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The heavy lifting

Posted on June 10, 2023 by

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  1. Frank Gillougley says:

    The mechanical shark was also called ‘Bruce’. Didn’t end too well for ‘it’! Mibbe this is just the problematic nature of metaphor. Good cartoon, Chris. Always a treat for a Saturday morning.

  2. Beauvais says:

    The SNP delivering shelf-government for Scotland.

  3. jimnarlene says:

    Sadly,and disappointingly, accurate.

  4. Ian McCubbin says:

    Again a good and accurate cartoon.
    Sadly the end of independence any time soon unless Alba can break through in 2024 general election.

  5. Republicofscotland says:

    Roy Scheider would’ve been proud of that one Chris, spot on and depressing, but very true, and like Robert Shaw as captain of the boat, Sturgeon the Judas was willing to sink independence with all hands on deck for the sake of her ego and she did.

  6. Mia says:

    “Sturgeon the Judas was willing to sink independence with all hands on deck for the sake of her ego and she did”

    Sturgeon on her own would have never managed to set this trail of destruction. She is as responsible as each and every single SNP MP and MSP who, for close to 9 years now, have been enabling her and assisting her to betray the people of Scotland, to destroy women’s rights and put our children at risk, to destroy the party and to deliberately alienate voters instead of stopping her and send her packing.

    Similarly, those same MSPs and MPs have enabled continuity candidate Yousaf to call a laughable Sgov cabinet who would not be out of place in a Benny Hill show, have enabled him to disrespect Scotland and make a complete mockery of its heritage by sending the stone down so an English king could put their arse on it, and have enabled him to shelf independence betraying each and every single mandate for a referendum we elected them with.

    It is not just the actions of one person that have taken us to where we are. It is the systematic betrayal, collective action, or rather inaction of an entire party. And that is why this party is beyond redemption and has to go.

  7. McDuff says:

    Just brilliant. Sadly it says it all.

  8. Red says:

    That giant, dusty warehouse at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark is where the SNP keeps their fucks.

  9. Effijy says:

    Great Chris!

    I see the Daily Hail in between defending the pathological liar Boris
    is demanding the citizens of Rutherglen kick out Margaret Ferrier.

    They are advising of 7 yes seven local offices where a petition to kick her out
    Is available for signing.

    Why and who in a hard up council is facilitating all this?
    Probably some SNP councillors who haven’t worked out and Independence supporter will
    Be replaced by a Labour Unionist if they force an election.

  10. Alin Scot says:

    The cartoon demonstrates exactly why the SNP have gone wrong. Most of these things should have been deferred until Scotland is independent.

    The time, resources and money spent pursuing these vote losing interests “without the full levers of power”, should have been used to pursue independence even if it meant going bust in the process.

    Many of the unique opportunities presenting themselves over the past 8 years will never return.

  11. Stephen O'Brien says:

    This time, it’s personal…. BAWS II

  12. Dramfineday says:

    As always Chris – first class!

  13. John Main says:

    I mind weel posters on here during the Covid Years demanding that all cross-border traffic be stopped. Nobody to cross, no exceptions.

    That all goods destined for Scotland be off-loaded at the border, transferred to Scottish trains and trucks, then driven north with Scottish drivers.

    Where are these posters of yesteryear now that Ferrier’s conscious decision to travel by train with Covid is suddenly being defended?

    Maybes a side-effect of the vaccines? Collective amnesia.

  14. Breeks says:

    ” Hepburn described devo-max, which see significant powers devolved to Holyrood as “sub-optimal”, but added:

    “It could be better than the position we are in just now because it would provide us with a wider variety of fiscal levers to deal with some of the challenges we face in the country”.

    Dear SNP,
    Fuck off and die you wankers.
    That is all.

  15. willie says:

    Contrast this with the Alex Salmond years.

    Free tuition fees, removal of prescription charges, scrapping of hospital car parking charges, a programme of school building across Scotland to keep tens of thousands of building jobs at a time when the economy was slumping through bank failures, ditto the the building of much needed infrastructure the new Forth Crossing being an example.

    Salmond had two passions that drove his government. Economics and independence and as the foregoing list, and not an exhaustive list at that shows, he did just that.

    And on the Independence front he pushed the campaign forward relentlessly, delivering the Edinburgh agreement, and ultimately delivering a referendum that came so close, and maybe closer than we realise.

    And now we have a Scottish Government who has failed on every economic level, sold out our wind energy, sold out on wind energy jobs preferring instead to have every component manufactured abroad. Yes, the huge offshore jackets, the huge blades, the turbines all manufactured abroad. And the labour to build these. Well UK legislation has provisioned for cheaper far eastern labour to be allowed to come in and build, and in future service the flotels and and crew the boats and ships that service the offshore infrastructure. No jobs for Jock the peasant in his own land. No wonder the poor peasants go poor, go cold in their energy starved homes. Scotland now the metaphorical new Irish who in the 1840’s starved whilst food was exported, Scotland now does the same with energy.

    Yes the cartoon summarises the utter failure, the utter wilfulness to undermine independence. And each and every one of the elected SNP are guilty.

    Very much too tells you why today’s SNP will have no hand of friendship with ALBA which has 7,500 ex SNP members. Tells you why Sturgeon and her masters tried so hard to do Alex Salmond down. Time therefore that the Nu SNP were gone. And gone they will be.

