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The Running Man

Posted on May 16, 2015 by


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    1. 16 05 15 08:32

      The Running Man | Speymouth

    216 to “The Running Man”

    1. jimnarlene says:

      Where’s the bayonets? His ego must be wounded.

    2. Misteralz says:


    3. gerry parker says:

      Cracking cartoon again Chris.

      Run Murphy run Murphy run run run…

      Feart o nobody Eh?

    4. a doric loon says:

      Aye says it all “seriously deluded”

    5. mumsyhugs says:

      He can run but he can’t hide! 🙂

    6. john king says:

      Less talk mair runnin Jim they’re gaining on you.

    7. pete the camera says:

      what gets me it how is it he can run with his head in the sand, hope he final notices the egg on his face today

    8. Macart says:

      Superb Chris, Jim needs to remember though, ‘Life is like a box of chocolates’. 🙂

      However, oor Jim appears to be running on his own there. Where’s the other architect of that ‘toxic’ campaign Mr McTernan? Now if ever a man deserves to share the stage and some of the limelight…

    9. Famous15 says:

      He is clearly a patriot who has sacrificed his own ego for the greater good.

      His followers are passionately encouraging him and that is a delight to see in this cynical age.

      He is the best leader of Scottish Labour in modern times. Scotland has a better future with him at the helm of his Unionist Party.

      Long may he continue to listen and lead / learn?

    10. Graham Macqueen says:

      The concerning thing is though is that Mr.Murphy truly believes it!!! Deluded beyond doubt!!!

    11. Shedgirl says:

      Love the Scotland strip! A souvenir of a truly ludicrous campaign.

    12. Skintybroko says:

      Should his advisers not be running alongside him, am sure it would have health benefits for everyone involved ????

    13. Dr Jim says:

      They must be wanting to help Jim with his gardening

      I see they’ve got their own tools

    14. Ken500 says:

      Why can’t Ginger Dug and Bateman brilliant (although the latter choses to delete and ban. BBC habits die hard) not just give a bank account (+ name? ) details, so folk can donate. Some people want to donate (anonymously) for certain reasons, it is easier. Some people would not donate to Newsnetscotland while Tory Torrance was a commentator. Old habits die hard.

      Or just put a name and address for a cheque on their site. Even a Box number would do.

    15. Aceldo Atthis says:

      We warned him that Lamont would be a hard act to follow…

      I expect he will be sent packing today, though. If he stays, he will detract from the message… Actually, maybe that’s an argument for keeping him.

      Anyway, time to hit Betfair: £10 on the double, Murphy to go and Queen of the South to hammer the orcs…

    16. Clootie says:

      Looks too organised for Labour!
      Usually 3 or 4 factions would be fighting over who has the right to chase Murphy.

    17. Louis B Argyll says:

      … the puppet masters and the spin doctors have been in charge of the Labour Party since they invented the word “NEW”.
      It is they, who maintain this sinister denial, pretending all is well, that they were right and the people were wrong.

      They just cut the strings, watching as the flapping losers make even bigger fools of themselves.

      Any change at “the top” should surely begin with the campaign managers, who’s LIES, the politicians failed to sell.

    18. Dr Ew says:

      Patriotically running to save his ain erse.

      Got him tae a tee, Chris!

    19. Croompenstein says:

      Old backdoor Jim the Creepy footpad thinks he is Teflon but they will catch him today me thinks.

      Wee bit mean with the hair Chris 🙂

    20. Lollysmum says:

      Hey you lot don’t run him out of Scotland-we don’t want Jim here in England.

      Managed to get rid of him last year & definitely don’t want him back. He’s bad news, don’t you know? Everything he touches turns to dust 🙂

    21. Bob Sinclair says:

      Murphy didn’t sacrifice his own Ego, but he definitely sacrificed his own Egg.

    22. Calgacus MacAndrews says:


    23. malcb13 says:

      Spot on the money Chris. Another Classic!!

    24. Fantastic artwork Chris,beyond just caricature.

      Although `Scottish Labour` look far too organised and far too numerous.

    25. Croompenstein says:

      I do think Creepy Jim is a bit of a scapegoat as Labour in Scotland signed their own death warrant with the better together campaign. I don’t think it would have mattered who took the reigns as the result would have been similar.

      That said, Creepy is so full of himself that he actually thought that he could save Labour in Scotland. It won’t matter what they do if they keep things as they are they will be swept from Holyrood next year and then, perhaps more importantly, be swept from the local authorities the year after.

    26. pitchfork says:

      Massive reality check for Scottish Labour from the STUC


    27. Les Wilson says:

      What is wrong with slabour is that they will NEVER seperate from uk labour, if they say they will it will just be a smokescreen for working UK labour back into favour in Scotland.

      Just watch the venom at FMQ’s, where they almost always have the same Unionist attack on the same subject, one might call it, co-ordinated.

      Despite their wailing they are every more right wing attempting to get more middle and upper class voters in England.That will continue.They will attempt to win Scotland back by lies and deceit. What’s new!

      O.T. Watching RT this morning, head section was about a petition being signed in the North of England ” Scotland, please take us with you” signed by some 10 thousand and growing. Well, if that get’s really big, it is another wee worry for Tory Westminster.

    28. Stoker says:

      The Road Runner – Starring Meep Meep Murphy.

      Thanks, Chris.

    29. galamcennalath says:

      Excellent cartoon.

      Murphy shouldn’t be in politics, time to move on. He really shouldn’t be representing Scots. I say that not just on the basis of the last six months. I know people view him as an asset, from an SNP perspective, but he is not good for Scotland.

      To be fair to the man, this election was always going to be a disaster for Labour to some extent. When he took the job it was going to end badly, the question was, just how badly. And, I suspect it was worse than he expected! However, having said that, he still ran a bloody awful campaign which certainly added to the scale of their defeat!

      While the SNP ran a top-of-the-range campaign centred on standing up for Scotland, economic policy and chasing promises on powers …. Murphy decided to pursue football chanting and booze! Astonishingly poor judgement and showing complete incompetence.

      Good bye, Mr Murphy. Enjoy the rest of your life out of politics.

    30. Bob Mack says:

      In some way I hope this signals a rebirth of Scottish Labour.Not the Party we had before ,but a party which stands up for the rights and wishes of the Scottish people ,even if that wish means independence.
      Although I cannot see it happening, it is a sincere hope on my part.
      The problem I have is that it would be difficult to see how the leopard could change its spots.Would these people who fought so vehemently in favour of the Union,be convincing enough to make you believe they would fight the same way for independence? I doubt it.
      The first step is brilliantly illustrated by Chris today.The angry villagers chase the Frankenstein monster,created to save the Union,and run him to ground.
      Labour meanwhile must return to the laboratory and come up with a new creation.

    31. Ken500 says:

      The ‘National’ is selling well. Can’t get a copy anywhere now.

      Keep on running, there is a TenK in Aberdeen this week-end. At this rate Jim will reach the Outer Hebrides. Spaced oot. Who will pay his wages. The e-mail dead, the phone cut off, the contacts lost. Bye Bye Jim. Enjoy the run into oblivion. It couldn’t come too soon. The research project on the broo. The role on the dole, to keep up the pension requirement. After threatening the elderly and the vulnerable with lies, not a rational political strategy for obvious reasons. There is a new generation, born every minute.

      Enjoy the retirement. The rest will do. Finally Jim gie’s it a rest. Keep on running, keep on hiding, for one day yer’se been found out for all the lying and disguising. Too much spoofing. The real Jim has been found out and wanting. Hiding to nothing. Thanks for all the memories. Especially the best one on 8/7/15. Happy days.

    32. Ken500 says:

      The backdrop looks like zoombies, even creepier than Jim. The washed out dregs. What will they do next?

    33. Illy says:

      Ahh, that’s a good film. One of Arnie’s better ones.

      I wonder if the Beeb will show it again anytime soon?

    34. john king says:

      I had to laugh at the commentator (forgot who) who suggested Murphy took the job willingly! yea right
      like this you mean?
      He’s …eh.. lost a bit of weight since then and…eh… regained his Scottish after his spell in Foggy Bottom.

    35. HandandShrimp says:

      I think this race will begin in Bath Street in about an hour


      To be fair to Jim (although I am not sure why) what Labour needs is not so much another leader…they have had loads of those…what they it is a total rethink as to what Scottish Labour means. I think the big fear they have is that the answer would look awfully like the SNP.

    36. Fred says:

      Slab cannot separate from Labour, they have no money & a severe scarcity of members. I personally don’t know a card-carrying Labour party member. I used to know lots and at one time was a member myself.

    37. Ben Donald says:

      Read this, along with the comments:

      …but he’s only been in the job 5 months, after all.

      Doesn’t get it, can’t get it, won’t ever get it.

    38. Lemon says:

      Run, Sad Boy, Run

    39. Mealer says:

      The baying mob behind are all pro London Rule,pro Trident and pro Austerity.Or,atleast,that’s what Labour fought the election on last week.Along with the Tories and Libdems.There is a limited number of people in Scotland who believe in these policies and three parties fighting for their vote.Labour got about half those votes.Not bad,I’d say.

    40. Chic McGregor says:

      Another great cartoon Chris, well conceived and drawn.

    41. Macart says:

      @ Louis B

      Nail on head. These poisonous creatures have caused more real harm throughout these islands with their strategies, their tactics and to them that’s all it is, a means to an end.

      They are tasked with putting bodies in positions of power using any means necessary at their disposal. They don’t pause to consider collateral damage, real societal division, anger, pain or fear which they may spread in pursuit of this aim. They don’t stop to consider whether the people they are putting into these positions of influence over our lives are the right people. They simply have a job to do.

