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Posted on July 07, 2013 by

A Scotsman just won Wimbledon. Wimbledon. What can’t we do?
















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    1. Murray McCallum says:

      Imagine the even greater chaos if the NY Times had some input to US military air strikes.  What’s the point of sub 1 metre GPS accuracy if your basic grasp of geography is +/- 500 miles?

    2. dinnatouch says:

      So it’s ok for the Sunday Mail but not for the First Minister?

    3. kininvie says:

      Love the captions! (though NYT has had second thoughts after twitter feed went red hot)

    4. roboscot says:

      The NYT have changed their headline.

    5. Max says:

      The wait goes on, it will be 78 years since an Englishman won Wimbledon.

    6. Jiggsbro says:

      He wouldn’t have won if Scotland were independent. There wouldn’t have been the facilities: he’d have had to go to Spain or something just to be able to train. Only in the Union was this marvellous achievement possible. This should finally put to bed the ‘is he Scottish or British?’ argument: he’s English, like Sir Chris Hoy. The first Englishman to win Wimbledon wearing shorts (I note he didn’t wear a kilt, I think that tells us all we need to know). And he gave his acceptance speech in English, not Gaelic. Lord Murray of Wimbledon, England salutes you!

    7. Doug Daniel says:

      I absolutely love the mass outrage about Scotland’s First Minister waving Scotland’s flag on the day a Scotsman wins the tennis. There’s been a fair few folk I’ve been following on Twitter who I’ve had suspicions about in regards to their stance on the referendum. I’ve been inclined to think they were one way or the other, but didn’t really have proof because they were careful not to speak about it. But then you see their outrage over Salmond (or their outrage at the outrage) and it becomes clear which way their thinking goes.
      So of course, we shouldn’t be surprised that those outraged include such “unbiased” journalists as Euan McColm and Kenny Farquharson…
      But never mind all that, this was just brilliant. Doubly brilliant for me because I didn’t have the chance to see him win his first major at the US Open last year. I reckon he’ll be number 1 in the world by Christmas.

    8. Bill C says:

      From a rather humorous chap on the Herald forum:
      Overheard in the Royal Box on Sunday around 5:30pm
      David Cameron: “It’s amazing, isn’t it!”
      Alex Salmond: “Yes, that’s 78 years since an Englishman last won Wimbledon!”

    9. naebd says:

      Re: the NYT slip-up. Look: Britain is de-facto Greater England.
      We Scots can’t expect everyone out there in the big wide world to play along with our wee dignity-sparing naming-conventions. If you can’t stomach this fact of life, then I suppose you could vote yes next year. If you vote no, this is what you’re voting for.

    10. Boorach says:

      What can we do?
      We can take Andy as an example and strain every sinew to achieve our dream of an independent Scotland. Work hard, play hard and talkour heads off.
      Congratulations Andy…… the boy from Dunblane done good!

    11. naebd says:

      “So of course, we shouldn’t be surprised that those outraged include such “unbiased” journalists as Euan McColm and Kenny Farquharson…”
      Pfft aye – Proud Scots, don’t question their 100% Scottish non-zero-sum-game patriotism, but please – please don’t besmirch this glorious day with any of those grubby saltires.

    12. Peter says:

      Remember a few years ago that 180 year old american tennis reporter called Murray English and he was lucky to escape alive.  
        Today is the day when unionists prove that they hate Scotland and all things Scottish in front of the entire World.

    13. Ron says:

      Credit where it’s due, NYT have changed their headline to “Murray and Britain Rule”. LOL
      No credit whatsoever to Fraser Nelson. Pathetic today.

    14. AlexMcI says:

      You can just tell Cameron’s thinking, I’m going to kill some pr person for not having a union flag for me, that bloody Salmonds one step ahead of me again.

    15. naebd says:

      Cameron should have grabbed the other end of the Dread Cloth Item and made it all about Togetherness 🙂

    16. kininvie says:

      @doug daniel
      It was, of course, nothing to do with the saltire as such (there were plenty being waved in the crowd). It has everything to do with the brazen effrontery of draping it behind Cameron’s head. It was a giant two fingers to British establishment politeness and respect and….and all those things Wimbledon is supposed to embody.
      Love him or hate him, the FM knows the worth of raising the finger at the opportune moment. It plays well with me.

    17. Marcia says:

      Re the flag thing. I do remember that Alex Salmond upstaged Tory Blair who was speaking at a function in the 1997 Election period when he held up a ‘Bluff’ card he retained from his appearance on Call my Bluff TV programme.

    18. naebd
      Cameron did the next best thing. I don’t know why BritTwits are having aneurysms about Eck.

    19. Westie7 says:

      Considering Soapy consistently polls ahead of all other leaders … 
      This level of hatred is somewhat confusing/alarming/sinister * delete as applicable

    20. Megalosaurus says:

      Maybe the tension and the drama were getting to me; but it seemed that the bbc coverage was doing its utmost to ignore Salmond. After an early shot of Cameron which, accidently?, had Salmond in the back ground, for the rest of the match they seemed to only show Cameron in close up….
      I am just getting overly paranoid, right? Right???

    21. Jim Mitchell says:

      My favorite comment is on the BBC Sport Site, where one person is so pleased at his win that they actually finish by saying, not only do they hope Scotland gets it’s independence, but also, i hope that we invade you and kick you into the sea!
      I don’t think it’s from this side of the border!

    22. scottish_skier says:

      Cameron did the next best thing. I don’t know why BritTwits are having aneurysms about Eck
      If that’s correct, then I’m smiling. As I’ve said before, the battle is not between David Cameron and Alex Salmond; that battle was won long ago (mair pandas). Vince cable is the latest example.
      The only troops remaining on the opposing force are Scottish unionist politicians – mainly Labour – and they’re fighting amongst themselves. Dave and the Tories are  going to shaft them.
      The white paper and joint UK-Scottish government announcements on the aftermath of a Yes will be the shafting.
      The Tories (and/or UKIP/UK extreme right) can’t govern the UK and keep Scotland. There can be no other outcome. Dave knows it, Salmond knows it, YesScotland knows it, Labour know it.

    23. Jiggsbro says:

      Love him or hate him, the FM knows the worth of raising the finger at the opportune moment. It plays well with me.
      This. He photobombed Cameron, gave the finger to the establishment and sparked a row that can only make the outraged Unionists look bitter, negative and anti-Scottish. Another canny move.

    24. Murray McCallum says:

      Is there a link between the democratically elected FM of Scotland getting slagged off for openly supporting his country and the original NY Times headline?
      Maybe one day this will be accepted as perfectly natural and acceptable behaviour by us all?

    25. Craig P says:

      Going to watch the classic Monty Python Science Fiction sketch with renewed pleasure tonight 🙂

    26. ianbrotherhood says:

      Transcendentally wonderful match and result.
      All ye haters and naysayers and Nelson-types – who’s laughing now, eh?
      And you think the noise from the Wimbledon crowd was phenomenal?
      Just wait.
      Wait till you hear the roar coming from ‘North Britain’ on Sep 19th next year – you’ll only hear it the once, and you’ll never ever forget it. 

    27. muttley79 says:

      @Doug Daniel
      I absolutely love the mass outrage about Scotland’s First Minister waving Scotland’s flag on the day a Scotsman wins the tennis. There’s been a fair few folk I’ve been following on Twitter who I’ve had suspicions about in regards to their stance on the referendum. I’ve been inclined to think they were one way or the other, but didn’t really have proof because they were careful not to speak about it. But then you see their outrage over Salmond (or their outrage at the outrage) and it becomes clear which way their thinking goes.
      So of course, we shouldn’t be surprised that those outraged include such “unbiased” journalists as Euan McColm and Kenny Farquharson…
      Serious question here (not just to you Doug): why is there outrage at the First Minister of Scotland taking out a Saltire after Andy Murray’s victory?  Seriously, the Scottish cringe is alive and well.  Do these people complaining not realise that their cringing mentality towards Scotland is one of the major reasons we are having a referendum on independence?  Are they fuck proud to be Scottish…Imagine getting angry at the mere sight of the national flag!

    28. I laughed at your alt text for the NY Times. If anyone hasn’t seen it, hover over the NY Times pic. 😀

    29. naebd says:

      Speaking of newspapers, I done a picture:

    30. ianbrotherhood says:


    31. Aye, as any fule no, Podgornay was 1st Scots Wimbledon champ:

    32. Marcia says:

      this photo made me laugh:

    33. Doug Daniel says:

      muttley79 – well, they claim to be annoyed at Salmond for trying to politicise a sporting event, or for trying to take the spotlight in Andy’s moment of greatness, or simply thinking it’s not “classy” for an FM to do that sort of thing (oh no, couldn’t have a First Minister acting like one of the hoi pallloi now, could we?). But in reality, it’s just a combination of hatred for Salmond, hatred of independence, and their inherent fear of anything being attributed to Scotland rather than Britain.

    34. Oldnat says:

      Anyone here who describes the Netherlands as Holland, shouldn’t be concerned about the NYT’s similar error.

    35. Yesitis says:

      That`s funny 🙂
      I saw this one. Poor Ed.

