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Great news, Mrs Hudson

Posted on March 13, 2017 by

We’re going to need to print more books.

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  1. 13 03 17 13:56

    Great news, Mrs Hudson | speymouth

324 to “Great news, Mrs Hudson”

  1. Lobby says:

    Like fat pats thong

  2. Jamur says:

    Second chance Caesar!

  3. Itchybiscuit says:

    Watching this statement and now, press conference has been a masterclass.

    I expected nothing less from our First Minister.

    … Now a word from our unionist press corps. ;o)

  4. Macart says:

    But Mr McTernan said… 🙄

  5. One_Scot says:

    Nicola Sturgeon is an absolute legend.

  6. Dan says:

    I became a father on Friday and nothing would make me happier than this little man having the chance to live in a free Scotland 🙂

  7. Merkin Scot says:

    Great news!

  8. MajorBloodnok says:

    Well that’s summer holidays cancelled for next year.

  9. Auld Rock says:

    Great stuff Nicola, both barrels and a quick reload. Bet that sticks in May’s thrapple, LOL.

    Now let’s get on with it.

    Auld Rock

  10. Johnny says:


    Thought Nicola spelled out all the main points clearly, i.e. not just about this one issue, the threat of perpetual Westminster Tory rule and power grabs and (importantly imo) that it’s the right thing to do to ask people what they reckon when the Brexit deal is nearing completion.


  11. Dr Ew says:

    Work to build the Yes movement and win over the doubters. There’s a lot more of them now – including some anti-EU former Yessers – so there’s no room for complacency. Or petty fractiousness within Yes.

  12. X_Sticks says:

    Well, the conference is going to be a fun event. Wonder what they’ll be discussing at it?

    Well played Nicola. Keeping the pressure on WM. If they don’t respond to this then it’s curtains for the ‘united’ kingdom.

    It wont be easy, but I feel that we really can do this this time.

    We seriously need to address some of the previous issues with the referendum. The entitlement to vote must be much improved. Proxy voting and postal voting must be secured and auditable. There must be an exit poll. My preference would also be to have independent oversight fro either the EU or the UN or both. The british establishment WILL cheat if they possible can.

  13. David Dodds says:

    I suppose now, more than ever, “Britain” will be emphasised. Big deal. We all see through that. Means no more than “Europe” now. Bring it on, ah’m no feart.

  14. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Nicola has just demonstrated for the whole world to see that she wasn’t bluffing.

  15. X_Sticks says:

    Whoops in my excitement I forgot to congratulate Dan!

    I sincerely hope your wee boy grows up in an independent Scotland that can make its own decisions.

  16. scottish lass says:

    OMG what has happened have we declared a ref date?

  17. bobajock says:

    Heart rate up.

  18. GrahamB says:

    Please can we go for Autumn 2018. Those of us who contribute on here and are able to get away from keyboards to chap doors and take to the streets would want to avoid campaigning through the winter months.
    Another fairly important reason for that timetable would be that the expected 18 month negotiation following a YES vote would take us to Independence Day on 6 April 2020 which many of you will recognise as the 700th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Arbroath!

  19. Hamish100 says:

    Let’s work as hard as last time and a bit more.

    Scotland is an Independent Nation

  20. One_Scot says:

    She makes you proud to be Scottish.

  21. Andrew Gordon says:

    Just caught a bit of Daily Politics show on EBC2.
    If the arrogance and total lack informed debate of what is actually happening in Scotland displayed on this program is anything to go by we are in for a very long and tedious trip to Indy 2 .

  22. Sharny Dubs says:

    One step at a time, organized and getting all our ducks in a row, Nicola is awesome!!

    Game on…. woo woo

  23. Vestas says:

    Nice slap-down on “Sevvy”. Now watch him write the exact opposite of the truth in a few minutes…..

  24. ebreah says:

    This Malaysian is elated! Scotland free or a desert!

  25. ahundredthidiot says:

    Let’s do this

  26. Arbroath1320 says:

    I have no idea what’s going on here, mainly cause I did not see what everyone saw regarding the person who is NOT our First Minister. (according to some insignificant little bus driver 😉 )

    What I can say though from reading the comments so far is that the usual game of slapping a Yoon across their face with a fresh wet fish appears to have been stepped up a level. Apparently the game now requires a DOUBLE slap across the face with a fresh wet fish. 😀

  27. Still Positive says:

    Go, Nicola! Go, Scotland!

    Clear message to all and especially to show the EU that the UK is far from United.

    Congratulations to Dan. Hope your wee boy (and my new grandchild due to be born any day now) will live their live in an independent Scotland. And I will get to live the rest of my life in an independent Scotland before I die.

  28. Ya Beauty!

    Well said. Well phrased. Perfect timing. No more being ignored, sidelined, patronised and treated with (hostile?) indifference, not even as an afterthought. Now Scotland IS the news.

    Noo’s the day and noo’s the hour.

    See the end of Westminster.

    Lib Lab Con

    Are just a shower.

    On to victory!

  29. Davy says:

    YES —- YES —– YES


  30. Mike says:

    The BBC are already fighting for the No campaign. The language is all about what Nicola Sturgeon cant do and shouldn’t be allowed to do.
    It will be a very brave Yes supporter who takes up reading the printed media from today.
    I’m not sure if my blood pressure will be able to cope with it again.

  31. DerekM says:

    lol that youtube feed was crazy yoons be crying in their union jack flags indyref2 🙂

  32. mumsyhugs says:

    Indyref2 – game on!!! 🙂

  33. TheItalianJob says:

    Very emotional just now.

    Paid my dues yesterday into Stu’s fund.

    Good timing.

    Here’s hoping we win this time. Things have changed dramatically since last time.

    Lots of hard work to do to get us over the line this time. But we all know what is required and we are better prepared and more experienced this time with our arguments.

  34. Arbroath1320 says:

    Congratulations Dan. You must be a very proud “newbie” father. 😉

    I think we all know it will be next year Graham. My personal wish is for it to be around August/September which would be JUST BEFORE our “beloved” BBC starts its part time second channel. 😀

  35. Graham MacQueen says:

    Nicola has incredible decorum; well timed, well planned, well done…she has greater patience than I.

  36. Shamur says:

    IT’S OAN

    Indy, 6th April 2020 sounds about right!

  37. FergusMac says:

    Oor Nicola will play a blinder. Let’s a get oot there an gie her a haun. Alba gu bràth!

  38. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Oh damn, I forgot all about the coffee that I had brewed!

    Cold coffee, but a warm heart.

  39. Jeff says:

    Bring it on…asap….

    ebreah says:
    13 March, 2017 at 12:15 pm
    This Malaysian is elated! Scotland free or a desert!

    Please help convince my Malaysian neighbour? She has been conned by the Daily Express!

    Oh and can someone on facebook comment on MSN ‘news’? The BritNat trolls are in overdrive already….

    Fantastic news. No doubt project fear will ramp up now. Bring it on. Oh to be a fly on the wall beside theresa may right now, ill bet shes fuming lol

  41. Fireproofjim says:

    Nicola is wonderful.
    no further comment necessary.

  42. call me dave says:

    Heard it on shortbread radio as I was watching the waves rolling in at Leven, sun must have been a bit bright though as I had to brush away a wee tear in the eye. Game on!

    Well done N. Sturgeon… YAHOO! 🙂

  43. galamcennalath says:

    So, that’s us affy busy for the next 18-21 months! 🙂

    I notice the tag #ScotRef on my SNP email from Nicola.

    So, is that what the name is, ScotRef?

  44. Meindevon says:

    Ok Stu, as you say the game is on.

    I can’t wait to see what you have in store for the Unionists this time.

    If you can increase that Yes vote like I believe you did last time, we are on to a sure thing.

    Please, please just watch your back and stop going on long walks to lonely places on your own!

  45. Still Positive says:

    Wee update: just got a message from my son – grand-daughter born at 10.02 this morning.

    What a day, lassie.

  46. Robert Graham says:

    Yep right on Cue BBC . right now what the debt , the currency, blah blah blah get a f/n Grip . A total better together propaganda broadcast, who would have thought it.

  47. Mike says:

    Jesus Christ the BBC have kicked off with project Fear 2 already. Unbelievable unashamed bias reporting within 2 minutes of the end to questions.
    Too wee Too poor Too stupid on top of the UK Government WILL refuse another section 30.
    You can bet if May is stupid enough to deny a section 30 the BBC will go out of its way to justify it.

    We haven’t even started yet and my blood is starting to boil already.
    I might have to sit out the campaign until the vote.

  48. gus1940 says:

    Daily Politics – 2 tame talking heads and JoJo banging on about the lie that Nicola has been backed into a corner by that bunch of geniuses at WM and their fans in the media.

  49. Vestas says:

    Stu, how much does a full survey (like the last one you did) cost?

    Reason for asking is that I’d like to see at least one a month from now until indyref2.

    That way we can have some clarity as to whats going on if you use the same base set of questions.

    Its going to be REALLY important with biased shite like YouGov out there.

    I for one don’t mind digging deeper for the current fundraiser just for this.

  50. Olive says:

    When are we getting a wee blue book 2?

  51. Les Wilson says:

    Mayhem, will try and make the date to suit her, but cannot see Nicola budging from what she said.Tories had their choice to listen to Scotland’s voice. They did not, now we can show them, and we are not as gullible nor as easily scared as some were in 2014.

    They have a very hard job containing Scots now, no matter what propaganda lies they employ.Nicola is brilliant, making the statement now, will also have a positive effect on the Council elections. A master stroke.

  52. manandboy says:

    Nicola was superb!

  53. galamcennalath says:

    The time has come when the Yoons need to stop whinging and present the people of Scotland with a positive case for a Hard Brexit Union.

    That should be a good laugh 😉

  54. rongorongo says:

    Gestation period of an Asian elephant: 645 days. Gestation period of an African elephant just 617. Indyref2=broadly similar wait.

  55. Suzanne says:


    Another fairly important reason for that timetable would be that the expected 18 month negotiation following a YES vote would take us to Independence Day on 6 April 2020 which many of you will recognise as the 700th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Arbroath!

    Oh my word. Oh that would be spectacular.

  56. Tackety Beets says:

    Michty meee , saw the tweets last night , couldna sleep for excitement !

    Canna wait to watch the hale NS speach etc

    Happy Daze!

  57. Arbroath1320 says:

    This is turning into quite an awesome day peeps.

    As if by magic, before I thought about clicking on the picture Stu put up DUH! 🙂 , we received our mail delivery. There were only TWO items of mail from someone called SNP. 😀 Our renewed membership cards have arrived!

    Robert J. Sutherland says:
    13 March, 2017 at 12:24 pm

    Oh damn, I forgot all about the coffee that I had brewed!

    Cold coffee, but a warm heart.

    Why do you think they invented the Microwave oven Robert? 😀

    Shamur says:
    13 March, 2017 at 12:23 pm

    IT’S OAN

    Indy, 6th April 2020 sounds about right!

    I just LOVE your thinking there Shamur. 😉

  58. Fireproofjim says:

    Note how the BBC cut off Nicola early in the questions from press. Only the most important announcement in years. Cut off after half an hour. Well we know about them.
    Sky has continued to cover the announcement for well over an hour.

  59. gus1940 says:

    Oh No!!

    WM’s cupboard is so bare that in their announcement a couple of minutes ago they are reduced to the old ‘Once In a generation’ chestnut – Poor Souls.

  60. Mike says:

    The BBC are still talking about NS Oil in terms of a crash in spite of the fact that it has done nothing but rise in value for over a year and is forecast to keep rising to over $60 a barrel. That’s a significant level way above the average.

    AAAAAAARGH! Fucking fuming!

    And they keep telling us we don’t want another Indyref in spite of the fact that we clearly fucking do!

    A car plant can have a differential deal NI can have a differential deal even London may get a differential deal but Scotland can go fuck itself because it was stupid enough to vote No in 2014.

    And Ive just heard on the BBC another reference to “Once in a generation” being valid enough to question the Scottish Governments mandate for Indyref 2.

    AAAAAAARGH splutter spit fume!

    Please lets have a Scottish Indy constitution that completely bans the BBC from broadcasting anywhere in Scotland. Forever! On health grounds.

  61. Capella says:

    Well that was exciting and Nicola is superb. What a morning!
    Didn’t Stu say this would be a dull year? And so it proves to be, if by ‘dull’ he meant wildly interesting.

  62. Bob Mack says:

    What a brilliant speech by or Nicola. Just try and refuse Mrs May. Just try.
    All the pressure now on May. She will have to come up with some sort of fudge, and that will not be easy.
    Congrats to Dan, and all other parents and grandparents like myself. The best legacy we could leave our young folk is their freedom to choose for themselves.

  63. scotsrenewables says:

    We need to do anything and everything we can to show our support right now, today.

    One simple wee thing would be to push the Indigogo fundraiser over the £100k mark today

    (it’s public, the overall Wings contribution figure isn’t, so it’s a bit of a flag to wave)

    £2195 currently required

  64. Macart says:

    @Rev Stu

    Worth missing the dental appointment? 😉

  65. Robert J. Sutherland says:


    If I ruled out a referendum, I would be deciding – completely unilaterally – that Scotland will follow the UK to a hard Brexit come what may, no matter how damaging to our economy and our society it turns out to be.

    That should not be the decision of just one politician – not even the first minister. It will be decided by the people of Scotland. It will be Scotland’s choice.”

    Damn right. And I think even those who are referendum-weary will agree that it just has to be done, and has to be done on a timescale that leaves real choice open to us.

