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Damn that uncertainty

Posted on March 03, 2014 by

From today’s Press & Journal, for those of you outside Aberdeen.



But remember, readers – only independence creates doubt.

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139 to “Damn that uncertainty”

  1. Croompenstein says:

    Gideon just disnae suit that beard ! Aargh You have a woman’s face me lord

  2. muttley79 says:

    Will papers like the P&J ever acknowledge their strange position of fiercely opposing independence, but supporting Westminster rule that even they recognise is fucking shit? Very odd…

  3. Arbroath 1320 says:

    Hmm, funny this news hasn’t made it on to BBC (dis) reporting news tonight, I wonder why? This couldn’t be a last minute dash for cash by the HMT before Scotland becomes independent could it? Yet another fine example of how HMT and Westminster in general treat Scotland as their personal cash cow!

    Funnily enough they DID find time to report that Alex Salmond and SNP ministers are to be banned from Aberdeen council buildings, including libraries and parks! Good old Aberdeen council throwing their few remaining toys out of the pram…AGAIN!

  4. Croompenstein says:

    O/T Disreporting Scotland – Aberdeen City Council voting to ban First Minister from all council buildings! WTF will SLab ever learn?

  5. Murray McCallum says:

    Gideon appears to be making similar mistakes to his first omnishambles budget.

    Westminster governments of all colours are incapable of taking the long term view on anything, especially in matters outside financial services in the City of London.

    Scotland needs to control its own resources.

  6. Disgusted Dorothy says:

    OT I have just watched a blatant lie on STV news. JOHN MACKAY told those watching that since Osborne had told Scotland it could not use the pound , the YES vote had lost ground against NO.

    It really pisses me off that the media gets away with beaming distortion and lies into peoples homes.

    I want to shout from the rooftops to all the folk anxious about the money they will use after the independence vote will be the pound – we may not have a currency union but should we desire the pound as the currency of use we can.

    I too noted some eejit on the Aberdeen council had tabled this lamentable piece of idiocy against the FM – I use to be so proud of the city of my birth, thinking it a cut above ,cleaner and cleverer – not now.

  7. jingly jangly says:

    O/T poll in Evening Express, evening version of P+J
    asking whether its right to ban the first minister from council property.$redirectAnchor

  8. Doug Daniel says:

    “Click to enlARRRRge”, for those of you using handheld devices.

    Arbroath – Aberdeen Labour threw their last toys out of the pram a long time ago. The general consensus a few of us reached on Twitter was that they’re currently setting the pram on fire, chucking a hand grenade in it, and rolling it down a hill towards a cliff!

    Willie Young is surely going for some sort of award for World’s Biggest Idiot?

  9. Caroline Corfield says:

    I’m not entirely sure how this banning thing in Aberdeen is going to work. I’m under the impression there is no law of trespass, nor has the First Minister got an Asbo or court order restricting his movements, so under what legal position are Aberdeen council banning him? And how are they going to enforce the ban?

    If there is a mechanism could it be used to ban certain persons from all Scottish government buildings?

  10. Arbroath 1320 says:

    Oh thanks for the toys update Doug. 😉

    I thought that they had maybe found the odd broken toy underneath their cot mattress. 🙂

  11. heedtracker says:

    Fit like Times forgot Captain Osborne’s ConDem parrot, Danny Alexander but look at vote NO BBC Scotland giving this circus act a huge audience for his own very scary version of project fear, oor George goes kerching!

  12. Juan Pablo Del Roomigrant says:

    Sorry for going O/T , This is important.

    I have just received a fake email purporting to be fae YES Scotland. It did go straight to junk. I was about to make it safe, then as you do, had a good swatch at it, hovering over the links.

    Blair Jenkins Chief Executive Yes Scotland (

    It nearly fooled me.

  13. chicmac says:

    Presume the Pirate theme and the fact the Treasury spokesperson’s name was Kidd was coincidental.

    You would have thought the repercussions Osbourne’s last North Sea tax raid had, namely a drop in production, would have taught him something. But maybe it did, maybe that is his wee plan.

  14. muttley79 says:

    It just shows the mentality of far, far too many people in SLAB. If they are not winning then they are not interested. They have been throwing the toys out of the pram since 2007. Notice how they have completely lost interest in the Scottish parliament since they were dislodged from power there? This is terrible way to behave to the FM of Scotland, and more importantly to the office of the FM. No respect shown at all. What a bunch of numpties on ACC.

  15. muttley79 says:

    To be fair to the moron that is Willie Young, given the behaviour of the so called, nominal leader of SLAB, Johann Lamont, it is no wonder that their dinosaurs are acting in this manner and fashion.

  16. heedtracker says:

    “Webb warns that expro drilling had plummeted due to unavailability of drilling rigs and lack of expro funding” or really really short term UKOK planning. Where is the exact opposite happening? The Norwegian sector.

    If you have a BEng, an HND, HNC Eng, can walk in straight line without falling over furniture, head to Aberdeen, there’s a massive shortage of engineers in all areas and again, all down to a total lack of UKOK planning.

