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We are not making this up

Posted on October 06, 2013 by

This really happened today.


Read it for yourself by clicking the pic. (No Mail Online traffic will be generated.)

It’s the “catastrophic” that makes it special.

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    131 to “We are not making this up”

    1. Simon says:

      “SNP’s plans are a ‘dagger poised at the heart of Scotland’s industrial infrastructure’, says Defence Secretary Philip Hammond”

      My favourite!

    2. Oldnat says:

      Yep! Denmark has no water, gas , or electricity, and none of their people have a bank account.

    3. Michael Laing says:

      I think we all know who is responsible for the destruction of Scotland’s industrial infrastructure. What a joke! How bloody stupid do they think we are?

    4. moujick says:

      Apparently they had something today re NATO as well. Anybody gotany  links to that at all as I’ve a letter in the local rag re Independence, NATO etc and the quotes that were in the Courier and P&J this week. Need to be forearmed against any DM bullshit.

    5. Iain says:

      Presumably the Right Honourable Mr Hammond has discovered some Scotch blood and has relocated, since I gather the independence debate is for “Scots living in Scotland”.

    6. Karamu says:

      I can’t bring myself to read this….

    7. Karamu says:

      With a year to go, are they not playing the terrorism card a wee bit early? Smacks of desperation (I made myself read it).

    8. john grant says:

      Jings ,its all I can think of to write

    9. Given the standards of the captions on that piece, I’m quite unsurprised by the standard of the rest of the copy. A paper that can’t afford subs will hardly be paying anyone to check facts.

    10. cadgers says:

      Nearly lost the will to live….first two photies were just grand

    11. Crag Evans says:

      Had a good laugh at this earlier as my father buys this rag so got to read the article and the leader column as well. Anyway, hero can take this sort of thing seriously?

    12. Karamu says:

      There is so much wrong with that article it is difficult to know where to start…. *Even if* there was a grain of truth in anything therein, it completely ignores the fact that an independent Scotland wouldn’t need to defend itself against much as we wouldn’t be engaged in illegal warmongering around the globe

    13. GP Walrus says:

      If we have no electricity we’ll be completely safe from cyber attacks.

    14. ianbrotherhood says:

      Blackley forgot the most horrible threat of all – if there’s a Yes vote, we’ll be invaded by these ugly-ass Chinese killer hornets, and what’s more, they’ll know (because they just do, right?) who voted Yes.
      Forget the wasp-spray – you need a tennis racket for these mothers:

    15. An Duine Gruamach says:

      It’ll be a plague o puddocks next, you know. 

    16. BeamMeUpScotty says:

      Hammond and his friends at the Mail must know that any self respecting terrorist organisation would never consider attacking the independent state of Scotland.
      Far far too dangerous.

    17. HulloHulot says:

      Christ on a bicycle

    18. DM says:

      I opine JTAC would have something to undermine this…a certain SS dept watches over this too, the Daily Laim are continuing with utter desperation, much like the Tories. #1year2yes

    19. Triskelion says:

      For a moment I wondered whether was was reading the daily mail or BBC Scotlandshire

    20. Karamu says:

      @GP Walrus
      “If we have no electricity we’ll be completely safe from cyber attacks”
      Always a silver lining!!

    21. The Rough Bounds says:

      We have already suffered a fecking terrorist attack, and it may have escaped their notice that we aren’t independent. And the reason we did suffer that attack was because of British involvement in illegal wars.
      This independence ‘debate’ is becoming a total farce.

    22. kininvie says:

      Scottish Skier theory alert!
      Combined with the Heffer piece, this has to be a part of the campaign to drive Scotland into the Yes camp….

    23. They had something this morning as well about Salmond holding the referendum on the anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn.  You couldn’t believe the date on the front page of that bogroll.

    24. Truth says:

      I shat myself when I read this earlier.
      (Note, I shat myself through laughter)

    25. G. Campbell says:

      “Scotland ‘more likely to suffer catastrophic terror attack if it achieves independence'”

      Or Ian Smart could let the hurt go and take up knitting.

      “Attacks could shut down water, gas and electricity supplies across country”

      Ed Miliband is already working on that last one, albeit by less explosive means.

    26. Miistry of Dunces they really are getting desperate.

    27. moujick says:

      …there was an earthquake, terrible floods…LOCUSTS!!!

