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Another goodbye

Posted on January 30, 2014 by

Just in case any of our spotters tomorrow fancy handing out their own leaflets.


Click image to see the whole thing, and download the PDF for printing here.

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    140 to “Another goodbye”

    1. MajorBloodnok says:

      I wonder what their Plan B is?

    2. Grahame says:

      Love it! Might commission 5000 of those for distribution in Edinburgh west

    3. Croompenstein says:

      @Rev Stu you should have mentioned that palace of perpetual urine stench the house of lords on ur leaflet but good job

    4. @Grahame – there’s someone in Yes Leith who could help out.

    5. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Goodbye Better Together…goodbye.

      You had Seasons in the Sun right enough (and the Record, the Scotsman and the Daily Mail) but all good things must come to an end…

      Now that the spring is in the air…goodbye.

    6. Andy-B says:

      Like it Rev.

      Behind every BT lying leaflet, there’s a truthful YES one trying to get out.

    7. Grahame says:

      @stewart bremner

      from what I hear he’s a thoroughly decent chap! ????

    8. Croompenstein says:

      Lord help us would someone in the parliamentary labour party please stand up and say enough of this pish FFS how can they fuckin sleep at night.. wee things FFS

    9. annie says:

      Watching Scotland tonight – too angry to comment

    10. Roboscot says:

      I’ll be distributing half a million of these tomorrow.

    11. twenty14 says:

      Just printed off 2 billion

    12. James123 says:

      Goodbye to Westminster rule
      Goodbye to the Tories
      Goodbye to the Bedroom Tax
      Goodbye to poverty
      Goodbye to inequality
      Goodbye to Trident
      Goodbye to BBC Scotland
      Goodbye to subsidising the UK
      Goodbye to our wealth being squandered

      Welcome to a free and democratic Scotland

    13. Chic McGregor says:

      This text seems to have been popular on FB if you want a quick message.

      Those who hanker after the Status Quo. Where ‘Status Quo’ means no or little change. Should listen up and realise this.


      Vote YES and KEEP:

      Free care for the elderly.
      Free tuition fees.
      Free prescriptions.
      Free Bus passes for the over 60s
      The same retirement age.
      Community charge freeze.
      A national health service.
      Membership of the EU.
      The welfare system.

      Vote NO and LOSE:

      All of the above.

    14. twenty14 says:

      Just watched Scotland Tonight – Forsyth and Davidson up a tree K-I-S-s-I-N-G

    15. PRJ says:

      In a democracy of nations, no one nation should have overall political control of the others.

    16. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      I caaaaan’t believe it. I’m watching Newsnight Scotland expecting some scintillating debate about yesterday’s or today’s terribly interesting and contentious political issues and we get a light-hearted discussion about our national symbol followed by a discussion about pressed flowers

    17. twenty14 says:

      Sorry O/T – just wandered over to The Herald and perused the comments section re : Davidson and lord lang’s remarks and comments by the one and only Macintyre OBE

      Having never commented before I felt compelled to leave the following –

      “I have watched this forum for around the past two years and enjoyed all the contributions from both sides on the Independence debate, never before having commented, and have come to one definitive conclusion – you Mr John Macintyre OBE, from Woking talk complete and utter pish ”

      Will this get past their moderation panel or should I have removed the word ” and “

    18. HandandShrimp says:

      The BBC Scotlandshire piece is pretty funny. I saw Blair in Blytheswood Square the other week. That picture is surprisingly accurate.

      I am sure the BT chaps and chapesses will be delighted we are popping along. It would be pretty dull otherwise.

    19. Seasick Dave says:

      What’s this wee things about?

    20. James123 says:

      @Seasick Dave
      What’s this wee things about?

      Read all about in tomorrow’s papers….

    21. The Man in the Jar says:

      That “wee thing” is going to bite Lamont on the arse.

      What a disgrace that woman and her party are. Cala Hilton grinning like a baboon behind her in the video clip. Talk about lowering the tone of the debate.

      Dave McEwan Hill got it right earlier! This and Newsnight is more like an episode of Countryfile???

    22. Ronnie says:

      Goodbye-ee, goodbye-ee,
      Wipe the tear, baby dear, from your eye-ee,
      Tho’ it’s hard to part I know,
      I’ll be tickled to death to go.
      Don’t cry-ee, dont sigh-ee,
      there’s a silver lining in the sky-ee,
      Bonsoir, old thing, cheer-i-o, chin, chin,
      Nah-poo, toodle-oo, Goodbye-ee.

    23. call me dave says:

      Posted by Robo NNS.

      The wee things.

      BBC Scotland didn’t mention Scotland would have the oil revenues. Mr Salmonds speaking the list not shown. They would do that wouldn’t they.

    24. The Man in the Jar says:

      I just re-watched the video clip on the NNS link.

      What a desperate and deluded fool Lamont is. Desperation is setting in when you rant on like some BTL commenter in the Telegraph (Braveheart claxton). Delusional as she (and the zoo behind her)seem to think that this is all wonderful stuff. “Yea stick it to those nasty nats Johann!”

      Can we have some more of this Johann? You are now without a doubt a gift to the Yes campaign.

