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Keep smiling through

Posted on March 21, 2014 by

We’ve just endured two soul-withering hours of Labour’s 2014 Scottish conference. We thought you might like to meet someone who enjoyed it almost as much as we did.









Don’t worry, hen. Only two and a half more days to go.

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    148 to “Keep smiling through”

    1. sionnach says:

      Aw, c’mon. She’s just trying to look thoughtful and committed…

    2. I misread your headline as Keep Smiling Trough. Still apt.

    3. Tommy Kane says:

      I was thoughtful and she should be committed, ably assisted by two guys in white coats using a jacket with straps on the sleeves

    4. jon esquierdo says:

      Hello,- Is that Carstairs can I book one padded cell please

    5. ally says:

      Yes she really does look “astonished”

    6. Murray McCallum says:

      All the New OneNation Labour delegates should relax and enjoy themselves. Nothing that is said will mean anything in the real world.

      They should just go for an open mic and karaoke session. It would probably come across a lot better.

    7. Callum Macdonald says:

      She just can’t believe the Devo Nano policy being put to conference – unanimously supported, according to M Curran, this morning!

    8. Neeeko says:

      Looks like the top table at a Game of Throne wedding.

    9. Desimond says:

      That first picture…shes reading Wings on her phone isnt she?

      Now has everyone attended or have some Labour delegates from Wishaw fecked off to a ‘Jobs in Outer Space’ Convention in Vienna again?

    10. Iain says:

      You see what you get.

      Someone posted the other day that she didn’t believe what she was saying. I think she really does, poor woman. ‘We in Labour, say this, so it’s right.’

      Don’t diss the teaching profession because of her. Remember that she went 20 years unpromoted and was then shifted sideways into a truancy unit.

    11. sneddon says:

      The look on their coupons make the old Soviet politburo look like the Wurzels 🙂

    12. rableather says:

      Dont think these pictures are being shown to their full potential here. Maybe we need a them set to music. Something by Vera Lynn should be appropriate…. We’ll meet again.

    13. It’ll be her last as Labour leader.

    14. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Its the Botox wots setting her face stiff.

    15. chalks says:

      That photo of Anus looking at her is pretty telling.

      I get the impression that she is the lightning rod put in place by the people to her right in order to attract all the flak.

      She’s still a fkn idiot, naturally.

    16. Desimond says:

      This may happen only once but i would like to praise Anas Sarwar…least the guy is wearing a RED tie. he will no doubt be playing to the gallery but fair dues.

      I cringe when I see Ed and modern Labour clan in their ever so safe “We’ve changed look” purple efforts.

    17. bookie from hell says:

      any highlights?besides the ones on the ceiling

    18. MajorBlooknok says:

      JL is preoccupied, thinking, “Was that a squirrel I just saw at the back of the auditorium?”

    19. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      4th photo down

      Magrit looks as if she has just had a wet one.

    20. MajorBloodnok says:

      …and that’s the last time I get the squirrels to do my typing for me.

    21. “We’ve just endured two soul-withering hours of Labour’s 2014 Scottish conference.”

      Yir a better man than me.

    22. cearc says:

      Thank you Stuart.

      You really do deserve a pay rise.

    23. Murray McCallum says:

      On the topic of colour choices – lots of shades of brown and beige in the photo.

      They look radical.

    24. fergie35 says:

      Stareheed, political heavy weight, BBC debater of the year, Lacky of London, intellectual, Mathematician, World Class politician, Something for nothing personality, not genetically programmed to lead, master of all the wee things!

    25. Iain says:

      After endlessly calling for a debate, Johann realises that it’s the last thing she’ll get at a SLab conference.

    26. Vronsky says:

      She’s thinking: but 2+2=5 just felt right.

    27. Papadox says:

      Colonel Rosa klebb Smersh. Do I get a prize

    28. Dorothy Devine says:

      Those photos are almost as good as the ones form the
      ” Cameron visits porridge factory” – don’t they all look enthralled?!

      Think you missed a “selfie “there Rev ,your expression after two hours of that lot must have been something to behold.

    29. heraldnomore says:

      Have all the MPs turned up? What about the Chairchoob?

      I saw some great views of empty seats in the gallery, behind the press pack, not a soul to be seen.

      Murphy in his dark wee corner, slipped in late, or easy to slip out unseen; and Stairheid too. Haven’t seen Elmer yet, sitting remembering his last time as the centre of attention whilst the Heidie comes up for a visit.

