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Posted on September 18, 2015 by

Alert readers of The National will have noticed an article by me in it today. It reads slightly weirdly, jumping from subject to subject, because it was originally done as an interview but they then decided to cut the questions out to get more text in.


That’s all absolutely fine – they okayed it with me first – but some readers may be interested in seeing the full original piece, which is about twice as long. If you are, you can read it below. If you’re not, um, do what you like. I’m not your mum.


THE NATIONAL: Tell us about the start of Wings. Why did you start it up? What were you thinking you could do that wasn’t already being done? Was it always going to be a full time job?

RSC: I started it because I was sick of seeing things being said on TV and in newspapers that I knew weren’t true, but which absolutely nobody challenged.

The most obvious example is the idea that Labour needed Scottish seats to win UK elections – that’s absolute hogwash, but everyone repeated it like a self-evident mantra. Having searched in vain for a site debunking the myths, I realised I’d have to do it myself.

I never thought it’d become a job – it was just my way of making a contribution, because I wasn’t in Scotland and I couldn’t go knocking doors or anything.

TN: You were, in many ways, a big part of the referendum campaign. At times right at the heart of the campaign. But you were also many, many miles away. What was the referendum like for you?

RSC: It was – and essentially still is – an incredible experience. Being geographically out of it is frustrating sometimes, but it also gives you a vital distance, protecting you to some extent from the echo chamber.

In Shawlands on the Sunday before the vote I met lots of people totally convinced we were going to get 60%+, and I knew we weren’t – if we won it was going to be close. But understandably they’d been swept up in what by then was an amazing, intoxicating atmosphere. From 400 miles away, you can observe the facts without that distorting effect.

TN: What do you feel your greatest achievement during the campaign?”

RSC: The Wee Blue Book, without a doubt. Wings has been almost entirely airbrushed out of the story of the campaign in the past year, and I always expected it to – history is written by the media, and the media really hates being the subject of scrutiny rather than the scrutineer.

But it’s just laughably, embarrassingly petty on a basic journalistic level that not a single feature was written anywhere about the astonishing achievement of a thrown-together team of grassroots volunteers funding and then distributing a 72-page book of detailed, sourced arguments to every corner of Scotland in a few short weeks.

Those people got boxes and vanloads of books to every island, up every remote farm track in the Borders, every city and town and village, and the lack of coverage and credit they got for it is a disgrace to anyone calling themselves a reporter.

TN: Did you think Scotland would vote Yes? How was the 19th for you?

RSC: From May 2011 until September the 18th I had no idea if we’d win or not. I said from very early on that there wouldn’t be more than 10 points in it either way, but I honestly hadn’t a clue which way it would go. On the 18th itself I was miserable. It was a horrible, damp, foggy day that felt ill-omened from the off, and it seemed to last forever. I’ve never known time move so slowly.

On the 19th I felt as wretched as everyone else, and the loyalist thuggery on George Square was sickening, but a Yes activist came round to my mum and dad’s house and cheered me up a bit.

On the Saturday the sun came out and everyone seemed to have been given a bit of a kick in the backside by the violence – I honestly think that’s what re-energised the Yes movement, and it’s never looked back. People were saying “There’s no way we’re letting those knuckle-dragging scum have the last laugh.”

TN: Is there anything you’ve written you regret? That you wish you hadn’t?

RSC: No. I don’t see the point in regret, but I can’t think of anything I’ve said that I wouldn’t stand by now.

The thing about confected outrage is that even if you actually don’t say something offensive, people trying to smear you will twist something else to MAKE it offensive anyway – we saw a thousand examples in the press of totally innocuous comments having storms whipped up around them. So you might as well just say what you think in the first place, then at least you’ll be getting attacked for something you actually did.

TN: The SNP don’t really engage with you, and yet, you are easily one of the most high profile and influential campaigners for independence. Does that bother you? Have you spoken to anyone senior at the party?

RSC: There are two or three elected SNP people I chat to sometimes, but only in their personal capacity, not as party representatives. I’ve never spoken to anyone “senior” – when I went to see Alex Salmond at the New Statesman event in London, for example, I left the post-speech reception before he got there, even though I’d have loved to say hello, because I didn’t want some slimy hack getting a photo of him shaking hands with the “vile cybernat controller” and making a big deal of it.

I’ve been very clear from the first day of Wings that I had nothing to do with the SNP, partly simply because that’s true and partly because it was clear that they were going to run a very happy-clappy feelgood campaign, and because we deal with the media we were inevitably going to be getting our hands a little dirtier.

The Unionist press was desperate to tar the SNP and the whole Yes movement, and because Wings’ style can be a little abrasive I didn’t want to make that easy for them. They’ve tried anyway, but it hasn’t stuck, because nobody’s responsible for anything I’ve done except me.

TN: What’s the future for Wings and the future for you? A Wee Blue Book 2?

RSC: Wings will carry on for as long as people want it, and when the second referendum comes along – I don’t think it’s an “if” – there’ll be an updated WBB. Very little of it will need changing, so we’ll be able to get it out sooner – it was a real race against time to print and distribute the last one, and I’d have liked if we’d done it maybe two weeks earlier, thougn it was always meant to come out pretty late in the day.

TN: Why Rev?

RSC: It’s a long story. But it’s a real title, and I’ve used it for many years before the referendum campaign. There are a lot of people called Stuart Campbell.

TN: Do you think we’ll see independence soon? Want to put a date on it?

RSC: It’s coming, but it’s entirely in the hands of events. If the EU scenario comes about – Scotland voting to stay and the rUK voting to leave – it could be sooner than anyone expects. I think the more likely case is 2021, if the Tories have just won another UK election and the SNP have a majority in Holyrood again. Both of those things are currently odds-on, but 2020 is a long way off and you don’t know what might happen between now and then.

Nobody seems to have ever talked about it, but I felt way before the referendum that the proximity of a UK general election people thought Labour were going to win might be the thing that tipped the balance for No.

While we warned for years on Wings that there was no way Ed Miliband would be PM – another upside of living in England – lots of people really believed he would, and I think a significant section of left-wing types thought there was no need for independence if there was a Labour government at Westminster.

On current polling, there’s going to be a very different feeling about 2020/21.

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    141 to “The rest of the story”

    1. gordoz says:

      Homework .. Awww !!! 🙂

    2. Dr Jim says:

      A good fair reflection and insight into events

      And my Mum didn’t have to force me to read it

      It was a pleasure

    3. yesindyref2 says:

      Thanks for the explanation, it did jump but was good anyway.

      Still enjoying reading the 20 page pullout, taking my time, savouring the optimism and still present sense of joy.

    4. gordoz says:

      Saw your piece in the National – thought it was a cracking collation of your coverage as always.

      Many of your thoughts chimed with my own.