    36. Dcanmore says:

      @naebd …
      LOL 🙂

    37. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      They BOTH need changing, as soon as possible.

    38. Doug Daniel says:

      Oldnat – I’m okay then, as I make a point of always saying Netherlands. Mind you, I believe even some Dutch folk say Holland (especially on football scarves and stuff), so they’re not exactly helping themselves there!

    39. Bill C says:

      @multley 79
      “Are they fuck proud to be Scottish…Imagine getting angry at the mere sight of the national flag!”
      Absolutely spot on. I for one am getting totally sick to the back teeth of apologising for my nationality (not that I ever have, but you know what I mean).  Time to fly the flag at every opportunity and convince our fellow Scots that it is time to drop the cringe and raise the Saltire.

    40. HandandShrimp says:

      Surprising the amount of angst a few seconds of the Scottish flag held by a Scottish FM can cause. I rarely look at twitter but what with Murray winning and the flag thing I can imagine the cunt word has been withdrawn due to exhaustion.

    41. IainGraysSubwayLament says:

      Serious question here (not just to you Doug): why is there outrage at the First Minister of Scotland taking out a Saltire after Andy Murray’s victory?  Seriously, the Scottish cringe is alive and well.
      To be fair Muttley it is primarily the right wing Daily Mail type bigots, racists and other assorted fruitcakes who are most angry.
      It’s far easier to laugh at their impotent fury than to take it very seriously.
      No doubt there will soon be acres of BritNat Bigots posting and filling up newspaper comment threads with the type of hatred seen on right wing political blogs like Guido Fawkes etc. and this.

    42. HandandShrimp says:

      Why do they hate Scotland so much?

    43. annie says:

      Who cares he won – what a guy.  Onwards and upwards.

    44. DougtheDug says:

      “why is there outrage at the First Minister of Scotland taking out a Saltire after Andy Murray’s victory?”
      Because despite the fact that Wimbledon is a competition between individual players and not national teams it has been built up into a “Britain versus the world” competition with the main star as Andy Murray playing for Britain The average TV viewer would be surprised to learn that Andy Murray was not officially representing Britain at Wimbledon today.
      In the style of the relentless Great British TV shows like the “Great British Bake Off”, the “Great British Menu”, “Great British Railway Journeys” and the “Great British Story” this is the “Great British Wimbledon” and is all about British pride and British players and British success.
      Flashing a Saltire is beyond the pale becaue it’s a British event for British people. Union Jacks only please, we’re British.
      As always, unionists here are always enraged at any overt display of Scottishness in public.

    45. westie7 says:

      maybe McColm doesnt know it is ACTUALLy the job of the FM to Promote Scotland, or did he miss that bit of the Leveson Pantomime

    46. muttley79 says:

      @Doug Daniel
       But in reality, it’s just a combination of hatred for Salmond, hatred of independence, and their inherent fear of anything being attributed to Scotland rather than Britain.
      Not much new there anyway.  @Bill C:  To be honest I am not really a big fan of flag waving.  However, if Salmond cannot hold a Saltire after an event like today’s then he would never be able to do it.  Journalist to Salmond: So First Minister of Scotland, why were you holding eh the Scottish national flag then?….   

    47. Doug Daniel says:

      Another unionist spits the dummy after being caught out saying something they shouldn’t. I would tell you what it is, but she’s deleted the tweet, which speaks volumes in itself. Seems she compared Salmond to a flag-waving racist footballer or something. Anyway, BBC sports journalist – so much for impartiality, eh?

    48. Krackerman says:

      That link doesnae work Doug… Not for me anyway.

    49. Bill C says:

      @mutley 79 – I hear what you are saying, however I think it’s important for us to be proud of our flag simply as a symbol of nationhood. Nothing wrong with the national flags flying outside the UN building in New York

    50. Doug Daniel says:

      Krackerman – seems she’s deleted her account. What a loser!

    51. Jiggsbro says:

      seems she’s deleted her account. What a loser!
      Apparently she’s been hounded off Twitter by cybernats. Just because she called the FM a racist for supporting his own countryman by waving his own country’s flag. So much for free speech: these cybernats should be banned from the interwebs.

    52. Jiggsbro says:

      Further research suggests Jill Douglas wasn’t comparing Salmond to John Terry the (alleged) racist, she was comparing him to John Terry the Champions League trophy photobomber. Because all the people waving Union flags actually played in the final alongside Andy.

    53. Krackerman says:

      A bit like this laddo –  a few comments from me along the lines of “whats wrong with flying his national flag” and I’m banned… Whit a bunch of feaerties these British Nationalists are… Nasty lot too..

    54. Adrian B says:
      Account deleted – tweets still coming in.  

    55. naebd says:

      So apparently nobody does old-style quote-RTs any more.

    56. muttley79 says:

      @Bill C
      Yes, I like all the national flags flying at the UN building in New York.  I just mean I personally am not a great flag waver. 
      On Jill Douglas: what else would you expect from a Scottish Unionist working for the BBC?  They have to denigrate Scottish national aspirations because they know that is the only way the British establishment will accept them (and even then they are not really accepted imo).  No wonder these people are angry.  All they are concerned about is maintaining their own status and privileges.  Rev Stu was correct when he said a few days ago that Scottish Unionists do not regard Scotland as a country or nation.  Today’s events just prove that.

    57. G. Campbell says:

      Pienaar’s Politics – Salmond’s Saltire Shame

      Alex Salmond: “I don’t think I can say I’ve ever had a better day in London.”

      John Pienaar: “Kevin Schofield from The Sun is rolling his eyes at that last comment.”

      Kevin Schofield: “It just lacked class… to start waving a Saltire, which is obviously a pretty flagrant political gesture in the current climate, was a little bit over the top.”

      Laura Pitel, The Times: *agrees*

      Jim Sheridan, Lab MP: “For me it signifies that we are better together in the UK rather than this insular independence argument that people are fed up with and don’t want.”

      Jesse Norman, Tory MP: “I thought it was very tawdry of Alex Salmond to play it for politics.”

      Stephen Lloyd, Lib Dem MP: “I agree with Jim.”

      Collective Unionist whinge starts at 54:16

    58. Krackerman says:

      Sorry but you mean JOKE McConnel – as in “on us”….

    59. Angus McPhee says:

      missed a chance on the rabbit ears though.

    60. Manic Monday says:

      Unionist press getting their knickers in a twist over Salmond flying the Saltire.

    61. Peter says:

      McConnel is a Fud, as for the Pienaars Politics bit I cant even pretend to care…

    62. Iain says:

      Perhaps some people have forgotten Nelson Mandela. The Sun seemed to be impressed when he wore a S.A. rugby shirt to present the world cup to S.A.
      It wasn’t political was it?

    63. kininvie says:

      You really have to feel for these people sometimes. Do they never see it coming? With one mildly subversive action, Salmond grabs the headlines, provokes outrage, sets up (another) opportunity for the establishment to write screeds of patronising and insulting stuff…and pockets a few more undecideds who don’t enjoy being told how to behave.
      It’s ‘illegal referendum’ ‘no second question’ all over again. Don’t they see they are being taken for a ride? I fail to believe just how credulous they are.

    64. Shinty says:

      You just need to look at the sour faces of the two behind the FM – says it all really.
      They get to drape their beloved union flag over the presentation table, but our FM brings out the Saltire and it’s ‘political’.
      Roll on 2014 and it better be a YES

      Well done Andy.

    65. muttley79 says:

      I think this was a classic tactic from Salmond.  All these self-proclaimed “proud Scots” Unionists are snarling and raging away at this gesture by Salmond.  It just proves that:
      1) they are cringing Jockneys and 
      2) it shows how they really feel about Scotland, when the FM of Scotland holds the Saltire, the national flag of Scotland, and they act as if he has done something scandalous.  Jill Douglas has outed herself as just another cringing Scottish Unionist.  Jack McConnell is another bitter British Nationalist as well!

    66. Yesitis says:

      The Scotland on Sunday poll:
      ‘Is the Better Together Campaign too negative?’
      Support for No growing fast. Very fast. Oh dear.

    67. Ruairidh says:

      Really don’t understand what people are so pissed about. They should blame the people who sat Cameron in front of Alex. If Cameron wasn’t in the shot and Salmond got the flag out would there still be all this pish and wind. No one complained (other than at his fashion sense) when John Howard put on a Cricket Australia tracksuit for the Ashes or when Thabo Mbeki wore a Springbok Jersey in 2007 at the RWC final, (NB. Won’t compare Nelson Mandela in 1995 as that was a masterful political statement.) Most importantly Nobody complains at Harry and Wills turning up to the Rugby with an England top on. Why then because Salmond pulls out our National Flag to celebrate a very famous victory is he near crucified and run out of town. It is not Salmond who should grow up but the MSM and the establishment who have their nose out of joint at a “jock” upturning the Pimms and Lemonade and winning their bloody “holy grail” of tournaments.

    68. Frazer Allan Whyte says:

      I particularly appreciated the picture of Cameron applauding as the saltire was being raised – obviously practicising for the forthcoming independence ceremonies where as a representive of the colonizing power he needs to keep a stiff upper lip as he watches as one of the last colonies of the empire finally gets its freedom.

