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Please make it stop

Posted on July 23, 2013 by

Woke up this morning and accidentally switched on the news, foolishly thinking “It happened yesterday afternoon, surely they’ll have run out of completely inane drivel to say about it by now”. Brain now turned to semolina. Can barely construct sentences, let alone analyse anything. Be with you in a bit.

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199 to “Please make it stop”

  1. Craig says:

    Roll on Independence so we can escape this nonsense ….

  2. Best comment I heard on the whole thing yesterday –

    “A woman dependant upon the state has chosen to have a child. Surely the Daily Mail should be furious?”

  3. Doug Daniel says:

    I’m sure our future leader will be given a traditional British name. And by British, I of course mean English – no chance it’ll be given a Scottish, Welsh or Irish name.

  4. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    I read an interesting tweet suggesting that it’d be given a name uniting the Union, eg “Andrew (Scotland) David (Wales) Edward (England)” or something. Would be intriguing if that happened.

  5. Juteman says:

    Kenneth the 1st? 😉

  6. john king says:

    what about making a few quid on the side and run a book on the babys name
     I want to put a fiver on Thor 🙂

  7. Ron Maclean says:

    Rev Stu for christening.

  8. Tony Little says:

    @john  Hmm. where was the sprog conceived?  That seems to be a strong indicator for naming.  Or why not show their true colours and name him Edward?

  9. Doug Daniel says:

    Stu – if that were the case, I suspect Edward would be the first name. If nothing else, they’ve no imagination these royals, and always have to give their first-born the same name as a previous monarch. They wouldn’t like the idea of a King Andrew.
    Imagine if they called it Damien, though…

  10. Morag says:

    David the what.  Third?  David the Second didn’t get on too well with England as far as I remember.

    They can’t use either Andrew or Edward as they are already taken.  Anyway, when he finally makes it on to the throne in about 60 years, he’ll probably choose something entirely different, like Bertie.

  11. Tony Little says:

    EDIT: Re Edward, Sorry Rev.  I really should read everything first
    <embarrassed thingy>

  12. Tony Little says:

    Why not Darien? 😉
    I can do winkys

  13. Tony Little says:

    Baby has father’s eye.  Then he should give them back!

  14. uilleam_beag says:

    Oh no, please don’t you mention it too. I realised yesterday that I won’t be able to go neat a telly or a radio for weeks, let alone pick up the dead tree press. 
    @HoraceSaysYes – that’s definitely the best thing anyone could say about it.

  15. Murray McCallum says:

    Timothy is a fairly traditional home counties name.  Mind you a King Tim may seriously confuse certain Scottish royalists.

  16. Ally says:

    They should give it a popular British boys name!
    God bless Prince Mohammed

  17. Tony Little says:

    For once I can say happily I am outwith Scotland and the UK.  NOTHING here about the new subsidy junky. 

  18. Jeannie says:

    And I suspect it’s about to get a lot worse – just opened up Facebook and somebody had posted a big picture of Diana holding William as a baby, with the comment, “Thought this was appropriate for today”.  It has 94,748 likes!  Wish to god they were as sentimental about some of the poor wee souls being looked after by friends who are foster carers.  I fear we’re about to be taken back in time and subjected to another mad bout of Diana Mania.

  19. jake says:

    “why not Darien?”  you ask.
    c’mon, that would be a disaster

  20. Perhaps we should name one of the food banks in Glesga after the wee chap?

  21. Macart says:

    I’m on my third bottle of toilet duck already and its still not filtering out cloying coverage of the happy arrival. To find it on WoS is the last straw…… darkened room.

  22. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “if that were the case, I suspect Edward would be the first name.”

    Well, yes. But it’ll still be interesting.

  23. MajorBloodnok says:

    Quite a contrast between the gushing servile pap from Radio 4 this morning and the restrained rather more objective (and dare I say detached) interviews from Radio Scotland.  I actually heard someone on R4 suggest that the royals were actually ‘different’ (as in a different species) from the rest of us and that it was wonderful having new blood brought in from the middle classes such as the Middletons “such a good looking family”.  Nothing about brains then.
    The best one was some ‘historian’ telling us that in the old days members of the government used to witness such births to ensure that there really was a baby and that some interoper wasn’t just brought in in a bed-pan or something.  But of course, they added, it wasn’t really necessary nowadays there are so many witnesses, even, the common people, if you will “the mob”.  She really said that, “the mob”.
    If we keep them in an independent Scotland we’re not supporting them any longer, that’s for sure.

  24. Tris says:

    I favour Dwayne. It would show that they were down with the people, innit?

  25. HandandShrimp says:

    Got to be Kevin 🙂

  26. MajorBloodnok says:

    @jake says:
    “why not Darien?”  you ask.
    c’mon, that would be a disaster
    Personally I think it may be a George, Alfred or a Nigel.  Or Caractacus.

  27. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    I’m not looking at the TV or listening to the radio.
    Grooveshark all day with Eartha Kitt for the next 2 hours.

  28. HandandShrimp says:

    PS not bothering with the news much at the moment as I have some paint I need to watch dry. Heard AS on the radio this morning. Gary was absolutely desperate for the FM to commit himself to the price of milk in 2078 in an independent Scotland or something. Not particularly clever line of questioning and very easy to side-swipe as not very clever. I sometimes think the BBC is biased sometimes I think the presenters are just a bit inept.

  29. Jeannie says:

    They should call him Scott, just to be annoying 🙂

  30. JPJ says:

    I see Alexander is third in the betting.
    Surely Bitter Together aren’t so desperate as to prevail upon the royals to name the baby prince after our “Dear Leader” ???

  31. Desimond says:

    Has anyone seen a mock up picture of Wee Eck with a Saltire behind a sweaty faced Kate yet? Its been almost 24 hours….how the standards have fallen!

  32. Tattie-boggle says:

    I seen a thing on TV about the royal baby clothes apparently they ranged between nice and ridiculous whilst being totally oblivious to the fact spending about half an hour on the subject was ridiculous.

  33. Tattie-boggle says:

    seen one with john terry

  34. seoc says:

    Nah, it has to be Diano’

  35. Jimbo says:

    They should call him Benny Fitzclaimant Windsor. Another one added to the pile. Roll on the independent republic.

