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The Birth Of Little England

Posted on December 28, 2019 by

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  1. 28 12 19 07:57

    The Birth Of Little England | speymouth

131 to “The Birth Of Little England”

  1. Bugger Le Panda

    Have a good one Chris, hopefully the last in the UK

  2. jimnarlene

    Not long till the obstreperous child grows up and becomes the sick man of Europe, again.

  3. Capella

    Wow, that’s a cracker. I blame the parents.

  4. cynicalHighlander

    The futures grim.

  5. CameronB Brodie

    You just know there must be something not right about Little England, as the Tory bastard has had an unnaturally long gestation.

    Euroscepticism in contemporary British politics: opposition to Europe in the British Conservative and Labour parties since 1945


    The following text is taken from the publisher’s website: “Anthony Forster argues that euroscepticism, in addition to being a political stance, displays the seeds of becoming a new faith. Through a detailed analysis of British post-war politics, he shows the development of a core set of beliefs, a history of persecution, displays of moral rectitude in opposing Europe and the power of scepticism to change existing beliefs. This challenging new history of euroscepticism will be a valuable resource for undergraduate students of politics and European studies.”

  6. Morgatron

    So thought provoking Chris, a truly marvellous cartoon. I would like to see father time decapitate that wee smug bastard though. I am at a total loss of their hatred of europe and in the last 10 years had my eyes well & truly opened to how politicaly thick the English are.Sweeping I know, but generally true.

  7. Gary45%

    A cracking “Toon” Chris.
    I fear you are correct with the image, maybe Engerland taking the rest of Bwitain to war with some EU countries in the next 10 years, because they wont bend over to Boris and Co. War makes money, what do England produce apart from jam?
    Only thing missing is hate and hate tattooed on the brats knuckles.
    Scotland wake up.

  8. Dorothy Devine

    Anyone listened to the Boris Johnson Christmas speech show on youtube? My advice is do not read the comments below.

  9. Muscleguy

    Brexit represents the complete and utter repudiation of and surrender to several centuries of English foreign policy. This was to prevent, by all means possible, the uniting of the Continent against them.

    It’s why Marlborough fought at Blenheim in the War of the Austrian Succession. It’s why Britain fought Napoleon and opened a new front in Spain under Arthur Wellesley, another man ennobled after generalship showing how much the powers that be valued what they were doing.

    It’s why we went to war in August 1914 and 1939. Forget imperial ambition or fighting fascism it was to prevent the continent being united against us. It’s why Britain and the US staged the Normandy landings, because accepting the status quo was unthinkable.

    It’s why the angst over French vetoes over our applications to join the EEC in the late ’60s and early ’70s. People forget that the UK was clamouring to be allowed in. Banging on the door. The Continent was being united without us, again.

    Now with English insouciance over Brexit leading to iScotland Engliand is going even further back, to the time when France and Scotland combined and had England surrounded. When Edward massed his troops to come north the French would raid the Southern ports meaing he could not put forth his full strength against us having to leave troops and ships behind to guard those places.

    And of course when Edwards and Henry’s went warring in France the Scottish king would raid the border, laying seige to northern English castles and ensuring again that England’s full strength could not be put into one field. These efforts ensured the independence of both France and Scotland.

    Scotland even sent forces to fight the English in France. The Gendarmerie grew out of the King of France’s Scottish Guard.

    I’m not suggesting that iScotland in the EU will behave the same way, except perhaps in business and diplomacy. The French remember the Auld Alliance and their veto against Les Rosbifs.

    I predict that the effects of all this will lead rUK back into the EU, the only question is how long it will take and how many times France and Scotland will veto it, perhaps with the Irish as well. We will all want cast iron shackles put in the treaty preventing a second Brexit before we let them back in.

  10. defo

    V good CC
    What happens when the little English discover they’ve been sold out to the Great Satan?

  11. Effijy

    One baby Scotland will be throwing out with the Bathwater!

    Congratulations Chris on another year packed with your wonderful skills.

  12. Republicofscotland

    Spot on Chris, I read that only 20 MP’s that made up Johnsons big parliamentary win in the GE came from outside England.

    Meanwhile thousands of our EU citizens who’ll vote for indy are being drained away, or Westminsters residency policies are making it harder for them to stay in Scotland.

    We don’t have until 2021 to gain indy in my opinion, we need it in 2020.

  13. Sharny Dubs

    Nice one Chris, bit chilling but.

    Let’s hope it’s the last hogmanay in this toxic partnership.

  14. Effijy

    New Years’ Honours list continues to be a right wing farce in the main.

    Ian Duncan Smith Knighthood for services to fascism and abusive Father
    Of Universal Discredit.

    I know what I’d ask the Queen to do with that sword.

    Ben Stokes the Cricketer we seen on video demeaning and antagonising and attacking 2
    young Gay lads outside a night club while drunk as a skunk.

    Somehow he got away without charge?

    He got the unbelievable Sportsman of the year award?

    Now in Honours List?

    Only in England are Drunk Violent Homophobes rewarded.

  15. Effijy

    The First Minister’s Independence Petition sits at 513,411 signatures.
    Just creeping but 520,000 would be a nice number to hit Bojo with
    When he tells Scotland to F*** Off and declare no appetite for it.

    100,000 plus Marchers through Glasgow’s Streets on 10th January would be a nice indicator too.

    AUOB Could you appoint someone to count the Marchers as we know the BBC and Police only
    Have a blindfold and their fingers to use when they compile their Westminster funded guesstimate.

  16. Republicofscotland

    Effijy @10.22.

    One wonders if those North of the border receiving obedience gongs from the Queen will think twice about voting for independence.

  17. Robert Louis

    Morgatron at 0941am,

    That is it in a nutshell, the English in general are politically thick. They swallow without question the utter rubbish pumped out at them from a mainly right wing mainstream media. They see the lying racist primer minister as a ‘lovable’ buffoon.

    Sadly, I caught a bit of a radio programme with Jeremy Vine yesterday, where he played a classic example phone-in from 2019 of the stupidity inherent within England at the moment, with regards to brexit. A woman passionately stating that the EU will collapse without Britin and that ENGLAND (oh yes) was just a cash cow to the EU etc.. etc.. ‘they will be begging to do a deal’, and so on etc.. on and on she went, one falsehood after another. I thought she might start singing rule Britannia. Deluded in the extreme.

    Pretty much the same as they told India, and Ireland, and parts of Africa, who all rejected London abuse. Pretty much like the rubbish they spout about Scotland and independence – ‘we’ll be begging to come back, and Scotland needs England’s money etc..etc..

    The whole world can see the stupidity, it is only in England, where they simply cannot, or more likely, will not see.

    Little England. Stupid is as stupid does. Time for Scotland to leave.

  18. Gary45%

    I think you mean the 11th?

  19. Gary45%

    Oops Effijy, apologies, new year resolution, must wear glasses more.

  20. kapelmeister

    Jacob Rees-Sprogg.

  21. kapelmeister

    Now it’s Brian Wilson CBE.

    What does it stand for?

    Celtic’s Britnat Eejit.

  22. Gary45%

    C*nt of the Bwitish Empyah.

    Indy Scotland = No titles or recognition of these parasites.
    Let the English pay for them, if they want them.

  23. Bob Mack

    Poor England has never really gotten over loss of Empire.

    Like Miss Faversham in “Great Expdctations” , she sits still in her robes of Empire, hoping one day to regain her rightful place in the world when the time is right.

