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The sunshine of socialism

Posted on October 30, 2015 by

We’re big fans of socialism ourselves, so when a number of delegates at the Scottish Labour conference today, including UK leader Jeremy Corbyn, revived an old Keir Hardie line we were quite excited.


We just thought it’d be more fun than this.















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      The sunshine of socialism | Speymouth

    161 to “The sunshine of socialism”

    1. R-type Grunt says:

      shower of shite > defined

    2. Auld Rock says:

      Oh such happy smiling faces and they’ve still to debate Trident.

      Auld Rock

    3. Henry says:

      This party is totally shit. I’ll go tae the kitchen – at least there’ll be food.

    4. Laird Lithgow says:

      Looks like a wake

    5. Itchybiscuit says:

      C’mon guys. They’re listening.

      To the death rattle of Labour in Scotland.

    6. Aileen Kane says:

      My Mum is an avowed advocate of not mocking the afflicted. But this is what apathy bred.

    7. One_Scot says:

      Kezia – ‘Where did it all go wrong, Mummy told me I was going to be a Princess’.

    8. davidb says:

      Total hall capacity 1731. Disnae look packed.

      Is Scotland 10% of the 600 odd thousand members Kez mentioned on QT ( iplayered cos I dont generally watch TV any more )? And Perth isn’t Aberdeen – hard to get to from the central belt and back.

      How many members does the branch have, and why were they not there to hear their inspirational leaders speak?

    9. gillie says:

      Imagine what it would be like if they were miserable.

    10. Ghillie says:

      The Night of the Living Dead.

      It is Halloween after all…

    11. yesindyref2 says:

      For some reason or other picture number 9 reminded me of the red team on one of those pub table football games.

    12. One_Scot says:

      Baillie – ‘I wonder if anyone will mind if I take the rest of those jam doughnuts home.’

    13. Dave McDave says:

      I reckon they’re all going to look just as happy after next year’s Holyrood results! Is this the dress-rehearsal?

    14. Anagach says:

      Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.

      And those above are just resting between disasters.

    15. yesindyref2 says:

      13: they appear to have had Alex Salmond there to give them some advice on having a party. I hope they learn something.

      14: “House. Oh sorry, there’s no number 10 for us”.

      15: “Love – Labour’s lost”

    16. Graham MacLure says:

      Looks as if they’re all waiting for Jackie Baillie to sing a suitable dirge.

    17. Donald MacKenzie says:

      Kezia told Brian Taylor that WoS was not a reputable source of information. On that basis we must conclude that the completely wrong interpretation has been applied to these pictures and that all those nice people are having such a ball that it’s been the best day out since …., eh, the last best day out.

    18. cearc says:

      Looks like a wake.

    19. stonefaction says:

      “If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands”.

    20. HandandShrimp says:

      It beats trapping your hand in a drawer


    21. yesindyref2 says:

      Corbyn: “She is the Leader of the Labour Party in Scotland”.

      He must have got the memo about the accounting unit.

    22. Macart says:

      Great googly moogly!

      If a picture paints a thousand words…

      Ms Lamont at the branch meeting I see and Scotland’s last living cryptid outside of Nessie, Mr Foulkes, slumming it with the commoners.

      No image of Mr Murphy?

      Astonishing. 😮

    23. AlbertaScot says:

      Kezzie looks like one of those long-suffering supervisors on the OAP outing to the shopping mall.

      Lot’s of snow on the roof out there. For those guys who still have a roof.

    24. Alastair says:

      The hall capacity is dependant on layout. They have an extended stage reducing numbers and it included hundreds in the balcony which, from the coverage was almost completely empty.

    25. Clydebuilt says:

      Why aren’t they happy? Folk doing something they believe in and is good for their country, you’d expect them to be very happy……… Why aren’t they happy?

    26. Nana Smith says:

      I’ve seen happier folk in the dentist’s waiting room.

    27. mealer says:

      Cearc 10.26

      It’s nae like any wake I’ve been too.

    28. Gavin MacMurray says:

      Shiny happy people,
      We’re on the road to nowhere,
      We’ve got the whole world in our hands (facepalms)

    29. That’s nae a wake they are the corpses.

    30. Grouse Beater says:

      It’s called Grouse Beater’s Law:

      The screen behind a conference speaker always gets larger and bigger commensurate with falling attendances.

      Ultimately, it arrives at one giant fathead speaking to a lone cleaner sweeping popcorn from under squeaky seats.

    31. donald anderson says:

      Where wuz Morph and Currant?

    32. David McDowell says:

      I thought BBC Scotland’s photo for Labour’s Scottish conference was a bit over the top:

    33. Morag says:

      Honestly, it’s got to the point when I hardly dare shut my eyes or relax for a minute at the SNP conference in case someone posts my photo as some bored, grumpy old biddy.

    34. galamcennalath says:

      If you were Scottish and a Labour apparatchik who had committed everything to the party which you believed would be around and ruling forever, what would you now do?

