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Just following orders

Posted on December 08, 2016 by

Reiner Luyken is a 65-year-old German journalist who’s spent more than half of his life in the Highlands, and seems to have a knack for upsetting the neighbours.


We’re sure it was just an unfortunate one-off misunderstanding.



Oh. Perhaps not. Still, one thing that can be said is that when an instruction from a superior officer comes calling, Herr Luykens isn’t slow to obey.


So vote for Reiner, you racist Nazi schweinhunds. Before he has to do something drastic to try to soften his image.


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    1. 08 12 16 09:56

      Just following orders | speymouth

    162 to “Just following orders”

    1. jdman says:

      Gott und Himmel!

    2. sydthesnake says:

      what a tosser Herr Reiner seems, he should fit in seamlessly,


    3. Colin Dunn says:

      Reiner Luyken wrote several articles for De Zeit in 2013 about supposed Scottish racism and xenophobia.

      My German mother-in-law, who has lived here since 2003 and who is normally a very mild and relaxed person, was so incensed by the arrant nonsense he was spouting that she wrote to the paper to complain.

    4. Colin says:

      I did wonder where this was going, esp the attacks on the SNP. Now I know.
      Oh, and nice outfit Reiner 🙂

    5. Brian Fleming says:

      Talk about post-truth journalism. What IS it with these people? Total cretins.

    6. tartanfever says:

      Donner und Blitzen.

    7. MajorBloodnok says:

      Why can’t the Tories find anyone normal?

    8. MajorBloodnok says:

      My second reaction was “I say!”

    9. Stu says:

      We hav vays of making you……Oh!
      At least the cross dressing demographic of voters are represented.

    10. Conan the Librarian™ says:

      He’s just trying to fit in with the Tory public school ethos. I think.

    11. manandboy says:

      Does Ruthie not know what the Conservative party line is on EU nationals living in the UK…. Oh, right, Reiner is exempted from deportation because he attacks the SNP in the German press.

    12. heedtracker says:

      Ich bin ein Achiltibuier.

    13. Darren Docherty says:

      A contradiction personified. Typical Tory

    14. Bob Mack says:

      O/t Just reflecting on the Supreme Court case today. I hope the Lord Advocate challenges the Attorney Generals statement that there is actually no distinctive Scots Law.It is a vital issue regarding the Treaty of Union.

      The answer to this is fairly easy to provide. Mr Cameron emerged from the Downing St front door on the 19th of September 2014and announced EVEL. He was directly stating that there had to be an individual legal system for England as opposed to the current model. This was passed in the Commons.

      No difference?

    15. Weechid says:

      Arseholes are arseholes whatever their nationality. Why can’t folk understand that when they are ridiculed or discriminated against it’s because they are arseholes – not because of their race – Oh, aye – complete lack of “self awareness”.

    16. jimnarlene says:

      It’s nice to know, the rest of the planet grows arseholes, its not just us.

    17. Donnie says:

      Luyken is widely disliked in his Highland community because he is an arrogant, obnoxious and argumentative pain in the backside who has spent the past fourty odd years rubbing people up the wrong way and denigrating Scots at every opportunity (what wings has posted above is just the tip of the iceberg). It has nothing to do with his nationality or ethnic origins. There are other Germans living in that part of Scotland who have been welcomed with open arms, which is absolute proof of this simple fact. How he conducts himself is what people take issue with, not where he’s from. As I understand it, there are also many in his local community who are unhappy about the way in which he came to aquire his croft land and the fact that he struts about acting as if he’s better than everyone else. It would seem that he is really just an unpleasant guy, so I’m sure he’ll fit in fabulously well with the Tories.

    18. jdman says:

      “Why can’t the Tories find anyone normal?”

      In their world he IS normal.

    19. pa_broon74 says:

      Been to Achiltibuie, its quite hard to pronounce but means ‘field of the yellow haired boy’ (apparently), which is nice.

      There is a great campsite with views over the Summer Isles and a pub with the shiniest floor and nicest owners…

      Just wanted to share that, no idea who the German zoomer is.

    20. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @MajorBloodnok –


      We live in ‘post-normal’ times.

    21. Macart says:

      Seems an ideal Tory candidate.

      WHAT? 🙄

    22. Robert Peffers says:

      @MajorBloodnok says: 8 December, 2016 at 9:59 am:

      “Why can’t the Tories find anyone normal?”


      You actually have to ask why?

    23. scotspine says:

      What a cock – just that.

    24. Darren Docherty says:

      Conan – That would explain the tie he’s wearing at the Tory conference (see last picture)

    25. Capella says:

      I suppose his Goebbels-like propaganda methods are what Ruth finds appealing.

    26. Free Scotland says:

      That pic will do for Reiner’s political future what Eddie Izzard did for Jim Murphy’s.

    27. jdman says:

      I seem to remember Catriona Renton (before her ascension) commenting on a indyref1 thing in St Enoch Square in Glasgow, when someone asked to why she was lying, she responded “why are you attacking me?”

      The attack was plainly from her but she cried loudly that SHE was being attacked by someone wanting to know WHY she was lieing!

    28. MolliBlum says:

      I’ve read some of his articles in Die Zeit. They are truly beneath contempt. He describes the independence movement using racially tainted Nazi-era terms that can’t easily be conveyed with full political subtlety in English; even going so far as to refer to the SNP party logo as their “Parteiabzeichen” (just try putting that one into google images!) instead of the usual everyday word “Parteilogo”… etc

      Fortunately, many of his readers regularly call him out on this guff in the comments section: Germans living in Scotland, Scots living in Germany, German/Scottish couples, or just Germans who have visited Scotland many times. They’re not buying it.

      Worst of all, he “names and shames” locals for all kinds of perceived misdemeanours and alleged personal slights against him. No wonder he seems to have made himself a little unpopular…

    29. ClanDonald says:

      He represents a party that is demonising foreigners and is dragging us out the EU against our will and he expects a community that he thinks hates him to vote for him?


    30. heedtracker says:

      Why can’t the Tories find anyone normal?

      Ruthie Babes is a plant. Lately she told Prime Minister Teresa May that Scots are thieves and vandals, “I’m delighted we have such spectacular surroundings, Usually they put the Scots in a place where nothing can be broken. Or stolen for that matter.”