    25. msean says:

      Was that “The Jaiket” behind the leader? The famous pink jaiket?

    26. Early Ball says:

      Baroness Liddell eh! The Jackie Bird of the seventies. Followed Robert Maxwell into the gents in the eighties,Labour MP in the nineties, Westminster’s girl in Scotland in the noughties and Baroness supporting Tories in the whatever this decade is called.

    27. Flower of Scotland says:

      Goodbye to This Week which is still on BBC 1
      Goodbye to Andrew Neil , a Scot , who seems to dislike Scotland
      Goodbye to Diane Abbott who complained that Scottish Labour said that Devolution would “stuff ” the Nats !!
      Goodbye to Michael Portillo who said the Conservatives don’t seem to know what to do about the Referendum ,but keep sending up folk like Haig and Carney , and Alex Salmond is always there demanding a debate with Cameron !
      Shame about M Portillos shirts as they can be quite colourful !

    28. ronnie anderson says:

      @Ianbrotherhood10.22, Ah the young wan,s dont know whit they missed,as I keep saying the Auld Sang,s the best,
      Thanks Ian bring,s back,very good memories,

    29. msean says:

      I still can’t believe that they all work together,if you had said that to them 20 years ago,they would have laughed.It’s not funny now though. 🙁

    30. call me dave says:

      Lamont conspicuous by her absence on the BBC website, unfortunately Ruthie / Laing has moved the spotlight away from her. Good old auntie!

      You even have to search to find FMQ link. They don’t want to show Mr Salmond reading out that long long list of ‘wee things’. I mean it could put another 3% on the YES and that’s break even point in the polls.

      Darling must be pulling his eyebrows out as he gargles his tonsils in ‘better together’ mouth wash. What a job he’s got, the man who tried to sell union jam and pigs in pokes to Scotland.

    31. msean says:

      I saw that with Diane Abbot,did she just say that the English/UK parliament would probably vote for a currency union?

    32. Chic McGregor says:

      “Baroness Liddell eh! The Jackie Bird of the seventies. Followed Robert Maxwell into the gents in the eighties,Labour MP in the nineties, Westminster’s girl in Scotland in the noughties and Baroness supporting Tories in the whatever this decade is called.”

      You forgot the ‘Dame Nellie Melbourne’ episode inflicted as a punishment on ex colonials.

    33. Chic McGregor says:

      “Darling must be pulling his eyebrows out as he gargles his tonsils in ‘better together’ mouth wash. What a job he’s got, the man who tried to sell union jam and pigs in pokes to Scotland.”

      Would you buy an abused economy off that man?

    34. call me dave says:

      Diana Abbot quote.

      “If we give way to the people pushing to weaken the trade union link and weaken the collective voice, what is to say that trade unions will always want to give their political finance to the Labour Party? In Scotland they could look at the SNP.

    35. Molly says:

      Msean, pretty sure I heard that too or could have been a slip of the tongue!

    36. Chic McGregor says:

      Laing. To suggest that Scots in an independent Scotland would somehow forget or fail to acknowledge or honour the past bravery and sacrifice of Scottish soldiers is just about the lowest depths of political depravity I have ever countenanced.

    37. Paul says:

      The above video should be played on giant screens all around Scotland then independence would be a certainty. What a shower of weasel excuses for human beings I have ever had the misfortune to see. Please everyone work as hard as we can we must rid ourselves of these pompous twits that’s the nicest thing I can say about them.

    38. call me dave says:

      OMG! Lamont’s made the Guardian. Posing picture alert.

    39. Chic McGregor says:

      “If we give way to the people pushing to weaken the trade union link and weaken the collective voice, what is to say that trade unions will always want to give their political finance to the Labour Party? In Scotland they could look at the SNP.”

      Contrast with Alan Johnson, someone who seems to be that strangest creature, a politician who is both principled and honest and sadly ousted from This Week by Abbot’s neo availability, where he almost seemed to relish that prospect.

    40. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Diane Abbot, bless her, has the unfortunate habit of quite regularly blurting out the truth.
      Helen Liddell got a house in Tighnabruaich at one point. The locals called it “Maxwell House”

    41. Chic McGregor says:

      Lamont. Call me an old cynic, but could not her ludicrous pronouncements have simply have been a diversion, smoke screen, to deflect from Carney’s off scrip[t “We can do currency union if we need to.” statement?

    42. GrahamB says:

      call me dave @ 12:38
      Aye, my partner was asking about FMQs tonight and I tried to find a report for her on the ‘wee things’ but like you could only find an oblique reference in the ‘FMQs as it happened’ page. Looks as if it is not going to be a front page story on tomorrows rags.

    43. Chic McGregor says:

      OK I forgot no post edit. Sorry.

    44. Chic McGregor says:

      “Aye, my partner was asking about FMQs tonight and I tried to find a report for her on the ‘wee things’ but like you could only find an oblique reference in the ‘FMQs as it happened’ page. Looks as if it is not going to be a front page story on tomorrows rags.”

      You have to know the code.

      Basically, if it doesn’t say ‘resounding victory for master debater Lamont’ at FMQs, then it was pretty much another ritual public suicide by the Labour ‘leader’.