    30. al urquhar says:

      Her tea`s oot.

      She knows it.

      They now know it.

      Two and a half days more to endure might be an over-estimate.

    31. Morag says:

      Stu, buy youself a wee treat. Or several. The things you’re enduring for us….!

    32. Capella says:

      Much more heartening to listen to the brilliant soundtrack “18th September” posted by Bella Caledonia

    33. joe kane says:

      The Devo No Show.

      Have any of the internationalist heroes of the Scottish working class in Perth mentioned “Better Together” and their Tory pals with whom they share so many policies in common?

      Labour to vote for Osborne’s welfare cap next week

    34. Desimond says:


      Please let me know where I send the bill for one damaged keyboard and 1 lost cup of tea. Brilliant!

    35. Desimond says:

      @Joe Kane

      Good point…has anyone from the Tory party been invited to speak in Perth and recieve a loud hearty round of applause like Captain Darling at the Conservative Conference last year?

    36. Eric says:

      You will enjoy this new Red Book from Labour. Its called ‘Together We Can Can’
      Cue song…. da da da da da da
      ‘Together we can’ sets out who we are and what we believe.

      This is the positive constitutional, economic and social alternative.

      Real values, real people, real choices and real ideas to change the lives of people in Scotland. It will guide us, not just to the 18th of September but guide us back into government in 2015 and 2016.

      It is now clear. There is now only one unifying force in British politics. Under the leadership of Ed Miliband and Johann Lamont that is the Labour Party.

      The real choice in this referendum is not people seeking liberation from London, but those who want liberation from inequality no matter if they live in Perth or Penrith.

      The separation people are calling for is not from the rest of the UK but separation from poverty.

      And the real divide is not people fighting with their neighbours, but people fighting to get by and get on.

      Together we can build a better Scotland and a better United Kingdom

      Together we can grow and care. Together we can achieve, prosper and succeed. Together we will.
      – See more at:

    37. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Bet you’ll not get this one out of your head all day long.

    38. Linda's Back says:

      Lamont is as excited about “more powers” as anyone who opposed modest Assembly proposals and 40% rule in 1979 could be.

    39. Deepest green says:

      At least someones taped her hands down, much better than the two interviews the other day.

    40. Linda's Back says:

      Should read “and SUPPORTED 40% rule”

    41. Eric says:

      Ya couldn’t make it up! Laughed all the way through. Labour should go into panto.
      Wait? Whats that? They already are? Coming to a pier near you.

      Thats the way to do it! Thats the way to do it.

    42. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      I wonder if JoLa is thinking that at least she won’t be up there under the photofloods again.

      Next one she will be somewhere at the back of the Hall.

    43. McDuff says:

      To be fair to them they haven`t got anything to smile about.

    44. Murray McCallum says:

      “And the real divide is not people fighting with their neighbours, but people fighting to get by and get on.”

      What, the people who are fighting to “get by” are divided against those who are fighting to “get on”?

      What a mess. How will this end?

    45. heraldnomore says:

      If only it had been a 26% rule back then…

    46. Gillie says:

      Somebody’s happy though.

      Councillor Archie Graham (aka Mr Lamont)

    47. heedtracker says:

      It all got a lovely lunch time news BetterTogetherBBC puff just there with vote NO and Labour will “give” you tons of devo powers and everyone agrees too! BBC conference dude says we’re actually being “given” “powers!” and its a LOT MORE POWERS, MUCH MUCH MUCH MORE POWERS then he mumbled something or other about housing benefit, so just vote NO.

    48. Harry says:

      Why does the fourth picture make me think of this lot?


    49. Desimond says:


      You would think someone would suddenly put their hands up and say “If its all the same, why do we need Scottish Labour?”

      cue much shivering in the barren hall!

    50. Grouse Beater says:

      She is probably mulling in her mind what she should have said in interviews about Labour’s promises to Scotland … if only she knew how to say it.

    51. Footsoldier says:

      Sorry if this ruffles feathers but recently in Wings I have noticed an increase in personal attacks on the opposition with regard to the appearance and style of individuals, together with an increasing use of intemperate language.

      Now that WoS is gaining more attention from the MSM, this trend should be resisted if we wish to continue being taken seriously.

    52. cearc says:


      ‘see more at’,… Thank you but no. That was quite enough.

    53. Gordon SMith says:

      Please do a comparison item with SNP Conference commitee for reference.

    54. Geo says:

      The 4th one down is a belter!

