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The Wee Blue Book

Posted on August 11, 2014 by

The pocket guide to the independence referendum is here.





EBOOK FORMATS (epub, Kindle etc)


Printed copies are widely available from Yes shops, street stalls and campaigners.






Campaigners: if you want to save time and produce your own copies in bulk, here’s the marked-up professional-print-ready version along with all the info you’ll need in order to just hand the PDF to a printing company and go.


A6 72 pages, self-cover, full colour CMYK
Saddle stitched (stapled)
3mm bleed
130gsm stock

We recommend StuPrint (no relation) who’ll do 6000 copies for a bargain £1,590 all in, or Glasgow’s own excellent William Anderson & Sons, who are actually the people running off nearly quarter of a million for us.


If you just want one or two copies from your own printer, use this:


(Instructions here)


Download mirror 1:

Smartphone/tablet edition

Desktop/laptop edition

Low-colour edition

Print-ready edition

Kindle edition (.mobi)

Ebook edition (.epub)

Ebook edition (.lrf)

Ebook edition (.pdb)

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    708 to “The Wee Blue Book”

    1. Devereux says:

      Now watch us fly!

    2. Tony Little says:

      Many thanks Rev. Hasve downloaded a copy and will now read with interest.

      Keep it up mate, you are a Godsend to the campaign

    3. purplebadger says:


    4. David Lee says:

      Just a quick heads up, the download version could be blocked on a lot of work computers (it’s blocked at Scottish Govt) because the World of Stuart site the file is hosted on is designated “Games”.

    5. Brotyboy says:

      Wow. Just had a quick skek, and this all looks good and very comprehensive.

      Thinking of sending a copy to my whole address book.

    6. Mat says:

      Reading it now – looking great, though only just getting started.

      Something you might want to fix in a hurry – the reference link – – is 404ing.

    7. A copy on my laptop, one on my kindle and another on my phone …. bring on the questions!!

      Off to share the link around social media

      M’wah Rev Stu

    8. john king says:

      How can we get this as a book?

    9. TYRAN says:

      Would be great to see these distributed to households.

    10. Ahhh ! The book of brilliant things at last !
      (Excellent stuff)


      The canvassers guide to winning the argument on the doorstep.

    11. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Received with thanks and already diffused to 6 more people.

    12. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      John King

      Print it and put it on a wee spiral binder

    13. Excellent, lucid, and straight to the point. I shall be sending the questions to my MP ( A certain A. Darling).

    14. galamcennalath says:

      Everyone thinking of voting NO needs to read The Book. What is the strategy to get it seen widely, not by YES supporters like ourselves?

    15. Glenn says:

      This is superb.

    16. Nancy Burge says:

      Excellent resource, Stu, but then I would expect nothing less.
      I will be printing this out and leaving it around places as soon as I get to a printer.

    17. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Something you might want to fix in a hurry – the reference link – – is 404ing.”

      That page doesn’t exist yet, because it’s not needed in the digital edition – all the links work directly. Will be fixed shortly, though.

      “How can we get this as a book?”

      The first run of 20,000 is whizzing through the print machines as we speak. When they’re out and about in the streets there’ll be a post announcing it.

      “Just a quick heads up, the download version could be blocked on a lot of work computers (it’s blocked at Scottish Govt) because the World of Stuart site the file is hosted on is designated “Games”.”

      Alternative download links added.

    18. Many thanks, Stuart. I know this is o/t but there is an article on newsnet scotland complaining about the contents of the booklet issued by the Electoral Commission, Scotland. It’s supposed to be a guide to voting in the referendum, but apparently contains statements from both the Yes and No campaigns. The complaint is the usual one, inasmuch that the No campaigns words are to put it mildly, misleading. That this should come as a surprise, is a surprise, as I previously pointed out months ago that the Electoral Commissioner for Scotland is one John McCormick, former Controller, B.B.C Scotland. Nuff said.

    19. john king says:

      Printers eh, Bugggered. 🙂

    20. Ken500 says:

      An extremely welcome development.

      You are a Star.

    21. Greg Hendry says:

      Amazing! I was wondering if this was going to be done on time the other day there. Thanks Rev!

    22. heedtracker says:

      Brilliant work! Incredible opportunities for the future of Scotland, with one cross in the YES box.

    23. bunter says:

      Already read a good bit and this looks great. Any hard copies gonna be avail.

      Just one thing so far, the oil section & re oil fund. Is it Iraq that didny set up a fund?

    24. Jim Bo says:

      Just what I needed this Monday morning. Brilliant stuff as always Rev.

    25. Ken500 says:

      The Scottish Gov can complain about the actions of the Electoral Commission, making political capital, by threatening legal action.

    26. Brotyboy says:

      Gamechanger, I think.

      But it needs to be got out there to everyone, whether that’s challenging (for our target audience, not for us)or not.

    27. AberdeenLoon says:

      Downloaded and shared far and wide ?

    28. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      John King

      Use somebody else’s or go to a Print Shop and they may even bind it for you. Not for handing out but keeping with you as a reference.

      May be, could crowdfund a 20,000 run ourselves?

      i.e. Somebody in Scotland gets it done after we have sent money to him. Somebody honest and trustworthy like Kendoonmacaroonbar?

    29. heraldnomore says:

      Monday morning. Cat pees on feather duvet. Torrents of rain coming through flat roof.

      Wee Blue Book downloaded. Yee Hah.

    30. Juteman says:

      Nice work.

    31. Nana Smith says:

      Made a grey wet Monday morn so much brighter. Thank you

    32. Doug Daniel says:

      Some of the voters I’ve been speaking to over the past few days (three canvassing sessions in four days – go me!) are crying out for something like this. They want facts, and they want them hand-delivered in an easy-to-digest format. It’s very frustrating when we all know there’s so much out there if they could only be bothered to look, but anything that removes the “nobody’s giving me any facts” excuse is vital in these last few weeks.

      I think this’ll fill the gap between easy-to-read-but-low-on-content leaflets and the high-on-content-but-difficult-to-read White Paper nicely.

    33. Craig B says:

      Ahh good man Rev, thank you.

    34. Jim Marshall says:

      Excellent Stuart, very useful reference when on the stomp canvassing.No doubt you will advise as to distribution of copies. Perfect for convincing the undecided.

    35. Luigi says:

      I know it’s hugely ambitious, but every household in Scotland should receive a copy.

    36. Slaughterhouse says:

      I know I’m probably being a bit silly here, but I think it would be better if it said ‘Please don’t vote…’. The way it reads at the moment looks too much like an order.

    37. Midgehunter says:

      This is what we’ve been waiting for. Great job done Rev.. 😉

      After the SG “Scotland’s Future”, this is the second most important factual handbook for independence.

      On the back cover it says, printed by Craig & Stewart, Glasgow. Does that mean there are printed copies available? Costs etc.

    38. heedtracker says:

      One of bettertogethers biggest cons

      Page 42 (viii) (viii) Devolution
      The UK parties promise that Scotland can have “the best of both worlds” – all the “strength” and “security” of the
      UK, with a strong Scottish Parliament that they say will get
      more powers if Scotland votes No.
      But if you actually look closely at what they’re offering,
      they’re not more “powers” at all. The Scottish Parliament
      will NOT have power over anything that it doesn’t currently
      have power over

      Maybe “(viii) Devolution” header on top of page 43?

    39. Bugger (the Panda) says:


      Sorry, I don’t get that?

    40. Thank you Stuart. You’re a one man national institution.

      Just scanned the first few pages. I know the quality of your research, and that you always check your facts, (as I do), so unlike so many other sources I feel confident in quoting your evidence without hours of second sourcing. A real time saver…



    41. Midgehunter says:

      OOps, sorry – print run ongoing as we type. The comments come thick an fast, it’s hard to catch up.

    42. Richard says:

      Excellent publication with lots of easy to understand facts. Whats the plans for hard copies? Are you getting plenty made?

    43. Sandy Brownlee says:

      Well done Stu – this looks great. I’ll be forwarding this on as much as possible, and happy to contribute if there is a move to crowdfund a huge print run.

    44. caz-m says:

      Maybe Nicola will use it as a reference at tonight’s meeting in Irvine. Or better still, take copies of the Blue Book to the meeting with you.

      Nicola Sturgeon,

      Independence Debate for North Ayrshire – tonight 7.30pm.

      Castlepark Community Centre, Irvine on Monday,

      Please tell undecided voters in the area to get themselves down to Irvine tonight.–tonight/

    45. Flower of Scotland says:

      Thanks Stu! I’ve been waiting for this. Already put it on Facebook!

    46. kendomacaroonbar says:

      This is excellent Stuart.

      Congratulations to you and your team of helpers for providing the tools to allow us to help ‘finish the job’.

      I’m guessing that 20k print run will be swallowed up pretty quickly and wonder if you’d consider a final fundraiser to facilitate larger batch runs and distribution costs ? I’m ready to chip in and have an idea for a promo video to spread the word far and wide.

    47. Nation Libre says:

      Brilliant Stu, could we maybe have one more crowd fund to get as many of these printed as possible?

    48. kendomacaroonbar says:

      @Bugger the Panda

      Thank you for that ! 🙂

    49. tartanfever says:

      Just sent a copy to A. Darling a minute a go, he’s been on the phone already saying he’s read it and it’s all rubbish.

      Brilliant work Stu, just what we need.

    50. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      sorry Kendoon


    51. kendomacaroonbar says:

      I bet there are more copies of this read than the Scotsman’s sales this month.

    52. Alistair D says:

      Looking forward to reading this fully – appetite whetted by brief glance.

    53. No no no...yes says:

      What a great start to the week.I’ve had a quick scan through and like the coversational style of writing.
      The inclusion of verifable links adds so much more credibility and allows the reader to do their own validating, rather than just being given a single version of events.Thanks to all involved,

      This weebluebook will convert every undecided voter that reads it.

    54. heedtracker says:

      Just sent a copy to bettertogether Slovenia branch too

    55. john king says:

      “@Bugger the Panda

      Thank you for that ! :-)”

      Snigger. 🙂

    56. Macart says:

      Oh, consider that bookmarked and downloaded.

      Great Rev.

    57. Graeme Doig says:

      Just had a quick look. Excellent stuff Stu. Thank you.

      I would be happy to donate to any distribution fund.

    58. JLT says:

      Seriously …well done Stuart. It’s well written, perfectly laid out, and very easy to read. It’s Sterling work (excuse the pun!)

      Already posted the link on Facebook. We need to keep posting this link on a daily basis and hammer away at people to read it. There are no longer any excuses for ‘but, I don’t have enough information’

      Well, you do now!

    59. gerry parker says:

      Well Done Stuart, downloaded and will look forward to hard copies to deliver.

      This is it folks, the home stretch, remember what our athletes did at the games as they were heading for the finish line.

      Let’s go for GOLD.

    60. caz-m says:

      Do you think YES Scotland will publicise the Blue Book?

    61. Peter Macbeastie says:

      Hah, excellent. I’ll download a copy to my tablet later.

      Excellent work, Stuart.

      We know how effective this site is already, but we can guage it’s effect even more by the amount of hatred aimed in your direction from unionists. More power to you. You have created one of the most valuable resources of the whole independence debate.

    62. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Just had one feedback on a speculative copy I emailed.

      He, I really didn’t have a clue what he was voting, is a 100% Yes as is his Danish wife (silly me for thinking otherwise), and will be sending a postal vote as he will out of the Country on R day.

      I smell a Yes.

    63. Bugger (the Panda) says:


      Officially no, but many footsoldiers will use it and pass it on, openly too.

    64. cearc says:

      Excellent, readable precis of key topics. Well done Stu.

      How much does the print run cost?

    65. Ali says:

      Have just started reading this its brilliant. Will have to stop now though as I’m at work and my teabreak is over. Thanks Stu

    66. Andrew Morton says:

      This will only be effective if we get it into very wavering household. The recent poll suggests that places like Central Fife and Edinburgh are places to target.

      We need to be looking at a print run of 500,000 and paying Royal Mail to deliver.

      Don’t know how much that would cost, but I’d be willing to chip in a significant sum to get it off the ground.

    67. Jim Thomson says:

      Thanks for the links Stu.

      Now on this wee phone and will be a handy reference when trying to sway soft Nos and the less challenging undecideds.

    68. Michael says:

      Brilliant, a great resource for folk when they know there’s an answer to a specific question but aren’t sure exactly where to find it. Well done.

    69. Andrew Morton says:

      Doh! Not very, every.

    70. James S says:

      Dan Snow’s father-in-law has a lot of new tenants of leasehold properties which were built and probably paid for directly from the highland clearances.

      His father-in-law is the Duke of Westminster and owns the land, these billionaires own the buildings on top of it and pay him ground rent.

      DM article:

      Is this how WM sees Scotland in the under control from London and the oil is the ground rent?

      From p. 29 in the WBB we can see how they favour that.

    71. David Halliday says:

      Absolutely perfectly pitched at just the right level of detail that an undecided voter, or even an open-to-reason No, is likely to decide to read. I know printing costs will be high but the more hard copies we can get to deliver the better.

    72. Fergus Green says:

      Were the costs of printing and distributing this not included in the big Wings crowdfund appeal earlier this year?

    73. Milady de Winter says:

      I’m also happy to contribute to publication or printing funds to get wider distribution. This is great!

    74. Mealer says:

      Great work,Stu.This will be a big help.

    75. bunter says:

      Two family members, who were No’s, whom I met at the weekend, had moved to undecided. Have shared the wee book and am sure this will seal the deal.

    76. Ron Burgundy says:


      I am off delivering YES newspapers this morning but would love to have 2,000+ of these to stick in the letterboxes with them in my 3 canvassing districts. Can you please advise.
      All the best buddy, the book is truly superb.

    77. Graeme S says:

      Brilliant Work Stu. Is it feasible to get the Royal Mail to drop these through letter boxes, or would that exceed campaign spending limits? If not, I’m ready to put my hand in my pocket again.

    78. IcySpark says:

      Do you think it is possible to crowdfund £1 million (guesstimate) to get this printed and sent to every household in Scotland?

    79. Indy_Scot says:

      Has the allegedly neutral Electoral Commissions voting guide effectively given the referendum to the unionists.

    80. Luigi says:

      A big thank you to the Rev and his excellent Wee Blue Book team.

      The challenge now is to get it out there, particularly to undecided and soft NO’s.

      If people receive a copy, they will read it.

    81. kendomacaroonbar says:

      @John King

      Oi, he called me trustworthy.. Although, to be fair, he hasn’t had the oppoprchancity of seeing me play monopoly with the kids. 🙂

    82. Luigi says:

      Do you think it is possible to crowdfund £1 million (guesstimate) to get this printed and sent to every household in Scotland?

      In theory, yes, if we could get one or two big donors to help all of us wee funders.

      CAUTION: Now that WoS is an official interest in the referendum campaigning period, there will be a strict limit as to what can be spent – unless there are ways around this?

    83. Robert Peffers says:

      Sorry O/T:

      The Parliament TV Channel(Ch81)has a debate at 11:55AM,
      On the future of the BBC that just may have some interest.
      I’ll record it anyway just in case.

    84. Marcia says:

      WoS can spend up to £150,000 on campaign material. That is why readers should spread it far and wide on the internet and if you can print off a hard copy, do so.

    85. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Kendo, I have the habit of standing up without notice and upending the board, accidentally of course, if I am losing, which is too often.

    86. YESGUY says:

      Brilliant work Stu.

      Got my copy and if your printing this we can deliver ourselves round areas we know are DK/NO folk. Once they have a read it’s a “gamechanger”


    87. handclapping says:

      If the only way you can make money is playing monopoly with kids, its time to give up on the dream of being Andra Carnegie, Ken. 😉

    88. Jim Thomson says:

      Just a thought Stu, is there an audio book version? If not, you might be able to get someone like Brian Cox (not the physics bloke) to do it for you.

    89. ianbeag says:

      Our branch purchased 20K of the ‘Aye Right’ leaflet and this has proved to be one of the most useful pieces of literature for handing out at doors and from the various street stalls throughout Stirling constituency. We would love to have the new booklet for street work and for posting through letterboxes when distributing copies of the remaining issues of the YES newspaper. There would be a definite demand providing it can be made available quickly and take-up would be immediate.

    90. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      @ John King

      Well I have to say that about Kendo, he gave me Wings badges free,

      By the way, now I know where the Wings over Scotland originates.


    91. YESGUY says:

      O/T Daily Record

      Has Mags Curren wandering around Easterhouse scaring folk about the pensions and currency. Total piece of shit typical No propaganda , And as usual the record giving plenty space for the lies.

      Everyone should STOP BUYING all the papers.

      Hit the liars where it hurts most – in their pockets.