      Clearly, many are sticking with it, hoping against hope of a turn around.

      There must come a point where they realise the ba’s on the slate.

      What then? New party? Not much point in having a new Unionist party. So, join another Unionist party, perhaps?

      Or, join the majority of their previous voters on their quest for a level of self determination which is at a minimum far beyond anything WM will ever offer?

      Interesting times indeed.

    35. Taranaich says:

      I wish I could feel sympathy for them, with their wee sad faces, their sense of loss and confusion, wondering just how they got here.

      Then I remember the 19th of September 2014, when their faces were bright and cheery as our hearts were sundered, as they hugged Tories and Lib Dems in their glorious Triumph Over Nationalism. I don’t feel quite so sorry for them then. After all, officially, they still won the referendum. We’re still in the UK. The SNP took nearly every seat in Westminster – but we’re still in the UK. The SNP could take every seat in Holyrood, and we’d still be in the UK. Anything and everything the SNP do can and will be curtailed by the Labour politicians of England, not to mention the Tories.

      I’ve never seen such sad winners.

    36. yesindyref2 says:

      Corbyn: “You don’t need to be 500 miles away from Westminster to feel that.” *** Hey, get yer paws off “I would walk 500 miles

      Or is he moving towards YES?

      “And that’s why I stood to change our party. And people recognised that need for change.” *** 45% of people can’t be wrong.

      “Across the UK we now have over 380,000 members and, here in Scotland, the number of members and supporters has more than doubled to over 30,000.” *** Mostly joining to vote for Corbyn, but disqualified from doing so. Some apparently were SNP members …

      “I believe in the words that are written on all our membership cards” … valid only if you vote for the candidate we tell you to. *** “When the Scotland Bill goes through the House of Commons, the UK will become one of the most devolved nations in the world.” Shame about S******* all the same, more powers not included.

      “Our history is proud and can inform how we should react now, and what we could do in the future.” *** Be ashamed, be very ashamed, and Going back to Your Roots (Jeremy Corbyn as you’ve never seen him)

      Scotland has always demonstrated its international solidarity” *** … sending 56 SNP MPs down to Westminster.

      And, conference, we must remain united against what this Tory government in Westminster is doing:” *** and abstain.

      Why has it taken so long for the UK government to act?” *** Sigh. 13 years of Labour and 5 years of Tories, what did you expect?

      And friends, with the Tories attacking the tax credits and the incomes of working people, we need to renew our fight for decent wages.” A*** ad next time we’ll, ummm, abstain.

      And just look at the choices George Osborne is making:” *** and abstain.

      Oof, that’s enough for me. I t hink I’ll abstain from the rest.

    37. @David McDowell no David it,s people wanting their £3 membership fee back

    38. Michael McCabe says:

      They look like they only turned up for the Bingo. And have just been told some Reverend from Bath has won the National.

    39. Thepnr says:

      The last remaining socialist in the Labour party in Scotland has long since gone.

      The last remnants of their support will also be gone soon, next May will take care of that.

      Knowing this i’m not too surprised at the sour pusses on show. After all their once proud party is in tatters.

    40. Grouse Beater says:

      You look at those pouched and lined faces, the faces of pathetic pretendy Scots who sold their country out, who sided wholeheartedly with their supposed political enemies in order to defeat their countrymen’s only allowed attempt in three hundred years to attain full democracy, and you wonder how they have the temerity to turn up to a bus stop let alone a Labour conference and show their ugly faces.

    41. Pat says:

      I’m having trouble spotting any ex-MPs there, surely they’re still members of the Scottish labour party and would take an interest in what their Boss had to say.I would have thought Murphy or an Alexander would have been easy to spot.

    42. skozra says:

      I see many happy faces and many happy smiles in those pictures – good old (Scottish) Labour, looks like they’re having a right jolly old time. Do they have an entire weekend of that ? Strewth.

    43. Macandroid says:

      @Graham MacLure

      Waiting for Jackie Bailie to resemble a dirigible.

      “Not long now then”

    44. John Silver says:

      Cheap shot.

      You think you couldn’t do the same at any conference?

    45. Cadogan Enright says:

      There is more joie de vivre at any wake in any village on any night in my area. I’d say that the average corpse at any of these wakes would be having greater craic

      They don’t look happy to see each other and look like they don’t want to be there

      It’s the first time the mood of the Slab has caught the mood of the Country regarding their core ideas for a long time past

    46. Jamie Arriere says:

      Youz are my sunshine
      My only bloody sunshine
      You make me feckin happy (well nearly)
      When skies are goddamn bleedin grey
      You’ll never know ya basterts
      How much I….ocht Christ
      Please don’t take my sunshine away

      Ach on second thoughts, fire on MacDuff, get it oot ma fuckin sight!!

    47. tartanpigsy says:

      Irrelevance passing into further irrelevance ….