    Our time will come. Of that there is no doubt. In the meantime maybe Chris would consider a cartoon contrasting the policies under Salmond and the policies under Sturgeon and now the continuity end of the road show that is Humza Yousaf.

  16. robertkknight says:

    “Farewell and adieu to you SNP troughers,
    Farewell and adieu to our national shame,
    For I’ve seen enough to make my resolution,
    That I will not vote for you ever again”.

  17. Red says:

    because it would provide us with a wider variety of fiscal levers to deal with some of the challenges we face in the country

    Can anybody find Hepburn’s CV to see what experience he has of managing complex organisations while solving challenges?

    Oh silly me, I forgot: like Humza and the rest of the roasters, Hepburn has no experience or track record of achieving anything in his life, except claiming expenses. He’s just saying words he’s heard adults say before, hoping you’ll mistake him for one.

  18. Karen says:

    The irony of the title …

  19. Dorothy Devine says:

    Effigy , one can but hope the good citizens of Rutherglen recognise manipulation , recognise a good MP in their midst and ignore the pleas of a disreputable source – including the National and the Herald.

  20. Shug says:

    Well Jamie Hepburn has let the cat out the bag.
    Any deal with labour would give devo max which will be what ever they want to give you and they retain the right to remove it at any time.

    What a bunch of con artists.

    I heard someone say the Scots were like the Irish but without balls.

    Sounds about right!

    There are no circumstances I could vote SNP on this basis. NB was was the constituency chairperson for about 5 years. I am commited to indy but Nicola has turned the SNP into a blue labour unionist movement.

  21. Lorna Campbell says:

    Yes, spot on, Chris.

  22. Alf Baird says:

    Postcolonial theory predicts much of what we see, and in particular: a compromised national party; that is co-opted by the colonial power and acts as a colonial administration; it passes laws which mystify the people, to make it look busy; it becomes a part of the racket; it becomes an instrument of coercion; it protects the interest of the colonizer; it spends most of its time looking over its shoulder; it feathers its nest and builds up its pensions; it attacks and holds back ‘radical’ elements of the movement; it leads the independence movement up a blind alley; it ruptures the movement.

    As Frantz Fanon also noted, concerning perhaps the main weakness of a colonized people seeking liberation from oppression:

    “That spectacular volunteer movement which meant to lead the colonized people to supreme sovereignty at one fell swoop…are now seen in the light of experience to be symptoms of a very great weakness. While the native thought that he could pass without transition from the status of colonized person to that of self-governing citizen in an independent nation, he made no real progress along the road to knowledge. His consciousness remained rudimentary.”

  23. stuart mctavish says:

    Guessing the metaphor relates to the need to move the indy crate somewhere stronger and steadier* so, with prisoner transfers being a security nightmare at best of times, it might also signal a great window of opportunity to liberate the unicorn/ indy caravan and learn to properly organise our selves once and for all

    *if the nuSNP devo max vow (ffs 😉 !) is to gain trust or traction, an alternative approach might be to limit any and all MPs to single terms at Westminster (lest they learn to enjoy it too much and sabotage the objective by accident) at which point a rapidly diminishing membership becomes a coherent advantage by setting an upper limit on the timescale to final completion .

  24. David Hannah says:

    Nicola wants her Diva Max. Tell her to stick her diva max up her diva arse.

  25. Sven says:

    Willie @ 10.18

    Mr Salmond absolutely demonstrated the way to attract and convince wavering or “soft” no voters.
    Sort out a fairer, juster better run Scotland and folk are well capable of seeing how much better things could be.
    Not everyone is politically interested or active, however we all live day to day within the prevailing system and it doesn’t take much nous to recognise that the period 2007-2014 was a time when everyday life just did get better in all the ways you cite. But, perhaps even more importantly, there was no sign of the national spiral of depression with which some 9 years of Ms Sturgeon has left us plunged into.

  26. David Hannah says:

    Mr Salmond says:

    “At a time when Westminster is refusing to agree to a referendum, a single pro-independence candidate on each ballot paper creates the opportunity for a Scotland United victory to provide the mandate to enter straight into independence negotiations with the UK Government”.

    It’s time for a Scotland United for Independence, let by Alex Salmond.

    The gaffer knows the way forward. Alex Salmond the leader. Right behind him.

  27. Astonished says:

    Great Cartoon. And a great movie.

    I entirely endorse what Mia said @9.09am.

    Let’s hope ‘Sturgeon the Judas’ sticks.

  28. Alison Ross says:

    Spot on as usual Chris!

  29. James Che says:

    Great cartoon Chris as usual.

  30. John Main says:

    @Dorothy Devine 10:26

    Rare for me to agree with you but you’re right. It’s up to the good people of Rutherglen & Hamilton West.

    The daft besom jumped on a train and sat on it for 8 hours or whatever while fu o Covid. Only right that she put her hand up, accept responsibility, and take her medicine like a, well, whatever the metaphor is these days.

    If she’s as great an MP as some on here claim, she’ll be returned. If she’s just another trougher, flaunting her self entitlement to different rules for her from those that apply to the little people, she’ll be out on her ear.

    Those who know her record in office best will decide. That’s democracy and it’s still the best system going.

  31. James Che says:

    Breaking a mold early on.

    Have you heard?

