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The sounds of silence

Posted on March 10, 2012 by

An alert viewer points us to a story in today's Times (paywall link).

"Supporters of the United Kingdom have swamped the Scottish government with hundreds of demands for an early referendum, SNP sources said. Scottish ministers were stunned when they received a flood of e-mails from unionists late last week, each one calling for a change in their approach to the referendum.

But when they examined the demands they realised that each e-mail was exactly the same and every one had been copied from a single standard e-mail.


[Michael] Moore was keen to distance himself from the e-mail deluge yesterday. A source close to the Scottish Secretary insisted that neither Mr Moore nor his team were responsible for the e-mails.

A Conservative spokesman was more direct, however. He said: “Given the way the cyber-Nats operate with the tacit approval of the SNP leadership, maybe the SNP should just calm down and look closer to home if they want to find conspiracy theories.”"

We'll be watching closely to see if any of the "Scottish" media investigates this dramatic story further over the weekend. But we won't be holding our breath.

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12 to “The sounds of silence”

  1. commenter says:

    They’re really pounding away with that cybernat slur these days, eh?

    It’s the new “Jocks”.

  2. bigskelf says:

    Perhaps something today with a certain Labour party "click here" to repond page that popped up last week.

  3. Peter A Bell says:

    That's the British Labour & Unionist Party up to their old tricks here. With the full support of their Tory allies, of course.

  4. RevStu says:

    Oh dear. Well and truly busted, it would seem.

  5. ron edinburgh says:

    this suprises me?..their normally very good at being sneeky! they have just upgraded their old letter writting to local newspapers scam (where they would get members to sign a template letter to their local rag) ..i'm convinced this has browns people's hands all over it! 

  6. Embradon says:

    I wonder where all those identical e-mails came from.

  7. TYRAN says:

    As per Embradon link,
    – "Sending the message on the left means you will send an email response to the UK and Scottish Government consultations." (Scottish Labour)
    The underlying code indeed sends / spams a pre-composed letter to three addresses, Scotland Office, Scottish Governement and another to Labour. 

  8. Morag says:

    What seems to be happening now is that cybernats are deleting the pro forma text in the window and typing their own responses, then using Labour's facility to submit.
    I added a sentence explaining exactly what I had done, including a link to the web page.  I approve this course of action!

  9. Christian Wright says:

    Have any of you received the nod from Alex today? I haven't. I just don't know what to do or say. And when did you last receive a cheque from SNP Covert Action? 
    Do any of you have spare templates of what we are supposed to say this week? I'm all out.

  10. MajorBloodnok says:

    Christian, unlike Scottish Labour drones waiting for their weekly orders from London, those who want Indepedence are generally capable of independent thought.  The clue's in the name.
    Reminds me of something i was thinking the other day (probably somebody else got there before me but):

    Labour supporters refer to Scottish nationalists who use the internet as Cybernats, whereas a Labour member who uses the internet is generally regarded by his peers to be a genius.

    I'll need to work on the timing.

  11. CW says:

    Allow me to make a correction: "Labour supporters refer to Scottish nationalists who use the internet as Cybernats, whereas a Labour member who uses the internet is generally Tom Harris."

  12. MajorBloodnok says:


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