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A Glebe Park Gallery

Posted on July 29, 2012 by

We hope you’ll forgive us this last one, just for fun.

All the best odysseys begin in a hedge.

The Rangers fans predict how long the new club will last before going bust again.

All human, and near-human, life is here.

A long queue at the pie hut holds up some spectators.

Ally looks forward to another three years of this with excited anticipation.

We believe this is what’s known as “targeted advertising”.

“You just mind ye stay aff ma verandah, laddie.”

“Och, why did ah no’ get someone to tell me whit ‘TUPE’ meant?”

Sights you won’t see in the SPL. (No, not Rangers fans. Don’t be mean.)

The moment a hundred Scottish football pundits decided to shut up for a bit.

BBC Alba getting the little things right.

Man-marking, SFL style.

In fairness, until this year the seats were just bales of hay.

Visitors Technical Area Overspill Annex (Mobile).

The Rangers have already amassed an impressive collection of cups.

“Something’s gone wrong with this plan.”

Inclement-weather facilities: home team.

Inclement-weather facilities: away team.

Inclement-weather facilities: visiting fans.

They could totally have got both teams in that wee shed if they’d really wanted to.

It was nice to hear “God Save The Queen(‘s Revenue And Customs from tax-dodging cheats)” get an airing from the patriotic away support towards the end of extra time.

“Naebdy’s lookin’. Ah’m pure stickin’ this ba’ up ma jumper.”

We’re not absolutely sure quite what The Sun is trying to say with that slogan.
(We can only assume they’re implying that Rangers were a bunch of tits.)

“Text from McGuffie’s Glue Factory. ¬£25 cash for Broadfoot.”

If we were the SNP Brechin branch, we’d be demanding a refund.

We picked up a few little bits of Gaelic as the BBC Alba commentary went on. Apparently “Sar-chluicheadair a’gheama” means “Who hasn’t been paid for yet”.

Now that’s just plain cruel.

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67 to “A Glebe Park Gallery”

  1. stonedsailor says:


  2. Paddy Quinn says:


  3. Juteman says:

    Brechin fans must be sick. Imagine getting put out the cup by a wee diddy team from the 3rd division! ūüôā

  4. YesYesYes says:

    I think the Sun is trying to tell us that you get a better class of implant on page 3. 

  5. YesYesYes says:

    In that photograph of Superswally talking to ‚ÄėThe Rangers‚Äô players, is Superswally saying, ‚ÄúRight lads, time tae stoap fuckin aboot. Mr Green has just sent a message doon fae the stands: he‚Äôs upped the bonus tae a fiver a heid if wae get through this yin‚ÄĚ.

  6. Stinkweed says:

    The Rangers FC Official Twitter (@RFC_Official) account tweeted this before the match

    –¬†[PIC] Rangers take to the the pitch to a rapturous welcome from the#BearsOnTour! New season. Same Rangers.¬†#BCFCvRFC

    Given their insolvency,¬†is this not blatant “passing off” or do they get round this as their directors have changed?

    Apologies for p*sh formatting…¬†

  7. rustyarabnuts says:

    surely the visiting teams technical overspill area was actually the new rangers luxury coach??

  8. Jimbo says:

    Wings over Scotland= pathetic wee Rangers hating site for pathetic wee small minded people with no other purpose in life than to hate Rangers.

    For a site that claims to be a Scottish political & media digest monitor, the level of maturity shown on here by bloggers would embarrass a 5 year old.

    I’m guessing that since the main contributer on this site hides behind an alias much like RTC¬†that he has something to hide himself maybe?

    Rev s Campbell you really are the poor mans Rangers tax case, at least he/it does not need to resort to the level of a 5 year old to get hits.

  9. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “I‚Äôm guessing that since the main contributer on this site hides behind an alias much like RTC that he has something to hide himself maybe?
    Rev s Campbell you really are the poor mans Rangers tax case”

    Have you spotted the embarrassing mistake you just made there, Jimbo?

