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Another Amazing Collapsing Story

Posted on December 15, 2015 by

So this sounds pretty bad, right?


We imagine chaos and mayhem reigned on the streets.

“A troubled police control room was unable to receive 101 calls for almost eight hours.”

Oh. It was only non-emergency 101 calls, not 999 ones.

“Bilston Glen, which took the initial report of the M9 crash which eventually claimed the lives of Lamara Bell and John Yuill, could not receive non-emergency inquiries from 3.30am until just after 11am on Tuesday.”

Oh. It happened at 3.30am, a time when people don’t tend to be ringing the police with non-emergencies. (“Officer! It’s half past six and my milk’s still not here!”) Still, let’s mention that time somebody died anyway to sex it up a bit.

“Chief Superintendent Alan Speirs, C3 Division, played down the incident at the under fire centre.

He said: “I can confirm that in the early hours of Tuesday December 15, 2015 the Service Centre at Bilston Glen experienced a technical difficulty which resulted in 999 and 101 calls being diverted to other regional service centres. The issue has now been resolved and the system is working normally.

Police Scotland has robust and tested plans in place for eventualities such as this and I am pleased that they worked extremely well. There was no interruption to the emergency and non-emergency services and no delays in calls being answered or officers being dispatched.”

Oh. So in fact anyone who rang either 999 or 101 actually had their call answered as normal with no delays. We expect the opposition parties treated it with all their usual calm, measured, responsible restraint, then.

“Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie said ‘The Scottish Government and Police Scotland must make an urgent statement. The public must know how they can communicate with the police when the system is down.'”

They did. They called the same numbers as always, which worked.

“Scottish Labour’s Justice spokesperson Graeme Pearson added: ‘People need to have confidence that the police will be there when they need them. We have some of the finest police officers in the world, but their reputation has been dragged through the mud because of decisions made by SNP Ministers and the leadership of Police Scotland.

This news suggests a failure to learn the lessons of the HMICS report into call handling, which exposed systemic, fundamental failings because of the SNP Government’s botched reforms of our police service.'”

No it doesn’t. The system coped fine. Backup mechanisms dealt with a temporary technical problem of the sort that affect all technology from time to time.

“SNP Justice Minister Michael Matheson can’t do his usual disappearing act here – he should immediately disclose when he knew about this, if it has ever happened before and if he was previously warned that there was a danger of this happening.”

Blimey, is he still going on?

“These events suggest that the SNP’s plans to close contact centres in Aberdeen and Inverness are completely untenable.

When the M9 tragedy occurred, Michael Matheson said that it had nothing to do with a lack of capacity or a lack of resources. The HMICS report showed that to be completely false, today’s events show his comments to be utterly ludicrous.”

What events? Nothing actually happened. One location had a technological fault for a few hours when most of Scotland was asleep, and some non-emergency calls got diverted to other call centres and handled as normal.

We are, though, a bit concerned at the absence of a coruscating “SNP BAD!” diatribe from the usually-omnipresent rentaquote Alex Johnstone MSP. Is he ill? Perhaps someone should call the police and have them check on him.

But don’t all rush at once – it’s definitely not an emergency.

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    Another Amazing Collapsing Story | Speymouth

86 to “Another Amazing Collapsing Story”

  1. Fergus Green says:

    If anyone has the energy, and if the Courier article is allowing comments, perhaps some Wings activists might feel like sending them the link to this page.

  2. Grouse Beater says:

    Is it any surprise some Scots can’t take that sort of crap any more and bugger off to Spain to live?

  3. Golfnut says:

    I think some of our union press and politicians are quite sick people, then again I may be wrong, it could be all of them.

  4. Fergus Green says:

    Before anyone asks me why I don’t post the link myself, they banned me months ago. I believe the Courier is allowing comments though.

  5. morag towndrow says:

    These evaporating stories seem to occur every day. Headline apocalypse; final par. ‘nothing bad happened” — but it might happen another day so keep reading our doom-sheet!

  6. Ali T says:

    And it is then reported as a major issue on BBC, allowing them to rehash old stories as if they were new. HoHo

  7. Angry Weegie says:

    Sottish LibDems and Scottish Labour, the accounting units who cried wolf.

