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Type mismatch

Posted on January 31, 2014 by

While we struggle through a tax return and our intrepid spotters document the second half of Better Together’s Big Train-Station Day Out, we figured you might like to read the Scottish Daily Mail’s story on the operation.


It’s a strange piece, opening with a dramatic “evil cybernat spies under the bed” headline and an opening paragraph about “sinister twists” and how we’re a “notorious abusive blog”, but then the remainder of the text twice repeats the point that we asked spotters not to harass anyone and that we’re merely challenging BT’s untruths.

It’s like their heart just wasn’t in the smear anymore.


PRO-INDEPENDENCE supporters are being urged to spy on Unionist campaigners in the latest sinister twist in the referendum battle.

A notorious blog that frequently carries abusive comments from cybernats has appealed for volunteers to turn up at a series of events starting today.

Activists have been encouraged to photograph pro-Union campaigners and listen to what ‘the public is being told’. The blog warns volunteers not to ‘harass’ anyone but adds: ‘We can’t allow falsehoods to go unchallenged.’

Better Together is planning a publicity campaign that will see half a million leaflets delivered bearing the message: ‘Leaving the UK means waving goodbye to the security of the UK pound.’

Activists will be at 160 train stations across the country this morning.

Last week, former Scottish Secretary Jim Murphy spoke of his fears that cybernats would infiltrate public events. He said: ‘There is a real worry these anonymous cybernats will come out into the public as the referendum comes closer.’

Yesterday, blogger ‘Reverend’ Stuart Campbell wrote: ‘Better Together is often simply flat out lying about the campaigning activities it undertakes.

‘It seems sensible, then, to put proceedings under some scrutiny to ensure that the people of Scotland are being told the truth both on the streets and on the internet.

‘We need people to go and confirm the event took place, ideally with pics, get hold of the leaflet so we can see if it bears even a passing resemblance to the truth; and find out what the public is being told.

‘We don’t want anyone harassed … but this is Scotland’s future at stake and we can’t allow falsehoods to go unchallenged.’

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    160 to “Type mismatch”

    1. R Bruce says:

      these images of daily mail stories are always completely illegible, even if I got to the image URL itself (Google Chrome on Win7)

    2. pa_broon74 says:

      I wonder what Blair Jenkins thinks of it now the DM is conflating WoS with Yes Campaign in its entirety.

      Smacks of faux outrage and quite obviously so.

    3. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “these images of daily mail stories are always completely illegible, even if I got to the image URL itself”

      Yes, that’s because they’re taken from PressDisplay. They’re not meant to be readable, that’s why we append the text.

    4. Arbroath 1320 says:

      160 railway stations is it?

      Well from discussions I’ve had over on ?Twitter I think they should correct that figure to read 158. Apparently no one has turned up at either Inverkeithing or Kirkcaldy. Oops! 🙂

    5. Andy A says:

      Surely this activity described as spying is traditionally what newspaper reporters have always done routinely to get a story ? The difference here is that its being done openly and honestly.

    6. Alba4Eva says:

      Has the Daily Mail seen a market opening as a shaddow version of BBC Scotlandshire. This just gets funnier and funnier.

    7. Les Wilson says:

      Rev,I guess that you, and the rest of us are really becoming a pain in the ass to BT just when they do not know what they are doing anyway!What is being done is serving democracy by exposing the truth, yet again.

    8. creigs1707repeal says:

      Can anyone explain to me why the DM is campaigning so hard to hold onto the Scots subsidy junkies it utterly despises?

      Is it just me…..?

    9. Fay-yes says:

      Oh no, we can’t have members of the public listening to what the public is being told! This is the worst kind of vile abuse. How dare pro-independence members of the public “infiltrate” public places. I am off to be outraged about it on Twitter.

    10. Robin Ross says:

      Last week, former Scottish Secretary Jim Murphy spoke of his fears that cybernats would infiltrate public events. He said: ‘There is a real worry these anonymous cybernats will come out into the public as the referendum comes closer.’

      Presumably Jim Murphy is astounded when he turns up at a football match and another team turns up to spoil his team’s chance of endless goals.

      Jim, a one sided monologue is not a debate.

    11. Extreme0 says:

      You really need to make merchandise of all type of Nats. Cybernats, Cabernats, Wingnats, Spynats, Weenats. Imagine the boost in popularity!

    12. Murray McCallum says:

      “Yesterday, blogger ‘Reverend’ Stuart Campbell wrote: ‘Better Together is often simply flat out lying about the campaigning activities it undertakes.”

      What an achievement to be both pilloried by the Mail while getting a personal quote in that speaks the truth.

    13. Juteman says:


    14. Hughiedoc78 says:

      Been down at Insch. Two folk there just before 4 pm leafleting the carpark. I spoke to them for twenty five minutes. They gave out two leaflets in that time, one of them to me. They had maybe a couple of hundred leaflets each, all soaking cos of the sleet and wind. They were badly informed on figures and who said what and worst of all, said that the referendum was for Alex Salmond and they didn’t like him and I forget what they said Alex was like. It was so laughable.
      so many misconceptions it really was scary…..I didn’t wait until 5 as it was persisting down. I took some phots after asking their permission and told them they shouldn’t be leafleting on Railway property and they moved.
      I really think I sowed some seeds of doubt as I wasn’t th ill informed kilt wearing Braveheart they initially thought………..