      Sarwar – “oh god please don’t speak”

      Curran – “This isny Westminster”

      Girl at the end – “Look a squirrel”

    55. Ruairidh says:

      Just spent the week traipsing through the Maize fields of Northern Mozambique totally oblivious to the “stair hied rammy” on devo Nano. Jola is so far out in the woods with this one I am amazed I did not encounter her somewhere between Tete and the Indian Ocean. Five year old Mozambiquans have a better grasp of mathematics and tax policy than she does.

    56. tartanfever says:


      How about sending these images on to the wonderful Mr Greg Moodie to use for one of his cartoon capers ?

    57. CameronB says:

      She has the appearance of someone who doesn’t like the smell of toast. Or am I confusing that with her look of gravitas?

    58. Eric says:

      ‘Together we can’ sets out who we are and what we believe. Truth fairies, westminster trough and rubbishing Scotland

      This is the positive constitutional, economic and social alternative. To what? Syphilis?

      Real values, real people, real choices and real ideas get real to change the lives of people in Scotland. It will guide us, not just to the 18th of September but guide us back into government in 2015 and 2016. No F. Chance. You are finished in Scotland.

      It is now clear. There is now only one unifying force in British politics. Under the leadership of Ed Miliband and Johann Lamont that is the Labour Party. Blind to the division in their own party or bluffing?

      The real choice in this referendum is not people seeking liberation from London, but those who want liberation from inequality no matter if they live in Perth or Penrith. Wrong. Inequality equals Westminster, equals London, equals UK Parties, equals the Union.

      The separation people are calling for is not from the rest of the UK but separation from poverty. You are not listening to the people then

      And the real divide is not people fighting with their neighbours, but people fighting to get by and get on. The real divide is North and South, Westminster and Holyrood, Rich and Poor, Hegemony and Independence, Inequality or Fairness

      Together we can build a better Scotland and a better United Kingdom You had decades! You failed. You let Scotland down. You are a bunch of jokers.

      Together we can grow and care. Together we can achieve, prosper and succeed. Together we will. We can’t hear you. We can’t hear you.

    59. Richard Lucas says:

      The last East German Communist Party conference must have looked a lot like that.

    60. Training Day says:

      Conference is supposed to be about debate, right?

      Whatever happened to ‘we need to have a debate’?

      She must have forgotten to do her ‘grossery’ shopping..

    61. call me dave says:

      Pretty dull stuff so far. I await Ed to cheer us all up and produce this surprise rabbit from the hat.

      Here’s Brian T’s Big Debate. For those that missed it.

    62. joe kane says:

      Suppose they gave a socialist party conference and only tory party policies turned up?

    63. call me dave says:

      God! It was not labour’s fault that they lost the election in 2011 it was nasty Salmond telling the Lib Dems to vote for SNP.

      There must be a thesis in there for a young university student doing politics.

      “What do you make of that” asks the BBC commentator remarking also on the lack of Union Jacks in the centre.

    64. Desimond says:

      BBC News….showing Ed saying “I’d like to pay tribute to the woman leading the fight to keep Scotland as part of the union”.

      I thought Jackie Bird was gonnae walk on but they started clapping for Johann instead!

    65. proudscot says:

      There is one bright spot in Perth this morning. I refer of course to the YES SCOTLAND stall in the busy High Street. Staffed by around half a dozen cheery, smiling folk. They were almost out of merchandise (all free) by the time I got there about 12.30pm.

      What a difference to the glum faces of the doom’n’gloom naysayers at the Labour Conference High Heid Yins’ Table on the platform. Not to mention the sparce soporific gathering of delegates in the threequarters full hall.

    66. Desimond says:

      Oh feck me…now Ed is telling the Conference his own special connection with Scotland story.

      Its Jockanory time!

    67. Desimond says:

      And Eds special story…why it was a World War II story of course. “Lets pay tribute to them”.

      Labour..all about the past.
      The rest of us…all about the future!

    68. bookie from hell says:

      queens grocer–hissy fit

      The chief executive of Fortnum & Mason, the upmarket London-based grocer has warned that a ‘yes’ vote in the Scottish independence referendum would be a “disaster” for the country.

      Speaking exclusively to Sky News, Ewan Venters, a Scot by birth, said that a break-up of the United Kingdom would create a damaging period of uncertainty for businesses.

      “I think it would be a disaster. The UK is better as one. We are a small enough island as it is, we don’t need to become smaller,” he said.

      “The consequences of an independent Scotland and an independent England could be very unfavourable economically. That uncertainty is not what the country needs.”