  8. Lollysmum says:

    Scraping the barrel doesn’t even begin to describe this farce.

    Desperate to smear police & SNP? You betcha !

    Using someone’s tragic death repeatedly & using it to tell Carmichaels is despicable & unforgiveable.

    I don’t care if they never learn from their ‘mistakes’ it’s now time for Scotland to do it’s thing & vote the disgusting buggers out asap.

    SNP 1/SNP 2 in May 2016- you know it makes sense 🙂

  9. Proud Cybernat says:

    The communication cable for this police call centre actually runs in a conduit under the Forth Road Bridge decking. When the bridge collapsed it took the police comms cable down with it.

    These things are easily explained you know.

    CorpMedia effing shit-stirrers. Don’t you get it yet you bunch of lying gits–YER PROPAGANDA ISN’T WORKING!

    SNP x 2 SE2016

    PS – “What do you mean the FRB hasn’t collapsed? Course it has. The Idiot Press said so, didn’t they?”

  10. Bob Mack says:

    The Scottish government must immediately install numerous squadrons of homing pigeons in case of such emergencies.

    Every citizen in the land should be given their own private “doo” ,which can be released in an a dire situation.. There should of course be provison of a message facility on the leg.

    Well, it worked during the war. (Sometimes).

  11. heedtracker says:

    And cue, SLabour demand Inquiry, public fury, inquiry after that inquiry, sackings, SNP bad…

  12. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Willie Rennie brings the Scottish parliament into disrepute. Period.

  13. Ed Freeman says:

    I’ve taken up Fergus Green’s suggestion and, along with a couple of others, have posted a comment on their story. Here’s what I said, for your entertainment, and just in case they take it down:

    “Excuse me, this is a total non-story. What on earth are Willie Rennie and Graeme Pearson going on about? To quote Chief Superintendent Alan Speirs, “Police Scotland has robust and tested plans in place for eventualities such as this and I am pleased that they worked extremely well. There was no interruption to the emergency and non-emergency services and no delays in calls being answered or officers being dispatched. “The public will not have noticed any difference in the level of service they received and I would like to once again thank all our call handlers for dealing with this issue so quickly and professionally.”

    So nothing happened, no one noticed and all the backup systems worked. Terrific! I commend them on their performance – lessons learned, obviously, so a round of applause is in order, not stupid brickbats from has-been politicians faking outrage.

  14. les Wilson says:

    Do these people actually understand they are making fools of themselves in the eyes of the public? So transparent, all because they are feart for their jobs, they know the dole is coming.

    I am so angry (not unusual with crap like this), May cannot come soon enough to be shot of the lot of them.

  15. Chic McGregor says:

    To paraphrase from another of D.C.T’s publications

    Door Wullie, Poor Wullie, Naebody’s Wullie.

  16. galamcennalath says:

    Ian Brotherhood says:

    “Willie Rennie brings the Scottish parliament into disrepute. Period.”


    May’s regional list votes – if polls are to be believed, LibDems may not get enough list votes to get even one MSP in some regions. He could well be toast after May.

  17. Bill Hume says:

    I sense fear, panic and desperation spreading in the Labour ranks……………lololololol.

  18. Fergus Green says:

    @Heedtracker 2.30 pm

    Interesting to see the Tories on 5 constituency seats. Does this suggest that their vote is holding up while Labour slips off the radar? Tory/Labour makes no difference to me.

    I assume the 73rd seat will remain Lib Dem?

    Interesting times ahead.

  19. The Rough Bounds says:

    Occasional Wings commentator known as ‘The Rough Bounds’, or TRB for short, was unable to take a very important phone call from his brother. It seems that the house phone was out of order.

    TRB’s brother then tried to contact him by calling his mobile phone. As TRB was using his mobile at the time his brother in exasperation then tried to call TRB’s wife on her mobile.

    Contact was further delayed as TRB’s wife was also using her mobile. The anxious brother then left an email and a message on Facebook and waited nervously for someone to call him.

    Finally, contact was made between TRB and his brother and they were able to arrange a pint.