    45. call me dave says:

      Your right there, the record has a clothes peg on it’s nose and just reports the exchange without comment.

      But there are many more folk who are using the ‘Karen Dunbar’ olfactory detector principle and will know sh@#te when it permeates the political environment.

    46. Chic McGregor says:

      BTW although I work at home, we have a dog which cannot be left alone for more than a half hour or so, so sorry, as Kirrie does not have a train station, cannot participate in the excellent WOS BT watch initiative.

    47. clochoderic says:


      Lords’ referendum “debate” on BBC Parliament now.

    48. Chic McGregor says:

      “Lords’ referendum “debate” on BBC Parliament now.”

      The unelectable in pursuit of the democratically respectable.

    49. Marker Post says:

      Ouch, that “Wee Things” remark is gonna hurt.

      Not so much in regard to committed Yes supporters, but to all Labour supporters. If they weren’t already thinking about voting Yes, they must be now.

      Thanks Johann. The gift that keeps on giving.

    50. call me dave says:

      Mr Cochrane, plays the nasty nats card.

      K. Dugdale WAS subjected to abuse but N Strugean only CLAIMS to have suffered abuse and so it goes!

      Families divided, friends disunited…it will last for years.

    51. Marker Post says:

      Got to comment too on Annabel Goldie’s maiden speech in the unelected House, asking for the support of “fellow unionists in England, Wales and Northern Ireland to stand together” to ensure a No vote.

      How does that fit into Cameron’s claims that this is a decision for the people of Scotland? Or is Baroness Goldie’s just another speech that Ruthie wants to dissociate herself from?

      P.S. to Rev – love the Goodbye leaflet. Could spend the next 8 months on variations of that 🙂

    52. call me dave says:

      Little things mean a lot!

      A popular song request in my young day at weddings.
      Kitty Allan 1954. No1 in America.

    53. call me dave says:


      Cuddly Goldie, I miss her repartee with AS. But gone to a ‘better together place’.

      Most folk never see what goes on in the HoL if they did pay attention to, for instance Scottish debate, action would be taken to reform it. 🙁

    54. wee162 says:

      @call me dave
      There’s at least one utter falsehood in that article when it says Kezia Dugdale had received “more than 1,000 tweets in the past week – none of them complimentary.” There are people criticising her opinion (which is fair game) but there were also lots of people supporting her.

    55. Paul says:

      O/T A key report into the high speed rail link that we are helping to pay for but getting none of the so called benefits is to be kept secret under the same emergency act that buried reports on the Iraq war something to do with civil servants confidentiality and they want us to remain part of that. They can’t even be honest about a train set.

    56. Ken500 says:

      Unelected Kezia, likes the attention, but is being groomed by some very nasty people.

      The House of Lords troughers are contemptible. Most of them have never done a days work in their lives. Good for nothings. Thatcher’s lying henchmen.

      The sight of them will increase the YES vote.

    57. Marker Post says:


      Any source for this? Authors?

      Assuming it’s true (and they have form), I wonder how many proud Scottish unionist politicians have access to this report, and are complicit in keeping it under wraps? Is there no way for SNP to ask questions about existence of such a report in the House of Commons, and request its release?

    58. Patrick Roden says:

      Ah Lady Liddell, does anyone remember that she was ‘disappeared’ from Scottish politics, after a fracas about her involvement in a complaint of sectarianism in Airdrie?

      Can’t remember the full details, but she seems to be another Labour cretin, that was rewarded for her erm… cough, cough…’discretion’

    59. caz-m says:

      BBC Radio Scotland GMS. That wummin with the creepy voice and the 3 second time delay between items is back on reading the news, Nina Spence, will put the fear of god into your daily headlines.

      James Naughtie also read out a Daily Mail headline saying that the YES camp was spilt and full of internal arguments over the currency issue.

      Can’t see it anywhere.

      Did he make the story up as a deflection for the “wee things” Lamont story.

    60. Brotyboy says:

      Sitting at the railway station
      No ticket for no destination.

      3 of them here with leaflets, standing just outside the entrance.

    61. Brotyboy says:

      One leaflet just handed back.

    62. scottish_skier says:

      Well, the Herald’s telling it like it is the morn.

      Lamont out of currency after Holyrood pounding

      All the damage was to Ms Lamont’s feet, as she dropped clanger after clanger on them in a giddy self-destructive spiral Justin Beiber would have been proud of…

      …”Is that the Labour Party’s proposition to the people of Scotland? That these are wee things?”

      A rapid U-turn was needed, but Ms Lamont instead simply kept digging, letting out a stream of nonsense as she buried the last of her credibility.

    63. Coolheads Prevail says:

      Bitters being outdone at Waverley steps by a promotion for a sculpture at the Hub

    64. caz-m says:


      Paul Sinclair phone call to Johann Lamont after FMQs yesterday.

      “You done it again didn’t you, ya wee f****** eejit, FFS, how many times have I got to tell you, read the words that are on the wee bit of paper I give you on the Wednesday night.

      Stop trying to think for yourself, the only “wee thing” in that Parliament yesterday was your brain.