    48. Graf Midgehunter says:

      Pathologists interested in the mumification process will be loving this – so many exhibits..! 🙂

    49. David McDowell says:

      Ronald Russell at 11:02pm

      I stand corrected.

    50. Macandroid says:

      Murphy’s not there. His crates didn’t turn up.

      Cutbacks at Barrs to blame.

    51. Chitterinlicht says:

      Thing about Keir Hardie is 10 year ago labour never mentioned him.

      Now its like he is everywhere and Tony Blair never fuckn happened!


    52. ben madigan says:

      totally off topic -just taking the opportunity to wish everyone happy hallowe’en – enjoy the songs

    53. Clootie says:

      …why is the music “funeral march” going through my head as I look at these photo’s?

    54. Bob Mack says:

      They look as if they are awaiting the delivery of the Haemorrhoid cream

    55. One_Scot says:

      That’s the thing, the Scottish National Party wants to embrace Scotland’s future, whereas the ‘Scottish’ Labour party wants to hold Scotland in the past.

      However the problem for unionists is that the past soon disappears over the horizon.

    56. heedtracker says:

      They probably just thought they were getting to see a reduced price matinee show of Spectre.

      It’s nae bad too.

    57. yesindyref2 says:

      Mmm, apparently, Nicola Sturgeon was invited as a guest speaker but declined as she wasn’t used to so many empty seats.

    58. Lesley-Anne says:

      Was it cold wet and pouring with rain outside the *ahem* conference then? 😉

      I can not think of any other reason for the *cough* attendees to all look so dour … oh wait a minute this is what passes as a Labour conference in S******d these days isn’t it! 😀

    59. JohnG says:

      I do hope George remembered to bring his hip flask.

    60. Pat says:

      @ John Silver 11.11

      Your’re right of course, so I tried that google thing.

      Oh, perhaps you’re not right after all.

    61. arthur thomson says:

      The way they look is the way they have made their fellow Scots look for generations. Hell mend them.

    62. heedtracker says:

      It’s quite a moving photo Kez though. Makes you wonder what she’s really feeling like behind all the red tory BBC sound bite bullshit she has to try and sell.

      But then she’s knows if she keeps going, she’s in the House of Lords before you can say arise Baroness Dugdale of Regent Street.

    63. Itchybiscuit says:

      I completely understand those who say ‘it’s a bit of a fit up – all those grumpy heids and not a smile to be seen’.

      I agree with your premise. As a photon mangler myself, I could easily have done the same. However. (There’s always one of those) Don’t you think it captures the zeitgeist? It’s pretty obvious that Labour are holed below the waterline and are likely to sink come next May. Imagine what could have been done with photographs of conference attendees having a good old knees-up, grinning and patting themselves on the back? I wish to put on record that I would have thought they were all bonkers given the state of the party in Scotland.

      Just a thought – deposits are refundable upon request. ;o)

    64. Mudfries says:

      Jeez o man! that’s the kind of party I never want an invite to!!!!

    65. Chitterinlicht says:

      No sympathy

      Decades they had the Scottish vote.


    66. Kennedy says:

      They are doomed and they know it.

      They have played all their cards and lost. They have nothing left to play.

      Lie lie Labour = bye bye Labour.

      Roll on Holyrood elections and local elections.

      There will be a record turnout for the local elections.

    67. Ian says:

      Interesting that Kez is described by Corbyn as “the leader of the Labour Party in Scotland” despite later references to the “Scottish Labour Party”.

      I’m sure only a real pedant would infer anything from those statements.

    68. Kennedy says:

      Stu, no captions for the photos?

      Are you getting sentimental in your old age?

    69. Rob James says:


      “A picture paints a thousand words” sums up the camera shot of the audience after Dippity’s speech on QT last night. However, the dumbfounded audience appeared to be on my wavelength and only four words sprung to mind. “Is she for real?”


      “I’ve seen happier folk in dentists’ waiting rooms.”

      You may have hit a nerve there, (excuse the pun), but getting a straight answer from slab is like trying to draw teeth.

    70. Stoker says:

      R-type Grunt wrote: “shower of shite”

      I second that motion!

    71. Wuffing Dug says:

      @Arthur Thomson @11.28

      Hell won’t mend them.

      They are too far gone.

      To the last, I grapple with thee; From Hell’s heart, I stab at thee; For hate’s sake, I spit my last breath at thee.

    72. Mandy Lawson says:

      probably more fun having your ears syringed…..!

    73. The Man in the Jar says:

      Whit no wee shouty guy “Sticking it to the bloody SNP” Im fair disappointed. He was the highlight of the conference last year.

    74. Gary45% says:

      I think you meant, If your happy and you know it crap yourself, (going by the look on the faces from Halloween central HQ).
      Going by the look on Max Walls face, they should be playing the music from the old Hamlet cigar advert.

    75. Wuffing Dug says:

      @Stoker, was thinking that too 1st comment from r type nailed it.


