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George Square Thatcher Death Party

Posted on April 09, 2013 by

We haven’t actually seen any really nice pictures of the impromptu event in Glasgow last night, or at least we hadn’t until Ross Wood sent us some of his. Check out his website for more beautiful shots of this and other things.








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83 to “George Square Thatcher Death Party”

  1. Scott Douglas says:

    Tory blowhard Bill Aitken says that the George Square ‘party’ has tarnished Glasgow’s international reputation.  Two words for him ‘London riots’.

  2. ianbrotherhood says:

    Can we assume that George Square will be a no-go zone next Wednesday?

  3. westie7 says:

    Was it my duff connection or did the Council Chambers Webcam get shut down not long after this kicked off?

  4. ianbrotherhood says:

    If your connection was duff, it was, by sheer coincidence, going duff at the same time as my pal’s (in Japan) was.
    Go figure.

  5. Philip says:

    My connection also went duff here in Finland as did my friends in Edinburgh. Go figure.

  6. westie7 says:

    Aye, looks like MI5 got their budget raised this tax year.
    Can I say MI5 without getting a knock on the door at dawn :o)  

  7. Peter Mirtitsch says:

    Scott Douglas…

    I have some more words;

    London riots,
    Manchester riots,
    Birmingham riots,
    Leeds, Leicester, Southampton, Halifax, Bedford, Gloucester, Wolverhampton, Coventry, Bristol, Edinburgh riots…

  8. McFacsist says:

    Oh great, someone died.
    Honestly, reverend, why did you bother to 

  9. YesYesYes says:

    I wish there was a Scottish version of Private Eye to write one of those tasteful obituaries. Something along the lines of:
    Maggie Thatcher
    The ‘milk snatcher’
    You made Britain broke
    And then had a stroke
    How sad that as a has-been
    You died before 2014
    And never lived to see
    The death of GB

  10. Marcia says:

    Magnus Llewellin?@magnusllewellin1h
    In The Herald tomorrow: Revealed – the controversial background of major Better Together donor Ian Taylor #indyref


  11. Robert Kerr says:

    Traditionally it is 3 am for the knock. That may be dawn mid summer in these latitudes….. but lets not nit pick. 3 am is when you are in deep sleep and not functioning well on awakening.
    Soar Alba

  12. margaret mcneil says:

    This ‘party’ ended without any incidents. The one in Brixton didn’t, glasgow was not the only place in the UK to celebrate.

  13. ianbrotherhood says:

    Good stuff. There’s a niche there. The magazine should, of course, be called ‘Private Aye’.

  14. YesYesYes says:

    ‘Private Aye’.
    Now that’s good, that’s very good.

  15. The Man in the Jar says:

    Aye Right!

  16. David MacGille-Mhuire says:

    Understandable moral rectitude re a private individual and their family’s and friends’ personal grief. However, Thatcher was an actively combative public persona and monumentally evil bitch in the vanguard of neo-con-lib despotism whose policies still blight global humanity and birthed bastard Blair and Cameron; and the capitalist crusader wars.
    Thus, she merits full and public comment – and her corpse has been let off very lightly, so far.
    Personally, I’d consign her to an unmarked, mass, paupers’ grave, and spit on her cadaver as she was flung in there.

  17. Gordon says:

    Its important to rethink the policies which alas are mainstream now everywhere.  A gathering such as this seemed unbecoming actually.

  18. McFacsist says:

    Too much like a Scottish version of Fox News gloating over the hanging of Husain.

  19. muttley79 says:

    Magnus Llewellin?@magnusllewellin1h
    In The Herald tomorrow: Revealed – the controversial background of major Better Together donor Ian Taylor #indyref
    Well that has taken the MSM at least two days to respond to National Collective’s article on Taylor’s ‘connections.’  Even then that tweet says ‘controversial.’  If it was someone involved in the Yes campaign I get the feeling that the MSM would have been on top it within hours.  When is our state broadcaster going to mention it?

