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The snake that ate its own tail

Posted on November 27, 2022 by

It’s nice to see the British media (and perhaps, if we might be allowed to dream for a moment, the law) catching up with Michelle Mone.

It’s such a shame nobody did any proper investigative journalism into what a crooked, venal chancer she is before now – seven years ago or even four years ago, say – or the country might have been saved a few billion quid. Ah well, you live and learn, eh?

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230 to “The snake that ate its own tail”

  1. Bob Mack says:

    What an uplifting article!! Sorry.

  2. stuart mctavish says:

    In a personal tribute to the great Doddie Wier I’d imagine that the root of the concern is that medical experts were all over the place when the handwashing advice didnt sound serious enough and Boris was obliged to engage the services of the biggest chest expert he could find.

    Fantastic news for Scotsmen, imho, that, over and above his own expertise, all the kingsmen and all the kings ladies must have recommended a proud bonny Scottish lass for the job at hand.

  3. Mia says:

    And this is the kind of unprincipled, dishonest, unethical, self-serving characters the crown, through its executive, appoints to the HoLs in order to protect its status and its own self-serving interests by maintaining the status quo.

    And yet, no matter how dishonourable these people are, it is a given they will be addressed as “honourable” within a chamber, which since 1707 has progressed to become the world’s biggest graveyard of parachuted political rejects. An insult to the face of any 21st century democracy.

  4. Jo says:

    It’s about time the truth about her was revealed if she was an independence supporter the dirty laundry would have been aired long before now.

  5. Confused says:

    Westminster often comes off like a corrupt wild west show, but it does have rules, which often catch people out, hilariously. I mean you can sortof “do what thou wilt” but not-quite; outsiders and the psychologically unbalanced get it wrong – Jeffrey Archer, Jonathon Aitken and now – here’s hoping Michelle Mone might just get a huckling for a “grift too far” (*) – supposedly she trousered 28M and thought putting it in a trust would shield it.

    * – to be made into a feature film by arthouse director Windinf-Refn; Tom Hardy is to play Michelle, undergoing surgery to do so, thus eclipsing de Niro’s weight-trick in Raging Bull.

    She is an incredible woman, for anyone wanting to do a psychology PhD; “will to power”, “self actualisation”, “the over-(wom)-man”, “self created” – it’s all there, a selection box of mental conditions. I am sure her life will be made into a film one day, and here’s hoping it is Prisoner : Cell Block H.

    As a peer, she can be tried in the House of Lords, imagine.

    We should never forget that her original grift was down to a crime against nature : making small-titted women look like bigger titted woman.


  6. PacMan says:


    It was mentioned BTL in last post but I wonder if an unintended consequence of the Supreme court ruling of reducing Scotland to a colony of the UK could also be used to argue that England, Wales and Northern Ireland are the same?

    Given the size of England in the UK, on a practical level it would mean little but in an international level it could amplify the already present pressure on international sports bodies having to justify allowing the ‘Home nations’ to compete in such events.

    Interesting times ahead..

  7. PhilM says:

    Well now that it’s all coming out, I hope we won’t be subject to any public hand-wringing from all those Tory nobs crying over all that spilled milk. To all those members in both Houses: how could you have been so blind to someone whose assets were clearly artificially inflated?

  8. PacMan says:

    Confused says: 27 November, 2022 at 12:04 pm

    Westminster often comes off like a corrupt wild west show, but it does have rules, which often catch people out, hilariously. I mean you can sortof “do what thou wilt” but not-quite; outsiders and the psychologically unbalanced get it wrong – Jeffrey Archer, Jonathon Aitken and now – here’s hoping Michelle Mone might just get a huckling for a “grift too far” (*) – supposedly she trousered 28M and thought putting it in a trust would shield it.

    Westminster is absolute corruption under the veneer of respectability.

    That illusion of ‘respectability’ is only achieved by playing by certain rules where the establishment will get covered up by a compliant media.

    If those who don’t play by the rules and are outsiders then they will get thrown to the wolves to show the respectability of the system.

  9. John Main says:

    I hope to live long enough to one day see Rev Stu nationally, maybes even internationally, recognised for his unique and years-ahead-of-the-pack services to journalism.

    I don’t see that as ever happening within a UK context. Sadly, right now I don’t see it as happening within a Scottish context either.

  10. solarflare says:

    Bob Mack says:
    27 November, 2022 at 11:50 am
    What an uplifting article!! Sorry.


    I’ll get my coat.

  11. Stoker says:

    Mia says on 27 November 2022 at 11:55 am: “And this is the kind of unprincipled, dishonest, unethical, self-serving characters the crown, through its executive, appoints to the HoLs in order to protect its status and its own self-serving interests by maintaining the status quo.”

    I’m afraid, as despicable a lying self-serving chancer that Michelle Mone is, she is one of the more mildly corrupt inhabitants of that unelected medieval cesspit. Nothing worthy of mention will happen to her, her pals will make sure of that.

    Someone stated on here just the other day that she was being “thrown under the bus”. I’d say it’s more like being thrown under a Monster Truck, the threat is apparently frightening but there’s ample clearance to make sure no harm comes to her.

    Just as long as she lays down properly. 😉

  12. Robert Hughes says:

    It’s the sheer greed , the pathological money-lust that smacks the gob .

    Here’s someone who was already rich beyond most peoples’ – including her own , previous – dreams . Yet , that wasn’t enough , she had to gorge herself on another – publicly-funded – glutinous banquet .

    It will be * interesting * to see if she’s the only sick-fuck beneficiary of the Great Covid Cash Give-Away to get ( as Confused says above ) huckled .

    There are quite a few others who – if there’s still a functioning legal system in the UK ( hmmmm ) should be keeping her company in jail .

    Assuming , of course , she , and the rest are not capable of buying their way out of facing the consequences of their actions

  13. Stoker says:

    Meant to add this the other day when England’s Supreme Court put Scotland back in its box. It’s a small matter but nevertheless important.

    That Supreme Court “ruling” makes official that every one of those National referendum headlines that Stuart has pinned up on this site for posterity a blatant lie.

    Wingers of course knew that all along thanks to Wings Over Scotland but it’s always nice to have such things confirmed. Will the Sturgeon sycophants now come out with their hands in the air and apologise for all their attacks on WOS and Stuart Campbell?

    I’ll not be holding my breath. In fact, i think i’m going to have to invest in some heavy-duty breathing apparatus as the obfuscation, denials and misleading justifications become suffocating.

  14. Garrion says:

    Useful Idiot. We seem to do an inexhaustible line in them up here…

  15. Geoff Anderson says:

    I thought that behaviour was a requirement to enter the Lords. A bit like burning a £50 note in front of a homeless person.

  16. Lollysmum says:

    As I understand it her bank accounts with HSBC have been frozen so no access to funds there. Lets hope she has a mattress stuffed full of notes to keep her going in the life to which she has become accustomed whilst she waits for the pretty obvious outcome of being cleared by the rest of the grifters in the Lords.

    All Lords courtesy of their doing favours for the parties & senior ministers. The difference between them & her is she is Scottish so an example to be held up & paraded whist implying that Scots are no better than rUK grifters.

    Given the fact that the Lords tend to look down on us lesser mortals, what’s the betting that there’s more than a few breathing a huge sigh of relief that it was her not them being thrown to the wolves. Now they know they’re off the hook & are free to carry on business as usual. Rinse & repeat ad infinitum!

    I assume she didn’t know where any of the bodies were buried so couldn’t arrange protection for her transgressions.That much tells you she was sacrificed for the good of the institution.Hopefully Karma takes it’s revenge.

  17. J Galt says:

    No wonder “they” protect their narrative of the last 3 years so assiduously!

    What a glorious boondoggle it was – for the few!

  18. Republicofscotland says:

    Michelle Mone is a nasty piece of work and deserves her just comeuppance.

    Meanwhile this must be read by all, it gives a clear picture on the great theft of Scottish assets, and how we’ve been lied to, also ignorance has played it part as well.

    “It sets out the evidence that Scotland while in a political and economic Union was never in a territorial Union.”

  19. Derek says:

    Private Eye have been oh her case regarding PPE for some time. The trouble is – I think – that those who ultimately awarded thoe PPE contracts to their mates and party donors are also (now, or still) in government and are doing their best to protect those same mates and donors.

  20. Ottomanboi says:

    Without this costly government panic «initiative» she wouldn’t have had the opportunity.
    But spending citizens’ taxes on «junk» is what governments are about.
    On the junk thème, the Brit prestige aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth adds to vital UK defence activity in the High North sic, deepening cooperation between navies and air forces…..
    until it breaks down again.

  21. Willie says:

    Covid was the huge opportunity for boot filling through the rape of the public purse.

    The Tories with people like Mone and Rees Mogg and many more cleaned up whilst the hapless masses stumped up. The country is in the grip of a corruption cartel – Covid PPE, energy company super profits, rigged procurement tendering, tax emption for the elites.

    The country is also in an economic collapse with cuts across the board. No belt tightening for scum like Mone. She just shits on the masses. She and her ilk are that kind of people.

    Time ordinary folks took back from the scum.

  22. Willie says:

    And the Law to which Rev Stu refers as maybe catching up?

    Well absolutely no chance of that. Police Scotland are absolutely corrupt. They take their orders and do no investigate and pursue big time corruption. Corruption in business, corruption in the governmental procurement process. Money talks and the Police look after the big money spivs.

    Carillion went burst owing billions after having spun the most egregious Ponzi accounting. Granted more of the fraud was in England but no one got the jail despite accounts being under-costed to the tune of billions, despite money churning across offshore jurisdictions. £29 million in cash, £5.9 billion in uncovered liabilities, it was laugh laugh laught time – and make no mistake Downing Street knew all about it and actually facilitated the short traders to make money as the business collapsed. And the thousands of pensioners locked into an underfunded pension. Well fuck them, hard luck, just like the BHS pensioners.

    Oh how the hapless little people like a good fucking. Prostitutes really for the Tory elites, and now they’re getting a right good fucking in their cold houses.

    Lots of sweary words I’m afraid. A tad rude, but why not call a spade a spade. Tell it how it is. We fuck you and you fuck off, crawl away. It’s simples, and the fuckers just take it.

    Anyway, don’t suppose reality will change many here or in England. For some they’d just walk into the abattoir like the abused cattle that they effectively are.

    Better Together in fact.

  23. Stoker says:

    Does anyone really need to see just, *exactly*, what sort of a “UK” we are being controlled by? This, below, is a genuine MSN headline:

    “I’m a Celebrity viewers threaten to boycott final after Mike Tindall exit”

    The, mostly, English electorate will vote for corrupt politicians who crap all over the basic human rights of those very same citizens. But don’t f@ckin’ dare mess around with their tv favourites on some pathetic excuse for “entertainment” or there will be hell to pay.

    Have these viewers never heard of getting their priorities in order? The inmates most definitely have taken over the asylum. Is this the much flaunted ‘Big Broad Shoulders of the UK’ we so often hear about? Third-rate tv viewing becomes headline news at a time where we are all being subjected to the UK’s worst cost-of-living crisis in history. FFS!

    Nice to see the BritNat media has its priorities sorted though. LOL!

  24. John Main says:

    Ottomanboi 2:24

    I appreciate the Wings BTL caravan has moved on, but some of us knew at the time that masks are ineffective against viruses like Covid in a public health context.

    Hell, the WHO knew this pre-Covid.

    The call went out for something to be done. So, something was done. It was never more than Street theatre to generate favourable headlines.

  25. Geri says:

    Masks are not ineffective.

    Or surgeons wouldn’t wear them.

    They were never sold to us as a cure. It was to lower risk.

  26. Shug says:

    And while they will hang the wegie out to dry no body will be looking at the rest of them

  27. Desimond says:

    Give it 10 months, she or one of her kids will be announced for “I’m A Celebrity!”

    All forgiven…lets all move on…

    Its the UK way!

  28. gregor says:

    CancerCentreLondon (2022): Professor Angus Dalgleish:

    “Professor Angus Dalgleish studied medicine at University College London where he obtained an MBBS and a BSc in Anatomy. He is a Fellow of The Royal College of Physicians of the UK and Australia, Royal College of Pathologists and The Academy of Medical Scientists…

    He currently sits on eight editorial boards, is the author or co-author of peer reviewed scientific papers and over 70 chapters in medical books. He is the co-editor of five medical books. He has been on numerous grant committees and is currently on the European Commission Cancer Board…”:

  29. gregor says:

    DailySceptic (26/11/2022): As an Oncologist I Am Seeing People With Stable Cancer Rapidly Progress After Being Forced to Have a Booster:

    There follows a letter from Dr. Angus Dalgleish, Professor of Oncology at St George’s University of London, to Dr. Kamran Abbasi, the Editor in Chief of the BMJ. It was written in support of a colleague’s plea to Dr. Abbasi that the BMJ make valid informed consent for Covid vaccination a priority topic:

    “Dear Kamran Abbasi,

    Covid no longer needs a vaccine programme given the average age of death of Covid in the U.K. is 82 and from all other causes is 81 and falling.