    It never wil! be of course, but she sits steadfastly oblivious to decay and ruin all around ,hoping for the miracle to occur.i

  24. auld highlander

    and the sands of peace and prosperity are running out too.


  25. Patsy Millar

    Another brilliant but frightening cartoon. Keep up the good work Chris. All the best to you for 2020.

  26. Ian McCubbin

    Nice, let’s hope it is your last in the UK
    Chris ?

  27. Ian McCubbin

    Nice, let’s hope it is your last in the UK
    Chris ?

  28. galamcennalath

    Great cartoon, as always!

    Bob Mack says:

    Poor England has never really gotten over loss of Empire.

    Very true. Three past articles I have bookmarked, with which I pretty much agree ….

    ” Brexit is the result of an English delusion, a crisis of identity resulting from a failure to come to terms with the loss of empire and the end of its own exceptionalism “

    ” English nationalism is a curious concoction, combining a rather unlikely sense of grievance about how England was treated within the devolved UK with a sense of entitlement and even superiority about the UK’s place in the world. “

    ” Sitting at the top table of nations, punching above our weight, a freedom-loving people ever ready to fight faceless bureaucracies and red tape: thanks to these predominantly English ideas, especially popular among Tory party members, the UK has fought an expensive battle against the force of gravity “

  29. H Scott

    Was on the AUOB entry on Wikipedia to get their new website address and noticed it says only 20,000 took part in the Edinburgh march in 2018. Seems like the page is written by someone hostile to AUOB.

  30. Breeks

    I actually felt quite bleak this morning. Colin Weir passing away, Brexit promised in weeks and wall to wall delusional rhetoric about trade deals, and yet in this imminent state of emergency, we’re still saving up pots and pans for a referendum. I just hope there’s there an emergency escape clause that can deliver Scotland from this mess in days, not weeks, and certainly not months.

    Don’t know if this counts as OT, but hopefully it will likely make you smile. Rather than the spoilt brat of English Nationalism, (and it’s the blood and soil Nationalism I dislike, not the English), here’s a charming wee Irish lass who’s not allowed to go to the pub.

    “I’m 6, and my own mother won’t let me go to the pub..”.

  31. HYUFD

    Wales also voted to Leave the EU, not just England.

    Let us also not forget 54% of Scots still voted for Unionist parties on December 12th despite Brexit and Boris won a UK wide majority on a manifesto commitment of no indyref2

  32. jfngw

    I see they still have honours with the name British Empire in them, pathetic or delusional. Must be a bit embarrassing being given an honour in the name of something long extinct, it says as much about the recipient it does the giver. After all we know the monarchy still lives in a clouded bubble of self importance, an anachronism to the middle ages, viva la France is all I can think of.

  33. Joe

    Since we are coming out as a block shouldnt it be ‘little Britain’?

    Loving the pure sodium chloride in the comments. At least the ‘thick’ English just fucking do it. Scots wring there hands, listen to the media and worry how many muslims and trannys might be affected if they express themselves fully while swallowing economic fear mongering.

  34. Joe

    Dont worry though folks. I suspect that Boris is as much a Brexiteer at heart as oor wee Nicola is an indy supporter. Trouble is – the plebs are getting restless so one must make the right noises.

  35. ahundredthidiot

    I see the Fud and Joes Xmas leave is up

  36. Dan

    @HYUFD at 1:25 pm

    …And let us also not forget your beloved UK Parliament gerrymandered the voting franchise for the GE to exclude 16 and 17 year olds and most EU Nationals…

    But that aside, your presumption about why people voted for the particular parties is also incorrect.
    Of course you would know that if you actually spent time going around the doors speaking to folk rather than forming your opinion from looking at voting stats.

  37. ahundredthidiot

    haha, I see a few have gotten under Joes thin skin

    hey Joe – it’s ‘their’, not ‘there’, but we get the third party reference before you feeble attempt to correct yourself with ‘oor’ Nicola


    you’re about as Scottish as I am Jamaican.

  38. Gary45%

    Hey Joe, Did one get ones tattie peeler from Santa one asked for?
    Hoots mon och aye the noo, and all that “Jock” banter in the 77th mess hall.

  39. HYUFD

    Jfngw The highest award in France, the Legion of Honour, was created by Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte at the height of the French Empire and still exists despite the fact France now only has a few overseas territories left

  40. Dr Jim

    *Get Brexit Done* *Brexit means Brexit*

    They voted for these slogans and still nobody’s told them what the actual result of doing that is or the price of it

    That’s not politics, it’s an advertising campaign for idiots

    Amazon does it all the time, they get you to buy crap for two quid free postage from China because the photograph looked good, you wait two months for delivery and lo and behold it either never arrives or when it falls through your letterbox it is in fact the crap you thought it would be in the first place, but at least with Amazon all you lost was two quid

    Get Amazon Done or Get Done by Amazon is cheaper that getting Done by Brexit

  41. Dan

    Hey Joe, you regularly project that you have genius insight around all things economic.
    That being the case could you perhaps proffer your explanation and enlighten us as to why Scotland, a country packed full with so many diverse assets and resources, should find itself so fiscally restricted in its abilities to fund services and develop new and maintain existing infrastructures?

    I’m eagerly awaiting to learn your proposals on how we can improve on the current situation.
    Afterall, if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the precipitate.

    And talking of shitty sediment. A Big Low Five out to the selfish disgusting mucky fuckers that travel along the A1 from Edinburgh to Berwick who appear to have created a miles long art installation of discarded litter.
    Well done on your concerted efforts to make the country you have a connection to look like a fucking shithole.

  42. Robert Louis

    galamcennalath at 1226pm

    I think you are right. Poor little Englandshire never really came to terms wit the end of empire. Thus, we have little england, which constantly boasts about things in the past, and constantly, despite all evidence, asserts to ‘punch above its weight’. Only such a delusional country, could ever celebrate their cricket team losing the ashes to Australia again, and claim it as a ‘victory’.

    Little, ickle, england, a pathetic, sad joke of a wee country, with a joke prime minister, that nobody really likes. No wonder Scots want independence, it’s now become embarressing showing a ‘british’ passport in other countries.

  43. Morgatron

    Joe, thank you for reinforcing so eloquently my comments regarding the thickness of the English electorate. Slanj ya fud.

  44. Effijy

    Could HOYFUD or Brigade Joe help explain what happened to the money from Scotland’s oil.

    It amazes me that Norway finding oil in the same sea at the same time and with a similar population Scotland has no debt what so ever and over £100,000 in their treasury for every man woman and child who lives there and yet Westminster suggest we have a share In England’s £Trillions of debt?

    We have drawn more oil than Norway and we take less tax from the oil companies?

    If you can’t explain where your wonderful Westminster wasters have put the cash I’d be willing to explain?

  45. Sandy

    HYFUD, please give we plebs the details of Boris’s wonderful deal.
    Same goes for Joe.

  46. Col.Blimp IV

    Joe says:
    28 December, 2019 at 1:43 pm
    “Dont worry though folks. I suspect that Boris is as much a Brexiteer at heart as oor wee Nicola is an indy supporter”

    Maybe so but he is definitely a British Imperialist and keen not to be recorded in history as the man who busted the Union and not so stupid as to fail to realise that the blunt refusal of an $30 request is likely to blow up in his face.

