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The time is right

Posted on November 21, 2014 by

Last night, the Lib Dems outpolled the Monster Raving Loonies by just 198 votes.


(Well, the original Monster Raving Loonies, anyway. Not the ones who won.)

We’ve still got cash left over in the Wings kitty and it’s only £500 for an election deposit. We think it’s about time that we put up our own candidate, either at the next available by-election or at the 2015 general election. We’re not even joking. We’re going to do it. Because it looks like ANYONE can beat the Lib Dems now.

So what party should we stand as, readers? We’re liberal, independent, democratic and socialist (and of course I’m a Reverend), and we believe the rest of the UK should be a different country to Scotland, so there are all sorts of possibilities.

Which party should we stand in the next by- or general election as?

  • None Of The Above (29%, 706 Votes)
  • Wings Over Somerset (24%, 596 Votes)
  • rUK Independence Party (rUKIP) (17%, 427 Votes)
  • Not The Liberal Democrats (9%, 231 Votes)
  • International Christian Evangelist Labour And Nordic Democrats (ICELAND) (6%, 144 Votes)
  • Authentic Liberal Democratic Independents (ALDI) (5%, 127 Votes)
  • Alternative Social Democratic Alliance (ASDA) (4%, 93 Votes)
  • Liberal Independent Democratic Labour (LIDL) (4%, 87 Votes)
  • The English Social Collective Order (TESCO) (3%, 63 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,474

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    233 to “The time is right”

    1. Jim Thomson says:

      You missed out the students’ favourite candidate – RON (re-open nominations)

    2. Nana Smith says:

      Go get em Rev…I like not the liberal democrats

    3. Jim Thomson says:

      Barely A Labourite Left Standing?

    4. mogabee says:

      I voted for Wings over Somerset, thought you could start a franchise!

      Great ideas soon grow on here… 😉

    5. Jim Thomson says:

      Sorry missed the important bit

      Barely A Labourite Left Standing Unionist Party

    6. Marie clark says:

      I’m with you on that one Nana. Rev have you thought that you might get elected? What would we do without you.

    7. Pallid Dan says:

      Please stand as a candidate. It will be hilarious if you beat the Lib Dems

    8. How about:

      Many Active Right Knowing Scots & Seriously Politically Energised Nationalists Contesting Each Referendum

      or simply


    9. Allan Gow says:

      I suggest ScotKip, cos all Westminster does is put us to sleep with boredom and predictability.

    10. Luigi says:

      the Lib Dems outpolled the Monster Raving Loonies by just 198 votes.

      The shame!

      Loonies everywhere will be hanging their heads…..

    11. Grizzle McPuss says:

      Freedom Unified Collective Keynesian Economic Democrats?

    12. Dave says:

      Great idea. Too many good choices for the name. I couldn’t decide so looked at the current results and voted for the most popular as I love a good bandwagon.

    13. Mosstrooper says:

      How about Wingers Have Independent Tendencies (WHIT?)

    14. Luigi says:

      How about the


    15. Kenny says:

      “None of the Above” would be ideal. Assuming you actually do any campaigning, selling yourself as the “anyone but any of them” candidate could be quite a powerful weapon.

      Rev. Stu Campbell
      “The only protest vote that means a thing.”

    16. Holebender says:

      None of the Above is very tempting, but I plumped for Wings Over Somerset.

    17. think again says:

      I voted Wings over Somerset, local knowledge and all that.

      However you could stand as the

      Scottish People Aren`t Racist (SPAR)candidate.

    18. frankie goes to holyrood says:

      I note that the “English Democrats” joined the YES campaign. I understand that they now want Devo Max for England, if Scotland gets Devo Max.

      What about “Devo Max for Scotland and England”?

    19. Helena Brown says:

      Well I was surprised that none of the above is so far down the poll because from what I gathered from those I used to speak to in England it was the most serious contender.

    20. indigo says:

      Standing as ‘None of the above’ may well see you elected…

    21. heedtracker says:

      They probably thought 4 years would wipe collective memory? It’s a good sign of what’s going to happen in Scotland when BBC/Daily Reocrd try to bury/spin THE VOW fraud next year. People Do not seem to like being taken for fools by pledge signing liars like Clegg, Brown, the Flipper blatantly defrauded us at the ballot box.

    22. Mosstrooper says:

      Or Conservative And Mainly Evangelistic Labour (CAMEL) for all voters who get the hump?

      This is getting silly now, I apologise.

    23. Helena Brown says:

      Jim Thomson got my vote for both his suggestions.

    24. shug says:

      time to run another fund raiser I think

    25. James Kay says:

      To make sure you are at the bottom of the list:

      Zzz … None Of The Above

    26. Marcia says:

      The BBC’s political wing captures seat from the Tories.

      Even in the early 1980’s when the modern SNP was polling badly we never plumed to the dismal vote share the LD’s are now polling. It does not look good for them in six month’s time.

    27. Dougie Bee says:

      Just heard our dear leader Dave trying hard not to show his disappointment at losing yet another seat by repeating a familiar old saying..with a differen UKIP and you’ll get Ed Milliband in Downing where have we heard this before..children…xxx

    28. Lynn MacRae says:

      Brilliant stuff Rev. Good Luck 🙂

      I chose rUKIP but I am now thinking that perhaps it’s meaning will be missed by voters in Somerset and you could inadvertently end up getting actual Kippers voting for you?

      Perhaps Not the Lib Dems or None of the Above would be a better choice.

    29. HandandShrimp says:

      Went for Wings but was torn…None of the Above appealed.

    30. Andy H says:

      None of the above would win easily

    31. Swami Backverandah says:

      For Unvoting Coalition, Kipper Other Fearmongering Fantasist Politicans And Red Tory Yakbuckets.(FUCKOFFPARTY)

    32. Nana Smith says:

      Sorry off topic but…

      Pro-independence daily paper the National to launch in Scotland

      Pilot launch of new daily tabloid, from the same stable as the Sunday Herald, will cost 50p and have print run of 50,000

    33. No no no...Yes says:

      If you use anything with the word labour in it, you will confuse their voters even more. Mmm.

