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Different cultures

Posted on February 06, 2023 by

Meet Támara Wilson, readers. She likes learning and teaching through humour.

She’s also passionate about “uniting us all in these weird times”. So that’s nice.

Oh. THAT kind of unity.

Stirling University. Imagine our surprise. What’s happening to our country?

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0 to “Different cultures”

  1. Alison says:

    “Former clown”? ? Not so much of the *former.

  2. David says:

    Really should have a look and see where stirlings

  3. Dave+M says:

    Quelle surprise! The University of Woke.

  4. Red says:

    I’m grateful to people who put their pronouns in their bio.

    It’s a real time saver in working out who the idiots are.

  5. Daisy Walker says:

    Professional Squirrel???? The career’s advisor at the school never told me that was an option.

    Does Stirling Uni do a degree in it?

    As for Clown… she looks somewhat dour, must be the worst circus ever.

  6. shiregirl says:

    Stirling Uni alumni, pronouns, bizzare non-job noted and appears angry. All boxes ticked.

  7. Ian McCubbin says:

    With all the new woke influences coming I am just about ready to self ID as a gentian.
    Have always loved the blue colours.

    I am now resorting to sarcastic humour re these clowns, nothing else left.

  8. Geoff Anderson says:

    “I support Social Justice” – AS LONG AS YOU AGREE WITH ME!

  9. Alan McCrorie says:

    Using the same (mis)spelling approach as Godley, just in case.

  10. Clare says:

    I’d love to know what a ‘gunt’ is.

  11. gregor says:

    “Contributor – BBC The Social: BBC Scotland: Glasgow

    Aug 2020 – Jul 20222 years

    Write, film and present LGBTQ+ content for a variety of online platforms. Edit all content on Final Cut Pro X/ DaVinci Resolve.”:

    Shame on you, rotten @LGBT BBC social influencer.

  12. Holymacmoses says:

    I’m surprised that she’s not written that message in Spanish (she’s a clownish confident translator), just to broaden the communication . you know:-)
    The University of Stirling must feel lucky to have such an open-minded diverse talent representing their staff and students at this event.

  13. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “I’d love to know what a ‘gunt’ is.”

  14. Mark Boyle says:

    Love the way Tamara Paulsen Wilson thinks of herself as being anti-bigotry, and yet she worked in 2019 for Rangers Football Club.

    Ah, Rangers, those wacky funsters with their fans (and players in the dressing room after getting another Scottish trophy c/o umpteen dubious penalties …) singing “party songs” about up to their knees in people’s blood.

    Oh, and their ideosyncratic little ways of being the only football club in Scotland since the days of Mosley where openly far right groups sell their newspapers and magazines about getting rid of all the people they didn’t like (like, for example, gays and lesbians Tamara …) without any intervention from club officials as to what’s being done on their property.

    Still took their dirty money though, didn’t you Tamara?

    Perhaps we shouldn’t be too surprised. Behind every self-proclaimed social justice warrior, there’s usually a wee screaming bigot in the closet dying to get out, as her cardboard scribbles show …

  15. Eileen Carson says:

    “FORMER” clown?

  16. Merganser says:

    Not afraid of getting into silly situations?

    Who’d have thought it.

    NB See Craig Murray’s comments on the previous article and my reply to him. He’s lost the plot on the trans issue, and will drag Alba down if he is associated with them.

  17. Who’s that next to her, “Daddy”? Or her Professor?
    Thank you for being there, Wings, it was much appreciated.

  18. shiregirl says:

    Wait. Is that her on the BBC ‘The Social’?

    ‘Being polyamorous doesn’t make you a cheater’


  19. The+Two says:

    *sigh* My alma mater becomes more of an embarrassment with every passing year.

  20. DGP says:

    Talking of cultural differences I notice on twitter Ash Regan was out and about in Assynt and quoting Norman McCaig, questioning land ownership in `Scotland.That is culture I can recognise and welcome.
    Furry culture? Not a culture since it is essentially the self talking to the self-so no communication beyond the self.A closed antithetic non-culture.

  21. desimond says:

    Sorry, but Im not quite sure what the point of this post is?
    Compared to forensic content lately, this just seems like a filler finger point exercise

    A Hypocrite Person calls folk cunts?…think we all do that from time to time.

    And anyone looking at Linkedin as a place of credible claims..well, theres plenty of folk already laughing at that sites content, just type “LinkedIn parody twitter” in google to see multiple links.

  22. Liz says:

    You learn something new every day.
    So a gunt is basically saying you’re all fat and old.
    God, these weans are really stupid.

    From time immemorial, women have always been insulted on our looks.
    Listen, child, we don’t care, you too one day will be old.

    As for C Murray the least said about his attitude to women, the better.

  23. Geoff Anderson says:

    When the “Be Kind” brigade come in saying these comments are unfair.

    Remember all those Women targeted by this Cult. Professors and Teachers who had their careers ruined. Woman deplatformed by this aggressive Cult Pack. Students who had to give up their course because they were hounded for saying what a Woman was. Think of Politicians taken off the No.1 slot. Good MSP candidates failed selection because this gang didn’t like them. The self declared disabled and the BAME champions of Woke ruled. The SNP NEC members run out of the Party due to savage attacks backed by Sturgeon.
    Thousands of long term SNP members and activists forced out of the SNP because they would not pretend Men were Women. No broom cupboard speech for them from Nicola.

    When the comment and shout “Be Kind” as The National did last night about the guy who runs Ballot Box being upset by the language……just remember what this Cult did to all those good, brave people who tried to resist this organised assault on Society.

    Be aware of Stonewall trying to spin this as an attack on the gay community, it is not. This is not even about the handful of confused people claiming Trans status.

