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Please give generously

Posted on July 31, 2013 by

Some people in Britain can’t afford to eat and are having to go to foodbanks to survive.


So open your heart (and wallet) for this hungry little ginger fella. There’s only so far an expense account will stretch when you’re on a tightly-controlled public sector salary.

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    54 to “Please give generously”

    1. Yesitis says:

      Another face of a No vote. Vote No for this?

    2. Iain More says:

      That is one very old photo or a photoshopped caricature as he now has the growing double chin and the disapppearing neck of all well fed Brit Nat Tories. I wonder who his father is?

    3. The Man in the Jar says:

      You could not give that man a red neck with a blow-lamp!

    4. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      That is one very old photo or a photoshopped caricature”

      It’s from today:

    5. Richard Lucas says:

      The sheer brass neck of this guy is astounding.  He presides over ruin, then makes a photo opportunity out of the efforts of decent folk to mitigate the effects of his wickedness. Words, even very rude words, fail me.

    6. Ron Burgundy says:

      Reminds me of the Americanisation of welfare and the normalisation of something which would have been a national scandal only a few years ago
      During the Great Depression before the election of Roosevelt in 1932 millions of hungry unemployed Americans relied on the Red Cross ( yes the Red Cross ) and the Salvation Army along with soup kitchens run by philanthropists. President Hoover did nothing because state provision was “un-American” and “ruined the character”
      Alexander should be ashamed but he has as some other posters have pointed out given us a proof of the long term decline and collapse of the economy of the Union State. Do we really want to be part of this
      Could this not be made into a YES poster – not by you Stuart you are doing enough get the suits in the YES HQ on the case.

    7. Richie says:

      Well done Stu, for being restrained and calling him a tit instead of a c*nt. Not something I could do. And you’ve provoked me into doing something I thought I couldn’t do. Send a tweet. To guess who…

    8. Arbroath 1320 says:

      This man is a DISGRACE to Scottish values, caring and understanding.
      He should be ashamed to show his face anywhere in Scotland far less a food bank!
      How dare this hypocrite dare to show that he “cares” by appearing for a photo opportunity at a food bank. HE is central to the cause of the rise in the number of food banks in the first place for gawd’s sake!
      Beaker has no concept of how REAL people live. I wonder how HIS kids are getting on with THEIR £8.500 expenses these days paid fort by the TAXPAYER!

    9. pictishbeastie says:

      Hypocritical c*nt

    10. lumilumi says:

      Banks, good. Food banks, yummy.

    11. Davy says:

      The need for the very exsistence of food banks within this country is an utter disgrace, and to have a member of the Westminster government who’s very actions are resulting in an increase in the number and use of food banks actually promote himself at one of them is the very highest level of hyprocrisy.
      He should be ashamed of himself but I doubt he knows the meaning of the word.
      This is one of the biggest reasons for voting YES to independence.
      Hail Alba.

    12. CameronB says:

      I mistakenly posted this caption suggestion and a link to a British Academy lecture on the banking sector, on the previous thread. In case the Rev. doesn’t move it here;
      BT, ensuring the future for All banks.

    13. Roll_On_2014 says:

      never agreed with Harriet Harperson before but I reckon she had him pegged when she called him a ‘GINGER RODENT’.

    14. Macart says:

      Alexander at a food bank.
      Doing what I wonder? Gaining first hand experience of his future? Certainly he and his boss are ensuring that food banks are getting plenty of custom. He’s got neck I’ll give him that. Anyone as complicit in Westminster’s war on welfare and who can show a smiling mug at a food bank as he has done can’t be afraid of public anger and ridicule. Or maybe he’s aware that food banks will soon become a bad dream in an independent Scotland and is expressing relief he won’t require their aid to survive.

    15. Dal Riata says:

      “Child as he was, he was desperate with hunger, and reckless with misery. He rose from the table; and advancing to the master, basin and spoon in hand, said: somewhat alarmed at his own temerity:
      ‘Please, sir, I want some more.’
      The master was a fat, healthy man; but he turned very pale. He gazed in stupified astonishment on the small rebel for some seconds, and then clung for support to the copper. The assistants were paralysed with wonder; the boys with fear.
      ‘What!’ said the master at length, in a faint voice.
      ‘Please, sir,’ replied Oliver, ‘I want some more.'”

    16. Alba4Eva says:

      Talking about eating…

    17. craig m says:

      I wonder what the people of Aviemore and surrounds think of this? They put him where he is after all. You would have to be of a very cruel heart to continue support for him and his kind.