    15. Norrie says:

      From male pattern bald eagle.

      9 at Waverly 4:15pm two at each entrance didn’t check the car park exit, plus one who could have been THE COORDINATOR.


    16. Alex Grant says:

      Went to Waverley @1600 and can report approx 8 UKOK’ers, two on each of four entry points. Driech weather and not a huge uptake from what I could see

    17. Rod Mac says:

      Agent Barrhead reporting in a no show from the defenders of the union.
      seems the 5,000 leaflets that needed distributing here will need to be done elsewhere .
      Which Scottish train station can take 10,000 in an hour?
      Just another thought do 500,000 Scots use the trains daily?

    18. Norrie says:

      Were you the weird guy following me about handing out yes papers?

      PS delivered on the way home.

    19. Jimsie says:

      Just got in from monitoring at Hairmyres. No one there when I arrived at 4.18pm. I got out my car and went to check the platform. When I got back to my car a wee elderly lady approached and asked if I would take a leaflet from her. I took her leaflet and then pointed to the YES car sticker on the back of the car. “No changing your mind then she said”. After we exchanged a few pleasantries we agreed the referendum might well be a close run thing and she went into the station and on to the platform. Photo sent to Stuart.

    20. Who was the moron at the Scottish Daily Mail that wrote the article??
      If somebody is saying something against the campaign you are supporting, (in this case the No campaign) you do not print their assertions as it has the potential to make your supporters consider their position and what is the truth.
      So I say again, thank you morons at the Scottish Daily Mail for getting the Yes message across.

    21. Paul says:

      I have been banned from the Mail site for commenting cybernat and proud on as many of their posts as possible. Funny how they can spy and intimidate all they like but we can’t act in a reasonable manner. I wonder if some of us should go to their offices and stalk them see how they like it I am up for it is anyone else.

    22. Arbroath 1320 says:

      Extreme0, I heard today that there is another title to add to your list…streetnat! 🙂

    23. Croompenstein says:

      It reminds me of a sketch I once saw, can’t remember who it was, but the upshot was that someone was trying to explain USA politics and said well we have a two party political system we have the Republican’s who are basically the same as your British Conservative party and we have the Democrat’s who are basically the same as your British Conservative party. That’s what the UK is the Conservative Party and for Labour, LibDem and UKIP read the Conservative Party. Please don’t let us be stuck with this pish after the 18th

    24. I went to Alexandra Parade train station at 4pm as it’s right beside the park where the dug gets his afternoon walk, and got there just in time for the arrival of the 4.09 train to Springburn. There was no one there from Better Together. I waited for the next train at 4.26, but there was still no sign of anyone from BT, so me and the dug went hame.

      Better Together leaflets handed out: zero

    25. Albert Herring says:

      “Better Together is often simply flat out lying about the campaigning activities it undertakes.”

      A true statement. Is that a first for the Daily Mail?

    26. Barontorc says:

      no ‘creigs’ – it’s not just you – I’ve often worried about that myself. You see, it’s hard for me to imagine the Daily Mail as a Scottish sympatico, prepared to do all it possibly can to ensure we, feckless jocks, can be kept in the benefit-subsidy grandeur forthcoming from dear old Blighty.

      This continuing munificence seems to be a curse on all their pockets, yet they never complain, but, at times I really wonder, if in the dark wee hours, there’s not a damn given up for the bringers of this blasted Union to their fireside.

      Another thing I think about is, why does the BBC in Scotland need a Head of Public Policy? You will be aware that the said person in Scotland is Ian Small, who is currently enmeshed in a stushie with academia over the BBC’s lack of bias, or whatever he wants to call it. So I found it most helpful to discover the BBC Editorial Guidelines, which tell just what Mr Small’s job is all about. I’ll leave it to you to form an opinion.

      Section 10: Politics, Public Policy and Polls

      The principles relating to our political impartiality are set out in the Agreement accompanying the BBC Charter and are central to our coverage of politics and public policy. Over an appropriate timeframe we must aim to give due weight and prominence to all the main strands of argument and to all the main parties. Although the government of the day will often be the primary source of news, the voices and opinions of other parties must also be routinely aired and challenged. The Guidelines in this section should be read in conjunction with Section 4 Impartiality.

    27. We warned you. Your plans were already scuppered before the first of you got out of bed this morning.

    28. call me dave says:

      Glasgow \ Edinburgh stations each deal with 22.6 million per year.Wiki. I’ll let you all do the maths.

    29. Croompenstein says:

      @BBC Scotlandshire – the picture of Blahblah McDougall really made my day, tears were rollin doon ma face..genius

    30. The Penman says:

      A no show at Kelvindale at about 17:10. Strike another off the list!

    31. Teechur says:

      Just a thought… Are there even 160 rail stations in Scotland? Anyone know? If there aren’t then could we get an apology from the DM for factual inaccuracy? 😉

    32. Arbroath 1320 says:

      I have just tweeted Scotrail informing them of Better Together leafleting on their property.

