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It’s Scottish Labour Manifesto Day!

Posted on April 27, 2016 by

We have high hopes.


Well, high-ish.

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    1. 27 04 16 10:56

      It’s Scottish Labour Manifesto Day! | speymouth

    119 to “It’s Scottish Labour Manifesto Day!”

    1. bobajock says:

      I like the last bit “Here’s another section” – it tells me everything I need to know days after I made up my mind. One wonders how a political party functions by giving virtually no notice.

      Bet the writer of the manifesto was helping a London Mayoral candidate with canvassing, and the branch office is no longer a priority.

    2. Peter Mirtitsch says:

      What’s a “social care package”? Does that mean better access to foodbanks?

      Has Labour owned up to developing the Bedroom Tax yet?

      Err…is it okay if I wait LONGER before I have to contract cancer. I don’t want it SOONER.

    3. Stoops says:

      Ah British Labour in Scotland. Taking us all for mugs. Empty rhetoric to con the gullible.

    4. Marcia says:

      I will be interest to find the money tree that Labour need to shake to make good their empty promises that we will hear about today.

    5. Labour policy. For and against everything

      Also mass amnesia required to cover Labour terms in Office.

    6. Proud Cybernat says:

      No such thing as “Scottish Labour”. It’s the British Labour Party in Scotland. London, as ever, calls the shots for the Scottish Branch Manager.

      Nice try, Mamma Kez – have to try harder. Sorry.


    7. ClanDonald says:

      Is that the actual manifesto? Oh no, poor hapless Kez, it’s the blind leading the blind right enough.

    8. Sharny Dubs says:

      Well that’s a relief, I though they were going to come out with some really meaningless dribble…. no wait!!!
      To late!!!

    9. Macart says:

      Eight days out from a ballot and the postal votes already winging their way?

      If they don’t give enough of a shit to set their stall out from the beginning of a campaign, why should we give a shit about anything they have to say now? (shrugs)

    10. Andrew Davidson says:

      The reason for the removal of what was there and delay is they forgot to put the “and 1000 more than the SNP” against every line. Easy mistake to make.

    11. According to Jackie Baillie in our local paper – she has been our MSP since 1999 (ggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrr)- the social care aspects of that (care package within a week) will cost in the order of £300 million. According to SPICE their 1p on SRIT will raise something like £475 million, so all the rest can be done for £175 million? Aye right!
      One or two are pretty jaw dropping. For instance the guarantee re GP appointments depends on there being more GPs, but we know right now there is a shortage. Of course they dont guarantee an appointment with a doctor – only at a GP surgery. Might be the Practice Nurse I suppose, or maybe the cleaner?
      Likewise cutting cancer waiting times is not just a matter of money (even if we knew where they were going to get it) but of more doctors, of which we do not have enough.
      Then again, I suppose the have to say something. But they seem to be moving into territory where its not so much a matter of being able to convince us they know where to find the money, but – as with GPs and cancer treatment – they would need the magic powers of someone like Jamie Raven.

    12. Tinto Chiel says:

      I suppose British Labour in S______d/Northern Accounting Unit Manifesto just doesn’t have the same ZING.

      Rev, just pick out the laughs’n’gaffes. My sensitive, poetic soul can only take so much.

    13. carjamtic says:

      Labour still ‘trimming their wicks’ while we wait.

      It’s Over,has nobody told them.

    14. Bill says:

      Kez would need to re-write GP contracts in order to fulfil that 48hr appt guarantee.

      It can’t be done.

      In fact I’m sick hearing it.

    15. David says:

      As we are being asked to replace the existing government with something unknown I will expect the media to demand full details of costs, how and when the promises made will be implemented and a forecast of Scotland’s finances for the next few decades, only seems fair really.

      Have no fear I’ll not be holding my breath.

    16. Martin says:

      Interested to see how they will guarantee GP appointments within 48h given demand outstrips supply by about 6:1 in the non affluent areas. I look forward to them explaining this furth…oh yeah, the election is in a week. Well, suppose it saves them any awkward questions…

    17. Onwards says:

      Labour’s proposed 50p tax rate for the richest would backfire and bring LESS money to Holyrood, due to the wealthiest switching to other taxes they opposed devolving.