    34. tombee says:

      Just received our membership packages this morning. Just in time for tomorrow’s attendance at the Hydro.
      Feeling ‘grand’.

    35. Proud Cybernat says:

      If you form an alliance with the SNP then the BBC can’t say the SNP are a Scotland-only party and will have to allow them into the Leaders’ Debate on TV.

      I would have liked “Stuff the Red & Blue Tory Party”.

    36. Karmanaut says:

      I really like the rUKIP (rest of the UK independence party), for all it implies. I’m asuuming the manifesto is “to get independence for the rest of the union by kicking out those meddlesome Scots” which suits me just fine and makes for some nice media headlines. And I quite like “Not the Liberal Democrats”, but would be tempted to add “Please, God, no, anyone but them.”

    37. Soda says:

      I still think Ucip – United Caledonian Independence Party – has i nice ring to it with the added bonus that a lot of the kip knuckle draggers may well get confused and vote for that by mistake.

    38. stuart milne says:

      rUKIP – confusion marketing is very effective

    39. Bob Sinclair says:

      To expand on ‘think again’ suggesting SPAR we could add Try A Carefree Utopian Scotland.
      SPARTACUS Brian Doonthetoon can do the ‘I’m SPARTACUS badges’.

    40. grahamlive says:

      Sticking with your supermarket theme, how about “Somerset Federal Internationalist Egalitarian Liberal Democrats. (SomerFIELD) ?

    41. Alex Clark says:

      My Official Republican Rebels In Scotland On New Scheming (Morrisons)

    42. Karmanaut says:

      @Lynn MacRae

      Getting Ukip voters ticking the rUkip box accidentally is an added bonus.

    43. galamcennalath says:

      Home Rule for England ?

      … about time they got FFA and stood on their own two feet instead of sponging off the neighbours!

      It would be good if that was the theme of the ‘new party’ … to highlight that England is being subsidised by Scotland. Which is a fact we seem to have great difficulty getting across.

    44. ClanDonald says:

      This is what we love about you, Rev, always up for a bit of nonsense, what a hoot. Hope you win.

      LibDem have dropped from 16% to 0.9%. Magic. They are so toast. Labour: this is what happens when you get into bed with the Tories, you’re next, can’t wait.

    45. ferretto says:

      you should have had ,as one of the options ” I can’t believe it’s not Labour”

    46. Paul Martin says:

      Went for Wings Over Somerset. I would certainly have gone for rUKIP but the electoral commission would almost certainly prevent it’s use on the grounds of confusing the voter or intent to mislead or whatever…

    47. Paul Martin says:

      Or indeed, the Somerset National Party…

    48. James D says:

      @think again – Scottish People Aren`t Racist (SPAR)candidate. I like that!

    49. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Nana Smith at 11.44

      Tell us more!

    50. McBoxheid says:

      The Lib Demense are going the way of the FDP in Germany. They both have more swing and sway than a Vienese Waltz, both parties have no definable central policy that survives the next coalition it forms and they are becoming more sycophantic with each dying breath. The electorate have seen though their feeble attempts at power grabbing and are not as forgiving as they once were. Labour, in particular SLab, will feel the backlash in May. I won’t be in the least surprised if we see Con backbenchers defecting in droves to UKIP. People in rUK have been watching Scotland with interest and have seen the polls since Indyref. They know that the face of Scottish politics has changed and now realise that they can get real change away from the red and blue torys too. I just hope that they come up with something better than UKIP.

    51. cearc says:

      Wings Over Somerset has the advantage of not having to design new badges etc.

      I think it is a seriously good idea. A platform to show people how ‘the establishment’ have removed democracy through their control of the media, the real state of the economy and the move towards a feudal society.

      So much of the Yes stuff also applies to rUK, although unfortunately they no longer have any semblance of a wealthy economy without Scotland as it is all geared towards the City of London Corporation and over seen by the Remembrancer.

      As the campaign would be crowdfunded mainly from Scotland, it would serve to counter the myth that the Scots hate the English and point out that we cannot do much about the corruption of Westminister but an Independent Scotland could, by example, prove that there are alternatives.

      I say, go for it.

      PS. Stu, will y’be wanting counting agents?

    52. msean says:

      I voted for you to be known as rUKIP,but you might want call it something else. Like English Liberation Organisation (ELO) or the English Peoples Independence Cooperative (EPIC)

      Or just plain Wings.

    53. Jean-Loup says:

      Shouldn’t “none of the above” be the last choice? Otherwise it pertains only to what’s above it… 😉

    54. boris says:

      I like, “ICELAND”. The name covers just about all aspects of a successful party, including religion, the vikings, friendship, acceptance of joint responsibility and hard working labour ideals. I also expect R.S.C. will be standing, suitably attired of course

    55. Jim Mitchell says:

      The English Social Collective Order were my choice, I demand a recount, who’s in charge of the postal votes!

    56. gillie says:

      Socialist Hating Independent Tory party

    57. Capella says:

      To return to fracking from the previous thread for a moment. Max Keiser has mentioned on several shows that it is a disaster for investors as well as for health and the environment. A Texas town recently voted to ban fracking – a first in USA. But the company is seeking an injunction to overturn the democratic process. Worth watching if you are in a likely Ineos area.

    58. I’d suggest you stand as the Biased Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

    59. Osprey MacIntyre says:

      Wings Over Somerset. Saves on acronym-based campaign materials.

      …though were the SNP not talking about allowing non-members to stand as candidates? 😀

    60. Ananurhing says:

      How about,

      Federal United Kingdom Democratic Union Party.

    61. gillie says:

      Conservative Independent Democratic English Republican party

    62. HandandShrimp says:

      Could have done with the National before the vote but I am guessing that the Sunday Herald has discovered that there is a market out there for a decent pro-Scotland, pro-Independence paper.

      Glad it is the Sunday Herald, which has always been one of the better newspapers. Might actually be a tabloid that is readable.

