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Nicola Sturgeon is a transphobe

Posted on February 02, 2023 by

This afternoon’s FMQs was a new low in the career of the First Minister, in which she haplessly let herself be comprehensively humiliated by Douglas Ross, of all people.

Worse than that, though, is that she must surely now be expelled from the SNP.

Hey, we don’t make the rules.

Because Sturgeon’s comments could not be any more clearly in breach of the SNP’s policy on what constitutes “transphobia”.

Clearly stated in black and white, as of almost two years ago, the party’s rules say that “using phrases or language to suggest [someone’s] gender identity is not valid” – precisely what the FM just did to brave and stunning multiple rapist Isla Bryson – is straightforwardly a manifestation of the aforementioned bigotry.

We trust that Sturgeon’s own Twitler Youth Praetorian Guard will descend on her on the steps of Bute House with their daggers drawn any minute now.

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0 to “Nicola Sturgeon is a transphobe”

  1. Astonished says:

    Ha, ha, ha.

    Hey, spineless nuSNP MSPs and MPs – the longer you delay a challenge to her leadership – The worse it will get.

    She’s finished – I suggest you do something soon to try to save your worthless hides.

  2. outraged of Lanarkshire says:

    So he faked his self identification to avoid Barlinnie?
    So maybe some trans people self identify to get into woman’s safe places? How long will this madness continue?

  3. Maureen says:

    Really enjoying sturgeon creating her own demise.

  4. Stuart MacKay says:

    You jest however I’m sure the faithful will be a little unnerved at the Dear Leader’s apparent lack of commitment to the cause. She certainly wouldn’t be the first spider devoured by her offspring.

  5. Bob Mack says:

    Sturgeon more or less stated there were men, women and rapists. She as First Minister of Scotland with all its information gathering services ,claimed to not have enough information to determine if this rapist was a woman, but she expects some Registrar somewhere in the bowels of Holyrood to make exactly such a decision via an application form for a GRC.


  6. Mike says:

    Ah but you see Sturgeon knows how to spot the fake trannies unlike the rest of us unwoke plebs. It’s all to do with the correct way to ‘tuck’ apparently!

  7. Morag says:

    At this point I really wouldn’t die of shock if the Twitler Youth did turn on her. Their hubris is so out of control and their demands for compliance so absolute that I think they’re totally capable of it.

    If it’s unacceptably transphobic to give a raped woman the choice to refuse to be examined by a man in a bad wig with a name badge reading “Tracy, she/her”, then this is surely beyond the pale.

  8. Fran says:

    I can hardly believe I used to praise sturgeon ? Dross gave her another spanking today and she bent right over for it FFS

  9. Lollypop says:

    This is what happens when your political strategy, derived from slogans taken from American social media transactivism, collides with the real world.

  10. meg says:

    But I thought men wouldn’t do such a thing?

  11. Andrew scott says:

    Hoist on her own petard
    Absolutely delicious

  12. Bob Costello says:

    She really is going her dinger. A few days ago she proved that she was a Heterophobe and now a Transphobe. Could she be Phobe collector? Can she please just go and save us anymore embarrassment

  13. Martin says:

    But surely this is the very scenario she told us couldn’t happen? She’s hopelessly undermined herself. 8 years in power, not a thing to show for it except failings in every public body. She has shattered the legacy of good government that 2007-2014 brought.

    But how fitting that her demise will be down to the very wrongthink clampdown she initiated.

  14. Lorna Campbell says:

    Yes, definitely expulsion at the very least. Wasn’t Elaine Miller charged for placing a ribbon somewhere? Placards stating, ‘Decapitate TERFS’ is not a hate crime either, oh, no. Only if you are a woman unprotected by the thick (in all senses of the word) walls of Holyrood and Bute House do you stand to lose your freedom for saying that a man with severe ‘lady feelz’ is an autogynephile and/or sex predator. This whole bucket of excrement has been one-sided and one-sided only from the beginning. Get Stonewall and its poisonous, evil arms out of all public institutions in Scotland. Scrap the 2004 GRA and make it absolutely unambiguous that ‘sex’ in the 2010 Equality Act is biological sex, not legal sex or we are left with these deviant men still getting into women’s spaces,