      How we laughed.

    31. Sinky says:

      Great article by Iain Macwhirter in to-day’s Herald

      A must read for all unionists

    32. clan rossy says:

      Typical tory nutjob

    33. Macart says:

      It occurs though, that if he’s spent such a considerable effort winding up local voters and the wider Scottish electorate, just what makes Ruthie or indeed Mr Luyken think…

      Never mind. 😯

    34. DerekM says:

      I am incensed at how wrong the guys in the pub are to compare him to Hitler,come on guys it is quite obvious he wants to be like Herman Goering lol

    35. Robert Peffers says:

      @pa_broon74 says: 8 December, 2016 at 10:12 am:

      ” … There is a great campsite with views over the Summer Isles and a pub with the shiniest floor and nicest owners…
      Just wanted to share that, no idea who the German zoomer is.”

      Aye! pa Broon, I’ve been there too and camped there more than once. Nice wee place and nice people too. Never met the zoomer, though, I’m glad to say. I might have changed my view of the place if I had.

    36. manandboy says:

      With 8 known military bases in the UK, and over 800 throughout the world, including a provocative ring of bases around China, it is not difficult to understand what US foreign policy is.

      Add on the fact that most governments are effectively ’employed’ by large global companies, many of which are American, China being the one notable exception, and ‘just following orders’ becomes a whole lot bigger.

      Ps. Westminster blocking Scottish Independence? Just following US orders?

    37. Andrew McLean says:

      I have been to Achiltibuie quite often and I know the campsite, its quite lovely with a fantastic sea food restaurant but book ahead! really you think the place deserted but the red trouser brigade descend in force, in fact I counted 7 pairs one night, out of about 18 people! As you can guess the place is full of white settlers.

      Been to the local hotel, Place was packed and apart from the two ladies at the bar, not one Scottish accent was to be heard, but nazies, sod off everyone I met was absolutely lovely, plenty of yes and SNP signs about too, which was nice.

      By the way, what is Germany’s Top Journalist doing there, the wifi is terrible, you get snowed in some times, its ages away to a supermarket, how can he keep up to date for his fabulous job? and be a councillor?

      Actually if I remember correctly the only hotel is reminiscent of faulty towers, perhaps Basil Faulty was in residence, yes that’s it, that’s his inspiration, an episode of faulty towers, what next local fishermen enacting dam busters by lobbing lobster nets at his croft!

      That is what you get when you don’t post on foreign newspapers websites.

    38. Clydebuilt says:

      T h e……P I S A …..T e s t

      The PISA test used to be carried out in 2nd year , but I’ve heard in the past few days it’s 15 yr olds that sit it now. In Scotland, National Tests were removed around 8 years ago since then 15 year old pupils in our state schools have no experience of sitting a test under exam conditions ie. in the assembly hall.

      Scotland certainly doesn’t teach to the PISA test. If we did we would rapidly climb the rankings. As A country did recently, think it was Hungary……. So if international prestige is top of our targets to aim for we should be teaching to the PISA test. This would certainly get the press of the Scot. Gov’s back. Would this get more pupils to better outcomes?

      BUT Scotland is certainly getting something right, we’re sending record numbers of our youth to further education. And /or a positive outcome……. So perhaps it’s a case of steady as she goes.

      An average PISA outcome is not a strong case for any great upheaval in our education system.

    39. Arabs for Independence says:

      Your name vill also go on ze list

    40. Andrew McLean says:

      Actual i fitted right in here is my holiday snap, taken on the steps of the summer isles hotel,

    41. Bob Mack says:

      O/t, but very important.

      The leading judge at the Supreme Court has just stated that if they allow the Government appeal to use the prerogative then the Sewell conventions do not apply.

      He stated also that if they deny the government appeal then the conventions MUST apply and they then must give a decision on Scotland.

      It is warming up folks.

    42. T.roz says:

      You can read plenty of this guys daft comments on Andy Wightman’s ‘land matters’ blog.

    43. Another Union Dividend says:

      On Tory candidates, former Edinburgh Evening News editor Neil McLennan , who once called for the Saltire to be replaced ( I can’t remember what with other than its incorporated within the Union Jack) revealed in to-day’s Herald that he is standing for the Tories in Duddingston and that his son goes to expensive Watson’s College.

    44. ScottieDog says:

      But aren’t the tories going to turf out his kith and kin? Turkey and Christmas?

    45. He is certainly not like the Germans I met, who were really nice people and totally understood Scotland.

    46. David MacGille-Mhuire says:

      Mein Gott, Reiner! Who is your color coordination consultant?

    47. heedtracker says:

      He is certainly not like the Germans I met, who were really nice people and totally understood Scotland.”

      I want to live in a Scotland where anyone from anywhere can move here and say anything they like, even that I’m shite. Big issue is though, why does the Scottish tory leader think its a vote winner to tell English tories we’re shite?

    48. Paula Rose says:

      Actually it’s ward 6 – someone better tell him.

    49. Andrew Kerr says:

      The *whole of Scotland is racist, no less! And ‘as racist’ and also ‘worse’ at the same time!!

    50. Andrew McLean says:

      Murdo (private) Fraser on radio England broadcasting to Scotland this morning, was given fine examples of the kind words said in Holyrood especially from Nicola and Alex regarding the sad news about Alex Johnstone, right at the end the ever classy tory said, SNP BAD. what next blaming the SNP on his death, well it wouldn’t be the first time eh, #stayclassymurdo

      In the Irish Times, a nice piece on Nicolas visit to their parliament,
      unfortunately it has Murdo (private) Fraser carping on about SNP BAD, then (incorrectly) reminding the Irish they sided with the Nazis and are not good neighbours to the UKOK, #stayclassymurdo.

    51. Bob Christie says:

      Luyken is well known as the local ” village idiot “

    52. Andrew McLean says:

      Re, Neil McLennan, can’t stand new money myself, to well, brash and and bit rough around the edges, no decorum.

    53. yesindyref2 says:

      I think Gordon reads my postings, he’s stolen borrowed my “glue”. He’s a prefect complement to Wolffe though, he can reach parts Wolffe can’t touch.

    54. yesindyref2 says:

      Achiltibuie? Lovely place. Germans? Welcome. They love coming to Scotland.