      Fertile ground there for meme generator 🙂

    76. Angus McDonald says:

      The last photo depicts Keza in her “I want to be alone moment”, I’d do the needful, and leave her to it.

      I second that motion! 😉

    77. scotsbob says:

      We are in for a real treat tomorrow. The BBC is broadcasting a full two hours of these people.

      For those better at thinking up jokes than me, that’s tomorrow, Halloween.

    78. dakk says:

      Nice collage Stuart.

      And from the look of Miss Dugdale’s restyle,I think we may presume her crimper is a good Scot with a sense of patriotic duty as well as humour.

    79. Al-Stuart says:

      That load of photographs of these political zombies is such a sad end to a once decent and principled political party.

      Heavens, there are more folk at my local constituency SNP Branch meeting on a Thursday night than that whole Labour Party conference.

      I suppose that is what happens when the true colours of New Labour come out.

      For example here is a fact: Blair and his cronies employed commercial disability-deniers: ATOS, and in the process gave Tory henchman Iain Duncan-Smith his best ever present.

      I have a friend who was disabled and died of a massive heart attack thanks to New Labour and their welfare reforms so heartlessly adopted by the Tories.

      Today in The National on page 22 there was a stark warning in the form of an article by Fiona Robertson.

      In essence all those people at the Scottish Labour conference are guilty by association with the Tories and LibDems – they all have blood on their hands. The old adage, “Evil triumphs when good men – and women – fail to act” applies here.

      This lot of Labour failures and their Tory friends plus the right wing press are something Goebells would be pleased with. If in doubt, just read The National page 22 (30 Oct) and see what these disgusting people are really up to.

      Fair play to The National for having the decency and bottle to expose these political sociopaths and psychopaths.

      Even the UK Tory government’s own figures (which Duncan-Smith lied about and said they didn’t collate these), show that so far 30,560 severely disabled people have died when the DWP* said they should go and get a job. Presumably digging holes in the local graveyard. We aren’t yet at the showerblock construction and Zyklon B stage, but it’s getting frighteningly close to becoming acceptable to kill cripples.


    80. mike cassidy says:

      Clearly just been told its bacon sandwiches on the menu — made by Mrs Cameron!

    81. Brian Mac says:

      if they’re ever looking for bit actors for the Zombie apocalypse….

    82. Fiona says:

      What has happened to Jim Murphy? I haven’t heard of him for ages

    83. Tackety Beets says:

      Is the good Dr. in ?

      Nae sign o the good Dr Scott Arthur ? Did he not get the Memo from BBC Hq ?
      Seams like a severe lack of the Ex MPs too ?

      RS tonight , did you see Ruthie running ahead o the wee bairns ? Priceless , they all had to jog slowly and keep an eye on Ruthie in case they overtook her .

      I had to watch it twice , ach its my wrapped sense o humour.

    84. Anne Bruce says:

      According to Daniel Sanderson, the Herald Political Correspondent, Labour’s Scottish branch is holding it’s conference in Aberdeen. See his column. If he’s in Aberdeen what conference is he attending? Aren’t Labour’s delegates in Perth?

    85. manandboy says:

      This isn’t a Labour party conference, it’s a wake.
      We know it. They know it. Everyone knows it.
      But in the UK, no one is allowed to say that.
      In the UK, it is not permitted to speak the truth.

      UK 2015 is just a pantomime depicting North Korea.

    86. Almannysbunnet says:

      For anyone who missed Kezia’s “wall of silence” on question time, enjoy!

    87. Craig MachAonghais says:

      Looks like the ninth circle of hell…appropriate as that one, according to Dante, is reserved for treachery…something Labour is no stranger to having gladly screwed over their core constituency for years.

    88. Andrew McLean says:

      Just watched question time, ok so I work funny shifts, and I don’t control the remote!
      Some questions
      1. What happens to the killer question have well got amnesia! Did the kill switch on my chip fail, and when asked that question did the person who made that statement shake her head? She implicated the person making the assertion lied? But she made the statement or has my chip malfunctioned?
      2. how long in fact was the statement by Ms Dugdale and the silence that followed and the comment by the host, I saw two posts, how long was it in fact?
      3. Ok so we are accused that we don’t level criticism as SNP members so how come the SNP guy demanded that Kezia demand of Ian that he must vote against trident? WTF! Well thank fuck Kezia is a fuckwit as well cos she sat there nodding like the daft mut in the back of the insurance advert, Jesus wept actual obliteration of our species and our politicians are muppets!
      Glad hey were wearing their poppies

      Least we forget
      In the going down of the sun
      And in the morning
      We will remember them

      Or perhaps we will wear it as a fashion statement, the burka for the new cause!

      And in the morning we will remember them, those who grow not old, age dose not weary them like us, who remember!

      We fight not for vallor or queen and country but for our mates beside us,

      That’s why I will wear a poppy but not yet, I need no rememberence from you! My heart remembers! And why!

    89. Derek McLean says:

      Who are all of those people? And what significance do they have? And why are we talking about them?