    63. gillie says:

      Armed Resistance Soldiers of England party

    64. Gavin Alexander says:

      Whatever you call yourself, give em LALDI! 😀

    65. cearc says:

      Nana Smith,

      Nice to see a newspaper group putting profitability and survival above their chances of a peerage.

      It has been most extraordinary to see all these commercial companies slavishly following the Westminister line despite their sales continually falling.

    66. Dr Ew says:

      Just to mention that standard bearer of democratic values, the BBC, featured an ever-changing panel of faces from the “four main parties” to debate, discuss and dissect in a forlorn attempt to fill four and half hours of dead air while they waited on the result from Rochester & Strood. Representatives from the LibDems, Labour, Tories and crowing cro-magnons UKIP traded soundbites and snarky snipes in between “live” cutaways to a bored reporter at the count and an occasional drip-feed of drivel from the UK’s greatest living psephologist John Cuntface.

      The Greens were not invited, not representated and barely mentioned. They only got more than four times the LibDem vote.

      Now cannot wait for the bastions of the Fourth Estate to treat us to the “Leaders’ Debates” where four middle aged, middle class, privately educated white men in suits will trade snarky snipes and mouth soundbites selling their particular shade of neo-liberal fearmongering shit.

      Relieved to hear the guardians of our democratic freedoms won’t invite that woman from the Greens, with her Australian accent spouting left-wing nonsense because, obviously, the Great British Public could not be expected to cope with FIVE people in a discussion like they have every week on, er, Question Time.

      And six would be completely out of the question because then we’d have to invite that Scotch harridan Sturgeon down to represent the third-largest party in these isles, contradicting our cosy consensus on immigration, the EU, wealth distribution and war. Or worse, Salmond the shit-stirrer.

      So if you’re serious about this launch into a politic career, Stu, my advice is shave the beard, start wearing a £1,500 tailored suit and talk posh pish about cutting red tape, hanging benefit scroungers and shooting immigrant health tourist terrorists to save the NHS. Andrews Marr & Neil will be falling over themselves to have you on their shows.

    67. Nana Smith says:

      @Dave McEwan Hill

      The title is being launched on Monday by the Newsquest-owned Herald and Times group.

      The tabloid, whose banner will say “The newspaper that supports an independent Scotland”, will be priced at 50p, run to 32 pages and will have a print run of about 50,000.

      “The pilot launch of the National is a response to reader requests for a daily title which supports independence,” said Malcolm MacDonald, head of circulation at Herald and Times group, in a letter to retailers seen by the Guardian.

      It will be edited by Richard Walker, who also edits the Sunday Herald.

      The Sunday Herald was the only title in Scotland to come out in favour of independence before September’s referendum, which was won by the Better Together campaign.

      The paper saw a 111% year-on-year increase in circulation in the week of the referendum on Scottish independence.

      Newsquest’s Glasgow-based sister title, the daily Herald, supported the no campaign, as did Johnston Press’s Scotsman and Scotland on Sunday.

      The publisher, a subsidiary of US media company Gannett, is launching the title as a pilot, and said that if “sales meet expectations the newspaper will continue to be published”.

      One source with knowledge of the launch said the title sounded “very i-like”, a reference to the Independent’s cut-price spinoff, which has a skeleton staff and relies on its stablemate for most resources and content.

      “The timing is good, the SNP has just passed 80,000 members and Nicola Sturgeon has just been named as the first female first minister,” said the source. “They are riding a tidal wave of interest in nationalism. And national daily newspaper launches are very rare, even if it is just Scotland, even as a pilot it is a big deal.”

    68. Chris Cairns says:

      Way hey! So far I’m backing the winner (None of the Above). As a Scottish football fan and independence supporter that almost never happens.

    69. Sinky says:

      Labour in denial over Rochester result. It was a seat they won in 2005 and need to do so next May if they hope to get a majority.

      But then only 2% of Scots trust Ed Miliband.

    70. cearc says:


      ‘…if you are in a likely Ineos area’

      Which is probably the majority of the scottish population as it is right through the central belt.

    71. Paul Martin says:

      The GIRFUY Party – don’t know if that acronym travels south of the border 😉

    72. Xaracen says:

      Hmmm… Wings Independent Nation Government of Scotland (WINGS)

      Fun game!

    73. Lollysmum says:

      I went for None of the Above

      I live in England & work in London & all I seem to hear is that there’s no party worth voting for. ‘Why can’t we vote for None of the Above to register our discontent with the current political set up?’ I plan to vote Green just because we don’t have an alternative like SNP but that could end up as a thrown away vote.

      If you don’t vote then the winners win on a smaller % of the vote. If you spoil your vote then -it is just recorded as number of Spoiled Votes-reason is never voiced.
      None of the Above says you’ve taken the time to vote & that you refuse to vote for any of the choices on offer.

      If I saw that on a ballot paper I would choose it if voting in England. You are so fortunate in having SNP & the other indy leaning parties you know.

    74. Alt Clut says:

      rUKIP has it all for me ! Whimsically funny, a tactically sensible way to pose our independence aspiration in Somerset AND a ‘spoiler’ for UKIP primitives. What more could you ask !

    75. boris says:

      Revealed: The 21 private firms from India, Japan and America targeting £1billion NHS contract to manage patient medical records.

      Private firms from around the world are targeting a £1billion NHS contract to manage the personal medical records of every patient in the UK.

      Four IT companies in India, a tech giant in Japan, a US arms manufacturer and the world’s largest law firm are among 21 businesses in the frame, the Mirror can reveal.

      The 10-year contract is the biggest ever put out for tender by the NHS, after the Tory-led coalition decided to outsource primary care support services.

      Dave Prentis, general secretary of union Unison, branded our revelations “an absolute disgrace” and warned it could mean “handing over millions of patients records” to “huge worldwide firms”.

      Dr Louise Irvine, one of Britain’s most senior doctors, added: “Do we really want all our patient records being handled by IT firms in India, an electronics giant in Japan or an arms manufacturer in America?”

      A seven-page document detailing the contract says it will cover all of England, but adds “Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland, as well as the Isle of Man, Guernsey and Jersey are within the scope of this procurement”.

    76. chalks says:

      Magic, is there a website for this national paper?