    The link with clots, myocarditis, heart attacks and strokes is now well accepted, as is the link with myelitis and neuropathy. (We predicted these side effects in our June 2020 QRBD article Sorensen et al. 2020, as the blast analysis revealed 79% homologies to human epitopes, especially PF4 and myelin.)
    However, there is now another reason to halt all vaccine programmes. As a practising oncologist I am seeing people with stable disease rapidly progress after being forced to have a booster, usually so they can travel.

    Even within my own personal contacts I am seeing B cell-based disease after the boosters. They describe being distinctly unwell a few days to weeks after the booster – one developing leukaemia, two work colleagues Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and an old friend who has felt like he has had Long Covid since receiving his booster and who, after getting severe bone pain, has been diagnosed as having multiple metastases from a rare B cell disorder.

    I am experienced enough to know that these are not the coincidental anecdotes that many suggest, especially as the same pattern is being seen in Germany, Australia and the USA.

    The reports of innate immune suppression after mRNA for several weeks would fit, as all these patients to date have melanoma or B cell based cancers, which are very susceptible to immune control – and that is before the reports of suppressor gene suppression by mRNA in laboratory experiments.

    This must be aired and debated immediately.

    Angus Dalgleish MD FRACP FRCP FRCPath FmedSci.”:

  30. gregor says:

    BBC (28/11/2022): Thousands more cancer cases linked to deprivation:

    “Thousands of extra cancer cases are linked to deprivation in Scotland, according to Cancer Research UK (CRUK).

    The charity has found that around 4,900 extra cancer cases a year are linked, which equates to 13 cases a day…”:

  31. gregor says:

    World Economic Forum: Organizations:

    NHS England: Headquarters United Kingdom:

    World Economic Forum: People:

    Simon Stevens: Chief Executive Officer, NHS England:

  32. gregor says:

    World Economic Forum: People:

    Matt Hancock: Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Department of Health and Social Care of the United Kingdom:

    World Economic Forum: People:

    Jay Flatley: …1999-2016, Chief Executive Officer, Illumina; currently, Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors…:

  33. gregor says:

    World Economic Forum: Partners:

    Illumina: …develops, manufactures and markets life science tools and integrated systems for large-scale analysis of genetic variation and function. Headquarters USA:

  34. gregor says:

    GenomicsEngland (2022): Our Origin:

    “…Genomics England, a company wholly owned and funded by the Department of Health & Social Care…

    Key players in the 100,000 Genomes Project:

    …Illumina, a biotechnology company, were commissioned to sequence the DNA of participants. They returned the whole genome sequences to Genomics England…”:

  35. gregor says:

    World Economic Forum: What If: Everyone Had Their Genome Sequenced at Birth?

    “…clinicians are debating whether all newborns should be sequenced at birth to facilitate a lifetime of personalized medical care…”:

    Matt Hancock (Davos 2019): Video (re. 2.16):

    “I’m Matt Hancock – I’m The UK’s secretary of state for health and social care.

    …and I’m also the proud shareholder of Genomics England…”:

  36. gregor says:

    Vaccines: COVID-19 Vaccine-Associated Optic Neuropathy: A Systematic Review of 45 Patients:

    Published: 20 October 2022


    “…The temporal association between vaccine administration and the development of optic neuropathies in these cases makes a causal link plausible, with a mean time from vaccination to the development of ocular symptoms of 9.6 ± 8.7 days. Cases with a late onset of optic neuropathy, however, are less likely to be related to vaccination and could be coincidental. Vaccines and their adjuvants are meant to robustly activate the innate immune system, and adaptive immunity then follows. Overactivation of this response, however, may occur in some patients and lead to rare immune-mediated complications…”:

  37. gregor says:

    Telegraph (26/11/2022): Pfizer’s CEO rapped by regulator for making ‘misleading’ statements about children’s vaccines:

    “…Bourla used an interview with the BBC last December to claim that “there is no doubt in my mind that the benefits, completely, are in favour of” vaccinating youngsters aged five to 11 against Covid-19. 

    He argued that “Covid in schools is thriving” adding: “This is disturbing, significantly, the educational system, and there are kids that will have severe symptoms.”

    The interview was published on Dec 2 – before the vaccine had been approved by Britain’s medical regulator for this age group. 
    Shortly after the article’s publication, a complaint was submitted to the pharmaceutical watchdog – the Prescription Medicines Code of Practice Authority (PMCPA)…

    The complaint alleged that Dr Bourla’s remarks about the children’s vaccine were “disgracefully misleading” and “extremely promotional in nature”, arguing that it breached several clauses of the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry’s (ABPI) code of practice. 

    “There is simply no evidence that healthy schoolchildren in the UK are at significant risk from the SARS COV-2 virus and to imply that they are is disgracefully misleading,” they said…

    A code of practice panel, convened by the PMCPA, found that Pfizer had breached the code in a number of different ways, including by misleading the public, making unsubstantiated claims, and by failing to present information in a factual and balanced way…”:

  38. gregor says:

    ThisIsMoney (23/11/2022): FTX collapse to trigger legal battles in UK with 80,000 British customers nursing losses from the crypto exchange:

    “The spectacular collapse of FTX could open the door to lawsuits in the UK after it emerged thousands of Britons lost money…

    Nationwide sounds crypto alarm:

    Nationwide has become the latest lender to step up precautions around cryptocurrency in the aftermath of FTX’s implosion.
    The building society said customers would now have a daily limit imposed on their account, dictating how much of their money they could hand over to crypto-currency providers.

    A spokesman for the group said the measures were to ‘protect our members from cryptocurrency scams’…”:

  39. gregor says:

    The Truth Barrier (27/11/2022) Big Media Implodes: The Intercept And Other Media Engulfed By Scandal:

    FTX Was Giving Millions To Outlets Including The Intercept, ProPublica, VOX. Semafor, Vanity Fair, And More:

    To Control All Messaging Around Covid 19, “biosafety and pandemic prevention,” to ban certain virologists, and worse:

  40. gregor says:

    Assad Sam Hana (WhiteHelmets journalist) (04/10/2022): Twitter:

    “I see those guys are happy with Elon Musk more than Biden..”:

  41. gregor says:

    Elon Musk (28/11/2022): Twitter:

    “My bedside table.”


  42. gregor says:

    GeorgeNews (28/11/2022): Telegram:

    “What would happen if Apple and Google, both decide to remove the Twitter App from their app stores? What would happen if ‘they’ decide that Elon is now ‘allowing’ hate speech to fester and grow via his platform? Has the commitment already been made for this to happen?”:

  43. gregor says:

    David Rubenstein interviews Dr. Fauci: May 2019: Video:

    David Rubenstein:

    “The best way for me to prevent getting an infectious disease and having have you as my doctor, is what: wearing a mask ?…”

    Dr. Fauci:

    “No No No. You avoid all the paranoid aspects and do something positive.

    A, Good diet. B, You don’t smoke. I know you don’t drink, so that’s pretty good. Get some exercise. I know that you don’t get as much exercise as you should. Get some sleep.

    I think the normal low-tech things are the best thing you can do…”:

  44. gregor says:

    DailyMail (28/11/2022): Just another coincidence? Photos from scrapped Balenciaga campaign feature book by artist whose works include castrated toddlers… after bondage teddy bears fiasco and hidden child porn docs:

    “…The images which feature the book of his work were swiftly pulled from the fashion brand’s website this week after the BDSM teddy bears controversy. 

    Those images showed young child models holding the bears – which are in fact fluffy handbags – posing around glassware…

    But the fashion house claims another controversial prop that made its way onto the set – a printout of a SCOTUS ruling on child porn – was the fault of design production company…”:

  45. gregor says:

    RelaisInfos (28/11/2022): Twitter:

    “OilLondon took to GBNews and discussed the connection between Balenciaga and modeling agent RachelChandler.

    He says Chandler has been on Epstein’s island, posted CCTV footage of the island and his agency’s models.”:

  46. gregor says:

    Oli London (28/11/2022): Twitter:

    “…Do these models from Midland Agency owned by Rachel Chandler look normal to you? Or do they look vulnerable?”:

  47. gregor says:

    Mar 20 2019:

    “…Watch the news for Rachel Chandler…”:

  48. gregor says:

    Vice (23/11/2016): Midland, the modeling agency rebooting fashion’s beauty ideals:

    “Rachel Chandler and Walter Pearce are pushing the fashion industry to keep up with their progressive, political aesthetic:

    Walter and photographer Rachel Chandler founded Midland, a new kind of modeling and casting agency to support this new kind of model. Their goal is to make sure the Instagram- and street-cast students, skate kids, and club kids that brands now covet for their subcultural capital get work and get paid, while maintaining their sanity and sense of fun…

    Like Walter, Rachel has a sought-after eye for spotting talent in unlikely places, a knack she honed through her work as a photographer. In March she helped curate the lineup for Demna Gvsalia’s fall/winter 16 Balenciaga show…”:

  49. gregor says:

    BBC (28/11/2022): Balenciaga campaign: Kim Kardashian ‘shaken’ by fashion house shoot:

    “Fashion house Balenciaga has been heavily criticised over a photoshoot showing child models posing with fetish-themed teddy bears. It faced a huge backlash to the images, released as part of a campaign to promote its Objects range. This led to pressure on Kim Kardashian – an ambassador for the brand – who put out a statement in response…

    Balenciaga is regarded as one of the “world’s hottest brands” by some and its luxury goods are a favourite of A-listers and influencers. But photos from two of its latest campaigns caused people to get angry…

    Critics then locked on to a second image from an earlier, separate, campaign promoting the brand’s collaboration with Adidas. One of the pictures showed a handbag sitting on top of some documents. When people zoomed in on the text it revealed the papers were from a US Supreme Court ruling related to indecent images of children…

    After this, some right-wing US media channels ran with the story, and accused the fashion house of “endorsing child pornography”. The accusation was fuelled by the campaign for its Adidas collaboration featuring the case notes referring to “virtual child porn”…

    Kim Kardashian was also criticised over the images… …said she had been “shaken by the disturbing images” and “any attempts to normalize child abuse of any kind should have no place in our society — period.”…”:

  50. gregor says:

    Twitter: Transparency: COVID-19 Misinformation:

    “Effective November 23, 2022, Twitter is no longer enforcing the COVID-19 misleading information policy.”:

  51. gregor says:

    BBC (29/11/2022): Queen Elizabeth University Hospital records worst A&E waiting times:

    “Glasgow’s Queen Elizabeth University Hospital has recorded the worst A&E waiting time figures on record…”:

  52. gregor says:

    FinancialTimes (29/11/2022): BlockFi sues Sam Bankman-Fried over Robinhood shares:

    “…The lawsuit on Monday came just hours after BlockFi filed for bankruptcy protection having suffered “a severe liquidity crunch” triggered by the failure of Bankman-Fried’s FTX exchange…

    The dispute is a sign of the intense pressure on Bankman-Fried, whose paper fortune vanished almost overnight…”:

  53. gregor says:

    DailyRecord (22/11/2022): ‘Tripledemic’ warning as virus with ‘far bigger threat’ to children than Covid looms:

    “People are being warned that a “highly contagious” respiratory virus could be on the rise during the winter.

    Health experts have previously highlighted that potential spiking cases of Covid and the flu may cause a ‘twindemic’. But now, concerns have been raised about a third virus being thrown into the mix.

    The common respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) could present another issue this winter, one expert has warned.”:

  54. gregor says:

    Forbes (28/11/2022): What’s A Tripledemic? RSV, Covid And Flu:

    “The United States has already plunged into one of the roughest seasons of winter illnesses in decades…

    With what’s now being called a tripledemic, which includes SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19), influenza (flu), and RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) already spreading rapidly, the winter ahead could be worse.

    Young children …have been hospitalized at record rates with influenza, Covid-19, and RSV infections…

    One surprising twist has been that more adults have developed RSV as well…”:

  55. gregor says:

    BBC (29/11/2022): Immensa lab errors may have led to 23 Covid-19 deaths:

    “Staff mistakes in a private laboratory may have caused 23 extra deaths from Covid-19. The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) makes the claim in a report into errors at the Immensa lab in Wolverhampton. It says as many as 39,000 positive results were wrongly reported as negative in September and October 2021.