    The unionist Labour have decided how Scottish territory and land mass should be divided up,

    Mainly for business and corporations and public ownership such as councils, national parks etc,

    The people voted against this when Andy Wight put forward land reform in Scotland to favour Scots land ownership,

    You will find the article in farmers weekly.

  32. James Che says:

    It makes the blood boil that Labours Gordon Brown etc are in Scotland trying to save the mythical union at the same time as making decisions on how to divvy up and partition Scotlands land and territory.

  33. James Che says:

    Does Labour realise that Scotlands territory and land does not belong to the Scottish government or to Westminster and the Crown.

    It belongs to the Scots.

  34. Stoker says:

    LOL! You’re certainly a talented and gifted individual, Chris.

    In other news: “Boris and Carrie Johnson’s DOG WALKER AND HAIRDRESSER given honours and peerages announced”

    FFS! Words fail me. Not only is this further corruption, it’s a slap on the face to others who actually may have earned their peerage. What a corrupt bunch of parasitical imbeciles. At least one automatic benefit of indy, if it ever comes, will be the saving of billions if not trillions of pounds currently wasted on these parasites.

  35. James Che says:


    Meant to say Labour, Tories and lib dems along with the Snp voted against land reform in Scotland,

  36. James Che says:

    Alf Baird.

    Did you work with the SSRG reminding Councils of their position in Scotland regards burghs.

  37. Doug says:

    From The national:

    SNP should ‘consider’ multi-option independence referendum, says Jamie Hepburn, Minister for Independence[!]

    “Asked about a possible deal with Labour on a multi-option referendum, including options for more powers and independence, Hepburn said: “That’s something we need to consider. We discussed that as a prospect in the past.”

    The Rev’s way ahead of the game as usual.

  38. James Che says:

    We need to close or ignore the Colonial devolved legislated government to Scotland and open our own Scottish parliament,

    There are no Articles of the treaty of union that prevent Scotland from doing this after the other 1707 Scottish parliament was extinguished from the treaty,

    Just as there are no articles in the fallacious treaty of union mentioning a devolved government to Scotland,

  39. James Che says:

    Have we not had enough yet of the Colonisation of Scotland. The stealing of resources and land territory.

    The Crown presuming it own Scotland,

    Should we not remind them that Charlie is king of Scots ( for as long or as little time we decide he is, “NOT SCOTLAND”,
    and there is no such position as Crown estates, in Scotland other than a fallacy,
    and due to that position the Scottish devolved government cannot make that decision,

  40. akenaton says:

    Willie, thoroughly agree with your assessment of Salmond’s years at the helm, an excellent politician set up by the Murrells for obvious reasons.
    Unfortunately their twisted game allied to AS’s personal flaws seems to have worked and a large section of women(and getting larger)believe the smears and have deemed Mr Salmond “untouchable”.
    He has also lost the inspirational fire and gained an air of priggish pomposity in place of the jocularity of old.
    A spent force. We require a young adept politician with a calm assured manner to lead, someone with a grip on economics and social reality. There may yet be a chance that a new movement can be set up under the leadership of Kate Forbes containing Alba and the decent parts of the SNP, A movement without the madness of the Greens, socially conservative to suit the electoral demographic and which will concentrate on building a strong work ethic for a healthy future, not dwell on the supposed wrongs of past centuries, no matter how comforting that may be for some here.

  41. 100%Yes says:

    @ Breeks

    The goal of Independence was so we could fix all the fiscal problems as a Independent country.

    At some point the Alba Party and ISP are going to have to work together and Salmond is going to have to give up on the idea of working together with the SNP.

    The Devo-Madamax is a trap and the SNP will fall straight into it just to secure their jobs and pension. But what will happen is the SNP will fail at running the country under Devo-Madax and the Unionist will say there you go the SNP have been given what they wanted and they still can’t run Scotland and could you imagine what would have happened if Scotland was Independent. Its the SNP as a party that’s being setup to fail and ultimately be destroyed because of

    1 Their not seeking Independence
    2 They’ll fail with devo-Madmax
    3 No one will believe a word that comes out of the SNP mouth

    Already Donations to the SNP for this quarter are £4k its already starting.

    I do care about the SNP because the party isn’t the problem is the shitbags running it

  42. Mia says:

    “SNP should ‘consider’ multi-option independence referendum, says Jamie Hepburn, Minister for Independence”

    Go to hell, Mr Hepburn. The SNP can stick its devolutional considerations and dirty work on behalf of the British establishment up their jacksies.

    Mr Hepburn: You should change your job title. You are the “Minister for Independence” in name only, ie, you are attempting to deceive the people of Scotland with a faux title. Your actions do not correspond to those of a minister of independence. You are acting as Labour’s mouthpiece for Brown’s devo max. If you are acting as labour’s mouthpiece for Brown’s devo max, you do not belong in the Sgov cabinet and I wonder why the hell it is us taxpayers who are paying your salary instead of labour.

    Your party was elected on countless democratic mandates for a referendum ON INDEPENDENCE, not on devo max. How to deliver that effing referendum ON INDEPENDENCE, WITH A BINARY CHOICE is what you should be using your time and our taxpayers’ money that is paying your effing salary for, not to take us for fools.