    28. Hetty says:

      I think it might be preferable to live with no electricity than to be beholden to the sham of a so called union which damages and destroys lives at a whim and doesn’t care at all that much of it’s population live in poverty in the 2000’s and they plan for more attacks on the poor. I think we all know who the attacks are coming from and it ain’t from anywhere beyond these shores, regarding Scotland. Obviously it’s all part of the fear factor, christ, roll on Sep 2014, maybe there will be just a chink of sanity then.

    29. twenty14 says:

      Due to recent and ongoing cutbacks at the BBC. saving journalistic expression and onscreen time there will now be a shortened version of Reporting Scotland –
        ” 3 – 2 – 1, cameras rolling, que presenter – Good evening ……BOO !

    30. muttley79 says:

      They presumably do not regard the Lockerbie Disaster as a catastrophic terrorist attack?  The Glasgow Airport attack was almost another one.  It has happened before in Scotland you inept, scare-mongering plonkers.  Also, our “industrial infrastructure” was destroyed by Thatcher, and her vicious, amoral, greedy free market supporters.  GTF.

    31. Craig Stewart says:

      What’s this I keep reading about “Scottish Skier’s theory”?

    32. The Rough Bounds says:

      I was sitting enjoying my porridge when this pish came over the radio this morning. I just sighed inwardly.
      Fuck off Daily Mail. I WILL STILL BE VOTING YES.

    33. Papadocx says:

      This tripe only goes to show how ignorant and stupid these morons think we are. They have total contempt for Scotland and it’s people. They are strutting about behaving like the colonial masters to their colonial subjects with the aid of their willing lachies and hangers on tolly, libs and their proxy enforcers the mighty slab. They get their blood money, medals and bobbles for service to the empire And playing the game. We’ll the game is up, anybody who can read that shit and not get a little angry is either very gullible, one of their hangers on or requiring a visit to a shrink. Mr Hammond is going to create a lot of bad feeling which was not there previously.  The only question is mr Hammond very stupid or very very dangerous.

    34. Derick says:

      Does anyone think that it’s possible that terrorists have already spiked Londinium’s watter supply wi LSD.  It’s the only possible explanashon! Is that a dragon I see?

    35. tartanpigsy says:

      Wow, wow, and wow again.
      That’s got the lot, dumbstruck and lost for superlatives I am.
      so instead for some equally painful laughs try this from the Swedish dependancy of Norway.
      and btw I had a good read of the Business for Scotland website for the first time last night. It has got loads of really strong articles designed specifically for trashing this kind of nonsense from the Mail. I’d recommend a look to anyone who feels they need a few more facts for turning Project Fear victims.

    36. call me dave says:

      My only concerns would be cyber attacks from down South after we depart.
      Give some of us here 24 hours and it will all be seen as another waste of paper by the UK Government.
      But in the wider world of the uninformed who buy these newspapers it will appear alarming.   That is the rub!  
      Then there is BBC GMS;  Call Kaye and Newsdrive to get through. Two steps forward one step back.  Then onward again.

    37. G. Campbell says:

      Scotland ‘more likely to suffer catastrophic terror attack if it achieves independence’ – edited highlights

      “could”, “could”, “could”, “may”, “could”, “could”, “could”, “could”, “could”, “could”, “might”, “could”, “might”, “could”.

    38. The Rough Bounds says:

      @Craig Stewart.
      Scottish Skier’s theory (though I’m not sure he would call it that) is that Cameron actually wants Scotland to win the referendum so that he will get a Labour free rUK. Ergo, he is possibly quite happy with this sort of Daily Mail pish as it will antagonise the Scots into voting Yes.

    39. call me dave says:

      Was that a link to the better together web site.  LOL
      Loved the subtitles.

    40. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “I shat myself when I read this earlier.
      (Note, I shat myself through laughter)”

      I think, in fairness, you still lose there.

    41. kendomacaroonbar says:

      It’s click bait !

    42. Jingly Jangly says:

      I think Hammond has been taking too much “Top Gear”
      So now 9k jobs running Trident at Faslane and Coulport I thought they replied in response to a Foi request by Cnd that it was 520.
      Maybe he is using the “secret” inflation figures forecast for 2016  as the bond market demands more interest on UK  debt!

    43. uilleam_beag says:

      Beware! the Defence Jobs Armageddon! if you dare to vote YES!!!

      And all kittens will be drowned, too!