    This is about the perverts, predators, Rapists, Cross dressers,….etc,etc who will use the “recognition” Sturgeon gives with no controls to demand greater and greater access to Women and Children.

  24. SusanAHF says:

    Stirling “university” I might have known. Woke central

  25. John C says:

    It’s the look of misery from yesterday’s pictures of her that gives the game away here. I don’t think she’s an especially happy person, especially with that utterly performative profile.

    I was at George Square for a bit yesterday and I did see her wandering around the buffer zone, which worked generally well, apart from the assault (which I missed) & some other threatening behaviour from TRAs who near the end were getting so fed up with being at the far side of the Square, they started pushing the police and anyone getting near them to get a reaction. Overall the police did an excellent job though the person who carried out the assault should be up in front of a judge this morning as if that’d been a football fan they most certainly would be.

    Also, I wish I’d swung by Forbidden Planet. I didn’t see the Tweet from them til I was on the way home & I didn’t see the profile of the person who Tweeted it til even later. It isn’t a place I go often but I do know them by sight however I do wonder what the owners of FPI will be doing this morning as she’s done irreparable damage to their business. Especially when she’s calling the owners ‘old men’ and generally being dismissive/insulting towards women, especially violence against women. I don’t think she’s getting her jotters but there should definately be a bollocking plus a review of their social media policy.

  26. Red says:

    ‘Being polyamorous doesn’t make you a cheater’

    It’s never the conventionally attractive, successful people who are into “polyamory”. Curious.

  27. Antoine Roquentin says:

    Irvine Welsh, in his recent work, The Long Knives, references Stirling Uni in the above context; not in a good way.

  28. JaneDoe says:

    Woke woad hair too.

  29. Stravaiger says:

    Professional squirrel?
    The world’s gone nuts.

  30. Bob Mack says:

    People in positions of dealing with younger minds have enormous power. That is why they gravitate to the fields they do.

    Imagine going to your GP accompanied by your child and he or she is sitting in a frock and tells you to feck off because you both have female anatomy. Improbable you say? We didn’t think a double rapist would be put among vulnerable women either. What would you tell your child?

    The cretin above is more than likely to put her views on full volume to as wide an audience as she can manage, and we make it possible by being too afraid to speak up.

    No longer.

  31. Nally Anders says:

    My other half complained to Police Laison officer about this idiot with the sign.
    He says he would have a word.
    However instead of challenging her directly spoke to one of the ‘other side’s organisers.
    I didn’t personally witness this but, the cabaret guy wearing the multicoloured outfit was reported pleading with her to drop the sign.
    She refused point blank.
    There’s no arguing with a zealot.

  32. Stuart MacKay says:

    Has anyone got any insights on these “Social Justice Warrior” types?

    It strikes me, as others have noted, that they are all “sad” in some way and are drawn to trans-activism, and the like, as they know/feel they’re on the outside and need some form of community.

    Their loathing of feminists might be coming from their inability to fit in. Where they see self-confident women as everything they are not.

    Maybe there should be a campaign for Social Justice for Social Justice Warriors – that might cause annoyance in various circles, particularly the people exploiting these misfits.

  33. What Rot says:

    @Desimond at 11.36am:
    “Compared to forensic content lately, this just seems like a filler finger point exercise

    A Hypocrite Person calls folk cunts?”

    I think the point may be, she’s a graduate of Stirling. Wtf is going on in Scotland’s universities? What are they producing?

    The festering rot in Scottish intellectual society goes deep.

  34. Red says:

    Stuart MacKay says:
    6 February, 2023 at 12:28 pm
    Has anyone got any insights on these “Social Justice Warrior” types?

    Apparently they can’t walk down the street in Glasgow without having to hide from “Hate” (middle aged Mums who are tired of their shit) in Forbidden Planet.

    Forbidden Planet is a Safe Space, which means the Hate can’t get in past the laminated BLM-Pride++ flag on the door, and you can buy Funko Pops to match your cool new genitals.

    Remember, kids: there’s no ethical consumption under capitalism… unless you’re spending all your money on useless plastic trinkets and fetish accessories.

  35. Alisdair Mclean says:

    Stuart MacKay says:
    Good question. I have wondered about that myself.
    I think the poison starts in primary school with zealot feminist teachers gaslighting kids especially boys about ‘gender’ (I hate that word). I suppose there have always been a tiny minority of men who have a fetish for dressing up as women. There is a lot of social engineering going on. Plus endocrine disrupters in the environment.
    I am still surprised that people still support the the SNP when they quite clearly dropped the ball (pun intended) on independence.

  36. Ottomanboi says:

    Googling this «onboarding coordinator» etc person suggests she is either infantalized or a sociopathic nutcase. She is certainly not adult.
    The term written on the cardboard she displays is psychologically telling, self loathing perhaps?
    If it were applied to her, how would she react?
    Universities in the West are now toxic pools.
    Who will have the guts to drain them?
    Never trust anybody who puts Scotland, United Kingdom.

  37. John C says:

    Stuart MacKay says:
    6 February, 2023 at 12:28 pm

    Has anyone got any insights on these “Social Justice Warrior” types?

    It strikes me, as others have noted, that they are all “sad” in some way and are drawn to trans-activism, and the like, as they know/feel they’re on the outside and need some form of community.

    Their loathing of feminists might be coming from their inability to fit in. Where they see self-confident women as everything they are not.

    Maybe there should be a campaign for Social Justice for Social Justice Warriors – that might cause annoyance in various circles, particularly the people exploiting these misfits.

    I’ve spent most of my life as some sort of activist from the 90s onwards. I think there’s always been a performative element in some activism and in some activists, but thing like workers, gay, disabled rights and other causes worked because we would reach to as many people as possible to make the argument and win it. That however involved getting out, meeting people and having a lot of hard, and often negative and/or hostile conversations with people.