    90. Paul says:

      In all honesty, what might they have to be happy about?
      The further delay of the Chilcot Report perhaps…?

    91. K1 says:

      Pat @11.27pm, Nice riposte 🙂

    92. MJT says:

      Not laughing at them, but I got no sympathy, and pity is the basest coin. They coasted for years on easy street, and they’ve damaged our nation for decades. They are bereft of ideas and fresh new blood. They are moribund. They are betwixt denial and bargaining.

      Their allies in the media are an embarrassment to these shores and our people. They are intellectual plankton and we all deserve better. I believed in a New Scottish Enlightenment ten years ago, still do, more than ever.

      I spend most of my time in Ibrox, Govan, Maryhill, Kirkcaldy, Pittenweem and Ainster…on the downside, I see shops, pubs, hotels boarded up, prawn boats, no fishing boats – indicators of declining wealth. The upside, I see people waking up, rising up, wising up and helping their neebors.

      I’m not fuckin laughin right this second, but not for the same reasons those miserable buggers arnie and I’ll be laughing tomorrow no doubt. Anger (well placed) is an energy and the floating grey abundance is our palace of conscience and the difference between us and them is we have brains, and fresh ideas, and open minds and hearts…and the kids are with us and they are the future.

      The folks in they photos are what losing looks like. It’s not over but we’re coming. Their chests are made of tracing paper and we’re filling up on fire and steel. We’re gonna make Scotland a better place, for all of us. Them too. They won’t thank us, but that’s not why we’re doin it.

    93. K1 says:

      James Kelly (oor wan) over at Scot goes pop, has a little poll going, 2 questions:

      Should the pro Independence movement ostracise Tommy Sheridan?

      In the EU referendum will you vote to ‘remain’ or leave’?

    94. K1 says:

      Well said MJT, well said.

    95. DerekM says:

      in the name of the wee man what a right miserable bunch.

      Ha i remember the days when they could pack any building in Scotland now they couldnt pay me to attend.

      Is it just me or does there appear to be a distinct lack of young people at this party ,it looks like a tory conference the only thing missing is the Hyacinth Bucket Maggie Thatcher clone blue rinse brigade tutting and doing their knitting in between some casual racism about those pesky immigrants.

    96. Petra says:

      MJT says at 1:42 am

      ”Not laughing at them, but I got no sympathy, and pity is the basest coin. They coasted for years on easy street, and they’ve damaged our nation for decades. They are bereft of ideas and fresh new blood. They are moribund. They are betwixt denial and bargaining.

      Their allies in the media are an embarrassment to these shores and our people. They are intellectual plankton and we all deserve better. I believed in a New Scottish Enlightenment ten years ago, still do, more than ever.

      I spend most of my time in Ibrox, Govan, Maryhill, Kirkcaldy, Pittenweem and Ainster…on the downside, I see shops, pubs, hotels boarded up, prawn boats, no fishing boats – indicators of declining wealth. The upside, I see people waking up, rising up, wising up and helping their neebors.

      I’m not fuckin laughin right this second, but not for the same reasons those miserable buggers arnie and I’ll be laughing tomorrow no doubt. Anger (well placed) is an energy and the floating grey abundance is our palace of conscience and the difference between us and them is we have brains, and fresh ideas, and open minds and hearts…and the kids are with us and they are the future.

      The folks in they photos are what losing looks like. It’s not over but we’re coming. Their chests are made of tracing paper and we’re filling up on fire and steel. We’re gonna make Scotland a better place, for all of us. Them too. They won’t thank us, but that’s not why we’re doin it.”

      Absolutely brilliant MJT. Thanks so very much for that.

    97. Sandy Henderson says:

      Lack of “retired Labour MPs & former associated staff.
      No expense account now.

    98. chris kilby says:


    99. chris kilby says:

      Jackie Baillie doesn’t look quite so smug now. I wonder why…?

    100. chris kilby says:

      Or George Foulkes.

    101. Sandy Henderson says:

      Chris K; Re.Jackie Baillie.
      She’s come up against more convincing liars!!!

    102. manandboy says:

      Independence isn’t going to be quick and it ain’t going to be easy; but it is do-able; self-determination is our right; Independence is a must. But it’s going to take resolve – a rock solid act of will and determination to get it done.

      It may include suffering, but so does child-birth, and a thousand other things. We can do suffering; it’s in our genes. For a short time, it might cost us, as we deal with our fears, but it won’t kill us. Fear is our worst enemy. Fight it; do not embrace it, as many do.

      Living in an Independent country is normal, and a lot more besides. Being told every day ‘you can’t do this, you can’t do that’ is soul destroying. It’s slavery. Independence is the beginning of freedom.

      Let’s make it happen. Vote SNP/SNP and free Scotland.

    103. ClanDonald says:

      Dugdale vows to restore tax credits to Scots if she wins Scottish Election:

    104. Macart says:

      A few folks above have mentioned it and so will I.