    It stands to the obvious what you are trying to do and it is frankly disgusting. Stop insulting our intelligence, please. It is beyond clear you are doing the dirty work on behalf of the establishment of establishing a legitimised route to force Brown’s devo max on Scotland against our will, and without a mandate, to halt independence, not to deliver it. Shame on you.

    You have now totally convinced me the next GE and any future referendum will be rigged. And you know what I find the most digusting part of it all? Labour under the SNP false flag appears to be colluding with it from the beginning.

    I now think we should all spoil our ballots writing something on them so they cannot simply swap them to fabricate the result they will try to sell as “official”.

    This is a dictatorship and therefore a violation of our Claim of Right.

  43. Merganser says:

    Wow! Are the ginger biscuits starting to see the light? The comments on Hepburn’s ravings in the National seem to suggest the penny has dropped with some of them.

    Chris’s cartoon is a good one for them to look at.

    You let the past slip away.
    And put the future on hold.
    Now the present is nothing but a hollowed out dream.

    Oh it’s there in my eyes, oh can’t you see me tonight
    C’mon and look at me and read ’em and weep.

  44. Mia says:

    ““Boris and Carrie Johnson’s DOG WALKER AND HAIRDRESSER given honours and peerages announced”

    Could it be one of Johnson’s handlers, rather than the dog’s?

    If I am not mistaken, this is not the first hairdresser seemingly receiving a royal gong after a succeesful comb over the bald patch of a PM.

    But hey, the royal gongs have never been prominent for the level of skills required to get them.

  45. Northcode says:

    @James Che 12:49pm

    “Have we not had enough yet of the Colonisation of Scotland. The stealing of resources and land territory.”

    I’ve certainly had enough, James.

    It’s time for the indigenous people of Scotland to wake up from their Colonisation induced ‘sleep’…and smell the ‘Roses’.

  46. Alastair says:

    The are now the SBNP – the Scottish British National Party.

  47. Sven says:

    I believe that the recipient on this occasion, Kelly Jo Dodge, is a Parliamentary hairdresser (yes, MPs do have a shed load of little known perks they feel appropriate to a publicly funded private club) of some years service. Similarly to previous awards to Parliamentary hairdressers this is given more as a gesture to one of the ‘little people’ so our rulers can feel better about how ‘inclusive’ they are.
    Quite possibly the hairdressers are amongst the very few to get a gong who actually performed a job of work. Unlike the majority of the failed politicians, time servers and whitehall mandarins.

  48. Effijy says:

    Margaret Ferrier won’t stand again.
    She is nearing retirement age and the Independence party she was in retired.
    Even Boris is retiring.

  49. Alf Baird says:

    James Che @ 12:28 pm

    “reminding Councils of their position in Scotland regards burghs.”

    All I can say from my research into the matter is that – in a colonial society all institutions remain colonial in nature and effect. The only remedy for this is independence with ‘a people’ reclaiming their sovereignty and their land from their ‘procurer’.

    Much was expected from successive ‘nationalist’ devolved Scottish Governments on the urgent matter of land reforms but they have delivered nothing; instead they have protected the interest of the colonizer, which is the function of a colonial administration.

    So we are left to suffer, as Andy Wightman wrote, the consequences of the five main land grabs in Scotland and related theft and legal trickery through: “feudalism, the appropriation of Church property, legal reforms in the seventeenth century, the division of the commonties and the nepotistic alienation of the common good wealth of the burghs of Scotland.”

    This also helps explain why a new independent state needs to build its own institutions as ‘none of the colonizer’s institutions are appropriate’ (Albert Memmi).

  50. Mia says:

    “Quite possibly the hairdressers are amongst the very few to get a gong who actually performed a job of work”

    Did they do that work for free?

    Because if they didn’t, what exactly differences that particular hairdreser, with just one customer, to the very talented hairdressers one can find all over Scotland with thousands of clients?

    What exactly is so special in the job that particular hairdresser has done that makes them deserving of a royal gong?

    It seems to me these gongs are just another excuse to create division among people and to preserve the rule of privilege at a time when it should have been long gone.

  51. Sven says:

    I’m no supporter of the honours system, and I believe that this particular lady will just have been selected as a ‘token’ recipient.
    My point was more that, unlike the vast majority of barnacles who get awards, this lady has been a worker who turned up at the HoC to earn a living by practising her trade.
    Why her ? Well, as long as this pointless system is in place someone is going to get the award, and better, to me, a worker than many of the other time servers.

  52. Alf Baird says:

    James Che @ 12:28 pm

    In addition to Andy Wightman’s five main land grabs in Scotland and related theft and legal trickery, we might add Westminster’s numerous ‘privatisation’ sales (i.e. theft) of Scotland’s ‘public goods’ and assets/resources such as in the various fields of energy, utilities, seaports, airports etc, which each involve extensive areas of Scottish territory.

  53. Alf Baird says:

    James Che

    In addition to Andy Wightman’s historical five main land grabs in Scotland and related theft and legal trickery, we might add Westminster’s numerous ‘privatisation’ sales since 1970/80s (i.e. theft) of Scotland’s ‘public goods’ and assets/resources such as in the various fields of energy, utilities, seaports, airports etc, which each involve extensive areas of Scottish territory.

  54. sam says:

    @Alf Baird and James Che

    “How corrupt is Britain?” edited by David Whyte.