      Anyone who has a Twitter account and evidence of this happening at any Scotrail station might want to tweet direct to Scotrail at @Scotrail.

    33. MajorBloodnok says:

      @BBC Scotlandshire

      I liked the comments re Bliar McD : “Has this guy been run through photoshop..?”
      “Yes, they’ve taken a few pounds off him.”

    34. call me dave says:

      7.2 There are currently 350 railway stations in Scotland. All of these, except for Prestwick International Airport Station, are owned by Network Rail. Network Rail manages Glasgow Central (high level) and Edinburgh Waverley stations and the rest are leased to ScotRail and operated by them, except for Dunbar which is operated by East Coast[23].

      Inexperienced Ruthie getting railroaded by her betters.

    35. Alistair Wilson says:

      Dalry Station this evening at 1700. Must report a no show. Not sure if BT couldn’t find a volunteer, or if being a ‘Proud Scot’ doesn’t extend to standing in the cold during a sleet shower. I did. Brrr….

    36. Desimond says:

      Girl at Central.Station handing leaflets…”Keep the pound..ditch the Tories”.
      Not exactly Better Together eh?

    37. Tattie-bogle says:

      bishopbriggs not even a tumbleweed but too cold to hang around 300 may have turned up now

    38. Robert Louis says:

      You know, the things which seems to jump out of most of the comments, is the fact that those leafleting for ‘better together’, generally seem to be ill informed. It makes me wonder whether, many of those people, if exposed to the truth of the debate might well jump ship.

      I do admire their fortitude in going out today, and I do not doubt that based upon what ‘better together’ has told them, they genuinely believe independence to be a bad idea.

      My message however, to anybody who was leafleting today from ‘better together’, is to say, why not just for say, one day, take a good look into some of the things which you have been told, or things which you believe about independence. Start right at the beginning, pretend you know nothing, get on the internet, look at the YES scotland website, some of the reference articles here, and in an open minded fashion, just check that what you have been told is really true. Remember also, that most of the media is editorially opposed to independence, and the BBC have recently been shown in a year long academic study to be extremely biased in their news coverage, against the YES campaign.

      If after doing that, you know for sure that Blair McDougall and Darling are not telling you lies or disinformation, then by all means, you are entitled to hold your view. A good starting point, which is very recent, is the speech given by the governor of the Bank of England in Edinburgh. Take the time, read the actual speech text, instead of relying on ‘better together’ or, the BBC, newspapers or even ‘YES Scotland’ press releases.

      Speech here :

      Just so everyone knows, as an independence supporter, I actually did the same thing the other way around. I actually read the better together bumf and website with an open mind, I re-visited points which I already thought I knew, but then double checked things, looking for references to non political sources where possible. I wanted to be sure that I wasn’t just indulging in ‘group-think’, closed off to different points of view, so I could be sure that ‘better together’ were in fact deliberately misleading people, and that YES, independence would be a good thing for Scotland, and not just because I had previously supported it.

      Bottom line, take nobody’s word for it, get on the internet, check the facts for yourself, and keep a good look out for spin on either side. It’s a big decision, so get the facts and check them.

    39. Andrew Parrott says:

      Just 2 UKOKkers at Perth station at just after 1700. Both outside the main entrance but they were not “blocking” it like this morning and I couldn’t find a Scotrail staffmember to complain to. No one at the Glasgow Road entrance and I didn’t have time to check if they were down in the car park. The 2 at the front entrance an older chap and a younger one didn’t seem to be having much take up with people coming out of the station and scurrying off into the rain.

    40. Titler says:

      Who was the moron at the Scottish Daily Mail that wrote the article??

      Don’t under-estimate the abilities concerned; intelligent, in the sense of having a basic honesty which concerns itself with facts? Probably not much of that involved. But the kind of Journalists who are employed by the Mail do have considerable low animal cunning, and they’re appealing to the same gut instinct in others. And they’ve done it quite well. Tease out what they’re really saying;

      “Someone is watching your political activity.”

      Now, who isn’t automatically somewhat nervous about hearing that? Of course rational, engaged people are going to look closer and see that Wings aren’t doing anything untoward… but the language used is still going to hit the animal-hind brain and make people a bit queasy. So you need to consider rephrasing your actions a little;

      “We’re doing our own unofficial polling to see how many of our fellow Scots disagree with us”
      “We’re wondering about the effectiveness of a flyer campaign”
      “We’re hoping to start face to face dialogue with other politically engaged people, and avoid the slanders other media are trying to distract us with”
      “We’re just wondering if campaigners are repeating the false information spread by the Daily Mail for instance”

      All of which is also true, but neuters the gut shot the Mail is going for. And is also an example of the dark art of Spin unfortunately, but for every 1 leaflet that ends up unread in a bin (and don’t assume it ends up there because of it’s content, I’ve done street work for charity and auto-binning without reading cuts across all issues) the real fight is over the 100 gossipy inaccurate comments that unavoidably end up in your ear at work or in a pub. And so the real power is not that BT were successful, but that they were there…
      “I saw some of them at the station”
      “Oh, did you hear the evil cybernats were watching them?!”
      “No? I didn’t see any cy… wait a moment!”
      “I know, spooky eh?”

