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Exactly how stupid are Labour?

Posted on May 11, 2010 by

The momentum behind a Lib-Lab coalition seems at the time of writing to be slipping away, as one braindead Labour MP or grandee after another comes out to argue against it in front of an eager media. If Labour's 1983 election manifesto was the longest suicide note in history, today's collected BBC News interviews could be among the shortest.

Because here's what happens if Labour retards like David Blunkett, John Reid, Tom Harris and Wee Dougie Alexander scupper this agreement.

1. There will be a massive, MASSIVE backlash against Labour in Scotland. Scotland as a nation votes overwhelmingly tactically against the Tories, as clearly seen in results like those of Jim Murphy (Lab) and Pete Wishart (SNP) on Thursday. The SNP have offered to support a progressive alliance aimed at keeping the Tories out, and if idiot Labour MPs are the ones who block it and let the Tories in, they will not be forgiven.

A poll a couple of weeks ago showed that support for Scottish independence would almost DOUBLE if the Tories won this election. If they win it in this particular manner, though, with Labour offered power on a plate by the SNP but throwing it back in their faces, that support could turn into a runaway train in the Holyrood general election due in less than 12 months.

Independence, or even just Labour losing a large number of seats in their biggest UK stronghold, would in itself almost end Labour's hopes of ever commanding a UK majority again.

2. It's said that the Labour dimwits opposing the Lib-Lab pact believe they can take advantage of a massively unpopular Tory government imposing terrifying cuts over the next five years, and therefore get back into power at a subsequent election. But the Tories have plans to deal with that.

Their manifesto pledge to reduce the number of MPs by equalising (ie gerrymandering) constituency sizes will favour the Tories enormously. Labour's chances of achieving a majority, however unpopular the Tories are, will grow still tinier. (And let's remember, the last time Labour tried this strategy they were out of power for EIGHTEEN YEARS.)

3. The Lib Dem vote is likely to crumble to dust if they blow this gilt-edged once-in-a-generation chance at securing power/PR. Their voters will – quite reasonably – react with disillusionment and disgust, and around twice as many Lib Dem marginals are fought against the Tories as against Labour. So the Tories are the most likely beneficiaries of a Lib Dem collapse, further locking in the prospect of a perpetual Tory majority.

All that, of course, is only the result for Labour itself. The results for the British electorate, well, they hardly bear thinking about.

If you live anywhere near Tom Harris, Douglas Alexander, David Blunkett or John Reid, do your country a favour and go round and punch them into a coma before it's too late, eh?

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    16 to “Exactly how stupid are Labour?”

    1. Karl says:

      It's nice to have a day off and just be able to follow this slow motion car crash.
      Labour will need their fucking heads checking if they don't get this deal done. The Conservatives are hoping to get away with a derisory offer, by pushing the media line that a Lab-Lib Government would be TERRIBLE and UNFAIR and UNCONSTITUTIONAL.
      Someone needs to give them a kick up the arse, soonish. Oh, and what's with the BBC news cunt interviewing Bradshaw right now? He's just attacking him, openly pro-Tory.

    2. Thomas Lawrence says:

      Would a referendum on  proper, non-AV form of PR ever pass the Commons, though? Even if a Lib-Lab coalition whipped for all it was worth? It seems like a lot of labour and Tory MPs are against it, and no surprises there as they benefit from the current system.

    3. RevStu says:

      It would take serious whipping, but I believe it would be achievable, yes. Particularly if someone beat the above column into their stupid fucking thick skulls.

    4. AJ says:

      I can't believe this. Why are members of the Labour party determined to commit political suicide? This is bizarre. I don't understand the reasoning behind dragging their feet or causing these problems.

    5. Karl says:

      Nick Clegg begs the country to stay with him –

    6. Jim says:

      I see 38 Degrees wants you to write to any and all Labour MPs opposed to the coalition and remind them of what they're passing up –

    7. RevStu says:

      "Nick Clegg begs the country to stay with him"


    8. AJ says:

      Stu's right, the video is gone now. Any other links to it?

    9. Karl says:

      Meh. Stupid Youtube. It's just a joke video I made. It works fine embedded on my site –

    10. Karl says:

      Hmmm… OK, the creepy lawyers have shut it down completely now. :S
      Obviously I am some kind of criminal and need to be silenced…

    11. Karl says:

      I'm guessing I'd be risking severe consequences from Google if I uploaded it to my blog as well…?
      Fucking penny-pinching bastards.

    12. joncfc says:

      I wonder what the Tory majority would be id Scotland was asked to leave the union…
      oh and stu? the 9 needs changing to an 8.

    13. joncfc says:

      the 1993 election manifesto? i thought it was 1983 with Michael Foot?

    14. RevStu says:

      Ah, so it was. Man, I'm WAY older than I thought.

    15. Toops says:

      Was thinking the exact same thing – almost as bad as if the human race couldn't see the wood from the trees when it comes to the planet and their self-destruction….oh wait it's already happened.

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