    Have you seen the video on social media (Twitter, at al), Rev, of the Finnish ice skater? Well worth a peek. He took the place of a young woman on that Finnish team. But, hey, Nicola, this never happens either, eh? Puir wee sowels, ‘true trans’, eh? A GRC is already an open door to female spaces and rights. ‘True trans’ walks through that door now, without a GRC because Stonewall lied to every public institution about the law. What you intended would have taken the door off its hinges and set up a welcome sign for every selfish, deviant, autogynephiliac/fetishistic/predatory man in Scotland (and elsewhere) to come in and take what is not theirs to take.

    Please get real, folks. There is no ‘true trans’, just men taking the michael. They know that they are autogynephiles. Listen to Perry Grayson, Debbie Hayton who both acknowledge their autogynephilia. The only ‘true trans’ are those who do not access any female space, even to pee, but who campaign tirelessly to have third spaces set up for ‘true trans’, not campaigning tirelessly for ‘lady feelz’. There is no such thing as a ‘gendered soul’ and no such thing as being born in the wrong body (where’s their real one and who has it?) and there is no such thing as knowing at age 18 months to two years that you are definitely ‘trans’. Study after study has shown that children that age recognise sex, not gender. It is one of our first cognitive understandings

    They’re taking the michael, just like that ‘stunning and brave’ (non) skater who stole a woman’s place on the Finnish team and could not even skate! If I had a pound for every time I have been told or read that this ‘trans’ woman is a darling – by both men and women – I’d be able to leave these shores for good. Yes, of course, there are decent ‘trans’ individuals. They’re still, however, using female spaces at the very least. They are still very likely to be autogynephiles. They can live their best lives without encroaching on female spaces and rights and without GRCs, unless in very, very restricted circumstances. Third spaces, nothing less. Anything else surrenders female spaces and rights.

  15. Susan says:

    Bullying, harassment and intimidation – bullet point 3 – is unacceptable unless you are a trans activist and wish to turn up at Kelly Jay Keen’s women’s rights rallies, dressed in black head to foot complete with sinister mask, or furry ears, depending on your style/fetish, with death threat placards and commence screaming obscenities, chanting and harassing, blowing whistles etc, shoving, and generally causing a public disorder, while the police observe from a distance. This approach of course is only required if they didn’t manage to get the event cancelled in advance. All fine and dandy. All genders are equal, its just some are more equal than others, so special in fact that they can behave extremely badly with absolute impunity. Teflon trans. How in hell did we get here? Oh yes, captured politicians with not a brain cell between them. Sturgeon will not resign and her party is full of intellectual pygmies, (all the better to brainwash), so I don’t hold out much hope for Scotland’s future with the current administration.

  16. Milady says:

    She’s only a couple of FMQ episodes away from sitting with two pencils up her nose, underpants on her head, shouting ‘wibble’. It is hilarious.

  17. Ian McCubbin says:

    Continuous proof that Nicola Sturgeon is even more lost and inept than we thought. Please please just resign and let Joanna Cherry be FM.

  18. Mac says:

    Sturgeon is a transphiliac but she unquestionably is guilty of transphobia here according to her own rules. Of course because it was expedient to save her political skin she did not think twice about it.

    What she is especially is a misandrist. Some of the disparaging comments she has made about men are really very shocking, 70’s level sexism that men used to say about woman.

    And this is Scotland’s FM. She is an embarrassment and it is just going to get worse. I can see a lot of scandals on the horizon with this crowd.

  19. Craig says:

    It really is a fuckin sad state of affairs that we are relying on the fuckin Tories to show up Nicola and her trans cult to the dystopian nightmare that is being wrought in this fuckfest that is the GRA.

    Surely her end is in sight and this insanity ends, it has to end.

  20. Garrion says:

    As my granny would never have said, “Hell slap it intae her”.

