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Pension Pete’s Pickle

Posted on January 13, 2021 by

When we have a rare spare moment, readers, there’s nothing we enjoy more for a bit of fun and relaxation than to fire off a few Freedom Of Information requests.

And just for some variety, last month we sent a couple to the UK Parliament – mainly on behalf of our Number One fan, Pete Wishart MP.

The answers came in this week.

We’d asked these questions:

(1) Would Scottish members of the House Of Lords who were ennobled prior to independence be disbarred (or whatever term is appropriate) from the House at the point of independence?

(2) Would retired former MPs representing Scottish constituencies, and either already in receipt of a UK Parliamentary pension or entitled to receive it in future, continue to receive/be entitled to those pensions?

(3) Would MPs who represented Scottish constituencies at the time of independence receive their UK Parliamentary pensions, at the appropriate level in accordance with their contributions to the Parliamentary pension scheme, up to the point of independence?

Two days ago we got a nicely-formatted PDF response from the Lords, under a proper Parliamentary letterhead, informing us that the answer to question (1) would entirely depend on the terms of the independence settlement, if and when it happened.

And tonight we got a separate reply on questions (2) and (3) from the Commons – in normal email body text, no nice pretty PDF here – saying pretty much the same thing, rather more brusquely:

“This information is not held by the House of Commons.”

So what does that tell us? It tells us that if Scotland were to become independent this year, Pete Wishart wouldn’t know if he was still going to get his £50,000-a-year MP pension or not when Scotland no longer had any Westminster MPs.

(Indeed, it’s not absolutely certain that he’d keep getting it even if he’d retired at some point before independence and was being paid it during the intervening period.)

We pass on these observations without comment, just for your information.

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157 to “Pension Pete’s Pickle”

  1. Muscleguy says:

    Surely all UK accrued pensions will still be payable? The UK pays pensions to folk wherever they may be in the world. Even if there are no suitable local banks apparently arrangements can be made.

    So the idea that pensions would not be payable next door to rUK is risible.

  2. Donny says:

    Not known as ‘Pension Pete’ for nothing, then!!

  3. Hugh Jarse says:

    Luckily for Pete, there’s no performance related elements to his well deserved pot.

    Happily for us, he’ll walk the rest of his days, recognised in his homeland as nothing more than a hindrance, a bawbag par excellence.

  4. Muscleguy says:

    I know there’s an issue with getting cost of living increments if you move to some countries. The rules on that are likely to change now we have left the EU. They may or may not apply. Though Scotgov has pledged to at least top up paltry UK pensons so that part could be covered locally.

  5. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Surely all UK accrued pensions will still be payable? The UK pays pensions to folk wherever they may be in the world. Even if there are no suitable local banks apparently arrangements can be made.”

    Not as simple as you’d think. Officially pensions in the UK are benefits, NOT actual pensions. So no matter how much you’ve paid in, technically you have no entitlement whatsoever. Paying them is very much a political choice on the UK government’s part, not an obligation.

  6. Dave M says:

    What is he doing with his hand in that picture?

  7. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “What is he doing with his hand in that picture?”

    Dunno, but he looks like he’s REALLY pleased to have been elected again…

  8. Donny says:

    The worst state pension in Europe. No wonder Pete wants to hamg in there. It’s a Tesco pension: every penny counts!

  9. John Digsby says:

    Depends on the scheme provisions. And as pensions of this type are not paid entirely from contributions, rUK may not be inclined to foot the bill for the top up.

  10. John Digsby says:

    I don’t think this is the state pension – its the MP pension scheme. Very generous comparatively

  11. Garavelli Princip says:

    No wonder Pete is (in clearly objective terms) AGAINST Scottish independence.

    Explains a great deal!

  12. Geoff Bush says:

    Who is that with Peter Barrett ?

  13. Dan says:

    @ Stu at 7.16pm

    Argh! Gonnae no do that, jist gonnae no… 🙁

    Thinking about his predicament though. I think on balance I’d still be prepared to chip in a modest contribution to a Baffieman Welfare Fund if it saved my ears from having to endure a return of Runrig. 😉

  14. Bob Mack says:

    His fingernails must be bleeding trying to hold on to it.

    Just in case !!!

  15. Peter N says:

    Dave M says:
    13 January, 2021 at 7:15 pm

    What is he doing with his hand in that picture?


    “Well I got nae balls – but here’s the size o’ ma willie!”

  16. “Men sooner forget the death of their father than the loss of their patrimony”. Machiavelli

  17. Bob Mack says:


    Leave Stu alone. Pete is an OUTSTANDING member!!!

  18. Liz says:

    Slightly O.T. I noticed Pete Wishart quizzed Boris Johnson during the Senior MPs questions to the PM. on how Scotland can democratically gain its independence. To give him his due he did put the ‘once in a generation’ to bed (not that Johnson paid any attention). Needless to say, however many times he pushed him, Johnson simply deflected, obfuscated and generally avoided giving an answer. If that doesn’t tell Pete Wishart that we’re not going to be getting a Sec 30 from Johnson after May then I don’t know what will.

  19. Hugh Jarse says:

    It might not be checkmate, but surely if Eck, his briefs or someone with a (ahem,coughs) suitably high profile were to ask Roddy Dunlop & co. if they had any objections to the sharing of the advice given re. the civil case prospects.
    And someone was to share the request, here maybe…

    Naturally the answer would be no, citing client confidentiality.
    But with HMG.Scot. already using that weak line, there’s not a lot of wriggle room left for Roddy & co.,or Nikky & co.

    Shoot me down if my logic is wrong.

  20. Morgatron says:

    He could chew a carrot through a letter box with those gnashers

  21. Mr C M Howie says:

    He’s a cunt. Can you swear on here?

  22. Beaker says:

    He’s not going to be able to collect his pension if he doesn’t learn to control his temper. I thought his head was going to pop off today during his little exchange with Boris.

  23. Bob Mack says:

    Why do I keep thinking Wallace and Grommit.?

  24. Willie says:

    Pete will just have to find a safe seat down south. Home Counties maybe or rural Yorkshire I suspect would be his choice.

    Pity he wouldn’t go just now. Many would pay his fare.

