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Presented without comment

Posted on February 28, 2016 by

A little snippet from a corner of today’s Scottish Mail On Sunday.


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    166 to “Presented without comment”

    1. John Moss says:

      …the truth is nobody really noticed her at all. Changed days indeed!

    2. Bob Mack says:

      Old Emnities? That mask fell away long ago

    3. Wulls says:

      “She braced herself for a volley of abuse”
      FFS…..,who thinks up this pish.

    4. TJenny says:

      Surely, if she was noticed at all, she was just accepted as one of their own.

    5. When a political party polls the lowest share of the electorate at a general election in Scotland for well over a century, it’s probably quite safe to say that they are completely & utterly irrelevant.

    6. heedtracker says:

      How lovely for her. No doubt Daily Heil twerps get much the same.

    7. Lesley-Anne says:

      I’m thinking she was not recognised cause she was walking she is usually seen driving about in her leetle tankette! 😀

    8. Ken500 says:


    9. Camy says:

      “Mass demonstration” ?

    10. Hamish McTavish says:

      Wait, Ruthie disnae huv staff?

      So much for tory values.

    11. Ken500 says:

      RAF planes from Lossiemouth have broken the cease fire and illegal bombed innocent people Syria @ Euronews

      Westminster is not honouring the ceasefire.

    12. Bill Hume says:

      Birds of a feather………

    13. mumsyhugs says:

      I’ll bet she was disappointed naebody bothered – ego punctured like a deflated balloon that was full of hot air! 🙂

    14. Onwards says:

      Spiritually Labour and Tories are still better together. Unionism trumps left/right politics for many.
      This is why many SNP constituencies cannot be taken for granted, and backup list seats may well be needed.
      Previously labour and SNP voters would often vote tactically for each other in certain seats against the Tories. Now it is getting to the point where the SNP is the common target.

    15. Dr Jim says:

      Thing about Kim Jong Ruthie is we’ve got used to her now, she’s like a dug wae wan eye everybody just goes Aahh-Soul

      That’s not rhyming slang or a euphemism

      But it could be

    16. CameronB Brodie says:

      One Nation Unionism transcends all, so they say, though I can’t see it myself. Then again, I’ve never been a fashionista or cultist. 😉

    17. MJack says:

      The Tories are Scotland’s enemies and we need to point this out at every opportunity. Seriously which Scots are voting for the Conservatives?

      Labour are irrelivant at the moment until they become a Scottish party. They dont realise that they will have more relevent after independence!

    18. Ken500 says:

      Could Alex Salmond and the Scottish Gov immediately raise the issue with Westminster that RAF planes from Lossiemouth have illegally broken the cease fire, bombed innocent people in Syria and used Scottish taxpayers money to pay for it. Thanks

    19. Capella says:

      Dr Jim. A Haiku:

      Kim Jong Ruth is common now but a dog with one eye.
      We all walk by.

    20. galamcennalath says:

      Demonstration? Nah, just an SLab orchestrated anti SNP stunt for compliant colonial media.

      Davidson turning up in the vicinity was an irrelevance.

      Perhaps though, if may reflect the reality that they are all painted with the same multicoloured Tory brush anyway. ‘Shoulder to shoulder’ Unionists now.

    21. Calum McKay says:


      Biggest cheers of the day at the anti trident march in England’s capital were for the most dangerous woman in the uk, Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon.

      As for the labour nut (forgotten his name) on with Gordon Brewer today, he stated emphatically, time and time again the reason for trident was working class people’s jobs and it’s student fantasy politics to oppose trident as it is a done deal.

      He failed to grasp or acknowledge the moral side to the issue, alternative ways of spending the £186 BN on education, NHS, roads, i.e creating jobs with money saved or the signal to the rest of the world, especially those countiries identified in Bush’s bizzare access of evil, that weapons of mass destruction is not the way for civilised societies in 21 century.

      This is senior player in Scottish labour, a complete nut, his utterances are gold and run contrary to all that is decent, we need to see more of him and his words being attributed to the labour party in Scotland!

    22. Davy says:

      Why would a red tory hurl abuse at a blue tory, are they not kindred spirts. Are they not joined at the tit in their battle against a free Scotland, united in their struggle to keep their parties at the forefront of any expense’s going.

      Nae abuse for Ruthie she’s one of the boys/comrades.

    23. Capella says:

      From previous thread, here is the archive link for Sinky’s article in the Herald on the Scottish Six:

      They are still complaining about having to produce pilots at short notice. As Ian Macwhirter pointed out in his 2007 blog post, there are already pilots made in 2004 which demonstrate it is a success. The public have never seen them.

      “I can well understand why the BBC didn’t show them to the public. As soon as you actually see a Scottish Six, you wonder how we could have tolerated the present arrangement for so long.”

      Scottish broadcasting has been underfunded for decades. Deliberately so.

      “BBC budgets are structured in a way that ensures Scottish programmes are technically inferior, and have lower production values.”

      Budget constraints have been used for decades to starve Scottish Broadcasting of funds:

      “Ofcom figures, quoted last week by the former BBC executive, Blair Jenkins, chair of the new Scottish Broadcasting Commission, indicate that current affairs spending in Scotland has been cut by 45% in the last few years and news spending has been cut by 27% Scotland’s share of total UK spending by the BBC is down to 4%, when it should be around 9%. “

      This blog post was in 2007 and absolutely nothing has changed in the BBC attitude.

    24. Valerie says:

      ‘Mass demonstration’???

      It was the same size as the Lib Dem ‘fightback’ mob.

      Around 20 folk.


      If it’s RAF jets bombing, that is absolutely fking disgusting.

    25. Fran says:

      When the joke started with the words ” mass demonstration”, you knew there was going to be a good punch line.

    26. Clapper57 says:

      There was also a time when people were gullible and believed what they read in newspapers but thankfully that is not the case now.

      Those of us who are more savvy are aware of the various political allegiances of certain newspapers and that the said newspapers do not in fact exist to inform but exist to promote the political spin of the respective parties they are aligned to.

      Strange is it not that the Mail should choose to cast aspersions on Labour’s impotent ire towards SNP when the Mail themselves are renowned for their constant ( and surely impotent ire considering 2015 GE result for SNP ) SNP bashing and that they themselves constantly fail to highlight the REAL issues Scotland has with both Labour and the Tories.