    There is, therefore, a growing, persuasive body of evidence which shows clearly that the seeds of corruption in the Global South are sown in the ‘neoliberal’ structural adjustment strategies imposed by key IFIs
    including the World Bank. Corruption can be understood as part of ‘the neo-liberal harvest’,46 in which unrestrained self-interest and aggressive economic self-maximisation are constructed as the logical aims of economic policies. IFI structural adjustment strategies pursue such aims through the imposition of privatisation and so-called ‘open’ markets in forms that render developing economies vulnerable to predatory foreign corporations…

    If we have corruption in British public life, we have always been told, it is only at the margins of our public and private institutions. Thanks to the daily reporting of major newspapers getting involved in phone taping and pay offs to police officers, the seemingly endless examples of the falsification of police statements in some of our highest profile cases such as Stephen Lawrence and Hillsborough, LIBOR rate-fixing, personal protection insurance mis-selling, horsemeat in our burgers, arms companies bribing foreign governments, drug companies illegally paying other drug companies to keep accessible medicines off the market, politicians being paid to ask questions and fixing expenses claims and so on and on and on, this whopping great myth is not longer plausible.”

  55. James Che says:

    North Code,

    You are awake, I am awake, Alf Baird is awake, and a few other genuine Scottish independence supporter,

    But most seem to be in the Colonial stupor, of we have ” no” way out mindset,, this of course is not true, And it hurts and raises fear in a Colonised mind to think for its self and therefore continues to think in the boxed rules the Coloniser has set them,
    The devolved government is a Colonial Government, as in evidence by retaining reserved powers for itself as if Westminster Coloniser was the the only entrant in the treaty of union,

    For my part, for once I agree with them, and you won’t find that kind of agreement very often in my book.

    Nevertheless one of the most obvious Colonial markers in Scotland is the Devolved government that has changed Scots laws through the back door under the Scotland Act legislation and the Crown sitting within that devolved government,
    Which under this method of back door deceit is over-riding the Sovereignty of Scotland and Scots Law.

    No matter who sits in the devolved government or which political party sits there automatically betray Scotland and the Scots Sovereignty, and that would include Alba or ISP if they got in, because the oath in Holyrood is sworn to the Crown and Westminster claim they are above the Crown and are a Sovereign parliament in UK rather than the Monarch,

    The problem that Scots have is the “devolved government” sent to Scotland maintain the Colonialism.

    The devolved Scottish Government has no mention in/ or as part the agreement made by both parties in 1707,

    But then how far down the rabbit hole are Colonised peoples minds in Scotland,
    Here is Westminster bragging to the world that the Scottish parliament was officially extinguished in 1707 so Therefore no longer part of the Treaty .and not legally beholden to follow the treaty at all any more.
    It cannot even be sued for breaching the treaty of union because the Original Scottish parliament no longer exists.
    Yet still they want to believe the this is not true, the Westminster parliament would not do that to Scots,
    Wake up they did do it,

    We do not reopen the old Scottish parliament so Scotland can be challenged for that parliament breaching the treaty,

    But THE SCOTS PEOPLES PARLIAMENT could be opened,
    There is no Article in the treaty of union that says Scotland cannot open a brand new parliament.

    We just can’t open the old one of the three estates.

    Being mentally trapped in the old 1707 parliament idea that was extinguished is were Scots can boast they are under the mindset of Colonialism and want to stay anchored to that idea more than being independent as a Country and nation.

    A challenge for any unionist minded person, would be.

    Point out which Article of the treaty of union States Scotland will have a devolved government?

    Point out which Article in the Treaty of union states that once the Scottish parliament was extinguish in Westminster Scotland could not open a brand new parliament,

    There is no such Article condition.

  56. Northcode says:

    The Rose and the Thistle
    (a major Holyrood movie coming to ballot boxes near you soon)

    There is no Scottish Government.

    There is no Scottish Parliament.

    There is no equal union between Scotland and England.

    There is no major political party in Scotland which supports independence.

    There is the colonised and the coloniser – that’s it.

    That is the totality of the relationship between Scotland and England.

    The Scottish Government is England’s proxy Scottish Colonial Administration Service, or the SCAS as I call it.

    And don’t be fooled by the name. The Scottish Government is the English Government operating under cover(barely) in Scotland and flogging the illusion of devolved power and an equal partnership.

    It’s a wizard wheeze, giving the Scots powers that have no real power at all.

    ‘Free’ Baby boxes. ‘Free’ prescriptions. ‘Free’ tuition (if you’re one of those lucky indigenous Scots who actually manages to be accepted into one of their own country’s universities).

    ‘Free’ in Scotland operates much in the same way ‘Scottish’ does when stuck in front of a political party’s name, or a newspaper’s for that matter – it just isn’t.

    All major political parties in Scotland, and that now includes the SNP, are operated by a foreign power with the sole aim of maintaining its colonial grip over the Scots people and Scotland’s resources.

    Us Scots occasionally get to choose between the ‘Scottish’ Labour party, the ‘Scottish’ Conservative party, the ‘Scottish’ Liberal Democrats, or the ‘Scottish’ National Party – everyone one of them owned by England, And yes, sadly. The SNP, too, now.

    The Scottish Green Party is only interested in getting a slice of the colonial pie and will support any major party that gives them that slice of pie.