  25. steph says:

    Pic from the waist up next time thanks, Stu

  26. FiferJP says:

    I think we can safely say the “UK” will pay bugger all pensions to anyone on Scottish indy.The EU negotiations should put us all on red alert for lying, threats and renaging from England during Scottish negotiations. If Nicola had any sense – and it doesn’t appear that she does – she would be saying this publicly and announcing an Indy Scotland would more than match UK pensions,giving a weekly figure. Current level of average UK pensions that wouldn’t be hard.

  27. Willie says:

    And what. a beezer of a picture Rev.

    And what’s that sticking out of tricky dicky’s trousers. And what’s the weird hand signal with the pinky sticking out. Or the left hand too. An altogether most unusual pose and one freaky guy.

    Now ask yourself this. Would you turn your back on someone like this.

  28. Morgatron says:

    Is he breaking in those pearly whites for Red Rum? I’m sure the commons health and dental plan will cover a new set right enough. All he needs is a pink one and he’s got a snooker set.

  29. Cenchos says:

    Ach, that’s photo’s put me right off my Fray Bentos.

  30. Stuart MacKay says:

    Dave M

    He’s letting us know what that bulge in his trousers is.

  31. Dan says:

    @ Mr C M Howie at 7.38pm

    Is that the type of language and terminology you were taught whilst obtaining your Masters in International Relations! 🙂

    C**T not Country


  32. Eileen Carson says:

    Backs to the walls boys, backs to wall.

  33. Republicofscotland says:

    I think we all have a good idea that Wishart who wanted to be Speaker of the House, and probably still does, would prefer to finish his long career in the HoC, independence might interfere with that.

  34. Nordic Labrador says:

    Stu, you are on fire and cheers for that. It’s needed now more than ever.
    Yours: A very pissed of Indy supporter and as yet snp member.

  35. Hugh Jarse says:


    Said the firing squad officer!

  36. Republicofscotland says:

    What Wishart thinks of a Plan B, which would interfere with his cushy well paid post in Westminster.

    ” It won’t get us to independence and invites a ‘Boris super veto’. The Tories will simply ignore it leading to huge questions of democratic legitimacy. The international community would be appalled if we declared a UDI on the back of it.”

    A super veto by Boris Hmm… That’s it Pete keep pushing Johnson’s agenda for him you t*sser.

  37. Aquarius says:

    as far as the finger is concerned I could not help remembering a certain similarity with the Iron Lady herself. Here is a link I found:!%2FhttpImage%2Fimage.jpg_gen%2Fderivatives%2Foriginal_780%2Fhi-margaret-thatcher-852-37-4col.jpg&

  38. Mike says:

    Is Pete still a big Cunt-ry member?

  39. holymacmoses says:

    I think we’d better keep that information away from all the NI pensioners who have decided to vote independence. They’ll be very confused and think their pension is under threat too:-)

  40. Fishy Wullie says:

    Dave M says:
    13 January, 2021 at 7:15 pm

    “What is he doing with his hand in that picture?”


    I’m more curious what’s going on in his trousers I’m sure he’s got a f@cking hardon 🙂

  41. Boaby says:

    Is that a wee masonic sign from pishart

  42. MaggieC says:

    Re Harassment and Complaints Committee ,

    The written report from yesterday’s meeting has been published ,

  43. Effijy says:

    Pensions for ordinary plebs was guaranteed at Indy ref 1.
    Lying bastard Brown tried to scaremonger they weren’t when
    He knew perfectly well they were.

    What after giving 50 years NI to Westminster you have earned every penny
    Before you get the 4th lowest pension in Europe- 7 years later than promised
    for women mostly through their working life.

    Does Kinnoch and family who made £10 million from cushy EU jobs get their
    EU pension along side Farage?

    Is there still a £40 Billion EU divorce settlement?

  44. Boaby says:

    Well thats it then, all the fearties thinking they’ll lose their pensions wont be voting indy. An indy Scotland should be telling them, no pensions paid, no share of the debt paid and we’ll turn the lights off in northern england.

  45. Polly says:

    That’s a terrible photo.

  46. Morgatron says:

    One hands taking the high Rd, ach you know the rest yerself!!

  47. Beaker says:

    @Polly says:
    13 January, 2021 at 8:29 pm
    “That’s a terrible photo.”

    Could be worse. He might have been in Speedos…

  48. Boaby says:

    Cant see non payment of pensions happening though. They will rely on Scotland for oil, renewable energy, and in a drought ridden england of the future. Water. We can run a pipeline (water) and threaten to turn it off at will. No, they’ll toe the line.

  49. Hugh Jarse says:

    The pinkie is generally used in jest, to mock the adequacy of the visiting Lodge members tackle.

    Usually After the goat has made its appearance.

  50. Eleanor says:

    Great pick for a prick – what does it take to give Pete a semi?

  51. laukat says:

    It would appear Alex Cole-Hamilton got a reply fro Hamilton that indicates he will increase the scope of his report

  52. MaggieC says:

    Ian Brotherhood @ 1.48 pm today on previous post ,

    Re Fmqs today from the official report .

    Ministerial Code Investigation ,

    Oliver Mundell (Dumfriesshire) (Con): If the First Minister has nothing to hide, why will she not explicitly expand the ministerial code investigation to cover all the accusations that have been made against her? There is a big difference between saying that there are no limits on what James Hamilton can look at and explicitly asking him to examine specific possible breaches.
    The First Minister (Nicola Sturgeon): The Deputy First Minister notified me this morning that Mr Hamilton has written to him, confirming that, in his view, all the allegations—incidentally, all of which I completely refute—about breaching the ministerial code are covered in the scope of his existing remit. I said previously that I wanted him to go wherever he thought it appropriate to go, and, as I understand it, he has now confirmed that there is no limitation on his ability to do that.
    I hope that the member will accept that and that people will now allow due processes to take their course, instead of making their minds up before we even get to that point.

  53. Saffron Robe says:

    I have come to the conclusion that Nicola Sturgeon is clinically insane. The definition of insanity is someone who deviates from reality to the extent that there is no rationale or accepted logic to their reasoning. It may not be a prison cell so much as a padded cell she belongs in. And what is even more worrying is the number of people who are willing to pander to her insanity, particularly her sycophantic followers like Fishy Wishart.