    Where the SJW types fail is they’re locked into a bubble created online with social media especially. They don’t have hard conversations and actively avoid them hence things like ‘no debate’ which is an insane policy for any civil rights campaign to have as you want to win arguments because you know you’ve got the facts and you’re right.

    And here’s the thing, the Trans movement have ‘no debate’ because they know at some level they’re in the wrong. Humans cannot change sex. Men cannot be lesbians. Same-sex attraction is normal and real. And if they’re any sort of leftist they know that any form of socialism knows that women are an oppressed class and have been in most world cultures for millennia. I also think now there’s a large group of young people so indoctrinated into a anti-scientific cult that demands complete faith in what the leaders demand that they would be useless speaking to people anyhow.

    I found that in George Square yesterday. These kids have been lied to and groomed at an early age plus they have a lack of critical thinking which is especially extraordinary for uni students. They’ve also been told their entire existence is at threat and that they’re undergoing genocide so for many of them there are no restraints as they think this is life or death for them. This is why they don’t pull aside the violent threats in signs unlike the women yesterday who got the police to deal with the prick holding the ‘gaystapo’ sign.

    Many of these kids have been bullied for being gay, autistic or generally not conforming in some way. Some may have suffered abuse. They’ve been raised by adults affirming them and online by adults or peers lying and radicalising them. They’re not against fascism because if they really were, they’d have been in Erskine fighting actual neo-Nazis yesterday but that’s not where this type of ‘activism’ lies as it isn’t actually activism as they don’t want to change people’s minds with arguments, discussions and facts. They want to indoctrinate and if you don’t bend to that, then you’re a heretic and must be punished.

    The way to look at them isn’t as activists or even SJWs, but as radical anti-science/intellectual extremists who want to change societies around the world in a way that resembles their own vision. It’s a harsh, authoritarian cult that has more to do with other such ideologies out there and are as just a bad and big threat.

  38. The Voice of Treason says:

    I met this woman last year at a Love Music, Hate Racism event in Glasgow. She’s American, perfectly pleasant. She’s only doing here what Stu and others encourage us to do, whilst doing it themselves: angrily screaming at the other side. What has she to be happy about in this whole divide-and-conquer mess? Remember when this site used to post incisive political analysis, instead of bullying, snide part-doxxing and photos – incredibly – of fat ugly nutters sucking each others’ balls? Makes you wonder what happened.

  39. Astonished says:

    Ottamanboi – I’m with you.


    She is a sad wee lassie with an accent in her first name ( can I ask why ?). She certainly doesn’t look happy.

    Hopefully, she hasn’t yet done a lot of harm. And she’s stopped before she does.

  40. Liz says:

    I see on the other thread, Craig is suggesting if we kink shame, we all like vanilla sex.

    What a hypocrite, he is.
    Why come on to this webpage to enlighten us on what a dominatrix is, when no one was discussing any such thing.
    Is it because loads of us don’t bother with his own site anymore?

  41. Old Fashioned Straight for Yes says:

    Tamara’s ‘academic’ profile:

    Tamara Paulsen Wilson
    University of Stirling
    United Kingdom
    Research Interest Score
    Citations 0
    Citations over time

    About Tamara
    Cultural AnthropologyHistorical AnthropologyCommunication and MediaSocial TheorySociological Theory
    Skills and expertise
    Cultural SociologyQualitative AnalysisFeminist TheoryGender And DevelopmentMulticulturalismCultural Studies

    Amazingly she has zero research output – and hence zero citations.

  42. Jacqueline says:

    Why oh why give them any space? Linguistically even. Just a bunch of weirdos. Send them to the front…as was. Bring back a fascists helmet. Disgusting cowardly men and handmaidens. BTW men just signing off are even worse. Bunch of dead scale fannies. Not good.

  43. James Che says:

    Quick withdraw your children from that university, look what they do to you’ re children,

    Wonder what it wants to be when it grows up?

  44. Jacqueline says:

    Old Fashioned Straight for Yes says:
    6 February, 2023 at 1:56 pm
    Tamara’s ‘academic’ profile:

    Another vulnerable and green as a young stick easily snapped

  45. shiregirl says:

    O/T Just watched the video of NS being questioned by Tom Gordon. Wish we could have heard more questions from him.
    Are we to think she knew nothing of her husband loaning the SNP 107k??

    Did he get it back? I wonder if he charged interest?

  46. robbo says:

    Geoff Anderson says:
    6 February, 2023 at 2:01 pm


    N Sturgeon says again

    “I don’t remember”. “I can’t recall ”

    Where have we heard that before?

  47. James Che says:

    Paid for organised crime, aided and abetted by establishments and government part funding by tax payers money.

    The mental dysphoria that has been deliberately funded and imported into Scotland, to stop independence.
    A country of not very many people, with no prior history of this kind of problem, suddenly explodes like a targeted country.

    Is it coincidence that they claim they are from the UK, before naming Scotland?

    Is it a coincidence that we saw on the previous threads that they organise to come to Scotland from various parties and places from over the border and further afield.?

    Is it a coincidence that the devolved government in Scotland is also imported and legislated, organised from over the Border and elsewhere such as the various branches of stonewall?

    If you are a Colonised Country without a treaty, and you accept the status quo,
    having imported ideas of division should come as no surprise, at least whipping and hanging The colonised people was stopped,
    The Colonial masters that make your laws have calmed down a bit, and only do mental torture, body torture, throw you in prison without a hearing or full jury, or bind your mouth with free speech laws, or import foreign pink or purple militia to keep you under a perpetual state disfunction for their control of order,

    Anything for keeping One of the last Colonies in Britain under control when those darn natives become restless.