      So remember, the only words you say in there is the ones that are cleared by BBC Scotland and me”.

    65. Coolheads Prevail says:

      Mmm, that promo was a free fortune cookie. Left a better taste in the mouth than the Bitters’ latest load of flannel.

    66. creigs1707repeal says:


      One young guy handing out leaflets at Dundas St entrance to Queen St Station Glasgow, standing beside a gut handing out Chinese fortune cookies. One young lassie at George Square entrance of station. Both look freezing. Will send photos to you, Rev.

      I’m off now to do another recky.

    67. Stoopod says:

      Got handed one the BT flyers in Aberdeen by someone who could have only been Darling junior! Just him and one other, but four Yesers just across the road handing out Yes newspapers 🙂

      I must say they picked a poor spot as most people off the trains will be going under their feet!

    68. Seasick Dave says:

      If we swallow this crap from the Unionists and vote No, then the only national bird we will deserve won’t be an eagle or a robin, it will be a shitehawk.

      Johann Lamont, if you are reading this, you are a disgrace.

    69. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Major @ No. 1 on the thread.

      To have a Plan B, they would need to have a Plan A.

      To them, Plan A is just a position; No Change and No Surrender.

    70. Ken500 says:

      ‘The Guardian’

      Laugh till you cry!

      ‘Paul, has your mother got the week’s shopping in yet’.

      Goodness, this Referendum is fairly cheering folk up. Independence next.

    71. creigs1707repeal says:


      Queen St Station. Uptake 20 leaflets taken in 10 minutes. Five of them went straight in the bin I was standing beside. Fortune cookie guy doing much better than the bitter guy. But then if someone is offering a fortune cookie and someone else is offering you a pile of crap, what are you going to take?

      Off now to do some more reckying.

    72. bunter says:

      That d*ck Naughtie just tried to bushwack Keith Brown who was supposedly on to discuss Langs comments, but tried to wrong foot him on details of Carneys statement the other day.
      We need to do something about this despicable broadcaster.

    73. Johnnypict says:

      Spotted two BTers this morning at the top of Waverley Steps, (outside the station) and one at the lane near Harvey Nicks.

      Stood at Waverley for 5 mins whilst the workers passed by and the BT peeps were well and truely dissed. Ignored by everyone I watched. Same appeared to be the case for the guy at Harvey Nicks.

      Funnily enough the two girls standing right next to the BTers at Waverley giving away freebies (samples of something or other) got quite a response.

      Maybe BT should give away samples of a positive case (ha, ha, ha) or buscuits or something and maybe someone will listen.

      The BT railway inititive is going down like Beeching’s did!

    74. Mosstrooper says:

      Nothing at Johnstone until 7.40 then older man (white hair under bunnet)appeared handed out two lie sheets. A member of the public got his ear and occupied him for 15 minutes. 9 leaflets handed out in an hour before he of the bunnet left his position outside the waiting room/ ticket office and headed away out of the station car park at 8 am. I then went back to car and headed home for much needed hot coffee.

      11 leaflets handed out over the hour I was there. Overheard one pro Indy.conversation. Will return this afternoon to see the rest of the 5000 handed out. Hee,Hee!

    75. creigs1707repeal says:


      Queen St Station — 8:35am to 8:45am BT guy handed out 22 leaflets. Chinese Fortune Cookie guy has sold out and gone home.

      I’m off now to Central to have a wee recky there.

    76. Kalmar says:

      Just read that guardian article. Man alive it’s all kicking off now! Brilliant.

    77. Famous15 says:

      O/T the BOE Governor and his comment about ceding of national sovereignty has given me lots to think about. My conclusion is that this ceding is the requirement that iScotland and rUK will not act like Greece,Spain and Brown and Darling by acting with stupidity with regard to the economy.

      Stupid spending and unwise levels of borrowing will not be allowed if problems are to be avoided. I think iScotland will manage that. I do have doubts about rUK.

    78. Scarlett says:

      I’d be very interested to know who the No campaigners are. Are they Labour activists? Paid workers? Tories bussed in from England?

    79. themadmurph says:

      report from Agent Murphy.
      Johnstone 07:30, old boy handing out leaflets. Said there was another the other side, they “had a couple of hundred to hand out”. Spent 15 minutes talking to him and no-on else approached for a leaflet.

      Then got train to Paisley Gilmour Street. PYG has 2 exits. The main exit, which is pedestrianised had 2 BT handing out leaflets, very little interest despite the woman trying to foist them on people. Went round to the back, which is where many people are dropped dropped off as it has direct access to traffic, no-one there.

      Next stop Glasgow Central. Central has 6 exits. I went out Union Street along Gordon Street, down Hope Street and along Argyle Street. Only the Gordon Street (2 folk) and the Hope Street (2 folk) were covered.

      Agent Murphy – out!

    80. KatyMac says:

      Nae one at Bishopbriggs train station.

    81. dmw42 says:

      On Helen Liddell, one can assume from her performance that she’s pals again with the Devon monks.

      2 BraTs and 1 BinT at Stirling around 7:30, seemed more interested in shifting quantity than entering into any conversation.