    Boris and his advisors must know that the Holyrood Elections are on the horizon and tailor-made to act as a surrogate Indyref. – Their reading of voting patterns vis-a-vis the Brexit vote and the GE is unlikely to fill them with confidence.

    They may yet come to the conclusion that the best way to save the Union would be to suggest a separate EU deal for Scotland and NI.

    Which if successful would buy-off the soft-yesers, spike the guns of the overly pro-EU SNP and placate some of the doom-laden remainers in his own camp.

    If such an offer was to bite the dust he would have the EU and Holyrood to blame and consequently be in a better position to defend the Union when the time comes.

    You are allegedly the man with his finger on the GCHQ pulse – am I warm?

    Or are barrels full of mirrors, shiny beads and metal axe-heads, 50,000 pages of scaremongering with some trumped-up scandals sprinkled around for good measure all that is on the table?

  47. Abulhaq

    It is commonly held that Indian independence was obtained by peaceable means, the Mahatma etc. This link suggests it was otherwise, that without the threats of revolt the process might have been forestalled.
    In Scotland we have a highly constitutionalist party guiding the process. Many within it have a dread of alarming the independence snowflakes with ‘ardent rhetoric’.
    We are at, or at the very least approaching, a watershed in Scottish politics. England and its alter ego the British state has a rightist, nationalist government with a perception of Scotland as a mere appurtenance. Squaring up to that with ‘softist’ options appears remarkably lacking in strategic lustre.

  48. Clydebuilt

    Dr. Jim @ 2.36pm

    “Thats not politics it’s an advertising campaign for idiots.

    Amazon does it all the time “

    As Chomsky said Advertising for manufacturers and political parties relies on . . . . .
    An ill-informed public, making illogical choices. = Brexit = Unionism

  49. HYUFD

    Robert Louis President Trump, PM Modi of India, President Bolsonaro of Brazil are amongst many fans of Boris amomgst world leaders around the world and he also gets on well with President Macron of France and PM Trudeau of Canada

  50. robertknight

    Nice ‘toon Chris. Who’s the bairn?

    Spawn of the ERG,


    Bastard Love Child of Jacob Rees-Mogg; Rt Hon Member for the 19th Century.

    Either way I’d bet the wee sh*te has £££ just above the hairline instead of 666, but is just as bloody evil!

  51. HYUFD

    Effijy Norway did not have Gordon Brown spending too much but of course in the 21st century and with the threat of global warming we are supposed to be moving away from fossil fuels and oil based economies anyway

  52. Col.Blimp IV


    I blundered across this post on You-tube last night…

    Connor Fleming
    5 years ago
    Scotland has only 8.3% of the UK’s population. 8.3%! Remember this important figure… 8.3%

    But we DO have…

    32% of the land area.
    61% of the sea area.
    90% of the fresh water.
    65% of the natural gas production.
    96.5% of the crude oil production.
    47% of the open cast coal production
    81% of the untapped coal reserves
    62% of the timber production
    46% of the total forest area
    92% of the hydro electric production
    40% of the wind wave and solar energy production
    60% of the fish landings
    30% of the beef herd
    20% of the sheep herd
    9% of the dairy herd
    10% of the pig herd
    15% if the cereal holdings
    20% of the potato holdings
    …obviously 100% of the Scotch Whiskey industry.

    We have a…
    17 billion pound construction industry
    13 billion food and drink industry
    10 billion business services industry
    9.3 billion chemical services industry
    A 9.3 billion tourism industry
    7 billion financial services industry
    5 billion aeroservice industry
    4.5 billion pound whiskey exports industry
    3.1 billion pound life sciences industry
    Scotland still has 350 million pounds worth of textile exports

    We have 25% of Europes wave and wind energy potential.

    And finally we are blessed to have 1.5 trillion pound worth of oil and gas reserves.

    All of this, yet only 8.3% of The UK’s population… Whaow Scotland should be rich!

    If you hear anyone saying “I DONT LIKE ALEX SALMOND” or “I DONT LIKE SNP”…

    Do you know… This is the UK’s legacy of success in our history of being better-together is as follows…

    The UK has the 3rd lowest pensions in the 34 OECD countries of the world

    The UK has the single most expensive childcare in the European Union

    The UK has the second lowest-paid economy in the entire developed world

    The UK has the 3rd longest working hours in the EU

    The UK has the lowest number of holidays in the EU

    The UK has the 8th highest gender inequality pay gap out of the EU’s 28 countries

    The UK has the highest likelihood of poverty in disablement in the EU

    The UK has the highest rail prices in Europe

    The UK has the second highest housing cost in Europe

    The UK has the highest fuel poverty rates in Europe.

    The UK is the 4th highest country of wealth inequality in the entire planet!

    But surely these awful figures cannot be possible when you read the following Scottish statistics…

    Now, finally, did you also know that in all of the UK’s elections for Westminster ever!… Not one vote cast in SCOTLAND has ever mattered! Because of the Westminster numbers, whatever government England votes for, the UK gets. So we have no democracy here!!! 4 decades of tory rule that we voted against is proof enough, and our defiance was punished by the closure of all the mines; closure of all the steelworks; closure of all the shipyards losing hundreds if thousands of jobs. The term used by Westminster’s Thatcher when these industries needed some assistance was “let the markets decide”. Funny how when the greedy bankers collapsed everywhere they were bailed out to the tune of over a trillion pounds of our money… Not a mention of “let the markets decide”.

    Fact: Scotland has an oil boom waiting to happen on the West Coast, but Michael Hesaltine signed a cessation of any form of oil exploration in the entire area in the 80’s to make way for nuclear submarines which Scotland doesn’t want!

    Fact: Scotland has shown its revulsion time and time again to nuclear weapons but they place them here against our countries wishes. A recent contingency report was carried out a out the feasibility of relocating them in Portsmouth. The report stated that it was unfeasible because the detrimental risk to the area of an incident was too high. (Ok for the Clyde though)

    Fact: Scotland, with only 1 Tory MP, was forced to take the shocking attack on the poor & disabled called The Bedroom Tax, even though as our nations government, Holyrood voted to utterly reject this awful tax on the poor. Westminster gave us it anyway!

    Fact: We are led to believe that the oil in our waters is finished and its a dying industry. Yet 13.5 billion has been invested by oil companies in the last 2 years alone!

    Fact: The Clair Oil Field is about to open, and on its own has over 650 million barrels which will be extracted over 20+ years with production reaching a hundred thousand barrels a day!

    Fact: Scotland gives more to Westminster than it gets back. Do you really think they’d be so keen to keep us if we were being subsidised like they’d have us believe?

    Fact: Westminster has amassed over £1.3 trillion debt and still growing at nearly £6000 a second. Thats another £516 million today alone which YOU will have to pay for.

    Fact: Of the 178 countries that have gained their own independence across this planet, not one single one of them has ever asked to reverse this independence, and very few of them have the assets we have.




    Y E S ! ! ! Y E S ! ! ! Y E S ! !?

  53. HYUFD

    Sandy Now the Commons has passed the Withdrawal Agreement the Boris Deal is simple, a Canada style FTA with the EU that also ensures the Good Friday Agreement is protected and no hard border with the Republic of Ireland in Northern Ireland

  54. HYUFD

    Col Blimp IV What rubbish, the UK is the 5th largest economy in the world with falling income inequality and one of the lowest unemployment rates in Europe

  55. HYUFD

    The latest PISA education rankings have the UK 14th out of 79 countries but with England doing better than Scotland and Westminster performing better than the less well performing SNP Government at Holyrood

  56. Josef Ó Luain

    I have many reasons to view the English, as family and excellent friends, in a most positive light. Collectively, as a Nation, however: they’re a fucking nightmare!