  10. Jimbo says:

    Yes i did spot my mistake and it was taking the time to¬†read a total nonentity foam at the mouth about Rangers and how much he “pure dead hates them”.

    Seriously i hope people like yourself play a large part in the independance referendum, as the unionist vote will win by a land slide margin if that turns out to be the case.

    Personally i hope your hatred of everything Rangers and England keeps you awake at night.

    No doubt you will already be planning your next 500 anti Rangers blogs which will consist of….

    ” I pure hate the Rangers so i dae”

    “Rangers¬†are pure dead cheats so they are”

    ” Rangers fans sing pure bad songs so they dae”


  11. sneddon says:


    Where do I start. ¬†I won’t why don’t you just feck off back to Vanguard Bears or whatever stone you crawled out from under.

    Just saying likes 

  12. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “your hatred of everything Rangers and England “

    You know that I live in England and have done for quite a while, right?

  13. McHaggis says:

    Jimbo, the only hate I see is (unfortunately typically) emanating from you as a ‘The Rangers’ fan… the rest of this contribution is tongue in cheek jest.

    Save your hatred for those who almost destroyed your team completely – every one of them has worked within the gates of Ibrox so should be easy to find.

  14. Jimbo says:

    How do i know if you live in England or not? no idea who you are.

    Just going by what i have seen in fleeting glances of this site. But the irony of being a cheerleader for Scottish independance while not living in Scotland does seem to be lost on you, does it not?

    Another Sean connery attitude ” yeah i like Scotland but not enough to live in it”.

    (Wings over Scotland gets written in England?)

    This site is even more ridiculous than i first thought.

  15. Betsy says:

    This site isn’t the worst of it! There are these parody sites called ‘Follow Follow’ and ‘Rangers Media’ which rip the piss right out of Rangers fans and give people the impression they’re a shower of thick bigots who sat back and did nothing as their club¬†was wrecked by dodgy business men. Then tried to blame everyone else when it all went tits up. Nastiest of all they even imply the Rangers Fans Fighting Fund has only raised a paltry amount of money as if Rangers fans are bunch of inert children who sit back and expect everyone else to come to their rescue.¬†

    Honestly some of the stuff on these parody forums is shocking. You ought to get along there and give them a piece of your mind! C’mon Jimbo the very future of Rangers itself is at stake. We can’t have it laughed at on the internet. Why not try roaring ‘We are the People’ or some the wonderful traditional Rangers songs that have made this wonderful club so deeply loved throughout Scotland?¬†

  16. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “no idea who you are”

    Evidently, since you hilariously came raging in accusing me of being anonymous despite my name being on every post. Is it true you won Cleverest Rangers Fan In Scotland six years running, or was there a gap?

  17. Jimbo says:

    Re McHaggis

    So you think calling¬†young children¬†and other people in the Rangers end¬† “near human” is not hatred?
    I have no problem with any of the childish rubbish printed on the other pics but that is disgracful and bording on bigotry.

  18. R Louis says:

    Nice article, Rev Stu. ¬†Judging by Jimbo’s rants, it looks like your pithy, humorous reporting has touched a few very, very raw nerves.


  19. Stinkweed says:


    Keep it coming big man, you’re winning hearts and minds by the score here.¬†

    You have a problem with some football fans being humorously referred to as “near human”?

    I’d start watching ladies’ cricket if I were you, fitba’s obviously too rough’n’tumble for a sensitive wee soul like you.¬†


  20. Jimbo says:

    Re: Reverend Stuart Campbell , who says he is not really a Reverend in another blog. but if you are spinning lies about being a reverend then i have no doubt Stuart campbell is not your real name either.
    You are not a Reverend but claim you are, You don’t live in Scotland but bang the drum for Scottish independance from your high horse. Forgive me if i don’t by a word you say Mr alias.