    69. Doug says:

      Re: the Scotsman. Not only was it a Saltire, it was too big! How very dare he!

    70. Indy_Scot says:

      My ears are bleeding after listening to BBC news compare Andys win to Englands football win in 1966 and Englands rugby win in 2007.
      Man, next September cannot come quick enough for me.

    71. Dal Riata says:

      To all those Unionist arses who have ever been, are around now, and may continue in some substantially diminished form in the future; to all those who have abused Andy Murray in the psst and continue to do so; to those  Britnats, especially Scottish [sic] Brtitnats, and their faux outrage about Scotland’s First Minister waving the flag of his own country, may I give you this salute on such a monumental and wondrous day for Scottish sport… GIRFUY! Or, as is more commonly said, GetItRightFuckingUpYiz!

    72. G. Campbell says:

      BBC News – 10 seconds ago
      The presidents of Nicaragua, Venezuela and Bolivia have indicated their countries could offer political asylum to Wimbledon rule breaker Alex Salmond.

    73. IainGraysSubwayLament says:

      Pienaar’s an establishment nodding dog on independence as are so many other supposedly ‘non-aligned’ websites and political commentators.
      Their bias is directly in proportion to their cowardice and fear of incurring the wrath of the westmisnter unoinist ‘consensus’.

    74. Murray McCallum says:


      Nelson Mandela … The Sun seemed to be impressed when he wore a S.A. rugby shirt to present the world cup to S.A.
      Hold on Iain that iconic moment was all about bringing a nation together.  It’s not about …. …. err wait a minute … what I mean is …

    75. Pedro says:

      @ Dal Riata
      “to those  Britnats, especially Scottish [sic] Brtitnats”

      Or ‘Union Jocks’ as I prefer to call them.

    76. Vronsky says:

      Scotsman tomorrow:

    77. G. Campbell says:

      Jill Douglas was on microphone duties when Salmond was booed in George Square last year*, and was seen handing out tenners to the crowd beforehand**.

      * true
      ** not true

    78. G. Campbell says:

      “Its website states that ‘large flags (over 2ft by 2ft), banners, rattles, klaxons or oversized hats’ are among prohibited items at the club.”

      It was a jumbo-sized saltire handkerchief you fools!

    79. Yesitis says:

      Jill Douglas simply entertained her right to free speech.

    80. ukp42 says:

      Has any one heard Lamont’s view?

    81. john king says:

      naebd says 
      “Speaking of newspapers, I done a picture:
      whats wrong with you man? cant you read? bad neabd very bad, go to your room

    82. Ann says:

      I noticed on the Scotland On Sunday website that everyone that has a dig at Alex have all got great big green thumbs up, but those that have come out in his defence are all be red thumbs down.
      Are the ratings on that paper fixed?  
      Now wonder the circulation of this group are going into free fall.

    83. Murray McCallum says:


      Has any one heard Lamont’s view?
      It would be inappropriate to comment until the Wimbledon Commission has responded in full.

    84. Karamu says:

      Well, I was pretty sure I knew where my leanings on the indy issue were but my father made it perfectly clear with his rant about the “bawheid” (his pet name for the PM) daring to make a “sporting event political”…. He then got irate when I dared to express the opinion that I couldn’t actually see anything wrong with it!
      To really muddy the waters he couldn’t understand when I went to tell him that living in England there were no centre left parties I could vote for as Labour had drifted almost as far right as the Tories. “All the free stuff that people get in Scotland- if that isn’t left wing I don’t know what is.”
      This is the man who asserts that he is “proud to be Scottish and British”. Oh, and he reads the Daily Mail. He has a vote next year and I don’t, that frustrates me deeply….

    85. ianbrotherhood says:

      Has any one heard Lamont’s view?’
      No, but we can have a good guess
      Lamont is old-school hard-core, naeshite Socialist to her core.
      Bourgeois decadence writ large – she’d be seen dead rather than have anything to do with it.

    86. Karamu says:

      correction “his leanings”

    87. Vronsky says:

      Put your tongue that far in your cheek and you’ll do yourself a mischief.

    88. AlexMcI says:

      See that Andy donated his winnings to cancer research. Now that is a touch of class. All about the common weal there. Well done Andy.

    89. Braco says:

      have you ever sent your father a copy of the McCrone report? The actual copy of the typed out secret document? (It does have presence when printed out and is surprisingly short and readable)
      I did for my own father a few years ago adding one or two (or three ..) pencil written personal comments in the margins at pertinant points. Such as a comparison to projections of future Scots oil wealth circa 74 to the realities of Norway’s Oil wealth today (known at the time and frighteningly comparible)!
      It made the difference to both my parents views on indy (and quite a few of their friends too). Once eyes are opened, they stay open and see all the rest that’s wrong with Scotlands current set up.
      Doing it by letter and official report from ‘their time’ really took the heat out the situation for me and short circuited that father/child ‘I must always know better’ knee jerk.
      Anyway, just a suggestion. Good luck and just keep chipping away, there is still plenty of time. 

    90. Big Jock says:

      McEnroe called Murray the English kid once.It’s just one of the benefits of the Union.We get to have dual nationality.Scottish in Scotland,British in England and English to any countries outside the UK.Mind you I can see why the English like this set up.

    91. G. Campbell says:


      The following items are prohibited from the Grounds:

      Any item which may be interpreted as a potential weapon including sharp or pointed objects (e.g. knives, large corkscrews) and ‘personal protection’ sprays, tennis balls, tennis rackets, trainers, tennis players or nets;

      Large flags (over 2’ x 2’), banners, rattles, klaxons or oversized hats. Oversized men in proportionally sized hats are allowed. Scotsmen with jumbo-sized saltire handkerchiefs should tug their forelock at all times;

      Any objects or clothing bearing political statements or commercial identification intended for ‘ambush marketing’. Aha, you say, so the saltire isn’t a political statement! True, but we will happily imprison Salmond on the forelock rule.

    92. John H says:

      The attempt to anglicise Andy Murray has begun, According to Sky News, a knighthood may be in the offing.

    93. Bill C says:

      @ianbrotherhood “Lamont is old-school hard-core, naeshite Socialist to her core.”  “Socialist”? Ian you been on the sherry tonight?

    94. Marcia says:

      Sad to hear that Kay Mathieson has died.

    95. Hetty says:

      Delighted Andy Murray won, and yep, sick of the Union Jack it is far too much in evidence, all of the time, even if it represents a false patriotism as it does for many.   I was looking at the BBC news site earlier and before I knew what was really going on regards the flag waving, saw that they had a story headlined, ‘Murray mania’. Er, yep the main photo was of a guy wearing a suit of the Union Jack, literally, head to foot…I wondered why it was sooo in your face….now I know of course. Why on earth it’s perfectly ok and day to day normality to fly the ugly union jack at every opportunity, but not the Saltire is, well, it’s obvious I guess.

    96. Jiggsbro says:

      The attempt to anglicise Andy Murray has begun, According to Sky News, a knighthood may be in the offing.
      Somebody should tell Sir Sean.

    97. HandandShrimp says:

      There were plenty of saltires in the crowd. Were they embarrassed by those too or only Salmond’s one. Would they have banned Scottish fans waving the saltire to cheer Andy on if they could? I think they would. I think the Unionists are reaching the logical conclusion of their arguments, they simply wish Scotland was a county of England and flagless.

    98. cath says:

      “Love him or hate him, the FM knows the worth of raising the finger at the opportune moment. It plays well with me.”
      I don’t always know how I feel about Eck. Huge respect for him, obviously and support him but swither between thinking he’s ace and thinking he’s just another politician, not to be trusted or liked.
      But them I remember just how much the establishment despise him and figure he must be doing something very, very right. Then he pulls a stunt like this and I bloody love him. By tomorrow I’ll be back to thinking, “stop that, he’s a fucking politiican”.
      Anyway, according to some on Twitter it was wrong because it wasn’t “behaving yourself in the Royal box”. If and when Eck goes, I hope our next FM also “doesn’t behave” like the rest of the sodding UK political establishment.

    99. Big Jock says:

      I think in Scotland Britishness is on its death throws.That’s the reason for the upsurge in Union flags by the now minority Brits in Scotland.They know there symbols are not particularly liked
      They are just getting their frustration out by being anti Scottish as a defence mechanism.I spent all last summer switched off it was the only way I could avoid getting angry about union flags in every shop and kids wearing union t shirts.I just had to ignore it.It’s the same with the amount of fashion items with Union flags on display.There are definitely more but soon we will be able to look at these as foreign flags.

    100. Karamu says:

      No, I haven’t broached the topic before- was kinda avoiding it as I thought (correctly) we would end up at logger heads. He is just not open to any thoughts/ info/ arguments that don’t fit in with his limited worldview. My wife reckons it’s just his age (late 60’s) but I have seen many similar aged pro indy supporters.
      I am not sure it is even worth trying, he is so close minded to the possibility  I genuinely cannot get my head around the idea that he would rather be governed by a party that Scotland has never in my lifetime voted for, or the now identikit new labour version. His dislike of Alex S is almost pathological in its irrationality.
      Possibly even more disturbing was my mother’s assertion that “I don’t know anything about politics but we obviously disagree so let’s not talk about it”. Ie, she doesn’t anything about the facts of the matter but will vote No on some misguided principle rather than avail herself of some information.