    55. stonefree says:

      How about 100 scots suing the Tory for deformation say £50 each in the small court and see how that goes as in the Mirror in the text he says “The whole of Scotland is racist”
      that failing
      The Tank Wumman will of course etc etc

    56. S says:

      Seems a strange bloke, who clearly keeps poor company, with would-be Tiger tank commanders!

      Maybe he’s just an Aryan Settler, seeking Liebensruim (don’t know it I spelled that final word correctly though).

    57. dandy dons 1903 says:

      Reiner Luyken-Du bist ein Arschloch and a tory one at that!

    58. louis.b.argyll says:

      Spent a bit of time in Baden Wurtenburg an area that admitted that many disliked Turks first then Slavs, as they took jobs from honest Turkish immigrants.

      Now those Slavs are EU members so the region now hates Turks again. But those racists are in the minority, often and easily mocked by mainstream opinion.

      Mel Brooks often makes fun of NAZIs, officious Germans and stupid Germans, he does not show a racist dislike to all Germans.

      Stupid German Tory! See.. even that isn’t racist.

    59. shiregirl says:


    60. starlaw says:

      Met lots of Germans on my tours of Scotland, found them to be perfectly decent people.
      Bet the Germans who were his neighbours in Germany threw a street party when he left.
      Arseholes know no frontiers.

    61. Proud Cybernat says:

      “Why can’t the Tories find anyone normal?”

      I’m sure Fundilly would object to your use of the word ‘normal’. At least he normally would. Or I’m just now abnormal having watched too much normal Supreme Court normalisation which I wouldn’t normally do.

      Just can’t wait till things get back to normal. Independence, of course, being most countries norm.

    62. mogabee says:

      He hates the people so much he’s stayed here for near 40years!

      Aye, right.

    63. Merida says:

      How has he managed to stay in this awful country for 36 years?

    64. The Hidden Fortress says:

      Nicola should sign Richard Gordon (QC) in the close season transfer window ; representing the Welsh government extremely well and helping the Scottish government submission as he goes along. Much more assertive in relation to the constitutional significance of the Sewel convention.

    65. Fred says:

      Ah wiz gonnae say Arschloch tae, beaten to it! Verdammt!!!

      Think the pub is The Fuaran.

      Fraser accusing the Republic of favouring Hitler is a pots n kettles job. Daily Mail plus assorted Tory Dukes, too numerous to mention, the Earl of Glasgow & the faither of his old colleague “Taxi for McLetchie!”

    66. Proud Cybernat says:

      The Ruthenfuhrer has chosen well.

    67. gus1940 says:

      Surely this is a panic stricken reaction by the Bad Guys to last week’s warm good news story of the ex German POW leaving all his money to the people of Comrie in gratitude for the kindness and friendliness shown to him.

      That story was all over the media so it was seen as necessary to produce a negative story about Scots and plaster it all over the media.

      They really are an evil bunch.

    68. msean says:

      Thought tories didn’t want EU citizens in Scottish politics. It must be different because it’s a tory in this instance.

    69. Vestas says:

      My mothers cousins ran the petrol pump/shop there decades ago. For all I know they still do, last time I was there was 30 years ago.

    70. Andrew McLean says:

      gus1940 says:

      Nail Hammer Head!

      Abso-bloody-lutely! As befits state sponsored propaganda!

    71. yesindyref2 says:

      Mmm, Ich glaube dass, hat er eine Schraube locker.

    72. louis.b.argyll says:

      Vestas, they’re your cousins too. And you should visit, it’s natural beauty is unparalleled.

      The Tories disgusting pitch to incomers causes more division than does our right to self determination.

    73. heedtracker says:

      How has he managed to stay in this awful country for 36 years?

      Its UKOK politics what makes it so attractive to this candidate

      As far right as it gets teamGB wise, Roden, fighting Better Together with socialist worker Crash Gordon

      Alan Roden Retweeted
      LabourList ?@LabourList 28m28 minutes ago
      Gordon Brown: Labour steers a path between SNP’s demand for all-out independence and Tories’ hard Brexit

      Just past a big telly with Ligger Neil explaining how he’s going to destroy Momentum in Labour, in the course of his Vote Tory BBC Daily Politics lunchtime show today. You dont have to be a tory nutcase to live here…

    74. Robert J. Sutherland says:


      Very nice point that!

      But then bending everything round when it suits her is becoming a Ruthie speciality these days.

    75. Another Union Dividend says:

      On 6 December 1930, Labour MP Oswald Mosley published an expanded version of the “Mosley Memorandum”, which was signed by Mosley, his wife and fellow Labour MP Lady Cynthia and 15 other Labour MPs: Oliver Baldwin, Joseph Batey, Aneurin Bevan, W. J. Brown, William Cove, Robert Forgan, J. F. Horrabin, James Lovat-Fraser, John McGovern, John James McShane, Frank Markham, H. T. Muggeridge, Morgan Philips Price, Charles Simmons, and John Strachey. It was also signed by A. J. Cook, general secretary of the Miners’ Federation.

      On 28 February 1931 Mosley resigned from the Labour Party, launching the New Party the following day. The party was formed from six of the Labour MPs who signed the Mosley Manifesto (Mosley and his wife, Baldwin, Brown, Forgan and Strachey).

      In the 1930s many Tories admired Hitler and it was Cpt Archibald Maule Ramsay, grand vizier of the notorious “Right Club”, a Scottish Unionist MP for Peebles and South Midlothian, who was interned in May 1940 as a threat to national security.

    76. WestCoastMassive says:

      Well Well Well, how the mighty have fallen, so quickly too. The Coigach will not stand for his tripe anymore it seems.

    77. heedtracker says:

      Alan Roden ?@AlanRoden 36m36 minutes ago
      Significant intervention from Gordon Brown, who has welcomed @kezdugdale’s “bold” constitutional reforms.

      From a Daily Heil ligger, who lets say has written a lot of very rude things about Gordon, now UKOK boosterising exact same Gordon, to high tory UKOK heaven.

      So its no wonder, Herr Luyken thinks he’s a winner, in the Scotland region of greater England.

    78. Vestas says:

      louis.b.argyll – aye they are but at least once removed (maybe even second cousins once removed) and I know the area well enough as I’ve caught the ferry in Ullapool hundreds of times.