      Hoist on their own petard ?
      Perhaps they prefer to see Westminster benefiting at the expense of Scotland.

    18. Legerwood says:

      According to the Herald today Labour are going to have a breakfast club in every primary school.

    19. Free Scotland says:

      Hello here Hello there


      Did they think the site was still in preview mode?

      This is up there with “not genetically programmed,” “fundilymundily” and “G E N E R T A I O N.”

    20. One_Scot says:

      Honestly, the thought of these baboon Yoons ever getting back into power in Scotland scares the shit out of me.

    21. Simon Chadwick says:

      Worth going to the live website – still there at 10am.

      “Hello there” is more cheery and humane than the rest of it. If only all politics was that friendly.

    22. orri says:

      You can get an emergency GP appointment on the same night where I live. Given the 48 hours implies urgency can we assume that what’s actually being talked about is a reduction in current levels?

    23. aldo_macb says:

      SNP manifesto launch was 5th on BBC Scotland news website. Labour launch story currently 2nd top story.

    24. HaggisHunter says:

      Increase NHS spending in real terms… so is that an increase of £2.59 or what?
      Social package?
      Is that the Bedroom tax that labour were the architects of?

    25. Greannach says:

      No stringent controls on immigration?
      No voting in favour of Osborne’s budget balancing?
      No cap on benefits?
      No renewal of Trident?
      No mention of Curran’s Comedy Cavalcade?
      Surely some mistake.

    26. Bill says:

      Once again.

      To force GP Surgery to do anything, you’d need to change their contract.

      They’re not gonna sign up for that.

      It’s a promise NO Party can make.

      Christ, they celebrated when they signed the last new contracts, remember the one that allowed them to stop call outs!

    27. call me dave says:

      ACH! Santa never came then… 🙁

      SNP x 2

    28. Karmanaut says:

      I also note the weasel words used here:

      “which means we can afford to promise to protect the NHS budget”

      They can afford to “promise”, rather than simply “we can afford to protect the NHS”.

      The problem is we know what Labour promises are worth. Maybe they should have said “we can afford to vow to protect the NHS”?

    29. Gertie Gusset says:

      That’s fundilymundily it, folks. No poverty of ambition there.

    30. The wee snippet reproduced here is enough.
      Kezia Dugdale seems to forget that she is a member of the UK Labour Party.
      You know, that bunch of Neo Conservative Red Tories who will ‘introduce competition’ to the NHS, renew Trident (while Jeremy’s nipped round to the Keystore to fetch the Penguin biscuits) and, when returned triumphantly to Westminster Government in 2021, will cut public spending by £25 billion, and ‘save’ £30 billion in the English NHS and reduce Scotland’s budget accordingly.
      Kezia, you have no powers to abolish the Bedroom Tax, nor a magic wand to cure the HS.
      Of course you, and Jackie, and Co know all this. Hence this list of warm fuzzies, disguised as a Manifesto, three weeks after 100,000’s postal votes have been issued.

      I have rarely encountered such a shallow amateurish Wish List.

      SNP x 2.

      Why would I waste my vote on Ruth’s, Wullie’s, and now Kezia’s Chamber Pot of Doo Doohs?

    31. Marcia says:

      Perhaps Glenn Campbell will tear up the Labour manifesto live on Reporting Scotland tonight.

    32. Auld Rock says:

      I like the Rev’s last word – high – ish. Well I guess that’s why you are a man of the cloth – when it comes to Scottish Labour you really must have ‘faith’.

      Auld Rock

    33. Valerie says:

      Yoohoo, Hello there Slab!

      Now just fck off, and have a bit of dignity.

      To borrow from Frankie Boyle, you are the rodeo clown.

    34. Free Scotland says:

      Conversation between a surgeon, a nurse who struggles with English, and a pregnant woman being wheeled into theatre for a Caesarean section.

      Surgeon: Here’s another section.

      Nurse: Hello here.

      Patient: Hello there.

    35. Tony Little says:

      @One Scot

      “Honestly, the thought of these baboon Yoons ever getting back into power in Scotland scares the shit out of me.”