  57. Republicofscotland

    ” the UK is the 5th largest economy in the world with falling income inequality and one of the lowest unemployment rates in Europe”

    Ah yes citing the state broadcaster and the IFS really doesn’t bloster your case, repeating it doesn’t make it so. And nowhere in your link does it claim the UK is still the 5th largest economy.

    However even this Britnat news rags experts can’t quite agree with you.

  58. Republicofscotland

    “a Canada style FTA with the EU that also ensures the Good Friday Agreement is protected and no hard border with the Republic of Ireland in Northern Ireland”

    Or a no deal Brexit which Johnson really wanted all along, and we’re out end of 2020. Goodbye EU safe guards, Hello Donald help yourself to our NHS. The naivety of some is astonishing believing in a known liar like Johnson that he’ll suddenly come good.

  59. frogesque

    HYUFD: 2.20

    Since when have little England’s top Billy Bunters slavishly followed anything that France does?

    The idea that England has to have a pretendy ‘Empire’ just because France or any other nation does frankly isn’t worth the water in a Malt!

  60. Sandy

    Just checking, HYFUD. Looked up on line. However, heading “Boris;s lies” came up. Suggest posters have a look. Just type in.
    Walter Mitty is small fry in comparison & makes Scottish “liar-in-chief” Carmichael somewhat pale into insignificance.
    Would you trust Boris to keep his word.

  61. Republicofscotland


    Well said.

  62. galamcennalath

    I see Boris has been gambling again. One of these times he’s going to lose and it’s ordinary people who pay the price.

    The EU Withdrawal Bill just passed varies quite a lot from what was agreed with the EU in terms of environmental protection and workers rights. It potentially gives the UK a trading advantage by lowering standards. Will the EU accept this, or not? Will it have an impact on Withdrawal or will they wait and protect themselves by agreeing to only a very limited Trade Deal?

    A couple of years ago a “hardish” Brexit was defined as being in Customs Union!

    And, a hard Brexit was a comprehensive FTA.

    The far right have now moved the goal posts to the extent that the outcome lies somewhere between Hard and Very Hard.

  63. Colin Alexander

    I don’t know about anyone else but, after all my arguing and campaigning about how the SNP are going wrong, I feel at least I now have a fair idea of what’s happening.

    1. Brexit

    2. SNP will complain about no being allowed to hold an indyref but accept that.

    3.The SNP will seek another indyref mandate for Holyrood 2021, arguing if they win again, next time the pressure for indyref2 will be undeniable.

    4. Now the Tories have a large majority, the SNP will be even more ineffectual than they’ve ever been, since Salmond’s resignation as FM in 2014,

  64. Effijy


    You talk some shite.
    You could be a Tory MP.

    Gordon Brown wasn’t in power in the 70’s, 80’s or 90’s.
    He hasn’t been in power for the last 10 years either.
    Your beloved Westminster has put most of our oil money
    In the pockets of the UK’s richest elite who give them a kick back.
    45 years of oil money stolen by England and gone forever.

    We are going into a 6th decade of England telling Scotland that we have
    That oil that runs out. How strange that recent major investment to lay a
    New North Sea pipeline that will last for the next 50 years.

    The president of Brazil is a fascist who is accelerating the destruction of the
    Rain Forrest as it’s good money for the elite who paid to put him in power.

    He is right up Boris ‘ street all right.

    Friend of Marcon although another right winger he didn’t appreciate Boris
    Calling his nation Rifle Droppers.

    You do know that England were losing world war 2 just like France don’t you.
    If America or Russia hadn’t been involved you would be speaking German and
    Boris would be wearing an SS Uniform today.

    Col Blimp. Thank you but 77 is the only number HOYFUD and Joe understand.

  65. Bill Cochrane

    Col. Blimp 1V @ 3:23


    There is no ‘e’ in Scotland. ?

  66. Robert J. Sutherland

    CameronB Brodie @ 08:57,

    Hi Cam, that one seems to hit it dead on the bullseye. Euromania is a new religion. Which is why its adherents like the usual few suspects on here just can’t but help themselves proselytising among the heathen (ie. us).

    Trouble is, the zealots have taken over the ship we all inhabit and are drilling into the hull below the waterline whether we like it or not, so the only answer now is to board a new boat that they don’t control. And damn soon besides.

  67. Col.Blimp IV

    Colin Alexander

    Unless Bojo changes his mind soon the desire for an Indyref will be gone forever – There will be no need for one.

    The Holyrood elections will be contested unambiguously between the pro-Independence and pro-Union factions.

    The Conservative, Liberal and Labour parties will do themselves a lot of damage when deciding how to play their hands.

    One can only hope that the SNP will put country ahead of Party.

    And if they do – I am confident that I will not be paraphrasing the lyrics of “The Patriot Game” with my last few breaths.

  68. Paul Cockshott

    You should not bebso ready to use the term Little Englander as an insult. The 19th century little englanders were from thenradical wing of the liberals who opposed imperial expansion. Why should this be considered a bad idea?

  69. Col.Blimp IV

    Bill Cochrane says:


    I copied and pasted it from a five-year-old youtube comment on a Frankie Boyle video…forgot to do the proof-reading bit.

  70. Dan

    @Col. Blimp 1V

    That list you posted earlier has been on the go since 2014. There are many updates required now.
    EG: Lots of new renewable energy projects are up and running since then, and of course many new oil field developments, and don’t forget the gin either.

    Here’s a couple links to Indyposterboy’s site.

  71. Republicofscotland

    News reporting that Colin Weir died last night. Mr Weir who won the lottery with his wife donated £1 million to the SNP and the independence cause. He also became the majority shareholder hin Partick Thistle FC.

  72. Dan

    And don’t forget the higher transmission charges our energy producers have to pay the further away from London they are to put all that leccy into the UK grid.

  73. Willie

    Couldn’t but help see the cartoon as an image of a nation happily preparing to sacrifice millions of its people to the grim reaper.

    The great war with its glorious dead the British just adore the blood letting of their young.

    What greater rousing imperialism than the bits of a mangled soldier being brought back in a Union Jack draped coffin in full military pomp. And all commented on by the Beeb in sonorous plummy tones .

    Ah yes, the sycthe and the happy youngster. Tis a fine symbol of Britishness.

  74. Bill Hume.

    I’m at the stage where I would promise anyone anything they wanted if it would hasten an independent Scotland.
    Just so pissed off waiting.
    That said, I do feel we need to learn fron BoJo and Trump….Keep the message simple and viscerial….Make Scotland Great Again.

  75. Abulhaq

    Acknowledge your propagandizing for the status quo but many in Scotland no longer live ‘in your retro box’. Certainly, I do not. Coming from a background with experience of British duplicity, the check list of how wonderful it is to be part of the status quo has little impact.
    England needs to outgrow the imperialist past,sadly the Johnson victory makes that less likely. However, Scotland is in the process of so doing. Scots, or at least the many ‘brights’ amongst us, are looking forward with hope and that within the context of the realities of 21st century, not those of a romantic or mythologized ‘golden age’ past.