    92. TD says:

      I also would be willing to contribute to the costs of distributing this. I will not go anywhere without it until Sep 18. It is exactly what is needed – a succinct, easily read summary of the facts – with references.

    93. You and My Comb says:

      My local Yes group is pricing 10k so it might be worth joining in there. @kendomacaroonbar has the contact details I think. It would be easy to get more done at same time

    94. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      ???? was an emoji smiley face I imported from my Mac OS ????

      It shows up as the chosen face in the dialog box but comes up in the blog as question marks???? That was a pair of eyes.

    95. Colin says:

      Is there not a limit on how much the Rev can spend on the campaign?

      We need a lot more than 20,000 copies and we need them soon. Let’s get a friendly printer to print them cheap and get another donation thing going to pay for it. Distribution won’t be a problem.

    96. pr1mate says:


    97. caz-m says:

      Most NO’s are soft and are just needing that little bit of information that will turn them to YES. It could be on pensions, Oil that is off the west coast, Trident.

      Usually one or two facts can turn a NO voter round. Or it could at least plant the YES seed in their head. Let them think about it and go back a couple of days later.

      Bingo! Another new YES voter. Give yourself a wee pat on the back and move on to the next NO voter.

    98. Colin says:

      Just another thought and I might be speaking guff but If the Rev isn’t able to spend more cash during the final stages of the campaign, why not get people to buy “The Blue Book” directly from the printer and we could crowd fund the individuals?

    99. Luigi says:

      What a week. After a ferocious MSM onslaught against a shared currency, increased demonization of the FM, and two very dodgy opinion poll results, the timely arrival of the Wee Blue Book is the perfect tonic for the troops. If this doesn’t give us a shot in the arm and energise us for the final sprint, then nothing will. Marvellous!

      Time to spread the word!

    100. cearc says:

      If we print copies ourself to give away do we have to add our name as printer and payer for EC rules?

    101. fred blogger says:

      i haven’t as yet read it all but from my 1st skim, it’s comprehensive and hits all the right spots.
      1st class work, a much needed guide. well done wings, yet again.
      the poor person on “jo lamonts big day oot” on youtube, who said he continually had doors slammed in his face, ask what he should do,and had his question completely brushed aside, would definitely benefit from a copy!

    102. barracouda says:

      If the wee blue book does not sway the undecideds nothing will, best yet for YES, thank you wings.

    103. john j says:

      Fantastic rev, I’ll print it out and carry it with me for reference in the pub when the afternoon argument starts, as it usually does.

      “facts are chiels that winna ding” as the Bard said, which is why we are fed a diet of lies and nonsense by the No campaign and its press.

    104. pin says:

      This is far better than I expected. Best indyref publication yet methinks

    105. caz-m says:

      If someone is a stubborn NO, then ask them to explain what is their biggest fear about becoming an Independent Nation.

      That is when you whip out your Blue Book.

      All their fears can be dealt with honestly and quickly.

    106. benarmine says:

      Gamechanger – for naysayerss that can read. Brilliant Rev.

    107. desimond says:

      Okay, so now how do we get loads of wee Wings USB sticks made up with this book preloaded 🙂

    108. YESGUY says:

      From Munguins pages.

      The truth and evidence at last about the STV Debate

      They fixed it for the NO voters to outnumber everyone else


      “She said that all of the Yes voters and undecided persons that she had put through to attend the event were not contacted and instead STV had replaced them with their people, No people. This came from high up in STV.

      Pop over to Munguins for the rest.

    109. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Just another thought and I might be speaking guff but If the Rev isn’t able to spend more cash during the final stages of the campaign, why not get people to buy “The Blue Book” directly from the printer and we could crowd fund the individuals?”

      People printing and distributing the book themselves doesn’t count towards our spending limits, so if anyone can afford to have a batch run off for their local area, that’s great.

      We’ll be making a version available for specifically that purpose – the current one is fine and will work, but it’s designed for “perfect binding”, so it’ll be very slightly off-centre if printed in the (significantly cheaper) stapled format. We should have a “staple-optimised” one this week.

    110. John says:

      Many thanks

      Initial impression is that it hits the mark – comprehensive but not weighty.

      Now working my way through it in detail

    111. Bugger (the Panda) says:


      We as individuals can crowd fund it ourselves.

      Rev Stu owns the copywrite which he has made open access, because we can download and print it out multiple copies and pass on pdf copies for diffusion.

      If someone in the UK, not Rev Stu co-ordinates a private subbing of mnore copies and asks the printer to do a run-on, he will. It is possible we would a better deal per copy on a 20 or even 50,000 run?

      It all depends on what the first run cost and how we can get the eckies together to do the run on.

      Distribution, heavy, could be done by individuals taking multiple copies to various depots in Scotland for onwards distribution.

      Starting in Glasgow, at the printers, bulk copies =to Edinburgh, Dumfries, Stiorling, Perth Dundee, Aberdeen, Inverness, Dunoon and maybe Oban.

      After that local groups can pick up enough for them to use.

      Lewis, Orkney and Shetland are a bit of a problem, at least as I write but, somebody out there has the solution.

      We have a collective IQ of thousands, if we just work together.

    112. You and My Comb says:

      @rev stu

      Can you let me know when the printer ready version is available. Thanks

    113. caz-m says:


      Does anyone know if the Rev is still planning his tour of Scotland. I remember him asking for suggestions on the best places to hold meetings in. But that is the last I have heard of it.

      Or did they happen and I have missed them. Or maybe it was all a dream.

      I was looking forward to those meetings and I do hope they are still being planned for.

    114. Luigi says:

      Many of us could, and I am sure we will, print off quite a few rough copies ourselves. It would be nice, however, to have access to really nice, professionally printed and bound, ready to read copies available for distribution. A service, offering batches at a reasonable price, is a good idea. Instead of donating to the print run, we could just, as individuals and/or small groups, buy batches for our own “use”?

    115. Colin says:

      Come on then Panda, between everyone on here we must know a printer that will print them cheaper for us, a haulage or delivery company(s) that could ship them around the country for us and I am sure it will be easy to find central distribution points.
      I’m also sure someone will step up and take charge of the funding.

      I’ve a spare space in my house and I have a car for distribution, I’ll do Aberdeen and South Aberdeenshire .

    116. Captain Haribo says:

      A very good read and mostly entirely accurate. I take slight issue with the section on Orkney and Shetland though. It is far from certain that the isles are legally part of Scotland. I say that as a Yes voting Shetlander. I do not believe an independent Shetland to be a tenable proposition, but I think that the argument has been put forth by No campaigners has led to some disrepectful arguments from the Yes campaign. There is a strong case that Shetland and Orkney were part of a loan deal that was never formally concluded, and anybody engaging in arguments about the status of the isles should be aware of that. It is, however, entirely correct to say that support for Shetland independence is extremely limited.

    117. David says:

      For anybody that is getting it blocked, try rightclicking and ‘save target as’ to your computer.

    118. heedtracker says:

      “To be blunt, a great deal of what Scots have been told about independence in
      the last few years by Unionist politicians and the media is a tissue of flat-out
      lies, half-truths, deliberate omissions and misrepresentations.”

      Or, the last king of Scotland

    119. Bugger (the Panda) says:


      Unfortunately I can only cover France, from here.

    120. Morag says:

      Caz-m, Stu said a while back he realised he didn’t have time for the tour, and the blog needed all his attention. Also, given the number of public meetings and performances already going on it was unlikely a few more would make a significant difference.

    121. galamcennalath says:

      We are up against it. A HMG A4 card came in the other day. Basically lies! Five main points including ‘better public services’ with UKOK because public spending is higher in Scotland. Yea, bur WE pay for these already and we will pay for them after independence. Although it doesn’t spell it out, the implication is that Scotland is subsidised, BLATANT LIE!

      I can only assume this went out to every household in Scotland.

      We need to print a lot of WeeBooks!

    122. kendomacaroonbar says:

      @Rev Stu,

      Apologies if this has already been stated, but what size was the booklet designed to be ?

    123. Stuart Black says:

      So, now we’re fast approaching the “then you win” stage, and this marvellous resource will help things along nicely. Great work Rev, thank you.

    124. Colin says:

      You would be the perfect person to take charge of the money Panda, if anyone complained (BT or the like) you could just tell them to bog off.

    125. cearc says:

      Another handy printout to have are the maps of oil blocks put up for sale this year:

      Northern North Sea:

      West of Hebrides:

      They say a picture tells a thousand words and these pictures are straight from the horses mouth.

    126. David Martin says:

      Fantastic. Points made eloquently and with references!

    127. David Halliday says:

      If we’re going to print and distribute copies we’d better coordinate that hadn’t we? Maybe organise into Council wards and arrange delivery locally?

    128. EricF says:

      Many, many thanks for this.

    129. Luigi says:

      If, as it seems, quite a large number of us are planning to distribute the WBB to doors, perhaps some coordination would help to avoid people doing the same streets and wasting valuable resources. It would also be really useful to monitor, even approximately, the spread throughout the country.

      I’m not sure the best way of doing this, but if every town and city had, for example, a WBB group, we could inform each other how the distribution efforts are going. Personally, I am willing to collaborate with WoS people in the Aberdeen area in order to ensure we cover as many local streets and areas as possible.

    130. Mrs Grimble says:

      Stu, could you make it clear on the download link that the mobile version is the screenreader-friendly one? The layout of the desktop version will confuse blind users.
      Somebody asked about an audio version. I listen to lots of audio books and I don’t think the format would work too well, given the huge number of references & footnotes.

    131. Complaint to Rev Stuart Campbell on”Borders and Passports”.

      So, in 2007, Brown and Darling did NOT shift Passport Processing from Glasgow to Belfast in Ulster on the 300th Anniversary of the Act OF union.?
      187 x workers at Glasgow Passport Office were NEVER made redundant after SNP Won Minority Govt in May 2007.?

      In 2011 this unelected ConDem Govt NEVER shifted UK Borders Agency HQ from Stranraer to Belfast in ULSTER.?

      Despite the fact that these actions versus Scotland are a matter of Public Record and recorded in “Hansard”.

      “The Wee Blue Book” mentions the border between Scotland and England is approx 100 miles long. When a border exists it might be welcome to know that it is being controlled by a far smaller foreign region – Ulster.

      I am disappointed on this section.

    132. Dave says:

      Excellent stuff Stuart. I wonder if someone could pull together a reduced size layout PDF version of this for home printing i.e. 8 pages printed on single A4. It’s still legible enough as I have set my Acrobat to print reduced “4up”. Unfort the pages are not in the order that would allow double sided printing, but still, I got it in printed 10 pages which I can chop up. If you have the original Illustrator file, I’d be happy to give it a go, tho I aint no Illustrator pro!

    133. caz-m says:

      YESGUY- STV debate.

      I also have proof from someone who was at the STV debate who also said 30-40 YES voters were replaced by bussed in NO voters. Will have link to that later on.

      The NO voters were encourage to shout down and boo Alex Salmond at every opportunity.

      STV/Ponsonby, Ipsos-Mori, in it up to their Unionist necks.

      BBC Scotland and STV studios should have been built about a mile away from Pacific Quay, at the Shieldhall Sewage Works, considering the amount of shit that comes in and out of it.

    134. Jennifer says:

      Thank you for all the hard work you have dedicated to this cause…this must be your crowning glory

    135. Morag says:

      Looking at the MASSIVE logistical exercise it takes to get the Yes newspapers delivered, I’m at a loss to see how we can do more than scratch the surface. It’s come at the right time in the campaign to have the best impact, but only if it can be disributed and that’s the tricky bit.

      There are two more Yes newspapers for us to get out before the Big Day. This involves furniture vans arriving at co-ordinators’ homes (garages), and then branches hiring vans to distribute further, and then local groups picking up their own quotas and getting on with it. It takes us over a week to do our wee area of 1000. Oh and there’s talk of another magazine-format thing for undecideds too. We’re just about at full stretch as there are meetings and other things to take care of too.

      Wings can tap into some of that, but only piecemeal. I hope Stu has some concrete plans for getting this out, because it’s a great resource, but only if it can be got into people’s hands and that’s always been the biggie.

    136. caz-m says:


      Rev’s tour of Scotland.

      “Stu said a while back he realised he didn’t have time for the tour, and the blog needed all his attention.”

      Thanks for quick reply. That clears that one up.

      We move on.

    137. Nigel says:

      Will Yes Scotland publish the Blue Book? Unlikely, but we should all email Yes and demand that they do make its availability widely known, including the download links. After all, most of us are campaigning on the doorstep under the Yes banner and this wee book is going to be a great tool…

    138. Cod says:

      Excellent, and timely too. This, sad to say, is far better than anything the Yes campaign have put out so far, in terms of quality of information, and the fact that many of the links are from independent sources or from Westminster itself is icing on the cake.

      I’ve posted about it, along with links to both versions so far available, on Facebook, and publicly and to communities on Google+

      My damned printer gave up a couple of days ago(and my reserve printer is buggered because I stupidly forgot to take out the ink cartridges when I stored it away, d’oh) which is a real pain,because I know a few people who are wavering and who wouldn’t read an e-pub, and this would be an excellent resource to give to them so they can answer their questions. Hopefully I can get a hold of some of the printed ones.

      Maybe the Weirs will read this thread and finance a Scotland wide print and distribution! Even though they’ve already contributed more than could ever be asked.

    139. Morag says:

      I think it was a wise decision, as the number of undecideds reached would inevitably have been limited and Stuart can reach far more people on Wings. We’re not short of local meetings in any case. Bang for buck is the main objective.

    140. Capella says:

      Looks brilliant! Off to get a cup of coffee and read it. Then distribute far and wide.

    141. Mrs Grimble says:

      @kendomacaroonbar – the pages are A5, and on the desktop version they’re designed to be printed two to an A4 sheet.

    142. Morag says:

      Oh, if this was distributed through the Yes Scotland network that already exists, it would be ideal. But that’s not going to happen, is it, with Yes Scotland apparently falling for that stupid hatchet job painting Stuart as the baby-eating antichrist.

      I finished distributing the “Your Choice” booklets here the day before yesterday, and even as I was doing it I wished it had been the Wee Blue Book we were putting out. But it wasn’t.

      The Yes distribution network is extensive and well organised. It didn’t get like that in five minutes, it’s been built up gradually since last autumn. We can’t duplicate it. And I don’t think we can afford the postal service either.

    143. D Keddie says:


      are you doing a gig in Denny

    144. Nigel says:

      Reading some of the comments about folk really wanting information. In the last week or two, I have noticed a change when out canvassing. My fellow Yessers have noticed the same. Suddenly, even self confessed No voters want to talk when previously, many did not. Being turned away on the door step without a word other than no thanks is not so prevalent, even in Nairn. I don’t know if others are finding the same in other areas – Nairn is a bit of a funny area to campaign in. Too many comfortable middle income and blue rinse.

      That said, it seems that more and more folk WANT information now and I think it’s a sign of a sea change in attitudes. It’s taking longer to cover a straightforward canvassing run now. How to get this wee book distributed properly, to the right audience and widely and in enough time (with everything else) to make an impact is going to be a challenge.

    145. Gavin Bain says:

      Oh well done Sir,

      I have been getting involved with the Yes Stall in Aberdeen this last few weeks and you cover the main questions that come up time after time.

      Very clever to use exclusively pro-Union sources and to ensure every point is backed up with a verifiable source. A lot of people are genuinely confused on who to believe. Without your approach, it would be too easy for the whole book to be dismissed on a he-said-she-said basis.

      Not every voter will be reached by opening the book and reading it, but someone they know will. This will have an impact via many thousands of indirect and (thanks to the information provided) high quality discussions.

      Very well done indeed.

    146. caz-m says:

      No word yet from Project Fear HQ at Blytheswood Sq in Glasgow.

      You can bet Blair McD will be all over this book.

    147. Jim Thomson says:

      Folks, don’t get too carried away imagining that the wbb needs to be fired through every letterbox.

      The local Yes groups will probably have been involved in canvassing and submitting results into Yesmo. They will be able to organise targeted drops which will significantly reduce the numbers needed.

      If you are not already in touch with your local group, NOW is the time when they really need your help for doorstep campaigning and leafleting. That could include wbb deliveries!

    148. TheGreatBaldo says:


      Don’t have The Sun online or buy a paper copy….

      Can any confirm whether or not this tweet is true…

      “The @ScottishSun’s editorial sets out why the paper supports a ‘No’ vote – #indyref”

    149. IcySpark says:

      Don’t forget we can also use google adsense to promote this page for people looking for referendum / independence facts etc.

    150. IcySpark says:

      Sorry Google Ads, not Adsense

    151. Democracy Reborn says:

      Great work, Stu, collates everything you’ve covered.