  66. Ali says:

    additional contribution to fund made. If we don’t get it done this time it’s a bleak future all round

  67. Desimond says:

    Poor Severin, still trying to make folk sound relevant

    ‘the wording of the question or indeed whether a third option, such as Labour and Lib Dem quests for a federal UK, could be added. ‘

  68. Glamaig says:

    Radio Scotland choosing right now to give Duncan Hothersall of all people an extended slot.

  69. Robert Graham says:

    Looks like Derek Batemans site has been the first casualty in the coming war (site down) internal server error. Ok who’s site next ? .

  70. Socrates MacSporran says:

    fireproofjim @ 12.40pm

    What channel were you watching? I watched the broadcast of Nicola’s statement on the BBC News Channel. They stayed with it until Nicola left the podium, having answered all the questions put to her, this was after roughly three-quarters of an hour.

    Certainly, some of the graphics were slanted against the SNP and the Scottish Government, but, this is standard BBC operating procedure.

    I actually switched to BBC2 and the aily Politic once Nicola had left the podium.

    I felt the BBC was about as fair as they can be, given their anti-SNP stance. Brian Taylor got the first question; Sarah Smith was allowed to ask one and Glen Campbell got one. Mind you, GC’s question was clearly an attempt to muddy the waters.

    Also, three different BBC journalists covering one event – either that is overkill, or a case of none of the three being capable of handling the thing solo – I favour the latter theory.

  71. call me dave says:

    Oh! Duncy Haversack on Beatties shortbread radio…the usual p*sh!

    We had our tea in 2014…no rational reason for this, but we’re no too wee, too poor or anything but.. its all emotion.

    He sounds a bit pessimistic throwing away the greatest union in all of history!

    Nothing good to say about May but it’s all we have. :_)

    Auntie with a kilt must have all these Yoons on speed dial.

  72. Breastplate says:

    Well done FM.
    How any of these so called Scottish parties seeking to silence Scotland’s democratic voice, then claim to be on any sort of moral footing is ridiculous.

    Exit poll needed and postal votes to the bare minimum.

  73. Brian McGrath says:

    I’d better stock up on blood pressure tablets and painkillers for the next few years…this time it’ll be much more brutal and the lies will be magnificent from the Yoon camp.

    Oh thanks for posting the video from the Spanish MP/ MEP. Used it twice today already.

    Hopefully that argument will be shot down very quickly.
    The currency issue will be the other big question and education.

    Then it’ll just be OIL OIL OIL OIL OIL!!!!!!!!

  74. Nation Libre says:

    Let’s keep the fundraiser open for another month and get that figure up to £200k

  75. Craig P says:

    Here we go! Personally I think the argument in favour of independence is weaker, in that our largest trading partner is going to be out of the EU (I didn’t believe for a moment the scare stories in 2014 that indy Scotland would be out the EU).

    But the argument for the UK is even weaker still. It is basically coming down to a choice between potential trade barriers with England and even maybe restrictions on border crossings, or being ruled by a bunch of xenophobic right wingers who will bleed our public services dry and call us sponging Jocks for the privilege. (Which again, was always the natural and inevitable consequence of a No vote but now it is maybe a bit more obvious to the general public).

  76. Michael McCabe says:

    After the First Minister’s Speech. A Unionist Spokesperson was heard to say. That was more painful than a Rev Stu day out at the Dentist. Game on. Has anyone got a lend of a pair of size 8 boots. Here is a wee song from Nicola to Theresa(Skeletor) May

  77. Arbroath1320 says:

    Sorry peeps but I cannae help masel!

    It’s time to start putting up THOSE videos from 2014 … AGAIN! 😀

  78. FergusMac says:

    All the BBC Pathetic Quay staff are standing, with tears in their eyes, singing “There’ll always be an England”.

  79. heedtracker says:

    The Daily Politics
    12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

    Ligger’s private vote tory BBC show, All yoon culture and now its hugging on to the royals, god bless prince of wales 2.0, best hope for his dynasty. Rejoice.

  80. FergusMac says:

    Breastplate, you are so right – postal votes must be restricted to those with a genuine need. They are an open invitation to fraud and intimidation, and a negation of the whole principle of a secret ballot.

  81. gus1940 says:

    To celebrate Nicola’s brilliant performance this morning I’m now off to bung another Tenner towards the Fundraiser.

  82. Ann says:

    Just made my day.

  83. Muscleguy says:

    Yeehaaa! Starting gun heard loud and clear here in the Yes city. Now, where are my badges? Time to be out and proud at all times again.

    I’ve been wearing my SCND badges since 2014 so the cognoscenti will know and the straps of my backpack have had SCND Yes2 badges on them for 6 months now. Just been walking about with it. Little comment here in the Yes city.

    Be afraid Unionists, be very afraid. There can be no Vow2 to save you this time. Fooled us once, never again.

  84. Dorothy Devine says:

    Bloody marvellous!

    Dan, congratulations on your daddyhood and may you enjoy the wee souls steps in and independent Scotland – free from illegal wars and conscription , free from polluting WMDs and happy in a Scotland that looks after its young ,infirm ,old and feckless!

  85. Golfnut says:

    What a day,eh. Scotland back to being front and centre, their repeal bill and Mays Brexit upstaged and sidelined by our Nicola. The EU will be rubbing their hands and this news will hit the headlines worldwide.

  86. xaracen says:

    Yah Butey!! 😀

  87. jim davidson says:

    Apart from announcing it on totally inappropriately on anniversary of dunblane shootings. Could we not all have had a day to remember those children. I mean social media etc is already filling up with bile and argument. Apart from that has she taken wee wullies bait yesterday. The tories were already trying to turn the council elections into pseudo ref. SNP had a good chance in these, now I’ll be very surprised if our town houses aren’t filled with lab/tory/libdem coalitions come may the 6th.

  88. Dr Jim says:

    She’s a wee stoater oor FM, Sarah Yoon Smith says “And do you expect to win” Yes, says our wee stoater and I’ll start wae you outside right now before I kick Severins Arse and strangle Davie Clegg wae his sash (I made that last bit up)

    We wont be outspent either, the plan worked, we’re officially loaded with dosh for this one

    Time to start working on the “Wee Saltire Book” Stu

  89. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Craig P @ 12:51:

    potential trade barriers with England

    How so, Craig? The BrexiTories declaim at every opportunity that they are going to be open to trade with the whole world. Not just the W-W except Scotland.

  90. Mike says:

    Craig P

    The rUK is “Said” to be Scotlands largest market ONLY because our exports destined for trade outwith the UK that leaves via ports throughout the rUK in included within our so called exports to the rUK.

  91. Maren says:

    Can’t help but admire Nicola’s masterful handling of the almost entirely negative questions thrown at her! For the first time since the Brexit vote I have hope again. I’m an EU citizen, here 20+ years, Scottish husband, 3 Scottish kids and have just found out that I’d be rejected for permanent residence. So for me, this is now an existential issue.

    As I am determined to help campaign for the next referendum, I’ve been trying to find better ways to argue on the economy without drowning people in statistics (which is too much my thing, but hardly anyone else’s).

    I read this article in the Scottish Daily Record. I have no idea where they are in the media landscape as I don’t read it ever, but my Google news app threw this article at me and I think this line of argument may work. What do you think?

    “This next referendum will be different because it will be based on an honest economic prospectus and will be set against a world that has lost its bearings.

    It will be plain Scottish pragmatism for calculated change against an alternative of chaos.

    Indyref2 could be the £15billion question – that is the size of the current deficit between what Scotland spends and earns.

    But that’s fiction – it is real only in a world where an independent Scotland spends tomorrow exactly as the UK does today.

    The £15billion becomes as solid as smoke the moment you admit that Scotland would not spend as the UK does.

    Last time round the SNP wanted to have it all – no cuts to anything.

    They pretended they would spend as the UK does – and so dug themselves a deficit hole.

    This time they won’t be so stupid. Scotland earns enough to pay for a decent, socially just society. In the last year, Scotland raised about £53billion in taxes. That is enough to cover the NHS, education, pensions and benefits without a single cut.”

  92. ScottishPsyche says:

    So happy, bring it on.

    Listening to the journo questions it is pretty obvious how upset some of them are!

    Sarah Smith making it personal on BBC News at one.

  93. Proud Cybernat says:

    From the S.A.D. Party (Scottish Anti-Democratic Party):

    Mon Scotland!!!!!!

  94. Maurice Taylor says:

    Watch how often a Union Flag appears on tv programmes from now on.

  95. Proud Cybernat says:

    Oh, and yae cannae use the pound! [snuggers].

  96. galamcennalath says:

    I am a little surprised by the poor standard of the unimaginative questions which were asked of Nicola.

    Also, Unionist responses seem somewhat in disarray.

    It all gives the impression that they have been caught on the hop. Today’s announcement clearly wasn’t something they were prepared for.

    The coming referendum was ‘highly likely’, yet no preparation seems to have been made.

    Have to say, SG timing was brilliant, just before WM A50 final vote and May’s triggering it.

  97. Mike says:

    The BBC are advising Teresa May on a strategy to either deny a Section 30 or to delay it until Scotland is dragged out of the EU in its capacity as a “Chartered” Impartial broadcaster.

    I may have to make a Doctors appointment before the end of the day.

  98. Davy says:

    Ha ha hah, hothersal sounded like a day out at a libdem conference, just speaking shite in an amateur sad voice, pathetic.

  99. Dr Jim says:

    Woops! Ruth Davidson for a strong sectarian party is going radio rental
    Effie Deans has hired John Wick as special advisor to Tooled up Historywoman and Murdo Fraser’s choppering in to Ibrox as we speak

    Alex Salmond is bringing in Sylvester Stallones Expendables to defend Holyrood along with Jean Luc Picard
    We’ll need the Enterprise to defend against the tanks or maybe even space aliens, remember they threatened us with that one

    Space aliens He He He….. lest we forget

  100. scotsbob says:

    Remember those press conferences by Cameron and Brown where they read a statement and then walked away.

    Nicola doesn’t do walking away she stood and answered all the questions. That’s Nicola’s way, the Scottish way.

  101. Brian Powell says:

    It will be interesting watch Slab teaming up with the Tories and trying to ‘fix’ the Referendum, either through the question or in Westminster.

  102. gus1940 says:

    It’s going to be interesting to see how Donalda’s bunch of unionist puppets handle (Sorry mishandle) Today’s announcement by NS on tonight’s Misreporting Scotland.

    The cold water deluge is in full flow on the 1pm news led by Sarah Laboursmith followed by the London lot.

    Only 14 minutes till today’s lunchtime PQ Lie Show.

  103. Takeour blueback says:

    I wish folk would remember we live in SCOTLAND, 2.5yrs is a F*CKING GENERATION 🙂

    #ScotRef Yes, let’s get this trending on Twitterland thingy!


  104. Vestas says:

    Delaying it won’t fly, nor will denying it.

    The ScotGov call an indicative referendum (which requires no permission) which asks “Do you wish the Scottish Parliament to dissolve the Treaty of Union with England?”

    I know that seems like silly language for a question but its specific for a reason. If the treaty cannot be dissolved then its illegal. England/Wales can’t risk that post-brexit as nobody would trust them on any interntional treaty – frankly they look dodgy enough already.

    It’d fuck them up massively in EU negotiations too – even without the international treaty aspects.

    Scottish Parliament decides question and timing. Nothing else is going to fly at this stage.

  105. jfngw says:

    Good old Severin demonstrating he doesn’t have the caliber to be Scottish editor. He proves it himself showing he’s incapable of reading a manifesto correctly. Express ‘journalist’ also used same line on BBC, but that was to be expected.

    BBC reports on news highlight the negative, even infer the cards are in Teresa Mays hands. Lets see what happens if they refuse, having 56 pro indi MP’s will give them something to think about. Also it removes Scotland’s resources from Brexit negotiations as they cannot guarantee to have then afterwards.

  106. Mike says:

    lets hope the Yes campaign remembers to state that there is no 15 billion Scottish deficit and NS Oil price didn’t crash instead of accepting both claims and trying to waffle around them.
    Leave no lie unchallenged and lets put the No campaign on the back foot by reminding people how bad the UK economy is by highlighting the TRUE 8.6 Trillion debt obligation the pension black hole the warmongering the austerity the lie about pooling and sharing the wealth gap the privatisation of the health service.
    Lets not allow them to get us bogged down about meaningless currency arguments.

  107. David p says:

    Radio 4 news…

    UK politics editor
    Scotland editor
    PM statement
    Jackie Baillie
    Ruth Davidson

    Still waIting for an SNP voice.

    Remarkably unbiased so far… Keep it up, chaps!

  108. Les Wilson says:

    Any links to Nicola’s speech?
    Heard it on radio but questions were cut short.

  109. Ann says:

    I agree with other posters that there should be independant observers all the way through.
    Postal votes do not leave the country nor should they be counted until the same time as all times.
    They and proxy votes should only be permitted under exceptional circumstances.

  110. Hamish100 says:

    In topic.

    Small nation identified as terrorist state by Grodon Brown and co during the financial crash they helped to create is in a financial uplift.
    Name of the country Iceland. Even further out in the Atlantic than us. Shows the benefit of a small nation controlling its financial affaires.

    We have the option of another 20 years of Torry austerity hitting the weak the infirm and poor.

  111. Effijy says:

    I’d like to remind people that a previous survey suggested that 2021 was the optimum date for ScotRef 2 as so many of the elderly citizens who still believe the garbage that is presented as fact
    in the media will have expired and been replaced with young Scots
    who want to have a say in running their own country.

    The later the better while we are still in the EU.