    It’ll be interesting to see if there are indeed ANY actual independence oriented SNP MSPs left, or are we looking at the situation that the Provisional IRA found themselves in in the latter days of the troubles when it became clear that most if not all of their leadership were in fact being paid/leveraged by the British secret service.

    Said it once, saying it again. the current SNP has been completely compromised and no longer fit for purpose. Burn it to the ground and start again.

  21. GlesgaJim says:

    It’s glorious watching these people when openly confronted by their own insanity. It’s why they’ve tried to do so much of the advancement of this agenda quickly, and out of sight.
    I believe people are waking up to it now, and we’ll see more of this laughable rambling as they get asked frank, logical questions on mic/camera. Watch them squirm as they are forced to confirm their position.

  22. Dave Llewellyn says:

    I prefer predatorian guard

  23. Towbar Sullivan says:

    Sweet Jessie Jackson!
    This is HORRIFYING!
    Somebody remind Sturgeon that ‘People are who they say they are!’
    Self-ID is NOT to be questioned – except by TRANSPHOBES!
    She must go!
    She is being LITERALLY violent!
    Isla is a woman – and so is his cock!

  24. twathater says:

    I’m sorry rev but I think it’s even worse than that, she IMO also breaches SNP rule 3 relating to (bullying, harassment or ostracising) people for being or being perceived to be trans ,the very fact that she has EXCLUDED and removed the brave convicted RAPIST Isla from a WOMEN’S institution is ostracism writ large, and quite honestly she should be FORCED to explain why she is being so vindictive towards this puir sowel

  25. Dave M says:

    I might grab some popcorn and actually watch FMQs for a change.

    Since she appears to be chummy with Alastair Campbell, I wonder when he’ll advise her to fall on her sword now that she’s become the story…

  26. Shug says:

    If I were Ross I would be saying to Nicola, I am sorry you lost your grr bill but on the bright side it stopped you thinking about independence

    Every cloud has a silver lining

    He always misses the open goal to fillet her

  27. Merganser says:

    Bob Costello @ 5.36.

    It seems she has hydrophobia. A severe symptom of rabies. Definitely acting like a mad dog now.

    Saying she doesn’t have enough information to say if a Scottish double rapist is a man. And her a former lawyer

    There’s a Monty Python sketch in here somewhere.

    Sturgeon to rapist: ‘Show us your tackle’. All is revealed.

    Rapist to Sturgeon: ‘I’ve self-identified as a woman for a year now and live like one. You must call me a woman’

    Sturgeon to Ross in Parliament: ‘He’s a woman.. I mean she’s a man…I mean she is a woman who just looks like a man’

    Cherry: ‘Only a man can commit rape in Scotland. He is a convicted rapist so he’s a…’

    Sturgeon (foaming at the mouth) ‘Silence! You’re all transphobes, racists, dead parrots, Tottenham supporters and….’

    Led away in strait jacket.

    It really has turned into the darkest of comedies now.

    Scotland, you have been betrayed. Please wake up.

  28. From the Vaults says:

    Settle in, I’m generally a pro-trans person – it’s good that people can transition between genders in those relatively rare situations where that is the best way for that individual to self-actualise (though, you’ll note that doesn’t discount that someone can go through temporary crisies of identity, etc) – so the FM’s approach here raises several important questions about trans identity in Scotland:

    1) Who is imbued with the authority to declare a transition “made in bad faith”?

    2) At what point can a judgement of “bad faith transition” occur?

    3) If, as seems currently the case, “bad faith transitions” are defined largely by the criminal acts of those individuals who are transitioning, what crime type or severity is the dividing line between a person being a criminal who is trans, and criminal trainsitioning in bad faith?

    4) If the above is any form of criminality, are all trans people currently existing in a state where their gender identity is affirmed until they or are believed to commit a crime? Or is it only after conviction?

    5) If so, what redress does an innocent trans person accused of a crime have if they are misgendered in the run up to a failure to convict?

