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Scotsman proofreader vacancy still open

Posted on December 03, 2012 by

Perhaps the paper was confused after watching yesterday’s Andrew Marr Show, on which the host asked the question (at 37m) “Are you in favour of a squeeze on welfare?”, to which the allegedly-Labour politician Mr Balls replied “Of course!”

(Balls subsequently tried to waffle his way out of the response by claiming that he’d reduce the welfare bill by creating jobs, but Marr had expressly asked whether he backed the specific cuts to in-work benefits in the current welfare reform bill, and despite his repeating the question several times Balls refused to give an answer.)

We’re not sure what the excuse for these two from last week would be, though.

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7 to “Scotsman proofreader vacancy still open”

  1. CyBOS

    The formatting has also went a bit skew-wiff on this article:

    “In her speech, the Deputy First Minister she will also
    attempt to shift the debate away from national identity towards the idea of preserving social
    justice north of the Border against a privatisation agenda south of it.
    In a speech to civic and business leaders in Glasgow, Ms
    Sturgeon will argue that for her, the “overwhelming objective is to benefit, not just this but the next and future generations”.”

  2. TYRAN

    Is the Digital Data Enhancer AKA “poll bumper” job at Scotsman still open? 

  3. dadsarmy

    “NICOLA Sturgeon will today outline a unusually personal vision of independence, arguing that Scotland is halfway towards regaining its sovereignty following devolution.”

    She really is a huge asset for the cause of Independence. Salmond can’t really do that sort of thing, as he is FM of all of Scotland, including the far right Tories. But Sturgeon can pretty well do what she wants, and “Personal Vision”, is just what it needs, from a high-heidyin in the YES campaign.

    “We’re already halfway to a split with the UK, says Nicola Sturgeon”

    Now it starts at last. More of this from her!

    Yes, it’s not the start of a journey, it’s just arriving at the destination.

  4. dadsarmy

    Mmmm, talking about destination, “Destination Independence” the board game. Everyone a winner!

  5. Tamson

    Must be doing an evening OT shift in the BBC’s sports department. The main website ticker had the headline “Newcastle end run of four straight deaths with 3-0 Premier League victory over Wigan” !

  6. Dcanmore

    Johnston Press have shut down many editorial offices this year. They’ve cut back on editors, sub editors, journos and pre-press staff, outsourcing much advertising make-up to India. In one office in Yorkshire (I think) the advertising and art editorial staff were given one week to make up their minds whether to move to India or face redundancy! Really is shocking. Got that story from and was backed up by JP staff in the comments section.

  7. John Lyons

    I think the BBc need a proof reader too…

    “Mr Balls has frequently clashed with Mr Cameron at Prime Minister’s Questions. On one occasion the prime minister called the chancellor the “most annoying” man in politics for shouting at him across the chamber.”

    Or maybe they’re using the sameone as the Scotsman.

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