      Mr Venters, who has run the Queen’s grocer since 2012, is one of the most senior English-based Scottish businessmen to articulate his views about the implications of the referendum vote which takes place in September

    69. call me dave says:

      A memory test for Ed naming the team, making up for his blooper last time when he couldn’t remember the names for the Scottish labour leaders election. 🙂

      Is there a case for the union Ed we know and share all the history, our grandparents and parents fought in WWI and WWII. Tell us please.

    70. Les Wilson says:

      sionnach says:
      21 March, 2014 at 1:09 pm
      Aw, c’mon. She’s just trying to look thoughtful and committed…

      Well, you are a little right, but I think “looks vacant” is a bit more appropriate!!

    71. Desimond says:

      Who has 14:39 in the “Cost of Living Crisis” Quote Sweepstake

      Come up and collect your prize!

    72. Robin Ross says:

      Just heard Margaret Curran tell me that what I really want is for Ed Milliband to chuck David Cameron out of 10 Downing Street.

      Maragaret, you don’t know what I want because all you ever do is shout at me from a distance. Your boss, Ed MIlliband, has popped up to Scotland to do the same. Your colleague Johann Lamont talks about “conversations we need to have”, but seems incapable of coherent discourse.

      You shout ‘values’ and expect us to ignore that your actions, not your words reveal your lack of values.

      You don’t listen to us, but, Margaret, do you lot ever listen to yourselves? You should try it.

    73. Ian Sanderson says:

      I gave up watching at that point Desimond… Couldn’t face watching Mrs Lamentable smiling as Mgt Curran telt us what a wonderful job she was ding….!

    74. Ian Brotherhood says:

      What do they sing at SLab conferences?

      ‘Promised You a Miracle’?

      It’s just a starter. (Come on…you know you can do better than that.)

    75. Desimond says:

      @ian Brotherhood

      As a man from Toryglen, I say shame on you for bringing our beloved Simple Minds into such horrid company. LOL

      I suggest “Obsession” by Animotion, another 80s classic.

    76. CameronB says:

      Mac Rebennack AKA Dr. John – Storm Warning 🙂

    77. Capella says:

      @Ian Brotherhood
      Don’t you remember 1997 “Things Can Only Get Better”. I know, it’s too too sad.

    78. gordoz says:

      Dunoon Referendum debate Poll result (March 18th)

      YES 66.5 % NO 28.5 % U/D 5%

      Maybe thats wht BT central look so glum

    79. No No No...Yes says:

      Songs for the SLab conference:

      What about some favourites from the band “Right Said ED.”

      Songs include “Deeply Dippy” and “Those Simple Things”

      Nice tunes….

    80. call me dave says:

      Oh here is that ‘nice all round guy’ Mr Grey, a man of finance who was astonishing a bit vague on where the money for an oil fund came from.

      But he may have done his SVQ II in admin by this time and probably knows that UK debt is £1.3 Trillion.

      What is that it Mr Grey…where’s the policy stuff only a rant against the SG.

      Oh dear.

      Now Mr Kelly… he who had to be reminded in Holyrood that the previous labour administration had built less than 10 council houses in all it’s time.

      Geez! I give up.

    81. Papadox says:

      Ed the talking mule.
      “The conservative budget did nothing for Scotland” SO “were better together”

      Am I missing something?

    82. The Man in the Jar says:

      Sorry if someone has already mentioned this but.

      If it is “One Nation Labour” why does it have “Scottish Labour” in huge lettering along the front of the desk?

      Anyway we all know that there is no such entity as “Scottish Labour”

      FFS. Can they no even get their own name right.

    83. bookie from hell says:

      eds speech

      looks up in flames

    84. Desimond says:

      @Ian brotherhood

      re Songs for Labour , may I suggest

      ‘This used to be our Playground’ by Madonna

    85. Andy-B says:

      Someone who has been enjoying himself, is Torcuil Crichton, who found himself in the back of a Range Rover, with his messiah Ed Miliband, both chinless wonders, derided the SNP and their policies.

      Miliband, poured scorn on the SNP by saying, their “Narrow nationalism” is nothing but unfairness,and that the SNP were in a race to the bottom regarding corporation tax.

      Crichton, pictured in the paper version of the Daily Record,and the link below, gazing into Milibands eyes, in the back of the Range Rover, overcome with sheer adulation, listened as Miliband emphasised, that he wouldn’t debate with Alex Salmond.