  20. ianbrotherhood says:

    Methinks ‘McFacsist’ will soon be debagged, if for no other reason than he can’t even be bothered to spell ‘fascist’ correctly whilst assembling his WoS persona.
    I dunno…you just can’t get the staff these days…

  21. McFacsist says:

    muttley79 :  Going by the standard of half the Indy blog spots, it will be along the lines of whoever it is being demonically aligned with the BBC Scotland news and current affairs department, or the latest labourite in vogue for Indy blog persecution.
    Honestly, we need to raise our game.  People are not interested in this level of twattery.

  22. Adrian B says:

    “Too much like a Scottish version of Fox News gloating over the hanging of Husain.”
    The Glasgow, George Square impromptu party seems rather timid compared to what I have seen on the UK news channels over the last two days. One thing is abundantly clear, the anger felt in the North of England outstrips anything that I have seen in Scotland.
    Either, its not being reported in Scotland, due to it being seen as being bad for Better “Tory” Together and good for the ‘Yes’ Campaign.
    Scots aren’t publicly showing as much hatred as our English cousins towards the death of MT.
    One thing is certain – her death will remain news until Thursday of next week at the earliest. That means more media love fests over the next few days than many people will care to put up with.

  23. McFacsist says:

    ianbrotherhood: dissent invokes a range of responses.  The comfort blanket one is very popular.
    It appears that more than half the electorate have made up their minds to vote against Indy.  That should concentrate our efforts and it shows that what we are doing is NOT working, instead of pretending that that the best tricks are to come at a future date, out of a well-worn hat does hardly touches on what the referendum is about.
    Although someone could describe the Indy online community as vibrant, I would say that it is very incestuous and obsessed with self-manufactured mirages that the average person would regard as positively weird.
    hence I make a plea for indy bloggers and posters to up the game, and concentrate on what the referendum is about.  However, I have a feeling that it is too late – I think that in AiTunes 2014 we will still be ranting about Ian Davidson, or similar.

  24. ianbrotherhood says:

    Has anyone ever spotted McFacsist and NW in the same room?
    Just wondering…

  25. Davie Park says:

    I was one of Thatcher’s lost generation but I despise her legacy more than the woman herself. Have to agree with Gord above. Unseemly and unnecessary.

  26. Barontorc says:

    I think it can be taken as done, that very few tv’s will be switched on come next Wednesday. By the way, in these times of austerity – who’s paying for the funeral?

  27. Adrian B says:

    They’ve got the same bullshit tendencies down to a tee. McF*ckshite has been here all day, no sign of NW today that I can see.
    More fawning crap, just less agreement, this one hasn’t the patience – ho  hum, we shall see how he progresses…….

  28. McFacsist says:

    ianbrotherhood : Honestly, you would probably be happy to lose the referendum as long as you can opinionate about ‘Call Kate’ on Radio Scotland.
    Please get a grip. This is about localising government, not about local radio, George Foulkes, Ian Davidson, the history of Scottish fascism, or whatever the latest indy online politico-fad is. We need a broad reaching message. ‘I don’t like —– ‘ borders on unthinking stupidity as far as I am concerned.

  29. Adrian B says:

    Trying the moral high ground -give us a break!

  30. turnip_ghost says:

    Apologies for going OT but my mind wanders at this time of night and I just had a thought…

    We are obviously all aware of the privatisation of the NHS in England and how it has Barnette consequences up here but….if there’s less of the NHS on the governments expenditure books down there…where is that tax money going? Shouldn’t everybody be getting some money back?

    I realise that’s a major simplification of a complicated tax system but…It’s a thought…

  31. Adrian B says:

    Thatcher funeral possible security nightmare
    “Police officers are monitoring social media, internet forums and BlackBerry messaging networks in the expectation that Margaret Thatcher’s funeral procession next Wednesday will be targeted by protesters.