  76. Col.Blimp IV


    Aye Gin, that stuff has become hugely popular in recent years.

    I had a swig from a bottle of Gin once, 1975 or thereabouts … It tasted like cheap aftershave, never touched a drop since.

  77. Capella

    @ Col Blimp IV – that is one heroic post upthread. Should be printed out on a concertina style card. Thx for posting. I’vw copied and pasted for future reference.

  78. Dr Jim

    If we were a Union of equals we wouldn’t have some failed Tory politician from Epping in England Englandsplaining his shite to us as if he had every right to do so because he believes he’s f…..g superior to the rest of us by accident of birth, or in his head, birthright

  79. CameronB Brodie

    Robert J. Sutherland
    That’s the power of Critical Theory for you. I’ve not looked at this stuff in almost thirty years, but knew that a bit of political anthropology would prove instructive. 😉

    All the best for the new year.

  80. jfngw


    Whooosh! Hope you ducked.

    It’s not the age of an honour, but the title. The French possibly assumed their empire would last forever but were not stupid enough to name their honour this way. Maybe you are still dreaming of your thousand year empire, mein herr.

  81. schrodingers cat

    We achieve independence by securing majority support for the proposition. It is the only way. When we secure that everything changes. Our job is to win it.

    pete is right

    we have been waiting for this moment, many of us believe that brexit and a tory gov will push nos 2 yes

    important dates

    12th dec

    the date nicola officially sends wm a s30 request

    the date bojo officially refuses it

    11th jan AUOB

    31st jan, we leave the eu

    31st dec 2020, the transition period ends

    if pete is right, and i believe he is, we can only know if we have secured majority support if someone carries out a poll? stu?

    if we were at 49% before bojo won the election, where are we now?

  82. Col.Blimp IV


    You might find this one helpful also.

  83. Col.Blimp IV


  84. Col.Blimp IV

    Now I know what Robert the Bruce’s spider felt like!

  85. Gary45%

    I saw an earlier post this morning regarding the sad passing of Mr Weir. At the time of Indy he and his wife were one of the few in the media spotlight, who nailed their colours to the mast regarding the SNP and Indy, we all owe him much gratitude and respect for doing so.
    I never met the man personally but will never forget his support for the cause.
    Any thoughts on a minutes applause or silence for him on the 11th.

  86. twathater

    OT I went on to Peter A Bell’s twatter account the other night and he and others are fair battering into Nicola and her withered stance , As he correctly stated it is not bozo who is answerable to us it is Nicola and time is rapidly running out for us to save ourselves

    Some are even suggesting that he has Stu Campbellitis but he refutes that by saying that it has just taken him longer to become as outspoken

    TBH IMO his criticism is warranted , news is Keith Brown will be leading the AUOB March on the 11th Jan and a massive turnout is requested , so where is our esteemed leader the one who is insisting ??? ( requesting ) independence going to be , will she be at the head of the march DEMANDING INDEPENDENCE or does she have a more important pride march or trans march to attend

    This intransigence and failure to accept that plan A is a busted flush is making independence supporters look weak in the face of bozo and his corrupt parties demeaning refusal .

    Where is the thrawn aggressive take no nonsense attitude that Scots are renowned for all over the world , and why are we being so complacent in the face of an aggressive self absorbed , bullying , threatening , thieving neighbouring country and its inhabitants , where is the in your face challenging , are we just MEEKLY going to accept being ripped out of the EU or is Nicola going to grow a pair and return ALL of our MPS home and TELL Bozo that the treaty of union is dissolved due to englands bullying and multiple breaches of the treaty

  87. Sandy

    Is HYFUD after an award from the honours list for multi-posting anti-Scottish s**t on this site.

  88. Capella

    @ Col Blimp IV – thx 🙂

  89. Bill Hume.

    Sandy, HYFUD has nailed it……no contest.

  90. Republicofscotland

    “Any thoughts on a minutes applause or silence for him on the 11th.”

    Solidarity with someone who supported independence physically and financially, yeah I’d go along with that.

  91. Republicofscotland

    Next year we need a sensational pamphlet, similar to Thomas Paine’s that sparked a revolution (we want a peaceful independence) in the Thirteen colonies that went on to declare independence from Britain.

    Any Common Sense out there?

  92. terence callachan


    You said wales voted for brexit …but you failed to say that it was the English people living In Wales that turned the minority in favour of brexit into a majority

    It was the same in the Scottish independence referendum 2014 the English people living in Scotland turned a majority in favour of Scottish independence into a minority

  93. terence callachan

    HYUFD …you said 54% of Scots voted for unionist parties in the GE
    But that’s not true is it because a third of those who voted for unionist parties in the GE were English people living in Scotland

  94. terence callachan


    World leaders get on well with Boris …on camera…
    World leaders get on well with all other leaders on camera
    But so many of them have commented that BJ is a twerp

  95. Colin Alexander

    Following the sad passing of Colin Weir, just to highlight how important the Weirs were to the indy cause, The Guardian in 2014 had reported that the Weirs contributed 79% of the total funds of Yes Scotland.

    “Colin and Chris Weir, who won £161m in the lottery, have donated £3.5m so far to the pro-independence campaign Yes Scotland”.

  96. terence callachan


    We are not moving away from fossil fuels at all
    Fossil fuels will be used around the world long after you and I are no longer alive

    Renewables are increasingly being used but they cannot replace fossil fuels and are unlikely to have the capacity to replace fossil fuels during the next three decades

  97. Breeks

    Came across this by chance. Worth a heads up I think…

    It appears to be preliminary work to shadow Nicola’s dispute with Westminster over a Section 30 with a parallel action directly from the people.

    I suppose that’s worth supporting, even though my own personal belief is that Scotland should cut to the chase and seek International Recognition of Scotland’s Constitutional Sovereignty, and not settle for any lesser benchmark, whether that’s a Section 30 or even a Referendum. As a sovereign Nation, by definition, we have a sovereign right to make our own decisions and have that right respected automatically, not piecemeal on an issue by issue basis.

    If anybody knows more background info, it would help…

  98. Inverclyder

    Very good Chris although maybe the baby should also have a knuckle duster and be carrying a blade!

  99. robertknight

    Colin Alexander@7:32

    “The Guardian in 2014 had reported that the Weirs contributed 79% of the total funds of Yes Scotland.”

    Big shoes to fill in the event of IndyRef2 and make no mistake. The likes of J K K Rowling-in-it will no doubt be on hand to bank roll those who would keep us shackled to the Union, whereas for the Yes campaign…

    RIP Colin Weir – sorry that you didn’t see an Indy Scotland in your lifetime.

  100. Robert Louis

    Twathater at 627pm,

    I have to agree. As oeter A Bell points out, it is wholly undemocratic to forcibly remove Scotland from the EU against its clear democratically expressed wishes, but it is about to happen. Yet still, the FM bangs on about a democratic referendum.

    Talk about fiddling while rome burns.

    I think the anger at the SNP inaction, and bizarre desire not to push for independence, is grwoing by the hour. What are the SNP for, if all they do is procrastinate, whilst babbling on about a section 30 THEY ARE NOT GOING TO GET.

    It is nonsense. Absolute nonsense. The SNP have had clear mandate after mandate after mandate to start indyref.

    However, I would argue their responsibility as the Scottish government is even greater. In my opinion, it is a complete dereliction of duty to simply sit and allow Scotland to be forcibly removed from the EU by England. If ever their was a time on history for firm action, it would be now.