    Organised and paid for, from the top down.

  48. Republicofscotland says:

    There seems to be a real deep hatred of women within some in Scotland, possibly jealousy and anger aimed at them from men who envy them and want to be them, even though they never can be them, so the next best thing for these warped folk is to try and reduce them to second class citizens.

    This insane mentality has been nurtured by the SNP and the Greens, among other MSPs at Holyrood. There’s far more important issues that needs addressing education, health, housing, and not forgetting independence, yet our FM is utterly obsessed with reducing real women’s rights in favour of the tiny trans communities, and hate speech like the above goes unpunished because of Sturgeon’s backing.

    This war of attrition against our women folk will not end until the SNP and the Greens are totally removed from office, until then I’m sad to say real women will need to look over their shoulders in Scotland, and if they speak out, they’ll be met with a barrage of hate, and signs calling for them to be decapitated, of which SNP politicians have been posing in photos with, and they’ll suffer no consequences for their actions from Police Scotland.

    Get the SNP and the Greens out along with the other MSPs who voted for the unamended GRRB.

    Vote Alba, Join Alba, protect our women and children.

    A reminder of the rapist/paedo enabling MSPs.

  49. Ebok says:

    SusanAHF says:
    6 February, 2023 at 11:53 am

    Stirling “university” I might have known. Woke central

    A couple of points arising from “university” and ‘Woke central’

    First, “university”. We have reached a point where almost all – if not all – politicians arrive on the scene straight from Uni, and they seem to be getting younger and thicker with every passing election.
    I think anyone standing for election to any post must first have completed 5 years at the very best university – The University of Life.

    Second, ‘Woke central’.

    According to the 2020 Office for National Statistics,

    93.6% of the UK population aged 16 + identify as heterosexual
    3.1% of the UK population aged 16 years and over identify as LGB
    0.3% was the very recent estimate identifying as Transvestite

    3% didn’t answer or didn’t know.

    Using these figures and giving all groups proportional representation in HR, based on OFNS, this would result in the following when taken to the nearest decimal point: –

    121 MSPs Heterosexual or straight (120.744)
    4 MSPs LGB (3.999)
    4 MSPs Don’t know (3.87)
    0 MSPs Trans (0.387)

    I’m surprised at the LGB stats, seems on the low side to me, however I don’t mind if groups are over-represented IF there is general commonality with the electorate, but when it results in deviants drafting legislation like GRRB and HCB, and acclaiming weirdos as examples of progress and progressive politics, it’s time for a radical re-think.

  50. Ruby says:

    Stravaiger says:
    6 February, 2023 at 12:17 pm

    Professional squirrel?
    The world’s gone nuts.

    I find I’m having to check the Urban dictionary quite a lot lately.


    A promiscuous man-whore, who constantly seeks sexual pleasure which he calls a “nut”.
    I was beginning to think you were unlike the other cheating men of my past until you hit on my sister. You’re nothing but a Squirrel, just like all the others

  51. A. says:

    Unfiltered Rab C. Rapist pics have leaked from yesterday’s Troon ‘carnival’.

  52. Ruby says:

    Merganser says:
    6 February, 2023 at 11:24 am

    NB See Craig Murray’s comments on the previous article and my reply to him. He’s lost the plot on the trans issue, and will drag Alba down if he is associated with them.

    That is what I thought way back in the run up to the Holyrood election.

    Do you remember he was banned from speaking at AUOB?

  53. Gregory Beekman says:

    I think she should be reported to the General Squirrel Council for her unethical behaviour and get her licence to practice squirrel suspended pending full investigation.

  54. Mac says:

    Things are not going well for Nicola. Nice follow up question as well on the murky Murrell loan.

  55. Willie says:


    One of three things.

    a) A misspelling of the word we all know and try not to use.

    b) A girl alternative to the word we all know.

    In it’s profane form the word is neuter gender since a him or a her can be one. However in this mixed up, muddled up whacky world why can we not have

    (G)unts for girls,
    (B)unts for boys,
    (T)unts for trans
    (L)unts for lesbians
    (H)unts homosexual males
    (Q)unts queer folks who dinna ken

    And that’s it Rev Stu. Simples. The young purple and grey haired Stirling student is probably just ahead of the curve in her terminological classification.

    You really do have to keep ahead of the nonsense Rev Stu.

  56. Big+Jock says:

    There a few current clowns in the Holyrood front benches. Indeed they failed the audition for real life jobs. Meantime Mr Kelly is still trying to put a positive spin on a 6% drop in support for Independence , since ‘Gender Wars’ began. Note to Mr Kelly. You can’t put lipstick on a pig, give it up mate.

    Sturgeon and the SNP are killing independence!

  57. Gregory Beekman says:

    Oh. Squirrel is a naughty term. Oops.

    I should have read Ruby’s post before posting my own.

    Why, with every Wings post I read, do I feel increasingly naive?

  58. Wee Chid says:

    Clare says:
    6 February, 2023 at 11:16 am
    I’d love to know what a ‘gunt’ is.

    I refer the portmanteau word “funt”. Two insults in one.

  59. Frank Gillougley says:

    Ach, life used to be so simple when there were just unicorns. Where the fuck did they go?

  60. James Che says:


    You forgot to cry out the labour partie’s leader Keir Starmer, for the UK is right up there with the gender dysphoria, he admitted he could not identify a women in a interview.

    But very interesting also is the first gender identification issues legislation came through under the tories in Westminsters way back, and is the foundation of self ID’ing.

    We also have to pay attention to other factors, such as this is happening in America, Canada, and so on, around the world.