      As an aside – my favourite road to drive quickly is the A835 from Ullapool to Tore (just before A9 south). It has everything – mountain, moor, forest and the amazingly fun “rollercoaster ride” through Garve to Tarvie.

      Its an amazingly frustrating road if you’re behind the lorries off the ferry though 🙂

    79. galamcennalath says:

      How can a Tory, of all things, accuse the SNP of being right wing racist!?

      In their attempt to become appease xenophobia and become populist, the Tories now fly uncomfortably close to fascism.

      Anyone with an ounce of common sense knows the SNP are inclusive, internationalist, and social democratic. That makes them more or less the opposite of the Tories.

      However, malicious propaganda can turn everything on its head.

    80. louis.b.argyll says:

      Many unionists are all too happy to follow orders.. irrespective of their alternative or natural views especially Ruthie D.

    81. The Rough Bounds. says:

      If you visit Achiltibuie in the hope of hearing Gaelic being spoke you can forget it. Last time I was there was in the late 70s. I met only two Gaelic speakers which was a disappointment as I was hoping to sharpen up my Gaelic.

      Every one else was an English settler who had the kind of accents that remind you of a saw cutting through steel. Sorry if this offends but it is a fact.

      As for the Germans, Herr Luyken’s complaints will no doubt come as a surprise to my German friends who work and study at Sabhal Mor Ostaig, the Gaelic college in Skye. Interestingly, I met a lot more Germans there than I did English people.

    82. heedtracker says:

      How can a Tory, of all things, accuse the SNP of being right wing racist!?

      He’s been inspired at how fast my Slovene girlfriend’s shot up the greasy tory poll of Scottish politics. From BetterTogether Slovenia says NO 2014, and a lot of other very rude things about YES Scots, to

    83. louis.b.argyll says:

      Vestas. Re vistas, sigh..I miss the place.
      My favourite panorama is heading south in late evening towards Achiltibuie.

      Views of Suilven, Assent and even Wyvis to the left and Skye distant to the right. The landscape is massive, bare, pure, ancient rock, never had forest..I can picture it clearly..

    84. Bob Mack says:

      Supreme Court.

      This Ms Mountfield is very impressive. Cool with distinct arguments.

      She states that if Mr Eadie is right then people can rightly claim the Loch Ness monster is indeed alive ,but just has not been found as yet.

    85. Ken500 says:

      3rd rare rejects.

      The UK Tories/Unionists have cut funding for Education. Since 2009. The Tories have cut Education spending in the UK. Standards have fallen in the rest of the UK.

      The Scottish Gov has protected education but Unionist Councils have not funded Education keeping class sizes down. Instead spending and borrowing like there is no tomorrow on grotesque projects, the majority do not want. Against the majority wishes and the public interest. The Unionists introduced Curriculum for Excellence. The Tory/Unionist at Westminster cut the Education budget. Teachers need training in additional needs.

      The SNP Scottish Gov raising money from council tax for education, and higher tax payers. Now it has powers.

      The Tories are totally to blame for cutting the Education budget. At UK and local authority level. Ruth Davidson is not telling the true. Compulsive liars are not believed.

      The Scottish Block Grant has been cut 10% a year. Since 2010. Now cut £3Billion a year. The Tory/Unionist (Osbourne) illegally taxed the Oil & Gas sector at 60% to 80% when the price had fallen 75%. Losing thousands of jobs and £Billions in Scotland. Enough to provide an excellent Education/NHS and essential social and public services. Scotland has lost £Billion to Tory/Unionist illegal mismanagement. At UK and local authority level.

      A tax on ‘loss leading’ drink would save £1Billion. Cutting obsolete, illegal Trident would save £1Billion. Scotland has to pay loan repayments (average) £4Billion on money borrowed and spent in the rest of the UK. Hammond is spending £600Billion borrowed investments in London S/E, putting up the deficit and debt. Cutting the Block Grant in Scotland.

      Alex Johnstone & Co appeared campaigning. People shouted up the SNP. To great hilarity.

      If Trump stops the illegal wars. He has done the world a favour. The Greens aided Trump into the White House. They could cost Scotland Independence. They turn off more folk than they turn on. Collude with Unionists and regnege on their own policies and waste £Million/Billions on grotesque projects the majority do not want.

      LibDem Clegg lied and put up University fees. £9,000 Aided the Tories and cut Education spending.

    86. Ken500 says:

      The Tories want citizens to carry ID cards. Costing £Billions. Westminster caused the migration crisis in Europe by illegal invasions and bombing the Middle East for years. Supporting absolute despot monarchies and illegal apartheid States. Illegal wars and tax evasion. Wasting £Trillions.

    87. Truth says:

      Thanks 2016.

      A year that never disappoints.

    88. Vestas says:

      @ louis.b.argyll

      Suilven was regularly visible from Barvas (out on the moor) in summer – always used to look like it was floating.

      Suilven was also the ferry back in the 70s-90s. Pig of a ship as the stabilisers didn’t work. It ended up in New Zealand and then Fiji – capsized and sunk in Suva harbour in 2015 (no casualties).

    89. Chic McGregor says:

      Of course if you are a French citizen in Scotland, an ex SNP MSP who has committed the heinous crime of reporting a potential illegality to the Electoral Commission then that is obviously bizarre behaviour according to the Tory Press Office.

    90. One_Scot says:

      This mornings SC has been a Supreme kick in the balls for the Government.

    91. Iain More says:

      I wonder how many of his so called locals are actually locals?

      I would say the same to him as I would say to any other effin Tory or Kipper “White Settler” – Eff off!

      I think he would fit right in with the Grouse and Deer slaughtering drunks I used to run into quite a lot whilst hill walking.

    92. Chic McGregor says:

      That should have been Standards Committee not Electoral Commission. Something to do with undeclared interest on a property deal, if I recall correctly.

    93. orri says:

      If it’s decided that abnormal conditions can be concocted to suit the whim of the Wesminster Government or Parliament it follows that they can intervene Devolved legislation at any time they desire leaving Holyrood to decide whether to clean up their mess if at all possible. That removes the entire reasoning behind the accepted view point, as they fucking voted on it, that English MPs didn’t get a vote on devolved laws EVEL was fair. Obviously they didn’t even attempt to get that passed into legislation as to do so would require a clear understanding of the abnormal circumstances in which Scotland’s MPs would get to vote on English Laws.

