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The company you keep

Posted on May 30, 2014 by

We’re not sure if these are Scottish Labour’s 3rd-floor office-mates at John Smith House, or just some of the party’s alternative trading names.


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    1. 30 05 14 23:26

      The company you keep | Scottish Independence News

    107 to “The company you keep”

    1. Chris says:

      I thought there wasn’t a “Scottish Labour Party”- false representation?

    2. Chris says:

      First Comment- The counting House musst be busy tonight!!

    3. cynicalHighlander says:

      ‘Bad Idea Organisation C.I.C’ directors LGB(Lamont, Baillie and Gray.

    4. Pat says:

      It’s the acts playing bT in the park.

    5. Bill Fraser says:

      Bad Idea Organisation CIC is a community interest company which helps disadvantaged kids understand about business and helps them by giving them coaching in the skills that kids at private school get.

    6. Bill Fraser says:

      Companies House have listings of the directors. None of the ones you suggest @cynicalhighlander

    7. heedtracker says:

      Funny. Badidea has a great video
      “Why not put your creativity to the test, vote YES”

    8. Lesley-Anne says:

      Scottish Labour Party, Hmm. Are they allowed to call themselves that, after all the Electoral Commission do not have any such political party registered with them as far as I’m aware. :0

      Bad Idea Organisation C.I.C. definitely sounds dodgy. I wonder if this is the cover name for Better Together project team a.k.a. Project Fear! 😉

    9. Les Wilson says:

      Indeed, these businesses all seem to compliment each other.
      Probable all in the CBI too!
      Except maybe the under cover, GCHQ one!

    10. Thomas William Dunlop says:

      Hmmm U18 seems to be a PR company. Maybe there you can find the green shoots of an astroturf campaign…..(Lots of overly groomed “activists ” pictured a Govanhill BT photo-op today)

    11. cynicalHighlander says:

      @Bill Fraser

      Stab in the dark as I cant be right 100% of the time modesty and all that.

    12. Doug Daniel says:

      Something’s snapped in me today. It’s a combination of it being the start of the “official” campaign, the lies we’ve seen the past few days, and Blair McDougall tweeting shit about Yes voters not caring about shipbuilding jobs because we want independence at any cost. I’m more up for this than I’ve ever been for anything in my life. For the next 16 weeks if I’m not working, eating or sleeping, then I’m going to be doing something for the cause. Canvassing, delivering papers, reading up on stuff, whatever.

      This is it folks. There’s no dress rehearsal, there’s no second chances or appeal processes – we get it done on the 18th September. Scotland will be a nation state again, and none of us will ever be a part of something this important ever again in our lives. This has to take over your life for the next 112 days, because that’s the only way we’ll overcome the full weight of the corrupt British state.

      They’ve ignored us, they’ve laughed at us, now they’re fighting us. We all know what happens next…

      (Rant over.)

    13. dadsarmy says:

      Disruptive Insight: ” We transform digital noise into valuable insight for business”.

      I suspect both Scottish Labour and the NO campaign are using their services. I’ve seen bits of postings in the mouths or writings of people from both.

    14. msean says:

      You couldn’t really make that up,surely someone must have noticed the name of the neighbours,comedy gold.

    15. LT says:

      Unite kicked them out of John Smith house, they’re no longer headquartered there

    16. dadsarmy says:


      Go for it. I genuinely don’t think there will be a second chance, not because Westminster will stop it, but because the momentum and the moment will be gone, and the oil will also be reducing in, say, 15 years. But keep it clean!

      Ironically my contribution now we’re in the last 16 weeks might be to be a bit more critical of the YES campaign, specifically the Scottish Government, as I think there are answers are needed which so far haven’t been given – an example being start-up costs, at least a range of low and high dependent on negotiations with rUK. In fact that makes a positive out of it – i.e. if it ends up costing the higher amount in the range, then it’s because the rUK is being nasty and negotiations broke down 🙂

      The SG can get a lot of votes for Trust, but they need to earn it.

    17. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Doug Daniel –

      Hear hear X 100.