  36. Tamson says:

    @Tony Little:
    You liar! The BBC website is currently telling me, quite earnestly, ‘World celebrates Royal birth’ . Mind you, maybe you’re on Mars or the ISS.

  37. wullie says:

    Nah, be a German or Greek name, none o that furriner English guff.

  38. Robert Bryce says:

    Stop complaining. It’s one less child born into poverty in the UK.

    Having said that, the subsidy will likely put another 1000 into poverty to cover it.

    I can no longer be arsed with this anymore.

  39. The Man in the Jar says:

    As Andrew and David are patron saints should that not be George? One name that it definitely won’t be is James!

  40. Seasick Dave says:

    Names beginning with a K are very ‘in’ I’m led to believe.
    Kong might be a step too far though.

  41. MajorBloodnok says:

    What about Agamemnon?  I was going to call my son that, but MajoretteBloodnok wouldn’t have it (don’t mention the war!), so we settled on Croesus instead.

  42. Tamson says:

    @Seasick Dave:
    In that case they should hark back to one of the greatest Kings of England, and call him Knut.

  43. Ally says:

    Tamson says:
    23 July, 2013 at 11:35 am

    You liar! The BBC website is currently telling me, quite earnestly, ‘World celebrates Royal birth’ . Mind you, maybe you’re on Mars or the ISS.
    Bloke on the telly last night said “The pubs the length & breadth of Britain will be full of folk celebrating tonight!” Did anyone have a problem getting served on a dull Monday night?

  44. Helena Brown says:

    Just wanted to say how much I am enjoying the banter, so refreshing.
    Longing for a Royal Free Scotland. Cannot wait until September 2014 so we can start it rolling.

  45. HandandShrimp says:

    Alexander is very much a Scottish Royals name as is James. It seems far fetched but I wonder if a Better Together unifying name has been discussed? If it is Edward I think we can take it as a green light to go 🙂

  46. KOF says:

    Any news on the Earl and Countess of Strathearn? Weren’t they expecting a child too?
    Now was it just me, or did Reporting Scotland manage to report the impending birth without saying either “Duke & Duchess of Cambridge” or “Earl and Countess of Strathearn”? I noticed it too on the evening bulletin at half ten.
    Then we had Newsnight Scotland. Again no mention of their formal names, only “the Royal couple”, etc. “Duke & Duchess of Cambridge” was mentioned briefly though on the film report section. It was in the “what the foreigners think” section.
    From BBCScotland’s website –
    “First Minister Alex Salmond led Scotland’s congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of their baby son.”
    “Scotland Secretary Michael Moore said he was delighted to hear that the royal couple, known as the Earl and Countess of Strathearn in Scotland, had welcomed a healthy baby boy.”
    Hmmm… a coincidence?

  47. Gordon Hay says:

    Spensor Winston.

  48. Jeannie says:

    They should call him Benny Fitzclaimant Windsor
    Had to steal that and post on Facebook.  Love it.

  49. handclapping says:

    If it doesn’t have three wise men with gifts and a bunch of sock washing shepherds I dont know what the fuss is about.

  50. Desimond says:

    Had to smile at the Comments from Political Leaders…poor wee Johann picked a fine time to be out the country.

  51. magnus barelegs says:

    I think they should name the horrible little brat Tarquin or failing that how about Dick? Bloody parasites breeding more parasites for an anachronistic dynasty. Hopefully Scotland will be rid off them in years to come.

  52. handclapping says:

    Even if she’d been here she wouldnt have been allowed to say anything in case it was something for nothing

  53. Juteman says:

    Dom o’Fyffe?

  54. handclapping says:

    If he’s got his father’s eyes, … Igor?

  55. proudscot says:

    Tamson, the BBC are seriously claiming “The world will now be awaiting the name of the new royal baby!!!” Seriously, the world??? Do they mean the likes of North Korea, Iran, Syria, China, the Taliban in Afghanistan, etc.? Aye, right!

  56. Dcanmore says:

    Why don’t they go with the nation’s current favourite … Justin! And then when they have a girl in a couple years they can call her Miley. Gettin’ down wit da people folks!
    @Horace … “A woman dependant upon the state has chosen to have a child. Surely the Daily Mail should be furious?”
    Well, imagine the benefits! I’d bet the scrounger has a house like a palace!

  57. Gordon Hay says:

    That should have been Spencer Winston Windsor Wales.

  58. @Dcanmore – Well, imagine the benefits! I’d bet the scrounger has a house like a palace!
    That’s a point – how many spare bedrooms do we think Buck House and Balmoral have between them?

  59. Jeannie says:

    Maybe they should call him Brian because unlike what the tv and newspapers would have you believe……he’s not the Messiah!

  60. pa_broon74 says:

    My particularly crap joke yesterday afternoon on twitter.
    What does John Hurt and Kate Middleton have in common? Nothing… Yet… #RoyalBaby

  61. Bill C says:

    ‘John’ does it for me, after John Mclean “All Hail, the Scottish Workers Republic” November 1922.

  62. John Lyons says:

    My son wanted a wee brother called drongo the Magnificent. We’re not using it, so i give it freely to the bairn and hope they call him that. I will anyway, even if no-one else does.

  63. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:


    That picture is improved so much by the ellipsis and the multiple exclamation marks 🙁

  64. Morag says:

    I recommend Radio 3.  OK I turned off last night while the prommers were still applauding rapturously, all quite uncaring of whatever had been going on while they were shut in the Albert Hall, but this morning the station segued smoothly across 9 o’clock without even mentioning the word “news”.
    The Prom tonight is Die Walkure I think, which guarantees about four and a half hours free of any unwanted references whatsoever.

  65. Patrick Roden says:

    OT, but just posted on the herald view, as I think the continuing blanking of sites such as this is a disgrace, so just want to see if this post gets moderated off.
    If it does, then we will know.
    Good comments, but I’m surprised that in the Paragraph mentioning how digital media is now more important in campaigns, ‘The Herald View’ failed to mention the growth of digital media that is supporting Yes in the upcoming referendum.