      Thuggery of Unionist / Brit (Largely Rangers) / ProudScot buts rioting in George Sq still haunts & disgusts me.
      But at least we can visualize the true flavour of the squeaky clean ‘No Thanks’ campaign, (sure Will Podmore / Hothershall were so proud)

    5. Soda says:

      I always said Sept 2015 should have been when we had the ref but that boat has sailed…

      The next should def be AFTER the next general.

    6. Morag Towndrow says:

      Read the original & enjoyed it so delighted to read the full thingy. However, slightly distressed to discover you are NOT my mum! Must be a 65 year old Aaawrrfinnn then!

    7. Thepnr says:

      I well remember my first time reading Wings. It was not for me, far too “radical”. How wrong I was, this is now mainstream Scotland.

      Well done Rev on building what is a brilliant website for discussion and Argument as I know to my cost 🙂

      Here’s the important thing and please pay attention.

      Without the discussion we can’t win the arguement!

      Right now we disagree with the NO voters, so we argue, we discuss and then we win

    8. Grouse Beater says:

      Very nice. Very nice interview indeed.

      I recall asking if you felt sure of a win for Yes, because for long enough I thought the opposite, that we’d lose by a small margin, (5% is reasonably small) knowing the depths the Scottish establishment would go to undermine Scotland getting real power.

      Nevertheless, that last minute poll showing a narrow victory motivated me to place a large bet on Yes and … sob … sniff.

    9. Lesley-Anne says:

      Good wee insight to the article in the National Stu, thanks.

      That must count as one of the most balanced and fair interviews anyone has ever had. 😀

    10. Kestral says:

      onwards and upwards

      Thanks Stu for all your hard work…..

      I am still around…I know I don’t often comment…. very busy with snp/work/business

      but yes you are totally right that people who never thought they could…..did…… and did it pretty darn well

      amazing what we can do….what we can achieve…what we can be

      All it takes is a nudge that makes us realise our potential

      maybe that was what YES lacked….the challenge to the people to think and act for themselves

      I know quite a few who stated in conversations on this date

      well, I don’t know….I have never been interested in politics, but I wish………

      yes do wish…… wish until you have a second chance

      and don’t blow that second chance……….

    11. Gerry says:

      Rev said “we warned for years on Wings that there was no way Ed Miliband would be PM – another upside of living in England – lots of people really believed he would, and I think a significant section of left-wing types thought there was no need for independence if there was a Labour government at Westminster.

      On current polling, there’s going to be a very different feeling about 2020/21.”

      Very accurate assessment of complacency of the left wing types. On the 2020/21 thing, I would have agreed up until labour elected Corbyn. I think that presents the SNP with the prospect of calling a snap referendum. A short campaign would suit us better, and labour couldn’t really pull any big beasts from the hat to offer us “near federalism” or any such nonsense.
      Dave C knows this also so we may get an improved offer soon. Differential tax varying powers maybe instead of the meaningless nonsense that is currently on the table re tax. ]The longer we wait the better they are prepared, but then again, we’re all teamed up in ready made yes groups this time and can hit the ground running, and act in a far more meaningful way.
      The SNP have cleverly worded their trigger points in a similarly vague and general way to the vow. The difference is – we mean it.
      My 2 bob is on 2017 now. I would look for a continued shift towards yes.
      The way the polls are moving is painfully slow, but the direction is good and slow and steady tends to be more sustainable. If we are at 60% by 2017, and I think we will be, there is no way that the SNP won’t call it.

    12. auld_andalus says:

      Nice one Stu! 🙂

    13. heedtracker says:

      Thanks for everything Rev. When I think how ball achingly naive I was voting SLab 97, holyfcuk. They’re all minted now though.

    14. arthur thomson says:

      A great interview. My thanks to you for your hard work. I am an SNP member and have been all my life but I don’t want Wings to get caught up with SNP. Two different roles and I think both are being handled really well. You and we can say things the SNP can’t say.

      I derive great pleasure from reading other people’s comments. They and you inspire hope. Wings and Wings on twitter are my first ports of call when I access the net and I am never disappointed.

    15. yesindyref2 says:

      OT wow
      From STV: “Corbyn appoints disgraced fire-raising peer to shadow front bench”. Mike Watson.

    16. izzie says:

      Keep going rev at work today (a school) many of us were
      wearing Yes badges the no ers were perplexed they thought
      they had seen the last of us

    17. George S Gordon says:

      A’stu’te as always Stu!

      I hope the SNP, of which I’m a member, now understand and value your contribution – which was massive. Our local Yes team (including many SNP members) certainly did at the time, and we used and distributed many WBB’s.

      Your points about not being involved directly with the SNP are well made, but I like to think our strategists have paid attention, and will keep doing so!

      Great to see two pictures in “The Persuader” which were contributed by one of my sons. He acquired another batch near the end, which were put to good use.

    18. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Lord Watson of Zippo on the front bench! Wow. There have long been rumours about other odd fire incidents preceding the one he got caught on

    19. Ron says:

      When I look back it hardly seems 5 minutes ago that I left the house to go and cast the very first vote in my village polling station at 07:00. But much water has passed under the bridge since then.

      Today I desperately wanted to pin on my Yes badge and wear it at work with pride, a wee reminder that we’re still here and still believing. However if I had I’d no doubt have been summoned by HR to stand before a hastily arranged kangaroo court.

      If there’s a next time – and I truly hope the day will come – we’ll be more ready, more willing and more YES than ever.

    20. CameronB Brodie says:


      Differential tax

      I would think that would be a non-starter, as it completely undermines the ‘one-size-fits-all’ UKOK economy. Weren’t Labour expressly against this when they proposed Devo Nano?

      @ The WBB Network
      All I can say is, your achievement was truly inspirational. A stunning example of what ordinary people can do when they cooperate and organise. The Unionist Establishment will never sleep soundly again. Thank you.

    21. Stoker says:

      I particularly enjoy Q & A style set-ups, i guess its because i find other people and their lives interesting, perhaps explains why my favourite sort of reading material is usually biographies.

      Thanks, Rev, Stu-perb!

    22. Helena Brown says:

      Thank you so much Stuart it was a pleasure to read. I had a look for it on the National internet copy but must have looked in all the wrong places.

    23. Russell Bruce says:

      Telling it as it is and was.

      Although I write for another pro independence site I applaud the achievements of Wings and the Rev Stu for a remarkable contribution and the creation of a community that more much more than an online forum. We would not have got as near without Wings and the ‘distance’ from the SNP is an important factor in bringing people behind the cause of Independence.

      As Rory Bremner said in his post referendum show – The yes side had Wings and the No side the BBC

    24. Paula Rose says:

      Without Wings I wonder where I would be now – I certainly would not be as confident, certainly not have so many new friends and certainly not re-engaged with politics and part of the progressive movement. One day I’ll give the Rev the stroke he deserves.