    This situation – a very obviously predicted one – not only undermines the (in my opinion) ridiculously self-defeating ‘trans ideology’ which brooks no dissent from a very narrow and demanding view, but this response to it from the FM and others who supposedly support trans people actively undermines the safety of those majority of ‘good faith’ transpeople, who understand that their self-actualisation takes place within a matrix of overlapping societal issues (that intersectionality everyone talks about) and that their freedoms can therefore be necessarily limited if that is a means to a legitimate aim (ie, the protection of women only spaces).

  29. SusanAHF says:

    What a nefarious document that definition of transphobia is. “No debate” written into it. Disgusting. Glad to see Sturgeon get herself caught up by it, it’s not fit for purpose, worse than islamophobia definitions even

  30. Cenchos says:

    I hope this isn’t Sturgeon trying to manufacture her road to Damascus moment.

  31. Wullie B says:

    It won’t be long until Pension Pete of the comfy slippers will be accusing the rapist fakes of being Abla members and that it is all a conspiracy to get the feminist to her fingertips out of Holyrood

  32. Liz says:

    Just sat and watched lowlights of that debacle.
    If Christina Grahame was anything to go by, poor wee Nikla
    will be getting a group hug.
    Makes me want to puke.

    How come Nikla can say he was faking it when the rest of us have to go by their say so.

  33. Wullie B says:

    twathater says:
    2 February, 2023 at 6:17 pm
    I’m sorry rev but I think it’s even worse than that, she IMO also breaches SNP rule 3 relating to (bullying, harassment or ostracising) people for being or being perceived to be trans ,the very fact that she has EXCLUDED and removed the brave convicted RAPIST Isla from a WOMEN’S institution is ostracism writ large, and quite honestly she should be FORCED to explain why she is being

    She would just throw Brown under the bus for this as it was him that is in charge of the justice system here in Scotland

  34. akenaton says:

    Ian McCubbin says:
    2 February, 2023 at 5:57 pm
    Continuous proof that Nicola Sturgeon is even more lost and inept than we thought. Please please just resign and let Joanna Cherry be FM.

    Are you joking! The whole LGBT Mafia need chased for their lives. They all have their own agendas, Sturgeon was just an extremely bad example, but they are a creed! Bring back Salmond and Sillars then we may have an administration we’re not ashamed of

  35. Bob Mack says:


    You must look at Pistol Pete’s latest tweet. He espouses if the parties of Independence win a majority, then they must gradually ( emphasis), withdraw from the the structures of the UK state.

    After all this time he has found the remnants of another carrot down the back of the SNP benches that allow them to remain in Westminster indefinitely.

  36. robertkknight says:

    If you’ve ever wondered how painful it would’ve been to watch a dinosaur sink slowly into a tar pit, all you need do is watch FMQs. Sturgeon’s rancid SNP is sinking.

    In a word… Good!

  37. Stephen OBrien says:

    Exactly 100% spot on. Nicola Sturgeon is a transphobe! Someone, please put her out of our misery!

  38. Antoine Roquentin says:

    Lame-duck, headless-chicken? Whatever, jist get tae fuck, Nicola. You’re finished! That wee outburst, I have to admit, gave me great pleasure.

  39. David Hannah says:

    Sturgeon is faking being a First Minister of Scotland. Once the regime topples charges should he brought against her for conspiracy.

  40. revjimbob says:

    I almost nodded off a few times while she was tossing her word-salads. She’s lost it. Blood in the water.

  41. David Hannah says:

    “I don’t have enough information.”

    “I don’t recall.”

    I am Nicola Sturgeon. I put myself above the country. I will never resign.

  42. Dave Hansell says:

    TS Eliot’s poem ‘The Hollow Men’ seems to aptly sum up the present moment.

  43. SusanAHF says:

    Oh no WoS twitter has said a worse post is to come tomorrow. What can be worse than this?

  44. Alastair Naughton says:

    Oh what a tangled Web we weave…..

    Sturgeon is not trapped in the web of her own deceit (in this as well as so many other issues), she’s like a frog who has boiled herself alive. It can’t be long now before she gets a call from the men in grey kilts.

  45. Ewan McTeagle says:

    Little Nicky offers her own version of the “no true Scotsman” fallacy – the “no TRUE Scots(transwo)man fallacy.

