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Going native

Posted on November 16, 2019 by

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    1. 16 11 19 07:56

      Going native | speymouth

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    1. Morgatron says:

      Belter Chris.

    2. Robert Louis says:

      This cartoon should be placed in the national gallery of Scotland. It shows EXACTLY the insulting patronising’ fake chummy’ sh*te that Scots have had from thick-as-mince, English political leaders for over three hundred years.

      Up they come from London, on their ‘away day returns’, to tell the people of Scotland what THEY will ‘allow’ Scots to do or have or say. It is colonialism writ large.

      And all the while, Labour going around constituencies telling clear and open lies about their chances of winning the seats. Lying Labour, lying to Scots again.

      These English political parties (Labour, Libdem, Tories), for that is what they are, are a scourge on Scotland, as are their coterie of ‘scottish’ sycophants. Scurrying from door to door, lying to the people of Scotland, telling them all just how sh*te THEY think Scotland is.

      Labour, the Libdems and Tories are like three peas in a pod, they have no vision for Scotland, none at all. They see Scotland as England’s possession, to do with as they so please, a vassal state.

      It reminds me soo much of this;

      Scotland really needs independence, if only to have an end to these patronising English nobodies coming up here, wearing tartan scarves or holding up IRN BRU and lording it over us, like they ****ing own us.

    3. starlaw says:

      English party leader come here and learn nothing, its all about England. I have no words for those Scots who have been labour all their life and have learned nothing. And all Scottish followers off London parties who go round the doors telling what they hope just might be the truth but most likely wont be. What kind of people are they.

    4. Davie Oga says:

      You can picture him doing a jig on
      Sauchiehall St. with a bottle of Thunderbird.

    5. Artyhetty says:

      Excellent. The utter patronising, bullying attitude from these Britnats is staggering really. We all know how they have completely blocked Scotland from their Britnat Brexit ‘talks’, and how these Britnats have treated our SNP MP’s in London. Yet they swan up to Scotland when their gravy train is threatened, and we all know the last thing they are worried about is the wellbeing of Scotland, and certainly not the people of Scotland.

      Rogert Louis@7.36am well said, a great summing up of the whole stinking, rotten so called ‘union’.
      It was always about taking from Scotland, never about sharing or being equal, it’s been a great big robbery, stuffing Scotland’s resources into the van and driving away unapprehended, free loading thieving English elite.

      Anyone see that the WM cabal refuse to set a ‘budget’ which Nicola Sturgeon is saying is a terrible situation for Scotland, and with no date for such, not being able to plan Scotland’s finances is going to be incredibly damaging. Does it mean WM are withholding £s? Are they sanctioning Scotland? Apparently Wales as well. Economics is not my strong point, so I am sure some here will have more to say with clarity on that.

    6. Gary45% says:

      Chris, just when I think your “toons” cant get any better, you produce this.
      Robert Louis@7.36 You nailed it.
      Nice one.

    7. mumsyhugs says:

      Hi RL – that music sprang immediately to mind before I even read your comment! 🙂 Chris’ cartoon and your comment sum it all up beautifully. Their lack of self awareness and understanding deserve to be mocked.

    8. winifred mccartney says:

      Wonderful – nailed it – labour have always lied – telling my 92 year old father before indy if he voted yes he would not get his pension. I will never forget and neither should anyone else forget what they have done to Scotland.

    9. Abulhaq says:

      Jump Jaimie Crow!
      The LabUnionist Scotch Coon show is in town.
      Gie’s a wee swallae, comrades.

    10. Bob Mack says:

      They are Scots in name,but only for the particular day they canvass.

      Just out of hospital following an accident. Our NHS staff are above price.Many thanks to any on this site.

    11. kapelmeister says:

      Ace toon Chris! Extra appropriate imagery since he’s going to be canned in Scotland.

    12. ahundredthidiot says:

      Robert Louis at 7:36

      Completely agree with you.

      Unfortunately, I think that says more about us than them.

      I reconcile myself with this – we seem to be winning – approx 20% of people are winnable people living and working in Scotland and about 25% of ‘Scots’ will remain to my dying day, our National embarrassment, with whom we must tolerate in the new Scotland.

    13. galamcennalath says:

      Great cartoon.

      The arrogance of “we’ll tell you when you can … ” attitude is despicable and will cost them their Union, fortunately.

      And the faux ‘fitting in’ behaviour, that reminds me of Thatcher with her “we in Scotland” phrase!

      London Bubble politicians have zero understanding of Scotland.

    14. Wee Alex says:

      When Russ Abbot did it, it was funny but who in the Labour Party thought it a good idea to tartan up the Labour leader.

      Labour in Scotland is dead. It can recover but it needs to get a backbone, support independence, support remain and adopt genuine social policies.

      A Labour student came to my door promoting Corbyn completely unaware that the policies he was promoting were devolved and already happening in Scotland.

      Of course he didn’t beleive me, Corbyn trumps Independence in his mind.

      He will learn.

    15. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Davie Oga

      In your scenario, he wouldn’t even follow through to the extent of drinking Buckie.

      Buckie, of course, is produced in England but mainly consumed by young Scots, which underlines the final lines of what has come to be known as Renton’s Rant:

      It’s shite being Scottish, which consludes:

      Some hate the English. I don’t. They’re just wankers.
      We, on the other hand, are COLONISED by wankers. Can’t even find a decent culture to be colonised BY!
      We’re ruled by effete arseholes.
      It’s a SHITE state of affairs to be in, Tommy, and ALL the fresh air in the world won’t make any fucking difference.”

      Chris merely, this morning, identifies one of those principal wankers.

    16. Willie says:

      As Renton opined it is indeed a shite state of affairs to be in.

      But how did it come to this? How does it continue like this.

      Let’s hope we get the biggest vote possible and all of the seats because a Boris government is going to be a harder ride than anything we’ve experienced to date.

    17. Auld Rock says:

      Words fail me.

    18. Willie says:

      In fact I dare folks not to vote SNP because the biggest onslaught on folks living standards imaginable is heading our way.

      Iron fist enforced economic apartheid with rich elites herding the detritus of poor.

      Barcoded or chipped you know it makes sense.

    19. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Wee Alex @ 08:56,

      Aye he’ll learn, but it will likely take him another thirty years of false hopes and bitter disappointments first, just like we went through. (Starting with the result in a month’s time. Though a win by Magic Grandpa – well-portrayed, Chris – would only raise his hopes higher for a bigger subsequent fall.)

      Unless, that is, we save him all that misery by getting out ere lang. He’ll get used to the real opportunity thereby offered quickly enough.

    20. Golfnut says:

      Pretendy millionaire socialist MP from islington lectures Jockanese serfs on what they can and canny dae. A half decent press could have a lot of fun with clowns like Corbyn and his ilk.

      Great toon.

      @ Bob Mack.
      Nothing too serious I hope.

    21. Famous15 says:

      “It’s shite being Scottish!”

      Many of my English friends now think the same about England and are shocked that more people in Scotland do not see the obvious solution is independence for Scotland.

    22. HandandShrimp says:

      Two days of mayhem and May isn’t even campaigning. I wonder if Boris the questionable will return to hide out in a bothy in Sutherland for a couple of hours as part of his meet and greet.

      One thing about this election though, I’m going to need a bigger garden shed to keep all these unicorns I’m being promised. Wonder what they are going to promise over the next 26 days or have they gone too early, as Coleman might have said.

      Take it Stu is making good his inclination to hide in a bunker in Turkmenistan until all this is over. Trouble with being tuned to detect Bullshit is that the sensors are just in permanent red zone “the engines are going to blow captain”. Where does one start when people just make shit up at the drop of a hat every single day/interview?

    23. George 4th tried the same 200 years ago,

      decked out in Royal Stuart tartan with claymore, dirk and pistols,

      all to keep the barbarians in the north happy.

    24. galamcennalath says:

      Willie says:

      …. it is indeed a shite state of affairs to be in. But how did it come to this?

      I’m sure answer is very complicated. One aspect is certain … the Labour Party in Scotland played a big part in it. They take more blame than most.

      I’ve never voted Tory, never will, but looking back at what is now ancient history, the Tories of the 50s and 60s didn’t seem so bad. However Labour, after they gained power here, treated Scotland as a fiefdom they could take for granted. They looked after their own interests and didn’t do much for constituents. Then Blair’s brand of Labour just continued Thatcher’s economic policies.

      I’d blame Scotland’s ills on the Labour Party, too many anglicised proud-buts among us, and not enough indigenous media reflecting the changing Scotland.

    25. Dorothy Devine says:

      brilliant Chris and brilliant Robert Louis!

    26. call me dave says:

      Caught his likeness just right there.
      Scotland the graveyard for visiting WM politicians of his Ilk.


      Big Auntie getting really hard-nosed with SNP interviews all going for the 7% GDP and Scotland can’t get into Europe ‘sucks yahboo’.

      Stewart Hosie the latest this morning and wasn’t convincing in my opinion in stating Scotland’s case.

      Meanwhile North of the wall radio shortbread doing their best to breathe life into Labour’s policies as attractive with the usual suspects from the Record and the Scotsman.
      Nicola good at nuts and bolts stuf but not a really a visionary person. If only there was another SNP politician that could take that role on!


    27. galamcennalath says:

      Labour don’t seem to appreciate that most of their UK policy areas are devolved and are in fact English policies.

      In Scotland this election should be about policies relating to … the Constitution, Defence and Foreign Policy, Social Security and Benefits (partially), the Economy, Energy.

      These devolved matters should be for another time … Health, Education, Housing, Agriculture & Fishing, Planning, Care Services, Transport.

      Certainly not the way it’s playing out!

    28. Republicofscotland says:

      Spot on Chris Corbyn’s tartan scarf act even had me cringing, obviously he was play acting for the media whilst patronising the people of Scotland.

    29. manandboy says:

      Well done, Chris. There is no better better political cartoonist. IMO.