    Both brothers are considering writing to Wullie Rennie to ask him to intervene and make sure this sort of thing never happens again.

  20. Anagach says:

    Good test of the fail over system.

    No calls lost ?

    Good. Next.

  21. Andrew McLean says:

    Do you think wee Willie howls at the moon?

  22. Bob Mack says:

    The solid Unionist vote would appear to be drifting towards Conservative. Just how subjugated do you need to be to vote for the Party that openly detests and sneers at the working class?
    The very people who vote for them will be the ones most at risk of deprivation by them because they believe in the monarchy and the notion of a UNITED KINGDOM.

    Funny old world.

  23. I had just been wondering what the next salvo from the puerile press hack yoonyonist deadbeats that have the barefaced hypocrisy to call themselves journalists was going to be,

    I wonder when they decided to become hacks that they new they were to become such despicable human beings.

  24. MerkinScot says:

    Why just not condense this SNP-baaad story?
    Wullie Rennie is the man to do it at next ‘questions’.
    “Will the First Minister deny that an emergency call – noting that the FRB was falling down – was answered some twenty years later?”

  25. Vronsky says:

    ‘coruscating’ doesn’t mean what you think it means, Rev.

  26. broonpot says:

    “Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie said ‘The Scottish Government and Police Scotland must make an urgent statement….”

    I agree entirely.

    Did the call handling staff at Bilston Glenn have a snooze while they waited for the glitch to be fixed? Or did management lay on emergency supplies of cocoa and choccy biscuits to seem them through the trauma of this shift.

    I think Willie should be told.

  27. Alastair says:

    Can you please remind everybody why Pearson was sent to desk job at Airdrie Police station.

    Like Carmichael his history is written and its not even pots calling kettle black its complete double brass neck buffoonery.

  28. Dr Jim says:

    Willie Rennie says:

    This is very very serious and it’s important too because what we’re being asked to accept is that the police during the night could not be contacted, and it was only pure luck that a catastrophe that could, could have been a disaster mind, was averted, and I think that the First Minister needs to get a grip of this emergency and take a right good look at it and we should, we really really should, have an inquiry into what went wrong here, especially at this very important time of things going wrong that just seem to be getting worse

  29. Andrew McLean says:

    Bob Mack
    The unionist vote if drifting towards unionist?
    There has always been the core working class protestant conservative vote, it may have drifted to Labour, it is not historically significant, and as much as I would love to agree that Tories openly detests and sneers at that demographic, I have seen no proof in Scotland. You’ll be telling us next the tory leader in Scotland hates gays?

  30. Ruglonian says:

    I’m beyond sick of these folk – the press & the idiot politicians we have to face on a daily basis.

    Of course the point is to wear us down so we disengage, but when I feel like this I just send links to my family and friends so we’re all pissed off together!

    Don’t let the bastards grind you down 😉

  31. Tony Little says:

    Do any of the Unionist MSPs and SPADS ever consider the overall impact that this (to me at least) coordinated smear and fear campaign is likely to have in the long term?

    The Holyrood elections are still five months away. Is there a serious political strategist who takes a dispassionate analysis of the referendum and the GE think that this is going to improve the electoral chances of SLab or the LostDems?

    If even Ruth’s Tories are catching up to Slab, I think another tactic might be useful. (Not that I’m bothered about SLab’s presence in Holyrood, TBH, but Scotland deserves a real opposition)

  32. Nana says:


    OK who took James Kelly’s ball away. He’s been asked to leave the chamber by the Presiding officer. It seems he was asked to sit down 11 times. Oh dear.

  33. Free Scotland says:

    After observing the constant drip-drip of negativity against Scotland’s police force by unionist media and unionist politicians, I wonder what way the average Scottish police officer will vote in May of next year.

    The unionist parties are about to get a right good gubbin’.

  34. starlaw says:

    with all the nonsense of the past week one thing has became clear. Should slab ever come to power we can expect Prescription charges, Student Fees, Council Tax Rises, Bridge Tolls and the removal of Pensioners Bus Passes. Who is looking forward to that.

  35. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @TRB (2.56) –


    Aye, and imagine Willie in the pub?