      No going back now…

    18. Lesley-Anne says:

      Just read a tweet over on Twitter that Scotstooun are hiring folk to start building…wait for it….not yet… Type 26 Frigates! 😛

      More scaremongering over shipyard jobs. They’ve already started hiring for the Type 26’s at Scotstoun. Spread the word #VoteYes #indyref

    19. Lesley-Anne says:

      Dammit Scotstoun not Scotstooun! DOH! 🙂

    20. dadsarmy says:

      Quick google, a supply chain assistant, sneior management accountant and another one or two:

      Not conclusive though, there are 3 OPVs to be built anyway: ” from offshore patrol vessels through to Type 26 Global Combat Ships”.


    21. Adrian B says:

      Dads Army – £250 million was the figure from Prof. Patrick Dunleavy. I think that the Scottish Government have been thinking closer to £300 million including contingency.

      You also need to remember that our share of the assets needs to be taken into account. I am actually rather sup prised that you are unaware of all of this. Have you been away on holiday or just bashing the SNP? Genuine question.

    22. Lesley-Anne says:

      I understand what you’re saying dadsarmy but the other tweet I saw, not the one above, gave me the impression the person had been specifically hired for the Type 26’s. Of course I maybe misunderstood the tweet. Knowing me, as I do, that is highly likely. 😛

    23. Adrian B says:

      Actually correction. The Professor say about £150~200 million.

    24. Democracy Reborn says:

      @Doug Daniel

      I’ll second all of that.

      “The spirit of democracy cannot be imposed from without. It has to come from within.”
      (Mahatma Ghandi)

      Let’s throw off the 300 year yoke of being told ‘no, you can’t’.

      Yes, we can.

    25. Mary Bruce says:

      Doug: I’m with you, the bit about “I’m more up for this than I’ve ever been for anything in my life.” Pure ditto.

    26. StevieMcB says:

      I’m wi you Doug,
      Something’s snapped in me today. I was anticipating a change in me on the official date anyway, it’s all f**kin real time now.

      NOBorders & the pressure from the spooky shit was meant to send us to Cyberfrenzy & abuse the “Pure British” youthful cannon fodder that they set up,
      they meant for us to start a war. we will wait till we see the whites of their eyes & the will of the people of Scotland will prevail, of that I’M SURE

    27. iclare says:

      Doug Daniel
      I hear you.
      They are baiting but they aren’t going to get a knee jerk response. We’re used to those games.
      We are doing this for all of us even the Blair MacDouglas.
      I believe, nearly, all of us in Scotland want the best for Scotland.
      We need to convince the undecideds, might even get the sheep on the way.

    28. dadsarmy says:

      @Adrian B

      Yes I know. Salmond was happy to support Dunleavy’s criticism of the dreaded Treasury, and kind of vaguely support the £250 million in passing. But it needs “official” figures from the SG, even if it draws on Dunleavy’s work.

      It’ll probably happen anyway, my guess is sometime in July we’ll see a wealth of figures from the SG. It is needed, otherwise the “uncosted” accusation remains unrepudiated.

    29. dadsarmy says:


      Good post. Yes, all the people I’ve talked to want the best for Scotland, it’s just a different opinion as to what is best. Hopefully that will move to YES, in fact even landslide to YES, which is my prediction.

    30. Early Ball says:

      Spot on Doug Daniel.

      Got a Better Together leaflet through the post. Lots of lies.
      They wanted me to apply for a postal vote.

      Donside by-election. The ridiculous Willie Young was rejected by the voters. However during the night’s coverage Labour were smiling after the postal votes.

      How can we be sure the postal votes are fair?

    31. StevieMcB says:

      OI a least this mans happy rolling in shit

    32. Adrian B says:

      Yes I know. Salmond was happy to support Dunleavy’s criticism of the dreaded Treasury, and kind of vaguely support the £250 million in passing. But it needs “official” figures from the SG, even if it draws on Dunleavy’s work.

      Scotland was never supposed to get to this point. Lets get a ‘Yes’ before we all start criticising the SNP for having the temerity of letting us almost but not quite have Independence as a reality. I have wanted this for over 40 years. Only the SNP have offered an Independent Scotland as a possibility in my life time. Please stop creating uncertainty – that is the one thing that ‘NO’ want to run with. September 18th is not very far. Lets not blow it now for **** sake. 😀

      It’ll probably happen anyway, my guess is sometime in July we’ll see a wealth of figures from the SG. It is needed, otherwise the “uncosted” accusation remains unrepudiated.