    The ‘Greens’ are political prostitutes. Steer clear of them or you’ll end up with a dose of greeneria. A disease that kills the infectee’s ability to think rationally and destroys any semblance of intelligence.

    As far as Westminster is concerned Scotland would be an even greater cash cow, golden goose, and colonial conquest if it were not for all those bloody Scots.

    Any indigenous Scot who doesn’t yet see the true nature of Scotland’s bane, and that Scotland is a colonised(stolen) nation, within the pretence of a partnership, is still asleep.

    It’s time for the indigenous, colonised Scots to wake up and smell the ‘Roses’.

    Because the scent of the Thistle is fading fast.

  57. Stephen O'Brien says:

    Colonised Scotland is reality, it’s the root problem facing the Indy movement. SNPs phoney Indy campaign, has ran it’s course. Devolution, their comfort zone.

    SNP posturing has stirred a hornets nest, leaving the electorate looking for genuine leadership.

    The next phase is sink or swim. People power alone, not enough. A new amalgam of Indy parties is essential to momentum.

    I really do hope, Salmond can rally the troops, quickly.

  58. akenaton says:

    Too much “colonialist” bullshit in these comments, I wish you would all grow up.
    We are in a partnership which is failing in every department we could not even do Independence from Europe properly and are still ruled by the ECHR,
    By the way what the F is that all about we strive for Independence from England and cant wait to throw our sovereignty under the EU bus…..are you all stark raving mad?

    The West has been emasculated over the last twenty or so years and it has nothing to do with English Colonialism and everything to do with social policies like equality and diversity being applied without proper scrutiny. Our kids have become unthinking automatons, welded to I phones and a social media designed to engender the victimhood culture.
    Look to the future and be very afraid, this goes well beyond Nationalism.

  59. Republicofscotland says:

    “Sturgeon on her own would have never managed to set this trail of destruction.”

    True Mia, but Sturgeon had oversight on the party an iron grip if you like nothing got past her without her consent.

    I’d like to add the 99% of all Scottish MPs have been selling out Scotland since the formation of this rancid union for their own self gain.

  60. James Che says:

    Alf Baird,
    Scotland has been Colonised, the minds of Scottish people are certainly Colonised,

    But even those that realise Scotland is Colonised, just let out a breath from there lungs and accept it is so,

    It occurs to me that acceptance of that state, that appealing to others for recognition of being in that state of Colonised is in itself the symptom of the mind that is Colonised,

    It is evident that the 1707 Scottish parliaments ratification of the terms agreed to the union contain no legal bond once the Scottish parliament was extinguished.

    The ratification was extinguished also in 1707.

    The promise of future Scottish representatives in Westminster was extinguished.

    The parliamentary Union was extinguished.

    A extinguished Scottish parliament cannot be be held legally liable for breaching the treaty of union unless the original 1707 Scottish parliament is reinstated in Scotland and reinstated into the treaty of union again.

    This is where Colonised minds in Scotland accept being Colonised, are happy to have come to the conclusion that they are Colonised and look for others to set them free,
    In a way unionist are correct, and I hate to say this as a strong independence supporter for many years, Scots wallow in their own whingeing.

    There is a door out, freedom of Scotland and instant decolonisation is there for the taking.

    But most have already shut that door as a viable option, it is safer in their minds for someone else to free them, for someone else to lift the bars of imprisionment, discussion never goes no further than the mind allows it to.

    And unionist ensure that Colonised minds must be reminded they are colonised and control the thoughts of Scottish people,

    We see that in action regularly right here, by ” Othering others” as Sam so eloquantly said earlier in the week.
    Those out the box thinkers must be isolated and returned to to box, must be ostracised.
    That is how Colonialism works.

  61. Republicofscotland says:

    “By the way what the F is that all about we strive for Independence from England and cant wait to throw our sovereignty under the EU bus…..are you all stark raving mad?”


    Partnership you say? stark raving mad indeed.

    As for the above one, EFTA allows Scotland to have access to the Single market and markets outside it, secondly the EU member countries are sovereign and unlike Scotland and this fetid union they can walk away at anytime without a foreign government and its security services desperately trying to stop it.

  62. Northcode says:

    There’s a man and a woman standing close together and facing each other.

    They’re standing on the tarmac outside a hangar at a small airport and it’s dark and the air is blowing all around them and in the background is the sound of the propellers of a twin engined Lockheed Electra 12A aeroplane spinning up.

    It’s clear that they love each other. It’s also clear that theirs is a forbidden love. It can never be.

    They’re about to part ways, probably for the last time ever.

    The man says to the woman, “Where I’m going, you can’t follow. What I’ve got to do, you can’t be any part of.”

    It’s the end of a love story, but also the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

    And, after all, the man and the woman will always have Paris.

    I like the movie, ‘Casablanca’. They don’t make movie’s like that any more, sadly.

    Movies where the dialogue and the characters tell the story; unlike computer generated graphic movies where there’s barely a story in sight.

    But I’m hungry now coming out of the cinema, so it’s time to:

    Have a break. Have a Kit-Kat.

    It’s a clever little line because it uses a figure to make two different things appear synonymous.

    Or this one:

    The future’s bright. The future’s Orange.

    Clever stuff, too, associating a bright future with the name of a company.

    Or this one, “Roses are red. Violets are blue.”