    Happy to see Westminster jumping off the EU Cliff into Oblivion, when not holding Scotland’s Hand.

    Can you see English manufacturers all relocating to Scotland to avoid excessive tariffs trading tariffs with the EU.

    Just hope that we have enough room for all those financial companies bringing their Brass Plaques up here from London.

  112. sandycraig says:

    Brilliant news today.

    Also congratulations to Stephen Gethins our NE FIFE MP on Sky News. First class interview replies, never flustered. This guy is fast becoming a star in politics.

  113. DerekM says:

    Here is the best upload so far as i can find on youtube it misses the start though.

  114. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Paul Johnston of the IFS once again being trotted out by R4 news to regurgitate the usual “England subsidises Scotland” and “trade with England or single market” tropes.

    tRuthless getting her “no mandate” oar in. At least the prog has the decency to play back her own “Vote no to stay in EU” quote, which she dodges and has the nerve to accuse NS of “disingenuity”. Goes on to regurgitate Barroso. Threadbare bluster.

    Brexiteer Central in Downing St. has the nerve to call ScotRef “divisive”! Obsessed with the Brexit Bill, caught flat-footed. Nicola has played a blinder.

  115. ebreah says:


    Bring it on…asap….

    ebreah says:
    13 March, 2017 at 12:15 pm
    This Malaysian is elated! Scotland free or a desert!

    Please help convince my Malaysian neighbour? She has been conned by the Daily Express!”

    I am trained as an advocate/barrister. We are following the common law so are legal & political systems are a carbon copy of the Westminster one. Suffice to say our understanding of the UK is with a unionist slant. UK=England vice-versa. Westminster perfect, should follow etc. To compound the problem, most of us are suffering from the Malaysian version of the Scottish cringe, including yours truly. So if you are trying to convince your neighbour I suppose you have to attempt from this angle.

    It took me the first indyref to realise this, and that everyone of us in the planet is of equal worth. That is why I am very invested with Scottish independence; it is to break Westminster’s grip on the psyche and worldview.

  116. starlaw says:

    The yes campaign should go for project fear right away. The fear of being left in the UK. What do we want for our children, affordable housing, decent careers or stay with the UK and live in an old caravan whilst pulling leeks in Lincoln. The UK has nothing to offer

  117. Clapper57 says:

    Norman Smith BBC political correspondent stating Mrs May/UK Gov may NOT give permission for a second referendum … basically reinforcing the point that WE ARE ACTUALLY NOT EQUAL NATIONS/PARTNERS within this UK…..a point Ms Sturgeon’s mentioned today……aware though that his mentioning this was not a conscious reinforcement of Ms Sturgeon’s message……Bow Chicka Wow Wow….

  118. mumsyhugs says:

    The Rev’s fundraiser seems to be getting another wee lift! I wonder why?! 🙂

  119. Artyhetty says:

    Very good, Nicola Sturgeon has to look out for Scotland, and that is what she is doing. Just read Ruth Davidson’s comment on this on twitter. So she says that Nicola Sturgeon is not acting in the ‘interests of all of Scotland’. What a joker eh. She even says that N.S is not acting as first minister now she has announced this. Oh aye, so what you gonna do about it. Tory austerity, attacking the poor, the vulnerable. EVEL, taking us into a deep pit called brexshit. No thanks Ruthie.

    This time we actually do have the EU27 who will be watching very closely, and who will support Scottish independence.

    I saw someone mention proxy votes. There was a consultation a while back on what could be done differently, one thing, if I remember correctly, proxy votes will only be allowed by people who already have a vote themselves. So if you act as proxy, you have to be voting yourself as well. Hard to believe that wasn’t the case last time. If it makes a difference, which it might, because maybe last time, a person could go out proxy voting for more than one?
    That would have been very dodgy.

  120. Ken500 says:

    Daily Record has changed it’s tune.

    IR (5million pop) raises €50Billion in taxes. With higher pensions/benefits. A more equal society.

    Scotland raises £54Billion in taxes and has to pay rest of the UK loan repayments, on money Scotland doesn’t borrow or spend. Illegal wars, banking fraud and tax evasion. Westminster Unionist crooks.

  121. Titler says:

    Unsurprising, and completely understandable. A second referendum was obviously the right choice for Scotland. However…

    1.) Don’t assume Westminster is going to give you one.

    It would be catastrophic in Scotland if they didn’t, an appalling and deliberate ignorance of democratic principle. But who says you need Scotland? Westminster is elected across the Union, and the Tories are looking to have a commanding majority even without Scottish votes; from their perspective, they’ve nothing to gain, but everything to lose from allowing a second Referendum.

    Remember, Cameron only called the Scottish and Brexit referendums on the assumptions they were certain wins. The first he did win, but not as thumpingly as expected, and the second they actually unexpectedly lost, with the polls being seriously off on top of that. And now the Tories, especially Teresa May, are much, MUCH more cautious about what polls tell them, and what gambles they dare take. Why do you assume, with the polls for Independence even closer this time around, they’ll shoot themselves in the foot by risking a referendum that already looks iffy for them?

    And she’s already showing that determination to ignore simple questions of democracy in her actions; Everyone was saying that May should have called an early Election with Labour so weak, and the Tories needing a new mandate… and yet she didn’t. There was no need too. The public can grouse, but so far, seem unwilling to do anything to force the issue.

    They may do the same for the Referendum too. Watch closely what May’s response is in the next few days; I’m not so sure as you lot are that this Lady won’t see it as a sign of virtue that she’s not for turning the question back to Scotland again.

    2.) You’re both assuming Europe means what they say when they declare the Four Freedoms are non negotiable…

    Which incidentally, I believe that they do. But the base underlying assumptions for the increased Indy support are that Scotland will be worse off outside of Europe because the UK won’t be able to pick and mix, whilst the Tories are assuming they somehow can bully Europe into letting them. And yet at the same time…

    3.) … but also that Europe doesn’t mean what it says when it talks about the inviolable nature of nation states.

    The video below referring to the policy of Spain categorically was talking about Scotland reapplying, not staying in. Because otherwise then the situation actually would be tricky for Spain with regards to Catalonia; There is no mechanism for sub-parts of a member state that is leaving to stay in; to set one would be to officially support any separatist movement anywhere, which doesn’t make any sense from a European Union perspective.

    There is however provision for newly independent ones to come back. Spain’s view is that Catalonia is never having that independence, and they plan to make sure of that, but acknowledges Scotland might get it from the UK, so the two are nothing alike from their viewpoint.

    Of course, Spain is not the whole EU anyway. Or even its core, which is really still France or Germany. And they may make it very easy for an Independent Scotland to come back. But you’ll have to be both Independent and Out for that to happen. You really will; you’re cherry picking hopes as badly as the Tories there to take a video saying you will have to reapply to mean you can stay in. Even the SNP understands this is one of the EU’s hard lines, as the second Indy Ref has been sensibly positioned in time to provide an Independent answer to that, but…

    4.) Project Fear will be back, and it’ll be more convincing than ever.

    Yes, we all know the Tories are talking bollocks about the absolutely certain land of milk and honey that awaits us beyond Brexit. But then, we knew that about the £350m for the NHS too. Didn’t we? Didn’t we?. Apparently not enough of us did.

    And when it turned out to be lies, and the Nasty Party doubled down on the Nasty… they got more, not less popular. Don’t assume that growth in support for Independence now, when sensible people can see the future is going to be terrible will last through the period when awful people make it quite clear just how awful they intend to be, and that future becomes the present… and this time with oil revenues seriously down, eh, hint hint?

    My view is the EU will give a reasonable deal to an Independent Scotland. But an Independent England quite possibly won’t. We had this argument during the first Indy Ref, and Nationalists got it horrendously wrong by dismissing reasonable fears in the face of obvious malice.

    The malice is going to be even more direct this time around. Don’t discount it a second time.

    5.) But the UK is also going to be screwed post-Brexit.

    We’re not going to get a wonderful a-la carte menu from the EU. It’s nonsense to suggest we will. So Scotland will be faced with an awful alternative anyway. The question is… how bad? And we can’t know that yet. I don’t think the Government themselves show any signs they understand what they’re actually committing themselves too, so how can we the electorate have any clue?

    But in that sense, it’s also going to be Westminster that drives the pro-Independence votes too. I know you want to believe that people just didn’t get your arguments enough last time; the reality is though they did, they just aren’t as convinced of them as you are. You can’t work harder this time to convince them more; your arguments were already as honest and heartfelt as they could be.

    What I think might swing it towards Independence is the same blindness to consequences that Westminster shows now could lead them to honestly committing on the claim that “No deal is better than a bad deal” and not understanding that for everyone else, who has to actually try and live on No Deal, it’s not.

    I think this time it’ll come down to just how much the electorate will feel they’ll get a bigger beating if they stay than if they go.

    Summing Up Then:

    Donald Trump is the President of the United States. That actually happened. The response to declining economic equality and political engagement was … to elect Trump.

    So in this world, you’d be a fool to think “Obviously we can rely upon people to judge which is the clearly worse alternative.”

    We’ll get in inclination in the next few weeks if Westminster does want risk asking you to choose again, but it’s going to come down to which Scotland fears more I suspect. Don’t ignore the Fear this time, and that responses to it aren’t rational.

  122. gus1940 says:

    They really are desperate JoJo attacking Stephen Gethins because The SNP have a web site up and running even before Nicola delivered her speech – What a nerve – is there no depth of evil that The SNP will not plumb?

  123. Macart says:


    ‘caught on the hop’

    A goodly number of the assembled and wider yoonitariat filled a great deal of column space and broadcast time by declaring the FMs stance a bluff over the past nine months.

    I’d guess they turned up today expecting some sabre rattling and a last call to ‘listen up’. They could then return to their desks and/or twitter and right up another ‘bluffing’ piece.

    There’ll be some serious egg on face across the meeja and assorted punditry at this moment. (shrugs)

    Perhaps if they’d followed the idea that action has consequence and legality has procedure, they could have saved themselves a bit of embarrassment.

    Onyhoo. It shouldn’t haved mattered to them whether an indyref is winnable or not, whether its wanted or not. Only that it was right that it should be in place and that the Scottish electorate get the say on what happens next.

    They simply couldn’t stop themselves from acting as they have. Their choice.

  124. Macart says:

    ‘write up’. Heh. 🙂

  125. call me dave says:


    Thanks very much for that link to NS.

    Went to the Qs in the last part and she did well.

  126. K1 says:

    Bring. It. On.

    We are more prepared than we ever could have believed this time round, 5% swing from soft no’s is all we need.

    Let’s do this. This time: Let’s finish this.

  127. galamcennalath says:

    Yoonery seems to still be in denial across the board … ‘it isn’t needed’, ‘it isn’t wanted’, ‘it won’t happen’, ‘it will be stopped’.

    Or those Yoons thinking wishfully ahead … ‘you won’t win’.

    It’s going to happen guys! Get used it it!

  128. mike cassidy says:

    I saw a “say no to a second referendum” stall in Cowdenbeath at the weekend.


  129. Mike says:

    Just watched Fluffy on Sky news and it cheered me up no end.
    I thought I was fit to explode until I saw Fluffy visibly trembling with badly concealed apoplexy.
    It was interesting however that he kept repeating when asked that there “COULD BE” another referendum but he believed there “SHOULDNT” be one.

  130. Dr Jim says:

    They say Nicola Sturgeons announcement comes at the worst possible time…well, they created the worst possible time

    Do they think if they keep saying nobody wants it, nobody wants it, nobody wants it they’ll all be back in Kansas with Aunty Em and it was all a dream

    It’s a slam dunk as they say in Kansas

  131. Capella says:

    @ Maren – existential it is, for us all. Here’s the Daily Record link archived. Alex Bell is hedging his bets now having found himself outside the tent. Contains one or two actual pieces of information while criticising Alex Salmond. Did they have a big fall out?

  132. Vince says:

    Message to self
    Those of us who stood and watched others do all the work the last time (myself included)must get out there and help make independence happen this time.
    Oh to wake up one morning in the near future to an independent Scotland!!

  133. galamcennalath says:

    Macart says:

    they turned up today expecting some sabre rattling and a last call to ‘listen up’.

    That is certainly how the pre announcement reports were framed.

    There was one on the BBC quoting Brian Taylor where he clearly didn’t expect this. I can’t find it now!

  134. Richardinho says:

    By chance I got a spec for a job in Edinburgh today. Seriously considering moving back up so as to take part in the founding of a new country.

  135. gus1940 says:

    Long before a single X goes on a ballot paper the following must be sorted out:-

    Electoral Roll:-

    To eliminate the fiddling of the roll which in its return opened up The Postal Vote to Electoral Fraud the record for every person allowed on the roll must contain their NI. No. and if it is necessary contact those currently on the roll without NI.No.before they can continue on the roll.

    If running their Roll record against The HMRC’s files matching on NI. No. shows a different address for Tax and NI purposes the record for the appllied address should be rejected and if necessary the reason for the application/inclusion investigated.

    Postal Votes:-

    It is obvious that the PV was fiddled last time but the tightening up of The Electoral Roll should go a long way to sort that problem. However, it is essential that all processing/counting of postal votes be carried out in the relevant constituency under strict supervision and separate totals be announced for Postal Votes and Polling Station Votes.

    The practice of political parties harvesting proxies and postal votes from Residential Homes and similar institutions must be strictly regulated and discouraged. I’m not sure just how this could be regulated.

    Exit Polls:-

    There must be Exit Polls in as many locations as is practical this time round.


    We must have truly neutral observers this time either from The EU or UN.