      Clearly the Mail reports the MINOR demonstration in a second hand capacity as to those who were witness to the demonstration it was painfully small as opposed to the Mail’s ‘Mass’ interpretation of attendance. However it was hijacked by Neil Findlay and other Labour troublemakers who obviously , just like the Mail, are more concerned with SNP bashing than holding the REAL villains , Ruth Davidson’s WM party , to account.

      Note that they include the words ‘SNP cuts ‘ in their article thus helping to reinforce the very thing they are accusing Labour of being in their ‘ impotent ire ‘ towards SNP , and neglecting to blame the real villains who instigated this ,that is the Tory Government , in this ‘Minor’ demonstration.


      Who cares about Ruth when she is merely another pawn and branch officer manager of another UKOK Party.

    27. Capella says:

      Having given it some thought, I submit an improved Haiku more in tune with the tradition:

      Kim Jong Ruth is common now. Look.
      A dog with one eye.
      Just walk on by.

    28. katherine hamilton says:

      Ruth who?

    29. call me dave says:

      Ha! ‘Scottish’ labour giving her the ‘cold’ shoulder now, too late the damage is done.

      PS: O/T
      Historian Tom Devine dismisses claims he no longer supports independence as ‘a falsehood’

      PPS: That’s us telt!

      “By law, foreign affairs, including consular and human rights matters, are the responsibility of the UK Government, rather than a devolved area,” said a spokesman.

    30. X_Sticks says:

      I’m surprised she didn’t get a cheer from the RedTories for her stalwart campaigning for the great YooKay(e)

    31. jimnarlene says:

      Similar to the thugs at the polling station, made up pish; the mass demonstration gave the game away.

    32. heedtracker says:

      katherine hamilton says:
      28 February, 2016 at 1:50 pm
      Ruth who?

      Ruth Davidson, no formal qualifications, trade or profession, BBC ligger, unemployed/able, Baron Goldie side kick, creeps in to Holyrood on list, came 4th 2011 with maybe a thousand votes, due mainly to some, ahem, financial unpleasantness with the last tory guy, 6 months later, Ruth takes Scottish Tory leader job, rest is UKOK history, most famous for announcing BetterTogether UKOK victory in Scottish referendum, on BBC tv, before polls had closed and or vote count had completed.

      Ruth has a great future in UKOK toryboy world, or the BBC.

    33. HandandShrimp says:

      Scottish Labour forgot who they were quite a few years ago. Corbyn is trying to correct that in England but the rumblings are that his own party don’t like it.

      I don’t think the Tories will come second. I hope not, I would happily see them poll single figures but I can’t see Labour doing much to demonstrate that they have much of a clue as to how to define who and what they stand for.

      If he Tories were to come second it would be Labour’s own doing that brought that about and I really think Kezia would have some hard work on her hands fighting off a rebellion (if there are many left to rebel).

      The Liberals want to get all fracking on Scotland took me by surprise. The 5 years with the Tories obviously did give then cooties.

    34. Breeks says:

      Ruth Davidson…

      Tory, ex-BBC, and calls herself a journalist.

      Does she not win a prize or something for that unholy trinity? Brass neck of the year or something?

      Oh yeah, I forgot, promotion above her ability, and a hurl in a tank.

      May we never forget the wholesome contribution to Scottish politics by Ruthie Davidszzzzzz…

    35. heedtracker says:

      If he Tories were to come second it would be Labour’s own doing that brought that about and I really think Kezia would have some hard work on her hands fighting off a rebellion (if there are many left to rebel).

      She’ll come under massive pressure to quit from Pacific Quay and all the rest. Pacific Quay’s a sparkling ivory tower for all UKOK liggers and that needs a powerful SLab to survive the next five years and vice versa.

      Corbyn’s own Labour don’t want him because the middle England that actually vote are happy, glorious and very UKOK wealthy, thanks to red tory Blair/Brown Labour and blue tory now. Lab ofocoure face tory BBC led hard core Con press, a lot more powerful in England than Scotland.

      EU ref campaign farts along and just this morn, the great and powerful Andrew Neil explaining BBC style, the UK economy is the second biggest in the EU, which must be true, its Andrew Neil. He was happily fluffing an ancient EU outy Thatcher toryboy and he totally monstered EU in Labour guy, all the usual BBC interrupts, leap around subjects, cut off, scoff, mock, waffle and smirk. Much like BBC Scotland do to SNP everyday.

    36. TJenny says:

      ‘scoff, mock, waffle and smirk’ – 4 of the dwarfs rejected by Disney. 🙂

    37. heedtracker says:

      BBC Scotland and SLab, symbiosis keeps them both alive. Wiki says Symbiosis (from Greek ??? “together” and ?????? “living”) is close and often long-term interaction between two different biological species.

      If one species keels over, it takes the other with it but who needs the other more symbiotically than t’other and how far can I stretch out this one:D

      On balance, SLab will stagger along just, with the Holyrood list and BBC England don’t give UKOK rats arse what anyone thinks.

    38. Ian Brotherhood says:

      If you’re interested in the next WOS Glasgow shindig, it’s looking like March 26th (Saturday).

      There’s a ‘March For Scotland’ same day, so we can do that, repair to city-centre pub (venue tbc) and have open-mike/music/dancing and whatever else from mid-afternoon to the wee small hours.

      Everyone welcome – please drop into O/T to register interest and give us some idea of numbers.

      Hoots all! 🙂

    39. proudscot says:

      I bet Wee Ruth The Merciless was hoping she’d get some verbal abuse from her previous bestest friends in the Bitter Together Unholy Alliance, so she’d then be seen to be a shoe-in for second place in the forthcoming Holyrood election.

      It must have punctured her self esteem when she was ignored as the irrelevant wee right wing Westminster worshipper that she is.

    40. Simon says:

      This is the Scottish MoS. I’m sure in the fullness of time the real story will come out.

      I think we will find that Ms. Davidson felt anxious and intimidated especially when walking past the burly independence supporters standing, outside the chippie.

      She was on the point of returning home empty handed but she steeled herself and decided that noone was going to stop her excercising her democratic right to buy her white puddin’ supper (probably with salt ‘n’ vinegar, unless for electoral reasons she now has salt ‘n’ sauce).