    The mistakes led to “increased numbers of hospital admissions and deaths”, the report, published on Tuesday, concluded…”:

  56. gregor says:

    NewYorkPost (28/11/2022): Non-binary Biden nuclear official charged with stealing woman’s $2.3K luggage at airport:

    “A Biden administration employee — and one of the federal government’s first gender non-binary officials — has been accused of stealing a traveler’s luggage from the Minneapolis airport in September.

    Sam Brinton, the deputy assistant secretary for spent fuel and waste disposition at the Department of Energy’s Office of Nuclear Energy, was charged with felony theft after allegedly snatching a Vera Bradley suitcase reportedly worth $2,325 from baggage claim…”:

  57. gregor says:

    Kering (2018): Kering is pleased to partner Michelle Obama’s presentation for her book Becoming…:

    “…Kering is proud to be a partner in this unique event and to give the opportunity to 250 female students to be invited to hear a great figure…”:

  58. gregor says:

    Kering (2022): Houses History: Balenciaga:

    “…2001: Kering acquires Balenciaga House…”:

  59. gregor says:

    World Economic Forum: Organizations:

    Kering: A global Luxury group…:

  60. gregor says:

    World Economic Forum: People:

    Nicola Sturgeon:

  61. gregor says:

    Kering (2022): Ethics and business conduct:

    “Ethics is at the heart of our business conduct. For Kering, it is a powerful moral commitment as well as a principle of trust essential to the sustainable development of our business. This culture of integrity is of course based on compliance with laws and regulations, but equally on the commitment of each and every employee to the values of the Group…”:

  62. gregor says:

    DailyMail (29/11/2022): Fury as Balenciaga darlings Bella Hadid, Nicole Kidman and Hollywood’s liberal elite remain SILENT on child imagery scandal:

    “There is mounting fury over the silence of Hollywood’s liberal elite over the multiple child imagery scandals enveloping Balenciaga…”:

  63. gregor says:

    BBC (29/11/2022): Fall in Scottish GP numbers hugely worrying, BMA says:

    “A 3% fall in the number of full-time GPs in Scotland is “hugely worrying” according to the BMA, as capacity dips to its lowest level since 2009.

    It comes amid a looming winter NHS crisis which the health secretary has warned could be the worst on record…”:

  64. gregor says:

    BBC (29/11/2022): Bird flu: What is it and what’s behind the outbreak?

    “The world is going through its worst-ever outbreak of bird flu…”:

  65. gregor says:

    SNP (2022): Delivering progress:

    100 achievements of the SNP in government:

    “…2. Record high health funding

    3. Care For All…”:

  66. gregor says:


    “Movement to an improved or more developed state, or to a forward position.”

    “Happening or being done now.”

    “To improve or develop in skills, knowledge, etc.”

  67. gregor says:

    NationalScot (23/11/2022) Covid babies ‘still struggling with social skills’ – report:

    “Babies and toddlers have “fallen behind with their social skills” due to the Covid-19 pandemic, a new report has claimed…”:

  68. gregor says:

    Fiction Factory (1983): Throw The Warped Wheel Out: (Feels Like) Heaven:

    “…Study your face and fade the frame
    Too close for comfort now
    We can recall the harmony
    That lingered but turned sour

    Feels like heaven…”:

  69. gregor says:

    Scotsman (29/11/2022): Nicola Sturgeon should have known about the ‘urgency’ of Ferguson Marine situation, claims Jim McColl:

    “Nicola Sturgeon should have been aware of the impending “crisis” …former owner of Ferguson Marine shipyard has claimed…

    …Ms Sturgeon faces accusations she breached the ministerial code around the meeting due to the apparent lack of minutes…”:

  70. gregor says:

    Telegraph (29/11/2022): SNP urged to return ‘missing’ £600k raised for Nicola Sturgeon’s thwarted IndyRef2 campaign:

    “Nicola Sturgeon has been urged to hand back £600,000 of “missing” funds the SNP raised from party members to fight an independence referendum campaign after her Supreme Court defeat.

    The Scottish Tories said the First Minister should “do the right thing” and return the money after the court ruled she did not have the power to stage her planned separation vote next year.

    They said she needed to “sort out her party’s dodgy finances”, with Police Scotland investigating allegations of fraud over how the funds were used…”:

  71. gregor says:

    BBC (30/11/2022): Deaths in Scottish prisons at record high:

    “A record number of people have died in Scottish prisons in the past three years.

    A report, by academics at Glasgow University, shows there have been 121 deaths since the start of 2020, with suicide and drugs deaths on the rise…

    …deaths from suicide and drugs were typically “from distress and loss of hope”, which are of particular concern when assessing prison regimes and conditions.

    The report said a person who was imprisoned in 2022 in Scotland would be twice as likely to die in jail as someone in 2008…”:

  72. gregor says:

    Metro (29/11/2022): Third crypto boss dies after (redacted) billionaire’s helicopter crashes:

    “A (redacted) billionaire has become the third top cryptocurrency trader to die suddenly in recent weeks…”:

  73. gregor says:

    New York Times defends disgusting child exploitation and child abuse (e.g. children/bondage & child pornography), and blames ‘QANON’:

    SickPedoTimes (28/11/2022): When High Fashion and QAnon Collide:

    “…The outrage provoked by such moments often seemed to be the whole point. Each only bolstered the reputation of Demna’s Balenciaga as a brand that forces consumers to grapple with the very meaning of “taste.”…

    …campaign featured photos that include paperwork about child pornography laws…

    …six children clutching destroyed teddy bear handbags, which had first been seen in the brand’s spring 2023 runway show in Paris. The fluffy bears had black eyes, fishnet tops and leather harnesses; wine glasses and other gift items…”:

  74. gregor says:


    “Dishonest talk or behaviour, especially by saying different things to two people.”

    “The level of duplicity is quite amazing.”

  75. gregor says:

    Reuters (26/11/2022): Canada’s Trudeau defends use of emergency powers in ‘Freedom Convoy’ protests:

    “Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Friday defended invoking emergency powers to end anti-government protests…”:

    Reuters (29/11/2022): Canada’s Trudeau says people in China should be allowed to protest:

    “Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Tuesday that everyone in China should be allowed to protest and express themselves, and that Canadians were closely watching the protests against the country’s zero-COVID policy…”:

  76. gregor says:


    “Involvement in a crime or some activity that is wrong.”

    “She is suspected of complicity in the fraud.”

  77. gregor says:

    World Economic Forum: People:

    Nicola Sturgeon: Minister of Scotland:

  78. gregor says:

    World Economic Forum: People:

    Justin Trudeau: Minister of Canada:

  79. gregor says:

    World Economic Forum: Agenda Contributor:

    Reuters: Headquarters Canada:

  80. gregor says:

    Human Reproduction Update: Temporal trends in sperm count: a systematic review and meta-regression analysis of samples collected globally in the 20th and 21st centuries:

    Published: 15 November 2022:

    …Conclusion and wider implications:

    “Our new data and analyses confirm our prior findings of an appreciable decline in sperm count… This decline has continued, as predicted by our prior analysis, and has become steeper since 2000. This substantial and persistent decline is now recognized as a significant public health concern.

    In 2018, a group of leading clinicians and scientists called for governments to acknowledge decreased male fertility as a major public health problem and to recognize the importance of male reproductive health for the survival of the human (and other) species…

    We hope that the new evidence provided here will receive attention not only from clinicians and scientists, but also from decision-makers and the general public.”:

  81. gregor says:

    World Economic Forum: Agenda Contributor:

    Melissa Fleming: Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications, United Nations:

  82. gregor says:

    World Economic Forum (2022): Tackling Disinformation:

    Melissa Fleming, Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications at the United Nations: Video (re. 47.00):

    “We own the science, and we think that the world should know it, and the platforms themselves also do.”:

  83. gregor says:

    Mirror (30/11/2022): UK prisons running out of space as government asks police to use 400 cells:

    “Justice Minister Damian Hinds told MPs he had triggered Operation Safeguard after an “acute and sudden increase in the prison population”…

    Prisoners will be held in police cells for the first time in 14 years with jails running out of space, the Government admitted today…”:

  84. gregor says:

    Times (29/11/2022): Zero tolerance event bans talk of single sex spaces:

    “A charity event to push for an end to male violence against women and girls has banned discussion about single sex spaces.

    Nicola Sturgeon, the first minister, is scheduled to give the main speech to the 30th anniversary gathering by Zero Tolerance in Edinburgh today…”:

  85. gregor says:

    CoinDesk (30/11/2022): FTX’s Collapse Was a Crime, Not an Accident:

    “In the weeks since Sam Bankman-Fried’s cryptocurrency empire was revealed to be a house of lies, mainstream news organizations and commentators have often failed to give their readers a straightforward assessment of exactly what happened…

    It is now clear that what happened at the FTX crypto exchange and the hedge fund Alameda Research involved a variety of conscious and intentional fraud intended to steal money from both users and investors. That’s why a recent New York Times interview was widely derided for seeming to frame FTX’s collapse as the result of mismanagement rather than malfeasance…

    The many crimes of Sam Bankman-Fried and FTX…”:

  86. gregor says:

    Forbes (24/11/2022): JPMorgan, Deutsche Bank Sued Over Jeffrey Epstein Links:

    “JPMorgan Chase and Deutsche Bank have been accused of profiting from and facilitating the sexual abuse of young women and girls by late financier Jeffrey Epstein, according to two lawsuits filed on Thursday, the latest effort to target the people and institutions surrounding Epstein…

    The cases draw attention to the network surrounding Epstein and the sprawling trafficking operation…”:

  87. gregor says:

    Masanori Fukushima, MD, Ph.D.: Research and Professional Summary (2022):

    “With comprehensive experience spanning over the past three decades as a medical oncologist at Aichi Cancer Center and
    Kyoto University Hospital, Dr. Fukushima has engaged in the practice and dissemination of standard cancer treatment and
    reform of Japan’s medical care system, and is active to date contributing to building up the infrastructure of clinical trial
    focusing on translational research, in other word, academic research organization. Since 2004, he has supervised the
    national translational research promotion programs conducted by the government of Japan until 2017, and currently he is
    actively involved in promoting research and development of academia originated new therapeutics. And also he continues
    to make an effort to contribute to the standardization and harmonization for global data sharing in clinical trials; ultimately for the disease control over the world.”:

  88. gregor says:

    Dr Masanori Fukushima (29/11/2022), Professor Emeritus at Kyoto University, warns about vax harms to the Ministry of Health:


    “…You are ignoring science It’s a disaster. You spend billions on the vaccine and force people to inject it…

    Due to the vax, natural immunity has been suppressed…”:

  89. gregor says:

    IrishMirror (29/11/2022): Doctors admit Covid vaccine possibly linked to ‘mystery’ death of Longford woman:

    “Doctors who treated an elderly Longford woman who died following an unexplained series of seizures last year told an inquest it was possible that her death was linked to an adverse reaction to a Covid-19 vaccine…

    Dr O’Rourke observed that Ms Kerr had been well up to receiving the vaccine and had subsequently deteriorated. He said one had to take into account that the vaccine could have caused her illness “in the absence of all other explanations.”…”:

  90. gregor says:

    EdinburghLive (23/11/2022): Tributes paid to West Lothian martial arts champion after sudden death aged 20:

    “…Ian Ford was said to have been a “phenomenal” Scottish world champion who won multiple kickboxing titles representing his country and also became the first Scottish male to win the ITF TaeKwon-Do World Championships in 2017.

    It is understood that Ian died suddenly last week…”:

  91. gregor says:

    BoltonNews (30/11/2022): Heartbreak after mum dies suddenly at the age of 23:

    “Family and friends have been left “completely shattered” after a ‘bubbly and kind’ 23-year-old mum unexpectedly died.

    Beth Simpson died in Scotland on November 24, a week after her birthday… with the cause of death unclear…”:

  92. gregor says:

    DailyRecord (27/11/2022): Man dies suddenly at sauna in Glasgow as cops launch ‘unexplained death’ probe:

    Emergency services were called to The Pipeworks health and leisure club… A 51-year-old man was pronounced dead at the scene, however, there are not believed to be any suspicious circumstances…”:

  93. gregor says:

    DailyRecord (28/11/2022): Glasgow ‘legend’ remembered by heartbroken friends and family after sudden death:

    “Martin McIntosh passed away on Thursday, November 24, leaving his friends and family heartbroken. The 28-year-old has been described as a ‘beautiful human’ and a ‘legend’ by those who have been left bereft.