      I think this was one of the reasons for the unsuccessful Referendum result. I wonder what percentage thought – “Jeezo, maybe this Labour crowd will be a future government in an iScotland. Oh NO!”

    36. Marcia says:

      It is interesting to see which of the Gary Tank Party Leader video interviews proved more popular than others:

    37. call me dave says:

      Hark the Herald.

      New Act of Union draft Bill to arrive in July. Last chance to save the Union.

      Ex MP Burnside N Ireland with reference to now Baron J. Reid
      All in it together to save us from ourselves.

      I’ll post archive link later when I get home.

    38. Dorothy Devine says:

      Folk having loadsa fun on the Guardian / Severin version !
      Fair made my morning!

    39. Phronesis says:

      ‘It is simply wrong that someone born in a deprived area of Scotland will die years earlier than someone in an affluent area’

      Indeed. The bullet point that’s been omitted is that when you are a representative of a political party that’s tied to a WM parliamentary system that has a vested interest in maintaining economic polarisation and its citizens living with wage inequality that is comparable to 1854 when Dickens was writing ‘Hard Times’, Scotland’s health inequality gap will widen.

    40. Liz Rannoch says:

      Love the ‘high-ish’.
      First reaction was ‘is that it?’ Then, surely this is a spoof and the Rev’s been up to his tricks!

      Somebody posted the other day about dice in kezia’s head which was hilarious. Maybe the last ‘hello here, hello there was what the typist said as they knocked on her head while trying to get some more ideas?

    41. Capella says:

      Give them time for heavens sake. The electiion’s not till next Thursday!
      Rome wasn’t built in a day you know.

    42. Roddy Macdonald says:

      Perhaps the bottom bit is their defence policy with a nod to their EU credentialS:

      À l’eau C’est l’heure!

    43. TD says:

      I genuinely thought it was a spoof created by the Rev (for the purposes of extracting the p**s). But it’s real and it’s still there!

      Unbelievable ineptitude on the day their manifesto is being launched. Even if you agreed with their policies, would you trust this lot to govern the country?

    44. Clootie says:

      …I have a mental picture of Kezia as a “Blue Peter” presenter cutting and pasting together a document from old labour promises. I’m sure it will look good from a distance and last the day!

    45. Scott says:

      Phone Surgery 8.30am get phone consultation if Doctor thinks he needs to see you he will arrange an appointment the same day that is what happens at our surgery.
      I know NHS is not perfect but I hate it when we have the likes of the BBC and Bradford running it down all the time having spent a fair amount of time in hospital I have nothing but praise for the NHS.
      Thank you NHS

    46. NeoconNat says:

      Good morning, comrades.

      The “Here’s another section” part gives you a glimpse into how they operate, crowbarring policy and statements into to pre-defined WordPress templates.

      It’s actually an insult to Scotland that they operate like that and aren’t even prepared to make sure it’s done properly.

      The “any old piss will do because it’s only Scotland” approach hasn’t gone anywhere.

    47. Proud Cybernat says:

      NCN – I wonder who’ll be first this morning to tell you to take your concern trolling and ram it?

      But remember – SNP BOTH VOTES

    48. DerekM says:

      Are the sponsers Andrex ?

      Thats unfair on Andrex sorry Andrex its more like that old school toilet tracing paper you used to get that was no use to man or beast.

    49. Inverclyder says:

      None of you are getting it here.

      It’s a minimalist approach and you have to look at what they’re not saying to actually understand what they are saying.

      It’s the Labour Jazz Manifesto for the ages. Listen to the words not being said.

      What a shower.

      Only 8 days until Kez is replaced. Hope she takes a few with her on her way down!

    50. Dan Huil says:

      Sarah Smith and the bbc will love it – just the right amount of detail.

    51. Inverclyder says:

      You can follow the gang meeting manifesto launch here…

      As expected it looks like there’s more press than Party members.

    52. Thepnr says:

      Morning Prof 🙂

      “Comrades” LOL

    53. LynneC says:

      At a hustings last night, the Labour representative claimed they had held off on publishing their manifesto, because (and I quote) “Last time the SNP just copied all our ideas in their manifesto”.