    41. heedtracker says:

      My Slovene girlfriend loves Ruth, he says, but we all know who’s job future Lord Smirky, Ljubljana West ( C ) is really after.

      Adam Tomkins ?@ProfTomkins Feb 24
      Canvassing in Broomhill tonight: lots of SNP and Tory support; smattering of Green & LibDem; Labour are invisible and have utterly collapsed

    42. Wellreadned says:

      Just think, mibbie without Ruth’s shit stirring re:burly men, we might not have had to put up with the sight of our Colonial Governor pontificating at everyone from the Anti-Scotland Office.

      They might have had to send up Michael Gove or something equally desperate and ridiculous.

      Ruth is not as nice as newspaper editors would love us to believe and has happily cottoned onto the untapped potential of appealing to Scotland’s Orange vote and the arguably even more insane types who haunt the margins in Scotland and are publically represented by nutters like Ghengis Gill Stephenson the Deranged and Mad Old Tom Gallagher.

      I think she is going to be very successful in uniting these bams under the same looneysphere whilst drawing upon obvious Tory voter demographics like the very rich, the elderly and the military.

      Beware that women; she is actually very cunning.

    43. Skooshcase says:

      Any chance of a photo taken with a wide-angle lens of the “mass demonstration”? Just for sake of clarification, like.

    44. call me dave says:

      Faint praise if any but he doesn’t like Salmond much and the SNP took their eyes off the ball… but what can yae dae!.

      Fills the space in the paper though.

      Euan McColm: Nicola Sturgeon agreement makes second indyref less likely.


    45. She was quite at home amongst her Labour bitches.

    46. thomaspotter2014 says:

      Ruthie babes and the Conservatives might easily get 2nd place cos the old Slab Dinosaurs aren’t done dying yet,they can still drop lower.

      So Ruth getting 2nd isn’t down to being fantastically popular at all, it’s the default from Slab’s slow demise.

      o/t slightly

      Had a wee peek at the Sunday Times and the Cameron /Boris factions are already fighting like ferrets in a sack.

      Fair cheered me up bigstyle.

      You couldn’t wish for more-how those bastards deserve all the bad karma that’s coming their way.

      And I see the old trusted Referendum manipulators Standard Life and CBI have weighed in with their Project Fear frighteners about doom and gloom-now where have I heard that before?

      Next it’ll be the banks are moving to Paris and everybody’s gonna be unemployed!

      It’s working well for SNP aspirations,all this Euro nonsense.

    47. ronnie anderson says:

      Nae highways fur Ruthie, only byways. just walk on by dont wait at the corner Ruthie.

    48. galamcennalath says:

      Skooshcase says:

      “Euan McColm: Nicola Sturgeon agreement makes second indyref less likely.”

      Hmmm, undertones of ‘settled will / move on / back to UKOK business as usual’.

      Wilful pish, or wishful thinking?

    49. Wellreadned says:

      @ Call Me Dave

      Ah, the Hootsmon comment section. I find the rage on displayed quite soothing.

    50. thomaspotter2014 says:


      Who cares what Brian Spanner thinks?

    51. galamcennalath says:

      ME @ 3:52

      Apologies, that should of course have been…

      “call me dave says:”

    52. galamcennalath says:

      thomaspotter2014 says:

      “Who cares what Brian Spanner thinks?”

      Sadly, not the millions of wizard fantasy fiction followers, it seems.

    53. John Bell says:

      MJack at 12.50 asks: ‘Seriously which Scots are voting for the Conservatives?’

      After campaigning in an Ayrshire village the answer is patenmtlt the LOL.

    54. Cherry says:

      @Call me Dave

      This from the same archived article says more about UK/Westminster being a bully, whereas Scottish gov much more in touch with people.

      ” However it is regrettable that the letter goes further than simply recognising this. In so doing it does however reflect the underlying tension of two different directions of travel being taken by the UK and Scotland.”
      Miller pointed out that while Scotland was seeking to better meet international human rights obligations, the UK government was retreating from them. “In the real world human rights are neither reserved nor devolved but are universal,” he argued.
      “These times require all governments to put aside politics and better cooperate in upholding their shared human rights responsibilities at home and abroad.”

    55. Macart says:

      Neither set of tories appear to be relevant to Scotland’s future. (shrugs)

    56. call me dave says:


      Aye everyday in every way there is a divergence in the policies of those who favour a WM Yookoktopia and those in Scotland who want an independent country with a better society.

      SNP x 2

    57. Clootie says:

      The fact that Ruth is hoping to pick up “Labour” votes to come second at Holyrood tells you all you need to know.

    58. Dr Jim says:

      Kim Jong Ruth goes out alone at night to seek out Burly men

      But the lady’s not for turning

      You’ve got to be fair to her though at least she says she wants to win

      *The politics of who do we hate least*

      Wee Willie(Stan Laurel)Rennie’s sole ambition is to get donations for his party to stop the SNP he doesn’t care about winning elections even when he says he does Lib Dems new Bumf is all about the SNP

      The Labour party must have gone to the same Printer they want to stop the SNP as well

      Used to be political parties talked about themselves and pitched offers to the electorate about what they would do for their country if they won, it seems in Scotland that’s no longer the objective
      Lie, cheat, defame, fabricate evidence do anything to make you mistrust the other party which is the kind of politics that makes people mistrust you in the first place

      But Hey! as long as the other guy doesn’t win

    59. Robert Peffers says:

      @thomaspotter2014 says: 28 February, 2016 at 3:57

      “Who cares what Brian Spanner thinks?”

      Jaykay Rowling.

    60. Iain More says:

      I am waiting for the Scot Nat Mob abuses and bullies Ruthie headlines, several of them in fact and rattling on about them for several days. It is a pity for the Brit Nat Press and Media that she isn’t apparently a close personal friend of Eddie Lizzard or JKR.

    61. Proud Cybernat says:

      Scotland’s problems start and end with the WM Tories (of both hues). Always have, always will. We had the chance in 2014 to get shot of them for good. If there are any Colonial Media readers/listereners out there who don’t understand that it is WM that STILL holds Scotland’s purse strings, that it is WM that is making these savage cuts and putting thousands of people out of work, that it is WM that is running the AUSTERITY AGENDA then these people really need to give themselves a right good shake.