  17. TheGreatBaldo says:

    On the latest episode of idiocy from Willie Young (incidently check out his Twitter feed and the ‘conversation’ with Christian Allard…’s shall we say a wee bitty UKIP regarding where Christian was born).

    My other point is that the SNP of course are holding their Conference at the Exhibition Centre in Aberdeen.

    I think but I’m not sure the ‘Exy’ was hived off to an Arms Length Company a bit back…..

    But if it’s still part owned by the City Council then this is a comically ham fisted attempt to ban the FM from his own party conference

  18. heedtracker says:

    Anyone else just catch Channel 4 news Ukraine vox pop all about how Scotland is not being frightened into voting no, so why are they? The P&J’s a comic but very much a local branch of project fear.

  19. Murray McCallum says:

    I saw this on twitter

    Channel 4 News ?@Channel4News
    Doc appears to show govt memo: “UK should NOT support trade sanctions or close London financial centre to Russians”

    Again, Westminster governments can’t see beyond London. I wonder what William Hague was going in Kiev. Sellingtime shares?

  20. msean says:

    How would you enforce that?

  21. msean says:

    Here is the pirate,Captain Kidd fae Dundee

  22. starlaw says:

    Saw the STV news item about yes losing ground to the no’s. Didn’t look like the newscasters believed it either.

  23. Croompenstein says:

    well O/T – never heard Dunfermline mentioned in a song before..

  24. Brian Powell says:

    Bringing together all the elements of BBC bias, the Labour Party, Tory donors perhaps a couple of grand of the 0.1million could be put aside to hire a Private Investigator.

    They could connect up the BBC reporters, who do they know in the Labour Party, how often do they meet, did they go to University together, how are the connected to powerful lobbies for business, what deals are being done between the Conservatives and Labour.

    We know there must be some because of the obvious deal of being in coalition over currency.

    I know newspapers and investigative TV journalists are suppose to do this kind of thing, but they are too busy being shit, and involved.

  25. Arbroath 1320 says:

    Not a bad wee toe tapper that Croomperstein. 🙂

  26. Croompenstein says:

    @Arbroath 1320 – heard it on Argylle FM today I don’t think the lassie has ever been to Ooo Scotland but aye a good wee tune

  27. Brian Powell says:

    I wonder if I’m correct in thinking, after reading the twitter, concerning Brian Taylor’s pronouncement that if there had been more time there would have been a unified offer of Devo, that he is acting directly as the spokesman for the Together Campaign.

    Errm, rhetorical question.

  28. Grouse Beater says:


    The belligerent Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear took a pop at Scottish designed car in yesterday’s show – ha ha ha, Scotland has no car making factories, ha ha ha – an item in their News section.

    At such a sensitive time it ought to have been scrapped – but hey, TG makes millions for the publically owned, non-profit making corporation so they are exempt.

    No mention of illustrious contemporary Scot-trained designers such as Ian Callum and his brother. (Jaguar cars.) No “balance” – a look at a Reliant Robin, for example.

    The second car owner in the UK was a Scot … we’ve trained and forced to export lots of gifted engineers.

    Then there’s world beating Ecurie Ecosse…..I could list more.

  29. Erchie says:

    we haven’t heard partitioning or areas that vote No remaining in the UK for a while. perhaps this is a prelude to that resurfacing. “Significant” if Aberdeen with its oil.

    typical of the sort, if they lose they want to pull all down around them

  30. Croompenstein says:

    @Grouse Beater – can you imagine the outcry if this had been aimed at any other nationality or ethnic group, replace the word Scots with Muslim for example in his tramps statement and there would, quite rightly, be an outcry but it’s just the whingeing jocks..they make me feel physically sick.

  31. Arbroath 1320 says:

    Think you may be right croompenstein but hey still a good wee song I reckon, come to think about it maybe we’ve just found our new National Anthem. 🙂

  32. msean says:

    They missed the train on devo max,thought they would get the no win.I feel they are attempting to get devo max back on board now that they see where the referendum vote is heading.

    Don’t know how they could swing that at this late stage,but wouldn’t put it past them to find some mechanism for it lol.

  33. gerry parker says:

    Alex Salmond and SNP ministers are to be banned from Aberdeen council buildings, including libraries and parks!

    Now I would call that leading with the chin!

  34. cynicalHighlander says:

    @gerry parker says:

    Alex Salmond and SNP ministers are to be banned from Aberdeen council buildings, including libraries and parks!

    Now I would call that leading with the chin!

    Leading and Labour are complete opposites I reckon the guy needs sectioned before he puts the rest of the public at risk.

  35. caz-m says:


    A wee mood change. Paisley’s very own Paolo Nutini is fast becoming the poster boy of Scottish Independence music.

    What I wish for is a gathering of ALL the Indy musician, a bit like Live Aid, and record an anthem we can all get behind.

    Even get it to No1 in the UK charts.

    So all you producers out there, if you are reading this, then please make my dream come true. It would be an instant hit.

    Here is Paolo Nutini (with lyrics) singing “Caledonia”.

  36. SquareHaggis says:

    To be fair, it’s pretty good for the P&J.