  21. McHaggis says:

    ¬†So you think calling¬†young children¬†and other people in the Rangers end¬† ‚Äúnear human‚ÄĚ is not hatred?¬†

    No, no I don’t – especially in the context of this whole piece, so –
    Jimbo, lighten up for goodness sake.

    Like I said, save the hatred for the many so-called Rangers men who nearly destroyed your club.

    This place has printed more truths about what has gone on around and within your club than virtually all the MSM put together.

    oh, and sorry to be a spelling nazi, but it is ‘independence’.¬†

  22. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Re: Reverend Stuart Campbell , who says he is not really a Reverend in another blog.”

    Um, I don’t say any such thing in another blog, because it wouldn’t be true. I am a Reverend, and I’m afraid my name is Stuart Campbell. Which blog was this that someone read to you?

  23. Betsy says:

    So you think calling¬†young children¬†and other people in the Rangers end¬† ‚Äúnear human‚ÄĚ is not hatred?
    I have no problem with any of the childish rubbish printed on the other pics but that is disgracful and bording on bigotry.’

    A fair point Jimbo. Might I suggest Rev Stu changes the caption to ‘The People will be alright once they’ve evolved’. ¬†

    Failing that. ‘You’d never believe children receive eleven years of free compulsory education in this country’ would be pretty good.


  24. Stinkweed says:

    I make no apologies for being a spelling Nazi – it’s also contributor, disgraceful, bordering and buy.

    Moreover, you cannot chide the author for supposedly claiming he is not a Reverend in one sentence and then attack him for claiming to be one in the next.

    Go to bed Jimbo, no night-night snack either. 

  25. pictishbeastie says:

    To be completely honest I thought describing some of them as “near human” was being a bit generous to them and a bit insulting to humans!

  26. Betsy says:

    I’d like to keep Jimbo. He’s funny. Perhaps we should all stay very quiet lest we frighten this magnificent fool.

  27. Jimbo says:


    I really have no problem with attention seekers like the fake reverend who lives in England and writes for a site caled wings over Scotland says to be honest.

    He can sit and blog about Rangers for the next 30 years for all i care, I’m sure his meaningless life has some joy added to it by making childish remarks under photos, but don’t try and pass yourself of as pseudo intellectual political site when you resort to that level.

    Plenty more biggger crimes and scandals have taken place in Scottish football than a legal tax avoidance scheme over the years, frankly i would rather be a fan of a club the used ebts than one who employed Jim Torbett or was fined by uefa last season for singing songs about killing women and children with bombs TBH.

  28. Scott Minto (Aka Sneekyboy) says:

    @Jimbo – I write for this Blog also.

    Born in Glasgow and now live in Aberdeen. Does that make the site “Scottish” enough for you?

    You’ve said your peace now people can decide for themselves.¬† There is no point in venting fury at whats happened to your club at anyone other than those involved i.e. The Rangers Management and Craig Whyte.

  29. Scott Minto (Aka Sneekyboy) says:

    That would be a “legal tax avoidance scheme” that landed them in hot water with the HMRC right???

    “i would rather be a fan of a club the used ebts than one who employed Jim Torbett or was fined by uefa last season for singing songs about killing women and children with bombs”

    Too True… but in reality both are unacceptable despite one being slightly more unsavoury.

  30. Stinkweed says:

    [Gets popcorn]

    You very obviously do have a problem with this blog’s author – you go on to expand on it in your next wee bit. ¬†Do you see what you’re doing here?

    Then your next bit’s just confused me a little. ¬†I’m trying to pass myself off as (a) pseudo intellectual political site when I resort to that level? ¬†

    Attention everyone, I’m a pseudo intellectual political site. ¬†There, now I can’t be accused of trying to pass myself off as something I’m not. ¬†Unlike others.

    Who is Jim Torbett and what has he to do with me? ¬†Google has articles about a man of this name who committed atrocious crimes. ¬†Do you mean him? ¬†I’m sure any decent fans of Celtic would be similarly appalled by any connection to their club. ¬†But I don’t support Celtic.