      And if they complain about these RED/BLUE WM TORY cuts (it’ll be your pensions soon too) then they should take a good long look in the mirror and repeat:

      “I had the chance to get rid of them but I voted No in the IndyRef. I brought this draconian, Dickensian, despicable WM Tory Government upon myself. I am to blame.”

      SNP x 2 + 1 x IN

    62. James Barr Gardner says:

      Lucky for Wee Ruthie the big burly men must have been away on holiday!

    63. yesindyref2 says:

      Apparently the ceasefire only applies to parties engaged in the conflict between the Syrian government and its opponents.

      It’s probably Erdogan trying to stir it.

    64. frogesque says:

      Being ignored. The very worst thing that can happen to an attention seeker.

    65. mike cassidy says:


      Good to see Jeremy Heywood continuing to uphold the neutrality position of the civil service.

      Wonder if he’s gotten round yet to writing another Queen’s speech not designed to interfere at all with a referendum result.

    66. Effijy says:

      Fund Raiser for SNP Candidate in Rutherglen.

      If you want to see James Kelly replaced with Clare Haughey – a healthcare professional and trade union convenor – then please consider helping the campaign.

    67. Wellreadned says:

      These people have always existed in the Labour Party to be fair.

      The Tories are just giving them a more logical home. The ones hanging around with the Labour Party these days are just the especially stupid variety occupying the same evolutionary niche as as Hothershallus Bullshitticus or the Foulksus Moroculous.

    68. Valerie says:

      Off topic

      RT reporting from ‘ceasefire’ watch, that despite some minor infractions on both sides, it’s holding for a 2nd day.

      Very poignant to hear from ordinary folk among the ruins, saying they are thankful, and need the break.

      Very biased opinion piece over on Bella about Syria, and Editor a bit miffed, – those in disagreement, are pro Putin and Assad.

      Questions and dissent not welcome, it seems.

    69. Tam Jardine says:

      The term mass demonstration seems odd- were there no less than 100 folk outside the Parliament?

      If the writer classes that as a mass demonstration, he would get a nosebleed if he’d attended some of the Yes events or BBC bias protests from the last few years.

      Perhaps in the context of slab 100 devotees converging does represent a mass demo? Although there are still a few dinosaurs from their party writhing or twitching in the tar pits of Scottish politics their time has passed.

      Ruth and slab are hardly going to fall out after walking hand in hand for so long. And now slab are slowly disappearing under the surface the Scottish tories and Scottish labour are more likely to cling together as they go under.

    70. Sassenach says:

      Wee Wullie, quizzed on today’s Politics Scotland about what he will be doing about Carbuncle, was visibly put out as he attempted to swerve the questions, and kick it into the (very) long grass!

      He knows the damage that the Liar is doing to his Party – just hasn’t got the guts to speak his mind!!

    71. Dan Huil says:

      Ruthie tanked.

    72. Gary45% says:

      If Odd job walks into the pm post when Pig worrier Dave gives up, I think we should DEMAND another election.
      I do not accept the current pm, and will certainly NEVER accept Odd job Boris.

      SNPx2+ Euro Aye

    73. call me dave says:

      Pro-EU campaign to highlight eight benefits of membership for Scotland

    74. handclapping says:

      What worries, no intrigues me about Slab is whether when they end up third they will manage to find out who their real enemies are?

      Looking at the case of the erstwhile Liberal Democrats does not offer much hope. Even their former leader is campaigning as Tavish Scott not as a LibDem, just like you don’t vote Tory anymore you vote Ruthie. In the same vein I suppose when you dont have any policy wonks anymore you copy Slab and cry SNPBAAD. Give it a week and it’ll be shoulder to shoulder with the Tories.

      Is there not a cover we could put over Willie Rennie like my aunt did her mynahbird?

    75. Ken500 says:

      @ Euronews channel Planes from RAF at Lossiemouth are breaking the Syria ceasefire and are still bombing and killing innocent people. Westminster are breaking the ceasefire using plane based in Scotland financed by taxpayers money. Bringing Scotland into disrespect throughout Europe.

    76. yesindyref2 says:

      Mmm, Scottish Labour April 2016: Increasing Scottish taxes on high earners from 45p to 50p would raise taxes.

    77. JOHN KING says:

      The European Commission has just announced an agreement whereby English will be the official language of the European Union rather than German, which was the other possibility.

      As part of the negotiations, the British Government conceded that English spelling had some room for improvement and has accepted a 5- year phase-in plan that would become known as “Euro-English”.

      In the first year, “s” will replace the soft “c”. Sertainly, this will make the sivil servants jump with joy. The hard “c” will be dropped in favour of “k”. This should klear up konfusion, and keyboards kan have one less letter.

      There will be growing publik enthusiasm in the sekond year when the troublesome “ph” will be replaced with “f”. This will make words like fotograf 20% shorter.

      In the 3rd year, publik akseptanse of the new spelling kan be expekted to reach the stage where more komplikated changes are possible.

      Governments will enkourage the removal of double letters which have always ben a deterent to akurate speling.

      Also, al wil agre that the horibl mes of the silent “e” in the languag is disgrasful and it should go away.

      By the 4th yer peopl wil be reseptiv to steps such as replasing “th” with “z” and “w” with “v”.

      During ze fifz yer, ze unesesary “o” kan be dropd from vords kontaining “ou” and after ziz fifz yer, ve vil hav a reil sensi bl riten styl.

      Zer vil be no mor trubl or difikultis and evrivun vil find it ezi TU understand ech oza. Ze drem of a united urop vil finali kum tru.

      Und efter ze fifz yer, ve vil al be speking German like zey vunted in ze forst plas.

    78. Gary45% says:

      Aye just watched it.
      This is proof to the question, ” What’s the point if a Wullie Rennie?”
      On the same programme the gadgie from the GMB union talking about “student politics”, regarding Trident, no disrespect to anyone on here who is in the GMB, but if this is your spokesperson, and are happy with it, I think student politics is to far advanced try colouring in books with pointy crayons.
      His ilk is one of the many reasons I refused to give unions money years ago, he is obviously looking after no1.

    79. Provost Sludden says:

      What was the errand she was running? Getting some more Tunnock’s Tea Cakes?
      I’ll bet she was gutted she didn’t get any abuse from some vile separatists.