      My mother who when I lived in Japan sent me regular Saltire related memorabilia and Colin Baxter calendars. Every time she comes down to England to visit us she goes on about how great Scotland is: nice people etc etc. Again, she has a vote and I don’t….

    101. ianbrotherhood says:

      Could’ve been worse (better?) – seated where he was, AS could quite easily have whipped out his nob and slapped it off the top of Cameron’s napper.
      Imagine the headlines then?

    102. Big Jock says:

      Yep that’s the kind of Scots I just don’t get.As far as I am concerned you can’t put Scotland first by voting for London Rule.It’s mathematically impossible to have any influence.So by voting no you are accepting that Scotland is not a nation and therefore must be a region or a Disneyland Tartan Toon.

    103. Dcanmore says:

      @AlexMcl … “See that Andy donated his winnings to cancer research. Now that is a touch of class. All about the common weal there. Well done Andy.”
      It’s a hoax by Murray haters trying to embarrass him by hoping that this story would go viral and be reported on television.

    104. kininvie says:

      Yes, AS is a politician, and no doubt as devious and tricksy as he has to be. It’s not an easy job keeping the SNP in line – no block votes and a fair number of heidbangers on all sides. But, for better or worse, he’s a conviction politician, a communicator and, fundamentally a rebel (remember he himself was chucked out of the party at one point). Plus he possesses a lightness of touch which makes everyone else look like a floundering eejit. That’s good enough for me- at least until next Autumn.

    105. Peter says:

         It’s worth remembering that britnats hate Scotland’s flag so much they decided to improve it by turning it into a swastika. Lovely people.

    106. Andy_P says:

      Perhaps worth recollecting that David Cameron himself flew the flag of St George at Downing Street in 2010 to show his support for the English football team in the World Cup.
      What’s good for the goose… 

    107. Training Day says:

      The English Sun: ‘and of hope and glory.’

      Do not trust the ‘Scottish’ Sun or Murdoch and his sock puppets in Scotland for the referendum.

    108. Bill C says:

      @cath – In my opinion Alex Salmond is no ordinary politician. He has done more for Scotland than any Scot since the time of Wallace and continues even today to discomfort the British Establishment. His bravery in flying our national flag in the very heart of Englandshire has demonstrated that a SCOT won Wimbledon and his First Minister was there to support him.
      Alex Salmond will go down in history as a freedom fighter, who never caused so much as a nose bleed in the struggle for his country’s independence.  We are privileged as a people and a nation that he was born within our borders.

    109. ianbrotherhood says:

      Will we ever know who was in charge of allocating the seats for the ‘Royal Box’? 
      Whoever’s job it was to seat AS directly behind Cameron must have had some direction – they’re not seated according to some lottery, right?
      It’s a major wardrobe malfunction, and it’s not of Salmond’s making. 
      We may never know the motivation of the PR genius appointed to set the stage, or what strictures he was working within, but we all saw the result.
      And boy, oh boy, what a fucking result…

    110. Peter Mirtitsch says:

      Well done to Andy Murray, and well done too, to the First Minister. To have the Saltire (CAPITAL “S”) behind the Prime Minister was a stroke of genius…lol

    111. HandandShrimp says:

      The fact that so many of the mugwumps are talking about a few seconds of a saltire being waved shows how little they have to say. Shallow, pompous, sad and just a wee bit desperate.

    112. Braco says:

      yes some folk will just be unreachable, sorry for your frustration that your father may well be one of those people.
      My parents are a wee bit older than yours and were also in no way receptive to the SNP or Alex Salmond either, but that report really crystalised the feeling that they had been ‘had’ by every Scottish Party but the SNP, who they freely admitted to ridiculing at the time for their (far less) ‘over’ optimistic oil value projections back in the early seventies than those that were actually known by the UK Government (and every one since)!
      In short they were suckered with lies from trusted Scottish Politicians, establishment and MSM. Few like to admit such a thing but once they do the change can be dramatic.
      So for this reason I would always keep it there as an option. Of course you know the real lay of the land but a NO is a NO so what’s to lose (except your relationship with your parents, over petty politics of course, wink).
      By the time of the referendum, groundswell for YES may be so big that many will be swept along more as a social movement rather than politics, so who knows how folk will react to that.
      We can all hope eh! Anyway good luck again and as I said before just keep chipping away, who knows where it may lead?

    113. Peter says:

         Was I right or was I right about the reason for Andy Murray having to play without his Saltire wristbands?   A PR response to the hate campaign by britnats.  And here we have it proven beyond all doubt.  
         We just couldn’t have an obviously Scottish player winning.   And Jill Douglas?  Deary deary me. And I’m forced to pay her salary. Is that legal?

    114. Training Day says:

      And yep, I’m now voting NO cos Salmond raised the Saltire in the heart of the Brit establishment. For shame.

    115. CEMarshall says:

      I wonder what those anti-Scottish, anti-Murray TWIT-ter haters are typing now that the “Jock Scottish P_____ C____” won. 

    116. cath says:

      “AS is a politician, and no doubt as devious and tricksy as he has to be.”
      Aye, and I’m very happy he’s OUR devious, sleekit political genius.
      “Whoever’s job it was to seat AS directly behind Cameron must have had some direction – they’re not seated according to some lottery, right?”
      I suspect it was very deliberate – make sure that Jock pleb and everyone watching knows his place, behind the PM. They didn’t think about rabbit ears and saltires.

    117. kininvie says:

      FM’s Office: Hello, protocol? We’d like to put forward a suggestion about the FM’s seating at the Wimbledon final.
      Wimbledon Boxwallah: We have him in the back row, well away from everyone…
      FMO We thought it would be a good opportunity to show The FM’s & PM’s solidarity on this great national occasion
      WBW  We can’t have him next to Cameron, that would be seen to be conferring equal status..
      FMO No, no, of course not. We were thinking, maybe the row behind. They’d be on camera together, cheering on a great British sportsman…would show…Edinburgh agreement….best of frends…blah blah
      WBW It’s a thought. I’ll put it forward for consideration.
      FMO Up to you of course, but I assure you it would play very well in Scotland. You know…together…better….together….
      WBW Ah…yes…ah…well, if you put it that way…

    118. Karamu says:

      Thanks again for the words of encouragement. I just feel that my dad is a lost cause, I mean he praises Thatcher FFS!! I really don’t know where it comes from as my parents did not have a comfortable life; they worked damn work to get to where they are now- reasonable financial stability in their retirement.

      He doesn’t seem to realise that his thinking is sooo out of touch with the majority of the populace of the country of his birth that he will die in. He was also quite aghast that I had no problem with immigration- when I stated that Scotland actually needs net immigration for economic growth I swear I could hear his brain having seizures. His “foreign policy” is purely dictated by the Daily Mail.

      I love the guy- he’s my dad- but I really despair!!

      This is the problem we face- pro union propaganda is now so deeply ingrained it has now been taken as truth by a swathe of society. My parents sadly being part.

    119. Jimbo says:

      Well done Andy Murray. I was on the edge of my seat most of the way through the third set.
      Re the nonsense about OUR Scottish FM waving OUR country’s flag: The Brit Nats see it as a symbol that can stir national pride, hence the reason they would prefer to have it kept hidden. So petty about it are they that Blair tried to have the Scottish flag banned from car Reg plates (the Sun campaigned against it). The Brit Nats want Scottish national pride to be suppressed at all times.
      During the Homecoming Scotland 2009 events in our town a Labour councillor  demanded that Scotland flags should be removed as they were (in his opinion) political symbols. He was pretty miffed when he found out he couldn’t have them taken down (anyone in Scotland can fly our national flag without seeking planning permission). The Brit Nats don’t look upon their country’s flag with pride. They see it (and the teaching of Scottish history in schools) as an obstacle to their political ambitions under foreign rule. 
      After hearing of the union jocks’ outrage today about the FM waving our flag, my son says he intends to fly one in his garden from now until the referendum. Maybe if more of us did the same it could help inspire a bit more national pride in our fellow Scots.

    120. Jamie Arriere says:

      The end to a great day! Keep watching the clip of the last point and seeing a Scotsman’s dream come true. Have looked at comments pages all over, but can’t really be bothered chipping in. I’ve watched Andy Murray since his first professional matches and always (& still) love the fire in the belly he has for what he does, while witnessing years of abuse & rubbishing by trolls & naysayers. I thought one day he’ll do it and I would be straight on to tell them (and I had a list of some names) to get it right up them!! The time has come, and I cannot be bothered wasting energy on inappropriate anger – I’m just smiling with a dram in my hand.
      Well done Eck, breaking the convention of the Royal Box and waving a saltire over Cameron’s head is what any other Scotsman would want to do. Let’s hope our dream comes true next year.
      Project Hope
      Project Inspiration
      ps @ianbrotherhood, I’d have to say that if Johann Lamont is by any stretch of the imagination, a socialist, she’s definitely a shite one!!