    Betsy, if we’re going to keep him you have to clean out his cage, deal?¬†

    PS – hope this is at the right level.

  31. Betsy says:

    ‘Plenty more biggger crimes and scandals have taken place in Scottish football than a legal tax avoidance scheme over the years, frankly i would rather be a fan of a club the used ebts than one who employed Jim Torbett or was fined by uefa last season for singing songs about killing women and children with bombs TBH.’

    Singing songs about killing women and children with bombs is disgusting and those responsible should be punished. Similarly singing songs making light of your fellow human beings starving to death in an avoidable famine is disgusting as indeed is droning on about being up to your knees in fenian blood.
    Oh but wait those songs are Rangers traditions and anyone who objects can be dismissed with a simple ” Rangers fans sing pure bad songs so they dae”.¬†

    As for the child abuse scandal at Celtic Boys Club. The perpetrator was caught and punished. As far as I know no Rangers fan has every been brought to book for rubbing salt into the victims wounds by constantly making jokes and fantasising about it on their repulsive fan forums.

    Still what are a few traumatised children, when you can use them to try (and fail) to draw attention away from your own crimes.



  32. McHaggis says:

    ah, Jimbo… the tired old ‘legal tax avoidance scheme’ rubbish…

    You see, on this site we are all pretty intellectual, some of us can even spell and construct coherent sentences on occasion.

    Anyway, back to the point. HMRC will decide on the legality of the EBT, but that is really neither here nor there as far as Scottish Football is concerned. You see, what Rangers did was hide the¬†existence¬†of EBT’s effectively providing ‘side payments’ that were not reported to the relevant football authorities.

    Given you are slightly retarded I will explain slowly –
    In Scottish football every single payment or benefit in kind provided to a player must be disclosed to the football authorities (salary, bonus payments, car, phone etc). Rangers, through the application of EBT’s failed to disclose extra benefits in what most (sane) people seem to accept is a clear breach of the rules. A preliminary investigation found a case to be answered, but hey, we all know that all that needs to be shown is a single EBT out of the several dozens Rangers employed for them to be found guilty.

    Jimbo, I do wish your club well in its new adventures. I wish against hope they will be able to drop some of the more unsavoury baggage along the way, but sadly people like you keep coming along and dashing my expectations. 

  33. Betsy says:


    FFS cage cleaning. He’s not that funny! I thought we could just point at him and hoot but if there’s housekeeping to be done, let’s get shot of the twit.¬†

  34. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    Jimbo will be gone soon enough – or are the schools still on holiday?

  35. Jimbo says:

    Re Scott Minto

    Plenty of blame to go around to be honest, but when someone prints a load of lies about debt levels and So called cheating then people should have a right to debunk said lies.

    If this site wants to spin a load of Celtic propagnda then it should change it’s name to wings over Celtic park or something of that nature.

    Rangers did not cheat we won the league fair and square in 03,05,09,10 & 11.

    No bribes were made.
    No porformance enhancing drugs were used by players.
    Rangers declared all Ebts in acounts that were signed off by the sfa/spl.
    Rangers have not been found guilty of any missuse of Ebts even 6 months after the FTT finished and after 4 years of investgation by hmrc, not the open and shut case it’s made out to be is it?

    These are the facts, yet some want to print lies and put out propganda cause it’s suits their agenda.

    If this site is so disgusted by people not paying tax it might want to take a look at Mr Neil lennon or the image right companies Celtic set up to pay millions into Japanese players back accounts or the falsifying of gate receipts at Celtic park.

  36. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    I’m enjoying Jimbo’s random deployment of italics. (NB Jimbo: “italics” are not Italian Catholics. Don’t panic.)

  37. Stinkweed says:


    Have a heart, there’s going to be thousands of them roaming the streets soon. ¬†Maybe we can find a shelter for the hard of understanding or at the very least direct him to the Kubler-Ross model for dealing with grief? ¬†He seems to be stuck in denial when others have moved onto anger, even bargaining in some cases.