      O/T, an example of how there are no depths BT will sink. Jackie Baillie on Radio Clyde news this morning : foodbanks will be “worse” in an independent Scotland.

      I had to turn the radio off for fear of vomiting.

    152. Luigi says:


      Oh, if this was distributed through the Yes Scotland network that already exists, it would be ideal. But that’s not going to happen, is it, with Yes Scotland apparently falling for that stupid hatchet job painting Stuart as the baby-eating antichrist.

      I finished distributing the “Your Choice” booklets here the day before yesterday, and even as I was doing it I wished it had been the Wee Blue Book we were putting out. But it wasn’t.

      The Yes distribution network is extensive and well organised. It didn’t get like that in five minutes, it’s been built up gradually since last autumn. We can’t duplicate it. And I don’t think we can afford the postal service either.

      Indeed, and furthermore, YES Scotland hold valuable information on the undecideds/soft NO’s that really need to receive a copy of the Wee Blue Book.

      If we had some info on those target people, at say, 3 to 6 on the independence scale, we could endeavour to ensure that as many of them as possible receives a copy. Sadly, it wont happen as the MSM have effectively divided us in this respect. It pains me to send copies to hardline No’s who will either tear it up in disgust or put it straight in the recycle bin, but I don’t see any other way of ensyuring that a large number of undecideds/soft NO’s receive a copy.

    153. Edulis says:

      Crowdfunding a large (1 million copies) should be a serious consideration. I live in Drumnadrochit and 600 through the letterboxes would box it off and make us the best informed electorate in Scotland.

      How about it?

    154. Mary Bruce says:

      Oh, it’s wonderful, Rev, well done, congratulations. Can’t wait to start taking it with me round the doorsteps!

    155. Dave says:

      Very cool – added link to

    156. Alistair says:

      Stu, you are truly a man possessed!
      One piece of advice, from a scientist – always, always, cite the original source.

      BT will poo-poo references to Wikipedia (rightly or wrongly) as unreliable. Not that many people will actually check- but it’s the impression that counts. Most Wikipedia articles do cite the original source at the bottom. If it is not too much work (and I’m feeling really bad for saying this given your superb effort) then the sources used by the Wikipedia articles should be cited – maybe as a bibliography at the end.

      Anyway – whatever the outcome on the 18th – you can look your kids in the eyes and say you did everything in your power to get the right result. Well done.

    157. Graham says:

      About half way through now.

      I’ve run it through calibre and created epub and mobi versions for android and kindle which I have stuck up on my wee corner of the internet here.

    158. Luigi says:

      Will Yes Scotland publish the Blue Book? Unlikely, but we should all email Yes and demand that they do make its availability widely known, including the download links.

      If they were brave enough, they would be attacked by the MSM. However, think of the enormous amount of publicity it would receive. Everyone would be after a copy.

      Come on YES Scotland, people need to read the Wee Blue Book. It is time to be brave and get this out to the people.

    159. Ewan MacKenzie says:

      Is there a prize for first typo spotted?

      Top of page 7, principals. 😉

      (It’s IMPOSSIBLE to find all typos pre-print. I know this from experience.)

      Brilliant so far, it’s the very best of Wings, condensed into as few pages as possible. You’re a genius.

    160. heedtracker says:

      Printed off a dozen for works coffee shops and CC to everyone I know and dont know, including my MP Anne Begg. She’ll no doubt get back with a cheery reposte, as per.

    161. JWil says:

      This is a link to an article in today’s Guardian saying that two of England’s nuclear power stations have been shut down because of faults.

      Will the Energy Secretary, Ed Davey, still be threatening an independent Scotland that England won’t buy Scotland’s surplus power? It makes him look like a fool and a liar.

    162. jane castro says:

      will be printing off some copies to distribute but can anyone tell me how i get this onto my Kindle please

    163. Ian Sanderson says:

      Well done that man.

      Thank you….

    164. Dave says:

      Just what was needed! Added promo at

    165. Simon S says:

      Rev Stu and all other contributors. You guys have done one hell of a job. Well done! 🙂

    166. YESGUY says:

      CAZ – STV Debate

      Look forward to your links. Smelled a rat the moment the first questions were asked.

      The wee Blue Book will be a huge hit and can see oor bairns looking at the first copy in a museum for independence in the future. Your efforts will never be forgotten Stu and all at Wings.

    167. Alistair says:

      If Yes won’t back it because they aren’t linking themselves to Wings then it’s not too hard to rebrand it, make some changes so that it’s not a verbatim copy, and get them to circulate it without attributing it directly to Wings.

      I’m sure BT don’t hesitate to obfuscate the origin of some of their propaganda.

    168. Before the Commons split for summer recess, the Slab MP Brian Donohoe asked the Home Office Minister WHY his Ayrshire constituents will need to travel to Durham or across to Belfast to get their Passport.

      Donohoe pleaded with Theresa May to re-open the Glasgow Passport Office – only weeks ago.

      Donohoe conveniently forgets HE was a SLAB MP in 2007 when Brown Shifted Passport Processing for Scots only – to BELFAST IN ULSTER.


    169. Silverytay says:

      Well done Stu , it’s great to have the wee blue book to read at last .

      I am more than willing to contribute to another fundraiser to ensure that the book is distributed far and wide and I would be willing to take 600 to stick through local letter boxes .

    170. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Wanton Wumpum

      That is one service for Scotland which will not be outsourced.

    171. Dave says:

      Also happy to contribute £ for printing.

    172. Chris says:

      I’ll gladly donate to get this out there. It is priceless!

    173. Pat says:


    174. Ian He-Kensken says:

      The Wee Blue Book – a weapon of mass conversion

    175. Morag says:

      I was told at a Yes meeting that there’s something else in the works, some sort of fairly substantial magazine-type circulation intended for undecideds, and that somehow we have to get that out as well. I imagine it’s something like the Wee Blue Book but I have some doubts that it will be as good.

      Our problem is that there are vast tracts of the Borders uncanvassed. We don’t have the manpower. So how do we target this thing, or indeed how would we target the WBB if we could source copies.

      Oh, give me a thousand and I’ll get them out, indiscriminately, probably with the Yes newspapers, but I’m just a wee teensy square on a very big map.

    176. Ian He-Kensken says:

      Agreed. This needs to be published and posted out. I’ll also donate.

    177. Dave says:

      rowantree633 – Could you maybe add twitter/facebook buttons to to allow us to tweet yer stuff?

    178. Feartiefifer says:

      Oh you’re a wee rascal. Since WW2 Scotland got the government it voted for 2 out of 3 times. Use the popular vote – same as the Referendum. You’ve been informed of this many times. Also Tories in Scotland received only 80,000 less votes than SNP in last Westminster election in 2010.
      It would seem that your 1st point is completely discredited.

    179. Clootie says:

      Too busy forwarding to have read it – I am confident that it will be good

    180. I am happy to buy some to give away to undecideds. If we all do this we could cover a lot of those who need a final push to YES.

    181. K1 says:

      Comprehensive, succint and exquisitely clear. Great work Stu and Scott, Morag, Doug, Lindsay. Andrew and Stewart. Jusr brilliant!

    182. IcySpark says:

      Shared with all the Yes pages and groups that I could on FaceBook.

    183. Black Douglas says:


      Please back up your mis-information with links to facts, otherwise I will just have to put you in the category marked 👿

    184. IcySpark says:

      Everyone has to do their best to share this, as far and wide as possible. Email your friends, tweet, Facebook. Even share it on friends Facebook timelines. Don’t be shy. A concerted effort is needed by everyone to get this to as many people as possible.

    185. Nation Libre says:

      Rev, can you give a rough idea on the unit cost of the printed WBB and then set something up where we might get an idea how many people might want printed, 50 here, 1000 there etc to see roughly how many we’re talking about getting printed to get an idea of unit cost for a bulk print.

      The printer could then hopefully do one large print run then organise delivery of smaller batches to individuals. I’m more than happy to carry out or help with the admin

    186. Dosser fae The Shire says:

      Guid stuff. I’m looking forward to reading this Stu.

    187. Morag says:

      Unfortunately I can’t get that file to print as a booklet. I know it’s my printer, because I can print booklets in a similar format at work. But basically, bugger.

    188. Edward says:

      Not sure if this has been suggested, if it has, then please forgive.

      But what about giving out USB sticks with the Wings Logo etc on and containing the wee Blue book, plus if there is space jpegs for window posters.

      That way the recipient can download into pc or laptop and can pass on or keep the USB stick 😀

    189. IcySpark says:

      Not forgetting forums, blogs and newspapers comments. Do your bit everyone.

    190. TD says:


      The thing is (and I know this might come as a shock to you) that in a democracy, a country gets the government it votes for ALL of the time, not just 2 out of 3.

      Think about it. Oh no, I forgot, people on your side of this debate don’t do thinking. Sorry.

    191. john king says:

      Kendomacaroonbar says
      “@John King

      Oi, he called me trustworthy.. Although, to be fair, he hasn’t had the oppoprchancity of seeing me play monopoly with the kids.”

      I was sniggering at him volunteering you for the job of producing the book, but all joking apart if the possiblilty of reproducing this in hundreds of thousands of copies without exeeding spending limits is on the cards count me in to support it financially!

    192. Nation Libre says:


      I’m also in France but have been speaking to family (now foreigners apparently) and mates via Facebook and phone constantly for the last couple of years. I intend to be over in Scotland campaigning for the last week to 10 days to ensure I get round as many people as I can and then make sure the get to the polling station. My circumstances allow me to do that

      Perhaps if you can’t get over there you could maybe fund some WBBs for others to distribute. Where abouts in France are you BTW, I’m in Aude

    193. Stephen Brown says:

      Just fired of a list of questions to Sir Robert Smith, MP for West Aberdeenshire

      I won’t hold my breath though

    194. Onwards says:

      I think a lot of YES Scotland campaigners will help in delivery to undecideds, regardless of Wings not being an ‘official’ part of the campaign.

      The referendum is too important to lose, and the ‘nicely nicely’ approach won’t work when you have the entire unionist media scaring people to vote NO.

      We are all on the same side, and the book looks to be high quality.

    195. The Morgatron says:

      Thanks Stu. Excellent document and we all shall raise a glass to you on the 19th Sept for you endevours .

    196. IcySpark says:

      If you use twitter you will notice the Keep Lunacy at Bay spam. Chris Darroch has posted who runs it etc. If it’s good enough for them why not us?

      Individuals can run google ads too, which is perfect as you can target Scotland and keywords like independence, facts, etc.

      We need to use every weapon in our armoury to get this out to as many as possible.

    197. caz-m says:

      As for The Sun newspaper coming out as a NO. I always thought that they were part of the NO campaign anyway.

      Westminster must have offered them some kind of sweetner.

      Remember our old Wings motto:-

      “If you see a Sun, bin it”.

      I think that’s how it went.

    198. IcySpark says:

      The UK government use google ads for people searching for information. If you’re an undecided your typical first port of call is Google. Lets use all the powers of social media and the internet that we can.

    199. Onwards says:


      There is a video on facebook in which some guy makes a good point on democracy.

      If the ENTIRE population of Scotland had voted Green, we would still have a Tory Government.

      That includes a 100% turnout – and every single person that couldn’t even vote or even make it to the polling station.. kids, babies, pensioners, prisoners ..

      With independence, we get the government the majority vote for – EVERY TIME.

    200. IcySpark says:

      Maybe someone could start a crowd fund for google ads for the Wee Blue Book?

    201. donnywho says:

      How many wingers are out there … 10,000 20,000 30,000 if we all print one copy a day and distribute to our neighbours then 30 x 10,000 is a third of a million. If any are put through our doors pick it up and leave it in thepub/hairdressers/dentists/work etc. We can and will win!

    202. Dave says:

      desimond: Int idea re the mem sticks, but can see problems with some non-pc savy folks who might think it will plant a ‘yes’ virus on their machines. Maybe best to stick to dead trees 🙁

    203. Feartiefifer says:

      Try reading:
      House of Commons Library, Research Paper 03/59, entitled UK Elections Statistics 1945-2003, published 1 July 2003 at pages 13 & 11.
      Statistics for 2005 & 2010 are also in House of Commons Library.

    204. Hood says:

      Excellent, I will print out a few but will also put some on CD’s tonight and have them in my workshop ready for anyone who wants one 🙂

    205. desimond says:

      All we need now is the McSiri version..

      “Wings, debunk lies about Pensions from Project Fear”
      “Pensions will be more affordable in an Independent Scotland because….”

      Even better if said in a Brian Cox, Peter Mullen, Alan Cumming, Kevin Kidd voice…

    206. The Scottish Passport Issue is a GAME CHANGER for SLAB activists who are buried in SHOCK when they realise that their Scottish Prime Minister (Krash Gordon), their Scottish Chancellor (Flipper) and all their SLAB MP`s allowed this Removal of our Ancient Scottish Right in 2007.

      Ardent SLAB Activists are shocked and ASHAMED when this fundamental fact batters their brains.

      The IndyRef is taking place on the 800th Anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn – and the MSM, TV,Radio,and SLAB Politicians etc all derided the date.

      Until they all realised that 2007 and the Pasport Issue revealed Brown`s University degree in History was being deployed to Humiliate his fellow Scots for having the temerity to elect an SNP Minority Govt.

      So in another fit of Spite, Krash shifted Passport Processing from Glasgow to Belfast on the 300th Anniversary of the Act of Union of 1707.

      In 1970 I voted SNP and voted SNP ever since.
      I wrote occasional letters to MSM.
      In 2007, because of this Pasport Issue, I became an avid and fervent activist versus SLAB. Traitors.

    207. G. P. Walrus says:

      On a first quick glance through, this is excellent.

    208. Nigel says:

      Onward – I agree with you – too much at stake for any indy group to be precious about things. It’s about communication and getting the facts out there. It matters not how you do it as long as it is done.

    209. crisiscult says:

      very exciting. Woo hoo

    210. Mary Bruce says:

      Icyspark: Please don’t suggest something like the lunacy at bay spam, this has been really damaging to the no campaign with porn spam accounts tweeting the message.

      This means that if you search the #indyref tag you could see x-rated images on your screen. I have a screenshot to prove it.

      Please don’t go down this route.

    211. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      A fine piece of work!

      Just working out whether to print a copy for myself in mono on my laser printer, or colour on my inkjet – and which web pages to post it on…

    212. Black Douglas says:


      Have done thanks, still can’t find your stats in it. Can please direct me to the exact part which states your version of the facts please. 😀

    213. Dave says:

      Just ran this thru an online printer I’ve used in past (I’ve no personal connection whatsoever!) See Rough costing based on A6, quite a bit of colour came out as
      Quantity / Cost of the Product
      250 £1280.04
      500 £1354.23
      1250 £1576.81
      2500 £1947.76
      5000 £2689.69
      10000 £4173.52

      Prob could get a discount on this as they run various offers.

      So, not cheap, tho would be a lot cheaper if only done in b&w (Wee Black Book:). Any printers amongst us who could do better?

    214. Lesley-Anne says:

      Laptop version downloaded. Once I’ve paid the coalman I’ll power up my phone and download the phone version. I’ll need to heat up the steam that powers it first though. 😛

    215. gavin lessells says:

      Have just e mailed SNP HQ suggesting that they help with distribution of The WEE Blue Book. Not holding out too much hope. It might help if all SNP Members were to e mail them with same suggestion.

      Also asked if the intended a formal protest re Elecoral Commission voting guide

    216. gavin lessells says:

      Have just e mailed SNP HQ suggesting that they help with distribution of The WEE Blue Book. Not holding out too much hope. It might help if all SNP Members were to e mail them with same suggestion.

      Also asked if the intended a formal protest re Elecoral Commission voting guide

    217. Silverytay says:

      I have now printed out a copy of the w.b.b which is in a folder in my car so that if an undecided ask me questions I can reference the book or even let the undecided read it .

    218. Doug Daniel says:

      Luigi: “If, as it seems, quite a large number of us are planning to distribute the WBB to doors, perhaps some coordination would help to avoid people doing the same streets and wasting valuable resources. It would also be really useful to monitor, even approximately, the spread throughout the country.

      I’m not sure the best way of doing this, but if every town and city had, for example, a WBB group, we could inform each other how the distribution efforts are going. Personally, I am willing to collaborate with WoS people in the Aberdeen area in order to ensure we cover as many local streets and areas as possible.”

      Good points, worth highlighting.

      As Morag says further up, we’re not going to get everyone with this. There are four million voters, and there just isn’t enough money or manpower to do it. But we don’t need to do it, because we only need to reach undecided/soft no voters, so that helps.

      The best way I can think of is for folk to do canvassing for your local campaign, and take a bunch of WBBs with you. Bear in mind that campaigns aren’t supposed to coordinate with each other, or else the spending is counted as being for both of them, so you’d have to do this off your own back, as individuals.