    As for pannicky pete wishart and his wishy washy nonsense about waiting. Seriously what is the wait for? Things cannot get any worse.

    The time for action is now. Has the section 30 been requested? has it actually been refused? If so, what are the Scotgov’s next steps??? When? Jan 7th? Jan 8th? jan 10th? What is their timetable? Why is their no urgency?? Are they seriously going to just sit on their hands, whining and whining and whining, while one of the biggest lying English tory bas****s in history p*sses all over the claim of right and Scottish sovereignty???

    That is how it looks. The SNP – the all talk and no action party. Vote SNP, and they’ll occasionally talk about independence or something.

    If brexit proceeds and NS still has NOT acted, then she has got to go. Call the freaking referendum FIRST, then invite London to discuss a section 30, FFS. Take the initiative.

  101. Robert Louis

    And I would add, that the claim of right asserts the right of Scots to choose their form of government. Well, guess what, they already did, when they voted to remain in the EU (a form of government). So the claim of right is as valid for EU membership as it is for London.

    So, it is the duty of the Scotgov to ensure Scotland is NOT forcibly removed from the EU. That might involve either ending or suspending the union treaty (which either of the two signatories may unilaterally do).

    I just do not understand the endless dithering, in light of what is being done.

  102. Robert J. Sutherland

    schrodingers cat @ 18:00,

    Oh FFS, you, Pete and the rest of the Prevaricators can do as many damn polls as you care to waste your (or our) precious money on, and it won’t make a blind bit of difference. That’s been obvious to anyone with the wit to see for some years now. Ordinary folk will only react when the question is put to them the one time when it really matters, ie. in an actual referendum with consequence.

    All this business needs now is leadership, and from the front, not from someone in the rear, hiding in a cave and afraid to come out for fear of actually achieving something (and meanwhile convincing no-one else into the bargain).

    This win is ours for the asking, but the battle will only be won when we actually take to the field of it.

  103. Sarah

    @ Breeks at 8.27: see Peat Worrier’s twitter yesterday, I think, warning that this case is not well-founded and the puff with it is unsubstantiated vis-à-vis the involvement of O’Neill QC.

    I had had my doubts so didn’t contribute – I would follow Peat Worrier’s guidance on any legal matter.

  104. jfngw

    Phantasies of the 21st Century

    Ruth Davidson becoming First Minister
    Original Rangers still exist
    People still believing Uri Geller can bend spoons with his mind
    Humans can change sex (I can only assume they also believe David Icke)
    BBC is a unbiased media outlet

    And unless we get our finger out then I may need to add the sovereign people of Scotland.
    After all how can we be sovereign if another country can remove our EU citizenship.

  105. schrodingers cat

    a bit harsh rjs

    the election was a red line which we have been waiting for, a rubricon we have cross, a point many have been pointing to for 3 years

    arent you even a bit curious how the election of bojo has affected support for yes?

  106. Jockanese Wind Talker

    “Seems like the page is written by someone hostile to AUOB.” H Scott says at 12:37 pm

    Aye Wikipedia is anti Scottish Indy and ‘THEY’ are called Philip Cross.

    The are a Neo-Liberal, Pro Western Intervention, Pro Israeli group.

  107. mr thms

    When the UK leaves the EU on the 31st January 2020, the UK will still be in the EU under the ‘transitional arrangement’ until the 31st January 2020.

    The next stage of the Article 50 process, Part 4 will begin on the 1st February 2020.

    This is the part, should negotiations involve agreement between the UK and the EU on an ‘EU accession’, that will require a unanimous vote of all the member states.

    In the likely event of IndyRef2 taking place during the ‘transitional arrangement’, resulting in a Yes vote, only the UK Government can negotiate Scotland’s ‘EU accession’.

    This because of the Scotland Act 1998.

    The Scottish Government will not be competent the Act, to conduct its own negotiations with the EU.

  108. Kangaroo

    Re Mr Weir

    Many thanks to the Weirs for all their support our humblest best wishes to the family.

    A minutes silence would be a wonderful gesture on the 11th at the march. How about the march coming to a halt and being silent for a minute? Much more effective I think.

  109. Kangaroo

    Mr thms @11:57pm

    I disagree. In the event indyref2 happens in the transition period resulting in a Yes vote then the UK is immediately dissolved. The EU will then have to decide how to conclude the negotiations given the dissolution of the ex-member state. This is unprecedented and would require the EU to make new decisions. I would hazard a guess that they would continue negotiating with rUK whilst simultaneoulsy making it clear that as Scotland was an independent state it could start a new process to “rejoin/continue” membership.

  110. Kangaroo


    It is not surprising that some are getting very impatient with the Scottish Government and its insistence that a S30 is the way forward. This is simply because it needs to both “be legal” and “seen to be legal” by the unionists and the international community.

    Boris has few choices left.
    a) No. A few options here.

    b) Yes.
    c) Yes with conditions. See (a) above.
    d) delay. See (a) above.

  111. Dr Jim

    I don’t know what everybody’s worried about there’ll be a phone conversation in which Johnson will say *no the noo wait five years* the FM will say 2020 or face the kerfuffle I’m about to land all over your face, Johnson will threaten bluster and make noise and say OK have your referendum, and then he’ll threaten some more, but it’ll happen

    Claim of right, Scottish courts, International courts, the noise would be deafening as the world looks on and support for Independence goes through the roof as one part of the UK (Norn Ireland) gets a vote on its future but Scotland is denied the same rights

    Does Johnson risk all that or let it happen when he’s told and hope to win, I think if I were Johnson I’d do the latter rather than risk denying that Scotland is a Nation state with all the rights that accompany that

    They keep repeating that Scotland joined a Union but we didn’t join anything, England wasn’t a Union all by itself, we *created* the Union jointly, It’s England that kept breaking and bending the rules ever since, they don’t own us, or if they say they do that’s an entirely different sort of legal case

    I don’t believe the FM is messing around here I believe she’s prepared to throw everything she’s got at Johnson and the media will love it because it gives them the readers and viewers they want as they begin their campaign against Independence but unlike 2014 I believe this time they’ll lose by a distance

  112. vlad (not that one)

    @Kangaroo 12:00Re Mr Weir
    A minute’s silence would a wonderful gesture on the 11th at the march. How about the march coming to a halt and being silent for a minute?

    Nice idea. I trust the march organisers read this.

  113. Chic McGregor

    Accompanied by scythe of relief from the EU?

  114. twathater

    This is a link to a FORWARD AS ONE video the group of Scots determined to legally challenge , possibly alongside the SNP SG , bozos refusal to agree to a sect 30 agreement

    What they say in this video is UNDENIABLE and failing a positive outcome by the SNP demands it is a road many of us feel is required to ascertain the effectiveness of our claim of right , there are many legal eagles who feel that the case would not be won but they also agree that it has never been challenged properly in law

    Many of us feel that we are battering our heads against a brick wall and that we are merely going round in circles with wastemonster dictating and us reacting , a court challenge will give us and the world clarity as to whether we are an independent country and nation or we have been subsumed and are merely a region of greater engerland

    I KNOW we are an independent country and nation but I want the world and some fearties to have a clear understanding of why we want to dissolve this fetid union and release ourselves from this undemocratic omnishambles

    This is a link to the crowdfunder page for FORWARD AS ONE legal challenge and I would be obliged if any of our more knowledgeable members have information regarding the veracity of the organisation

  115. Robert J. Sutherland

    schrodingers cat @ 22:34,

    Perhaps I am a bit, but I’m getting increasingly frustrated with all the entrail-reading by the usual suspects like Wishart as (what appears to be) a lame excuse to avoid exploiting the current unique and promising situation in favour of a never-available safety guarantee. Always waiting for that magical 60% to appear for free.