    94. Clootie says:

      It does not matter if the German readers reject or disregard the article content.
      He was not writing for their benefit. His motivation was to deliver quotes from a German newspaper that the unionists could roll out as further “evidence” in support of the ongoing slur against the Independence movement.

      If you are loud, obnoxious and dislike the people of Scotland then the Scottish Tory party will embrace you.

    95. One_Scot says:

      What a way to finish at the SC, Manjit Gill more or less telling the 11 judges don’t be so stupid, this case is nonsense, reject it outright.

    96. Robert Louis says:

      If the pretendy ‘supreme’ court in England rules against the UK Government, then in future legal texts, it may be referred to as ‘The Loch ness monster principle’ – Just because it hasn’t been caught, doesn’t mean it is still there.

      I liked the last speaker too. He made his points well.

    97. Vestas says:

      Well done Manjit Gill!

      Poor sod will probably need police protection from now on though 🙁

    98. dakk says:

      What is it about Scotland that creates and attracts so many Scotland haters including people from other lands ?

      You would think someone or some vested interest somewhere had made it their business to traduce and denigrade the nation of Scotland for some obscure reason.

      I wonder if they have a motive ?

    99. Macart says:

      Heh, UK gov in lose/lose scenario.

      Court supports government – devolution is destroyed before the eyes of the public.

      Court supports government opposition – Sewell is respected and UK gov will be forced to face the possibility of dealing with devolved legislatures individually.

      Its a pickle for them. 🙂

    100. Stoker says:

      mogabee wrote on 8 December, 2016 at 11:31 am:
      “He hates the people so much he’s stayed here for near 40years!”

      Merida wrote on 8 December, 2016 at 11:34 am:
      “How has he managed to stay in this awful country for 36 years?”

      My thoughts exactly!

      Strangely, i know of a German fella down here in the Borders who has lived in Scotland for c20-years. He claims to be a Tory also. He also claims to have relatives in the Highlands but don’t ask me where, i can’t remember. Mmm, interesting!

    101. Proud Cybernat says:

      “Just because it hasn’t been caught, doesn’t mean it is still there.”

      Or as Dr Carl Sagan(?) once said:

      “Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.”

    102. TB says:

      This whole unpleasant German thing is a sair fecht, and no mistake. I’d talk about it more, but I’ve got a bit of trouble with the old leg. Got a touch of shrapnel in the war. Iraq! Iraq war!

      Strange that a European is rooting for the very party who hates foreigners and despises the EU. Voted for it myself quite honestly, and now that Scotland’s in, I’m determined to make it work, so I’d like to welcome all Germans to Scotland.

      He’s welcome in my flat for a meal anytime. I’d even provide hors d’oeuvres, hors d’oeuvres which must be obeyed at all times without question.

      However, I’d have to insist that Her Luyken stop talking about the war. And if he wouldn’t stop I’d simply have to point out that he invaded Achiltibuier.

      Etc., etc., etc.

    103. One_Scot says:

      If you only watch 15 minutes of this weeks SC, make sure it’s Manjit Gill’s 15 minutes.

      He knocks it out the ball park.

    104. HandandShrimp says:

      I’m sorry but Reiner has some way to go before he will make a fully fledged Tory. To suggest that Scotland is the most racist country in Europe is a poor show. The world at the very least and fully fledged Tory zoomer would go for the Universe.

      Not sure how selecting Reiner sits with the comments Ruth’s lot made about the SNP EU members and activists though. Confusion in Tory HQ…Shirley not?

    105. MajorBloodnok says:

      Why can’t the Tories find anyone normal?

      the Tories are like the Bash Street Kids gone to the Darkside,

      Toots – Ruth
      ‘Erbert – Mundell snr
      Fatty – Murdo
      Plug – Whittle
      Sidney – Mundell jnr
      Smiffy – Tomkins
      Spotty – Ross
      Danny – Lamont
      Wilfred – Carlaw
      Cuthbert – Lockhart

      I wonder if Darwin would have had second thoughts about Evolution in his `On the Origin of Species` if he had only our Scottish Tories to base his theory on.

    106. I suspect Reiner Luyken in comparing the SNP to that of the right wing anti- semetic racist Nationalists of Hitler’s 1930s Germany.

      That it is aimed at EU migrants here in Scotland who may have experienced and suffered from race hate crimes in some parts of Europe.

      Remember during the 2014 indy ref how unionists told EU migrants that if Scotland were to become independent they wouldn’t be allowed to stay in Scotland and would be deported.

      Its the same kind of message the unionists have used for decades here in Scotland in England, telling everyone that the SNP are anti-English.

    107. gerry parker says:

      Maybe so Sam, but the part of the public which this is exposed to depends on the BBC, the MSM and us exposing it to them.

      I know we all will, but Misreporting Scotland and the Hootsman et al?

      We’ll still have our work cut out for us.

      Now going to look up the SC session for this morning and see how it went.

    108. Artyhetty says:

      Sounds like a scary geezer, I would be keeping a safe distance if he lived in my neighbourhood.
      If he ‘names and shames’ people who live there, could they not take legal action against him?

      Ruth the Tory must be desperate to cling onto such a person, with such a persecution complex about the local people in the area he chose to live in, as well as hating Scotland as a whole. Jeezus.

    109. Andrew McLean says:

      Can I point out that Nicola is number two in the most comments on the Irish Times. The same propaganda at work, we need to post on foreign media.
      Break the chains, let the world know Scotland is moving fast. Make friends Influence people, one post in another countries media is worth 10 here. I am not saying lessen up on wings, no, but engage with Europe. the opposition are!

    110. Macart says:

      @gerry parker

      True enough, though Iain Macwhirter makes a damn good stab at it in today’s Herald.

      Much like yourself, I doubt we’d see blanket coverage. How and ever, we’ll do our damndest to get it out there to folk. Public record being what it is, we’ve got plenty of choice to back up our arguments for sure at this point.

    111. McBoxheid says:

      Reading through the German pages I found that Reiner Luyken has always been an outsider. He tried his hand at many things, including carpenter and instrument maker, long distance lorry driver. It is not his first attempt to live overseas. His first attempt was in Greece.