    This is a vitally important factor, that I’m amazed has still not been properly researched, as unlike the American digital Election campaigns that cost each party millions, the Scottish blogs etc sprung up spontaneously, and cost the Yes campaign nothing.
    These sites continue to thrive and grow as they are often funded by many individuals contributing small amounts, surely it’s time for the MSM to stop pretending this isn’t happening and start engaging with these blogs, perhaps they might benefit from this engagement.

  66. John Lyons says:

    Or maybe they’ll call him Alexander and england can have thier own wee Eck.

  67. jake says:

    So glad the Count & Countess of Strathearn have had a boy. It removes all that nastiness about gender being a barrier to his becoming a member at muirfield, although, of course, there remains the taint of the middle classes in his parentage which would still be problematic.

  68. KOF says:

    Cough! .. it’s Earl and Countess. 🙂

  69. MajorBloodnok says:

    Unfortunately, references to Apocalypse Now, naplam, “charlie don’t surf’ and disembowelled Vietcong spring to mind.  Plus, the most bum-achingly static production of Parsifal I’ve ever seen.

  70. scotty says:

    it will probably be something traditional….like Heinnrich or klaus or something,then again there is also the possibility of him being named Lord Xenu the second future ruler of the U.K. the commonwealth and all the galaxy!!

  71. MajorBloodnok says:

    I love the mis-spelling of napalm in the morning.

  72. Jeannie says:

    @John Lyons
    Or maybe they’ll call him Alexander and england can have thier own wee Eck
    Or Eccles – I think Prince Charles was a fan of The Goons

  73. Vronsky says:

    Wonder if its benefits will be capped at £20k?

  74. CameronB says:

    Bit slow here. So the happy couple are both Cambridge and Strathearn at the same time? That’s a bit greedy.

  75. JLT says:

    Doug Daniel says:

    I’m sure our future leader will be given a traditional British name. And by British, I of course mean English – no chance it’ll be given a Scottish, Welsh or Irish name.
    Totally agree with you, Doug. The wife said that folk were saying James or Andrew might be in the running. No chance! There has been no James, since James VII (the last Stuart King, who was deposed by William of Orange). James VII was catholic, and therefore the name James is synonymous with rebellious Scots, and of the Stuart household.
    And Andrew (after the two attended St. Andrews …nope. Can’t see the English putting up with a King Andrew).
    It will either be Philip, George, Charles or Edward.

  76. MajorBloodnok says:

    Twice the rent.

  77. pa_broon74 says:

    No it couldn’t possibly be… And no one is getting my John Hurt reference…

  78. Jiggsbro says:

    Apparently they’ve held a public vote and it will be called ‘Queensferry’.

  79. mogabee says:

    Alien? 😉

  80. pmcrek says:

    Great, another person who doesn’t pay tax and needs a servant to wipe his arse.

  81. CameronB says:

    What about David? 🙂
    A Jewish King And Queen Of England? It’s Possible
    Posted: 06/17/11 09:35

  82. handclapping says:

    Only in Scotland, elsewhere it’ll be Richard, a right royal …

  83. Chic McGregor says:

    @Tamson – ‘K’ names
    “@Seasick Dave:
    In that case they should hark back to one of the greatest Kings of England, and call him Knut.”
    What, so he could thwart aspirations for tidal power in a future independent Scotland?
    How about ‘Keiron’?  😉
    Oh and if he turns out to be gay, can he change his title to Queen?

  84. Arbroath 1320 says:

    Would it be too obvious to suggest this new baby be called Scrounger the First? 😆
    On a side note I read over on Twitter that SKY news had reported that Camilla (of the Parker-Bowles ilk) had still not seen her new grandson!!!!! Go figure! Last time I checked she was NOT the mother of either of the parents of this latest addition to the Royal “screw the public” family so I am a wee bit confused about how she suddenly becomes grandmother to this latest benefit claimant. At best she is STEP grandmother nut NEVER grandmother!

  85. Morag says:

    Major – I don’t care, I’m going to enjoy it anyway.

  86. mato21 says:

    I think it should be called Wayne after all we all refer to the wean and as a first born he could rightly be called Wayne The First
    The Wayne sounds about right

  87. Chic McGregor says:

    And if the New world Order decides to be a monarchy, it would be Wayne’s World – dude.

  88. Jamie Arriere says:

    Courtesy of the Scottish Registry Office, Id say the best name would be :
    VILLIAM  (named after his dad but with the correct pronunciation)
    Other options could be :
    LAZARUS  (could call him Lazy for short)
    KANAV  (I’m sure for the rest of his life it will be Kanav this, Kanav that)
    SHANEANDREW (just classy)
    and a Scottish one, MACALLAN.
    It will be Charles, George or Edward – just get on with it…..

  89. Jamie Arriere says:

    The last time I will mention this subject, but you may like to know that there was a boy named INDY born last year. Let’s hope that name catches on.

  90. Chic McGregor says:

    King Cy Zedburger – defender of the fat.

  91. Edward Barbour says:

    Totally fed up with the garbage being fed by the media. Example last night when the news was announced of the birth, I think it was ITV (could be SKY or BBC, you couldn’t get a used fiver between any them for difference), had some idiot expert spouting that ‘it continues the line from 1066’ (he may have meant 1966), meaning that the baby is direct descended from William the Conqueror (previously known as William the Bastard, before he conquered England). Only on slight problem is that the line was broken by Elizabeth 1 of England, who didn’t have any children. The baby in actual fact, like his grandmother, is descended from the Stewart and Hanoverian dynasties , with a bit of Hapsburg thrown in. But some don’t like to think about that, preferring to spout the English line of 1000 years, they just cant help themselves. It pops up on a regular basis. As for Name for the Baby, we can only speculate, but guarantee it could be a minefield. The media seem to think James is favourite. But keep an eye on them coming out with ‘James III’ ignoring the fact that he will be the monarch of Scotland as well as England, so should be James III / James VIII. Oh and watch out for the ever regular ‘King of England’ from joe public and ‘King of the United Kingdom’ from the media, but for some reason, never ‘King of Scotland’

  92. MajorBloodnok says:

    What about “Right” as a name for the Prince?
    So when they try to make us bend the knee to our future lord and master we can say “Aye, that’ll be ‘king Right.”