      Only seen 2 passengers with leaflets boarding at Larbert, 1 at Lenzie (I had a quiet word).

      The young fella at Queen Street looked utterly fed up as, by and large, he was being ignored.

    82. Robert Kerr says:

      Had a wander to Carluke station. One old woman handing out leaflets at foot of stairs handing leading up from park and ride which is half empty. not a good place. Two men at the road entry not giving out leaflets. No one at south entrance.

      May be YesClydesdale. I really should have talked.

    83. Onzebill says:

      A contact at the station reporting a “stand off” at Aberdeen station this morning between YES and no supporters, hopefully more to follow when this comment is further expanded on.

    84. Mosstrooper says:

      @ themadmurph
      AHha! That was you engaging the bunnet was it. I kind of thought you were a Wosser. When you left the bunnet left a few minutes later. Didn’t saw anyone at the other side of the station. Maybe see you in the afternoon

    85. jingly jangly says:

      Brilliant we have got Spies (Mosstrooper) reporting on Spies (themadmurph)!!!
      O/T Ive got the positive case for the union, on fb yesterday I shared the article about how Scotland could become the richest country in the World, a BT “friend” has come back and said if it was not for the Union then there would have not been a Scottish Enlightenment, FFS that was 300 hundred years ago and it could be argued that Scotlands education system had more to do with it than any act of Union….

    86. AllyPally says:

      Glengarnock station had one solitary BTer, a Labour councillor from another ward. He gave out about 35 leaflets during the hour and a bit we were there; call it 50 for the whole morning. Many went straight into the bin. One chap read the leaflet then went back out to berate him about the content.

      We chatted to him. He wouldn’t be interviewed on camera as he’s not a spokesman. A bit defensive about Vitoil and embarrassed by Labour’s policy of ‘better a Tory government than independence.’ Reluctant to say anything on the record without clearance from BT HQ. Claimed the leaflet was printed after Carney’s speech, but was unable to explain why the speech wasn’t mentioned.

      We parted friends, though I find it hard to understand why a Labour councillor is supporting a campaign like this.

    87. Mosstrooper says:

      “didn’t saw”? rushes off to hide face in shame.

    88. desimond says:

      Can I make a request. Can we have a nominated place, a Sanctuary even, where we can go scream a loud “AARGHH!” every time we hear yet another Unionist talk absolute nonsense. I almost put my foot through the telly last night after:

      Lord Forsyth being given free reign to spout about ‘Loss of Intelligence Services, Terrorism Fears, 10000 jobs lost in Faslane, No Defence Shipbuilding, Research dependencies, Athlete training centres, No to Europe,Oh The Pound” on Scotland Tonight.

      (Praise to Keith Brown for his excellent calm rip into Lang btw)


      Michael Portillo on This Week pondering “That RBS..such a state arent they?, I wonder how an Independent Scotland would have coped!”.

    89. Mosstrooper says:

      @ jingly Jangly 9.13

      Seems old Juvenal was right.
      Quis custodiet ipsos custodes

    90. Cauld Tattie says:

      Secret Squirrel reporting from Perth –
      8 Bitters including 2 Tory cooncillers, standing at the door of the station until they were asked to leave by a station official 8.05AM
      Now out on the streets their number was drastically reduced to 3. Well done cybernats for engaging with them (one for 20mins and another for 15mins).
      Total number of leaflets handed out in 40mins =9.
      Over and out.

    91. Iain Ross says:

      “bunter says:
      That d*ck Naughtie just tried to bushwack Keith Brown who was supposedly on to discuss Langs comments, but tried to wrong foot him on details of Carneys statement the other day.
      We need to do something about this despicable broadcaster.”

      I have to say that I am appalled by Naughtie. Over the last few weeks I have heard him interview Alastair Darling and Iain Lang on the No side and Alex Salmond and Keith Brown on the YES and the lack of balance sticks out like a sore thumb. He is very aggressive with the YES side and jumps all over the speaker, this would be fine if he also adopted a similar with the NO side but he does not; in that case the interview tends to be a series of monologues which he helpfully setups for the speaker.

      To mind this not what I expect to hear on the BBC, I expect a taxpayer funded organisation to uphold a certain level of journalistic integrity. It would appear that the BBC Scotland is rotten at the core, what other conclusion can you draw in light of this and the recent allegations that they refuse to report?

    92. creigs1707repeal says:

      Swung round to Central Station about 8:50am. The Bitters had packed up and gone by the time I arrived.

      Average leaflet uptake at Queen St. Station was 21 leaflets taken in 10 minute period. Let’s be kind and assume I missed some and say 25 per 10 minute period. That’s 300 leaflets handed out at Dundas street entrance in a 2 hour period and we can surmise another 300 handed out at George Square entrance–so, 600 leaflets handed out in 2 hours at one of Scotland’s busiest stations. Now we can understand why they prefer to have the MSM and BBC Scotland do their dirty work for them.

      Back to work now…..

    93. caz-m says:

      @bunter 8.23am

      Did you just accuse James Nuaghtie of being a “duck”.

      No wonder we cybernats are getting a bad name.