    In the wake of his untimely death, the cause of which is not yet known, a fundraising page has been set up to help Martin’s family cover funeral costs…”:

  94. gregor says:

    World Economic Forum: Partners:

    Deloitte: Headquarters USA:

  95. gregor says:

    Telegraph (2021): Nicola Sturgeon under pressure to explain Deloitte contracts:

    “Nicola Sturgeon is under pressure to explain why the Scottish government has handed Deloitte the lion’s share of multimillion-pound contracts given to private sector consultants.

    Almost two-thirds of the money spent by Holyrood on consultants over the last five years has been with Deloitte…”:

  96. gregor says:

    Forbes (10/11/2022): Stripe, Deloitte, Sullivan & Cromwell Are Among 53 FTX Advisors, Vendors And Bankers Weathering Exchange’s Collapse:

    “FTX’s answers to our survey questions, dated August 24, 2022, reveal a firm that attracted a long list of top tier advisors and business partners–from Sullivan & Cromwell and Skadden, to Stripe, Plaid, AWS, Deloitte…”:

  97. gregor says:

    FinancialTimes (03/11/2022): Deloitte axes half of UK executive team: …in move that cuts female representation:

    “Eight of the accounting firm’s most senior partners are set to be removed from the leadership team to make way for six newcomers, only one of whom is a woman…

    The shake-up, which was not communicated to staff until the firm was approached…”:

  98. gregor says:

    Deloitte: Scotland: The State of the State 2021/22:

    “Trust in government varies between administrations:

    Our survey found that people in Scotland and Wales trust their devolved governments more than the UK Government, likely driven by immediacy, relevance and their sense of identity.

    Pessimism persists:

    Levels of optimism for future are as limited in Scotland as the rest of the UK, with the majority of the public believing their infrastructure and other elements of public life are unlikely to improve…”:

  99. gregor says:

    World Economic Forum: People:

    Ravi Sunak:

    World Economic Forum: People:

    Nicola Sturgeon:

  100. gregor says:


    “A ball of snow pressed together in the hands, especially for throwin.”

    “If a plan, problem, idea, etc. snowballs, it quickly grows bigger and more important.”

  101. gregor says:

    Glenn Beck (29/11/2022): Twitter:

    “You don’t just “accidentally” design and print a roll of tape that misspells Balenciaga as “BAALenciaga” (aka Moloch, god of child sacrifice) and “accidentally” put it in an ad with a child.”:

  102. gregor says:

    Wikipedia: Moloch:

    “…The Bible strongly condemns practices which are associated with Moloch, practices which appear to have included child sacrifice…”:

  103. gregor says:

    BBC (2021): Lisa Shaw: Presenter’s death due to complications of Covid vaccine:

    “A radio presenter died due to complications from the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine, a coroner has found.

    Lisa Shaw, who worked for BBC Radio Newcastle, died at the age of 44 in May after developing headaches a week after getting her first dose of the vaccine…”:

    BBC (23/11/2022): They died suddenly – then the anti-vax trolling started:

    “…The film-makers don’t provide a source…”:

  104. gregor says:

    Calvin Harris & Alesso (2014): Under Control:

    “…This could be the end…

    Cause freedom is a lonely road

    We’re under control…”:

  105. gregor says:

    Paul Stewart (01/12/2022): Twitter: re. Balenciaga:

    “Follow the white rabbit..”:

  106. gregor says:

    Telegraph (30/11/2022): Balenciaga’s Bond Street store targeted in ‘paedophile’ protest:

    “…The protest comes amid backlash against a recent advertising campaign by the fashion brand which featured children holding bondage-wearing teddy bears.

    A man wearing a neon yellow vest and a bobble hat could be seen attaching a vinyl sticker with the word “paedophile” to the front window of the shop on Friday evening.

    An eyewitness who filmed the incident said: “All I know is that Balenciaga has been somewhat empty since the incident.”…”:

  107. gregor says:

    Express (2017): Scottish MP takes on FIFTH job outside politics in London:

    “Ian Blackford, the former investment banker who is standing for election again in Ross, Skye and Lochaber, has joined a leading financial think tank in London…

    He is also the chairman of the Golden Charter Trust, which holds the money for one of Britain’s biggest funeral plan providers. He was paid £37,430 for working 39 hours last year, the equivalent of almost £960 an hour…”:

  108. gregor says:

    Scotsman (01/12/2022): People getting sicker due to spending cuts and rising cost of living – doctors:

    “A new report from the British Medical Association (BMA) said …health conditions are being made worse by poverty, poor housing, lack of heating and skipping meals…

    …report warned that the UK is “facing multiple threats to its health and the Government is failing to respond”…

    …BMA argued that the nation’s health was already deteriorating before Covid hit, including through a decade of austerity, widening inequalities and cuts to public services and public health…

    Professor Martin McKee, president of the BMA, said: “Doctors are struggling to pick up the pieces of Government failures…”:

  109. gregor says:

    HeraldScot (01/12/2022): Scottish Government’s investment in mental health counsellors to end:

    “Today, the Mental Health Foundation has published research into the mental health and wellbeing of Scotland’s college students. The shocking report shows that unfortunately students are anything but thriving…

    The study found that almost two thirds of college students (64%) in Scotland had low wellbeing, more than half of students surveyed (54%) reported having moderate, moderately severe, or severe symptoms of depression, and more than one third (37%) experienced food insecurity in the previous 12 months…”:

  110. gregor says:

    Guardian (01/12/2022): Sturgeon rejects UN concerns about reform of Scotland’s gender law:

    “Nicola Sturgeon has described the concerns of a UN special rapporteur about plans to reform how people change their legal sex in Scotland as “not well founded”…”:

  111. gregor says:

    HuggyBear (30/11/2022): Twitter:

    “John Swinney being called out for promoting porn & to school kids”:


  112. gregor says:

    SNP (13/04/2016): Nicola Sturgeon and John Swinney’s tax returns:

    “Nicola Sturgeon has today published her tax return for 2014/15 and committed to publishing her tax return annually, when it is submitted, for as long as she is First Minister…”:

    HeraldScot (14/08/2022): Nicola Sturgeon finally to publish her tax returns:

    “Nicola Sturgeon has agreed to release years of backdated tax returns covering more than £800,000 of income.

    The First Minister made the commitment while appearing on the Edinburgh Fringe…

    Ms Sturgeon was reminded she pledged to publish her tax return every year as First Minister. However she only published one return covering just her first few months in Bute House. 

    Asked why she didn’t stick to her plan, Ms Sturgeon said: “I’m happy to do it. There’s nothing in my tax return that will cause anybody any angst.”

    Asked again why she didn’t do what she said she would, the First Minister said: “Maybe I just have had other things that I’ve been working with. “…”:

  113. gregor says:

    JamesMelville (27/11/2022): Twitter:

    “Sweden had the lowest overall cumulative excess deaths in countries analysed by the OECD during the pandemic era from March 2020 to June 2022.”:

  114. gregor says:

    NationalScot (2020): Nicola Sturgeon: Holyrood will enforce coronavirus lockdown if necessary:

    “Nicola Sturgeon has announced that Scotland is “now on lockdown” as she warned Holyrood would enforce the emergency measures if necessary…

    Sturgeon reiterated instructions that people should only leave the home for basic necessities once a day, to exercise alone…”:

  115. gregor says:

    Little Eye (2014): End Game:

    “All we need is a spark to light up the world…

    And they know
    We hold the key to open it all…”:

  116. gregor says:

    FoxBusiness (01/12/2022): Epstein estate reaches $105M settlement with US Virgin Islands, denies liability, fault:

    “The Epstein estate will pay more than $105 million in cash to the territorial government — the culmination of years pursuing the estate for damages related to his alleged operation of a sex abuse compound on his private islands, Great St. James and Little St. James. 

    Both islands are set to go up for sale as part of the agreement, with half of the sale price to be paid to the U.S. Virgin Islands.
    The government claims the money will be put into a fund for programs and assistance for Epstein’s victims…”:

  117. gregor says:

    BBC (01/12/2022): US children’s hospitals stretched by respiratory viruses:

    “Hospitals in the US are taking emergency measures to respond to a spike in respiratory viruses among young children. Some are building overflow tents to house more beds…

    The US is facing a surge in viruses…

    …young children under six months are being taken to hospital with RSV at seven times the rate seen several years ago…

    Experts believe cases of RSV and flu have surged this year because protective measures like mask-wearing and social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic protected some children from exposure, leaving them more vulnerable to infection…”:

  118. gregor says:


    “Able to be easily physically or mentally hurt, influenced, or attacked.”

    “Our Covid vaccination strategy is designed to protect the vulnerable, who are most at risk.”

  119. gregor says:

    James Melville (30/11/2022): GB News: Video:

    “We are currently living through one of the biggest con-tricks in the history of the planet. The great virtue con. The parasitic elites are accumulating more power, wealth and control because of our compliance. It’s not virtuous. It’s greed at our expense.”:

  120. gregor says:

    FinancialTimes (30/11/2022): EU and US turn up the heat on Elon Musk over Twitter:

    “Elon Musk is under renewed pressure from the US and EU over his ownership of Twitter, as regulators clamp down on the billionaire’s push to transform the social network into a freewheeling haven of free speech.

    The European Commission on Wednesday threatened Musk with a ban unless Twitter abides by strict content moderation rules…”:

  121. gregor says:

    BBC (02/12/2022): Fourth child dies from bacterial disease:

    “A fourth child has died after contracting Strep A, the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) has confirmed.

    The latest death from the bacterial disease was of a child who attended St John’s School in Ealing, west London…

    UKHSA told the BBC it was important people understand scarlet fever is a mild illness…”:

  122. gregor says:

    ThompsonsSolicitors (2022): What is gross negligence manslaughter?

    “What is medical negligence?

    Medical negligence is when a medical professional breaches their duty of care and causes avoidable harm, usually through a lapse in judgement or lack of attention.

    What is gross negligence?

    Criminal law defines gross negligence as ‘a conscious and voluntary disregard of the need to use reasonable care, which is likely to cause foreseeable grave injury or harm to persons, property, or both.’

    Gross negligence is therefore when the breach of duty becomes criminal.

    What does gross negligence manslaughter mean?

    Gross negligence manslaughter is when the most likely cause of death is due to grossly negligent action or inaction. An example of gross negligence manslaughter is if a doctor administers a drug knowing the patient is allergic to it and that patient dies as a result of the reaction to the drug…”:

  123. gregor says:

    Scottish Government (2018): Scotland’s public health priorities:

    “In a vibrant, modern Scotland it should be possible for everyone to be as healthy as they can be. It should be the case that the social, economic and physical environments we live in help create health and wellbeing…

    We want to reset how Scotland thinks about wellbeing and health…”:

  124. gregor says:

    Scotsman (02/12/2022): Cost-of-living crisis: Food banks usage in Scotland now higher than during the coronavirus pandemic:

    “Food banks in the Trussell Trust network in Scotland distributed 116,000 emergency food parcels between April 1 to September 30, including 40,000 parcels for children.

    This represents a 34 per cent increase in the total number of parcels distributed compared to the same period in 2021/22, and a 65 per cent increase since the same period five years ago (2017/18)…

    Everyone in Scotland should be able to afford the essentials – to buy their own food and heat their homes.

    “This has got harder in the last six months, with …a huge increase in children needing our support. This is not right.”…”:

  125. gregor says:

    BBC (02/12/2022): Ex-SNP councillor jailed for six years for sex attacks on teenage boys:

    “A former SNP councillor found guilty of grooming and abusing six teenage boys has been jailed for six years.

    Mark Kerr attempted to rape one boy at his home in North Lanarkshire and assaulted another boy at a food bank…”:

  126. gregor says:

    NSPCC (2022): What is grooming?

    “Grooming is when someone builds a relationship, trust and emotional connection with a child or young person so they can manipulate, exploit and abuse them.

    Children and young people who are groomed can be sexually abused, exploited or trafficked.

    Anybody can be a groomer, no matter their age, gender or race. Grooming can take place over a short or long period of time – from weeks to years. Groomers may also build a relationship with the young person’s family or friends to make them seem trustworthy or authoritative.