    30. George Gordon says:

      Excellent Chris, you’ve got him down to a T (for tit).

      btw, Dave McEwan Hill (erstwhile commentator here) has an excoriating letter in the Scotsman today on the subject of hospital deaths and the death of Scottish Labour. It ends with the lines “I have more respect for the dogdirt on my shoes. Labour in Scotland is dead.”.

      You can find the letter on Pressreader by just searching for Dave McEwan Hill.

    31. admiral says:

      galamcennalath says:
      16 November, 2019 at 10:13 am
      Labour don’t seem to appreciate that most of their UK policy areas are devolved and are in fact English policies.
      In Scotland this election should be about policies relating to … the Constitution, Defence and Foreign Policy, Social Security and Benefits (partially), the Economy, Energy.
      These devolved matters should be for another time … Health, Education, Housing, Agriculture & Fishing, Planning, Care Services, Transport.
      Certainly not the way it’s playing out!

      Whenever I hear a yoon going on about health, education, etc in Scotland during a UK Westminster general election I innocently ask “are you really so ashamed of the UK and the Westminster Parliament that you have to deflect attention away to irrelevant issues for this election?” What are you trying to hide?”. That usually puts their gas at a peep.

    32. carjamtic says:

      Nice image Chris.

      But when the novelty of their appearance fades and when the clown makeup is washed off, the revelation is really quite disturbing.

      An exhibition of long since forgotten music hall turns (the Hoho’s) and of ageing golf club bores (the Nono’s) who although completely unhinged and flaccid, have discovered a wee blue Brexit pill that gives them, one last opportunity to fukc ordinary Scottish voters (subject to availability) with their brutish erections.

      Behind the mask, there is a dark side (money) and although they may have lost their Mojo, they can still summon up (from the fear factory) a gimp in a crumpled fat suit, a deranged YoYoing Bojo that wears a wig of a different (same) colour and like a belly dancing, lipstick wearing pig, he awaits his masters next command.

      But thanks to online blogs like WoS, I don’t find this stuff amusing any more, yoony tunes, as marketed by the BBC/MSM have been ‘unplugged’.

    33. Swami Backverandah says:

      Has Mundell trimmed his beard then.

    34. Loquacious B says:

      Priceless! ?

    35. manandboy says:

      Every time Corbyn or Johnson lies to Scotland, they spit in our face, their spittle laced with English disrespect and smug superiority. They think they own us.

      Labour look like losers already, while a vote for Johnson’s Tories is a cross beside UK ruiNation. No, make that English ruiNation.

      Meanwhile, without ceasing, Dominic Cummings and Seamus Milne spin their webs of uncertainty and confusion.

      The future is not what it used to be, say the billboards, and how right they are.

    36. Swami Backverandah says:

      Meanwhile, over on Emily Maitlis
      “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” undergoes an editor’s rewrite.

    37. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Swami Backverandah

      It was rewritten into Royal speak: “One did not not have sexual relations with that woman.”

      call me dave referred to this 7% Deficit and poor SNP efforts to defelct it away. Why don’t they go for the straight Scottish retort: “See that statistic pal, absolute pish, thought up by you and the rest of the right-wing media.” After two or three SNP| spokespeople simply come up with that one, they will stop asking.

      Well, it seems to work for Boris.

    38. Dr Jim says:

      Todays cartoon is perfect, it says everything

    39. Phronesis says:

      The four wheels on the Brit Bus aren’t going round and round anymore.Poor maintenance ,loose lug nuts and imbalanced wheels have come off as it careers into a ditch on its way to the scrapyard.

      Scotland always sent to the back of the bus, never in the driving seat.
      Cummoangetaff! It’s the end of the road.Run Scotland, run as fast as you can from the Brit Bus wreck and never look back.

    40. Colin Alexander says:

      Mr Corbyn is supposed to be a socialist: “Power to the people”.

      Mr Corbyn may also have socialist ideals but, Mr Corbyn is a real-world de facto British Empire politician who, just like many other British Empire politicians excoriates the evils of colonialism and tyranny around the world but, views Scotland and the people of Scotland primarily as colonial possessions of the British Empire, so not entitled to self-determination and democracy, unless British politicians like him decide to grant Scotland those basic and fundamental rights.

    41. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Mentions of CU Jimmy (Jimmy McJimmy) and buses…

      Excellent cartoon BTW!

    42. Effijy says:

      Chris, the way you hit the nail on the head you would have made a fortune as a Joiner!

      Reading a pensioners daily mail and it looks like all Scots are about to die and it’s that SNP’s fault.

      Our Education is bad even though we have 95% of kids going on to a positive destination afterwards

      We are going to die if we go to hospital even if it performs better in Scotland than anywhere.

      Scottish fascist pin up girl Jackie Birdie retires but still stuffing her pockets with part time jobs showed off her new face lift on TV last night and the Daily Hail has given her a wee job too as a wee reward for lying to Scotland on behalf of right wingers UK Unlimited.

      Hope all Wingers survive the day and don’t worry as Westminster will get on with the Day Job after 4 years of blaming others.

    43. Doug says:

      Superb cartoon.

    44. Dr Jim says:

      STV to host Scottish party leaders debate

      Only problem with that is there are no political party leaders in Scotland except the First Minister the rest are branch managers like Tesco or Asda

      The FM shouldn’t be taking part in this deliberate downgrading of her as an actual political party leader, I hope the SNP send someone else or just not do it at all

    45. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Dr Jim @ 12:17,

      Quite right. This is not a Holyrood election, after all. She could always do a “reverse-swap” and nominate Ian Blackford, heh, heh. =grin=

      But Depute Leader Keith Brown would be eminently suitable.

    46. Dr Jim says:

      @Robert J. Sutherland 12:28pm

      You know if it were my choice I’d put in a woman because the other three are men and I’d pick the tiny wee bity smart Kate Forbes to put them right off their stroke

      Cannae huv three man gangin up on a wee wummin, Colin McKay would never allow it

      Don’t play their game, change the game

    47. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Dr Jim @ 12:45,

      Heh, heh, even better call. Though Kate Forbes doesn’t really need any special treatment, does she?

      She could even throw in a bit of the Gaelic to reach the parts the others couldn’t reach. That would truly flummox the pretenders!

    48. dakk says:

      Topper Topher!

    49. dadsarmy says:

      It’s a braw bricht moonlit nicht the nicht, me old mucker.

    50. manandboy says:

      “Police assessing claims that Tories offered peerages to Brexit party
      Lord Falconer urges Met to look at allegations candidates were offered peerages to stand down”

      Scotland Yard is assessing two allegations of electoral fraud after claims the Tories offered peerages to senior Brexit party figures to persuade them to stand down in the general election.

      “The Labour peer Lord Falconer has written to the Metropolitan police commissioner and director of public prosecutions calling for an investigation into what he said were “exceptionally serious allegations”.

      He said it should be investigated as a matter of urgency and must be looked at by police in order to maintain public confidence in the integrity of the election.”

      ” THE INTEGRITY OF THE ELECTION ” Too late, Mate.

      Peerages to stand down, 8 senior members of the Brexit Party, bribed to ensure a Tory Election victory.

      Democracy UK RIP

    51. Dr Jim says:

      Labour Tory Liberal Democrats and the media make *Gaffes* practically every five minutes, it gets reported and goes away as if nothing ever happened, if the SNP made the same *Gaffes* they would be reported on till the end of time, public enquiries would be demanded, opposition politicians would be interviewed outraged at the vile tactics of the SNP (just to get their obsession indyref2) and the repeats of the *Gaffes* would feature every hour on the hour on the rolling festering 24 hour a day *news* with *journalists* pontificating on Sturgeon losing control time to go questions need to be answered

      The latest complaint lodged from the opposition parties at Holyrood is that the FM writes things down on paper with a pen then destroys the paper when what she should be doing is emailing everything so they can read every word she says
      and in that way they’ll know what the SNP are saying to one another

      I swear to God that is an official complaint

      I’m buying a nice pen to send the FM for Christmas….with refills

    52. callmedave says:

      Jings! Greek goal not given …no VARnish on the premises so it’s glossed over! 🙁

    53. IZZIE says:

      O/T Nicola in Arbroath today good crowd. She is a natural with small children. I bet she knows the words to the wheels on the bus:). Plenty of encouragement from passing vehicles.One man pulled down his window and shouted ‘Vote NO’
      I think Tories in Angus may be a tad confused about the purpose of this election.

    54. So the people’s party want to give free broad band to every house in Britain costing millions but not doing away with the need for food banks or the House of Lords or trident or closing every tax haven and loop hole to create more money for the poor people who they claim to champion they are a disgrace and always have been I was a shop steward in the shipyards but always spoke out against labour for betraying the working class every time they got elected they will not upset the rich to much instead of introducing fairness into society what sums them up was while people in Scotland including youn children were living in poverty one of the people’s champions sent 2milion back to Westminster saying he had not anything to spend it on and he became a Lord the SNP have done more to help the poor than labour ever did or ever would have done

    55. Muscleguy says:

      @Scot Finlayson

      Actually it was local boy Walter Scot who thought up all the tartan pageantry for George IV. Today Walter Scot would be a Proud Scot But.

    56. Dr Jim says:

      @ IZZIE

      The FMs a whizz at the nursery rhymes and kids songs, she gets tore right in, It’s a joy to watch

    57. dadsarmy says:

      Invisible ink, that’ll puzzle them.

    58. Artyhetty says:

      O/T sorry.

      Robert Louis@7.36am
      Mentioned that Chris’s excellent cartoon should be seen in the National gallery of Scotland.

      On that subject there is an exhibition coming up at the NGS ‘Scotland’s Photograph album the MacKinnnon collection’,
      ( endorsed by the BBC, hmm) which does look to be very interesting and definitely worth a visit.

      The blurb says ‘captures a nation engaging in colossal change – both technological and cultural, as well as societal’. No mention of political change at all though, interesting! Time span of 100 years. Hope it’s OK to quote the blurb!

      It’s on until Feb 2020, at the Scottish portrait gallery.