      And what a job it is.

    42. john king says:

      accent. 🙁

    43. Defo says:

      That looks nothing like Burt Lancaster. 🙂

      Spot on the money again Chris, you should do this for a living !

    44. JaMur says:

      James francis Murphy.
      Far beyond rancid.
      A disgrace to Scotland.

      I hope he stays on.
      Best branch manager ever.

    45. starlaw says:

      hope to see the back of Murphy today, but not so sure that will happen, Labour are running about like headless chickens as it is, and still wanting to be under the London thumb.
      Hope the tories don’t get any ideas about the petition from the north of England, they might think its a good idea and lump us together as a federal state and under the thumb of the southern sector.

    46. frankieboy says:

      Smurf could’nae run a menage.

    47. David Agnew says:

      While they may want to get rid of him and many do, I suspect they might try and let him stay.

      They know they are going to get a beating in 2016. If they ditch Murphy now and let Dugdale take over, then when that inevitable defeat comes round, they’ll force her to stand down and they have to go through the whole process again. It’ll be a long time before they can rebuild their party.

      If they let Murphy go forward then when the defeat comes they can get rid of him then. Even if he manages to get an msp seat in the process. He won’t have the excuse of “I was only in post 5 months” and will have led the party to two defeats. Then they let Dugdale take over and try to draw a line under the whole affair.

      But this assumes a great many things. Support of the unions being one of them and that large number of unemployed MPs who want someone to take the fall for this.

      Going to be an interesting day.

    48. donald anderson says:

      “I am not Unionist. I am Patriot. Look at my hired s escape shirt”.

    49. caledonia says:

      BBC are at it again paying less that 1 million a season for Scottish football (half gary linekers wage)
      We contribute a 10th of the licence fee but only get a 60th of what england gets

      204million was spent on match of the day
      They also pay english league for highlights which is not included in above calculations

    50. Ken500 says:

      The (uneducated) working class in England vote Tory. The North of England get (pro rata) adequate funding and it is not (pro rata) under a secret Barnett Fornula (pro rata). They would be better off if Scotland was Independent. The (secret, lying) Barnett Formula funding was reserved for Scotland. Until the SNP came to power in Scotland and opened up the books, and people saw the light.

      Eg Birmingham+ pop 1.5Million gets £2.3Billion. Glasgow+ pop 1milion and Edinburgh+ pop 1milion get £1Billion each. The Northern City (pro rata to Scotland) are well funded but they lose out to London S/E.

    51. Stoker says:

      @ Ben Doon (9.32am).

      Read yer Unionist link yersel.

      We’re not in the habit of helping Unionist sites survive.

      And btw, this thread is about today’s cartoon, don’t you
      think it’s a bit rude not to even acknowledge the cartoon?

      Tell me, Ben Doon, how many direct links to WOS does yer
      Unionist rag allow on its comments sections?

      If you must post links to Unionist rags please use archive.

    52. desimond says:

      Nice wwork Chris. Atheletez Foot in Mouth comes to mind.

      @pitchfork…lovr STUC using fundementally..great wee dig.

      Anyone who wrote ‘to be fair to Murphy’…really??

    53. handclapping says:

      That’s grand Chris, except he should be carrying his own ball and chain.

      He cocked up as leader not only in the 5 ways Stu gave us in “how the north was lost” but also in his choice of McTernan and the Fat Boy to run the campaign as a rerun of Project Fear and his totally unrealistic advice to Ed on how many seats he would deliver.

      The only reason that he should stay as “leader” is to protect the re-organisation of the party while awaiting the gubbing due in 2016 when they can defenestrate him and let the new leader emerge

    54. John H. says:

      Great cartoon Chris, though I don’t see any photographers. They would have added a nice touch of authenticity.

      Considering that the mess Labour in Scotland have got themselves into is due, at least in part, to their stance during the referendum. I wonder if they will behave in the same manner during the next referendum. Are they really that stupid? Will it matter?

    55. Ken500 says:

      Get rid of (unelected) Dugdale as well. Get rid of the lot of them.They all deserve to go. Anyone who joins a Unionist Party, an extremely small number, are not operating in Scotland’s interest but in their own interest. Farewell. It’s been hard to know you. A rout. They have tried to bankrupt Scotland/UK.

    56. Dan Huil says:

      Lord Murphy of Baghdad?

    57. john king says:

      Macart @ 9.39

      What Sam says

    58. bookie from hell says:

      start of triathlon to westminster

    59. Chic McGregor says:

      Folks, we have had over a week of well deserved fun.

      We are all on a political high right now.

      ‘Scotland has spoken, Labour are finished, roll on 2016 where there will be an even bigger rout of the unionists.’ That seems to be the zeitgeist and understandably so.

      But therein lies a great danger and now I am going to be the party pooper.

      Please, please, please! realise that that is a very unliikely outcome in reality. Even if Murphy is retained as head SLAB boy.

      Remember, the SNP majority in 2011 was “impossible”.

      The Us admitted that was how the electoral system in Scotland was designed, even the MSM readily admit that. Because it is indisputably true.

      What happened in 2011 was a perfect storm, a coming together of several unlikely events, which created the conditions for an SNP victory.

      For example, the Libdem’s had committed ritual public suicide by allying with the Tories in 2010. Their Scottish vote nearly all went to the SNP.

      For 2016, you can bet your bottom dollar, that whoever is the next Libdem leader, they will be the most anti-Tory one in living memory.

      Scottish Labour will ‘rediscover’ socialist values and seek to distance themeselves from London Labour in a way they did not do in 2011. Perhaps even going so far as to have a separate faux SLAB manifesto (actually written one this time) and a new leader with some vestigial credibility in regard to traditional Labour principles and more than the occasional curiosity about this social phenomena thing of, what’s it called again? oh yes, honesty (Chisholm, Findlay?).

      Even if Murphy is retained, he will simply shed his skin and the new one will be scaled Scotland first, relaxed about indy, social democratic, anti-Tory (no honestly) blah blah blah.

      OK SLAB must decide today on the likelihood of him pulling that illusion off.

      If they have any remaining functioning neurons, they will ditch him.

      As things stand, especially if we allow complacency and expectation to creep in, it is far more likely that in 2016 the U-bot parties will gain a majority in Holyrood in 2016. And this time round they will form an immediate U-alliance regardless of whether the SNP are the largest party or not.

      Even if the SNP repeat the ‘impossible’ there will still be enough U MSPs to enable the MSM to claim the tide has turned against independence.

      We need to be prepared for that and we need the electorate to be prepared for that.

      We can by a lot of hard work and a modicum of good luck again, secure another SNP majority but it will NOT be easy and certainly is not the formality many seem to think right now.

      So that is what we are going to have to do.

      Work our bloody socks off to at best seem to stand still.

      Unless… well maybe more on that later, I’ve said enough for now.

      P.S. Hope you read this Monday morning rather than Saturday morning, don’t want to spoil folk’s weekend.

    60. Ken500 says:

      Scottish Football got a sponsorship deal from Ladbrokes £2Million. Gambling sponsors. It’s only a game? Big business. Scottish football can seek out relevant Sponsorship. The Scottish Gov could help promote Sport and a healthy lifestyle.

      English Premier Clubs are up to their eyes in debt, ready to collapse. Cheating the fans and pricing themselves out of the Market. Taking the fans for mugs. Laundering evaded tax money. Corrupt payments etc. The opium of the people. They take their eyes off the ball. An opportunist distraction from more relevant matters supported by Westminster and their associates. Support keeping Scottish football second class. Out of sight out of mind to the metropolis.

      Westminster aims to keep Scotland a second class satellite to London S/E, by the Westminster majority,unequal economic policies. This has created the poverty in Scotland, especially in Glasgow. The state of Glasgow football. A distraction. Divide and rule. Bigotry never wins.

    61. Robert Kerr says:

      O/T Can anyone identify the very young person with glasses and clutching a pen sitting two to the left of Mr Cameron on the WM side of the Bute House meeting. Ref p2 of The National today?

      Is his youth another statement of contempt towards the Scottish Government?

      Is my paranoia still treatable?

    62. Fiona says:

      Steady, Robert Kerr

      Mhairi Black is young: don’t think including her in any forum would be a statement of contempt.

    63. Wee Alex says:

      In a democracy you need a strong opposition. The Tories at Westminster will be held to account by the SNP, not Labour. That means the credibility of the SNP will increase.

      Labour in Scotland is nowhere near good enough to challenge the SNP and anyone daft enough to lead them is on a hiding to nothing. They risk wipeout at the Holyrood election in 2016 and Council elections in 2017.

      Who is stupid enough to take on that task with no money, no troops and an urgent need to reform. If I were them I’d leave Murphy in charge while they reconstitute their party.

      The other alternative is to go for someone like Dugdale and hope the SNP implode.

      Not much of a choice is it.

    64. DerekM says:

      haha nice one Chris 🙂

      are you sure he is running away and isnt still chasing after his election campaign which ran away from him ,the mob that looks like they are chasing him is just the Labour party out campaigning its their new idea on how to win votes.

    65. Swami Backverandah says:

      “He took a bad situation and turned it into a catastrophe from which his party in Scotland might never recover. His fans will tell you, even now, about all the energy and effort he put into the fight. A headless chicken has plenty of vim until it keels over. ” Ian Bell in today’s heraldscotland.