    The possibility of demonstrations during the funeral has raised concerns that police may adopt the controversial tactic of making pre-emptive arrests.
    Plans appear to be under way for different groups to demonstrate during the funeral, and to hold celebrations around the country on the same day.
    Police concerns have been fuelled by the impromptu street parties which broke out on Monday evening in Leeds, Bristol, Brixton, Liverpool and Glasgow – some of which resulted in arrests after clashes with officers.”

  32. McFacsist says:

    ianbrotherhood: perhaps you should grow up a bit. If you can’t take in  criticism, you have the same future as a Dodo. Think about it.

  33. Adrian B says:


    Vitol Admitted Paying $1 million to a Serbian Paramilitary Leader

    Guilty of Bribing Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi Regime For Oil Contracts

    Ian Taylor’s Company Avoided Tax ‘for more than a decade’

    Ian Taylor has been accused of improper political donations to the Conservative Party.

  34. Dal Riata says:

    Hey, McFacsist. dude/dudette, you wouldn’t happen to know someone by the name of Norsewarrior (NW) would you?
    You see, he/she hasn’t turned up today after being super-active these last few days, but today we find you here and your method of posting and word-usage is remarkably similar to his/hers.
    Perhaps it is all merely coincidental, of course, and with it being a funny wee world, and if the infinite-universe hypothesis suggested in quantum theory is correct and all that, you may just be an almost-doppelganger twin of NW by an instance of infinity-principle mathematical chance alone. And, bloody hell, how cool is that/would that be, eh!
    So anyway, McF., would you care to elucidate? We’d all love to know.

  35. Dal Riata says:

    @Adrian B
    I left that link to that excellent article in National Collective in a post BTL from an article by Severin Carrell in the Guardian… and it was removed by a moderator! Make of that what you will.

  36. Dal Riata says:

    And to those who attended the street parties in Glasgow, Liverpool, Brixton, Leeds, Bristol and Belfast … fantastic, well done, and wish I could’ve been there!
    And to hell with what the right-wing press and broadcast media and cowardly politicians say hiding behind their hideous eulogies and blatant historical revisionism to suit their ideology: they’re not the true voice of the country – you are.

  37. Rod Mac says:

    Yup it is our pal Doris/Yeah1 Tellen  for sure!!!
    Hope you can block IP addys Rev.

  38. Indion says:

    Not Private Aye, but Public Aye and better like here or BBC Scotlandshire!

  39. Weedeochandorris says:

    Ooooooops.  Friendly fire?     American news network CNN in Baroness Thatcher tribute blunder after running a picture of former PM with JIMMY SAVILE.

    CNN used 1980 image of Savile presenting Thatcher with NSPCC cheque.


  40. john king says:

    I just wonder how many disabled people will lose their benefits to pay for her 8 million pound (not a state) funeral 

  41. john king says:

    norsyboy I see you’ve found a new home after being forcibly evicted from the telegraph. was is something we said changed your name as well? 
    you’ll know me better as jdman how it gaun wee man?

  42. Craig M says:

    Slightly OT
    Radio 4 this morning, just after 6 had Professor John Kay and Lord MacGregor harping on about pre/post independence issues. I imagine you can listen to it again at some stage, but what struck me as strange is the audience for this. Radio 4 isn’t tuned into by the masses, so it was probably the Metropolitan elite talking to themselves and showing that they are still available for comment despite the Thatcher love-in.

  43. bunter says:

    What a different animal The Herald is today without” you know who” and his labour/bitter together fed stories. Is it a co incidence that an article on Ian Taylors donation has finally made it into a mainstream paper at last.