      Also, tried voting for None of the Above, but don’t think it worked

    77. cearc says:

      Chris Cairns (and others),

      Well it is the most popular choice for PM according to Sky news but does Stu want to be PM? Or Lord of the Wings as it would be retitled.

    78. Juteman says:

      Peoples Underground Mass Party.

    79. Findlay Farquaharson says:

      i would rather you stood for holyrood as “wings over scotland ya bass party”.

    80. Swami Backverandah says:

      I like the rUKIP but think it may send a confusing message.
      Since you want RUK independence, but still want to reflect your own principles, how about:

      Better Apart Party Socialists. (BAPS) 😀

    81. Colin Mccartney says:

      Im disappointed at the choice offered, wheres the The People’s Front of Judea, or was it The Judean Popular People’s Front or eh the Popular Front of Judea or any of those other “splitters”?

    82. Fuzzynavel says:

      How about The P.A.L party (Politicians Are Liars)

    83. katherine hamilton says:

      We’ll Overcome Someday.

    84. McBoxheid says:

      EHAFTLN Party

      England Have A Few Tories Less Now Party,

      on second thoughts, I’ll stick tae ma day job

    85. muttley79 says:

      Sturgeon has named her first cabinet. Surprised Humza Yousaf is not included. Shona Robison is Health Minister, Angela Constance is Education Minister.

    86. Macart says:

      Oh, its got to be ASDA.

      Please, oh please, oh please, oh please let it be ASDA. 😀


      The National- Knew someone would look at that dripping roast. 🙂

      Nobody with any business sense is going to ignore a potential 1.6mn market.

    87. Chas says:

      Stand as an independent SNP candidate just like they’re doing in Berwick.

    88. Roboscot says:

      Labour Independent And Radical Scotland (LIARS)

    89. gillie says:

      Sneering Liberal Elite And Zany Expenses party

    90. heedtracker says:

      Still tragicomic watching LibDems couple of hundred, Monster Raving loony couple of hundred. If you did stand, you’re going to get phoney tory Lab reprobates like Hothersage or whatever he calls himself going, but he laughed at 9/11, he’s against trannies, he swore at me etc Such is teamGB politicking.

      Repatriate johnny foreign types, ID cards for all, Trident not free uni and college, Spot the loony Nige Farage and Jim Murphy. Thanks again proud Scot buts.

    91. manandboy says:

      The UK Independence Party has its second elected MP at Westminster after Mark Reckless wins the Rochester and Strood by-election.

      In his acceptance speech he said this:-

      “Thank you above all to the people of Rochester and Strood.
      You are my boss.
      I stepped down to ask your permission to join UKIP.
      You hired me again, you remain my boss,
      don’t let me forget it.”
      (Mark Reckless)

      I don’t recall any politician ever saying that before today. But I should like to hear it said more frequently.

      IMO, the entire culture of politics in the UK is precisely the opposite of what Mark Reckless said.

      If UKIP candidates keep saying what Mark Reckless said, UKIP will win GE15 – or come pretty damn close.

    92. arthur thomson says:

      Interested in this new newspaper that its being piloted. What are the thoughts of others?

    93. Capella says:

      @ Lollysmum
      George Monbiot urges everyone who wants a progressive alternative to the multi-coloured Tory Party in England to vote Green.
      I would if I lived in London. Unless, of course, Stu really does stand for election!

    94. Marcia says:

      Muttley 79

      Humza Yousaf is a junior minister and these appointments have still to be made public.

    95. Haggis Hunter says:

      Liers & Anal Back-Stabbing, Expenses Robbing, Vicious, Arrogant Trougher & Incompetent Volatile EccentricS

    96. muttley79 says:


      I thought he would get promoted to the full cabinet.

    97. galamcennalath says:

      The problem with Wings ofver Somerset is there might be a by-election somewhere else in Englandshire before the GE. By-elections do get a lot of UK wide publicity. So a catchy name and subversely pro-Scottish theme, could get quite a lot of coverage.

    98. Haggis Hunter says:


    99. Marcia says:


      Fiona Hyslop, his boss, has remained in her post so no vacancy there.

    100. Sandy says:

      My Expenses Are Staggering, Lowest Ever Service. (MEASLES)

      Whatever your problem, I will be all over it like a rash !

    101. Christian Schmidt says:

      If you go for ‘None of the Above’, you’ll need to change your name to ZZTop or something. Otherwise it would need to be ‘None of the Above or Below”

    102. Betty Boop says:

      Love this idea Stu. Having such a struggle deciding between all those interesting retail parties and the rest. 🙂

    103. dakk says:

      Go for it Stuart.The sky is your oyster or whatever it is they say.

    104. One_Scot says:

      Can someone give me a heads up on this,

      “Pro-independence daily paper the National to launch in Scotland”

      “Pilot launch of new daily tabloid, from the same stable as the Sunday Herald, will cost 50p and have print run of 50,000”

      Should I be buying it or not.

    105. Alistair Grapevine says:

      Social Conscience Of Truth Scrutinizers, ”Colloquially Wingers”

    106. Nana Smith says:

      Tories and Ukip to Win General Election While Brexit and Scottish Independence Likely

    107. heedtracker says:

      If UKIP candidates keep saying what Mark Reckless said, UKIP will win GE15 – or come pretty damn close.

      haha! If this kind if nonsense works we’re all up shits creek eg

      Son of Thatcher rises from the BBC/teamGB box of horrors. Mind you they’re so determined to run the UKOK like 1930’s Germany they might scrap BBC licence fee and that would be lovely because although I am not against the EU, I do not like paying Jacky Bird, Sir Gordon Brewer etc wages.

    108. Apache says:

      ‘Wings over Somerset’ for me. It’s a brilliant idea and I look forward to my Scots born ”proud to be a Brit” ex school chum – who is living down there – going absolutely tonto over it.

    109. James Kay says:

      I repeat my suggestion:

      Zzz … None Of The Above

    110. Grizzle McPuss says:

      Crap Opposition – Offering Peanuts

    111. desimond says:


    112. Bouncy says:

      Left of Labour – LOL!