    Types of grooming:

    Children and young people can be groomed online, in person or both – by a stranger or someone they know. This could be a family member, a friend or someone who has targeted them – like a teacher…”:

  127. gregor says:

    Telegraph (02/12/2022): Sturgeon’s career will end in failure…:

    “The extent of the trouble her leadership …will become more apparent over the next few months…”:

  128. gregor says:

    HeraldScot (02/12/2022): Nicola Sturgeon accused over ministerial code ‘clear breaches’:

    “Nicola Sturgeon has been urged to refer herself for investigation over claims she failed to properly-record a meeting with the former boss of Ferguson Marine…

    …responses from Ms Sturgeon breach paragraphs 4.22 and 4.23 of the ministerial code…

    …a special adviser – rather than a private secretary or civil servant – was present with Ms Sturgeon at the meeting. The ministerial code is clear there is a distinction between special advisers and civil servants as set out in the special advisers code of conduct…”:

  129. gregor says:

    HeraldScot (2021): Record number of spin doctors hired under Sturgeon as wage bill to top £1m:

    “Nicola Sturgeon has hired a record number of special advisers, with the wage bill likely to be the highest in the history of the Scottish parliament.

    The First Minister has appointed 15 special advisers – known as spads – so far, with two advisers now being paid the top wage bracket.

    Prior to the Holyrood elections in May, there were 14 advisers with just one, former chief of staff Liz Lloyd, earning between £90,565 and £108,062.

    Eight spads are earning between £55,583 and £68,307, while four are paid between £68,308 and £91,336.

    Ms Sturgeon’s record number of 15 advisers already outstrips her four predecessors, with the wage bill reaching at least £981,000 a year…”:

  130. gregor says:

    FOI Release: Scottish Government: Press officers and special advisors:

    Published 17 November 2022:

    “Information requested:

    …3. How many special advisers does Nicola Sturgeon have? How many does each minister have? How much are they paid/what are their salary bands?

    4. How many special advisers did Nicola Sturgeon have in 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021?

    5. How much is spent on both press officers and special advisers each year from 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022? Breakdown of both categories…


    …Number of SpAds as at 31st December:

    2018/19: 14: £1,049,536

    2019/20: 14: £1,305,923

    2020/21: 14: £1,658,757

    2021/22: 17: £1,605,621…”:

  131. gregor says:

    HeraldScot (02/12/2022): Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP have failed Yes but movement isn’t dead:

    “The leadership of the SNP, of Nicola Sturgeon, has failed the movement. That doesn’t mean the campaign is over, it just means the campaign needs rethought and the movement must regroup.

    Of course, this will be met with shrieks of wrath from those blindly loyal to Sturgeon’s SNP. Yet for anyone with half a brain, who wants to see Scotland independent, continuing as matters stand is the definition of insanity.

    The writing is on the wall wherever you look…”:

  132. gregor says:

    Independent (02/12/2022): Balenciaga scandal – latest: Creative director Demna apologises over ad campaign as celebrities toss ‘trash’:

    “The backlash surrounding Balenciaga’s recent ad campaigns involving children has remained strong as fans and celebrities continue to denounce the luxury brand…

    Addressing the fallout, Balenciaga “strongly condemned” child abuse and said it never intended to “include it in our narrative”.
    Creative director Demna has also apologised for the brand’s “wrong artistic choice”.

    The remarks did little to quell outrage…”:

  133. gregor says:

    The Exploited (1996): Law for the Rich:

    “…There’s a law for the rich
    A law for people like you and me
    Corruption in the government
    Corruption in the crown
    No justice in a system
    That’s there to put you down…”:

  134. gregor says:

    DailyExpress (02/11/2022): Cost of Rangers malicious prosecution rockets to more than £50m admits Crown Office:

    “The cost of the Rangers malicious prosecution case has cost taxpayers just over £50million claimed the Crown Office who disputed the previous £60m price previously reported…”:

  135. gregor says:

    DailyMail (02/12/2022): Furious Aussie tradies storm into Balenciaga store and accuse workers and customers of ‘supporting child abuse’:

    “…The pair grew tired of the employees and decided to question their customers. 

    Mr Familo asked one man, who turned his head away from the camera, if he knew the luxury brand was ‘involved in child exploitation’…

    Mr Kavanagh questioned another customer dressed head-to-to in black before announcing the store was full of ‘f***ing cowards’.
     Look at them. All walking away when we are talking to them, can’t answer questions. You should all be ashamed of yourselves,’ he said.

    One customer sarcastically told the men: ‘This is very Christian of you’.

    ‘Well it is, yeah. Exposing the works of darkness is Christian mate…”:

  136. gregor says:

    UK Government: Technical report on the COVID-19 pandemic in the UK: Published 1 December 2022:


    This report is written for a specific audience: future UK Chief Medical Officers , Government Chief Scientific Advisers, National Medical Directors…

    We therefore do not in any way see this as a playbook for a future pandemic or major epidemic, even one caused by a novel respiratory coronavirus. We have however benefitted hugely from experiences from past pandemics…

    Chapter 3: research:

    Building knowledge of medical countermeasures:

    The one general point it is worth making here is that the extraordinary speed of development and effectiveness of viral vector and vaccines was a surprise to almost all scientists. On the positive side this demonstrates how fast a vaccine could be developed for the next pandemic…. There is a danger this falsely reassures some policymakers that a vaccine can be produced at this speed for the next pandemic. The last major pandemic was HIV where there is still no effective vaccine, despite decades of serious investment and scientific effort…”:

  137. gregor says:

    BBC (02/12/2022): Six children die with Strep A bacterial infection:

    “Six children have died with an invasive condition caused by Strep A – including five under 10-year-olds in England since September – the UK Health Security Agency has said.

    A girl from Wales has also died…”:

  138. gregor says:

    BBC (02/12/2022): Fourth child dies from bacterial disease:

    “…The Group A Streptococcal (GAS) infection can cause scarlet fever.

    However, the UKHSA told the BBC it was important people understand scarlet fever is a mild illness and the GAS bacteria which causes it only rarely becomes invasive, leading to serious illness.”:

    BBC (02/12/2022): Strep A: Why it can be dangerous and what to know:

    “Another UK child has died from this highly contagious infection…

    Strep A can cause a range of things – and some of them are more serious…”:

  139. gregor says:

    Elon Musk (02/12/2022): Twitter:

    “What really happened with the Hunter Biden story suppression by Twitter will be published on Twitter at 5pm ET!

    This will be awesome.

    Will include a live Q&A.”:

  140. gregor says:

    FoxNews (02/12/2022): FBI met weekly with Big Tech ahead of the 2020 election, agent testifies:

    “…FBI held weekly meetings with Big Tech companies in Silicon Valley ahead of the 2020 presidential election to discuss “disinformation” on social media and ask about efforts to censor that information…

    …FBI warned the social media companies that there could be potentially (redacted) “hack and dump” or “hack and leak” operations…”:

  141. gregor says:

    The KLF (1992): America: What Time Is Love?

    I wanna see you
    Be young, be free, the American way…


  142. gregor says:

    Twitter-Trends (02/12/2022):

    “…2. #HunterBidensLaptop…”:

  143. gregor says:

    MarcoPolo: Biden Laptop Report:

    “Table of Contents:


    Business-related crimes…
    Sex-related crimes…
    Drug-related crimes…
    Influence peddling…
    Legal accountability…


  144. gregor says:

    DailyMail (02/12/2022): Chris Whitty warns Britain faces ‘prolonged period’ of excess deaths NOT caused by Covid due to collateral effects of lockdown:

    “Britain will face a ‘prolonged period’ of excess deaths due to the pandemic — but not from coronavirus itself, Sir Chris Whitty and the Government’s top virus advisers said today…

    The comments came from a ‘technical report’ published on the pandemic, advising health chiefs in the future on how to deal with similarly disruptive viral threats…”:

  145. gregor says:

    Twitter-Trends (02/12/2022):

    “Rank: 1. #HunterBidensLaptop…”:

  146. gregor says:

    Reuters (20/01/2021): Biden White House pledges data, transparency, respect for free press:

    “President Joe Biden’s press secretary held her first news conference on Wednesday…

    “Biden plans to “bring transparency and truth back to the government to share the truth, even when it’s hard to hear,” she said.”:

  147. gregor says:

    Matt Taibbi (02/12/2022):

    “1.Thread: THE TWITTER FILES:

    2. What you’re about to read is the first installment in a series, based upon thousands of internal documents obtained by sources at Twitter…”:

  148. gregor says:

    Matt Taibbi (02/12/2022): THE TWITTER FILES:

    “8. By 2020, requests from connected actors to delete tweets were routine. One executive would write to another: “More to review from the Biden team.” The reply would come back: “Handled.”

    9. Celebrities and unknowns alike could be removed or reviewed at the behest of a political party…”:

  149. gregor says:

    Matt Taibbi (03/12/2022): THE TWITTER FILES:

    “16. The Twitter Files, Part One: How and Why Twitter Blocked the Hunter Biden Laptop Story…

    18. Twitter took extraordinary steps to suppress the story, removing links and posting warnings that it may be “unsafe.” They even blocked its transmission via direct message, a tool hitherto reserved for extreme cases, e.g. child pornography.

    19. White House spokeswoman Kaleigh McEnany was locked out of her account for tweeting about the story, prompting a furious letter from Trump campaign staffer Mike Hahn, who seethed: “At least pretend to care for the next 20 days.”

    20.This led public policy executive Caroline Strom to send out a polite WTF query. Several employees noted that there was tension between the comms/policy teams, who had little/less control over moderation, and the safety/trust teams:

    21. Strom’s note returned the answer that the laptop story had been removed for violation of the company’s “hacked materials” policy…”:

  150. gregor says:

    FBI (2022): Transnational Organized Crime:

    “The FBI is dedicated to eliminating transnational organized crime groups that threaten the national and economic security of the United States…

    Transnational organized crime (TOC) groups are associations of individuals who operate, wholly or in part, by illegal means. There is no single structure under which TOC groups function—they vary from hierarchies to clans, networks, and cells, and may evolve into other structures.

    These groups are typically insular and protect their activities through corruption, violence, international commerce, complex communication mechanisms, and an organizational structure that spans national boundaries..”:

  151. gregor says:

    Matt Taibbi (03/12/2022): THE TWITTER FILES:

    “22. Although several sources recalled hearing about a “general” warning from federal law enforcement that summer about possible foreign hacks, there’s no evidence – that I’ve seen – of any government involvement in the laptop story. In fact, that might have been the problem…

    23. The decision was made at the highest levels of the company, but without the knowledge of CEO Jack Dorsey, with former head of legal, policy and trust Vijaya Gadde playing a key role.

    24. “They just freelanced it,” is how one former employee characterized the decision. “Hacking was the excuse, but within a few hours, pretty much everyone realized that wasn’t going to hold. But no one had the guts to reverse it.”

    25.You can see the confusion in the following lengthy exchange, which ends up including Gadde and former Trust and safety chief Yoel Roth. Comms official Trenton Kennedy writes, “I’m struggling to understand the policy basis for marking this as unsafe”…”:

  152. gregor says:

    Kim Dotcom (01/12/2022): Twitter:

    “The New Zealand Government has backdoor access to censor content on social media.”:

  153. gregor says:

    Matt Hancock (2018): Twit:

    “Delighted we’ve agreed to work even closer with the #WorldEconomicForum & their Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution to help make #AI work for everyone…”:

    World Economic Forum: People:

    Simon Stevens: Chief Executive Officer, NHS England: Educated at Oxford…:

    Telegraph (02/12/2022): Matt Hancock points finger at NHS chief for Covid care home scandal:

    “Matt Hancock has claimed Sir Simon Stevens, the former NHS chief executive, insisted that care home residents be discharged from hospital even though they could not be tested for Covid…”:

  154. gregor says:

    World Economic Forum: People:

    Jacinda Arden:

    World Economic Forum: People:

    Nicola Sturgeon:

    GreenEconomyCoalition (2020): A new economy is near:

    “I was at Davos, listening to some of the world’s wealthiest businessmen pronounce the end of capitalism. Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum, declared it is time to move from ‘shareholder capitalism’…

    Women are taking up the reins of the economy:

    In New Zealand, Jacinda Arden is redefining what ‘progress’ means…

    Similarly, Nicola Sturgeon is championing Scotland…

    A revolution in green social enterprise; a shared realisation amongst ordinary people…”:

  155. gregor says:

    Guardian (23/11/2022): New Zealand forecasts recession in 2023 as it delivers largest rate hike in history:

    “New Zealand’s reserve bank has forecast that the country will tip into recession in 2023, and has lifted the official cash rate by an unprecedented 75 basis points…

    The cash rate hike, announced on Wednesday, is the largest in the central bank’s history…

    “Inflation is no one’s friend,” Reserve Bank governor Adrian Orr said in a press conference after the announcement…”:

    BBC (14/11/2022): Downturn ‘deepens’ in Scotland amid falling demand:

    “Scottish firms have been warned of an “extremely difficult period” ahead…

    Respondents noted that economic uncertainty, threat of recession and the cost of living crisis had “weighed on client activity”…”:

    Fraser of Allander Institute (01/12/2022): Thousands of Scottish firms already frozen out as winter looms:

    “…the ongoing cost of doing business crisis have already had a significant impact on the number of Scottish firms and their activity.