      Pictures of turn out is all well and good… but it’s also feeding the Mail’s meta-narrative. Instead, a few shots of two headless bodies shaking hands over a civil disagreement would be way, way more powerful as part of the fight than pictures of empty stations and lonely (vulnerable, unprotected, keep adding words until you spot how the images will be counter spun) campaigners being “watched”.

      I know putting yourself in the shot feels dangerous; which is exactly the gut feeling the Mail is going for again, whilst hammering “Reverend” Stu to drive that point home. They’re kicking you exactly in the most efficient spot. So disarm that er… foot/leg. So put on the wigs and daft tartan; Heck, if you’ve got a giant cuddly lion costume, even go dressed in that; no one can be afraid of a bloke in a fur suit; Professor Pongoo even beat the Lib Dems in Edinburgh remember? As Jello Biafra once sang “A prank a day keeps the dog leash away.” Defuse the tension, and win the fight.

    41. Arbroath 1320 says:

      Hmm, reading a number of tweets and it appears that the ‘claimed’ 160 railway stations being leafleted by Better Together today is getting smaller by the minute.

      As well as Kirkcaldy and Inverkeithing being devoid of Better Together supporters we can now add Haymarket, Bishopbriggs and Leuchars to the list of no shows. 🙂

    42. handclapping says:

      Having had a sight of bbc scotlandshire’s pic,could we not do a photo shoot of BT the person and the evil Blair with a caption of “This is what happens if you support the Union …”?

      It would give the thin, vinegar Morningside wifies cause for thought.

    43. Dal Riata says:

      A notorious blog that frequently carries abusive comments from cybernats…

      Comical wee (TM JoLo) smear and comical wee lie right there!

      Hi there, Mr/Ms Daily Mail person reading this! In the interests of stuff like, you know, evidence, could you please offer up some of this “notorious” [Gasp!] blog’s “abusive comments”, just to show that you are not lying and don’t in any way have an agenda against this blog? We await your evidence with bated breath. Thanks!

    44. Edward says:

      Just had a wonder over to Newsnet and picked up on a couple of gems
      First is on the Newsnet article on yesterday’s talking Scotland down in the House of ‘Lords’ which provides a clip of Liddel supporting the Tory Lang and saying that she is shamed as a Scot for the criticism that Lang got over the war dead comment

      And a hit tip to Call me Dave commenting on the same article
      who noticed that the Tory’s are now squabbling amongst themselves as the Scotsman has an article about Forsyth criticising Ruth Davidson over her distancing herself from Lang war dead comment

    45. James S says:

      A no-show in Aviemore this evening too. I’m gutted, I was fair looking forward to seeing the leaflet and discussing it.

    46. Bill melvin says:

      These can hardly be called events. The young lady at Carluke only got out of her car when I pulled into the car park she then proceeded to race to the stairs where on my arrival she asked me to take her first leaflet which I declined, drawing her attention to my YES badge. Thereafter no one saying anything about it!

    47. Dal Riata says:

      “a sinister twist” LOL! Absolutely fucking hilarious!

      Hi there again, Mr/Ms Daily Mail person! Yes, that was a variation of the ‘f’ word just there. Does that qualify this as an “abusive comment”? If so, can you tell me what time to expect your photographers to knock at my door so I can be sure to be at home? Nothing like getting your face, name and address submitted to a newspaper [sic] without permission being asked. Let me know in your next “evil cybernats” article, won’t you, ta very much!

    48. Edward says:

      I see Scotrail have scrapped a ban on political badges after pressure (apparently) by Rail Unions. ASLEF get special mention of their support of Better Together, though no clarification about that ‘support’

    49. A2 says:

      @Robert Louis

      Very well put, I’ll be lifting some of that for use later if that’s ok. 🙂

    50. Roboscot says:

      I want to join the Spetsnats.

    51. jingly jangly says:

      O/T and maybe this should be in the Sealand Gazette but we got got get outta this place…

    52. ronnie anderson says:

      Extreme 5.04, you furgoat aboot fruitnat,s,am awa back tae ma perch in the Scotch Pine Tree

    53. Ronnie says:

      Extreme0, Arbroath 1320,

      Haven’t seen ‘Internat’ yet.

    54. WallaceBruce says:

      Returned to Longniddry between 4:00 and 5:00pm. There were 2 there this time, the same male as this morning and a woman of similar age. At train came in just after 4::00pm and 26 people got off. A few of them took the leaflet and then binned them. There was one more train before 5:00 and there would be a similar number disembarking. All in all if BT managed to distribute 200 leaflets today at Longniddry they were doing well.

    55. Cauld Tattie says:

      @ Andrew Parrot
      Beat you to it this time 6 UKOKERS sheltering at the door of Perth station – a quick word with the station manager and they were moved, 6 became 2, almost felt sorry for them in the pissing rain – almost 🙂

    56. Archie [not Erchie] says:

      Is there any relevance that the word Reverend should be enclosed in single inverted commas. Is this part of the ongoing vilification of our esteemed Bathist WebMaster as displayed in Twitterdom today. Skunky Dunky delights in being hogtied and locked in his fantasy world with his Stiffys, oops I meant Steiffys, and Avon Sure So Soft soap. (Midgie Repellent)

      I really do not know why Dodgy Dunky bothers, because daily decimation seems to have an attraction for him. Could it be there is some sort of ‘hero worship’ as he combats the evil Stu knowing he will be squashed.