  54. Strathy says:

    Even as the result was announced, the constituents of Royston Vasey realised the enormity of their mistake.

  55. Dan says:

    Looks like the years of being a rock musician have taken their toll on his lugs, as Peter Barrett was heard to mutter: “FFS Pete, they’ve announced you’re the winner of an election, not an erection! Oh, and don’t stand so close to me, or I’ll call The Police.”

  56. dakk says:

    “What is he doing with his hand in that picture”

    Taunting Stuart perhaps?

    Of course it’s nothing new that the british use stipends of this type to keep the natives onside.

    Public sector employees/unions in general have always been compromised in this respect where their loyalties lie regards Scotland imo.

  57. Captain Yossarian says:

    Only a tool like Wishart would wear a purple tie with a brown suit.

    A perfectly grotesque example of the male species. He would make a near perfect match for Lesley Evans.

    Any port in a storm. I fear for any offspring though.

  58. stonefree says:

    @ Willie at 7:46 pm

    It looks like the tendon is shot, and he’s got fixed in that position. Try position your hand that way
    A duel
    Wishart’s pointy pinkie – v – Johnson’s pointy thumb

  59. Mia says:

    “Surely all UK accrued pensions will still be payable?”

    Absolutely, but who is going to pay them?

    If Scotland dissolves the UK and what is left is two entities, one being the Kingdom of England and the other the Kingdom of Scotland, who is going to take the burden of the payment, Scotland or England?

    Perhaps a different situation would be if the Kingdom of England was to remain as the successor UK state but even in that case it may be debatable as England may claim those were representatives of Scotland, so Scotland should cover the cost.

    As a matter of interest, who will be paying the pensions of Scotland and England’s MEPs once they left the EU?

  60. Tinto Chiel says:

    @Strathy 8.37: most amusing and spot-on with the creepiness quotient.

    Are you local?


  61. kapelmeister says:

    An MP leaving the Commons also gets a resettlement grant, the size of which is determined by length of service, and £30 000 of which is tax free. Something else Pete would be anxious about missing out on with indy, especially since he’s already clocked up 20 years on the green benches.

    You’d think though that with an annual £82 000 salary, Pete would have been able to get a better suit than the one in the photie.

  62. dakk says:

    I’m certain the stipend isn’t the half of it down Westminster way.

    Think Lord Sewell, think Ross Thomson, think viagra, think fresh meat in Strangers bar.

  63. On the creation of the Irish Free State existing Irish peers kept their seats in the House of Lords, but they have not been replaced.

    Since the death of Francis Needham, 4th Earl of Kilmorey in 1961, none remains.

  64. Bob Mack says:

    Pete not got dupytrens contractures on both hands?

  65. twathater says:

    I would be SOOO disappointed if WM decided to NOT pay these poooorrr representatives of Scotland their just dues , just imagine the outrage from those darn soooth if these Scotch subsidy junkies alongside the estimable Lards and Ladies kept sucking at the teat of the generosity of english voters

    But let’s not be downhearted if that indeed did happen I’m sure they would have NO problem in using crowdfunder to challenge WM

    BTW whit charity shop does pishart get his claes fae , I heard vogue were looking for a model

  66. Alistair Grapevine says:

    Maybe a way to curb the careerist. Is to have any SNP MP automatically deselected after they have
    served either two terms or eight years whichever is the longest. Might get them to focus on the job they are elected to do.

  67. Helen Yates says:

    In my opinion no genuine independence party would still have MPs sitting in a foreign parliament at a stage where the FM tells us we’ve never been as close to independence as we are now. I have not one iota of faith that we will see independence under this current administration and any hope I have that justice will be served in regards to the enquiry into the Scotgov is diminishing by the day.

    How I wish that the ISP had started this party at least two years ago.
    The one thing I do believe will happen is if by some chance Sturgeon and her cronies survive the enquiry they won’t get the majority in May that they believe is a given.
    Everyone in my circle of friends tell me if she is still leader there is no way they’ll vote SNP.
    I know I won’t nor any of my family so they could be in for a rude awakening.

  68. Helen Yates says:

    That picture of Pete winning that election says it all really.

  69. Robert Louis says:

    For London’s gold, they are bought and sold..

    Settling in, instead of settling up. No person truly seeking independence, should be proud of spending 20 years in the House of commons. Pete seems to be.

    Great fun in the House of commons, apparently, free flights to London for you and your family, a free second home in London, the profits from which accrue to you personally (very nice), a heavily taxpayer-subsidised bar and choice of restaurants, plus a gold-plated over-generous pension scheme, and a salary of 81,932 GBP. Then, once or twice a week stand up in the HoC and denounce the party of government for ‘yet again ignoring Scotland, and that ‘Scotland will not stand for this’.

    Of course you are faced by abuse and jeers from ‘opponents’, but afterwards then those same folk either join you in the parliament rock band for a quick jam, or the subsidised bar.

    All chums together.

  70. Lothianlad says:

    Keep an eye on the Midlothian MP. He was wee pishart lackey when he lost a 10 000 majority in 2017.

    A sturgeonista who regularily tweets rape crisis scotland stuff whenever AS innocence is highlighted.

    Never mentions independence at all and regularly travels the gravy train.

    Worth keeping an eye on his activities.

  71. Saffron Robe says:

    It’s not just his left hand that is suspect in the picture. Look at the extended pinky of his right hand!

    Apparently this can either denote elitism (perhaps unsurprisingly) or it may be about sexual disease.

    “One commonly held belief is that the court of Louis XIV in 17th century Paris was so rife with syphilis that it became a sign of the upper class. One thing syphilis does is damage the joints of your fingers and eventually you are no longer able to bend your pinky finger. Extending the pinky may therefore have been a sign to indicate that one has a sexual disease.”

  72. kapelmeister says:

    MP4 is the band Pete started and whose members are MPs. Their drummer is Tory Sir Greg Knight. Sir Greg wants to bring back hanging. Rock n roll!!

  73. Lothianlad says:

    Whilst I’m nomoil painting (anymore;) ) it seems the gravy train has made them morph into right ugly bastards!
    Beauty being only skin deep of course, that was once a rock star??!!

