosely – Aye! that is the family of Mosely the Fi guy.

      So if they were to take action against Buccleuch than remember that legally all the aristocracy got their estates because of historic Royal patronage. In law the Monarch of England is sovereign and owns everything and everyone in England, (kingdom not country), so that means if the went after descendants of Buccleuch they would have had to go after the descendants of the abdicated Monarch.

      Fascism is just a very, very, small step from English conservatism. Is there really that much difference between the NAZI party killing those they don’t like in gas chambers and the Tory Party killing the old, ill, disabled, out of work and the poor by their sanctions and austerity. Never forget that while we suffer austerity the wealthiest in the United Kingdom have more than doubled their personal wealth.

      You are not suffering austerity if you are increasing your wealth – you are lining your pockets by killing off the poor and vulnerable.

    75. James Barr Gardner says:

      HAUNS IN POCKITS says it awe !

    76. Petra says:

      @ Andy at 2:42pm ….. “Labour non-action.”

      Dearie me, I see that Ian Murray is on that list.

      The only action that Jeremy et al ever seem to be involved in is trying to scr*w up Scotland.


      @ Legerwood at 4:27pm ….. “OECD Report.”

      Thanks a million for digging that out Legerwood. I don’t have time tonight but will have a good look through it tomorrow. By the way I hope things have settled down at home and your husband is fairing / feeling much better. And of course don’t forget to take care of yourself X

    77. Legerwood says:

      Petra @ 9.34 pm

      Thank you for asking about my husband. He is fine at the moment. Getting pre-op tests but no firm date yet for op.

      Looking out OECD reports keeps my mind off things.

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