    25. Ken500 says:

      What is the point of tax raising powers, without deciding how the money is spent. Westminster Trident/illegal wars, tax evasion and banking fraud. Scotland’s revenues being misused against the majority wishes. Oil sector taxed at 55% despite the fall in Oil price.

      No taxation without representation.

    26. thomaspotter2014 says:

      The Wee Blue Book won’t be getting wall to wall coverage from any of the state propaganda outlets any time soon.

      Establishment HQ will be acutely aware of the effect it had the last time it was utilised.And they know they can’t counter with the same busted flush arguments.

      A million thanks for all you’ve done to keep the Indy fire burning Rev.

      And it looks like we’ll be needing WBB II sooner than we imagined.

      All things considered we’re on the road to freedom.

    27. asklair says:

      I can remember a moment when I found out a guy at work was a Yes voter when he told a dont know to read the WBB and then he would never ever believe in the Westminster government again. Very powerful book, really wanted it to happen but we need to take a big block with us, look what happened to the 55%. WoS is great for its not run by a committee and hits out “So you might as well just say what you think in the first place, then at least you’ll be getting attacked for something you actually did”. Mixed emotions today.

    28. Another Union Dividend says:

      Dave McEwan Hill says: at 6.36

      What with Lord Watson and Lord Faulkner in Corbyn’s shadow cabinet it now looks like curtains for “new politics” .

    29. Luigi says:

      yesindyref2 says:
      18 September, 2015 at 6:14 pm

      OT wow
      From STV: “Corbyn appoints disgraced fire-raising peer to shadow front bench”. Mike Watson.

      That’ll set the heather alight. 🙂

    30. gordoz says:

      Holy shit Watson back ??? .. I thought it was a joke ???
      (2 Lords a leaping ?) how very very left wing.

      Huge blunder with that appointment .. now see why many down south doubted the calibre of Labour’s messianic regime.

      Absolute howler of an appointment .. Arson type, life threatening, criminal activity; remains within Westminster gravy train system at public expense and then returns to front bench.

      Falconer was bad enough – left wing credentials fully shot now.
      Can’t wait to hear Neil Findlay’s views on this ?

      Excellent ammo to rebuff left wing Labour nonsense being beamed North. Return of Labour values right enough!

    31. galamcennalath says:

      I bought the National, but haven’t read it yet. Having just read the full story here, I can miss that bit out. 🙂

      As usual, you talk sense and say what needs to be said, Stu.

      Going OT, this Business for Scotland article is interesting …

      “No won people over with promises of more powers. Not just the Vow, that was just part of the Unionist theme of vote No and get Devolution Max. Westminster fought to keep Devo Max off the ballot paper and for 25% of No voters promises of more powers were the key reason they voted no.”

      … that’s certainly the way I see it. Those powers aren’t coming so that leaves a lot of ‘fertile No voters’ just waiting to be won over!

    32. CameronB Brodie says:

      Gerry @ 5:57

      Differential tax

      How is that going to work in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ OK economy? Weren’t Labour expressly against such in their Devo Nano offering, as it may result in Scotland gaining a competitive advantage?

      @ the WBB Team
      All I can say is thank you for your truly inspirational achievement. I think Thomas Paine would have approved, as I doubt the Unionist Establishment will ever sleep soundly again. 🙂

    33. K1 says:

      Makes for a cleaner read now that you’ve inserted the questions.

      Right, I’ve joined the twitter thingy, and a site has decided to follow me,think it’s just an auction site, nevertheless, can anyone tell me how get them to unfollow me? So’s I know how to prevent other ‘followers’ I may not want?

      Thanks in advance,also, it’s a bit ‘scary’, I’m not a good swimmer…eek…but PR keeps saying ‘the water’s lovely’ so it’s her fault 🙂

    34. Embradon says:

      Thanks again, Stu, for all your work. WBB was brilliant.
      Next time.

    35. Tackety Beets says:

      Excellent as always Stuart.

      Today I found my usual paper shop Selt Oot ! What nae National on this day , had to dive into the Co-op .

      Stood @ the papers bit and there it was at Eye level Nationals , TFFT !
      The front copy was a bit scruffy , looked like everyone had been havin a squint before they picked one from the back. Ach well I’ll do likewise,pulled one from behind & headed to the checkout , WTF ! It’s a Record !

      Clearly someone had been rearranging and had put Nationals in front of the Records , I then saw more in front of Suns ….. Effing made my day & Im smiling ear to ear as I type .

      Hate to use the phrase but feels right here.

      “We are the people!”

      Can’t be with you all on Sat . Be sure and have a great day,enjoy.

    36. Rick Guthrie says:

      Thanks, Stu.

      Still sitting on the Wings.

    37. yesindyref2 says:

      He’ll certainly send Corbyn off in a blaze of glory.

    38. Capella says:

      Wings is an essential part of the Scottish political landscape. I’m not certain why. The excellent journalism is, of course, a huge plus. But also the apt comments and links posted here by people with wit and intelligence add up to a winning formula. But without the Rev maintaining the format, none of it would work

      I only wish he would fix the delay in posts appearing! Then Wings would be perfect.

    39. Training Day says:

      Eh.. So that’s two unelected Lords a leapin – one a convicted criminal – plus a Shadow Defence Secretary who voted for the renewal of Trident in Corbyn’s cabinet?

      Who’s next, Jeffrey Archer?

      Dear God, can Labour get any more absurd?

    40. Dr Jim says:

      Watching BBC coverage tonight and it was reasonable (I know)

      Strange thing though on interviewing some elderly ladies they expressed the view had they been young they would have voted YES but now they’re old they didn’t want to take the chance

      That attitude still puzzles me, nobody asked them to dive off a cliff or tightrope walk without a net, for them nothing would have changed so where’s the risk

      And there’s where the NO campaign tactic of nasty and evil fear mongering and Terrorising old folk came in
      and no matter what anybody says about it, in the end I believe that is the only card the NO camp have that can win it for them

      Most people have seen through what they did but are still afraid and that tells you a lot about Westminster and the Imperial Overlords to use a tactic that says

      Vote against us and we’ll punish you

      And NO voters should ask themselves, is there ever going to be something they don’t like and who are they going to look to for help,

      I know my answer

      Not me Ya Bastirts and I might cheer loudly as I deny them assistance
      Conciliatory ? Convince them? Persuade them?

      Aye Right

    41. Harry Shanks says:

      Noticed something interesting and co-ordinated from the NO camp today.

      Both Cameron and Dugdale on TV pushing the 85% indyref turnout figure. Why?

      Well,what I take from that is that even IF the SNP win a mandate for Indyref2 in 2016/2020 or whenever – the NO side’s argument is going to be that the Indyref 85% turnout trumps whatever percentage the SNP will get in the relevent election.