  74. Ian Brotherhood says:

    ‘Pensions? This is all about pensions?!’

    That’s the great line from the main man in The Shadow Line. If you’ve never seen it, top stuff, Stephen Rea is great in it.

    And yeah, in that story all the shenanigans has been about police topping up their pension pots as a way to get rid of drugs dosh. Corruption right to the top, all that class of thing…it just sounds such a mundane reason.

    It’s as plausible an explanation as any, isn’t it? What are all these PPP/PFI deals all about? My neighbours here in Ayrshire are meant to believe that the Scottish govt has entered into these deals, as detailed by Campbell Martin, for the benefit of our health, our communities? Errr, a million quid per month for three schools, already been paying it for years, just another 18 or so to go. Aye, 2038. We’re supposed to believe that all of that dosh is going, where, into special investment funds? Offshore stuff? Why? Who benefits from that?

    They do this all in plain view and nary a soul stirs a hair. I actually fuckin live here and I can say hand on heart that I would never have known about this scandal had it not been for Campbell Martin’s films. I went to a few local meetings at the time but it just all seemed to fade as an issue. Most of my neighbours probably don’t know, or can’t recall, much of it.

    Why do we allow this? It doesn’t take a genius to work out that the redistribution of wealth i.e. from the bottom, up – can’t go on indefinitely. Even a baby kicks up when it knows the bottle’s empty. And our dosh just disappears, as if by magic, while locals services are cut to the fuckin bone.

    Did you ever see that documentary, think it was called ‘1%’, it’s one of the Johnson & Johnson family’s own members who was so appalled he made a documentary about them under their noses and told them he was doing it. They have family pow-wows with the accountant to try and work out how to get rid of the cash, there’s just too much of it. That was *before* the Satan Bug arrived.

    If we don’t want to be cutting around the place all in Primark gear, fighting over what the local Tesco is chucking in skips at midnight, we’d better shake ourselves the fuck awake.

  75. Kenny says:

    Bob Mack says:
    13 January, 2021 at 9:06 pm
    Pete not got dupytrens contractures on both hands?

    That’s exactly what it is. He tweeted this a couple years ago (when I thought he was a okay MP..) and he made the point of no longer being unable to play (Classical piano piece). Not much fun for musicians, I have a guitarist friend with the condition. It’s not as uncommon as you think. I also just found out from my daughter that her mum just underwent surgery (not always successful) for Dupytrens contractures.

    Wishart’s unfortunate condition aside, of which I have sympathy, I have zero sympathy for him as a man.


  76. Andy Ellis says:

    @ Rev Stu

    If the Irish precedent was followed, Scottish peers could still be a thing post independence? The last of the Irish representative peers didn’t die until 1961:,_4th_Earl_of_Kilmorey

    Rooth the Mooth and her chums could be warming a bench in Westminster for decades after indy.

  77. deerhill says:

    Boaby says:
    “An indy Scotland should be telling them, no pensions paid, no share of the debt paid and we’ll turn the lights off in northern england.”

    What share of the debt? Scotland isn’t allowed to borrow (much) so no debt to be taken on.
    We should also advise them that the territorial waters in the North Sea will be reajusted to the situation before Blair meddled.
    If they start huffing and puffing and issuing threats, we should also advise that our water exports will be priced in dollars as is the oil. Sterling will be worth about 20p with all the spiv fiddling the tories will do.

    We also need a team of good negotiaters, not Sturgeonites.
    No doubt Craig M can advise on this.

    Oh, and nail shut Gordie’s sarcofhagus so he can’t “intervene”!

  78. Lothianlad says:

    Looking at the pic, I actually feel sorry for him now.
    Anyway, back to that midlothian MP, you know the careerist lackey. He actually makes wee pishart look handsome.

  79. Colin Alexander says:


    Fray Bentos brand name is owned by Baxters, enemies of Scotland’s freedom from the Evil Empire.

    Just hope you don’t get indigestion.

  80. Lothianlad says:

    Sorry I’m still shocked by that pic, who’s the sombre looking basturd nest to him? Lib dem? Figures.

  81. Lothianlad says:

    They could pass for the still game rejects that never quite made it on set.
    I’m sure Auld Isa’s pish was purer than the push they spout.

  82. Lothianlad says:

    Fuck sake man, that picture is giving me nightmares

  83. John Digsby says:

    Lots of obsessiveness about Scottish water on here and I’ve seen it elsewhere. Of all Scottish resources, it is not one England is interested in.

    The answer to SE water shortages is more reservoirs. It’s completely cost-ineffective to pipe water like that over that kind of distance. And if the SE England needed to pipe water from anywhere, why not the Lake District or the North East England where water is plentiful?

    The idea England will be dependent on Scottish Water has no basis in reality.

    Renewable, oil – good calls. But need to watch how the rUK would adapt under indy, and how they are adapting now (end of petrol/diesel by 2030, batteries, new nuke power plants, etc). But water? Naw.

  84. kapelmeister says:

    He’s celebrating there because he’s just managed to get it up the best in years……………..his majority.

  85. John Digsby says:

    To be clear, the only person I’ve seen quoted on the Scottish Water idea is a guy who is head of a consultancy (called UK Water to trick people into thinking it an authority no doubt)- none of the water companies, English Environment Agency or Ofwat have made any such statements

  86. Lothianlad says:

    I guess like maist middle aged men, their minds eye is fuck all like the reality. I bet you he gets a fright when he catches himself in the mirror?!

    Like I said, I’m no oil painting , but… that has to be the mort unflattering pic of him around. Or he really is afflicted!

  87. ben madigan says:

    Some info about pensions after Germany was united and most of Ireland achieved independence from the UK

    14) What about mortgages, pensions etc?
    Comment: Reorganized European states include Ireland in 1922 and Germany in 1990. There were no issues with pensions, mortgages and so forth. Regardless of UK commitments, the Irish State will honour public sector pensions just as they did after Partition.

    It comes from a post refuting Unionist objections to a Re-United Ireland that was published before the Brexit outcome. Scots may find it interesting and maybe even useful in places!