    57. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “O/T and maybe this should be in the Sealand Gazette”

      It is, saw it in the Mirror half an hour or so ago…

    58. HandandShrimp says:

      Central was fair teeming with youngster handing out leaflets. I was met pleasant young lass who gave me a leaflet which I turned over and saw the stuff about Carney and decided to decline and politely returned it only to be immediately approached by another young lass with a smile far too engaging to be rude to. “But it is the same as that one” I cried, “Oh no” she replied “this is the Yes one”. I turned it over and realised it was indeed Goodbye Tories. I took it happily and quickly not wishing to waste her time when she could be flashing that smile and spoiling BT’s day. I then realised that actually several of the young people were dishing out Yes leaflets. Indeed perhaps most of them were.

    59. Dorothy Devine says:

      How about a “nattynat” or a “chattynat” and in my own case a “fattynat”?

      Ronnie Anderson , I may have missed the update on how you got on with the Lourdes folk last week – is all well?

    60. HandandShrimp says:

      That should have said “I was met by a..” Oh for a good editor.

      I have that phoatie of this morning Stu, do you still want them? I see you were obscuring faces so presumably you want first dibs on it if still required.

    61. G. Campbell says:

      It’s likely that the Daily Mail will have sent out photographers to photograph the indy activists photographing the dependancy activists photographing the indy activists photographing the Daily Mail photographers. Blair McDougall will have photographed all of them from the safety of his panic room using the MI6 provided helidrone.

    62. twenty14 says:

      ” First they ignore us, then we laugh at them, then they come to fight us, then we win ” ( Cy Bernats )

    63. Conan_the_Librarian says:

      Spetsnat wins.

    64. Arbroath 1320 says:

      Is there some sort of application form I can fill in to join the Spetsnats? 🙂

    65. MajorBloodnok says:

      @Arbroath 1320

      You don’t choose to join the Spetnatz, they choose you.

      So you’re in, obviously.

    66. HandandShrimp says:

      I think one of my favourite Facebook sites is Vote No to Scottish Independence. Whatever the Daily Mail might say I come back hear to sane, good humoured (most of the time 🙂 ) and intelligent debate. With 30,000 likes one might think it was a good cross section of No voters but the chap that runs it, who I think is solid Labour, seems to have attracted conspiracy theorists, bigots, racists (the trouble he had with his own supporter on his pieces on Mandela and Immigration were painful to watch) and general loons that are complete stranger s to spell checkers and so much more.

      The current thinking seems to be that we are all Nazis. Real ones like /\(oO)/\

      I bloody love that place 🙂 For those with the technical skills the conversations should be captured for the Daily Heil.

    67. A2 says:

      I have to say though that I really don’t approve of the banning of leafleting in stations, what purpose does it actually serve as long as no-one’s obstructive?

      Complaining if they are in the station premisis seems a bit petty really.

      And also being outside is probably more effective as you can catch passers by as well as passengers.

    68. Finnzz says:

      “A notorious blog that frequently carries abusive comments from cybernats”

      Oooohh, that makes me think I’m living life in the fast lane. Next I’ll be subscribing to the New Statesman.

    69. Archie [not Erchie] says:

      @ Major Bloodnok – O/T If you are going back to Uganda soon can you let me know. Thanks

    70. kalmar says:

      I for one am glad there’s a ban on campaigning in stations. There’s plenty of other activities you wouldn’t want too, and it’s difficult to ban some things and not others.
      Imagine having to dodge muggers every single day on your journey to work. It’d drive anyone mad!

    71. Ananurhing says:

      Just had spring onions in my salad for tea tonight. Does that make me a Syboenat?

    72. kalmar says:

      “We are Anatymous. We are legion”

    73. drygrangebull says:

      Jeez, what a couple of weeks we have had. I have just found out I am a cybernat, and to top it all I am a disciple of the cult of wings….wow I love promotion. from the un-washed to disciple…cool so does that mean that the rev will now be the very rev..

    74. Arbroath 1320 says:

      Thanks for the confirmation MajorBloodnok. Thought I’d better ask just in case my confirmation was still ‘in the post.’ 🙂

    75. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

      If (after today’s exploits) you are still hiding in your bedroom (‘flickering screen’ etc.), are you a “Shybernat”?

    76. Findlay Farquaharson says:

      im just back from a days hillwalking in afghanistan, does that make me a kybernat?

    77. Andy-B says:

      O/T Rev. sorry about that.

      The AWE Atomic Weapons Establishment at, Aldermaston Hampshire, are sending nuclear weapons to Scotland via convoys of lorries, these convoys travel on a regular basis, to Scotland through major towns and cities, without our knowledge.

      Now SNP MSP Bill Kidd, has called for this dangerous cargo to be halted,as the practice poses a serious threat to the people of Scotland, Mr Kidd said he’d just found out these dangerous convoys have been travelling under the cover of darkness, whilst our children slept.