      Ouch 😀

    66. ronnie anderson says:

      Mara thon man an thats aboot the size of hiz heid (Ah Mara),an ah hope they’r awe still as Dim as Jim the day,& vote him back into the Leadership.

      Much more fun to be had from DimJim.

      great cartoon once again Chris.

    67. nodrog says:

      Whether they keep Murphy or not is irrelevant. Listening to some of the SLAB stars this week it is obvious the have not learned their lesson. They claim they were putting forward the best manifesto , and perhaps it was in written form , but all the people of Scotland heard was “WE HATE THE SNP” from SLAB especially Murphy and his team. Little wonder they lost and Murphy or not I do not see them coming back in a generation. The SNP are the Centre Left party of Scotland now and could even field candidates in the North of England. Aye keep looking over your shoulder Mr. Cameron we may be marching South.

    68. Fiona says:

      I have read Labour supporters who say that the SNP manifesto was a copy/paste of the labour manifesto. Apparently that is why it came out last.

      Now I think that is delusional. But if we concede, for the sake of argument, that it is true, can anyone make a stab at explaining why the two parties could not work together, from Labour’s point of view

    69. Grouse Beater says:

      The stark reality Labour must face is this:

      In a General Election to rule the UK –

      Labour can govern if it wins in England even if it loses in Scotland.
      Labour can not govern if it wins Scotland but loses in England.

      The only possible solution to that dilemma is two separate Labour parties, but affiliated. And the consequence of that is each must tailor their policies to suit the needs of the electorate in their own nation.

      Two questions arises:
      Is Jim Murphy the man to reorganise Labour in Scotland?
      And would Labour’s UK leader ever allow an autonomous Scottish party?

    70. Robert Kerr says:

      @Fiona, 11.18 and 11.07

      Got that manifesto thing from my drinking buddy Joe last night. He also warned about Mhairi Black’s tendency to say the wrong things. Further he reckons that iRef2 will be soon and shall be a YES. Then there will be blood on the streets! Tartan terrorists or the Orangemen I asked?

      Mhairi won me over with her photo-op of eating a chip butty and getting the response in the MSM of “You can take the girl out of…….”

      One very clever girl!

      However why is the young boy in WM team? and why was he there in the Bute house meeting? Has he signed the official secrets act paperwork? Have a look at the photograph in the National.

    71. Clootie says:

      Fiona says:
      16 May, 2015 at 11:18 am

      If the SNP simply copied the Labour manifesto,(which they obviously didn’t if you review both), why would the public reject the original and go for a copy….unless of course they thought one party intended to honour it and another did not.

      Labour are talking about the content of a manifesto instead of the loss of trust – nothing has changed.

    72. Grouse Beater says:

      Fiona: I think that is delusional.

      Completely delusional.

      Blair embraced neoliberal economics and interminable wars. His doctrine was solely based on a united United Kingdom. Remove Scotland from the model and…

    73. Al-Stuart says:

      If you haven’t already signed the petition, please consider helping Jim Murphy to KEEP ON RUNNING…

    74. fred blogger says:

      coz labour will never vote against their own self interests.

    75. gerry parker says:

      @ Chic.

      We can remind the electorate of Labour’s part in the Smith commission’s proposals. We can remind the Lib Dems of the pathetic performance of the list MP Rennies performance not only in Holyrood, but also his performances on TV interviews. That leaves the Tories, led by list MSP Ruth Davidson.

      We need the Greens and SSP to start promoting their policies for scotland so that they become a real alternative to the diffirent colours of Tory.

      But most importantly, we need to start now.

    76. seanair says:

      Robert Kerr
      The Lad is sitting next to Fluffy and his job is to kick Fluffy on the ankle if he shows any sign of talking. The writing pad is for show, and both parties know that the discussion is being recorded for posterity.

    77. TYRAN says:

      Why has he got thighs built like Souness?!

    78. heedtracker says:

      Run creepy Murphy run.

      GE 2015 was one more verdict by Scotland on this farce union, Westminster and their horrifying Gulf wars, lies and fraud, their thug media, creepy vote SLab BBC propaganda, City super rich spivs, ATOS murder, HS2 for England only, Trident 2 dumped on the Clyde, neo fascist UKIP, their tame liars for drunk LibDems, sneering SLabour Lords like Foulkes, you name it, creepy Jim’s going to get it.

      and not forgetting the con artists and morons that cooked up tactical voting #SNPout.

    79. Shuggy says:

      @Stoker 10.28

      The article to which Ben Donald posted a link is from 2011 and refers to the review of Scottish Labour ordered by Miliband.

      I remember reading the article at the time but it was good to be reminded, four years later, of what was said back then. I also read the comments that followed. It was remarkable how many of them accurately predicted what would happen to Scottish Labour.

      I would recommend having a look at it (via an archive link of course). An interesting read.

      And Stoker, I’ve also read through all the comments here. Most mention Chris’ cartoon, some don’t. But no-one else has been subjected to your vitriolic brand of self-appointed ‘policing’. So wind your neck in. Or come and have a go if you think you’re safely anonymous enough.

    80. carjamtic says:

      Quality drawing,like the ‘retro’ Scotland shirt,all in the detail,nice one Chris. 🙂

    81. Stoker says:

      @ Al-Stuart.
      Beat it ya Unionist trolling sockpuppet.
      And stop trying to con independence supporters into handing
      their details over to a business which did the dirty on us.

      Meanwhile, back to the cartoon, i wonder what race DimJim is
      in training for now – First tae the bru?

    82. caledonia says:

      Poor lad he still thinks he is going to win every seat

    83. Wido Baggins says:

      That . Is. Genius.
      Chris, do you ever miss? I haven’t seen it if so

    84. ArtyHetty says:

      Gowd is he still hanging on by the finger tips?

      O/T What was cameron doing in Edinburgh yesterday? His face is alll over facebook, I daren’t go on it today, it’s awful. Are they attempting to normalise him here, in our minds? I think it’s called brainwashing.

    85. Pam McMahon says:

      Chic McGregor @10.44 am

      I think that you are absolutely correct in your post. An SNP majority next year is not a done deal, and we should all remember that the system was set up to prevent majority parties having control.

      I can’t exactly remember how the voting form was set out now, but seem to remember it was a list of parties, where you put 1,2,3 against your choices, against however many parties you favoured and that you did not HAVE to vote for all of them. I seem to remember voting SNP 1&2 and Greens 3.

      Maybe somebody could shoogle my failing memory. Great cartoon. We’ll see if they manage to catch him up and impale him on the pitchfork today.

    86. Ken500 says:

      The Labour Manifesto completely different. Dies anyone know where it exists. A rabble of ideas and slogans. Was there a Scottish Manifesto, apart from Scotland Bad.

      Irrelevant stone tablets with irrelevant slogans meaning nothing nonsense.

      Cap rent? Freeze energy prices? That has been tried before with interesting results. The winter of discontent. That really brought in the Tories. When the waste went uncollected, the lights went out and the dead could not even be buried. Braindead policies.

      A Health Minister that left the sick for dead, and ignored a avalanche of complains, Stafford Hospital, but does have doe eyes and like football crowds. Could be the next leader. Heavens forbid.

      Protect NHS/Education but have more austerity. That wouldn’t work. It will be a disaster and make matters worse. Cost the society more.

      Do everything like the Tories expect the ‘room tax’. That will cost more. Illegally sanction and starve the vulnerable, that will not help.

      Cut taxes so there is not enough to pay off the debt and protect the essential services, hitting the most vunerable the worse. That will not work. Start civil unrest and cost more.

      The only thing that will work is to compromise and stop austerity and grow the economy in a fairer way.

      Thatcher deregulated banking, sold off untilities, privatised, established tax evasion, caused civil unrest and destroyed her Party. The English working class voted her in. Her collegues got rid of her because she was destroying the economy. The (uneducated) English working class would have kept voting for her. They still laud her. She ended up a lonely old woman, despite her wealth and power.

      Blair caused illegal wars, banking fraud, tax evasion defrauded the taxpayers, created massive debt. Blair destroyed his Party. The English working class majority voted him in. They would have kept voting for him but his collegues got rid of him. He was destroying the economy. Blair/Brown should in jail. Where is the Chilcot verdict. They are being protected by Westminster unelected civil servants. .

      The Unionist Parties are disliked and untrusted. A minority now vote for them.

    87. Fiona says:

      Grouse Beater says:
      16 May, 2015 at 11:31 am
      The stark reality Labour must face is this:

      In a General Election to rule the UK –

      Labour can govern if it wins in England even if it loses in Scotland.
      Labour can not govern if it wins Scotland but loses in England.

      The only possible solution to that dilemma is two separate Labour parties, but affiliated. And the consequence of that is each must tailor their policies to suit the needs of the electorate in their own nation.

      That doesn’t make sense to me, Grouse Beater.

      Either Labour lost in England for the same reasons it lost in Scotland: that is, it has no appeal for its core vote any more. They are losing support in England, but since their erstwhile support has nowhere obvious to go that is leading to fragmentation of those who seek an alternative, together with a rise in those who stay at home. A recent article claimed that Labour’s poor performance in England was due to “lazy” labour support. That is in line with the “apathy” narrative, but I think it supports my view. Blaming the voters is long standing, but false.