      The fact that you are repeating this nonsense when there are perfectly respectable numbers out there from academics that are well respected to be used begs the question. Why do you chose to cloud the issue – I have read your stuff in the past, and have great respect for your different position. Lets be perfectly clear the Unionists have been reduced to (and this IS on the record) of creating uncertainty because 1 person thought there was uncertainty – Vote Nob Orders used this very excuse for the NHS videos.

      You really need to understand that you need to be much more canny in your comments. This is a plea for common sense.

    33. StevieMcB says:

      I apologise for that last link, didn’t read it all, as the human being I am I realise we all suffer from many things including existing conditions & mental health issues which can affect us all. Sorry

    34. dadsarmy says:

      @Adrian B
      “Lets get a ‘Yes’ before we all start criticising the SNP”

      According to some recent Social Attitudes Survey, 82% of SNP voters in 2011 will vote YES. In 2011 45% of those who voted voted, SNP. The turnout was 50%. That gives 18% of Scotland voting YES from the ranks of SNP voters.

      To actually win the YES, it needs about 50% of 2011 Labour voters (the survey showed 34%), and a good few LibDems (18%) and Tories (8%). The NO campaign have constantly and consistently tried to tie a YES vote to supporting the SNP and Salmondalba etc. They are still doing it, because it is their greatest weapon.

      Criticism of the SNP BY Independence supporters, some at least, is healthy for helping the undecideds realise that a vote for Independence, is NOT a vote for the SNP.

      I’m a near 40 year man myself. I’ve never been a member of any political party.

    35. dadsarmy says:

      I mean nearly 40 years supporting Independence, ‘twould be nice if had been my age I was talking about …

    36. Paul says:

      If we vote No then we can never complain about getting the three Tory parties ever again.

    37. CameronB Brodie says:

      O/T but in a similar vein? 🙂

      “NHS: Banned” – Vote No Borders

    38. CameronB Brodie says:

      Doh. Similar vein to StevieMcB’s news. 🙂

    39. Adrian B says:


      Well it would be nice to see some figures from the Greens on setup costs and their version of the white paper. This information is not available, but Alex Salmond has given the figure quoted by the good professor as an indication to the figures that he clearly feels are agreeable. This is all in the future and until we actually go through the motions of setting up these agencies then that is all that we and the press have to go on.

      The costs can be off set against the assets that have been paid already through TAX income from Scotland to the treasury. The actual costs on most given projects that the SNP have been involved in have come in within budget and have been delivered on time. They actually have a really good record on this – much better than any Westminster party of late. 😀

      The problem with these “costs” is that they are unlikely to be noted by the press in context to the assets that accrue to Holyrood. Any costs will be talked about as if they were additional expenses that money had to be found through additional higher taxation to fund. This is clearly not the case – but the press will present it in this manner regardless.

    40. Adrian B says:

      We would all like to be a little younger – but that isn’t going to happen under any Government. 😀

    41. Adrian B says:

      England: Scaremongering that Scotland will be thrown out of the EU while electing UKIP:

    42. CameronB Brodie says:

      I thought you were just boasting. 🙂

      Billy Ward and The Dominoes – Sixty Minute Man

    43. TJenny says:

      Here’s a wee call out to Frankie – waves – and if you do decide to post a comment, even if just to say you enjoyed an article or even to say Hi, as you’re new, we wont be too critical of any spelling or grammar mistakes – honest. 🙂

      It was really nice to meet you last night – hope you’ll come to other WOS nights out too and your friends.

    44. StevieMcB says:

      @Adrian B

      We would all like to be a little younger – but that isn’t going to happen under any Government. 😀

      I feel a spring in my step today, we will win & I’m only half old. 🙂

    45. dadsarmy says:

      There was something niggling at the back of my err, brian, and I realise what it is. A fair few think that Trident will be negotiated to be gone in ’26 (2026) in exchange for various things including – the Type 26.

      26, geddit? Must be an omen …

    46. StevieMcB says:


      There was something niggling at the back of my err, brian,

      Was it you?

    47. StevieMcB says:

      In our name,
      never again should this “British” establishment take us to war and waste young life’s for their gain.