    ‘Lend me £800,000, I’ll buy you a drink, and never wake me early in the morning.’

  36. Ken MacColl says:

    Dare we hope that it is Willie Rennie’s turn to get to ask a question of the First Minister on Thursday?
    Poor Nicola will not sleep easily on Wednesday facing the prospect of the Daft Laddie, face in a rictus of inane gravity, forensically following up on the Courier’s startling revelation that the Bilston Glen Police Call Centre, when faced with a breakdown in their reporting service, successfully diverted incoming calls to a back up service.
    We owe Stuart gratitude for reporting such mince from The Courier so we don’t have to read it.

  37. The Rough Bounds says:

    Dear Sir,
    Yesterday I saw an empty crisp poke blowing along in front of our Parliament building. What’s going on? Is the SNP Government not employing enough street cleaners? Is the sewage system on the verge of collapse? What about the hazard to the health of the public? I think we should have a public enquiry and find out why Nicola Sturgeon allows this sort of thing to happen. Last month it was a sweetie wrapper. Where will this all end?
    Yours, W. Rennie.

  38. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Nana –

    Maybe one of those SNP rank badyins left a few drawing pins on his seat. 😉

  39. Now's the Hour says:

    My vote for Horse’s Arse of the Year – William Rennie MSP.

  40. Free Scotland says:

    The following is a verbatim quotation from a book entitled “The One You Really Want” by Jill Mansell.

    Rennie, Carmen was fairly sure, had never had a profound meaningful thought in his life.

  41. Marcia says:

    Another Labour MSP getting some media attention;

  42. mogabee says:

    Free Scotland

    That deserves a poster and no mistake!

  43. Andrew McLean says:

    James Kelly Labour MSP in charge of discipline. oh matron!
    has been escorted out of the chamber due to telling the Presiding officer he wisny sitting doon! when repeatedly asked to do so, security had to be called!
    reminded me of the YouTube film of dim Jim Murphy walking into the placard, This will be spun into SNP bad. thank God we can all see his childish tantrum for ourselves.

  44. Gary45% says:

    I have an old original vinyl Dark Side of the Moon, it has developed a slight scratch on the track Us and Them.
    I am writing to Willie Rennie to get a full public enquiry to get to the cause, he can also ask Nicola this very important question on Thursday.
    The SNP must have known this was going to happen.
    Its a Catastrophe.( This is more important than something that’s really important).

    O/T Anyone else heard the Red Torries Scotch-shire branch office is getting a new vending machine that only gives out bars of lard?
    Lardomatic anyone!!( no guesses on who will be first in the queue.

  45. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Nana –

    I don’t know how to create one of those wee emojis crying with laughter so I’m having to write this big long sentence instead.

    ‘Ahm no gonny sit doon…’

    ‘Away oot then ya bam, and take yon heid-the-baw Rennie wi’ ye…’

  46. cirsium says:

    @Nana. 3.24

    I think that should be “Oh dear. How sad. Never mind.”

  47. Valerie says:

    Thanks Nana!

    Was just thinking how tiring the unbridled barrage of shite was!

    Always happy to spend a bit of time chortling over Jamesy, fair cheered me. Especially on the day polls are saying there will be no Labour constituency seats next year 🙂

  48. schrodingers cat says:

    Door Wullie, Poor Wullie, Naebody’s Wullie.

  49. John Walsh says:

    Now’s the Hour suggestion of HR Horse’s Arse of the Year ( Wullie Rennie) would normally be a sure bet.
    But this year we have several contenders Jackie Bailie, Neil Findlay, Kez and Alex Johnstone the list is so long.
    That is why I suggest Stu runs a vote for a Arse of the Year award . Contenders will all want to win it 😀

  50. Macart says:


    The usual suspects, a waste of oxygen and a waste of space.

    When you undermine your own institutions just what ‘FAITH’ do they have that you are a worthy government in waiting? NHS, Police Scotland, you name it, that useless shower are the ones posing a danger.

    If their constant drip drip of useless bilge costs one fucking life because people don’t have the confidence to call the emergency services those useless articles should have their arses hauled before a beak for reckless endangerment at the very least.