    113. Ted says:

      This is a fantastic idea. But … As a supporter of Welsh independence, I’d be really grateful if you avoided any name that could rhetorically strengthen the idea that there’s some kind of natural unity in the rest of the UK.

      Not that I think the media, or academic analysts, would be that stupid or malicious – oh, wait a minute, I do.

      Likewise, any name using ‘England’ presumes a natural unity that the referendum has at least partially destroyed. Cameron et al’s attempt to discomfort Labour by using the English laws arguments could come back to haunt them if an erudite Scotsman got a bandwagon rolling for independence for Liverpool or Manchester or ‘the North’ or Tyneside. Or for any one of the London constituencies currently ruled by American pension scheme investors and absentee landlords.

    114. Croompenstein says:

      Killie fans won’t vote for Wings Over Somerset unless the wings are part of a big crow doing a big shit but Super Ayr sure need something over Somerset.

      How about the ‘Vote for us or the kitten gets it Party’

    115. Grizzle McPuss says:

      Socialist Parties Are Rare (SPAR)

    116. Albaman says:

      Shit!, it was not until I had voted, then saw the results that the “penny” dropped!.
      A well ’twas a nice one, anyway what’s G Brown up to now?, has he not interfered enough in our affairs, aye I know he’s still an M.P. But he is no longer the P.M., can someone not convey that to him?, mind you I think he does more damage to the Labour Party than to Scotland!.

    117. Pam McMahon says:

      Is there a link anywhere for this new Scottish newspaper? Tried to Google it, but the search engine seems (mysteriously) to be blocked on IE and Firefox.
      How will they sell any copies, if nobody can find out about it? Oh…yeah… Stupid me.

    118. Famous15 says:

      And in the real world our FM and her new brilliant team get on with making Scotland a better place.

    119. chalks says:

      ‘muttley79 says:

      21 November, 2014 at 12:32 pm

      Sturgeon has named her first cabinet. Surprised Humza Yousaf is not included. Shona Robison is Health Minister, Angela Constance is Education Minister.’

      Bad decisions, just being honest, don’t shoot me.

      Constance strikes me as mental, whilst Robison has always been pish when questioned on tv etc

    120. gillie says:

      Breaking: we have our first pro-independence newspaper “The National”

    121. Stoker says:

      If you’re going to stand someone at a by-election i’d go for:
      ‘Wings Over (wherever that by-election is)’

      If you’re going to stand someone at the GE2015, my preferred choice, can i suggest you stand a candidate in Cornwall on a ticket which also includes Cornish Independence. And work alongside local organisations who want the same thing.
      ‘The Wings Over Cornwall Party; has a certain feel about it.

      If you’re going to start going along this path, Stu, i can’t think of a better seat for Wings to launch itself in England.

      If done right i think we could possibly get a helluva lot of support and maybe pull off a shock result. Not saying that we would win it but if done right i don’t think we would be too far away.

      In fact, the more i think about it the more i think its a great idea, drop any thoughts of by-elections, do your homework as per, select your chosen seat, set your stall up and go take it!

      Talk about shockwaves – just standing a candidate would give them the skitters.

      Hilarious and worth every penny.

    122. Rusty Shackleford says:

      Obiously it should be the Standing at the Back Dressed Stupidly and Looking Stupid Party.

    123. desimond says:

      Cant we go back to the good old days..



    124. Morag says:

      Standing as ‘None of the above’ may well see you elected…

      That is exactly what I’d be worried about. Seriously. This is fun, but we do NOT want Stuart actually elected to Westminster as the representative for an English constituency. He’d have to represent them, and we need him to represent us.

    125. Barontorc says:

      TLBBC – The Lying BBC Party

    126. Morag says:

      I’m going to talk to my newsagent tomorrow about ordering this new paper. I can always cancel if I don’t like it. But a pro-independence paper out of the Herald stable is like a dream come true.

    127. Albaman says:

      This 50/50 gender split is all very well, but looking at the new cabinet, there are a couple of lassies who are going to have to sharpen up their debating skills in the chamber, otherwise the S.N.P. will loose some of their bite!.
      Maybe it was time to put some of the old guard out to pastures, but they were part of the building blocks of the modern S.N.P. and a vote of thanks would not go amiss.

    128. Jim Thomson says:

      @Bpris 12:21pm

      The patient records have already been on a trip to India. This from 2010

    129. Jim Thomson says:

      Oops – sorry – that should have been (of course) @Boris – damn keyboard finger-itis

    130. Morag says:

      The idea of certain heads asploding if Stu stood as “Wings Over Somerset” just tickles my fancy. Especially as I’m the one who suggested that name!

      It might also get some good publicity for Wings itself.

    131. Onwards says:

      “Pro-independence daily paper the National to launch in Scotland”

      “Pilot launch of new daily tabloid, from the same stable as the Sunday Herald, will cost 50p and have print run of 50,000”

      Sounds good. Tabloid format is what is needed. They already have the infrastructure in place. Perhaps it can replace the Herald if it is successful.

    132. John Lyons says:

      In all seriousness…

      I’m concerned Labour won’t stand in Inverness so the Unionist vote is not split and Danny Alexander will get all the votes. It seems like the kind of thing they’d do to keep the SNP out.

      Why not form a new party called Labour Branch office and stand wherever labour don’t?

      You could also do a Lib Dems on like Literal Demoprats or something for areas where they step aside for Labour….

    133. Doug Porteous says:

      Someone mentioned putting on the good suit and getting elected, well the Wee Ginger Dug by his own admission is known to like one. Now there’s a man I’d like to see in Westminster.

    134. call me dave says:

      I’ll give this a whirl and see how it goes.

    135. CameronB Brodie says:

      “Do it well, or not at all”. All the best. 😉

      It ain’t watcha do – Little Richard & Jimi Hendrix

    136. Willie John says:

      As has been pointed out ‘None of the Above’ doesn’t object to all the other parties, so change it to ‘None of the others’.

    137. gillie says:

      Daily Record will be shitting itself over the publication of The National.