  38. Betsy says:

    If this site wants to spin a load of Celtic propagnda then it should change it‚Äôs name to wings over Celtic park or something of that nature.’

    ndeed Jimbo. Perhaps all sites could change their names to something that reflects their content. So Follow Follow could rename itself ‘Fat Fucks on Benefits Masturbating Over Child Molestation’ and Rangers Media could call itself ‘ We Hate Catholics’

    Personally I’d piss myself laughing if Neil Lennon got his arse kicked for trying to avoid paying tax. Much like I’m pissing myself at Rangers for er…not paying tax. As for your allegations of gate receipt and image rights scams- report them to the relevant authorities. Then both Rangers and Celtic can be done for tax evasion.

  39. Betsy says:

    Oh God we don’t want thousands of them roaming the streets. That can only lead to flutes (two notes up, two notes down) or a fat bald man with a vast drum. I’d suggest distracting them with clowns and face painters but I believe there are ‘credit issues’ there.

  40. Barney Thomson says:

    FFS, Rev,

    Close this thread down. 

    It’s getting too close to bear baiting.¬†¬†

  41. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:


  42. Semus says:

    It just goes on and on and on.This sport and misery.Ye make me want to greet.
    I now know I am not a Scotsman.I have no place in your 90 minute paradise.God help us after 2014.If NO we will get hell from our southern cousins.If YES I am locked in with all of you.There is no future

  43. Stinkweed says:

    Sorry Barney, just letting off some steam after listening to Hughie’s inflammatory rhetoric on BBC audio. ¬†You’re right, it’s not been very sporting.

    I’m off to bed to dream of a Scotland free from all the things I can’t stand…and worry whether I’m becoming a fascist. ¬†The inertia of thought.

    Cheers for the blog Rev and the banter Jimbo n’ Betsy.¬†

  44. Oldnat says:


    ¬†“I now know I am not a Scotsman”

    That you have problems with your gender identity should probably have been kept to yourself. You really didn’t need to share that.¬†

  45. Lewis says:

    “Plenty more biggger crimes and scandals have taken place in Scottish football than a legal tax avoidance scheme over the years”

    Like, death threats against the rival’s manager and players? Or are you talking about the unionist militias linked to a certain club? Anyway, that’s gone, this team doesn’t exist anymore.

  46. Erchie says:

    Jimbo, jimbo

    Rev Stu is so anonymous I walked past his place of work years ago and watch pétanque being played around the corner. 

    So anonymous I believe I read is stuff on C4 Teletext

    Rangers thecompany did wrong. The team success was bought by behaviour against the rules.

    Rather than being punished, or even being made to accept the consequences of their actions, the football authorities bent over backwards to give Rangers and Sevco a helping hand.

    You should be on your knees apologising for not holding Murray, Smith and McCoist to account for doing this to your club 

  47. stevensanph says:

    hahaha, thats the best laugh I have had in a while!

  48. John Lyons says:

    There’s none so blind as those who refuse to see.

    As for bigotry, you obviously don’t know the meaning of the word.

    And I agree with Jimbo 2014 will be a landslide. With proud unionists like him working hard for the Bitter together campaign, I can’t see it going any other way.

  49. roni1717 says:

    Hello all,this is just my honest opinion on the ongoing senario at Ibrox.Ive been a Rangers Supporter for for 45 yrs.Im also a supporter of indepence ,its been hard the last few years.Its trying to get to the truth that is the problem.The truth about what was/is being allowed to happen at Ibrox.I do not trust and will not spend a penny,until the truth is out.As a loyal customer/bond holder i also feel duped,no one is taking responsabily.Blaming others for pointing out the mistakes,errors of judgement of the people we relyed on to administer the club is pointless.I will now concentrate on the positive message,trying to convince people of the value of Indepenence.The next two years is more important for the country,than trying to get to the bottom of who/why/ where/when we as Rangers supporters were told lies,from murry/white or are we still being duped by green.