    94. GrahamB says:

      Slightly O/T
      Terminology and its misuse – a debate, not as in HoL, requires two sides to present opposing views, it was even worse than the monthly Scottish Questions in the other house.
      And, why does the BBC keep banging on about Mark Carney’s ‘intervention’ in the indy debate. He specifically said he was not there to intervene but would make whatever was decided work.
      Pity George Orwell didn’t do lottery numbers, he certainly got it right about Nuspeak.

    95. HandandShrimp says:

      I could only see one lady at Central (Gordon Street entrance) gamely trying to hand out leaflets with little success. The Hope Street exit had no one. I took a phoatie which is OKish – bit dark and there was a constant stream of commuters. I didn’t have time to engage in conversation which is a shame because she looked like she could do with some company.

    96. gordoz says:

      Glasgow Central Station – 8.45 till 9.00am (BT Guff watch)

      Gordon St > 1 man / 1 lady trying to handout leaflets no flags no bunting nothing to say BT (counted ave 1 in 20 taking lealfets).

      Interesting aspect when 2 very well dressed southern chaps approached (1 with very Pap’ camera); no pictures were taken (nothing happening – so thay left after discussion).

      Watch out for doctored photos folks!

      No one leafletting on Union st when I checked. Only one or two leaflets seen on train into Glasgow.

      Took pics – but hopless cant make them out, sorry

    97. Edward says:

      Here is one of the gems from the HOL debate
      Apparently if Scotland votes Yes, according to Lang it will be detrimental for Wales and N.Ireland.
      Quote “Where would that leave Wales and Northern Ireland? No wonder we hear that they feel worried and unsettled. If Scotland leaves, the population of the non-English part of the United Kingdom would be reduced by over half. The Principality and the Province would begin to look like mere add-ons to an overweening England. Surely no one would want to send vibrations from Scotland that might reopen old wounds elsewhere, but the trauma of a broken union would shake all its parts”
      ‘Reopen old wounds’? Is Lang stating that if Scotland ends the union the troubles in Ireland will start and it will be all our fault?

      Another “Our standing in the Commonwealth would change, our standing in Europe, in NATO, the UN, the World Bank and the World Trade Organisation—one could go on. These are just some of the arguments why Scotland’s departure would be so negative and so bad for the UK”
      Hold on, what does he mean ‘our standing’ ? Is he talking about our as in England or is he supposed to be talking as a Scot?
      So he is more concerned about Westminster’s standing in the world, which frankly the world couldn’t give a fig about

    98. Sneddon says:

      Is the Better Together campaign the first ever national ‘movement’ to ever be able to fit ALL its activists together on one bus?

    99. HandandShrimp says:

      Lang is a Thatcher Tory who got the boot from the electorate. I actually thought he and Liddell were retired I hadn’t rtealised they had been punted to the Lords.

      The Lords have form on the self presevation exercises. I can’t be bothered to read their waffle any more. They are pretty much irrelevamnt to the democratic process in Scotland.

    100. G H Graham says:

      Pitlochry 7am – 9am = No Show !

      Took time stamped photo as evidence of beautiful Victorian train station that was almost completely deserted except for 4 passengers.

      Rev, do you want photos? If so, what’s the preferred way of sending/receiving?

    101. fergie35 says:

      Liddell, she wasnt named Stalin’s Granny for nothing!

    102. david says:

      i got to stirling around 9, not a soul, no leaflets lying around, hung around for 10 mins but no bitters to be seen.

    103. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      I remember her from Strathclyde Uni when she was never out of the various lounges there with her special pal.

      She had skelly eyes then and when I say skelly I mean skelly.

      Glad to see that despite her penchant for the quiet lounges she actually graduated, unlike Jim Murphy.

    104. bunter says:

      @ Caz-m

      Yup duck. I hate ducks.

    105. Papa docs says:

      Baroness Liddell of Coatdyke, ex BBC SCOTLAND employee (reporting Scotland I think)

      Defends Thatcher ex Governor General and Hammer of Scots.

      Aye honour among thieves.

    106. Midgehunter says:

      call me dave says:

      “Lamont conspicuous by her absence on the BBC website, unfortunately Ruthie / Laing has moved the spotlight away from her. Good old auntie!

      You even have to search to find FMQ link. They don’t want to show Mr Salmond reading out that long long list of ‘wee things’. I mean it could put another 3% on the YES and that’s break even point in the polls.”

      Folks, you don’t need to search for FMQ links.
      Your very own Scottish Parliament provides you with live coverage of the debate each Thursday at 12.00 and an archived version, which you can watch from the first to the last second, at any time you want and from anywhere on this planet. You don’t need to watch an “edited” version from the bbc and ruin your health 😉

      How to do it:

      This is the main page where you will find just about any type of debate that you want and can from here watch the FMQ dabate live – see left hand side.

      On the right hand side are the “Quick Links” with the FMQ archive. Voila!:

      Pour yourself a fine dram, make a cup of tea or whatever and enjoy the show.

      Support your Parliament not the beeb 😉

      (@ Rev. Can we not get this type of info under reference for further use?)

      Hope I’ve got this right this time with the spacing.