    78. rabb says:

      A2 says:
      31 January, 2014 at 7:16 pm

      I have to say though that I really don’t approve of the banning of leafleting in stations, what purpose does it actually serve as long as no-one’s obstructive?

      Complaining if they are in the station premisis seems a bit petty really.

      And also being outside is probably more effective as you can catch passers by as well as passengers.

      It’s for naysayers own safety. Their negativity causes electricity from the pylons to arc across to them.

      If I was a naysayer I would either steer clear of a train station, wear rubber shoes or just can it all and vote yes!

    79. Alba4Eva says:

      I’ve been sleeping as much as I can this winter… I’m a Hybernat.

    80. Arbroath 1320 says:

      Found this on Twitter yesterday.

      How to cause chaos to a nuke missile convoy. 🙂

    81. Dorothy Devine says:

      Findlay , that really is impressive – round of applause.

    82. ronnie anderson says:

      If you,s want to know where Scottish Oil money goes Channel 5 just now London underground Metro building

    83. Dan Huil says:

      I’ve just come back from chopping some wood. I’m a lumbernat and I’m okay…

    84. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

      Quite a lot of truth from Mr Joyce here:-

    85. creigs1707repeal says:

      Dear Daily Mail,

      I am a ‘Proud Cybernat’. I involve myself in online discussion of Scotland’s indy referendum debate. I use online media for the very fact that it is not controlled by and cannot be controlled by the mainstream media who are, quite blatantly, strangling and subverting this referendum debate in the traditional print and broadcast media.

      I, along with countless others, find the arguments presented by Better Together / Project Fear to be a tissue of lies and deceit–to use industrial language, utter balls. Those who peddle this balls online I consider as Cybernads because they stick their balls all over the net, usually scoring many an own-goal.


      Proud Cybernat

      PS – My full contact details are available upon request.

    86. Andy-B says:

      Two page spread in the Daily (Drivel) Record, most of it is devoted to Jim Sillars supposedly calling Alex Salmond clueless, if you believe this gutter rag. The Record goes on to call Mr Sillars a former heavyweight,in Scottish politics yet two days ago the same fish and chip wrapper, mocked Mr Sillars for his lack of views on Youtube.

    87. rabb says:

      Dan Huil says:

      I’ve just come back from chopping some wood. I’m a lumbernat and I’m okay…

      If Scotland sends someone into space will they be an Astronat?

    88. cearc says:



      Sadly, you are not ‘a real Scot’ as you eat salad for your tea,

    89. faolie says:

      @MajorBloodnok says: You don’t choose to join the Spetnatz, they choose you.

      Me! Me! Choose me!! [jumping up and down hand up waving]. I wanna be one!

    90. Andy-B says:

      Top veteran EU negotiator, says “Dismiss anti-independence tactics, Scotland, can confidently expect be an EU member in 18 months.” According to Graham Avery, the European Commission honorary director general.

    91. Conan_the_Librarian says:

      If you read magazines in a dentist’s waiting room, are you a Cosmonat?

    92. kalmar says:

      What’s the scores on the doors then?

    93. MajorBloodnok says:

      @Archie [not Erchie]

      Regarding Uganda – back possibly in March sometime. Are you based there?

      I was in Uzbekistan a few weeks ago though (Karakalpakstan to be precise). Birthplace of Zoroastrianism I understand (they can’t fool me! Zorro was definately Mexican.) Anyway, I’m thinking of taking Craig Murray’s book to read on the plane next time (not).

    94. kalmar says:

      I’m a scary nationalist robot from the future with handles on the side of my head. Does that make me a Cybernat?

      Oh wait, I’m not doing this right am I.

    95. Archie [not Erchie] says:

      @ Major B – No am not based there but I do have a motive for asking. I will go quarantine with it so as not disrupt the thread. Thanks.

    96. dave kemp says:

      Well I’m sitting typing starkers so I must be a natnat.

      Oh and Homer Simpson sends his support too – he’s a dohnat..


    97. scottish_skier says:

      Planning to watch ‘Sunshine on Leith’ later on sky. Heard it’s a cracker.

      Yours, A. Cinenat.

    98. Dal Riata says:

      I’ve got a friend who’s crazy about chess and is also a cybernat. So, does that make him a chessnutnat? (Or even a chessnatnut?)

    99. Ananurhing says:

      Cearc, Okay, I lied. Being a Scot, I huvnae got the constitution to digest them.

      I actually hing aboot in the sewage system. Typing away effluently. Does that make me a Syvernat?

    100. Luigi says:

      How about a British nationalist online?

      A cyberbrat?

    101. Krackerman says:

      Next time you get a quote in the Mail – point out the huge funding that BT are gathering from rich unionists the point to the lack of presence and shrinking NO vote and politely say that if it had been your money donated to BT you’d be interested in knowing what exactly it’s being spent on. Starting with fees and expenses claims for McDougall and Darling. That’ll put a few seeds into a few Tory minds…

    102. SquareHaggis says:

      We’re all CyberNuts

    103. heedtracker says:

      There was no one from BetterTogether at all Insch, unless they were disguised as a bin or a lamppost. No one at the 4pm trains. not the 5 pm not the 6pm. We were going back and fore from the pub and Its really bad weather out there but there’s hardly any passengers either so calling this am “event” is just nuts but no doubt they will. Insch is a lovely little station, with a museum and a police station too!