    I am fractious because I’m convinced that something like the 60% effectively already exists, but is latent, and won’t materialise in any poll because too many people themselves don’t even realise it yet. They have much more immediate everyday concerns to distract themselves with, would perhaps even prefer in some cases to still duck the issue, but when actually faced with having to decide on this unavoidable and historic fork in the road, given the very strong direct pitch we will finally be able to make to them for independence and the complete emptiness that the BitterTogetherists will be able to muster, I’m convinced people will come good for us, and do so in more-than-sufficient numbers. Especially with (NB) self-confident leadership.

    Time is not necessarily on our side, as some seem too readily to assume. We need a full-on campaign, and as far as I’m concerned, the sooner the better.

    Besides, there’s a very important anniversary coming along soon in the coming year!

  116. Breeks

    Dr Jim says:
    29 December, 2019 at 1:17 am
    I don’t know what everybody’s worried about…..

    Claim of right, Scottish courts, International courts, the noise would be deafening as the world looks on and support for Independence goes through the roof as one part of the UK (Norn Ireland) gets a vote on its future but Scotland is denied the same rights…

    I’m worried, worried and angry, because all of these issues could have been pressed hard at any juncture over the last 3 years but conspicuously haven’t been. Why, in God’s name leave so many issues outstanding and unresolved, when we might have had any number of Constitutional test cases resolved in our favour before now?

    It is a fallacy and a folly to maintain it is only democracy which can extricate Scotland from the Union. It is NOT the only option, as many voices outside the SNP are asserting.

    The SNP is dithering on the horns of a dilemma that is all it’s own creation… a kind of Catch 22 situation… It won’t move on Independence until there is an emphatic majority evident in the polls, but no emphatic majority is going to happen without a concerted active campaign like 2013-14. The SNP is treading water, but hoping the currents around Brexit will carry us forward to Independence. What is making people particularly angry is the absence of any effort to swim.

    It is now looking like Scotland has left it too late to avoid Brexit, and a narrative is trying to assert itself that it always had to be this way. For many of us, the lame sentiments and complacency of Pete Wishart are like a red rag to bull. If we do not manage to weaponise Brexit effectively, it will be a withering and lasting indictment of the SNP that we have squandered the absolutely perfect Constitutional storm which ought to have levered Scotland free of this damned Union. There will never, ever, be a better Constitutional stand-off than the impasse created by Sovereign Scotland voting to stay in Europe and Westminster resolved to forcing us out.

    If we are Brexited, we will have squandered the biggest and widest open goal in the history of open goals, and all because the SNP was too prissy to consider any route to Independence besides their own linear notion of critical path democracy.

    The lie is exposed, because Scotland’s anti-Brexit mandate already gives us an emphatic democratic pry bar to split the Union ON PURELY DEMOCRATIC grounds already, and the SNP has all but squandered that democratic mandate because it wants a better one. It doesn’t want just any old democratic mandate and constitutional stand-off, it wants a “specific” democratic mandate.

    I repeat, we ALREADY HAVE the perfect Constitutional Storm. It has been blowing for three years, but the SNP are determined to pursue their own “democratic” Puritanism, even if it costs Scotland it’s place in Europe. WTF are they doing???

    Worried? Yes. But more than worried, I am angry. If we are taken out of Europe, I will find it very hard indeed to forgive the SNP, and they can sing for my vote forever thereafter.

    Never put your trust a fkg politician once they’re part of the Establishment. Scotland’s Constitution, the Declaration of Arbroath itself, made specific provision for ordinary Scots to rise up and depose leadership which sold Scotland down the river. You have to wonder if our parcel of rogues was a one-off …

  117. Artyhetty

    Re; Dan @2.42pm on 28th Dec.

    Is that really the case? Scumbags dumping their rubbish by the A1 in Scotland? That needs investigating and policed if so and I don’t think you were joking.

    Talking of English voters living in Scotland voting for Britnats, some of them have second homes in Scotland, and drive up from south of England to vote Britnat. Once again, Edinburgh was awash with those huge trucks they call 4 wheel drives, for about a week before the recent GE. There are loads of them anyway, but, there were significantly more to be seen in early December.

    We need to stop people from across the border voting in Scottish elections and referendums, when they do not live in Scotland and therefore have no right to vote. That needs tackling seriously, for the coming independence referendum.

    Great image btw, scary, but spot on. The nappy! They’ll be pooing their pants when Scotland does throw off the shackles of the nasty, far right wing cesspit so called UK!

  118. Robert Louis

    Breeks at 536am,

    Totally agree with every word. The election is over, so already we have wishy-washy Pete Wishart spouting his nonsense about waiting until the polls magically change by themselves, while the SNP do sweet f*** all to make the change happen. Will the SNP leader be at the march in Glasgow on Jan 11th? NOPE. That is the extent of her dedication to independence.

    I agree, we already have a mandate, it is as clear as can be. Scots voted to remain in the EU, London wants to force Scotland out. THAT is the mandate. THAT is the consitutional crisis. That is the point Scotland asserts its consitutional rights and either unilaterally suspends or ends the union treaty with England.

    I too am furious at the SNP and their endless backtracking, dithering and general lack of leadership. Some will say NS is ia great leader, but I would not, because when push comes to shove, she has spectacularly failed to chart a direction for Scotland WITHIN the EU. Instead, she seems to have just unilaterally decided to ‘just let brexit be done to Scotland’, and she has zero democratic mandate to do that.

    The SNP rreally, really need to sniff the freaking coffee, and get to grips with the rising fury over brexit, and the SNP failing to do as they were mandated when elected.

    Two years from now, Nicola Sturgeon will still be going on telly, asserting Scotland’s claim of right, then meekly still begging london to give permission. Meanwhile, Scotland’s parliament will be closed, and brexit done, with w new union agreement IMPOSED by LOndon – and why wouldn’t they? London has been allowed to literally p*ss all over Scotland, and all the SNP has done is whinge, while doing nothing.

    As for Pete Wishart – sadly, he has become London’s man. Not sure why he is still in the SNP. Seems to like those green benches in London wayyy too much. Very much in the Westminster club. Lapping it up. Out of touch, totally, out of touch.

    NOW is the time for action by the SNP leadership, not in a year’s time, or maybe sometime in he future, once the polls magically change by doing nothing, NOW.

  119. frogesque

    Unless and until we get over 1/2 million folk out on the streets, not asking but demanding IRef 2, it will not happen.

    Its that simple and its up to us to make it happen. Politicians can only do so much. Good governance is one thing but real change comes from the people.

    Just get out there and help prove our case.

  120. Dan

    Artyhetty says: at 6:07 am

    Is that really the case? Scumbags dumping their rubbish by the A1 in Scotland? That needs investigating and policed if so and I don’t think you were joking.