  44. Robert Louis says:

    Just watched Tessa Jowells of the Labour party, on the ITV breakfast programme at 0750, condemning the demonstrations against Thatcher.
    She also agreed that the state funeral (it is that in all but name) and its 10 million cost was justified because the Queen was attending it.  Labour agreeing to this type of thing just shows how far removed they are from the concerns of ordinary working people.  They are just the red Tories.
    I do think the political colours of the Queen will be on full view on Wednesday.  No pretence at political neutrality at all.  Her attendance at Churchills funeral could be justified due to the second world war effort, but Thatcher is a completely different matter.
    Expect lots of dawn ‘pre-emptive’ political arrests on Wednesday morning, where those who ‘might’ protest will be taken in to the police for questioning, and just as with Prince Williams wedding, be released with no charges whatsoever,  a few hours after the event is over.  
    Methinks, the government and Labour got together on this, thinking they could make it yet another great flag waving ‘Britishness’ fest, but have failed to understand the depth of hatred towards the Thatch.  
    If I were being charitable, I’d say the queen has been very, very badly advised.

  45. Robert Louis says:

    Can anybody confirm whether something I read elsewhere is true, that Ian Taylor, the main funder of the anti independence (bitter together) campaign was actually convicted of grand larceny in the USA?  Not sure if it’s correct. 

  46. Derick says:

    Don’t feed the troll, eh

  47. Robert Louis says:

    Which one???? (assuming they are different people).

  48. Caroline Corfield says:

    It strikes me that those who post their concerns about comments on blogs not reflecting a united front have misunderstood what a blog is. It is all opinion; personal, real people’s own opinions. Therefore a united front, a blog policy if you like, is not what is expected, nor required. However, I would say that if you are presenting yourself as the Rebel Alliance and you’ve got a copy of the Death Star plans what you can’t do is build your own Death Star. If you’re going to be the good guys then you’ve got to look for the tiny wee hole that is their weakness. ( humour I suspect) and play by the good guy rules in public. Blogs, while personal are public. All the comments I’ve ever seen on here, apart from the ones which appear to have an alternative agenda, have appeared to be personal opinions and reflect the myriad of Scots who have all manged to see that independence is the way forward, there is an opinion here for everyone. Long may it continue in that vein!

  49. Caroline Corfield says:

    I’d read that about Ian Taylor too, I’ve just googled ‘Ian Taylor grand larceny’ and out of the list picked this link as the least likely to confirm it, which it does
    apparently the company was fined, but not individuals

  50. bunter says:

    The unionists have managed to get NATO to state that an independent Scotland would have to apply to join and would have to be agreed by all existing members, (BBC). No problem there, but I think its time to play hardball and for YES to produce papers of the options of partnership for peace and in the instance of the EU, the option of EFTA.
    Something along the lines of (regards NATO) in the event of Scotland not being welcomed, then partnership for peace it will be, and no more NATO wargames off our coast, no more test firing, no more access to our deep water facilities may concentrate the minds.
    Regards EU, well it would seem that as it is reluctant to make any welcoming noises, (quite the reverse) how about we do a wee media blitz in France, Spain etc, regards our sadness that Mr Barosso saying we would be chucked oot! and that come independence, sadly,  all EU fishing fleets will have to withdraw immediately from our waters
    Time has passed and were too passive!!

  51. alasdair says:

    That’s some cracking photography, nice site, thanks for sharing it Rev 🙂

  52. Craig P says:

    Shame on Glasgow City Council. They should have had a contingency plan in place for this event, not condemned it. 
    Having said that I would have expected more older faces, people who actually remembered her and the damage she wrought. 

  53. Archdeaconess Hermione says:

    And what a nice civilised bunch you all are…

  54. dmw42 says:

    Robert Louis says:
    Just watched Tessa Jowells of the Labour party, on the ITV breakfast programme at 0750… She also agreed that the state funeral (it is that in all but name) and its 10 million cost was justified because the Queen was attending it.”
    I thought Defra was responsible for burning poisonous old cows.

  55. scottish_skier says:

    Something to keep in mind in terms of society being civilised.

    Suicide rates tend to rise under Tory rule

    The authors of the paper, published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, calculate that 35,000 more people died in the last century than would have been the case if the Conservatives had not won an election.

    I wonder if Mrs Thatcher worried about this.