    The biggest question anyone could ask, is whom is pay/ funding and agreeing to the lobbying in the Scottish government and the Uk government at the same time.

    The second issue is that the only party maintaining the position that they are the good guys in all this mess are the Tories, the ones whom introduced the legislation for this havoc to grow.
    It is a excellent position to sit back and suddenly pretend it had nothing to do with them, before elections are due.
    And they look goodie two shoes if they prevent it continuing in Scotland,
    Playing both roles is certainly a election winner for tories or labour in Scotland if the Scots have a short attention span.

  61. Corrado Mella says:

    What’s the name for the perfect trifecta when it’s more than three indicators?
    I’m suggested superfecta.
    I’d say we’re in bingo territory.
    So, if three flags are sufficient to identify someone captured by a cult, four or more should indicate one of the cult leaders.
    Perfect. Target acquired.

  62. Dan says:

    The pasty faced yoof of the day… so often depressed and whining about something or other when there is a whole world of stuff to do (and ride) out there that will stimulate both mentally and physically and get the endorphins flowing.
    Step away from the internet with the algorithm generated shit reality for a while and liberate yourself from the perpetual flow of doom and woe.
    I’m jist back from elevating my serotonin levels and “saving the environment” whilst generating more of those funky titanium rainbow colours without using chemical hair dyes.
    Admittedly the colours manifested on my motorbike exhaust pipe headers caused by the heat of burning petrol… but like I got the noxious exhaust fumes to like Self ID as oxygen so like everything is like totes cool.

  63. Kat says:

    Aye she’d rather let the dicks speak for her instead.

    BTW she cleary changed the C to a G at some point, possibly after someone had a word

  64. Ruby says:

    Willie says:
    6 February, 2023 at 3:42 pm


    gunt (plural gunts). (slang, vulgar) The bulging between the waist and the genital areas

  65. ronald says:


    U can put lipstick on ah pig but its still ah pig it would look good lip-syncing LoL.

  66. Old fashioned Straight for Yes says:

    I’d love to know what a ‘gunt’ is.”

    Well Clare, it is something that a trans ‘woman’ cannot have and never will.

    That poster is disgusting – but equally disturbing is that the woman holding it is apparently a member of the ‘academic’ staff in what used to be known as a university -albeit in a pseudo-academic discipline at a degenerate institution that has long departed from any enlightenment civilised values that it may once have held.

    This is how civilisations fall.

  67. Tinto Chiel says:

    I love the language of these profiles/CVs (or Lie Sheets as they used to be called when I was still working). Have to say that she she missed a trick by not saying she was “incredibly” passionate about teaching and a “driven” or “absolutely” elsewhere wouldn’t have gone amiss either to achieve the full BS effect.

    As for her university, the students from Stirling whom I encountered in my job seemed to have learned very little in their time at that establishment. And it’s not just here we have a problem: academia in the English-speaking world has been almost completely captured by this Woke lunacy and its peer-reviewed process endangered by corruption or lack of rigour.

    I console myself by observing that most of the young people and students I know are not like her *checks pronouns frantically*.

    P.S. Cheer up, hen!

  68. SusanAHF says:

    Craig Murray has explained his position: anything goes, until it is illegal. A loophole searchers paradise. What happened to common decency?

  69. Etticus says:

    Got to laugh at the comments on here blaming the English for importing gender ideology into Scotland in an attempt to destroy the independence movement.

    The people who made gender ideology so important in Scotland are the people who voted SNP and or Green at the last election and have done so for years even though it was obvious that Sturgeon was a dangerous psychopath all of that time.

    We all know who you are, just a shame none of you have the courage to own what you’ve done…. But then again if you are in on this insanity why would you…

  70. Rab Dickson says:

    Dear Etticus

    Don’t talk shite.

  71. Shug says:

    There is no chance in hell not even a wee chance this woman (oops sorry person) can lead us to independence.

    There can’t be an MP or map actually think this now surely

    Nobody could listen to this nonsense and think it could be winable with her in charge.

    What a car crash

    She has to go and now

  72. Jan says:

    You only need three pronouns.
    He, she and it.
    Them and they, used to be schizophrenics.

  73. Dan says:

    @ Tinto

    There’s a “Driven” here. 😉

    I’m absolutely passionately driven to start protesting against protesters using cardboard I could have put in my wormery before they contaminated it by scribbling xylene marker pen ink on it. 🙁

    And after enduring days of my time over the past week taping and filling large areas of plasterboard sheeting, I am considering lobbying for cocaine, mdma, and amphetamine to be added to plaster mix to at least make the dusty sanding process a bit more enjoyable, plus maybe some additional ketamine too to take the edge off the aches and pains the physical work has on my aging chassis.
    If all these oppressed wokists want to feelz real hardship and the resultant depression, try doing a real job instead of tapping and swiping on a smartphone or laptop.

  74. Merganser says:

    Susan AHF @ 4.36.

    Indeed, and common sense.

    I am so disappointed in Craig. I have had to tell him he is scraping the bottom of the barrel with his shabby answer to me on the previous article about McKelvie’s behaviour.

    Why he is stooping to that level of so-called debate I cannot begin to understand – and I was once his greatest fan.

  75. PacMan says:

    The individual in the picture is a Billy no mates, a lost soul looking for something to cling on to and hopefully get somebody to talk to.

    The guy in the picture is probably some tourist occidentally stumbling upon this and wondering what on earth is going on.

  76. Gordon Gekko says:

    This has the Greens written all over it.

    Just imagine the behind closed doors agreements that took place. When the Greens said yes we’ll support your budget and we’ll support this and that but we want X, Y and Z.

    I can just imagine the horse trading that went on.