    I was certainly not joking about littering, as to me it highlights there is something fundamentally wrong in folk’s thinking if they believe in this day and age it acceptable behaviour to discard their waste in such a manner.
    But rather than large amounts being flytipped, it looks more like an accumulation of numerous individual folk chucking their litter out of their cars over a protracted length of time.
    I’ve spent considerable amounts of my time clearing roadsides of litter and flytipped rubbish so class myself as a bit of an expert on the subject.
    The days spent carrying out the work give one the time to build a profile of those within the littering genre. I’ve yet to find a discarded houmous tub or muesli bar wrapper, but melt your heid sugar filled shite like energy drink tins are a standard feature on a pick.

    In my experience the police will do nothing even if they are handed relevant information to chase matters up, so might as well remove the offense of littering from the list of crimes, along with driving off from the scene of an accident in a Citroen C4 Picasso in kyanos blue without reporting it, as that also seems to give one immunity from the law.
    Oh, and while I’m here I’ll add BT / Openreach and their contractors dumping their industrial waste from rural broadband works down the roadside bankings. I see you and still have the pics, vid, and email chain to post on t’internet or hand to the press seeing as youse did fuck all about it.

    Say something on the internet that hurts someone’s feelings and boom, you’re in trouble, dump tonnes of nasty rubbish on someone’s land, or damage someone’s property causing them financial loss, that’s nowt to worry about…

    On that subject, is there any word on Wing’s twitter account suspension?

  121. Colin Alexander

    The SNP under Sturgeon have pinned their colours firmly to the mast with their “legal” s30 route to indyref. They aren’t going to listen to any criticism or deviate from that.

    That leaves three main options:

    A) Go along with the SNP plan.

    B) Try and have Sturgeon replaced with a leader with better ideas. (Good luck with that one. She’s married to the Party boss and surrounded by the her clique of toadies.

    C) Get an answer to: “what other route except via the SNP?”

    For me, Plan A, for various reasons, has about as much chance of success as their Stop Brexit campaign.

    Plan B would only have a real chance of success *AFTER* PLAN A fails.

    Plan C) The legal route? The constitutional route? An alternative political route?

    The legal route: UK Parliament / UK state is founded upon Sovereignty of the Crown in Parliament ( an English legal principle).

    1. Challenge that with sovereignty of the people (of Scotland).

    Win or lose, it would highlight the UK is not a democracy. BJ’s power comes not from the electoral mandate but from HM Queen in Parliament. That the UK state is a monarchy, not really a democracy.

    2. Challenge the legitimacy of the UK Parliament being the sole “sovereign” parliament. eg was the Scottish Parliament legally dissolved by Royal Proclamation or did it require to be dissolved by the Scottish Parliamentarians?

    If not legally dissolved could Scotland elect Scots MPs to sit in the Parliament of Scotland and use it to challenge / veto UK Parliament legislation?

    3. Challenge the Treaties of Union as unlawful / illegal or even whether it is a legally enforceable document in any modern legal sense?

    4. Legally challenge Scotland’s EU kidnap. Scotland’s people voted Remain: the UK State and EU should respect that. Is it now to late for a legal challenge? That Article 50 was unconstitutional for Scotland’s people.

    Andrew Tickell is a very clever man. But he’s also SNP. I’m no saying he’s deliberately biased but he’s not independent of the SNP either. Whether that clouds his judgment, I have no idea.

  122. KOF

    @Kangaroo 12:14

    “…they would continue negotiating with rUK whilst simultaneoulsy making it clear that as Scotland…”

    “rUK”? I think you’ll find it’s called the Kingdom of England.

    The narrative from Westminster is that Scotland is seceeding from the UK. We aren’t, we’re ending a 300 years union. As Scotland, once again, becomes the Kingdom of Scotland. Then that “rump”, once again, becomes the Kingdom of England. Don’t do their job for them. Call it what it is.

  123. Tackety Beets

    Breeks 5.36 am & Robert Louis 7.57

    I would add,

    With the Brexit Vote in 2016 & WM being clear “We are leaving as a nation”. & “Now is NOT the time” etc etc Why was the Referendum Bill not put in motion immediately, why wait until 2019 to set it in motion ? For me it beggars belief.

    My thoughts on “Claim of Rights” (COR)

    Are the SNP headyins frightened to challenge COR in case of failure in the courts? If so then surely “Legal failure” to assert COR surely would be a further verification that WM is a farce for Scotland.

    Come on SNP show your people some “Gumption an Guts”.
    Show leadership, the type of we can rise up & follow………….otherwise many will drop of back to 1990s slumber!

  124. schrodingers cat

    I’m getting increasingly frustrated with all the entrail-reading by the usual suspects like Wishart as (what appears to be) a lame excuse to avoid exploiting the current unique and promising situation in favour of a never-available safety guarantee. Always waiting for that magical 60% to appear for free.


    understandable @rjs, we are all impatient. but i dont think pete wishart is saying anything controversial when he states “we must bring more scots along with us” this is self evident, support for yes in the polls was at 49% before the election, 45% snp during the election.

    that isnt enough. however, i believe we may have passed the 50% mark in the polls in support of yes. this is a significant mile stone, the reason why i wascalling for a poll, stu? It will embolden the entire yes movement and weaken the unionist resolve . consistent polling of 54%+ for yes, outside the polling margins of error, will embolden us even further, including pete wishart. (we may even be already there !!)

    i ask again, isnt anyone at least a tiny bit curious as to how yes is polling?

  125. CameronB Brodie

    Not exactly what you crave but perhaps this will you out withe a temporary fix. 🙂

    All the best for the new year.

    N.B. Euroscepticism is a identational position that is strongly related to English/British nationalism.

    How Brexit has created a new divide in the nationalist movement


    The overall level of support for Scottish independence has not changed in the wake of the EU referendum result. However, support for independence is now more strongly linked with a favourable attitude towards the EU, while the SNP lost ground in the 2017 election among those who are sceptical about Europe. Meanwhile, although those with a strong English identity were more likely to vote Leave, the EU referendum has not led to an increase in English nationalism that is hostile to Scottish devolution.

  126. CameronB Brodie

    sort you out…. obvs.

  127. CameronB Brodie

    Dissapointingly, it looks like Scots are simply not aware of the legal ramifications of Brexit, though this could just be the view from London. By withdrawing Scotland from the EU, despite Scotland’s pretty comprehensive vote to remain, Westminster is indicating that it does not recognise the Scottish public as possessing legally defensible identities. As such, Westminster does not recognise Scotland’s public as possessing legal rights, other than the ones allowed under English legal doctrine. I don’t know about you but that terrifies me.

    What do Scots think about Brexit and the EU?

  128. CameronB Brodie

    I perhaps scare the gradualists, but if you don’t have a legally defensible identity, you don’t have a legal base from which to make successful claims to human and legal rights. Do you really feel safe in the hands of the Tories, now that you better understand the legal vulnerability of Scotland’s public. Without the protection of constitutional law. psychos in office can cause all sort of chaos and public harm. And we have a topper of an apparently psychotic English nationalist as PM.

    Human Rights and Legal Identity:
    Approaches to Combating Statelessness and Arbitrary Deprivation of Nationality

  129. CameronB Brodie

    Sorry, but that last one probably appears a bit alarmist. I must remember not to scare the gradualists.

    Equality, Recognition and Social Justice: A Hegelian Perspective Announcing Amartya Sen

  130. CameronB Brodie

    You have to struggle to see why I posted the document I did at 2:51pm. I was attempting to highlight the link between identity and legal rights, and thought it a better source. Sorry.

    Human rights law and personal identity

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