    Here’s an extended version of the same trick:

    Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay
    any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose
    any foe, to assure the survival and the success of liberty.

    Politicians, at least the great ones, love that rhetorical stuff. It gives them gravitas and makes them seem…great and wise and more than mere mortals. Which of course they aren’t.

    But JFK is certainly remembered as a great president by some, and was definitely superior to a few presidents who came after him. I name no names.

    Winston Churchill (I know, I know) liked using this rhetorical figure, too:

    Fill the armies, rule the air, pour out the munitions, strangle the U-boats,
    sweep the mines, plough the land, build the ships, guard the streets,
    succour the wounded, uplift the downcast, and honour the brave.

    Winston did sail a touch close to the ridiculous on occasion, though. Like he did just there.

    Isocolon, is a rhetorical figure which, at its simplest, is just two clauses that are grammatically parallel, two sentences that are structurally the same.

    Isocolon is also spread copiously throughout the lyrics of pop music and the words of hymns:

    Morning has broken, like the first morning.
    Blackbird has spoken, like the first bird.

    The ancients were big fans of the sense of balance that Isocolon gave to writing, because it reflected the sense of balance that they admired in thought.

    With Isocolon you can seem reasonable; without Isocolon you can come across as hasty.

    With Isocolon language takes on a calm rhythm, it’s a figurative trick that can show emphasis through its gentle repetitions. You can see why politicians like to use it.

    Isocolon can still be used in the calm Greek way, but usually isn’t nowadays.

    Even when Rick tells ilsa that he’s about to do something she can’t be a part of, he doesn’t sound like Socrates in quiet contemplation, he sounds like a man in a hurry and a crisis with a gun and a girl at an airport.

    So don’t be hasty; be an Isocolonist instead.

  63. Republicofscotland says:

    So the thieving lying rat b*stard Boris Johnson, jumped ship before he could be fully exposed for what he is, even four of his own Tory MPs on the committee stuck the boot in.

    I suppose this lowlife jumping ship has so far stopped him from doing a Sturgeon the Judas, who gave fifty refusals to answer at an inquiry held in Holyrood, I can only hope the b*stard Sturgeon doesn’t get away with it and is held to account in the future.

    The current SNP is now an obstruction to independence and we need to remove them from Holyrood and Westminster, get them and the Greens out at every turn, do it for Scotland do it for independence.

    Vote Alba, Join Alba.

  64. John Main says:


    Smell the roses

    Yup, it passes the T – shirt test!

    Run off 10,000 and see how they sell.

    If anybody asks what happens next, make sure you have good answers ready. In fact, hone them to perfection on here first.

  65. Dan says:

    akenaton says:
    10 June, 2023 at 5:03 pm

    Too much “colonialist” bullshit in these comments, I wish you would all grow up.

    Hey, I did grow up. And when I was growing up the majority of bairns in my area were Scottish. Now though, out of 200 newborn children in my locale, only 20 bairns were born to both Scottish parents, so even if population numbers remain relatively constant, the very obvious influx of folk from England with their own specific views and ways that have moved into my area is undoubtedly influencing the direction of the community and wider Scottish society.

  66. Republicofscotland says:

    So the dirty Judas Sturgeon has passed her Theory test on her way to gaining a driving licence, she certainly drove Scotland into the gutter.

    Here’s hoping she fails her driving test.

  67. Mia says:

    “Sturgeon had oversight on the party an iron grip if you like nothing got past her without her consent”

    The only thing they had to do was to defy the whip in masse and send her faux iron grip down the tubes.

    Of all SNP MSPs and MPs, only Mr Macaskill and Mr Hanvey had the integrity, the principles and the guts to stand up to the political fraud Sturgeon and leave the party. Ms Regan at least had the integrity to stand up to her on the GRR. Yet, SNP MSPs still voted to endorse the continuity candidate despite the incredibly dodgy way he was “elected”.

    Over 100 MPs + MSPs preferred to look the other way while this political fraud left a trail of destruction rather than stand up to her.

    Sorry, not concessions from me. These people enabled her rather than stopping her. As far as I am concerned, they are as guilty as she is. If it is in your power to stop something bad but you knowingly choose to look the other way and let it happen, you are no longer a innocent party. You become an accomplice, an enabler.

  68. akenaton says:

    Yes you are right Dan, I see it here in Argyll, tho’ it is usually retired or older people who have taken early retirement, not many children in our area.
    On the positive side these people bring wedges of money and have really boosted the building industry.
    The demographic is certainly changing quickly, old ways are going even amongst the farming community who are subsidised to the ears but cultivate very little. Should we achieve Indy and attempt to re-join the EU we shall experience real demographic change with the return of “free movement” and an influx of immigrants.

  69. akenaton says:

    Mia, Ms Regan was a bad call , no political acumen.
    Had people like Mr Campbell been able to forget their socialist roots Mrs Forbes would now be leading the Scottish govt with all sails set. As it stands we are becalmed in a shithole of our own making. I have warned against Sturgeon and her cronies since I came onto this site Pissing into the wind unfortunately.

  70. Red says:

    akenaton – I do hope we’re not still debating colonialism while we’re all shivering in the dark of a Net Zero winter.

    Help ma Boab.

  71. James Che says:


    Prove we are in a treaty, that the Scottish parliament was not extinguished from the treaty in 1707.