      Ruthie hopes to get a nice constituency down south for 2020 and follow in the footsteps of Taylor, Rifkind, Fox, Gove and Costa!

    80. Alan Mackintosh says:

      Valerie, I popped over to Bella to have a look at that article. Wow! What a rant, and then the Bella editor turned up, such intolerance to criticism. Thats what he gets for printing such a crap article. Re the Syrian Obs for HR. Apparently its run by one guy down in south England who hasnt been in Syria for 20 years(or something like that, cant quite remember but close enough)

      Ken500, So what if the Lossie planes were involved. They havent broken any ceasefire. It is only applicable to rebel forces fighting Assad, not Al-Nusra or Daesh/IS. They are still combatants.

    81. Giving Goose says:

      Gary45%; the guy from the GMB was on the telly the other day with Spokesman from Scottish CND at Kelvingrove(I think).

      Mr GMB was less than inspiring. He came over as an old Brit Nat imperialist.

      He was definitely a follower of the SNPBaaad mob.

      If I was a member of the GMB I would be fizzing. And he was looking out for himself being pro Trident. The jobs argument was hollowed out. A Red Tory dinosaur if ever there was one.

      It’s actually very sad because the GMB membership is not being well represented by Labour supporting leaders, who are dragging down the Union with a lack of intellectual ability.

    82. ArtyHetty says:

      Re; John King

      Haha, brilliant!

      I hope you don’t mind me copying and sending to my son who taught himself Japanese and does not have many good things to say about the English language.

    83. FairFerfochen says:

      Do tories do errands? A bit cheeky there.

      Anyway, I guess if you put out anonymous campaign literature it stands to reason nobody will know who you are come time, so from that perspective her tactics are a resounding success.

      Ruth who?

      P.S. radio 4 had some guy on this afternon explaing how trident subs will be outdated before they’re built due to underwater drone technology. It was a good punt – can’t remember his name though. Just after the GMB guy saying Trident jobs or Rosyth a desert.

    84. Ken500 says:

      A ceasefire is a cease fire. @ Euronews channel is reporting that planes from Lossiemouth in Scotland has broken the ceasefire killing innocent people and are showing the collateral damage. With millions of viewers all over Europe.

    85. thomaspotter2014 says:

      JOHN KING @7.16

      Hilarious John,

      Vee haf vays of making yu talk!lol

    86. thomaspotter2014 says:

      Giving Goose@7.49

      Would that be the same GMB union that was a resounding NO pusher?

    87. Nana says:


      I saw this in the morning re the drones & trident

    88. Valerie says:

      @Alan Mackintosh

      That Bella article was riddled with inconsistencies, and myself and others have pointed up a few, as well as providing links.

      There is a reference to the Syrian Network for Human Rights, which I have raised questions over, as the website is very odd. One man’s name, with lots of anonymous articles, making really serious accusations.

      What I find so odd these days is that there is a General consensus about the lies and subterfuge of the Establishment here, but those same folk immediately believe and promote the lies and subterfuge, of The West, or other Establishments, such as USA.

      Having learned so much about such things, it would be nice to even encounter neutrality, or an open mind.

      Mike Small, if that’s who responded, was very peeved, about the article being questioned. Ho hum.

    89. FairFerfochen says:

      @John King

      Rolink unt flor lafink mein efink arshov

    90. carjamtic says:

      Maybe her reputation kept them quiet…feart….don’t mess with the kick boxers.

      Wonder if she’s had any official bouts ?….does she have a cool handle ?

      ‘The Castlemilk Cupcake’….’Hands of Stone but at Heart a Haberdasher’

      ‘Tank Commander’,thought was that her astride a big Chieftain ?

      I should really pay more attention to the Scottish Blue Tories they are my blind spot (largely ignored them).

      Or are they just like Red Tories, except on steroids.

    91. Lollysmum says:

      FairFerfochen at 7.57pm
      Here’s the info on Trident being useless before it’s even built for you.

      Drone technology a threat to Trident submarines, MPs to be told

    92. Macart says:

      @John King

      That’s a beezer John. 😀 LOL

    93. call me dave says:

      Revelations of Trident upgrade prompt claims that UK nukes are under American control

      Trade Union boss: Campaign to scrap Trident is out of touch with working class

      @John King 🙂 Very good.

    94. Legerwood says:

      Nana @ 8.22 pm

      Drones: the current issue of the New Scientist has an article about these drone which seem to be pretty inexpensive compared to Trident. My first thought when I read it was, ‘Well that’s Trident b******d.

      “That sinking feeling” by David Gambling, New Scientist, 27 February, 2016.

      The article suggests that by the time the UK’s Trident replacement is ready in 15 years time the seas may be full of these drones waiting to follow its every move. Nice!

    95. Thepnr says:

      @John King

      That’s enough from you, guilty of ridiculing the English language. It’s the box for you again me lad. 🙂

    96. carjamtic says:

      John King @ 7:16

      Klass ;-))

    97. K1 says:

      Yeah John, remember seeing that one years ago…appropriate time to air it in light of eu stuff et al. 🙂

    98. Legerwood says:

      Re my last post about the drones article in he New Scientist it should be David Hambling not Gambling.

    99. Valerie says:

      Spotted this good article on Trident. Also refers to USA control.

      When will the UK wake up to this? The state of the world today – we are a bigger target with this shit in our garden.

      I also saw a graphic the other day, with a pic of all the defunct subs, all sitting in dock, named. It’s so bloody scary.

    100. Alan Mackintosh says:

      Ken500, the ceasefire specifically excludes Al-Nusra and Daesh/IS.

    101. Nana says:


      Interesting, hubby gets the mag so I’ll read the article once he’s done with it. Mind you not being a techobod [is that even a word?] I probably won’t understand the science around them anyhow.

    102. Bill Hume says:

      Alan Mackintosh at 8:45

      I really don’t care. I’m still living in a country which is bombing people using my taxes and in my name I DO NOT LIKE IT. Not one little bit.

    103. Bob Mack says:

      @John King,

      Fandabeedozy mate.

    104. Ken500 says:

      @ Telegraph George Galloway’s firm ges bust. Owing the tax. £thousands

    105. Thepnr says:


      For those more interested in Mr Galloway.

    106. call me dave says:

      George Galloway: Hard Times.

    107. call me dave says:


      Nearly snap!