    121. AnneDon says:

      Jill Douglas had the chance to say she was referring to John Terry’s glory-stealing, but didn’t bother, claiming “free speech”.  I had a wee argument with a public figure;  he felt that the FM had been given a free seat, and shouldn’t have tried to steal the limelight. I don’t agree, but I can see that as a reasonable view.
      The rest of them are just Union Jocks, and can be ignored. I noticed the crowd on Henman (!) Hill happily mixed union jacks and saltires without any apparent war breaking out. 
      Like others on the thread, I warm to Alex Salmond every time the British establishment make their disdain for him visible.
      I look forward to seeing how the newspapers play this tomorrow.
      Will they ignore it?
      Or will they run it on their own saltire-covered pages? 
      Or will they run it on their union jack covered pages? 
      Decisions, Decisions!

    122. Chic McGregor says:

      @Angus McPhee
      A previous photoshop effort

    123. mato21 says:

                                  Scotland Salutes You
      The rampant lion roared today
      In that green and pleasant land
      And in the north that roar was heard
      So loud, so clear,  Bydand 
      Our hearts were filled with pride in you
      And our eyes filled up with tears
      As you held aloft that trophy
      You’d worked for all these years
       Some always doubted that you would
      When you were just a boy
      But your ain folk knew within their hearts
      One day you’d bring us joy
      Today that joy we all can see
      Swept ower this land like fire
      The FM clapped and cheered you on
      And flew his own Saltire
      So All of Scotland Salutes You now, and don’t you ever fear
      Should you win or lose in future, we’ll always hold you dear

    124. The Man in the Jar says:

      How about the BBC photo feature titled “In Pictures: Murraymania strikes for Wimbledon final” 19 photographs Spot the Saltire? If you’re lucky!

    125. AlexMcI says:

      Dcanmore says. It’s a hoax by Murray haters trying to embarrass him by hoping that this story would go viral and be reported on television.
      thats crazy, it was all over the wife’s Facebook page, you wonder why anyone would make all that up, it’s really sad

    126. I cannot for the life of me understand how Fraser Nelson, the living embodiment of the pet jock, could be made editor of the Spectator.

      In his barely literate diatribe he exhibits the cognitive awareness of a lobotomized fruit fly and the political acumen of a cold mince pie. How could it be that the unfurling of the flag of one’s own country to celebrate an historic victory could be reasonably characterized as offensive?

      Fraser, who has turned himself inside out to become something he is not (to ingratiate himself with London’s political elite), is the epitome of Scottish cringe.

      Consider this man’s lack of even a modicum of ethical behaviour. Look how he abuses Murray, his readers, and the truth.

      Fraser trumpets . . . Murray after Wimbeldon victory: I’m “a British Winner”.

      Now Murray did indeed use the phrase “a British winner”, but he did so in a wholly different context. What Murray, referring to English and Scottish fans, actually said was,:”I understand how much everyone else wanted to see a British winner at Wimbledon”

      Murray never said “I’m a British winner”, which is what Fraser want readers to believe he did say. You notice this excuse for a journalist does not use the form, “I’m . . a British winner”. Of course not. rather he tries to weasel-word the fraud with the illiteracy (Murray says): I’m ” a British winner”.

      The only literate interpretation of the foregoing is that Fraser is asserting that Andy Murray said he, Fraser Nelson, is “a British winner”.

      This incompetent hack cannot even obfuscate well.

    127. JLT says:

      Well done, Andy!
      It was a torturous afternoon (especially that third set). I don’t think I’ve seen a game where both players ‘broke’ the others serve so many times! It meant that you had no idea where it was going!
      To be honest, if Djokovic had broken Andy’s serve at that moment, and had won the third set, I think half of Scotland would be having heart attacks during the fourth.
      But, no, the boy prevailed and won!
      Well done Andy. You’ve made the whole of Scotland proud!

    128. john king says:

      The attempt to anglicise Andy Murray has begun, According to Sky News, a knighthood may be in the offing.”
      A knighthood isnt in the offing,
      a knighthood is a racing friggin certainty to keep him from coming out in favour of independence like Hoy 
      and all the other tame jocks who stand to lose their titles post independence

      maybe that’s what drives John MacIntyre O.B.E
      or is it his pay packet ?


    129. naebd says:

      Gosh I hope nobody give ME a knighthood before September next year :-0

    130. john king says:

      Ianbrotherhood says @ 8th july 12.16am
      both that picture and the one of Cameron and Salmond standing on the step of 10 downing street with Cameron holding a pose of chagrin as if he just discovered what a jolly good rogering actually means,
      meanwhile Alex has this shit eating grin all over his face,  the agreement (as the press would have you believe) when Cameron refused Alex his second “bite at the cherry” with a devo max option 
      as corporal Jones would have said

      “they dont like it up em sir”

    131. Juteman says:

      Well done Andy, and well done Alex.

    132. orkers says:

      According to the BBC The Queen, David Cameron and Ant and Dec among others praised Andy.
      Wot no Alex Salmond?

    133. john king says:

      this is the last scraping from the barrel, 
      from the hootsmon
      Union is Best
      11:24 PM on 07/07/2013
      “I cannot believe that while the UK is facing Greek and Italian level debt to GDP ratio, and while the defcicit grows by £3000 per minute in the UK, that slacker Salmdon has time to attend Wimbledon.”

      the spelling is all the geniuses own

    134. john king says:

      “Gosh I hope nobody give ME a knighthood before September next year :-0”
      that’s a point, does the queen have enough time between now and next september to knight every single person in Scotland? :0

    135. john king says:

      “I look forward to seeing how the newspapers play this tomorrow.

      Will they ignore it?Or will they run it on their own saltire-covered pages? Or will they run it on their union jack covered pages? Decisions, Decisions!”
      Well that’s easy, they’ll talk about the Lions tour instead,job done


    136. john king says:

      I think what we witnessed yesterday when that Saltire was unfurled was the sight of the gloves coming off, 

    137. john king says:

      sorry for multi posts rev, But I’m out all day and don’t get back online again until late at night, hence the myriad of posts from me at one time, occasionally I can post from work,

    138. MajorBloodnok says:

      Well, we were camping up north (amazing weather – saw the top of Ben Nevis from sea level for the first time), finished lunch at the Arisaig Hotel just as the game started and arrived in the Climbers’ Bar of the King’s House at Glencoe to see the last second of the closing credits. “Did he win?” I asked (thinking: that was quick).  “Nothing to stop Scottish independence now!” I added to the bar in general, with some knowing looks in response… as the Rev says, what can we no dae?

    139. Captain Caveman says:

      First and foremost, congratulations to Andy Murray and proud Scotland for an historic,fabulous, well deserved win. Simply awesome.
      From my POV it was fantastic to see the mainly English crowd roaring him on, not just the final of course but every singlematch leading up to it. Tennis ain’t football (thank God). Mrs Caveman, who is as Middle England as Middle England gets, was at the edge of her seat the whole tournament and has basically fallen in love with Andy Murray lol.
      Salmond waving the Saltire in the royal box was basically a crass, cheap mov we. I’m not bothered like some people are as I fully expected a stunt like this; even Cameron may Blair would baulk at such a thing. It wasn’t going to spoil mine or anyone else’s day though. Andy Murray is a fitting and well deserved Scottish and British Wimbledon and Olympic Champion

    140. Macart says:

      Yep, a Scottish FM flying the flag and being proud of a Scotsman excelling in his chosen field. What a bastard! 🙂
      Frankly, to all those cringe merchants who’d have us ashamed of our national flag?  Kindly and in a well intentioned way, grow the fuck up. Of course the FM is beside himself with pride, we all are. As for those unionist hacks who think this was purely politically motivated and that flag waving should be banned? I look forward to their commentaries on the celebration of WW1 next year.

    141. scottish_skier says:

      From the ‘Rules of Britain’ handbook.

      First Minister of Scotland should not wave a Scottish Flag at sporting events where Scottish sportsmen/women are playing, particularly if said Scottish sportsmen/women win an outstanding victory.

      What a wonderfully inclusive union.

    142. Seasick Dave says:

      I missed the final as was out gallivanting around the borders on my puskbike but was hoping to get back for the fifth set 🙂
      Watched the highlights though and was impressed by the skill and guts of both players but Andy especially; great final and two great players.
      Can’t believe the faux fuss about the flag.

    143. Genius from the Daily Heil comments:
      “It’s a wonderful lift for the country. We won the US golf open, we with Ireland destroyed Australia at Rugby Union, we have won Wimbledon, we have a good chance in the Tour de France, and we keep our fingers crossed that we retain the Ashes. Bringing the spirits up in a country will help us move forward. Magic.”
      Emphasis mine.  Well done, Andy.  You did it for Harry, England and St George!

    144. scottish_skier says:

      It’s so embarrassing and crass when people in England wave the St. George’s cross at sporting events where English teams/English players are playing. Damn separatists/nationalists; just typical of them.