    44. kininvie says:

      @ Craig
      In brief, the Scottish Skier (a regular contributor) theory holds that Cameron sees party advantage in Scotland leaving the Union, and hence, while ‘fighting to maintain the Union with every fibre of his being’ does everything possible to achieve the opposite result.

      Evidence for the truth of this theory continues to acumulate….

    45. southernscot says:

      Telegraph has new fear bomb “Opec head blow to Salmond: Scotland should stay in UK”
      I won’t bother with link.

    46. rabb says:

      I assume it was Hammond’s go with the Project Fear “Doombola”?
      OK Cameron. It’s no longer a conversation between Scots. Your cabinet has intervened yet again.
      Get your arse up here NOW and defend your union! Let’s hear your case. We’re all waiting.

    47. Bill C says:

      This is Comedy Gold for all self respecting Scots. However what are the Union Jocks thinking? If I was one, I would be thinking ‘What the F… is going on here?’  ‘No one is actually going to believe this pish!’ ‘Is Hammond using the Mail to boost the YES vote?’

      I must admit, I am at a loss to explain this one, it is so extreme it is farcical.  They either think Scots really are daft enough to believe this mince, or this is a ‘black ops’ designed to reduce the argument for staying in the union to farce. I have said before that Scottish Skier’s theory has mileage, I think this sort of Hammer scare story just provides more evidence that he might be right.

    48. Guy McV says:

      I know it will scare some folks. But probably only the ones that have never asked themselves “Why do terrorists attack us?”.

    49. ianbrotherhood says:

      So, this is an official MOD report we should be looking forward to?
      Is it possible that Magnusson, Brewer et al can deliver a fraction of this with a straight face? (Aye, okay, it is – but the facial contortions will be priceless.)
      Does anyone know if the MOD folk take advice from Select Committees etc? Is the hand of Ian ‘WTF are you looking at?’ Davidson involved?

    50. Jingly Jangly says:

      Think the song writers have been on the same “Top Gear” as Hammond
      it was rather catchy it has to be said…

    51. Truth says:

      One for ianbrotherhood
      I’ve found another link about the Harold Pinter/George Robertson MOD spat.
      This one confirms Robertson did not attend the press conference, but was on a video link from Caesar!nia.

    52. Mosstrooper says:

      Ahhh! Ahhh! OOOO! Ahh!
      (Runs round in circles waving hands in the air,)
      Doomed, doomed wur aw doomed.
      Pours big dram has a swally. Ach GTF ya Basarts

    53. david says:

      jeezo, you would think the honorable mr hammond was making this up. he must have had many sleepless nights analysing the intelligence reports from all over the terrorist world showing scotland as a top priority target for terror. i think we should be very grateful to the honorable mr hammond for keeping us safe., 

    54. john king says:

      john says 
      “Jings ,its all I can think of to write”
      come on john, thats not even trying, what about crivvens and help ma boab? 🙂

    55. ianbrotherhood says:

      Is the image of Hammond in the MOD bunker supposed to make us feel safe, reassured?
      Fear not! Phil’s on the case!
      That insipid belter wouldn’t be able to keep kittens out of my greenhouse – unless he was wearing a George Robertson mask and Johann Lamont’s favourite jaiket.

    56. Jingly Jangly says:

      just read the telegraph fear bomb, they must think we all came up the clyde on a banana boat making big issue with claim that Scotland would not be allowed to be member of OPEC. then going onto say that the UK is not a member but it would harm us but not the UK
      Complete and utter nonsense.

    57. brian milligan says:

      Could  may , and the ever complicated. all this investment and they cant state the facts. alex has 1 vote, the rest of us 1 each. The voters decide. thats a fact. YES

    58. david says:

      lamont mask far more effective, i use one to keep my 18 feet pet crocodiles out the fridge

    59. Keef says:

      Project fear is morphing into ‘project farce’ or perhaps has morphed, is more accurate.

    60. For die says:

      They should simply rebadge their ‘newspaper’ as a comic. Simply another TW TP TS. It does fascinate me though. Who is this intended for. Beyond parody.

    61. John Bell says:

      The most ‘catastrophic’ terrorism Scotland suffered inthe recent past was orchestrated by someone who wore blue, carried a handbag and wasn’t for turning.

    62. megsmaw06 says:

      Right, that’s it! Deploy Smeato and hide in Johann’s secret bunker!
      There’s plenty of food rations thanks to Iain Gray and his Subway tunnel.