      Miliband finished by saying Labour and I are on a social justice crusade, Torcuil still gazing into Milibands eyes,like a love sick doe, couldn’t possibly realise that Milibands crusade, has nothing to do with social justice, and all about the 2015 Westminster elections.

    86. Susan says:

      That is the look of someone who knows she has been shafted by her Party’s MPs.

    87. Ian Brotherhood says:

      They’d be as well having a good boogie as they shuffle off into the history books – here’s the aptly-named ‘September’ from ‘Perth, Wind & Fire’:

    88. BigSteveChisholm says:

      OT. That’s that settled, then. Just received from the BBC Complaints –

      “Dear Mr BigSteveChisholm,

      Thanks for contacting us regarding the BBC One programme ‘The Andrew Marr Show’.

      Andrew Marr and Alex Salmond had a detailed discussion during the 16 March edition of the programme, where issues around the way Scotland would operate if a majority vote for independence were covered and various scenarios were explored. Mr Salmond was closely questioned on two contentious subjects – the currency in Scotland post a vote for independence and the country’s position in relation to the European Union.

      Andrew made it clear on air that he had not been intending to express a personal opinion or an opinion of the BBC. He was simply putting forward an argument from President Barroso who, as European Commission President, has an integral insight within the debate and had made his feelings on the matter of Scotland’s EU membership post-independence explicit during a recent interview with Andrew on the programme.

      We believe the BBC’s coverage of the Scottish Referendum debate has been fair and impartial and we will continue to strive to report on the story in this manner.

      We’d also like to assure you that we’ve registered your complaint on our Audience Log. This is a daily report of audience feedback that’s made available to all BBC staff, including members of the BBC Executive board, channel controllers and other senior managers.

      The Audience Logs are seen as important documents that can help shape decisions on future BBC programmes and content.

      Once again, thank you for contacting us”.

    89. Desimond says:

      Just looking at those pictures above again, anyone else notice that Anas Sarwar is the only one silly\game enough to wear a Better Together badge.

      Given the love of pins in Politics these days, you would have thought everyone in the Unionist camp would be on-message wearing one…unless these Labour folk dont want to be seen playing love-birds with the Tories in front of their Scottish cash-cow.

    90. dmw42 says:

      wind and piss mair like.

    91. ronnie anderson says:

      Does they Devo powers come wie a Phone box,a Blue Morph suit,

      a Red Cape, an a chinge of Y Fronts,back tae yer Ice Palace


    92. dmw42 says:


      Hold on; Audience Log? I thought the BBC told the Holyrood committeee there were no logs kept of complaints?

    93. Murray McCallum says:

      It’s odd to think that if the Tories renamed themselves “The Worker’s Party”, the two main U-KOK parties at Westminster will be them and the Non Labour Party.

      At least Non Labour are trying to be more honest in their title.

      Note: Non (New one nation).

    94. ronnie anderson says:

      Ah asked the Tecko dept tae put up the One Direction vid

      All These Little Things, send Johann some love fae WOS,

      Wee Wee awe luv her really dont wee wee.

    95. Desimond says:

      BBC News…”Over to the Weather”..

      Cue a shot of clouds gathering right over Perth!

    96. No No No...Yes says:

      BBC Brian Taylor- edited clip with Johann Lamont ( anagram of JLo Na Na Month).

      Her hands are all over the place again- a distraction tactic so that you don’t listen?

      The last two paragraphs in the article are interesting:

      Asked whether she would stand for election to the Scottish Parliament following a “Yes” vote in September’s independence referendum, the Scottish Labour leader said: “Yes, I would.

      “Once the people of Scotland have decided on 18 September there is no going back, but there would still be inequality, there would still be disadvantage, there will still be all the things that I want to do something about, and of course I would hope I would be able to contribute to that.”

      Is that a concession that Yes have won, or just poor grammar?

    97. Dick Gaughan says:

      Re: Songs for Labour

      It Might As Well Rain Until September
      Thanks for the Memories

      And, as BT love telling us about WW1 –


    98. BigSteveChisholm says:


      I think what the BBC bosses meant was ‘there are no logs of complaints which we would be willing to make available to the committee’.

    99. Dick Gaughan says:

      Andy-B says:
      Miliband emphasised, that he wouldn’t debate with Alex Salmond.

      Ehhm, did anyone ask him to?

    100. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Hue & Cry, Labour of Love: ‘ain’t gonna work for you no more…’

    101. Jamie Arriere says:

      Well, well..if they are now keeping an Audience Log of complaints, it might be time to actually start complaining in earnest.