  93. ianbrotherhood says:

    Why not do what we do with trolls – just ignore the whole fucking lot of them?

  94. Dcanmore says:

    I hope he is named Rodney, so we can all call him Dave 🙂

  95. Murray McCallum says:

    Surely it is currently impossible to be called “King of Scotland“?  With regard to the 1707 Act of Union, “Scotland certainly was extinguished as a matter of international law, by merger either into an enlarged and renamed England or into an entirely new state.”
    You can’t be King of something that does not exist.

  96. Dcanmore says:

    … it’s called the Trigger effect
    I’ll get me coat

  97. john king says:

    fit aboot a playmate fur wee torquil?
    fit aboot tarquin? 🙂

  98. Dcanmore says:

    @Murray … his title will be ‘King of Scots’, just like his Great Grandma is ‘Elizabeth Queen of Scots’. Of course that depends if we’ll be a republic by then (Scotland after independence that is).

  99. KOF says:

    @Edward Barbour
    “…  but for some reason, never ‘King of Scotland.”
    You mean “King of Scots” surely? 😉

  100. Shinty says:

    James III – that would be another opportunity to put the boot up the natives in North Britain. Just like they did with QE2.

  101. AlexMcI says:

    Ah well,  I have just found out that one of the benefits of having a two year old, is not catching any of this nonsense. No royal baby for me, it’s Doc McStuffins and Henry Hugglemonster all the way. And I’m guessing that it makes more sense than the drivell being pushed on the grown up channels.

  102. Dcanmore
    I hope he is named Rodney, so we can all call him Dave.

  103. HeatherMcLean says:

    Over one third of children in the UK are living in poverty – thank god we have a new royal baby to cheer us all up! 🙁

  104. Doug Daniel says:

    Let’s be honest – if it gets called James and Scotland is still in the UK by the time it sits on the throne in 60 years’ time, we’ll have no right to be moaning about it being called James III instead of James VIII.
    We’ll have no right to be still pretending to be a country at all, in fact.

  105. Jimbo says:

    @ Edward Barbour
    Edward, they trace their lineage back to the Conqueror’s line and also the Anglo Saxons through the Scottish monarchy. 
    James IV was married to Margaret, daughter of Henry VII of England. David I was married to Matilda, great niece of the Conqueror and daughter of Waltheof, the last great Anglo Saxon noble to remain after the Normans took England.

    They can also trace their lineage back to the AEthlings through Malcolm III who married one, Margaret.

  106. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    Barbara Windsor has a nice ring to it.

    It could start a trend like Jesse

  107. mato21 says:

    Poor JLa would seem no one has asked her to send her good wishes Sarwar seems to have been given the honour Could she not be trusted to say the right thing I wonder or maybe she cannot believe the FM didn’t have a hand in it (that doesn’t sound right somehow)Oh well

  108. Macart says:

    No script prepared. 🙂

  109. ianbrotherhood says:

    Good piece on NNS, and interesting comments – there is an obvious groundswell of revulsion at the BBC.
    Why wait for an organised boycott? Who’s going to give it any coverage? Just stop paying these bastards to feed us shite 24/7.

  110. Richard Lucas says:

    The Infant Formally Known As Prince

  111. MajorBloodnok says:

    Wish it was twins – Sid James III and Barbara Windsor: what a carry on.

  112. Juteman says:


  113. James Westland says:

    I just cant stand this. Its worse than that Diana funeral business. On Yahoo, one of the news headlines was “What did Kate eat” which then clicks through to ”
    “Kate Middleton orders a pizza after giving birth”
    And I dont know how many reference I have heard to “future king of England” Mind you, maybe thats prophetic but I suspect its just the usual UK=England=Britain crap.
    I am losing the will to live…….

  114. The_Duke says:

    @ianbrotherhood. Great article.
    Along those line…. if you go to the BBC page for England, Wales then Nth Ireland and finally Scotland…. look at the difference in the picture size of the 3 top stories
    Gotta love the effort… subtle too

  115. Chic McGregor says:

    “The last time I will mention this subject, but you may like to know that there was a boy named INDY born last year. Let’s hope that name catches on.”
    Wonder if this was his dad.

  116. Dramfineday says:

    SDcanmore says:
    23 July, 2013 at 1:51 pm

    I hope he is named Rodney, so we can all call him Dave
    Stop it indeed. As in, stop it I’m sore laughing at the comments above….. on second thoughts, keep them coming. Laughter is the best antidote .

  117. AlexMcI says:

    @ Ian Brotherhood , I stopped paying about a year ago, had a few visits and letters to the householder. So any time they come i tell them I am Mr Householder, and nope I’m not paying for propaganda, and feel free to take me to court. Because I’m just aching to make a big fuss about all the lies they tell. Not heard anything for a while.

  118. handclapping says:

    Meanwhile really important baby news in the real world is being ignored. My bird feeder is under siege with all the anxious parents stocking up with seeds to feed their nestlings. Just so as you know like.

  119. WallaceBruce says:

    Oh well it keeps the pensioners, Daily Mail readers (if that’s not one and the same thing) and Americans happy so it’s all worth while then?

  120. The_Duke says:

    I’m sorry guys. Seems the BBC have been up to it again. After giving only a couple of hours “headline” news (second story)…. seems a woman getting her hand caught in a dog shite bin is deemed more newsworthy. Unbelievable!

  121. Ray says:

    Something near to Charles, Edward or George makes sense. So…Chedwarge.
    Chedwarge or Wyclef.

  122. ianbrotherhood says:

    More power to ye mister.
    Need to pick your brains –
    I’m expecting them back anytime after they stuck a notice through the door when I was out in the garden. (They couldn’t have knocked very enthusiastically otherwise the dogs would’ve gone off on one.)
    Anyway – when they doorstep you, do they ask to get in? Do they try to get you to sign anything?
    I don’t know whether or not these characters try to claim the ‘right to entry/search’ etc, but I’ve heard that they show a quasi-legal document which isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.
    All I know for sure is this – I’m not paying the thing ever again, and they’re not stepping foot over my door unless they have a proper search warrant and a couple of cops with them.