    42. yesindyref2 says:

      That 25% is from the Ashcroft poll taken immediately the polls shut. I use that in postings, and hard Unionists suddenly don’t believe in polls any more.

      @Tackety Beets
      My wife got mine having to search for it. Someone had accidentally left another folded paper on top of the pile.

      I always love it when I’m in shops around Scotland and am in one that has the National given pride of place. I guess sometimes it’s the shop owner / assistant, but others perhaps it’s (cough) wingers doing their job.

    43. ahundredthidiot says:

      God save the queen

      Nearly greetin

      Go Fiji!!!!!

    44. ewen says:

      Driving home listening to Today FM (Ireland) and they had bloody Michelle Mone on. Crap interview which just let her talk craps. Didn’t push her at all at how she could be a business czar but was crap at business.
      Needless to say, they didn’t read out my sms. (Sent by hands-free, Mr gards)

    45. Capella says:

      @ K1
      Congratulations! I joined twitter months ago – probably lured in by PR – but I unticked every box I could see to become invisible. Nevertheless, I did acquire a follower even though I have never posted anything! Problem is, keeping up with Wings, the comments, and a few other sites takes up so much time I can’t face constant twitter messages as well.

      I suppose my follower will have unfollowed me by now.

    46. msean says:

      I think that even if there had been a Labour government,they would have just filed Scotland away under the long grass section. We would have been ignored as usual,our MPs just voting fodder again like they have been for generations.

    47. Lesley-Anne says:

      K1 says:
      18 September, 2015 at 7:26 pm

      Makes for a cleaner read now that you’ve inserted the questions.

      Right, I’ve joined the twitter thingy, and a site has decided to follow me,think it’s just an auction site, nevertheless, can anyone tell me how get them to unfollow me? So’s I know how to prevent other ‘followers’ I may not want?

      Thanks in advance,also, it’s a bit ‘scary’, I’m not a good swimmer…eek…but PR keeps saying ‘the water’s lovely’ so it’s her fault 🙂

      All I do K1 is click on their name which brings up their twitter page. Click on the more options on the right, looks like a cog thingy next to the “follow” tab. Finally select block. That seems to do it for me. No doubt the Twitter experts will have other options. 😉

    48. Harry McAye says:

      Shame that, like a few articles recently, the interview ends in the middle of a sentence, floating off into the ether. It still seems like a rush job with many typos but hopefully they will continue to improve.

    49. Pietro_McC says:

      Well worth reading for a useful bit of background and history of Wings. Thanks!

    50. Kenlike says:

      Jings! Lord Watson’s back!

      Full of burning ambition, no doubt

    51. Iain says:

      Mike Watson a blast from the pyro past.

    52. Iain More says:

      National sold out here. I got the last one at c 10:45 this morning. They still aren’t stocking enough despite my suggestion they do so. I hadn’t got around to reading the article yet though.

    53. K1 says:

      Thanks Capella, I will look into unticking etc. I think twitter may come in handy, it’s the virtual equivalent of indyref2 battleground, that’s coming, and I think it is in fact a great resource/information sharing space. But I agree we have to ‘shape it’ to our own preferences in terms of ‘time’.

      LA, brilliant, worked a treat…now how do I follow our wingers on here?

    54. Paula Rose says:

      (@ Capella honey – what’s your@? – mine is @PaulaHoneyRose xx)

    55. dakk says:

      Good to see you getting some well deserved recognition from MSM if you can call the National such.

      The direct,enlightening and provocative style of Wings shames the deceitful editorial contortions of the msm and that is why they and their brainwashed followers loathe you.And they do.

      Also,as Thepnr said,the arguments fleshed out on the comments pages here are important in crystallizing viewpoints and crosspollinating new perspectives.

      Hopefully you will continue the good work Stuart.

    56. TattieBogle says:

      WBB was essential for giving people’s heads the info needed to follow where their hearts had already gone. For many Eventual NOs it came when they had shut down on IndyRef discussion because they were wracked with fear, which was a shame. Where would we be without Wings?

    57. Lesley-Anne says:

      K1 says:

      LA, brilliant, worked a treat…now how do I follow our wingers on here?

      The easiest way for me K1 is if you know what their Twitter name is type it into the search part, top right, and then click search all people for *who ever*. Hopefully the person you are looking for will turn up in the page of twitter names. 😉

    58. Iain Cormack says:

      Lord Watson the Lord of hellfire returns.

    59. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Tackety Beets.

      “Clearly someone had been rearranging and had put Nationals in front of the Records , I then saw more in front of Suns ….. Effing made my day & Im smiling ear to ear as I type .”

      The Students’ Union shop at Ninewells Hospital was sold out when I went in around 11. I went to the WH Smith shop on the concourse, and it seemed to be sold out as well.

      But, I found ONE copy, covering the pile of Daily Records. I did pause and think, but decided my need was greater than the need to hide the unionist rag.


      Hi Rev Stu.

      Congrats on the feature in The National. ‘Normalisation’ of pro-indy comment is needed. Good to read the full interview here.

      Hope to see a good number of ‘friends of Wings’ tomorrow in George Square.

    60. Morag says:

      Interesting comments about the National in shops.

      Despite all our efforts and the WBB, we only managed 35% Yes in this Tory village with a lot of English people living here (though several were wearing English Scots for Yes badges). Nevertheless both newspaper outlets stock the paper and display it fairly.

      I know the senior shop assistant in the Co-op is Yes and an SNP voter, and I was getting encouraging comments about my Yes badge from one of the other long-term employees, so that may explain that.

      The other shop, where I actually buy my copy, is an independent newsagent owned by an Asian Scot and his wife. The Friday before the National first launched I caught him just before closing and asked if he was going to stock the new paper. He had no idea what I was talking about but indicated willingness. On the Monday morning I was sick in bed with flu, but what came through my letter box but a copy of the first edition of the National!

      Since then the paper is always on display, not on the paper racks at the back but on the counter together with a couple of local papers, so that everyone paying for their purchases can’t help seeing it. Fast forward to March and sadly weekday home deliveries had stopped due to logistical problems, so I went into the shop as usual for my paper. I had been intending to ask if the owner was able to order iScot for me, but hadn’t remembered.

      As he handed me my National, he deftly palmed a glossy copy of issue 3 of iScot and asked me if I might be interested in buying it. He always gets it in and puts it on display among the other glossy magazines on the rack.

      You know, I rather think our esteemed Asian Scot newsagent is one of the 35%.