    They’re generally prone to tow the general MSM line on most topics but on the subject of north sea industries they do tend to defend it.

  37. Doug Reid says:

    Hmm. Sounds a bit desperate to me. Uk economy is in bad way with about 42billion in interest charges this year when interest rates are at an all time low and it is likely that borrowing will continue to increase.

    Does not look very good for the future for r UK after independence.

  38. jingly jangly says:

    Grouse Beater – And it was a Scot who invented the V8 engine. Hillman Imp engines are still highly sought after by those racing Classic Sidecars, proving that in there time they were one of the best engines around.

    Caz-M Think Dick Gaughan already explained that its not easy to do this as different copywrite, record companies etc.

  39. CameronB says:

    Buccaneers were a cost-effective means of securing the wealth of others, for the benefit of empire. It can be hard to give the old habits up, particularly when they cost the Crown so little yet provided such healthy short-term returns.

  40. Grouse Beater says:

    @Jingly Jangly

    True – good remonder.

    Sorry, folks, thought I’d dropped my post into the BBC topic, but wifi signal is the thing dropping in and out.

  41. Arbroath 1320 says:

    For every one who wonders what the First Minister gets up to when he is threatened by a council banning him visiting council buildings, schools, libraries etc wonder no more. 😉

  42. JLT says:

    As some of you will know, I work in the Financial Sector.

    I have been rather quiet these last few days as I have been tapping into the mood of these announcements. I have also spoken to quite a lot of friends; all who work in various departments, and all in different companies, ranging from Banking to Insurance.

    Simply put. Some are a bit startled. Some are seething. Many are not amused.

    Now, I spoke to a couple of folk who are involved in Investments. To put it mildly …they are not amused. They are most DEFINITELY …not amused.

    Now, these folk are the ‘creme de la creme’ of the Financial Industry. The thought of having to up-sticks and move south, has infuriated quite a few from what I can gather. The Lothian’s, Fife and Central belt is their home …not Greater London.

    It is quite an interesting scenario. The jobs move south, but the Scottish talent remains.
    So, what do these companies do? There is after all, only so many traders and fully trained key staff in London. If supposedly 50,000 jobs moved south (or even just 20,000) …where does London find the ‘fully trained and key industry’ staff from? Does London begin to pay really silly money to get staff to move south into the thousands of newly created jobs that will be spring up on mass, or will it turn chaotic as thousands upon thousands of London based staff leap from one financial house to another, as the wages and positions available get silly?

    And while this is all going on, you are talking of buying new premises (at London prices), paying redundancy on mass that could run into billions, hire new staff (at London prices), move thousands of desks, chairs, cabinets, IT Kit, sensitive documents …all down south.

    And while that is going on …they have to pray that the Scots don’t cancel any insurance policies, move any pensions to Scottish based companies, close their Bank Accounts …which no doubt, will devalue Sterling straightaway …damage the share price of every major financial institution in the UK …or worse …risk the possibility of another government bailout …or more frightening for them …hostile takeovers from overseas companies as share prices devalue quickly.

    It might sound extreme …but hey …it’s not beyond the realms of fantasy.

    After all …last weeks announcement by a certain company led to a slight drop in their share price …and that was just an announcement to go and register in England!! Why did the price drop when it was just a simple announcement?

    If it is meant to be good for Greater London, why the price drop?

    1. The media blew it totally out of control. We learned that lies told on an large scale can cause damage to share prices.
    2. If a lie can do such damage, then people don’t like what they are hearing. It worries them greatly.

    So, what happens if it is the ‘mother-of-all-announcements’ and that 20,000 jobs are going south. You can bet your boots that the Scots will throw their toys out of the pram and take vengeance …serious vengeance. Not only that, the financial markets will brick themselves at the ensuing tornado of chaos that is about to begin. Prices begin to devalue on mass.

    Which leads to one conclusion from what I have heard from everyone that I have spoken to. No one …is going anywhere.

  43. Lanarkist says:

    Westminster and wee Georgie stock piling as much loot as possible in the short term they still own the golden goose cross bred( no pun intended) with asset stripping and scorched earth policies so that when we get Independence and control of oil it will be in a very hobbled state and take time to fine tune to optimum performance.

    Looks like they really believe that they are going to lose. Why else piss off the industry, investors, fabricators and global investment companies.

    Expect lots of shit behind the scenes as they sabotage, undermine, booby trap and then retreat all the time using the diminishing figures and returns to make good the argument that oil is diminishing, that Scotland’s figures do not add up.

    Cynical, two faced braggards, the lot of them.

    I curse the very day they were born., ahaar!

  44. CameronB says:

    P.S. I forgot, Buccaneers certainly caused uncertainty amongst traders and disruption to economic activity.

  45. ronnie anderson says:

    So whit Referendum choices again, YES —No—Devo Max

    ( with a spoonful of jam )hmmmm, noo if there wiz a

    sprinkling o 100s n 1000s on that I might be persuaded,

    hud me back guys n gals the dark side beckons n take oot the

    red wans.

  46. cynicalHighlander says:


    Standard Life profits had dropped 13% which why the share price dropped now how can management take that off the front page!