  50. Appleby says:

    Pure gold. All of it. The post and the comments thread.
    Great to see the rational football supporters like roni1717. A few more like that and the future of football and Scotland will be that bit brighter.

  51. Scott Minto (Aka Sneekyboy) says:

    @roni1717 – Well said!

  52. Doug Daniel says:

    “If this site wants to spin a load of Celtic propagnda then it should change it‚Äôs name to wings over Celtic park or something of that nature.
    Rangers did not cheat we won the league fair and square in 03,05,09,10 & 11.”

    Jimbo, troglodyte Sevco Scotland fans like yourself need to understand that not everyone who criticises your club is a Celtic fan. Fans of other clubs are MORE than capable of hating your club for the narrow-minded sectarian pish you perpetuate in this country. Indeed, I think you’ll find the anonymous Stuart Campbell is an Aberdeen fan, like I and several others who read this site are. Such people are not part of some conspiracy to cement Celtic’s place at the top of Scottish football – if anything, I’d welcome the death of that club as well, because contrary to the protestations of many Celtic fans, they are not exactly blameless in the whole sectarian issue.

    There’s no Celtic “propganda” on this website – if there was, I’d be the first to moan about it. No, what we’ve witnessed on this site over the past few months is one of the few voices speaking up for the ordinary football fan who just wants to know what the truth is in this mess, behind the half-truths and outright lies peddled and perpetuated by the footballing authorities, the mainstream media and Rangers/Sevco/whateverthefucktheyareatthemomentco.

    As for you not cheating over the years, quite simply shut the fuck up. Every other club played by the rules, while your club was fielding players who were improperly registered and dodging taxes in order to be able to attract better players with bigger wages. We could all have done what Rangers did, racking up massive debts just to win trophies, before liquidating when we got caught and then reforming as another club, attempting to dodge our debts while claiming to own the history of the former club. You did not win the league fair and square between 2003 and 2011 because you were not playing by the same rules as every other club.

    What I witnessed on BBC Alba yesterday does not bode well for the future of Sevco. The same bigoted nonsense, singing songs about Bobby Sands and waving your fucking union jacks. What kind of pathetic excuse for a club spends all its time hating another club? If you’re so fucking proud of your history, why not sing about that, instead of laughing at people dying in a famine? Do you not realise how ridiculous it looks to go to a club like Brechin City and sing about Celtic? Well no, you don’t, because as we can see from your response, most Rangers/Sevco fans think everything is about Celtic.

    Newsflash: it’s not.¬†

  53. Doug Daniel says:

    Incidentally, anyone else get the feeling Glebe Park doesn’t usually need nearly as many police officers as there were yesterday?

  54. Juan Solo says:

    Jimbo, you pretty much sum up why Scottish football would be happy to see the end of your club. It took you just a handful of posts before revealing your true self.

    Perhaps if you and the rest of your fans took more notice of the award winning RTC site that you slate and took some action your club would not have died. ¬†For your info, the ‘legal tax avoidance scheme’ was illegally used by your club – you have been found guilty of this. The first tier tribunal is your club’s appeal of this decision.

    You would do well to look up the phrase ‘financial doping’ and then decide if your titles were won¬†legitimately or not. ¬†Perhaps you should also consider the rules of the SPL. ¬†While you’re at it why not ask the clubs in Scotland and Europe that are still awaiting payment for players their feelings on the matter. ¬†This is of course not to mention the number of small businesses not receiving a penny of the monies owed to them by the former RFC, now having to watch on as The RFC bring the same bile to the SFL as was suffered by the SPL.

    I imagine you are a huge fan of Ally McCoist, Sandy Jardine and John (Bomber) Brown given their incessant pandering to the lowest form of pond life.  

  55. Seasick Dave says:

    The Rangers were pure pish by ra way.