      If that is the case then there is no need to separate the party into Scottish and English bodies. Rather Labour needs to get back to what it was widely assumed to stand for before Kinnock and especially Blair. That would mean standing up to the tory press, and refusing to continue to allow the Tories to dictate their policy and their leadership

      Alternatively, the two electorates are truly different, and Labour must stay right to win in England and move left to win in Scotland, as you seem to imply. In that case they must separate, but that will not help them, for there is no possibility of “affiliation”, since they would not agree on anything. One or other must lie to make such an arrangement plausible: and lying is the root of their problem throughout, because it has generated the lack of trust so evident in Scotland

      If they decide that they must stick with the nulabour analysis in England (as appears to be likely) then it seems to me that they are permanently doomed in Scotland, unless they openly position themselves as a tory opposition. That might work for them, but it means grabbing the tory voters, which will not be easy. Still easier than what you suggest, I think

    88. Stoker says:

      @ Shuggy.
      No one else posted a direct link to a Unionist rag.
      So shut it and mind yer own business, ya clown.

    89. YESGUY says:

      Up to date as usual Chris. 🙂

      Love the pack chasing. They will be Liebor voters and mp’s i suspect.. one looks like Jola.

      Funnily enough the surprise is some folk want LIEbour back. Why ??

      Why would we trust anything they say. It’s taken us decades to rid ourself of this filth and folk are now hoping they will go back to the old “good” ways. Why.

      LIEbour in any form answer to WM. They will say anything to get your vote and save their collective arses. And do you truly believe they would put Scotland first ??

      I know i openly admit to hating the party now and will never vote for them. Even if they were an indi party which they will NEVER be , i would rather spoil my paper.

      SE 2015 Finally get rid of the whole lot . New oppostion can be born AFTER indepndence . Wm is the opposition for the time being.

      Never trust the bastards. They have been Scotlands ball and chain. They have abused and vilfied Scots for daring to put country before party. The attack with lies and are a curse on us all.

      The corpse is still twitching and some of you want to give it first aid . Don’t be fooled folks They are still the bitter twisted shits who bad mouthed Scotland every time they could.

      Let them die PLEASE.

      Green or SSP can fill the gap.

    90. Jim Thomson says:

      @Chic McGregor 10:44am

      As ever, you manage to cover the situation admirably.

      Jim Murphy is probably not just duplicitous but multiplicitous when it comes to his own survival. He’s damaged goods now (along with, hopefully, McTernan) and he should be cast aside to try and see if he can survive in the “real” world.

      I’m having difficulty imagining any company wanting to take him on in any role that might be customer facing (or should that be “effacing”?) unless that company is, itself, keen to apply his dodgy skill-set.

    91. DerekM says:

      its all the irn bru he has been drinking TYRAN that and all the running away he has been doing from our Rev ,well Rev likes to keep him fit with all his troughing he would be like Eric Pickles otherwise.

      Hey maybe Jim just found out he still has some expenses to claim he was always quick of the mark when it came to expenses.

    92. Grouse Beater says:

      Either Labour lost in England for the same reasons it lost in Scotland:

      That’s true, though I was talking purely arithmetically.

      The likelihood remains Labour can win in England while ignoring Scotland’s needs. As I said in a recent essay, Scotland regarded as a holding tank of votes and resources.

      Like the Tories now, it might be a slim lead, just enough to regain power at Westminster, which is why supporters exhort them to go back to Blair and start again.

    93. Grizzle McPuss says:

      You could interpret this as Murphy actually running backwards in arrogant posture, unaware of what SLab ideally have in mind.

      But with a bit of luck, SLab will keep him and we can look forward to half the SNP @Holyrood 2016 battle won.

      Nice one Chris.

    94. Fiona says:

      Run, run, as fast as you can
      You can’t catch me, I’m the gingerbread man

      That story did not end well, though

    95. Yoda says:


      So the Guardian is a ‘rag’ is it?

      Please, don’t embarrass yourself with such nonsensical ranting.

    96. HandandShrimp says:


      Cameron was visiting Nicola to talk about more powers, Smith and the like. The talks seemed to go OK but promises are easy. We shall see what he does soon enough.

    97. Grizzle McPuss says:

      Good one from Twitter…

      “Labour HQ invader Sean Clerkin says @johnmcternan called him and @PiersPd0930 “very obsessed, strange men”. Clerkin denies the charge”

    98. Croompenstein says:

      The Cameron visit had the look and feel of a foreign dignitary meeting with our nations leader but ultimately, for now, he is our leader. what a farce this ‘union’ is..

    99. Yoda says:

      interesting scotsman letter today, so true…

      So, the cities of northern ?England want to be taken with us into an independent Scotland (your report, 15 May)? I strongly advise them “tae think again”.

      On TV, Nicola Sturgeon is fond of talking up her concern for social justice. But what’s clear to many of us living in Scotland is that her obsession with independence means the vulnerable in society are increasingly neglected by the SNP.

      The list of Scottish Government underachievement grows by the day.

      We’ve recently learnt that the failure to meet A&E waiting times throughout the winter persists and consistently fails to meet even the SNP’s reduced targets.

      Literacy levels have dropped significantly in both primary and secondary schools between 2012 and 2014. And now it’s revealed that Scottish unemployment rates at 6 per cent continue to be stubbornly higher than the rest of the UK.

      At the referendum the SNP told us Scotland was going to be a wealthy, independent nation in 2016.

      With the reality check of crashing oil prices, Nicola Sturgeon now deems that the devolution of financial powers to Scotland should be delayed and will take “many years” to achieve.

      How about a better alternative? Rather than the north of England joining us, we leave behind the Yes voting cities of Glasgow and Dundee and stick with the UK!

    100. Chic McGregor says:


      The way ‘we’ could, easily get a majority of pro indy MSPs in Holyrood is to use the foibles of the d’Hondt system.

      OK, that rankles with the basic decency of pro indy supporters, but if somehow Greens and SSP candidates could be ‘loaned’ the SNP list vote in 2016 we could easily end up with 80+ pro indy MSPs. Remembering that the U-bot parties showed no compunction about tactical voting targeting in the recent election, even if they did botch it up.

      However, that would require a formal pact between pro-indy leaders and that must remain very unlikely (hence the apostrophes around ‘we’).

      But there is no doubt whatsoever, such a ploy would be successful in securing a winning pro-indy majority and one which sustained the recent momentum in the public eye.

      Let’s assume the SNP get similar levels of support to that which they achieved in 2011.

      In that election, with about the same level of support for FPTP and List, the SNP got 53 FPTP MSPs and 16 List. Giving the famously impossible SNP majority of 4 seats.

      If, however, the SNP list vote had gone instead to Greens/SSP candidates, yes the SNP would only have gotten 53 MSPs but the combined pro-indy party total would have been into the 80s.

      It is just the way the system works

      I am sure the rank and file pro indy support would be all for such a ploy, but it is a hard sell for the SNP leadership in particular. First, there would be personal disappointment for non FPTP SNP candidates to deal with but there would also be concern from the leadership of losing the list ‘insurance policy’ for failing FPTP candidates.

      However a coalition has many advantages other than simply securing a pro-indy majority at Holyrood. Not just the presence of intelligent, skilled politicians, like Patrick Harvey in government but it would once and for all knock the Nazi jibe (a major threat to indy) firmly on the head by consolidating and making plainly obvious the fact that pro-indy support goes completely across the political spectrum in Scotland.

      Perhaps a halfway house approach is do-able for the SNP leadership, I mean something like this.

      First announce that the SNP in Holyrood would be more than willing to enter a post election alliance with the Greens or SSP. (That would be in striking contrast, by the way, with Westminster party leaderships, no bad thing).

      Second make a statement along the lines

      “We are well aware that many of you who vote SNP, do so primarily in support of independence but who perhaps have domestic political inclinations more aligned with those of other pro independence parties.

      In the interests of democracy, we do not wish those of you so inclined be given only the stressful choice of voting SNP for indy or voting along your preferred domestic policy lines.

      So we are saying to those who intend to vote SNP for independence reasons that it is alright, its OK, for you to vote for another pro-independence party in the list vote.

      If you are pretty much in agreement with SNP domestic policy, then fine, go ahead and still vote SNP in the List.

      But if you are not, then you should feel free to vote for the pro-indy party more closely aligned with you other concerns.”

    101. Patrick Roden says:

      @ Yoda, The guardian is a despicable filthy lying rag, so I agree with you, Stoker was embarrassingly mild in his description.

      Jim Murphy…in the words of the campaign that you so readily supported:


    102. Hoss Mackintosh says:

      Marathon Man.

      Kez – My Job – Is it Safe?

      Is it Safe?

    103. Richardinho says:

      Is this Jim confirming that he’s going to run?

    104. K1 says:

      Jim Murphy ‘actually’ cannot believe that he lost. That’s what we are dealing with here. This is a guy who is on artificial life support and those who are operating the machinery to maintain his credibility are the real problem.

      At the heart of it is what Fiona just pointed out: they have lost their ‘core’ support because they could not get over their ‘supremacy’ complex here in Scotland. When the Indyref came along this exposed their complete hatred of the SNP for what it was: sour grapes.

      We cannot ‘afford’ to have a party that is utterly devoid of any maturity and more importantly incapable of working toward any kind of consensus on the issues affecting the people of our country by being unable to put aside their ‘tribalistic’ and deeply jealous demeanour.

      Chris’s cartoon depicts his own support ‘chasing’ him out, but…there should be an even bigger crowd behind them…’chasing’ them out too.

      I’m done wi listening to anything this zombie party has to say. As Dave Mc and Gerry follows up with, we have to look forward with our aim to ‘remove’ the next layer within our ‘body politic’ from our parliament in 2016. Opposition parties need to start their moves now to increase exposure. The SSP is the more natural party for those who feel Labour ‘left them’ and wish to see genuine socialist values represented in our parliament.