    They pushed through everything from privatisations of energy companies, to selling out every Green issue they ever stood for. This Trans nonsense is the X they wanted and was clearly top of their list. Why the SNP have got themselves in such a mess over it.

    The neoliberal globalists within the SNP pushed through everything they wanted first having the majority. The Greens folded quicker than a deck chair on every issue as it was already agreed. Now it is the Greens turn and their very first policy will bring down Sturgeon and the SNP.

    Karma is a bitch.

  77. John C says:

    Shug says:
    6 February, 2023 at 5:33 pm

    There is no chance in hell not even a wee chance this woman (oops sorry person) can lead us to independence.

    I had a chat with someone yesterday that we had a glorious chance post Brexit to build a consensus with not just the diehards wearing the Saltire like a second skin, but across the spectrum. We could have pulled in everyone from soft no voters to even soft Unionists repulsed by the way Westminster was being corrupted, and how Brexit had ripped rights from them. We had polls on the rise for yes and a Tory government clearly worried about independence.

    Now we have a Tory government that can sit there not having to do anything as support for independence is falling, trust in the SNP and Sturgeon herself is at a low and the entire Yes movement has been ripped apart as that loose coalition fractured. Self -id was pushed to be Sturgeon’s pet project ahead of independence, worker’s rights, disabled rights, LGB rights, women’s rights, in fact anyone who isn’t ‘Queer’ or Trans has been put to one side or thrown away for a cause where it is clear now that Sturgeon has some skin in the game.

    She has to go. There needs to be a purge of entryists as well, and if anyone has Stirling Uni on their CV they need to be told where to go. Bring in someone who isn’t going to put independence aside and will concentrate on policies which will make people’s lives better.

  78. John Main says:

    As a former clown and professional squirrel …

    It’s ambiguous, but if we assume the “former” applies only to “clown”, then she is still a professional squirrel.

    Given the explanation of the meaning of “squirrel”, she will be kicking herself at having to take time out from her constant seeking of sexual pleasure to attend the demo.

    And that neatly explains the face like a skelped arse (as my dear old Mam used to put it).

  79. twathater says:

    @ Rab Dickson 5.26pm thank you Rab I was going to respond to etticus but your response is more fitting (cheers)

    @ Desimond 11.36am just like Craig Murray no one forces anyone to read or contribute to the revs posts, but I for one am grateful that Stu has persevered for years to expose this sickness (IMO) that is having such a detrimental affect on Scottish society , he has been a stalwart in his unfailing support in his protection and safety of women and their spaces against numerous vitriolic claims that he has turned and is a closet unionist

    I support his exposure of this stupid no nothing individual and I also support his previous post exposing depraved deviants in all their glory , the public should be made aware that these perverts and deviants are part of the menace that is pushing legislation contrary to the wishes of the majority, when you have government ministers actively promoting confrontation then all rules are fair game

    This person Afaic is indicative of the spoiled self obsessed look at me youth of today where there are no repercussions or payback for anything they do

  80. Tinto Chiel says:

    @Dan 5.46: “There’s a “Driven” here.”

    Looks like these types need a wider vocabulary right enough, since they’re so predictable.

    Your mention of plasterboard probs reminded me of this (my cousin’s husband brought this to my attention only yesterday):

    #Get Plastered and Start Screwing.

    Hope this helps 🙂 .

  81. George Ferguson says:

    Just catching up with FM performance today. Reminded me of a Jonathan Watson Hogmanay take on the legendary Kenny Dalglish. Mibee Aye and Mibee Naw there is a dick in there somewhere. It’s beyond ridiculous. So where are the checks and balances within the SNP themselves. You have an out of control dysfunctional leader. Do something about it!.

  82. Big Jock says:

    Big John Beattie interviewing the English spokesperson for the Furries. It was all sugar coated as a nice bunch of friends who dress up. The guy said ,:”it’s very cosmopolitan, we have people from everywhere”. No irony when he wasn’t asked by big John where he was actually from, it wisnae Glasgow for sure.

    A bunch of Furry warm cudly feckin perverts from round the globe. Polluting the streets of Scotland with their filth.

    Show the public the Twitter feed,you coward of a journalist John. Maybe you should go back to Rugby commentating or Accounting.

  83. Big Jock says:

    For the sake of everyone. Please go Nicola. The only way is down for you. Hanging on defending the indefensible will not only end your sanity. It will cause more and more damage to Scotland’s reputation. But maybe she doesn’t care about that.

  84. biglouis says:

    The fact is that the political class of Scotland has grown completely beyond requirements & out of the control of those that they are supposed to serve.
    It’s such an easy & lucrative ride that it attracts every chancer around.
    We each have a community councillor, a district councillor, a MSP and an MP.
    If Nicola has her way we’ll have MEP’s again.
    All of the above have their allowances, paid lackeys and pet projects.
    None of the above have a fucking clue.
    Can a country of 5.5 million sustain such a bureaucracy which is so obviously devoid of talent or any concept of service?
    Yorkshire has a similar population to Scotland and a greater GDP- if we were to read that they were voluntarily subjecting themselves to the level of ridiculous control and pointless expensive bureaucratic ideology we’d laugh our tits off.

  85. Ruby says:

    From the Urban Dictionary


    Verb: To gather together and smoke marijuana, preferably smoking blunts in a cypher.
    “Yo dude, you tryin to clown?”

    “Yeah man I got 5 on it.”

    “Word, homie. I am going to use this Vanilla DutchMaster to roll the weed up in, then we will clown.”


    noun: blunt; plural noun: blunts
    a hollowed-out cigar filled with cannabis.
    Adam: Pass me the blunt dude.


