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The unheard voice

Posted on April 23, 2010 by

I like this:

Much like Afghanistan, none of the London parties speak for the UK electorate on this important issue. Which is, y'know, kinda strange. You'd think wars and spending scores of billions of pounds on pointless weapons in a recession would be just the sort of thing that would come up during an election as points of contention. But maybe I'm missing something.

Had I known in advance that the second TV debate was going to be in Bristol (and is it suspicious that it wasn't publicised and applications invited from the local general public?), I'd have done my darnedest to get a ticket, so that I could have asked this question:

"What do the three leaders plan to do about the potential threat posed to Britain by 900-MILE-HIGH SPACE DINOSAURS?"

(And yes, I might have had to pretend the question was going to be more normally phrased, before springing the real one live on telly where nobody could stop me.)

Because Cameron's rationale for spending £100 billion on weapons that deter nobody and serve no purpose at all other than to let the Prime Minister wave their cock around with the big boys on the world stage is that "We might not have an enemy now, but you never know what might happen in the future". (No, really, that's what he says.)

And if that's the case, then it's no use just preparing for a possible future nuclear conflict with Iran or China, if we're going to leave ourselves unprotected against the 900-MILE-HIGH SPACE DINOSAUR! menace, is it? If you're going to protect the nation against fantasy dangers, there's no point in doing a half-arsed job.

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4 to “The unheard voice”

  1. Sean

    Wait, what? Hasn't Clegg been saying that he wants rid of Trident too? Or did I miss something?

  2. RevStu

    No. Clegg’s position is that he wants Trident included in a forthcoming defence review, with a view to replacing it with a smaller nuclear deterrent of some kind – either a new Trident with fewer subs/missiles, or some different kind of programme altogether, perhaps nuclear-tipped cruise missiles.

    The other two don’t even want Trident included in the review, they just want to go ahead with like-for-like replacement, because they apparently can’t think of any better uses for a hundred thousand million pounds right now.

  3. Sean

    Got it. Cheers.

  4. Hang politicians and the parliament

    Even in a fit of apocalyptic madness where we wanted to live (die) in a wasteland and ruin more of the Earth for life, we can't even launch any nuclear weapons without the okay of the USA and co, thanks to the system in place, making it doubly pointless.
    Ransacking the tax payer's pockets for billions for this junk when we are supposed to be at our low ebb too. Ridiculous.

    It's the space dinosaurs that are our true enemy.

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