      In independent Scotland we will be the small happy prosperous nation that we create, if we have faith in this cause, to which some clowns like Murphy, Lamont, Curran etc. have said, “There is no way back”..
      Who the f**k wants to go back.

    48. dadsarmy says:

      Must be something I ate.

    49. Wp says:

      Something about the no camp pushing the postal vote concerns me. Is this still open to abuse?

    50. donald anderson says:

      I know a few Yes activists who say that they have received one letter asking for their postal vote, usually to the female member of the household and not the rest.

    51. Ken500 says:

      The £1.5Billion costs quote by Danny Alexander were over 5 years. The Administration costs are half what they are now. (excluding the costs for HoL and Scottish Office?). The jobs would be based in Scotland adding to the Scottish economy (growth). Same for Defence. That’s a £2Billion a year boost to the Scottish economy. A tax on ‘loss leading’ alcohol and the drop in consumption would save £1.5Billion in Police/Fire/Social/NHS, and the population would be healthier. (win,win) No tax evasion by (foreign) multinationals would save £Billion. The Oil sector would be more productive without 80% tax rate.

      No investment in the ghost train to nowhere, HS2. No business case, the population (without immigration) is falling. The majoriyy in the immigration figures are Brits returning from Spain. HS2 will be a subsidise ‘white elephant’ and will never pay. More public monies subsidising the private sector. A nice wee earner for Westminster and their associates. Feasting on public monies.

      Investment in Scottish transport system/infrastructure would boost the Scottish economy and bring investment to the North. Just like the Trams. Can’t wait for a go. Scottish taxpayers are subsidising cheap fares for Edinburgh. (Fares are too cheap? The Bus link to the airport was £12 return?).

      @ Dadsarmy. Are you a Tory?

    52. mr thms says:

      I notice on Bella Caledonia that Radical Independence were in Pollok. The film clip included a close up of one of the activists clip board which had some papers attached, including a Postal vote application. I always associate postal votes with Labour.. I hope they are not a Trojan Horse.

    53. Ken500 says:

      Postal votes should not be open to abuse, but political parties handing out and collecting the forms (filling them in?) could be classed as gerrymandering. Don’t know why that is allowed. In theory a voter should be applying to the Council for a postal vote and returning the form by post or person. The form and signature should be checked by the council officials. Are they? Or does the returned voting slip just get put in a sealed box?

    54. Ken500 says:

      Boycott works. Falling viewers for Sarah Smith show. Keep it up.

      Edinburgh CC suing TIE, wasting more public monies. The company they set up to interfere and delay the Tram Project, making it years late and over budget. The interfering ignorant/arrogant Edinburgh councillors responsible for the farce. Now they want to sue. They should be sued for maliciously wasting public monies, and planning to waste even more by suing. Dumbos.

    55. mr thms says:

      # Ken500

      This is the Bella Caledonia report

      The close up of the clipboard is at 1m 5s

    56. caz-m says:

      This is a weird story from B&Q yesterday.

      Scottish independence: “B&Q to ‘pause investment’ after Yes vote”.

      Kingfisher chief executive Sir Ian Cheshire said uncertainties around currency and EU membership would put “everything into hibernation”.

      “It [independence] would put a pause on everything,” said Sir Ian during a visit to a B&Q store in Port Glasgow with Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont, who opposes independence.

      I have a feeling that all these “Peers” are getting called in by the “Establishment” and being told that this is pay back time. You owe us a favour, so get out their and frighten the shit of those illiterate Scots bastards.

      Aided by Scottish Labour.

    57. gerry parker says:

      @ Caz-m.
      I think you’re right on that. Anything with a title issued by the establishment best well ignored.

    58. MajorBloodnok says:

      New slogan “You can’t do it, if you B&Q it”?

    59. CameronB Brodie says:

      O/T According to Baroness Shirley Williams, the SNP had little or no involvement in delivering a referendum on the UK. It was all thanks to Ming and Gordo. Not sure if I agree. What is it with members of the MP’s Retirement Home (HoL)?

      @Lord David Steel
      Still waiting patiently for a Federal UK. TBH, the phrases ‘establishment toady’ and ‘deluded fool’, spring to mind.