  86. JGedd says:

    With all the shapeshifting that’s going on nowadays, excuse me for being confused. If ‘squirrel’ means man-whore and she describes herself as a ‘professional’, does that mean she takes clients? Can a female be a man-whore? I think I need Ruby to explain.

  87. Dan says:

    @ Tinto

    I installed extra dwangs in specific places behind the plasterboard for the future mounting / hanging of stuff, and made a map of said dwang’s locations and leccy wiring zones for future reference.
    TBH the map might be needed as it’s taking so fookin long to renovate this auld hoose Alzheimer’s might kick in before I finish it and I won’t be able to recall where they are…
    It’s a multi level mindfuck trying to fit layers of modern metric dimensioned sheets into an oldskool imperial measurement building. 🙁

    I was hearing that some of the recently “upgraded” council buildings that got external insulation cladding fitted to them have now got serious internal damp issues to the point inhabitants have been required to be found alternative accommodation.
    Probably due to a lack of sufficient ventilation and the ridiculously high energy prices meaning folk won’t open windows to circulate out damp air as they’ll lose heat. No doubt compounded by the winter weather meaning folk trying to dry washed clothes indoors too.
    Presume you spotted my earlier post on last month’s leccy exports. Think Craig Murray did as he picked up on the Shell profits in his latest article.

    Scot-Eng: 2.35TWh which the next tweet down states:.
    Just for clarity.
    2.35 TerraWatt Hours =
    2,350,000,000 KWhrs (units) of electricity from Scotland to England in January… Practically all produced from non hydrocarbon sources.

  88. Cat-Sith says:

    “gunt – Hearts fan, portmanteau of Gorgie and Cunt.”

    Honestly there is just no need for carelessly throwing around such hideous slurs as accusing innocent people of being jambos.

  89. Lorna Campbell says:

    SusanAHF says: Craig Murray has explained his position: anything goes, until it is illegal. A loophole searchers paradise. What happened to common decency?

    Or, what is illegal today can so easily become legal tomorrow. That is what the Bill is all about. Those who believe that this is a tiny minority are sadly mistaken. Had that Bill gone through unchallenged, the numbers of larping men seeking GRCs and legal entry into all things female would have been like an invasion of silverfish in a damp house. As Scottish homes deteriorate through lack of heating, ‘trans’ and silverfish will be vying for numerical supremacy.

    Craig Murray has a problem with women, and a problem with giving away that which is not his to give away. It permeates his writing. Someone in the thread said that ALBA should look out for infiltration, and he or she was right. The SNP fell. So could ALBA, and any other party. Let in the sunlight. It works on silverfish, too.

  90. Tinto Chiel says:

    Dan: of course dodgy cavity-wall insulation installed by cowboys may also contribute to these damp probs. Big scandal in council housing in Wales about this at the moment.

    Yes, think I made a comment on O/T re the leccy exports. Yet very few Scots seem to grasp the situation whereby many of our citizenry freeze while our resources are flogged off cheap. Can’t imagine the French reacting so sanguinely.

    Och, well, I suppose Happy Valley’s more important.

  91. Big Jock says:

    Lorna you are right.

    You win the majority of the vote by not being to controversial, niche or driven my minority fetishes.

    Salmond always understood that. Its how he won the majorities over and over again. Sturgeon was always disliked by non SNP voters. But being united meant the indy voters got her over the line. She has lost the majority support from indy voters. That is now a fatal position. She can’t win without our full backing.

    She is a lame duck leader.

  92. Ruby says:

    JGedd says:
    6 February, 2023 at 7:55 pm

    With all the shapeshifting that’s going on nowadays, excuse me for being confused. If ‘squirrel’ means man-whore and she describes herself as a ‘professional’, does that mean she takes clients? Can a female be a man-whore? I think I need Ruby to explain.

    Just like Beth but without the 7″ built in surprise! She/he might have a different & even bigger type of surprise. A magic one!
    Of course a woman can be a man-whore and a woman can rape with her penis. If you need any further help please don’t hesitate to ask.

    I watched the rest of ‘The Magic Circle’ programme. The second half was not what I expected. I was really shocked that a prominent Scottish QC trafficked his young daughter to other prominent Scottish QCs. Suspicious that the parents of the young boy who was raped by John Watt left him in his care for a week-end. I read that the parents of Mark Redwood-Thomson (that’s the name of young boy who as raped)both committed suicide although there was no mention of it being related to their son being raped.

    Here’s a link for those who haven’t seen the programme

    Interesting that when Marcello Mega wrote an article with allegations of child sex abuse that was on the front page of the Sunday Times Henderson said nothing he didn’t sue or threaten to sue he just kept his head down.

    Made me think of a recent Wings article

  93. sog says:

    TL:DR, sorry if this is already covered –

    Clare says:
    6 February, 2023 at 11:16 am

    I’d love to know what a ‘gunt’ is.

    The area posessed by a woman of substance between the Gut and the, er, lady bits.

  94. craig murray says:

    Lorna Campbell,

    I came just now to talk about Sturgeon’s extraordinary answers today, but I have to address your point.

    “SusanAHF says: Craig Murray has explained his position: anything goes, until it is illegal.”

    Well yes, that absolutely is my opinion. It is also the entire basis of western society. You are allowed to do anything that is not illegal.

    There is of course the alternative totalitarian model, which is that nothing is legal unless the state specifically gives you permission.

    Are you seriously arguing that people must be stopped from doing things that are not illegal? I must confess I find the self-righteous people who now dominate btl here to be extremely distubing.

    But I am not going away. On trans issue and perhaps on wider sexual tolerance I am more libertarian that Stu, but I respect him enormously and we are each entitled to our opinions, as are you. Less personal abuse from you would however be welcome.