  88. Cenchos says:

    Colin @ 9.29pm.

    Oh dear.

    That’s the pies gone the way of the teacake.

  89. Wendy says:

    That photo of comfy slippers Pete makes me glad to be gay?

  90. Effijy says:

    A Tory Coms man, Russell Findley has posted a page
    On SNP run Falkirk Council’s web site where they advise those
    looking for business and self employment grants that Scot Gov
    hasn’t given them any money for them as promised so go contact
    them and not us?

    Surely an SNP ran Council couldn’t put that up against an SNP
    government who cannot communicate with them to advise on delivery?

  91. Stephen P says:

    Like anyone else in a pension scheme when you stop paying contributions you become a deferred member. On retirement you begin to receive your benefits whether that scheme is registered in England regardless of where you live.

    Pension schemes are run by elected trustees, actuaries and investment professionals not politicians. (Though in the case of the MP’s scheme the elected trustees are MP’s).

    I suppose technically they could make changes to disbar Scottish MP’s but that would apply to Scottish unionist MP’s also and would be open to legal challenge. I guess they could anull their service entitlement and pay back contributions.

    I’d suggest that there is some mischief at play here. Which is fair enough given our exasperation at their lack of achievement or strategy at WM since 2014.

    It does bring up a more general point about pensions though. Many of us will have work pensions accrued in Sterling by companies HQ’d in England. If we adopt our own currency these pension entitlements will be still be payable in UK Sterling. So if the Scottish currency crashes as the unionists proclaim then we are quids in. The only way we can lose money is if the Scots pound settles above the value of UK Sterling.

    If we are still working for such a company after independence they would have to set up a new company and associated pension scheme in Scotland and give you the option to defer your existing benefits in the UK or offer a transfer value to the new scheme.

    The state pension is similar. Either rUK will pay a proportional amount depending on your number of years NI contributions or pay a negotiated annual lump sum to the Scottish government who will make up the rest. For those in receipt of the state pension they will be entitled to receive it from rUK in Sterling converted to local currency or a rUK bank account as currently happens with retired expats.

    The pension and currency question lost the 2014 referendum. It still hasn’t been addressed by the current SNP administration. Win that argument and independence is in the bag. Once we get to vote on it, whenever that may be…

    Ironically the bottom line is that if independence went tits up pensioners would be the winners! And they don’t want to vote for it.

  92. deerhill says:

    John Digsby says:
    13 January, 2021 at 9:34 pm

    “Lots of obsessiveness about Scottish water on here and I’ve seen it elsewhere. Of all Scottish resources, it is not one England is interested in.”

    So why all the mutterings about privatising Scottish Water?
    The tories were stopped in their tracks before.
    No reason to think they will not try again when they think we’re distracted.

    PS There is more water in Loch Ness alone than in all the lakes in the lake district.

  93. robertknight says:

    My car needs a bloody good clean, inside and out.

    What are you doing on Friday Pete?



  94. Dan says:

    Sylvia posted this on previous thread.
    Civil Servants given dosh to prepare for Inquiry.

  95. Hugh Jarse says:

    Since someone brought up Royston Vasey…

    If PW is the Mayor/vicar, then…

    Pauline is Alyn ?, with Murdo as Mickey, obvs.
    Mrs Levenshulme is Monika, Swinney would skoosh it as Papa Lazarou…

    Until recently i would have gone JB as Tubbs, to Rudyard Leopolds Edward.

    Sturgeon comes over all Hillary (Briss)
    Feel free (to work something into an on T comment)

  96. Christian Schmidt says:

    “Officially pensions in the UK are benefits, NOT actual pensions. So no matter how much you’ve paid in, technically you have no entitlement whatsoever. Paying them is very much a political choice on the UK government’s part, not an obligation.”

    Well, but the government is also not allowed to act arbitrarily or unreasonable. I guess if Scotland has become independent like Ireland did, then those MPs that simply decamp to Edinburgh may get their pension cut, but in any other scenario (e.g. if independence comes via a referendum) a court case would very quickly restore Pete’s pension…

  97. dakk says:

    looking for business and self employment grants that Scot Gov
    hasn’t given them any money for them as promised so go contact
    them and not us?”

    Bear in mind this will all be QE(magic money tree) money from the Treasury which will be distributed from UK gov.

    Who knows whether Scot gov are in receipt yet.

    When the forthcoming internal market programme of diverting funding directly to councils(by passing scot gov) then we will see the stipend/pete wishart effect I illustrated in full bloom.

    Time is short.

    Once that is in effect, everybody and his dug will go back to thinking Westminster is their only paymaster(including furloughed private sector, and self employed grant recipients)and the stipend effect will kill the gains YES has made.

  98. Ken says:

    I’d wager that if the UK dissolution does not have a clause ensuring the former MPs would have their pension honoured, then the new Scotland government would provide such cover. Especially as we expect them to be mainly SNP at that point in time, and would be sold to voters as “for their endeavours to bring about Scottish independence.”

    Non-SNP MPs would have their pensions honoured, out of generosity to people who effectively lost their job through no fault of their own while dutifully serving their constituents.”

    So mainly; politicians will look after our own and make sure they’re set up for life.

  99. Al-Stuart says:

    That really does look like a Poisonous Pinkey sign fae Cosy Feet Pete used to measure his interest in gaining independence for Scotland. I’d say about two inches.

    Chris Tarrant standing next to him has just heard they are both going to the jungle to eat monkey testicles on “l’m a celebrity get me out of here”. Tarrant has no objection to baboon balls for breakfast. He is upset at waking up to see that smug treble chinned PishFart visog looking back. Shudder.

    Stuart Campbell, you are a naughty naughty boy. By putting this dreadful photo of PishFart and his wee trouser snake ? in that Winnie The Poo suit at the top of your article, you have removed the last shred of any credibility that poisonous Sturgeonite Shit ever had.

    As for being excited. Again, I’d say about two inches.

    Next time Stu., PLEASE use only photos that show the top half of this clapped out old has-been.