      I don’t know about the ‘right’, I’m not sure there is a strong enough contingent in terms of choice in Scotland, except maybe that rLabour branch join wi the tory. They are more in alignment in that regard anyway. As Endinburgh South seems to have shown: tories voting for labour to oust SNP. The tories seem okay with who and what Labour have become. They are welcome to them.

      Brilliant as ever Chris 🙂

    105. Broch Landers says:

      Another brilliant cartoon.

      Mr Cairns is reminiscent of the best of Cormac in Am Phoblacht, though with one important difference: ours is a peaceful fight.

      Speaking of great satire, Kevin McKenna’s piece in today’s National about the revolting Jocks is superb.

    106. John Kerr says:

      Ken500 @ 9.13am.

      Sorry to be off topic. Are you sure the National is really sold out where you are looking. Since it’s launch we’ve always had a job getting a hold of a copy until one of the young guys in Tesco approached us (seeing us wearing YES and SNP badges) and told us discreetly that the copies were being hidden under bundles of the Daily Rectum, Daily Heil etc. The boy also said that he had to be careful about talking or engaging with anyone who wore pro YES / SNP badges as the Tesco Manager said they would be reprimanded and sacked if they continued. Not sure if it’s a management ploy or some swivel-eyed Unionist who’s trying to save unsuspecting buyers from being subjected to the truth.
      I now make a point of visiting my 2 nearest Tesco stores and bringing the National back to the top of the bundle under which it has been buried. It would be useful if we could all do the same. We know the National isn’t perfect, but so far it’s the only paper catering to 50%+ of the voting populations political outlook ( okay I know the Scottish Sun is pretending to be on our side, but there are limits).

      Finally, how are the pro-independence groups and SNP doing on the social media front? I personally don’t use Facebook, Twitter (sorry Rev), Vine etc. very often, but the youngsters all do and never buy papers and don’t watch live TV. We really need to get right in there – and not in the half-arsed way that SLAB did when they got the elderly, Bomber Harris to handle the interwebby thingy on their behalf. I know it has helped us in the past, but I am worried we end up tinkereing on the perphery. We need people who are aware of just how powerful social media really is, to push this side of things, as this is where our best hope lies. Some of us older, non social media users may not like it, but it is far more powerful than a lot of us imagine. Get the message out to the younger voters and get them to work on their parents and grandparents and we will achieve Independence. We know this works. One of the staunchest Labour voters we know, got turned to pro-Independence by her 12 year old grandson who bombarded her with facts gleaned from YouTube.

    107. K1 says:

      Apologies, I meant Chic and Gerry 🙁

    108. CameronB Brodie says:

      Sorry, but the STUC doesn’t appear to agree with you there and I’m afraid I don’t either. Though a gift that keeps on giving might appear attractive, it has no clearly defined purpose or use. 🙂

      “Despite its significant presence in local government and its position as the main opposition to the SNP in the Scottish Parliament, if it does not change, Labour is in real danger of becoming irrelevant in Scottish politics

      “It needs to fundamentally reconsider not just its message but the authenticity with which that message is delivered. If it believes that recovery will be achieved by moving to the right it will not regain the confidence of working people

      Fundlymundly, I think British Labour’s days of selling imperialism as socialism, are over. At long last.

    109. G H Graham says:

      Meanwhile, David Mundell MP, Secretary of State for Scotland, this week sat next to David Cameron PM of GB & NI, to negotiate terms with Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland, to ensure no economic detriment to England.

      This farcical plot would be funny, if it were not for real.

    110. handclapping says:

      @Chic M
      We’ve just spent 3 months rubbishing the snPouters. We’ve just seen the fate of the LibDem Orange Book and you want to get us into pacts and understandings?

      We thought we had a “pact” with the Liberals in the 50s and 60s. We got gubbed. Don’t blame the Greens for Fluffy. They fought their corner which as a “minor” party is all you can do till you become a major one. Same for the SSP. Leave it up to the voter to work out how to prevent another Parliament of Trams and Calman. They are a lot smarter than you give them credit for, they are us.

    111. Grouse Beater says:

      Yoda says: interesting scotsman letter today, so true…

      From the risible content one can surmise you wrote it.

    112. Born free heading for the wilderness.

    113. GusI says:

      Pam McMahon
      In the Scottish election you have one vote for your constituency MSP and one vote for a List MSP. The List MSP’s are then determined using the D’Hondt method. Here is the link to the Wiki page on the 2011 election:,_2011#Election_system.2C_seats.2C_and_regions

      The voting where you put in 1, 2, 3 etc is for local authorities.

    114. CameronB Brodie says:

      Bateman hasn’t got past his ego or BBC proclivity yet. I simply can’t trust a web space that practices censorship. His article about HSBC during indyref was a partial hing-out. What about HSBC’s involvement in illegal gun running, Mr. Bateman? Arsehole!

    115. CRAIGthePICT says:

      Brilliant Chris Cairns, you just drew what was in my head.

      Looking forward to the aftermath of this win/win Murphy situation. Either outcome is another chapter in the story of their demise.

    116. CameronB Brodie says:

      Snap. 🙂

    117. Stoker says:

      @ Patrick Roden (12.47pm).

      Am away furr ma efternin nap.

    118. Robert Peffers says:

      @Yoda says: 16 May, 2015 at 12:35 pm

      “So the Guardian is a ‘rag’ is it?”

      The answer to your question is that the Guardian is indeed a, “rag”.

      Which word, in that context, is exactly what it is. The journalistic integrity is doubtful, lazy and normally unsubstantiated, their readership, (gauged by their comments pages), is badly informed, ignorant and less than well educated. Their content aimed at the least common denominator and at that quite dumbed down.

    119. Chic McGregor says:

      “We’ve just spent 3 months rubbishing the snPouters. We’ve just seen the fate of the LibDem Orange Book and you want to get us into pacts and understandings?”

      Nobody, especially me, is suggesting we get into a pact with the Libdems. Read it again.

      “They are a lot smarter than you give them credit for, they are us.”

      Well ‘they’ didn’t seem to figure it out in 2011.

      OK, political awareness has moved on considerably since then, but why take the risk? Nothing wrong with the old Scots maxim of ‘makin siccar’.

    120. Wuffing Dug says:

      I was really enjoying reading today’s comments.

      Then that fucking yoda pipes up.

      I know balance is needed but can something not be done about that arsehole?

      You wonder about their state of mind, would you constantly go back somewhere to be berated and ridiculed?

      Jesus, he (or she) is probably just another delusional, narcissistic murphy clone.

      Wouldn’t be surprised if it was Him!

      Totally agree with assessment on Holyrood, never take anything for granted.

    121. Paula Rose says:

      Certain press conference running late – sniggle.

    122. YESGUY says:

      I was gonna answer Yoda but nah. FUD .


      Tactical voting might not work. We can be pretty sure that SNP voters will stick SSP, Greens on their list of choices but most are aware of the system. Folk are upto date and will make their own choices i think.

      And it didn’t work for the last lot mind. 🙂

      Saying that folks have to know that getting a majority in Hollrood will be tough. Last time was a perfect storm and most know that. But i would put it to you that the SNP has become the YES movement now. They are the instruments we need to gain indi.

      I see SNP gaining a majority now. The election results revived my belief in my fellow Scots.

      Everyone vote SNP till we get indi then we can choose our way of politics in Scotland. Dividing us us a WM winner. I know there are NO voting SNP folk but they are a tiny majority now and even they must have been affected by the vile from darn south. … we really don’t count in the big picture .

      Just saying how i see things mind 🙂

    123. handclapping says:

      @ Chic
      I would suggest they worked out what happened in 2007 and got it right in 2011 🙂

    124. Fiona says:

      I think it is likely that there will be some loss of support in 2016. It might be too soon for that, but it seems to me that in general after very good outcomes there is something of a reversion to the mean. It does not mean it is something to worry about, but I would hate for people to get down when/if it happens. It is to be expected, surely? Like a “dead cat bounce”

    125. DerekM says:

      Stick you MSM onion rags up your little green butt yoda ,if i want to read something from them it will be because the Rev is doing a piece on them ,whats next the Daily Rancid?

      Go forth and multiply Troll and take your MSM rags with you.

    126. Robert Peffers says:

      @Yoda says: 16 May, 2015 at 12:44 pm:

      “interesting scotsman letter today, so true…”

      “and a cry of, “PISH!”, rings out above the crowd”

    127. Jeezo Yoda ,you and your Unionist Right Wing rhetoric are about as welcome on this site as a fart in a crowded lift.

    128. Cag-does-thinking says:

      Labours biggest obstacle is that finally the people have rumbled that it has faced two directions and pretended both were policy when in fact only one was.

      Much though I would love Murphy to stay, even the dumbest party member knows there is a danger that the only way this can continue to go is that Labour lose large numbers of MSPs and councillors at the next elections as the shakeout continues and the people who voted Labour continue to desert them. Not to mention the people who have up till now funded Labour, up here the unions and the Co-op, realise that there is no electoral advantage backing a horse that has no social value for their members. Ed might not have wanted their influence but that’s how much of the party was funded inthe old days and Scotland lacks the rich backers to keep it going as NuLab.

      The hysterical drowning council officials will try to claim his head so they can pretend to be socialists right up till the election. It is their only chance and they know it. So do the unions. If I was a wise Labour politician (And I’m not sure there are that many of them) I’d be keeping my head down in case I got made het for the pretendy socialist moment that they need to employ to get elected up here. The job they have will be made harder by the main westminster party positioning themselvers in entirely a different direction and ultimately the two will have to split.