      Guess what I will be buying come Monday morning?

    138. Chic McGregor says:

      TRUTH Party – The Rev Undoing The Hype

      TOWIE Party – The Only Way Is Ethics

      HGP – Honest Government Party

      WWW Party – We Want Wings Party

      Seriously, I don’t think it is a good idea. Maybe a genuine party at Holyrood instead?

    139. scotsbob says:

      If you go ahead with that idea I’ll chip in £20 from my pension towards your deposit.

    140. Hamish says:

      How about a Candidate

      Berwick for Berwickshire candidate.

      Just think the benefits to the good townsfolk of Berwick returning to Scotland ( as should have happened already) NHS not privatised, No tuition fees, free healthcare, travel etc and the people would be welcomed as opposed to being ignored by London.

    141. MajorBloodnok says:

      None of the Above – you know it makes sense.

    142. Stoker says:

      Would it not be better for Wings to recruit a ‘local’ to stand, wherever that may be, rather than Stu stand himself?

      For obvious reasons but also, with the amount of effort, work and
      commitment such a venture would require, i think it would be unfair of us to expect any individual to take on such a task AND run this site to the same high standards.

      That, IMO, is asking and expecting the impossible.

    143. Cath says:

      This is fun, but we do NOT want Stuart actually elected to Westminster as the representative for an English constituency. He’d have to represent them, and we need him to represent us.

      I don’t think the two are so far apart. A none of the above candidate is just that: we want something different, a radical change in the way the UK is governed. That can be as much for the people of Somerset as Scotland.

    144. Cath says:

      And it would wind up the worst of the unionists so badly if he actually ended up in Westminster. 😀

    145. desimond says:


    146. desimond says:

      Feck England
      We’re still awaiting the WingsOverScotland Tour of Scotland pal!

    147. Brian Powell says:

      With all the “vote this, get this”, worthwhile reminding all Labour supporters/politicians that they could have put through PR voting across the UK when they had massive control for 13 years.

    148. slackshoe says:

      I endorse this event or product.

    149. Hamish says:

      How about

      The Vow and Pledge Party (VAPP)

    150. Cag-does-thinking says:

      50,000 of us should order it on the first day to make a point. I must say the supermarket names have made me chuckle all morning. You’re an inventive lot.

    151. Cactus says:

      Likey. Yeah, get in amongst it all. Maybe try the “Peoples Party of England” (for health and safety’s sake ye know).. hard hats are mandatory 🙂

      So what would be the key points of the Wings manifesto?

    152. Clootie says:

      I liked the spin on Liberal Voice this morning. “It was a fight between the Greens and LD’s for 5th”

      Sorry – we had a clear first four. The fight for 5th. place was between the LD’s and the Monster Raving Loony Party. 😀

    153. McBoxheid says:

      Every Vote Equals Liberty

    154. Hotrod Cadets says:

      rUKIP is the cleverest, and None of the Above is the most likely to win.

      How about Just Ordinary Caring Kilted Socialists?

    155. gillie says:

      Keep England English, Conservative & Homophobic party (KEECH)

    156. geeo says:


      stand against IDS..

      “Vote for the DWP who shall NOT shaft the poor, sick and disabled”

    157. The Man in the Jar says:

      Wings Over England.

      WOE, WOE and thrice WOE! 🙂

    158. Dr Jim says:

      For those expressing doubt over our new appointments, no need to be concerned, Angela Constance may speak a little slower than the usual type political Chatter speak, but she is highly capable of tearing anyone a new orifice should the need arise, Shona Robison knows her stuff and can be another nippy when required. All in all i’m happy particularly as John “The Abacus” is right hand man, perfect…

    159. Tattie-bogle says:

      There is no The Resignation immediately Party of English Labour or TRIPE Labour

    160. bunter says:

      Vote Out Westminster (VOW).

    161. Tîm Criced i Gymru says:


    162. Lollysmum says:

      @ Capella at 12.45pm

      If I lived in London I would be fine about voting for Greens as Monbiot suggests but I live in a Labour town with two Labour MP’s & where the Greens are still viewed as ‘wacky’

      2010 election saw the 2 green candidates in our neighboring staunch labour constituencies win a total of 856 votes between them so as I said voting green here is likely to be a thrown away vote. It’s a shame really as they do have some admirable policies. BUT I won’t not vote as I don’t believe anyone has the right to criticise the outcome if they don’t vote.

    163. Clootie says:

      I assume the local members of the LibDem Party, councillors and their families voted LibDem. That must account for most of the 346.

      A true “Family” party.

    164. Valerie says:

      I voted for WoS but I’d like to be reassured there are some good sleazy links with big money corporations, preferably arms dealers, cos that’s where the money is, and, a solid link to right wing knuckle draggers, such as BNP, would be good.

    165. geeo says:


    166. Albaman says:

      I agree with Hamish ,
      Berwick on Tweed would be perfect, for a “do you want to be in Scotland party”

    167. Sinky says:

      Stanley Odd “Son I voted YES” on at Liquid Rooms in Edinburgh To-night

    168. bugsbunny says:

      Former Unionist Councillor for Kingston Upon Peme.
      :- ie F.U.C.K U.P

      Cumbrian Unionist Northern Traditionalist:- C.U.N.T

      Scottish Conservative Reactionary Orange Toady Bastard Arsehole Greeting Swines:- S.C.R.O.T B.A.G.S


    169. Lollysmum says:

      @ Cath at 1.51pm

      ‘And it would wind up the worst of the unionists so badly if he actually ended up in Westminster.’

      Yes especially if he stood as Independent & joined the SNP’s voting bloc in Westminster. Woo hoo think of the fun Stu would have. Imagine him saying ‘WTF is the Honourable Member talking about- it’s pure pish?’ LOL

    170. Stephen Wilson says:

      what about – Federal United Kingdom Unity Party (FUKUP)

    171. Mealer says:

      Valerie,that’s why I voted for rUKIP.I can’t believe how many readers have fallen for the old vote for wings Over Somerset and keep None of the above out ruse.