  100. TruthForDummies says:

    55 k bill for preparing the civil service witnesses to the inquiry
    Joanna Cherry tweets some mistake witness coaching is illegal in Scotland and England

  101. Hatuey says:

    “Taxpayers foot £55,000 bill to ‘prepare’ civil servants for Salmond inquiry hearings”

  102. Terry says:

    So the scope is widened re the breaking of the ministerial code. Perhaps “honest” John swinneys slipped halo will be rattling round his ankles.

    And check this. More waste of tax payers money. Surely telling the truth doesn’t need coaching? £50,000 spent on preparing civil servants for the Holyrood enquiry. M

  103. bipod says:


    I see that nicola is now really scraping the bottom of the barrel with these new restrictions.

    No more click and collect except for the things people mostly use it for anyway, takeaways will be given to you through a hatch?, and drinking outdoors is now banned in scotland because there have been so many people drinking outdoors this past month despite none of the pubs being open and the terrible weather.

    We haven’t had a normal none restricted week since march last year and we have effectively been in intermittent lockdown since october, not a single one of the lockdowns stopped the cases from rising because it is almost as if government policy can’t stop a highly contagious virus from spreading during flu season.

    Supposedly the vaccine will fix all of this, but what is nicolas threshold for lifting restrictions? The majority of deaths are in the over 80s group and the vast majority in the over 70s. When they are all vaccinated will restrictions be properly lifted then? and not any of this new normal shit. I wouldn’t count on it, at the rate we are testing they will probably always be able to find cases of it in Scotland, even when 100% of the population is vaccinated we will still be living restricted lives.

  104. Hugh Jarse says:

    Hynd must have hallucinated the “things were said” scuttlebutt that he remembered when giving oral, then forgot it all when he came down later.

    This is the pick of the corrections, for sheer cheek alone.
    Money back on the coaching fèe’s for Jamie surely.

  105. Saffron Robe says:


    You are quite right. She has lost the plot completely. Hence my comment that she really is clinically insane.

  106. Effijy says:


    If you think Scot Gov hasn’t received the grant money then why didn’t Nicola say that today?
    She said it it being rolled out.

    Why again would SNP Falkirk Council blame SNP Gov if it’s Westminster’s fault ?

  107. Hatuey says:

    Bipod: “not a single one of the lockdowns stopped the cases from rising because it is almost as if government policy can’t stop a highly contagious virus from spreading during flu season.”

    Are you suggesting that had we gone through the last few weeks without tighter restrictions we’d be no worse off? It’d be like World War Z.

  108. Beaker says:

    Blackford really needs to learn not to react to Boris’ attempt to troll him with “nationalist”.

    Guess what’s trending on Twitter:

  109. Pete Wishart says:

    There was a ‘young’ MP called Pete
    Whose slippers were cosy and neat
    You should look at his pension,
    bar bill and expenses
    It would make all the #bad bloggers greet.

  110. stonefree says:

    @ Ian Brotherhood at 9:19 pm

    Campbell Martin is one of very few addressing the PFI funding, the rise of the funding started more or less with Gordon Brown as Blair’s church elder. It had been used earlier but Brown couldn’t resist getting his head up the banks collective erses, the practice fell away very quickly in Canada and Australia,due to the cost….It wouldn’t have been as bad if the building had been built to a proper standard .One hospital newly built the NHS Scotland couldn’t put poster up on the walls. I think that was at the time Labour were closing some departments and eye up for a sell off.
    If I remember correctly Canada and Australia rescinded PFI contracts so it can be done,if the administration has the willingness

  111. Alan D says:

    There’s a lump sum option, worth 12x the annual pension. Every current Scottish MP with any brains is going to take that and run.

    I can see the outraged headlines in English tabloids already; from what I can work out, “Pension Pete” is currently entitled to about 40k a year if he retires. 12 times that would be a half mil.

    If you think that’s extraordinary, all MPs are entitled to about 1/40th of their annual salary at retirement PER year of “service”.

    I’m very curious about recently outgoing MPs now. Those who lost their seats in 2015, 2017 and 2019 – taking the annual or a lump sum could indicate what they really think about the likelihood of Scotland’s independence.

  112. cynicalHighlander says:

    @John Digsby says:
    13 January, 2021 at 9:34 pm

    Lots of obsessiveness about Scottish water on here and I’ve seen it elsewhere. Of all Scottish resources, it is not one England is interested in.

    Evidence please. The Lake District already pumps millions of gallons to Sellafield daily to cool the spent nuclear fuel and the SE England is fast running out of aquifiers to supply there needs. And Scotland needed be too complacent as its needs start to outstrip supply.

  113. Clwyd Griffiths says:

    Not as simple as you’d think. Officially pensions in the UK are benefits, NOT actual pensions. So no matter how much you’ve paid in, technically you have no entitlement whatsoever. Paying them is very much a political choice on the UK government’s part, not an obligation.”

    >> actually the Pensions Service, DWP, stated in a letter from 2013 about those receiving a state pension. I quote “If Scotland does become independent this will have no effect on your State Pension. You will continue to receive it just as you at present.” This also applies for those living abroad e.g. in Spain.

  114. ElGordo says:

    @bipod says: 13 January, 2021 at 11:04 pm

    “not a single one of the lockdowns stopped the cases from rising”

    dribbling pish

  115. Gregor says:

    If the public is not already aware, the State/media and its mind-games, seek to coerce the public into feeling “threatened”:

    While according to the World Bank, ‘Covid-19 Project’ completion due date (31st March 2025):

  116. Bob Mack says:

    @Cynical Highlander,

    Water is the next Brent crude. Water is almost depleted for S africa and climate change is turning large parts into a continuation of the sahara.

    Wars will be fought over H2O.

  117. ElGordo says:

    State of this on here.

    It’s as if wings has been targeted by every loon yoon conspiracy theorist trying to get them worked up about some other cause other than independence, must be because they are so feeble minded they’ll jump right on board with any conspiracy theory.

    Wonder how that came about..

    Did the Rev Q tell them 🙂

  118. true scott says:

    it’s obvious – he’s playing air double bass

  119. Garrion says:

    @ EL Gordo. Yip, someone in the corridors of power has turned up the volume on the astroturf/redirect/disrupt bot machine. And it will get worse before it gets better.