      If someone complains that no one’s giving them information, then thrust a WBB in their hand. If someone says “Salmond won’t give me the numbers”, say “well I will, then”.

      Yesterday, for example, both me and Scott turned up for canvassing. We could have been getting the WBB to folk, and as we were going to different doors, there would have been no duplication. And as long as no one decides to just randomly shove WBBs through letterboxes in areas that local Yes groups are canvassing, then there won’t be a problem there either.

      Really, anyone who would be thinking of distributing WBBs should be out canvassing already. I like the idea of us having a note of which general areas are being WBBed anyway, though.

    219. Cumoangerraff says:

      Brilliant piece of work, I just wonder how many people would sit down and read the whole book if it clattered through their letterbox. I find a lot of folk prefer to read things online, on laptops, tablets or other electronic devices rather than in hard copy. Rather than try to distribute USB sticks (expensive) or hard copies of the WBB, it would be a lot cheaper to produce a flier, giving the link to the web download page. It could include a QR code to lead direct to the smartphone edition. This would also be easier to distribute along with Yes newspapers and other campaign materials. Just a thought.

    220. Dan Huil says:

      Brilliant idea from the Rev. Sorry to be finicky but will the printed edition be available in large print? For my aged relatives, you see. If not I’ll make a copy of the desktop edition in large print.

    221. Derek M says:

      Damn fine work guys im going to say it again damn fine work 🙂

      Now the rest of the yes campaign if you are reading this then help our Rev out and get the wee blue book distributed to every corner of Scotland.

    222. Croompenstein says:

      Stu and everyone involved well done this is a superb resource to use in the final push

    223. tartanfever says:

      gavinlessells says (1.53pm)

      ‘Have just e mailed SNP HQ suggesting that they help with distribution of The WEE Blue Book. Not holding out too much hope. It might help if all SNP Members were to e mail them with same suggestion.’

      Why on earth did you send it to SNP ? The SNP are responsible for putting out their own promotional material as the Scottish Government, not anyone elses.

      if you want to send it to anyone, send it to the ‘yes’ campaign or any of the dozens of grass roots organisations around the country.

      Please everyone, don’t e-mail the SNP as suggested, quite rightly they will ignore your request and the whole thing will just waste someone’s precious time.

    224. Morag says:

      As DD said, the campaigns are not allowed to co-ordinate. Even if the SNP and/or Yes Scotland wanted to help distribute this, they couldn’t or it would come off their spending allowance. And Yes Scotland has apparently fallen for the “Stu as antichrist” stuff being peddled by the Unitrolls and the wetnats.

      Unless there are plans in place for private distribution, we’re on our own here.

    225. David Halliday says:

      I’m not wanting to tread on any toes or any future plans but I’ve put together a spreadsheet of every local government ward by authority. If people wanted to email me their names and what ward they’d be able to deliver in I could collate things and put people in touch with each other so they could meet and see what they could do locally in time for Stu to have the printable version he’s talking about.

      Maybe this has been done before in which case sorry. If anyone has a better way of getting things coordinated then great. meantime, my email address is davidhalliday21 {at}

    226. Croompenstein says:

      @Feartiefifer – I’ll put a link on for you

      I still don’t know what you are going on about though. Another wee statistic you may notice is that the number of Scottish MPs was at 72, that number is soon going down to 50 do you still think we’re better together?

    227. Democracy Reborn says:


      Westminster elections are won, & have always been won, on first past the post.

      Go to the Wiki artlicle “Elections in Scotland”. The stats are simple, transparent & easy to understand.

      There have been 14 elections between 1959 & 2010, inclusive. In all of them, Labour has won a plurality of seats in Scotland. Despite those results, the Tories have gained power at WM in the following elections:-


      In other words, since 1959 Scotland only gets the government it elects 50% of the time at WM elections. That figure would actually be less due to the fact there were 2 quick elections in 1974.

      So you can use whatever sophistry you like to say otherwise, but the simple facts speak for themselves.

    228. Dougie Douglas says:

      Read and shared, absolutely fantastic stuff.

    229. HandandShrimp says:

      I think Yes shops would stock the book though. Wings is listed on the more information cards they hand out.

    230. Dave says:

      Just downloaded the tablet version which is a PDF and is harder to read than a ePub version. Issuing an ePub version would also make it readable in eReaders. Very slick document nonetheless.

    231. IcySpark says:

      @Mary Bruce

      Good point on twitter spam.

      Though what I was getting at is using the full power of the internet to get this spread as far and wide as possible.

      The google ads crowd fund is a no brainer. The undecideds are using google to search for information and the UK government comes up first due to advertising on google. We need a counter to that.

      Printing off the Wee Blue Book and getting it through mailboxes is incredibly important, but getting it top for google searches is just as important. It can be targeted to undecideds, it’s cheaper and gets the info to more people quicker.

    232. Faltdubh says:

      Finished the Wee Blue Book.

      Terrific read and forwarded on to 4 people (2 No, 1 very soft, the other hard) and 2 undecided.

      One reply already from a DK saying he’s put it on his tablet.
      We need to do our best even if it’s forwarding the PDF version to people we know.

      No chance of an indiegogo/starter thing to get more of these printed? I know there’s a been a bit of apathy towards fundraising projects recently, but I certainly think that this would work.

      This wee book is EXACTLY what Yes need. As inspirational (at times) the White Paper is – this is better as it’s shorter, offers opinion, and although it’s pro-independence it covers lots of firm detail.

    233. Morag says:

      How can we actually source the books though. I said I could get 1000 out (that’s the west bit of Tweeddale West David), but how do I lay my hands on these? They’ll be heavy. Heavier than “Your Choice” and that wasn’t light.

    234. Mark Coburn says:

      There is a way of distributing these: target all registered unknowns thus far on YesMo.

    235. fred blogger says:

      it is clear from their rhetoric that the no camp already see scotland as a region and not as a country. a no vote will add weight to that argument, and to the federalization argument.

    236. Papadox says:

      Does anybody and I mean anybody advocate or accept that every third government is decided by a foreign country which imposes their policies on the people who did not vote for them?

      Very strange concept of democracy.

    237. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “It is far from certain that the isles are legally part of Scotland.”

      In what way?

    238. Les Wilson says:

      Just wondering if it can be tampered with ie someone could change the content? I assume it will be protected but just asking, if it was not then, well I guess you would know.

    239. Les Wilson says:

      PDF version of course.

    240. Scott Williams says:

      Fantastic read, very well put together, if these salient points don’t make people really question why we cannot be a successful Independent country, then nothing will!

    241. barracouda says:

      firtiefifer, the uk in not a country, lol.

    242. desimond says:

      Im smiling at the irony of “The Wee BLUE book” and how welcome it would be amongst some around Ibrox.

    243. Robert Peffers says:

      caz-m says: 11 August, 2014 at 11:57 am:

      “The NO voters were encourage to shout down and boo Alex Salmond at every opportunity.”

      That’s what I spotted right away and have been trying to edit up a YouTube video of a recording ever since but I’ve got lots of problems. The pal who recorded it on my machine in his house, (I’ve no TV licence), had changed the recording to Hi-Def thinking he was doing good. Trying to change it back to a decent YouTube format takes forever.

      Then there are so many lies and tricks involved it’s hard to fit the subtitles to highlight them as there’s no room between the errors. Next thing my adapted camper-van broke down and I needed to renew my prescriptions and without my medications even typing is difficult and painful. Way it’s going the vote will be here before I’m done.

      Ah! At least here comes my helper with my pain killers. Etc. Game back on. I’ll probably need to re-mortgage for the van repairs – it sounded expensive.

    244. Brotyboy says:


      Anyone have or point me to a website where I can get an image of a saltire at 300 DPI for printing onto a T-shirt?

    245. Albert Herring says:

      o/t Email sent to Electoral Commission:

      I have read your booklet

      The statement from Better Together on page 9 contains several blatant lies.

      No-one can stop Scotland keeping the pound. If Scotland decides to retain the pound, as is clearly Scottish Government policy, interest rates will continue to be set by the BoE and will be the same as they are in England so mortgages, credit cards and loans will be unaffected.

      The UK Government has guaranteed the pensions of those who have paid into the system and has undertaken to continue paying pensions just as they do for people who emigrate to Spain, for example.

      No-one can “force” big companies to move south”, nor is it obvious why any would want to incur the wholly unnecessary costs of doing so.

      Why are you promulgating these lies?

    246. Rosa Alba Macdonald says:

      The press of all UK is not for me
      I want for my part,
      only the Wee Blue Book of Stu-art
      That reads so clear, and states the facts.

    247. TJenny says:

      Re distribution of hard copies of the WBB, maybe Stu intends to get them lorried (is that a word?) up to his Rose Street, Edinburgh address, where those with transport could pick them up for distribution to their areas. Just a thought, but I’m sure Stu’s got this distribution thingy covered. 🙂

      (In the Rev, we trust).

    248. Lesley-Anne says:

      I have a local YES South Annandale group meeting on Wednesday night and will be making a suggestion there that this wee blue book is given serious consideration for a print run. Obviously costs are going to be a major consideration but I hope we can. Let’s face it, anyone who reads this will definitively be a Don’t Know at the very least and a YES at best. Job Done! 😛

    249. Luigi says:

      Im smiling at the irony of “The Wee BLUE book” and how welcome it would be amongst some around Ibrox.

      Steady now, we don’t want to confuse them any further!

      Having said that, what about an orange version – wouldn’t that be just great!

    250. HandandShrimp says:

      Captain Haribo

      It is certainly true that the islands were transferred back to Scotland in lieu of a dowry. No further transaction ever took place and the Scottish Crown was content not to pursue it. By then the islands had already been administered from the Scottish mainland for a 100 years due to inter-marriage between Scottish nobility and Norwegian nobility. I suppose the Danish King was recognising a de facto circumstance and taking the opportunity to provide, for him, an inexpensive dowry.

      However, it was a long time ago and if one were to start correcting arbitrary actions and gifts of monarchs throughout Europe we wouldn’t know if we were coming or going. Berwick Upon Tweed probably isn’t legally part of England but I doubt there will be a movement in the border if there is a Yes vote.

      I do agree that any independence moves are limited. In Shetland one of the foremost proponents is that chap from Kent who wrecked his boat and has given up trying to continue on his journey. I am not sure Orkney has an equivalent (not that I am aware of anyway).

    251. Les Wilson says:

      Nana Smith says:

      Nana, I sent something similar and they relied quickly here it is
      Mr. Leslie Wilson,

      I am writing in response to your enquiry regarding the way the Electoral Commission oversees elections.

      The Electoral Commission is an independent body, not part of government, whose aim is to increase public confidence in the democratic system and knowledge of how to register and vote in elections and referendums.

      The Electoral Commission is responsible for:
      – giving advice on the referendum question and campaign spending limits;
      – registering organisations or individuals who want to campaign in the referendum (known as ‘permitted participants’);
      – monitoring and reporting on referendum campaign spending;
      – appointing the lead campaigners or ‘designated organisations’ for each referendum outcome, following an application and assessment process;
      – public awareness around the referendum, including how to take part in it;
      – administering an observers scheme for the referendum;
      – reporting on the administration of the referendum.

      Campaigners in the referendum will explain why they think you should vote ‘yes’ (for Scotland to be independent) or ‘no’ (for Scotland to remain a part of the UK).

      The Commission regulates the campaign spending rules at the referendum but we do not regulate the content or accuracy of campaign material.

      The referendum rules require campaign materials to carry the details of the printer and promoter, and any literature may not resemble a poll card.

      Campaign material is also covered by criminal and civil law. For example, such material should not contain statements or comments that are defamatory and rules on copyright should be taken into account. Statements or comments that incite violence and/or hatred would also leave them liable to criminal action.

      The Electoral Commission regulates campaign finance rules at the referendum but we do not regulate the communications or activities of either government.

      · If you would like to take the matter further you can contact the governments directly using the following details:

      Scottish Government
      Phone: 0800 092 7500

      UK Government
      Phone: 020 7219 4272

      Alex Webb
      Public Information Support
      The Electoral Commission
      Tel: 029 2034 6811

      I followed that up with this –

      To Alex Webb
      Today at 10:45 AM
      So the Commission has no power to prevent lies and misrepresentations to the voting public those rights are the very ones that you appear to exist to protect, but by allowing this you er well, haven’t.
      This is acceptable?

      Yours Sincerely

      Mr L. Wilson


    252. Faltdubh says:

      Haha, Luigi about the book at Ibrox.


    253. Edward says:


      You can actually convert .pdf files to ePub format 🙂

    254. yerkitbreeks says:

      Excellent wee book – copies sent to rellies and friends.

    255. TJenny says:

      Hmm, but now that I think of it, they are being printed in Glasgow. So no need to be sent up from Stu’s and can be picked up in Glasgow for onward distribution. Or at least not so pricey to distribute to other Scottish cities for pick up. 🙂

    256. kalmar says:

      @Handandshrimp: this guy -

    257. Les Wilson says:

      We should be making life a bit more difficult for the E/Commission if we want a fair referendum.

    258. Les Wilson says:

      I will donate again too, it needs to get out there quickly.

    259. Alabaman says:

      By God Stew,
      That’s some team you’ve got there, now it’s up to “team Scotland ” of which there are thousands of us, to get that Wee Blue Book out to as meny as can be contacted, going to read the comments now to see if you’ve indicated when the print version will be available, again great team work.

    260. Capella says:

      @Rosa Alba Macdonald 2:51 pm
      “The press of all UK is not for me
      I want for my part,
      only the Wee Blue Book of Stu-art
      That reads so clear, and states the facts.”

      Love the poem. Loved the original too!

    261. Colin says:

      If someone gives me 3000 of them Iwill get them out to everyone in my little corner of the North East.
      So far we haven’t seen a Yes paper or even had a No Thanks punter at the door.

      The Wee Blue Book would do wonders up here.

    262. Will Podmore says:

      Papadox asks, “Does anybody and I mean anybody advocate or accept that every third government is decided by a foreign country which imposes their policies on the people who did not vote for them?”
      Scottish voters are a minority of the British electorate, and minorities sometimes lose – most tragically, in the Thatcher era when Scots largely voted against her, while all too many others voted for her. But it was not ‘a foreign country” imposing her vile policies, it was her government, acting on behalf of finance capital.
      Lesley Riddoch claimed (in the magazine Perspective, on 9 December 2013) that it is ‘hard fact’ that Scots ‘never get the government we vote for’. In 1997-2010, Scots voted Labour, and which party formed the government? Oh yes, Labour.

    263. Chris Leishman says:

      I agree that this would make great reading material but most people do not read such lenghty documents (think White Paper). An A4 version summarising the main lies from the media/reasons to vote yes should be available so all of us can print lots ourselves and leave them wherever we go (cafes, bars, libraries, work).

      This way we could use our numbers to try and open people’s eyes to the truth.

    264. Indy_Scot says:

      I’m surprised the Yes side don’t view the Electoral Commissions Independence referendum voting guide as out right unionist propaganda.

    265. TJenny says:

      Will Podmore – ‘In 1997-2010, Scots voted Labour, and which party formed the government? Oh yes, Labour.’ Yes, but only because England voted Labour too.

    266. Luigi says:

      So what are you implying, Will Podmore:

      Scotland is only a region, not a country?

    267. gerry parker says:

      @David Halliday.

      That’s an excellent way to co-ordinate things David.

      Will e mail you details of what I cover and where it is in relation to the Ward Structure.

    268. Luigi says:

      I thought that in a proper democracy, a country always gets the government that it votes for.

      We are not a region.

    269. kalmar says:

      This is good. Can it be published on Amazon and iTunes as a free ebook?

    270. Faltdubh says:

      I’m with Les Wilson 100%

      I would donate to get this mass printed.

      Some have said there’s a bit of lethargy now towards the indiegogo/fundraisers, but that was because many of them were too much at the one time.

      This would I feel definitelt succed in hitting its target. The last poll (I’m not bothering about YouGov) but Survation is a setback for Yes. I’d be willing to donate money to get this printed.

      Some of the suggestions on here are great, especially Doug Daniel and Morag’s about targeting set areas.

    271. Tony says:

      Excellent book, I wish the white paper had a few more teeth like this book. Then again, it was written before the debate became nasty. Good work, I’ll posted it to facevook.

    272. Mat says:

      ‘Blow for Wings as thousands of copies of Weeblu Ebook are pulped.’

      You’re so, so wrong about Europe. No Euro, no Europe. Malcolm’s wee boys say so:

    273. Edward says:

      Will Podmore

      I’m sorry but your talking selective rot!