    172. The Man in the Jar says:

      Wings Over England (again)

      WOE betide the Tories/Labour and the rest of the self serving useless halfwits.

    173. Albaman says:

      Hopefully the Rev, and others ,can be asked to contribute articles to the new “independence Herald”, I think that is what has been missing all along, the ability for Joe Public to be able to purchase a paper such as this from any newsstand.a partial game changer possibly.

    174. yesindyref2 says:

      None of the above is good, but probably not allowed. I think Wings Over Somerset wings, err, wins as it allows sideways publicity for Wings Over Scotland, and also allows “franchising” as in Wings Over Liverpool etc. if there’s any others prepared to cough up £500.

    175. yesindyref2 says:

      Just saw that, yes, Wings Over England!

    176. Thepnr says:

      Tory Wankers and Tossers party.

      Vote for the TWAT’s apologies for being blue!

    177. Jamie Arriere says:

      Ok, great fun and having a good laugh with the name, but..

      listening to the radio last night, comment was made that any by-election called now would probably not be held until the General Election, so are you still up for doing this in May when you will be lost in the national picture, ignored completely by the media, and if by some miracle you are, probably asked about prosaic English issues?

      It’ll cost far more than the deposit to campaign, and do we really want you distracted from your work?

      If the concensus is with you, I’ll go with the flow, but the media’s going to be something else next year going into the most interesting GE in decades

    178. boris says:

      This is the record of Jim Hood, South Lanarkshire MP. It doesn’t make good reading. Why oh Why are the public in Lanarkshire so determined to vote the way of their fathers and not for the future of their children?

      Regarding independence Jim Hood said: “Even if the Scottish People were to be better off economically, I’d still be against Scottish Independence, and I’d still vote no.” The politics of a madman!

      South Lanarkshire is blighted by open cast mineworking. Developed in the last few years, much against the wishes of many constituents. Pollution of the environment not a concern of Jim or the labour councillors

      Jimmy Hood, MP for Lanark and Hamilton East, has a £7,500 a year contract with Scottish Coal to “advise on parliamentary matters as they pertain to the coal industry”. Scottish Green party leader Patrick Harvie MSP claimed the arrangement, “smacks of an ongoing pay-off” to ignore environmental concerns about opencast coal mining in his area. The MP, who was leader of the Nottinghamshire miners during the 1980s strikes, said he began his consultancy work with Scottish Coal in 2001, replacing former Midlothian Labour MP Eric Clarke. The precise arrangements only came to light when new rules were introduced last July, forcing MPs to declare their income from second jobs on the Commons Register of Interests. Mr Harvie said: “Jimmy Hood has notoriously failed to assist or represent those people whose lives are being blighted by opencast coal mines in his constituency and local area. “The fact that he has been pocketing large amounts of cash from Scottish Coal for years, for essentially doing nothing for them, nor against them, smacks of an ongoing pay-off from the company to allow it to continue polluting unchecked.” During Mr Hood’s recent months of inaction, Scottish Coal was given planning permission to open a hugely controversial opencast coal mine just outside his own constituency.

    179. Craig P says:

      If its shops and you want aspirational voters,


      (we can work out a backronym later 😉 )

    180. Tamson says:

      ‘None of the Above’ isn’t allowed. It’s a proscribed phrase by Electoral Commission rules.

    181. Morag says:

      That’s interesting. What a shame, really.

    182. Unilateral Democratic Internationalist.

      Confederal Independent Democrat for English Regions.

    183. Unilateral Democratic Internationalist.

      Confederal Independent Democrat for English Regions.

    184. Cath says:

      think of the fun Stu would have. Imagine him saying ‘WTF is the Honourable Member talking about- it’s pure pish?’

      This is what I want to see!

    185. Jack Murphy says:

      The National—Scotland’s independence DAILY newspaper.
      Starting Monday 24th November 2014.
      Info from City AM.

    186. Craig P says:

      Best bet to beat the Lib Dems is to stand in a by election – better chance of publicity and motivating winger activists.

      Any byes coming up??

    187. Tamson says:

      Someone tried to set up a party of that name in 2009, standing a candidate in every seat. The EC banned it. Go to the wiki page on ‘None of the above’, UK section.

    188. Captain Caveman says:

      Wings Over Somerset for me.
      Go on Stu, you know you want to. 😀

    189. jock mc X says:

      A candidate in every seat in north of england,wings over wherever,get every bugger there reading this site.
      Would kill off liebour.

    190. ronnie anderson says:

      Wanting Independant Governance Not Servatude
      diz it win a 3p lucky bag.

    191. jock mc X says:

      Why cant the snp have a branch office in england by the way?

    192. Ronnie says:

      My local newsagent says that Menzies are supplying him with 20 copies of The National each day.

      So mine’s ordered!

    193. Barontorc says:

      Just call it The WINGS Party – “Win-independence-n-get-Smiling”

    194. Viking Girl says:

      In appreciation of our most charming entrepreneur. How about:-
      The Unseat Labour & The Miserable Other Bats Ruining All Scotland Party.
      That’s Ultimo Bras.

    195. jock mc X says:

      Theres no law against it is there!
      Nothing in the rule book is there?……


    196. Schrödinger's cat says:

      Whatever you call yourself, remember to dress as a 6ft penguin, the lib dems have still not lived down proff pongu beating the lib dems into 4th place

      The guy Fawkes party
      You know it makes sense
      I won’t let you down

      Party logo , a stick of dynamite

    197. An Teallach says:

      Once we’ve all bought and read The National we need to leave it where others will pick it up – trains,buses,cafés etc

    198. TheWealthOfNations says:

      Scottish National Party

      There are bound to be seats where you stand a chance of actually winning.

      AFAIK there is a stupid number like 1.2 Million Scots living in England.

      That number might be wildly inaccurate but I’m pretty sure it is in the ball park.

    199. AuldA says:

      @jock mc X:

      Why cant the snp have a branch office in england by the way?

      There is a SNP London branch. Morag has been part of it a long time, it seems.