    Anyway, what I came here to say is that Sturgeon’s responses today to Tom Gordon on the 107,000 loan were stunningly defensive. She is desperate to distance herself from it and to give the impression she did not know about it in advance.

    You can see it from 1.18 here on Guido.

    There must be a reason why she is so defensive – it was not after all illegal. What is troubling her precisely? Is it the missing 600k or something else?

    Extraordinary that somebody with such chronic memory problems can run a country.

  95. Big Jock says:

    Craig. It’s extraordinary isn’t it.

    Well not really if we consider one of the red flag traits of a narcissist:”Although narcissists like to be in control, they never want to be responsible for the results—unless, of course, everything goes exactly their way and their desired result occurs. When things don’t go according to their plan or they feel criticized or less than perfect, the narcissist places all the blame and responsibility elsewhere. It has to be someone else’s fault. Sometimes that blame is generalised, but most often, the narcissist blames the one person who is the most emotionally close, most attached, loyal, and loving in his life—their spouse. To maintain the facade of perfection, narcissists always have to blame someone or something else. A spouse is the safest person to blame, because they are least likely to leave or reject.”

  96. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “I met this woman last year at a Love Music, Hate Racism event in Glasgow. She’s American, perfectly pleasant.”

    She doesn’t SEEM very fucking pleasant. Imagine if that had been me with that placard. What would have been made of that?

    But if you don’t like what Wings is publishing these days, mate, I don’t see any chains holding you down.

  97. Ruby says:

    craig murray says:
    “SusanAHF says: Craig Murray has explained his position: anything goes, until it is illegal.”

    Well yes, that absolutely is my opinion. It is also the entire basis of western society. You are allowed to do anything that is not illegal.

    I must confess I find the self-righteous people who now dominate btl here to be extremely distubing.

    Well yes doing things that aren’t illegal won’t get you into trouble with the law but there are actions which aren’t illegal which could have some serious consequences. Adultery for example.
    Does believing adultery is not OK make me self-righteous?

    I don’t know if these photographs posted on the internet are or aren’t illegal they seem very close to indecent exposure.

    Wanting to share your sexual activity and your erection with everyone on the world wide web I would say is a bit of a red flag.

    Does that make me self-righteous?

  98. What Rot says:

    @The Voice of Treason, 1.35pm:

    “I met this woman last year at a Love Music, Hate Racism event in Glasgow. She’s American, perfectly pleasant.”
    Is she, aye?
    She has shown the world that she most certainly is not “perfectly pleasant”. Anyone who presumes to head to George Square in Glasgow intent on displaying – and be seen displaying – this sign, against a gathering of righteously aggrieved women, is not “perfectly pleasant”.

    “She’s only doing here what Stu and others encourage us to do, whilst doing it themselves: angrily screaming at the other side.”
    What rot.
    No she is not. The two are not remotely alike. She has absolutely zero basis for the contents of her sign. Her anger has zero basis in fact.

    Wings has EVERY reason to be very angry. The reasons have been meticulously chronicled here, for many years.

    “Remember when this site used to post incisive political analysis, instead of bullying, snide part-doxxing and photos – incredibly – of fat ugly nutters sucking each others’ balls? Makes you wonder what happened.”
    Those of us who have been following WoS KNOW what happened, because we went through it with him. And he told us.

    You apparently don’t know what happened. Don’t accuse others when it’s your knowledge that’s lacking.

    Seriousky. If your take is that this person, with that sign, is “perfectly pleasant”, you really do need to give your head a wobble.

  99. Graham says:

    I just want to know exactly who these GUNTS are.

  100. twathater says:

    What I find unbelievable is the number of posters here and elsewhere who punt the line that this lunacy is ALL the fault of the green party, that Nicla is somehow being FORCED to comply with wee Paddys loony tunes pervs are us brigade

    Can I ask are yeese blind, stupid or both , Nicla is fully committed and enveloped by this deviance, FFS look at her background and her need to be surrounded by a certain type of woMAN, she DELIBERATELY seconded the greens to government without public approval to enable her to have a majority in the SP to force ANYTHING through , albeit that she didn’t need them when Labour and the Libdumbs voted with her perverts charter AGAINST the wishes of the voters

    So just stop making out that poor wee Nicla is at the mercy of Paddy the PIE maker

  101. Etticus says:

    I see some of the SNP 1&2 crowd don’t like being called out.

    As suspected they lack the courage to own the consequences of their actions and instead protect their fellow SNP 1&2 cultists who are trying to deflect the blame away from themselves.

  102. John Main says:

    @craig murray says:6 February, 2023 at 9:46 pm

    It is also the entire basis of western society. You are allowed to do anything that is not illegal.

    There is of course the alternative totalitarian model, which is that nothing is legal unless the state specifically gives you permission.

    In summary, the above is the fundamental difference between our (Scots) law, and European (Napoleonic, formerly Roman) law.

    Yet another reason why defenders of Scots culture and history should run a mile from the EU – but I digress.

    Educated Scots used to know about the fundamental differences in law between here and on the continent. This reaches its apogee in Germany, where just about everything is either compulsory or verboten.

    Still, and on topic with this thread, educated Scots are few and far between these days.

    Which is why we now have New Scots parading up and down our streets, telling the rest of us gunts/cunts to fuck off.

  103. Ruby says:

    Flame-baiting again!

  104. SusanAHF says:

    Just because something isn’t illegal doesn’t mean it should be applauded when presented in public Craig Murray.

  105. Rab Dickson says:

    I, for one never voted ‘SNP 1&2’ so you can ram that accusation where the sun doesn’t shine sonny.

  106. radge1 says:

    She looks like a bundle of laughs 🙂

  107. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    Nicola our first Minister resigns.

    How right you were Stu she did not lead us to independence.

    Question now is who do we get.

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