  120. ElGordo says:

    Bob Mack says: 13 January, 2021 at 11:58 pm

    “Water is almost depleted for S africa and climate change is turning large parts into a continuation of the sahara”

    Apart from that tropical rainforest bit that sits between the Sahara and South Africa preventing this, spaz.

  121. Livionian says:

    I’m looking forward to when Pishy Wishy’s days as an elected official are over, that’s all I’m saying

  122. Bob Mack says:

    @El Gordo,

    Most of Africa used to be tropical rainforest including the sahara.

  123. Famous15 says:

    See all these redacted facts. See all these forbidden words. See all they alphabetty identities.See all the stuff we canny see!

    Well if as an act of truth and reconciliation and a soul cleansing catharsis these things were typed up on a few thousand A4 sheets and in a stiff breeze were released at the firing of the one o clock gun well asking for a friend,would that be an act of worship like baptism and would it be a blessed substitute for appearing live without a no prosecution deal?

  124. ElGordo says:

    So did Scotland, hence coal, oil and gas.

    What historical time frame are we talking about within 100,000 years?

  125. John WALSH says:

    I’m going to play Devils advocate here. Which one of you would walk away from a £50 grand a year pension for LIFE for hanging on for 40 months. I wouldn’t, Stu wouldn’t !!!
    Because he knows Nicola is a devolutionist and won’t confront Boris . Roll on the big fat pension. That is why he has a stiffy in the photo, you were all looking at the pinky, weren’t you. See deflection.

  126. ElGordo says:

    The pinky, is what is known as a fish hook, usually inserted into the side of the mouth.

  127. Famous15 says:

    Forgot to say,taking the piss out of his fingers is like Trump imitating a disabled reporter and is not a good look. I suffer the same condition and can no longer play the organ,no pun intended.

  128. Bob Mack says:

    @El gordo,

    Presumably then you have no idea they are as we write desperately trying to plant trees all across central Africa to stop the erosion

    Our own Craig Murray is involed in this. You should try to read more than the Beano occasionally

  129. willie says:

    Duptyrens contractures is the postulation at 7.06. One suspects not.

    Wanker’s cramp more like it, especially so with the boaby bulge in the breeks. Pete the Perv unless the picture is mistaken.

    No wonder a previous blogger cried backs to the wall boys.

  130. Beaker says:

    How the fuck did we get from Pete Wishart looking “pleased” to the continent of Africa?

    That’s what I like about the late night posts on here 🙂

  131. ElGordo says:


    Invoking others does not win the argument, you have to do it on your own merits.

    You are now talking about erosion of something, environment, soil, habitat, rainforest, water, who knows, previously it was the Sahara continuing into South Africa.

    And of course africa being one giant rainforest..

    Are they planting trees in the Sahara, South Africa or now this “Central Africa” you have mentioned? there are many, many miles involved here. Can you be more spazific?

    You are perhaps allowing your other tasks on blogs relating to climate change, south africa and development in africa to carry over into your assigned tasks on scottish independence blogs, when they should be compartmentalised.

    Can you please report into head quarters tomorrow for some additional training.

  132. willie says:

    Ah well Jimmy Saville got an OBE and a Knighthood.

    There’s hope yet for our man. Arise Sir Pishfart – you’ll be at home in the big house.

  133. Graf Midgehunter says:

    Never knew Pete had a Dupuytrens contracture of the penis..!

    Ah well, you live an’ learn. 🙂


    Dupuytren’s contracture (also called Dupuytren’s disease, Morbus Dupuytren, Viking disease, and Celtic hand)

  134. Saffron Robe says:

    I know I have been highly critical of Nicola Sturgeon, but only because of the damage she has done to Scotland and for the persecution of an innocent man. I wish no ill will towards anyone, and indeed it is forbidden for me to seek vengeance. However, in all honesty, it is not the police who need to be alerted to her behaviour as much as the mental health services. For her own sake as much as ours.

    As regards the picture, Pistol Pete is signalling that he stands erected, oops sorry, elected!

  135. Graf Midgehunter says:

    Beaker says:

    “How the fuck did we get from Pete Wishart looking “pleased” to the continent of Africa?

    That’s what I like about the late night posts on here ?

    Evolution my dear friend, evolution.

    We came out of Africa, but Pete’s on his way back..!

  136. Hugh Jarse says:

    And the keys to the mad house willie.
    From Edwina Curry in person.
    A cosy wee flat, and the pickings of Broadmoor for the abusing of there.

    Friends in the highest of places suits occams razor.
    Logic demands, with a git as depraved as Saville, how awful was the stuff he had on others ?.

  137. George Rutherford says:

    Fuckin hell.

    Like Bill n Ben, the mad Sturgeonistas are coming out to play when all is quiet.

    Fuck Off fruit loops.

  138. George Rutherford says:

    El Gordo

    Why the fuck do you come anywhere near this website.

  139. George Rutherford says:

    And take yer Sturgeonista sidekicks with you

  140. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “>> actually the Pensions Service, DWP, stated in a letter from 2013 about those receiving a state pension. I quote “If Scotland does become independent this will have no effect on your State Pension. You will continue to receive it just as you at present.” This also applies for those living abroad e.g. in Spain.”

    I know what they said, mate, I was the one who published it. But that was a government policy choice, not a legal right. And even at the time they tried to row back from it.

  141. Hatuey says:

    The photo is a tad on the harrowing side…

    All these people that annoy us these days could have been comfortably on our side, the side of the independence movement. Their ‘bad faith’ has destroyed them and our friendships.

    Let’s be honest, though, we could forgive any one of them for having a different opinion on how to achieve independence, or on just about any other aspect of policy. It’s healthy to disagree on these things – we can do that.

    The Salmond thing wasn’t policy though. And I’d be the first to admit that I don’t know what the fuck it was. It’s bananas; something for psychologists to try and fathom rather than political scientists.

    If ordinary people understood all this as we understand it, I think the country would be collectively astonished and mortified.

    Pretending it didn’t happen just encourages those responsible to carry on and makes things worse. Delaying the inevitable, when you could clean out the stables and put this behind us in a matter of weeks, is totally illogical.