  51. velofello says:

    A’m no gonnae sit doon! Whit a hero! Go get ’em Jamsie. And the brithers and sisterns, did thae walk oot tae, in support?

    Rab C Nesbit live! Jings.

  52. John D aka Ecosse-Nkosi says:

    You could not make it up. What a bunch of retards.

  53. BJ says:

    There’s a village somewhere missing it’s clown. I’ve mailed them to let them know he’s alive and well and talking rubbish in the Scottish Parliament.

    Willie Rennie go home

  54. Tackety Beets says:

    FFS ! eh FFS !

    Rev , We are getting to the stage where thats about all we can say.
    Can the site be set up so all your post have this as my comment.

    FFS !

  55. Kirsty says:

    Oh dear. This wild flailing about that old-school media and the unionist parties are doing, like wounded, wild animals; attacking anything and everything to try and make an SNP Bad story is just so unbelievably boring and pathetic. It’s like they’ve only got one setting and even though common sense, voting results and sliding sales must tell them that their lies, self-entitlement and whining are alienating people, they still can’t seem to stop themselves.

    They won’t seem to understand that all this crying wolf is harming them more that it’ll ever harm anyone or anything else. *Shrugs* Ah well, we tried to tell them.

  56. Robert Peffers says:

    @galamcennalath says: 15 December, 2015 at 2:46 pm:

    ” … He could well be toast after May”.

    Perhaps so, galamcennalath, but Wullie won’t even make a half decent bit of toast.

  57. Robert Peffers says:

    @Andrew McLean says: 15 December, 2015 at 3:00 pm

    ” Do you think wee Willie howls at the moon?”

    More likely Willie moons at the ‘owls.

  58. Taranaich says:

    Why are we even entertaining this fool?

    As of this writing, Alistair Carmichael is still a member of Mr Rennie’s party. Mr Rennie has found himself at the forefront of plenty of calls for SNP MPs, MSPs, councillors and whatnot to resign over far less than what Mr Carmichael was done. Why are we even letting him get a word in edgeways when we should be Paxmanising him:

    “Will your party withdraw the whip from Alistair Carmichael?”

    “Well, eh, you see, what Nicola Sturgeon sai-”

    “Will your party withdraw the whip from Alistair Carmichael?”

    “The SNP have engaged in an inexcusable smear campai-”

    “Will your party withdraw the whip from Alistair Carmichael?”

    “Alex Salmond lied about his EU advi-”

    “It’s a simple yes or no question: will your party withdraw the whip from Alistair Carmichael?”

    (continue ad nauseum)

  59. John Moss says:

    Graeme Pearson…a former director of the Scottish Drug Enforcement Agency. A man who should be carefully collecting facts and presenting accurate reliable information ranted about a non-existant problem?

    It’s just hard to believe even thopugh it is true. So, what does this former senior policeman have to gain by promoting a fiction?

  60. Ruby says:

    More likely Willie moons at the ‘owls.

    Ruby replies

    LOL that made me laugh!

    I bet he makes the owls heads spin!

  61. peter says:

    See BBC Scotland news couldnt even be positive on the OECD Report on Scottish Education,tried their best to accentuate the negative.
    What message does that send out to teachers and students who are working hard to make this a success? That bunch at Pacific Quay are a shower of shit and lets never forget that.

  62. Robert Peffers says:

    @John Walsh says: 15 December, 2015 at 5:07 pm:

    ” … Now’s the Hour suggestion of HR Horse’s Arse of the Year ( Wullie Rennie) would normally be a sure bet.”

    Ach! No! None of those you mention can even be considered.

    The reason being that a horse’s arse has at least one very useful purpose, (especially if you are a horse). The produce produced thereof, is very efficacious too. especially for roses, onions, leeks and mushrooms.

    What’s more what onn earth would jockeys use their whips on. No! No! None of that list of yours are qualified for the award.

  63. Gary45% says:

    Robert Peffers@6.27
    That’s why Willie is a proud Scot”BUT”
    forgive the pun.

  64. DeeDee says:

    We get this paper delivered to my office every day so usually have a squint through it.