      And we’re meant to believe that these people with their playground insults are capable of forming a successful government? Oh how I laughed.

    54. Lenny Hartley says:

      Sorry to go o/t so soon
      New Panelbase poll going by wording and questions looks like commisioned by SNP
      Currently in Northern Ireland found a quiet spot for motorhome with no butchers aprons in sight
      They even have them splattered over the election posters!!

      Pity they are nice people, they can’t help it if they have been infected by the Ukok virus.
      So from now on in when I feel depressed being part of the bankrupt Union, I will think back
      To NI and thank the great Spagetti monster in the sky that we have been spared that particular condition.

    55. Nana says:

      Stand by while the BBC get ready to launch their tiny slabby pals manifesto in a tiny room. Oooh feel the excitement.

    56. Conan the Librarian™ says:

      Just had a look at the manifesto launch. The banner above them should read “Booth votes Labour”.

    57. Iona says:

      I was sure they had already stated somewhere that the GP surgery appointment could be with a nurse; it was not a guaranteed doctor’s appointment. The wording is intended to mislead and create a false impression. Spin, spin, spin.
      It’s all we get these days.

    58. Derick fae Yell says:

      OMG. I thought it was a spoof. But it’s real. Really there on their website.


    59. Free Scotland says:

      Quoted from the BBC:

      Miss Dugdale insisted she had set her sights on winning the election, saying she “wants to be first minister”, although her chief goal was “renewing the fortunes” of the party.

      Says it all really: Party first, governing Scotland of much less importance.

    60. I see its been reported in the courier that labour have included in its manifesto a commitment to reinstating the Levenmouth rail link.

      This is nothing more that political opportunism and window dressing to con the people of Levenmouth.

      I did challenged the Labour list MSP Clare Baker who represented the area at the time, in the letters page of my local newspaper why she considered the funding of Edinburgh trams to be more important than the rail link.

      Surprise, Surprise no response from her.

    61. Free Scotland says:


      They’ve been reading wings. Daft page now removed – replaced with much more interesting blank page.

    62. Ian Brotherhood says:

      They’d be as well doing something useful with it:

      George Wylie, ‘Paper Boat’ –

    63. Luigi says:

      With minutes to go before the red tory manifesto launch, there was a mad rush and a bit of a panic at Pacific Quay this morning:

      Someone had moved the turd polishing kit. 🙁

    64. galamcennalath says:

      At least Labour are willing to call themselves Labour. Well, often it is the factually inaccurate Scottish Labour. However Labour it is.

      When did you last see much mention from the Conservatives of their actual title, Conservative? It’s been the Ruth Davidson Party for this election. They are hiding their own toxic brand. Somehow pretending they aren’t the party who just refused entry to refugee children. How dispicable is that? I mean both denying children entry, and pretending to be something else.

      Labour are lost and incompetent. As sad shadow of something which existed before living memory for most people.

      Tories know exactly what they are trying to do, and none of it is nice!

      The Tories had their worst general election last year since 1865. Let’s hope Scotland rejects them next week with equal determination!

    65. scotsbob says:

      @aldo_macb I noticed that. I also noticed that the BBC trailed the news in advance by telling us what was going to be in the manifesto. Thus they have kept the Labour story at the top of their news list all morning.

    66. Marco McGinty says:

      Hello there!

      I’ve received very little in leaflets for the forthcoming election, but this morning one was delivered by Scottish Labour.

      It’s heartwarming to discover that “Scottish Labour”, fighting in a Scottish election, has once again ignored the entire Scottish print industry, and chosen to have their leaflets printed in Cardiff.

    67. brewsed says:

      Just had a look at the SLAB web site and found this…

      Must be writtten on white text on a white background.

      I really do not fancy the reduction in waiting time until I succumb to cancer.

    68. Paul D says:

      Interestingly, I get what is essentially a blank page when I go to the live page. I also can’t see any obvious links to the manifesto on their main page. Could it be that the manifesto hasn’t even managed to make it past lunchtime?

    69. Macart says:

      According to Wings twitter current livefeed viewers for manifesto launch fluctuating between 40-42 bods.

      A Labour manifesto launch mind you.

      That’s got to hurt.