    61. Lesley-Anne says:

      Oh look the “Thugs R Us” group really did turn up today in George Square to have a wee, emphasis on the word WEE, *ahem* celebration of *cough* Union day! 😀 😀 😀

      I wonder where the rest of the knuckle draggers were … probably still tucked up in bed! 😀 😀 😀

    62. Kininvie says:

      We had a wee anniversay canvass tonight – flags flying on the cars, people wearing their Yes gear. We scraped around and found a few Wee Blue Books (guilty M’lud) and handed them out to anyone who said they were still worried about Scottish Independence. The work goes on…

    63. jimnarlene says:

      A year on and we’re still here, ready and willing…… Tick…tock.
      Thank you RSC, you’re a legend.

    64. Harry McAye says:

      Harry Shanks says:

      Noticed something interesting and co-ordinated from the NO camp today.

      Both Cameron and Dugdale on TV pushing the 85% indyref turnout figure. Why?

      Well,what I take from that is that even IF the SNP win a mandate for Indyref2 in 2016/2020 or whenever – the NO side’s argument is going to be that the Indyref 85% turnout trumps whatever percentage the SNP will get in the relevent election.

      But did you notice Darling told Sally that the turnout was 90%. I would have responded, “No, it was actually 85% Mr Darling, unless you know something we don’t!”

      Sally Magnusson was good tonight. No reclining back in her seat and sneering, unlike Big Bird.

    65. Grouse Beater says:

      Strange thing though on interviewing some elderly ladies they expressed the view had they been young they would have voted YES but now they’re old they didn’t want to take the chance

      Probably the loss of pensions myth. But if soon to peg it, why quibble?

    66. Graeme Doig says:

      ‘So you might as well just say what you think in the first place, then at least you’ll be getting attacked for something you actually did.’

      Don’t think anyone doubted that was your philosophy Rev. 😉

      It’s been a quick year and still painful to think about what we lost. Still, some great memories too.


      How are you doing? It’s been another hectic day in the life of me but I’ll be there tomorrow bud 🙂

    67. Graeme Doig says:


      Battle poll result covered in Scotland section but not one word about it anywhere else on BBC website.

      You’re not ashamed of our shared history are you BBC?

      Somehow don’t think we’ll be getting our all singing, all dancing history documentary with bells on any time soon.

      GIRUY BBC!

    68. Dorothy Devine says:

      I see Severin is trying to sell the RISE alliance as credible challenge to the SNP.

      Since I don’t believe a word the guy writes , it is quite easy his witterings.

    69. CameronB Brodie says:

      The Rev. has a closer shot on his Twitter. I don’t know about you but the words “Unionism”, “CARGO”, “CULT”, “far-right”, “services” and “security” spring to mind. 🙂

    70. ben madigan says:

      great interview from the Rev and just praise for the WBB and the incredible efforts and lengths people went to to ensure its distribution.
      While we are reflectiong on events of 1 year ago you might like to look at what the scots were thinking and feeling as they voted in the referendum

    71. louis.b.argyll says:

      I’m concerned..

      Dave McEwan Hill says:
      18 September, 2015 at 6:36 pm
      Lord Watson of Zippo on the front bench! Wow. There have long been rumours about other odd fire incidents preceding the one he got caught on..

      With the palace of Westminster building crumbling…

      I wouldn’t let Watson in the building..

    72. CameronB Brodie says:

      P.S. “Astro” and “Turf”. 🙂

    73. The Moidart says:

      Evening all. I just wanted to say a big thank you to the Rev and everyone else involved with WOS. You are the struggle.

      One day soon we will all meet up in an independent Scotland.

      Tomorrow I’ll meet some of you in a disunited Kingdom. That’s good enough for me for now.

      Fight the power!!!

    74. Auld Rock says:

      louis.b.argyll No, no we should encourage him I’ll even buy him a couple of gallons of lighter fuel.

      Aye Rev I was a bit puzzled but now it all makes sense, though I eventually managed to work out the ghist of yur comments, VG.

      Auld Rock

    75. Lesley-Anne says:

      CameronB Brodie says:
      18 September, 2015 at 9:16 pm
      The Rev. has a closer shot on his Twitter. I don’t know about you but the words “Unionism”, “CARGO”, “CULT”, “far-right”, “services” and “security” spring to mind. 🙂

      There is only one thing missing from the photos of the Thugs R Us group … the raised Right hand! 😀

      Oops I forgot the photos were taken during daylight … they don’t do raised right hands during the hours of day light … or do they? 😀

    76. Albaman says:

      I do hope that your next “Wee Blue Book” is little changed from the first, as I have six of them in a drawer awaiting the next referendum.
      Aye, I know what your all thinking, but no, I went to the friends and family, and managed to get some of them back!!.

    77. cearc says:

      O/T but quite cheery.

      It seems that the whitewash that was carefully spread over the Straw/Rifkind cash for access is peeling off already!

      What a corrupt chums club westminster is.

    78. Rock says:

      “Wings’ style can be a little abrasive”

      That is what I like most about W o S and the Rev. Stuart Campbell.

      The official Yes campaign should have been abrasive and taken on the No side’s lies vigorously.

      Instead we got that shameful moment when Blair Jenkins answered that the BBC was not biased.

      And the official Yes campaign boycotted W o S because Stuart had rightly exposed the hypocrisy of a shameless Tory MP.

      We will remain eternally grateful to the Rev. Stuart Campbell for his contribution to the Yes campaign.

      The “abrasive” style is the way forward.

      We will never achieve our goal as long as we play according to their rules.

    79. Iain More says:

      Let Lord Watson of the Curtains into Westmidden and give him a filled zippo! Maybe he will succeed where Guy Fawkes failed.

    80. Chic McGregor says:

      Abrasive is good. You don’t use a polishing cloth to try to smooth a rough piece of wood, that way you just get skelfs in your fingers.

    81. Tam Jardine says:

      Not really able to put together cogent thoughts on the indyref one year on tonight.

      I do want to ask everyone out and about in Glasgow tomorrow to look after themselves, stick together and keep out of trouble. Please remember that if Alistair Darling himself was to burn a saltire in Freedom Square the press would turn a blind eye and find some minor infraction with which to lay into Yes supporters. Such is the press in the UK- but we all know this.

      Look out for each other and enjoy yourselves- wish I could be there.

      All the best

      Tam x

    82. tartanarse says:

      Living just 20 minutes or so from Stu, I was/still am unable to help practically with the indy movement.

      However for the last 13 years I have endeavoured to at least try to alert folk in Scotland and England to the bullshit they read in the press and see in MSM.

      I’m no expert in anything and it was hard work trying to defend Scotland especially when technical stuff like law and finance was concerned.

      So, I was very pleased one day when someone linked me into Wings. Hooked ever since.

      It infuriates the nawbags. It is invaluable. I have to confess to leaving a copy of the WBB on a family members laptop knowing human nature would make them read it.

      This was the wifes family in a (ahem) blue area.

      My own family from Dundee weren’t in need of any wee books.

      The only downside to independence will be the redundancy of Wings.

      Wings over Wales however will be read avidly by myself.