    NS: “No Scotstranswoman is a danger to women.”
    DRoss: “Is this double rapist a woman?”
    NS: “Er, I meant: No TRUE Scotstranswoman is a danger to women … “

  46. PacMan says:

    She has already done this:

    A good deal of the reaction to Sturgeon’s appearance at yesterday’s Zero Tolerance event has focused on the fact she was, despite strictures to the contrary, heckled by a lady appalled by the SNP-Green government’s reckless disregard for the concerns expressed by many women. That was a shoe-throwing moment, right enough, but what Sturgeon actually said during her address was more interesting and more revealing.

    For, as she accepted:

    ‘Much of what I’m going to say today is about male violence against women because it is men who commit violence against women. In my long experience, most men who commit violence against women don’t feel the need to change gender to do that. Those who do, my argument is we should focus on them because they are men abusing a system to attack women. What we shouldn’t do is further stigmatise a group of women who are already too stigmatised.’


    And yet, by her own government’s (admittedly quite mad) definition, Sturgeon is, I think, now guilty of ‘transphobia’ herself. It has hitherto been deemed ‘transphobic’ to suggest not all trans people are the same and that some people claiming to be trans might in fact scarcely be trans at all. And yet here is the first minister accepting precisely that proposition. Not all trans women are women, some may be ‘men abusing a system to attack women’.

  47. mike cassidy says:

    I’ll bet she’s glad that Hate Crime Bill has not yet been enacted

    She could have found two of Police Scotland’s finest on her doorstep in the morning asking her to explain her transphobic hate speech

  48. Big Jock says:

    Apparently Sunak’s ratings are lower than Truss and Boris. Yet instead of the SNP destroying the UK government.They are instead hell bent on destroying Scotland’s future.

    We are making an arse of ourselves because of a dangerous deluded leader. We are protecting rapists and giving sucker to sexual deviants. She must be removed or we are all doomed!

  49. David Hannah says:

    Sturgeon hates men. She really does. She is a bunny boiler i’ll tell you that. She is unhinged.

  50. robbo says:

    SusanAHF says:
    2 February, 2023 at 7:52 pm
    Oh no WoS twitter has said a worse post is to come tomorrow. What can be worse than this?

    Maybe the sight of Pete Wishart and John Nicholson both exposed in a compromising position in Furry suits. Can you imagine!

  51. Confused says:

    The desperate u-turn of the other day has the logical implication that “trans women are NOT women” (after all)

    – and her cossetted golem-gang of freaks could not fail to notice. Will they turn on her?

    For all their talk of “tolerance” the woke-ists are very big on ZERO TOLERANCE for anything they don’t like and “just sayin” can land you in very hot water.

    The greens consider “transphobia” to be so beyond the range of civilised discourse that there can be no dealing with “these kind of people”; now we see how much these principles measure against the cosy life of – being in power, being in a coalition, jobs and titles and money. The greens last electoral (relative) success looked a bit dodgy to me (maybe someone lost a pile of ALBA votes down the back of a radiator), do they think they would do better next time?

    Adam Graham played an epic shitlord role in this by wearing those yoga pants – made up, in blonde wig – but the tight pants showing very clearly, his cock, his tadger, his johnson, little Adam. The BBC in its coverage cropped the photo, but the other papers did not – BBC, cannot help itself, always, the agenda comes first, we preserve the narrative.

    There is something else that is funny – the weak as piss fake-nat websites and bloggers, who would normally be pushing identity politics at the expense of real indy concerns, are now doing the exact opposite … oh now they are all about capitalism, corporate profits, land reform, environmental concerns … never mind that diversionary culture war stuff, its just a unionist plot to distract us from the real cause …