    102. Desimond says:

      Re: Songs for Labour

      It’s Too Late Baby – Carole King

      Yesterdays Men – Madness

      Waiting For Another Chance – Endgames

      Big Yellow taxi (You dont know what you got till its gone!) – Joni Mitchell

      Lets Stick Together ( But now you never miss your water till your well runs dry!) – Roxy Music

    103. Desimond says:

      Last Song for Labour…ideal really…

    104. Jamie Arriere says:

      Go on Doris, tell ’em!

      The party’s over
      It’s time to call it day
      They’ve burst your pretty balloon
      And taken the moon away

      It’s time to wind up
      The masquerade
      Just make your mind up
      The piper must be paid

      The party’s over
      The candles flicker and dim
      You danced and dream
      Through the night
      It seemed to be right
      Just being with him

      Now you must wake up
      All my dreams must end
      Take off your makeup
      The party’s over
      It’s all over, my friend

      Now you must wake up
      All my dreams must end
      Take off your makeup
      The party’s over
      It’s all over, my friend

    105. Jamie Arriere says:

      Go on Doris, tell ’em!

      The party’s over
      It’s time to call it day
      They’ve burst your pretty balloon
      And taken the moon away

      It’s time to wind up
      The masquerade
      Just make your mind up
      The piper must be paid

      The party’s over
      The candles flicker and dim
      You danced and dream
      Through the night
      It seemed to be right
      Just being with him

      Now you must wake up
      All my dreams must end
      Take off your makeup
      The party’s over
      It’s all over, my friend

      Now you must wake up
      All my dreams must end
      Take off your makeup
      The party’s over
      It’s all over, my friend

    106. Ian Brotherhood says:

      ‘The Party’s Over’ –

    107. BigSteveChisholm says:

      I just watched the Brian Taylor clip. Does anyone have the ability to put together a Johann Lamont word cloud?

      In her last few interviews I’ve noticed that the phrase “pooling and sharing of resources” is repeated over and over again.

      If JoLa is trying to appeal to my innate sense of fairness and generosity, it’s not working. All I’m hearing is “sending Scottish oil money south to be pissed away on HS2 and London Crossrail”.

    108. call me dave says:

      Depressing, depressing depressing watching a parade of Scottish labour folk take the podium to confirm their lack of faith in their own country,always in reverential mode in awe of the establishment, all lacking vision and having the outlook of Rev I M Jolly.

      A bit like watching the BBC Scotland news night after night. I am putting the knives away and all tablets

      Oh! Another smear on Mr Salmond and how Glasgow is getting a bad deal from him. Not the coalition government then, who knew.

      J Mara

      More jam tomorrow guarantees apprenticeships and jobs …er.. if Ed gets elected.

      Going for the youth vote as they have no experience of the opportunities that labour have had in the past, when in power, to do the right thing.

      C. Baker.

      Land reform .. after 300+ years labour gets excited about it.. Aye right Claire!

      Good they have switched me off, compulsive viewing couldn’t drag myself away.. They never played the Looney tunes ending.

      Mummy I’ve had a nightmare take the telly away out my room who are the SNP?

    109. Tamson says:

      @No No No…Yes above:

      I want to hear every politician involved in the referendum campaign asked a similar question before the vote:

      What will you do if Scotland says Yes?

      This is particularly significant for the Westminster ones, and especially those currently in government. Will the Chief Secretary to the Treasury still work against Scotland during the negotiating period? Will the Secretary of State for Portsmouth continue to put Portsmouth first?

      Surely it’s very important that constituents in places like Inverness and Shetland know who is working in their best interests.

    110. steviecosmic says:

      ‘Earlier this week, Scots party leader Johann Lamont outlined a range of extra powers Labour would devolve to the Scottish ­Parliament if there is a No vote on September 18.

      She tasked Sarwar with drawing up the red paper in his role as deputy leader and referendum campaign co-ordinator.

      In the foreword she writes: “These would still be our ambitions for Scotland if the country was to vote for independence in September, but we strongly believe that the economic security and certainty of being part of the United Kingdom gives us the best chance of making them happen.

      “That is why we are ­confident in our message of co-operation and solidarity, working with our neighbours across the islands to deliver a better future for us all, one where we spread risk and share reward in partnership.

      “And that message has never been more important. We know that while the constitutional argument must be debated and then answered, there are far deeper problems being faced by the people we represent.”

      WOW. So, there you have it. They’re preparing for a Yes vote.