      So it really will be interesting to see what is represented in terms of Scotland facing ‘collosal change’, showing 100 photographs from the MacKinnon collection of 15,000 photographs!

      Just thought you might all want to know it’s just started anyway. Have a great weekend all.

    59. Artyhetty says:

      Re; Muscleguy@2.14pm

      Indeed, Walter Scott was a unionist. Made a canny packet from his writing while still alive, no mean feat! It pandered to the English elite, and the Scottish taste for mystery and suspense. Never read any of his books though, just seen Rob Roy on telly, so I am speaking out of ignorance here!

      An interesting man though in terms of Scottish history and unionism for sure.

    60. Artyhetty says:

      re;Dr JIm@12.17pm

      Yep Nicola Sturgeon should not take part in the STV ‘leaders’ debate that would just be bizarre. Are we in the union or are we out of the union, it’s hard to tell these days!

      The Britnat media belittling Scotland carries on a pace that’s for sure. Little tiny stupid Scotland, let’s give them a stupid debate to quell the poor natives’! Awww. They are so tiny, so cute and look, they think they are leader of the pack, lolz! Ha ha ha!!! That’s your Britnat media, patronising as hell. Jog on STV.

      By the way, if go to watch any short films on the National Lib of Scotland’s image archive, pretty much all of the old STV’s films, many political, are ‘not available to watch online’, not for free anyway. Funny that.

    61. Chris Downie says:

      Great cartoon and some fine comments, but what irks me is that Corbyn, like many Labour types, is a vociferous and lifelong supporter of a United Ireland, yet when it comes to an independent Scotland, takes an equally vociferous stance on the opposing side. Why is this not being challenged more by the YES movement? We expect the compliant BritNat media to let this hypocrisy slide, but this is an open goal for us, yet is rarely challenged.

    62. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      Assuming this “STV ‘leaders’ debate” will ensure only RESERVED issues are discussed, seeing as this is a Westminster election?


      RHETORICAL Question!

    63. remo says:

      Blair Paterson. If the Labour person you are thinking of is named Jack, I think you will find that he returned 1.6 BILLION to Westminster when he was unable to find anything to spend it on in Scotland. This may have something to do with Jack’s appearance in the House of Lords. A bloody disgrace.

    64. jfngw says:

      If the SNP take part in this STV debate they are admitting they are the same level as three branch level sub-groups of the London parties. If this is a leadership debate for Scottish parties then it should only be parties based in Scotland, no branch managers.

      After all these parties will already have had their real leaders well exposed and the Scottish branch officials have no say in the Westminster MP’s or their votes, already well exemplified by the humiliation of Ruth Davidson’s by her London masters.

    65. galamcennalath says:

      Anyone know where the SNP legal challenge to the Corbyn-Johnson debate is being made? Or, is it still at the threat stage?

      The idea of a Scotland debate is just as offensive as the suggestion of a two party UK match. This is a UK GE, we haven’t achieved Indy yet! Unfortunately we are still in union.

      The 2015 format was fair and balanced. The SNP should hold out for a single multi party UK debate.

    66. callmedave says:


      Monday in London for the court case if I heard right it was on radio shortbread yesterday (Friday).
      It was said that the TV company would have to act quickly if they lost because the debate the next day.

      Greece 1 – Scotland 2 Nothing to write home to your mother about 🙂

    67. marydoll says:

      I agree that Nicola Sturgeon First Minister of Scotland should not take part in the ‘Scottish Leader debate’, Send Mike Russell the Constitution and Brexit Minister. As this is a ‘Brexit election’ surely that is what all these ‘leaders’ will be talking about

    68. chicmac says:

      A traditional poem rework (slight)

      The Twa Corbyns

      As I was walkin all alane,
      I heard twa Corbyns makin mane;
      The tane untill the t’other say,
      ‘Whit sall be oor claim the day?’

      ‘Up abin yon auld fail dyke,
      We’ll spy which side the day is right;
      And naebody kens whit lies are there,
      But oor hert, oor heid, and lady fair.’

    69. robertknight says:

      “I’ve just been given a can of ‘Firey Irn Bru’ by a nice old Labour politician. He says it’ll make me feel better about living in a country that’s treated with contempt by the very people who claim to be looking after its interests. I’ll just have a wee sip… OH! YA LYING BEARDY WEE BAS…”

    70. Fionan says:

      Galamcennalach 9.54 am “I’d blame Scotland’s ills on the Labour Party, too many anglicised proud-buts among us, and not enough indigenous media reflecting the changing Scotland.”

      There would be more indigenous media reflecting Scotland from all angles and perspectives, if only more Scots were willing to support them. iScot, for one, raised only a tiny fraction of its crowdfunder target a couple of months back, and is still struggling along trying to produce a quality worthwhile medium on a shoestring, and there are still many yessers who say they haven’t heard of it, and many more who aren’t offering much by way of support.

      Other media start-ups have also struggled to gain enough support to keep going. All these media started and run by volunteers who work hard to provide the very media that yessers claim to want but seem rather reluctant then to support. Media production is quite expensive in both time and money, and wont run on thin air. Without support, even the few indigenous media which reflect Scotland truly will fold – just through lack of support.

      Yet it seems the majority of the Scottish public, including yessers, still support the unionist propaganda outlets in all shapes, many still happily accepting the anti-scots propaganda beamed into their living rooms every day. Weird, no?

    71. Col.Blimp IV says:

      galamcennalath says:
      16 November, 2019 at 4:07 pm

      “Anyone know where the SNP legal challenge to the Corbyn-Johnson debate is being made? Or, is it still at the threat stage?”

      Someone touched on this subject before.

      These televised debates are an important, and potentially decisive factor in the election campaign.

      So it surely follows that the cost of staging them and the airtime at whatever the commercial advertising rate is, should be included in the election returns as a donation from the relevant broadcasters to the participating Parties.

      Could a challenge on those grounds have any plausible defence?

    72. shiregirl says:

      Evening all

      Off track – passed Douglas Ross and his conservative stall in Buckie square today…looked quiet – no one stopping.


    73. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      shiregirl @ 17:52,

      Never mind, the puir wee striver will shortly be able to concentrate 100% on the day job…

      …linekeeping, that is.

    74. galamcennalath says:

      Saw the Tories out today. All their stuff is full of stop IndyRef2, and not “get Brexit done” in this country.

    75. Dorothy Devine says:

      Labour looked lonely on the STV news – even the statue of Donald Dewar looked anxious and depressed.

    76. Abulhaq says:

      In order to get to grips with the English it is necessary to read up on their history, their imperialism and internalise their collective ‘psychology’.
      Sadly, few think it worth the effort.
      Know your enemy.

    77. Effijy says:

      Poor Bojo the Clown faving Fire and Flood.
      Could anyone in possession of a Plague of Locus’
      Please forward to Bojo, care of No 10 Downing St, Empire Central.

    78. Dan says:

      @ Abulhaq at 7.09 pm

      Your use of “the English” should really be more qualified and incorporate context too.

      I’ve been mulling this over in recent days as I pad my way through rural areas and speaking to folk on the doors.
      It’s my impression that many of the recently arrived English folk and some of the ones that have been here longer, are actually more receptive to being open and engaging in conversation with regard to the political situation.
      They also come across as being more malleable and receptive to changing their previously held positions.
      Could this be because they have been open-minded enough to think, consider options, and then have the determination and strength of character to actually carry through with the not insignificant decisions to leave England and move to Scotland.
      Whereas many indigenous Scots’ minds are “locked” like the inhabitants of Plato’s cave. I proffer that this is where much of the dreaded Scottish Cringe comes from.

    79. shiregirl says:

      I’m trying to catch up here – apologies as recently moved and trying to get internet etc up and running again and taking an age…
      Just asking here and apologies for any repetition but prior to moving, there was talk of a WoS party – is this happening? I’m skimming through posts etc trying to find out.
      Again, apologies if I appear glackit, but just trying to find out whats happening as been out the loop for a wee while.
      Cheers all

    80. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Could anyone else who uses Twitter please report Michelle Ballantyne for this?

      (Click on the wee downward ‘v’ at top right of the tweet, select ‘report this tweet’ then click ‘misleading about voting’. It’ll provide a box if you want to give more detail.)

      Michelle Ballantyne
      · 11h
      In the last week alone, this SNP Government has:

      Helped cover up the death of a child.
      Destroyed internal memos to avoid accountability.
      Told to stop misusing unemployment figures.

      This election really think about it. Is this really who you want to represent you?

    81. Morgatron says:

      Ian @ 8.27pm . On it, She is a repugnant bit of work with a face that looks like she has a piece of shit under her nose.
      Truley awful woman but shes not alone with their twitter smears. They are not politicians, they are scum.

    82. Jock McDonnell says:

      Interesting that the SNP are going to court in London. That still leaves a CoS interdict option open.

    83. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Morgatron –

      She’s gone too far.

      Unfortunately, Twitter doesn’t give any indication of how many complaints a tweet has received.

    84. Sarah says:

      @ shiregirl 8.25 p.m.: the new party is ONLY an idea for 2021 Holyrood election IF the SNP haven’t called a referendum by then. I think.

    85. Col.Blimp IV says:


      Good Call.

      with apologies to the late Paul Robeson …

      Go down Black-ford

      Way down to Eng-e-er-la-and

      Te-ell o-ole Bo-Jo

      Let my people go!

    86. Robin Mc says:

      Call me Dave at 10am

      There is, and he’s called Humza Jousaf.
      He was brilliant two weeks ago at George Square.

    87. Bobp says:

      ” to have to watch this weasel attempt to wriggle free from the claws of justice is absolutely abhorrent”
      Virginia Guiffre. On the bbc interview with betty’s son. Good job she’s not british or mi6 would be arranging a suicide or a car crash for her.

    88. callmedave says:


      Hmmm! Epstein’s dead thereby ‘hangs’ a tail (or tale).

      He wasn’t ‘British’ 🙁 We’ll never know the truth.