      He seems to be an obnoxious twat that has a high opinion of himself and a low opinion of everybody else. A typical incomer that tries to change the way things are done, throwing his teddy out the pram when he doesn’t get his own way.

      Even the Guardian rejects his story…
      The headline
      “German journalist’s complaint about ‘Hitler moustache’ story rejected ”
      I won’t link to that paper, but if you search for it, you’ll find it

      ‘He apparently wrote a book about his life in Scotland and freely admits that there is quite a lot of made up stuff in it.

      After rubbing the whole village up the wrong way, because they support independence, he strikes out at them by joining the Tories.

      Nuff said!

    112. Andrew McLean says:

      Nicola number 1, but posts being removed lucky I archived them waiting for response from Irish times?

    113. Vestas says:

      The “uncommonly political lawyer” is up now on SC….

    114. Malky says:

      Let’s be hearing the specific Nazi utterings from the SNP which had Herr Lutyen’s father in such a lather.

    115. Yerkitbreeks says:

      Amazing he wants to remain here

    116. Malky says:


    117. Free Scotland says:

      I notice the Mirror and Deadline News both refer to “Die Zeit” as a “respected” newspaper. If the above image of Reiner Luyken were to viral (hint, hint to all users of social media), I wonder if the newspaper in question would retain the same level of respect among its 2 million readers.

    118. Richardinho says:

      I’ve said it before about Scottish Tories: They’re not right in the head.

    119. Greannach says:

      Poor Achiltibuie. It seems its days of being a normal village in the north-west are long gone. Weird.

    120. Tinto Chiel says:

      I think gus1940 is correct: this desperate non-story has been rushed out to counteract the German POW’s gift to Comrie last week.

      I noticed an even more bizarre thing this morning while visiting my Ageing Neighbour, who was watching the India v England test match. As the camera panned around, I noticed a Butcher’s Apron with “Isle of Skye Loyal” written across it. I suspect that guy is so poor at walking he has to practise it at least once a year.

      “Sheesh!” doesn’t really cover this breath-taking kind of situation. Next up, a new film entitled “Springtime for the Duke of Cumberland”, starring Benedict Cumberbatch.

    121. call me dave says:

      Lord Keen’s little helper in the row behind smirks smugly as Lord Keen Advocate General for Scotland suggests it doesn’t matter if the ruling is for or against the respective devolved administrations… have had their tea!

      Scotland Act ‘Sewell’ convention (not set in statute) he says it’s only a self-denying ordinance not a requirement!

      Some judges raise an eyebrow just a little and query that but not forcefully although the knock-on affects might require for special treatment says one judge.

      Keens not getting away with a brisk brush off, of Scotland here but I don’t expect the heather to be set on fire. 🙁

    122. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      It’s a very wierd experience to have seen a Scottish Tory exerting himself in the SC to demonstrate just how much Scotland is subjugated within the Union.

      Entirely oblivious, it would appear, to any possible unintended consequences…

    123. R-type Grunt says:

      For three years I delivered his coal. He was a wanker then and it seems nothing’s changed. As for his claim about the locals, well, I’d like to hear his definition of local because when we lived there there were precious few Scots living anywhere in the area.

      One more thing. Is it even possible to be a “top journalist” for a German newspaper whilst living in Wester Ross? What the fuck does he write about?

    124. Breastplate says:

      I’m sure the Hitler parade was nothing more than a Charlie Chaplin party that he wasn’t invited to.

    125. Andrew McLean says:

      R-type Grunt says:
      I just posted on Zeit, lets see what they think?
      appreciate if anyone reads German hope I haven’t insulted a nation?
      Ist dieser Kerl einer von Ihnen hat er einen Narren von sich selbst gemacht, anscheinend ist er ein Top-Journalist hier.

    126. Vestas says:

      I can’t help wondering how NI is going to react to the “uncommonly political lawyer” acting on behalf of the govt telling them to go eat their cereal, we can do what we like.

      I suspect “not well” is a massive understatement.

      I wonder how Eire will react.

    127. Macart says:

      @call me dave

      Keen may smirk, but he’s no just grasping it yet. He’s a very intelligent fella y’know. He does his job well, knows the theatrics and the aim of the game is point scoring, winning a debate or making the killer line which puts an opponent down. The air of arrogance and superiority, though affected is both calculated and natural to the man as is his over confidence.

      He sees the winning of technical arguments as somehow proof of this superiority. In short, he’s no humanist and expresses all the empathy of a slab of marble.

      I don’t believe he yet sees what he’s done in his argument. The political, constitutional and societal damage it has the potential to unleash on everything he believes he’s defending. (shrugs)

      Their choice.

    128. Anagach says:

      This just seems rather sad.

    129. CameronB Brodie says:

      If it’s a battle of ideologies this zoomer wants, one of these results in a state of slavery for Scots, the other liberates Scotland from medievalist bondage.

      Britsh nationalism = positivist nationalism, defined through an expansionist form of English nationalism and Anglican theology.

      Scottish nationalism = organic pragmatism defined through landscape, culture and tradition.

    130. Vestas says:

      @ Greannach : “Poor Achiltibuie. It seems its days of being a normal village in the north-west are long gone. Weird.”

      It hasn’t been a “normal” village for a very long time – many of the people there weren’t local even back in the late 1970s. Then again you have the whole Summer Isles (& Gruinard)stuff going…

    131. CameronB Brodie says:

      Andrew McLean
      I visited a girlfriends family once, in Germany. They all loved Faulty Towers, with their favourite episode being the “don’t mention the war” one. I thought them rather forgiving. 😉

      Germany has moved on as a result of their education system, Britain less so.

    132. Eckle Fechan says:

      Another story to make you boak.

      @heedtracker 08/12 @ 10:07 {
      Ich bin ein Achiltibuier.


    133. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Mein Luftkissenfahrzeug ist voller Aale. Ich beschuldige Nicola. SNP schlecht!

    134. James Westland says:

      You dont have to dig very far to find out this bawbag’s priorities:

      From a 2014 article about a wind turbine:

      “”We have put years of effort in to show this place off as it is and people come here for the landscape. They don’t come here for a nice little Highland community, they want this phenomenal landscape, and if you plonk a turbine there it’s gone.”