    63. Thepnr says:

      Still laughing, though I also shat myself when I read that you shat yourself. Oh now my stomach is grumbling again. Please stop.

    64. Taranaich says:

      This is the same MoD which has left Scotland so well “protected” against possible threats to our nation that a Russian ship could hang around our coastline with absolutely no naval response for 36 hours, until the navy scrambled a decommissioned ship from Portsmouth.

    65. Iain says:

      I’m glad the Daily Mail are on the Unionist side. They always back the winner – Blackshirts, Hitler, Better Together. There does seem to be a trend. Perhaps an appearance from Prof. Curtis is in order.

    66. Eddie says:

      Scotland’s tiny defence budget??????  I shouldn’t need to highlight this but what defence do we have at the moment?
      Oh, with independence we would have more money spent on defence here and the ability to buy decent ‘Gucci’ kit for our soldiers.  Our Special forces would be a regiment to fear too given that we formed the SAS (David Stirling) and subsequent squads, year on year, have been stuffed with Scots.

    67. Donald MacDonald says:

      Hammond’s a turd. And guys, it’s in the Mail, FFS.

    68. Indy_Scot says:

      Just wondering how long it will be before it becomes, Scotland ‘more likely to be sucked into a black hole if it achieves Independence’.

    69. ianbrotherhood says:

      @Truth –
      Aye. It’s beyond doubt, if it ever was – Robertson defended air-strikes on the equivalent of BBC Scotland’s Pacific Quay HQ. And he did it repeatedly. 
      This man should not be free to attend debates about Scotland’s future.
      Any time he appears in public – particularly in Scotland – he should be reminded of precisely what happened during his tenure as Sec-Gen of Nato. He’s never ever had the notoriety of Blair, but he’s every bit as guilty.
      All sides call for a ‘civilised’ debate – such discussion precludes the involvement of people who (in any healthy, decent society) should be incarcerated, awaiting trial for crimes against humanity.

    70. john king says:

      john bell says 
      “The most ‘catastrophic’ terrorism Scotland suffered inthe recent past was orchestrated by someone who wore blue, carried a handbag and wasn’t for turning.”
      is the best post of the night,
      take a bow john bell 

    71. HandandShrimp says:

      The Mail is not a desperately credible paper (nasty yes but not credible) however given the reception Hammond got at the Tory party conference by comparison the Mail is the Oracle of Delphi.
      As scare stories go this is beyond pathetic. Hammond’s stupidity is a dagger poised at the the heart of the Tory defence policy more like.

    72. Thepnr says:

      Check this for Scotlands defence,


      2.2 Defence Spending in Scotland
      The UK Ministry of Defence has confirmed in a series of Parliamentary Answers [1] that there is a significant and widening structural defence under spend in Scotland. This is the gap between Scotland’s population share of spending and the amount actually spent in Scotland:

      · The under spend in Scotland increased from £749m in 2002-03 to £1.259bn in 2007-2008, which represents a 68% increase in 6 years.

      · Between 2002-2008 the under spend in Scotland has totalled a mammoth £5.622bn

      · During 2005-2008 there was a drastic real terms year on year decline in defence spending in Scotland – in total the last UK Government slashed defence spending by £150m in these years.


    73. HandandShrimp says:

      Given Robertson’s performance at Abertay I would be for putting him in charge of Better Together.

    74. john king says:

      Donald Mcdonald (great name) says 
      “Hammond’s a turd. And guys, it’s in the Mail, FFS.”
      watch yersel there Donald,
      Morag might get ye 
      but yer richt 
      he IS  a turd 

    75. call me dave says:

      Chortling as I leave to do the ironing. BOO!
      Will the sun rise tomorrow?

    76. Red squirrel says:

      Personally I’ll feel a lot safer when these numpties are no longer in charge. And they can take their comic papers with them.
      Comedy gold – laughing all the way to a Yes vote. 

    77. Taranaich says:

      @Iain: I’m glad the Daily Mail are on the Unionist side. They always back the winner – Blackshirts, Hitler, Better Together. There does seem to be a trend. Perhaps an appearance from Prof. Curtis is in order.
      They’ve picked a fabulous time, too, they’ve never been more popular!

    78. Angry Weegie says:

      I’ve just heard from a mole at the DM that they accidentally printed the story they were planning for April first next year.