  136. Swami Backverandah says:

    Somewhere between autumn 2018 and spring 2019.

    Presuming it gets the go ahead.

    Is the difference of 6 months to allow for the timing for permissions to be given, etc.

    I’m thinking a 1 1/2 year campaign would be preferable to a 2 year from the permission, or do folks prefer a 2 year campaign?


  137. DerekM says:

    @ call me dave

    I think my fav part is when she scold the room and throws project fear right in their faces and tells them in a round about way that it is time they started telling the truth.

    She was a class act i can imagine westmister is raging just now,right on the eve of their big UJ pageant of brexit lies and flag waving 🙂

  138. Mike says:


    “4.) Project Fear will be back, and it’ll be more convincing than ever.”

    No absolutely NOT!

    They’ve lost the EU argument

    they’ve lost the currency argument the value of the pound is severely diminished because of Brexit.

    They’ve lost the economic argument. After 7 years of imposed austerity the UK is even further away from a surplus today than we were in 2010.
    The UK debt now stands in excess of 8.6 trillion.

    They’ve lost the business exodus argument as businesses declare they are upping sticks and moving because of Brexit.

    They’ve lost the NS Oil argument as the forecast has the Oil price to reach in excess of $60 by the end of the year.

    So what do they have left? They will harp on about a “Forecasted” made up 15.8 billion deficit which can be proven to have no connection at all to an Indy Scottish economy but can be proven to be nothing but a forecast of UK Government spending choices outwith Scotland.

  139. Proud Cybernat says:

    On the edge…

  140. gus1940 says:

    Unionists – Just ‘Running Scared’ – Copyright Orbison 1961.

  141. Mike says:

    gus 1940

    Absolutely spot on. But in order to get the section 30 a fair bit of compromise over the control of the referendum may have to be given over like it was the first time.
    The UK Government will insist it is held under the supervision of the electoral commission again who will once again fail to put in proper protections for the postal vote and probably fail to arrange any exit polls.

  142. Swami Backverandah says:

    @Dr Jim
    “It’s a slam dunk as they say in Kansas”

    The Unionist splutterers are “all hat and no cattle”, as they say down in Texas. 🙂

  143. HandandShrimp says:

    I see Patrick has said he welcomes the announcement and they will support the move in Holyrood. Never in doubt but it nails the necessary majority. Tomkins can look even more annoyed than usual now 🙂

  144. Stoker says:

    Ooooh, Matron, it’s all going on!

    Seriously, NOW is the time for the Greens to release a formal statement fully and unconditionally supporting this move by the SNP Government. Any dilly-dally procrastination on this matter by them should be viewed with utter disdain by us.

    Nicola is playing an extremely clever tactical strategy here and if the Greens, or anyone else, attempt to play the me me me card above the best interests of Scotland then we should treat them on the same level as the LibLabCons.

    Get on board NOW or be drowned by the resultant floods.

  145. Vestas says:

    The number of people who will believe “Project Fear 2” has greatly declined – after all the brexit version cost Gideon his job and backfired.

    I expect we’ll get a lot of shite about “Russian hacking/interference” in the media. Again the number of people believing that declines – after all GCHQ & monitoring stations are often literally “down the road”.

    Economy – didn’t collapse without oil revenue, time to start pointing out that without oil its still a positive situation given some tax revenues/duties on Scots goods aren’t fully repaid now.

    We’ve done this before. This time we can do it better 🙂

  146. Quentin Quale says:

    Great speech, great timing, great news. Really looking forward to an upbeat campaign countering the Union argument which will probably consist of, erm, well, not quite sure as pretty much all the previous ‘arguments’ are now shattered.

  147. Breeks says:

    Done my “Unionist of the day”.

    Cosy chat with a No voter who had no idea what they were dealing with. Mooohahaha.

    I won’t transcribe the conversation, but the gist of it went something like….

    No mandate eh? Dear God, after 3 centuries of subjugation Scotland has a mandate for open revolution, nevermind a referendum. We should thank our lucky stars we’re doing this with the ballot box and not painting our faces blue as a prelude to murdering one another like the good old days.

    Brexit is enough trouble. Is it? Divisive eh? Did you vote for Brexit? No. Well then. That “division” is what keeps you on one side and Nigel Farage and Brexit Allstars on the other, and long way that division continue. When it’s them and us, it’s the “them” that’s picking on immigrants and giving them dogs abuse. But you voted for Europe, so it won’t be hard to convince you Brexit is catastrophic. Trade Agreements with the EU and 170 other countries fed through the Brexit shredder. It’s what??? £10 a pint in Norway? Nae worries. Once Brexit bites it will be £30 a pint. Not that you’ll be visiting of course, not without a passport and visa. And some travellers cheques in Euros. And you’ll need to drink whisky instead. That’ll be cheap, because it will me made in China and just sold as “Scotch”.

    By the way, did you know “£10 a pint Norway” has a $600 billion capital fund paying out more in interest that they make from their oil? That is, in addition to what they make from their oil. While we’re on about oil, did you ever sit down and read the McCrone Report? Well I heartily recommend you do.

    Ach the oil is nearly done anyway. Ach well, mibees aye, mibees naw, but at least we have Scottish Renewables on the up. Limitless potential, clean renewable energy we can sell to Europe. Pity about the investment being limited in renewables while Westminster can sink billions into nuclear at Hinckley. Aye, you’re right. Fukushima is a kinda ironic name.

    My little Unionist buddy was getting a bit quiet now. Kinda thoughtful looking.

    Mercy? Nae chance.

    Aye, and don’t think that big juicy American Trade Agreement with Trump is coming to the rescue. You know who’s in the driving seat there. It’s those big US Healthcare and Insurance Corporations wanting to get their grubby paws on the NHS, aye even Scotland’s NHS. Aye, and it’s some rescue package when Brexit UK is over a barrel and having to agree to deregulated Banks, foodstuffs and procurement. But hey, I’m sure it can’t really be that bad. Can it? £20 just to see the doctor. Free prescriptions? Think again son. You won’t call an ambulance, you’ll phone your accountant.

    You might be glad to pay £20 just to see a doctor, if all the foreign doctors up sticks and leave the racist UK…

    Think I had him pretty much cocooned by this point. And he never felt a thing. Aye well, must get on, with a big smile on my coupon….

    Think I’ll stamp the old fuselage with one more “probable”.

    And all because, the lady loves referenda….

  148. Capella says:

    Glenn Campbell tweets that the SNP already has a NewRef website up and running:

  149. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Stoker @ 14:13,

    There is no way Nicola would have said what she did this morning without being totally sure that the Greens will back her up 100%.

    It’s that important, so nae worries oan that score, mate.

  150. Arbroath1320 says:

    Just for you Gus. 😉

  151. GrahamB says:

    There’s a lot of noise from the London based pundits that May can influence the Section 30 order by demanding her terms and her date. They seem to have forgotten that May will soon be embroiled in negotiations over her Brexit deal. OUR friends in Europe will not take kindly to her attempting to manipulate the terms of our referendum so her hopes of a good deal will be scuppered.

  152. Arbroath1320 says:

    For me if any NO vote suppoerter comes up to me and spouts any of their “what about the oil?” shite then I’ll be spouting THIS straight back in their soor puss face!

    For me that is job done on the oil question!

  153. Iain says:

    Brilliant news!
    Already seems to be soiling the Tories underwear.
    This time we need international scrutiny of votes to prevent any dirty work.

  154. jdman says:

    Does this mean Aa kin pit up ma new YES SALTIRE noo.
    the auld wan looks as its been at the Alimo!:)

  155. galamcennalath says:

    So, Brexit no longer, it is about to become Engexit.

  156. jdman says:

    Alamo dammit!:(

  157. geeo says:

    Oh the perfection of the timing….!

    (Day one, EU negotiations).

    TM. “We want x,y,z trade deal, we will safeguard fishing rights in the North Sea for EU fleets…”

    EU. “Emm…since Scotland is having an indyref, that is no longer in your gift to give”

    TM. “Bugger” !!

  158. old highlander says:

    Mayhem will be spitting buckets of venom now.


  159. Ian McLean says:

    Few quid more on the way for more books!

  160. geeo says:

    Davidson having a meltdown on Sky News…har har…!!

    Calling the indyref in 2014 a “huge majority”, much to the amusement of the news anchor…!

  161. jdman says:

    I bade my wife “find and raise the YES flag wife”
    then I ran like hell!

  162. call me dave says:

    Unusually, comments open on Aunties website….don’t wonder why folks, it’s all to do with the well known fact that it is used to frighten the unwary Scottish person seeking info on independence as an option. 🙂 Aye right!

    Too much uncertainty this independence but everything Brexit is hunky-dory.

    The comments below the line are just pure vile… init! 🙂

    Same in the Hootsman by the way.

    Had a wee listen to Prof Tomkins on Beattie’s shortbread.
    Cheered me up no end…

    Beattie ” Should T. May refuse to allow a referendum”?

    Prof T. “I refuse to answer yes or no to such a complicated question”
    1hr and 14m in.

    from WoS Twitter.

  163. Bob Mack says:

    Every unionist and their granny saying there is no appetite ,nor indeed support for a referendum. Which raises the question
    Why are you so frightened of having one then when you are so sure you will win ?

  164. Vestas says:

    Can I just say I love the timing of the speech.

    It offers encouragement to English MPs/Lords to “do the right thing” over the next few hours.

    They won’t.

  165. gus1940 says:

    Watching The Ruthsfuhrer on Sky News it would appear that Nicola has really hit her where it hurts and she is raving and spouting all the usual lies and distortions.

    Hang on to your hats folks as it is going to be a real dirty fight with The Forces Of Darkness pulling out all the stops on their well honed repertoire of underhand devious and dishonest practices.

    All in all it would appear that our colonial master are somewhat less than overjoyed following Nicola’ – GOOD!!! announcement

  166. Macart says:


    You have to sleep sometime. 😮

  167. gus1940 says:

    Comments allowed on the BBC News Site and reading the first couple of dozen they are well down to Daily Mail and Daily Express standards.

  168. geeo says:

    Apparently we will be OUT of NATO…!!

    Brilliant..that decides the nukes issue then. They will HAVE to be moved.

    Guy on news is a comic.

    “If Scotland was independent the ruk would not WANT TO keep Trident in a country no longer part of the uk…”


    NATO. “you are out”.

    Nicola. “Ok, tell WM tae get their nukes tae fuck then on day one after a YES vote, and oh aye, keep yer BATO Ships OUT OF SCOTTISH WATERS, we slending those waters to Russia for “training exercises, just for the laughs”.

    NATO. “Bugger”!!!

  169. mogabee says:

    Rather looking forward to FMQ’s this week. It could turn out to be a belter!

  170. Clootie says:

    +. +

    ….it’s all been said!

  171. geeo says:

    *NATO not BATO…Lol…

  172. Calum McKay says:

    Great news indeed all, we know what is in front of us, let’s grasp he prize!

  173. Dan Huil says:

    Pure class from Nicola Sturgeon. Pure britnat BS from the bbc. Britnats really brickin’ it. They don’t like it up ’em!

  174. Arbroath1320 says:

    I know it’s STILL only Monday folks but I’m thinking PMQ’s on Wednesday could be quite “entertaining” in a whole myriad of ways. 😀

  175. Liam says:

    Thanks very much for that link to NS.

    I missed it live as I was at work but dammit I feel proud.

    I’ve already heard my first “She’s gone back on her word” whine from a coworker. I gave her the ‘circumstances have changed’ and the manifesto commitment argument and she just repeated the “She’s gone back on her word” whine. She’ll probably use that as her only argument until told what to to think by the Daily Fail.

  176. Bob Mack says:

    Scotland out of NATO ? What a pity NATO will not be able to monitor the main part of the Iceland gap then? You know, the bit where the Russian nuclear subs pass through our territorial waters on the way to the N Atlantic. Never mind.

  177. call me dave says:


    Even if the hutch door is left ajar some Scottish rabbits might not hop into the sunlight… it’s conditioning!

    Sometimes you can’t help. Let those rabbits stew!

  178. chalks says:

    Let’s get intae them!

  179. Titler says:


    They’ve lost the EU argument

    As I was typing my response, the EU has already clarified Scotland will have to reapply. There is no automatic grandfathering in.

    they’ve lost the currency argument the value of the pound is severely diminished because of Brexit.

    The issue of currency is not about it’s relative purchasing power only. It’s also about access to markets and border tariffs and… But weren’t you lot here demanding that England accept Scotland pegs its own currency to the pound? A pound that’s now weaker? The EU by the way is going to expect you to apply to join the Euro when you re-apply. Seriously, you’ve GOT to do better on currency and economics this time around, as that’s where you in large part lost the Referendum last time.

    They’ve lost the economic argument. After 7 years of imposed austerity the UK is even further away from a surplus today than we were in 2010.

    The whole point of Austerity is to use the deficit as an excuse to break the state. Paying it off was never the real issue.

    But it’s also irrelevant. As I tried to hint with referring to Trump, a second bonus of impoverishing people is that they vote for even further Right Wing policies; It’s utterly self defeating but when you starve people, they start fighting amongst themselves for the crumbs, instead of taking on the person with the cake.

    Do you really think a Government which never wanted Brexit, which is under no illusions it’ll be anything but a disaster, but is going to do it anyway for the side bonuses they like is going to suddenly discover morals or a conscience when it comes to Scotland… especially when they aren’t going to be held to account if they don’t?

    They’ve lost the business exodus argument as businesses declare they are upping sticks and moving because of Brexit.