  47. SquareHaggis says:


    Interesting. I was thinking in a similar vein and reading another wiki just before you posted.

  48. gerry parker says:

    @cynicalHighlander ,
    It’s a boxing term.
    You can lead with the left, lead with the right, or…

  49. Marcia says:

    Peter A Bell speaking at the recent Independence Yes Café in Dundee on Saturday

  50. Midgehunter says:


    Anyone heard from BRACO lately, has he got some employment?

    Was thinking of him when reading about the mass of jobs going in the Aberdeen area.

  51. The Oil fraud in Scotland says:

    Osbporne/Alexander raised Oil tax revenues 11% (£2Billion) a year, to 60% to 80% in the 2010 Budget Oil Production is reported to have fallen 17% and could be falling, even more. Oil revenues are reported to be £6Billion+ Scotland will have lost approx £5Billion from Oil (tax) revenues a year. Oil company cut investments and mothball intended Projects because of the increased tax burden, making some future projects uneconomical.

    Westminster has ever invested a penny in the North Sea industry. Thatcher cancelled a pipe line wasting the equivalent of £Billions of Gas. The gov papers were recently released. The UK Treasury actions in the Oil Industry have been an economic disaster, for the Companies and the workers. Health and Safety guidance, has not been properly enforced. The workers work under undesirable condition. Helicopters are falling from the sky because of fatigue and lack of proper maintenance.

    Bereaved families are not getting proper compensation because of lack of Inquiry under Westminster governance, It’s a total disgrace.

    Multinational (foreign) in the City of London, making vast profits in the UK, tax evade and pay no tax at all. The tax due could pay off the National debt. The Tory bankers in the City of London are paid massive bonuses for failure, tax evade and pay no tax at all. They are ‘Untouchable’ protected by Westminster liars and tax evaders. If HMRC try to investigate, the Inspectors are warned off. They find notes on their desks, saying, ‘Do not go there’. HMRC will hound individuals and small businesses to death. Tax is supposed to be progressive and equal. In the UK it is not.

    Any volatility in the Oil Industry is caused by Westminster interference and total incompetence.
    Vote YES to manage Scotland’s vast resources properly and ensure they are not wasted by Westminster’s intransigence.

    Alex and Co are right about the squander of the Scottish Oil recources by successive Westminster Governments, leaving Scotland in unexceptable poverty. Alex Dalmind would have been one of the first people, as an Oil economist how much the Industry was worth and how Scotland was being secretly defrauded. Vote YES.

    The Aberdeen City Clowns councillors are embarrassing the City again. They are an affront to the City. An embarrassment to Unionists and others alike. The mismanagement and waste has cost the City £145Million so far. Last time the Labour/Unionist administration nearly bankrupted the City. The Scottish gov had to bail them out. They are not fit for public office. Distrusted and disliked by the whole City. A governance of incompetence, waste and spite. Anyone who wants to, can send them a comment on their behaviour.

  52. X_Sticks says:


    SSP meeting with Colin Fox and Jim Sillars in Ayr

    Is that our Ian Brotherhood front left of the pic?

  53. X_Sticks says:

    Jeez! front right (must be Freudian) of pic. 🙂

  54. Lies and manipulation says:

    The lies and manipulate were used by the Press. The Statement from Standard Life bear no relation to the Press reports and invention. There would be 50 core workers moving from Scotland to the South. Standard Life have been saying this for years, before Devolution. Calling ‘Wolf’. No wonder people no longer pay any attention. Was it an attempt to take attention away from falling profits? A diversion burying bad news.

  55. CameronB says:

    ronnie anderson
    They can only unplug you from Britnat wonderland, if you leave the red ones. It’s the blue ones you need to avoid. 🙂

    The old ones are the best ones according to Better Together, so as we are on a nautical theme.

    Star Trek – Shore Leave (condensed)

  56. CameronB says:

    Didn’t the PM call on Scotland’s buccaneering spirit recently, to ensure we remain ‘Better Together’?

  57. caz-m says:

    Programme on BBC 2 at the moment telling us how brill London is and how bad the rest of us are.

    See the place where all you taxes go.

  58. call me dave says:

    Thanks Marcia

    Enjoyed that, slow start but from 10mins in really touched on some important factors. Hit the right buttons for me.


  59. Archie [not Erchie] says:

    Mark McDonald MSP is holding a surgery in my block of ACC owned flats on the Great Northern Road, Aberdeen on the 17th March. He will be accompanied by 1 Councillor and a Housing Officer from ACC.

    I tweeted him earlier today on how he would get by the razor wire barricade erected due to the ban on SNP MSPs setting foot on ACC property.

    Apparently Christian [Renee] Allard will cause a diversion in pink tou-tou singing ‘Je suis peezing on your partee leetle Weely’

  60. ronnie anderson says:

    Marcia 8.59, P A Bell, thanks for posting that vid,good speaker,as was the other guy. fkin food banks in St Marys,
    ah thought things were bad in D Dee when I worked in
    Cairdie,s, many moons ago.