    108. jdman says:

      “the box for you again me lad. :)”


    109. Thepnr says:

      @call me dave

      I made the mistake of posting a direct link to The Telegraph or worse The Daily Mail when I first started posted here.

      Got ripped a new one and have never forgotten.

    110. Rock says:

      Bill Hume,

      “I really don’t care. I’m still living in a country which is bombing people using my taxes and in my name I DO NOT LIKE IT. Not one little bit.”

      You are still living in a colony, with a Tory viceroy.

      If we were “sovereign”, we would have none of it.

    111. Bill Hume says:

      Rock says:
      28 February, 2016 at 9:37 pm

      Bill Hume,

      “I really don’t care. I’m still living in a country which is bombing people using my taxes and in my name I DO NOT LIKE IT. Not one little bit.”

      You are still living in a colony, with a Tory viceroy.

      If we were “sovereign”, we would have none of it.

      I am well aware of this, but would question why sovereign is in inverted commas??

      I SO want away from these nasty people in Westminster.

    112. Grouse Beater says:

      Labour politicians ‘punching the air’ with glee at the fall of RBS.

      Labour politicians and pundits declaring they’d rather see Scotland suffer than run by the SNP.

      So what’s new in Labour saying they’re still shoulder to shoulder with Tories?

    113. cearc says:

      A country where Geo. Gall and other politicians don’t pay their taxes.

    114. Gary45% says:

      John King @7.16.
      It would give me a good excuse for my usual spelling/punctuation mistakes.

    115. ronnie anderson says:

      @ John King 7.16 Just when ah wiz getting the hang o the enlish speilin again ,they go an chinge it.

    116. Tam Jardine says:

      John King

      Superb John- just superb

    117. Cadogan Enright says:

      Internal warfare breaking out in Tories over civil service neutrality in EU referendum.

      Civil service will be supporting the Governement position says JEREMY HAYWOOD

      Interesting to see if t ‘Leaves’ have the gumption to challenge this – will help us next time

    118. Ken500 says:

      @ Craig Murray

      – BBC Report

      The hypocrisy of the royal focus on child(ren) mental health.

    119. Rock says:

      Bill Hume,

      “I am well aware of this, but would question why sovereign is in inverted commas??”

      Because a certain poster bangs on about Scots being “sovereign”. Scotland being the only “sovereign” colony in history.

      In my view, we Scottish plebs have no “sovereignty” in practice and never did.

      If there was any doubt about it, think of the legally elected “Right Honourable” Scottish MP Carmichael.

      If we were “sovereign”, we could have easily got rid of him.

      And we would not be bombing anyone.

    120. Capella says:

      Had a look at the Bella article on Syria. It is quite bizarre that such obvious propaganda should be published by a Scottish independence supporting website.

      Luckily some WoS commenteers were on hand to provide balance. We’ve all become far too sceptical to swallow that kind of kool aid.

    121. At the next PMQ`s I would like to see Angus ask David about the 70,000 Syrian ‘moderates’ who were ready to back UK in the murderous mess that is Syria,

      it is about time we had an update on how his and the right wing warmonger Benn`s promise of the 70,000 non IS moderates who were ready to fight Assad were shaping up.

    122. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Looks like the next WOS Glasgow gig will be on March 26th.

      Venue to be confirmed, but will be in central Glasgow, within reasonable staggering distance of major transport hubs.

      21 names (mostly perennial hardies) have expressed interest.

      If you have powerful feelings about this one way or t’other and/or want yourself and friends/relatives included please assume the position and sound-off accordingly –

    123. Rob says:

      John King at 7:16, I’d like to join the general applause for a beezer of an O/T. Well done.

    124. Bill Fraser says:

      They simply ignore her since she is of little danger to the Scottish cause

    125. Chic McGregor says:

      JK (ours not theirs)

      TBF, English has always been a nightmare for foreign learners. So many spellings which bear little resemblance to their actual pronunciation, countless examples but I give you Worcestershire (Woostershire), Featherstonhaugh(Fanshaw), lots of examples of where even multi lettered attempts to define a particular sound have in fact various sound options e.g. ‘ough’ in drought(drowt), rough(ruff), cough(coff), through(throo), bought(bot) other examples where the same sound is produced by different spellings examples bear and bare, dough and doe.

      On top of that it has a non-systematic lexicography. Words can be created on a whim only requiring the appropriate prefixes and suffixes to fully incoporporate them into the grammatical tense scheme.

      As such, it is virtually already a kind of Esperanto.

      In that lies great strength in terms of growth and propagation but as a language for learning complex subjects which requires a systematic and consistent structure to its lexicography it is potentially very poor.

      However, the flexibility of adoption also means that entire structured lexicons from other languages may be ‘borrowed’ as required.

      So chemistry, physics, philosophy and medical teaching can be accommodated by simply borrowing a required structured lexicon, e.g.s Greek, Latin.

      Ironically, Gaelic, were it more universally known, could be used for such things.

    126. Dr Jim says:

      Been watching the Big Sky news Papers bit
      The Tories own rotten to the core tactics have all caught up with them now
      The crap they used on us has turned on themselves big time now they’re talking about Tory leadership challenges already and it hasn’t even got going yet

      With a little bit of luck the Tories are about to eat each other over this EU Ref and the English voter having heard some of what they did to us and didn’t believe it at the time are catching on to the fact, Hey maybe those Jocks were right

      And you know for sure when the truth starts to ooze out because the Twitter Yoon Trolls are going ballistic with the insults, they certainly don’t like this taste of their own medicine

      Aah, what a day, what a day

    127. Still Positive. says:

      Chic McGregor @ 12.05 and others.

      English is indeed a strange language – studied it at uni as a mature student.

      I remember my grand-daughter when she started talking used the ‘normal’ rules for past tense and plurals – ‘My daddy buyed me instead of bought and sheeps for sheep to name but two.

      Must be a nightmare for foreign students. Was it George Bernard Shaw who did the phrase showing how the various ‘sounds’ could be used to mis-spell common words? Can’t remember the phrase now.

      John King – brilliant!

    128. ArtyHetty says:

      Re; Chic M

      Yes it is a very difficult language to learn, and poses huge problems for those with Dyslexia. My older son makes up some interesting spellings for words on the rare occassion he writes anything down.