  56. Doug Daniel says:

    “Twitter, old-school style” – ha! I like it.
    Caroline – well said. I believe the name for the kind of people you’re referring to is “concern troll” – folk who try to derail debate by going on about how concerned they are about what the general public would think. Let’s be honest, if reading some comments on a blog about Thatcher is enough to make you vote No, then you were never going to vote Yes anyway.
    As for the Herald story about Ian Taylor, it’s nice to see the media is on the button. Only took them two days to copy Michael Gray’s article in National Collective – the lightning speed of the Scottish media is frightening!

  57. gavin lessells says:

    I do think that Lady Thatchers`s passing should be marked. Perhaps it is appropriate that, considering all that she did for the people of Scotland, a suitable donation might be made to any arm of the Scottish Independence movement.
    Anyway, I have done so and feel better for it

  58. sneddon says:

    ‘Peter Mirtitsch  Edinburgh riots…’  Whit!  maybe it says something about  where I live in Edinburgh but as far as I recall the situation normal (cold and grey) while England rioted 🙂

  59. John H says:

    Craig M  7:17am
    Did you notice that they also floated the idea that the Scottish people should be asked again after a few years whether they still wanted independence? Just in case they had changed their minds by then.

  60. Amanayeman says:

    Well said, it is time we played hardball and make them sit up and notice us. For instance, we could ask them (NATO) where they plan to fire their depleted uranium shells and now, pay for the cleanup!

  61. Morag says:

    I thought Defra was responsible for burning poisonous old cows.
    Bwahahahaha!  Comment of the week!

  62. YesYesYes says:

    @Caroline Corfield (8.05am),
    Well said.
    As in life, the whole gamut of human emotions feeds into politics. Imagine how dull (and unpopular) this site would be if it didn’t reflect that.
    We shouldn’t extend the luxury of magnanimity to Thatcher because many of us neither mourn her passing nor wish to celebrate her life (two of the reasons we show respect to the dead). Some eighteen months ago, North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-il died and much of the official British response to Thatcher’s death is eerily familiar to the official North Korean response to his death. Of course, there were important differences between Thatcher and Kim Jong-il. For example, one was an evil, demented dictator who blighted the lives of millions, the other was Kim Jong-il.        

  63. Seasick Dave says:

    I have to thank Craig Murray for the following succinct point:
    British heavy industry was failing so it needed to be quickly and completely eliminated, thus ruining most of the country north of Watford.
    A generation later the British financial services industry failed completely so it needed to be – propped up by the taxpayer with an incredible commitment that puts ordinary taxpayers in debt for generations, thus saving London and the South East because these jobs, unlike industrial jobs, are essential to the country.


  64. Norsewarrior says:

    ‘Communist Party of Britain’? Who knew such a thing existed! I thought it had died out in the 1950s!

  65. pro-loco says:

    Interesting article here regarding Thatchers legacy to women using by-the-by a fascinating example of how ad hominem attacks work:

  66. Norsewarrior says:

    Its utterly ludicrous that parliament has been recalled solely for the purpose of paying tribute to Thatcher. What a complete waste of public money, they are back next week anyway so they could have paid tribute to her then if they’d really wanted to. 

    I heard an interview this morning with an MP (former miner) from NE England who said he wouldn’t be attending because he couldn’t stomach sitting through endless tributes to her, and I hope all Scottish Labour and SNP MPs don’t attend either. 

  67. Seasick Dave says:

    It will be interesting to see how this all plays out under the Better Together backdrop.

  68. JuanBonnets says:

    @sneddon (9.37am)
    Perhaps Peter meant this Edinburgh riot…
    “Rioters strike in Edinburgh, 10th August 2011” –

  69. cirsium says:

    I do not see anything to celebrate.  Neo-liberalism is very much alive.  All the unionist parties are neo-liberal.  If we do not vote YES in 2014, Scotland’s social democracy is going to be destroyed.

