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…and Hell followed with him

Posted on March 11, 2013 by

(And finally… #26)


If only someone would come and free us from the burden of these terrible riches.

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    20 to “…and Hell followed with him”

    1. Connor says:

      Fantastic. More entertaining than anything I’ve seen in Private Eye of late 😉

    2. Chic McGregor says:

      Move over Darling?

    3. Morag says:

      Hmmm.  Has Chris been approached as regards exclusive prints of Hamish in return for WoS appeal funding, yet?
      You might be surprised how benign I might become with the carrot of a nice reproduction of the balloon one.

    4. CameronB says:

      My company was quite heavily involved in limited edition printing, so I would be happy to offer advice, if needed.

    5. tartanfever says:

      Sorry to go o/t – but there’s an interesting article on the BBC.
      A UKIP bloke from the North East of England reckons a UK outside of Europe could become like Norway ! 
      Yes – I did fall off my chair..

    6. douglas clark says:

      I am becoming a fan of our little Lion.

    7. ianbrotherhood says:

      Kaye Adams is about to start discussing the 16/17 vote.
      I was 16 in 1979, campaigned with local SNP branch in Glasgow, stuffing envelopes, leafleting locally etc, the usual – when it came to the vote we had to sit back and watch, wondering if our votes could have made the difference, even with the 40% hurdle in place.
      Anyone have figures re whether or not the ’79 result would’ve been different if even 50% of 16/17 yer olds had voted ‘Yes’?

    8. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Anyone have figures re whether or not the ’79 result would’ve been different if even 50% of 16/17 yer olds had voted ‘Yes’?”

      Not precise ones, but no. Turnout was 64%, of which just over half voted Yes, so around 32% of the electorate. To get past the 40% rule, another 8% of the electorate would have been required, and VERY roughly speaking statistically the entire 16-17 population will be less than 2%.

    9. Hamish says:

      I’m soooo pleased every one likes Hamish. Gives me a really warm feeling to start the day.
      Thanks all.
      (what do you mean it’s not all about me? of course it is!  Shhh people are reading, turn off your key board) 

    10. Ray says:

      That’s the best cartoon yet, nice one Chris!

    11. ianbrotherhood says:

      Cheers Rev –
      Arithmetic was never my forte, but even I can see it wouldn’t have altered the result. Here’s hoping the poll next year doesn’t involve such margins – this 16/17 issue can’t, then, be spun as an ‘excuse’.

    12. Luigi says:

      You have to admire the sheer nerve of BT spokespersons, appearing on screen time and time again, telling us, without batting an eyelid, that North Sea oil is a massive problem for an independent Scotland. To claim that a huge asset is a problem for indepedence, simply because the price of oil is volatile, is an incredibly weak argument that only a rabid British nationalist would embrace.

    13. Kirriereoch says:

      Regarding votes for 16 & 17 year olds it is interesting to note that Westminster recently voted in favour of allowing 16 & 17 year olds to vote. But since the Conservatives are opposed to such a move then the result of the vote wasn´t binding.

      “MPs have voted in favour of a proposal to lower the voting age in all UK elections from 18 to 16.
      A backbench motion calling for the change was passed by the Commons by 119 to 46, a majority of 73.

      However, the result is not binding on the government – the Conservatives are opposed to the move.

      The Labour Party backed the move as an “idea whose time has come”. (except Labour in Scotland of course).

      So I think it would be difficult to spin this aspect as an “excuse”. But it does make certain MPs/MSPs seem at odds again.

    14. Fiona says:

      The best cartoon yet-brilliant!

    15. Luigi says:

      It gets even scarier. Apparently, we are on the verge of another massive North Sea oil boom. WE’RE DOOMED!

    16. Dee says:

      Listening to the bbc Scotland resident pollster, prof something , he is so against independence, he seems to ignore other poll results and comes out with figures that I have never heard of.  He has already wrote off the 16/17vote as a waist of a vote and said the yes campaign should concentrate on the 18/24 vote instead because they are losing their vote,,  utter garbage, that age group is overwhelmingly a yes vote,  surely the BBC Scotland should drop this bias idiot.!!!

    17. Adrian B says:

      That bias idiot earns a good salary from Strathclyde University. Then he earns a whole lot more every time he appears on the BBC – day in and day out – hardly a day goes by without Professor John Curtice popping up to give his views on things.
      Ask him a question here:

    18. Dee says:

      If he is connected to bbc Scotland then I wouldn’t waste my time on the idiot.  He is a puppet of the state.. 

    19. Highlander says:

      That link beneath the picture? Marked “someone” in blue. Do any of you who read the Scottish edition of the Telegraph have memory of how they portrayed this windfall to their Scottish audience? Last week we were doomed from what I briefly noted on a newstand.
      Although I like “Hamish” I’d love that lion to be called “Indy”. It’s already a positive name from the films but it seems perfect for this character on the crusade of independence. 

    20. lumilumi says:

      Yea, and then cometh the Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse, and his visage terrifieth the people, and his terrible name is Oil Wealth, and he standeth afore War, Famine, Death, and Conquest, and all trembleth afore this terrible hieland pony, the fifth rider of the apocalypse.
      Yea, they fear, and then profess to love the fat, white hieland pony for he beareth bags of gold, yea, big bags of gold, and oil, to the righteous, to the selfless, to the deserving. Just as long as Darling & co. are kept off.
      Yea, it’s all but a mirage, a devilish mis-show, a conjury, an untruth, a volatile wealth, a lie, that supporteth the people for a hundred years. Yea, now we know more, we know better. Oil runneth out not, and we’re all not doomed. Pestilence will pass us by, and people won’t tremble , yea, they will build a better Scotland. If they vote YES.
      (Vote NO, and the oil runneth out soon, and isn’t worth nowt anyway, and we might give something to the deserving poor but definitely nothing to all those great unwashed, or them savage Scotch. And we’ll all get pestilence, anyway.)

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