      Note carefully : They don’t come here for a nice little Highland community


    135. Nuada says:

      So, John Cleese says, “don’t mention the war”, does a funny walk, and he’s a comic genius. Oh, wait, he’s English,so that’s different. When the English do it, it’s just a bit of fun, and where’s your sense of humour?

    136. galamcennalath says:

      Why do people with fascist tendencies never seem to see where their views lead?

      Worse, they seem to see fascism in people and organisations where there is none!

      Perhaps it the same ‘logic’ as … “rules apply to them, not us”.

    137. TmN says:

      He has got the ward number wrong! It is number 6 not 5! Great start for him!

      I have also seen some other online stuff about him being questioned by the police this year for harrasing a woman. I really doubt Ruth Davidson has hand picked such a toxic candidate to represent the Tories.

    138. Graf Midgehunter says:

      The German weekly, Die Zeit, is very much a respected newspaper and belongs to the more serious publications on the market. One of the last publishers was the late Helmut Schmidt – “born” and died with a cigarette in his mouth..!

      It’s a slighty left leaning, liberal/centrist type of paper and is well known for having a very wide spectrum of articles from daily politics to contemporary topics to the Arts etc. They don’t shy away from controversial topics but they don’t get down to the “gutter press” level and try to keep it a bit intellectual.

      Papers like this have a huge number of freelancers, each writing about anything they can just to get in and see their name. If the article is any good then it could get published, why not?

      @ Andrew McLean

      Give me a link and I’ll see what the reaction is, if any..!
      I do read myself quite often.

    139. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      galamcennalath @ 16:08,

      O/T That’s simple, I think. Fascistoids assume that others think as they do, and in so doing can’t help but project their own views onto them. (Or do so deliberately to try to suggest a false equivalence.)

      Such people can’t simply be handled as everyday reasonable people, since they aren’t. Which explains the bien pensant fallacy, which claims that no matter how “bad” somebody may appear to be, if you only take care to treat them nicely, they will respond likewise (eg. think Munich Crisis, 1938). It doesn’t work like that with them, alas.

    140. Robert Peffers says:

      @dakk says: 8 December, 2016 at 1:19 pm:

      ” … I wonder if they have a motive ?”

      Well, dakk, they do say that jealousy is one of the biggest motives for murder.

    141. Andy-B says:

      Geez oh, that last picture is unheimlich. ?

    142. Ian Betts says:

      I think it would be unreasonable to suggest that no German citizen has ever experienced racism in Scotland. Unfortunately it is an almost universal fact that race can become an additional factor when newcomers experience difficulty establishing themselves in a new community, and I don’t believe Scotland is immune to this.

      From my own personal experience as an Englishman who lived in Scotland in the past, I never experienced any racism directed at me or my family for our English nationality whatsoever, however, after have spent a year away from Scotland with my family whilst working in Germany, on return,to Scotland my children did, quite bizarrely, suffer anti German racism, being called Nazi’s when they returned back to school in Scotland. I know this is all playground stuff, but the kids doing it were getting the sentiment from somewhere and I can only presume parents.

    143. Robert Peffers says:

      @Andrew McLean says: 8 December, 2016 at 1:54 pm:

      “Can I point out that Nicola is number two in the most comments on the Irish Times. The same propaganda at work, we need to post on foreign media.are!”

      Andrew, I’ve posted to papers, TV and radio stations all over the World. Mind you I’ve not been doing so much of recent years. Had a short spell with a comments thread in the New York Times a couple of years ago that got a bit heated.

    144. Andrew McLean says:

      How others see us

      post taken from Die Zelt

      by Best Friend Tabatha

      “This is where ancient conflicts come to light. Westminster will not watch as Scotland splits, probably still to stay in the EU. It has been seen in the sixties and seasons in Northern Ireland how far the Englaender are ready to go. And to a Junker or the EU in its present state, I would certainly trust that they would make Scotland starve to death on the long arm, or sacrifice it on the altar of partnership relations.
      Dark times, for Scotland and a whole Europe.”

    145. Andrew McLean says:

      cant post on Die Zelt, they actively moderate new posts, but its free and they seem nice folk’s

      use a web translator cumbersome but it works.

    146. Morgatron says:

      Springtime for Nicolast. Ja.

    147. CameronB Brodie says:

      @Gerry Hassan
      These aren’t “bewildering times” for me and should not be to someone such as yourself, with a background in “cultural studies”. Were you off when they covered colonialism and identity issues? Cargo-cults? Yes, those who feel a British identity will probably feel a personal loss as a result of Scots choosing to be a self-governing nation state. Change will be gradual though, with British/Scottish identities becoming less common over the generations. The opposite is true if Scotland chooses to remain subservient to a dysfunctional political system driven by an expansionist form of English nationalism.

      Btw, my zeal comes from having a scientific appreciation of how human society functions, which leads me to avoid romantic, ideological guff. Ken fit eh mean? Do you still identify as British, btw?

    148. Gary45% says:

      R-type Grunt@2.57
      I couldn’t agree with you more, regarding the local issue.
      Up here in the Highlands, I have personally had the old Nazi salute given to me, oh yes by a YOON who accused me of being a Na*i at Indy Ref 2014.
      The wife and I have lots of German friends here in Scotland, and none of them get any grief for being German, I think this guy is being a typical Tory.
      (tomorrows fish supper wrapper, methinks)

    149. CameronB Brodie says:

      @Gerry Hassan
      Only trying to be helpful.

      Post-colonial theory deals with the reading and writing of literature written in previously or currently colonized countries, or literature written in colonizing countries which deals with colonization or colonized peoples. It focuses particularly on

      1. the way in which literature by the colonizing culture distorts the experience and realities, and inscribes the inferiority, of the colonized people

      2. on literature by colonized peoples which attempts to articulate their identity and reclaim their past in the face of that past’s inevitable otherness.

      It can also deal with the way in which literature in colonizing countries appropriates the language, images, scenes, traditions and so forth of colonized countries.

      This page addresses some of the complexities of the post-colonial situation, in terms of the writing and reading situation of the colonized people, and of the colonizing people.

    150. A. Graham says:

      That’s a wee bit scary.

      I would prefer not to starve to death, really.

      Oh well, dark times, dark times, and soon comes the Solstice. 🙂

    151. Papa Laz says:

      Crazy Tory hosenscheisser

    152. robertknight says:

      Didn’t he appear on an episode of Eurotrash?