      By all means sympathize for the plight Labour finds itself in, but feel no pity. They had our loyalty and our vote for decades. We put them into the very position the SNP now enjoys and we did so for a reason. They were to be our voice and our protectors.

      We gave them trust, responsibility, power and privilege. They gave us illegal war, corruption, media manipulation, PFIs, ALEOs, nepotism, mismanaged deindustrialization, economic carnage and poverty. They went to Westminster to confront the establishment in our name, to fight for social justice, bring down class barriers and then became part of the establishment themselves. For every single thing they achieved that was a step forward, their actions in their pursuit of yet more power and access turned those achievements to ash and they took three steps backward.

      They betrayed their care of duty and they betrayed us. Those people broke our hearts at every level of government. The most recent example and the final cut being their actions during the independence referendum. The actions they took, the strategies they employed against their own electorate were unforgivable.

      What they are experiencing now is as nothing compared to what the public have endured for over four decades. Well, what we gave them, we are now taking away and giving to another. There’s a lesson there for any political party acting as our representatives and they’d be well advised to learn it.

      People are done with ‘politics as it is practiced’ in the UK. The electorate are tired of being used as political coinage or considered acceptable collateral damage in party ‘games’. We’re people, THE people, human beings and our lives and our democracy matters to us. If those descriptors ‘don’t compute’ one person to another, then there is one other title to which the public lay claim.

      We are their EMPLOYERS and the political class ultimately answer to US.

      Labour made a choice. The Labour party in Scotland made a choice. What is happening now is a direct result of THEIR choice. The measures now taken by the public are a simple, unpleasant and necessary chore, but one that has to be completed before we can move forward IMO. Spring cleaning for politics as it were.

      If people want the governance of their country back in their own hands? If they want to put the service back into their public servants and a parliament and government that answers to them? Then pity has to be put to one side. It must be saved for those far more deserving. Those who struggle under our current system, the poor, the dispossessed, the literally starving. The mark of any society lies in how they treat the least fortunate.

      Labour and the other establishment parties have cast these people aside as undeserving. They did so without any pity and in pursuit of their own goals. They deserve none in return.

      Spring cleaning resumes in May 2016.

    105. Clootie says:


      Well said!

    106. john king says:

      OMG that is JUST what I looked like when I realised I had just put petrol in my diesel car the other day,
      what happened?
      it must have ben awful!

    107. john king says:

      “Baillie – ‘I wonder if anyone will mind if I take the rest of those jam doughnuts home.’”

      Meh, you might as well take the sausage rolls and the egg sandwiches as well,
      no point in wasting them. 🙁

    108. john king says:

      John Silver
      “Cheap shot.”

      Cheap shot?
      cheap shot?
      no I’ll tell what a cheap shot is pal shall I?

      A cheap shot is coming out (within purdah) with a “VOW” which they had absolutely NO intention of fulfilling!

      A cheap shot is telling pensioners they’ll lose their pensions the minute we get independence!

      A cheap shot is telling people in need of a kidney that they wont get one from the rUK!

      A cheap shot is telling a country half owner of the pound that it cant have it!

      A cheap shot is cajoling Supermarkets and banks into blackmailing the people to vote no!

      Dont fucking tell US what a cheap shot is PAL!

      now DO ONE!

    109. bugsbunny says:

      Is that a Union Jack that cunt Foulkes is wearing? And as for that third photo, “Who ate the pies, who ate all the pies, you fat bastard, you fat bastard, you ate all the pies”.


    110. Free Scotland says:

      Why all the empty seats? Are these pics the real answer to the question about membership numbers here in Scotland?

    111. yesindyref2 says:

      Do posters have to make such disgusting personal comments about people?

    112. MajorBloodnok says:

      Rev, you’re confused. Judging by the grey heads and sad faces those are pictures from the Tory Party conference, and look what happened to them in Scotland. Oh.

    113. Free Scotland says:

      Quotation from Corbyn’s speech:

      “I have hugely enjoyed working with Kezia Dugdale. She is the Leader of the Labour Party in Scotland.”

      I wonder why he felt he had to mention that. Was it for the benefit of the mini-bus full of supporters who were bussed up from Liverpool?

    114. Grouse Beater says:

      Corbyn: “Dugdale is the Leader of the Labour Party in Scotland.”

      As a concierge is owner of the hotel.

    115. Tackety Beets says:

      JK @ 6.39 am

      “Cheap shot”

      Well said and that list could have gone on and on .

      Not wishing to devalue anything but the phrase “Lest we forget” comes to mind.

      I’m still awaiting comments / reaction from my contacts down sourf on Thursdays #Silence.

      That audience will not see it as a cheap shot .

      I still think many of us on here have not actually grasped the enormity of what has happened in the last 18 months.

      Next May is going to be a very very telling moment and John Silver and his ilk will never remove our sense of humour.