    70. Inverclyder says:

      Looks like the big challenge for Scottish Labour North Britain is to try and keep to the “Manifesto” for 8 days without changing their minds.

      For and against everything and SNP Bad.

    71. Andrew McLean says:

      One thing that has remained constant is the strength of unity amongst the 45, whereas the labour party and liberals have both made allowances to their membership when the eventual second referendum takes place, that a vote for, or even actively campaigning for yes is not at odds with their membership.

      Only the conservatives have been consistent in opposing both the idea of independence and a second referendum. this may account for the slight uplift in the pools, as die hard unionists would see them as true defenders of the union. Also, apart from the recent tendency to mount anything, she has been at least more professional in her behaviour.

      In attempting to slow the progression of the independence movement, as the old arguments against separation have been shown more and more as just so much hot air, is to sow division amongst the different factions of the independence movement. To an extent this is easy when different power bases are involved, all wanting to remain relevant in the debate, however unless the divisions’ prove to be insurmountable this tactic will eventually prove fruitless come the referendum, as all come together to defeat the common enemy, Westminster.

      Again, as was seen in Kezias simplistic separation of the independence movement into “English Hating Nutters” as she describes her own father (what is it with left wing unionists that they indulge so easily in parricide?) is that they still don’t understand the independence movement, we are a very broad church from the far left to some soft conservatism(in the broad sense).

      But it’s difficult for some who see a progression from say the left wing student ideas, to the settled conservatism of old age as being a natural force, it isn’t its self protectionism. To quote the great Mr. Paine “If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace.”.

      The assertion that independence is inevitable again Mr. Paine gives us the truth to the seismic movement in Scottish society, and labours collapse, “A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong, gives it a superficial appearance of being right, and raises at first a formidable outcry in defence of custom. But the tumult soon subsides. Time makes more converts than reason.”

      tick tock.

    72. frankieboy says:

      London says NO. The end.

    73. call me dave says:

      Well that was short and not so sweet, it’s all over now in about 15+ minutes, and it’s up to the BBC with the paper media to expand, and megaphone it all round Scotland now.

      No one will care or hear it darn Sarf… Kezia who?

      “Not waiting for the promised distant land” she says.

      Follow her into the wilderness then…Aye right!

      Anyhoo!: SNP x 2.

      That link:

      Mr Burnside said that his “tribe” was as an Ulster Unionist and Orangeman but insisted support for the Union was wide and even existed among some SNP supporters.

      He said: “I was very happy to see John Reid, the former chairman of Celtic, campaigning for the Union. So this is one campaign where you can be a Rangers supporter or a Celtic supporter, or a Hibernian or a Hearts supporter and be for the Union. And you can have all your Scottish traditional loyalties, whatever flag or scarf you want to wear or not wear and still be for the Union.”

      Don’t forget Ming Campbell and Peter Hain to make up the four.

    74. Thepnr says:


      Exactly, now that Labour in Scotland have been laid to waste. We must never forget who the real enemies of democracy are.

      The Tory party, Next!

    75. Jack Murphy says:

      From the Labour Manifesto pictured and clicked at top of aticle:-
      “Labour created the NHS. It’s our proudest achievement———”

      Well well blow me down with a feather,and here wis me thinking it was saving us and the inncent people of Iraq from that nasty dictator and his WMDs threatening us all with a Third World War.

      THAT will go down in Labour’s History Jotter of achievements.

    76. ArtyHetty says:

      And pigs will fly.

      They have not one iota about what is involved in drawing up a social care package. A social worker is the one who coordinates it, but it usually involves healthcare and that can mean any aspect of healthcare, social work, community care services, and many other organisations ie, identifying care providers appropriate to the persons needs.

      First of all they would need an army of new social workers, where they are going to get the cash for that I do not know. This would just be impossible and impractical on so many levels, unless liebour really do have a magic wand of course.

    77. brewsed says:

      The blank look to the web site may because it has been subjected to ‘container fluid’, whatever that is…
      .fest-issue .container-fluid {
      background: #eeeeee;
      padding: 0;
      (from the CSS code – #eeeeee would be a light grey background)

      You can tell how Scottish SLAB is not when you look at the code (or lack of it) behind the web site, there being many references to images from darn sarth…

    78. Kennedy says:

      Is there a wee plastic toy with it? Something to attract and distract from the empty promises?

