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Why I could never vote Labour

Posted on April 12, 2011 by

Pictured below: Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls and the leader of Labour's MSPs in the Scottish Parliament, Iain Gray, at a campaign event earlier this week.

Have you spotted it?

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    19 to “Why I could never vote Labour”

    1. Dr Octagon says:

      at least it's honest.

    2. Tom Feilding says:

      Spotted what?
      And what happened on Sat?

    3. Scarysheep3000 says:

      Man, you really hate diet soft drinks.

    4. RevStu says:

      "And what happened on Sat?"

      Busted out the first time I got my chips in with the worst hand (K4c shove called by A9o, 4 hit but then the 9 did), in 37th place. Didn’t have a single hand over 1 pair all day.

    5. RevStu says:

      "Man, you really hate diet soft drinks."

      They're all right if you're a girl or a homosexualist. If you’re a straight man who isn’t diabetic and you’re drinking Diet Coke, I wouldn’t trust you to hold my wallet while I sneezed, never mind run a country.

    6. Matt Smith says:

      Worse still is Coke Zero. Those who claim that wretched drink possesses "Real Coke Taste" (clearly implying that it tastes the same as real proper sugarfied Coke without actually saying that, for obvious trading standards reasons) are in dire need of a high-velocity knee to the ghastliness.

    7. Anonymous X says:

      I've been on a sugary drinks binge today following an encounter with norovirus, and I swear that regular Coca-Cola has gives you a 'kick' that Pepsi doesn't. Pepsi is just watery, sugary, it has none of the edge. And it seems to be either too carbonated or flat seconds after opening the bottle. Pepsi is basically own-brand cola with a marketing budget.

    8. daneel says:

      In fairness, Ed doesn't look like he actually has his mouth open.

    9. The problem, obviously, is that they're both drinking from tiny soda bottles.  Real American Men drink from large, enormous, kidney-bursting Mega Super Ultra Gulps!!1!
      Aside from the fact that they're politicians who look like they're cloned from a factory, that's all I got.  Do I win a prize?

    10. Darren says:

      I've spotted it, yeah.  They're at The Haçienda.

    11. aerisdead says:

      Wait, what we were supposed to spot was that they're drinking diet? I thought it was that they're obviously not drinking it, instead holding it to their lips. I thought this was a commentary on how false Labour are. Confused now.

    12. Irish Al says:

      And they’re really tiny little bottles.

    13. Captain Caveman says:

      I didn't think the anomaly was their selected beverage; my money was on their apparently being somewhere industrial, given that when these people were in charge of the Country, they destroyed most of it?
      Perhaps it's a 'post industrial' call centre or nationalised bank branch or something. Frankly, I'm only surprised that the aptly named Messrs. Gray/Balls didn't reverse their caps in a crass attempt to get down with the (unemployed, unemployable, uneducated) kids.

    14. No Name says:

      I vote for the fuchsia baseball caps. As well as everything mentioned above.

    15. Dr Octagon says:

      I thought it was the blue tie !

    16. Tom K. says:

      It’s as simple as this:

      They look like a pair of prats.

    17. Nitpicker says:

      They were wearing coke-branded caps which were hastily photoshopped by the Labour PR team?

    18. Rory says:

      Is it not more the fact that it isnae made in Scotland fae girders?

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