    107. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Gerryb Parker,

      Do you remember Helen Liddell from that lounge after the beer bar on the left at the end of the corridor?

    108. caz-m says:


      Notice the different in headlines on BBC websites for visit of French President.

      One is “Anglo/French summit, the other is UK/French summit.

      One for English/World audience and one for Scottish audience.

    109. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

      Slightly O/T …
      YES Tip of the Day
      Download the nice wee “Yes” graphic at:

      and every time somebody (sends you an email where your answer is “Yes”, just insert the Yes graphic into your reply (instead of typing “Yes”).
      Lovely no-so-subliminal marketing.
      Got good “virus” potential.

    110. Boorach says:

      Oh come on Sneddon… it would have to be a double decker! 🙂

    111. gerry parker says:

      @ Bugger. No, but maybe jimmy does. She was at the same school in Coatbridge as we were, she was in jimmy’s class I think, but a year or so ahead of me. I went to Herriot-Watt, and Jimmy went to Strathclyde.

      Airdrie Yes meeting last night well attended. Great speeches by all the panellists and a very supportive crowd.

      Was going to tip off John Ward that there’s something very interesting happening up here.

    112. GrahamB says:

      Excellent, added to my bookmarks. Don’t think it used to work on the iPad but working fine now so reinstated. With archives like that there are fewer hiding places for the weasels.

    113. Ken500 says:

      Aye, build a nuclear station on a flood plain. The next Tory Plan. Too dear, too dirty, deadly and dangerous. A Humber tidal barrage could have been build for £9Billion but was was cancelled as too expensive. The French have built them since 1960. Dinard.

      The EU ‘rebate’. Other EU countries, including France, are picking up the tab. Just like Scottish farming sector,Oil sector and Scottish education sector paying for right wing Tories. The Unionist millionaire cheapskates and the right wing tax evading Press. The right wing tax evading MSM is mainly white, middle-class, wealthy and male.

      French talks – Hollander should do what De Gaulle did and tell the Tories to get lost.

    114. themadmurph says:

      Hey @Mosstrooper, I think your watch is out, I’m sure it was just after half past. Anyway, I was the member of the public who spent 15 minutes with the old boy.

    115. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Rev, do you want photos? If so, what’s the preferred way of sending/receiving?”

      Yes please. Email them to me, you’ve got the address.

    116. Paul says:

      Marker post re hidden report my source is this mornings Mail on line.

    117. Gin says:

      Report form Burntisland 8:05 – 8:15

      One lady handing out “Information Leaflets” at entrance to footbridge from town. Same ‘Goodbye’ as the one posted last night.

      Station really very quiet. 4 leaflets handed out that I saw (including mine), but so few people that people were taking them and walking on.

      Picture of empty street really too dark and grainy to be worth sharing.

    118. Robin Ross says:

      Haymarket between 7.15 and 8ish. Four blokes on the pavement handing out leaflets. Difficult to tell how many they handed out – particularly when another train load of folk poured out past them, but the vast majority ignoring the offerings.

      The leaflet promised us the best of both worlds. How much I hate that phrase – but the more it is used the more anodyne and meaningless it will become.

    119. Cath says:

      The leaflet promised us the best of both worlds. How much I hate that phrase – but the more it is used the more anodyne and meaningless it will become.

      Yup, also the sillier it sounds when, regarding a currency union they then wail “Salmond wants the best of both worlds”.

    120. Ron Burgundy says:

      Went along to Falkirk Grahamston this morning at 8am. Two No campaigners on duty and on time.
      Both were not within the precinct of the station.

      My son approached the guy as an interested voter and said upon receipt of the leaflet that he had listened carefully to Carney’s speech and that he fact DID NOT say that Scotland would be prevented from using the pound after independence. The guy look in the air puzzled, and mused that said “we would have to choose between the two”. My son said what!… Eh! And then said he would be voting YES. Sounds to me there just stooges unable to defend the crap they are peddling
      Took pictures but they are very blurry

      Both would have been lucky to hand out 100 and both left at 8:40a.m. So THEY WERE NOT THERE FOR ONE HOUR BUT ONLY 40 minutes

    121. jingly jangly says:


      Re the French Nuke Station in Dinat, Ive driven past it
      several times, is a bit cheeky in a salient into Belgium, so if your driving south from say Charleroi to Bouillon (Where Godrey of the Crusades stayed) You have to drive into France for about 15 minutes whilst you transit the salient, and right in the middle is the Chooz Nuclear Power station

      BTW Manx Radio is reporting Windscale or what ever they called it after too many leaks, has been evacuated by non essential personnel due to “high” radiation. Anything reported on the Beeb?

    122. Paul Martin says:

      Passed by Waverley on my way to work (my normal route). Recognised a BT’r there who is a well kent poster to our Yes page, who has variously posed as undecided in the past, and who has posted elsewhere saying (quote…) “I am actually happy to admit that I am still open minded on #indyref.” Seeing him, I could hardly pass up the chance to accuse him of being an utter chancer (that’s the word I used, nothing stronger) – but he said he couldn’t remember ever having said that. Memory problem I guess. That’s what we’re dealing with in Better Together folks – chancer’s and false flag merchants. More faces than Big Ben…

    123. Mosstrooper says:

      Hi Murph, I arrived 7.05 waited to 7.35 went back to car for gloves returned 7.40 saw you and the bunnet engaged in conversation so stayed away but hung around. You left at about 7.45 (clocking me –greying hair, beard, moustache-as you left) I stayed ’til bunnet left at 8.00 thence departed toward home and coffee. Watch working just fine and correct to the second. Hope to meet you this afternoon.