  61. orkers says:

    @ Marcia

    Thanks for that link to Peters speech. I’ve been reading his comments for about eighteen months now and it’s a pleasure to see him talking in public. In his own way he does a great deal to drive us towards our goal of Independence. It’s obvious both from his writing and now from his speeches that he he is an extraordinarily gifted advocate for our cause.
    It would break my heart if Scotland voted ‘No’ and Peter would share my disappointment in spades.

    A big hearted man in every way, gawn yersel Peter!

  62. SquareHaggis says:

    Nuatical themes;


    Both with a common theme

    They wouldn’t, would they?

  63. gordoz says:

    Just seen STV latest poll crap – Scot Tonight should be great more Nat bashing via bollocks polling data & Prof John Curtice (a stick on)

    Guess UK govt have now got to Scotlands other broadcaster.

    FFS game over – were all in the pish now.

    Aye; if you believe all that manipulated shit.

    1/3 of undecided move to No as a result of getting their coupon smacked by a Tory toff, for suggesting a fare share of the housekeeping; in Scotland ?

    Get a grip STV, who are you kidding ?

  64. ronnie anderson says:

    @CameronB 9.26,if they take oot the red wan,s, there,ll be mair blue wan,

  65. ronnie anderson says:

    @gordoz, ah thought that today,Scots persuaded by wee Gidion

    if ye didna laugh yed greet.

  66. msean says:

    Can’t wait to see what the city reacts to blocks on trade with a country with border controls,oil and gas,and not an eu member. Seems the panic is rising already.

  67. CameronB says:

    ronnie anderson
    Not that it is a bad thing, but I take it you haven’t seen the film “The Matrix”?

    If you took the blue pill you stayed a slave plugged into wonderland, but if you took the red one you would be freed by the truth of reality.

    I’m afraid it all goes a bit pear shaped from there though, so I won’t spoil it for you. 😉

  68. ronnie anderson says:

    Ah thought Scots were as poor as church mice,but some o us

    kin afford tae feed puggy machines tae the tune of £4 bil+,

    still STV will give us a more in depth report.

  69. ronnie anderson says:

    @CameronB 9.53, Hiv ah seen the Matrix,if you could only see

    with my eyes when you put your heid on the pillow with eyes

    closed, every color of the rainbow,Lightning strikes,the

    other nite awe the posts I had seen before i lay doon,being

    deleted at rapid speed,talk of weird,am living the Matrix.

  70. CameronB says:


  71. gordoz says:

    O/T But seriously shocked.

    For the undecideds who still feel Scotland can offer something and just not sure but want more information.

    A must see, watch ‘Mind the Gap’ BBC1 9.00pm om Iplayer
    regarding London and its need for expansion at the expense of the regions (including Scotland. A real eye opener specially last 10mins.

    Londond sucking in 5 billion in UK taxes to fund cross rail project (infrastructure. Scotlands share 9% say ? – ask yourself why. If London is so successful again why ?

    Foodbanks in Scotland ?

    Who is subsidising who folks ? Who is subsidising who and for what ?

    Best reason to Vote YES I have seen so far.

  72. CameronB says:

    Not that I’m pleased you are experiencing disorienting symptoms. You have a certain way of phrasing things though. 🙂

  73. gordoz says:

    ‘Mind the Gap’ BBC1 9.00pm

    Sorry should have said it was on tonight – shocking report on Londons success at expense of other areas.

    Guys you must watch this for info.

  74. gordoz says:

    @ronnie anderson

    STV sinking to depths of BBC with crap like that ?

  75. CameronB says:

    Don’t you recognise ‘national benefit’ when you see it?

  76. SquareHaggis says:


    Not sure if he said British Buccaneering spirit or Scotland’s.
    Got to go look at that again..

  77. ronnie anderson says:

    @CameronB, ah forgot about the wisps of smoke, forming into

    a conical & shooting outward,that,s why I cant sleep, it

    wakes me up,i,ll no tell you about the Alain eyes,you,ll no

    sleep the nite whoooo. lol

  78. Seasick Dave says:

    Today I received a reply from Standard Life with regards to my concerns about them absquatulating from Scotland.

    Dear Mr Seasick Dave

    Thank you for your email.

    We are disappointed that our statement has caused you concern.

    To clarify our position, Standard Life currently has no plans to relocate or transfer parts of our operations out of Scotland. What we have announced are precautionary measures to ensure we can provide continuity and protect the interests of our customers, wherever they live in the UK (and around the world), in the event of Scotland becoming independent.

    We have no desire to move any aspect of our operations unless absolutely necessary. We have been based in Scotland for 189 years. We are proud of our Scottish heritage and believe that Scotland is a good place from which to run our business and compete around the world. We very much hope this can continue.

    Standard Life is strictly non-political and will not seek to influence people on how they should vote. However, we have a duty and a responsibility to understand the implications of independence for our four million UK customers, our shareholders, our people and other stakeholders in our business. We will take whatever action is necessary to protect their interests.

    Yours sincerely

  79. SquareHaggis says:


    Great quote from fynesider2 on that Bateman link, AAA

  80. Dan Huil says:

    Surely there must be people of integrity who work for the BBC, STV, newspapers and polling organizations willing to speak out against such unionist manipulation. Could WOS and the Rev give them a platform, with anonymity guaranteed if asked for?