    116. The Isolator says:

      Grouse Beater says:
      31 October, 2015 at 7:53 am
      Corbyn: “Dugdale is the Leader of the Labour Party in Scotland.”

      We know that wee Kez doesnae have any input intae policy but the outrageous thing is either does he by the sounds of it.

      Two hapless idiots with a hand each on the tiller of the rat infested not so good Labour ship heading for the rocks.

      Happy days!

    117. frogesque says:


      Agreed, we can all be passionate and even take the piss when appropriate but personal insults do harm to YES.

      We are a positive movement with everything to be positive about so laugh at the poor demented wee souls by all means, just lay off with the personal. We don’t want an Indy#3, we really really don’t.

    118. mike cassidy says:

      Maybe they know Big Sister is watching them!

    119. Almannysbunnet says:

      Anyone feeling pity for labour just google “scottish labour celebrate no vote” and click on images!
      Some of those images are burned into my memory. Pity? Never!

    120. Les Wilson says:

      Well if this is on for 2hrs tomorrow on BBC, they are going to need extra busloads of replacements brought in, as who could last

      Jackie Bailey slavering, sorry singing, a solo of keep the red flag flying high, would just finish it off for me.

    121. Robert Peffers says:

      @John Silver says: 30 October, 2015 at 11:11 pm:

      “Cheap shot.

      You think you couldn’t do the same at any conference.

      Well, Long John, here’s an even cheaper shot. Why do you not do the same with the recent SNP conference if it is so easy?

    122. gordoz says:

      @John Silver

      So who said the No side don’t read wings pppfffff !

    123. SonOfAGunn says:

      They are doomed. Why? Because there isn’t a public servant amongst them. There isn’t one of them motivated by the greater good. What is good for Scotland. Labour was purely a path to the top for so many ambitious but unremarkable types. They can’t believe their bad luck now that path leads off the edge of a cliff. There is no one with the guts and the vision and the talent to save them. Only journeymen no longer sure of where they are going.

    124. Lenny Hartley says:

      O/T Murray on bbc news 30k member and supporters, so it does include those members who have joined the Branch Office in Scotland to get a cheap pint.

      Thought the dippy dug read wings, it doesn’t sink in then, otherwise she would know that using the tax powers would result in reduced block grant.

      I’m in Iceland so I can watch the BBC live, tell you what, I’m glad I don’t watch it anymore, it’s pish.

    125. chris kilby says:

      You reap what you sow.

    126. r esquierdo says:

      I do wish that the wingers would stop chastising people with learning difficulties

    127. Helena Brown says:

      So that is what irrelevance looks like.
      Now we all know the truth, Labour Party in Scotland, well we all knew that didn’t we.
      No sympathy, they have none why should we.

    128. X_Sticks says:

      Were they handing out free bags of wasps to chew as the delegates entered?

      @Nana – usual sot on links. Hadn’t spotted the Apache find. Another 70million barrels of oil that’ll be running out any day now.

      Some superb comments btl from the usual reprobates 😀

    129. Gary45% says:

      As the EBC are going to be broadcasting this pish for two hours today, expect red tories from dan saf to be transported in to swell the numbers in the hall.

      What a “cheap shot” by HiHo Silver.

    130. Effijy says:

      Good Old Reliable Distorted view of the SLabour Conference
      on the EBC this morning.

      Well trained cameraman zooming in to a more densely occupied seating area, trying to avoid the reality that the hall is half empty.

      Another bit of the charade involves an on-site interview with Ian Murray. They seem to have perched him up on a high level far from any scenes emptiness below, but the sound effects team seem to have an on-tap background noise that would suggest that thousands are thronging to get in.

      Who ever made the noise, certainly didn’t take a seat.

      To be fair, some maybe did enter the hall, see some of those glum faces and decided to seek counselling else where.

      Anyone else find it strange that the EBC reporter didn’t ask for any detail of how Dipity Dug was going to save Scotland from the latest welfare cuts. She did add that it would come from Scotland’s new tax raising powers, but that doesn’t make any sense as Westminster have locked that mechanism so that any change to the rate must be applied to everyone, i.e. Increase the tax on the rich, you increase the tax on the poor.

      I can see her plan being to make the poor pay additional Taxes that can be returned in welfare credits.
      In other words they will not be a penny better off, but technically they have not suffered a Welfare cut.

    131. Bob Mack says:

      @MJT @1.42.

      Wow. Showed your words to my other half.We both ended up misty eyed. Thank you.

    132. Gary45% says:

      The real reason for the glum faces is, as its nearly Guy Fawkes the members were promised fireworks, and all they got was Duggers trying to light her own farts on the stage,going by her expression they might have been damp.

    133. Gary45% says:

      Nice One

    134. Nana Smith says:


      Were they handing out free bags of wasps to chew as the delegates entered?

      That’s a cracker!

      Re the links,the threads move so fast sometimes I think folks are missing some good stuff.