      Now though, thankfully we have technology, he can speak into his phone, for much of what would usually be texts or other messages for the rest of us. I hear that English is one of the worst for those with serious Dyslexia.

    129. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Dr Jim –

      Aye, indeed, we should savour these weeks and months ahead, and no-one can blame us.

      I didn’t really know what ‘Schadenfreude’ meant, and certainly hadn’t experienced it until last year’s GE election results started filtering through, via radio, Twitter, and, of course, the ongoing WOS discussion.

      No-one, so far as I’m aware, has ever compiled a ‘greatest moments’ collection of that night: Murphy…Donohoe…Davidson…The Alexanders…Mags…

      Oh man, just remembering it is bliss – they deserved every humiliating second of it. It would be too much to expect a similar embarrassment happening in May, but then again…

    130. caledonia says:

      We should all troll twitter and when ever the politicians who want to
      Leave europe come out with anything we need to link to the opposite they said during the scottish
      Independence referendum

    131. call me dave says:

      A recent internal audit raised a series of concerns about the records of the Motherwell & Wishaw Constituency Labour Party (CLP) in North Lanarkshire.

    132. cearc says:

      A greatest hits of GE’15 would be great.

      I doubt this year’s will be so good though as they know they are going to lose badly.

    133. Ian Brotherhood says:

      As the WOS fundraiser kicks off tomorrow we should all celebrate when, no matter how briefly, Rev Stuart Campbell achieves a certifiably higher hourly income than Jakey R.

      ‘They’ won’t like that one wee toty bit, eh?


    134. Vambomarbeleye says:

      Brother has had some bumf from Ruthie asking for his second vote. Hasent the courage of her convictions to stand on the primary vote. She also says who he shouldn’t vote for which didn’t leave him much choice for his first vote.
      My brother saw Winnie into WM so Ruthie is pissing in the wind with him.
      The sub will soon be obsolete just as the tank has become. How ever the conventional forces are cut to the bone and that’s where money saved from Trident should go.

    135. sandra says:

      Have to say, I was in the chamber whilst the demonstration was going on and was listening to Swinney’s budget debate. I left as soon as Willie Rennie stood up and started to speak! I was outside the building heading off when Ruth Davidson came around the corner and she was extremely buoyant, chirpy and told me she was about to return to the chamber for final statements. However, this was well after the demo had been and gone – no doubt many rendered short of hearing from Kezia’s bawling through her megaphone – maybe it had ‘Jim M’ stamped on it!

    136. Capella says:

      O/T Veterans Today report on what our planes are doing in Iraq.

      Also in February 2015, a senior lawmaker disclosed that Iraq’s army has shot down two British planes as they were carrying weapons for the ISIL terrorists in Al-Anbar province.

      “The Iraqi Parliament’s National Security and Defense Committee has access to the photos of both planes that are British and have crashed while they were carrying weapons for the ISIL,” Head of the committee Hakem al-Zameli said.

    137. Ken500 says:

      Saville was a Tory. Thatcher’s and the establishment best friend. They were involved with and covered up his heinous crimes. Kept it secret. Under the Official secrets Act. Still do. Abusing and raping children. It is absolutely appalling. Children were not safe around them and the Law is not enforced.

      It gives a new dimension to ‘All together’. The royal connections and campaign focused on child mental health. Absolute and lying hypocrites.

    138. Tackety Beets says:

      Just caught up with our Sunday Politics

      The first guy Gary Smith GMB was given a free hand to declare all sorts of untruths , too many to list here, unchallenged from Brewer and so it went on with guest after guest . 100% SNP Bad.

      Prof John Robertson & oor Ponsonby will have gone thro’ the roof.

      Anyone unconvinced of BBC Bias , this weeks Sunday Politics was the worst I have ever seen.

      Did I fall asleep & miss the balance reply from a Pro SNP view ?

    139. Ken500 says:

      The abuse, rape, imprisonment, drugging, threatening and murder of children goes right up to the Westminster/US Establishment and is protected by it. It is absolutely evil to the core and interconnected. Any victims or investigators that come forward are imprisoned or murdered. It goes right to the top of the Establisment. Those who are supposed to protect children instead use and abuse vulnerable children and cover it up. It is endemic in the Political system and establishment. Criminals get away with abuse and murder. It is absolutely appalling. @ Craig Murray blog.

      Scottish MP’s should raise it in Westminster. Or will these Reports continue to be covered up. The Westminster/Establishment and their associates are complicit in these matters, This is still being covered up by Westminster political Parties.

    140. Ken500 says:

      From the bottom to the top the British establishment is corroption and commits heinous crimes and covers it up. Under the Official Secrets Act. The Scottish MP’s must take it up for the sake of the vulnerable/children. The corruption is outrageous in any supposed civilised society. Chikdren and the vulnerable are not safe from the Britsh establishment, rotten to the core.

    141. Mark Harper says:

      And SNP supporters know better than to hurl abuse at any unionists as it would end up front page news. Weirdly, many unionist politicos turned up at my work pre ref, including Ruthie and Fifes very own current wingman to the Dug Alex Rowley. Rowley seemed nervous and Ruthie was delighted when I asked if she was indeed herself. When she confirmed I merely nodded and backed away as if she were about to detonate.

    142. Ken500 says:

      Filthy, disgusting pig faced suckers. The taxpayers are paying for their crimes. @ Craig Murray

    143. Nana says:

      O/T links

      If this vile individual had not been an eton lad would he be free. He used his mother’s maiden name for court appearance. I linked to the story on the never understanding thread.
      Petition here

    144. Grouse Beater says:

      Here’s a few carefully chosen words of criticism of Sturgeon posted by one regular unionist sociopath on Heseltine’s non-moderated acrid car site ‘Pistonheads. (A car site for men who can’t relate to people.) ‘The poster goes by the name ‘Technodup’, a monomanic sociopath who keeps repeating the same reflex hatred day in, day out.


      Innit. Hen, Cameron can do what the fk he likes, he’s the Prime Minister of the 7th biggest economy on the planet, which includes Scotland, whether you like it or not. (And incidentally he has the right to call or not call independence referendums, you don’t. The only thing which ‘triggers IndyRef2’ is Cameron saying so).