    The latest ‘Businesses in Scotland’ data for 2022 were published last week which showed that the number of registered firms in Scotland declined for the second consecutive year. …down more than 4,000 since 2020.

    Sole traders and small-to-medium enterprises make up the lion’s share of Scotland’s business base…”:

  156. gregor says:

    NewYorkPost (02/12/2022): Hunter Biden’s former law firm received $10M in forgiven COVID loans while donating $1M to Dems:

    “Hunter Biden’s past employer, law firm Boies Schiller Flexner, received $10 million in forgiven pandemic loans from the federal government — while donating nearly $1 million to Democratic candidates, an independent investigation has found. 

    Of 300 top law firms investigated by transparency nonprofit Open the Books, Boies took the single-biggest loan…

    Meanwhile, the firm — headed by longtime Joe Biden donor David Boies — billed $480 million to clients in 2020 and 2021, and equity partners each earned $4.5 million. 

    Boies partners and employees donated nearly $1 million in federal campaign cash during the 2020 and 2022 election cycles, including $213,966 to Biden’s presidential campaign. 

    First son Hunter Biden became “of counsel” at the Boies firm in 2010, earning $216,000 annually for a “no-show” job that did not require him to keep regular office hours or attend…”:

  157. gregor says:

    Wikipedia: Boies Schiller Flexner LLP:

    “…Boies Schiller has long represented film producer Harvey Weinstein, against whom sexual abuse allegations were levied…

    Boies Schiller was one of the law firms with the most employee contributions to federal candidates during the 2012 election cycle, donating $1.92 million, 90% to Democrats. Since 2000, Boies Schiller employees have contributed almost $8.2 million to federal campaigns…”:

  158. gregor says:

    CIA thug John Brennan (17/03/2018):

    re. Trump: “Andrew McCabe FIRED, a great day for the hard working men and women of the FBI – A great day for Democracy. Sanctimonious James Comey was his boss and made McCabe look like a choirboy. He knew all about the lies and corruption going on at the highest levels of the FBI!”:

    John Brennan:

    “When the full extent of your venality, moral turpitude, and political corruption becomes known, you will take your rightful place as a disgraced demagogue in the dustbin of history…”:

  159. gregor says:

    Wikipedia: John Brennan (CIA officer):

    “…Obama nominated Brennan as his next director of the CIA on January 7, 2013…

    Brennan serves as a senior national security and intelligence analyst for NBC News and MSNBC…”:

  160. gregor says:

    Politico (19/10/2020: National Security: Hunter Biden story is Russian disinfo, dozens of former intel officials say:

    “More than 50 former senior intelligence officials have signed on to a letter outlining their belief that the recent disclosure of emails allegedly belonging to Joe Biden’s son “has all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.”

    The letter, signed on Monday, centers around a batch of documents released by the New York Post last week that purport to tie the Democratic nominee to his son Hunter’s business dealings…

    “If we are right,” they added, “this is Russia trying to influence how Americans vote in this election, and we believe strongly that Americans need to be aware of this.”

    Nick Shapiro, a former top aide under CIA director John Brennan, provided POLITICO with the letter…”:

  161. gregor says:

    M.I.A. (October 2022): Beep:

    “…When I meet face to face, yeah, don’t be late…

    No one can stop it, if they wanna they can try it

    Next gen transcend women and men…”:

  162. gregor says:

    M.I.A. (02/12/2022): Twitter:

    “Im going to visit Julian Assange tomorrow after 2.5 years, England has had 3 prime ministers in this time. what would you like me to tell him?”:

  163. gregor says:

    BitcoinNews (02/12/2022): US Regulator CFTC Met With Sam Bankman-Fried 10 Times Before Crypto Exchange FTX Collapsed:

    “Behnam told senators that he and a number of high-level CFTC officials met with former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) 10 times over the past 14 months. The meetings were centered around FTX’s application to amend the clearinghouse license for Ledgerx…”:

  164. gregor says:

    FinancialTimes (03/12/2022): Sam Bankman-Fried’s trading shop was given special treatment on FTX for years:

    “Alameda Research was allowed to exceed normal borrowing limits on the FTX exchange since its early days, Sam Bankman-Fried has said, in a concession that illustrates how the former billionaire’s trading shop enjoyed preferential treatment over clients years before the 2022 crypto crisis…”:

  165. gregor says:

    ConservativeWoman (2021): Sage’s covert coup:

    “Never have statisticians, mathematical biologists, psychologists, anthropologists, behavioural scientists and a few epidemiologists dictated government policy to such an extreme degree…

    …Sage do not answer to the public – they don’t even answer to the government. They ‘advise’ the government on all things Covid, and the government is then led by the ‘data’ to implement the most draconian restrictions on freedom in our nation’s history. Sage are accountable to no one…

    If you take a closer look at the key ‘experts’, they have all had connections in some way with either Big Pharma, Big Tech or the Big NGOs, such as GAVI-The Vaccine Alliance, World Health Organisation, World Economic Forum, World Bank, Wellcome Trust and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation…”:

  166. gregor says:

    CityAM (19/01/2022): UK’s second lockdown was based on ‘wildly incorrect’ Covid-19 modelling, MPs told:

    “…The reality is the prime minister was shown a terrifying model which was subsequently proven to be widely incorrect but he took away freedoms from tens of millions on that basis…”:

  167. gregor says:

    BBC (03/12/2022): Matt Hancock: I was warned 820,000 in UK could die from Covid:

    “…Matt Hancock says he was warned 820,000 people in the UK could die from Covid two months before the country went into lockdown.
    In his new diaries on the pandemic, the MP says in January 2020 he was told by England’s chief medical officer the toll was “a reasonable case scenario” if restrictions were not introduced.

    Figures show more than 200,000 people with Covid have died in the UK to date…

    Chris Whitty quietly informed everyone…”:

  168. gregor says:

    FinancialTimes (02/12/2022): Balenciaga’s shock tactics look juvenile now:

    “The brand’s provocations have gone too far with an ad showing children holding teddy bears in bondage gear…

    I am willing to accept, bizarre though it is, that the glimpse of an extract from a US Supreme Court ruling on child pornography in another Balenciaga ad was accidental.

    It sued the production company involved… but dropped legal action on Friday…”:

  169. gregor says:

    Sun (18/01/2022): TEDDY COLLECTION: What are Prince Andrew’s five teddy bears?

    “Prince Andrew has five teddies and soft toys that have to be put in specific positions on his bed every night…

    A former royal cop tells all about the Duke’s toys on ITV documentary Ghislaine, Prince Andrew and the Paedophile…

    …Elizabeth Day was introduced to Andrew’s bears at Buckingham Palace. She said: “It seemed rather strange that a grown man should be so amused by a stuffed toy.”…

    …also claimed he saw Andrew’s bed piled high with stuffed toys when he had access to his private apartment. …It had about 50 or 60 stuffed toys positioned on the bed and basically there was a card the inspector showed us in a drawer and it was a picture of these bears all in situ…”:

  170. gregor says:


    “If you think Prince Andrew is letting any grass grow under his feet in the romance department, Fergie-get about it. The Post caught the dashing royal wining and dining his sweetheart, Ghislaine Maxwell, during an intimate lunch at Nello’s restaurant on Madison Avenue.

    Sarah Ferguson’s former hubby held hands with his new love and was seen eating a meal of salad and chops…

    Sources say Andrew is desperate to keep a low profile in a bid to avoid scandalous stories…”:

  171. gregor says:

    UPI (02/12/2022): MoMA trustee Leon Black accused of raping woman in Epstein’s mansion in new lawsuit:

    “Leon Black, a trustee and former board chair of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, has been accused of raping a woman at Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion in a new lawsuit.

    The lawsuit was filed by the woman, Cheri Pierson, …has demanded a jury trial…

    By the time Ms. Pierson exited the massage suite and rode down the elevator with Black, she could barely walk out of the house onto the sidewalk, as she was in excruciating pain and still in shock.”…”:

  172. gregor says:

    Spectator (30/11/2022): Balenciaga and fashion’s child sexualisation problem :

    “And now fashion has come for the children – pre-teen girl children with no messy female bodies to spoil the line. In case you haven’t seen the Balenciaga ‘holiday gifting’ campaign I’ll describe it, though even typing this feels grubby. Very young female children pose with bags fashioned from teddy bears dressed up in gimp outfits …carried by models made up to look bruised and bloodied. In another Balenciaga photograph a little girl lies face-down next to empty wine glasses. earlier campaign showed a handbag sitting on top of a stack of documents; zooming in, they show papers from a Supreme Court ruling on whether child pornography was in violation of the first amendement. Making up a hat-trick of heinousness, Balenciaga also ran a recent campaign in which the actress Isabelle Huppert sits in front of a stack of books including one showcasing Michael Borremans, a Belgian painter whose work includes what appears to be castrated toddlers. It’s hardly surprising that #Burnbalenciaga – following on the heels of #BalenciagaGroomers – is trending. 

    How could women like Huppert, Kim Kardashian and Nicole Kidman lend themselves to this unholy mess? Society as a whole has been groomed by fashion to the unacceptable for far too long – first with violence against women, and now the sexualisation of children…”:

  173. gregor says:

    Biological Psychiatry Global Open Science: Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Mental Health and Brain Maturation in Adolescents: Implications for Analyzing Longitudinal Data:

    Published:December 01, 2022


    We found that youth assessed after the pandemic shutdowns had more severe internalizing mental health problems, reduced cortical thickness, larger hippocampal and amygdala volume, and more advanced brain age.


    …not only does the COVID-19 pandemic appear to have led to poorer mental health and accelerated brain aging in adolescents, but it also poses significant challenges to researchers analyzing data from longitudinal studies of normative development that were interrupted by the pandemic…”:

  174. gregor says:

    DailyMail (02/12/2022): Planned Parenthood executive director claims children are born ‘sexual’ – and advocates porn literacy lessons for older students and sex education from KINDERGARTEN:

    “…The sentiment was echoed by Planned Parenthood, that said in a guide entitled the ‘Fundamentals of Teaching Sexuality’ that ‘sexuality is a part of life through all the ages and stages. 
    ‘Babies, elders, and everyone in between can experience sexuality.’…”:

  175. gregor says:

    NHS (2022): Children’s flu vaccine:

    “The children’s nasal spray flu vaccine is safe and effective. It’s offered every year to children to help protect them…

    If your child is aged between 6 months and 2 years and has a long-term health condition that makes them at higher risk from flu, they’ll be offered a flu vaccine injection instead of the nasal spray.

    This is because the nasal spray is not licensed for children under 2 years old.

    The nasal spray vaccine offers the best protection for children aged 2 to 17 years. They’ll be offered a flu vaccine injection if the nasal spray vaccine is not suitable for them. Injected flu vaccines are also safe and effective…”:

  176. gregor says:

    UK Government (02/12/2022): Guidance:: Referral of influenza samples to RVU, UKHSA Colindale, 2022 to 2023:

    Updated 2 December 2022:

    “2022 to 2023 season:

    In the 2022 to 2023 season, the majority of influenza positive samples referred to will be selected for detailed analysis using influenza genome sequencing…

    Mid and late influenza season:

    In the event that a laboratory has more than 50 samples per week in categories A to G, please ensure that the 50 samples referred includes all those in categories C and D below:

    …E. Influenza positive samples where shedding of live attenuated influenza virus is suspected from the patients vaccination history or laboratory results…”:

  177. gregor says:

    National Centre for Biotechnology Information: Live Attenuated Influenza Vaccine Enhances Colonization of Streptococcus pneumoniae and Staphylococcus aureus in Mice:

    Published online 2014 Feb 18:


    “Community interactions at mucosal surfaces between viruses, like influenza virus, and respiratory bacterial pathogens are important contributors toward pathogenesis of bacterial disease. What has not been considered is the natural extension of these interactions to live attenuated immunizations, and in particular, live attenuated influenza vaccines (LAIVs). Using a mouse-adapted LAIV against influenza A (H3N2) virus carrying the same mutations as the human FluMist vaccine, we find that LAIV vaccination reverses normal bacterial clearance from the nasopharynx and significantly increases bacterial carriage densities of the clinically important bacterial pathogens Streptococcus pneumoniae (serotypes 19F and 7F) and Staphylococcus aureus (strains Newman and Wright) within the upper respiratory tract of mice. Vaccination with LAIV also resulted in 2- to 5-fold increases in mean durations of bacterial carriage. Furthermore, we show that the increases in carriage density and duration were nearly identical in all aspects to changes in bacterial colonizing dynamics following infection with wild-type (WT) influenza virus. Importantly, LAIV, unlike WT influenza viruses, had no effect on severe bacterial disease or mortality within the lower respiratory tract. Our findings are, to the best of our knowledge, the first to demonstrate that vaccination with a live attenuated viral vaccine can directly modulate colonizing dynamics of important and unrelated human bacterial pathogens, and does so in a manner highly analogous to that seen following wild-type virus infection.”:

  178. gregor says:

    BBC (03/12/2022): Surge in Strep A cases reported across Scotland:

    “Health officials have recorded more than 430 cases of Strep A in Scotland in two weeks.