    So losing access to a larger market makes business flee, yes? Guess which argument is going to be trotted out again about splintering the UK market…?

    It doesn’t matter that it’s utterly hypocritical to use it for this Government. They will use it, because now it works for them. Start getting ready to fight that.

    They’ve lost the NS Oil argument as the forecast has the Oil price to reach in excess of $60 by the end of the year.

    Of course it will; it’s a finite, and near exhausted resource. The price is bound to rise again eventually, as it gets harder to produce and there’s less of it.

    Again though, as Nationalists you want to imagine a wonderful future post-Independence… so oil is seen as a positive. But outside of your own bubble, people have wider perspectives; And if you don’t understand why that matters… quick, whose vote will the SNP need if it’s going to get a second Referendum bill passed?

    You’re one short of a majority; you need the Green Party to go along with you, don’t you? Which means also appealing to people who still care about climate change and the fact we all have to stop burning oil as fast as possible.

    The whole argument about oil was always a multi-facetted trap because it helped alienate the very allies you need in a liberal coalition. They get you on the economics, because it’s clearly naive bollocks to claim that Oil will always be a price good for Scotland, when it won’t be there long term anyway; but it also drives away those who say “Wait? Oil? What, still? Where’s the green tech?” too.

    Especially as now the Nationalist argument has shifted to “So oil is low priced, it doesn’t matter anyway…”

    So what do they have left?

    Lack of standards. Considerable political uncertainty. A much better (if cynical and manipulative) understanding of human nature. The ability to set the economic conditions to which Scotland will have to respond. An electorate that is increasingly disconnected and brutalised. The fact that all the emotional appeals to Flag, Nation, Culture, Scotland aren’t universal even to Scotland, and are outright disliked by the wider UK power structures…

    What you should be asking, and getting ready to clarify this time is… What does Independent Scotland have which will counter-balance that? Not just wishy washy “It’s bound to be better!”. That didn’t work last time. You lost the last referendum, remember?

    I’m still not sure you’re even going to get one this time; the response from May so far was;

    Only a little over two years ago people in Scotland voted decisively to remain part of our United Kingdom in a referendum which the Scottish government defined as a ‘once in a generation’ vote. The evidence clearly shows that a majority of people in Scotland do not want a second independence referendum. Another referendum would be divisive and cause huge economic uncertainty at the worst possible time.

    The Scottish government should focus on delivering good government and public services for the people in Scotland.

    I honestly think they’re considering calling your bluff and not authorising one; they’re certainly trial-ballooning the idea that, as with everything else they want to resist, “it ties our hands with negotiations with the EU!!!” so you can’t have it.

    For a movement who supposedly remembers and loathes Thatcherism, you sure seem blind as to how badly they treated or just ignored Scotland back then. And now the beast is back… why do you think it’s changed its spots? They tested the Poll Tax on you, and ignored the outrage that resulted; testing “Just Ignoring Calls For Referendum” on you would hardly be beyond them…

    Evil unconstrained is so much more powerful than evil that feels it at least has to appear to be good; I think the Tory ID is off the leash now, and it’s loving the freedom to be as Nasty as it is.

    Unless as I said, staying with the UK clearly gets the electorate screwed even more. But Westminster isn’t going to admit that now, is it? They’re going to tell you all about the immigrants and scroungers whose fault it is you’re getting screwed.

    And that, horrifyingly, seems to be working just well enough to let them keep on getting away with losing the arguments but winning the votes.

    I don’t doubt that everyone here wants to genuinely see an improvement in the lives of ordinary Scots. What I don’t get is why, even when you know you mis-read the electorate last time, you all seem so personally determined to do it again. Yes, to get out on the streets and campaign you’ve got to be personally positive, upbeat, focused etc… but the electorate doesn’t believe in that. What’s driving the higher support for Indy is they think they’re also going to get screwed even if they stay now. And just telling them they’re not, ever, Independence is completely, always good is going to backfire a second time too.

    Don’t do that.

  180. Andrew Parrott says:

    No Mrs May, politics is not a game. But it is you who needs to understand this not the First Minister.

  181. Vestas says:

    @Bob Mack 2:56 pm :

    “What a pity NATO will not be able to monitor the main part of the Iceland gap then? You know, the bit where the Russian nuclear subs pass through our territorial waters on the way to the N Atlantic. Never mind.”

    They haven’t been able to do that in any sort of effective way for at least 15 years.

    NATO is (IMHO) toast inside a decade given Trump and Erdogan. Apart from the UK (which swallows what its given) I can’t see NATO surviving past 2030. France will run a Euro force designed to defend rather than attack. Germany can’t do it because of the past.

    Not any sort of argument against indy you understand but I think you might not understand how much the balance has tipped on this.

  182. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Well, the popcorn has certainly hit the fan now!

    Interesting to note that all the questioning by the likes of the BBC is about tactics: “with polls as they are, do you have the numbers to win?” and all the usual political suspects are still banging on, desperately behind the curve, “Scotland doesn’t want another referendum” and “once in a generation”, all of which completely fails to rise to the occasion.

    Nicola’s fundamental point is unanswerable: we have been taken to a crossroads we didn’t ask to be brought to, but now we are, and we have to decide for ourselves.

    It’s not about devious SNP plots or shallow political calculations of advantage, it’s a truly existential question about Scotland’s future that we all now have a duty to address and answer.

    In her words and deeds today, Nicola has shown that she is a stateswoman of the first order, whereas her Unionist opponents reveal themselves to be no better than tawdry and third-rate.

  183. Chick McGregor says:

    May’s had her spotlight Nicked. 🙂

    Europe – start love-bombing us.

    Watch out for more desperate measures.

    Black Ops – the return of the SNLA
    Supreme Court – backing Westminster refusal if required.

    Anything is possible from those psychos.

  184. Robert Louis says:

    So, here’s a wee challenge for the blatantly biased and anti-Scottish BBC. Tonight on the main and BBC ‘news’ bulletins ‘where we are’, let’s just see, are you going to be balanced or not?

    Will we now see balance on Question time or not – representative of the SNP as third largest UK party, and UKIP with just one MP? Are we going to see balance on the ‘papers’ reviews or not? Will you call the Scottish Government by its correct name? Will you make clear when you are speaking about the Scottish Government or the Scottish Parliament or the SNP political party?

    Once we see how it is going to be, then the people of Scotland can be sure that paying a tax to get anti-Scotland/rule britannia propaganda on the telly via the BBC is just a waste of money.

    My guess is, the BBC will be just as blatantly biased, uninformed and propagandist as last time. Nothing has changed. Nothing. Liars each and every single one.

  185. William Wallace says:

    Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssss!!! Woop Woop 🙂

    Let’s get this party started. Did Mayhem honestly think Nicola was bluffing? Naive or what?

  186. jfngw says:

    Teresa May gives interview, looks uncomfortable and gives a lot of meaningless twaddle as a statement. Didn’t answer if she would stop it but hinted she might. Go on I dare her.

  187. Dr Jim says:

    Welcome to BBC Scotland politics

    We’re going to start off by posing many hypothetical questions to which we’ll give speculative heavily biased against Independence answers but by the time we’ve finished you’ll have forgotten that we used the words hypothetical and speculative and believe what we have told you are indisputable truths, facts, and all that you need to know about Nicola Sturgeons assertions

    See how we did that again with the word assertion

    Oh Oh and while I’m at it the UK wouldn’t “allow” their nuclear deterrent to be housed in a foreign country apparantly, even if we don’t want it we can’t keep it, well we can till they find somewhere else to put it, even if we don’t want it, although they don’t have anywhere at the moment, but just so we’re clear it wont be ours coz we’ll be foreign and reasons and stuff but …well right then…coz! and that’s it! they say! the end!

    Bags me a shotty of the lego efter you then afore the bell goes…here’s the teacher comin!

  188. Chick McGregor says:

    May’s had her spotlight Nicked. 🙂

    Europe – start love-bombing us.

    Watch out for more desperate measures.

    Supreme Court – backing Westminster refusal if required.

    Anything is possible from those psychos.

  189. dakk says:

    Great news.My breast is all aflutter.

    This time I may have to play along as a No voter to preserve what’s left of my 90% Yoon clientele.

    Aye right !

    Let battle commence.

  190. Bob Mack says:

    I think the whole argument has gone beyond only finance. We are in the grip of one of the most radical Tory governments since Thatcher. If you listened to what Nicola actually said, you would be clear that it is the intention of Mrs May to remove powers from Scotland over devolved issues. Our NHS would be like England’s and possibly our education and other public services. We may also lose our powers to mitigate for austerity. E. Bedroom tax etc.
    That is now the main issue. Do we really want a Scottish government doing nothing more than acting as a mouthpiece for Mrs May.

    I think that will focus minds.

  191. dandy dons 1903 says:

    Robert Louis

    The problem for the likes of the BBC and others is that liars like themselves dont change. Only the gullible and naive would take their word at face value, during the last indyref they showed enough not to be trusted a word on Scotland.

  192. Robert Graham says:

    It’s so simple even a yoon can understand it What’s the f/in point in wasting time and money voting,
    If at the end of the day we just get told what to do by people in another country what’s the point in any having any political parties or politicians here, it just hinders direct rule , Just think of the savings a whole parliament and several layers of government gone in a stroke.
    Mayhem is mad enough to try it .

  193. One_Scot says:

    Just made a donation to help Nicola with the referendum campaign,

    I mean, if I can’t help her to help my children, then really, what can I do?

  194. galamcennalath says:

    ” Scotland’s leader Nicola Sturgeon calls for second independence referendum before Brexit “ Sydney Morning Herald

    ” Scotland to seek post-Brexit independence referendum “ The Times of Israel

    ” Scotland’s leader seeks new independence referendum “ CBC

    Etc etc

    We have the world’s attention!

  195. jfngw says:

    Hilary Benn telling us on BBC that we don’t want a referendum despite majority of MSP’s will vote for it and 56 of 59 MP’s support it.

    58 of 59 MP from Scotland voted against a brexit referendum but we still got one. That is democracy in Scotland under Westminster.

    God no Alistair Carmichael, the proven liar, is now on the BBC.

  196. Arbroath1320 says:

    If my last link doesn’t work then perhaps this one will instead. 😉

  197. sarah says:

    I’m thrilled – literally jumping for joy hanging out the washing and yelling whoopee.

    I’d like Scotref THIS autumn, or preferably in the vacation so all the college students can vote. The sooner the better – Brexit terms will still be unclear and the Establishment will have enough on their hands.

    My wish list is also to have virtually no postal votes; for postal votes only to be completed on polling day. What does it matter if we wait for the result a bit – Northern Ireland count the next day. All this overnight and early stuff is hooey. And adds to the costs.

  198. Bob Mack says:


    Yes I know about the European defence forces, but recently the Heritage Foundation did a research paper on the Icelandic Gap and indicated that it was still an important factor in American defence planning, especially since recent Russian beligerance.

    What America wants from NATO, America gets, America considers the Icelandic Gap as being one of the most strategically important pieces of water for their security. Regardless of what Europe thinks.

  199. Dr Jim says:

    Breaking news from SKY “sources” have informed SKY that Nicola Sturgeon didn’t want to call a referendum Alex Salmond forced her into it

    Dear lord God all bloody mighty, how desperate are these people

  200. gus1940 says:

    Dirty Tricks Central leaps into action.

    Sky News reporting that Nicola didn’t want to declare for REF2 today but was pushed into it by Eck.

    Aye Right – she looked so unconvinced in her speech today.

    The Bad Guys in our wonderful media have been suggesting for some time that Eck Has been pulling Nicola’s strings – Total Bollocks of course.

  201. Mary McCabe says:

    I suspect if Theresa May responds at all to Nicola Sturgeon’s very thoughtful, powerful, comprehensive speech, it will be to say we can’t have an indyref2 until the Brexit negotiations are done and dusted and everybody’s wearing the T-shirt.

    She won’t permanently rule it out – just say “Not Yet”.

    Meanwhile she can gradually strip or at least compromise the current powers of the Scottish Government and hope that as austerity bites the people will become more – not less – fearful of change.

    She doesn’t have to even appear to take a democratic approach because to win future elections she doesn’t expect or need much in the way of votes from Scotland.

    Meanwhile she can maximise her support in England by promising to resurrect the old ties with the Commonwealth. In other words harking back to the time when half the world were our client states and Britain was given its imperial due.

    Can anybody suggest a ready response for if Theresa May says “not yet”? And either keeps saying it or simply turns her back.

  202. Desimond says:

    Oh Titler
    You were doing okay until the shambolic

    The EU by the way is going to expect you to apply to join the Euro when you re-apply

    Hasn’t hanging around here taught you anything?

  203. Sinky says:


    Did BBC ask Carmichael why they will vote against another Indy referenum when Scotland will have a democratic choice but still want a further UK referendum on Brexit.

    When will BBC actually challenge Unionist politicians on their claims that scotland is too poor and too stupid to run our own afffairs? Or even educate their own journalists.

    Alex Bell in Daily Record:

    “Scotland earns enough to pay for a decent, socially just society. In the last year, Scotland raised about £53billion in taxes. That is enough to cover the NHS, education, pensions and benefits without a single cut.

    It even covers debt repayments with billions to spare.
    That is not a surprise – our neighbour Ireland raises about as much in taxes and manages to provide health, education and social protection.

    What Ireland doesn’t do is pay for the remnants of empire in the form of a big defence budget, large embassies and the lot.
    And Ireland isn’t burdened by the costs of a ballooning global city (London) or foreign dependencies.

    What is really astonishing about the £15billion deficit figure is what it says about the profligate spending by the UK on services which do not benefit the working man and woman.