    89. Bobp says:

      Willie 9.25am . You know what willie, if Scotland does’nt vote SNP. They should just stand aside and say f**k you’s. Let whatever english unionist party takes over inflict all their austerity measures on them. Abolish their bus passes, reintroduce prescription and university charges, reintroduce toll charges. Make those ‘proudscots’ eyes pop till they fkin bleed. Sadly there is no helping stupid.

    90. Capella says:

      @ Ian Brotherhood – done. Disgusting exploitation of grieving parents in the MSM today, led by the appalling BBC. Prof Robertson has excellent articles on this type of manipulation of the facts.

    91. Bobp says:

      Callmedave.9.22 i believe someone said that eipsteins injuries were’nt consistent with suicide..he.knew where the bodies were buried alright. Had to be silenced.

    92. Morgatron says:

      Ian @ Capella,
      Also done. As you say, no numbers on reported tweets which is disappointing.
      Cheers both.

    93. Sandy says:

      Callmedave @ 9.22 pm.

      We’ll know the truth about Dunblane in about 80 years time.
      All weirdos concerned will have left this world.

    94. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Spent some time earlier trawling through old WOS posts from late April and early May 2015.

      Was trying to find an exchange between a few auld faces (Thepnr was one) about the bookies odds on candidates as the May 7th GE got closer.

      Does anyone remember us discussing this stuff?

      Some of us had been keeping an eye on the odds and posting occasional updates. There were loads of interesting contests, but Labour appeared to be pretty solid in certain seats and the odds reflected that. For example, Brian Donohoe, Douglas Alexander, Katy Clark. They were all heavy favourites to be reelected.

      And then something happened.

      It was the Thursday or Friday before the election, so that would’ve been late April. Suddenly, for no obvious reason, the odds tumbled. From memory, Donohoe had been 1/7 ON to retain his seat, Clark had been steady at 1/5, thereabouts. A good few Labour MPs were similarly placed. But then, in the space of a few hours, from mid-afternoon to mid-evening, they were at or about EVENS. I’m pretty sure it was a Friday.

      After the weekend campaigning it was clear that the big Labour beasts in Scotland were in real trouble. I remember talking to Pat Gibson, must’ve been on the Saturday prior to the election, in Saltcoats main street, and we *knew* by then that Katy Clark was probably going to lose.

      I’ve never heard any big discussion about what happened ‘that day’ (whatever day it was!) but I did show my own notes on how the odds had shifted to a fellow SSP member at the time and he was astonished at the speed of the shift – he had managed an actual bookmakers’ shop for years and knew how to interpret such stuff.

      Even if no explanation ever emerges, we should remember the run-up to GE15 – something happened which the bookies couldn’t ignore. Whatever it was, it could happen again, and Mundell may not be as safe as some think.


    95. Grouse Beater says:

      Chris, Captain Corbyn did not realise the tartan scarf he was ‘gifted’ is a contemporary weave entitled “Declaration Tartan”. Ha, ha! Great cartoon. Great irony.

      Your essential weekend reading:

      ‘Destroying Scotland’:
      ‘Scotland’s Loss’:
      ‘Andy Pandy’s Sleaze’:

    96. Dan says:

      Sandy says: at 10:40 pm

      We’ll know the truth about Dunblane in about 80 years time.
      All weirdos concerned will have left this world.

      Hmm, just took my occasional look at the Boston Dynamics channel… If the sinister deranged types get their hands on this tech I’m not sure we’ll be around in 8 years, never mind 80!

    97. Dan says:

      On an upbeat vibe, humanity can cling to the hope that Boston Dynamics and MIT engage in an epic battle and wipe each other out.

    98. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Below is a link to a specific page on the ‘oddschecker’ site.

      It shows the current odds being offered on the GE contest in Mundell’s constituency of Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale.

      If you wanted to stake a pound on the outcome, Mundell looks a sure bet if you’re happy with a 20p profit – he’s hot favourite at 1/5. But if you punt the same pound on the SNP candidate (Amanda Burgauer) and she wins? You’ll get back £4 because she’s currently 3/1. (Labour are 50/1, Liberals are 100/1 – donkeys.)

    99. Capella says:

      @ Dan – just switch them off and take the batteries out.

    100. ronnie anderson says:

      Grouse Beater Good reading as per many Thanks .

    101. Capella says:

      @ Ian Brotherhood – I don’t remember the post but I do remember Stu pointing out that the bookies change the odds according to how many people are betting rather than any likelihood of who will win.

    102. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Ian Brotherhood @ 22:53, 23:28,

      Well, odds reflect what punters imagine is going to happen, which (as I’m sure you realise) may be as much driven by wishful thinking as by any real understanding of what’s happening.

      OTOH, if anyone does have an sound understanding of what’s happening and they are inclined to a flutter, they may well put some money down. Which shifts the odds, of course, and others who happen to notice the shift might be inclined to follow. Which makes for an effect multiplier.

      In the given circumstances, the only people I can think of who would have a better-than-average appreciation of what’s happening are the party canvassers and election agents (plus friends and family). And I guess such folk will naturally tend to hold off until well toward the end of a campaign, not only to have accumulated sufficient understanding of how things are really going in their area but also not to spook the horses (so to speak).

    103. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Ian Brotherhood @ 23:28,

      I imagine one will currently get very good odds indeed for a NorthBritLab gain anywhere, but if you were foolish enough (which of course you are not) to place a bet on that, you are not likely to win a damn thing. You might as well just burn the money! =laugh= Or better, give it to someone who needs it more than evidently you do!

    104. call me dave says:

      Well just listened to Steven Nolan trying to trash all things in Scotland while trampling all over Kirtsy Blackman.
      Really a carry on from last night in Aberdeen’s fiasco.
      A wee sample:

      SNHS missing all targets AE waiting times top of list and don’t bother to compare what your doing with the rest of the UK because it’s what you are doing in Scotland after 10yrs that counts kinda thing. Nicola Sturgeon ought to apologise to the people.

      Cant get GDP to 3% from 7% so cant join the EU (yahboo sucks)!

      Oils bad & nasty so what can you do if you want to go green its no good anymore once you get it (yahboo sucks)!

      Employment down by 43,000 in last 3 months.
      Brexit no excuse as it hasn’t happened yet etc etc, 🙁

      Why should a party that only represents 10% of the people get in on a debate does that sound fair?

      Looks like we have our new better together leader Big Auntie BBC

      That’s 4 or 5 interviews since Thursday and that’s been their list of questions. Time to wise up SNP politicians and stop being so nice & cuddly. Get them telt FGS!

      Kirsty Blackman like many are toooooo nice, she made a decent fist of it but needs to up the game. 🙁

    105. Dan says:


      If only it were so simple. They’ll no doubt have an array of heat and motion sensors that’ll trigger their defences if you get too close.
      EG. a wee spray of “Salisbury perfume” or goodness knows what other hi-tech weaponry has been developed.
      When you see just how much this field has evolved over the recent years there’s no way protecting such expensive investments and assets won’t have been considered.

      Of course most gullible folks will no doubt say, “Oh, they’d never do that”… just like they wouldnae slap d notices on Dunblane, Prince Andrew is a royal so he has an impeccable character, Dark Money and Cambridge Analytica didnae really have any effect on recent elections results…
      UK. No1 surveillance state. FFS, even the council workers at my local recycling centre are wearing cameras on their chests now.

    106. call me dave says:

      You Gov UK poll indicting Lib/Dem vote dropping.

      A wee new comment in

    107. call me dave says:

      General election 2019:
      Labour vows to end dental check-up charges.

      Health is devolved so the policy only covers England.
      Wales and Northern Ireland both charge for check ups, but Scotland does not.

    108. dadsarmy says:

      The Andy interview is interesting for what the BBC show as little highlights on the news etc., like Andy laughing indulgently at himself and talking about himself being honourable, whereas that’s not the whole or even real tone of the interview.

      Remember that the royal family is fairly irrelevant to Indy, apart from a little purring, but the BBC with their continual distortion and selectivity are the real enemy.

    109. Terry callachan says:


      The unionist party’s have a new ploy to compete with the SNP

      Offer future policies that mirror what Scotland already has

      Free prescriptions , free bus pass at 60 , free dental checks and free eye checks etc etc

    110. highseastim says:

      Sky bet has SNP under 47.5 seats at 4/5 and over 47,5 seats at 10/11.

    111. galamcennalath says:

      Terry callachan says:

      Offer future policies that mirror what Scotland already has

      Corbyn’s policies basically amount ‘bring England up to Scottish standards’.

      If you lived in England, that’s a pretty good reason to vote Labour. However, for anyone living in Scotland, you can vote for another party which has actually done all this!

    112. Ian Foulds says:

      Abulhaq says:
      16 November, 2019 at 7:09 pm
      In order to get to grips with the English it is necessary to read up on their history, their imperialism and internalise their collective ‘psychology’.
      Sadly, few think it worth the effort.
      Know your enemy.

      Abulhaq – I believe the enemy is not the English as they are fed by the media to believe what another Country is like – just as we possibly do with other nations.

      The true enemy is the British establishment.

      The Scottish cringe contingent unfortunately are ours and like our ancestors who rejected the Union of the Parliaments are scared of change.

      Obviously I consider that our ancestors were more farsighted than the cringe group.

    113. schrodingers cat says:

      john curtice points out, zero chance of a labour majority, 66% chance of tory majority, however, labour dont need a majority, they need only to deprive the tories of a majority to bring about more delays and perhaps even the euref2.

      if the tories dont win a majority, what are the chances they would agree to a s30?

    114. ahundredthidiot says:

      Schrodingers Cat

      The Tories need to be agreeable to that s30 without any strings attached and that could be the deal breaker (cue 1979)….but I think potentially, yes, they are that arrogant that they think they don’t need Scotland. We could let them use our blue in their silly little flag as a concession perhaps.

      However, it also depends on the courage of the SNP. If they choose to represent the will of the people then they will have to do the dirty deal and put everything on the line, for that is their job whether they like it or not – it’s about being professional.

      Our lefties will just have to suck it up.