      Over and out

      The silver fox (aka Mossie)

    124. TheGreatBaldo says:

      This tweet amused me..

      I do so like the new feature they’ve added of showing location, date and the no. of volunteers.

      I wonder if Mr Shorthouse has been stung by the suggestion he has the easiest job in Scotland 😉

      Lets see a Daily Mail editorial written before the honesty patrol set out, some manufactured outrage by the usual suspects on Twitter including an unsubstantiated claim of intimidation by McDougall……it’s like it’s all coordinated to distract from the fact they have no grass roots or something!!!

    125. Alan Gerrish says:

      Agree with all the comments about James Naughtie, but I have to say that Keith Brown was, and is, a class act. He more than held his own in the Carney “debate” with the naughty-boy, kept his cool, then firmly put Naughtie back in his box by telling him that he had been asked to speak about Ian Lang and HoL. Of course by then Naughtie had used up 75% of the time available, but at Least Keith had a free (and telling)run to destroy Lang’s utterances in the time remaining.

      If anything, and call me biased, but Naughtie was made to sound rather stupid as it was so obvious what he was trying to do. Doesn’t excuse his performance though; truly despicable.

    126. Cath says:

      “Sounds to me there just stooges unable to defend the crap they are peddling”

      There’s an inherent problem in basing a campaign on assuming people are too stupid to see past your lies, but then expecting those people to be able to defend your endless contortions to create propaganda.

    127. Mosstrooper says:

      @ the Great Baldo,
      Strange, all those photographs and not one with members of the public in it and what appears to be a deserted platform.

    128. kalmar says:

      No no-shows to report? I think wings has put them in the spotlight 😉

    129. TheGreatBaldo says:

      One added bonus was that Wings dragged Jackie Baillie, Ken MacIntosh and Douglas Alexander and others out of bed to get their photo taken at a freezing cold railway station to prove the existence of BT grass roots ;-)….and on their day off as well.

      If Rev’s name wasn’t already mud in every Labour MP & MSP household then it is now !!! :-d

    130. Edward says:

      Just a wee update from what I’m calling FB watch
      Despite all that’s being thrown by the No campaign, or perhaps due to the crap being thrown by the No campaign
      Support on Facebook for the Yes campaign keeps increasing.
      The No campaign also have seen an increase, but is not even keeping pace with Yes.
      At the Start of January the gap was Yes ahead by 6.91%
      Today the gap is 8.95%

      Now a curious thing. I’m also noting the ‘talking about this’ numbers. This is the gauge by FB of engagement by those commenting etc by those ‘Likes’
      Now you would think that with increased numbers, ‘talking about this’ would be quite healthy. Well this is borne out by the Yes figure, which is 17,690 and has always been a five figure number since the start of the month.
      However despite a modest increase in support with No campaign, there ‘talking about this’ figure has stagnated (only four figure numbers) with an actual drop from yesterday.
      What that means is No are getting people to ‘like’ but not getting anyone to engage in discussion

    131. Ron Burgundy says:

      Cath says:

      “Sounds to me there just stooges unable to defend the crap they are peddling”
      There’s an inherent problem in basing a campaign on assuming people are too stupid to see past your lies, but then expecting those people to be able to defend your endless contortions to create propaganda.

      I am really sorry Cath maybe I am just thick or dozy after an early start this morning but this reads like an Eric Cantona job. Can you please explain are these “my lies” and “my endless contortions” or are you referring to the opposition?

    132. Morag says:

      It was just a wee leafleting exercise. Yes Scotland groups do this all the time. They don’t drag Nicola Sturgeon or Roseanna Cunningham along to stand in as foot-soldiers!

    133. Jon D says:

      Has the irony of standing in the darkness with a piece of paper saying “Goodbye” passed them by?

    134. kalmar says:

      “You are the weakest link.. Goodbye!”

    135. ronnie anderson says:

      Did anybody on railwatch,notice if there wiz anybody sitting an the platform writeing a legendary song,

      Over to the Techno dept,(sitting at a railway station )

      REv we need tae git Wings on Radio,

    136. MajorBloodnok says:

      @Ron Burgundy

      Cath was referring to BT’s lies and the inability of their leafletters to justify them when challenged.

    137. HandandShrimp says:

      Poor Blair McD, what is wrong with a bit of hands across the ocean bonding? As far as I can see everybody was very friendly and the chats from the Yes supporters probably boke up what was otherwise a pretty soul destroying attempt to palm leaflets, it is a thankless task no matter what the leaflet is (unless there are free biscuits)

    138. Croompenstein says:

      I have just pished myself, that photo of big Blahblah McD on bbc Scotlandshire..hilarious 🙂

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