      It was a British team that won the world cup in 1966 I tell you! It’s just those nasty separatists with their St. George’s crosses that try to claim English credit for it for their own political ends.

    145. mealer says:

      Seasick Dave,
      you should have pedalled harder.Take a leaf out of Andys book and put a bit more effort into it.You could have been back in time for the third set!
      Andy Murray is an inspiration.We can all be proud of him.But lets all remember,far too many Scots spend too much time watching sport and not enough time playing it.If Andys success helps lift Scotland off the bottom of the table for so many diseases that’ll be his greatest success.

    146. Macart says:

      Look forward to seeing a triumphant British team retain the ashes.

    147. Training Day says:


      Geez peace and grow a spine.

      The BBC are now running with Kaye Adams asking us ‘How much credit can Scotland actually take for Andy Murray’s success?’

    148. Doug Daniel says:

      Christian Wright is living up to his surname. Murray never said “I’m a British winner”. He said enough to please the crowd without going as far as to actually say it. Ever since the “anyone but England” joke, he’s had to do all he can to avoid annoying English fans. Here’s a guy who used to literally wear the Saltire on his sleeve (his wrist, anyway), but he had to ditch that as part of a descottification process so he’d be more acceptable for the middle English tennis crowd. He’s never managed to get rid of his dry Scottish wit and exchange it for Tim Henman-esque inanity. Thankfully!
      I don’t doubt Murray probably feels a bit more British now – living in London with his English girlfriend – than when he was just a kid from Dunblane. But there’s no way he’s another Chris Hoy. I reckon Andy Murray would still class himself as more Scottish than British.

    149. Doug Daniel says:

      Training Day – I’d say Scotland can take more credit than England, and less credit than Spain.

    150. Captain Caveman says:

      Guys I am on site and on iPhone which is shite for posting stuff. My point is that there is a big difference between proud Scots waving Saltires in the crowd etc which I have absolutely NO problem at all with, and the FM of Scotland – a politician – doing so in the Royal box with all cameras on him, as a crude, obvious and classless publicity stunt IMO. It’s about decorum and Salmond has none. Like I said its no big deal as far as I’m concerned; I’m far from “outraged” because I totally anticipated some shit like this. Salmond rarely disappoints.
      For me, I wish people would keep politics out of sport (or if they really must, stick to football where this kind of sentiment is, ahem, appreciated). But it didn’t spoil our day or celebrations.

    151. Craig P says:

      Nothing a unionist cringes more from  than PDS (Public Displays of Scottishness). Waving your saltire and grinning like a loon is like dancing on a float in a 1980s gay pride parade to these folks. 

    152. Atypical_Scot says:

      @ Captain Caveman;
      obvious and classless 
      As for obvious, no idea. As for classless, I hope so, if I wanted class, I’d f**K off to Westminster and become a butler?

    153. Captain Caveman says:

      Lol 😀

    154. Albert Herring says:

      ”I understand how much everyone else wanted to see a British winner at Wimbledon”
      Subtext: “And you’re all still waiting, so GIRFUY!”

    155. Thistle says:


      At least we can agree on congratulating Andy Murray.

      I somehow don’t think Blair and Cameron would baulk at Salmond waving a flag. Blair takes us into illegal wars resulting in thousands of deaths and Cameron attacks the least powerful in society while the pigs in the trough at Westminster get a pig fat juicy pay rise.

      Well done Salmond for the flag waving just made the day better.
      Watch you don’t drop your iPhone Captain

    156. Captain Caveman says:

      I guess I ll never understand the sentiment among a few who seem to prefer an Englishman to rabidly support the non Scottish oponent(s) in a given sporting contest, and. Of celebrate with the scots when they win. How very weird. Some years back I was on hols and Scotland were playing. I went to this bar as the sole Englishman to offer moral support and was welcomed like you would not believe a d gotabsolutely pissed.With them all – what a scream. Might be different  ow with Indy, but I seriously doubt it

    157. dee says:

      O/T.. Kaye Adams just been put her her place by one of her phone in guests,(dave).. Reminding her of why BBC Scotland is so bias towards unionism and that they were all frightened of going down the independence road because of the fear of losing their jobs, He said in a couple of seconds what we have been trying to say for years. Brilliant and well worth a listen. Don’t know how to attach links so would be grateful if someone could do that for me. Kaye finished by saying that she certainly wasn’t worried about the thought of losing her job.
      Kaye if I had my way you would be first out the door,, Then you and your very close friend, Johann Lamont can go down to the Brew together.

    158. Luigi says:

      A fantastic win for the people of Scotland and Britain – whatever happens after this, Andy Murray will live forever.  The FM was a bit cheeky, but he knew exactly what he was doing and how the BritNats would react. Hilarious, absolutely hilarious. Whoever seated the FM behind Cameron obviously didn’t know our cheeky chappie from Buchan – what a gift!  Having said that, I think that, at the end of the day, the Battle of Wimbledon will have less effect on the referendum than Labour’s Battle of Falkirk, which is still raging, and will ensure a Cameron victory in 2015, despite BBC Scotland’s best efforts to play it down.

    159. Macart says:

      Heh, classless. 🙂
      Long may he remain so. 😀

    160. jake says:

      Burroo, surely?

      Although BBC Scotland sorts refer to it as bureaux, a hangover from their days in Kevinside.

    161. Braco says:

      did you go there and wave your Union flag all night and refer to the Scottish fans and team as Us (meaning greater England). No?

      I would guess you showed respect for them, their team and their National Identity. As they did to you. Reciprocal respect, that’s all that’s required.

    162. HenBroon says:

      I have stopped trying to get my avatar to upload, why will it not?
      Regarding the question, what can we not do?
      The answer is stark. There is nothing that we who live and work in Scotland cannot do, all we need is to be allowed the means to make our own decisions to do so. Just look at what we have done with the yoke of an undemocratic union strapped to our shoulders. A union that saps our confidence and eats away at our psyche, a union that until the last few years prevented our children from learning our own history lest it radicalise them.
      I have been to an airshow this weekend that displayed aircraft and air crews from many countries, some the same size as Scotland. They proudly displayed their aircraft from their forces and like Sweden and the Saab group the aircraft they build in their own company supplying international demand and in a very competitive manner.
      To suggest that we have to be governed by London before we can achieve these things is insulting.
      To suggest that we need to be governed by London to protect us is a huge joke given the level of cuts and asset stripping.
      To suggest that an independent Scotland would some how be unwilling or unable to provide support to our allies such as England in time of strife or threat is a massive insult to my father, uncles and ancestors all of whom made the supreme sacrifice in defending these shores, and it has to be said along with brave people from many other independent countries such as new Zealand and Canada and many more.
      It is worth noting at this point that during the raids to ‘liberate’ Libya, the Danish Airforce flew more missions than the RAF, and had a much higher target acquisition rate in doing so than the RAF. A country the same size as Scotland tagged on to the North end of a much larger and economically powerful neighbor, who do not sacrifice their revenues to that neighbor and enjoy full independence from them, and who run a very successful and much more socially equal country than the UK has become. How dare they? They dare because they had like us to fight hard to survive the influence of that neighbour and can fly their countries flag with out being subject to vile sneers and racist abuse. We can learn a lot from our Scandinavian cousins, who despite their independence and pride, still regard them selves as Scandinavian, and cooperate willingly as one when required. The alliance they have is a very impressive one. Scotland can join them, and the arc of prosperity which is well on the road to recovery unlike the UK.
      Scotland’s finest achievements are ahead, I can see them and hear them, I am so glad to have lived this long to see it, pray God I can be there at the final hurdle.

    163. dee says:

      @jake.  My English is slipping..

    164. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Genius from the Daily Heil comments:
      “It’s a wonderful lift for the country. We won the US golf open, we with Ireland destroyed Australia at Rugby Union, we have won Wimbledon, we have a good chance in the Tour de France, and we keep our fingers crossed that we retain the Ashes.”

      I’m sure a commentator on the BBC said that yesterday, except for the Tour de France bit. They wrapped the British and Irish Lions, Andy Murray and the England cricket team all into one country.

    165. Dcanmore says:

      @Luigi …
      you’re exactly right, while we applaud AM’s fantastic achievement the right-wing press here in London are going all out to damage Labour as much as possible over the Falkirk/Unite mess, it’s their opportunity to put a sword through Miliband’s hope’s for PM. They’re producign their own Project Fear starring the big bad unions and how they are controlling Nu labour. They want Cameron and they want Farage hanging around too for GE2015. A Conservative majority or with a UKIP deal is their wet dream.
      Lamont’s silence is deafening.

    166. Boorach says:

      @ CC
      Classless politicians I can take all day. Good folk who are off the people and know how much a pint of milk costs.
      One of the best things I’ve heard/read about Holyrood politicians is that they are (in the main) the type of people who could well be behind you in the queue at the supermarket checkout.

    167. Bill McLean says:

      Brilliant Andy and also Alex – knock the stuffing out of the pompous who would rather celebrate the beginning of war so they can fly their Union rag a bit more. Like the horrible war tableau at the Olympics next year. I don’t know if i’m losing but it seems there’s a war film somewhere on the TV every day.