    This Kieran Andrews offers absolutely nothing as a political editor. His analysis pieces have the depth of a Benidorm puddle in July. He has very little political insight and seems to be a young man who’s been promoted way beyond his abilities.

    The ‘story’ you’ve highlighted is typical of the daily drivel he churns out. Little thought behind it. Just following a well worn narrative.

    At a time when Scottish politics is so exciting it must be frustrating to be as untalented as this guy.

  65. Harry McAye says:

    This is such a non-story, even BBC didn’t see fit to bother with it tonight. Scotland Today on the other hand made it their second top story, complete with lies about the M9 crash. I’m convinced now it is deliberate lying.

  66. Ken500 says:

    A Labour/Unionist, ex police, was colluding with a gangster (who died of a heart attack) for information. He was condoning murder and criminal activities. He was demoted to a desk job. ‘Black Mass’

  67. Hoss Mackintosh says:


    I was tweeting with Paula Rose a couple of days ago that the Forth Road Bridge was just getting a bit boring and what we needed was a good Police Crisis.

    Paula reckoned the Police Crisis was scheduled to come along on Friday but amazingly it is three days early!

    No wonder nobody buys the papers anymore…

  68. Skooshcase says:

    What’s the point of Willie Rennie?

  69. geo says:

    STV reporting of a fatal crash.

    July 2015 “it was 101 call” …Dec 2015 “it was a 999 call”.

    Scottish media eh.

  70. thomaspotter2014 says:

    My Horse’s Arse of the year is…….

    Duncan Horsesarse!

  71. peter says:


    Whats the point of Willie Rennie?

    Simple! so James Kelly has someone to laugh at!

  72. Vambomarbeleye says:

    The FM earns every penny of her wage. Having to put up with utter pish from the so called opposition. It must be so tempting to walk across the floor of the chamber and give them all a good skelping. Telling them to shut the fuck up until they have some thing constructive, honest and researched to say. They would try the patience of a saint and they are getting paid for it.

  73. Hamish100 says:

    James Kelly the best Labour Branch has to offer!

    How embarrassing. He even got a Beamer before being marched out of parliament today!

    Classic stuff numpty .

  74. caledonia says:

    It must be coming shortly

    I mean the police and nhs must start to complain about labour/libdems constantly downing their professions

  75. tartanarse says:

    Given that Dundee is famous for it’s journalism it is more than a little disappointing to see the Courier in it’s unionist role of SNPbad.

    Quite who they think they are appealing to in YESDundee is beyond me.

    The sort of thing that you’d expect from Scotland’s Champion Bullshitters.

    However, another reminder that Project Fear never ended and has grown. On the upside though, they are getting a bit hysterical.

    Perhaps they’ve seen the latest SNPbad Holyrood polls.

    You all know what to do. SNP 1&2.

  76. tartanarse says:


    I have witnessed and listened to state telly on numerous occasions since that crash and in every instance it was referred to as a 999 call. This was with state telly’s full knowledge of the lie, especially in the latter reports after the had been informed of it by folks such as ourselves.

  77. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Entertaining as they are, not even the major players in the ongoing SLab/Lib-Dem omnishambolism would be worthy of a bit-part in this:

    ‘Oldie Silent Slapstick Montage’ –

  78. Ghillie says:

    WHAT is WRONG with these people?!

    Do they actualy EVER do ANY work, any worthwhile work of any description at all, to earn the wage they are so in danger of losing?!

  79. X_Sticks says:

    The british establishment (all of them, including those working for the intelligence services) are desperate to keep the fear factor turned up to 11 on the run up to May. They rightly fear a massive SNP (and other indy parties) majority in Holyrood.

    With pro-indy majorities in both WM and HR Scotland is in a place where it would be difficult for them to prevent another referendum, never mind UDI.

    Bring it on, as someone once said. 😀

  80. luxster says:

    I have written to and received a reply from K. Andrews regarding this ” story” I shall post it up here shortly and let the readers decide.