    115. Reluctant Nationalist says:

      Fuck that fake socialist guffie cunt up his pisshole with a big ben souvenir.

    116. Capella says:

      @ Dan – can they swim?

    117. jfngw says:

      I see Kezia Davidson has landed a plumb TV income. Is this a familiarisation exercise as she plans a return to an English constituency in the near future. You don’t really believe an ego that size is going to just quietly bow out. Just waiting for the call of duty and public demand statement which reluctantly pushed her return,

    118. HandandShrimp says:

      Listened to GMS paper review. No real surprise that the Andrew interview dominated followed by the Panorama war crimes cover up.

      It was telling that when they briefly discussed the tragic 2017 death of a child in hospital they noted very clearly that it has a heavy and cynical election agenda in the way Labour and the Tories are using the issue. Marianne Taylor also said she couldn’t see what demanding Freeman’s resignation would achieve. The SNHS needs management not a revolving door and Freeman wasn’t even health secretary when the death occurred. A surprisingly even handed commentary for a BBC show although GMS on a Sunday is one of the better shows (only better show?).

    119. schrodingers cat says:

      i hope Jennifer Arcuri has a stack of compromising photos of Boris, that would be too wonderful, a godsend for yesnp leaflet designers 🙂

    120. schrodingers cat says:

      ahundredthidiot says:

      The Tories need to be agreeable to that s30 without any strings attached and that could be the deal breaker (cue 1979)


      not sure we would need to do a deal, nicola sends a s30 request, it is voted for in the hoc. the snp mps could walk out of hoc on the pretext of campaigning for indy, leaving tories with a majority.

      if indyref2 is in may, we are talking about a 4 month campaign, after which, westminster will no longer be any of our concern

    121. schrodingers cat says:

      better still we promise no to vote in the hoc after the tories grant us a s30, then when the magic grandpa puts forward a bill for euref2, we do the dirty and vote it through 🙂

      i can just see moggs face now. brilliant

    122. Capella says:

      Update on nasty Michelle Ballantyne tweet on hospital deaths and statement on the water quality i.e. safe and the infection which is in the general environment.

    123. schrodingers cat says:

      that went well

      Prince Andrew’s BBC interview likened to ‘a plane crashing into an oil tanker’.


    124. Republicofscotland says:

      There are serious allegations that senior Brexit party figures were offered bribes to stand down to allow Tory wins.

      The Metropolitan police are assessing the situation and Brexit party candidate and former Tory Anne Widdecombe said she’d swear on the Bible that she had been approached.

      We must be rid of Westminster and its potential corruption and known corruption and become a independent nation again.

    125. Jack Murphy says:

      Scotland’s very own Earl of Inverness is getting a lot of worldwide TV/radio coverage today.

      Top of BBC Reporting Scotland tomorrow teatime perhaps?

    126. Dr Jim says:

      While the SNP *threatened* us with an Independence referendum the Tories *offered* us a referendum on Brexit
      Now the Tories are *offering* us poverty being out of the biggest market there is The SNP are *threatening* us with an Independence referendum not to choose the poverty

      The great British media eh

    127. schrodingers cat says:


      boris opponents in his constiuency

      Count Binface and Lord Buckethead

      Lord Buckethead representing the Official Monster Raving Loony Party. “I look forward to both the hustings and to challenging the new ‘Lord Buckethead’ to take part in a receptacle-to-receptacle debate,” says Binface.

      labour going large on boris’s 5k majority, regardless of who wins, the result announcement should be worth watching

    128. Jock McDonnell says:

      Is it not possible that the infection figures for the QE are comparable with the aggregation for the sites it replaced. Same with Police Scotland. Is it really any worse than the aggregation of the previous regional forces ?
      And how do those figures compare with 2007 – is it better or worse than 2007 ?

      And yes, SNP politicians are often pretty awful during interviews. Supine often. Not folk like Mike Russell, Kenny Mac & J Cherry obviously. If only we had more like that.

    129. Joe says:

      So that’s the Welsh nationalists going full woke-tard. Again.

      Even if one was stupid enough to believe that a small country such as Wales can make a difference that wouldn’t also badly impact their own poor and working class, to think that saying this will win over those who are already not supportive of their politics?

      This is SNPesque. Pure clueless virtue signalling against the winds of public opinion and even logic. Brought about by living in a PC bubble where utter stupidity (such as many who post on this site) is never treated as it should be.

      The independence movements of Scotland and Wales will suffer death by the radicals within their ranks if they keep going. Common sense people have no time for this B.S.

    130. HandandShrimp says:

      So Johnson and his team have blanked Arcuri even refusing to offer media advice. The man truly is a grade A scoundrel. With friends like him who would ever need enemies.

      Why middle England is charmed by this self serving sociopath is beyond me. They clearly like it up them, as corporal Jones almost said.

    131. galamcennalath says:

      Jock McDonnell says:

      SNP politicians are often pretty awful during interviews.

      I’d be hopeless myself, of course. However, as an observer I have noticed a big difference between the good interviewees and those who get flustered.

      A common technique (Andrew Neil does it) is to make a statement then ask a question, or ask a question with facts/information embedded in it?

      It’s the classic loaded or complex question.

      “What are you going to do to correct your parties dreadful handling of xyz?”

      “Your record in office has failed as far as xyz is concerned. How do propose to reverse this trend?”

      The way questions like this are handled is to begin with something like, “I completely disagree with the premise of your questions.”

      Stop them dead in their tracks. Set the record straight. Immediately. Don’t ignore the false statements.

      Someone close to them really needs have words and to arrange some training!

      Think Jeane Freeman versus Andrew Neil.

    132. MJT says:


      What do you base your opinions on? What sources of information do you go to?

      To me the lady is talking sense. She comes across as intelligent and humane and pragmatic.

      I don’t know about you, but I have worked in more than a dozen hospitals and care homes, in London and in Scotland and I’ve worked in many Hotels and Universities, and i can tell you that more and more staff than ever before are not born on these green and pleasant lands. But, without this influx of workers, many of the services you might take for granted would suffer drastically, to the detriment of the service user and the consumer.

      I don’t know how well off you are, but there’s a good chance that someone not originally of these shores might wipe your behind and provide your daily medication and treat you for maladies as you reach ever closer to the grave. If you stay at a hotel they might make change your sheets, make your bed, cook your food, carry your bags. We need these workers, that’s why they are employed.

      There is so much ignorance and misinformation in the mainstream media, and it goes against what I have seen with my own eyes this last 10-15 years. My first experience was at the RNTNE in London, arguably the worlds premier ENT hospital. There were loads of surgeons, nurses and porters and catering staff that were from ethnic minorites and foreign lands:South America, Africa, Asia, the Indian Sub Continent, Eastern Europe. They were there because they were needed – are needed.

      I see it in the carehomes and hospitals in and around Glasgow. It’s a good thing. We need the staff. You might not know that, but we do. I have first hand knowledge. You might not. You’re entitled to your opinions, but it would be better for you if they were more grounded in substance and fact, empirical knowledge and rigorous research. Your post is, to me, evidence of neither.

    133. ahundredthidiot says:

      Vote SNP

      (ignore, for now, the fact that they have been slightly infiltrated by ‘Gender Deniers’)

      I’m claiming that one btw……

    134. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Just had a canvasser at the door, supposedly for NorthBritLab, going full tilt with the “once in a lifetime” indyref and handing out leaflets, not just the expected one for the local candidate but also a “save the pound” =cough= petition (whit?) leaflet for none other than Scotland in Union!

      Is this kind of overt petitioning and surrogate anti-SNP messaging even allowed during an election? Is NorthBritLab now being overtly propped-up by Unionists, or has it just become a rump that’s been taken over by them?

      Paul Sweeney next door may claim that this election isn’t about independence, but the anti-indy cooperation here is flagrant.

    135. galamcennalath says:

      Came across this article again ….

      “Brexit is the result of an English delusion, a crisis of identity resulting from a failure to come to terms with the loss of empire and the end of its own exceptionalism ….. “

      … still very accurate IMO. A good read and explains much.

    136. Dr Jim says:

      There are professional subversives everywhere, it’s what they do, then they’re weeded out and they move on to their next target, Climate change protests, Unions, Political parties, everywhere there is an opportunity to disrupt you’ll find the professionals armed with mobile phones flooding the internet with causes they don’t actually believe in or care about but it’s fun for them to do until the next cause is available or more interesting and the media will tell you they really really mean it because well that’s what the media do too

    137. John H. says:

      The tories in my area are already repeating the old lie to pensioners about not getting their state pension after independence.

    138. galamcennalath says:

      The BritNats, all of them, have now settled in to treating this GE as the opening phase of IndyRef2.

      Fair enough.

      As one of their own once said, “Bring it on!”

    139. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      galamcennalath @ 16:13,

      It’s funny really, that while we – or some of us anyway – have of late been furiously obsessing about “S.30” and various notional alphabetically-named plans, the BritNats are quietly gearing up for indyref2. They at least can see it’s coming.

      (And they are in serious danger of losing it.)

    140. Tony Hay says:

      Last Sunday I was on my online betfair account and the number of SNP seats was basically even money under/over 50.5 seats,so I’m just a little worried about the around 48 seats which is even money now……..but still plenty time to get over 50,my best guess is 49 seats.

    141. schrodingers cat says:

      Prince Andrew doesn’t sweat.

      neither do lizards

      jus’ saying 🙂

    142. Tony Hay says:

      re randy Andy’s PR stunt… couldn’t really have went much worse. The sad thing is he will never be held responsible for his actions.

      The sooner we are a Republic the better.

    143. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Tony Hay @ 16:41,

      For me the real disgrace of this episode is the ease by which a member of the British Establishment can get easy access to the BBC to promote their narrative, and furthermore when so advantaged, gets an absurdly easy ride by a deferential interviewer. (The fact that he rather expertly hung himself by all that rope so freely offered is beside the point.)

      Who else would be afforded such privileged access to the state broadcaster? Our own FM, who has clearly earned the right if anyone has, instead gets routinely censored-out and talked-over.