  81. Clootie says:

    How did Willie Young become a millionaire?

    I’m truly baffled.

  82. ronnie anderson says:

    @Dan Huil10.17, that Integrity gets put into their bank


  83. gordoz says:


    Christ I know – when its an alien Capital to your instinct its just wrong.

    I dont know why the English put up with that shit either for that matter. Greed is good ?

  84. gordoz says:


    How did Willie Young become a millionaire?

    Climbed the ranks of the Labour party ?

  85. O/T: You don’t need to spend too long on Google to get the feeling all is not what it seems with “Let Wallace Vote”.

    I don’t think he’s / they’re worth a lot of effort in debunking, but I hope they don’t manage to con too many expats.

  86. gordoz says:

    @ronnie anderson – Nice one!

    ‘that Integrity gets put into their bank


    You forgot the Boom, Boom at the end.

  87. SquareHaggis says:

    Our great United Kingdom: brave, brilliant, buccaneering, generous, tolerant, proud – this is our country.

    Gawd.that was painful, had to read nearly all of it to find the quote as it’s right near the end – beyuch!

    but yeah it was BOTH of us apparently, Buccaneers Together

  88. castle hills chavie says:

    Ronnie, your in esteemed company.

    Hendrix could only hear music via colour.

    Crowd-fund a guitar for Ronnie, we could have a double legend on our hands,

    Lots of wee smiley things..

  89. X_Sticks says:

    SquareHaggis says:

    “Great quote from fynesider2 on that Bateman link, AAA”

    Indeed SquareHaggis, a belter. I won’t post it here as I think fynesider2 deserves all the credit! No spoilers 😉

  90. Arbroath 1320 says:

    Clootie says:

    How did Willie Young become a millionaire?

    I’m truly baffled.

    I’m guessing his first act as a councillor after the 2012 elections might have gone some way to helping Clootie. 🙂 They massively increased councillors salaries if I’m not mistaken. 😉

  91. SquareHaggis says:

    Agreed X-Sticks, did make me cheshire 😀

  92. TheGreatBaldo says:

    Clootie says:

    3 March, 2014 at 10:18 pm

    How did Willie Young become a millionaire?

    I’m truly baffled.

    He used to have a Hotel in Stonehaven at the turn of the millennium sold up and I believe the rest has come from property deals in Aberdeen.

    The Aberdeen property market has been the one surefire way to make money in Scotland for a couple of generation now….mate had 1 bedroom flat made £130,000 profit.

  93. yerkitbreeks says:

    Thought the London prog was scary – not just for us up here but for a metropolis that is running out of control.

  94. ronnie anderson says:

    Newsnite, Menzies Campbell, People of Ukraine should be able
    to determine their own future,without Russian Interference.

    A hole lot of double standard,s,I hope somebody,s recording that.

  95. Arbroath 1320 says:

    Here’s the Newnet Scotland take on this story.

  96. ronnie anderson says:

    @castle hills chavie,jist crowd fund the Plectrum,ave mair chance of playing a tune on that,to many strings on a guitar

  97. HoraceSaysYes says:

    O/T – My wife and I have both just completed an online YouGov survey which in the main was about politics and the referendum.

    Along with the usual questions on voting intentions for EU/Westminster/Holyrood and the referendum, whether Westminster or Holyrood should be responsible for various policy areas and whether we should remain in the EU or not, there was this rather interesting question towards the end –

    “Referendum polling has consistently suggested a “no” vote and so attention has turned to what might happen afterwards. According to political expert Dr. Stephen Fisher from Oxford University, the Conservatives look likely to win the most seats in 2015. The key question is how the Conservatives will respond to a no vote.

    Experienced journalist Ben Riley-Smith reports that the Conservatives would then refuse to transfer substantially more powers to Scotland – the so-called “devo-max” option.

    If there is a “no” vote in 2014, which of the following do you think is the most likely outcome?

    A major transfer of powers from Westminster to the Scottish Parliament (“devo-max”)

    Some powers will be transferred but well short of “devo-max”

    No change to the relationship between Westminster and the Scottish Parliament

    Don’t Know

    Now, I was disappointed by the lack of a ‘powers will be reduced’ option. And I have to say I’ve never heard of either Stephen Fisher or Ben Riley-Smith. But it might be worth keeping an eye out for the results of this one when they become available.

  98. X_Sticks says:

    Pat Kane really good on Newsnicht. I think the fact that Yes is confident and upbeat really gets to the Bitter mob. Great!

  99. msean says:

    This Newsnight Scotland is turning into a you canny dae it. Pat outnumbered 2 to 1 again just like on this week .

  100. heedtracker says:

    How did Willie Young become a millionaire? He’s a landlord here in Aerberdeen. A fair few have made a lot of money renting especially if they bought say a dozen flats across town throughout the 90’s. Everyone knows how keen banks were to lend money pre crash so high demand, 2% unemployment, high wages, no council rentals and that’s what makes for a millionaire rocket scientist like oor Wullie.