    Independent Scotland can afford to run all its core social services of health, education and benefits without a single cut. What it can’t do is afford to replicate the UK’s spending.”

  204. yesindyref2 says:

    “print more books”

    Och that’s terrible, my mouse slipped and my fingers twitched and I just spammed the board with a request for more money more money more money, how gauche of me.

    Yes, Sturgeon was bluffing, bring it on, Oh, I’m confused.

  205. sensibledave says:

    … is this because of the result of the rugby?

    Lots of discussion to be had now. I might become a regular!

  206. gordoz says:

    Sorry cant get euphoric over this news as there is a real fight to come persuading no’s / don’t no’s & didn’t voters.

    But have to say its Scotland or Hellfire this time make no mistake.

    Mays Britain will fight dirty, very, very dirty, they have to. End of the empire looms.

    Want a reminder – go and watch the movie Ghandi; pretty clear what the tactics will be this time.

    We really need to be ready and organised.

  207. One_Scot says:

    … is this because of the result of the rugby?

    Are you for real?

  208. Lochside says:

    Hallelujah!….a change is gonna come, oh yes it will! ( courtesy of Sam Cooke).

  209. Bob Mack says:

    Theresa May could have said “Not Yet”, but she didn’t. That is significant. She droned about tunnel vision,uncertainty,but did not say she would stop it.
    Corbyn said the same because he knows the implications of saying no, as do the Labour party.

  210. yesindyref2 says:

    Yeah, just read Sturgeon’s speech in the Independence supporting The National, perfect in every way.

    Indy Ref 2 isn’t definite, the UK Gov might have a brain-fart and agree to the compromise plan and completely change its strategy over Brexit is Brexit, better no deal than a bad deal, ScotGov who are they, S******* where IS that exactly – is it somewhere up the A1 in the northern wasteland?

    And it’s “The timing of the Brexit negotiations is not within the control of the Scottish Government.” so it’s not neccessarily Autumn 18 / Spring 19 – it might have to be earlier!

    By the way, I have a little theory that relocating the Astutes to Faslane might be part of the UK Gov perparing to move Trident out of Scotland. Clearing out Devenport to allow redevelopment. Who knows!

  211. Robert Graham says:

    Kezia on BBC news just now sound muted but by the bulging eyes and the stoopid expression she ain’t Happy Happy Happy, oh she’s not H A P P Y oh dear never mind.

  212. Robert J. Sutherland says:


    Welcome back. It’s been a while. With rather more negativity now than I recall before, post-indy1, so do I perhaps detect a hint of jealousy that Scotland has just opened a new “out” that you won’t have?

    You have written so much so quickly that it’s hard for a slow-coach like me to respond in kind, but on one particular issue, it does seem that Mayhem is tempted to refuse a referendum. The main reason being the obvious one, that she has that sinking feeling that “yes” could well win this time.

    However, to refuse outright would also court political suicide, so there is now a chorus of “Scotland doesn’t want” and “once in a generation” from a co-ordinated bunch of the usual suspects in an attempt to stir up apathy and use that as a justification. Which just goes to prove how disconnected with Scotland this Brexit-obsessed little-Englander ToryGov has become, not to mention its Scottish little helpers. It’s all too little too stupid too arrogant too late.

    Riding roughshod over an unsupportive Scottish electorate a la Poll Tax at such a sensitive time may sound like a cunning plan down there in the sunny south, but it will backfire spectacularly if attempted, I assure you.

    I’m amazed that you seem to think that you understand the workings of the Scottish body politic better than we do. Well, we’ll see…

    Oh, and as for a supposed “Barroso Doctrine” via the Graun – how absurd an elevation! Barroso was doing his pal Cameron a little personal favour and making grandiose ex-cathedra pronouncements on his own account that he had no authority to make.

    The mood music nowadays from the EU is already much in Scotland’s favour, and Alex Salmond was hinting very strongly in a TV interview this afternoon that the SG has remained in close touch on that matter. Once Art.50 is invoked, the EU’s position will become considerably clearer, and while it won’t be much of a surprise, I suspect, to the Scottish Government, it will likely prove to be just another nasty wake-up call for complacent old Brexitannia.

  213. Kelpie says:

    I saw today that 2018 is the Year of Youth in Scotland. It would be great to have the vote towards the end of 2018, with campaigning featuring the importance of the future and a strong youth voice.

  214. Dan Huil says:

    @Mary McCabe 3:34pm

    We hold a referendum regardless of Westminster, as Catalonia is going to do regardess of Madrid. Or we have a vote in Holyrood to end the union with England. Either way the so-called united kingdom is screwed. Other nations will be wary doing deals with a so-called united kingdom in a state of flux.

  215. Mike says:

    Its getting worse. Both the BBC and SKY are delving up Yoon upon yoon upon yoon to cry too wee too poor too stupid for Independence over and over and over.
    Heseltine followed by Ruth Davidson followed by pound shop Ruth Davidson saying the same shite over and over.

    Hell mend this country if it votes No again.

  216. Kupo says:

    Hear is the thing. I heard this from my non-poltical brother & mother before I heard it. That’s a first for me.

    I was also a bit surprised at the timing, like most of us on here I expected an announcement after A50.
    I think she called it to unsettle Mayhem at a critical point just before negotiations commence.

    My theory on this is: 1) To weaken her hand as to exploiting Scotland’s resources in negotiations as the EU will have heard about this I’m sure, thus permanently weakening they’re negotiating position and influence of “leaving as one nation” facade.

    2) To force Mayhem into negotiating on Scotland’s terms
    (Scotland’s place in Europe) with the ultimatum of an new-indy ref definitely happening to wake them up, or she still won’t give a damn, and the people will then know for certain that the people of Scotland are completely ignored in this so-called UK leading to absolutely no trust in what they say from then on out.

    Either way you look at this we come out on top regardless of changes in the future.

  217. Dan Huil says:

    Titler is Andrew Neil. Poor chiel.

  218. Quentin Quale says:

    Unbelievable – and so it begins. Sky running with the ‘Salmond pushed her into this’ line. Pathetic. Mind you, if that’s the best they can do…

  219. galamcennalath says:

    September 18th 2014 was the end of the beginning.

    March 13th 2017 is the beginning of the end.

    A’m fair champin at the bit!

  220. yesindyref2 says:

    Nice one! It’s going to need a lot of *gentle* humour 🙂

  221. Liz g says:

    One_Scot 3.43
    That’s a joke that’s going round Facebook…
    And FYI this vote and Campaign has nothing to do with that poster either, there’s nay vote ye see!
    So if I we’re you I wouldn’t buy the Union
    he is selling.

  222. sensibledave says:

    One_Scot at 3:43 pm

    I wrote “… is this because of the result of the rugby?”

    You wrote “Are you for real?”

    My response …. yes I am real, but I was joking One-Scot (being an Englishman based in the south east of England and within 15 mins of Twickenham at the moment!).

  223. Old highlander says:

    How will the question be worded…………

    That’s the question and wide open to trickery

  224. galamcennalath says:

    Good appraisal of the situation from Bateman ….

  225. Mike says:


    “As I was typing my response, the EU has already clarified Scotland will have to reapply”

    No it didn’t you’re stupidly lying. The EUs official position is to stay out of the argument until article 50 is invoked. What we’ve had is different EU reps giving different PERSONAL opinions. Some in favour of Scotland some against. NONE definitive.

    Joining the Euro is not automatic. A very strict criteria has to be met coupled with a “VOLUNTARY” application.

    So another stupid bare faced lie. You’re on a roll.

    “The whole point of Austerity is to use the deficit as an excuse to break the state. Paying it off was never the real issue.”

    Not seeing that as a case for Union. The official line is that austerity is “NECESSARY” in order to bring down the deficit. If we’re being lied to then why should we believe anything the UK establishment says about anything?
    Why are you pretending you believe what they say about Scotland and Scottish Independence if you yourself are pointing out their capacity for deception?

    “Of course it will; it’s a finite, and near exhausted resource. The price is bound to rise again eventually, as it gets harder to produce and there’s less of it.”

    Another stupid lie. The Oil and gas industry is telling us there is at least the same amount of Oil within existing fields as has already been extracted. And of course there is new exploration not only on the East coast but also positive indications on the West coast as well.
    Advances in technology is ensuring extraction and production is easier not harder.

    “The whole argument about oil was always a multi-facetted trap because it helped alienate the very allies you need in a liberal coalition. They get you on the economics, because it’s clearly naive bollocks to claim that Oil will always be a price good for Scotland, when it won’t be there long term anyway; but it also drives away those who say “Wait? Oil? What, still? Where’s the green tech?” too.”

    So now you’re arguing that Scotland having both Oil and gas in abundance and renewable energy sources is bad.
    It cant be a good thing that Scotland has an abundance of both.
    That more than anything tells me that yer a Yoon troll and no argument or truth will stop you spewing unadulterated pish.

    It doesn’t matter how well you try to articulate your words the utter vacuous dishonest rhetorical shite always shines through.
    The absolute corruption of your non case shines out.

  226. James Barr Gardner says:

    Scotland becomes Independent.

    England exits the EU.

    Northern Ireland vote for reunification and EU
    Ireland reunified.

    Gibraltar votes to become part of the Spanish Province of Cadiz.

    Isle of Man votes for reunification with Scotland.

    Channel Isles votes to become 102st Department of France.

    England and Wales bankrupt due to fall in trading with EU member states and have to sell the Falkland Islands and South Georgia to Argentina to raise cash.

    England finally scraps Trident and sells off aircraft carriers.

    England and Wales go into double dip recession despite selling off the family silver.

    England and Wales reapply to join the EU.

    Scotland Vetoes English Welsh application.

    England gives back the stolen seas and reparations for the years of theft from the Scottish People.

    Scotland lifts the veto but England is forced to adopt the Euro currency as they are broke, the loan is from Scotland and the rates are high due to England’s poor credit rating.

    When the dominoes begin to fall the arrogance will fall too!

  227. ronnie anderson says:

    Dan Congratulations to U & your Wife , we’ll re double our efforts in the coming year’s to make sure your wee boy & all future generations grow up in a Independent Scotland .

  228. yesindyref2 says:

    Okey-dokey, time to get out into the MSM forums, nice and polite, welcoming to more incomers, and confident but not cocky.

  229. Ian Anderson says:

    Just watched the whole clip, thanks for posting it btw.

    A masterful performance both for clarity and stateswoman craft.

  230. Arbroath1320 says:

    I think there will be a load of Yoons turning up at their local A&E departments after doing this today. 😉

    Oops, sorry I forgot the Yoons are privatising all their NHS darn surf. Ach well no matter THEY have plenty money to go private instead then. 😀

  231. Liam says:

    In my village here are already YES signs in people’s gardens that weren’t there this morning.

  232. Proud Cybernat says:

    *** BREAKING ***

    Theresa May to delay A50 trigger to next week. Was expected to be triggered tomorrow. (The Independent)


  233. Voshmid says:

    I have followed this Site for years now, I have donated to it, this is my first ever post and it is a short one: Scotland, you have been given a second chance, take it please and get off your knees!

  234. Polscot says:

    Titler’s link above takes you to the Gruniad, best not to give them the clicks. I made the mistake of clicking the link so apologies, however, the article states:
    Former commission president José Manuel Barroso set out the legal view that if one part of an EU country became an independent state it would have to apply for EU membership.
    Maybe someone with more knowledge on the subject than I have can say whether the UK has a country membership of the EU, or it has a state membership? I seem to recall that the UK is actually composed of two countries (one of them being Scotland), a principality and a dominion. So, if Scotland is already a country can it be a complete country as well as a part of another country at the same time? Or is the yoon hack writing a complete load of Michael White?
    The announcement from the First Minister in Bute House today is fantastic news. It is inspiring listening to the FMs message and measured delivery. Got to go for it now, I want my Scottish Passport!

  235. Dr Jim says:

    EU, Sorry Mrs May but you can’t bring Scotland into the negotiations until such time as the Scottish people decide to be Independent or not, and if Scotland should decide on Independence any future negotations will be with the First Minister of that country Nicola Sturgeon

    Kinda like you don’t speak for Scotland Mrs May

    Looks like the wee barra’s cut Mrs Mays legs aff
    Aye we’re all stupid in Scotland but the FM just monopolised everything in the UK in the space of half and hour

    If this was boxing we’d be well up on the cards and the UKs got a cut

  236. alistair says:

    Wings fundraiser just exceeded £100k on Indiegogo.
    Wonder what the next goal will be.
    There is going to be a whole lot of Establishment muck flying about in very next short while that will need careful monitoring / debunking.
    Methinks Stu might be kept busy…

  237. Meg merrilees says:

    Dan, Still positive- Congratulations on the new arrivals. It’s all for them now.
    What a time to be born!

    Donald Anderson Alternative second line:

    See the end of Westmin – STOOR (as in dust).

    Great posts everyone.
    Great reply Robert J. to Titler (misery guts)


    Heard Nicola’s brilliant speech – thought she sounded a wee bit nervous at the start- then I had to go out so i stuck on Radio shortbread in the car.

    Call Kaye was just finishing – 10 minutes left…

    ‘.. so what is the instant reaction to those of you listening at home…

    1st caller

    I thought it’s fantastic, bring it on. We should be indy and BTW you were very biased the way you delivered the information that Nicola would have to ASK WM’s permission. You repeated the phrase, over emphasised..biased…


    Don’t talk rubbish, it’s a live situation, I’m sorry if my presentation wasn’t perfect, ple -eez!