    79. heedtracker says:

      As per Slab usual, virtually nothing on boosters for commerce and industry, actual job and wealth creation, life blood of all successful democracies, what their Scotland region can never be again.

      Hike tax on lowest earners, that’ll teach em. If they whine, tell them they’re selfish lying and hypocrites for not voting good ol Slabour social justice.

      Or, please England, can we have some more?

      Nice fairy cakes though.

      Ian Murray Retweeted
      Scott Arthur ?@DrScottThinks 34m34 minutes ago Edinburgh, Scotland
      We’ve changed – a trainee teacher, 1st time voter and former SNP member helps launch the @scottishlabour manifesto.

    80. galamcennalath says:

      Trident, they say ….

      “… we will make a submission to the UK Party’s National Defence Review opposing the renewal of Trident … ”

      Are they actually trying to tell us that will achieve anything!?

      As useful as a blown electrical fuse.

    81. Nana says:


      Facebook had 39 viewers, dear oh dear how the once mighty have nosedived.

    82. Andrew McLean says:

      Can we have a shot from the stage looking out, where is everybody, were labour party members not invited?

      When planing this “event” did they amuse it was to a larger audience and room? I ask because the zip ups are not meant to be wallpaper at the back, a large hoarding should provide the backdrop and the zip ups should be strategic placed at the sides to provide information and create depth.

      This is not a major party launch but a small SME discussing the benefits of water coolers and rebranding of workwear in the 21st century.

      Is this a deliberate attempt to destroy Kezia by labour apparatchiks, I get not wanting to look to shiny, but at least look electable, unless your are standing for local dog warden!

    83. Andrew says:

      Perfect timing.
      Now we can get wall to wall BBC Distorting Scotland coverage of the Labour Party in Scotland without any need to evaluate the policies until after the election.

    84. Macart says:


      You’re not wrong.

      Unpleasant job, but necessary, is probably the best way to look at next weeks ballot.

    85. DerekM says:

      Aye it must hurt Macart especially when you consider that probably at least half (and i am being generous with that)was us watching.

      But now we will have to put up with all their tame hacks talking piss and deflecting from what was a total embarrasment of a manifesto launch as they big it up.

      Yep bring on the blue tories the red ones are dead good job Scotland 🙂

    86. Grouse Beater says:

      There’s a lot of understandable ridicule here. I sense it issues from a profound discomfort on seeing the goons marshalling their troops to convince the electorate a majority government is not good for Scotland.

      The slop in the Manifesto is a pick pocket’s diversion.

      There have been a number of instances recently where the British establishment is making clear it will undermine the current voting system to ensure any political party advocating self-determination cannot attain a majority.

      In making noises of authoritarian rule they acknowledge Scotland has altered, and time is running out to stop the march of people empowerment.

      BBC will ensure they are there to report the British side of the argument.

    87. Free Scotland says:

      This from Kezia’s twitter feed about 50 minutes ago:

      KD: As many as 1in4 voters are undecided. I want to speak today directly to them as you make up their minds on how to use both their votes.

      Yeah, that’s what I call speaking directly to voters – getting people to make up other people’s minds.

      Donkey Dugdale.

    88. Nana says:


      I’m not in the least bit sorry for any of them, brought about their own demise standing shoulder to shoulder with the tories, and some of the most unpleasant people including lying two faced hypocrites in the media

    89. Andrew McLean says:

      Kezia, we will stop welfare cuts completely? is that the welfare cuts that only 48 Labour MP,s voted against out of 232? with many stating they supported aspects of the cuts?

      Labour when you need us were not there!

    90. AdamH says:

      12.30 NO sign of a manifesto on the website. Perhaps they’ll release another version tomorrow.

    91. Luigi says:


      Sigh. Just received my weekly letter from that strange new party (The League of Extraordinary Buffalo Riders). Number of mentions:

      SNP = 21
      Labour = 9
      Conservative = 2 (in very small print)

      No mention at all for the LibDems. Poor Willie will be feeling rather left out. 🙁

    92. heedtracker says:

      Hard core tory yoons like 2016 SLabour socialism very MUCH.