      That’s today’s Daily Labour by the way.

    111. Desimond says:

      @Call Me dave

      You will never beat the Budget Talks a few years back

      Labour : We want 10000 apprenticships

      John Swinnie – Great Idea, Ive found enough money for 25000

      Labour : We abstain

    112. Andy-B says:

      @Dick Gaughan.

      I think,Miliband was letting us know, that he like David Cameron is running scared, of Alex Salmond, when it comes to debating him.

      The likes of Esther McVey minister for disabled/employment, I think, when asked by Holyrood to come up and explain the UK’s welfare policies,said she wouldn’t that she only answered to Westminster alone, Ah! but we’re all in it together, according to the unionists.

      We’ll fly up from Westminster lecture you, and play good cop bad cop, then we’ll fly back down south again, without answering the simplest of questions, to your parliament.

    113. call me dave says:

      Jamie Arriere

      Good song I’ve got her singing that somewhere and an excellent Lonnie Donegan version too. Glasgow boy.

    114. chalks says:

      Pishing myself at that Dean Martin clip video….LOL



    115. Viking Girl says:

      It’s like ‘The Village of the Damned.’ I was hoping it would be on TV so as I could fall asleep watching it.

    116. Ian Brotherhood says:

      ‘Highway to the Danger Zone’.

      Aye, that’ll be the A9 then…

    117. Robert Louis says:

      So, to be clear, Labour’s Ed Milliband and Tory David Cameron, are BOTH equally feart to debate independence with Alex Salmond.

      Yet both, are happy to come to Scotland on a regular basis, shoot their mouth off, knock our country, then run away home to London, shouting ‘this is just a decision for Scots’.

      If we didn’t have such a self serving cringing press and media in Scotland, both these clowns would have been repeatedly challenged to debate with Alex Salmond, but no, they run around in Scotland as mouthy English cowards with total impunity.

    118. Desimond says:

      Sorry, but this classic is another worthy contender. The lyrics touch on the way Scotland has moved on in relation to Labour going nowhere so very well….

    119. call me dave says:


      Absolutely.. 🙂

      Since we are picking songs try this.

    120. Baheid says:

      Songs for Labour;

      Help – Beatles

      I’m Down – Beatles

      Where have all the good times gone – Kinks

      Lets go get stoned – Ray Charles

    121. Big Jock says:

      I was reading that Joanne Lamont had to give up Gaelic because she couldn’t speak it very well. She obviously reverted to her native Weegie…or was it swahili! LOL

    122. Rod Robertson says:

      What is the betting Milliband is already safely back in Lodonium?

    123. Dick Gaughan says:

      Big Jock says:
      I was reading that Joanne Lamont had to give up Gaelic because she couldn’t speak it very well. She obviously reverted to her native Weegie…or was it swahili!

      She certainly wasn’t speaking Scots, English, Gaelic or Irish.

      I speculated that it might be Vogon but even my babelfish gave up in confusion.

    124. EdinScot says:

      The faces in those pictures tells a completely different story from the narrative repeated ad nauseum by the msm that the naysayers are still winning…well they dont look like the faces of winners to me! If devof**all was the power broker to steal Scottish hearts you’d think their party conference would be on fire with speaker after speaker in truimphant mode instead of resembling the clapped out beaten sham of a propaganda exercise from a bunch of charlatans that it actually is.

      The Michael Jackson ‘thriller’ video should be played as the backdrop to the Laboratory wake and the legendary Simple Minds ‘glittering prize’ is ours for a Yes vote in September.

    125. liz says:

      @BigSteveChisholm – please tell they didn’t address you as Mr BigSteveChisholm – LOL.

      Anyway ditto received the exact same response which of course I am going to reply to and reject their findings.

    126. Les Wilson says:

      O/T I just watched a re run of Scottish Questions. How the hell our guys down there can stand it I really do not know.
      It is nothing but wall to wall anti Independence rhetoric. Coloured by smears and jeers throughout, it makes you feel sick.

      Most were our legion of “proud Scots”, listening to these people makes me believe that there is NOWHERE back for them after a yes vote. Certainly I would NEVER have them in ANY position in our “New Scotland” They are badly tainted and beyond redemption.

    127. Edward says:

      I listened to a bit of Taylors big debate earlier and they talked about what should happen to Perth City Hall, apparently its too small to cope with big events such as the Labour party conference and its also suffering from various forms of rot.