    Cuts him off.

    2nd Caller

    I think it’s fantastic, bring it on, we should be indy, WM are thieves, no respect for Scotland..

    Kaye, thank you and remember here’s our number if you want to call in with your thoughts..

    3RD Caller

    I think you’re a fantastic presenter BTW
    This is fantastic news, bring it on,…

    The poor lassie was stunned…

  238. yesindyref2 says:

    Ooops, a load of dummies just landed on my doorstep. Must have been spat out by a load of Unionist activists.

    The indiegogo WOS fundraiser now over £100,000 plus of course the offline of maybe £15,000?

    Next target 300% …

  239. Weechid says:

    Is there any chance it won’t get voted through the Scottish Parliament? Can we guarantee that all we expect to support this will actually do so? Just wondering.

  240. Arbroath1320 says:

    Proud Cybernat says:
    13 March, 2017 at 4:39 pm

    *** BREAKING ***

    Theresa May to delay A50 trigger to next week. Was expected to be triggered tomorrow. (The Independent)


    So THIS is what Mayhem does when the rug is pulled from under her. 😀

    I suspect she is doing a hell of a lot of this in 10 Downing Street today folks.

  241. Meg merrilees says:


    The UK had to provide a geographical definition of the United Kingdom to the EU.

    Haven’t got the link altho to has been posted here before…
    This is the WM definition of the UK:

    It is made up of two Countries:-
    England and Scotland;
    one Province – N. Ireland
    one Principality – Wales

    So, perhaps N.Ireland or Wales might technically be considered a member state, (although they are clearly countries ) Scotland and England as joint signatories of the UK are both countries and neither is a part of the other so I would suggest that we are ok there.

  242. sensibledave says:

    ah … and so it begins ….

    James Barr Gardner 4:15 pm

    James, would i be being overly sensitive if I read into your comment that you appear to be wishing a great deal of ill will upon English folk – you know, the ones that have never had a view on Scottish Independence?

    Can’t wait for the next person to tell me that they have nothing against the English… blah, blah

  243. Sandy says:

    Just received a begging letter from stranger to the truth, Ruth. Fortunately, had no copper change in my pocket.

  244. yesindyref2 says:

    Hi Sevvy! You’re well behind the times now lad, Barroso is long gone, and it’s different days for the EU and the UK, you need to keep up with the times. Anyway, the Commission does NOT get to vote, it gets to implement. You never did understand the difference between the EU institiutions. You probably read the Express too much, oh dear.

    You can see how it all works here:

    For information the current state of play with the EU Parliament seems to be that 3 of the groups have broadly indicated their support for Scotland’s membership of the EU, and that gives quite a large majority in the EU Parliament – though of course we shouldn’t be presumptious!

    I’m sure you’ll be delighted at this good news.

    All ra best


  245. sensibledave the 77 brigade troll will be seen a good deal more on this site from now on I think.

    Hey Dave are you an Army man in 77 or are you one of the specialist civilians they recruited?

    What is your operating shift system you all work?

    Is the name sensibledave used by one person or does a number of your colleagues use it?

  246. McDuff says:

    It is amazing and also pathetic that since the vote to leave the EU the MSM along with big business have been stunningly silent about the potential catastrophic financial effect on the UK. The expectation is that there will be no malice on the part of the EU towards the UK in negotiations and that trade will continue as before everyone remaining on friendly terms.
    Yet as soon the threat of Scotland leaving the UK becomes a possibility that same media hurls a continuous barrage of statistics suggesting Scotland`s economy would collapse and we would suddenly become a third world joke.
    Even more sinister is the daily announcement that the UK is Scotland`s biggest exporter the implication being that if we achieved independence then England would cease accepting our goods suggesting malicious threat. Yet arrogantly expecting exports from the UK to the EU to continue as before Brexit.
    Let us make no mistake indy2 will be a lot bloodier than last time as a NO win will put independence back 10 years at least and maybe for ever. The polls are neck and neck and we need another 10% if possible to make a win indisputable so we must make the public and especially the don`t knows aware of every lie and distortion that the Unionists will use. A serious crowd fund to produce a paper version of our amazing Stu`s WOS would be a great start.

  247. alistair says:

    I see that on they are aiming to raise £1M, of which £80k raised so far.
    I reckon Wings should go for £0.5M as this needs to be the big push.

  248. Clootie says:

    …Sky guff

    To try and push a story that Alex pulls Nicolas strings is laughable and highlights just how out of touch the London bubble unionist media are.

    She is her own woman! She will listen to anyone but her strength is her intent to act FOR the people of Scotland FIRST.

  249. call me dave says:

    Ian Murray on shortbread radio repeating the his looped tape message SNP bad and we’re voting against it in Holyrood and so is Corbym…er…since he clarified his statement.

    Where is big Brian and Kezia have they been karped on the sidelines.

    Oh speak of the Devil! … Kezia (recorded statement) Kezia SNP bad so much uncertainty.

    Oh Curtis now! (recorded) says country equally divided but some folk displaying hesitance and probably most folk don’t want a referendum.

    Oh wait…no SNP or Greens on yet! Funny old BBC world init!

  250. Famous15 says:

    I am ready for ScotRef and recall some of the minor mistakes that put people off. I contributed to a campaign film and proudly went with my wife to the premier only to find a well known figure
    using profanities in the intro.

    My wife was very angry. ” Is that any example for the grand children?”

    My point is always be polite however the opposition may try to enrage.

    We Can do this!

  251. Luigi says:

    Christmas Panto time 2017 is going to be interesting:

    “You don’t want a Referendum!”

    “Oh Yes we do!”

  252. Dr Jim says:

    Kezia Dugdale complaining her timeline’s full of abuse

    Just checked, can find no such abuse, some dissent but no abuse not so much as a sweary word (unless you count DUH as abuse)

  253. Mike says:

    Jesus I’m going to explode if I watch anymore BBC Norman Smith. Fucking man is trying to dictate UK Government strategy and determine the direction Teresa May takes.

  254. Luigi says:

    I can’t wait for the Referendum debates.

    Who can the yoons possibly put up against oor Nicola?

    Please don’t say “Ruth Davidson”.

    Correction: Please say “Ruth Davidson”. 🙂

  255. Bill McLean says:

    Sent a text to BBC Radio 5 live earlier putting them right about why we’d rather be in EU than UK and how much we sent south and how much we got back and who subsidises whom. Had a call about 15 mins ago inviting me on to discuss on 5 live. Told the very nice lady that I considered the BBC to be a propaganda station, that they disliked us anyway and thank you but no! Now i’m wishing I had accepted but I suspect they’d have tried to ambush me. Fearty!

  256. Arbroath1320 says:

    Luigi says:
    13 March, 2017 at 5:16 pm

    I can’t wait for the Referendum debates.

    Who can the yoons possibly put up against oor Nicola?

    Please don’t say “Ruth Davidson”.

    Correction: Please say “Ruth Davidson”. ?


    Forget the leetle tankette commander … WE all want wee Kez to go head to head with Nicola. The pure entertainment value alone must be a score of 11 or even 12 on a score meter of 1 to 10! 😀

  257. robertknight says:

    Sandy says: 13 March, 2017 at 4:51 pm

    Just received a begging letter from stranger to the truth, Ruth. Fortunately, had no copper change in my pocket

    Do what I did – put the paper in recycling and put the pre-paid envelope, sans contents, in the post box.

    Hope they like paying to get their (sealed) envelopes back.

  258. Training Day says:


    I hear Dugdale, Rennie and Ruth Harrison have already declared themselves ‘undecided’ for the purposes of the first BBC Scotland debate for ‘undecideds’.

  259. Thepnr says:

    Game on then! Thanks Nicola.

    This time things are going to be very different, forget the polls for the minute because basically in online polls it’s the same people being asked all the time. Some appeared to have changed their mind but not a great deal.

    After all those they ask have bothered to register with the polling company in the first place. Generally I don’t think those being polled compose of enough young people or the less well off, also English people constantly seem to be over represented.

    The real big game changer though is going to be turnout, this I expect will easily exceed 90% compared to 84.6% in 2014. Look at how the turnout in the Quebec referendum changed dramatically between the first and second vote.

    Quebec 1980 Turnout 85.60% Yes 40.44% No 59.56%
    Quebec 1995 Turnout 93.52% Yes 49.42% No 50.58%

    Then there’s Scotland’s first vote:

    Scotland 2014 Turnout 84.6% Yes 44.70% No 55.30%

    A much better result for supporters of Independence than Quebecs.

    It also looks obvious that the increased turnout had a very positive effect for those that supported Independence in Quebec. I believe that this will be the case for Scotland too and we are starting from a much better base than them.

    The under 24’s were the most likely demographic to vote YES along with C2DE voters, our less well off Scots, these two groups were Independence’s biggest supporters. We can also count on a hell of a lot more support from EU citizens living in Scotland, a great many of whom wouldn’t even have considered voting in a Scottish referendum.

    The Unionist biggest supporters were ABC1, aka the wealthiest and the over 65’s and you can almost guarantee than more than 90% of them turned out and voted NO last time. In my view increased voter turnout on a second referendum will disproportionately help YES compared to the NO’s.

    Possibly by quite a large amount and I believe aiming this time for a 55/45 Yes/No split is actually realistic.

    Know what anyway? I really and truly believe that we’re going to win this time 🙂

  260. Famous15 says:

    NATO Secretary General should just look at a map and see the strategic position of our wee country. NATO is not the only alliance available.

  261. Cactus says:

    Gauntlet duly picked up, grasped, then thrown back to sender.

    Sockin’ it to em new Scotref style (digital count-up clock)
    Time elapsed:
    6 hours, XX minutes, XX seconds


    Article 50 trigger day (digital countdown clock)
    Time remaining:
    0 centuries, 0 decades, 6 hours, 30 minutes, XX seconds (mibbies)


    New Scotref digital countdown clock comin’ real soon..

    We are in control.
    Great news X.

  262. Albert Herring says:

    We should all insist that the BBC register as a campaigning organisation for No with the Electoral Commission (assuming it’s involved again).

  263. Wullie says:

    This Union of equals. Where one partner has to ask permission from the other to do something. We only have a treaty with England. Scotland is not an occupied country. Permission is not required. End fkn of.

  264. John says: Now we need the money for fight like never before , we cannot afford to lose this one !!

  265. Vestas says:

    Everyone just calm down please.

    We have a vote for an indyref in ScotParl next week.

    We have a vote for Brexit in Westminster/Elderly Care Chamber this week (maybe).

    Its best to leave them to froth for now. Nothing has happened yet.

  266. Arbroath1320 says:

    Oh boy is Mayhem having just a TERRIFIC day today or what? 😀

    She is on the verge, allegedly, of triggering A50 and Nicola rips the rug from under her feet.

    Now it seems that when Mayhem goes to talk with the E.U. she is definitely NOT speaking for the WHOLE of the broken disUnited Kingdom and Northern Ireland either.

    Apparently moves are afoot to unify North and Southern Ireland.


    That was the noise of Mayhem shooting herself in the foot with a 105mm Howitzer! 😀

  267. Scott says:

    “The first is that the Scottish fiscal situation has got worse, relative to that of the rest of the UK, because the oil price has gone down.

    Am I not clever enough to understand this

    I keep hearing this but I thought all revenue from oil went to London and we got some pocket money back.

  268. yesindyref2 says:

    My idea is that NATO would probably play a part in post-YES negotiations over defence, acting as advisor and facilitator – and that those negotiations NOT be carried out by politicians but by people with defence at heart, including the integrity of current UK defence in terms of rUK + Scotland. No or little posturing allowed 🙂

    Meanwhile I’ve been enjoying myself over on UK Defence Journal, relatively politely fending off the off-topic “SNP Bad” posters, and trying to encourage a bit of sensible debate.

    It’s taking almost as long as it’s taking to design the Type 26.

  269. Ken500 says:

    May should have taken her own advice ‘stop playing politics’ with the Brexit.


  270. Spikethedee says:

    Theresa May being interviewed on television:

    We shouldn’t be playing politics iw the future of the uk.

    Yes, that was a Tory that said that…

  271. Spikethedee says:

    We shouldn’t be playing politics with the future of the uk.

    Bloody autocorrect.

    Don’t know how it managed to autocorrect to that, though!!!

  272. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Watching the BBC News. Fran and Anna almost in tears, because they are irrelevant and out of touch.

    Then, in comes Sheena Easton (Sarah Smith) to offer advice to Mother Theresa.

    BBC even-handedness. Aye Right.

  273. TheItalianJob says:

    @Scott at 5.48

    That’s exactly what I reply to my English friends who say the same thing about oil. Westminster takes all the tax regimes we get nothing.

  274. K1 says:

    ‘James, would i be being overly sensitive if I read into your comment that you appear to be wishing a great deal of ill will upon English folk…’

    Davey boy? You’ve been on this forum long enough to know the vast majority of those who post on here are not anti English, you’ve also been around long enough to know that we who support the proposition for Scottish Independence do so based on the democratic deficit et al.

    You aren’t being ‘overly sensitive’ Davey boy, yer actually ‘trolling’ on this occasion. Cut it out. Stop trying to attch ‘your’ projections on to our movement. You just come across as an absolute wanker when you play the ‘you are all ‘really’ against us English’.

    Give it a bloody rest, ya big fud.

  275. geeo says:

    Unionists in meltdown ….Yes punters turning up in droves at medical centres all over Scotland with identical symptoms…

    Painful sides and laughing hysterically…all after watching unionists on TV…!!

    Wee wullie rennie rumoured to have spontaniously exploded !!