  123. Edward Barbour says:

    another note from yesterday’s circus
    I thought allowing that so called Town Crier on the steps to shout out his ‘announcement’ was cringing to say the least. I thought the union flag clad stalkers bad enough, but this joker managed to con his way onto the steps of the hospital. He isn’t actually employed by either the City of London, not the palace, he is just a weirdo from Essex with possible mental problems. Naturally the media, who were near hyper ventilation at the developments just lapped it up

  124. dmw42 says:

    Apparently they were considering calling him after one of the Scottish isles. ‘Old Man of Hoy’ has a certain ring to it.
    Personally, I’d go for Boab, Shuggie or wee Tam.
    The good news though is that they’ve had the bairn just in time to  register for tax credits before next week’s deadline.

  125. MajorBloodnok says:

    Maybe she was an amateur gynaecologist and was just re-enacting the royal birth?

  126. Edward Barbour says:

    Thanks @Jimbo
    Your right, I hadn’t thought about further up the Scottish monarchs line
    with all its cross lines etc

  127. The Man in the Jar says:

    James III? Oh well there goes some post-boxes!

  128. The_Duke says:

    Ouch! 🙂

  129. Dal Riata says:

    Jedward? Has a certain je ne sais pas about it.

  130. The Rough Bounds says:

    How about naming the bairn King Brude. He was the Pictish king that stuffed the English in their attempted invasion of Scotland/Pictland in 685 ad.
    The English king, Ecgfrith, after he was bumped off, was taken to Inchcolm in the Firth of Forth and planted there. His remains are still there, somewhere.
    Surely they will want that particular battle (Dunnichen) to be remembered? It would after all be reviving an ancient name and an ancient culture.
    But somehow I doubt it…

  131. Jeannie says:

    I think James is a name they’re likely to avoid.  Calling him James III in England is one thing, but the equivalent numeral in Scotland is more problematic.  We had James II and VII and his son, James VIII (Old Pretender) so if they had a James III, I think the equivalent up here would be James IX, but I could be wrong.  I can’t imagine the Windsors would want that old can of worms opened up, given that at the time of the Hanoverian succession, there were other Stewarts with a stronger claim to the throne, or so I’ve read.  Also saw a programme a couple of years ago showing the the direct Stewart descendent was an Australian bloke, who has since died.
    Mind you, it probably won’t matter.  If he actually ever becomes king, they’ll give him a completely different name at that time, as they did with the present Queen’s father.
    Or we could just solve the whole problem by abolishing the monarchy?

  132. Lobeydosser says:

    @Ian Brotherhood.
    After several letters I had a visit from them. I gave them a big welcome said I’d been waiting for them, invited them in then insisted they inspect all the devices. I also asked them to record my reason for non payment(bias) they were quite taken aback, I live in Maryhill so maybe they were expecting a different response. Haven’t heard a peep since.
    PS I’m Rosie, Davy Bogie from Clyde Action being my SO. Always enjoy reading your posts. How’r you doin. 🙂

  133. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    How about
    Then the English would have a King formerly known as Prince

  134. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    I used to live in Inner Bearsden, like you do now.

  135. Juteman says:

    Rhib Suppir?

  136. raineach says:

    Ethelfrith was my favourite named English king. Now that would be a Union dividend

  137. Juteman says:

    Prawn Masala?

  138. AlexMcI says:

    @ Ian Brotherhood, First thing is they haven’t even got me to confirm who I am , my missus had the licence in her name then I told her to stop paying, they sent her some threatening letters first. They were ignored , then the door went one night and they asked hello are you the householder , I confirmed I was , they then asked my name, only then I asked and who would be asking. Cue the badges and you don’t have a TV licence. As I said before, I confirmed  that I was Mr Householder and that I wouldn’t be paying for their propaganda, they then tried to get info from me, but quickly realised they were getting the runaround and left. Don’t volunteer anything to them and don’t be saying oh I don’t watch live tv, keep that up your sleeve incase you do end up in court. Apparently you need to confirm your name to them to be in camera for the law, if they don’t get your name on the paper they can’t start proceedings. I’m no lawyer Ian but as far as I’m aware in Scotland, it’s a civil offence and not a criminal one. A bit like getting a parking ticket in Asda or the hospital. It basically costs them more to persue you for it than they get back. I just ignore things like that and they tend to get bored of playing before I do.

  139. Jamie Arriere says:

    Wonder if this was his dad.
    I dunno. He would have needed his ‘twin brother’ and a ‘tall friend’ to even make it happen, if you know what I mean.   😉

  140. tartanpigsy says:

    Interesting article on Newsnet regarding payment of the licence fee to the BBC also some interesting comments 😉

    This has to now be seriously discussed by us all
    OK back to Royal Watch …..
     Just read the thread and see some of you already in this discussion, I’m busy….

  141. Robert Louis says:

    As was pointed out on BBC Alba the other day, not only is Queen Elizabeth II a misnomer in Scotland, but Queen Elizabeth II of the UK is also a misnomer, as there has never ever been a Queen Elizabeth of the UK, only of England.
    I really don’t care about the monarchy one way or the other, but the fact that those in England have such disregard for the Scottish crown does irk me.  The successor to Lizzie better come up to Edinburgh and put the Scottish crown on their head, unlike the charade performed by Lizzie herself.
    As for the BBC, well I think everybody has said what utter tripe it is.  Pure and simple, it is taxpayer funded Britannia propaganda, that the North Korean leadership would be rightly proud of.
    Who are these servile, subservient, fawning, dimwitted clowns they keep interviewing outside buck house, bedecked in union jackery??  Sheep, sheep, sheep.
     Hip, hip, hurray!!!  Three cheers for the aristocracy.

  142. Robert Louis says:

    Agree, it is an excellent article on Newsnet.  The BBC is just a big taxpayer funded propaganda machine.  In Scotland it has stopped pretending to be balanced or impartial.
    The propagandist behaviour by the BBC against Scottish independence is an affront to democracy.  The BBC should be run out of Scotland, the whole stinking lot of them.  Oh, and it is about time the Scottish Government amended the law such that it is no longer a criminal offence to refuse to pay the BBC propaganda tax in Scotland.