    168. The Man in the Jar says:

      @ Captain Caveman!
      Good morning! Alex Salmond has class by the bucket load thankfully unlike some it is “lower middle class” this I think contributes to his rather, shall we say “cheeky” sense of humour which doesn’t come across in the MSM at all. “Eck disnae dae forelock tugging” and we absolutely love him for it. I cant see why middle England is so upset at yesterdays photo-opportunity by our First Minister it is just a wee flavour of their own medicine. I think that if it wasn’t the Saltire thing the MSM would have found something else to slag him off for.
      Onyhow, I’m am taking myself off to the hills above Kinghorn for a couple of days to stay with a good friend in her remote cottage with no broadband and no mobile signal and the company of our two dogs.
      Bliss! Hope you are having a great summer. Cheers everybody see you all in a couple of days!

    169. velofello says:

      The English cricket team is an international select, English nationality is not a requirement. A Scot once was the team captain, and presently isn’t the captain is South African?
      Let’s enjoy the success of two Scots on Sunday. Andy Murray winning at Wimbledon, and Alex Salmond for siezing a superb photo opportunity. 

    170. Dcanmore says:

      According to the Daily Fail the actual crime committed by AS was that the flag was bigger than the regulation 2ftx2ft allowed at Wimbers. Somehow they’ve managed to turn that into a 600 word rant as if he invaded the place, insulted HRH David Cameron and proceeded to slaughter women and babies while defecating into punnets of strawberries and cream. Of course it’s all in the name of getting a couple of thousand UKIPPERS to click on the website and vent their bile the mugs that they are. Money from vomit is how that rag operates.

    171. Max says:

      I am a bit disappointed with Wee Eck. Why didn’t he tell David Cameron in true Taratn Army fashion “to get it up himself”.  I expect better misbehaviour from our First Minister. 

    172. Max says:

      Can you share your Saltire waving allowance between partners?
      If so, 2 x 2ft x 2ft Saltires is equivalent to 1 x 4ft x 2ft Saltire. 
      I think Moira and Alex should be congratulated on working that one out. 

    173. Robert Bryce says:

      You’re all miles ahead of me on this one with the flag stuff. I’m still trying to get my head round the fact that Murray beat Djokovich in straight sets! Straight fucking sets I tell you!

      My brain is more than capable of computing a Murray win but in straight sets?

      Novak was outplayed and out gunned by a supreme athlete. A supreme Scot!
      To answer the question posed at the top of the article. The only limit to what we can achieve as a nation is our imaginations!

      If none of the cringing unionists can handle that then tough shit.

      Scotland’s on the track to great things. Get on the train or forever be left behind.

    174. Turnbull Drier says:

      Eck getting interviewed by Radio Scotland..
       First Minister Alex Salmond said it was fitting for him to wave a two foot long Saltire flag at Wimbledon in the wake of Scot Andy Murray’s historic grand slam victory.

      He told BBC Radio Scotland’s Good Morning Scotland programme that the London venue’s owners, the All England Club, “didn’t mind” what some newspapers had said was a stunt.

      The Saltire was held by Mr Salmond and his wife Moira who were sitting behind the Prime Minister David Cameron.

      The first Minister said: “I had it last year, I just didn’t get the chance to wave it last year. There were lots of Saltires being hoisted over Wimbledon yesterday. The All England Club didn’t mind at all.

      “The Saltire is our national flag, Andy is a fantastic, magnificent Scots sportsman, anybody has the right to wave the national flag, it is a great way to celebrate this amazing triumph.”

    175. pa_broon74 says:

      I don’t really mind all the flag waving, Murray did really well with the support of people from all around the UK so they all deserve to support him and enjoy his win.
      As soon as I saw Salmond unfurl the Saltire I thought uh-oh. But then I thought, were it not for that, you wouldn’t necessarily know what country Murray was from, there was a smattering of blue and white in Henman Hill but other than that…
      All in all I don’t care, except to say, its mildly annoying that the BBC seemed to do its best to not talk about Murray being Scottish or even British and Scottish – it was British all the way with a hat tip to Dunblane which they couldn’t really get out of.
      As for Wimbledon rules and the decorum of politicians, if Salmond waving a flag in the royal box is what passes for legitimate outrage, some folk really need a reality check given the other shit going on just now and the kind of crap that has happened in the past almost with out comment. 

    176. Jiggsbro says:

      The English cricket team is an international select, English nationality is not a requirement
      Eligibility is by nationality, place of birth or residence (4 years, I think). But while the last two only include England and Wales, ‘nationality’ includes all of the UK and Ireland. So a Scot could play, as could a South African who’s lived in England or Wales for a few years.

    177. Doug Daniel says:

      Turnbull Drier – as usual, Eck is spot on.
      The funny thing is, if nobody had made a big deal about it, this would be a non-story. A few tweets laughing at Salmond “photobombing” Cameron with the Saltire, and that would be it. But no, Disgruntled From Tunbridge Wells (along with Disgruntled From WetNat Central) has to go and make a fuss, so it becomes a story.

    178. Rod Mac says:

      One of the best things I’ve heard/read about Holyrood politicians is that they are (in the main) the type of people who could well be behind you in the queue at the supermarket checkout.
      The Labour ones are more likely to be  in the security office for shoplifting.

    179. Jamie Arriere says:

      All kudos to ‘David from Falkirk’ on this morning’s C*** K*** – amazed he got it past the researchers!! If he posts on here, he should stand up and take a bow…

      Listen from about 46mins

    180. kininvie says:

      One of the best things I’ve heard/read about Holyrood politicians is that they are (in the main) the type of people who could well be behind you in the queue at the supermarket checkout.
      I was almost flattened in Waverley station by Auntie Annabel Goldie a year or two back. She was running desperately to catch her train, carving great swathes through the commuters. She’s not the smallest (nor youngest); I feared for her health… But at the same time, I clocked the thought that when even the leader of the Scottish Tories took it as read that she would have to sprint for her train like the rest of us, things weren’t that bad…
      No doubt, with Indy, various dubious characters will start looking for troughs to stick their snouts in. But I doubt they will get away with imagining they are better than the rest and expecting deference on all sides.

    181. HenBroon@10.14
      Hen, I think that just about says it all

    182. Cath says:

      “Fraser trumpets . . . Murray after Wimbeldon victory: I’m “a British Winner”.”
      Yes, Better Together are trumpeting this comment as well, as if it’s some great vindication of a no vote.
      It’s simply a statement of the bleeding obvious. Britain is a landmass, a geographical area. He is Scottish, British and European. None of this has anything to do with how much or what powers sit within Westminster or Brussels. If Scotland goes independent and both England and Scotland leave the EU he will STILL be Scottish, British and European. People can take their pick and support him for any of those reasons, or just because he’s a great tennis player.

    183. HandandShrimp says:

      It would seem that the No to Scotland Project Fear types have developed serious sensitivity to even the sight of a Saltire. I think it is a bit like when people develop a sensitivity to bee stings. One more sight of the Saltire could actually induce anaphylactic shock in people like Fraser Nelson or Kaye Adams – it may already have in Johann Lamont hence her complete disappearance.  
      How sad, never mind

    184. Jiggsbro says:

      Yes, Better Together are trumpeting this comment as well, as if it’s some great vindication of a no vote.
      It’s simply a statement of the bleeding obvious.
      It’s also the only sensible way to express it. The fans hadn’t waited 77 years for a Scottish winner, so there was no point him saying that.

    185. a supporter says:

      I cant see why middle England is so upset at yesterdays photo-opportunity by our First Minister it is just a wee flavour of their own medicine.
      Well I’m in Southern England at the moment and my wife, although she supports  Independence likes the Daily Mail. So she bought a copy this morning and I’ve just had a quick look. It is full of pictures and praise for AM although it would appear the pictures have been photoshopped because there are not as many Saltires in view as there should be. There is only a very small side article about Salmond and the flag. And it is not nasty just the usual stuff about politicising a sports event. So it would appear to me that it is the cringers in Scotland who are making such a fuss.
      And could someone please repeat what Jill Douglas actually tweeted as I can’t find a copy of her twittering anywhere?

    186. Erchie says:

      Jill Douglas compared Alec Salmond to John Terry, which was taken to mean that she was calling him a racist. When challenged she deleted her Twitter Account.
      Some people have claimed that she was accusing the FM of behaving like John Terry not as a racist, but for Terry’s celebrating with Chelsea teammates in a match wwhich he wasn’t playing in, this that the FM was a glory hunter rather than a racist.
      Two problems with that, Ms Douglas could have defended herself and said that is what she meant on twitter. Secondly, is the FM uniquely forbidden from celebrating as a punter? Really? Dear God!

    187. Ellie says:

      Hey anyone skilled with photoshop (I’m not alas) I see the opportunity for a new meme on the internet…….

    188. Yesitis says:

      Yet another Scotland on Sunday poll finds itself with a 35% – 65% ratio. You know, 35%, as in the alleged support for ‘separation’
      As subtle as a flying mallet.