    60. turnbul drier says:

      O/T, a lert badge appeared this morning.. Ta Mr Postie 🙂

    61. caz-m says:

      Why do businesses like B&Q get involved in politics.

      Their in the business of selling things to the public, so the last thing you would want to do is isolate over half the population who are pro-independence.

      Very bad PR.

      His board of directors must be saying to him, “what the F*** are you doing, you F***** idiot, we will loss thousands of customers if you try to fly the Union Jack above B&Q”.

      Barclays Bank tried the same thing the other day, so I decided to pay them a visit. I have “warned” them that if I don’t get a letter from them saying that they are completely neutral regarding Scottish Independence, then I will be closing my account down. (Waiting on written reply).

    62. CameronB Brodie says:

      Re. Lord Steel. What is it with sons of the manse?

    63. Ken500 says:

      Looks good in Pollock

      Voting registration equals higher turnout.

    64. Ken500 says:

      Lord Steal

      Make mine a Castle

    65. Ken500 says:

      His majest Steal make his a Castle.

    66. caz-m says:

      Start using your local hardware stores again for all your garden fences, paints and screws etc…

      Pay your nearest B&Q a visit and tell them that you won’t be back because of the anti-Independence stance taken by the Chief Exec. Sir Ian Cheshire.

    67. caz-m says:

      I have already covered the B&Q story this morning, but you have to check out this picture of the B&Q Chief in Port Glasgow yesterday with Johann Lamont.

    68. gerry parker says:

      @ Caz-M.
      I see some people are voicing their displeasure in another way too.


    69. CameronB Brodie says:

      Sir Ian, who is not eligible to vote on September 18, discussed his views on the referendum with Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont and local Labour MSP Duncan McNeil during his visit to Port Glasgow.

      I doubt this is a new experience for JL, given who she takes here orders from. 😉

    70. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

      @mr thms
      I notice on Bella Caledonia that Radical Independence were in Pollok. The film clip included a close up of one of the activists clip board which had some papers attached, including a Postal vote application. I always associate postal votes with Labour.. I hope they are not a Trojan Horse.

      It is standard practice on YES canvassing to have postal vote forms to offer, and/or to mark on the canvassing sheets that a person wants to be sent a postal vote form.

    71. CameronB Brodie says:

      Looks like Bob gave me an extra e.

    72. The Man in the Jar says:

      The chief executive of B&Q warns that investment will be put on hold as he opens a brand new store in Port Glasgow.

      Bit of a contradiction there!

    73. Ravelin says:

      It does make you wonder. Its not as if thevlikes of B&Q illicit brand loyalty to any degree. If there’s a demand and a profit to be made then someone will be there to sell garden tools, kitchens, woods etc in an independent Scotland.

    74. bunter says:

      Why would the boss of a major company invite an unknown dud opposition politico to assist in the opening of a new store.

      Was no one from the Scot Gov available, or were they sidelined. Hmmm

    75. Marian says:

      I see that the Hootsmon’s latest scare story has Scotland a poorer country than the rest of the UK – see

      The report is fatally flawed in its working up and conclusion because it is not comparing like with like.

      Bizarrely it is removing profits/discounts earned by “foreign companies” operating in Scotland when it does not do the same for the rest of the UK and other countries when making its comparison’s.

      The fact the rest of the UK has a far higher proportion of “foreign companies” operating there than Scotland has is given a body swerve.

      The rest of the UK would be even farther down the rankings than it is in GDP if the same massage was applied to its GNI.

      This is yet more smoke and mirrors from the “Project Fear” organisation and no matter how they and their proxies try to spin it, the fact is that Scotland remains a far richer country than the rest of the UK is.

    76. Paul says:

      Always knew that David Steele was a delusional Fud.

    77. Dave McEwan Hill says:


      Disagree entirely with you.
      The SNP is wise not to get into any bidding game about figures. I doesn’t matter what figures they would give these will be described as being inaccurate and will be attacked. That is the game being played and I’m sure SNP is wise enough not to play it.

      The good professor, who was employed by HMG to determine figures for this, has said the costs would be “moderate” and estimated a very reasonabble figure which the Scottish Government will be very happy to use

    78. Marian says:

      caz-m says:
      31 May, 2014 at 7:54 am

      The fact that the boss of B&Q opted to make his statement whilst in the company of Labour’s leadership in Scotland should make Scots instantly suspicious of his motives.