  70. Hetty says:

    A friend, who is frustratingly not very politically aware and was only a little one when thatcher the milk snatcher was ruining lives, told me she was a bit underwhelmed by the ‘death’ parties and thought folk should concentrate on what’s happening to the country now with the con-dems. She’s right but people had to express how they felt about the damage thatcher did, but then also the saying from my mum came back to me just today, ‘ it’s the living that will harm you, not the dead’!
    Just a thought for the day!!
    Though now it’s Wednesday…

  71. a supporter says:

    McFacsist is norse warrior, is doris, is……innumerable false names. He is so obvious.

  72. Ted says:

    All the adulation, especially from the Tories, when they disowned Thatcher and she resigned as PM reeks of rank hypocrisy!

  73. Norsewarrior says:

    “McFacsist is norse warrior, is doris, is……innumerable false names. He is so obvious.”

    I’ve no idea who you are or why you’re claiming to know who I apparently am, of course without providing any evidence at all to back up your claims, but I’m not ‘McFacsist’ and I’ve never posted as ‘doris’ or used any ‘false names’ either here or anywhere else. 

  74. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “McFacsist is norse warrior, is doris, is……innumerable false names. He is so obvious.”

    Right. Evidently I wasn’t clear enough. Any more allegations like this (not just about Norsewarrior but about anyone else, unless supported with evidence) will be deleted with extreme prejudice, on the grounds that they’re far more disruptive than the thing they’re complaining about.

    For the record, they have entirely different IP addresses, which isn’t 100% conclusive proof but will do for now.

  75. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “or used any ‘false names’ either here or anywhere else.”

    To be fair, I doubt your parents christened you “Norsewarrior”.

  76. the rough bounds says:

    Margaret Thatcher didn’t invent ‘Thatcherism’.
    It was southern English ‘Thatcherism’ that invented Margaret Thatcher.

  77. a supporter says:

    Robert Louis says:10 April, 2013 at 7:55 am

    “Can anybody confirm whether something I read elsewhere is true, that Ian Taylor, the main funder of the anti independence (bitter together) campaign was actually convicted of grand larceny in the USA?  Not sure if it’s correct.”
    “Vitol, (one) of Switzerland’s largest companies by sales, … pleaded guilty in May 2006 in a U.S. court to falsely telling energy companies that Iraqi oil it sold them in 2001 had been obtained in compliance with the UN’s oil-for-food program. … (Vitol) pleaded guilty to grand larceny in November 2007 and paid $17.5 million in restitution for its actions when buying Iraqi oil under the program.”
    Taylor was the CEO who was indicted and appeared at the trial.

  78. Adrian B says:

    Newsnet Scotland have a piece on the death of Margaret Thatcher by Canon Kenyon Wright that sets an appropriate tone. 

    Its well worth taking the time to read the article and the comments – if you wish feel free to comment also.

  79. Norsewarrior says:

    “To be fair, I doubt your parents christened you “Norsewarrior”.”

    Good point, but I doubt the individual accusing me of using ‘false names’ was christened “a supporter” by his or her parents either! 

    By ‘false names’ I inferred that “a supporter” was suggesting I’d used multi-monikers on here and wasn’t just posting as norsewarrior, which is completely untrue.

  80. ianbrotherhood says:

    Dear ‘Rev Stu’-
    Please stop giving our Norsey a hard time. It’s not his fault.
    Yours sincerely,
    Harald & Adalbjorg Skallagrimson

  81. a supporter says:

    Norsewarrior says:10 April, 2013 at 2:29 pm
    I would reply to you but the Rev Stu has warned me (thankfully) that I may be “… deleted with extreme prejudice …” if I do.

  82. Norsewarrior says:

    “I would reply to you but the Rev Stu has warned me (thankfully) that I may be “… deleted with extreme prejudice …” if I do.”

    He said that would only happen if you make further allegations without evidence, you can still reply to me without making such allegations can’t you? 

    You could start by apologising for accusing me of being ‘mcfascist’ now that the Rev has confirmed we have different IP addresses?

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