  143. Lobeydosser says:

    @Bugger(the Panda) 🙂

  144. Juteman says:

    I stopped paying the TV tax about 18 months ago.
    Told  them where to stick it, but was careful in my words so i never admitted to anything.

  145. James Westland says:

    Time to give this one a spin. Liam Clancy in fine form. (NB FOr those that are not familiar with it – its not what it seems…. 🙂  )

  146. annie says:

    I can’t believe in this day and age people still think kings and queens are important – they are only use for filling columns in tabloids.

  147. James Westland says:

    Just had a  thought. You think this is bad? We better hope that Lizzie doesnt pop her clogs before the referendum then. Can you just imagine it?

  148. Craig P says:

    Oliver has a ring to it.
    Alex McL, ianbrotherhood – when the TV licensing enforcement agents arrive with a copper, let the police in, but leave the TV goons to stew on your doorstep. They have no legal rights, even with a warrant.

  149. Jimbo says:

    Just had a  thought. You think this is bad? We better hope that Lizzie doesnt pop her clogs before the referendum then. Can you just imagine it?
    Don’t give the NO Camp ideas, James. I wouldn’t put anything past them.

  150. Vronsky says:

    Name for the latest sponger?  Brian – has to be.

  151. Lianachan says:

    HandandShrimp says:

    I sometimes think the BBC is biased sometimes I think the presenters are just a bit inept.
    I think it’s a little from column A and a little from column B, there.

  152. Craig P says:

    My favourite royal birth nutter was the fellow spotted outside the hospital with an effigy of Kate Middleton done up like the Virgin Mary. Can anybody top that?

  153. roboscot says:

    The use of Queen Elizabeth II is based on an alleged policy of counting pre-Union monarchs. That means we can pretty much rule out any name that has more Scottish antecedents than English ones. it’s an easy policy to implement that way and totally fair in a certain perfidious way.

  154. AlexMcI says:

    @Craig P thanks for that little nugget of info mate.

  155. ianbrotherhood says:

    Yep, second that – forewarned is forearmed.

  156. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    and the penny has just dropped.
    Relentless doom , gloom,  fear and grey skies only to be enjolyed (made that up) by being allowed to celebrate the vicarious pleasure of one of genetic rulers, who just had a sprog.

    Sheeple or wot?

    Just heard someone on radio saying just that she was happy for good news every so often

  157. Chic McGregor says:

    @Robert Louis, Tartanpigsy
    “Agree, it is an excellent article on Newsnet.  The BBC is just a big taxpayer funded propaganda machine.  In Scotland it has stopped pretending to be balanced or impartial.
    The propagandist behaviour by the BBC against Scottish independence is an affront to democracy.  The BBC should be run out of Scotland, the whole stinking lot of them.  Oh, and it is about time the Scottish Government amended the law such that it is no longer a criminal offence to refuse to pay the BBC propaganda tax in Scotland.”
    Agree that is a good article and by no means the first time that NNS and ‘GP’ in particular have crticised the BBC.
    I nearly posted a comment there, but then remembered the rather strange behaviour of NNS in the past, where, while it seems to be OK for them to have a go at the BBC, they frown upon and censor comments from others which do so.  Seems to be OK if you crticise BBC and STV, although that never seemed very fair on STV to me as they are nowhere near as bad as the beeb.
    Here is an example from one of several comments which I had censored.  I give this example because it was only the picture below which was removed in that instance so clearly there is a problem with it somewhere.
    Is it OTT?

  158. AlexMcI says:

    @Chic McGregor, as isaid above, I’m sure not paying the tax is a civil, and not criminal matter in Scotland .

  159. Paul Clarkson says:

    Robert Bruce Windsor ? 😉

  160. AlexMcI says:

    I’m sure it’s the not paying a fine set by a civil court that gets you the criminal record. Perhaps someone can confirm this?

  161. KOF says:

    @ Chic McGregor 
    NNS seem to be a but funny about many things. I posted a comment yesterday along the lines of the one I made above at 11:47am and it still hasn’t appeared.
    I’m also curious as to why no one has made any comment on what I said at 11:47am. Was the interest of no one piqued by BBS Scotland’s use of words covering the “royal” birth? Did no one else find it strange? No one else think something’s going on? Maybe it is just me then…  ho hum!

  162. Colin mccartney says:

    Naming the royal baby
    Fanny does it for me, it’s parents are fannies, the grandparents are fannies and the whole in-bred European royal system are fannies, and we can give it an irn bru bottle as a present. Problem solved.

  163. Chic McGregor says:

    “I can’t believe in this day and age people still think kings and queens are important – they are only use for filling columns in tabloids.”
    Yep, they are just another celeb cult phenomena.
    Won’t by long before we get a reality TV show where members of the royal family are filmed in their equivalent of a jungle (e.g. slumming it with the commoners on the Seychelles or somewhere) and the viewers vote for who has to do the next arduous task like opening your own bottle of Bolly, speaking to a tourist or who has to go home.
    They could call it “I’m a Silly Bertie, Get Me Out Of Here”. 🙂

  164. James Westland says:

    Name? These royals like loads of them:
    There, that should do it…..

  165. Chic McGregor says:

    Can’t comment as I have only seen a sum total of about 15minutes on the royal birth, if that.  And that was too much, even with the Kay Burley come uppance I mentioned.

  166. Taranaich says:

    Edward would be a particularly interesting name, seeing as he was born on the 715th anniversary of the Battle of Falkirk, Edward I’s crushing victory against William Wallace which halted Wallace’s momentum and – for a time – thwarted the Scottish people’s silly ideas of “independence.” Hopefully they have more sense than that, but you never know.

  167. Jimbo says:

    NNS seem to be a but funny about many things.
    Yes, they (or some-one) seem to have adopted a very politically correct and righteous attitude of late. It would appear that tongue in cheek and/or innocuous comments are not allowed from certain people on certain subjects, while others are given free rein. 
    I have Emailed them asking why, after all this time, my comments are now pre-moderated and, regardless of how innocuous, seldom appear. I made a comment today on the BBC thread along the lines of the licence fee being extortion for a product you perhaps do not want or need. It has yet to appear. I have supported this site almost from the beginning. Since they’ve decided not to want my comments I tend to go there a lot less. 