    129. YESGUY says:

      Hilarious spoof over on Newsnet.

      The picture of Dim Jim strapped to a chair being shocked every time he lies is worth the screen wash . keep hot liquids away folks 🙂

    130. Fiona says:

      Twitter saying JM survived a confidence vote

    131. Kenny says:

      Good news! Murphy won no-confidence vote, supposedly by 3 votes!!

    132. bookie from hell says:

      Scottish foxes stroll over to England

      just saying

    133. Paula Rose says:

      Runaway vote of confidence for Jim.

    134. Chic McGregor says:


      “Tactical voting might not work. We can be pretty sure that SNP voters will stick SSP, Greens on their list of choices but most are aware of the system. Folk are upto date and will make their own choices i think.

      And it didn’t work for the last lot mind. 🙂

      Saying that folks have to know that getting a majority in Hollrood will be tough. Last time was a perfect storm and most know that. But i would put it to you that the SNP has become the YES movement now. They are the instruments we need to gain indi.”

      I am an SNP supporter. I agree the SNP have become the Yes movement.

      What I am pointing out is how the peculiarities of the Holyrood voting system can be used to great effect in securing a pro-indy majority there, albeit as an alliance with SNP as biggest party or as SNP as minority party but supported by other pro-indy parties on a case by case basis.

      What I am pointing out is that probably the biggest threat to the indy is the ‘nazification’ of the independence movement via vilification of the SNP by the Brit MSM. Something which they are already succeeding in doing if only based on the phonem ‘national’. A coalition, broad spectrum government in Holyrood completely kills that threat. (No similarity with George Robertson’s prediction).

      The tactical voting farce for Westminster was because

      1. The leaders all swore blind they wouldn’t enter into any form of coalition with each other.

      2. It was only FPTP single constituencies with lack of clarity in many constituencies as to who was in second place.

      The List vote, which is the only one I recommend tactical voting in (actually it is non tactical if you think about it) is done on a regional basis where it is only the total of votes which determine how many Green or SSP MSPs are elected.

      Therefore who is second doesn’t enter into consideration, it is very simple, vote Green or SSP if either is closer to your domestic policy preferences.

    135. Dr Jim says:

      Doesn’t that Yoda talk utter and enormous amounts of free flowing “PISH”

      BTW you know I’ll fry you if you reply so don’t
      I’m talking to the real people

    136. Conan_the_Librarian says:

      @ Yoda

      Quoting the Scotsman you are? Insane you have become.

    137. call me dave says:

      Jim survives, yippee!…Aye right! 🙂

    138. Fiona says:

      I can’t understand what Labour think they are playing at.

      Even if they believe that Murphy has no responsibility for what happened in Scotland (not in post long enough, or whatever) surely they can see that a man who clings on after such a defeat does not command respect? Even if you don’t think that is fair, it is a fact, surely?

    139. G H Graham says:

      In other news, some financial numbers to highlight the shocking state of the British economy …



      2010 = 100

      1. Retail Price Index (RPI) 2010 to 2014 = +14.5%
      2. Average Annual Real Earnings 2010 to 2014 = -7%

      The cost of living has risen dramatically while real wages have fallen. Apart from the wealthy then, most people are much poorer today than they were 5 years ago.

      Trade Deficit


      Trade deficit, 8th May 2015 = £-2.817 billion

      And Britain’s trade balance has been negative every single month since 1998. Which means that we import far more than we export, sending billions in wealth every day to other countries for stuff we used to make ourselves.



      Worker productivity from Q1, 2008 to Q4, 2014 = -1.4%.

      Comparison to other countries (2012)


      Britain = 100
      Italy = 111
      G7 = 121
      Germany = 131
      France = 132
      USA = 135

      i.e. Britain produces less wealth per worker now than it did six years ago. And consistently produces less than all of our closest neighbours by a huge margin.

      Yes …. Better Together.

    140. heedtracker says:

      Yoda says:
      16 May, 2015 at 12:44 pm
      interesting scotsman letter today, so true…

      Keep em coming yoda, you will. Thing is yoda and all raging britnats out there, you’re wildly attacking the public services performance of Scottish government, yet our government has so little actual power.

      Nothing’s fair in teamGB for sure yoda but its worth highlighting this everytime you britnats sneer and jeer as you do.

      So what! you all shriek yoda, this is what Scotland voted for 18 Sept but Scotland voted for THE VOW and how’s that worked out for you britnats?

    141. HandandShrimp says:


      The only thing interesting in that letter is the lack of veracity.

      To say Scottish unemployment levels are stubbornly higher in Scotland would be to suggest that they have been higher for a protracted length of time. This is patently a lie. For most of the last couple of years they have been lower. One quarter does not a trend make.

      To suggest that Scottish A&E performance is worse than that in England would again be a lie. The Labour election campaign at the beginning, before they got side tracked and started carving stones, made much of that poor performance.

      The letter neatly encapsulates why Labour failed – complete lack of honesty.

    142. Robert Peffers says:

      I was waiting to see how Labour’s meeting went before complementing Chris for his efforts but nothing is yet reported from the meeting.

      Great stuff, Chris, I’m still making my mind up if the followers are running with Jim to support him, or are for him and armed to the teeth with sharp things to attack we independence seekers as is their wont, or are about to take Jim out.

    143. Robert Peffers says:

      Arrrgh! Posted oo soon – He’s staying.
      How stupid are Labour in Scotland?

    144. Chic McGregor says:

      Let’s look at things from the other end.

      If there is a hard line tribalistic approach by the SNP:

      No deals with anyone (a la Westminster mantras)

      Vote SNP for both options.

      As there has been in the past.

      Then IMV there is a very great risk, unless we remain lucky, that they will lose their majority in Holyrood.

      There is an absolute certainty that the Brit MSM tactic will, using the pathetic ‘national’ association, try to sell ‘the SNP are nazis’ line. That, of course, will not work with the politically aware in Scotland, but what about the McFickle family in the middle who are only a wee bit in favour of independence only a wee bit suspicious they are being lied to?

      I’d rather not have any more comments on this right now, I’d rather folk go off and think about it, a lot, for a while, first.

    145. icyspark says:

      Murphy to stay

    146. Capella says:

      Also, there is a piece in The National today about the grossly unfair allocation of money to the Scottish football as compared with English football.

      Apparently, they pay Gary Lineker twice as much, £2m, as they spend on SFL, £1m.

      “The league chief hit back after BBC director of Sport Barbara Slater admitted there was “inequality” in the money the Scottish game gets from the public broadcaster compared to the English Premier League.

      She said the £204million the BBC spent on the Match of the Day highlights was worth it because licence payers demanded it.

      But Topping claims viewers north of the Border are “badly short-changed” by a deal which sees the BBC contribute less than £1million a season for Sportscene TV highlights.”

      The BBC is no longer a public service broadcaster as they have to bow to market pressure, says the director of sport.

    147. HandandShrimp says:

      Jim Murphy survives 17 votes to 14 (he had a vote and one must presume he voted to stay).

      A remarkable decision and in best Sir Humphrey style a very brave one.


    148. Grouse Beater says:

      Murphy resigns.

      Again he made the only resignation speech that sounded like an election speech.

      That said, I do enjoy Murphy’s pompous, empty term ‘the Scottish Labour executive’ …

    149. Chic McGregor says:

      G H Graham

      Good stuff. This is exactly the kind of information we need to get across.

    150. Linda McFarlane says:

      Is Murphy staying or going ???

    151. Morag says:

      Staying, for now.

    152. Sunniva says:

      He’s survived the vote by three votes.

    153. Fiona says:

      Twitter now saying he is going
      I am confused

    154. Cuilean says:

      he’s gone.

    155. Sunniva says:

      Ian Murray has backed him, says he will re-build the party.

    156. shibboleth says:

      Typical obfuscation. He has resigned effective in a month’s time….

    157. Quentin Quale says:

      As clearly there is no one on the Executive of Labour to realise and understand the enormity of their problem, the contempt and blindness they have for the people of this country is evident. A near total wipe-out of Labour in Scotland and Murphy stays on as leader? Good grief.

      There is no Labour party in Scotland apart from the pitiful and spineless Executive. A chapter in Scottish politics is now over. Labour are consigned to a never-never land of their own making. Let us now forget them and continue to build a progressive alliance in the Scottish Government with the backing of the electorate. SNP, SSP and Greens next year.

    158. Sassenach says:

      Great news about Murphy, let’s fundillymundilly carry on the ridicule of Labour.

    159. TJenny says:

      Jim Murphy resigns as Slabour Leader! on BBC, and gives a really long farewell speech, where he has a real go at London Labour and Len McCluskey.

      He’s apparently staying on for a month ’til they decide who will be next to accept the poisoned chalice.

      Popcorn time. 😉

    160. Jim's pointy finger says:

      That will be the party leadership settled for a generation……

      Jim for first lister

    161. Fiona says:

      I am completely confused

      Twitter now says Murphy will offer his resignation next month. Can anyone confirm

      Can someone also explain to me why a peer got a vote and why it was that peer and not some other peer?

    162. HandandShrimp says:

      Kevin McKenna in the National today on UK Government

      “If they felt they could have afforded it Scotland would have been ushered out of the UK faster than a bellhop in a honeymoon suite.”

    163. icyspark says:

      Wait…. Jim Murphy resigns

    164. Sunniva says:

      …But not quite! It’s a managed exit… he will stay for a month, and submit a report… prepare the way for a successor by the end of the summer.

    165. HandandShrimp says:

      Jim will go next month if the Executive Committee accept his resignation.