      And Wales is only 40 minutes (if that) from Stu’s house, even easier to get to.

    83. tartanarse says:

      Forgot to mention another thing I like about Wings.

      Even arseholes are welcome.

      How many of us have been blocked, banned, trolled, threatened etc for simply and politely stating truths in online media?

      I once had the Scotsman steal my username then pretend to be me. Meanwhile I couldn’t respond to defend myself from the shit they were printing.

      Stu allows the Robertsons and Podmores where other sites would not.

      Wings is not (annoyingly for Naws) a hotbed of hate and abuse. Most of the spats on here have been between fellow yessers and usually result in both sides apologising and forgetting about it.

      I find it hard to imagine why the 55% don’t have a similar site where us yessers can find the truths about how great the union is that MSM isn’t telling us.

      It truly is a silent majority.

    84. Lollysmum says:

      Twitter-handles i.e. names I am @Lollysmum, Tarannaich is @WildernessofPeace Many of use use the name we use here so I tend to look for the wings name first if I know they are definitely wingers.

      It sounds as though you’ve made your tweets private if you’ve ticked every box.In that case no-one will see them except anyone who actually follows you. I made that mistake after getting my daughter to set up my account.Hadn’t realised she’d set it up as private. Morag pointed it out to me otherwise I’d never have known!

    85. heedtracker says:

      Just watched Lord Darling of house flipping state on corrupt old BBC vote SLab Scotland, The Vow has been delivered but he looks mad as a fish.

      Nicked this from C4 news. Independence is unstoppable. No matter how hard they lie to us, we’ll get there-

      “In less than a decade the SNP has become the dominant political force in Scotland; despite losing an independence referendum they took 56 of Scotland’s 59 seats”

    86. Flower of Scotland says:

      I still can’t remember how I came to find out about Wings. Thank God I did, because I was truly floundering. I think that at the start of the Referendum campaign I had no friends or family alive that supported Independence except my children.

      I now have a Winger who is a close friend and dip in and out of Wings lots of times during the day.

      I am active again in the SNP and worked hard before the Referendum.

      So thank you Stu for Wings and all the Wingers who put up great links.

      I wouldn’t be without you all!

    87. Meindevon says:

      Ben Chu, Economics Editor, The Independent has just said on BBC news, papers review that ‘they (the SNP) took Scotland in the general election in the following May and became a one party state’ after a ‘failed campaign’.

      Really? This from the Independent Economics Editor and, blow me, but not a peep from the BBC lady. This guy had just told her a country in the UK had become a one party state and she even didn’t flinch, never mind ask ‘ Are you sure about that, we don’t want to give the more gullible tuning in the wrong impression of Scottish politics?’.

      Oh why do I still allow myself to get wound up by these people? Deep breaths..and chill.

    88. Dr Jim says:

      Fir those heading to Glasgow tomorrow if you’re looking for a hotel room there aren’t any left I’m told, and the Media are already setting up
      This looks bigger than I thought

      Hope to see you all and as many as can make it there

      The BBC might have to report this one (Mibbees)or even “JOHN McKAY”

      Did I shout that loud enough

    89. Lesley-Anne says:

      That’s not a bad rule of thumb to use Lollysmum. Unfortunately it doesn’t always work. 😉

      You’ll find me under Lady Arbroath 1320. 😀

      Well I thought if Moaning Minnie can get a peership thingy for *ahem* saving the union then I sure as hell can have one for fighting AGAINST the union! 😀

      Don’t worry Doc the BBC will be at George Square tomorrow, complete with their BBC calculator, reporting that 10 people turned up. 😀 Never mind though that is still MORE than turned up today for the Thugs R Us day in George Square. 😀

    90. Ian Brotherhood says:

      I reported this here at the time, but wouldn’t be able to locate the comment now…

      I was in the Irvine Yes shop, not long after the Troon buddies delivered me a few boxes of WBB. I gave the Yes shop a stack, and they had them right out there same day despite ‘official’ cautions.

      Couple of days later, I was in the shop, chatting to some volunteers. A woman came in with her husband. The man was very quiet, and she looked a bit nervous, said she was looking for some information.

      Long story, short-wise – the couple’s young son has a medical condition which means that, within the next five years (may have been a different time she said, but it was in ‘years’ and was limited) the lad has to have a major transplant. No ifs or buts – it definitely has to happen at some point.

      She was worried sick because she’d heard the Gordon Brown claptrap about cross-border organ donations ending in the event of independence. We started trying to reassure her, but we had no ‘proof’. Then I remembered that the shop had some WBBs, so I asked for one, had a wee browse through it (because at this point, just days after receiving them, I still hadn’t read it) – sure enough, there was the passage debunking Brown’s shameful scaremongering.

      The woman read it, with her husband looking-on. When she’d finished she chatted on for another couple of minutes, then said ‘Thanks. That’s all I needed to know. We’ll both be voting Yes.’

      And off they went, looking a lot happier than when they came in.

    91. yesindyref2 says:

      Eh, ah, Ben Chu of the Independent has just given us the Independence we didn’t get last year. I think he should stick to economics! On the other hand …


      As a noun, a people permanently occupying a fixed territory bound together by common habits and custom into one body politic exercising, through the medium of an organized government, independent sovereignty and control over all persons and things within its boundaries, capable of making war and peace and of entering into international relations with other states.

      “independent sovereignty”

      I like that!

    92. caz-m says:

      Graeme Doig

      It’s to be a lovely sunny day in Glasgow tomorrow, so it looks like it’s going to be a big turnout.

      See you in the Square.

    93. Stoker says:

      Dr Jim wrote:
      “Fir those heading to Glasgow tomorrow if you’re looking for a hotel room there aren’t any left I’m told, and the Media are already setting up. This looks bigger than I thought.”

      RT have just been reporting that there are upwards of 10,000 expected.

    94. Hoss Mackintosh says:

      Clan Gathering tomorrow in freedom square. We will be there.

      Somewhere near the Horse!

    95. yesindyref2 says:

      @Ian Brotherhood
      That’s a terrible story Ian, I kind of wish you hadn’t popsted it if you understand what I mean.

      Researching and posting about the lies from BT, though that’s not one I looked into, is one thing, but when it gets down to people actually suffering worry and stress at a difficult time because of that bastard Brown, it gets real.

    96. Capella says:

      @ Paula Rose
      my twitter name is @EBaird14. Now what will happen? Having spent the evening watching old “The Thick Of It” videos, I’m rather apprehensive!

    97. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @yesindyref2 (11.57) –

      Yeah, understood.

      It is grim, but I haven’t exaggerated anything. The ‘staff’ in the shop that day would, I’m sure, confirm the details.

      It’s the one concrete example I saw first-hand, where the WBB nailed a BTUKOK lie stone-dead in the space of time it took to read a few sentences. Just one wee snippet of data, properly referenced, made all the difference to that couple, and the witnesses won’t ever forget it.