  52. PhilM says:

    Sturgeotti at FMQs…
    Answer 1 ‘I’m not going to get into the individual circumstances of that particular individual’s claims to be a women because I don’t have enough information about that’
    Answer 4 (Douglas Ross had just quoted a victim of Graham’s concerning her complete disbelief concerning his transition)
    ‘The quote that Douglas Ross narrated there…my feeling is that is almost certainly the case’
    So we move from not having enough information on an individual’s claim – the claim of a convicted rapist who lied about his criminal behaviour – to accepting the already published opinion of the victim of a rapist on the latter’s transition to being a woman i.e. that the transition is not genuine. I won’t go into what is or is not information…
    Sturgeotti is a politician to her very fingertips but she’s not out of the woods yet…
    Before being jailed this scum of the earth was believed, he was accepted as a woman in a situation where the women had an expectation of single-sex privacy. This scum of the earth could legitimately use this acceptance as being a valid reference-point for showing his transition was/is genuine i.e. it was objective, not his opinion, but based on a real-life situation. If trans rights are human rights and if it is a human right to have the rights of one’s sex respected then this scum of the earth might have a stateable case that the Scottish Govt is foreseeably endangering his life by putting a woman in a male prison. It probably won’t be a legal barrier in a European context that the GRR bill is not yet legally in force.
    Sturgeotti might say that the sole important fact is that this scum of the earth is a rapist but the male prisoners don’t have to agree with her. They might go after scum of the earth due to his claims to be a woman and scum of the earth could actually legitimately now claim his life has been deliberately put in danger by the Scottish Govt’s volte-face as a result of bending to the external pressures of opposition politicians and the media. However human rights are fundamental in a way that politics is not.
    Why f*** around like this with the law and with biological reality? This is never going to go away. The social contagion is visible on a govt level. It doesn’t matter that laws are being changed across the world. It matters that women and girls are protected from men.

  53. Republicofscotland says:

    There’s a few choice names I have for Sturgeon including the Judas and betrayer. She needs to resign with immediate effect.


    Professor Richard Murphy shows quite clearly here that Scotland will have NO debt on ditching this rancid union.

    Though he is very perturbed as to why the SNP government insists on paying some of it even though it doesn’t have to.

  54. Jontoscots21 says:

    OK let’s give Sturgeon and her band of low wattage followers a good doing. Let’s sink the metaphorical steel toecaps of derision into the Green goblins. But, let’s also remember that Labour and the Libertine decadents also voted lock stock for this vile policy. Let’s use that as a flag to rally round Alba as a vote for common sense independence. Grown ups against student union grotesques and diversity passengers. Look at that mince-brained momentary modern studies teacher Anum Qaisar. She warms a bench at Westminster representing the people of Airdrie and Shotts. She was handed her arse with relish by the barrister Naomi Cunningham over transgender.

  55. John H. says:

    Some years down the line, when Sturgeon is out of power, I can see young people who have had their body altered irreversibly only to realise that they have made a huge mistake, sue her privately because of the brainwashing she inflicted on them when FM.

  56. Euan Whazermy says:

    There could not possibly be a more archetypal man’s name than ‘Adam’

  57. Mac says:

    If Nicola Sturgeon was an ‘asset’ and you were here ‘handler’ and you recognized she was nearing the end of her ‘shelf life’ it seems logical you do (at least) two things.

    One, make sure she ‘hand picked’ the next stooge leader.

    Two, utterly ‘spend’ her, and concoct some sort of political atom bomb to destroy the SNP in the eyes of the public. I am now thinking something like a paedophile scandal that completely revolts the electorate against the SNP.

    So many real weirdos operating under an SNP banner or funded by them… it is just a matter of time.

    On the way out she (or more accurately ‘they’) will do to the SNP what she did to Salmond and engulf him and it an a false scandal that she created, designed to permanently smear the entire independence movement… yet again

  58. Merganser says:

    Dave Hansell @ 7.40pm

    I hope her world in politics ends in a damn big bang rather than a whimper. What a total fraud, and what a crowd of gullible idiots who still worship at her feet.

  59. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    What gets me is so many of us know who the Alphebetties were, and their relationships to the ‘high heid yins’ in the SNP.

    Sooner or later the dam is going to burst and the MSM will have field days with their “exclusives”.

    Will the YES movement be in a position to take advantage of the fallout?