      Never count on Labour to anything simply 🙂

    166. Mosstrooper says:

      Kirsten Oswald’s husband joins the Labour party.


    167. Alan of Neilston says:

      Murphy’s resigned and already spouting a load of guff that we all have heard over the past few months under his “leadership”. Albeit it will not take effect till he produces a Report to The Scottish Labour Excecutive. Can’t wait to see what He proposes? He is without doubt listening to him just now an absolute Psycopath blaming others for not listening to him and Scotland for rejecting him and SCOTTISH LABOUR!!. Also The B.B.C. giving him and The Labour Party maximum air time to Plead the Future of Scottish Labour.

    168. Fiona says:

      so like Farage then?

    169. highseastim says:

      Murphy survives then stands down, another day in the weird and wonderful world of Scottish Labour!!

    170. Grouse Beater says:

      It’s the tedious way Murphy resigns that confuses:

      Murphy steps down next month, leaving Dugdale as caretaker – see my post at 2.11pm.

      The man has no understanding nor shame, only vanity.

    171. MoJo says:

      finally news – Murphy will resign but not till next month. Narrowly won vote of confidence 17-14

    172. `Murphy wins vote`

      Was it a Postal Vote ?

      How can Labour party members/voters in Scotland be happy with a proven Right Wing Neo-Liberal like Murphy.

      As Jimmy Reid said before he joined the SNP “I didn’t leave the labour party, the labour party left me”.

    173. Capella says:

      Perhaps Murphy’s real job is to generate headlines for Labour and fill BBC Scotland air space interminably?

    174. call me dave says:

      Jim Murphy will table his resignation as Scottish Labour leader next month with a view to having a successor in place by the summer, he has announced.

      Murphy does a Farage!!?? FGS!

      In the Herald:

      Murphy survived a vote to remain the Scottsh Labour party’s leader, however he has said he will tender his resignation because of division over his election to the post.

      He made the announcement at a press conference in Glasgow after winning the backing of his executive in a no-confidence vote.

      However he states it will be up to the party’s executive committee whether it accepts his resignation.

    175. YESGUY says:


      See what your saying and the sense there. Still think things have changed more than folk realise. I believe we are way beyond that now.

      There will be die hard unionists voting whatever but Scotland shattered any myth that we accepted the ref result. we have grown stronger because the union parties have failed since then.

      I beleive the Nazi stuff is finished too It’s one of the lines that gives you the arguement. It’s a childish rant and has no substance. look at our Mp’s they’re so bloody ordinary looking. wee lassies and pony tails. But clever and determined for us. Old news old smears. The Election was THE gamechanger.

      labour lost the election here for many reasons. Standing with tory’s is quoted the most but it’s far longer back and we saw the cracks and we knew one day this would come to bear.

      Most old Labour voters and we are an awful lot will never go back. They have failed us. Lies Spin , war, and it’s been like a long time coming.

      What i mean Chic is whatever we do up here there will always be vile abuse from the MSM and WM. We know the score. it’s no big deal if the rUk fall for it. It’s not about them . It’s about us.

      The YES movement is the SNP movement now. We will always be derided but so what . It’s won us two elctions and very nearly won us indi.

      I’ll vote SSP and Green as my number 2 and 3 choices Chic. I hope to hell they win many seats but not at the expense of the SNP.. That would give WM and MSM all the ammo it needs to claim SNP are on the wane. And they will.

      We must have all the No 1 votes to the party with the weapons to combat WM. We can support the rest later.

      Things are so different Chic. Same rules don’t apply. Getting a SNP majority will be the final nail in Labour coffin but we have the big hoose to fight off afterwards and that will harder.

      Sorry for the length folks and my posts take 15 20 to appear these days .

    176. Kenny says:

      Aaaahhhh! Murphy is resigning anyway! So sad. Hoping he will do a Farage, though…. Time to get a petition going?

    177. Cuilean says:

      Live on bbc news right now (newsflash started at 2.06 pm )- Murphy resigns. On camera panning round room froze scene to catch the usual Labour suspects all on board esp. Bernard POnsonby and James Cook. Sitting beside Ponsonby is John McTernan and sitting off on his own in back corner of (very small room) is Blair McDougall.

    178. Linda McFarlane says:

      Does that mean I can stop having bad dreams about him turning up at the top of the list vote?

    179. Legerwood says:

      Does the Labour party in Scotland have enough members to allow them a choice as to the next leader?

      They seem to be fishing in an extremely limited gene pool.

      They certainly cannot choose one of their failed MPs because the leader has to be an MP or MSP.

      As I said, a pretty limited choice.

    180. Almannysbunnet says:

      So he decided to resign before the vote was even taken. A cry of pish went up.
      I predict he will lose his Scottish accent and apply for a safe Labour seat in Englandshire.

    181. Grouse Beater says:

      Three, five, ten executives votes for him, it would not matter. The rank and file all wanted him to go.

      What’s the point of staying manager of the store when all the customers warn they will boycott your goods?

    182. Fred says:

      Murphy will have to consult his constituency, oops! he hisnae goat wan! 🙂

    183. Jack Murphy says:

      HandandShrimp at 2:21 “Jim will go next month if the Executive Committee accept his resignation”
      Another Farage moment.
      Yes he is. No he isn’t.
      Labour in Scotland in a mess, and a laughing stock as well.

    184. Fiona says:

      Apparently he is writing a paper on reform of the party before he goes. This gets odder and odder.If he has good ideas should he not have mentioned them during the election? If he has good ideas why resign?

    185. Dr Jim says:

      Murphy yet again resorts to enormous amount of obfuscation to delay the fact that he doesn’t want to go anywhere
      He will completely reform the party before he (OFFERS) his resignation
      One would have thought that would be the task of the new and improved leader of (Scottish Labour) but no, it must be Dim Jim
      Do we see a Nigel Farage moment coming dear readers, are we taking bets yet
      Will the Media and all it’s works as well as the evil Cybernatty people leave Dim Jim alone for a month

      Do we think so
      I think not, what a grovelling piece of animal waste this apology for a human being is
      He just loves the attention doesn’t he

      Let’s hope he gets lots of what he craves (LOTS)

    186. Petra says:

      ‘’Croompenstein says I do think Creepy Jim is a bit of a scapegoat as Labour in Scotland signed their own death warrant with the better together campaign. I don’t think it would have mattered who took the reigns as the result would have been similar.

      Croompenstein Creepy Jim was at the forefront of the ‘Better Together’ campaign.

      ‘’ In 2011, The Daily Telegraph published documents, compiled by a senior US official at the US Embassy in London and published by WikiLeaks, stating that throughout 2009, Murphy had a leading role in organising the support of opposition parties in promoting the implementation of the Commission on Scottish Devolution’s recommendations. The aim was to “block an independence referendum” in Scotland.”

      He’s an extremely dangerous man, a sociopath, that I wouldn’t ever want to see hold a position of real power. He’s a warmonger and a member of the Henry Jackson Society. In its founding Statement of Principles the organisation advocates:

      ‘’A forward strategy to assist those countries that are not yet liberal and democratic to become so. This would involve the full spectrum of our ‘carrot’ capacities, be they diplomatic, economic, cultural or political, but also when necessary, those ‘sticks’ of the military domain.’’

      PS I’ve just read that they didn’t manage to get rid of him. I hope we find out who voted for him and hold them to account at a later date if it negatively impacts on us / our Country (and Labour supporters when it impacts on them).

    187. ronnie anderson says:

      Murphy ah la Farage , he hizna ah original thought in his heid,oonyhows welcome back DimJim, close shave eh, nae worries we,re saving you fur ah Sweeny Todd shave.

    188. Chic McGregor says:

      “I’ll vote SSP and Green as my number 2 and 3 choices Chic. I hope to hell they win many seats but not at the expense of the SNP.. That would give WM and MSM all the ammo it needs to claim SNP are on the wane. And they will.”

      We are pretty much in agreement except I do not see how a drop in the number of SNP MSPs could be used to claim the SNP was on the wane if it had been preempted by the kind of tactically-non-tactical voting endorsement by the SNP I suggested. Especially since the SMSM are bound to have screamed blue murder about that pre-election.

      Indeed the much larger increase in pro-indy MSP numbers would instead by then have proven the SNP tactic had worked and had rather been characterised by maturity and political altruism on the part of the SNP leadership.

      It would also consolodate the SNP position as leading/being the indy movement rather than just another tribal party.

      Also, wish I shared your optimism re the MSM inability to use the nazi smear.

      That will be their weapon of choice for 2016 since it is quicker to implement than the kind of leadership smearing they did on Salmond, which took years to work.

    189. Petra says:

      Resigning? Wooooooooooo hoooooooooo. Greeeeeeeeaaaaaaatttt!

    190. Sunniva says:

      The unions have just ditched Scottish Labour. Murphy’s speech was an attack on the power of the unions. He wants members to have more say…i.e,, not genuine demicracy but more getting rent-a-crowd to sign up for £1 a time to fake results…this many only knows how to win by devious means, not honest principles. An end to it.

    191. JGedd says:


      Murphy has resigned at last but his parting words show that, of course, he still doesn’t understand what happened. Labour were crushed by two opposing nationalisms seemingly. Nothing to do with being a party without principles any more and having abandoned their own voters.

    192. Alan Norrie says:

      Heard this on the radio – “As leader, Jim Murphy has presided over the near total wipe-out of the Labour Party in Scotland. Some believe he should be allowed to remain and finish the job he started”.

    193. thomaspotter2014 says:

      That slimy bastard isnae gone yet.