    18. JLT says:

      During the news at 10 last night, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Clegg get a roasting from a person on the radio last night. All thanks to the coalition’s war on the disabled. Absolutely disgusting what is happening to the ill and disabled throughout the UK. I felt tremendously sorry for the boy with arthritis in his spine. You could see the anguish on his face, because he has no idea as to what sort of future he has.
      And then you get Danny above, smiling and chuckling away about how much money has been saved, and how we should all donate to help the poor.
      I hope those in the coalition shit bricks in the last hour of their lives …wondering which place they are going to in the afterlife!

    19. mato21 says:

      Putting out a call for Johann
                                        Where Are You
      Jo La Jo La oh hear our plea and let us know where you might be
      You’ve kept your silence for too long we need to hear your last swan song
      Are you reading the runes, in the darkness of night, or  stroking the cat to help ease your plight
      Are you practicing to shoot straight from the hip, or in front of the mirror curling your lip 
      The days have  stretched into some weeks but now it’s months we’re counting 
      Could  you be ill or on your hols our worries are fast mounting
      We can’t recall how long ago since you have  last been seen
      It may be that you’re looked on now as last years old has been
      Or maybe you’re in training for the fight that’s yet to be
      Crawling on your belly among the sand dunes of Tiree
      With tinfoil hat upon your head and a duster made of feathers
      You can be heard a mile away and still it’s just all  blethers
       So put us out our misery we miss you don’t you see
      A postcard or a sick note or just ask us round for tea
      We need to hear your dulcet tones and the many  tales you tell
      How in an independent Scotland, folk  are sure to roast in hell

    20. Albalha says:

      Food banks and then we have right royal zero contracts ……..

    21. Vronsky says:

      Lament recently had a photocall at a food bank.  Start collecting for a montage, Rev.  It looks as if it’s a badge of honour for these thugs.

    22. Albalha says:

      On matters financial in the general sense, Willie Bain and Blair Jenkins have just been debating the IFS Pensions/Welfare Report on BBC Scotland ……..
      Blair Jenkins final statement was ………along the lines of ..
      ‘In Scotland we have free personal care, London has brought in the bedroom tax, that’s all you need to know to make a decision next year’
      Let’s hope it’s that simple …
      The press blurb ahead of the document on the IFS website makes interesting reading ……
      and the Telegraph take on things ….

    23. why are these people so proud of foodbanks ? It’s an absolute disgrace to a 21st century (so-called) civilized country. 

    24. Dal Riata says:

      Sorry for going O/T so soon into the thread!

      Severin Carrell has another no-comments-allowed-BTL article over at the Guardian:

      “Scottish independence ‘yes’ camp given fillip by welfare analysis”.

      The article includes the following statement:

      “The IFS, the respected economic thinktank, said an independent Scotland would be able to scrap many existing UK benefits “which make little economic sense” and discard “poorly designed reforms” by the Westminster government.”

      There then follows the usual Better Together UKOK Project Fear-sponsored caveats by Carrell and co., including a ‘Naw-yez-cannae-cause-it’ll-be-too-hard-n-aw-tha-am-tellin-yez!’ whingingly pathetic comment from (Scottish) Labour, this time from Willie Bain.

    25. john king says:

      mcart says Alexander at a foodback
      maybe he was looking for a free good, you how we all like a free good?

    26. Doug Daniel says:

      Anything for a photo opportunity, eh? Might as well just get someone to take a picture of him literally pissing on poor people, rather than the metaphorical version here.

    27. Macart says:

      Watch these bastards line up to be seen in hospital wards, charities etc over the next year as they gear up for their precious GE. Y’know, all the places they’re so dead set on dismantling right now.

    28. Gill Eason says:

    29. Albalha says:

      We must be drinking the same tea …..

    30. Bruce Hosie says:

      No matter what the vote is next year lets hope this clown is gone in 2015, the guy is a troll.

    31. Susan says:

      LibDems don’t do irony!?

    32. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Gil Eason
      Steady there, I have my standards.

    33. John Lyons says:

      I’m flabbergasted! (And thanks to the revelations the queen asked for money from the poor fund, that’s twice in one week!….html )
      I can’t sum up my feelings any better than Richard Lucas did, so I wont say any more other than I’m ashamed of the rest of my constituents in Inverness who gave this man a job!

    34. dan huil says:

      He has no shame.A typical Scottish unionist politician,in fact.

    35. Dal Riata says:

      It’s got me worried, I’m tellin’ ye… people will begin to talk!!

    36. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      John Lyons at 09:30
      There is an article in the Guardian this day revealing that Buck House in the Summer season engages people on zero hours minimum contracts. That is to say, day to day, just like the old miners, dockers and navvies.

    37. Angus McPhee says:

      All a bit harsh, how much more supportive can you be than by providing more customers?