      Scottish democracy has turned UKOK toryboy’s upside down, in England Corbyn Labour boo hiss, in Scotland Labour hip hip hurrah.

      Magnus Gardham ?@GardhamHT 1h1 hour ago
      Kezia Dugdale – manifesto offers ‘more possibility for change than ever before’. Labour ‘at boldest and best’

    93. galamcennalath says:

      AdamH says:

      “NO sign of a manifesto on the website.”

      A 20thC party struggling as the world around them moves further away from them.

    94. Ken500 says:

      SNP has done it already.

    95. Macart says:


      Yes, I believe that is the case with that publisher.

      Neither the politicos nor their ideological followers quite grasp as yet just why people are rejecting them, do they?

      People are done with being manipulated and lied to. They don’t want it to be , ‘just politics’ anymore. Its not, its naked manipulation of society which creates far more naked grievance than independence as an issue ever could. Turning one demographic against another in pursuit of party power, misrepresenting opposition, the law, policy, ANYTHING. We’re simply sick of it all and those who feel it is acceptable practice.

      I’m tired of manufactured hatred seeded in our society by politicians and their hangers on. The only way it is stemmed, is by a root and branch removal of the system which breeds the behaviour.

    96. heedtracker says:

      Magnus Gardham ?@GardhamHT 2h2 hours ago
      From Lab manifesto. I foresee a big row about this in a fortnight’s time…

      Labour sucking on one party Scotland region must be stopped stuff, is very creepy

      “We need to return to the democratic, pluralist principles of the the early parliament.”

      Trolling Scotland with their manifesto’s probably not new though. How come SLab domination of Scotland for 70+ years didnt bother them, is stating SLab obvious again time.

    97. Richard Taylor says:

      How is a Scottish Labour Government in Holyrood going to ‘scrap the Bedroom Tax’? They could do that if they were the UK Government, but they aren’t, and won’t be for most of the duration of this Scottish Parliament.

    98. galamcennalath says:

      heedtracker says:

      “… creepy … SLab domination of Scotland for 70+ years didnt bother them”

      Or, the way in which any party with an overall majority at WM is given almost unbridled power, having achieved that with 35-45% of votes.

      Overall (undemocratic) majority at WM good.
      Overall majority at Holyrood bad.

      Their hypocrisy knows no bounds.

    99. Nana says:


      Exactly. Twisting and turning people to their own ends has always been the way of the haters. Sadly some folks are unable to see how they are being manipulated or perhaps they do and are happy to comply.

    100. heedtracker says:

      Overall (undemocratic) majority at WM good.
      Overall majority at Holyrood bad.

      Their hypocrisy knows no bounds.

      We’re meant to call it “reform” now. Like when that nice ERS crew entered their Scotland region election with all kinds of why not to vote SNP twice advice.

      So one the one tory UKOK hand

      Tom Gordon ?@HTScotPol 13h13 hours ago
      PM believes SNP will not call second independence poll and Scotland will “settle down,” says Unionist campaign

      And on other

      Kenny Farquharson ?@KennyFarq 5h5 hours ago
      / My thanks goes to Reform Scotland’s @ali_payne for her analysis of each party’s tax plans, exclusive to @thetimes.

      Hard core tory BBC led media savage any “reform” as they pile in behind Dugdale SLabour socialism, as English “reformers” get stuck in to reforming everything, in their Scotland region, what they’re rapidly losing control to of, to Scottish voters.

      That other Reform crew boosted by Murdoch henchman up there is

      “Reform Scotland, established in 2008, is an Edinburgh-based think tank, a sister organisation to the London-based right-wing, free market think tank Reform.”


    101. heedtracker says:

      Hard core tory BBC led media savage any “reform” as they pile in behind Dugdale SLabour socialism. Meanwhile same English toryboy “reformers” get stuck in to reforming everything in their Scotland region, that they’re rapidly losing control of, to Scottish voters.


    102. Mick DIAMOND says:

      Id love to come back to scotland, but only in an indy scenario. The very thought of those liebor shysters being in power in holyrood gives me the heeby jeebies.