  81. luxster says:

    Reply from the Couriers’ Kieron Andrews to my original email. Do you think I upset him..?
    Dear Mr Lowson,

    Thank you for your email about my online story. If you have read the version in today’s paper you will see that, not only have I spoken to a man in Fife who was unable to contact the police during the time Bilston Glen control room was down, but that a similar outage happened the previous day in Inverness, albeit for a much shorter period.

    As a reporter, I report facts. The facts are that a control room, which was at the centre of an inquiry launched by the Scottish Government, was out of action for almost eight hours and I’m aware of at least one person being affected by this. Assistant Chief Constable Speirs’ comments were printed in full for balance and provide further information.

    I’m disappointed and sorry you feel that way about The Courier and about me as a journalist. Both the paper and myself strive to be balanced, fair and impartial. Indeed, former First Minister Alex Salmond – who has a weekly column in the paper – has previously publicly singled us out for being fair and neutral. It’s a shame that, in this very divided political landscape, some do not see that.

    Kind Regards,

    Kieran Andrews
    On 15 Dec 2015 10:14 p.m., Grant Lowson wrote:

    Dear Mr Andrews,
    I see your piece presented in the Courier dated 15/12 15 regarding what initially appeared to be complete failure of the Control Room at the under siege Bilston Glen Police Office.
    That was until I read the response given by one Chief Superintendent Alan Spiers who is apparently playing the situation down, by saying that ALL 101 and 999 calls were automatically transferred to other regional service centres. ” There was NO interruption to emergency or non-emergency services OR any delay in calls being answered or officers being dispatched.”….
    So effectively NOTHING HAPPENED in the sense of calls taken or Officers responding. No disasters, no unattended muggings, robberies or lost poody cats. NADA.

    You, then, with your own apparent agenda to the fore, go on to print the ludicrous rantings of Willie Rennie demanding an URGENT statement be made by no less than the Scottish Government as to why the public CANNOT communicate with it’s Police Service. Of course to be on the safe side you also print another ridiculous rant from the self important Graeme Pearson regarding amongst others things that” did the SNP Justice Minister know of the DANGER of this happening.?”

    Can I ask…the danger of what happening? The system fail safe procedures working perfectly, no interruption to services and any technical faults dealt with in a professional and timely manner. Those dangers? Why were these statements even given column space unless of course the only purpose of this piece is another attempted smear ,by yourself, of the SNP.

    I ask you directly Mr. Andrews…when did you stop being a reporter ? Objectivity, impartiality, truth. Remember them. How much research and fact checking went into this palpable rubbish ?

    This piece of unadulterated and blatant anti- Scot.Gov./ SNP propaganda is a discredit to your ” newspaper ” who should, in my opinion, make it clear to all your readers, especially those who have no social media awareness that you now ONLY speak AGAINST the incumbent Scottish Government and have no intention or even a pretence of, printing balanced or fair articles in the interest of political scrutiny anymore.

    Funnily enough I won’t hold my breath as you have to get YOUR agenda out there don’t you ? Your PERSONAL agenda , by reporting a non policing event hoping it rubs off badly on the SNP. Never mind the Polices’ reputation in all this….just SNPbad. Don’t you realise yet that we , the public can actually check facts ( you should try it) and hold drivel like yours up to scrutiny

    I will never purchase another Courier again ( though I only ever did for the crossword) and will encourage others to do likewise.

    I await your response with an explanation of the reasoning behind this article. ( if possible)

    Yours disgusted
    G. Lowson

  82. ArtyHetty says:

    Just getting to read this all now. Something sprung to mind while reading the bit, ‘did this happen before and will it ever happen again’ bla bla bla. I thought, that is the sort of question I would be asking again and again about safety issues at Faslane where questions were raised about safety and also at Dounreay when ukok kept an incident, ie a leak, secret for two years from the Scottish government.

    The unionists need to get their priorites right, but they never will. A blight on Scotland, for their incompetence and lies.

  83. Fred says:

    @ Luxster, a good post, well said!

  84. Memasel says:

    I’m confused, in the BBC article it states that Willie Rennie became aware of the situation after someone told him their 101 call wasn’t answered. Was this a lie? At the very least, who dials 101, doesn’t get an answer so goes immediately to a politician to let them know?

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