    144. Forbes Johnstone says:

      Got my SNP candidates leaflet through the door today.

      She is a good candidate nice person and hard worker but it has nothing in it for me that turns voters toward independence.

      We need to fight fire with fire here using the same tactics.

      The NHS is about to be sold by Boris, who has stated that he hates Scots, to his pal Donald trump.

      In-spite of £2 Billion of cuts to Scotland’s budget by Westminster Parties, we have the best performing NHS in the UK and we pay more to our valued Doctors and Nurses.

      Ian Duncan Smith and his Tory think tank have put forward their recommendation to increase the pension age to 75.
      All this after adding 7 years to the retirement age for women.
      Did you know the Westminster pension is the 4th worst of all the 28 EU Members. An independent Scotland can do better than this!

      2 out of 3 Scots voted to stay European and no Westminster party could care less what Scotland. You are to get what they give you

      Every pledge the Unionist parties made to Scotland were broken with over 10% of people voting No in order to stay as Europeans

      Westminster has agreed with over 95% of all EU laws passed but they disagree mainly on new laws to be introduced to prevent money laundering and Tax avoidance.

      Brexit will cost Scotland over 100,000 jobs and reduce average family budgets by 6-7% almost immediately.

      Brexit will deliver 10 years of recession after the Westminster Parties have us in our 11th year of Austerity and an ever increasing demand for Food Banks for those in Full Employment.

      As the Tories have stated many times why would any nation wish to hand over all of its resources and powers to another nation?

      Universal Credit is the first step in removing all welfare safety nets if the Tories get their way.

      Do you wish to have Boris the Serial Liar and Adulterer as the new Prime Minister?

      Do you think Jacob Reece-Mogg knows or cares about working class people?

      Westminster has seen o it that Scotland is the only Sovereign Nation in Europe with no voice at the Brexit table.

      Stand up for Scotland and the future of our children!

    145. galamcennalath says:

      Robert J. Sutherland says:

      BritNats are quietly gearing up for indyref2. They at least can see it’s coming.

      Although their official line is … “it won’t be allowed” …. their topics of attack indicate that they assume it’s coming to a ballot box near them soon!

      Starting around 50:50, knowing most of their claims of 2014 are well-shoggly now, and with a background of far right/anti EU/anti Scottish behaviour from London, they can’t be feeling confident!

      There’s a counter standpoint (Rev and others) that IR2 won’t take place in 2020, but the more SNP nail their colours to that target, the more their reputation is in the line.

      A GE to win convincingly first, though.

    146. schrodingers cat says:

      discarding the issue of the s30 for a moment

      when would be the best time to hold indyref2

      1. spring 2020
      2. autumn 2020
      3. spring 2021

      I would opt for 3

    147. galamcennalath says:

      I can see lots of references online to leaks from the Russian interference report that Boris is hiding.

      However I can only seen reports of what people say it says. I can’t see any direct quotations or extracts.

      Any links, anyone? Or is it just waffle on an otherwise quiet Sunday!?

    148. twathater says:

      Forbes Johnson 5.18pm I agree that the SNP leaflets are somewhat underwhelming , I got mine yesterday from Gavin Newlands and although I will still vote for him his was more a plea for reelection which would not stimulate switherers.

      As you have itemised upthread the inclusion of even some of these items would stimulate switherers memory banks and make them realise that this is the reality they are living in and will be facing in the future with ANY of the colonialist parties , any divergence from the SNP vote for SG will only assure more corruption and ever increasing penalties being imposed on Scotland

      TBH the SNP flyers should be EXPOSING every one of these political misdeeds by EVERY one of these colonialist parties and highlighting how BAD it is and will expand if any of these parties get in to power
      They should concentrate on the past and future consequences of these corrupt parties on Scotland
      They should engage in project FEAR magnified , because to do otherwise creates lethargy , hit them with the TRUTH and GIRUT

    149. Socrates MacSporran says:


      That was more an airliner than a car crash interview. I do hope the Duke of York stays away from Parisian underpasses for the foreseeable future.

    150. Pete Barton says:


      I think a grouse shooting ‘accident’ is more becoming..
      If ye fly wi the craws…

    151. dadsarmy says:

      He was given a 45 minute interview with as you say, plenty of rope to hang himself. The interviewer can’t be accused of harrassing him or leading him, a straight interview.

      But the couple of short clips were one of him laughing, and the otehr calling himself “honourable”. He’s been set up.

      Meanwhile he’s been hung out to dry by the Palace establishment as he’s only (looks it up) 8th in line to the throne and dropping every baby, and the Palace is keeping Wills and kids, and Harry and kids, clean as they can.

      Meanwhile headlines like this from the Herald:

      “Prince Andrew facing criticism after Epstein interview on Newsnight” and stronger (BBC):

      “Prince Andrew stands by ‘car-crash’ Jeffrey Epstein BBC interview”.

      The establishment is crucifying him in front of our eyes. With the BBC propaganda organ as always, being totally and cravenly complicit. They’re playing on the side Royals not being too popular, and now everyone’s supposed to forget Meghan Markle’s taxpayer £2.5 million provided fitted kitchen.

    152. schrodingers cat says:

      Jennifer Arcuri and bojo in his gold latex fun suit……….
      lol. bring it on, puleeese

    153. Dr Jim says:

      We will say NO to a second Independence referendum Ha ha ha

      Eh a vote for us is the only way to STOP a second referendum

      They know they can’t and they know we know they can’t or they wouldn’t be talking about it so much it or sticking it on leaflets

      That’s how confident they’re not

    154. Pete Barton says:

      I believe there was some mention of ‘financial’ help given to Fergie.

      True or not, Andrew perhaps should have been ‘guided’ a little better…

      And what of Keith Vaz?

      And the lunchtime ‘Sewel convention’ mm?

      @Craig Murray please explain what is so different between the actions of our MPs and the actions of a Royal, perhaps I’m missing something here…

    155. Dr Jim says:

      Fergie Duchess of York says Andy’s a good guy
      She remembers what happened to the wife who slagged off the other brother

    156. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      schrodingers cat @ 17:52,

      Not surprisingly, I disagree with your characteristic “wait, wait, waaaaiiiit” choice, and not least for the reason just mentioned by gala, namely that the SNP and Nicola have nailed their colours very firmly to the mast of “sometime in 2020”. External circumstances apart, you can’t resile from that without paying a serious reputational price.

      Furthermore, the longer we wait after Brexit has formally “happened” (superficially at least), the greater the danger of the decision becoming normalised among ordinary folk, who don’t think like you or I. They still need to feel the heat of what’s just been perpetrated unwillingly on them.

      There is already simmering frustration in the indy movement at large at the perceived snail’s pace of progress, so to wantonly delay the showdown even longer for no obvious return is to invite a backlash and maybe even some kind of schism, of which we have already had enough hints.

      Thankfully, I have every confidence that Nicola & Co have a suitably-astute grip on things, and won’t delay any longer than absolutely necessary.

      We need to press forward with some determination now, so for me the choice has to be spring of next year. Otherwise we will just lose momentum and this precious current opportunity will be lost.

    157. Pete Barton says:

      @Dr Jim..oo AHH!

      “Accidents will happen..”

      My fave
      Elvis song.

      Closely followed by ‘Watchin the detectives’

      Stu’s old job.

    158. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      me at 18:27,

      Oops, sorry for the italics which escaped the name reference.

    159. McDuff says:

      Spot on.

    160. galamcennalath says:

      IR2 timing.

      People aren’t in the mood for a long campaign, I reckon.

      Good weather/long days away from the Scottish school holidays is best.

      Ideally during a Transition Period where there’s stability but dark clouds on the horizon of a hard Brexit with only basic trade deals (which is what Boris is aiming for). Withdrawal Agreement negotiations were ‘simple’ compared to trade talks so the UK gov up to it’s arse with this would be good.

      May-Sept 2020, excl school holidays.

    161. jfngw says:

      It doesn’t matter what the SNP seat increase is, if they take less than the 56 taken in 2015 it will be run by the MSM as them still being below their high point. The reduction from 2015 will be the story they will go with, they have even recruited a Tory backbench MSP to highlight this. It looks if you want some impartial comment you are going to look to broadcasters abroad, the UK ones are totally unreliable.

    162. Bill Hume. says:

      UK election in December. If the SNP get less than 50 seats I will be disappointed. Not downcast or dismayed or indeed less than 100% behind a free Scotland, but I will be disappointed.
      Let’s get boots on the ground, the one place the unionists are unable to compete with the independence movement.

      It’s important.

    163. galamcennalath says:

      Bill Hume. says:

      less than 50 seats I will be disappointed

      Not sure where my disappointment level ends. I just want to see useless BritNat numpties replaced by SNP MPs, the more the better. I have some in particular I want to see get their jotters. That alone would please me.

      Percentage support for the SNP in a GE does not equate to Yes support. For instance, polls suggest a third of Lab voters are now Yes.

      Let’s get boots on the ground, the one place the unionists are unable to compete with the independence movement. It’s important.

      It’s critical. We have the media against us, our leaders and candidates won’t get a fair shout. To balance that we need folks out on the streets. If you are fit, get out! Even if you aren’t an SNP member, your local branch will welcome leaflet delivery support. Go to meetings and hustings and ask BritNat candidates questions. If you see BritNats on a stall, engage with them and stop them talking to someone else!

      Talk to family, friends, and colleagues.

      All hands to the pump until Indy is won!

    164. MJT says:

      Regarding when is the best time for Indy Ref 2. I don’t think Sping 2020 is the best time. Why? Cos we don’t have a strategy. No one talks about strategy, but when the date is set, we’ll get bombarded by the mainstream media, worse than last time with all manner of sky falling in pish from the get go. Our challenge will be for the minds…not the hearts…of those who could be swayed.

      We have no choice but to adopt a cooperative strategy. Which means all the big egos in the indy movement, (which have grown somewhat since last time) parking said egos and working together. It didn’t happen last time, and it isn’t going to happen on short notice this time.