  60. Kevin Cargill says:

    You’re good with words Stu. Why not write a letter of complaint to Police Scotland accusing Sturgeon of deliberately misgendering a transwoman out of transphobic hate and removing that “woman” from the women’s’ prison and placing her amongst male prisoners against government guidelines and thereby placing “her” in great danger. We would all countersign it and force them to take action! The fall out would be both hilarious and clarifying!

  61. stuart mctavish says:

    Mac @9:11

    Special defence of consent gives the lie to your conjecture but I’m guessing its all water under the bridge by now and amends have been made in private if not (yet) in public.

    More intriguing by half is the apparent absence of journalists, bloggers or indeed anyone with access to an audience being threatened with going to jail for reporting facts or fabrications in the Clydebank Donna Juan trial.

  62. Etticus says:

    In the alternate reality that is NewSNP Scotland the corrupt liar Sturgeon should now be expelled from the New SNP and convicted for a blatant hate crime.

    However in the NewSNP utopia some are more equal than others and some even control the police and prosecution service.

    Sturgeon will sail on and continue dragging our country into the sewer. Everything she does is about feeding her ego and seeking international recognition, well now thanks to her Scotland is an international laughing stock. We are nothing but a joke. Paedophiles and rapists are the most important people in society and their rights must be protected.

    So to all the people who kept electing her when the warnings were given after what she did to Alex Salmond please take a bow for what you have done. The SNP 1 and 2 crowd created the psychopathic narcissist Nicola Sturgeon, now let’s see if they have the courage to own what they’ve done.

    I suspect however that these spineless cowards will still whinge and divert about “toaries” and the “English” when the truth is these people are the worst thing ever to happen to this country. They handed sturgeon ultimate power and she spat in their faces because she knows they are stupid. She knew no matter what she did they’d always vote for her. Take a bow you fools, as long as it isn’t your son daughter grandson or granddaughter who gets abused or butchered in the name of trans ideology I guess you’ll be just fine.

  63. Alan says:

    A quote that seems relevant….”they’re doing it on purpose”. This snp regime doesn’t believe in independence they don’t even think men are men or women are women. They probably think the pope’s a fuckin Protestant ?

  64. Alan says:

    A quote that seems relevant….”they’re doing it on purpose”. This snp regime doesn’t believe in independence they don’t even think men are men or women are women. They probably think the pope’s a fuckin Protestant ?

  65. Breeks says:

    Jo Biden reckons more than half the women in his administration are women.

    Presumably the other half must be men or rapists.

  66. Louise Hogg says:

    Mac @ 9:11
    If I were her unionist handler, then yes I’d make sure her stooge successor was selected, but would probably want the SNP staggering on in a downward spiral for as long as possible.

    Indeed, if delaying her departure even longer had the side-effect of making their membership revolt or split over her successor, then so much the better. Prolonged turmoil buys unionist asset-stripping and turkey-trussing time. Which benefits our Imperial Masters, NOT Scotland.

    Whereas, with a population beginning to tire of GRR nonsense and the parties pushing it, a monumental collapse of the SNP might precipitate a surprisingly rapid swing to ALBA. (Whose leader is more of a threat and whose membership appear currently fairly United.)

    What’s worse , ALBA appear to have congenial relations with the lesser known ISP. Another potential voting option for disaffected nationalists AND a ‘Salmond-free’ option for any ex-SNP or Green members seeking a non-trans party. (This raises the faint possibility that a joint ALBA/ISP campaign could even make another attempt at the Supermajority goal.)

    Bearing in mind that the majority of the electorate are opposed to the extreme trans policy, contagion taking down the entire SNP and Greens, could also spill over to undecideds among Labour or Lib Dem voters.

    When there is still plenty dissatisfaction with Westminster, the independence voter base could yet avoid massive damage once the dust settles. (The main damage being to our confidence that we can accurately identify competent MSPs AND replace colonial structures with a more satisfactory system of checks and balances.)

    For US rapid progress on a new ‘prospectus’ is important. It is partly a poor structure that has allowed this extreme minority so much power. Just as the removal of National Council and the ‘revised'(2017) SNP constitution allowed them so much power within that party.

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