      You claim that in the period 1997 to 2010 ‘Scots voted Labour, and which party formed the government? Oh yes, Labour’

      You ignore the fact that in the 2010 General election campaign, Labour campaigned hard on the ticket that Scots ‘ had to vote Labour in order to keep the Tory’s out’ Remember that very well. Claiming voting SNP would be like voting the Tory’s in.

      So exactly what result DID we get in the 2010 General Election? Oh yes the Tory’s won and are now in power. Labour got all their MP’s back in from Scotland and the Tory’s have only one single MP in Scotland!

      So Lesley Riddoch is correct, the Scots do not get the government they vote for.

      We will draw a curtain, to save you further embarrassment, of the fact that Labour tried and failed to do the same trick in the elections that saw Thatcher elected, but the Labour MP’s that were elected from Scotland simply did nothing and sat out their time, while Thatcher made hay with Scotland’s economy

    274. Muscleguy says:

      Link to the mobile versions sent to my No inclined wife and eldest. Thankyou for that Stu. I have read it and have no quibbles at all.

    275. msean says:

      Downloaded,thank you. This is a great idea.

    276. Robert Peffers says:

      @TJenny says: 11 August, 2014 at 3:21 pm:

      “Yes, but only because England voted Labour too.”

      Ah! TJenny, you beat me to that one by a thin whisker!
      Great retort, young lady.

    277. Lesley-Anne says:

      I wonder if it’s time to bring this wee gem out of the storage cupboard from January this year. Got to love the Independent these days don’t you? 😛

    278. Truth says:

      Downloaded earlier and read it all.

      Fantastic. The more people this can get to the better.

    279. caz-m says:

      I have emailed a copy of the WBB to my YES group co-ordinators, they will forward it on to all the other YES contacts we have in our group, all those YES activists in the area will forward it on to all their own personal contacts, and so on…

      It will be all over Scotland by the end of the week.

    280. Itsagoinwrang says:

      Recommend Calibre for converting any file format into Kindle, epub etc. See Then the Wee Blue Book can be passed here there and everywhere. Any thoughts on “selling” it for 10p on Amazon?

    281. Defo says:

      Fantastic work, Stu & Team. It’s pitched at just the right level, with plenty links for those who want to know more/need re-assurance on validity of the info given.
      “wings of independence” Indeed. Thank yous

      O/T It’s looking evermore like the Electoral Commission is, at best, a waste of time & money.
      Or, a shiny veneer of ‘respectable authority’ to gloss over the skittery turd that Project Fear Inc. are dumping on our ‘democracy’.

    282. handclapping says:

      In my wee 200 houses I’ve already got 70 in the 3-7 range who would be perfect readers for this. How best to get hold of 100 copies? Is Stu distributing? Get 100 copies from one of these fastprint firms? Etc.

      Suggestions welcome.

    283. WIred of Hermiston says:

      The Sunday Herald supports independence. And the Scottish Sun is thus far neutral.

    284. David Halliday says:

      OK. There are about 350 local government wards in Scotland and that’s me got offers for three of them: Southside/Newington (Edinburgh), Coatbridge South (North Lanarkshire) and North Kincardine (Aberdeenshire). Think we’ll need more than that. Any more offers?

      davidhalliday21 {at} hotmail {dot} com.

    285. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Nation Libre

      Le Gers.


      I have already e-maile about 12 people and had 3replies so far saying they are already Yes.

    286. west_lothian_questioner says:

      That’s it sent to my email address book en masse. Wonder what the campervan sales guy in Nottingham’s going to make of it :/

    287. desimond says:

      Have you considerd a CALAMEO version too, gives you a very nice embeddable reader interface and very easy to use.
      You just register for free and load up your pdf and voila, job done.

    288. caz-m says:

      David halliday 3.56pm
      “There are about 350 local government wards in Scotland and that’s me got offers for three of them:”

      Offers for what David?

    289. Croompenstein says:

      The Sunday Herald supports independence. And the Scottish Sun is thus far neutral

      Well whoopee-f*ckin-doo that evens it up eh! FFS

    290. caz-m says:

      Don’t forget to get undecided voter down to Irvine tonight.

      Take a copy of the Wee Blue Book with you.

      Nicola Sturgeon,

      Independence Debate for North Ayrshire – tonight 7.30pm.

      Castlepark Community Centre, Irvine on Monday,–tonight/

    291. handclapping says:

      @David Halliday
      Yes I will be distributing but its only 1 street in Kirkcaldy as its all I can manage and I’ve been doing it for the Yes campaign. As I know who the undecideds are so it won’t even be the whole street.

    292. a2 says:

      Looking foreword to Ian Smart et al’s dismissal

      In other news, I just cycled up Copeland rd past the Louden Tavern (next to Ibrox for those unfamiliar with it) up to paisley road W and back down past louden II and the scores on the windows were 10 yes 1 OKUK 1 wee union flag and an some big union banners on the orange lodge. That’s unionist heartland.

    293. Doug Daniel says:

      Wired of Hermiston: “The Sunday Herald supports independence. And the Scottish Sun is thus far neutral.”

      The Sunday Herald is not a daily paper (clue’s in the name). And as you correctly state, the Scottish Sun is neutral – it doesn’t support independence.

      Your point?

    294. AlbAus says:

      Been reading Wings for a long time, first post…

      As an expat Scot in Australia I’ve been pro-indy for as long as I can remember – and I wish I a) had a vote in this referendum and b) could actually be there at this very exciting time (and to help campaigning!). As a principle, I believe Scotland should be independent. As a lecturer and researcher in political economy, no argument for the union can outweigh the benefits Scotland can achieve through a truly representative social democracy. I even had a chance to talk to some hard No Tory friends from Ayr on a recent visit and gave my academic opinion – and managed to convince them there was nothing to fear on the currency/EU matters. No idea if it helped in the end but it was nice to play a very small part in the discussion.

      Well done on the booklet (shared on the social medias), and all the best of luck to all of you doorknocking and leafleting over these next precious weeks. Stay positive.

    295. caz-m says:

      Croompenstein 4.06pm

      “Well whoopee-f*ckin-doo.”


      I think Alex Salmond should use that as an answer the next time Alistair Darling tells him Scotland will not be in a Currency Union.

      “Well whoopee-f*ckin-doo Alistair.”


    296. thedogphilosopher says:


    297. Papadox says:

      @Will Podmore says: 3:14 pm

      You make my point for me.

      1 the people of Scotland were never asked if we wanted to join a United Kingdom. It was imposed by the elite & masters of the Scots and English. Not very democratic.

      2 UK suggests that two kingdoms were united. Two countries who were foreign to each other formed a equal partnership and government? They didn’t form a new country.

      3 whatever you call the political parties is totally irrelevant it’s the policies that people vote on. The Labour Party in England (including Sottish branch office). wants to outdo the Tory libdem austerity plans. The people of Scotland want nothing to do with these plans, NHS privatisation, bedroom tax, uni fees, illegal wars etc.

      3 Scotland got the (English Labour Party policies). I think most Scots with half a brain have worked that out. The con of the Labour Party in Scotland over the last 40 years has been exposed and been exposed for what it is. There is no Scottish Labour Party.

      In conclusion you should get what you pay for, not what someone else thinks I should have.

    298. Cag-does-thinking says:

      Well done on the book which I’ll be e-reading later in a technologically advanced manner. One point to all those who are keen to make it available to every person in the known world. The people who matter are those who are undecided and those who are trying to convert them to Yes voters. It may be a wasted effort giving a book however blue to William O Boyne at No 32. The important thing is to get the facts out there. I know I put most No literature locally in the bin once I have glanced at it. It’s important we spend our time wisely as the clock runs down.

      O/T am I the only one to think that showing the potential debate UK wide on TV is an attempt to give those commentators in England an extra stick to beat us all with. If I were AS I would refuse to allow it unless the PM is debating it with me. The media are hostile enough with the Yes campaign as it is, all showing the debate will bring is a wave of anti-Scottish resentment.

    299. WIred of Hermiston says:

      Oops – sorry, I misread. Anyway, a great and important piece of work.

    300. On Sept 13th the Grand Lodge of the Orange Order in Scotland will deploy 10,000 troops to march in Embra versus Independence – and presumably – March versus Employment in Scotland for Scots.
      Embra Councillors tacitly Agree-having permitted the March.

      Borders Agency HQ – FROM – Stranraer to Belfast.
      Passport Processing – FROM – Glasgow to Belfast.
      Clyde Coastguard HQ – in Belfast.
      RAF Leuchars closes in Dec(After IndyRef) but Scots pay tax to build and supply jet fighters for a new RAF Base outside Belfast.
      The oldest Scottish Regiment in the British Army will be Permanently Based outside Belfast.
      How many jobs and support jobs- Gone from Scotland.?

      And 10,000 Scottish Idiots (plus councillors) prefer their brothers and sisters to be flung on the scrap heap to ensure the bigots in Belfast enjoy our jobs and our blind generousity.

      “Rebellious Scots to Crush – God Save our Bling”.

      Ulster (and Embra) Opposes Independence for Scotland – wonder why.?

    301. David says:

      David Halliday says:
      11 August, 2014 at 3:56 pm

      OK. There are about 350 local government wards in Scotland and that’s me got offers for three of them: Southside/Newington (Edinburgh), Coatbridge South (North Lanarkshire) and North Kincardine (Aberdeenshire). Think we’ll need more than that. Any more offers?

      davidhalliday21 {at} hotmail {dot} com.

      you have mail David…..from another David 🙂

    302. Jean says:

      Thanks Stu for putting all this info together. I have shared it on Facebook and emailed to my contacts…hoping it convinces a few.

    303. caz-m says:

      “It may be a wasted effort giving a book however blue to William O Boyne at No 32.”

      It would surprise you how many Rangers supporters/Orangemen who are voting YES on 18th September.

      More and more coming over to YES every day. This vote is not about Ibrox Park, it’s about Scotland.

      Ibrox will still be there on the 19th September.

    304. Robert Peffers says:

      Now I’ve had my meds I’m getting going again.
      First up – Thank you Rev Stu – that’s first class work on the WBB.

      Now O/T, (again).

      Since getting my pain killers, and other meds, I’ve now got back to the video editing of the Eck/AD debate and ran through it once again. I was already hard put to being able to fit in all the lies & trickery before but I now noticed even more. Anyone with a copy can run the first part again and note that as Ponsonby is talking the cameras are doing cut-away shots of the audience.

      They were focusing upon a certain different central figures in each cut-away, (some were easy to spot by them lifting a hand to their face), other only noted after having seen them as anti-indy in previous viewings. The point being the early camera work obviously was picking them out in cut-aways even before the two began to debate. It only became obvious after viewing the whole several times. As was the the sound mixer’s use of the fader controls to selectively cut down cheers and fade up boos, cheers and jeers.

      Even an untrained but alert eye and ear can pick them out. I really cannot hope to cover them all in one set of four part clips. I’m stymied at present. I’ll have to put more thought into this or only highlight some of their trickery. There is no doubt, though, it was a definite fix-up. If I was sitting with someone before my editing set up it would be simple to pause and describe but to do it in a finished video is way, way harder.

    305. handclapping says:

      Heads up, Fifers

      Nicola Sturgeon at St Bryce Kirk Centre, Kirkcaldy Tuesday 12th at 1900
      if you miss her then, go to
      Nicola Sturgeon at Lochgelly Centre on Tuesday 19th at 1900

    306. Murray McCallum says:

      Well done to everyone involved in producing the book. It is very well written, concise and packed with information (all backed up with excellent quotes and sources). It looks good too.

      A great piece of work.

    307. JohnT says:

      I enjoyed reading that. Even better, my wife has been reading it and it may well have convinced her to vote yes.

      I do have one question about it, though; perhaps I am misunderstanding something.

      On P25 it talks about NHS England being fully privatised leading to a 10.2 billion drop in the block grant; is it not the case that, although it will be (probably) private it will still be paid for (mostly) through government spending which would still trigger the 10.2 billion coming to Scotland? I don’t think anyone is talking about removing health spending completely from the English portion of the UK budget (unless I have missed something).

    308. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “I agree that this would make great reading material but most people do not read such lenghty documents (think White Paper)”

      This is less than a tenth of the length of the White Paper. It’s 30-60 minutes of reading. If people want information that’s not much. If they don’t, a postcard is too much.

      “An A4 version summarising the main lies from the media/reasons to vote yes should be available so all of us can print lots ourselves and leave them wherever we go (cafes, bars, libraries, work).”

      Absolutely feel free to summarise my 16,000 words down to a single page of A4 and spread it around.

    309. Kenny says:

      I don’t know about co-ordinating distribution, but someone could contact the printerand say that orders will be coming in. If a cut-off date is set, they can then do one big run to reduce the unit cost without there having to be any co-ordination from Wings or any other official campaigning body, so it can’t affect anyone’s spending limits.

      Speaking of which, Rev – any plans for any other major activity before the big day? Billboards? Another poll? I rather like the idea of an ad just showing Darling’s face and the word “LIAR.” And a Wings strapline. Instant news coverage and a head to head between you and someone high-powered from BT on Scotland Tonight or Scotland 2014. I would be the subway effect all over again.

    310. handclapping says:

      Absolutely feel free to summarise my 16,000 words down to a single page of A4 and spread it around.

      He/she could save himself a lot of bother by copying pages 2 and 3 where you’ve done it for him/her

    311. desimond says:

      So is there actually gonna be a nice Wee Blue book in the style of The Wee Red fixture Book from Evening Times?

      aka The Wings Missal v1

      1: The unionists said let there be darkness, doublespeak and misery and lo, there it was.

      2: And the Rev saw this and said ‘No, let there be light!’, and there was light, in a handy pocket sized version too!

    312. bunter says:

      Just heard from pal that Murphy’s in Paisley High St the noo. A finer example of Labours handiwork you will not find. What a brass neck.

    313. gerry parker says:

      @ Caz M.

      Have e mailed something out to you re David’s suggestion.

    314. ailsa craig says:

      To all would-be printers; a note of caution!

      I printed out [inkjet] this great wee book on Preview, the Mac Acrobat. I skipped the intro page and the last page and did it 2 pages, double sided A4, back to back and ended up with a nice readable size of booklet. Have to watch how the paper goes in, for sure, but once you get that right no probs.
      Big problem if not done on a photocopier; the 5 heavy blue pages, even in grayscale were so saturated with ink it made the other side kinda messy. I know I can – if I remember how – make a blue ‘fringe’ on these pages – but don’t know if that can be done on Acrobat. The first and last pages could be done singly, cut and stapled to the rest.

      The danger is that saturated paper could also stick and watching a doc of this length for say, 40 copies, could lead to losing the will to print!

      Any chance that it could be redrawn without the heavy blue; as suggested a blue fringe or some other graphic style, because otherwise it was perfect and a good size in A5. Single side printing would work but the speed of the block pages is dire. Might be able to do it myself but it would be on a Mac publisher type program; might not cross platform and have not had long enough to plan as just found out this difficulty, minutes ago.

      Was hoping to run off a ream when I was out tonight for golf club tomorrow. Foiled. Any suggestions?

    315. kalmar says:

      This is a heck of a lot more accessible than the white paper. I didn’t finish the summary of that even. It’s a bit dry to be honest, and doesn’t address any “what-if” cases, plus you’re aware that it’s the SNP’s vision alone, and you’re not sure where they might be over-promising on things they can’t deliver or are being too cautious.

      The WBB is well needed, I got through it in 20 minutes and will happily be reading it again.

    316. Any way you can add an address book uploader so we can email this to everyone we know in 1 press?

    317. muttley79 says:

      @Rev Stu

      Have you thought about getting in touch with RIC, as they have been doing a lot of canvassing, and the results show there is still a lot of undecided voters in working class areas? They will presumably know where the undecided voters live, and so you could target this group fairly easily I would imagine with the wee blue book.

    318. west_lothian_questioner says:

      ailsa craig @ 5.11pm

      If you desaturate the blue then save the whole file again as a pdf, you wont have any cross-platform problems.

    319. Muscleguy says:

      My eldest has replied that if I send another link to referendum information I will be blocked. You can lead a horse to water . . .

    320. Lesley-Anne says:

      John, my understanding of the NHS funding that you talk about is that as it becomes more and more privatised down South then less and less money comes to Scotland through the Barnett formula. At the present whatever Westminster spends on the NHS is worked on by Barnett to produce a fixed sum that is passed on to Scotland. HOWEVER, as the NHS is privatised, yes Westminster still has to pay the privatised companies to run the NHS but mysteriously this payment does NOT fall under Barnett therefore the money to Scotland falls because there is less NON privatised NHS down South being paid for by Westminster.