  276. Capella says:

    Well that’s £95,589 raised on the NewRef website in a few hours.
    Looks like it has taken off like a Wings style fundraiser.

  277. DerekM says:

    lol maybe should have waited until tomorrow since it looks like we have scared mayhem back under the cabinet table.

    I suspect we will soon get a frenzy of do it now before we sign A50 in one last attempt to control the referendum.

    I just hope our EU friends do not mind the short delay but i suspect they will sneakily be having a chuckle about this.

  278. Flower of Scotland says:

    More money to Wings today and money to

    They are going to need lots and lots of money!

    Be generous.

  279. TheWasp says:

    Kez blethering nonsense wearing a tartan scarf, sleekit Willie blethering nonsense wearing a butcher’s apron/EU flag badge. Wallopers both of them

  280. sinky says:

    BBC ignoring the Greens while giving the 5th place party opportunity to attack self government. No balanced coverage

  281. Ian Brotherhood says:

    I still haven’t heard Mundell’s reaction. Poor auld Shaky Legs must be getting properly fed-up with all this malarkey.

  282. yesindyref2 says:

    Ah well, bunged £5 to the SNP ref fundraiser, now at £99,069. The big question is = will the SNP fundraiser AND the WOS one both reach £1 million before the end of March?

    Question – can I still get a beanie hat if I donate the required £55 after the fundraiser ends, April or even May?

  283. Bob Mack says:

    I have plenty against the English. Exclusively the ones that sit in the Westminster Government and the Civil Service.

    All the rest are fine unless they give me grief.

  284. Dan Huil says:

    I honestly can’t see the so-called united kingdom recovering from this – regardless of the ref result. As most of us said in 2014: the genie is oot the bottle and there’s nae chance it’s goin’ back in.

  285. mike cassidy says:

    James Kelly’s witty initial reaction to today’s version of “Call My Bluff”

    Would be funny to check out all those who thought NS was bluffing.

  286. DerekM says:

    Full mental madness from the yoons,watch that SNP bad propaganda spin out of control as they twist and turn themselves inside out with contradictory pish.

    Hilarious tories be popping veins all over the place in rage induced pish fests 🙂

  287. Marcia says:

    Missed all the excitement today.

    As we have Baby Boxes can the Yes campaign make up Pensioner Packs filled with material that debunks all the nonsense from the No side. They should be given to youngsters to hand to their Grandparents for them to discuss.

  288. DerekM says:

    I keep seeing stories like this one

    It is appalling so since i am not SNP i would like to ask all you guys who are SNP to ask the party to state that all people with ties to each other will be the first allowed back into indy Scotland if they so wish.

    Borders,states,countries should never and i mean never stand in the way of love since it has no borders.

  289. heedtracker says:

    Mind what it was like 19th Sep 2014, podium outside No.10, PM Cameron, “EVEL, EVEL all the way…”

  290. TheWasp says:

    Fluffy almost having a seizure on C4 news where the reporter started pushing for an answer on whether a scotref should be allowed.

  291. heedtracker says:

    Christ Fluffie and Carmicheal look terrible on C4 teatime news right now, Fluffie looks like he’s close to collapsing on camera.

  292. Lenny Hartley says:

    Thepnr good post but don’t forget three years worth of kids who are more likely to vote yes on the voters register. and at the other end of the scale the demographic least likely to vote yes are less.

  293. Cactus says:

    Did ye hear Kaye Adams on Radio Scotland this morning just before Nicola’s speech?

    Said they had to unfortunately interrupt their scheduled programme as they were “advised” to do so. That was nice of them.

    Prior to Nicola’s announcement, KA also sneeringly suggested that maybe Nicola was feeling “stressed”. She left it hanging there and immediately cut to commercials!

    BBC Ridiculing Scotland.

    The Juke-Box is on free-play tonight 🙂

  294. James Barr Gardner says:

    Yoons choking on “She (Oor Nicola) is doing that deliberate thing again and it’s just not fair!

    Get over westminster et al your deceit has you well and truly fecked.

    Meantime we’re on the March to Independence with more of everything this time, volunteers,donations,young folk,converted no’s,flags,EU citizens,information, just more, the more the merrier, Hope over Fear.

  295. old highlander says:

    How many of the young eastern Europeans will vote for our freedom now.

  296. Lenny Hartley says:

    Michael Crick talking pish on ch4 news re joining EU, called bingo after about 20 secs.
    Join the euro check
    Spain and Belgium veto check
    Back of the queue behind Bosnia check
    Etc etc

  297. heedtracker says:

    Terrible UKOK display bias on C4 news there from likes of Micheal Crick right now, so its fair to say C4 is not pro Scotland running Scotland. Thankfully not a lot of us believe any of them now.

  298. Stoker says:

    Robert J Sutherland (2:21pm)

    Aye, Robert, you know that, I know that and most other folk on here will know that but the majority out there may not be so sure. It’s all about eliminating any doubt.

    I’ve since seen clips of Patrick Harvie stating his support but despite that footage it then cuts to the BBC presenter *still* throwing doubt into the mix by using language designed to create uncertainty such as “..the Greens will probably support this..”

    Good grief, i yell, Harvie’s just bloody well telt yous they will be supporting this move. The sooner any doubt on any issue can be nailed then the sooner the debate moves on. We need to be fast on our feet whilst the propoganda machine needs to create and sow the seeds of doubt.

    We all know how they work and how they will operate but we must assume and act as if the majority out there don’t. It is ours for the taking, Robert, and take it we must. 😉

  299. Golfnut says:

    Lots of really stupid stuff in the media just now,the usual drivel regards oil, trade with the UK, EU etc etc etc. Right now, I don’t think this is directed at us. Ok we have BBC shortbread and the rest parroting the same nonsense, providing the 50% Yes voting electorate with the best laugh we have had for ages.
    Nope, if you listen to these London based clowns, you will see and hear the same style of reporting, as they do on say Syria or America or the EU. They are reporting this event as if they were reporting on a foreign country, the same level of misinformation, lies and spin as they used regarding the EU.
    This is about stemming panic, buying time. Right now, RUK businesses exporting to Scotland for instance in the oil industry, or the refineries, or the food processing plants, the banks, the oil companies themselves( Scotland is going to get a look at their accounts pretty soon) will be on the phone asking what the hell is going on. Thousands upon thousands of jobs in England rely on Scotland.
    RUK have just lost their biggest bargaining chip at the EU, and Westminster have just lost their cash cow. The majority in England are being kept in the dark about just how serious this is.

  300. Dan Huil says:

    @Golfnut 7:25pm

    Good perceptive stuff. Also, I have a funny feeling Westminster britnats and the britnat media in London actually believed all the “SNP have peaked” “no-one wants another referendum” crap given to them by the usual britnat lapdogs in Scotland. Hence the britnat panic.

  301. Les Wilson says:

    Tuned into RT a few minutes ago,and there was old Sillers spouting why would we opt for the EU when we have our biggest market next door? Time Jim took up fishing or some other calm sport, maybe bowling or something.

    He really is a bitter old man, but they seek him out don’t they.
    Why does no one every retaliate that Scotland is England’s biggest market it happens all the time. All Yessers need to remember that, it levels the field.

  302. gerry parker says:

    That’s a great idea the pensioners box.
    I’ll be looking forward to a wee miniature and a packet o peppermints in mine!
    Maybe some Baccy and pipe cleaners too.
    Oh aye and a nice new pair o slippers, lots of popcorn and a wee fiver to put a bet on the result again.


  303. yesindyref2 says:

    @Les Wilson
    Some people aren’t even sure Jim Sillars speaks for Jim Sillars.

  304. heedtracker says:

    C4 news, signs out, Pat Kane really good, positive, up beat, outward looking versus Alex Massie, Murdoch ligger, fibbing, threatening, scary, navel gazing and then even more threatening. What a choice for Scots now.

  305. crazycat says:

    @ Marcia

    We had “undecided packs” in 2014, which included a Wee Blue Book (of course!) and a copy of a letter from the DWP categorically asserting that there was no risk to pensions, amongst many other things.

    These were delivered to every person in the council area who had responded to canvassing by saying they hadn’t made up their mind. I don’t know what difference they made, but it’s certainly an idea which could be revived and even honed to address special groups like pensioners.

  306. Ian Anderson says:

    Stewart, why has my comment not appeared????????

  307. Ian Anderson says:

    PS – I don’t have a website – surely this isn’t a requirement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  308. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Stewart, why has my comment not appeared????????”


  309. DerekM says:

    Hmmm the grey tory brigade how to get through to them.

    To be honest on this one i think we should take a leaf out the yoons book and scare the crap out them but with facts not lies.

    I know it sounds harsh but it is what they seem to respond to ,must be a generation flaw that i missed voting for what scares you the least.

    Is that one of those British values things?

  310. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Tory Theresa Villiers MP on C4 news saying the “Scottish Nationalist Party” [sic] should “respect the 2014 referendum”.

    As if they have, the arrogant lying hypocrites.

    Ignoramuses, who can’t even get the SNP’s name right. Their motto seems to be “don’t do as I do, do as I dictate, Scotch plebs”.

    Well, actually, NO. Nae mair.

  311. Ghillie says:

    So So So HAPPY!!!

    ALL our bairns have a bonny future = )

  312. ben madigan says:

    this is your time Scotland –
    never in history has a country got the chance of 2 IndyRefs within such a short time space. Fortune and Good Luck ride with you, creating propitious citrcumstances
    Don’t mess the Vote up again because you won’t get another chance

    Rise to the occasion.
    Show you deserve a Leader like Ms Sturgeon, one of your own.

    Because if you let her down now
    you won’t see her like again for a very, very long time

    Just do it –

  313. schrodingers cat says:

    wow, snp raised £145 k

  314. Fred says:

    NI, not a province, a part of another country’s province!

  315. DerekM says:

    a little light humour i found which i have to say at first i was a bit like wtf but then i could not stop laughing at it 🙂

  316. Robert Peffers says:

    @Dan says: 13 March, 2017 at 11:57 am:

    “I became a father on Friday and nothing would make me happier than this little man having the chance to live in a free Scotland.”

    That’s what I call great news, Dan. Give the wee guy a big kiss for Auld Bob Peffers.

    I’ve been over on the Guardian all day giving them lots of information and a lot of big stick too. So I’m late with the best wishes for the wee guy.

  317. Smallaxe says:

    Dan says:
    13 March, 2017 at 11:57 am
    “I became a father on Friday and nothing would make me happier than this little man having the chance to live in a free Scotland” 🙂

    Bob Mack says:
    “Congrats to Dan, and all other parents and grandparents like myself. The best legacy we could leave our young folk is their freedom to choose for themselves.”

    Dan, may I add my warmest congratulations to those who have already done so and say these words to your to your child.
    “Welcome little Stranger, Scotland welcomes You”

    The above posts, I think, speak volumes.

    What kind of people would we be if our legacy to our children was to leave them to live under the oppression of Westminster, a “Palace” no less;

    In the 21st-century. When the people employed by the People(Us), who are well financially rewarded, whose sole purpose was to lead the “union” in a fit and decent manner for the betterment of the people has (We are witness) openly and unashamedly shown its avariciousness and utter disregard for the welfare of the population of not only Scotland, other places will suffer also.

    Scotland however, is ours and like most other countries we want to govern our own affairs.Nothing more.Once again we will soon have the opportunity to, with nothing more than a pen, pass full stewardship of our nation to our now and yet to be born new Scots who’s birthright it is and always has been.

    I will be the first to admit that I don’t have a clue how it comes to be that the other “partner”, in this “Union” holds such power over us that “permission” and “extra powers” have to be asked, bargained or pleaded for but I know that it’s very wrong.

    Let’s put it Right!

    Peace Always

  318. CameronB Brodie says:

    I tend to avoid consuming unsubstantiated brain-farts. I also appreciate what the word inalienable means when the United Nations refers to human rights and the subsequent ramifications for state actors. Despite that, I fully expect British/English nationalist exceptionalism to oppose the international community and the rule-of-law. Does that make me weird? 😉

    Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

    Our shared principles and commitments

    10. The new Agenda is guided by the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations, including full respect for international law. It is grounded in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, international human rights treaties, the Millennium Declaration and the 2005 World Summit Outcome Document. It is informed by other instruments such as the Declaration on the Right to Development.

    “The right to development is an inalienable human right by virtue of which every human person and all peoples are entitled to participate in, contribute to, and enjoy economic, social, cultural and political development, in which all human rights and fundamental freedoms can be fully realized.” (Article 1.1, Declaration on the Right to Development)

    “The human right to development also implies the full realization of the right of peoples to self-determination, which includes, subject to the relevant provisions of both International Covenants on Human Rights, the exercise of their inalienable right to full sovereignty over all their natural wealth and resources.” (Article 1.2)

  319. Sandy says:

    Sevco Rangers give three year contract to the new manager. All supporters now Scotland yes?

  320. stu mac says:

    @Bob Mack

    What about Gove and Fox then?

  321. Jack Murphy says:

    Ian Brotherhood said 6:40 pm last night:
    “I still haven’t heard Mundell’s reaction. Poor auld Shaky Legs must be getting properly fed-up with all this malarkey.”

    I noticed on the Telly last night when the Tory MP for Maidenhead,she who has the last word,was being interviewed in her Tory No 10 Cabinet Room with barely concealed rage,she had moved her Red White and Blue Flag from the west wall to a position directly behind where Scotland’s One Man in the Cabinet [David Mundell] sits near the end of the table—-just so he doesn’t forget who is Top Tory in this UKOK Outfit. 🙁

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