    135. farnorthdavie says:

      @bugsbunny 6:41am

      You really don’t do us any favours with that. Also the union jack is what is flown on ships.

    136. Helena Brown says:

      I know this has been said many times before but we need a like button but as we do not have one may I commend Macart at 5.33am (how you do it Macart is beyond me at that hour) and John King at 6.39am (similar John) the anger spoke for me and I imagine has for many others.

    137. Clydebuilt says:

      Taranaich “I’ve never seen such sad winners”……. It’s sunk in at last ……. To win they’ve shafted their country …….. Their winning has equated to Blue Tory Rule……. And it’s looking as if it’s for ever…….. They want us to believe they are unpopular because :
      1. they sided with the Tories during the referendum.
      2. They’re a branch office.

      These festering egits are finished because they’ve landed Scotland with Blue Tory Rule, for generations.

      At the next Westminister election The Blue Tories will bring out the same tactics they used this time but instead of The SNP Wagging The Red Tories Tail, it’ll be The Scottish Branch Office, instead of Nicola and Alex picking the pockets of English Folk. It’ll be Rowley and Dugdale

      autonomous Scottish Labour Party = Tory Rule For Ever

    138. Valerie says:

      Great comments,it’s all been said.

      I only disagree with comments about feeling pity or cheap shots.

      I laughed at these pics, bearing in mind how Labour have ripped the p***, for decades in power, in this country, surpassed only by their behaviour last year.

      Hurry up and die SLab.

    139. Dewar says:

      I heard that keep the red flag flying was being replaced this year…

    140. Chic McGregor says:

      Surely the most appropriate Song would be Susan Boyle’s hit from Les Miserables?

      Sing along now…

      “I dreamed a dream in time gone by
      When hope was high and life worth living”

    141. Almannysbunnet says:

      Inspirational stuff from MJT at 1:42.

      I’m with you. pity this lot? Nah.

    142. Fred says:

      When does the Fat Lady get to sing in support of Trident one wonders? and has the Lord George Robertson turned up at conference after voting for the Tories in the Tax Credits scandal.

      @John King, petrol in a diesel engine not too bad. Did this masel, take it for a run then add more diesel, the motor ran great. 🙂

    143. Bill says:

      They called us racist, nazi, scum and a virus: I’ll never let them forget.

      Labour still Directors of Better Together Ltd.

    144. Macart @ 5.33am.
      Very well put Mac. For me however, who has never voted Labour, I cannot even summon up any sympathy.

    145. Rab Dickson says:

      Guy in photo 6 is imagining shooting himself in the mouth

    146. robertknight says:

      For Foulkes’ sake, why on earth was the vermin in ermine forced to sit and listen to the entire ‘SNP-bad’ diatribe? Hadn’t the bar opened by this stage in the proceedings? Poor sod, better take him a flask of something 43%ABV or stronger before he becomes completely desiccated.

    147. Tackety Beets says:

      Alex @ 11.19 etc

      I have never voted Labour in ma puff.
      I have supported iScotland even in the anticipation that we would probably have a Labour GVT.

      Well the SLab dafties blew it.

      Worse still the SNP over all seam to do a good job hence the broad church of apeal and support. The SNP seam to be able to judge what is best for us and it disnae matter whose idea it was or whether its a left or right policy,as long as it is the more sensible policy.

      Never has the phrase “You reap what you sow” been more applicable to all parties.

    148. Macart says:


      When you’re angry enough time of day doesn’t enter in to it and these days I seem to have a near permanent mad on for those shysters.

      @Alex Beveridge

      Haven’t voted for Labour for nigh on thirty odd years Alex, not since the early eighties. I was brought up in the coal belt and Labour was what you knew. It didn’t take long after 79 for the mists to clear on party politics.

    149. Iain More says:

      That is another broken rib from laughing so much. I think the BBC will be sacking that cameraman.

    150. Are the young labour voters having their own meeting

    151. Angra Mainyu says:

      Spring time, for Corby, and Engerrrland…

    152. Graham MacLure says:

      Macandroid at 11.09 30/10/14

      LOL. They could call her “Sloop Jackie B”

    153. Sooz says:

      For God’s sake, will NO-ONE give them some popcorn?

    154. bugsbunny says:

      Did someone say the other day that Dugdale tried to pull a fast one at FMQ’s concerning the murder of the young boy at Cults Academy? Call me naive, but even I didn’t think she would scrap that particular barrel, if true.


    155. Andy-B says:

      Wow! Looks like a bundle of laughs, I’ve seen more smiles at the dentist.

    156. Christian Schmidt says:

      Cheap. Sorry but it is

    157. andy W says:

      I see Adam West from family guy is there. Unfortunately, he would do a better job for Aberdeen than councillor Willie young.

    158. Will Podmore says:

      yesindyref2 asked, “Do posters have to make such disgusting personal comments about people?”
      Fair question – you should always consider how other people might view your comments. Personal abuse reflects badly on the abuser, not the abused.

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