      There are a lot of people in the indy movement who have made a pretty penny since 2014. They’re doin fine. I want the best information going out to the people we need to get the best information to. That’s why we need cooperation. It’s gonna take time and some talking, most likely in private for people to get their heads round this basic fact.

      I don’t want a repeat of last time where some Yes Hubs refused to let us store unused boxes of the WBB from that day’s campaigning.

      I don’t want to see people going out canvassing unequipped to deal with some of the tougher questons soft nos can throw at them. I saw this and more last time.

      So, when thinking about when is a good time to go for, think about strategy. Our opponents use Game Theory. We don’t. That’s an edge. They have the MSM, we don’t, that’s an edge.
      They have big business, that’s an edge. If you don’t know your edge. You really don’t know fuck all about strategy, and how to exploit your strengths and their weaknesses.

      Our edge is we’re right. Indy is best for Scotland. And we will have the numbers in terms of activists on the ground. But we need to arm the activists with knowledge; accurate, solid information. It’s about minds not hearts. And if you want to change someone’s mind you best have a good idea what’s in it. And you best have a head full of good knowledge yourself.

      The SNP who I’m voting for this election, should have had this shit down by now, they don’t. And if anyone wants to ask their Branch Organisers what the Indy Strat is, go ahead. There’s a closed facebook group for Political Education Officers. I used to have access to it. It was not inspiring.

      So yeah, have faith if you must, but i prefer more tangible and substantial matter. I have no time for faith or trust.

      Anyway, in my day jobs I meet a lot of ordinary working class people, and my impression is more and more people are catching up to the pish that is Scotland’s place in the UK. I think more and more people are ready to hear and read quality solid information about this country, where we are, and where we will be if we get out shit together and use our brains as well as out shoeleather and our fingers to type.

    165. R4 says:

      Less than 59 seets and I’ll be dissapointed. Even that won’t be enough for the MSM.

    166. ronnie anderson says:


      That legs akimbo social climber Acuri will get little sympathy from the public as she made money from the public purse and will no doubt make more on her story being sold so we just need to wait .

    167. Fireproofjim says:

      For what it’s worth, the best time for Inderef2 would be September 2020. This gives a season of fine weather for campaigning and marches, and people always feel happier and more optimistic in the Summer.
      No brainier.

    168. Reluctant Nationalist says:

      MJT: “Our opponents use game theory. We don’t.”

      Oh fuck up you barely sentient bugman. Jesus Christ. Just fuck off.

    169. schrodingers cat says:


      to wantonly delay the showdown even longer for no obvious return is to invite a backlash and maybe even some kind of schism

      Maybe, but perhaps there is a return

      1. we will most likely be out by xmas 2020 with no deal and the effects of brexit will be biting hard

      2. shisms, nah, people get frustrated waiting, i get it, but once the firing pistol is fired they generally get together again, see the difference in threads these days as oppossed to just a few weeks ago

      3. it would be very likely a new yes/wos party would contest the list in 2021, ensuring an indy majority in holyrood

      4. we dont yet have a s30, and holding indyref2 without one on the same day as a holyrood election would encourage no voters to turn out rather than boycotting

      in truth, rjs, i havent really thought through the idea, im just venting into cyber space to gauge reaction

    170. schrodingers cat says:

      ronnie anderson says:
      That legs akimbo social climber Acuri will get little sympathy from the public…….

      who cares, as long as she dishes the dirt and produces loads of compromising photos of bojo, the chattering class will have a field day undermining him and making jokes at his expense

      the tories might still win the election but seeing him lose his seat…………… priceless

    171. MJT says:

      @Reluctant Nationalist

      Next time there’s a big march or demo in Glasgow, I’m happy to meet you for a chat. If you’re using the same tone after five minutes fine. I’m not the enemy.

      Game theory is the branch of maths that deals with decision making in comptetive situations – like elections. You can study Game Theory in Politics at most leading Universities including Glasgow Uni. The broader use of Game theory has led to huge advances in common strategic thought in games like Chess & Poker, and Politics too. One of the Godfathers of Game Theory is none other than John Nash, subject of Best Film Oscar winner A Beautiful Mind.

      If you’re in Glasgow, I can get to George Square in less than half an hour after work hours. Happy to talk. The current state of play is, and has been bad for my mental health. I need Indy more than you might ever know. I’m not offended by your tone or your ignorance. But if you think it’s ok to burn votes by making poor strategic decisons, when it’s pretty much common knowledge that no one has a clear idea of what our strategy is…and there’s been countless posts, here and elsewhere that would back that up.

      You not understanding a thing, is not proof of a lack of sentience on my part.

    172. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      schrodingers cat @ 20:48,

      Well, at least it’s good to be thinking again about when rather than all that unhelpful girning about if! =laugh=

      I agree about your #2 provided the plot isn’t totally lost in the meantime. But the warning lights have been blinking somewhat of late, even if the election has (at least temporarily) doused them, as you say.

      As for your #4, linking IR2 with Holyrood ’21 is pure bonkers, I reckon. (Remember the previous disaster when two different elections were held together.) If properly motivated, people will turn out for IR2 anyway. Including the Unionists, who wouldn’t dare risk boycotting it despite their bluster. They care too much, bless ’em!

      I share some of JK’s scepticism (if in no way his extreme allergic reaction) to the Wings Party notion. For success it depends on a considerable amount of understanding and goodwill from many SNP voters, something that doesn’t seem to exist, at least at the moment. I would prefer – and I think am likely to see – movement on the IR2 front before that becomes necessary anyway.

      I don’t understand your reference to being “out” by Dec.2020. I know that Brexit isn’t the “instant out” that too many seem to think, but the Rubicon is being crossed soon all the same, and thus an important “no way back” just like the original. That’s the point where fond illusions shatter, and therefore the time to strike, IMO. And that’s Dec.2019, or shortly thereafter, not Dec.2020. Let matters fester for a month or three till the better weather comes, then go for it.

      Yes, I know there may be a point in a year’s time when another cliff edge may loom (or may not), but leaving matters in the controlling hands of our opponents for a whole year longer seems like a poor strategy to me. The “don’t interrupt our opponents when they’re making mistakes” strategy has worked well so far, granted, but there’s no guarantee that this will continue to pay dividends after a Tory HoC majority and all those grim “Henry VIII” powers, ministerial loopholes, etc. kick in.

      Ordinary people are already royally fed up of the ongoing Brexit mess, and I reckon the first person to offer a plausible way to make it all go away will reap dividends. Once all hope of an EURef2 disappears in a puff of post-electoral smoke, all that’s left will be IR2, and that’s the time to punt it while memories are fresh. Why wait any longer and risk consequences that might no longer work for us…?

    173. boris says:

      Our businesses are prepared for no deal. With the Government and Britain’s entrepreneurs working hand in glove, we can create a hyper-competitive, business-friendly powerhouse of an economy – a true alternative to the sclerotic, backward-looking and lobbyist-riddled EU

    174. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi MJT.

      You typed,
      “Anyway, in my day jobs I meet a lot of ordinary working class people, and my impression is more and more people are catching up to the pish that is Scotland’s place in the UK. I think more and more people are ready to hear and read quality solid information about this country, where we are, and where we will be if we get out shit together and use our brains as well as out shoeleather and our fingers to type.”

      I think that will lead to success in indyref2. “The ordinary people” are becoming more aware of Scotland’s place (or not) in the world and are becoming more inquisitive.

      We just need the ammo – from WOS or BfS or WGG and so on, to bring them onside.

    175. schrodingers cat says:


      i think we need to see the results of this election before we can come to any real decisions about the best way forward

      “For success it depends on a considerable amount of understanding and goodwill from many SNP voters, something that doesn’t seem to exist, at least at the moment”

      that, i believe is the real issue regarding this issue, it was never about the electoral arithmatic, that was always obvious, it was always about trust, we need an alternative indy party to stand on the list that snp voters trust. it is obvious to me now that the greens would never earn or maintain that trust, whether a wos party could is under discussion, too much like marmite for some, but a yes party with the right candidates……… maybe

    176. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      MJT @ 19:59,

      With all due respect, this is not about game theory, it’s about leadership. Ordinary people are currently confused and rudderless, having in the meantime been bombarded by all sorts of complete lying crap (if you can call that a strategy). They just want somebody credible to show them a sensible and safe way forward for them and their families.

      Your point about lack of co-ordination and organisation seems fair. The indy movement in general and the SNP in particular has always struck me as being fairly amateurish in various ways. In part it’s their charm because it’s dead honest, but to an increasing number of people it’s also an irritation – eg. all those missed killer rebuttals in interviews, etc., etc. But is waiting for however much longer really going to improve matters in this respect? I somehow doubt it. Proposing delays on that score seems to me to be deferring the inevitable & necessary showdown simply due to a lack of sufficient self-confidence.

      In the end, the real obstacle to winning isn’t organisation, though I don’t deny its importance, it’s ultimately being able to convince a large enough proportion of the public-at-large that we are on to a Good Thing and the alternative is a Worse Thing. And that requires being self-confident enough to make the move when people are sufficiently open and ready to consider it.

      No sooner, but certainly also not later, however ready or otherwise we may ourselves feel. Take matters at the tide and all that.

    177. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      schrodingers cat @ 22:27:

      i think we need to see the results of this election before we can come to any real decisions about the best way forward

      True that. Hence its importance, as all true indy supporters are increasingly coming to realise. Thankfully all the signs so far are that it will be a different matter entirely from 2017, despite all the media lockout shenanigans. (Too much has gone down since that can’t be ignored!)

      Let’s hope for a significant result, and with suitably-favourable ensuing consequences, whatever they are. Anyway, not too long to wait now.

    178. Famous15 says:

      For all those who doubt what happens to you when you are fired upon and the adrenaline flows I will share my experience.

      You not only stop sweating and often shite yourself but you also want to shag everything in sight.

      My therapist explains it very cogently by recalling the evolutionary imperative of the survival of the species. She pointed to the well known phenomenon of the apple tree bearing its heaviest crop prior to its death.