    103. And to think this woman pitches herself as First Minister, heaven help us if that ever could happen.

    104. Mick DIAMOND says:

      Great post macart 12.49pm.

    105. Mick DIAMOND says:

      Lenny hartley 11.01am. Re ni, a very nice people. But talk about brainwashed. They offered their husbands and sons up as cannon fodder to be butchered on the somme and ypres, for their yoonyin. But over a 100 yrs later their brain cells have regressed. Sadly i believe they would still do the same.

    106. Iain More says:

      I think the fact that the Yoon Burd is going to be interviewing Ruthless on the Yoon Show this evening says it all about the BBC manifesto launch. I think I will avoid that.

      Here’s another section:


    107. Fred says:

      “God willin & the crick don’t rise! Amen.

    108. shiregirl says:

      Social care packages within a week, eh?

      The issue here is there isn’t enough carers to form a care package. Why not? Because we pay our social carers a shockingly low rate of pay, don’t pay them for time taken to travel between visits and we don’t pay them mileage. Not a great career choice for the most.

      Till this is addressed, those requiring more complex social care packages will remain in beds inappropriate to their needs and ‘blocking’ it so someone else can’t use it and costing the NHS more in the long run.

      The guaranteed appointment with a GP will not be with a GP – guaranteed. You will be triaged by the Practice Nurse and then seen if urgent, by the Advanced Nurse Practitioner. If you can wait till next week, you can see a GP.

      Do Labour just not realise this? Who the hell is advising them on Social, Health and Care?

    109. John says:

      Let’s see if Good Morning Scotland cover it tomorrow morning .They managed to completely ignore the SNP manifesto when it came , out as did the rest of the BBC .

    110. Hugh Kirk says:

      Well I’m one who is not disappointed. I was expecting drivel and that’s what they delivered pure, fully up their own arse drivel.

    111. Ian Murray says:

      How will Labour scrap the bedroom tax?
      Isn’t the bedroom tax imposed by Westminster?

    112. Robert Peffers says:

      @Legerwood says: 27 April, 2016 at 10:01 am:

      “According to the Herald today Labour are going to have a breakfast club in every primary school.”

      Assuming there are any primary schools left occupied after they sort out who gets to go to school in the only ones not jerry built under PPI/PPP finance schemes when London Labour were last in power in their Scottish region.

    113. otherdemons says:

      I’m away next week, applied for a postal vote and got my ballot papers yesterday.
      Most parties have opted to add a second line for the regional vote (List of registered parties and independent candidates – separate from the ballots).
      The SNP’s is ‘Nicola Sturgeon for First Minister’. The “Scottish Labour Party”‘s is “Choose kids, not cuts”. It gave me a chuckle. Especially when the first name underneath is that of Anas Hereditary Sarwar.

      You’d think that would be a gift for the likes of the Green party, RISE, and Solidarity (yes, Tommy Sheridan is seeking to be elected!), and more effective than targeting the SNP 2nd votes…
      (says she who voted Green on list anyway)

    114. Ian Mackay says:

      “Hello here. Hello there.”

      So that’s “Hello Hello” then?

      Are they surreptitiously going after the unreconstructed Rangers fans’ Unionist votes?

      I think we should be told.

    115. ronnie anderson says:

      From the wilds of Glencoe ,to ah person you,s all know,AM no yer comrade.


      am ah the 1st PCybernat , intermittant wifi dont have time to read all the posts.

      Clachaig Glencoe.

    116. Fred says:

      @ Ronnie, The Clachaig must be like the Arctic the day kid!

    117. Grendel says:

      Got a mailshot in from Labour candidate Richard Leonard. In it he reiterates the manifesto pledge to oppose another referendum.

      If you are so opposed to independence you are NEVER going to appeal any Yes voter, no matter how many SNP policies you steal.

    118. Grendel says:

      Surely there must be a change in electoral rules somewhere down the line to prevent Labours actions in waiting until all other parties have published their manifesto before they published theirs. I would suggest that all parties are given a deadline which is well in advance of the date on which postal voting opens, and their manifesto’s must be published no later than that date. No manifesto, no place on the ballot.

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