  56. Restlessnative1320 says:

    Jimbo Jimbo GTF.The voice of the “people” has spoken.Is it any wonder the WHOLE of Scotland despises the likes of you, your rancid team and support.The perpetual hate and rage that scum like you have beggars belief.It would be nice if we could invite you along and join us in the 21st century but know what,fair minded forward thinking people dont want the likes of you and your odious kind polluting what could be a new dawn.Now be a good cretin and get back and fester in your 17th century bile ridden swamp.ALBA GU BRATH.

  57. Lairdofdarkness says:


    You do realise that WATP now stands for “We’re Away to Peterhead”

    And yes I am a Laird (have the certificate and a’thing) admittedly not of darkness but I am still a Laird when it is dark,¬† so I think that counts!!

    Plus I am an Aberdeen Fan, although I have never shagged a sheep….yet!

    Your rants just re-inforce why the Weerapeepil element of Sevcos fanbase needs to be removed.  Good to see Roni1717 actually speaking up for the decent side of your support.

  58. Domhnall Dods says:

    right, can we just shut up about association football now? please? ;

  59. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    You realise that when people moan it just makes me want to write another football piece, right? Don’t like ’em, don’t read ’em.

  60. Erchie says:


    You notice he never gives you the lowdown on the Shenanigans in the Shinty? He’s in thrall to the Gaeltacht!

  61. Ron says:

    ‘We hope you‚Äôll forgive us this last one, just for fun.’

    Honestly? Promise?

    OK then, you’re forgiven.¬†

    Try not to let it happen again.

    Looking at the dross that resulted, you can see my point, can’t you?


  62. Domhnall Dods says:

    i liked it stu, it was tongue in cheek, but it just drags your blog down into  the cess pit of the sectarian rangers celtic slanging match. as the reaction from jimbo just proved.

  63. douglas clark says:

    Och Domhnall Dods,
    jimbo did it all to himself!
    Anyway you will be delighted to know that RTC has apparently completed it’s business. Back to that third division fixtures list for jimbo!

  64. Ken says:

    Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
    July 30, 2012 at 7:34 pm

    “You realise that when people moan it just makes me want to write another football piece, right? Don‚Äôt like ‚Äėem, don‚Äôt read ‚Äėem.”

    It’s your blog of course,¬†and you can write what you like. If I were a Rangers fan, however, and I read this with the ‘near-human’, ‘troglodyte’ , ‘the whole of Scotland despises you’ etc comments-¬†I would be associating the anti-Rangers views you hold with the pro-independence views. ¬†And that in my opinion is not a good thing- if Alec Salmond ¬†came out and said he hated Rangers or Celtic for example, do you not think that would have an effect when it came to the¬†vote? We want to persuade everybody in Scotland of the benefits of independence- including those misguided souls who support the old Firm.¬†

    At the end of the day a lot of people support Rangers and Celtic, and the vast majority of them are¬†not¬†sub-human or sectarian bigots (although some are). I would say they mainly support the Old firm for the same reason people support Man U or¬†Chelsea in England- because they win things. It’s only a bloody game of football¬†anyway!¬†

    Steps down from pulpit.. 




  65. DG says:

    I haven’t seen a single anti-Rangers view on this blog any more than saying “Tony Blair is a war criminal” would be an anti-white person view.

    Rangers cheated and then went bankrupt. A new club for former fans to support has been gifted a head start on a new life. ¬†These are facts. ¬†In this piece there’s been a little light mocking, which is one of those traits all countries in the union share. If this had all been Celtic I suspect the tone would have been identical.

    It’s worth pointing out that even the level headed Rangers fans believe they’re getting off lightly and most actively campaigned for div 3 rather than an even more obvious head start for the new club.¬†

  66. romanista says:

    great dutch article..¬†(put it into google translate) on this.. and his image of the sfl3…

  67. douglas clark says:

    I think Google translate is great!
    here is a short extract of what I got:
    “Anyway, the situation did the football picture of the week, the Rangers’ bench in Brechin, where Rangers opened the season with a duel to the Ramsdens Cup, a Cup for clubs from villages without sewerage.”

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