      It is also a fact that B&Q has been experiencing trading difficulties all over the UK for several years now and that B&Q shareholders want B&Q to hold off further expansion investment throughout the UK and not just in Scotland in order to concentrate on making their existing stores profitable.

    79. MajorBloodnok says:

      Hmmm, big businesses trying to interfere with our democratic right to self determination – supported by Labour. Who knew.

      It is not that these business ‘leaders’ can’t have an opinion either way, it’s just that they see nothing wrong in trying to threaten us that makes me angry.

    80. scottish_skier says:

      RE big business advising people how to vote.

      Worth remembering this:

      That voters vote against the positions taken by the captains of industry is so common that it almost amounts to a sociological law. American political scientists have developed a theory that suggests that voters in referendums base their decisions on “cues” or “information short-cuts”.

      Voters do not have an encyclopaedic knowledge of the issues, nor have they got time to study the small print of policy documents. But they know who they trust and who they distrust. And the individuals the voters trust are not the rich and powerful.

    81. rab_the_doubter says:

      This is a quote from the head of B&Q:

      “Because Scotland is such an important part of B&Q, there’s no way we’re going to let it go, but it would be more complicated, probably more costly and less likely to attract investment, given we could invest in 11 other countries around the world.”

      Is this total idiot really telling us that it would be more difficult to do business in an independent Scotland which is likely to have very similar tax, planning, employment regulations to those currently existing.

    82. scottish_skier says:

      On the topic of what impact the rise of UKIP might have…

      Well, as we know, polls regularly show Yes ahead amongst men in Scotland, but women, while saying they support independence at almost the same level as men in the past (e.g. 2011) have been far more reticent on the matter more recently and that’s the main reason for the gap (men swung back to Yes, women a fair bit less so, at least so far).

      So, guess who dislikes UKIP most?

      Women it would seem.

      Aye, in polls ahead of the EU elections, 10% of men in Scotland said they planned to vote UKIP on average.

      Only 4% of women said the same. That’s the biggest gender difference of any party. Huge; male UKIP vote 2.5x that of women.

      It doesn’t seem to be a Tory / right economics thing as support for the Tories is far more comparable.

      Nope, a quick scan suggests they are noticeably more tolerant of immigration, more supportive of the EHCR etc than men. Also far less likely to support leaving the EU (21% F / 29% M). All the things UKIP tend to dislike.

      We’ll see I guess.

      The prospect of the Tories again in 2015 swings them to a majority Yes. I wonder about UKIP being the new force in British politics?

    83. caz-m says:

      @Gerry parker

      Bad move all round by B&Q, they will forever be linked with Johann Lamont.

      Gordoz was organising a protest outside BBC Scotland Pacific Quay tomorrow. Has anyone got a bit more detail about it.

      I am not on facebook.

      I hope all the WOS members who were at the CH night out have cleared their heads and are up for the BBC Scotland Protest. I do hope you all at a good night.

    84. Fergus Green says:

      For anyone who feels inclined to feed back to B&Q:

      BandQCustomerServices [at] b-and-q [dot] co [dot] uk

    85. caz-m says:

      Maybe B&Q will have Johann Lamont as their new poster girl and “face of 2014”.

      I can just picture the new posters. Bikini clad Johann holding a plunger with the words,

      “We will get rid of all your blockages”.

    86. scottish_skier says:

      @Major: “You can’t do it, if you B&Q it”?

      Aye, I much prefer Homebase’s recent slogan.

      “It’s not home until you’ve made it your own”.

    87. HandandShrimp says:

      The fact that the B&Q chap was with Johann at his store opening tells us all we need to need to know. It isn’t her constituency and she isn’t a Government minister.

      B&Q are in it to make money. If it is a Yes vote they will adapt to tax rates and currency as easily as they have the other countries they operate in it. The pause will be days or weeks at the most…depending on how agile and competent they are.

    88. Croompenstein says:

      Where’s oor cartoon??

    89. Fiona says:

      The B&Q story is just more of the same: whatever is going to happen anyway is spun as a consequence of the referendum.