    79. john king says:

      I see theyve relaunched the Hotspur again,
      cant wait for the free boomerang 😉

    80. Heather McLean says:

      Read this on Facebook earlier today.. I actually thought it was something from BBC Scotlandshire!
      Perhaps the Mail is resorting to satire?? If you can’t beat them join them??

    81. Blindmanonhorse says:

      Due to the recent release of a worldwide video game phenomenon. Will the post Indy defence system for Scotland be called #GTF ? 

    82. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Will the sun rise tomorrow?”

      Not for you if you bloody start another post with a line break it won’t.

    83. Gordon SMith says:

      Not a mention on BBC website, such is the embarrassment at this successor to the “Mobile Phone” mega fear.

    84. ianbrotherhood says:

      Blackley’s piece does have a grim entertainment value, if viewed in isolation, but consider the kind of people it encourages:

    85. Ann says:

      The Mail on Sunday was the only paper I saw with that head line today.
      Looked at in passing and though absolute and utter tosh and English paper.   Enough said.
      No doubt the rest will catch on tomorrow.

    86. msean says:

      I think they left out the space monsters,so sorry,i can’t take it seriously.

    87. john grant says:

      John king I tried really hard but I almost lost the will to live after reading this childish insulting drivel 

    88. patronsaintofcats says:

      uilleam_beag says:
      And all kittens will be drowned, too!

      Nooooooooo! Not the kittenz!  That’s it, I’m voting No to save the fur babies 🙁

    89. Peter A Bell says:

      It was always a certainty that the British state was going to ramp up its scaremongering as the campaign to deny Scotland’s rightful constitutional status began to fall apart. But this stuff is so overblown it would be laughable if there was not so much at stake.

      It’s all ludicrous nonsense, of course. There is absolutely no reason to believe that Scotland would be more at risk as an independent nation than as part of the UK, with its reputation as one of the world’s most militarily aggressive neo-imperialist powers.

      As an independent country, the threat to Scotland of some kind of terrorist attack is certainly no greater than at present. Indeed, it might well be argued that we would put ourselves at greater risk by voting No, thereby affirming our association with a British state that has been intent on making enemies for centuries.

      As to Scotland’s capacity to deal with whatever threat there may be, the British state’s argument seems to be based on two fatally flawed points. Firstly, the claim Scotland’s defence budget will be inadequate. This ignores several essential facts. The defence budget proposed for Scotland by the current administration is on a par with all comparable nations. If Scotland’s provision is inadequate, so is the provision made by any number of countries in Europe and elsewhere. How likely is that?

      Scotland’s defence and security budget will be whatever the democratically elected government of Scotland determines is necessary. Even if the figure proposed by the present administration was inadequate, the government of an independent Scotland would be perfectly able to assign further resources as required. Scotland is not a poor country.

      By comparison, it is the UK Government which is slashing spending and squandering huge amounts of money on useless projects like Trident. If we are considering Scotland’s defences, who should we better trust with the task? A British state whose spokespersons talk with such ill-disguised relish of our country being the victim of a murderous attack? Or the people who care most about Scotland? The people who actually live in Scotland? The people of Scotland?

      The other fatal flaw in the British state’s assertions is not a matter of facts so much as mindset. All of this rhetoric is founded on a delusional notion of British exceptionalism allied to a casually contemptuous attitude to Scotland and its people. This is not a mindset that lends itself to rational analysis of any situation. As I think the content of this article proves rather well.

    90. Murray McCallum says:

      It will be interesting to see if this drivel has any legs.
      I see former Sec of State for Defence, all round military expert and real Scot Dr Liam Fox MP submitted a £0.03 expense claim for a 100 yard car journey. What kind of “thought” process is at work there?

    91. Jon D says:

      Never one to be outdone, clearly Westminster is vying with the North Koreans for the worst propaganda ever. 
      The Yes campaign must be doing very well.

    92. msean says:

      I agree with that scottish skier theory,they want us to leave. Let us not disappoint them then. VOTE YES.

    93. Angry Weegie says:

      @ Murray McCallum

      ” I see former Sec of State for Defence, all round military expert and real Scot Dr Liam Fox MP submitted a £0.03 expense claim for a 100 yard car journey. What kind of “thought” process is at work there?”
      How about – look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves.  After all, he may have to come back, and that would be sixpence.