    104. Tattie-bogle says:

      forgot to say guys no doors knocked in my area of Springburn today or this evening,Disappointed ,as far as Springburn is concerned I am not in any of the council run houses maybe they where todays targets

    105. Tattie-bogle says:

      Classically I really enjoy the nutcracker sweet

    106. Susan says:


      Zoroastrianism is the ancient, pre-Islamic religion of Persia (modern Iran).

    107. Desimond says:

      If you’re a Yes fan in ‘Still Game’ playing Victor, are you a Nat or Jack?

    108. Tattie-bogle says:

      natcracker sweet

    109. Tattie-bogle says:

      nat nat natting on independence door

    110. Thepnr says:

      O/T Poor reporting of an interview with Alex Salmond for tomorrows FT in 3 parts. If I was him I wouldn’t bother.

    111. CUtommy says:

      Not a soul appeared at Johnstone between 10.15 and 11.15.

    112. Conan_the_Librarian says:

      If you’re an Ultravox fan, are you a Nat Ure lover?

      I’ll get my plaid.

    113. Desimond says:

      Just covered myself with a load of spare Goodbye leaflets.

      Yip…Im a natty dresser!

    114. ronnie anderson says:

      @drygrange bull7.25, naw it dissna make him the very Rev

      Rev your nearer tae Kew gardens,nip doon an git a load of

      Palm fonds,fur yer next sojour north,we,ll provide the ASS

      anybody ken how we kin lasso Mac Dougall,

      Cybernatbat abuse,am gone fur anither hing doon in the

      Scotch pine Tree

    115. HandandShrimp says:

      The three wise men were Zoroastrian priests (allegedly)

    116. HandandShrimp says:

      Anybody able to sing like Nat King Cole?

    117. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

      @Ananurhing says:
      I actually hing aboot in the sewage system.

      Sounds like a Peenat …

    118. bunter says:

      Yes badge wearing wife just in with one of the bitters leaflets. I note it has a bit for if you are interested in a postal vote. Anyway will fill in appropriate comments and post it back, making good use of Tory funders money

    119. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

      @Desimond says:
      If you’re a Yes fan in ‘Still Game’ playing Victor, are you a Nat or Jack?

      Sounds like a Gonnaenodaenat …

    120. iclare1 says:

      We are all jornalists now. The Daily Mail know it.

    121. Desimond says:


      Brilliant!…we have been Chewing the Nat all day mind!

    122. Frazer Allan Whyte says:

      The people throwing around the cybernat word are just jealous because the so-called cybernats know how to use the internet and they don’t. Does this make them cybernits?

      I don’t believe the Mailman is a moron. More likely he is a mole. What is he doing? He is confronting people with the very truth they are trying to avoid by reading the Mail. This is a case of ‘positive’ sabotage.

    123. Betsy says:

      Well the RIC did us all proud at Queen St station in Glasgow. It was a bit like giving Tigger a bundle of leaflets to hand out. Fabulous stuff.

    124. MajorBloodnok says:


      Indeed, but there are Zoroastrian sites in western Uzbekistan (Karakalpakstan) and they *claim* that’s where it started.

    125. Rough Bounds says:

      g9kl r46-klo/fg-56-45 wezn.

      (I’m a ciphernat)

    126. Jim T says:

      @bunter is there a FREEPOST address? If so, are you willing to share. They might like some accurate information sent to them. #justsaying

    127. Arbroath 1320 says:

      My partner sand I will be travelling North tomorrow to Alloa does this makes us travelnats? 🙂

    128. Johnny come lately says:

      I think this is a great site for debunking unionist propaganda and many of the comments posted on here are very informative and a great source of links, however stalking BT activists strikes me as being a tad provocative.
      The tone in many posts over the last week on some of the main stories have been of an almost gloating nature which I would normally connect with the No side.
      Sending people out to check on the activities of the other side has negativity and childishness written all over it.
      I expect better from this site, the people who post here, and yes voters in general. Please don’t start degenerating down to the level of the opposition. Leave the childishness, negativity and gloating to BT- after all, they do it so well.

    129. James123 says:

      I’m quite small in stature, does that make me a gnat?

    130. HandandShrimp says:


      I take it it was RIC that leafleted Central too. They did good 🙂

    131. crisiscult says:

      had to laugh at this post on BT facebook from moniker Eileen Crichton

      read all see the lies being spun by being repeated again and again by the yes side like ,wings over, a man in Bath telling Scots how to vote doesn’t that sound extremely fishy as though it was someone who really wanted rid of Scotland but makes out he wants only the best

      So, I’m confused again. Are people in other parts of the UK allowed to say something or not? Answers on a postcard to 10 Downing Street

    132. Arbroath 1320 says:

      Thing is Johnny we are all too familiar with the ‘claims’ by Better Together og holding leafletings, meetings etc here there and everywhere. However, we all know from experience, sometimes personal, that a great deal of the ‘meetings’ etc do not actually happen. The only way to hold Better Together to account over their increasing wild ‘claims’ is for people, like those on this site to get out there and ensure the alleged events do actually take place.