      It’s part of the reason why I haven’t been able to listen to any ‘news’ today, after the sickening giggliness displayed by Kaye Adams and her buddies (including Blair Jenkins) yesterday morning. They make me feel physically sick.

      Can’t wait to be in the company of some real, decent people tomorrow – let the haters look on and weep. Tomorrow we ‘take’ Freedom Square, make it our own, and there’s not a thing they can do about it.

    98. yesindyref2 says:

      @Ian Brotherhood
      I’m half tempted to travel up to Glasgow tomorrow (today!). Never got to any before. I should be working, customer wants stuff and I’ve also something else to do workwise. Could do it Sunday I guess. But if I do get there I’ll be easily recognisable though.

      I’ll be the one wearing a YES badge.

    99. The Man in the Jar says:

      I just wanted to add my thanks to Stu and the Wingers. I dont know how I would have climbed out of the deep dark hole that I found myself in on the morning of the 19th with out you all.

      Sorry I wont be joining the party in Glasgow tomorrow. I will be off commemorating the battle of Prestonpans (1745) At least that time their red white and blue arses were well and truly kicked.

      Off to bed, early start! Whistles “Hey Johnny Cope”

    100. Fran says:

      We are all glad you began your blog, a lot of us here couldn’t begin to articulate how we feel or source the information needed to show others how they are being lied to, misguided and led.

      I cant remember how I found Wings all those years ago but sitting here in my ” we’ll take it from here ” hoodie, I’m glad I did. I would have been lost to answer so many questions from naysayers and the undecided.

      Thanks for your hard work and sacrifices Rev.

    101. Charles McGregor says:

      The WBB made a huge difference. I had printed off and distributed copies to local activists and they all immediately recognised its worth.

      As luck would have it, our first box of the real thing arrived as we were in the middle of a campaign meeting in a hall in Kirriemuir. The cheer that this was met with and the mood change it induced will live with me forever.

      It also saved Thepnr from having to send us copies but which he had promised to do, from our neighbour’s limited stock.

    102. Chic McGregor says:

      Hope to be there tomorrow but weekend schedule is tight.

    103. Capella says:

      “Due to the large number of comments, they are being shown 100 per page.”
      Strangely, this is the reaction to Owen Jones’ article in the Guardian about the SNP and Labour. Worth a read.

    104. Kenny says:

      I think 2021 is correct when you look at things soberly, but at the pace history is marching I still say it will be 2017.

      Or, at the very latest, March 2018, which would correspond to a year of opinion polls in the low 50s in 2016 and then jumping to the high 50s and even low 60s in 2017.

      But I still say indy will come about because of a number of different factors. That is the way history moves. One factor is never enough, the movement itself could never be enough. It will probably be an outside factor, which will ironically not be linked to Scotland and indy will come in a rather bittersweet way, almost before anyone even realises it.

      In a way, it does not matter. Scottish independence is a process, not an event, and it is only moving one way. It cannot be stopped, no matter how much anyone might want to stop it.

    105. K1 says:

      Thanks LA and Lollysmum for your advice re Twittery. 🙂

      I may now follow you both…if that’s alright? I didn’t think to use my K1 handle when it asked for real name, so used my initials and am instead KR @AnsuzYuz.

    106. K1 says:

      Scrub that last comment about my handle, I just realised I could change it to whatever I like, so it is K1!

    107. Dr Jim says:

      I was supposed to be away to Baw Baws but my email thingy binged to tell me to look, so I did,

      There’s to be a SNP presence at the square, don’t know who, it was just a message from HQ to ask me to be there, so maybe other members will have binged or bonged as well

      So off to Baw Baws defo now

      Nighty Night see you in the morning

    108. frogesque says:

      Thanks for all the hard work Stu and the rest of the bampots on Wings!

      Keeping me sane, sort of lolsmileythingy.

      Anyhoos, quick brecky then dust off my wrinkles bus pass for a pleasant ride from Fife to Glasgow. Wonder if there’s anything happening through there today?

      Keep smiling folks and for anyone who can’t make it I’ll try to take some nice pickys.

    109. asklair says:

      Up ready for work, last year this time gutted, today a spring in my step to meet with fellow yessers on my round. Change is coming.

    110. Ken500 says:

      Thanks forever Rev Stu. Your are an honourable person.

      Thanks to everyone at the Square in Glasgow. Especially from the folk who wouldn’t/can’t be there. Love you all. Thanks forever Glasgow.

      Broke the vow never to watch BBC because Nicola was on.

      Unfortunately once again dominated by has been Unionists repulsive compulsive liars. Disturbing.

    111. ronnie anderson says:

      I hope you,s are aw fit for the days events at Freedom Square,a wee reminder Wings Team at Sir Walter Scott statue ( centre of the square).

      Badges Badges Badges all donation go to worthy causes + back issues + September issue of iScot magazine.

      The Wings Team old & new are looking forward to meeting lots of Wingers today.

      Enjoy Yourselves today People.

    112. T.roz says:

      Have a great day at freedom square. I can still feel the pain from 1 year ago. New energy, new focus= independence 2020

    113. The Moidart says:

      Morning people. Just woke up at work (sleepover) and feeling good.

      I confess I’ve never read the wbb as my mind was already made up and I didn’t need convincing. But…

      Does anyone happen to have a spare copy who’s coming through to George Square today at all? please!!!!

      Sorry to ask but I really want one. Lol.

      Be safe today people. A week ago I stood right beside Mhairi Black in the North stand at Firhill holding up a refugees welcome banner. There were eight of us…


      I hope there’s 8000 of us holding banners.

      Fight the power!

    114. gordoz says:

      Muriel Grey – what a clown.

      Just read something from yesterday about her thoughts of us Scots – What a fine Brit indeed !!

      (Big mouth & nae class)

    115. Lanarkist says:

      I’ll be there in the Square, see you there!

      Happy Wingers Day!

    116. Luigi says:

      The rumour is that an emergency bill is being rushed through parliament at the behest of the self preservation committee. All curtains are to be removed immediately and new fire doors will be installed as soon as possible.

    117. gordoz says:

      Silncers; I get a feelin – enjoy

      Brilliant start to YES Rally !!

    118. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      “Lord Watson – a former MP and MSP – was given a 16-month jail sentence in 2005 for starting a fire at an Edinburgh hotel. He was suspended from the party, but regained the whip in 2012.”

      Anybody still think that Jeremy really gets Scotland.

      I suppose the only people hwom he can talk to in London are the Lords’s contingent and the spin doctors like McTernan.

    119. Marie Clark says:

      Morning folks, unfortunately can’t be with you in Glasgow today.

      I remember the feeling of despair this time last year, but isn’t it great how we all realised, ” this isn’t done yet”. Dusted ourselves off, got back up and kept fighting. We will win, it is coming. I just hope I’m still here to see it.