      I think it might be easier to look at the NHS as something like Cross rail in London for example, bear with me it will become clear as mud in a second or two. 😛

      At the moment there are quite a number of engineering projects going on in London that we , Holyrood, pays into but gets NO Barnett consequentials back from. The excuse being used for the lack of these consequentials is because they benefit everyone. The NHS privatisation is something similar. So long as it is NOT the privatised NHS then we get a Barnett consequential type payment from WM. However, as soon as a part is privatised then that privatised part becomes, in effect, a bit like Cross rail not eligible for Barnett consequentials and therefore the costs are removed from the overall costs paid by WM that are calculated for Scotland.

      Right now I’ve confused everyone even MORE than they were before I’ll return to sleep now. 😉

      Croompenstein says:

      The Sunday Herald supports independence. And the Scottish Sun is thus far neutral

      Well whoopee-f*ckin-doo that evens it up eh! FFS

      I’m not so sure myself Croomp. I think we should hang around for a few more NO supporting newspapers to join in before calling an even ball game! 😛

    321. handclapping says:

      I’ve managed to get this far without saying that the WBB is brilliant. Its just what is needed for the dont knows / need more informations on the doorsteps.

      An A4 doesn’t convince and nobody that hasnt already read Scotlands Future is going to, its the right length to be read right through. It is also a response to the persons “request” for more info so they are more likely to look at it to see if it does inform them.

      Is it perfect, no; it should be more exciting. We must try and make this a feria moment where everyone is up for it. We are claiming Scotland back, make it a festival like Fill the Hill but to your polling station.

      But for one man to do all that, what a man! 🙂

    322. Dave says:

      Ailsa Craig… Same Mac setup here, but printing back to back came out reverse upside down. I’ll need to do some head scratching, and yes blue pages are a killer 🙁

    323. Luise says:

      Fab book. Thanks so much for putting in the effort on behalf of all of us who want changes in Scotland.

      Now, I have printed it out and a lot of typefaces don’t show (I get weird boxes and characters). Are the fonts embedded in the pdf?

    324. mr thms says:

      regarding Shetland..

      “The judgement rejected Mr Hill’s arguments – outlined in an “analysis” of more than 70 pages – by pointing to two legal precedents setting out that after 1468 the right of sovereignty over the islands belonged to the monarchs of Scotland and later the monarchs of the United Kingdom.”

    325. Rookiescot says:

      Been using this book today in arguements over in the Guardian CiF.

      I copy and pasted a quote from professor of economics Anton Muscatelli about currency union and some numpty started shouting he was pro SNP because he was part of the Calman report.

      I’m still laughing about it.

      Still it says something when the Rev and his team put together the best piece of information on independence.

      We need to offical Yes campaign to read it. They should be producing stuff of this quality.

    326. Mealer says:

      Is there a “Pipers for YES” group?

    327. Grouse Beater says:

      Mealer: Is there a “Pipers for YES” group?

      I doubt it. There’s a No for Yes group.

    328. Chris Darroch says:

      Need this made into an app.

    329. lumilumi says:

      Love it, Rev Stu!

      Just finished reading, and it’s got all the most important points and more that I’ve learned on Wings in the past three years.

      And using UK government sources and BT quotes! Brilliant!

      I sent the download link to my Scottish friends and a couple came back with, “Thanks, but I’ve already downloaded it.” 🙂

    330. IcySpark says:


      Hi Chris. I’m an app developer for iOS and Android. Have quite a few apps on the App Store, Google Play and Amazon App Store.

    331. kestral says:

      Why not

      Ok everyone knows everyone is totally up to thier eyes in delivering yes newspapers

      Who is this book aimed at?

      who will it convert?

      why give it to defo yesers

      why not hand them out in the streets, selectively by asking if the person still has to make up their mind up

      Putting them through doors might not be an effective means of distribution for such an expensive item

      However a flyer tempting them in with 1-3 points and the headers of the other sections could and would work towards getting readers in to read the full booklet online

      social media campaign might actually be a good method of distribution, likes, page hit etc all go to making your advertising budget go further – facebook loves popular

    332. Proud Cybernat says:

      Outstanding work, Stu. Sent it to a few diehard Nos that I know. We’ll see what happens now when they suddenly realise how the MSM and UKOKers are treating them like mugs and trying to feck them over.

      Thanks again.

    333. Indy_Scot says:

      STV news feeling the need to point out that the Electoral Commissions guide is impartial.

      Hmmm, I wonder what side of the fence they are on.

    334. Grouse Beater says:

      Nana: Typical unionist…

      His bloated opinion is libellous.
      The newspaper printing it reckless in the extreme.

    335. IcySpark says:

      As an Apple and Android developer, I would be willing to take some time to create an app for the App Store, Google Play and the Amazon App Store.

      I would need permission first from Stu, but also some crowd funding to get it off the ground, approx £1000.

      Some ideas from you all on user interface, name etc would be most welcome.

    336. ailsa craig says:

      Not having much luck with that solution; edit options not that wide as far as I can see.
      Will trawl App store when I come back home.

      Make sure you put paper in printer in same direction, same order as first load. Have solved the problem of A Darling telling me I am ageing faster than people in England. Thought I was going to have another birthday waiting on printer!
      Saw a couple of poss apps for pdf editing but not enough time to follow up just now.

    337. stuart says:

      This is great, but I fear it’s just too long for many. When it says it will take a couple of hours to read, my first reaction was to put it to one side. If it could be made more condensed and get the points across over a flyer or a few pages, I’d happily print it out and leave it where ever I could. But I do understand that a lot of these points need backed up with decent explanations – so bit of a catch 22. I’ll do my bit and share it though. Good work all the same.

    338. Lesley-Anne says:

      Some ideas from you all on user interface, name etc would be most welcome.

      Well you lost me there Icy, ‘user interface’ huh? 😉 😛

      The name thing is easy, isn’t it … The Wee Blue Book of Independence TRUTH! 😛

    339. Paula Rose says:

      If I find out in years to come that anyone has hoarded a pristine copy of this book I will be very angry. You can all print off a mint condition copy after Sept 18th.

    340. Congrats to all the authors.

      OT:11th Aug 7:30pm Irvine Q&A Nicola Sturgeon…

    341. kestral says:

      Would also suggest as many forum posting links as possible

      notice the newspapers allow links

      more links more likely people are to find the booklet

      Stu you also did some really nice website adverts before, might want a direct advert to the book

      I notice if you type Scottish Independance How

      you will get “How will it work” as an auto suggestion

      By targeting those keywords (and others like it) on a low bid you will be targeting the perfect audience

      Do we have any adword experts on here? I am not brill at it but have used it in the past

    342. IcySpark says:


      You can use the google keyword planner to help with keywords / bidding amounts. Costs should be very low as there isn’t much competition apart from the UK government.

    343. Nana Smith says:

      @ Grouse Beater

      I quite agree. Sadly there are many of his type and newspapers seem to encourage these nasty traits.

    344. kestral says:

      Icy bid look quite high although I do realise no one ever pays them

      does look like people are asking the question

      scottish independence pros and cons
      scottish independence for and against
      for and against scottish independence

      So I do believe that some of the don’t knows are trying to locate information through google

    345. heedtracker says:

      stuart says:
      11 August, 2014 at 6:27 pm
      This is great, but I fear it’s just too long for many.

      Its a fast read which is all the counts, stuart. I printed off some at work with two getting a “do not remove” sticker and they walked:D

    346. Lesley-Anne says:

      I really am sorry for putting this link up folks but I really could not resist it. Following on from the wee *ahem* discussion we were all having the other day I came across this over on the infamous Hands across the Border Facebook page. 😛

      If you can bear to scroll through the pictures there is a lovely one on a Dry Stane Wall. I just have one question for Tory Rory.

      Nice Dry Stane Wa’ Rory but whaur’s the cairn? 😛

    347. Albert Herring says:

      Got a reply from the Electoral Commission made of flannel.

      No response so far from my follow-up.

      “Dear Mr Webb

      That won’t wash I’m afraid. The Electoral Commission are publishing blatant lies and disinformation. They may be Better Together’s lies, but by publishing them, the Electoral Commission is giving them it’s seal of approval.

      I’ve no problem with the No campaign putting forward a positive case for the Union, but for the Electoral Commission to be happy to have electors going into the polling booths believing a tissue of lies that the Electoral Commission has facilitated and indeed published is a very serious perversion of our democracy.

      Regards, etc

    348. Roy Macleod says:

      Is there something wrong with the download? I keep getting the Salmon interview with Alistair Campell.

    349. IcySpark says:


      There is no question that undecideds will use google to find their information. I used to spend over £10k a month on advertising fake tan lotions 🙂 Highly targeted at undecideds ( using their search terms, some of which you mention) and effective too. As I stated earlier, Google Adwords is a no brainer.

      Costing works just like an ebay auction. You don’t need to be first on the list if you don’t want to pay for it.

    350. laukat says:


      Privatisation is there on the eyes of the Tories to increase competition and lower the cost of services. So they in theory they pay less for the same service. In reality the only way of making a profit is to reduce the quality of the service or pay the staff who previously ran the service less. Unlike privatisation of the rail or utilities you can’t charge the end user more unless the goverment increases taxes

      However the key part is that by the state pays less therefore the Scottish budget is less.

      This effect starts to snowball as people get let down by the reduced service they get pushed towards private medical insurance. As less people rely on the state the government reduces the budget further as ‘demand’ has dropped.

      This is, in my opinion, why the Goverment in the UK has put in place a system for NHS England where GPs hold the funding and buy the services from acute services as the patient requires them.

    351. fred blogger says:

      have you seen the dr lucy reynolds brilliant analysis, re health and social care act (nhs privatization) on youtube?

    352. heedtracker says:

      @ Lesley-Anne, Starkey helping with the cairn to stop his feeble little region from existing is very weird. Looks like they’re going for stone age cairn shape but these cairns were cemeteries originally. Its like graveyards for the union vote no.

    353. Flooplepoop says:

      Excellent, and PSflaps will be happy

    354. Lesley-Anne says:

      I think the size of Starkey’s stane says all that needs to be said regarding how much HE cares about Scotland heedtracker. 😛

      Thing is though heedtracker, no matter how big or small the cairn the walls always inclined inwards so that there was eventually a capping stone to act effectively like a roof. This, *ahem* thing has a circular thing with straight walls! 😛

    355. Juan P says:

      Congrats Stu.

      You’ve made my day with this post.

      I know the content will be top class as usual but it also looks like it will be appealing to the genuinely undecided voter.

    356. laukat says:

      @fred blogger

      No I haven’t but I did a quick google and from a quick 2 minute read she appears to have similar thoughts. Happy to be corrected if I’ve not picked it up properly? (I will have a look at the video later)

      I work within the NHS and most of my knowledge is based on what I see around me.

    357. Lesley-Anne says:

      laukat, I’ve just read your last post. If you haven’t already seen it here is the link for NHS for YES. 😉

    358. fred blogger says:

      no you’ve picked it up perfectly. the vid is a must see for all. it plots the whole story to the present day, amazing work.

    359. Conan_the_Librarian says:

      Just sent it to a mate at the FO 🙂

    360. msean says:

      Just read it through,great job by all concerned. Very informative with links,particularly like the fact that it has been done without yes supporter input.

    361. Yesitis says:

      Many, many thanks Rev Stu for the Wee Blue Book; it`s bloody brilliant.
      I have downloaded it to my ipad, and I guarantee it will receive regular airing when needs must. It`s a big help for thickos like me 🙂

      Once again, thank you.

    362. Indy_Scot says:

      Great work Albert.

    363. laukat says:


      Already signed up!

    364. Lesley-Anne says:

      Glad to hear it laukat. 😉

    365. Lesley-Anne says:

      Nicola Sturgeon live in Irvine over on Livestream now. 😛

    366. west_lothian_questioner says:

      Just finished my first read through of the Wee Blue Book. Every page has at least one, “nailed it!” statement. Excellent work Stuart et al. Thank youse all.

    367. Almark says:

      An excellent piece of work, concise and to the point, but…
      As another yes-voting Shetlander I do share some of Captain Haribo’s (11.43) concerns, though.
      My worry is about bringing in the ‘enclave’ argument. It may be that Shetland could be regarded as a UK enclave in the vanishingly unlikely event that it should become part of rUK, but if it became independent then surely it would not be an enclave of any other territory and would be entitled to its own territorial waters/EEZ in exactly the same way as Scotland? I’m not presenting Shetland independence as a likelihood but I feel it’s a bad idea to put forward an argument that can be interpreted as a threat to Shetland waters – it’s an issue people feel pretty strongly about.

      As far as our position as a part of Scotland goes it has long been understood here that there are anomalies. Mr thms (5.50) refers to a recent court case involving Stuart Hill, widely regarded as a bit of an eccentric, but the subject has been debated for at least a century. If anyone’s interested they could check out Gilbert Goudie – a paper from the 1880s published by the Archaeology Data Service. Sorry I don’t have a link.

    368. David Anderson says:

      Braw book and has to be given to undecideds and weak NO’s as much as possible, I will be printing some aff and going round my new abode here in Perth.

      O/T I was in Dundee yesterday and took my mother to Lidl in the town, In their car park I was faced with a big poster asking for donations for STV due to their being ‘1 in 5 children in poverty’. The cheek I thought and stuck a round YES sticker on it!

      Nice to see John King et al at the seafest in Arbroath on Sat, they done a grand job and their were many many more YES badge, balloon carriers than the NO’s, of which I seen two ballons and one badge. There have been a few more posters in windowns over the last few days here in Perth and a guy has put up a huge YES in his garden. I am getting the sense that change is afoot! I also bouoght a cot today in Kinross and the fowks were definite YEs but had not publisised it in any way so I gave them a couple of stickers for window and car. Every wee bit helps eh. Well done to all who do their daily bit!

    369. Croompenstein says:

      Yipee the wee blue book has pushed the butchers apron doon the page a bit 😀

    370. eddiefaeglesga says:

      these fucking polls are doing my heid in,I know of only one person in my family voting no(prick) all the rest plus inlaws all voting yes. no one in family been polled big family

    371. Kilty says:

      Concise, to the point and well-written. Perfect for sharing with friends and family. Thank you once again Rev Stu. Hopefully you’ll come and live up here after independence to enjoy the better Scotland that you’ve helped to create. 🙂

    372. heedtracker says:

      Hootsman says its No 61% landslide with Lamont mortgage costs jump with Yes. Feel the fear.

    373. EdinScot says:

      Fantastic effort Stu with the Wee Blue book. It really gives the YES side a HUGE lift. Not we need a big concerted effort in getting it out there. Ive been downloading it then sending copies to people via email tonight.

      I feel the YES material is starting to crank up with the leaflets coming through in my long street at least. Yesterday (sunday) saw early morning deliveries of the ‘Aye Right’ leaflet and ‘Your Choice’ booklet from YES. Last week also saw the ‘Scotlands’ Future’ booklet from the Scottish Government pushed through my door. So it seems maybe that its been well timed with only a matter of weeks to go!

      Went into the YES shop in Easter Rd 2 weeks ago and picked up a bundle of ‘vote yes’ postcards with the indy sites on the back. Have already distributed them all at work and have new converts. Was really hoping that the shop has big supplies of ‘aye right’ leaflets so i could do my bit and put them through doors but they didnt. Want to do all i can as every vote counts with time running down to the big day.

    374. heedtracker says:

      Hootsman absolutely detests Scottish democracy, like all unionists do, to be fair.

      “39% saying there should never be another vote on independence, while 17% say it should be at least 20 or 30 years before another is staged.”

    375. heedtracker says:

      If it is 61% No landslide and thats the complete opposite here in Aberdeen at least, when austerity Westminster really gets going in Scotland it’ll ultra right unionist Scottish press and BBC attacking or blaming rather, Holyrood and AlicSamin.

      The perfect UKOK double whammy.

    376. horacesaysyes says:

      Typical – the day I go through to see Alan Bissett’s “The Pure, The Dead and The Brilliant’ (highly recommended, by the way 🙂 ) – the Wee Blue Book is released!

      Still, that’s my reading for tomorrow’s traveling sorted!

    377. heedtracker says: OBR predict 38% drop in Scots oil within 3-4 years or nearly half and thats the headline from a staggeringly biased unionist BBC, no balance response whatsoever.

      We have to take the word of a giant propaganda machine that Scots oil value will drop by nearly 40% in three years. Talk about fraudsters in action.

    378. Clootie says:

      O/T seen the new YES Poster on Bank Bail out

      Latest GAO Audit states it was the Federal Reserve which bailed out the Banks and NOT the Bank of England or Westminster.

      US Federal Reserve / GAO Audit:

      Barclays PLC £868 Billion
      Royal Bank of Scotland £541 Billion
      Bank of Scotland £181 Billion

      This may come as a shock but Alistair Darling Lied to us.