  101. Murray McCallum says:

    That New OneNation Labour bloke John McTernan has got one hell of a sneer on him.

    Maybe he should stop looking in mirrors? Might cheer him up a bit.

  102. Marcia says:


    I think that is a BT internal poll. I received a poll just recently asking a similar question. The question was very similar but with Labour winning the UK GE and naming a Professor to try and give credence to their question. At the end of the survey I told them that I objected to push poll questions.

  103. ronnie anderson says:

    Newsnite Scot ,Pat Kane phsl,weil done Pat.

  104. Ian Brotherhood says:

    It was good to see Doonfooter, albeit very briefly, before the Ayr SSP meeting tonight.

    Were any other Wingers there?

  105. caz-m says:

    Of course Better Together have a 25 point lead, with guys like John McTernan on your side, how could you possibly fail. And that suit and hair, he looks as if he slept out all night in a bush.

    And he reminded us that after the referendum and a NO victory, Labour would get together and offer Scots the powers they are looking for.

  106. Arbroath 1320 says:

    Just thinking about wee Willie Young in Aberdeen tonight and I was wondering if he has perhaps been watching this movie a wee bit too often recently. Bless his little cotton socks. 🙂

  107. caz-m says:


    Cameron is more worried about his beloved stock market than he is for the people on Ukraine.

    How will they ever finish all those building projects in London if the Scots vote for Independence and their stocks nose dive because of the Ukraine crisis.

  108. Arbroath 1320 says:

    Just been thinking about wee Willie Young up there in Aberdeen. I think he has been watching this a wee bit too often recently. Bless his little cotton socks. 🙂

    Sorry if this is duplicated, had a wee problem posting last post. 🙁

  109. X_Sticks says:

    C’mon Wingers the Kirriemuir Yes Shop Fund are only after a grand to open their Yes Shop. That should only take you lot five minutes!

  110. Cllootie says:

    I know of one deal worth billions of inward investment which is now at risk. The company was due to make a final review in May.

    He obviously doesn’t understand the industry. Oil companies assess the project criteria and invest. They look at a raft of issues but one they don’t like is short notice political manipulation.

    This looks like a money grab to balance the books for election give aways targeting the South.

  111. Proud Cybernat says:

    New Aberdeen City Council Parks Notice:

  112. X_Sticks says:

    Good article from Hugh Reilly in Scotsman

    “Labour has lost its way”

  113. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Okay…no other Wingers at the Ayr meeting tonight?

    What about this Friday at the Harbour Arts Centre, Irvine? Anyone managed to get tickets for Brian Taylor’s Big Debate?

    If so, be aware that Brian Donohoh-aw-naw-no-you-again will be there. If you get a chance to ask him a question, please produce two pennies and ask him ‘You got a two-pee on ye big man?’

  114. X_Sticks says:

    And more on Glasgow labour corruption (no other word for it) from Scot-Buzz

    “The strange case of a £500k pay-off to Glasgow ‘poverty campaigner’”

    You couldn’t make it up.

  115. hetty says:

    Proud cybernat

    that poster by Scott Creighton is a gem!


    Just spotted another ‘yougov’ poll ad on facebook, saying 60% of Scottish people are no voters. It has around 59k likes!
    I wonder who the ‘likes’ are…

  116. X_Sticks says:

    @Ian Brotherhood

    Kinda difficult to get down from Aberdeen unfortunately 🙁

    Think I spotted in the pic here:

  117. Morag says:

    I shouldn’t worry, I think they’re paying for Likes.

  118. Silver19 says:

    OT: The strange case of a £500k pay-off to Glasgow ‘poverty campaigner’. Good old Glasgow Labour :-

  119. Barney Thomson says:

    Surely Gideon can’t be a pirate. He has a Letter of Marque providing the Crown’s permission to fall upon their enemies to exact reprisal and reparation and to appropriate their goods and effects for the benefit thereof.

    On the other hand, such permission didn’t do this Dundonian much good –

    Did you know there used to be a football team called Dundee Osborne? They went bust.

  120. CameronB says:

    I came across this documentary about Gideon’s early career. I don’t think his effectiveness has improved much and it looks like he has history when it comes to running away with the ball.

  121. K Mackay says:

    ‘click to enlaRRRRge’ genius 🙂

    Osbourne reminds me alot of ‘patchy the pirate’ from Spongebob Squarepants in that picture

  122. Decided YES says:

    The Tories are destroying the Oil industry in Scotland to fund tax evasion in the City of London. That have form and the Thatcherites are back. It will cost Scotland monies and jobs. Vote YES to stop the daylight robbery of Scottish resources.

    Higher tax revenues are raised in Scotland, while Scotland borrows and spends less, (pro rata) The Oil revenues go to the UK Exchequer and do not come. Back. The rest of the UK raises less taxes but borrows and spends more (pro rata). Scotland is given a proportion of the debt, not even spent in Scotland. Scotland has no say in how the major revenues are borrowed and spent (pro rata) ie illegal wars, redundant weapons,Trident, Tory bankers fraud etc, which has caused the debt.