      So an apple a day not only keeps the doctor at bay but also makes many midwives save the broth.

      I trust this explanation stops any republican or any other dirty thoughts entering ones head.

    179. Famous15 says:

      Back on the couch!

      At Ibrox we now view the HMRC as an agent of the British Government intent on scuppering we loyalists. FIRST YOU SHAFT THE dup and then you come for the ordinary hun.

      Well we have had enough of youse Tories and our only hope now is Jo Swinson. We have invited her to the family day and trust she will use her whining ways to inject success where others have failed.

    180. call me dave says:

      Hmm! Leader of the Lib/Dems on Good Moaning Scotland in the morning at 08:10hrs. Wee Wullie Rennie. (Leader ?)

      I can hardly wait. 🙁

    181. James Barr Gardner says:

      Voting Day for IndyRef2 should and must be Thursday 4th June 2020 the 700th Anniversary of Declaration of Arbroath 04/06/1320, this date defines Scots and Scotland.

    182. dadsarmy says:

      @James Barr Gardner
      It’s the 6th of April, not the 4th of June. It’ll be the 700th anniversary on 06/04/1320. You’re getting the date in USA date style from wherever you got it!

    183. dadsarmy says:

      Or of course 700 years later.

    184. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      The first AUOB march of the year is on 4th April, in Arbroath.

    185. Gary45% says:

      call me dave@12.45
      Cheers for the warning!! although it meant I had to listen to GM Shortbread for the 2nd time in a while.
      I had “pupils premium” on my “what’s the point of Wullie Rennie talking sh*te bingo” and he never said it, damn.
      Might listen in at 9am for a laugh.

    186. galamcennalath says:

      Whatever happened to Brexit? I thought this election was to be all about Brexit. Parties setting out visions and voters choosing what they do or don’t want. MPs in WM couldn’t decide so ‘the people’ will, is that not what this is about?

      Single market membership, trade agreement, withdraw Article 50, customs union, EURef2, ‘Canada Plus’, free movement, extend the Transition Period, ‘Norway’ ….. so, where’s the discussion? Who’s proposing what?

      SNP are clear – have a referendum to make our own way in the world.

      Others? Trust us to decide, we’re politicians!

    187. winifred mccartney says:

      Great letter in the National today showing the bbc at its biased best – England worst figures for hospitals ever but on English/Welsh/NI sections not a word but on Scotland site no less than 6 nhs bad pieces about Scotland.

      As for the labour party no better than ambulance chasers, trawling the hospitals looking for the dead and dying – we keep thinking they cannot stoop any lower and then they prove us wrong.

      As for Willie R and his union what a joke leaving UK harder than EU except for the little fact that Scotland is not responsible for NI that is down to UK as is Cyprus, India and many of the other places left in ruins by the ‘colonial masters’.

    188. kapelmeister says:

      Jackson Carlaw in one of his tweets refers to “the Lib Dem’s”. If the guy doesn’t even know basic punctuation then what is he doing in front line politics?

    189. call me dave says:

      Well wee Wullie tried his best to boost his leader’s profile North of the wall but Gary on radio shortbread listed a few things from Swinson’s voting record and pffft! ….. He was struggling.

      He’s still on answering listeners questions but as Mick Jagger says ‘You better move on’ and I did.

      Another ‘hospital pass’ for the health secretary Freeman who dealt with it as best she could on shortbread.

      High Court today not expecting much 🙁

    190. HandandShrimp says:

      Anybody that believes the Lib Dems care about the environment or believe their promises on tuition fees need their bumps felt.

      Swinson is true blue orange book Tory lite

    191. Welsh Sion says:

      For dadsarmy and James Barr Gardner.

      700 years on – an update:

      Declaration of Arbroath, 2020.

      “For so long as there shall be but one hundred of us remain alive and posting on pro-indy sites, we will never give consent to subject ourselves to the domination of the English. For it is not glory, it is not riches, neither is it honour, but it is freedom alone that we fight and contend for, which no honest man or woman will lose but with their life.”

    192. Socrates MacSporran says:

      I see Brian Wilson being name-checked by the Rev on his twitter feed today.

      I first encountered Wilson in the press box at Celtic Park, in 1982. My immediate thought was: “You’re a fanny.”

      Nothing in the intervening 37 years has caused me to re-think, far less change, that original opinion.

    193. Giving Goose says:


      Swinson “Tory lite”?

      You’ve got to be kidding.

      Swinson makes Thatcher look like a socialist.

    194. Republicofscotland says:

      No independence ever Wee Willie Rennie just past me on Byres road Glagow. A half dozen cameramen followed him and his two, yes only two acolytes.

    195. North chiel says:

      “Winifred McCartney @ 0948 a.m. No doubt there is a major push underway at Propaganda Quay against the Health Secretary in the run up to to the GE in a attempt to undermine the SNP/ Scottish Government.For the past couple of weeks the impression is that that Jean Freeman is being personally held responsible for every ( however tragic) death in our hospitals.Pacific Quay leads, and the Britnat press run with the story & thereafter Britnat Slab ask “ the questions” on Thursday at Holyrood. No doubt this coming Thursday will be more of the same with individual ( tragic) cases being highlighted for political purposes. This will probably continue on until Dec 12th.
      There is a blatant attempt going on by the state Britnat propaganda outlets to confuse the Scottish electorate as regards the issues here, which for a GE should be all about reserved powers e.g DWP Universal credit ( shambles) , Defence ( trident & arms sales to Saudi etc.) , Transport (HS2 cost to Scottish taxpayer) , Immigration ( and the outrage of Priti Patel and her London Tory cohorts deporting Scottish residents on a daily basis and” deciding” who can and cannot live & and work in OUR COUNTRY. A shocking DISGRACE .).
      Instead we have the state propaganda outlets attempting to equate the GE issues with matters DEVOLVED to Holyrood. It’s the same Britnat propaganda output on radio phone ins like “ Call Kaye” and local radio (“ Ally Bally “on his Sunday morning phone in). Always an anti Scottish government” line” and never about “reserved issues” ( mentioned above).
      I sincerely hope that the Scottish electorate can “ see through” what’s going on here and on Dec 12th recognise the outstanding job being done by our Scottish government in the face of 10 years of Britnat Westminster Tory austerity ( and continuous budget cuts imposed on Holyrood) and vote for Independence ( and Indyref2) on Dec 12th .

    196. Tam the Bam. says:

      Republicof Scotland @ 10-43am

      Wish you had told me! I just stay round the corner and we could have ‘paired up’ for parity against Wee Wullies stormtroopers…lol

    197. starlaw says:

      Never in the field of BBC history was one man allowed one hour to spout as much claptrap and lies as Wullie Rennie got this morning. BBC you are a disgraceful organisation.

    198. schrodingers cat says:

      we are now here

      we know what boris brexit now means

      we know the tories are streets ahead in the polls

      so what are the scottish polls saying?

      wrt indy and the snp

      i expect to see movement in the next 3 weeks

      ps, stu have you plans to have an opinion poll commissioned? there seems to be a lack of them at the moment

    199. Starlaw – couldn’t agree more.

      The discussion about ‘what matters are devolved and what is not’ – i.e. the real nitty gritty of what topics are relevant for a W/minster GE – could have created a very informative and interesting broadcast of really useful information for Scottish voters.

      Did it happen – no way.
      It was shut down pretty quickly , Willie Rennie pretended he could’nt really understand the point the caller was making- then proceeded to discuss the apparent, appalling lack of provision of Special needs teachers in Scottish schools and proceeded to attack the SNP record for education standards; ditto for NHS matters.

      Is it just me or is there a glaring lack of discussion about proper WM topics – Nuclear weapons, climate challenge, welfare, homelessness.

      Listening to BBC Radio 4 you would think that there are only two people standing in this election – Johnson and Corbyn. Scotland Wales and N Ireland just DO NOT feature.

      Well done, unbiased BBC.
      Please pay attention – this is a NATIONAL, UK WIDE election.

    200. Socrates MacSporran says:

      When, oh when, are the SNP going to start playing hard ball with the BBC.

      Time and again,we see them homing-in on devolved issues. Every SNP talking head, from Nicola Sturgeon down, should, when confronted with a devolved issue, should be telling the BBC interrogator: “That is a devolved issue, for the Scottish Parliament – we are voting on the Westminster Parliament, ask us about such Westminster issues as A to Z.

      Then, whenever the likes of Andra Neil goes on about theoretical 7% deficits and so forth, simply tell him: “You are using unionist figures and arguments, which will not come into play in an Independent Scotland.@

      Just tell him: “These are pauchled Unionist figures, fake news. Come up with the true figures and I will discuss them.”

      Fight fire with fire.

    201. Republicofscotland says:

      Tam the Bam.

      “Wish you had told me! I just stay round the corner and we could have ‘paired up’ for parity against Wee Wullies stormtroopers…lol”

      Aye Tam, I did a U-Turn and followed a wee bit behind Our Wullie he is dressed in head to toe in black, he looked more like an undertaker than a politician.

      Him and the cameramen one from STV I recognised but forget his name, anyway Wee Willie ducked up a lane just off Great George street, and the unionist Cameramen followed suit.

    202. Tam the Bam. says:

      The STV guy was probably Colin McKay.

    203. Republicofscotland says:

      Tam it was Ewan Petrie, check out Rennie running doon a lane with a fake parrot, what a t#sser.

    204. Tam the Bam. says:

      Republicofscotland @ 5-03pm

      Just caught ‘Oor Wullie’ being interviewed on STV in Ashton Lane outside The Ubiquitous Chip (scene of ‘a rammy’ involving Neil Lennon a few years back).

    205. Tam the Bam. says:

      Republicofscotland @ 5-03 pm


      I thought you were joking about the parrot but…..
      not content with that..he sticks a witch’s broom between his legs!…and he expects the Scottish electorate to take him seriously? What a tosser indeed!!!

    206. Defo says:

      Spent many hours researching among old guys boozers Chris?
      That conk, & those lugs, the sadness in those eyes, of one who’s best days are long behind him.

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