      When Stu suggests that we go out and ‘observe’ Better together in action it is not a csall to stalk the opposition, negative or childish in my view, it is instead a very reasonable call to confirm actual activity. Have no doubt about it, the Better Together side will no doubt be doing the same whenever a YES event occurs. Unfortunately for them ALL our events actually take place.

      By going out to where Better Together are holding ‘events’ it gives supporters of YES the chance to engage in polite debate with a NO supporter, unfortunately these ‘debates’ do not last too long as the NO side fail rather quickly to produce any evidence of why NO is better than YES.

    133. John says:

      Daily Mail tops the lot by a wide margin.

    134. kalmar says:

      I too think this man in a bath sounds fishy.

    135. halftracknat says:

      @Arbroath 1320
      you heading to Alloa for the BT launch in the Town Hall?

    136. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

      My car was the Natmobile today …

    137. crisiscult says:


      I suspect they were trying to keep the fish metaphor that goes with Salmon d and Sturgeon, which to be fair, I kind of respect. However, I may be giving too much credit to the man/woman who posted that.

    138. HandandShrimp says:


      It is hardly surprising that the Mail is out in front, it really is a toxic, soulless, little bundle of hate.

      I mean that in a caring way obviously 🙂

    139. Hotrod Cadets says:

      What if I was a female Siberian who supports independence? That would make me feel like a Nat Ural woman.

      I won’t even stop for my coat – I’ll just leave. 🙂

    140. Arbroath 1320 says:

      If I’m a fully fledged member of the Spetsnats and I’m travelling North tomorrow in a YES supporting Jeep does that make me a Spetsnats trained cybernat operating as a cabernat travelnat travelling in a Jeepnat?

      Only asking. 🙂

    141. Conan_the_Librarian says:

      @Arbroath 1320

      If it was a lorry it’d be a Juggernat.

    142. Tattie-bogle says:

      will you be voting no this year? Nat on yer Nellie . i’ll get ma barrowman jaiket

    143. kendomacaroonbar says:


      If you could sing you would be Nat King Cole !

    144. jingly jangly says:


      Ok Wingers, Milepedes new great idea is that if you register your interest in the Labour Party you can vote on who becomes leader after Millipede, you don’t need to be a party member, If we get enough wingers registered we could get Allan Grogan Elected Grand Leader!

      What would JoLa think of that!!!

    145. Arbroath 1320 says:

      Nah Conan, I don’t do lorries just do trucks so it would be a trucknat! 🙂

    146. Jamie Arriere says:

      I’m sitting here browsing while supping on a bottle of Magners….that makes me a cidernat!

    147. MajorBloodnok says:

      That reminds me, must get my washing done – at the Laundronat.

    148. kendomacaroonbar says:

      Ms Lamonts refrain “I can’t get no Natisfaction” ?

    149. Weedeochandorris says:

      Couldn’t be at the station myself so disappointed to not get in the action. Great reading in all the comments and loadsa pics. I’m still a Stunat though!

    150. Patrician says:

      When the Rev got out of the bath does he stand on a bathnat?

    151. Weedeochandorris says:

      @ Patrician????. Wonder if he wears a hairnat as weel?

    152. Desimond says:

      Sweet dreams folks, I’m calling it a nat!

    153. Weedeochandorris says:

      @Patrician sorry don’t know where all the ?? Came from it was supposed to be a smiley. My dialogue box is acting really weird too, cant get bold, italics or edit now either

    154. Chic McGregor says:

      I hear you on the tax return thing Stu. The USA reserves its most creative torturers fur Guantanamo Bay, the UK for HMRS.

    155. Patrick Roden says:

      “Is there some sort of application form I can fill in to join the Spetsnats”

      If I told you the answer to that question…

      I’m afraid I might have to kill you!!!

      And do it on purpose 🙂

    156. Patrick Roden says:


      That’s a couple of articles, in which you have posted your disapproval about our tactics.

      It really seems to have bothered you doesn’t it?

      You have something in common with Blair McDougal then eh?

      Just saying like…;-)

    157. Patrician says:

      @ jingly jangly, 10:26

      I would only do that if I could vote for Alex Salmond as leader.

      To see Ms Lamonts face then, priceless

    158. Charles P. Kearney says:

      Jim Murphy,s fear of Members of the The Public turning up at Public Events reveals his History of Labours secret meetings in smoke filled rooms with the ‘Cronies’ handing out sinecures to one another! The last thing they would want is Members of the Public earwigging what was going on!

      So called ‘Cybernats’ are Members of the Public! What Mr. Murphy means is the he wants all attending to be of one mind–His. He wants everyone to produce a Labor/Tory/ or Liberal membership Card before they can join the ‘crowd’ at a ‘Public Meeting!’ Soon Trades Union Members will be Barred as well since Milliband has declared they are no longer Obliged to pay a Levy to the Labour Party, and if that is not the first step to stripping them of all Power in the Party, you can call me Alice!

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