    379. Devereux says:

      I am printing and intend from next week to leave ‘by accident’ on buses, cafes and a large university library at all the sub stations. Soft sell. Taking canvassing too to give to genuine don’t knows and sharing the link. We reach 100 they reach 100………and who knows. O/T the bonkers little Labour council where I am on holiday had a wee Union Jack flying in a garden arrangement this summer – really annoyed me. Passed it today with the dug and a good Scottish wind had ripped it to shreds. I like to think it is a sign.

    380. Chitterinlicht says:

      Thank you. Pass politely to undecideds. Truth will out.

    381. heedtracker says:

      Vote NO Carrell retweets himself on the Graun and he says he has a Yes voter friend! UKOH propagandists eh? Wouldn’t like this smiter of the Scots wanting Scottish democracy as an enemy.

      Severin Carrell
      A yes voter friend suggest @UK_Together holds a voter registration drive for Edinburgh’s New Town bankers: so many he’s met vote in London.

    382. Robert Peffers says:

      Lesley-Anne says: 11 August, 2014 at 5:25 pm:

      ”John, my understanding of the NHS funding that you talk about is that as it becomes more and more privatised down South then less and less money comes to Scotland through the Barnett formula.”

      Aaaargh! I just spent ages attempting an explanation and it vanished. Here we go again : –

      The better analogy for NHS funding is English Education Funding.

      England is funded by the Treasury as, “The United Kingdom”, but after the devolved countries get any particular power devolved to them, “United Kingdom”, funding only means, ”England only”, funding as the Treasury uses the Barnett Formula to add United Kingdom Funding to the respective block Grants. a.k.a. Barnett Consequentials.

      Thus when education was devolved to the three devolved countries, “United Kingdom”, funding had become de facto, “English Education Funding”. Thus when the treasury made the individual students pay Tuition Fees in England only then, “United Kingdom”, Education funding”,, was reduced and the positive Barnett Consequential became a negative Barnett Consequential and a block grant cut.

      The infrastructure funding we get to contribute to is different. It is due to English infrastructure normally being funded from DEFRA which is England Only funding and subject to Barnett Consequentials. The reason we all get to contribute to those certain schemes is because they don’t fund them from DEFRA but from Government Reserves that have no Barnett Consequentials.

      I hope that is a bit clearer for you.

    383. Fairliered says:

      I don’t really know how these things work, but if we all entered the same question into Google search, e.g. Scottish independence questions, then clicked on thw Wee Blue Book, could we get it up near the top of the rankings?

    384. TJenny says:

      Fairliered – I just typed Scottish Independence Wee Blue Book, into Google. So that’s one for starters. 🙂

    385. Rock says:

      Great work Stuart, a million thanks.

      As many have already said, The Wee Blue Book will only serve its purpose if it falls into the hands of genuine Don’t Knows and perhaps very soft No’s. It will be completely wasted on die hard No’s.

      All those working within Yes Scotland groups and RIC will therefore need to find a way to deliver them to the right persons as far as possible.

      Yes Scotland has been intimidated by the unionists into distancing itself from W O S but I hope the activists working within it have more sense and openly distribute this tiny gem to targetted voters.

    386. Lesley-Anne says:

      Well I did say I’d make it clear as mud Robert. 😛

    387. Lesley-Anne says:

      I’ve just done as well Fairliered and oh look, no NOT squirrels the Wee Blue Book came out on top! 😛

    388. clachangowk says:

      Read some of the comments but not all – seems there is big misunderstanding of the YES campaign. It is not led by YESScotland. There are local Yes groups all over doing their own thing for the cause. In my neck of the woods we have prepared and printed our own leaflets to meet local priorities and issues. If we decide we want the WBB we could print some off ( we raise our own funds locally).

      Our local group includes and/or works with SNP, LfI, RIC, people of no party or affiliation

      As I think Morag said the WBB could be useful to deliver to identified undecided. We have lists of them after months of canvassing.

      At this stage with only 6 weeks to go and even less for postal voters the only way the WBB will be distributed is if local Yes organisations decide to take it on in some form or other.
      Anything else is wishful thinking.

    389. Indy_Scot says:

      Just watched a bit of Nicola Sturgeon. If she sat down with every voter for half an hour, there would be no doubt over the outcome of this referendum.

    390. crisiscult says:

      I’m sure Yes groups will be very careful not to get involved with Rev Stu Campbell after all the things we’ve heard about him, although if he’s accused of hating any more groups, he’ll become Dirty Harry

      “Harry, doesn’t play any favorites! Harry hates everybody”

      So, like I said, yes volunteers will definitely NOT be working out how to get this delivered.

      I think also that everyone must know some undecideds or soft nos. I know a few hard nos who I wouldn’t bother sending this to because they will surely find a way to reject the info, even if only on an ad hominem basis. However, I know at least 10 soft nos (only no because of the threats). I’m working on a test case right now. Sent it an hour ago. Waiting for a response.

    391. laukat says:

      For those questioning the effect of privatisation on the NHS its also worth looking up the effect Trasatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)

      This deal could very well lead to NHS Scotland being forced to tender services so that private firms can bid for them as it would be open to a legal challenge on why public bodies within a single member state were not conforming to the same tendering process.

      Iain McWhirter wrote a very good article in the Sunday Herald a few weeks back and to me this is the new PFI.

    392. Rock says:

      Don’t worry about the polls but be extremely vigilant with the actual voting and counting process.

      The polls are laying the ground for the declaration of a rigged result. 69% No poll and 60% No result will be made to look credible.

      If we can succeed in getting the accurate result declared on the 19th, these No polls are to our advantage.

      They will result in many No voters not bothering to vote.

      On the other hand, it will make Yes campaigners increase their efforts during the remaining 5 weeks.

    393. Lesley-Anne says:

      Aye your right IS. I watched the whole thing. Some people thought there were one or two NO plants but that’s O.K. because she just swatted them away with the usual level of panache. 😀

      I’m pretty certain the woman asking about business water companies was a plant and she tried to beat Nicola but it was HER, not Nicola, who got shot down! 😛

      Overall I thought the audience asked a mix of the usual hash plus some from a different angle that I haven’t heard before but that said Nicola dealt with all the questions in a very professional manner. 😛

    394. Paula Rose says:

      Do you mean, type ‘scottish independence’ and then go down the list until you find the wee blue book? I always look for hairy string.

    395. SquareHaggis says:

      @ ailsa craig,

      If your printer has an “invert” option just before you print, that should work.

    396. Lesley-Anne says:

      Paula, COPY THIS Scottish Independence Wee Blue Book and paste it into your Google search box, that’s all I did and the link to THIS page came out at the top of the list. 😛

    397. a2 says:

      o/T but I see that in the absence of a “planB” Johann goes on to attack Plan B anyway, you’d almost think her speak was written last week before the debate.

    398. Brian Mchugh says:

      Indy_Scot, Nicola rocked… It’s rare to credit a politician so highly, but Nicola was faultless there and so on the ball with every question.

      There were quite a few plants in the Audience too, to ask tough questions and try to trip Nic up (you can always spot them, cos they often declare for being Yes voters, but…)

      …she never even stumbled…

      10.0 10.0 10.0 10.0 10.0

    399. Rock says:


      “So, like I said, yes volunteers will definitely NOT be working out how to get this delivered.”

      I think you are mistaken there.

      Yes volunteers want a Yes vote and THEY won’t be under ANY constraints from the media. They will do their best to get the WBB delivered to the right persons.

      Blair Jenkins would have been hounded at every opportunity if Yes Scotland had not distanced itself from W O S (although I think they should have stood up robustly to the media).

    400. seoc says:

      Why on earth would anyone – anyone – want to associate with these lying, cheating, thieving deadbeats?
      They have neither morals or scruples, and are total strangers to truth and shame, fit only for the coup.

    401. Indy_Scot says:

      The ironic thing about the water question is that it probably made don’t knows more likely to be Yes.

    402. Lesley-Anne says:

      I know the phrase “stupid,incompetent and useless” is well overused but with regards to Lamont it can NOT be used often enough.

      In a keynote speech in Glasgow yesterday, Ms Lamont also said Mr Salmond’s threat to default on an independent Scotland’s share of UK debt if a formal currency union is vetoed by Westminster would send mortgage rates through the roof and make repayments even higher.

      What part of the phrase “The £1.4 Trillion debt belongs to Westminster and NO ONE ELSE!” does this *ahem* leader NOT understand?

      Is she REALLY so THICK that she is incapable of understanding that Scotland has NO debt?

      At what point in time does a country, with NO debt, actually renege on its NON debt?

    403. crisiscult says:


      Sorry, I think I should have included a 😉 in my post. Apologies for that. Tbh, if I wasn’t such a practitioner of zen, and getting at least one meditation session in per week, I’d be so angry with the media in the UK that I’d be advocating worse than simply not paying licence fees and not paying for a paper; when you consider what journalists go through in some countries, often giving their lives to uncover crime and corruption, while these guys are just basically bloggers with the added juice of corporate c0ck to nurish them.

    404. Lesley-Anne says:

      I think you are right Indy cause once NS started answering the question with the FACTS she was rudely interrupted by the questioner who obviously could not handle the TRUTH. I think that came across very well and I’m certain the audience picked up on that as well. If anything that interchange did as you say move some of the audience over to the I’m definitely voting YES now camp. 😛

    405. Paula Rose says:

      Um – if I type ‘scottish independence’ into google or some such, I can’t click on Wings until I get to page 4. Am I right in thinking that the more times a link is clicked the higher it goes on the list?

    406. Chitterinlicht says:

      Just watched Elaine C Smith debate with Gregg McClymont lab MP. (Never heard of him but he had all the usual lines straight off the BT auto cue he was pleasant though )

      Very good and it was just so refreshing to hear from non politicians actually saying what they think and why they think it. It was on livestream.

      Let us focus on the don’t knows. The WBB is a valuable, well researched and referenced document that the wider yes campaign have been crying out for. I will be using it. It may even become famous. Peace

    407. tony o'neill says:


    408. IcySpark says:

      Might I suggest to Stu to change the title from “Is Here” to

      “The Scottish Independence Referendum Wee Blue Book is Here” as it will help with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Or something like that for the best keywords.

      Google mainly uses backlinks, keywords etc to push a story up their rankings as well as a few other things like page rank etc.

    409. Defo says:

      Nice link John Young.
      I knew we hadn’t heard the last of ‘The Continuator’.

    410. Brian Mchugh says:

      Thanks John Young, that is useful and getting sent to a few Scotsceptics folk tomorrow. 😉

    411. Findlay Struthers says:

      I agree with John. A VERY important article

      John Young says:
      11 August, 2014 at 9:29 pm

      Very important article imho

    412. Fairliered says:

      I was thinking of all of us entering a phrase not using the words “wee blue book” then clicking on it when it appears, to bring it up nearer the top of the search so that people who havent been told about the wee blue book, or even Wings, will see it and click on it. Sorry I didn’t make that clear.

      I will be making sure that a copy is left in the Largs Yes shop. I don’t see a problem with it.

    413. Morag says:

      Local Yes groups are autonomous and they have most certainly not been told to “dissociate themselves from Wings”. The people in these groups who aren’t online don’t even know who Stu is, and the ones who are think he walks on water. Or at least the ones who think he walks on water are in the majority.

      All Yes Scotland ever did publicly was say that an old Aye Right leaflet wasn’t being used any more. I can assure you the current version is still going out, we put 650 through the doors here with the Your Choice booklets and I put another 350 of the Wings “I’m voting No” leaflets through, again with the booklets.

      Many Wings people are delivering Yes Scotland material. Getting WBBs directly into their hands so they can kill two birds with one stone should be no problem. The problem would come if Yes Scotland themselves were to distribute it to activists for delivery, and that would be a problem because it would be “acting in concert” and the money would be docked from Yes Scotland’s total allocation. They would NOT like that.

      But nobody in the Yes groups has been told not to use Wings material.

    414. X_Sticks says:

      @Rev Stuart Campbell, Lindsay Bruce, Douglas Daniel, Dr Morag Kerr, Andrew Leslie and Scott Minto

      Thanks folks, this is just what we have been needing.

      My tuppenceworth on distribution; First line has to be electronic, let’s get the other indy sites and organisations featuring links, especially those with the best social networking to the younger voters like National Collective and Radical Indy. All of us with supportive kids need to get them distributing it on their networks.

      Knowing nothing about postal costs, would it be feasible to post to (some) widely distributed rural areas and concentrate hand delivery to towns and cities?

      Many of those manning Yes stalls etc are Wings readers. This is another channel for print copies, albeit, as someone else pointed out they would be working off their own bat that day and not for Yes as well.

      As Chris Leishman suggested earlier a distilled A4 double sided flyer with web address could be a cheap way of getting kids (who often have a very short attention span 😉 ) The Rev has kindly given permission for this, volunteers? It could also be cheaper for postal areas.

      I’ll certainly do what I can in Aberdeen and Shire.

    415. laukat says:

      O/T – Would love to see Alex Salmond come out at the next debate with one of those BT leaflets that says if we leave the UK we loose the pound and just ask Darling if its true? and if its not will he withdraw the leaflet? He needs to keep at it similar to his question on do you agree Scotland could be a successful Independent country?

      To me the currency debate will be won on Trust. If we can get it into the public conscious that BT are lying on this part it opens peoples minds to the idea that they may be lying on the CU and even greater than that rams home the message that you can’t trust what they say

    416. Ian Baird says:

      Good work. One point – I think it is fair to say that Nigeria has not set up any oil fund either, unless you count the one that siphons off billions for its politions’ personal bank accounts.

    417. Chitterinlicht says:

      Would the subtitle “50 shades of Blue” help with distribution?

    418. Paula Rose says:

      Nowadays I refresh the page by clicking on ‘scottish independence’ which I have pre-typed on my google seach thingy, and then go to the fourth page and click on Wings. I wish it was on the first page – how does that happen?

    419. Dr JM Mackintosh says:

      A bit aggressive!
      Can we not have some smiley kids skipping across a hillside?

    420. john king says:

      A BBC lisence fee guy came to our door tonight and in spite of lights on in the house car in drive and living room door open, no sound of door being knocked, left an out card to say he had called, dont know if it was the yes flag in the garden and the yes poster in the window or he caught sight of the mrs :0 before he came to the door, but he was off up that street so fast he nearly hit another car coming down the road. 😉

    421. heedtracker says:

      WBB is currently being read in San Francisco and interesting questions coming back about the who and the what of the author. One asked if it’s published by a Scottish newspaper, which raised a huge laugh over here. There’s a quaint assumption out in the world that teamGB media, BBC etc is quality, especially the Guardian for gawds sake.

      The only comparison that helped was, Johann Lamont is actually worse than Sarah Palin and just as much a phoney and the BBC is a million times worse than Fox News. They don’t believe me. I don’t blame them, it is a nightmare.

    422. Dr JM Mackintosh says:

      @john king
      They have not been round to me yet.
      But perhaps the fact that there is a 5 ft saltire flying from the TV aerial mount on my chimney is a subtle hint for them not to bother?

    423. Ian Brotherhood says:

      What’s the betting that BT HQ is burning the midnight oil, trying to cobble together a ‘Wee Red White & Blue Book’?

      It’ll be like one of those scrapbooks you start when you’re a wean – enthusiasm jumping off the first few pages, then wee snippets magnified to take up a full page, and then…page after page of nothing.

    424. Defo says:

      O/T Auntie must have been sleeping, to let this sort of thing out before the vote.

      “High interest lending to poor people is a boom industry now in Britain. That, combined with low wages and insecure work is what drives people with jobs to the food bank.”

    425. Elizabeth says:

      Thanks you Stu and to all involved in this project. It’s a great piece of work and so useful.

      O/T check out the talk between the FM and Tom Devine – it’s brilliant and so uplifting. I found it courtesy of Peter Curran on Twitter.

      @moridura: Alex Salmond and Tom Devine: 11 Aug 2014 Book Festival. Be blown away – the audience were! AUDIO

    426. Robert Peffers says:

      Lesley-Anne says:11 August, 2014 at 9:01 pm:

      “Well I did say I’d make it clear as mud Robert.”

      Now I’m going to instantly boost your self esteem, Lesley-Anne. My MP is Gordon Brown, a former Prime minister and former Chancellor of the Exchequer. I have, more than once, asked him, among many other another, “Political Big Beasts”, to explain the matter of Barnett Formula and Barnett Consequentials, in public. To date you have made a far better fist of it than any of them.

      I kid you not – your average politico just doesn’t understand it, or if they do, will not try to explain it. Try it on some of them if you don’t believe me. If usually results in a sudden remembrance of an urgent meeting elsewhere.

    427. Paula Rose says:

      @ Lesley-Anne, I only need to type

      wee blue book

      in google search and I end up here.