    38. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “There is an article in the Guardian this day revealing that Buck House in the Summer season engages people on zero hours minimum contracts.”

      Nice piece in the Record too about how the footman who put out the notice of the royal birth in the grounds of Buckingham Palace has since been deported, despite being here legally and having a job.

    39. CameronB says:

      Re. Badar Azim. It’s a wonder Phil the Greek didn’t put a word in for him.

    40. Albalha says:

      @Dal Riata
      Indeed most odd,  at least we read the posts above, and acknowledge repetition! Now the same can’t be said for everyone ……… tut, tut……I suppose I just assume people read the posts, but I suppose they probably don’t …

    41. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      He was probably dubbed in by Phil the Greek

    42. Murray McCallum says:

      Next Danny Alexander photo op at the home of a family with a disabled person who are being forced to move out because they can not afford the bedroom tax on the spare room where equipment / part time carer sleeps?

    43. Restlessnative says:

      Roll on next September.Shameless c@nt doesn’t even begin to cover it.

    44. Glasgow Steve says:

      I think you’ll find the preferred phrase is “hungry little red headed fella”…

    45. Max says:

      Foodbanks is a growth business under Coalition policies, no wonder the Ginger One is smiling he obviously regards it as a success. 

    46. Max says:

      Highland Cross (a Highland voluntary fundraising organisation) donated £17,500 to the Highland Foodbank to purchase a new minibus to transport volunteers to and from the depot and to deliver food.
      The Ginger One claimed £8500 of taxpayers money to transport his children around. 
      It is good to know we are all in it together. Perhaps the Ginger One can borrow the minibus to travel round his constituency. I am sure the Foodbank won’t mind. 

    47. Dcanmore says:

      Danny Alexander, the face that rose without trace, like the rest of them.
      The future of the UK is to create a slave worker society. To do this the government needs to get out of the EU and into mass unemployment, right down to the bone where food banks are needed to feed the people. Then they are offered meagre incentives like a guaranteed food parcel if you register your name for it. Not much required, “just a few details that will go into our computer dearie”. Then after a short while, once your grateful enough that you’re not starving and homeless, you will get a special ‘Citizens’ identity card that allows you to be offered a zero hour contract in a shitty job that employers are exempt to giving you any respect whatsoever. Then, once you are comfortable with that, the government stipulates that the contract you have is renewed every six months. But to be sure that you keep your slave job you have do certain things for your government, little things like report the activities of your neighbours and write down any rumours you may have heard concerning the brown-faced family at the end of the street. No need to travel or post your documents because the friendly PCSO Community Offer (with smiley face) will call round. Do this for a year and you might be considered for a proper contract, you know the ones that offer minimum wage and minimum benefits. If you don’t comply then your Citizens Registration card is nullified and the PCSOs will visit (not smiley face) and you have to start all over again in a cardboard box, starving.
      But, as typical with inept British governments, it’s a doomed enterprise because the Chinese, Indians, Vietnamese, Bangladeshis and Thais can do this so much better than we could ever do.

    48. Hetty says:

      The zero hours so called ‘contracts’ should be illegal.
      In the U.S. many low paid workers at McDonald’s have to agree to being paid via a credit card of the employers choosing, and that involves paying fees for cash withdrawals and even ‘inactivity’ fees, for the privelege. This has been opposed and have had a petition out, but it’s a growing trend in the states among big employers.
      Certainly one of the best ways to keep people from protesting is to disempower them, this is easy if they are unemployed, or under employed and/or slaves. 
      D Alexander is a disgrace to humankind, as are the many others responsible for this in a rich country like ours.

    49. CameronB says:

      Link what Hetty describes, with a privatised prison service, a la G4 Security, and you have the makings of a post-modern ‘slave economy’, much like the USA.  One could almost say you were cooking with gas………. I said cooking.

    50. Edulis says:

      People, people, watch what you say about my MP. I am in charge of the shoogly nail!

    51. Dramfineday says:

      Dal Riata says:
      31 July, 2013 at 7:30 am

      “Child as he was, he was desperate with hunger, and reckless with misery”
      Ahh, the power of a few words to raise the shadow of death in our midst – magnificent! But I have no desire to live in a country that is resting on a mountain of coal; afloat on a sea of oil; surrounded by a sea of salt, that is rich in life; scoured by wind and water and the energy that it gives, to have any child “hungry and reckless with misery”. No it will not do – it is just not on – and that is why we must vote “yes” that we may put these vile apparitions of the past, back in the bin marked “ancient history”.

    52. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Late as usual to the party but
      “but Mr Alexander, the people have no money to buy food”
      “let them live on charity and here is some stuff I have put on my expenses to get the ball rolling.”

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