    189. Chic McGregor says:

      Wasn’t the Union Flag draping the trophy table a lot bigger than 2X2?
      BTW if it was ‘political’ as claimed (and that is a very big if, no-one can doubt the Salmonds are genuine Scotland fans), then I think you will find the European Convention on Human Rights and the right to political expression, supercedes UK Law and even Wimbledon dictats.
      Why people object to a sports person’s national flag being waved by a supporter is the only question of any significance raised here.

    190. proudscot says:

      Well done Andy for winning Wimbledon; well done Ivan Lendl for your part in getting him there; well done mum Judy (and dad Willie) for your parental support and encouragement; well done Andy’s entire support team for their support and input; and well done Novak Djokovic for your part in this epic Final and for your graciousness in defeat; and finally well done Alex Salmond for waving our Saltire to celebrate Andy’s victory!

    191. Quick the suns oot says:

      I cant stop smiling about this, what a day yesterday! Absolutely love Alex Salmond for doing that! The outrage over a politician doing something political (if it was) LOL!

    192. handclapping says:

      There is something wrong with me. I look at the picture of David Cameron and I hear the voice of Windsor Davis going “Oh dear. What a shame. Lovely Boy.”

    193. Vambomarbeleye says:

      First Thatcher and now the FM with our flag. My year just keeps getting better and better.

    194. The Man in the Jar says:

      Aye but wee`l pay for it! 😉

    195. Willie Zwigerland says:

      Erchie – I’m not on twitter, but I saw lots of comments/jokes equating Salmond with John Terry’s glory hunting behaviour at the Champions League final last year yesterday evening. Seems to be that some people aren’t happy unless they’re spitting the dummy out about something.

    196. G H Graham says:

      The only circumstance that could have made Andy Murray’s victory a little better would have been playing Tim Henman in the final instead.

    197. Doug Daniel says:

      proudscot – <i>”Well done Andy for winning Wimbledon; well done Ivan Lendl for your part in getting him there”</i>
      Damn right, Lendl has clearly been the missing piece in the Andy Murray puzzle. It clearly helped having a guy backing him who had been through the same heartaches and near-misses, only to go on and become one of the all-time greats of tennis.
      There’s no reason why Murray can’t now go on to do the same. He’s made the Australian Open final three times, so it’s surely only a matter of time before he wins that one. Maybe he can even get the French Open, making him one of the few to win all five titles, including the Olympic one?
      NAE LIMITS to what this boy can do.

    198. David McCann says:

      Like others I could not watch the whole video, even ‘though I reasised it was a ‘stunt’. Absolutely awful.
      A bit off topic but would someone reply to this nasty piece from John McDermott in the FT?
      Alex Salmond may need to buy  a bigger flag’

    199. Erchie says:

      Looking at that Twitter thing, you see a lot of people who claim to be iconoclasts, above such things, gadflies even.
      But when it comes to Scotland, the SNP and Salmond, they’re just as nasty wee pieces of work as Fraser Nelson

    200. EdinScot says:

      What a fantastic acheivement for Andy Murray to add  another Grand Slam to the American one and Wimbeldon no less!  Did he really beat Novak Djokovic 3 sets to love or am i still dreaming?
      I was in Mallorca following Murrays progress (when i could) as were many other Scottish fans watching Murray in the Spanish sun.  This resort could hear the roars of every point in the quarter and semi finals in particular.  All the talk was of Murray yesterday as i boarded the flight home from Palma of fellow Scots talking if Murray could do it or not.  The pride felt by Scots of Murrays acheivements is what the dark forces fear most.

      An English work colleague summed it up perfectly when she said ‘Murrays win is amazing as no one from these islands has done that in over 70 odd years, you must be very very proud of him particularly with him being Scottish’.  She went on to say she had been pouring over all the papers this morning and was going to tune in via her pc to an interview of him this  morning at 8am. 
      The sad, spiteful and nasty Scottish Unionists that are spitting out to take away from his win could learn a thing or two in class and etiquette from my said work colleague.  Lets leave them where they  belong as a sideshow in the sidelines.  The  irony is that we need to normalise our country because of these kind of ugly outpourings and they prove to us that they dont have Scotlands  real interests at heart and hence the reason its essential we really must move away from them.

    201. Captain Caveman says:

      @the man in the jar
      That sounds like heaven! I’m jealous as hell, stuck on an infernal brown field building site in London all day and all night. Never mind, im not driving anywhere and the Cidre has made an appearance I will confess 😀
      Mrs C and I spent Ny in Wick, in a glorious little cottage away from civilisation (or not, depending how you look at it). For 1001 reasons, this is one Englishman (of sorts) who loves Scotland.

    202. Robert Louis says:

      A great achievement by a great Scot.
      However, I do wonder, what the bitter together mob are going to do next year at the commonwealth games.  Are they going to refuse to have any saltires?  Will Scotland be the first ever host of the commonwealth games, to have their own flag banned??  Will unionist be hoping and praying no Scots win gold???? in case the Saltire gets hoisted in the stadium???  FFS.  Seriously, FFFFFFFFFFS!!
      For the last two weeks at wimbledon, there have been people dressed in union jack suits, with union jack umbrellas, and various saltires and union jacks throughout the crowds.  Why bitter together think it is rational to complain about Andy Murray’s national flag being shown when he has just won the greatest title of his career, is beyond me.  I do suppose however, that the bitter together nutters (for that is what they are) had no problem whatsoever with the table upon which the trophy was placed being draped in a union jack.
      Honestly, unionists need to start making a rational reasoned case for the union, rather than this kind of stupidity, or most Scots will start to think Bitter together really means ‘Hate Scotland’.
      A friend in England this morning upon hearing this, was astonished.  He simply made the point, that if it had been Tim Henman, nobody would have minded if there were a few St.Georges crosses.
      Why do unionists hate the flag of Scotland so much???  Seriously, whether you support independence or not, it’s actually pretty offensive to most Scots for anybody to knock our flag.
      I despair… These unionistas really are complete fruitcakes.

    203. Macart says:

      @Robert Louis
      Honestly, unionists need to start making a rational reasoned case for the union, rather than this kind of stupidity, or most Scots will start to think Bitter together really means ‘Hate Scotland’.
      But that’s exactly what they are saying RL. Not content to demonize and vilify the common or garden variety cybernat/YES campaigner/independence supporter, they are actively seeking to make any form of national identity differing from that of Yookanian something to be ashamed of.
      Basically they are racists who project their own fear of difference or ‘separateness’ (ok, give me some room with that one) onto others. Sad really to be so ashamed of what should make each nation unique and special, but whit can ye dae, eh?

    204. Juteman says:

      I think the word ‘rational’ is the key.

    205. Captain Caveman says:

      I wholeheartedly agree Juteman.

    206. Peter says:

      On the subject of revolting cringers.
      Why are the british/british isles/british & irish/? lions all legends and heroes for beating Australia when Scotland’s players beat the same Australia home and away and were rewarded by being told they were not good enough to play for the british/ etc lions?
      And how do the britnat cringins ("Quizmaster" - Ed)s sleep at night?

    207. Yesitis says:

      The Daily Politics Show ‘discuss’ Alex Salmond`s latest ‘stunt’
      Did I hear the Tory mention Alex Salmond disrespecting the Catholic church in the middle of his rant?
      The whole tone of this piece is really quite disrespectful to Scotland.

    208. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “The Daily Politics Show ‘discuss’ Alex Salmond`s latest ‘stunt’

      Interesting how the Tory was the only one who made any political comment at all. He had two whole screeds on how Scotland was better in the Union and the SNP were beastly, whereas Keith Brown didn’t mention independence. The “neutral” presenter, who has form in this area, also somewhat misrepresented what Murray said on the court.

      (Pritchard also nonsensically suggested that David Cameron could have pulled out a Cross of St George in order to make political capital. Yeah, THAT would have gone down well.)

    209. HandandShrimp says:

      Never heard of Mark Pritchard before and if those are his best shots I am not sure I will ever hear of him again.

    210. Ann says:

      There is a fair few SALTIRES flying in my West Fife village…  and there seems to be more and more of them going up every day.
      Long may it continue.

    211. Doonfooter says:

      I am quite shocked to discover from various post match interviews that we could indeed have had tennis at next years Commonwealth Games but that the Glasgow organisers decided against it as an optional sport. The excuse from the Glasgow commitee seems to be that they had to make their decision in 2005/2006. In 2005 the ATP top 100 had the following Commonwealth players – (4) Lleyton Hewitt (Aus), (37) Tim Henman (Eng), (38) Greg Rudeski (Can?), and (65) Andy Murray (Sco). In 2006 the ATP top 100 included (17) Andy Murray (Sco), (20) Lleyton Hewitt (Aus) and (39) Tim Henman (Eng). It really wouldn’t have taken a man with a crystal ball to guess that by including tennis we could have had an almost guaranteed Commonwealth gold and a winning Andy Murray, on the podium, Scottish national anthem playing, draped in the Saltire. But then perhaps that would be too much for some Glasgow politicos to stomach? But surely in 2005/06 the referendum was a distant dream?

    212. Peter Swain says:

      When all’s said and done, he’s a Scot, he’s Wimbledon champion, and if you don’t like it, well that’s just too bad !  Get used to it !

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