      Stay safe all of you and have a great day. I’ll be thinking about you. Will there be any photo’s for those of us who can’t manage to be there?

    120. Thepnr says:

      Feeling sick that I can’t join you today as I’m a long way away. Be with you all in spirit though and hopefully can catch the atmosphere on Indy Live. Have a great day.

    121. X_Sticks says:


      Good to see you back Jim – we were about to send out the search parties. Missed you off twitter.

      Don’t think Corbyn has much to choose from – the PLP aren’t working with him. Scraping the bottom of the barrel to try and put a bench together. Doesn’t bode well for his future.

    122. Archie [not Erchie] says:

      @ Moidart – yes I have a spare. I will be at or near the stall

    123. X_Sticks says:

      @Marie Clark

      You’ll be able to watch on Independence Live:

      Next best thing to being there 😀

    124. diabloandco says:

      May I just add my thanks to the Rev and wingers who tgether with WGD ,Bella and others have kept me relatively sane for the last few years – without all of you I would have been in a dark hole of despair instead of the uppity rage I now inhabit.

      See you in the square.

    125. john king says:

      Heading off in ten minutes,
      see you in the Square Ronnie. 🙂

    126. Lollysmum says:

      Have a great day you lucky ,lucky people. Even the weather is going to be kind for you 🙂

      So wish I could be there but Independence Live will be streaming so I’ll be watching that & wishing I was there.

      Have a good one & ENJOY!

    127. The Moidart says:

      Archie.. Thank you my friend. You’re a true gent. Just give me a time at the WOS stall pal. I’ll be there.

    128. The Moidart says:

      On a 38 heading home.

      So excited about today’s rally.

      Ooooh I could crush a grape!!

    129. Macart says:

      Best factual resource on the interwebby. 🙂

      Neatly done Rev.

      To those folks heading for Glasgow today?

      Have a ball folks. 🙂

    130. Marie Clark says:

      X_Sticks thanks for the info, I’ll steal a bit of time to watch.

      Hi BtP nice to see you back.

    131. Colin Rippey says:

      What’s the future for Wings and the future for you? A Wee Blue Book 2?

      RSC: Wings will carry on for as long as people want it, and when the second referendum comes along – I don’t think it’s an “if” – there’ll be an updated WBB. Very little of it will need changing, so we’ll be able to get it out sooner

      From the current WBB:

      On average, UK spending is around £1,200 higher per person in Scotland than in the UK as a whole. But on average Scotland sends £1,700 more per person to the UK in taxes. We only get back around 70% of the extra money we send to London. The other 30% is kept by Westminster and spent in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

      I assume that the above section from the WBB is what you refer to as the “little” bit of it that will need changing? You’re not going to re-issue something that is so obviously not the case now?

      These numbers were quoted time and time again, surely you cannot in all good conscience pretend that they are now an accurate reflection of the economic conditions Scotland would find itself in?

    132. Robert Peffers says:

      @Another Union Dividend says: 18 September, 2015 at 7:14 pm:

      “What with Lord Watson and Lord Faulkner in Corbyn’s shadow cabinet it now looks like curtains for “new politics””

      I’ve used the analogy of a Wild West Ghost Town several times before in relation to the old, “NuLabour”, Party and I see no need to change it.

      Labour resemble those Wild West Ghost Town, squalid single story, log shacks with the splendid two story false fronts. Deserted now with the only perceptible movement in town the odd noisy rattle snake and the lonely passing tumbleweed.

      In effect Tony’s NuLabour just changed the false front. Corbyn now is in the process of tearing down and replacing the false frot with the same squalid log shack concealed behind it and the same rattlers and tumbleweeds passing through. Mind you there might be, in the darkness of the night, the odd hoolet or so. To wit to woo!, (or should that be Twits to woo)?

    133. a supporter says:

      “Nobody seems to have ever talked about it, but I felt way before the referendum that the proximity of a UK general election people thought Labour were going to win might be the thing that tipped the balance for No.”

      I did too. And I’m sure a good few misguided SLABBERS voted NO for that reason. To win a future Referendum we will need to convince a large number of Labour supporters to jump ship and/or convince Labour in Scotland that its future lies in supporting Independence.

      In the meantime we must try to keep the momentum going. And Holyrood 2016 and the Council Elections in 2017 will help there. But we need some big new initiatives because even “a week is a long time in politics”. (H Wilson PM).

    134. Robert Peffers says:

      @Graeme Doig says: 18 September, 2015 at 9:13 pm:

      ” … Somehow don’t think we’ll be getting our all singing, all dancing history documentary with bells on any time soon.”

      We will probably get it like the BBC football results service.

      This gives every football game in England, (including the Greater London Brownies league), Wales, Europe and South America followed by, “Oh! By the way Celtic were robbed of a great victory over Aberdeen by 4 offside Aberdeen goals and Rangers managment were found not guilty of fraud. We also believe there were some other games in Scotland today.”

    135. dramfineday says:

      What was pitiful was the stifling of the story by the Scottish and subsequently UK MSN. What was wrong boys and girls? Couldnt look into the faces of the beasts you had quietly encouraged with your “YES violence” lies and smears?

      Hat tip to the foreign press for letting us know what was going on. What a beamer of a face RT gave the BBC that night.

    136. hamish says:

      Another great revolutionary pretended to be an Anglican clergyman. When Bakunin was in Switzerland he made out that he was a Rev in the English Church to evade the attention of the Tsarist Secret Police.

    137. NN says:

      I was warning others against assuming there will be a sudden Labour transformation. It’s not just the cream that floats to the top. Until someone skims that pot we’ll only see the usual sights floating.

    138. Barry Haniford says:

      As I am sure you know you have many, many friends in the SNP. As Convenor of Edinburgh Western we would love to have you as a guest speaker whenever you are available (no fee, of course, but can stretch to a pie and a couple of pints!)

    139. Clydebuilt says:

      slab will want Corbyn to stay on till after next yrs Holyrood election. After that expect Jezza to get the push sharpish.

    140. Robert says:

      WBB was the best and most readable summary there was. Thanks you Stuart.

      It lead to my asking my pension provider what the effect of independence would be on my pension. Their reply: “If you use the same bank account, you’ll notice nothing; if you change your bank account it might be paid a day or so later.” That fairly defused that worry!

      WBB2 would need to address other worries:

      1) If my granny from Newcastle drives to Scotland to see me, will she need to add Scotland to her car insurance?
      2) (and this is a biggie) If I have a mortgage in pounds with a London-based mortgage provider, and Scotland use a new currency, what happens to my debt? Similarly for business loans owed to English providers.

    141. r.esquierdo says:

      Happy clappy tells the full story. They allowed us to be bullied into defeat

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