    Prove that by extinguishing the Scottish parliament , that Westminster and Queen Anne did not extinguish The Scottish parliaments ratification in the same instance,

    I do not whinge, I do not accept being a victim.

    We are only in the transition period of Scots realising for the first time that there is no fallacios treaty that binds Scots and Scotland to Westminster,

    The first step was to deceived.
    The second step was realising that extinguishing the Scottish parliament in 1707 extinguished the ratification..
    The third step was realising we had been Colonised.
    The forth step is realising that Westminster can not challenge a extinguished Scottish parliament for Breaching the treaty of the Union,
    The fifth step is to create the brand new Sovereign Scottish peoples Parliament.

    Who is to stop us if the Old Scottish parliament no longer exist, its ratification of the union no longer exists if the parliament doesn’t exist, the terms of agreement are also extinguished,

    I expect the ” Othering” to present itself from unionists of a Colonial mindset soon, to ostracise, to make one feel wrong just to keep me in my box. To avoid

  72. Alf Baird says:

    akenaton @ 5:03 pm

    “We are in a partnership”

    Do you have any concrete evidence of this ‘partnership’?

    Much of the evidence I have found suggests Scots remain in a long-term colonial relationship, and that independence is decolonization:

  73. akenaton says:


  74. John Main says:

    @Mia 6:40

    Good post.

    Great to see somebody reminding, or even telling, new readers on here, that Scotland’s current FM and official head of the Indy movement was fraudulently put in place.

    Great to see us all being reminded that Scotland’s so-called “great and good” are quite content to pretend that Yousaf’s election was all above board.

    Enlightening to consider how a cast-iron felony like that would be playing out in a “real” democracy, the USA for example. Imagine what Trump could achieve with something like this!

    So why can’t we Scots?

    How much longer will we wheesht for Yousaf?

  75. Robert Louis says:

    Breeks at 1009am,

    My goodness, your comment is just EXACTLY what I have been thinking. The SNP have quite literally betrayed their own party creed (independence), the actual fight for independence, and most importantly, Scotland. All of them, just riding that big fat tax payer funded gravy train. Now it’s all aboard the ‘devo max’ gravy train. Tossers!

    Just stupid, stupid, stupid, infantile, gesture politics, that just p*sses folk right off.

    Hell mend them.

    Have to say, is it not about time the likes of Joanna Cherry and Angus Brendan McNeil stood up to be counted? Or is that London gravy train, 85k, plus expenses, plus free flights, plus extra house, plus subsidised food and drink, just wayyyyyy too tempting?

  76. pipinghot says:

    Can’t see McNeil holding onto anything but his own dick after the next GE. They all have seen this coming.

  77. Northcode says:

    @James Che

    “You are awake, I am awake, Alf Baird is awake, and a few other genuine Scottish independence supporters”

    It sucks to be awake, James.

    I was content, sort of, in my delusional dream-state.

    If a lot more Scots don’t wake up soon I think I’ll just go back to sleep and my bed.

    I think I’ve said all I have to say on what I believe is Scotland’s colonised condition. There’s not much more I can say, really. It is what it is.

    The truth of it is there for everyone to see – if they only cared enough to look.

    I suppose that’s the biggest challenge facing Scotland in its fight for independence – getting enough indigenous Scots to care enough to take a look.

    I know that what I think and believe will have no impact whatsoever on the thoughts and attitudes of others.

    “A man hears what he wants to hear, and disregards the rest.” ? Paul Simon

    Thanks, Alf Baird, for articulating what, in my heart, I’ve always know to be the truth.

    And thanks to you, too, James, for sharing your knowledge of the Scottish constitution and its history.

  78. Shug says:

    Will Devo max allow us to run a scheme for returning ginger bottles?

    That would be a great new significant power.

    The SNP is so right in pursuing something that is achievable.

  79. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Northcode.

    I’m enjoying your examination and clarification of The English language.

    You are introducing terms, of which I am bereft of knowledge, even although I attained my English Higher.

    Mair power ti yir elba!

  80. Mia @ 6.40pm: I totally agree with all your comments.

    I have to wonder what the present membership of the SNP is as they’ve stopped telling us how their membership is increasing!

    It has become quite obvious that the numbers reading “Wings” posts and watching “Through a Scottish Prism” are increasing weekly.

    I bet Humza Yousaf’s prayer mat is looking a bit threadbare by now. The cheek of the man, who stood up in the Scottish Parliament and complained about everyone in authority being white! Did his father never tell him that Scotland was populated by white people? Poor old “Useless” – who the hell told him that he would have any authority over the Scottish people?!

  81. President Xiden says:

    I have just googled the Pakistani government and there is no one whom you could describe as white. What is Humza’s take on this?

  82. President Xiden says:

    Republicofscotland says: ‘ Sturgeon has passed her Theory test’

    That’s quite an achievement for someone with such a bad memory. I’m surprised she managed to recall anything.

  83. Cactus says:

    What (if anything), or who is inside the INDEPENDENCE crate?

    In addition to them needing a bigger shelf, they’re also going to need to get themselves some additional ‘support’ to prevent their frame from buckling under the excessive weight (wait.)

    The SNP driver may choose and attempt to archive our independence by putting the package on an upper shelf out of sight, out of mind… but not if the Scottish people can get to the foundations of their party and stop it.

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