    428. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Does anyone have a link to the latter stages of the Castlepark (Irvine) meeting tonight with Nicola Sturgeon? The Livestream chunk I’ve seen only goes to approx I hour 10 mins.

      I went there to deliver leaflets and badges. We were given a space on the stall at the rear of the hall. Did a rough count of the chairs, and there were 200, but more rows being added, so those of us not staying for the full session were politely asked to leave. Fair do’s. I’m just wondering what the final head-count was.

    429. OT

      SLAB in Glasgow flies the Palistinian Flag.
      SLAB in Embra supports the Orange Order March next month.
      SLAB Opposed help for Syria.
      SLAB illegally invaded Iraq.

      How can SLAB scabs Reconcile these views.?

      A Free State for Palestine?
      ZERO Freedom for Scotland.
      Thousands of jobs that were in Scotland are now in Ulster, going to Ulster – and we get Foodbanks.

      Perhaps the Foodbanks in Scotland could use Robert Burns “Selkirk Grace”

      “Some hae meat but cannae eat
      Some – nae meat but wantit
      We`ve got meat and we can eat
      May the Lord be thankit”

    430. Lesley-Anne says:

      Well done you Paula. 😛

      Thanks for that wee boost Robert. I can feel my head swelling as I type this. 😀

      Commiserations on having Crash Gordon himself as your *ahem* M.P. Oops sorry he is now your EX M.P. isn’t he, or is he? 😉

    431. Robert Peffers says:

      @laukat says: 11 August, 2014 at 9:11 pm:

      For those questioning the effect of privatisation on the NHS its also worth looking up the effect Trasatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)

      Well actually it would not as it is not a question of paying for treatments by a Health board for treatments but of funding for the health board by the public purse.

    432. ianbeag says:

      Some new revelations from Craig Murray re. the proposed Orange Order march in Edinburgh on 13th September with the revelation that his mole at pacific Quay tells him that the BBC will not provide coverage of the event since it might “present an unfairly negative image of the No campaign.” PC bosses bowing to the wishes of their masters in London

    433. Lesley-Anne says:

      That’s a cracking wee prayer frae Rabbie Wanton.

      I always remember going to the YMCA down near Star Ferry in Kowloon, Hong Kong and that was on the napkins we’d get every time we went in for a *ahem* fish supper. (Fried Groupa and chips actually!) 😛

    434. John Watson says:

      Thanks Wings. Planning to up my canvassing to three evenings a week so the Wee Blue Book will be invaluable out on the door steps. (Good to hear that you seem to be producing a paper version.)

    435. Robert Peffers says:

      Arrrgh! I worded that badly. I was listening to wee Nicola on the TV at the same time. It should have read : –
      Robert Peffers says:
      11 August, 2014 at 10:33 pm@laukat says: 11 August, 2014 at 9:11 pm:

      For those questioning the effect of privatisation on the NHS its also worth looking up the effect Trasatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)

      Well actually it would not. It is not a question of paying for treatments by a Health board to a private provider for treatments but of funding for the health board by the public purse.

    436. Chic McGregor says:

      Quick read through, looks good. Obviously you can’t cover all the issues, even all the main ones, but excellent work and a potentially major factor if enough of them get read by the uninformed swathe out there.

      Well worth a wee celebratory photoshop.

    437. Triangular Ears says:

      I’ve just read the whole thing and I think it’s pitched just perfectly; just the right length, not too preachy or aggressive, but not holding any punches either.

      Well done.

    438. McHaggis says:

      finished the book now and it really is an excellent piece of work.
      Reasoned, articulate, sourced and to the point(s).

      I reckon there are plenty undecideds who would vote ‘yes’ after reading this, and perhaps even sway a few from the ‘no’ camp.

      Well done Rev and to all the others involved.

    439. Robert Peffers says:

      I’m listening to the liar in chief of the London Labour in Scotland party, Jackie Bailie. Does this liar not realise how transparent her lies are?

    440. Cindie says:

      @IcySpark some great ideas re the app and the SEO, I would suggest that you tweet the Rev and/or contact him directly via the contact link at the top of the page as he doesn’t always read the posts these days as there are just too many.

      I think the Blue Book is brilliant btw, have told Rev already on twitter and have been sharing like mad. Just have to find time to read it myself now!

    441. StevieMcB says:

      Jackie Bailly, A Fat SLAB on STV saying foodbanks are normal. my bro says she robbed it.

    442. Big Jock says:

      Good god Jackie Baillie defending food banks.Other countries have them they are not unique!This is how low labour have sunk.Everything’s crap but hey other countries are crap so why change the constitution.Then we are going to win the 2015 election according to the polls.Christ is she even bothering to have any facts when preaching or is everything just made up!Millibands is practically unelectable and Labour will change nothing in power?The unequal society was created by Brown and Blair in the first place.

    443. Lesley-Anne says:

      You forget Robert we’re too wee ,too poor and too stupid to realise that Jackie Baillie is lying. We’re just supposed to believe every word she says is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth! Meanwhile back in the REAL world far far away from the alternate universe we all know different. 😛

    444. Harry McAye says:

      John Mackay had his “I smell shite” face on. I reckon he’ll probably vote Yes.

      Does Bailie honestly think the polls show they are on track to win next GE. They need to be way ahead at this stage not 3 or 4 points.

    445. kendomacaroonbar says:

      Where does she get this 6 Billion deficit from ?

    446. Lesley-Anne says:

      Dear gawd, just caught a brief glimpse of the newspaper reviewers on SKY news. The only bit I happened to see was their *ahem* reading of the story about Alex Salmond at the book festival talking to Tom Devine. A bigger pair of incompetent, jingoistic, nut jobs I would be hard pressed to find I think. Oh I’m talking about the paper reviewers NOT As and TD. 😛

    447. Big Jock says:

      She makes me sick.How does she take a wage from the taxpayer to lie to her constituents.Labour are finished.Come on Scotland let’s get rid of these leeches.

    448. X_Sticks says:

      Sorry O/T

      Some interesting stats from William Hills – originally posted on Yes Aberdeen face thingy

    449. Big Jock says:

      The no side think if they keep believing the dodgy polls.Then the public will fall for it and no will win as yes will lose momentum.No are outside the real debate with the people.They live inside the bubble of the 4th estate.All the people they reject and have abandoned are going to rise like never before and put them on the dole.This would be the best justice the poor people in Scotland could give these worthless bunch of liars who treat them like yesterdays newspapers.

    450. Penderyn says:

      Will download and read.

      One point of issue to start with: the name – in Wales we have “the treachery of the blue books”
      The title may or may not be taken as an omen …

      I wish you all the best of success, and only hope that we can emulate you in the near future. We will be counting on your support, as we don’t have the calibre of politicians to push this through ourselves.

    451. Grouse Beater says:

      Two vacuous English journalists twittering away on SKY News belittle Alec Salmond as if he’s a piece of crap that somehow caught on a parliamentary shoe.

      On the basis of that sort of abuse it will be a mystery why anybody will want to vote No for more abuse and insult.

      You sit there watching in astonishment wondering why the programme presenter doesn’t intervene and draw them up short by demanding they behave like mature adults and treat Scotland’s aspirations seriously.

      Where do these cretins come from?

    452. Free at 63! says:


      An English friend, a Baptist Minister, was at that event today and loved it. Think she is leaning to YES.

    453. Harry McAye says:

      Not seen Sky News tonight but it doesn’t seem to matter who they reel out, Tory Boy and Maguire or Hoskin and Mike Read or some black lad I’ve never heard about who went apoplectic over Scots daring to want their own flag’s colours being trailed by the Red Arrows (Kevin Adams possibly?), they all have the same “Scotland know your place” attitude. I wish we could have a compilation of them on youtube, would surely sway a few.

    454. Lesley-Anne says:

      Oh GREAT, SKY doing their reading of the 2014 Social Attitudes Survey with the great assistance of none other than everyone’s favourite Psephologist the one, the only John Curtice. Ye Gawds!

    455. Big Jock says:

      John Curtice the great mesiah of political science.Except for viewers in Scotchland!

    456. Tam Jardine says:

      What can I say Stu? A perfect piece of work. As I read it through I felt as though I had been standing over your shoulder while you wrote it. I guess we all have been. I saw so many posts I have enjoyed, enraged by and commented on in there.

      The layout is really nice and the questions work very well – representing exactly the questions undecided ask. It is in depth enough without being off putting.

      A few things occur to me:

      Firstly – UK plc paid, what, £700,000 to post that pack of lies to every household in Scotland. I am sure Rev Stu will give us his plan in his own good time. My thoughts in the meantime: Yes Scotland cannot distribute for us but should not preclude us Wingers delivering with the next Yes newspaper. I don’t think I am being unfair when I say it is much more likely to be read.

      We will not get 10000 Wingers delivering – if 500 Wingers could deliver 400 each you have 200,000 copies out there. Or 200 delivering 1000 which is probably more likely. Is that optimistic or pessimistic? I can’t say.

      I am happy to deliver but the well has run dry already this month so I would be keen to know how many copies the funds are going to cover. I can print a few off but nothing like enough.

      Perhaps the way to do this is organising a big print run and and hold 4 or 5 Wings meets across Scotland at the start of September to distribute. We each collect a box and deliver in our home turf. We can make sure no crossover then.

      In addition, and much more viable is getting this out electronically via Facebook, Twitter and email as it is so much less restrictive.

      Making an app seems like a guid idea but I am not really sure what that involves.

      Last point: if the Sunday Herald is serious about Indy, they should run it. In full. Stu – i know print journalists can be negative towards you and the site because you do their job for them, but this is a significant document that will help Yes the more it is disseminated so if they want a Yes it is a no – brainer.

      Did Alistair Gray get paid or pay for that artwork? Of course they won’t but they should. Maybe Paul could put a word in?

      Thanks again – it is well worth the wait.

    457. Free at 63! says:

      Googled Scottish Independence WeeBlueBook x 2 and each time 3 of the 1st 4 are Wings- 3 is WeeGingerDug.

      Think we should all do this at least once every day to keep it at the top.

      Battling gremlins with computer and printer today.

      Probably should get a tinfoil hat.

    458. Lesley-Anne says:

      Great SKY news doing the papers review again with TweedleDee and TweedleDum. Let’s see what this pair of brainless, gormless, clueless Muppets say this time round about Alex Salmond. 😉

    459. RogueCoder says:

      I can neither confirm nor deny that an Inkjet-friendly version of Wee Blue Book may be on its way.

    460. Ian Brotherhood says:

      What is the minimum number of characters required to write a link to the WBB?

      It surely wouldn’t be more difficult to remember than a mobile phone number…easily scrawled on the back of a fellow passenger’s Metro, or swiftly sprayed across an otherwise redundant expanse of rail/road-side concrete. (Not that I’d be interested in doing such a thing, naturally…)

      Would wos/weebluebook do it?

      I’m away to try…

    461. Ian Brotherhood says:

      …okay, I’ve just tried.

      It does work.


    462. Midgehunter says:

      @ Paula rose and others

      Google “scottish independence booklet” and it comes up on the second page 😉 Two pages better – still room for improvement.

    463. Big Jock says:

      You have to admire Morrissey for standing up for Scottish independence.I might even buy his latest album.I was a big Smiths fan but only bought his first solo album.His comments about doing away with that wee Essex twerp with a funny lip Jamie Oliver are pretty funny it would do us all a favour.

    464. Paula Rose says:

      Just type

      wee blue book

      and use

      scottish independence

      to find Wings.

    465. IcySpark says:

      I am ready and willing to make the app and distribute it onto the App Store, Google Play and the Amazon App Store. It will cost about £1000 for time, though I will make it free on the App Stores. I need help raising the funds. Can anyone help with setting up a crowd funder? I’ve never done it before.

      I can have it ready in two weeks tops.

      Thanks 🙂

    466. X_Sticks says:

      @Big Jock

      You should have seen Billy Bragg at Belladrum. Spent half his set lecturing the audience on politics and why we must vote for indy and the audience (well, most of them) were loving it. His talk later in the Verb Garden was excellent. You might catch some of the set on the BBC Alba coverage, but I haven’t had time to look for it yet, but when I do I’ll try and post a link.

      BTW Tommy Sheridan was speaking there too and no-one was left in any doubt about Tommy’s politics 🙂

    467. kendomacaroonbar says:

      @Icy spark

      Go to and set up a fundraiser…post a link here when you’ve done it and interested parties will support if they see merit in it 🙂

    468. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Simpler still…


      First result up – straight link.

    469. KenMacColl says:

      Apparently the subject of the Sky Press review was the “revelation” in the Edinburgh Book Festival that the FM’s mother was a great admirer of Churchill whereas his father wanted to “hang him because of what he did to the miners”
      This information -on the record since at least 2010 in Salmond’s biography – of course qualifies as something approaching blasphemy to high Tories although I have heard similar thoughts attributed to many people in this area for his role in the Gallipoli campaign.
      Sounds as if Alan Cochrane is at it again.

    470. Paula Rose says:

      @ IcySpark – What would your app do?

    471. Lesley-Anne says:

      Oh dearie me, Sky news paper reviewers terrified of backlash from angry Scots as they avoid the Alex Salmond story on the 23:30 newspaper slot. 😛

      Never mind folks there is always this in the Telegraph to make up for our angry backlash! 😛

    472. Alan McHarg says:

      The Declarations of the Clergy 24/02/1310, the Declaration of Arbroath 6/04/1320…and now the Wee Blue Book 11/08/2014. Three important documents in our nations history. Well done Rev!

    473. Michael McCabe says:

      Just googled wee blue book and the first four links take you there.

    474. Big Jock says:

      Nice one x sticks.Will look out for that.Tommy Sheridan is a guy I really like to listen to.He is like most people they have flaws but you get a real person coming through when he speaks so passionately.He will still be cleared eventually as well! As that had British establishment all over it when he was convicted.

    475. Lesley-Anne says:


      Just heard on Sky news that Robin Williams has died, after an alleged suicide. 🙁

      R.I.P. Mork!

    476. Big Jock says:

      That’s a weird one Lesley Anne one of Holywoods nice guys.

    477. Achnababan says:

      Who is the real Prof Curtis? (or perhaps more accurately – Is Prof. Curtis real?)

      Prof Curtis is a character created by the BBC with an uncanny resemblance to Herge’s character, Prof Calculus, who often appeared in the most excellent adventures of Tin Tin.

      Instead of the pendulum carried by Calculus, he invented a sonic survey stick which quickly became his principal scientific prop and trademark. Unfortunately for the Prof, the sonic SS always points in the opposite direction to public opinion.

      According to legend (and Brian Taylor leading light in the BBC’s galaxy of esteemed political puddings and mummers), the reason the survey stick gang wrang is because as a child, Prof Curtis was inadvertently left inside a Van de Graaff generator by his comic book mentor the absent-minded, Prof. Calculus (who some say was his ‘natural’ father).

      N.B. The frazzled hair and scary goggle-eyed look, as anyone who did O-grade physics can tell you, is another side-effect of this unfortunate childhood experience!

    478. Morag says:

      Rogue Coder tweeted it, but didn’t say suicide. I’d guessed heart attack.

    479. Morag says:

      Oh, now he and Sneekyboy are both saying suicide. That’s dreadful.

    480. IcySpark says:


      Think Angry Birds. Press the Icon and up it comes. Perfect for mobile/tablet users.

      It will simply turn the wee blue book into an app for easy reading. On the main page it will have the main 6 sections and appendix/intro as buttons. When pressed it will then allow you to scroll through the wee blue book for that section.

      You could then press the back button to show the main sections again.

      It will also have the last 10 posts from WoS ( think RSS feed ). When clicked on it will load that particular story within the app for up to date news from Wings.

      It would also allow you to post a link directly onto Facebook to share the app on your timeline, or send it to a friend via email from within the App, which will help it go viral.

      Apps are a great way to get the message out to mobile users who like ease of use and can quickly generate thousands of users.

      Once it’s ready, a post with links to the App Stores from Stu will get it into the hands of thousands very quickly.

      Hope that helps.

    481. Morag says:

      How quickly can it be done? Stu does have some money from the original fundraiser which was earmarked for the WBB so if this was really a good way to get it out there, he might be able to facilitate it.

    482. Lesley-Anne says:

      BJ, Morag, it is also on the BBC News 24 ticker tape thingy saying he has found dead and the California police are saying it is an apparent suicide. The breaking news tab is saying he was 63 years old and died due to asphyxia.

      Such a sad piece of news. He truly was one of the GREAT actors to come out of Hollywood in my view.

    483. Lesley-Anne says:

      If it is a hoax K1 then they have done an excellent job because both SKY and BBC ran with the story, in fact 20 minutes in the BBC are STILL running with it.

    484. kendomacaroonbar says:

      @Icy Spark

      Go for it. 🙂

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