      By the way, Morag, I don’t know if you still read this thread, but I’ve sent a mail to the SNP Brussels branch last Sunday, I’m still awaiting the answer… 🙁

    200. Dal Riata says:

      All very well ‘n’ that… but what if you actually do get elected? With the shite that’s on offer now doon sooth it may well happen!

    201. Lesley-Anne says:

      As usual I’m late to this but perhaps these have some running in them. Because Old Luckless Labour Only Catch KipperS (BOLLOCKS) or even You Expect Something? (YES?) 😛

    202. Morag says:

      AuldA, even the normal branches in Scotland are having trouble keeping up with the membership surge. However, I think you may get on better if you try to deal with SNP Headquarters.

      I’m virtually certain that you have been put down as a Headquarters member, that is not attached to any branch. So Brussels won’t know about you and may not respond. They can’t change your branch affiliation anyway.

      I think you need to ask Headquarters to assign you to Brussels branch. Then Brussels are told that you exist, by headquarters, and that you are one of their members. They should get in touch with you after that.

      I was in London branch from 1992 until 2008. It’s one of the oldest branches in the party, and it’s pretty active. I met quite a few of my old mates from there at conference.

    203. Gallowglass says:

      Call it the English National Party and just confuse everyone! 😀

    204. keaton says:

      Amusingly, “Not the Liberal Democrats” might not be allowed on the ballot if it’s deemed that it may confuse voters who intend to vote for the Liberal Democrats.

    205. Phil Collie says:

      Definitely stand at a by-election, not the GE, you’ll get lost in the noise. Also, better chance of getting your deposit back!

    206. Fran says:

      Got to be rUKIP, you would totally confuse everybody and probably get elected

    207. Morag says:

      But they let that guy off who stood as a “Literal Democrat” and actually cost the LibDem candidate the seat.

    208. AuldA says:


      I accept they can’t change my branch membership, but at least they could have acknowledged the message and led me to the right door. In fact, I was inquiring in my message if it was alright to ask for my attachement to them. They could have replied, just out of politeness. But maybe, as you say, they are busy fagging to catch up the surge (though I’d be surprised in the case of Brussels: if I, living on the mainland, wasn’t automatically attached to Brussels, why anybody would have been?)

    209. Finnz says:

      Can you change your name by deed poll to Duke of Wellington. That should do it…

    210. Morag says:

      AuldA, it’s hard to say. But volunteers sometimes have only so many hours in the day. I know I sometimes struggled as membership secretary in London branch.

    211. AuldA says:


      Well, it’s no matter of importance anyway. I’ve sent a mail to the SNP headquarters through the website, let’s see if they will answer… They may have other priorities than to squander time on a French old coot.

      Thanks so much for your help!

    212. Archie [not Erchie] says:

      My full moniker is Archibald Berwick Melrose! Do you think I could be a candidate in the Borders? I could always hyphenate if it looks better? 🙂

    213. Rock says:

      “Well, the original Monster Raving Loonies, anyway. Not the ones who won.”

      In the eyes of our national broadcaster, the ones who won are the best thing that happened since sliced bread.

    214. Rock says:

      The Lib Dems (and Labour) have made complete fools of themselves (to intelligent people at least).

      You, Stuart, are a serious force to be reckoned with.

      Don’t trivialise yourself in this way.

      The MSM and our national broadcaster would have a field day extrapolating any antics to the entire independence movement.

    215. Paula Rose says:

      Westminster Are Not Knowing?

    216. jock mc X says:

      AuldA says

      @jock mc X

      Why cant the snp have a branch office in england by the way?

      There is a SNP London branch. Morag has been part of it a long time, it seems.

      So there are millions in england who would want a fairer more
      just society down there, which they aint gonna get by voting
      for liblabconkip……..snp standing down there…why not?
      Nicola sturgeon for prime minister!
      Am i going mad…Mwaahaahaahaahaaa…Or?

      ps………theres a black guy in thhe whitehouse.

    217. Paula Rose says:

      jock mc X honey – one day soon there will be Paula Rose as first minister xx

    218. Paula Rose says:

      The dickie birds tell me that the Green Party intends to put up candidates for the GE in Scotland – please tell me this is not true – if it is I join the SNP.

    219. Anne Lawrie says:

      Christine Graham is threatening to stand as an SNP candidate in the GE at Berwick. This would mean that as they have an English candidate, the SNP would be entitled to TV debate participation. I’ve already spoken to someone from SNP London branch asking if someone there could stand in London – against Boris would be interesting!

    220. Mike says:

      How about the Wing It Party?

    221. Cadogan Enright says:


      Could be an MSM game changer

    222. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Captain Caveman (3.48) –

      Hey mister! Just noticed your comment there a minute ago.

      Welcome back friend – you always struck me as a reasonable sort, and you put up with some serious stick on here with good humour.

      Having said all that, where’s the ‘positive case for the Union’ you promised us all those months ago?! 🙂

    223. Tackety Beets says:

      On Balance I feel the urge to support any Paper thats “Neutral” and challenging or Pro Indy .
      Selling 50K / day would hardly be a game changer for the Shareholders .
      If they sell oot the first week , it sends a strong message to the opposition MSM etc

      If its crap or journalistically poor it will be gone , self inflicted .

      5 days is only £2.50 , the Daily Retard readers would say ” worth a punt ”

      Sadly many on here will have fairly high standards / expectations .
      It could be said thats the Revs fault .
      ( is that a back handed compliment to Stu )
      Enjoy your SNP Hydro day / night

    224. Carol hitchings says:

      Wings Independent Nation of Scotland WINGS

    225. Claire Duncan says:

      The Sensible Alternative Vote
      – because you’re not a party

    226. nycgype says:

      The Voice Of Wings (The VOW) just as a little reminder we won’t let it lie.

    227. Craig says:


      Looks like “None of the Above” needs to be removed from the voting list, it appears that there is already a group that have taken that name

      So gutted as well

    228. Captain Caveman says:

      Hiya Ian 🙂

      Me? Reasonable? Nice of you to say so, but not really if I’m honest! (But at least I’m humorous)

      I won’t pretend I’m sorry the result went the way it did, but genuine commiserations and it was much closer than I thought it would be.

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