    94. ianbrotherhood says:

      A hypothetical scenario –
      You are a passenger on a plane which is hijacked by Islamist/Jihadist/Socialist/Communist/Moonies/ etc etc (you get the idea) – they’re Terrorists!!!
      They send one of their people down the aisles with a wee plastic Ikea bin to collect all the passports – would you feel safer lobbing-in a ‘British’ passport, or a ‘Scottish’ one?

    95. dee says:

      You might be right Mr Hammond. We could very well  be the target of a terrorist attack, but only because the Clyde is full of Nuclear fuckin missiles.

    96. Peter Mirtitsch says:

      Remind us again where most of the terrorist attacks have been concentrated? (Islamist and Irish)

    97. blunttrauma says:

      Don’t come here, we’ll set aboot ye!!!

    98. Oldnat says:

      Is this the same Mr Hammond whose UK “Defence” system has been shown by the USA to be mince?

    99. Training Day says:

      London, of course, is invulnerable to terrorist attack.

      Like that time they were attacked on ‘7/7’, or where army guys get stabbed in the street. Invulnerable. Better Together.

    100. kendomacaroonbar says:

      I wonder if Glasgow will have SAM missiles deployed on top of the high rise flats in Knightswood during the Commonwealth Games?

    101. mealer says:

      It seems Smeato is a Bullingdon boy.

    102. the journeyman says:

      And to think people laughed at the young lady at Abertay who was concerned about possible invasion from Afghanistan or Iraq but this guy is the defence secretary! I think he should have a live debate with the young man at Abertay who put the young lady straight.
      Just when you thought there could be nothing left to fear eh!

    103. jake says:

      Who is Michael Blackley the author of this piece of nonsense in the Mail?

      His father must be so proud.

    104. David Smith says:

      Honest tae f**k. With the amount of pure mince I’ve read from them in the last couple of days I’m beginning to think the No camp are sponsored by Galloways!

    105. Barontorc says:

      @David Smith – I know it’s really just too opportune, but I’m tempted to say this kind of material could be bang on-line with Gorgeous George’s ludicrously hypocritical defence of his precious Union. I once rated the guy too!

    106. G H Graham says:

      Hammond’s views are typical of a member of the British Establishment; arrogant, contradictory & sneering.
      He conveniently ignores the catastrophic events such as the bombings in London by the IRA, the PanAm disaster over Lockerbie & more recently, the bus & underground bombings by Al Quaeda inspired extremists. All of these events happened under the Union.
      He also avoids any mention of the colossal reduction in an RAF presence in Scotland & makes no effort to explain why the Royal Navy will have two huge carriers finished in Scotland without any aircraft. The complete removal of air reconnaissance once provided by a vital Nimrod fleet is also apparently now completely irrelevant.
      Nevertheless, he infers a British superiority over an independent Scotland in matters of military & civil defence matters. He sneers at a Scottish defence budget as if it would be smaller than it is now, despite pledges by the SNP to the contrary.

      And he claims that every single one of us could have their water supply jeopardised although offers no explanation how this fantastically impossible achievement would be made.
      His sneering condescension of the Scottish electorate is then plain for all to see.

      That not a single shred of evidence is offered is not necessary when a member of the British government considers Scots too stupid to question his comical assertions.
      One can help repeat the same old question though; if Scotland is so stupid, so poor & so inept, why on earth would any British government choose to prop the country up when it could easily remove the financial & political burden by handing Scots their sovereignty tomorrow for nothing?

    107. Doug Daniel says:

      My favourite thing is the most recent comment (in the archived piece, anyway):
      You can really feel the anger there. So angry they couldn’t even spell the name of their country correctly. And missed out an apostrophe.

    108. kevybaby says:

      we’ve got all the anti-terrorist capability we need – john smeaton…….

    109. Seasick Dave says:

      Its having full control of your oil revenues that really gets the terrorists’ backs up.
      Stay wee, poor and stupid – you know it makes sense.

    110. David MacGille-Mhuire says:

      Given the level of certainty in the Daily Heil’s prognostications, will these terrorist attacks be state funded by the rUKker-fUKers with Obersturmbanfuhrer Hammond leading his troops from the front?

    111. Feil Gype says:

      I just read this at work and the story alongside that one is that Nato officials have said Scotland will not be in Nato. No names are named which probably means its been made up. How pathetic is the Mail on Sunday ?