    153. If this man’s father in now 93, he was 22 at the end of WWII, therefore he was old enough to know about the pure terror of the Third Reich.
      As it happens I am reading an account of the 1946 Nuremberg Trials, where the testament of survivors of the sheer maniacal horror of evil men like Bormann, Hess, Von Ribbentrop, Donitz, and dozens more, is among the most harrowing written accounts I have ever read.
      For this man to describe the SNP, and the Civic National Movement of the Independence campaign, via the recollections of his father as ‘very familiar’ to Nazi Germany is without doubt the grossest insult possible. I am not surprised that locals resent this unspeakable slur on Yes voters.
      If indeed his father ‘remembers the time very well’, he will recall the 1000 and more concentration camps, 10 million Germans murdered by their fellow Germans, the the SA, Brownshirts, Hitler Youth, the Death Squads, the Gestapo, burning corpses and sifting through the ashes for gold fillings, lampshades made out of human skin, German soldiers shooting innocent fellow citizens because of their Religion, or political viewpoints.
      Scotland will not invade Poland, or force Jews to wear stars of David; it is beyond belief that a so called journalist of any nationality would assert this nonsense.
      Scotland is an inclusive country, a house with many mansions.
      We demand a Scottish Parliament of the people, voted for by the people, and accountable to the people.
      It’s called democracy.
      I can see why Ruth wants this man to join her petty wee ach right elitist party, right enough.
      Was this man’s Dad in the Hitler Youth? Did he fight in WWII?
      Hitler gave them hope, did he?
      I cannot even bring myself to reproduce some of the perverse atrocities committed by his dad’s contemporaries on their fellow human beings.
      I wonder what perverted version of the Scottish Independence Movement he is feeding to his poor old frail dad.
      He’ll be made feel at home in the Better Together Project Smear wing of Strictly Ruth’s wee gang.

    154. ScotsCanuck says:

      bloody Hell !! …. OTT doesn’t even begin to cover it …. I hope the guid folk o’ his part of the Highlands have some sober thought before casting their ballot !!

    155. Smallaxe says:

      Ich bin ein gebraten Mars Bar

      Peace Always

    156. Colin Dunn says:

      Here’s one of the charming Herr Luyken’s inflammatory articles about Scottish independence in De Zeit from 2012. It’s in German and I don’t have a translation.

    157. Andrew McLean says:

      Colin Dunn

      Its the first of three pieces slagging off, well actually one of his neighbours a Mr Murdo Ross. Page three he slags him off more, by ironically accusing him on a lack of a sense of humour?
      But also the alternative media, and a lawyer by the name of Iain MacDonald, with this, he was not a Nazi but liked what he saw?

      Anyway this is a bad translation

      “Hall off the crown

      Scotland’s nationalists are serious about the secession of Great Britain. What is she doing? A close-up exploration

      Murdo Ross, twenty years old, is sitting on the laptop and sticking to Facebook with nationalist propaganda. Every day, from early to late. He implored his friends not to believe what the media was saying, that was sunk and lied. According to him, they have made a secret agreement with all British parties to keep Scotland forever under the tide of England. In addition to his profile photo, he put on his Facebook page a party badge of the Scottish National Party (SNP) with the words “I say yes”.
      Yes, he wants to vote in a plebiscite, which is to take place in August 2014, according to the will of the Prime Minister of the state government and leader of the Scottish nationalists Alex Salmond. It is about the secession of Scotland from the Kingdom.
      Murdo Ross lives very close to us on a remote peninsula in the far north of Scotland.The peninsula has been my home for more than three decades. The seclusion does not shield us from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the country. In him, feverish spirits reign. The nationalists of the world want to convey the impression outside: a brave people, suppressed for centuries, finally shake off the English yoke.
      In fact, the three-century union of Scotland with England and Wales is in a state of political turbulence in which the British government is losing control. Will it be serious with the Scottish uprising, which has hitherto been rather a burlesque side-event on the outskirts of Europe?
      The Scottish National Party was founded in 1934 as a straggler among the north-west European national movements. The Scots constitute only one-tenth of the British population, but still play a disproportionate role to this day. New Labor’s leadership consisted almost entirely of bulkheads. David Cameron bears the name of a Scottish highland clan. But they all understand themselves as British.
      The old Nationalist Guard was composed of people like Iain MacDonald. Tweed jacket, whistle in his mouth, a glass of malt whiskey in his hand. The retired Edinburgh lawyer was one of our neighbors in the eighties. He had much left for Germans. He was enthusiastic about a cycling trip that he had undertaken through our country in the thirties. He was not a Nazi. But he liked a lot of what he saw there. The sense of popular communion, the state repression of capitalism, the reflection on the roots of the nation.
      In the northern highlands, the soul of the Scottish nation continued to live. In the Gàidhealtachd, the original home of the valleys. Not that MacDonald of the Gaelic was powerful. This is hardly anyone in the SNP. But it is a good thing to throw a few chunks of the old Celtic language. And pretending that they had been snatched from the English. In fact, the locals simply stopped using them. My father-in-law still spoke to her. He taught his children only a few Gaelic verses.”

    158. Ian Betts says:

      I just read that . Its really not that inflammatory to be honest, just a fairly standard unionist rant. I think it has to be read in context of German history, they are very sensitive on nationalism. The Scottish context is of course quite different but that is probably lost on him.

    159. Andrew McLean says:

      I have been reading Zeit on line, there are a couple of Scottish posters, and some English who like telling the Germans how Scotland isn’t a nation, and making statements that would have Robert spiting out his dram. Apparently James V1 succeeded to crown of Great Britain? Who knew!

      Don’t worry I have raise the flag of rebellion!

      I can say that generally the German readers are very sympathetic to Scotland, Westminster, not so much!

    160. mike d says:

      Is that lippie reiner has on?he’d fit in well in London with his deviant tory pals.

    161. mike d says:

      Manandboy 8th 10.32 am. Always said to friends re brit and use bases,if in 1969 jack lynch (irish prime minister)had the balls to invite the Russians to set up a naval Base in Derry unless the brits got to fcuk out of Ireland. American pressure would have guaranteed a united Ireland,and spared the bloodshed those brits barstewards inflicted on Ireland.

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