  142. twathater says:

    @ Dan and Sylvia on the previous post ,thanks Dan and Sylvia, this article from the telegraph is well worth a read it highlights the corrections and the cost to taxpayers for the coaching , and still they fuck up

    Dan says:
    13 January, 2021 at 9:50 pm

    @ Sylvia

    Link archived for you to save giving unionist papers clicks.

  143. Al-Stuart says:

    Hi Willie,

    You are closer than you think about Pete Wishart being knighted.

    A former temp., staff member was privy to one of her colleagues discussing a “K” or an “L” for the boss and the options for getting the SNP to reverse its position on political honours. The rejoinder was Mr Wishart was going to get an “L” automatically once he served out a term as Speaker of the House of Commons.

    It was at that point the temp staffer realised “K” meant knighthood and “L” meant becoming a member of the House of Lords.

    As a REAL SNP supporter, the temp left at the end of the month.

  144. Kevin Kennedy says:

    What a loathsome arsehole of a man he is.

  145. Al-Stuart says:

    Oh Stuart Campbell,

    What have you done?

    Pension Pete says no one is paying attention to Wings, but he obviously is as he spotted what you did #BadRev + #PensionPeteSays.

    The old codger tweeted your Wings article (this thread) on his Toxic twatter page at 11.27pm last night…

    Sir Pete Wishart, OBE, CBE, CFP., Tweeted…

    “As well as being obsessed with trying to bring down our First Minister and ruin our best chance of securing independence the #SNPbad bloggers are obsessed with me, my pension and my slippers. Bizarre, and they’re so upset no one is paying any attention.”

    Hey Pete, I’m not obsessed with you. But I do care about Scottish Independence.

    1. Please can you ask your pal Nicola why she wasted 5 IndyRef2 mandates we gave her since 2014?

    2. Whilst you are at it, why does the current SNP High Command have their fingerprints all over the corrupt stitch up of the only SNP leader to actually get us an Independence Referendum?

    3. When you abused Dr Rideout and you arrogantly boasted about being in Westminster for 20 years collecting your handsome salary from the British Empire and also your pension… Pete, did you no hear Winnie Ewing say you were to go down to Westminster to settle up, not settle in?

    4. You’ll be happy to be imortalised by the new “Pete’s Law”. The rule change that makes it ultra views to stay down at Westminster for more than two parliamentary terms. Precisely to stop people like you getting your self interests before the folk who voted you down there. Seriously Pete, what on earth were you thinking when you floated the idea of you becoming the Speaker of the British Empire House of Commons?

    Thanks for your answers Pete.

    If I don’t here from you, the. A goof few thousand quid will be going towards a TRUE INDY SUPPORTING MP CANDIDATE to stand against you in the next General Election.

    Oh and by the way, you say no one is paying attention to this website? You are stone cold wrong there Auld Yin. You spotted the article within 4 hours of it going up and you will have seen how Wings gets almost a million site visits every MONTH.

  146. Lewis Moonie says:

    With reference to pensions, I think the Commons authorities were being slightly disingenuous with you. The MP final salary scheme is fully funded, unlike State pensions and benefits which are paid out of current tax revenues. So Pete (and I) have secure pensions which are paid out of the fund that has accrued.
    Keep up the good work on casting a spotlight on the way they tried to stitch up my old friend Alex Salmond, and their pathetic attempts to cover up what they did.
    Ultimately, it’s the lies which are damning when they’re found out.

  147. John Digsby says:


    I don’t see your point – the Lake District is *next* to Sellafield – of course they use its water, it’s not hard to get at

    The SE England has an imminent problem with water because of its high population. But all the solutions are already determined- build more resevoirs and pump from these. In you alternate view, the English government is going to somehow build a pumping network several hundred miles long (there is no “water grid” for electricity) to get water from Scotland, when it can more cheaply build resevoirs? If it were going to do something bonkers like transfer water across country, it would take somewhere nearer by, like the NE. But rest assured, the logistical challenges in civil engineering terms would prevent it happening.

    My evidence to @deerhill are the South East resevoir projects currently underway. Summarised here, but easily found on South East Water’s website:

    The Tory desire to privatise Scottish Water? Nothing to do with it. If you’re asking why the Tories want to privatise things, then you might as well ask if the sun is going to rise in the morning.

  148. John Digsby says:

    That should read “there is no water grid LIKE for electricity”!

  149. Liz says:

    As far as state pensions go, the White Paper stated that there would be a transition period during which UK gov would pay a percentage and after that Scotland would pay it. So guess the exact details would be up for negotiation. Not sure I trust this SG to get the best deal if they are also talking about giving the rUK money towards our ‘debt’. Not sure how HoC pensions would work.

  150. Robert says:

    A workplace pension isn’t a benefit, it’s a right arising from the contract of employment. The MP pension here is a workplace pension, not the state pension.

    So it’s the MP’s contract of employment we need to see. Unless the contract already says “we’re not paying in the event of independence”, the pension accrued up to the point of the MP ceasing employment as an MP should be safe (and payable in pounds sterling, as others have said).

  151. Prasad says:

    As a UK/EU citizen i worked in Denmark for 10 years which entitled me to a Danish pension. After Brexit i lost that pension but that was the decision of the UK. The UK chose to opt out of such an arrangement.

  152. Bill Mackay says:

    My brother in law moved to Canada many yrs ago,he went with a coal miners pension as he had to leave the mines with chest illnesses,he still gets his pension but lost the retail index rise associated with that pension,he used to get about 5% rise here,they said that because he wasn’t resident in the uk that’s why he lost the rise every year,he cashed the pension in for a lump sum .

  153. Tiocaidh ar ghra says:

    Christ almighty, this page reads mostly like an incel gangbang of 77th Brigade wannabees. I wonder what my grandfather’s regiment in the Irish War of Independence would’ve done with ye. Shame on the lot of ye.

  154. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Christ almighty, this page reads mostly like an incel gangbang of 77th Brigade wannabees. I wonder what my grandfather’s regiment in the Irish War of Independence would’ve done with ye. Shame on the lot of ye.”

    Asked the British really really nicely to give them a referendum, and then meekly gone home when they refused?

  155. sharon says:

    I’d be happy to dump his pension now – if they’d done their jobs then we’d have ensured they were looked after in indy Scotland!

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