      You on the other hand are a rabble rousing wee ahole, temporary top dog in a glorified PTA committee who will do or say anything to get the only thing you have any interest in, no matter if it’s actually good for people or not. But this is your moment, your opportunity, your 15 minutes of fame- if you don’t get what you want (and I don’t think you will) then you are going to be one bitter wee old woman into your old age. And I for one will enjoy you carping on from the sidelines as your successor does a Swinney and returns the SNP to rightful irrelevance.

      She turns my stomach. She is my MSP so I’m partly minded to go and ask her to concentrate on actually doing the things she’s elected for but I’d be scared I’d end up banjoing the wee runt.”

    145. Nana says:


      Croompenstein put this link up on Saturday. I’m reposting just in case you or any other readers may have missed it.

    146. Ken500 says:

      The UK doesn’t have the 5 bigget economy in the world per capita and debt. That is a lie It has a larger economy because of size (pro rata) It a lie connstructed to deceive the ignorant. False accounting.

      Per capita and debt the UK is way below on the prosperity, equal tables.

      It is smaller countries which lead the tables most prosperous, more equal, happiest countries in the world. The majority of the EU countries are more prosperous economies per capita/ debt, and are more cohesive, equal and happier than the US/UK.

      Eg Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands? Switerland, Singapore, Saudi .They are the most prosperous, economies. Some are more equal, cohesive, healthy and happier. Scotland could be there if Independent. UK governance holds Scotland back. Westminster policies illegally and secretly takes Scotland resources and damages the Scottish economy.

      UK/US although larger economies (pop/size wise) pro rata are not so prosperous per capita and debt, The UK/US carry the most debt in the world per capita. Rest of the UK/US carry the most debt in the world per capita. The debt is increasing per capita.

    147. Ken500 says:

      Cameron is increasing finding he cannot do ‘what he likes’. It is highly likely he will not continue much longer. Stabbed in the back by his own Party. Half of whom do not support him. Fighting like rats in a sack at the expense of the UK economy. Preying on, molesting and abusing children/the vulnerable. Typical. Cameron/Osbourne’s days are numbered. Total failure.

    148. Ken500 says:

      Thanks Nana

      Much appreciated

    149. Ken500 says:

      rUK comes 16? on world economic tables. Scotland comes higher. Scotland could come higher still if Independent and not held back by Westminster policies.

    150. Ken500 says:

      Bella lost the plot years ago. Became an irrelevance.

    151. liz g says:

      Nana @ 8.23
      Thank very much Nana X

    152. Sinky says:

      Good piece by Kevin McKenna in the National on Scottish Six

      ” But one senior (BBC) staffer I spoke to last week, whose enthusiasm for broadcast journalism and Scottish culture and current affairs is normally boundless, seemed visibly sickened by the callousness of last week’s events and the absence of leadership at Pacific Quay.

      “What you have to understand,” he said, “is that the BBC in London is regarded as having magical powers. I’ve now come to accept that nothing of what is deemed to be important can ever happen outside London unless it goes through the Ministry of Truth at Broadcasting House. It’s all about control. I sat in a staff meeting last week with our new news editor to discuss what was going on with the Scottish Six, as no one had previously thought to tell us. He must have mentioned ‘London’ about ten times in his address to us.”

    153. X_Sticks says:

      The Wings fundraiser is now up on a new thead – just saying like…

    154. louis.b.argyll says:

      Two party politics and feudal patronage, playing all of us like fools for centuries.

      The (until now irrelevant) fringes of influence (our informed voting intentions) are focussed on right and wrong.

      This clarity pulls back the wool, lifts the fog, revealing.. for example..

      Corporate sponsored, index linked WAR,SUFFERING, EVERYWHERE.

      Shame on every one of us.

      Are (were?) we really that dumb.

    155. Robert Peffers says:

      @Nana says: 29 February, 2016 at 8:23 am:

      !Croompenstein put this link up on Saturday. I’m reposting just in case you or any other readers may have missed it.

      Perhaps Rock may take note of that particular segment in the Westminster debating chamber, Nana, but I very much doubt it would penetrate.

      Rocks, for the most part, are rather solid in more ways than one.

    156. Robert Peffers says:

      @liz g says: 29 February, 2016 at 9:55 am:

      “Thank very much Nana X

      We Wingers are much in debt to Nana Smith. Perhaps she is the most alert of alert readers.

    157. liz g says:

      Robert Peffers @ 10.40
      You as well Robert,you certainly take a lot of you’re time and attention to inform us all….Thank You X

    158. What I find interesting and encouraging is that Labour in Scotland cannot shake off its dalliance with the Tories in the Better Together campaign and has forgotten they were founded to combat Toryism.

      They are giving their new friends the Tories a free field to sail past them for May’s election as they go through convulsions of idiocy attacking the SNP.

      The Tories in Scotland are led by a person who dropped from third place in a Glasgow seat to fourth at the last election with 1,500 votes and who has made no political statement of any weight at any point. She doesn’t have to. By default she may end up leading the biggest opposition to the SNP after May with less than 20% of the vote

    159. Luigi says:

      If SLAB want to avoid the humiliation of third place in May, they have to quickly turn and face the blue tories, who are quietly pinching their unionist votes. The SLAB obsession and persistence with the unsuccessful SNP BAD narrative will bring little return. They have little time left to face the blue tory challenge. Not that I care, just a bit of free advice. 🙂

    160. Chic McGregor says:

      Peter Howson produces images which although grotesque caricatures nevertheless subtly capture that certain look which may be discerned in those of knuckle dragging mentality on the extreme right.

      In this example, I take it the three masked figures represent those a little less intellectually challenged who manipulate the KDs for their own ends, i.e. possibly Tories or Kippers.

    161. louis.b.argyll says:

      Howson’s painting is incredible.

      The supporting characters maintain a medieval menace.

      Some seem turned, from victims of previous wars into blind supporters of the next.

      The English ruling classes really did the number on their own people.

    162. Gary45% says:

      Grouse beater@8.15am
      Pist on heads is this another Bullingdon party trick?

    163. Chic McGregor says:

      The look depicted in Howson’s paintings was one I recognised from many years canvassing for indy in Scotland, particularly in the two decades I spent on the West coast.

      It may, and quite possibly does, pertain to that of similar types in England as well but that is beyond my direct ke.

    164. Chic McGregor says:

      direct ken.

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