      Companies can use their profit in three ways: they can retain it; invest it; or pay it out in dividends. The particular combination they choose depends on many things. As the linked article shows B&Q have chosen to pay a great deal out in dividends, and that is nothing at all to do with the Scottish referendum.

    90. heedtracker says:

      Boss of B&Q sez if “you leave the UK you leave the EU and have to reapply” and he knows this because he’s in Brussels all the time. Well this morning I am taking back my new flymo leaf blower to B&Q for a refund and am never going back. Democracy of the market shows one more bullshitter how liars in the boardroom cost the company customers.

    91. Oneironaut says:

      “Postal votes should not be open to abuse, but political parties handing out and collecting the forms (filling them in?) could be classed as gerrymandering. Don’t know why that is allowed. In theory a voter should be applying to the Council for a postal vote and returning the form by post or person. The form and signature should be checked by the council officials. Are they? Or does the returned voting slip just get put in a sealed box?”

      In that situation, all you’d need would be a few council officials on your payroll positioned in the “receiving” offices to rig the entire postal vote for a region.

      It’s definitely weird that they’d be pushing for a postal vote. I remember someone else saying that they’re the weak link in the voting system for the referendum.

      I know most people will probably fob that off as a conspiracy theory, but keep in mind that there’s very big money at stake here.
      Westminster can’t afford to lose this, and they’re not stupid (as much as they seem to be making considerable effort to convince us otherwise), they’ve already figured out they can’t win this by playing fair. They are going to fight dirty every step of the way.

      Vote rigging is considered an acceptable tactic by these people, and one they’ll almost certainly use if they think they can make it go unnoticed (and they certainly have the resources to do that, thanks to the long-suffering taxpayers).

      Sorry for the off-topic rant, but I just think this should be taken seriously as a possibility that needs to be well-guarded against.

    92. Oneironaut says:

      “Maybe B&Q will have Johann Lamont as their new poster girl and “face of 2014?.

      I can just picture the new posters. Bikini clad Johann holding a plunger with the words,

      “We will get rid of all your blockages”.”

      Argh! Do you mind? I’m trying to eat breakfast here! I don’t need that kind of mental image! hehe.

    93. Papadox says:


      Was intending going to see their new Port Glasgow store this week end. Thanks to its mouthpiece I will not darken their door unless he comes out of the CBI/HMG PIGSTY and gets back on the fence if he ever was on it.

      Is this another colonial master coming up country with the native militia commander to warn the natives about the punishment that awaits the disloyal native peasants.

    94. manandboy says:

      Oneironaut says:
      31 May, 2014 at 10:26 am
      “Postal votes should not be open to abuse, but political parties

      800,000 extra ballot papers have been ordered
      to cover “damage and loss”.

      32 Councils = 25,000 spare ballot papers each.

      Any Labour councillor/party worker
      especially with previous experience
      and who JUST WANTED to
      ‘help’ the elderly etc with their vote –
      well the electoral people have made
      a lot of postal voting jiggery-pokery very possible
      with all these extra ballot papers.

      This 800,000 really ought to be investigated

    95. CameronB Brodie says:

      Print runs normally include ‘overs’, in any case. Most printers supply these with the order, at no additional charge. We used to run 10% of order. I don’t really know about the mechanism of the voting process, but this level of an additional print run smells a bit fishy to me. Perhaps a junior office bod got the original order wrong?

    96. Grouse Beater says:

      Why does Vote for No Brains make itself such an easy target?

      Somebody running it doesn’t care, except for pocketing fees.

      Ukip voters will vote same way in next election.

      England is on the slippery slope to hell.

      Vote Yes to move Scotland in the other direction.

    97. Blair paterson says:

      Start up costs what about start up savings no more paying for trident or the unelectic House of Lords or Westminster mp,s and all the other things , funny why they never mention this vote yes

    98. CameronB Brodie says:

      Further to scottish_skier at 9:34am, this is from the Drum, which was recently named business magazine of the year at the PPA Awards, ‘the UK’s most prestigious publishing awards’.

      In the end most decisions are made of emotion, supported by a few facts. The ‘no’ campaign needs a jump-start and this is where advertising can help. There is nothing better than great political advertising that pokes its finger right into heart of the debate, provokes emotions and gives the media something to talk about.