    Strep A infections are usually mild, causing illness ranging from a sore throat to scarlet fever, but can develop into a more serious invasive Group A Strep (iGAS) infection…”:

  179. gregor says:

    Mirror (01/12/2022): ‘Fit and healthy’ girl, 16, dies suddenly after being diagnosed with acid reflux problem:

    “Nikki Ramsay, 16, was suddenly struck down with a rare type of sepsis, which was originally diagnosed as a tummy problem or acid reflux…

    Four days later, Nikki’s condition worsened and she developed a rapidly spreading rash…”:

    EdinburghLive (01/12/2022): Tributes to young East Lothian joiner after his sudden death age just 21:

    “Tributes have been paid to an East Lothian joiner following his sudden death earlier this week. Aaron Smith, 21, passed away on Monday morning…

    Aaron’s mother Sarah Ewan also posted: “This is the worst time of my life – no mother should have to bury their child. I’m absolutely devastated.”…”:

  180. gregor says:

    DailyMail (02/12/2022): TikTok star Megha Thakur suffered anxiety-induced heart attack just FOUR MONTHS ago and battled suicidal thoughts before she died ‘unexpectedly’ aged 21 – but influencer’s cause of death still unknown:

    “…Thakur recently revealed that she had suffered with a heart attack in July, believed to be caused by stress and her ongoing anxiety…”:

    EssexLive (02/12/2022): Young Boreham mum, 30, suddenly died after collapsing while on a run:

    “A young Essex mum suddenly died while out on a run…

    Lee heard the tragic news that Abby had collapsed and her heart stopped beating. She was just 30 years old…”:

  181. gregor says:

    LancashireTelegraph (02/12/2022): Police called to sudden death of man in Blackburn:

    “…police spokesperson said: “We were called around 11am today (Friday, December 2) to a report of a sudden death at an address in Mincing Lane, Blackburn.

    “Emergency services attended with a man in his 40s found unresponsive. He was sadly pronounced dead at the scene.” …”:

    DailyMail (03/12/2022): British family man, 48, dies suddenly on holiday in Tenerife after his wife heard him yell and fall to the ground:

    “…We’d had a great time. Then at 4am he just shouted out, fell on the floor and pretty much died straight away. My son works for Ryanair and luckily with his training, he started CPR. But there was nothing there. ‘By the time the medics came they worked on him for an hour, but that was that. He was only 48 – there were no symptoms, nothing…”:

  182. gregor says:

    Del Amitri (1995): Here and Now:

    “Hey I’m with you, let me just get you a light…

    Cause you can burn paper
    You can turn a wheel
    But you can’t change later
    Here and now just how good we can feel…”:

  183. gregor says:

    DailyExpress (04/12/2022): Nearly half of Scots cutting household spending due to energy bills, study finds:

    “Almost half of adults in Scotland are estimated to have cut back on household spending because of energy costs, according to new analysis by a charity.

    Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) said people have been left worried and anxious by the soaring cost of living…”:

    BBC (04/12/2022): Cutting energy prices will take years – power boss:

    “It “will take years” to get energy prices back to pre-Ukraine war levels, the boss of one of the world’s biggest energy firms has told the BBC.

    …bringing prices down depends on new sources of energy such as renewables…”:

  184. gregor says:

    DailyExpress (04/12/2022): Nearly half of Scots cutting household spending due to energy bills, study finds:

    “Almost half of adults in Scotland are estimated to have cut back on household spending because of energy costs, according to new analysis by a charity.

    Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) said people have been left worried and anxious by the soaring cost of living…”:

  185. gregor says:

    BBC (04/12/2022): Cutting energy prices will take years – power boss:

    “It “will take years” to get energy prices back to pre-(redacted) war levels, the boss of one of the world’s biggest energy firms has told the BBC.

    …bringing prices down depends on new sources of energy such as renewables…”:

  186. gregor says:

    UK Parliament: Scottish Affairs Committee: Renewable Energy In Scotland:

    “…Scotland has an abundance of these renewable energy resources; in 2020, 97.4% of electricity consumption in Scotland was from renewable energy sources…”:

  187. gregor says:

    The Cosmic Dead (2010): The White Rabbit:

    Featuring footage from the original 1903 Alice In Wonderland silent film:

  188. gregor says:

    Evie (01/12/2022): CEO Of Balenciaga’s Parent Company Owns Site That Sells Child (redacted) Mannequins With Erect (redacted) On Their Face:

    “BalenciagaGate has been trending for over a week now and the story just keeps getting creepier and creepier. The CEO of Balenciaga’s Parent Company, Kering, owns an auction website where disturbing child (redacted) mannequins are sold at an exorbitant price…

    The plot only thickens when you look at Balenciaga’s parent company, Kering, which also owns Gucci, Alexander McQueen, Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, and more. Kering’s CEO is billionaire François-Henri Pinault, who owns the famous Christie’s auction house. The website features many different types of art, including a series of art pieces by brothers Jake and Dinos Chapman. This series includes child (redacted) mannequins that are extremely disturbing…

    One piece of art, which costs $140,000, is called F(redacted)k Face. It’s a male toddler with an erect (redacted) in place of his nose and an a(redacted)s in place of his mouth…”:

  189. gregor says:

    Thea Musgrave (2020): By The River:

    “The hour is dark…

    Come down to the riverside…”:

  190. Confused says:

    gregor I am complaining to the rev about you – I heard you were posting all manner of links to sinister conspiracy theory websites full of moonhowling woo woo and flibbertigibbetness, which is just my cup of tea, as it happens.

    IMAGINE MY SHOCK when all I can see are links to the MSM – BBC, FT, mail, telegraph, express, NHS, wikipedia and so on.

    YOU should be ashamed of yourself.

    Have you never heard of or 4chan? At least a shout out for the unz review – they just had an article about the city of london (TL;DR – they are bad people, like, just the worst)

    – there’s good stuff from the Jerusalem Post, but the juiciest stories are only in hebrew and you have to use google translate.

    For the real hardcore conspiricsing try : chatham house “the world today” section. It’s crazy dude, pure white rabbit material.

  191. gregor says:


    Thanks for the complainment.

    I’m sorry if the hearsay confused you.

    I am ashamed…

  192. gregor says:

    Guardian (04/12/2022): Nicola Sturgeon is revealing an appalling naivety over trans rights:

    “As a transsexual, I am astonished and appalled that a bill purporting to extend trans rights compromises the rights of women and undermines the safeguarding of children.

    When distinguishing men from women, it is neither progressive nor practical to replace biological sex with self-identified feelings of gender – whatever gender might mean…”:

  193. gregor says:

    Times (05/12/2022): Backers of gender reform bill given Scottish government funding:

    “Five human rights organisations that wrote to a UN expert defending the gender recognition reform bill have received Scottish government funding, it has emerged…”:

  194. gregor says:

    Times (05/12/2022): Sturgeon forced UK to reverse policy on masks:

    “UK ministers were bounced into a U-turn over face masks in schools during the pandemic because Nicola Sturgeon unilaterally announced her policy in an “egregious attempt at one-upmanship”…

    The UK government’s original guidance on face coverings excluded schools but then instructed secondary pupils to wear them in corridors after Sturgeon’s intervention…”:

  195. gregor says:

    Holyrood (04/12/2022): Has Nicola Sturgeon finally woken up to the dangers of self-ID?

    “How can you be serious about eliminating violence against women when your response to a major and ongoing policy issue for some women is to tell them to shut up and do as they’re told?

    Women have had a lifetime of being told what to do, what to wear, and what to say, and the last few years, as the whole debate has flared up around plans to reform the Gender Recognition Act and allow for anyone to self-identify in another sex, there has been a reawakening for many feminists, with a realisation that things are not all as they seem, namely, that matters of equality that were once considered settled have been gradually eroded or removed.
    And that almost everything to do with women’s rights is now conflated – even by so-called feminist groups – into a narrative about transphobia.

    …depressingly, it is this government, led by this first female first minister who purports to be a feminist to her fingertips, which has helped facilitate it all…”:

  196. gregor says:

    German State government of Lower Saxony spits its dummy out (04/12/2022):

    “In the course of tomorrow we will use the account of the Nds. Delete state government. A lack of controls and verifications are increasingly leading to the spread of hate and hate speech, misinformation and conspiracy stories. This is no longer acceptable to us.”:

  197. gregor says:

    Guardian (2015): Nicola Sturgeon is ‘superb’ on Twitter, says platform’s European chief:

    “…Bruce Daisley, vice-president of European operations at Twitter, added that both Sturgeon’s SNP and the Greens have “punched above their weight”…

    Nicola Sturgeon is superb on Twitter and has been able to slap down things that have been said about her,” Daisley said…

    Daisley also referred to Twitter as the “medium of truth”…”:

  198. gregor says:

    INews (2022): Nicola Sturgeon: Social media is a ‘toxic sewer’…

    “The First Minister said she received so much ‘vicious and horrible’ abuse on sites such as Twitter that she was unable to read the latest comment before it was replaced by another…”:

  199. gregor says:

    (Wikipedia: Jimmy Savile: “…he had been a predatory sex offender and possibly one of Britain’s most prolific…”):

    Nicola Sturgeon (2011): Twitter:

    “Sad news about #JimmySavile. Once had lovely chat with him in Franco’s at Central Station. A real treat for a child of the Jim’ll Fix It era.”:

  200. gregor says:

    BirminghamLive (05/12/2022): UK faces shortage of Strep A drug as seventh child dies:

    “Britain faces a critical shortage of a vital drug used to treat killer winter bug Strep A, according to reports. The UK faces a shortfall in the supply of amoxicillin.

    Dr Leyla Hannbeck, CEO of the Association of Independent Multiple Pharmacies, said the shortage was “very worrying”, saying: “It’s at a time that there is a higher risk of getting Strep A, particularly among children…”:

  201. gregor says:

    BBC (05/12/2022): Child aged 12 dies of invasive strep A in London:

    “A 12-year-old child, who was a pupil at Colfe’s School in Lee, London, has died from Strep A bacterial infection.

    Deaths like this are rare, but six other UK children have also lost their lives in recent weeks…

    UK should expect many more cases of Strep A over the coming weeks…”:

  202. gregor says:

    CNN (28/11/2022): Why the US is having shortages of antibiotics now:
    “Remember the shortages of personal protective equipment in March 2020? Now it’s medications for kids.

    …manufacturers began reporting shortages of the liquid (pediatric) formulations of amoxicillin, an antibiotic used for everything from strep throat to ear infections… Over the last few weeks, shortages of other antibiotics have emerged…

    Unfortunately, according to the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists’ website, there is neither a stated reason for, nor an anticipated resolution of, the shortages in many of these medications…”:

  203. gregor says:

    NewYorkPost (03/12/2022): What’s missing from the Twitter files: The truth about the FBI:

    “What was missing were details of specific warnings we know the FBI made to Twitter about a (redacted) “hack and leak operation” involving Hunter during their weekly meetings with top executives of the social media giant in the days and weeks before The Post published its exclusive bombshell.

    We know that FBI Supervisory Special Agent Elvis Chan testified Tuesday in a lawsuit against the Biden administration brought by Republican attorneys that he organized those weekly meetings with Twitter and Facebook in San Francisco for as many as seven Washington-based FBI agents in the run-up to the 2020 presidential election.