      All this crap could be headline grabbing -full on will he/won’t he- at the BBC/STV MSM etc. till they ‘reject’ his resignation Farage style,and beg him to stay.

      I’ll not be popping the cork on ma champers yet.

      Can’t trust the prick even when he’s ‘resigning’ ffs.

    194. call me dave says:

      Best wishes from a real politician:

      In a tweet, Scottish first minister and SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon said:

      “I wish Jim Murphy all the very best for the future. Leadership is not easy and he deserves credit for standing up for what he believes in.”

      I think that at 17 votes for and 14 against the public wouldn’t countenance all the whitewash.

      ‘I’m rather worried about Jim’as Mrs Dale would have penned in her diary. Relegated to tea boy along with the BBC’s James Cook.

      What about the backroom manipulators are they going in a month as well?

    195. Cash_x says:

      …”I’m surprised at how easy it is to outwit the SNP”

      -Really Jim?

    196. Thepnr says:

      @Chic McGregor

      No need for me to go away think about it. It’s a no brainer, we can guarantee a pro indy government led by the SNP in Holyrood if the majority of Independence supporters give their second vote to the Greens or SSP. That’s just the way the maths of this voting system work.

      I’d be happy enough to see the SNP with a majority again but there is a chance that this will not happen and the Unionist parties gang together to form the Scottish government in Holyrood. Getting enough seats for the smaller parties at the expense of LibLabCon seats will ensure a pro-indy majority.

      I have read elsewhere that SNP strategists are looking at this very scenario, I’m quite sure we will hear a lot more well before the elections.

      By the way I also agree with your earlier post about the time for celebrating this result is over and it is now time to focus on the next election.

      A womans work is never done neither is that of a hard working activist or cybernat 🙂

    197. Robert Peffers says:

      @icyspark says: 16 May, 2015 at 2:09 pm

      “Murphy to stay”

      Sheesh! I’m about to walk the dog and BBC news flash!

      “Murphy wins no confidence vote”

      I say how bloody stupid are Labour.

      I come back 35min later and there’s Murphy resigning but not until July after he sets up a new system that excludes the Union vote. Methinks there’s dirty work at the crossroads.

      Some candidates to replace the Smurph are being stitched-up but I still say how bloody stupid are Labour and I’m remembering that Alex Rowley, a Brownite, resigned his post a few days ago.

    198. Grouse Beater says:

      Almannysbunnet: I predict he will lose his Scottish accent and apply for a safe Labour seat in Englandshire.

      What a weight taken off his shoulders; never to be forced again to use the expression ‘working class’.

    199. CatSilver says:

      I wonder if it will be a Farage situation – they won’t accept his resignation because there’s nobody to take his place. Although it seems as if UKIP have started a slow collapse so it may not help matters.

      Murphy might try to get to the top of the MSP list but I don’t know how the current Holyrood crop would feel about that. They might have to be offered something nice to get out of his way.

      Oh, and hello everyone. I’ve been lurking for a while. Nice to meet you all. 🙂

    200. Lollysmum says:

      I was going to answer Yoda at 12.44 too but like YesGuy decided I can’t be bothered either except for this:

      Yoda-You are talking through your arse
      Check your facts first & do not bring rubbish spouted by the Hootsmon to WoS where everyone & his dog knows that the rag is a union mouthpiece. IT’S BEEN DISCREDITED as a news source which is why it’s readership figures have gone through the floor.

    201. Robert Peffers says:

      @Mosstrooper says: 16 May, 2015 at 2:23 pm :

      “Kirsten Oswald’s husband joins the Labour party.”

      Why am I thinking strong woman, (figuratively wearing trousers), and rather jealous, weak husband’s little act of defiance?

    202. Robert Peffers says:

      @Fiona says: 16 May, 2015 at 2:47 pm:

      “Apparently he is writing a paper on reform of the party before he goes. This gets odder and odder.If he has good ideas should he not have mentioned them during the election? If he has good ideas why resign?”

      The Labour Party has a very long history of behind the scenes plotting and infighting. I sense a night of the long knives in the offing. Two Labour Holyrood career type politicians resigned their Holyrood shadow posts a few days ago. They are Brownites.

      The Labour Scottish executive give Murphy a vote of confidence and Murphy says he will set up a new system of choosing leaders and takes a swipe at the Trade Union vote.

      Meanwhile the Co-op are reassign their support and funding. This is all normal type machinations among Labour, smoke filled rooms plotting.

    203. Croompenstein says:

      @Petra –

      Croompenstein Creepy Jim was at the forefront of the ‘Better Together’ campaign

      In the words of Andy Pipkin ‘Yeah I Know’
      I was talking about the result of the GE not the ref 🙂

    204. Rob James says:

      So they voted 17-14 in favour. I wonder if Murphy abstained. He usually does.

      Great cartoon Chris. I can hear the sound of the station tannoy system, “The train departing platform 3 is the 2:15 Gravy Train express”.

    205. GrahamB says:

      Anyone else notice that the 17-14 split vote translates to 55-45% … Spooky?

    206. Lollysmum says:

      CatSilver-welcome to WoS. Hardest post is the first one. You’ve cleared that hurdle so keep on posting.

      Didn’t Dim Jim & Kez write a report on Labour a couple of years ago? That worked out well then! Only things they managed was to oust JoLa & a near wipe-out of the Scottish Branch of Labour.

      Clearly the Executive need to have their bumps felt if they’re going to let him write another one 🙂

    207. Lollysmum says:

      Ooops Re my last post about Jim writing another report-just remembered it was Sarah Boyack he did the last one with.

    208. Robert Peffers says:

      @GrahamB says: 16 May, 2015 at 4:47 pm:

      “Anyone else notice that the 17-14 split vote translates to 55-45% … Spooky?”

      Didn’t Sunny Jim nave a vote in that total too?

    209. Almannysbunnet says:

      Yoda? Yada yada yada.

    210. donald anderson says:

      He survived by three votes, including his own. He probably thinks he can rig the Executive by “offering” his resignation and have it refused.

      Making up more porkies for Labour won’t work. We only have to look at Labour’s record in office under Blair and Lords Wilson and Callaghan to know that they cannot reinvent themselves and expect the public to fall for that mince all over again. Labour Out ans don’t come back! In the words of an ex Labourite and Peer. Murphy and co. You’re Fired!

    211. thomaspotter2014 says:

      Jim Murphy’s 55%/45% vote was reported by BBC as’very narrow ‘with Jim only ‘just surviving’.

      Unlike our referendum 55%/45% which was of course ‘clear and decisive’.

      Nice balance from good old Aunty Beeb huh?

    212. TamTheBam says:

      Jim will hand his resignation into the Executive Committee next month. My money is they will not accept his resignation as there isn’t a suitable candidate to take over.

      Why would he bother spending the next month working on a new strategy for Scottish Labour if he wasn’t going to be the person taking it forward?

      The gift that keeps on giving.

    213. Chic McGregor says:

      Good point re the potential for U tactical voting, if they can get their act together.

      Thing is though, pro indy party total vote has been bigger than pro U total vote for the last couple of elections, so even if both sides optimised tactical voting, we would still win.

      The big danger is, they do and we don’t.

    214. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Re: The Scotsman’s falling sales.

      Here are the latest figures from,

      dated May 8 2015.

      In summary, ABC figures read, as follows:

      Daily Mirror – 19.6 per cent drop = from 17,993 on average during April last year, to 14,462 last month;
      Daily Record – 10.4 per cent drop = from 211,336 on average during April last year, to 189,439 last month;
      Daily Star of Scotland – 13.5 per cent drop = 43,036 to 37,232;
      The Scottish Sun – ten per cent drop = 248,419 to 223,745;
      Scottish Daily Express – 13.5 per cent drop = 50,613 to 43,773;
      Scottish Daily Mail – 2.3 per cent drop = 92,177 to 90,041;
      Daily Telegraph – eight per cent drop = 17,669 to 16,262;
      Financial Times – 8.7 per cent drop = 2,351 to 2,147;
      The Guardian – 10.8 per cent drop = 10,323 to 9,209;
      i – 7.6 per cent drop = 18,416 to 17,019;
      Independent – 3.7 per cent drop = 2,630 to 2,532; and
      The Times – 3.8 per cent up = 18,542 to 19,247.

      Meanwhile, the Sunday titles’ sales figures in Scotland were as follows:

      Daily Star of Scotland – Sunday – 14.9 per cent down = 23,065 to 19,639;
      The Scottish Sun – Sunday – 13.1 per cent down = 178,600 to 155,263;
      Sunday Mail – 11.2 per cent down = 235,188 to 208,856;
      Sunday Mirror – ten per cent down = 16,080 to 14,474;
      The People – 15.5 per cent down = 9,257 to 7,818;
      Scottish Mail on Sunday – 4.8 per cent down = 82,029 to 78,075;
      Scottish Sunday Express – 12.5 per cent down = 28,670 to 25,093;
      The Sunday Post – 10.1 per cent down = 150,936 to 135,661;
      Independent on Sunday – 1.1 per cent down = 4,896 to 4,842;
      The Observer – eight per cent down = 13,576 to 12,494;
      Sunday Telegraph – 9.6 per cent down = 15,624 to 14,123; and
      Sunday Times – 1.5 per cent down = 45,315 to 44,621.

      Source: ABC, May 8 2015. Please note: The Scotsman, Scotland on Sunday, The Herald and the Sunday Herald now appear in the twice-yearly ABC regional newspapers report.

    215. Angus says:

      That picture isn’t an accurate picture of Scottish Labour, look how many people there are!

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