      I think this bit speaks for itself though. 🙂

      If I were David Cameron I would simply respond by creating a Union Jack without the blue and stick it up everywhere. One of the world’s most iconic symbols and the visual equity destroyed. The sheer ugliness of it should be enough to make any sane Scotsman run to reject. Millions of people will not thank them in the 13 other countries that contain the Union Jack, like Australia, Canada and New Zealand, who will all have to change their flags, commemorative mugs and duvet covers. The sheer scale of Union Jack branded products being thrown out could cause an ecological disaster. Only advertising can get to the real issues at play like this.

    99. Capella says:

      You can take your postal vote to the polling station and hand it in there if you are concerned it might be filed-in-bin by council officers. See advice on

    100. a2 says:

      If I was the SG I’d be hiring the LSE pretty quick after all Dunleavy’s now on record saying ‘hire us and you’ll get a proper professional report’.

      as for B&Q the prospect of them going or at least stopping seems quite a good reason to vote yes to me , hopefully they’ll take their over priced white power goods with them.

    101. dadsarmy says:

      @ken500 – Tory? I don’t support any party. If I had to choose I’d go for the Independent party.

      @Dave McEwan Hill
      I understand what you’re saying, but by far the most of the expected 3 million or more voters aren’t involved in the day to day put up and knock down we lot do. All they will see is silence from the Scottish Government. If the SG do come up with a figure or better, a range of min and max, I think most of them will switch off, it’ll just be a tick in the box for preparation done properly. A confidence giver, one less uncertainty.

    102. dadsarmy says:

      B&Q – Kingfisher. The CEO of B&Q is the CEO of UK and Ireland – that’s the Republic which uses the euro, not the pound. So that part of the group is already multi-currency, multi-VAT (23% in the ROI), and multi-price range. It also deals with two sets of regulations and laws, two different tax systems, two different employee laws etc. etc. Two sets of marketing, two sets of advertising.

      Investment – Kingfisher is setting up its own chain in Germany and Portugal, so it’s not surprising it hasn’t got money to spare for investment in Scotland, with its upturn just recent after a few not great years. Tell you what, we’ll blame Independence, the punters in Scotland up there are so thick they won’t know any different.

    103. dadsarmy says:

      Not a bad idea, the LSE does have a solid reputation, a reputation it works hard to keep. Back in the old days I knew a few graduates from LSE – solid as a rock.

    104. Ann says:

      Canada will have to change their flag. Kinda daft comment is is not..

      Their National Flag has a Mapleleaf.

    105. Unfortunately Bad Idea Organisation C.I.C was not consulted about this Wings Over Scotland post, and we in no way endorse its message, or that of any other political campaign group. We have contacted the Wings Over Scotland administrators to raise our complaint.

      The post, although intended to be satirical, is very misleading and we are working to reassure any person who has supported the development of our Organisation that we have absolutely no association with the Scottish Labour Party (or any other political party) other than being located in the same building.

      Bad Idea is proud of its successes in supporting young people in Scotland, many of whom are subject to the highest concentrations of multiple-deprivation, to realise their own potential as confident and independent members of Scottish society. Bad Idea Organisation is a Community Interest Company Limited by Guarantee and Registered in Scotland with Company Number SC440535. The Organisation, including its Members and Directors, has no affiliation with the Scottish Labour Party, or any other political party.

    106. U18 Ltd says:

      U18 Ltd is a Private Company Limited by Shares and Registered in Scotland with Company Number SC397207. Although our offices are located in the same building as the Scottish Labour Party, U18 would like to make it clear that it is in no way associated with them, or any other political party. We have contacted the Wings Over Scotland administrators to raise our complaint about this post as it is highly misleading.

      U18 exists to support young people in Scotland by encouraging the development of their creative and cultural identities. We believe that Scotland, as a nation, promotes a positive message of inclusion and equality for all, to the world, and our Company seeks to maintain that progressive attitude, especially during these difficult times.

      It is an indisputable fact that social inequality has increased exponentially in recent years, and the rising tension that this issue brings is being directed towards the most marginalised and vulnerable groups in our society. U18 will not tolerate, or associate with, any individual, group, organisation, or party that directly or indirectly promotes (or is complicit with promoting by wilful inaction) an unfair society.

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