    112. DonDeefLugs says:

      We could replace all the lost defence jobs with an army equipped with hammers and chisels, deploy them along the border, where thy will ‘break up Britain’.

    113. JLT says:

      The Mail is a complete basket-case!

    114. fergie35 says:

      Only big fearties may believe this p!sh

    115. joe kane says:

      “...a dagger poised at the heart of Scotland’s industrial infrastructure” 

      – The good old Daily Mosley just can’t help repeating and paraphrasing the newspapers belonging to its dear dead beloved Fuhrer, such as the Volkischer Beobachter, which claimed a peaceful, non-threatening Czechoslovakia was like a dagger pointed at the heart of Germany.

    116. Turnbull Drier says:

      Thanks goodness I wore my corset today for I fear my side have split..
      On a side note, how long do you give them before the have a picture of a kitten and a gun with the headline Vote No, or the Kitten gets it…

    117. Pilar says:

      These stories make it clear what the strategy is from  “Better Together”.  Their strategy will be directed to frighten with stupid arguments about army, defense and security. Be alert… An Alien attack can happen 😀

    118. Seasick Dave says:

      Turnbull Drier
      They’ve tried it before…

    119. jr1969mr says:

      The British nationalist government’s terrorism against the Scottish people

    120. joe kane says:

      I’m sure it’s just coincidence but the Daily Vile image of the FM, above the caption “Terror risk”, looks awfully like he’s giving a particularly smug version of the Hitler Greeting. 
      These are the sorts of toys Scottish children will be forced to play with if the Nats go indy – 

    121. Joe Kane “…a dagger poised at the heart of Scotland’s industrial infrastructure” – The good old Daily Mosley just can’t help repeating and paraphrasing the newspaper of its dear dead beloved Fuhrer, the Volkischer Beobachter, which claimed Czechoslovakia was like a dagger pointed at the heart of Germany.

    122. Desimond says:

      I clicked on the image and God duly gave me a sign!

      The website that you attempted to access has been identified as containing content that could pose a risk to the Firm and or may not comply with one or more of the Firm’s policies

    123. Bill McLean says:

      I’m impressed – that master of military matters, Philip Hammond, informs us we could not afford to defend ourselves. He should read the Royal United Services Institute paper from last year “Cheaper to defend and independent Scotland” – published by Newsnet Scotland and can still be Googled. The authors maintain Scotland could defend itself for £1.5 billion a year less than we currently pay to Westminster. That’s John Smeaton and HMS Marie Celeste out of work then!

    124. Bill McLean says:

      Breaking news Michael Moore mp removed from Secretary of State job to be replaced by Alistair Carmichael!

    125. velofello says:

      If I hear economies of scale one more time! And as for MOD expertise.
      “I say, Hammond, you will be Defence Secretary. Who, moi? But I know nothing about guns and things. Never mind old boy, remember the playing fields of Eton”.
      Utter contemptible rubbish.

    126. MochaChoca says:

      @ ianbrotherhood
      “A hypothetical scenario -”
      This is brilliant, hypothetical, yes, and but far more what your average joe going on holiday or working abroad will be concerned about as opposed to any the scenarios spouted by Hammond.
      Food for thought for anytime someone raises either the terrorism or the passport argument.

    127. PickledOnionSupper says:

      Next week’s exclusive: “Supporting Independence Might Cause Cancer”. Or something…

    128. The Flamster says:

      And Jim Murphy to International Development.

    129. william r walker says:

      This unbelievable garbage that has come from a supposed well educated person,prooves that what we Scots have read from this comic tabloid, makes for a nice wee laugh.So when i am in need of my spirits being lifted,i’ll go out and buy this very funny newspaper.

    130. Ian Mor says:

      Terrorism has no boundaries. Why automatically do people associate terrorism with ‘foreign’ countries. The UK is perectly capable of engaging in terrorism if it so wishes, as history shows. The perspicacious Mr Hammond is perfectly correct in pointing out the potential threats to Scotland. He should know. So long as an enemy of the state has been identified then he could unleash them:

      “You deter people by having an offensive capability. We will build in Britain a cyber strike capability so we can strike back in cyberspace against enemies who attack us, putting cyber alongside land, sea, air and space as a mainstream military activity”

      I also note we have military activity in space. I infer in an offensive capability. Possibly against the Martians.

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