  168. CameronB says:

    As I hinted at earlier, if the kid’s name was to reflect its maternal ancestry, Issac would seem appropriate.

  169. Taranaich says:

    Oh, and speaking of the Falkirk connection, the Daily Mail had a wee thing to say about “July 22nd and its place in history.”
    First item on the list?Edward I routed Scots nationalist forces led by William Wallace at the Battle of Falkirk in 1298.That’s right, the Mail has the gall to refer to the sovereign army of the Kingdom of Scotland repelling an English invading army as “nationalist forces.” What, was the Battle of Britain about how Churchill’s “British nationalist forces” repelled the Luftwaffe? ‘Cause it makes exactly as much sense.

  170. Colin mccartney says:

    here in France even the La Nouvelle Republique newspaper has a report on the new royal scrounger, admittedly on page 41 and the word – guillotine – was used frequently.

  171. Jamie Arriere says:

    @James Westland,
    Ah, good old Thurso Berwick’s ‘Scottish Breakaway’. My mum had a rare pleasure of singing that at a conference in Belfast about ten years ago which went down rather well. Shows the cock-eyed nature of politics & culture – a republican song sung to a unionist tune. Plus all those who support and encourage the Ulster Scots language over there are invariably unionist too. There must be a big vortex halfway across the Irish Sea which flips everything over

  172. KOF says:

    @ Chic McGregor
    My apologies, that part of the comment was to everyone, not you specifically. I perhaps wasn’t clear in my post. Sorry.
    I’m sure if you’d seen the BBC Scotland bits you’d have thought it peculiar also. I just had one of those “this doesn’t smell right” moments when I was watching the reports. It might be something to do with some BT strategy, or something going on inside BBC Scotland, either way it does smell odd. That’s why I mention this. If BT are doing their “tribes” thing, then the monarchy is the ultimate tribe is it not? 

  173. Ellie says:

    Well I love babies and love to hear about each and every one of them who are born healthy.
    I also see no need to be so nasty about people either but I guess I’m just really old fashioned that way.
    Simon McCoy on the BBC however is a national treasure; his face when he realised that he was going to have to stay at the hospital for a second full day was hilarious.

  174. Midgehunter says:

    Haven’t been to the bookies yet but I’ve got a feeling it’s gonna be
    John Wayne Gwilym Karlheinz the future Graf von Cambrücke 🙂

  175. john king says:

    jeannie says 
    “he’s not the Messiah!”
    he’s a very naughty boy

  176. HenBroon says:

    Since the line of descent from Henry II to Michael Hastings is legitimate, and the line of descent from Henry II to Elizabeth II is not legitimate, it follows that Michael Hastings is Britain’s legitimate king, and the present occupant of Buckingham Palace has no valid claim to be Queen of England.
    There all bastards.

  177. john king says:

    james westland says
    “I am losing the will to live…….”
    Our staff restaurant has withdrawn all the metal cutlery and replaced it with plastic knives and forks for fear of people self harming 🙁

  178. john king says:

    major bloodknock says
    “Maybe she was an amateur gynaecologist and was just re-enacting the royal birth?”
    Im a retired gynecologist, but I do some work on the side just to keep my hand in 

  179. john king says:

    Juteman says:
    23 July, 2013 at 2:06 pm


  180. Arabs for Independence says:

    Could this work in thwarting the Licence people:
    Buy a small tv and pay cash for it. Give a false name (Mr Smith) but your correct address as I understand retailers are obliged to notify TV Licence authorities. Don’t unpack new tv but take it back to store after a reasonable time enabling retailer to register new tv at your address. TV Licence then assume Mr Smith lives at your address and all correspondence will be addressed to him.
    It’s a crazy idea captain but it just might work

  181. Krackerman says:

    Why bother – just give them a made up name and address – person selling the TV doesn’t care.

  182. AlexMcI says:

    @ Arabs for independence , as I said if they come to visit just dont confirm your name, they need that confirmation from you of who you are before they can fill their wee bit of paper in. Without the wee bit of paper, and your name given by you they then don’t have a person who they can start any proceedings against. So if you stop paying, they will send you a forest of letters in your name saying, this is your last chance or we will take you to court. Then they will visit you, they will then say are you Mr Arab. Just say no mate he doesn’t stay here anymore. They will ask your name without volunteering who they are. You then ask who they are without telling them anything. They will then produce ID, you then say yep I’m the householder. They ask your name, tell them your MR Householder and give them your reason for not paying. Just dont tell them who you are. That’s their shit trying to prove who you are. Just dont give them anything. They probably will come back again and try it again. But in my case yes I’m the owner, but how do they know if I’m sub letting or if I have a religious cult staying in my property who should be paying the tax. They need the householders name and I’m not telling. It could probably be picked apart by lawyers and investigators but how much dough will that cost them. I’m just winging it mate and keep giving them the runaround. It will take them years to build a case, and if I do eventually end up in court for non payment of a fine, well I might have to do 14 days or something. I’m betting against them going that far but if they do we will deal with it when it happens.

  183. Krackerman says:

    there are some entertaining vids on youtube of non-payers messing with the Capita bods that come round to “inspect”… best one was this massive bloke who just said growled “I ain’t paying cause I don’t pay to support paedophiles and kiddy fiddlers like your lot at the BBC”….
    Wee Capita chappy practically ran away..

  184. AlexMcI says:

    @Krackerman, I know this deals with English law, ours is a bit different in Scotland as it only a civil matter but check this out.
    you will at least get a laugh

  185. ianbrotherhood says:

    Brilliant stuff mister.
    I plucked this sentence from one of the letters in that link:
    ‘…the BBC is now reduced to the function of providing both broadcasting & propaganda facilities to a form of alien authority that fails to acknowledge the Supreme Authority of the British Crown.
    As and when they turn up at the door I’m going to excuse myself for a second, then re-appear with that  quote, printed on a large placard, and silently escort them to the end of the path while my children video them from upstairs…and we all laugh.