    Twitter’s then-head of Site Integrity Yoel Roth has stated in a sworn declaration that he was told during those meetings to expect “hack-and-leak operations” by state actors involving Hunter Biden…

    Twitter cited its new “hacked materials” policy on October 14, 2020, when it locked The Post’s account for two weeks and censored our story revealing an email from Hunter’s (redacted) benefactor thanking him for meeting with his father, the then-VP, in Washington, DC.

    The email was not “hacked material”; it came from Hunter’s laptop…”:

  204. gregor says:

    TASS (05/12/2022): (redacted) signs law on large fines for LGBT propaganda, pedophilia and gender reassignment:

    English translation:

    “According to the document, sanctions for such offenses against children are tightened.

    (redacted) President (redacted) signed a law imposing heavy administrative fines for promoting non-traditional sexual relations, pedophilia and gender reassignment among people of any age. Information about the signing by the President appeared in the card of this law in the database of the State Duma.

    Previously, the Code of Administrative Offenses provided for liability only for LGBT propaganda among minors, now these provisions are being significantly expanded. At the same time, sanctions for such offenses against children are being tightened.”:

  205. gregor says:

    BMJ Global Health: SARS-CoV-2 infection in Africa: a systematic review and meta-analysis of standardised seroprevalence studies, from January 2020 to December 2021:

    First published August 23, 2022:


    “We report high seroprevalence in Africa suggesting greater population exposure to SARS-CoV-2 and potential protection against COVID-19 severe disease than indicated by surveillance data.

    As seroprevalence was heterogeneous, targeted PHSM and vaccination strategies need to be tailored to local epidemiological situations.”:

  206. gregor says:

    Biontech (05/12/2022): Pfizer and BioNTech Submit Application to U.S. FDA for Emergency Use Authorization of Omicron BA.4/BA.5-Adapted Bivalent COVID-19 Vaccine in Children Under 5 Years:

    “…If authorized, children in this age group would receive a primary series consisting of two 3-µg doses of the original Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine followed by a third 3-µg dose of the Omicron BA.4/BA.5-adapted bivalent vaccine.

    An application to extend Pfizer and BioNTech’s Omicron BA.4/BA.5-adapted bivalent COVID-19 vaccine marketing authorization in the EU to include children ages 6 months through 4 years is under discussion with the European Medicines Agency (EMA)…”:

  207. gregor says:

    BBC (2021): Covid: Children’s extremely low risk confirmed by study:

    “The overall risk of children becoming severely ill or dying from Covid is extremely low…”:

  208. gregor says:

    Bob Theil (1982): Who Are We Now:

    “…Are we lost…

    Who are we now…”:

  209. gregor says:

    DiscoverMagazine (12/03/2021): Earth’s Rotation Has Slowed Down Over Billions of Years:

    “…For billions of years, Earth’s rotation has been gradually slowing down. It’s a process that continues to this day…

    Scientists still don’t fully understand…”:

    DiscoverMagazine (20/12/2021): Earth Is Spinning Faster Now Than It Was 50 Years Ago:

    “…Earth is rotating faster than it has in the last half-century, resulting in our days being ever-so-slightly shorter than we’re used to…”:

  210. gregor says:

    UK Government: UK and U(redacted)e agree ground-breaking digital trade deal:

    Published 30 November 2022:

    “…need for people to be able to use digital solutions to prove they are who they say they are…

    …provides a framework for the UK and U(redacted)e to cooperate to promote compatibility between their respective digital identity systems…”:

  211. gregor says:

    BBC (05/12/2022): Strep A death of eighth child confirmed:

    “An eighth child has died from a severe strep A bacterial infection, it has been confirmed…”:

  212. gregor says:

    UK Government (2004): Interim UK guidelines for management of close community contacts of invasive group A streptococcal disease:

    “…data thus far also confirmed the rapid and significant mortality associated with these diseases, 20% of cases dying within seven days of diagnosis…”:

  213. gregor says:

    BBC (05/12/2022): Scarlet fever cluster found at County Down school:

    “Dozens of children at a County Down primary school are suffering from strep A bacterial infections, including cases of scarlet fever, a principal has said. Michael Peacock, from Brackenagh West Primary School near Kilkeel, said that two children had been hospitalised.

    …some people who catch it can get very sick…”:

  214. gregor says:

    Ivor Cutler (2009): Women of the World (Linda Hirst):

    “Women of the world take over, because If you don’t the world will come to an end…

    Women of the world take over…”:

  215. gregor says:

    Independent (2022): Nicola Sturgeon claims world would be a ‘better place’ if ruled by women:

    Nicola Sturgeon:

    “I often think the world would be a much better place if it were ruled by women… women in positions like mine – and there’s not been that many…”:

    Guardian (2014): Data Blog: Women at Davos…

    “If you want to know who runs the world, you could do worse than check out …the World Economic Forum…”:

  216. gregor says:

    World Economic Forum: People:

    Nicola Sturgeon: of Scotland:

  217. gregor says:

    NBC (05/12/2022): Michael Avenatti sentenced to 14 years in prison for California fraud scheme:

    “Incarcerated lawyer Michael Avenatti was sentenced in Southern California on Monday to 14 years in prison and ordered to pay $7 million in restitution after admitting he cheated four of his clients out of millions of dollars…

    …was convicted of stealing book proceeds from Stormy Daniels, the porn actor who catapulted him to fame as he represented her during her legal battles with then-President Donald Trump…”:

  218. gregor says:

    TechnoFog (05/12/2022):The FAUCI Deposition Transcript:

    “Today, Missouri Attoney General Eric Schmitt released the transcript of the testimony of Dr. Anthony Fauci…

    EcoHealth Alliance – the Peter Daszak group – is knee-deep in the Wuhan controversy, having been funded by the Fauci’s NIH for coronavirus and gain of function research in China (and having worked with the Chinese team in Wuhan). What does Fauci say about EcoHealth Alliance?

    Over two years after the COVID-19 pandemic began, and after millions dead worldwide, he’s “vaguely familiar” with their work…

    In early 2020, Fauci was put on notice that his group – NIAID – had funded EcoHealth alliance on bat coronavirus research for the past five years…

    Fauci was evasive on conversations with Francis Collins about whether NIAID may have funded coronavirus-related research in China, eventually stating “I don’t recall.”

    The phrase “I don’t recall” was prominent in Fauci’s deposition. He said it a total of 174 times…”:

  219. gregor says:

    Vaccine Knowledge Project (2022): Nasal Flu Vaccine:

    Key vaccine facts:

    “In the 2020-21 season, over three million children were vaccinated against flu across the UK.

    The flu vaccine for children is a nasal spray (sprayed into the nose), not an injection. The live attenuated influenza vaccine (LAIV) contains live forms of flu virus which have been weakened (attenuated). These stimulate the immune system but do not cause disease in healthy people. It can safely be given at the same time as all other routine childhood vaccines, including other live vaccines. However, the nasal flu vaccine should not be given to people who are clinically immunosuppressed…
    Who is eligible and how to get the vaccine?

    The UK is gradually introducing annual flu vaccination for all children…”:

  220. gregor says:

    UK Government (2016): Live attenuated vaccines: avoid use in those who are clinically immunosuppressed:

    “Healthcare professionals working in primary and secondary care should ensure that clinically significant immunosuppression in a patient is identified before administration of a live attenuated vaccine.

    Reminder for healthcare professionals:

    Live attenuated vaccines should not routinely be given to people who are clinically immunosuppressed (either due to drug treatment or underlying illness).

    It is important for healthcare professionals who are administering a particular vaccine to be familiar with the contraindications and special precautions before proceeding with immunisation…”:

  221. gregor says:

    Express (2021): Sturgeon ridiculed over failure to ‘recollect’ 50 times in crucial conduct hearing:

    “The SNP leader faced a grilling from MSPs on Wednesday as part of a Holyrood committee investigation into claims there had been a “malicious and concerted” attempt to damage the reputation of her predecessor Alex Salmond…

    …showreel of moments from the hearing where she was unable to recall certain facts or details.

    In total 50 such moments are recorded. Among these Ms Sturgeon is heard to say “I don’t know,” “I’m not aware,” “I can’t remember” and at one point “my memory is vague.”

    The video ends with a question to the view which reads: “If you were telling the truth, would you forget 50 times?…”:

  222. gregor says:

    BBC (2022):

    “…Experts believe cases of RSV and flu have surged this year because protective measures like mask-wearing and social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic protected some children from exposure, leaving them more vulnerable to infection…”:

  223. gregor says:

    General Medical Council (2022): The responsibilities of all doctors: Protecting children and young people: Guidance:

    “All children and young people are entitled to protection from abuse and neglect. Good medical practice places a duty on all doctors to protect and promote the health and well-being of children and young people. This means all doctors must act on any concerns they have about the safety or welfare of a child or young person…

    In this guidance ‘abuse or neglect’ means physical, emotional or sexual abuse, including fabricated or induced illness, and emotional or physical neglect, which has led, or may lead, to significant harm to a child or young person.

    All doctors have a duty to keep up to date…”:

  224. gregor says:

    Breitbart (01/12/2022): Great Reset: Germany Bans Farmers from Properly Fertilising Land to Serve EU Green Agenda:

    “Germany has banned farmers in one of its federal states from properly fertilising large swathes of land at the behest of the EU’s green agenda.

    As of Thursday, the use of nitrate fertilisers has been greatly restricted for large swathes of farmland in North Rhine-Westphalia, with the green agenda change greatly angering farmers as it is likely to drastically reduce yields.

    While implemented by authorities in Germany, the ban is ultimately at the behest of the European Union, which is pushing to reduce the amount of nitrogen in certain parts of Europe as part of its green agenda.

    The policy has already wreaked havoc in the Netherlands, with the Dutch government now looking to either buy out or forcibly close up to 3,000 farms to meet targets set by Brussels… Despite the impact this could have on food security in Europe…”:

  225. gregor says:

    BBC (06/12/2022): UK sleepwalking into food supply crisis, says farming union:

    “The UK is “sleepwalking” into a food supply crisis and the government must step in to help farmers, the National Farmers Union (NFU) has warned.

    Yields of tomatoes and other crops will likely slump to record lows this year, it said, with potential supply problems ahead as already seen with eggs.

    Soaring fuel, fertiliser and feed costs were putting farmers under severe pressure, it added…

    …as a nation, we should be looking to back our farming community…”:

  226. gregor says:

    Kathleen Sharrit (05/12/2022):Twitter: Video:

    White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre says Twitter censoring Hunter Biden laptop story is a “distraction” and “old news if you think about it”:

  227. gregor says:

    FoxBusiness (05/12/2022): Hunter Biden laptop whistleblower seizes long-awaited ‘glimmers’ of justice: ‘I’m ready to go to war’:

    “The Hunter Biden laptop whistleblower who had been given the “death sentence” label of a hacker is pulling the curtain back on the FBI and Twitter’s malicious involvement in the scandal, arguing that the FBI “knew all the facts” and divisively swept the story under the rug. 

    John Paul Mac Isaac:

    “I went up against Twitter back in 2021 when they labeled my activity hacking or therefore labeling essentially me a hacker… So I went after Twitter.

    Unfortunately, they switched judges on me, gave me an Obama-appointed judge who threw the case out with prejudice and awarded Twitter, the Florida SLAPP statute,” he told host Maria Bartiromo.

    “Basically, Twitter cut my legs off and prevented me from fighting any legal battles in the future and possibly forcing me into bankruptcy. So you can understand how relieved and excited I am with what Elon’s doing over at Twitter right now. Because what I have known for a very long time is true and proving to be facts.”…”:

  228. gregor says:

    Chemistanddruggist (05/12/2022): Strep A: Pharmacists warn of amoxicillin shortages as infections rocket:

    “…independent pharmacies across the country have reported struggling to get hold of the antibiotic, which is used to treat invasive group A strep.

    “This is yet another concerning example of a popular medicine going on short supply, at a time when there is a higher risk for infections in children,” she said…

    Pharmacists are “spending hours on the phones trying to get hold of medicines [such as amoxicillin] and desperately trying to help our patients, unfortunately being told there is no supply,” Dr Hannbeck said…”:

  229. gregor says:

    ChronicleLive (06/12/2022): Antibiotics could be given to children in schools to stop Strep A, reports say:

    “Children at primary schools affected by Strep A could be given antibiotics en masse as a prevention measure, it has been reported.

    A Government minister revealed the plan, described as “rare” by health officials, after the eighth death of a child from the infection…”:

  230. gregor says:

    BBC (06/12/2022): Conservative peer Michelle Mone to take leave of absence from Lords:

    “Tory peer Michelle Mone is taking a leave of absence from the Lords “to clear her name of the allegations that have been unjustly levelled against her”, her spokesman has said…”:

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