      Then I watched as much as I could stomach of the afternoon’s offerings from the Labour Party conference in the new concert hall, then realised with the odd camera pan it was half empty. So after all Perth City Hall could have easily managed Labour with still room to spare, mind you it would it would be difficult to discern between the various old rotting facades of the City Hall and Labour, both equally rotting and well past it!.

    128. gordoz says:


      I hear ya buddy

      Dont forget Hinkley point reactor ! And the new Thames barrier !

    129. Thepnr says:

      This is the future those that choose to vote NO.
      Regret for the rest of their miserable life!

    130. JLT says:

      I think she’s conflicted.

      I believe she’s thinking, ‘I’ve had enough of this inane drivel. Look at him! Look at Ed! Who does he think he is? Coming up here, telling me what to say, telling me what to do! I actually like wee Alex. He’s a mad radge going up against the establishment, so he is. I love it when he gits in arooond the Tories. I jist wish he didnae take the piss oot o’ me on a Thursday dinnertime. Ruins ma lunch. And I need to phone Nicola and git that recipe of her. Quite fancy makin’ a wee cheese quiche. Christ …is that the time! Wish it was 2.30 so we can go for a coffee break. Look at Margaret smiling. What’s she got to smile about? Her mumping and moanin’ all the time. I’ll gie her somethin’ to moan about if she doesnae stop glarin’ at me! Aw Christ, whit’s Miliband sayin’ noo. Solidarity! SoliDARITY! Whit does he ken abbot Solidarity. He disnae even git oan wae his ain brother, fir Christs sake. I just want to go hame. To be honest, if only these mad radges in here knew that I’m voting ‘Yes’. Aw git him. Look at Ed Balls clapping away like a wee sealion aboot tae git a fish. Aye …stuff it …ah’m votin’ Yes. What a laugh that will be. Aye, Ed, git it right up ye! I’m voting ‘Yes’ YEEEEE-HAAAAAAAA!!!!’

    131. BigSteveChisholm says:

      @ Liz – Haha. No, I changed the name to protect the innocent.

      Yup, I’ll be replying too. At least we now have confirmation that the BBC are logging complaints… and probably were all along (as any sensible business would).


      @ gordoz – Good point. That list goes on and on, doesn’t it?

    132. gordoz, whit new Thames barrier?

    133. Thepnr says:


      Brilliant! more than just Jola are conflicted. Wonder how many will vote Yes, bet all their partners do, just to spite them.

    134. Jeannie says:


      I don’t get their point. Even if Marr WAS referring to what Barrosso said, he couldn’t be being impartial or balanced unless he also referred to what, for example, Graham Avery said. So whatever his reasons for saying what he did, it’s not an example of impartiality.

    135. Jeannie says:



    136. Fiona says:


      They don’t have a point: they have a lie.

      The clue is in Mr Marr’s first word, which was “I”. So easy to confuse with “Mr Barroso”, isn’t it?

    137. Jeannie says:


      Agreed. I watched it myself and there’s no doubt in my mind about what he said or meant. It’s their pathetic attempt at denying it that insults my intelligence.

    138. CyberNiall says:

      I thought of this when I saw those images. I must say.

      (I’ve got no views on this. Nor does the BBC.)

    139. wee e says:

      The body language of ALL of them was quite something. Lots of hands in front of faces, lots of looking down, frequently out of synch with one another, minds on different things — a very introverted and miserable looking crew altogether.

    140. TheItalianJob says:

      Another old one which is relevant

      Kim Wilde “You keep me hanging on”

    141. Paula Rose says:

      Bit early in the evening for a tune but…

    142. sausage fingered luddite says:

      Apologies if it’s been mentioned already but that stage reminds me of an old soviet bloc Politburo. Which is ironic given how right wing labour are these days…

    143. Kathleen McKechnie Skifjell says:

      Jola looks as though she’s in Labour ! ????The midwives don’t look too happy either…

    144. Clydebuilt says:

      Johann Looks like a person who’s just had a bolloking for her interviews this week. She’s sitting there recovering and wondering if she can get her self out of it before she is damaged further.

    145. Alastair Naughton says:

      I personally recommend Highway to Hell by AC/DC as a fitting summation of North British Labour in 2014. Shame really as I’m quite a fan of AC/DC, but judging by the snapshots of the mugs’ gallery here, it looks like they know it themselves.

    146. They could have used this as an opportunity to address whether they were on the correct side and whether they should instead change their stance on Scottish independence.

      But then as with all Labour politicians they would rather their country was run by Tories from London than.

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