  186. AlexMcI says:

    @Ianbrotherhood, there was some bits made me snigger uncontrollably , Treason FFS. Brilliant  now I don’t know about you but they ain’t hanging me for paying my telly licence.

  187. ianbrotherhood says:

    I remember your wee dog, didn’t get his name – he looked a wee star, but I wouldn’t fancy facing him if he sensed you didn’t like me. My own Baxter (Choc Lab) and Bailey (Springer Spaniel) will be right behind me as and when any Licensing belters arrive…
    Must dig out a wee book I had, think the old dear’s got it, all about the way folk were treated when it was all lairds and factors and whatever, and there’s one bit (really got to me) where they came to claim this lad, he was well-on, had committed some foul calumny like refusing to pledge allegiance to this or that, and they arrived, he hid away down some pit on his patch – they sussed where he was.
    Everyone knew the game was up, so his missus shouted down something like:
    ‘Johnny, come away up and be hinged like a guid man!’
    So, he did come up, and – surprise surprise – they hanged him right enough.
    I’ll try and find a link to that wee book – this shite was happening not so long ago.
    Lest we forget, eh?
    Cheers mister, hope to see you again.

  188. AlexMcI says:

    @Ianbrotherhood, his name is Oscar, and your dog would probably maul him, he is only a year old and is a mummy’s boy lol. The wee one rides him like a horse and he hasn’t worked out yet that he should bark back at wee Scotty terriers that growl at him. 
    Would like a link to that book if you find it, and unfortunately Whalen the licensing boys come back all they need is some chocolate and Oscar ain’t listening to a word I say.

  189. ianbrotherhood says:

    We’ll all meet on Calton Hill in September – dugs included!

  190. Dorothy Devine says:

    It is now the 24th and it was my misfortune to be in the dentists waiting room with Sky
    ” news” blaring away as I waited for my husbands double appointment to end.

    Never in my life have I heard such drivel spouted for so long about one wee babbity.

    Nothing was happening but an expert in social silence filling was speculating on names , when they’d see the wean next , how it will be brought up and more mindless bollocks – in fact I think I may have said “bollocks “out loud judging by the snort of laughter from the young man opposite.

    They then went off on a quest to show all and sundry how the village ,where the Duchess was brought up ,to show how it celebrated yesterday – they prefixed this little piece of piffle with ” how the World Celebrated the Birth ” and then went off to this one horse town as an illustration of the ” world”.

    Every ” expert” concluded that the Prince and the Duchess and the wee babbity should be allowed some peace and space to bond – meanwhile the press are outside cameras at the ready to beef up the next non – event. Will we be treated to the first nappy , burp ,posset and poo?

    Don’t get me wrong , I am pleased that both baby and mother appear healthy and wish them well BUT I have begun to loathe the MSM with something nearing pathological rage.

  191. lumilumi says:

    Sorry to return to this subject of the royal sprog so late but I must protest at the BBC  great British jubilation/deception.
    Apparently I’m not the only one, I heard that the BBC had received hundreds of complaints from British people about the OTT fawning, sycophantic, wall-to-wall coverage. Woman gives birth to baby.
    The few times I tuned in in the past two days it was “all the world awaits”, “all the world celebrates” etc.
    Excuse me?
    Maybe the American (US) networks and their viewers did – they went even more OTT than the BBC. Which begs the question, why did the American colonies fight for their independence to get rid of the British/English monarch? Only to admire and fawn over his descendants???
    The royal sprog was of course news here in Finland as well, because monarchies are such curious, anachronistic things and Britain(*  is an important European coutry. In Finland, the news focussed on how the British succession law had been changed in case the baby had been a girl.
    Sweden changed their law of succession in the late 1970s when the first-born was a girl. Many Finns enjoy following the soap-opera of European royalty, and the Swedish Crown Princess Victoria is hugely popular in Finland. Much more popular than any British royals – the birth of her daughter (about 18 months ago), Princess Estelle , the future Queen of Sweden was bigger news in Finland than baby Cambridge. So, contrary to what the BBC said, not all the world was jubilating.
    All in all, I think many people in Finland were glad to know that the young couple had had their baby and everything had gone well. The birth of a baby is usually always good news.
    I also called my friends in Australia. Was there a national celebration, like the BBC led online viewers to believe?
    The Australian reaction was mostly ‘meh?’ and a friend (mildly royalist) said the sprog will never be King of Australia. They didn’t mark the birth of this baby in any way. The Queen’s OK,  After that…
    I was in Sydney’s Darling Harbour when Prince Charles “got shot”. Some hothead fired a start gun near his royal person and it resulted in all kinds of confusion. I saw the whole thing but realised what had happened only an hour later in the pub when we saw the news footage on the TV…  Most of my Aussie friends were for republic, get rid of the pom monarchy… The referendum was scuppered by the conservative forces because the the options on offer were a) Keep the Queen b) have a President chosen by the Federal parliament. Most republicans wanted a President elected by the people, not the fed parly! (UK electoral reform, AV, anyone?)
    *) Britain, Britannia, “Britit” in Finnish. That’s what the media in Finland now usually call the UK. They’ve dropped the “Great”. It might not be anything political, just linguistic. The official name of the country in Finnish is “Ison-Britannian ja Pohjois-Irlannin yhdistynyt kuningaskunta”, which is a bit of a mouthful, aye? But I’m glad that today far more Finns know about Scotland/England/Wales/(Northern) Ireland. Twenty years ago they were all “English”.

     I remember checking into a hotel in Turku, in the 80’s (I ended up going regularly to Finland, but this was my first or second time there). The receptionist spoke perfect English and was filling out the check-in docs on line, she asked me if my nationality was English? I replied “Scottish” She responded “English, Scottish, same thing” On this particular day I must have been thinking on my feet, or more likely still drunk from the plane, I responded with “Thanks for that! I’ll remember that the next time I’m in Sweden” She immediately said “You are not in Sweden, you are in Finland!”  I said “Sweden, Finland, Scandinavia same thing!”  We were never ever referred to as English again, and there was always a wee Saltire on the Reception Desk when we arrived after that.

  193. megsmaw06 says:

    On the subject of baby names, my cousin had a baby girl in February. She named her Indee.

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