    Scotland should have fiscal autonomy to create a better, healthier more equal society. The young, the old and the vulnerable are living in unnecessary poverty, Westminster are killing off the vulnerable, but 1 in 39 people in London S/E are dollar millionaires.

    Vote YES so the Tories can never raid Scottish resources again and Scotland is not kept in poverty and disadvantage by a crooked London non elected elite, not based in Scotland. People in Scotland should wisen up

    The people who will decide the Referendum in Scotland will be those who never normally would vote. Approx 50% of voters. They are totally disillusioned with politics and how the UK is governed. That is why they do not vote, normally. The higher the turnout, the higher the YES majority.

    They will vote YES The Polls are skewed because they are off the political landscape. The Pollsters would find it difficult to find them or engage with them. They would never do a Poll. The Pollsters are making £Millions, being funded by Public money.It is just a rip off of public money by PR companies. The Piper pays the tune. The Pollsters give them what the want, a dishonourable Poll with the result they want. Funded in Grants and payments of £Millions of Public (taxpayers) monies. It is a fraudulent racket, with all associated trying to make a fast buck from the fraudulent result. A massive Poll Con from the ConDems and their associates, trying to retain their fraudulent wealth grab.

  123. I don't believe it says:

    Kirsty Wark reported to be a maybe, ‘pigs will fly’, possibly a YES?

    It’s in the bag. A total YES win. No other possibility.

  124. Graft and corruption, brown envelopes says:

    Willie Young’s finances are a mystery?

  125. heedtracker says: Guardian’s foreign correspondent cashing in on month of project fear onslaught. England really do not want to give up Scotland. On the one hand, raging hypocrite liberal middle England attacks democracy for Scotland, as far right England asset strips Scotland again. How ever will this end? Severin Carrell knows!

  126. Tattie-bogle says:

    i know a guy who is pretty much a millionaire and he thought chapel would be spelt like chapple so smarts does not really come into it with some folk pot luck

  127. Journalism and collusion says:

    The tax evaded ‘London’ economic ‘miracle’, subsidised by the neglected Scottish Oil sector, taxed at 60% to 80%. The ill researched, cub reporters conveniently forgot to mention that fact.

    If the tax evaders in London City, subsidised by the rest of the UK taxpayers, paid their tax, there would be no national debt, but a surplus. A two tier illegal tax regime operates in Britain. Westminster tax evaders are above the Law. They get away with murder.

  128. bunter says:

    Salmond’s speech today referring to Osborne’s monumental error, ruling out a currency union. Note he doesn’t say ”big” or ”large” or indeed ”huge” LOL.

    Was Salmond’s plan A, really his plan B? Does the Fiscal Commission got a wee surprise up their sleeve?

  129. Nkosi says:

    Yes 9% (167)
    No 91% (1664)

    Latest on the poll giving backing to our FM. I guess Willie Young will be resigning shortly, but I won’t hold my breath.

  130. caz-m says:


    What poll was that????

  131. Fabricated Polls pay for failures. says:

    Wee Young Willy winkle puts the heid above the parapet. Gets bombed oot.

  132. Training Day says:

    The push by the MSM to present the referendum result as a fait accompli for No is really on, what with the STV poll and the You Gov one cited above which talks of ‘attention turning towards what will happen after a No vote’. It was also noticeable that on the ITN news last nighty Martin Geissler was pushing the ‘part of you must be preparing for defeat’ line with Salmond.

    A tactic clearly designed to try and demoralise Yes voters, but a risky tactic if it leads to a lower turn-out of No voters on the day.

    Perhaps BT/MSM think they’ve already got enough postal votes/ intelligence services boxes full of No votes in the bag for this to be anything other than a successful tactic.

  133. Barbara Reid says:

    I vote Paulo Nutini’s latest track (Iron Sky) from his Caustic Love album be the song for Indy. With Wings’ support it would reach no. 1 no bother.

  134. G H Graham says:

    Shell: Tax not independence is the key issue

    2nd November 2013

    Royal Dutch Shell is not planning for the prospect of Scotland gaining independence, according to the company’s finance chief who said any Government that controls the North Sea has to get the tax regime right or risk frightening off investors.

    So two years ago, SHELL couldn’t care less about independence. The only thing that mattered to them then was money. Or rather, how much money would be left after Westminster stripped away a good chunk in taxes & spent it on stuff we don’t need or want, like say Trident.

    I’m going to hazard a guess but I reckon nothing much has changed at Shell, except of course that in the last 2 years, Westminster has raised the amount of tax Shell has had to cough up. Oh, and the possibility of an In/Out EU referendum.

    Yesterday, Shell announced that it is worried about the risks posed by the British government’s position on the EU and by Scottish independence, according to The Guardian.

    Seems to me that Shell is more worried about Britain leaving the EU. Assuming a NO vote in September, if Britain leaves, Scotland leaves.

    But why would Shell care? Well how about restrictions on free movement of labour? And the loss of the free trade agreement?

    As I said earlier, follow the money. Anything else that’s spoken is just political noise.

  135. G H Graham says:

    Correction for above: 2nd November 2012, not 2013.

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